How does Dracula get such a perfect centre parting each day when he can’t see himself in a mirror?
what is the top ten book ever written?
What happens if we have more or less chromosomes?
What do I need to know from the hunger games to read catching fire?
Whe wrote Bliss?
What do you do with your old books you have read?
Friedrich Book?
james allen's books?
Which point of view sounds better?
In the "Scarlet Letter"...?
In Lord of the Flies, why is being rescued more important than hunting for food?
Catalyst by Laurie Halse Anderson?
What is the best book I've never read?
why was death of a salesman banned?
Is the book "Leota's Garden" by Francine Rivers very good?
Suggestions for a similarly-themed book to The Testament by John Grisham?
who agrees with the end of the last book of Harry Potter and why!?
Website for the Yearling....?
Character traits of Odysseus from The Odyssey?
Should this be one big book or a few smaller books?
In the twilight saga Breaking dawn ; don't Bella and Renesmee share a birthday ?
Do you think The Hobbit will be good, even though it'll have a more children's tone to it?
In the book DIVERGENT What page does Tobias say "I love you" to Tris?
What's your favorite piece of Literature and why?
I'm writing a story, and I was wondering if anyone had any unusual girl names?
has any one read of mice and men ?
50 Shades of Grey question!?
Why should Evolution books be banned from libraries?
Summarise the story of Alice In Wonderland please?
if there are so many smart children, why so many stupid adults?
Demetrius in 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'...?
Whats the last book that made you cry?
About the Twilight series?
What is the title of this book?
What is this literary term?
Characters in the book Life As We Knew It!?
twilight series?.... is it good?
what are some antonyms for the word aphorism?
Bible question Book of Romans?
Good guy names for novel?
if you would have been the writer of the novel little women by louisa m. alcott ,how would have you ended it?
what is the new artemis fowl book called and when will it be released?
Who is Tituba in the book of Crucible ?
What book are you reading right now?
Looking for an old book I read in school. It's a long shot asking but please read to see if you know it!?
Good dark fantasy books?
Harry Potter question: Need help settling an argument?
Which is the best book you have ever read and why?
What should be the title, if i write a book on your life ?
is this quote found in the book (Bernhard Schlink, The Reader), in the movie, or both?
What do you think of my short story?
Story Ideas (Betrayal)?
was dumbledore a homosexual?
What's your favourite Harry Potter book?
Question about the Hunger Games first novel?
Who are some authors that write books similar to Matthew Reilly's style of writing?
If a fourteen year old girl suddenly stopped growing, how long would it take for people to notice?
If your favorite characters were alive today, what occupation / vocation would they be engaged in ?
GRAPES OF WRATH help!!!!!?
What do you think of my writing?
Do you like this name for a boy?
What do people have against Twilight?
is it weird that i dont like twilight?
what are some funny books to read after a break up?
Is this a good writing?
Ayn Rand Fans?
Is Oedepus Rex the same play as Oedepus the King?
I'd really love to get involved in something like this, but how...?
What is the best classic novel you've read to date?
Is this story idea silly and/or cliche?
does anybody know any good books out there?
any experts on ray bradbury out there?
I love to read and I am looking for a good author?
Looking for books like these......?
I need an artist for a novel?
what do you know about paul theroux and the book, "mosquito coast" he has written? Vicarious answer is a no-no
How should I explain my sport?
have you read the five people you meet in heaven by mitch albom?
have you read 'dazzle' by judith gould. What do you think of it?
Merchant of venice act 3 summery?
Your favorite novels of all time?
Having Trouble Deciding on a name?
Who is this, on the cover of Maximum Ride (Fang)?
How are a poem and a story different?
Scary stories? please please help!?
I have reached a writers block, how do I get out of it?
i like to read especially sydney sheldon..i want to know the authors of smilar kind?
Madeleine L'Engle Books?
Is there a website or database where i can purchase articles from writers which have not been published?
where can i find a good article on the realism of Maupassant's work?
George Orwell Animal Farm info?
can i get books from libraries where i don't have a card?
In your opinion, what is the worst genre?
What's the name of this book?
Who is your favorite Alice in Wonderland / Through the Looking-Glass character?
What do you think would happen in harry potter book 7?
i would like to find out about charles martin's book when crickets cry.?
I want to write a book. how do i write a manuscript?
What are 3 significant actions made by Ophelia in the play Hamlet, that reveal her character?
Am I good at writing or what dudes?
Humour on books.......?
what is the plot,rising action,resolution,describe the main problem and how it fixed in waiting to exhale?
what is the plot for the book?
Can anyone help me find the name of a young adult fiction book that's at least 10 years old?
Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 55, and find line 8, What does it say?
Do you like?
Do u think harry poter is a good series?:)?
Can any one give me a summary of the Essay written by Washington Irving- the guy who wrote Sleepy Hollow?
Restoration Of Books After Damage?
Shakespeare questions?
Who is your favorite character in "friends" and why.?
Is this an interesting blurb ? Would you read the story ?
What do you prefer to read most: Horror-Romance-Sci Fi-fantasy-humor?
Does anyone know when the 7th Harry Potter Book is going to be realeased?
I need More Vampire Laws?
Tone for Stephen king novel?
what is the meaning of live without love and peace?
Are there any V.C. Andrews fans out there?what is your favorite book Or books?
How do I start this story?
im dieing!! im dieing!! im dieing!! you want 10 points? me!!?
What are some great books that you have read that you suggest for me?
Your Favourite Classic?
Lessons learned from the book Odd Thomas?
is there any different between portia and juliet and what is it?
Most Preserved Ancient Book?
Best mystery author: Stephen King or Dean Koontz?
To Kill A Mockingbird, Atticus Finch, Help?
