Do you prefer reading modern books or classics?
Harry Potter Book 7 question!?
why is crane a better friend?
Which is your favourite James Patterson book?
Short story about homeless that builds a spaceship?
can anynody remember ....?
what book ever made you cry and why?
Kindle vs Nook? I have no idea?
What are these book's called? HELP PLEASE!?
How else could you say this?
Help with titles please?
Help with a sentence?!?! .s best answer!!?
I want to write a book on Vampires!?
How can I read with very large fonts on my Samsung Tab, even Kobo book reader's largest font is too small.?
Favorite Author?
i'm looking for protective clear dust jackets to put on my better books in these sizes:7x9in and 6x8.thanks sm
what is ema about?
what did john cabot find in america?
How many pages are in The Graduate?
Who made Frodo's mithril armor in LOTR? By the elfs or dwarves?
Old Man and The Sea?
Were can I find e-book collection for my kindle free?
Can you please check my short story/ creative writing, and help me improve it? please read?
what's the isbn of the signed copy of the fault in our stars?
Where can I find the poem Maya Angelou performed in Tyler Perry's Madea's Family Reunion?
Names for Characters and Places?
grapes of wrath in today?
Who is the sexiest man in Harry Potter?
Who is the best peotry writer of all time?
Please help me with a cute story for my brother? (^_-)?
Good Idea for my novel?
How can you mend a devasted heart?
I need help with a name of a book from borders.?
Harry Potter books done what should I read now?
Do any of F. Scott Fitzgerald's stories contain female protagonists?
Draco Malfoy or Harry Potter~~?
Looking for name of recent book about a haunted or possessed house that was on internet 1st, then published?
CAN anyone find the name of this writer?
need help naming characters in my book?
FLOWERS FOR ALGERNON - what is Charlie's motivation?
what is the position of islam on capital punishment?
I want to write a book about my experience. Can I get legal problems if I use the real names of people?
Can anyone please recommend a very thought-provoking....?
Would you read an e-book?
Writers, what are some of your tips and techniques for tight writing?
Are there any good writing websites similar to
I wanto to order a book online but my parents are saying No!?
Have you read Paradise Lost?
A question for people who reads?
What Is The Best Book You've Ever Read.. ?
Which Harry Potter Character is your favorite?
what does bastable mean?
How much is a first edition book of Reading, Writing, & Thinking by Cunningham and Cushwa?
What are some books that are good to read?
Huckleberry Finn question!!?
Writers: How do you suggest preparing for NaNoWriMo?
Book suggestions?! Please help!?
Are you suprised...?
What are some major themes or symbols in the novel "Fantastic Voyage" by Issac Asimov?
How go u get ried of stuff on the Internet?
Literature Writing question help?
Is Stephenie Meyer dead?
In the novel, Great Expectations, by Charles Dickens, Why did Jaggers become involved in Estellas fate?
What should I name my online comic?
Have you ever been to winwap chat?
what is the really long story that you think is going to be very funny but then ends up being really stupid?
i want to publish my second free ebook of poetry?
Can an author work on two books at the same time?
is there a cindy in staying fat for sarah byrnes?
helo asap i dont know?
~~~~Easy ten points~~~~~ :)?
Wattpad fanfictions The Hunger Games.?
Name for a character (girl)?
The book Johnny Tremain?
Does Wilkie Collins' No Name count as a romance?
is there a list of books to read to make me considered well read?
HP fans, what do you think of this?
I cant find ANYTHING on the web about the author Michael Kohlmeier!! Can you please help me find some websites
do you all like Neil Gaimen?
Can anybody refer books for personal analysis, aptitude etc. ?
Animal Farm Ending?!?!?
Does anyone know about Trafford Publishing?
Can you squeeze the plot of your favourite film, book or play into 140 characters?
Help with Writer's Block please?
Stories or shows that refer to cloning?
I need a copy of The Language of Fear By Del James?
Book Review: Pagan Christianity?
book publishing companies that publish "dark" genre?
Were could I find African Fables?
What's the best book you've ever read?
How do you cite a book?
what do you guys think?
What books are like this?
What two books could you read over and over again...?
What is a great intro for a werewolf book?
Which Harry Potter character best describes you?
What is the oldest book in the world?
Any one read THE DEEP by helen dunmore?
Could you please tell me the name of a book I'm trying to find?
Potter fans, are you still as obsessed with harry potter as you were a few years back?
In Blake's poem "The Tiger", how do you pronounce "symmetry"?
Read any good books lately?
Writing a story about internet safty?
What's the best way to kill a mockingbird?
John Grisham's "Writing style"?
How do literary agents view online publications?
How is Bella 17 and a junior in highschool in Twilight?
Where can i find all the walking dead comics together, like in a book together?
Who wants to critic this piece of writing that I'm making up right now?
In Lord of the Rings Trilogy, where are the Undying Lands?
Great expectations close analysis help?
What is the symbolism of populism in the Wizard of Oz book?
