If you get your book published and it doesn't sell, can you republish it on ebooks or is that illegal?
Someone stole my query letter.... now what?
What's a cute name for a frog?
Need help with figuring out a scandal for my story?
Is Robert Jordan ever going to finish his Wheel of Time series?
Help with the opening of a chapter I am writing for my novel?
Who is better for Bella? Edward or Jacob?
How is the end of my book?
I am an aspiring writer is there a way to get your rough draft edited for free?
Is talking anyone Romanian there?
end quote of hunger games with page number that sums up the book?
In the mark of Athena what is the statue that they have to find?
Good Books for Teen Girls?
does an author choose the cover of a book?
What are some good dysfunctional romance books for teens?
Harry Potter Fans. ?
How is the third page of my story?
What are your thoughs about Gossip Girl books?
what is your favourite poem?
Recommendations needed! Gothic novels?
Opinions on Twilight?
How is this part of my story?
I need a place to find ebooks for free or just find Wolf Island by Darren Shan online for free.?
Does Harry Potter die in the last book?
Nicknames for Sherlock Holmes?
Literature: In "The Adventure of the Speckled Band" why didn't Helen Stoner hear the whistle from the time her?
Questions about Joe Turner's Come and Gone?
Which is the best written "thing" here? xx?
When writing a novel, can you make up a make-belief town even if...?
Wanting to buy a good advice book for my brother!?
How to do a critique for a short story?
Where can I read Fallen by Lauren Kate online for free?
can I learn everything from books?
How to describe the perfect kiss for a book?
What is a good name for a narrative?
How long does it take for a newly released noel to become a 'ar book'?
Help with my story plz?
Creature of Darkness, Central or Side Main Character?
Can you tell me the Summary of the Health Robbers?
Any good books that faces issues that teens go through...?
What novel best examines the American Dream and why?
Developing a story for teens, what traits would make characters most interesting in a non-cliched way.?
What are the best books you have ever read?
Summary of Running Loose by Chris Crutcher Please?
Harry potter question!?!?
What do you think about this little extract from a Story?
If you could live in a fictional world, which book (or film) would you choose to be in?
Who did Shakespeare write for?
Who is a better friend in the novel "a seperate peace," Gene or Finny?
Harry Potter, Who would you rather? (to die)?
are there any books free online by marion zimmer bradley?
when you pick up a book?
I Need a good book to read?
What novel title was inspired by the lines 16-27 from scene V of Macbeth?
What is your favorite book?
Why don't people read books anymore?
If you had to... which 5 would you recommend?
Quick question about Dr. Heidegger's Experiment?
How long is a piece of string?
B&A: Have you ever burned a book?
Why is it called " Tomorrow when the war began?
i need suggestions for a good book?
What should I name my short story?
WOULD U READ THiS BOOK (GIRLS ONLY, but boys can come too <3?
Where can you download Warriors Power of Three Sunrise ebook for free?
Any Ideas for a Strong Female Name?
What do you think of my story?
Does anyone think that a film should be made out of Dave Pelzer's life?
I am writting a war many of you would buy it?
example of a plot line (exposition,rising action,climax,falling action, and resolution)?
what do the characters of to kill a moking bird think about scout?
What is Robert Burns most famous writing?
Has anyone read all the magic tree house books?
two simple questions?
Are you a Bookworm?
if ur close friend teases u taking name of boys even if u told her not to do this wat to do then? angry on her
What are some good books to give a fourteen year old girl who likes to read?
How is the beginning of my story?
Harry Potter fans, do you feel bad for Draco?
Are there and Novels on Gabrielle D'Estrees?
title for my horror story (insane killer)?
What do you think of Stephanie Meyer? Some say her writing is better than JK Rowling's. Your opinions?
Good books to read like the ones below v v v?
Character names for a book I'm writeing...
popularity, periods and what? i need a title for my poem!?
Does anyone know where to get "All My Life" by CR Gibson - Baby Book? Can't find it on Google.?
i need a summery of a book?
Do you hate the twilight saga .. or the movie?
What are some really good books that are set in either World War I, World War II, or the 1960's?
I saw a book at Stop n' Shop. I read the first few pages. Cant remember the name. About Sierra Leone? anyone?
What was the last book you read or are reading ?
Is this a good beginning to my story? For a 14 year old...?
Are there anymore tests/quizs similar to this Fantasy Novelist Exam?
What exactly is the position of "Bolverk" in the Thronnos Rokke Clan in the Anita Blake books?
What happens in the last act of hamlet?
I'm writing a suspense story, but don't know how to end it?
Please help- short story ideas ?!?
What is the worst book you've ever read?
Who is the author of this children's poem?
Read to help out my friend :)?
a background about Henry Ward Beecher.a background about joseph Plitzer?
who is allan frost?
Tips on writing an emotional death scene?
what should this girl look like?
Who's your favourite writer and why?
Help me describe this please?
What is a good name for my two getting published novels? Are there plots good enough? Which is better? HELP?
what is the BEST love story, in a movie book or anything, but DO NOT say twilight...i no it is awesome.?
What was your favourite book as a child/teenager?
Help with Novel Plot?
Who is the most prolific author of all time?
Does anyone know anything about author Cooper Edens?
is there any illustrated map of marauder's map(printable)(harry potter)?
what was tolkien's favorite race that he wrote about?
Profile for minor characters?
What do post colonialists look at in Literature?
In which essay of E. B. White's book, One Man's Meat, can I find the passage from which the title is taken?
Twilight vs. Harry Potter?
12 questions for " My Brothers Hero" by Adrian Fogelin?
What would be a good theme song for the character Ralph from Lord of the Flies?
What book are you currently reading?
whats your fav book?
Im trying to write a book on a zombie appcalypse for a creative writing grade, but idk where to start?
Analyze the relationship between Ophelia and Hamlet?