Are the characters in "All Quiet on the Western Front" real people?
How and who do I contact to publish my cookbook in Melbourne Australia?
about "the story of an hour" by kATE CHOPIN?
Title of book with bulimic main character?
what are key points in 'jane eyre' by charlotte bronte that should be used in a book report?
In your opinion, what is the best book in the Twilight series?
In the vampire diaries who does elena choose?
can you help me come up for a name for my story?
What are 5 of your favorite books?
Best body language book?
PLEASE HELP !! If You Have Read The Book Vanity Fair...?
Authors --- tips on getting published?
Naming That Character?
Harry Potter fans: Were you hooked on Harry Potter by the1st page, or did you have to read more?
where i can find haruki's murakami books for free???
Give me a shout out Twilight fans, Woot?
Can I refer to a dog as 'Who'?
Your tummy is growling at you, and you're in the middle of a very good writing streak. What food do you grab?
How many books do you read per year? According to a recent poll, 1 out of 4 Americans read no book this year.
What's so great about Twilight?
I need a good name for my prison in a fantasy book that I am writing...?
Hey Guys: Have you ever read a book...?
What is Charlie's last name in The Perks of Being a Wallflower?
In Shakespeare's Macbeth, what makes Duncan a good king? What makes Macbeth a tyrant?
where to find hindi books website?
Action Story Plot ideas?
Harry Potter readers - When you read the books do you picture the actors from the films?
Is there a sequel to soulless by christopher golden?
Do ya'll think that there will be an 8th Harry Potter book?
Where can I read THE GLASS MENAGERIE by Tennessee Williams online?
Redeeming a villain who grew up that way (book q)?
How to add symbolism in my novel?
Does anyone know Gary Brown?
What do you think of Twilight?
Would you be concerned if you heard that the dolphins were leaving Earth?
Team Jacob or Team Edward"?
Do these names sound okay for my story?
Title for my new story? HELP!?
The type of story you'd read in a school newspaper?
writing a descriptive paragraph for the beach?
What type of books did you hate reading when you were younger but like reading now?
Viviparous reproduction in Brave New World?
What is the book, "The Da Vinci Code" about?
Is there another way to learn about a character other than through semiology/ semiotics?
strange events in to kill a mockingbird?
What are some songs for the Hunger Games Part 1?
what should i read next???????????????????//?
What can I do to get my writing out there online?
What is your favorite book? Mine is "Harry Pottter and the Half-Blood Prince"?
I can read backwards?
i want to learn C++ can u guys tell me the name of books,websites or ebooks that can help me learn?
Sarah Dessen vs. Meg Cabot?
what is the spell in HARRY POTTER to call things to you?
I need help with an intro for my book?
what kind of horror story is more likely to sell?
tell me about some really good books for a 17 year old to read?
Who is the car expert in the Cullen family?
I want to write a morbid short story, but I want to be able to share it?
are there any review on sunset of the city?
the outsiders question!?
Do women think it's charming and endearing to have thier knockers grabbed in a comedy "wahey" manner ?
If u could choose one of two, which one would u choose?
has harry potter gone out of control?
Has anyone read the Crimson Portrait? Have any ideas of the hidden meaning of the novel?
Have you ever read "A Child Called It'?
Witty comments for a guy to say?
Best YA love triangle?? Paranormal preferred.?
Where does the quote "The days of wine and roses are not long" come from?
Why Helen keller so attached to her doll "Nancy"?
Where should I start with the Cthulu Mythos?
Who is Doug Tanoury?
Who wrote "We look to the sky and with outstretched fingers touch the face of God"?
Best book you have ever read?
I need a name for my fictional nation.?
Can you recommend any good audiobooks on
does anywone out there has a copy of PARABLES OF THE BARRIO? pls tell me where i cud possibly buy 1?
Why was "The Adventures of Hucleberry Finn", by Mark Twain banned?
how to publish a drawing book?
question about midsummer night's dream?
B&A Poll: Which cover do you prefer (+BQ's)?
I need a title for a ghost story play I'm writing?
any advice for a young writer ? fiction novel?
who is margot bickel?
Ideas for title of my story?
Could you give me some book names?
Please.. Can anybody help me?
Fairy Tales In Other's Perspective?
Suggestions for a Vampire Book please.?
How can I become a better writer?
Twilight fans!! PLZ HELP!!?
3. Is the author presenting a clear-cut preference for sense over sensibility? Explain.?
What should i name my story?
Do you know the speech of W. C.Harding entitled 'Strives to Excel?' Willyou please have it forwarded to me?tnx
Why is the title of the story "A&P" significant?
What is your favourite novel?
Does "Based on a true story" mean non-fiction, fiction or both?
what would the BOOK about your life be titled?
do you know the name of this book please!!!?
do you know the title of this sci-fi book series?
What is this book? Please help?
Who is Screenplay by hugo?
I need a title for a tragic love story???!!?
What are some books that you think everyone should read?
My Last Duchess - Robert browning .. The Duchess' point of view? would she feel or what would she say?
Need character names for my story?
Why does Bartleby "prefer not to?"?
What books should I read?
What is a character trait for Ashley in the book "Prom"?
Character Pics help ?
What is the Divinci Code about? Like what is the story?
10 points to the first person to answer this corectly first! Who wrote this poem?
Does anyone know what the publisher's email is for the book Eclispe by Stephenie Meyer?
Does anybody know when the next Harry Potter book is coming out?
Name of article written by Pam Dawkins in the Connecticut Post?
Joyce's Ulysses: really the masterpiece it is claimed to be or an exploitation of clever literary experiments?
What does the American dream mean in the context of "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" by Hunter Thompson?
I need a series title?
Are you writing a book?
I would like some opinions on a story I'm writing. This is just part of it. Any title suggestions?