HELP: Where can I find one of Alicia Keys's Poems, Online for free?
Help with "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock"?
How Do You Think The Twilight Saga Could Be Better?
marathi book maza album?
Searching for a poem called "In Praise". Don't know poet. Begins "If this should be my last of days"
Why is Baby John important in west side story?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
I am obsessed with twilight am i weird?
Why is Oregon the setting for murder novels?
What is the sequel to Gail Tsukiyama's book Women of the Silk?
Is Breaking Dawn too graphic?
How can I improve this fight scene?
similarities and differences between our society and 1984 by george orwel?
does frodo show a sense of justice in Lord of the Rings?
Is Katie Holmes related to sherlock Holmes?
Combine your name with your favourite literary character's name.. is it any better than Renesmee?
Why did the author say he embraced America in the Kite Runner?
Free Ebooks philosophy religion poetry psychoanalysis-What do you think?
Who is Soraya Antonius?
does the pen name David K. Florence remind you of the statue of David in Florence?
What are some good fantasy books that are PRIMARY about werewolves?
What book would you recommend.....?
Old book bindings help?
What do Palin fans think of this video?
What are some cool names for a main character in a book?
Which is better? A free chapter from a book, or a free youtube clip about the book?
Need help with a title (Teen Romance)?
where specifically did the book the boy who lost his face get banned?
what is this from? is it a book?
Where can I find writing groups in Princeton, New Jersey?
Wasn't there a book called The Game about pickup artists written over 10 years ago? Not the new one by Strauss
Does the play Julius Caesar have a subplot?
When was the gun created?
Any good crime books?
Which famous unborn character celebrates his/her birthday?
Hunger Games: How does those in power use the Games to control the population?
I am looking for some good books to read, anyone know of some?
What does the name El Sett Badrú'l-Budur mean in the classic book 1001 nights?
Who is your favourite author?
How can I make my writing better?
Does indigo/chapters buy your used books?
Harry Potter Fans, what would you do if...... ?
Was what Dan Brown wrote about Christianity in his book the Da Vinci Code true?
anyone know any cool girls names?
Operation Valkyrie Book?
Who authored the famous abolition book, uncle toms cabin?
Name of fable/short story?
can anyone tell me if an excerpt can be from parts of the books, or a whole chapter?
is a 1906 copy of Dickens rare?
Do you know this SSHG fanfic?
Harry Potter Poll!!!?
HARRY POTTER FANS: What do you think is JK's favorite alphabet?
How do you decide what race to make your characters?
lord of the flies?
Do you know any good books?
Another random Harry Potter poll..?
What Oedupis Complex and What is Electra Complex?
Anyone have names for fantasy orders?
Good Stephen King books?
Twilight Fans: If You Were Jacob.... Would You Be RSVP-ing To Bella's Wedding?
how do you cite a web site in the actual paper? e.g. "blah blah is 2 miles long"(___?)?
Do you like my story? Pt 3?
Where does the book Sanctuary by Meg Cabot take place?
Anybody know what ever happened to Canadian actrees Kathryn Long?
Can someone give me a good title name for the book I'm writing?
I need to write a children's book of the president.?
how we could say that "women is like animal with long hair &short ideas?
How To Write The Last Paragraph of My Story?
I wanted to know around how large is the HP community on Y!A?
Madonna sex book help please!?
What do you think about my novel idea?
twilight:which team r u?
Please can I get your opinions on this story?
How can I persuade my daughter NOT to have a wedding cake?
Who is a better writer Brian Jacques (redwall) or J.K. Rowling (harry potter)?
what are some ideas for a scary short story?
What two characters are most comparable in The Catcher in the Rye?
Character name plus BQ!!!?
Names for a Love/Mystery/Suspense story?
Are u a nerd just cos u like reading??
Was Poirot with Rossakoff?
Literary techniques used in Virgil's Aeneid, Book XII set text?
When is Pretty little liars coming back on?
short story prompt help?
Game of thrones plot holes?
I need a good book to read really badly!?
I need a scary first person tunnel scene for a story?
Some Hunger Games questions. Please help!?
Of Mice and Men question Help please!!!!!?
My roommate and her boyfriend are fighting over where the quote "I will not suffer fools lightly" comes from.
What is there in Henry S. Clapham's work that explains why WWI was traumatic for soldiers and civilians alike?
In "all quiet on the western front" what is Paul like as a character?
What breed of dog is Fluffy in Harry Potter?
Books like Flowers in the Attic.?
A descriptive writing of a Jungle?
What is the name of the story where a witch tells a king that his son will kill him and marry his wife?
What lesson was being taught in 1001 NIGHTS?
How many books do you have at home?
Which idea would you rather read?
What is good music to listen to while writing?
which book is the first in record which is translated in many languages?
(Book) Cool Last Names - HELP?
Raymond Carver's poem -- "Spring, 480 B.C." related question?
Twilight vs. Harry Potter?