Ive been getting into Writing a lot recently, what do you think of this?
what is the moral gained for the novel haloween party?
bref summary of the novel "What Maisie Knew" by Henry James.?
Help me with writers block please?
Help deciding what to do with this?
what is the best book to check up on toys and their price values?
can anybody suggest a good book for a 14 year old girl?
Your all-time FAVORITE quote?
Will you please make me a fanfic banner?
list of classic books.?
Is the book Twilight really that good?
Can you recommend a good Austrian novel?
looking jennifer a gonzalez of manchester who's who also book publisher?
What do you think is better House of Night series or the Twilight Saga?
How many books have you read in 2008?
Do you think its a compliment that people tell me i remind them of Bella Swan from TWILIGHT?
Good name for a female character in a story I'm writing?
Who has a better summery of kingdom hearts:birth by sleep and 356/5 days?
who is the writer of angels & demons?
Can anyone reccomend a good book?
I'm a grade 11 student, I need a good fiction book that's not too long to read for my english class.?
What does mean abstract in literature????
suggest me some good novels?
Harry Potter or Twilight?
harry potter COULD beat edward cullen (hp fans back me up here!!)?
who wrote "la chartreuse de Parme"?
can anyone recommend a good book?
Twilight saga haters: You hate it because of the whole story or because of the annoying fans?
Where does Alph the river run?
Help with my story idea?
Any good books ! ?!?
Why are people anti Chronicles of Narnia books?
Can someone give me some good books to reard?
What story or movie can you connect to "Frankenstein" by Mary Shelley?
If you went to Hogwarts, who would you have a crush on/go out with?
I'm looking for an older sci-fi book title, author. Please help?
What is your favorite Oz Book, besides "The Wizard of Oz"?
Character names/ description?
how many writters have to do major rewriting with their book?
Which is the best vampire themed book you've ever read...?
What are some really good books like the twilight saga?
I don't know the title or author of a book i want to read. Help!?
What was your favorite part of Eldest?
Do u have a favorite quote?
NIGHT by elie wiesel HELP?
What are your top 10 books?
Why did T.S. Eliot write about cats?
Good Books?
In Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, what is meant by Harry's last two lines?
How it the book Pride and Prejudice related to American culture?
What type of reader are you?
What is the title of the book of the man who lived and died in mountains?
where can i get mothersday cards for free?
What are some good books for a 13 year old girl to read?
Anyone up for proofreading a creative writing paper on Ishmael by Daniel Quinn?
In the book "Killing Mr. Griffin," do you think that Mr.Griffin was David's father?
What are some good titles for my story book character?
Could you give my new main character a name?
Character Name Help, Please?
I think I might have a first edition of a book but how can I be sure?
What happens in the book Divergent? *SPOILERS*?
any good books (besides Twilight)?
Which of these plots sound like a better one?
Pretty Little Liar Books Order and...?
Does the plot of a story ruin the ending, should I read it? What should I search for before reading a novel?
Any good teen girl books out to read?
which organization was the last to roll the world for tole be God?
Which Dr. Seuss book has pictures of different hats?
I can't find annie mary schimel photo?
why are the harry potter books so successful?
Which novel have you read more than once?
how many books are there in the xanth series by piers anthony?
can you help me with scenarios for my story?
Who is the murderer in the Murders in the Rue Morgue by Edgar Allen Poe?
What is the title to this book!?
looking for a book, cant remember the title?
Was William Shakespeare a feminist?
I'm looking for the title of a sci-fi book about a woman who has an egg shaped ship.?
If you could put the following characters into Hogwart's four houses, where would you put them?
If you wrote a book about your life what would the title be?
What is the most romantic Poem ever written in the history of man kind?
what is the connection between Longfellow and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow?
What do you think of my story?
Help thinking of powerful names?
Help! I need to translate the Scarlet Letter!?
whats the story behind the picture in the lucky one?
in the book a gathering of old men, whos black and whos white?
Your new favourite author?
The adventures of Huckleberry finn.......?
So im writing a book about king arthur but y story starts with two siblings who are in college and they find?
I need surnames for a few characters?
Books About Greek and Roman Mythology?
What do you like and dislike about John Green's writing in Looking for Alaska?
I need some information about Cuban-born poet Maria Elena Cruz Varela.?
any good books?
What are the abuses that Noli Me Tangere manifests?
compare a real life decision to a decision a character in a book made?
Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, or Twilight?
where can i buy new moon?
What is a good book for a 13 year olod boy to read?
Who Has read The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho?
what are you top favorite books or series?
Can someone help me with this idea?
Is this a good title for a quotation book..i want ur opinion plz?
Does anyone know what to for children's books ideas? How do I get it published?
Can you name all Kiki Swinson the author's books?
Why do girls like twilight so much?
Is this a good story?
What is a choice Odysseus made in the book odysseus?
Did John Donne write his Meditation 17 during the plague?
what is the best message to write a short story?
anyone have a good love novel plot in mind ? with adventure, tears , and is completely unique..?
What do you think about 'Diogenes Club' in Sherlock Holmes Series?
HELP!!! To Kill a Mockingbird. Please!?
any one can tell something about shah abdul latif bhatai?
What do you think of my poem?
What is your favorite sad poem,story or book?
how do i start my book review?
What makes Edward Cullen so amazing?
How does Edward sleep with Bella?
Can someone explain this to me?
Petrarch's Letter to Posterity question please?
Help with "A Moveable Feast" by Ernest Hemingway?
Has anyone ever read books by Lee Child?
who's the half blooded prince?
Will you please read my story for AP Psych and tell me what you think? Very sad?
Ebooks? Pdf? Star Wars Thrawn Trilogy?
Honest opinions, please?
What do you think of this idea?
what does 'the host' from canterbury tales look like?
Can anyone recomend me a GOOD book?
Has anyone read any good books lately that IS NOT twilight?