Does anyone know where I can find books like this?
Who would you rather go out with: Harry Potter or Edward Cullen and why?
Who is your favourite villain and why?
When did Twilight stop being cool with teenage girls?
What book is this? (Romance)?
Can anyone recommend good screenwriting how to books? Seems like there are alot of them published!?
What should I name my book?
Does Anyone Know Any Poems/Songs/Short Stories Related To Relationships?
If I loved DaVinci Code and Angels and Demons, what other books might I enjoy?
I have a Jane Eyre Question, it's kinda long so please be patient.?
Englsih Literature - An Inspector Calls essay on political representations?
Is this a good poem?
How do you describe some being attacked.?
what the hell is going on?
What is a good book to read?
What is the best biography book about Audrey Hepburn?
help slaughter house5 book!?
What do you think of Anne Rice?
Best quote will be rated as best answer here.?
I am writing an article about the effect film has had on our history and society, but am having a hard time.?
Did George Orwell reference Stoke on Trent in any of his work?
Used books source Required? Can anyone help?
who has read the book "we wish to inform you that tomorrow we will be killed with out families"?
Looking for a book about a bear family with each room based on each child's interests. maybe 40 years ago?
can you tell me where i can buy the book of sara zarr entitled THE STORY OF A GIRL here in the philippines?
any great books to read that relate to ww2?
How do you decide what race to make your characters?
i am trying to find poetry written by Richard Samuel's can anyone help?
What are characteristics of the war genre? *URGENT*?
What was the title for the man who lit the gas street lamps every night?
idea for a title for a romance story? 10 points?
Good book for a 15 year old?
chapter kill a mockingbird???10 points for best answer?
Teenage girls please read!?
What is the main purpose of "the tiger" in William Blake's Songs of Experience?
poll: get the nearest book or the book you are reading and.....?
Character Name?
Can anyone tell me the name of this witch fiction novel/series?
Institute of Children's Literature?
A conculsion on frankenstein?
How can I improve this narrative?
Have you had the feeling when you............. (warning a spoiler for Percy Jackson and the Olympians!)?
Any Discworld Fans out there? If so, how many Discworld novels have you read?
What’s your favorite vampire book/author?
Is Vikram Chandra Sahitya Akademy-award winner?
What is your best book of 2007?
what does proverbs are the palm-oil with which words are eaten mean?
Is the Femme Fatal and the Straw Feminist both sexist archetypes?
I need help with a name for my character?
I'm looking for a good book on Greek Mythology and cant find one?
How can I find out about a 1939 crime fiction collection?
I plan on writing a story set in the 27th century?
whats the best book you've ever read?
How do I write a sad death scene in my book?
If you had to write about your life what would the title be?
I need creative imput for my book?
Please read and comment! More of 'Driving Blind'...?
if you had to date a harry potter character...?
People acting like Twilight Characters on YA!?
For people who have read and watched 'I am Number 4'?
Why don’t dictionaries have word indexes in the back like other books?
What should I name this character, and book?
Teen Books .?
What are some fantasy magic books for a 10 year old (no HP)?
Which was your favourite book when you were a child?
What Songs would Amy March from Little Women listen to?
what name fits these characters?
Anybody know who David Eddings is?
How is this pronounced: Nimuë?
What is a cool haunted creature to replace zombies in a horror/survival setting?
Turning a fanfiction into a novel?
Can you name an author whose name begins with A?
In "In Memory of the Forest" who exposes the mezuzahs and digs up the tomb stones?
I need a goood book to read can anyone tell me one?
Has anyone ever read the Left Behind: The Kids? and what do you think about them?
Heres a fun game. Give me a phase that you say everyday and that will be the title of my book?
where can i ffind malayalasaahithyam?
How can I sell my poems on-line and get paid fast?
What's The most difficult book you've ever read....?
Last book you read more than once?
what are the creative methods for developing your listening to another language?
Anyone read a novel that incorporated the idea of HTML?
How can I improve these paragraphs?
Harry Potter Question for all harry potter FANS?
what can you do with old books you no longer read???
Can you clarify what a Mudblood or Muggle-born is?
finish this sentence....?
People who have ever read "The Crucibles" ?
Is the Twilight Saga an appropriate read for a sixth grader?
Who is the best modern author who writes fictional novels about World War III?
Best 5 books you've ever read?
What was the meaning/importance of these events in Death of a Salesman?
where can i find a summary on saved by the light?
The only good twilight book.....?
What is your favorite Orson Scott Card book?
What literary character do you most relate to, and why?
What's the best book you've read recently?
Can anyone help me with my Lord of the Flies essay?
What books are out there similar to the Sonmi~451 story of Cloud Atlas?
how to become a jet setter?
What is the irony in Kate Chopin's "The Awakening"?
What is good writing to you?
being fictional, how is the davinci code sooooo upsetting to people?
What Dr. Seuss book says, "Today you are U, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than U
would it be plagiarism to write a book similar to an other authors.?
Compare / contrast life on the river and life on the shore in Huck Finn.?
Wisest character quote you've heard?
what is megan shull's biograpy?
how did edward break bellas headboard?
Would anyone read these stories?
Who is Alicia in shopaholic ties the knot?
Twilight Fans: What Question Would You Ask Stephenie Meyer If You Could?
Should I buy the next two books in the Harry Potter series?
Harry Potter fans: Which character would you say has the greatest "sob story"?
Is Twilight taking over the world?
I'd like to use info from a book. Can anyone help with Copyright question?
Are you into deep fantasy?
what is pizda?
What's the deal with Twilight? Why are most of the girls in my grade obsessing over it?
What was the last poetry book you purchased?
Who, besides James Moriarty, is a bigger threat to Sherlock Holmes?
top ten Ray Bradbury books?