In the giver, can someone help me come up with a word that starts with z that releates to the book?
Is there a book or website that can teach me how to win the Pulitzer/Nobel Prize in Literature?
how would the world be without books? ever thought?
Crucible help?????????
Special bible scriptures for those that are with us in spirit and not in body?
can I actully download a text verion of Dan Brown;s bok deceiption point from the net??
could someone help with information for a story?
last night in twisted river, irving?
What is the best historical fiction book you have ever read?
Are there any published writers that I can chat with about the process of publishing a first time novel?
Soo Uh...How do I become a Writer lol?
Fiction story Help! down below is my story plz add improvements and it needs to be a lot longer thanks a lot!?
What do you do with books you read.?
What's a good a title for an essay on the power of language to manipulate and persuade others in Julius Caesar?
Idea for a story Part 2?
I need ideas for a story!!?
What are some kinds of Poems?
What is being criticized in pygmalion?
Why does rosalie kinda sorta have a THING for edward when she is with emmet(in twilight series)?
What book are you currently reading?
Looking for an English essay on coffee ?
What are the differences between wizards, mages, and sorcerers?
When people take the piss out of Lord of the rings?
Book suggestions for me to read?
Is Frankenstein sane or insane?
What was the last good book you read ?
A Mystery Story in own words around 150-200 words!!!?
What is your favorite movie that is actually based on a book, either fiction or non fiction?
What are some good Fred and George Harry Potter Fanfiction?
literature help .......?
How is the book "Twilight" bad?
Recommendations for Book Reading?
What did the students say Stargirl was trying to make them feel guilty about?
Tell me your favorite Latin phrase , it's translation?
Who's the funniest character in Shakespeare's "Twelfth night"??
Who are the mockingbirds in To Kill A MockingBird and who are the mockingbird protectors?
What is the most powerful book you have read?
What's the best way to promote a new book?
why is a setting important in the book double identity?
in the heros of olypius who is the 7th demi god?
What are good romance books for teens?
is there a movie on this novel by kate chopin?
Can someone summarize the book Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand for me?
Do You Think Jhumpa Lahiri Is Pretentious And Overrated?
I Am A Writer!?
Have you read Geek Charming?
Does anyone know any good YA books?
how does the book of job represent hebrew culture?
The 4th age in lord of the rings?
Looking for a Fantasy/Adventure book to read?
who is Frank A Clark?
Fiction or non-fiction.Why?
Prevent leaking of outsourced text?
how did Carl Hiaasen become famous???
Good book that are similar to Boys don't Cry?
What is the easiest way to break into publishing children's books?
I feel that Rowling is a shade too harsh with harry potter in hp-6. Do u agree?
How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?
I just don't get it...whats all the hype about Twilight, etc?
May you help me with my prologue? (ROUGH ROUGH DRAFT) Fixed a bit more...?
Pictures needed please!! :(?
Was the goonies a book, or a movie first? Was the book any good if it wasn't a book first?
In A Series of Unfortunate Events book the 6th, in a box containing V.F.D, what did the Baudelaires find?
What are some good websites to find writers for free?
What are your comments on the 'Twilight' series?
Why did Hamlet act crazy?
A good medieval book...?
"The Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe prose?
What's Harry Potter all about and do you like it?
If you could meet a character from a book, who would it be?
is it just me or.... plz read on its about the book Twilight?
To kill a mocking bird?
Where can I read Peter and the secret of Rundoon online ?
My friend just passed away, and I'm looking for memorial book ideas. Any thoughts?
Is Christopher Paolini going to write a 4th book to the inheretance cycle and when?
Is this a good beginning for my story?
Name your favorite book?
Does anyone know that Octavia Butler died recently? She fell and hit her head.?
She is not brave how do i help?
laura esquivel works?
Shakespeare's 442nd birthday. Aren't we all 10 or 11 days out?
The scene in my story has kind of hit a dead end?
I am trying to find a book called "leaving the Master House". By a Afro-American female.?
What are some of your favoret quotes? ones that make you think or words to live by?
where can i find information on Julia Alvarez?
Who do you think will die in the last Harry Potter book?
Who wrote the Princess bride?
give some information about rabindranath tagore in hindi?
I am a published author seeking help in obtaining corporate sponsorship.?
i need computers architecture book of m.morris manu for preparing notes?
Is there someone who can remember all the characters names from The Wheel of Time series?
What is a good foreword for my story?
Who else is extremely annoyed at the Twilight VS Harry Potter questions?
The Clockwork Three sci-fi?
What are some ideas for book names?
Need opinions on the beginning on this Hunger Games story?
What is the title of this book?
Short stories on the idea of belonging?
Name experts please?!?
Halloween by Richard Curtis?
Need some ideas for elven girl names?
If Edward Hit Bella (Twilight series)?
Where can I get a book printed like a bible?
What is are the best books you have ever read ?
Where is the book you are reading at the moment set? ?