Title for love story?
What is the title and/or author of the short story with Baby X and Baby Y?
Why do people like Twilight so much?
how does twilight breaking dawn end?
Harry Potter fans- Which would you choose?
can anyone tell me of any good books to read?
would this be a good ending so i can start another book?
Does Carrie from the book Lucky T find her T-shirt at the end of the book?
Science fiction/fantasy book for young adults?
Who is the author Christopher Wunderlee?
Katniss Everdeen Mockingjay Outfit?
Higher english personal study - Behind the Scenes at the museum?
Help for my paragraph that sounds choppy?
Do you belive Harry Potter teaches whichcraft, soary, and satanism to kids who reads it?
What is the best software for writing a book?
When does 'Stargazer' by Claudia Gray get released in Australian bookstores?
Barkis is willin?
Who else is eternally sick of the DaVinci Code already?
Can anyone recommend a really brilliant book to read?
Theme park writing assignment (John Woolman)?
Opinions on Evie from the book What I Saw and How I Lied?
Can someone give me a summary of the forest of hands and teeth by carrie ryan?
I NEED a good book!!!!?
How To Dress Up As Luna Lovegood?
Can you say "Warm, dewy glow" when describing summer?
Cassandra Claire Books?
In the book child c why are the names different to those in deliver me from evil book?
Some nicknames for the name James Curry?
How can I find a astrology book I used to have in the sixth grade and I don't know the title or author?
How did the author intend tp portray Mr. Griffin?
Scarlett O'Hara or Melanie Wilkes? Who would you rather be friends with and/or marry?
does anyone remember this book from the 90's?
Any ideas for a story?
· If only one book existed, which book would you like it to be?
Is the twilight book midnight sun out yet ?
How good of a book is 1984?
What was the last book you bought?
how are books clasified by?
Romance/Erotic Books Involving...?
Wanna read my screenplay? Critique?
on dvanart how do i post more chapters for my fanfics?
If an 11 year old wrote a book and published it would you read it? ?
does michael jackson scared u?
Good teen romance ideas for my books?
How do you add stories to your favorites on
I need a character name?
Who all do you think will die in the last Harry Potter book?
HP experts, I need your help AGAIN! How do you pronounce "Beauxbatons"?
Faye, Jonathan or Jesse Kellerman...which do you like best?
I am looking for a book I read when I was a child called "Little Davy" any suggestions on how to find it?
Any good books I should read?
horror description or novel?
how can silect real lady?
name for a short story?
Twilight fans and haters please answer?
what do you know about Raja Rao's story JAVNI?
what book are you reading right now????
In what ways does Rosalind go through a change in the book As You Like it '?
good book that you're currently reading?
have you read 'ishmael' by daniel quinn?
I'm writing a book...can there be angels in it that aren't related to god/are non-religious?
What would you rather read?
Help me find a book please?
Are there any study guides(like sparknotes) for more advanced books? Like The Creators by Daniel J Boorstin?
I'm writing a fantasy book, is this a good opening paragraph?
Best quote will be rated as best answer here.?
Book Name Anyone? :/?
Is poetry a dead art form?
I finished the Twilight series and now I want to read some more vamp books?
Harry Potter fans: Do you find yourself reading the later HP books more often than the earlier ones?
Books like Alfred kropp?
How to write my novel to appeal to both male and female readers?
why do people hate the guy from twilight?
i asked before but please read and comment on the beginning of my book?
I need to know the poem of the last clue in "the Da Vinci Code".?
What's your favorite book about {No Twilight, please}?
Spooky/Suspense story tips?
are audio books good or bad?
Is there another Artemis Fowl book coming out after 'The time Paradox"?
What is this book?
Star Wars, Harry Potter, LOTR, or Twilight.?
Midnight sun question?
Has anyone read Hugh Laurie's book?
looking for a book i read in elementry someone who knows books plz help!?
Do you prefer google ebooks or a real physical book you hold in your hand?
Garrison Keilor mentioned a memoir about lesbian sheep farmers in Minnesota. What is this book?
Did Sherlock Holmes have some type of mental condition?
Are there going to be more movies of the Twilight series after the movie Twilight?
do you like this plot?
lord of the flies question?
what are some literary devces from one flew over the cukcoos nest bye ken kesey?
Which is the best book that you have ever read?
What book are you currently reading?
Good Romance Novels?
Please help! Story ideas!?
whats the best twilight book?
Why did you choose the last book you bought?
I need to find the elements of plot for a story. What is the elements of plot?
Charles bukowski????
how many books do you think u read with in a year?
Read my essay, please?
is there anything ugly about edward cullen?
What are good books to read for a 15 year old girl?
Girls, would you read a book which had a male narrator?
What would you say is John Green's purpose for writing An Abundance of Katherines?
What should I name my story and do you think it sounds interesting?
has anybody read the Charlaine Harris books?
how does my last book sound? should i stop here or should i continue on?
George Bernard Shaw said that "In heaven an angel is nobody in particular." Comments??
How Do I find a book without title or author?
Does JK Rowling's Harry Potter series have the potential to be a classic in the likes of Tolkien and Lewis?
What do you think of my writing?
What are some books you have read more than once?
what are the names of some archers from mythology?
Harry potter and the Philosopher's stone?
catcher in the rye sequel? is the book available?
Do you books? Not Twilight.?
Names of great books out there...?
To Kill a Mockingbird allusion help?
Nancy Taylor Rosenburg?
what is the ending of the book, "to kill a mocking bird?" by Harper Lee?
dose eny one go?
Harry Potter,Twilight or The Lord of the rings?
Read this it's not too long, I would love to know what you think?
Whats your favorite book?
If you were to write your autobiography, what would you call it?
If you're into horror fiction, have you read a novel called "Wounded: Tales of Horror and the Grotesque"?
Need help on chapter 12 for separate peace!?