Thoughts on my short piece?
Dante vs. Milton.....?
Langston Hughes ???
what political novels can you recommend?
How do you feel about Twilight?
Have you read Bulimia A Guide to Reocvery?
i wrote a mystery story. how do i solve this little problem?
Opinion on short story?
what did john cabot find in america?
Which Deaths in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows did you find unnecessary?
Whats your Top 5 classic books (e.g. Pride and Prejudice, Great Expectations etc.)?
Where can I get suspense story or novel in pdf.?
what book have you enjoyed that you could re-read it again and enjoy it just as much?
what should i write about??? narrative work!!?
How exactly did Sirius Black die?
Against Twilight or With Twilight?
Why might one claim that Benjamin Franklin's schema for attaining moral perfection is typically deistic?
How can I tell someone on a writing site that their story is extremely Mary-Sue-ish in a very nice way?
i need help writing a ghost story?
Suggestions on this book? "Something Borrowed"?
What Michael Connelly book should I read next?
Does anyone know the source of this: " Tears that do not flow cause other organs to weep." ?
Which books did you study at school for English Lit?
i need to find the short story ruthless, it has as the main character judson webb?
Will I ever be famous??? Like R.L. Stine?? He is me and my friends hero. I mean it.?
What's your favorite DC/Wildstorm comic book character and what do you think of the Infinite Crisis storyline?
Why does Harry Potter get all the credit when his friends do all the work?
Sequal to The princess bride does Buttercups baby exist?
who likes jazz?
What does this book mean to you?
a good book that is also a movie?
I need to figure out the title of a book i read when i was younger!?
I'm looking to get paid for my poetry. Is there anyone out there that'd be interested, and that a publisher.
What book should I read first?
How can I better improve this prologue?
Opinions of my story?
Can anyone help me come up with sub-plots?
what is the history of acting?
Songs for Death of a Salesman ?
I need book recommendations!!!?
Any one knows a good book to design a restaurant, other than the US ICC code Books thks.?
Are dementers (and wraiths and specters and things) real?
What's the best fantasy book you've ever read?
Does my second novel sound interesting?
What is this book called?
Has anyone read "A Series of Unfortunate Events"?
Twilight? ( Not a fan , just a question)?
I need some blackmail ideas?
To Earn 10 Points - What is The Elizabethen Order?
How many of you have read Harry Potter ?
I have to write a 3 scene play over, catcher in the rye. HELP?
What is the name of this book? Mary Ellen Connolly "Somebody tried to kill me!"?
english inspector murder books?
When will Pottermore Beta period end?
Looking for Harry Potter/Doctor Who username ideas?
The Giver Inventions???????
Is this a good hook for my book? Critique please.....?
If Edward Cullen were real would you date him?
Jane Eyre lovers, please answer(or at least read...?)?
what is the difference between purpose(goal) and advantage?
Which Sarah Dessen Book???!!!?
What is this sci-fi story?
The climax of my novel doesn't seem...climax-y enough?
How can you be like Ronnie from The Last Song?
I do not understand this part of the book--"Things fall apart."?
Does this sound like a good ideas for books?
can you please tell me a very interesting book to read ( adventure / mystery)?? my age is 15.?
Have you read The Bonesetter's Daughter?
Edward Cullen or Harry Potter in a fight?
Anarchist Cookbook?
Who believes me that Dumbledore is not dead?
Is it really a necessity to read the Harry Potter books?
Getting published?
A Tale of Two Cities?
What are some books about Labor Unions?
what is the name of those books?
Percy Jackson, The lightening thief HELP PLEASE !?
Looking for name of Greek story?
What's your favorite book series?
how to use parenthetical citations for Romeo and Juliet the play?
Does anyone know that book...?
a really good book!!?
what happens in the book "in the dark or the watcher " by brian freeman?
Do you prefer fiction or non-fiction?
Good teen books about brothers?
What is the rule with mentioning companies/brands in your books?
Should I read the game of thrones Any other recommended books?
book about a boy who goes to visit his grandparents on the beach and meets a girl who shows his gp was a nazi?
I need a really good book to read ?
is Girl in Red Skirt by Lostchijd one of the best novels of the 21st century?
Idea for a story Part 3?
What is a more entertaining read; A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man or Ulysess?
What do ya all think of Tawi-Tawi Boy.. coz he's like my idol here?
Should I read the book or watch the movie?
Demitrius and Helena? love? A Midsummer Night's Dream.?
What is the setting in The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen?
has anyone recently read any good psycho scary books ?
I enjoy reading about the English Royalty, any book suggestions?
· If a book has been made into a movie, which do you prefer to do first, see the movie or read the book? Why?
Is there any Guitar Tab book of Metallica where there is no mistake for sure?
Do you know the name of this book?
Looking for a writing buddy!?
Are you a Twilight fan or hater?
Does anyone else have songs that remind them of a certain book?
If you wrote a book about your life, what would it be called?
What makes The Great Gatsby so significant?
Does anyone know how the book To Kill A Mockingbird shows maturity?
What shoul I read?
i need a vampire book?
I'm dying to find a good book to read, can anyone help me??
Which do you think between Harry potter and Twilight will become a Fantasy book of all Time?
Young adult romance book?
Does anyone know any good books? For teens?
can you tell me what book is this?
who is your fave author?
What should I call this and what should it look like?
How many books do you own?
Who was the first published American woman writer (poet)?
Heroic tales from the Thousand and One Nights?
Question on the Book NIGHT?
What book should I read next . . . .?
Why do you writers use ten words when one will do?
has anyone ever heard of author mitch cullin and read some of his books?
I ran out of books in the house. What are some good ones?
Who's your favorite author!?