I need a list of books with at least 350 pages?
Please answer this if you read books on wattpad ?
What is a good book for 16 year old?
are all 3 books of "fifty shades of grey" released?
Places to get essays/projects published?
What does this blurb mean?
R.A. Salvatore question.?
Here's the first part of my book, what do you think?
who's your favorite twilight guy ?
Suggestions for good book series?
How graphic can sex scenes be in a young adult novel?
What´s a book with a secret compartment called?
What are some good books that are like the Underland Chronicles?
where can I find lists of fictional detectives?
What are some good sewing books for 10 year olds?
10 points: Would you buy a hard back or soft back books of the game of thrones series?
Can anyone give me a list of good books to read and a little summary? EASY 10 POINTS!!?
What book are you reading right now?
Does my book resemble Eragon or any other books too much?
Good scary book?
Harry Potter Fans/DA/RA? Just wondering?
Any scary story ideas?
how do u get the whole episodes of ranma 1/2 on the computer?
Is it just me or is anyone else addicted to Harlequin Blaze novels?
In the book lord of the files how did the boys end up on the jungle island?

Amulet stonekeeper 2 read full book online?
William Shakespeare?????????????????????????????…
Can you prefer any good book series?
What are my encyclopedias worth?
what would you do if books were banned?
What are the steps too publish a book?
White Nights by Dotoeskvsy?
Help With A Character Name?
short story required-chasing sequence?
Do you think JKRowling will kill off Harry Potter?
Can you return books on the Nook App and the Kindle App?
who is matthew pearl?
Should i start reading the book Twilight?
arabian nights?
What qualities make a good villain?
How do you publish a book?
I want to publish a book which has pictures too?
What was your favorite children's book when you were a child?
Harry Potter or Twilight?
Read book or watch film?
What did Jack Kerouac mean when he said, "Don't you know that god is pooh bear?"?
What are some good books made into movies?
In the children's poem "Monday's Child," what is the meaning of "Thursday's child has far to go?"
What are some good ideas for a story?
I wanna write a book about a compilation of true stories but of other people... what "permission" do i need?
What do you think of mother goose?
Twilight or Harry Potter?
Who is your favourite hogwarts teacher?
Did Clive Barker ever take art lessons?
do you know the great gatsby (book or movie)?
Which character should i be a descendant of from The Lord of the Rings?
How important is Astrolgy in one's life ??
Do you know who wrote Cathy Leonard Calling?
I am writing a vampire story does anyone have any good titiles i am open to all.(nothing dirty)?
I'm looking for a great 9th grade book?
what is Machiavelli's opinion about human kind and why does he feel that way?
What is your favorite book?
What happens in the last act of hamlet?
Stephen King's Dark Tower series?
Hey Guys: Have you ever read a book...?
Is there anyway I can improve the conflicts part of my book report?
Atmosphere of Snow White?
What are some good books?
Is it wrong to really hate harry potter?
Do you think the da vinci code movie will s_ck and ruin the legacy left by the book?
What CULLEN do you prefer?
Story of your life anyone?
Where can I get biographies of SA authors and illustrators?
Opening chapter of my's it?
Can someone survive a punctured lung?
Here is a set of writing-related questions I need help on. Can you help?
Annie Bryant. Who likes her?
How do libraries decide which books to keep and which ones to disregard?
Does anyone know where an online text of "Ender's Game" by Orson Scott Card is?
What are some of the greatest books in literature???Suggestions???
a series of unfortunate events?
who quoted in literature that "The height great men reach is not attin by a sudden flight, but while others.."
how can i get published?
How can I read and understand Edgar Allan Poe?
what is your favorite book?
In your opinion, what are some very overrated books?
What do you think of books by J.D. Robb?
which book is better? twilight or harry potter?
Harry Potter. ?
What inspired Robert Browning to write The Pied Piper of Hamelin?
Finding Literary Elements?
How do I write this? Help me continue this paragraph?
Are there any books/series out there like this?
Your opinions on this poem?
Ideas for Dystopian story, ANYTHING?
Who betrayed Richard Mayhew in Neverwhere and why?
What if I add a poam to my novel?
John Gatto essay?
who do u think hermione granger would end up with?hogwarts school yrs or post?besides yourself..?
What is a great audiobook to listen to?
Where can i find a poem by Heinrich Heine?
Harry Potter?
To kill a mockingbird (what is it about)?
Lord of the flies: Do you think Jack was scared of roger towards the end?
In Cold Blood The books ends with these lines:?
Ok so i wanna read books similar to these.?
Where is Jason Moss Buried?
Which title sounds better?
Critique my introduction to my story please!?
is it lame to read the Twilight series now!?
What are membrable quotes from Ian Fleming's works?
Is it bad I can't write a simple summary of my book series?
I need a copy of Romeo and Juliet in modern day language. Can it be found on the web?
do anybody have information about "Lenin" biography?
Is there a topic in answers where I can post questions about writing poetry?