Honest opinions needed for my (newly-edited) writing?
What do colors in the novel Lord Of the Flies represent?
what are some good mystry books?
What's the definition of magic in fantasy fiction?
What is the point of view in Assassin by Anna Myers?
What are some key points in the book twilight?
i am heading for library in a while......can anyone suggest some good books or authors??
Peter Pan kidnapped and killed children?
Any good comedy books out at the moment?
Buisness day??
I'm Also looking for a book that has this boy on the cover i think its kinda dark?
whats your favorite book you read this year?
Does anyone know where I can read "A Rose For Emily" online?
who likes edward cullen in twilight?
After you have an idea for a story, how do you flesh it out to outline form using the story arc?
what should my character relate love to?
Team Edward, Jacob, or Switzerland?
Is this better rewrite of my story ?
Trying to remember the name of a romance novel..?
How do I get rid of stickers on the back of a door?
What do you think of this name (for a story I'm writing)?
what name should I give to my horror story?
Any recommndation of a good holocaust book?¡?¡?
Who can helpe with books for teen girl?
i need some books that are mystery books ....... and need the summary... plese?
Which Horror Book Series is this (don't know the name)?
How is crooks presented in the novel 'of mice and men'?
I need a name for a character?
What do you think of my story so far?
Does Jacob get over Bella after imprinting on her daughter in the breaking dawn book ?
what kind of books are you addicted to?
A metaphor for the idea of boring...?
Opinion about something I wrote way back when?
About the publishing business...What do major publishing houses think of someone who self-publishes?
I'm looking for a book that I read as a child.?
What are the words to your favorite poem?
What are some good books about quests?
who is the book Camelot by ?
My book called fear the night?
The Last Apprentice Series?
Who do you think is the better author Stephen King or Dean Koontz?
when will harry potter 7 come out?
How did the book "The Killer Angels" by Michael Shaara get its title?
whose death in harry potter book made u sad?
Notes about Desdemona from Othello?
Any suggestion of YA books aimed for male audience?
Free Short Stories Online?
When is the next Immortal Rain coming out!? Vol. 9!?!?!?
Any idea when the last Harry Potter book is expected out?
What are some major motifs or themes in Henry Ibsen's play "Ghosts"?
Where can I buy a book of Ancient Greek plays written in Modern Greek?
What are some songs that go along with the themes in the book To Kill a Mockingbird?
What book/s are you reading right now?
i would like to know something about alan silitoe?
Whats the difference between War Novels and Historical Fiction?
"Incident" By Cullen. Need to ask questions!?
Where can I get a free e-book copy of Robert Fulghum's All I Really need to know I learned in Kindergarten
What do you think of my book?
chapter by chapter summaries Microbe Hunters- Paul deKruif?
Has Anyone Ever Heard of The Book "The Elemental Guardians"?
What Period In Time Is Lemony Snicket Set In?
can I read library books on my nook?
Literature Interpretation?
I need a name for my french mansion?
Help me find this book please?
What should I name my One Direction fanfiction?
When writing I play....?
BOOk called KISS by Ted Dekker help have a qustion?
Harry Potter vs. Edward Cullen...who would win in a fight-to-the-death match?
i can`t find anything about mihail sadoveanu in romania?
Do you agree that the 10th of May is the right date for "anti slavery" day ?
Representations of Juliet Capulet?
Green Mile Book by Stephen King Question?
If i plagurized the bible, would anyone notice? sorry if i spelled plagurize wrong i dont use that word much?
who hate writers?
Are you not the novelist who wrote this book? what is the contraction in this sentence?
When making a bibliography, do you need to include page numbers where you got your information?
What are sum really good novels?
Title for vampire novel?
Can you suggest a book series for me?
Help me!!! I need help writing from ANYONE who sees this...PLEASE answer!?
Does anyone have a good thesis for the novel Black Like Me? Please help me come up with a good one to use.?
What's the worst book you were made to read in school?
What was the last even that brought holden to a psychiatrist?
How do I get short stories published. Fiction. Mostly realism.?
I need names for a guy who?
What was Parris doing in the woods in the crucible?
Does this sound like a real book to you?
Ideas for Story? And Characters?
Trying to find a book about a dog?
What is the perfect crime?
I have three questions regarding the book "Night"?
which filmamking books are recommended for beginners?
What's a good name for a story?
What are some of your favorite books and authors, and why?
SOMEBEODY PLEASE HELP ME! I have a question oabout the book called A Separate Peace!?
Do you 'visualise' when you read?
The most interesting, shocking holiday story ever?
Ideas for my next chapter?
Do any of you adults actually believe kids/teens when they say "I've written five novels" or whatever?
is don quixote a hero or not?
what harry potter house are you in?
whats the best book you have ever read????
what is the best book you have ever read?
I want to write a book., fiction and erotic. Would like to sell them online? How do I do that?
What do you think of my story so far?
What is Lemony Snicket's REAL name?
I need Victorian names please!!?
Why do people tend to find animal characters to be unappealing compared to human characters?
Do you have any suggestions where I can post my adult erotica writing online?
I hate twilighters and anti-twilighters...?
Anyone have an example of a simile from New Moon?
What is the best book you have ever read?
Who is the author of the novel 'princess'?
does anyone know if sophie kinsella(shopaholic series) has a new book coming out ?
Where can I read True Modern Stories of the Bizarre with the story Schoolgirl in Concrete?
where do i get free downloadable ebooks of the bartemius trilogy?
How do you feel about the Twilight movie release date being Nov. 21 instead of Dec. 12?
web sites with 3 free .com in them?
Who wrote the poem "the Quiet"?
I know of blog services, but its taking too long. Anyone willing to help with this?
Is there any way to write faster?
What books are you reading at the moment?
What books should i read?? The #of pages don't matter.?
Why does everyone have such a problem with Twilight?
Can kindle books be read on the ipad 2?