I'm writing a book, and I wanted to know if these sentences sound good?
Ancient books with secrets,?
If you wrote a book about your life what would the title be?
Which is greatest book which predict future events and past events?
what are the rust ruins from the uglies ?
Books where Good Girl Meets Bad Boy?
Help with picking out a book?
I know that the characters in Winnie the Pooh represent different stages/age groups, but tell me who is who?
Does anyone know of a good book on Irish Travelers (gypsies)?
I have a book idea. Is it good?
i need a fiction book for a book report?
Illustration Question - Important?
Link in description: How to Tell Renata (Short Story)?
I need a book of Bertrand Russell which is on Philosophy. Can anyone has any idea of it? Pls help?
anyone use fictionwise? they took my money via paypal andwont reply to my emails. they also havent updated the
Does any one know what the 10 war commandments are in "All quiet on the Western Front"?
whom did the boss punish when george and lennie were late in the book "of mice and men"?
I'm writing a book, I need a boys name which is cute and quirky but average?
Who is the antagonist and what are some of the conflicts in 'Snow Country' by Yasunari Kawabata?
How do I copywright an original piece of poetry?
What's a poem/ part of a book about different perceptions of something?
want to recommend me a book?
Does anyone ever just read anymore, like a book?
Is Christopher Marlowe the real author of Macbeth and other Shakespeare's works?
Where can I find Emilie Autums book on audio?
Who has read the Twilight series and is on Team Jacob?
i am begining to dislike twilight, is anybody els?
What do you think of this idea?
What book are you reading at the moment? ?
What are some great self-help books about endings, new beginnings, starting over, etc.?
Why should I read Twilight?
What are the shifts in the Raven?
who is karen bryant-mole?
I already have the material I just need the resources on how to get started on my own book of poetry?
In the book born to run?
Why do girls like Twilight so much?!?
What do you do with your Unwanted Books?
should i read the harry potter books first or watch the movies first?
Significance of the book "Hopalong Cassidy" in The Great Gatsby?
Which books have had a profound effect upon your life?
how is my poem? *has extended metaphor* would u be able to understand the comparisons im making?
how do i get audio books for free online?
Who are some Authors from New Jersey?
Who is this Jean meldi!?
can anyone suggest a really good book?
Book- 'The World Unseen'?
hey, who is your favourite author??
What is the setting of the story?
harry potter couples?
What book are you currently reading or what was the last book you read?
When writing an annotated bib and I cite someone other than the original author, how do I note that researcher
Does anyone know a site to buy books online by black authors in Canada?
I found a book that is a prequel to Planet of the Apes (2001). Is there a book that is an official sequel?
What are some good boys names?
How does Hemmingway use modernism?
What are some really interesting books?
I NEED to get my paws on some Violette Leduc's novels but can't find any...?
im looking for a series called the warlord....?
Whats your favorite fantasy novel or series and why ?
Can you recommend a "cant put down thriller" book that is not?
If you could go to hogwarts, would you?
Where can I find an active group of beginning writers.?
Does anyone agree with my new Harry Potter prediction?
What is assonance, consonance, and alliteration in literature?
hi, i have a question regarding the use of gender theme in 'the merchant of venice' by shakespeare. please hel
Those who don't like twilight. Twilight fans too i guess?
Need a good title for my book?
short stories that use the theme "crime never pays"?
How do you write the slang southern term 'see in'?
Would this plot make a good story?
Do You know any books really worth reading?
I just purchased Mark Twains Library of Humor 1888.Anyone have any history or know the value of this?
I need a title for a tragic love story???!!?
What are some really good books?
i want to sell a rare book how do i do this?
Premiere team international/herbalife?
fiction book websites for dsi?
In Breaking Dawn (4th twilight book), did u see this coming? (dont open if u havent read it,spoilers included)?
Why do people hate Jacob Black so much when all he wanted was Bella's love?
What do u think about ELIZABETH's character in PRIDE & PREJUDICE?
What is your opinion about the name Amelia Mae Dean?
What's the best way to start off any story?
i need some help on good books?
Alice series?
i need new names for book?
any recommendations for books... for a teen?
Feedback on a Screenplay!?
What happens in "The Miller's Tale" of Canterbury Tales?...I did read it and i just don't get it...?
A Midsummer Night's Dream - ASAP?
whats yours?
How is this story so far?
Things to avoid while writing a werewolf based story?
Has anyone read the book called "looking for alaska"?
what books would you recommend?
Where does plastic come from?
The Uninvited Guest (?) a book with a penguin?
Ernest Hemmingway? Please help?
Good story openers? (YA/Action)?
Secondary characters in City of Bones?
What did you think of the Mark of Athena book?
I'm stuck on how to start my story?
I'm looking for a book?
What is peotry?
i need a good last name for a character?
Where can I read Samurai Girl: Book of the Shadow online for free?
Harry Potter Fans....=)???
themes from the house on the lagoon? ?
How do you know if you have a good plot idea?
anybody know of a good book for a woman? gotta be spicy..?
Are audio books still popular?
Artist like Of Mice & Men.?
What book did you just finish? Was it good?
How many words are in the average paperback novel?
Please rate my story!!!?
what is lifewhat about end of lifewhat is worth of life?
Does my thriller have a good enough opening?
In the book "The Tenth Circle" by Jodi Picoult....?
What is the best software for writing a book?
Help reading a book???????? need answers?
Where is "tolle lege"?
How to contact publisher/agent on internet to get something published in English?
Can you recommend a book for a 70-something conservative man?
Good books for teenage boys?
What is the name of this book?
How does the structure of the story affect your perception of the characters?
I want to read something interesting!!?
Twilight & New Moon & Eclipse- JACOB OR EDWARD?
Is there any novel cover containing an image of sketchbook?