What is the most disappointing book you've ever read and why was it a let down?
Anyone Read Roxy's baby?
Constructive criticism please?
Short story begginning... what do you think?
Any good books?
i've set a new years resolution to read a book a week. any suggestions of good ones i should read?
Write stories with a pen or on computer?
What should I name my story?
Help I can't decide whether to become a comic book writer or artist?
What book would you read it twice because it was a great book?
what i the main character in my brother Sam is dead trying to do?
why is it that most ppl dont like kristen stewart playing bella in twilight? ?
How's my writing for a kid?
the name and publishing date of an article written by "D. E. Fox" and "K. I. Joy"?
What would be a good title for this story I'm writing?
Do you prefer a flashlight or candle for reading in the dark?
Any recommendation on good non-fiction books?
What has he done to earn the respect of the people of Umoufia?In the book Things fall Apart?
Need book title "ELECTIONS"?
What do you think of named chapters?
The Sound and the Fury Book Report?
what is the other words for "spelling mistake"?
How does one discover the tone and the mood of a story?
Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter?
What is this children's princess book series?
Please help me...?
how many pages does Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor Emil Frankl have or how thick is it?
What To Bring To Breaking Dawn Part: 2?
how much can one expect to get for National Geographic books from 1974?
Has any1 read the piece of string by guy de maupassant?
What do you think of my writing?
What's the first book of the Immortals After Dark series by Kresley Cole?
Tell me one book that you think EVERYONE should read?
Summaries about the book Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Theif?
What do you think of this plot?
Your favorite Book ever?
Anybody want the Da Vinci Code eBook?
What is the theme for chapter 14 of the book "The Chrysalids"?
What is that book...?
If you are self publishing a book, how many words does the story you are going to publish need?
Any good fantasy writing challenges?
Books like the Psy-Changeling series by Nalini Singh???
What are the most overused ideas in Young Adult fiction?
Do you enjoy reading, or would you rather do something else?
HP fans!-There leaving out more and more from the 6th film.How do you feel?
Any good online teen stories?
Has Carl Hiaasen died yet???
Catching Fire book ending?
Would anyone care to read this list? And read it aloud to their mother?
where to find the horror book called "faces"?
Twilight Series Opinions?
what age is this book for The Thing With Finn Tom Kelly?
What would be a good pen name with the last name Low?
could you give me a list of books about scavenger hunt game??
Ideas for short stories?
harry potter?
The Man from Ironbark. Can you describe the story in less than 50 words???
Anyone have any stories on Wattpad?
i need help with a torture and horror scene in my novel !!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
where is the earth stone? << that last piece of my story that i can't think of!!?
who was Dr. Iqbal?
Books about exogenesis?
what is meant by allegory? or what are allegorical plays?
Has any read the book the clique summer collection claire?
In your opinion, what is the worst book you have ever read?
Help me with my title, PLEASE?
How to build up story book reading habbit?
freytag pyramid for a rose for emily?
where can i download the winter of our discontent by john steinbeck?
how do I get list of books at library to reserve?
some questions on the crucible (book)?
I am looking for a summary on the book 'Slam' by Walter Dean Myers...any suggestions?
How does my writing sound?
Twilight fans: Do you think Stephanie Meyer should have written another Twilight book?
Teen Fiction Book Suggestions?
Has there ever been a time that a film has been better than the book?
Draft for my query letter. Is it alright?
which Russian poet wrote this:‘At the feast of light/looking in the pattern of a diamond ring/at the burning o?
helpp!! book title needed!!?
What is the best "self-help" book that you have ever read and why?
Harry Potter and witchcraft?
What does the name El Sett Badrú'l-Budur mean in the classic book 1001 nights?
I need a new book to read REALLY badly?
Google does not think this book exists even though I think I remember enough about it...?
This english author is coming to our school...?
i want to read an interesting book....?
Any good books for teens?
What book first captured your imagination?
can-can essay of Arturo vivante?
What is the MLA: Work Cited Page for "Diary of Bobby Sands" by Bobby Sands?
Is my introduction ok?
How can i publish my book?
How do you write a sex scene?
Harry Potter Fans Please Help?
Is this a good beginning? Having a bad time starting my book?
Can you suggest me some good non-fiction books to read?
What do you think would be the opinion of Mary Shelley (author Frankenstein) in regard to Genetic Engineering?
For Stephen King fans, A Question about The Dark Tower.?
What would you consider the theme of "Will Grayson, Will Grayson"?
Unique and pretty sounding names for both a girl and a boy?
some questions for The Masque of the Red Death by edgar allen poe?
Looking For a book, please help me?
Whats a good book that I would like?
What was Charles Dickens first novel? and what was it about?
Who is the Prince of Tides in the book by Conroy?
What's your favourite book?
Ulrich Beck 2 different titles but same book?
Books for teenage girl?
What's something Jem and Scout haven't fully learned yet in To Kill a Mockingbird?
favorite twilight character? ?