What is the best book to read when you are feeling blue?
Macbeth-Dramatic Irony in it?
If you've read the Crucible?
If you wrote a book about your life what would the title be?
Trying to remember title of this book about young mother dying from cancer...?
what harry potter house are you in?
who knows about the theme of good vs evil in Dracula, for a 5 page paper due on wed?
Is it worthwhile to publish a story on the net?
What book should I buy?
What is your fave book? Who is your fave author? When did you recieve that book and how?
Need to find books on Vitamin C?
Do you think its wrong to copy and paste answers?
Merlin's Myth?
Where can I find a list of famous fictional sweethearts?
ordinary people by judith guest?
Is it frowned upon to use a PO Box for your contact as a soliciting screenwriter?
In the book War Horse what does the reference to King Solomon mean?
What is the name of this book?
An artist or writer whose early work differs from later work?
how can we know to make friend with a kind man?
Honest Opinion on This Story Idea?
Is Breaking Dawn the biggest mainstream literary disappointment ever?
Is there any novel cover containing an image of sketchbook?
What book did you love and would suggest some1 else to read?
fight club book help?
Will someone give me feedback on my first chapter?
Is this a good start to my story?
what is exorcism?
What truth does Feste speak in Shakespeare's Twelfth Night?
Which classical authors or poets should I read?
how do i change my question?
What's the saddest book you have EVER read?
king jackson?
Which is your favorite book from Jane Austen?
What do you think of Fahrenheit 451? Should high school students be aloud to reed it?
Private series by Kate brian, whats gonna happen next???
What is your favourite Novel of all time?
Read this please, It is a couple chapters from something im writing, its long but I need opinions and ideas!?
Looking for a 1960 Cynosure Year Book from Selinsgrove, PA?
Is Hopscotch by Cortazar difficult to get through? Do you recommend?
Is the Sarcasm in My Essay Good?
can anyone diagnosis any of characters of One Flew over the cuckoos nest?
How to publish books?
A good fantasy book for a fifteen yearold boy?
what is the scariest novel?
Has anyone heard of face book?
How do you get your own website?
Which book are you currently reading? What is it about? Would you recommend it?
Write please¿¿¿?
Ok well i need help with writing a short paragraph. Any suggestions?
Pls, I want to upload a book of about 60 pages. Will 50 megabyte on my mordem be enough?
Is This A Good Start To A Apocalypse Book?
How do I get a slip cover for a hard cover book?
For writers: Do your characters have birthdays?
who are your favorite romance authors (historical, vampire etc...)? why? pls cite book titles?
Movies better than the book?
is this a good start for my crime-action story?
What's your favorite Sidney Sheldon Novel?
What books were so good that you read them twice?
Who are the best vampire authors.?
Could this be a theme for "The Scarlet Letter" by Hawthorne?
What is the most thought-provoking book you have read?
J.R.R. Tolkein question?
How does Tom Stanton manipulate his father to get what he wants in The Book Thief?
What are you reading?
who wrote the book, "Monsignor"?
Twilight, by Stephenie Meyers, Poll?
more books like "Water for Elephants"?
Do you know any romantic novels with this kind of story?
Where do i place the synopsis in my email query for my YA novel?
What is a good book for learning all about clothing design?
Do you know any good books written in texts/IM/email/journal entries?
Hate toward Twilight?
where can i read Stone Fox the book online, free?
websites for teens please?
Twilight Fans: If You Were Bella In New Moon...When Edward Comes Back Would You Have Forgiven Him For Leaving?
What is a good book for someone who is interested in being a professional chef?
Which writer, famous for bending the elbow, would win a drinking contest.?
when was scramble eggs by Sharon Draper writen?
Recommend some books for me?
Internal Citation By More Than One Author?
Harry Potter Questionnaire? =D?
Is all of the Secret Annexe open to see?
Harry Potter Fans!? What would you HP land job be?
which is d best selling novel ever writtin and by whom?
Recommend some good books?
Can you give me some help with my story?
As a huge Harry Potter fan, should I read the Twilight series?
Hunger games question?
Who has read the Stephanie Plum series?
Are there any Child Protective Services Books/Novels?
will the nook ever be able to read to you?
what is the significance to Katniss behind the mockingjay pin?
Random Harry Potter poll...?
Can someone tell me what Happens in the book tempted by pc and Kristen cast? PLEASE I NEED TO KNOW!! :)?
Do you like the book "Twilight"? If you do, are you going to see the movie?
can you suggest some books about arthurian legends with epic battles ?
what do teens want to see in a romance story?
HARRY POTTER FANS: The Daily Prophet Rapid News Column!!?
Do you know many people that enjoy reading?
can you please help me!?
Twilight question: why is Ed sparkly?
What's a good last name for these characters?
3 examples from lord of the flies and julius caesar!?
The Love of My Past Life?
good books for 13 year old girls?
What is your favorite movie that was based upon a book?
when did TKM come out?
Tips on how to develop your characters?
Does anyone know where the six keys are on the secret of the scarlet hand?
What do you think of this moral based short story?
i need to write a monologue about curley's wife from the book 'Of Mice and Men', how do i do this?
Erotic fantasy books?
I want to know some information about Wael El-Manzalawy?
Should I read Bloodlines? (By Richelle Mead)?
If I give you a prompt can you give be a small snippet of whatever comes to mind?
Would being gay damage my writing career?
If you were stranded on an island and could take one book, which would it be?
is isabel allende short?
If i said that i love all of you what would you say?
Any good suspensful/funny books to read on a long trip?
Do you like Twilight?
i need a good research paper topic from the catcher in the rye?
Does any villain ever manage to successfully take over the world?
Im getting unpatient with hunted comming out. do you think there is going to be a 6th book to NON?
The theme of love in Twelfth Night?
Are there any good writing groups in Manhattan or Staten Island?