Can I get a publisher to publish me a copy of an out of print book?
Which book you started and completed in 1 or 2 sittings ?
How many pages is the 2007 book Ask Me No Questions?
"The lottery" by Shirley Jackson! please herlp?
who is your favorite character in any book u ever read?
Know any authors who use the same “mythology” as Tolkien?
What do you think of the books by Nicholas Sparks?
Who likes the 1960 novel, To Kill a Mockingbird?
Which edition of The Velveteen Rabbit should I get?
Does anyone know good Costumes Through the Ages Encyclopedias? (Clothes History)?
how good is the book "the green mile" by stephen king?
What is the citation information for The Moon is Down by John Steinbeck?
Did you ever get to meet an author?
What stores don't lock up spray paint?
Macbeth Study Guide Questions?
Twilight: Do you like Edward or Jacob?
lord of the rings t-shirt?
Hush Hush Becca Fitzpatrick: I have a question?
Romeo and Juliet !! who read this book?
Is Marley and Me a sad movie?
Good book for a teenage girl..?
Importance of Reading,Books?
whatis the easy way to getvisa of uk?
Is there a required number of books that need to be sold for a book to become a best-seller?
Can someone help me by letting me know William Shakesphere's Birthday?
Bored at home. Any good books?
Which is the best book of Paulo Coelho?
Is J.K. Rowling the best author ever? (Harry Potter)?
Teenage summer reading books?
What do you guys think of the twilight series?
could a superhero novel be a horror?
How do fine book collectors feel about books from the Easton Press?
Harry Potter fans, what would the...?
Huck Finn Adventures question?
[Twilight Question] Don't You Hate It When ... ?
What was the name of that book about the grandfather with Alzheimer's?
"Leather Bound" journal????? Series of questions?
what is seduction?
where can I buy the book: freefall by roderick gordon and brian williams in the philippines?
I need help with my character names?
Authors/writers: Where do you get your story ideas?
Need help choosing a name for this girl?
How much money can a successful romantic novel earn for its author? Serious answers please. I am an author!?
Short story about a cloud?
I need ideas for my short story!?
I really need funny stories?!?
Would anybody read a book about a group of teenagers who try to protect a princess from an evil enchantress?
What should i name my character?
Does anyone know any books by Charles Dickens that are good?
Animal Farm - write a short story about what happened to Snowball after he escaped from the farm?
Who reads these days?
What do you guys think of the concept for my love story?
Ladies, what is a REALLY good book you have read lately?
Favorite book of all time..?
What is the average amount an author makes per day?
What would getting stabbed/ cut in the back feel like?
I am writing an essay on Lord of the Flies and I just have one quick question?
were can i go to find a good book on travel & tourism 4 under £5.00?
Is it true that animal lovers tend to find human characters to be unappealing compared to animal characters?
What are the themes in the book "A Prayer for Owen Meany"?
Where can i find a map of Sterling North's town and house?
Who is the editor of Matched by Ally Condie ?
what does portia order her household not to do?
How are a poem and a story different?
which is good for study Book or e-book ?
how do i contact writer Peter Hoeg?
I want to write a novel can anyone give me any tips to get started?
B&A - What book(s) are you currently reading? + BQS?
What are the best books to read that teach you valuable stuff?
What's your favorite book or author?
Can u please tell me where should I publish my poem online?
Will you offer me a few names of romantic writers that you admire?
I just wanna tell a story.?
Stephen King fans? Favorite novel?
what do you think?
where can i find a timeline for what happens in the book (Black star, Bright Dawn)by Scott O'Dell?
What's the book that made you cry the most?
What book are you reading...?!?
I'm looking for a book with an interesting writing style?
Please help me find this book?
nickname for my insane killer (horror story)?
What happened at the end of Clannad After Story?
who's the half blooded prince in the 6th book of Harry Potter?
Is there any books that are like Twilight?
Harry Potter fans.....?
I'm writing a story about two girls?
New Moon - Is it worth Reading?
Nicholas Nickleby Summaries?
Any good books to read?Name them.?
What is generally considered the best, or even most important, Jane Austen novel?
wat do you think of my freestyle written novel scene?
The Sixties by Terry Anderson?
Did Draco marry Hermione in one of the Harry Potter books?
what book should i read next?
What is your favorite and least favorite Harry Potter Books?
Good SCI-FI/adventure book title?
Authors similar to Janet Evanovich?
How has Benedick changed his attitude to Love and relationships before and after the tricking scene?
Disney Fairy Tales: Great Kids Stories or False Messages?
Should I read the Harry Potter books?
What do the numbers in the cupboard under the stairs mean on Pottermore?
Books similar about this?
Why do people tend to find animal characters to be unappealing compared to human characters?
Prompts for an odd character name?
What do you think of these ideas?
Why do you HATE Twilight?
would you continue reading this story?
Who finds this interesting?
How do i find study notes on 1chronicle chapter 21?
How much to charge for quotes for press releases and news letter writers?
Any readings/poems which have a scottish theme and are about children/babies. Any ideas?
Who hates Twilight??
What is your favorite book character?
Have you read Clive Barkers series "Abarat?"?
what does the main character learn in the book Fight Club?
researching the human mind. i want to know whether any philanthropist can be of help?
Help with book order question!?
In The 4th Book Of Pretty Little Liars, Unbelievable...?
Does anyone know when the next Christopher Paolini book is due out?
Has a book ever changed you?
Wattpad, Scribd, and Authors views.?
I think i'm better than the greatest writers of all time?
Identify 2 seperate flashback each and point out what it contributes to a theme of the story of Dancing Bear?
Do you believe Kaavya Vishwanathan's story of ' internalizing ' Megan McCafferty's work ?