What do you think of Edward Cullen?
What do you think of....?
What 1 book will you suggest that can change someone's life?
I've been trying to find this book for a long time now, and the title keeps slipping my mind.?
Is this script too deep?
Movies or books about people going back in time?
What does command mean in the hunger games: mockingjay?
Need last name for Jenna??? Sugeestions?
In the end of The Devil's Arithmetic, does Aunt Eva know that Hannah was transported to the past?
would this be a good prologue?
where can i read the morganville vampires : Lord of Misrule online?
What is a good book to read?
How can i learn how to write beutiful poetry?
How does the series go for Roll of Thunder Hear my Cry?
In That Was Then, This Is Now by S.E.Hinton what is the authors tone toward Bryon?
The quality of mercy is not strained.?
What was your favorite book as a child or adolescent?
What is the real name of Fred and George Weasley from the Harry Potter movies?
Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard by Thomas Gray?
Are the twilight books good ?
which peter pan character is the most courageous?
Can anyone recommend a good book?
How do you add a romance subplot to a novel without making the story a chick flick?
i fear i'm becoming an atheist?
free audio book without an account?
How best to change an idea into a story?
What names would you give these characters in a book? Be truthful and tell me if they could be successful?
Were William Carlos Williams and T.S. Eliot ever engaged in correspondence with one another? (or had they met?
your comments about my poem?
do you think you can guide me to the kids book. The revenge of the devil king?
Potter fans: If you were an animagus, what animal would you become?
What are some comedic romance books?
Does anyone else think that "50 shades of Grey" has a good plot but is poorly written?
Is there any book or article which explains how the 7 deadly sins have become linked with colors and animals?
Twilight obsessed! : )?
what is your favorite fairy tale? and Why?
What's a a good word count range for example freelance articles?
Huckleberry Finn puzzle questions?
whats going on in the book theif by mark zusak?
What are some easily analyzable classic novels?
Ideas of a title for my story?
where can u read breaking dawn online??? plzz tell me!!?
is this an interesting start to a story?
Questions about Joe Turner's Come and Gone?
In the book Twilight, how did Bella know Edward was her true love?
Did a quinzied mother-in-law knock YOUR Lares and Penates sky high ?
Some Filipino Peom PLZ /????
Signs your fictional book is interresting?
Do you have an favorite author ? please share?
where can i find the poem : others?
HELP!!! Im freaking out! Angel Fire?
what i saw and how i lied book summary?
"What two brothers are known for compiling fairy tales into a series of books in the 1800's so generations of
I need a good book!!!?
I really want to buy a book on Alan Turing but I don't know which one to choose?
The Zahir by Paulo Coelho?
I haaaave aaa lot of african creepy stories...whose interested?
If you have Wattpad, can you please read my friends story?
Good stories for a teen to read?
Where are my lost books?
what is the most significant purpose of the book " The Da Vinci Code " ?
What are some qoutes about reading or books or learning by surrealists?
Your all time favorite Shakespeare play!?!?!?
Jonathan Swift's "A Modest Proposal?" s.?
theme of suffering on oedipus the king?
What is the title/author of the book with the ghost rottweiler on the cover?
How can I find out if a book is still under copyright without hiring a lawyer?
Any news about harry potter seventh and last novel?
How easy is it to understand Shakespeare?
HARRY POTTER FANS: Who should Harry gift these things to? Help him!?
Who is your favourite Harry Potter character?
How to space out events in a book?
Does anyone know where I can find the three Descent books by Peter Telep?
Sidney Sheldon fans--I noticed something inconsistent...?
Can someone suggest a good novel (fiction) to read ?
Books books Books :]?
differences in samson agonistes and the biblical book of judges?
Whenever you find yourself on the seide of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect - Mark Twain?
Thoughts on my short piece?
Has anybody read the last templar? Is it like the Davinci code? Did you like it?
Night World by L.J Smith ?! OMG PLEASE ANSWER !?
I need suggestions for a good YA book?
I'm stuck on writing my second chapter?
Read Dan Brown's Angels and Demons and found an error. Rafaello's last name was Sanzio not Santi.Am I right?
Read this and answer please?
What is your favorite book of all times that you recommend for reading?
Happy endings vs sad endings... which do you prefer? Why?
Book for teenagers?!?
I Need to download an IGCSE book for free...Pleasee help !?
What is 50 Shades of Grey about?
is satire important to the setting?
What was the last book you finished reading?
Any tough girls names?
What do you think of these ideas?
Elen hopkins book impulse q?
Why Helen keller so attached to her doll "Nancy"?
What can you say about the book Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown?
do you like michael jackson?i dont?
horror forum where is the best place to discuss horror books online?
what's a good book that is NOT biased and describes and discusses the different types of government?
Has anyone here read Andrei Codrescu's novels ?
What are 3 Big events from the book Crackback by John Coy?
Are you currently reading a book? If so what is it? Is it any good?