Has anyone won a holiday competition by saying in 25 words or less why they should go? What did you write?
Jobs for writing book reviews?
What is the BestSeller (book) of the 2005?
Harry Potter Question?
What's the most recent book you bought?
Who tried to occupy all of spain in the book "the alchemist"?
When did C.S. Lewis write The Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe?
What do you think of these ideas?
Why did JD salinger send Holden Caufield to see Phoebe?
writing a teen romance, how can I keep it less cliche?
PRIDE AND PREJUDICE quick question please help?
Children's Horror Book?
Does anybody know what happened in the 4th sisterhood of the traveling pants book? Seriously?
what is the difference between evaluate and comment?discuss?
Can someone help me? Thanks! (Short)?
Where can I buy a copy of the book "Mr. Mixie Dough"?
What if i wrote about a girl who discovered the ocean is that coping ariel form the little mermaid???????
Any authors with publishing experience?
Boarding School Name and Location Needed!?
which is cooler twilight or harry potter series?
What is your favorite book?
what does LHC means?
vampire diaries (show) is different from vampire diaries (book) right?
How can i download tintin stories in English for free?
Would a canticle for leibowitz make a good movie?
is there a movie to stephen kings Rose Matter?
Why do we use language techniques? What do they do?
Name three of your favorite authors, the first book you ever read by each of them, and your now-favorite...?
Im looking for a book about destiny.?
Any good books?
Quotes ON John Steinbeck, not from?
Which novel should I read?
what is the setting of the novel Ida b. by katherine hannigane?
Da Vinci Code, is it real?
Why did Robert anderson write " I never sang for my father"?
My book called fear the night?
From where can I download The Crow: Stairway to Heaven full series?
does anyone know about an author named anna m johnson poetry book 1945,Kansas City private published?
DA VINCI CODE question?
Harry potter or lord of the rings?
Which twilight books should I read?
I have a secret, but I really want this to happen. What should I do?
Beginning of my first chapter? how is it , should i continue ?
Girl copying my story? What should I do?
Who's on the cover of 'Tempted', the House of Night book 6?
What are the influences of the music in literature on 1920's?
Maybe you can help me....?
Do you like Twilight? Why or why not?
Does anyone know of an autobiography or biography of J. K. Rowling?
Les Liasons Dangereuses was novel comprised of letters. Name some others.?
Quotes from and about Arsene Lupin?
What do you think of this character; is she too 'perfect'?
I'm writing a book, but need some "first" names for characters. Help!?
what is the best selling fiction work right now and who wrote and how do u rate it?
What is your favorite book to read?
Need artistic and deep people help?
Good Horse Books?:D:D?
Is Animal Farm by George Orwell any good?
Need Complete Series of "Dead Case in Deadwood"?
V. C. Andrews - The DeBeers Series, ebooks please?
Twilight Series or Harry Potter? (Only for those who have read both, please)?
Where can i find Beach Blondes by Katherine Applegate?
Resident Evil Fanfiction? Please read! Ten points and Five stars! (:?
Please answer! im writing a fanfic i dont care if your not a fan?
Male Preferences?
Anybody here read Sidney Sheldon and Patricia Cornwell?
Is there any way to write faster?
What's your favorite section in a bookstore?
Help with "A Rose for Emily"?
Is it really a necessity to read the Harry Potter books?
What are your favorite books or who are your favorite authors and why?
Do You Like The Preface Of My Story?
is there a movie for the book breathless by lurlene mcdneil?
Excluding Twilight, Harry Potter, and Eragon, what is your favorite book of all time and why?
Book about people who hate birds?
E.L James' original blog?
Do you still read books nowadays? And if you do...what do you read?
why is voldemort trying to kill harry potter?
is there anywhere on the internet where i can read actual books online ex:harrypotter,narnia,starwars?
What is a great book to read to learn about Illuminati?
Timeline of events involiving alice in eclipse?
B&A: who will you dedicate your book to?
can anyone suggest a good author/series of vampire romance novels?
Where can I find the children's story about a mouse with a broken tail?
How does this sound for a new society concept?
What does this Aphorism mean..."Nothing astonishes men so much as common sense and plain dealing"?
Writers: If your main character had a Facebook...?
In which essay of E. B. White's book, One Man's Meat, can I find the passage from which the title is taken?
how long can an ipod run on when the video is playing non stop?
The picture of Dorian Gray?
If I choose to only finish a minor (B.A) degree in psychology how might that effect me...?
Who wrote the original panchtantra?
what are the conflicts from chapter 13-18 from under the persimmon tree?
I need a thesis statement on how Macbeth changed with each murder?
I want to access elementary school' science book of USA. Please inform me with the related web address?
What are some books you would recomend for me to read?????
Whats the best book you ever read?
Are you on Team Jacob or Team Edward?
what is prose narative fiction?
Have you read "Gordon" by Edith Templeton? If so what did you think of it?
how many characters are in the book julie of the wolves?
what is Postsecrets sister website?
what are some quotes from gulliver's travels that are ironic?
This is for all hp fans?
Title of Mail Order Bride Book?
What's your favorite quote?
Should I change to third POV?
help me download free e book of one night at the cal centre by chetan bhagat................................?
Why is everyone asking questions about Twilight? I mean, seriously!?
Edgar Allan Poe??
which title do you like best for my book (choice)?
Can anyone tell me about the book The Bomb by Theodore Taylor?
How do I begin my novel?
Names for a story that I'm writing?
Why are the Pretty Little Liars books so different from the show?
who is on the cover of each vampire diaries book?
I needs a sentence with the "y" sound Alliteration?
i want to know about book of beyond treatment in human being?
could this be a great novel?
are they making a "Before I fall" movie? (lauren olivers book)?
Harry Potter or Twilight?
can you recommend any good books?
Which Ideas do you like better For my upcoming book?
what is it like to be a writer?