How does Austen present marriage within the novel pride and prejudice?
where do I find information on Joanne Hypolite?
Team Edward ,team Jacob, or Team Switzerland?
Anthony Rapp book signing in macon, GA...where?
Summary of "The Last Question" by Isaac Asimov?
Anyone know a really good romance novel?
Who is the greatest litereary character of the twenteth century?
Letter to Oedipus (Oedipus Rex)?
'What common English word is most often pronounced incorrectly?"?
Dean Koontz fans I need your help!?
whats the age of the girl in the book shiver?
How can I read THE BEAR by William Faulkner online? The full version?
Beyond the burning time HELP?
what is the meaning of the phrase "Bush of Broom" from Treasure Island by Stevenson?
Is there a market for old books about John Kenndy?
What is a REALLY good book?
Could you please tell me a poem you love?
Which Jane Austen book is your fave?? and why?
Does anyone remember a woodland creature using an umbrella as a boat?
Who wrote the first book ever written in either north or south america?
who wrote Havana World Series?
Do you fold the corner of a page when reading a book, to remember your place, or do you use a bookmark?
How do I give a character a sudden death in a story?
What is the SCARIEST book ever?
do u think dumbledore is alive and is snape really a good guy?
What is a good book like The Hunger Games?
Is empathy a theme in frankenstein?
Do books make you cry?
Good title suggestion for my persuasive essay?
Divergent fans-- what would you put in your fear landscape?
How to act like Pansy Parkinson?
What Sort of Reading Material Do You Keep in Your Bathroom?
In the last 3 months, how many books have you read just for pleasure?
Do series books written by an author have separate copyrights or are they all copyrighted together?
Would someone read my fantasy novel opener?
Unfortunate events....??
What is it about Twilight (the books) that makes it so addicting? ?
who is scrooge?
How to write about a girl getting a vision?
Who are your favorite authors/poets?
Where to buy in London the book Shantaram by Gregory Roberts?
CA someone write me like a nine sentence summary of Digital Fortress and own review?
Which is your favorite novel?
What The F is Twilight and why do people keep talking about it?
hi! i have not work in my life but now i want to work and I am confuse where to start. help me find a way.?
In the novel Sophie's Choice, what is the message of the story?
I wanna write a book about a dream I had?
Mark Twains attitude towards the character in The Adventures Of Huckleberry finn?
Who is Dina Iordanova?
what is your fav book's to read?
What Does Everyone Think of the Twilight Series? ?
Twilight Haters- Why do you hate it?
Suppose you could have a conversation with any book character. Who would it be?
Questions about The Hunger Games?!?
Accountand and book keeper?
Lin yutang?
What are some flaws in Harry Potter?
Can anyone tell me what Donald Barr Chidsey's first book was?
im writing a journal entrees on the book the hiding place help please!?
Most depressing book of your life?
Good name for a girl heroine in my story?
Science Fiction name ideas for these characters?
I'm a Muslim and do you think I would be able to make my dreams come true?!
Who is Robert Frost? What did he do is he still alive?
Where can I get the first chapter of the novel Rabbit Proof Fence?
What are the top 3 science fiction books ever written?
anyone else want harry potter to just go the freak away?......and die a long painfull death with the absolute?
Katherine Roberts book
I Can't Remeber The Name Of A Book, But I Remeber What The Cover Looked Like And What It Was About?
Who has read The Catcher In The Rye?
the hobbit game?
Whats a really good book for a 27 year female to read? Not into scarey books or fantasy adventure kind..?
whats a good site to post stories?
Where to start: Understanding literature?
How should I start my story?
My book, what do u think in the txt, not punctuation.?
For anyone who has read Tom Sawyer...please help me out?
Potter Fans? This makes me giggle ^.^?
how do i find out the 'edition' of a book?
How does John Steinbeck use of dogs as a literary tool in of mice of men?
what problem does she have with training with haymitch? from the book of the hunger games?
How do you value a Signed Copy of a book for Sale on Ebay?
How to get followers on my book blog?
One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest book?
Technology in Fahrenheit 451?
what is the submerged metaphor in green hills by kay ryan?
I need a goood book to read can anyone tell me one?
How does The Hobbit compare to The Inheritance cycle?
Story Game: Can you finish up this story?
Is there a sequel to Dean Koontz's "From the Corner of His Eye?"?
I would like to start a sports magazine for amatuer athletes but don't know how to get started. Any ideas?
the portrayal and role of women in the Odyssey?
Novels from the POV of a murderer/kidnapper?
What's your favortite book?
What do you think of this beginning to a book?
I need a book Editor FREE!?
What comic deadpanned: “If the pen is mightier than the sword, in a duel I’ll let you have the pen”?
Looking for stories with guys like...?
for the book Oryx and Crake, what kind of literary features can i talk about in my english oral final?
Artthur uses what to kill mordred in Mort d' Arthur and what does mordred kill him with?
Proper self help book?
What was J.K Rowling's unique contribution to the field of children's literature?
Where can I find writing contests for teen?
Are Twilight Books good 2 read??
Is the twilight series only for girls?...?
what do you think of this bit of my story?
where can I find rare erotic books?
Does anyone know any good books that are as good as Twilight and Harry Potter?
What are some good books for guys?
How come I Don't Get Stars?
what is a penguin?
What books are you reading now?
Adult Fantasy Romance Dystopian books?
I need three points to compare two stories of Eudora Welty?
1984 by ORWELL- can you help me on my essay prompt?
Robert Graves' novels I, Claudius & Claudius the God, how would I find out what is accurate & what he made up?
Does anyone know the name of this young adult novel? Cover has a girl with black hair and blue eyes?
i need a creepy description of a childs bedroom?for a ghost story?help please?
Dont you think the novel The Kite Runner seems to have a remarkable similarity to The God of Small Things?