10 points: Would you buy a hard back or soft back books of the game of thrones series?
who wrote the great gatsby?
R.A.B. (Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince) - who is he?
What do you think of the start of my book?
Can someone make me a cover for my book?
Is this correct English?
What sounds better for a title?
where can I find information on the historical accuracy of shakespears play Macbeth?
Edward Cullen or Jacob Black?
14 year old looking to learn more from books? (sorry for vague question, read add. details)?
twilight** ... is there such thing as a REAL guy like edward cullen?
A Harry Potter Fan Question?
I would like to submit original poetry to earn prize money?
Do you have an address for Brian Froude, the author of books on faeries?
Can you tell me what you think of my story?
would you consider twilight to be a guy book too?
What is the most powerful piece of literature you have ever read?
The Crucible book question?
Who likes Jean.M Auel`s EARTHS CHILDREN series?
Suggest some good fantasy books for young adults(like LOTR and Harry Potter)?
are there any good teen audio books???
What's your favorite book?
Who was a better playwrite? Wilde or Shaw?
A Tale of Two Cities - Modern Actors?
Anyone know the author and title of this book?
Does anyone know when the 7th Harry Potter book will come out?
how many pages are in the book allie finkle rules for girls book 5?
Jonathan Edwards’ and Corrie Ten Boom’s reflections?
Does anyone remember a children's book about a cat who gets taken to a shelter?
Any good adut romance books without intense sexual content?
Can anyone reccomend me a good book series?
Any suggestions for a good book?
HARRY POTTER FANS: Identify the HP fan!!!!?
Are spartucus the book and spartucus the movie, the same?
how do u get rid of boredom during ur summer vacation if....?
Good teen vampire books?
ny1 else over here whose a fan of the percy jackson books??????
What are some good books for a teenager?
which character in a novel would make your ideal partner?
Should I Continue Writing My Story?
where i can get script of different compotions on lord subrahmanya the indian god by different composers?
I want to find out how to get Poetry made into a book in Indiana?
What is your favourite Dramione fanfcition?
What kind of accidents can be bloody? (for my story)?
Help with character name?
Who likes the book series twilight?
how do you think Liesel changed throughout the Book Thief?
What is Corey taylors Book about?
What are some things in teen romance that interest you?
What do you think of my writing?
How long did it take you to read the twilight books?
Game of thrones reading...?
Help with Name of Short Story - Hit and Run?
Writer's survey/questions about your story?
am i wrong to think that Dimmesdale (from the scarlet letter) is a hypocrite and immoral person?
1940's science fiction novel?
Are "The Notebook" and "A walk to Remember" good books to do for a english project on Tragedy?
Harry Potter or Twilight??
where can i find forbidden kiss chapter 27?
How to enter an condo?
Come on guys! Would someone pleeeeeease answer my question. I'm kind of desperate here .......?
I need help with a story with this theme?
Wife of Bath's Tale?
Where can I find a rare book appraiser to appraise some old children's books?
AUTOGRAPHED copy of "The Outsiders" value?
Who is your favorite writer? (author)?
how to cite in MLA a quotation?
Anyone who's read All Quiet on the Western Front?
does anyone have answers to the john w. schaum theory lessons book?
Help with character names please?
Who's your favorite author?
What is the name of this book?
Has anyone else read Robert Asprin's book "Another Fine Myth"?
any good books 4 a 12 year old 2 read?
how does the debate raised by the great gatsby make it an appealing novel?
A place where(for my story)..?
good book about the holocaust? (besides the diary of anne frank)?
im just wondering, if you had the choice like bella swan in twilight , who would you pick, jacob or edward?
did anyone read the story The Guest from Albert Campus? do you know the point of view? is it omniscient or?
Any good really scary murder mysteries books for teens?
V FOR VENDETTA!?!?!?!?!? LITERATURE!?!??! WHAT!>!?!??!?!?
Is there anybody out there who doesn't like harry potter?
What are some signs that a person is meant to be a writer or that they're good at writing?
I'm writing a story and need some advice?
How is Robert Jordan Doing?
Any ideas of a sententence that sounds better than "falling into an endless pit", with the same meaning?
Has anyone ever felt sad when a character in a book died?
Favorite Books at the Moment?
If you somehow became the keeper of a demon who ate people, what would you do?
ideas for a wizard story?
Why do you think Twilight is BETTER than Harry potter?
I am righting a book on if people didn't sleep. what is a good name for the project that built the devices?
How can I obtain a copy of "Body Idioms and More" by May Pare?
how could i add to the story....?
"The Sunset Limited" book verses movie?
Children's Book: Can't remember the name!?
i need story help.ive got a few ideas! help?
Are Christian parents unreasonable regarding the Harry Potter series?
Just what is the appeal for adults in the Harry Potter books?
Harry Potter Question..........?
What is institutional prejudice? What is individual prejudice?
Help!! does anybody know any websites where I can download free short stories by Ray Bradbury?