Need Good Long Books To Read?
*Oink* what is your favorite book?
Poem. Grieve for me, for I would grieve for you. Life is not over, but bggins anew.?
Books/Novels where Heroine and Hero are on/off again?
MLA internet citations?
Wife of bath: Canterbury tales?
Who is the car expert in the Cullen family?
jane eyre by charlotte bronte. did you like it?
What's Your favorite book???
What level is Printemp's 'Women's Shoes' on?
Where can I buy the book, 1 Liter of Tears?
What are good names for my story?
can anyone read my query letter for my YA novel?
Why are Twilight fans so mean?
What is a library authority? Kent Libraries is the name of a group of libraries or a library authority?
Can some one please help me find a romantic book for a 13 year older?
would i get mark of athena before it releases in india if i preorder from flipkart?
Is the Divinci Code a god read or is it a pile of ****?
Was "The Ballad of Reading Gaol" by Oscar Wilde his best work, and what became of his lover?
What would be the title of your autobiography?
Anyone loved Memoirs of a Geisha?
Biography of Richard Patterson (the author)?
i've figured out everything except for this one part! please help! 10 points to the best answer for sure!?
is there anything wrong in an adult, a family doctor, reading a harry potter book?
To Kill a Mockingbird?
I love Jonathan Safran Foer, anyone knew when his next book comes out?
Is this a good summary of Chapter 7 of the Hunger Games?
What would be a perfect poem for me to recite to my wife at our wedding? I'm writing one but need a second.
What's the one book you'd recommend everyone you know to read?
Need help with a story........?
when is the last book of the inheritance series cumming out?
Where could i read the book seed folks online?
What is the overall main message in the story Rikki-tikki-tavi?
Who thinks Hunger Games is better than Twilight?
In Harry Potter, is Ron a pure blood?
Now that the Harry potter series has ended, I've got no books/series to read:( any recommendations?
How was Tim Burton influenced by Edward Gorey? HELP QUICK!?
What are some good novels to read?
Good Dramione fanfictions?
What is the most important lesson in I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, by Maya Angelou?
What is the most thought-provoking book you have read?
Why isn't there a special name for the tops of your feet?
Which sins potray each character in the crucible?
In the book Kite Runner,how does the lamb, kite, weapons, and or America symbolize in the book.?
how do i become a thriller writer?
What is your favorite Jane Austen novel?
what is the theme of "theft" story by Katherine Anne Porter?
what is the just listen by sarah dessen about?
What is your favorite book genre? That is, Romance, Horror, Westerns, etc.?
What is a book you are currently reading or recently read that you would highly recommend?
How many books did Booker T. Washington write?
Why is it that in science fiction psychic powers are seen as a sign of being highly evolved.?
Help with an Oedipus quote?
What is a good book to read?
Favorite Book? please answer.?
The crucible..who can do this?
How can I attract members for a new set of Nabble message boards, mostly for writers.?
Authors and writers, here's my HolyMoly story. opinion?
Can you list me of a good number of great books to read?
Help! Douglas Florian On the Wing poem?
Care to read my stories?
what does quantity mean?
What is the best book you've ever read?
If there was one book that you would absolutely recommend to a fellow bookworm, what would it be?
any good books?
When dose book 7 come out?
Is my essay good? _-_-_-_-_-_-?
If you are reading a story do you want your characters to have been dating off an on for years. Or just met?
help cant remember which romance novel this is there was a girl like 24? name was candy or carly or something?
can anyone help me choose 3 books to read out of this list?
Help With Summer Reading list?
Will someone read my stories on wattpad?
How Opal Mehta Got Kissed Got Wild and Got a Life? What's your opinion on th controversy sorrounding the book
Have you ever read a book that captured your interest to the point you couldn't put it down?
Good books to read? Recommendations?
How long will it take for people to read my book?
The Crucible (Book) John Proctor?
help, looking for stories or poems on friends, brother,or brokien home?
Sarah Dessen books?
The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, how is Bruno pronouncing "out-with" incorrectly?
Which book is better ,the `DA VINCI CODE` or `HARRY POTTER` ?
If you read this description, would you read this book?
The great gatsby vs I never promised you a rose garden?
Can you recall the title of this book? -.-?
Is Edward Cullen's behaviour only acceptable because he is hot and a vampire?
Can I fix this book? 10 points?
Where are from the book "Thosand nights and night"?
The Storm-light Archive - A Way of Kings?
Does anyone like my poem? Please be honest!?!?
Can I write about the theme of time and decay in "The picture of Dorian Gray?"?
What type of breed is the cat in the 39 clues series?
How can I make a love story in my book more interesting?
a new book, sound any good?
Has anybody read the book Travel Team by: Mike Lupica?? I need a quick little summary!!!?
Should I Write a stories Based Off of songs?
Why did the great english writer G.B.Shaw criticized christianity? pls read his quotes.?
recommended books for a teen girl?
If you could go to any place in a book, where would you go?
Analyze this passage from Hamlet?
pride and prejudice - elizabeths reaction to darcys letter.?
what conclusion can you draw about the speaker’s opinion about death and the way it affects people?
Harry Potter VS. Twilight?
Idea for a character in a love story I'm writing. Need your opinions?
antigone and anna karenina?
Can anyone help me find pandora hearts extras?
Should I write about twilight or lemonade mouth?
As a reader, do you like a lot of dialog in your story ? Do it make you feel more connected to the character ?
in the heart of darkness what is the unnamed author's viewpoint on the "conquest of the earth"?
How can you get over a loved one who has been murdered?
Is this something you would read?
Who is your favorite character from any books written by Anne RIce?
do you think hamlet is the savior of denmark?
What's so bad about Twilight?
who likes paul theroux and why??
Can you guess the names of my characters' favorite singers [Round 1] [books]?
Who is a good true crime author?
Twilight Question :)?