What does Steinbeck imply in the "Grapes of Wrath" when it says that ma was fighting with her face?
I was wondering if you could give me the title to a book.?
do you think that education served its true purpose in his caes? why or why not?
from whose point of view was the story the lamb to the slaughter was told?
Would this be a good friendship for my story?
i want to find a book.. help!?
Suggest some good teen fantasy novels?
What is the best way to write short sex fictional story?
If Books and Authors had a war...?
In the story the Night why was Wiesel given 25 lashes?
who read the Rosa Parks(Maryann N.Weidt).what is the story about. please help me i need Ur help.?
HP FANS: Being a harry potter fan is hard? Does this ever happen to you?
a play of shakespheare-macbeth?
What book did you read in English class at school?
What would be a good thesis to write for "A Farewell to Arms" by Ernest Hemingway?
Where can I find info on the children's author Susan Saunders?
What authors should I look for if I like Michael Crichton and Dan Brown?
Book for teenagers?!?
Is it right for grown adults to read Harry Potter books - is it not odd for them reading children's books?
What books should I read over the summer?
Why does everyone think Harry Potter is stupid?
Jodi Picoult books....?
What are some of the steps I need to take to become a Freelance Writer?
Exptecting my readers to remember important information?
I'm looking for a book...can you help me?
What are some examples of special/technological words from Artemis Fowl?
Does anyone know what dragon snaking is?
Muggles: If Twilighters actually posted intelligent questions, would you respect them more?
Anyone else upset Harry Potter dies in the new book?
Is The Clay Marble a good book?
Could anyone recommend a good book to read? I am open to any suggestions.?
Need Book Ideas!:) Help?
What do you like and dislike about John Green's writing in Looking for Alaska?
Am I really that short?
Clever name for my HP RPG?
I Need Story Ideas? What Do YOU Read?
Do you like the title of my book?
In the book "The Story of Edgar Sawtelle", why did Edgar run away?
What are the Montgomery Documents?
What is the name of this book?
Who is the contemporary author who recently wrote a book using Walt Whitman's poetry as an organizing theme.
What do you think of this so far?
Ideas for the title of a novel?
What is the process of getting a book published?
Why is there such a backlash against Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code? I enjoyed reading the book very much.
do you like reading ???
Does this sound like a good idea for a short story?
Please read my story ( Madness in the woods )?
How can I get into reading?What books are good?
Will anyone please suggest some good fantasy books?
Is this a good extract of my novel?
which is your all-time favorite book?
I can't remember the name of this book?
NaNoWriMo story help?
Random Poem Read i Guess?
Who is the writer story of King David in Holly Bible?
What is your all time favourite children's book/novel?
Erotic fantasy books?
Do you like short stories?
A BOOK SURVEY- What was the last book you read and other questions?
I want to know what book to get?
what do the entrance detectors in libraries detect?
Help finding a fanfiction on
need a literature to correct papers?need a literature to correct papers?
Is this a good way to begin my story?
Who has read the book "The Last Lecture"?
Whats a good title for my book???!!?????!!?
Is there any electronic equipment or technical programs that will transcribe handwritten notes to typewritten?
Should there be a reality show for writers and potential authors?
Do you like my book idea?
I love Twilight and classics and other books but... HARRY POTTER'S THE BEST!!!...Do you agree?
What do you think of my Harry Potter theory (Spoilers from most of the books)?
Who is Ralph Waldo Emerson's hero?
Do these names fit well for the characters of my book and what do you think they look like?
What do you think of Nicholas Sparks as a writer?
In Insurgent, what is Candor's dessert?
How to add more description to my dialogue?
Which books are showing on frontcover a stage of theater?
Who is Flannery O'Connor?
Short story in the 1920's?
I need to find a new book to read?
school is important?
What's the difference between "referencing" and "bibliogrphy"?
Any book recommendations?
How to self publish.................?
Mary Dahiem Booklist?
how is the trip going to workout. with a visa or just going like sponsorship?
What are some good books that draw you in from the beginning and hold you til the end?
Could you summarize what happen in the lord of the ring the two towers?
Pride and prejudice?
Why is the novel Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy so popular?
Heres a fun game. Give me a phase that you say everyday and that will be the title of my book?
Jobs for a writer and/or photographer?
help on book summaries...?
I'm scared of flying, I'm going on holiday... any advice?
In Dumarier's novel Rebecca the second Mrs. De Winter is never given a first name, what would you name her?
Would you fill out a quick survey about your physical traits? I'm looking to develop my character's looks?
What's a more appropriate name for twelfth night?
which book of Paulo Coelho it is exact written If you really want something the whole universe conspires?
Where can I get a book cover made for me?
childrens book on death of a pet?
where can I find an analysis or a comment on "song for st cecilia's day" by jhon dryden?
The Hobyahs by Scholastic?
Can someone help me think of a title for my short story?
what is your favorite book?
what is the best novel in English set in Thailand?
name for my horror story. please help?
in the harry potter books before the 7 one who is your favorite weasley?
does anyone know any good stephen king books?
Why go on writing if your death is soon?
Themes of LIttle Women?
How do I get the courage too sit and read?
How to do something in the book The Lost Hero?
what does the diet of a chimpanzee consist of ?
Am I good writer? Please answer!?
I need help finding a book...please?
How do I rephrase this sentence? 10 points?
What is Stephen King's novel which so much frightened you ?
What is the best site for free eBooks download?
Similar quotes: You Can't Judge a book by its cover?
who said "getting one's just desserts"?
Did robert frost ever reveal the meaning of his poems?
Can you put an iron on patch onto leather without melting it?
What's the best book you've ever read?
how does hamlet view the people?
Hey, is this a good story idea?