What are some books that include autistic characters?
What Stephen King novels are good? I'm kinda into fantasy.?
Suggestions for a good book for a teen?
I love the harry potter series...but is it a sin to?????
What are some good scary "dramas" that can happen on halloween?
can anyone recommend a really good book please?
Do you know of a book like this?
Writing a book. Names, please?
What is the central question that raises in the novel beloved by Toni Morrison?
Mean Girl Stories?
Tell me what you think?
My mind has gone blank for ideas!?
I'm glad you guys like poetry! Any suggested poem?
What is your worst fear as a writer?
How come there are no vampires in Harry Potter??
Books where the protagonist is unlikable?
i forgot what this book was called?
Analyze Shakespeare's humor to find pun, malaprop, irony and other devices that provide humor.?
anyone can give me info about power of sub-concious mind.?
Whats a good novel to read?
Clive Barker is one of my favorite authors?
Has Anyone Heard of The Kimberly Story?
Is this a good horror/schizo story?(:?
Does anyone else really love J. D. Salinger books? If yes, why and which one is your favourite?
question from the book nectar in a seive please help me.?
does anyone else like harrypotter!!??
What is the Scots:A Genetic Journey?
Does anybody know if Jenny McCarthy will be signing her new book, Life Laughs, in her hometown of Chicago?
What is a cool Name that has not been used never for a fictional character?
Hi I wrote this, I was wondering if it is any good?
Would you read a dramedy novel about a character who's got a hater who pays people to do weird things to them?
FanFiction crisis... Kind of...?
Black extremist name ideas?
Where do I find books by Gilbert Morris?
I just purchased Mark Twains Library of Humor 1888.Anyone have any history or know the value of this?
Will you be intrigued to read a novel titled TRAUMATIC TALES(with true life stories)?
Writing help, opinions needed?
How many books a week do you read?
Questions for the B&A-ers?
Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher?
can i read TWILIGHT?? is it worth reading?
i have written several stories for children. how can i get them published?
which book did you read recently?
What's a good story title?
What is the name of this book?!?!?
What do you think of Paul Auster?
Do you have "guilty pleasure" books you read?
Question about 4th eragon book?
What's the best book you have ever read?
A concise plot summary for Just Take My Heart by Mary Higgins Clark?
I want to be a writer, what should I take in college: English Language or English lit?
Who will die in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow?
What is a comprehensive summary of “The Odyssey” written by Homer?
How do you pronounce this? " Se' onr sverdar sitja hvass"?
anyone want to help with these questions on... (englishh)?
What is your favorite erich von daniken book?
Im looking for a good book but am not sure which one to read. Any good recomindations?
Would you read a memoir by someone you never heard of?
Anyone have some good, modern day names for a vampire?
Books about best friends who fall in love?
For those who bought the whole Twilight Saga?
Garrison Keilor mentioned a memoir about lesbian sheep farmers in Minnesota. What is this book?
PLEASE HELP, Crucible Act 3?
Where can I get my autobiography published?
What's your opinion on the high fantasy genre today?
where can i find eagles note?
Can I use the word "I" if a character is thinking it when writing in third person?
who was truman capote's lover in the film Capote was he a writer? and how long were they together?
What are some literary terms in the books THE OUTSIDERS or RUNNING OUT OF TIME or THE LAND LADY?
Help with the Name of a M/M Book?
What do you think of this story plot?
Anyone plz I really need people's help for this?!!!?
Where can i find Beach Blondes by Katherine Applegate?
In a murder mystery, what are some ways the bad guy's premeditation can be shown the the reader?
anyone read a street cat named bob?
What is your favourite line from a song or Poem?
I need to know everything about the book The Adventures of Hunkleberry Finn by Mark Twain?
What kind of books are good for 11-12 yr olds?
What book should I read? I am an American and I would like to read a novel about people in other cultures...?
In Of Mice and Men, how are Candy and his dog similar, how are they different?
is it weird to be a boy twilight reader?
Is there a site that I can find The Mindful Carnivore by Cerulli - Chapter summaries?
Where can I find Russian literature translated in English?
religion is 100% fiction, right?
Where can I find a free study guide for "Angels and Demons" by Dan Brown?
What can i write about good versus evil in the novel "Night" by Elie Wiesel?
nima youshij farsi poems?
What was your favorite childhood book or story?
What kind of car does Mike Newton drive in Twilight?
I am reading Harry Potter, since the sixth movie is out, should I watch it or read the book first?
I need More Vampire Laws?
Which websites provide etexts of ALL Dostoyevsky books free other than want House of the Dead.
Someone plz help me! What do you think are some of Ambrose Pierce's believes on war as portrayed in Chickmauga?
Any young-adult romance fantasy novel suggestions?
Book: Caterpillars building a tower, Climbing Up Higher and Higher to nothing?
What should I rename my story?
Why do people like twilight?
Help with the prologue of my story?
Where can you get Berenstain Bears books for free online?
I am looking for that poem by Irving Layton that starts "On my way to school I used to pass/A Baptist church..
TWILIGHT: do you think Bella was being selfish when she loved Edward and Jacob both in Eclipse?
Best of Saki - what was the family name of free-loaders in the story "The Phantom Luncheon"?
How do I make make my character less Mary Sue-ish and plain?
According to the Bible, any for m of witchcraft is evil. So, what's the excuse for harry potter?
What's your favorite poem?
How should I start my story?
what is kumars poem in harold and kumar2
Spoiler warning - Harry Potter -?
Are there other reading maniacs like me out there who can't put a book down, especially fiction?
what do you think Fitzgerald is saying about the character of Daisy through the use of her voice as a symbol?
What is the title of this book?
I've read the story but i am having a hard time answering this question. Please help me, i would appreciate it?
The Art of Urban Sketching?
Good books for a 15 yo boy?
Do you love the book "New Moon" (twilight 2)?