How many like Robert Jorden? Who would you be in the book?
Why are Harry Potter Fans So Jelous Of Twilight Saga?
meaning of methodology of research and its types?
Names , please?
What are your favorite books?
B&A: My dearest fellow writers..take that....?
I have never read Kurt Vonnegut. Any suggestions for a first read?
what are some good books ?
Poems about texas . Need it ASAP?
The 'Davinci Code', fact OR fiction?
how to make a G rated book?
What is a book search engine like all that lets customize the plot and finds a book for u?
The perks of being a wallflower reviews?
who is your favorite harry potter character feel free to say your favorite hp actor?
How would I cite a play in a work cited page (MLA style)?
Does Simon die the same way that he does in the movie in the book?
What's your favorite book?
Do you reccomend any agents for promoting new books?
I am addicted to books?
Who do you think is R.A.B of Haryy Potter#6??
Do u have any idea who is R.A.B in Harry Potter 6th Book?
Nicknames for the name, America?
What should I write about?
If you could choose one book to take with you on a deserted island, which would it be?
do you think that some one should continue the story of harry potter?
For Dragonlance book fan's only!?
The Crucible Act II....?
Whats A good book to read if..?
Do you know a really scary Horror Novel?
Missing scenes of jane eyre?
what does 'cave-chested' mean?
What are good teenager books?
Any short story not more than 350 words !!?
Question For Twilight fans only?
Why did Grace not turn into a werewolf when she was bit in the book Shiver?
In Steppenwolfe by Herman Hesse do you think Hermine was real?
What's a good last name for this girl ?
What's the novel set in the middle ages where there's a young boy and adult who meet a disfigured girl?
If you have a wattpad acount?
What is a good name for a girl in the Fan Fiction I'm Writing?
what is the lesson of The Magician's Nephew?
Does any one have the Shel Silverstein poem "Help!" if so can i get the words-Thanks!!?
what poet wrotepoems about people from looking at their gravestones?
i want to write a poem out of a letter , like if i was actually going to give him how would do that ?
What is your favorite book out of these?
Book report on Hardy Boys The Secret Agent on flight 101?
What did you think of the book twilight?
Can anyone provide info on a time travel story where a man's name Tator evolves into Thor, the god of thunder?
Why do you read books?
how does this title sound for my story?
how many of you have read the books who will cry when you die and the last battle?
Really good romance books?
literary analysis the crucible?
Looking for a writing buddy?
How is there revenge in the book "The Scarlet Letter" by Nathaniel Hawthorne?
Does it really matter that Dumbledore's gay?
Are people who write well cleverer than the rest of us?
What are your all time favorite books?
Twilight Question?
What exactly does the dog symbolize in the Shipping News Annie Proulx?
what is the setting of the book Jelly Belly by Robert Kimmel Smith?
who is the son of god?
how can i get a sponsor fot the publication of my book, and production of my music?
Do you know the movie or book I'm talking about?
How does my story sound so far?
How do you get through a hard/boring book?
how can i use an example of parody to poke fun at Romeo's impulsiveness ?
What happened in terry pratchett's "Eric"?
Is Frank Warren still publishing postsecret books?
Who is the author of the bible? and y should we believe that everything in it is true?
Any good books on California?
I need a title for my story?
does jacob and renesmee fall in love?
Do you belive that The Lord of the Rings is the world's greatest piece of fiction?
Do you agree books should be rated?
i need an ode you know one? and a link to it plz? :D?
How can you get a job reading books on tape?
Whats the best book you have ever read?
How is this for a theme of war stories?
what do you think ... Be honest but not cruel?
Any books/films in which the poor characters are mistreated ?
What does turmiol mean?
Can someone pleeeeeeeeeeeease tell me 100% free dating e-book?
What are some literary devices in this poem?
short stories?
If you could stop the death of ONE particular character in Harry Potter, who would it be?
who actually killed harry potter's parents? Pettigrew, Voldemort, or Sirius Black?
What are some vampire books?
Any books you recommend for me?
What is a good name for a popular girl?
the book Jane Eyre about?
can you recommend a really really good book?
Gothic horror story! Opening sentence.?
Does anyone read books by stephenie meyer??
What book are reading now?
Is this a vague enough rape scene for my book?
QUICK HELP NOW easy 10 points!?
A knight's tale questions?
WRITERS' BLOCK! ..surefire ways to get over one?
Asian literature recommendations?
Rewrite these sentences to make them more interesting to read?
What are some good books pertaining to Dorothea Dix?
explain why most of the boys in Lord Of The Flies are so willing to become a member of jacks tribe?
Which two allegories are included in the character of Melchizedek in Genesis 14?
Can I get a refund for the accidental purchase of an e-book?
I had a dream I got a missed call from "Judith"? I do not know a Judith. What does?
HARRY POTTER FANS: Why do people like Draco Malfoy?
Is Ram younger than Sita (Ramayana) ?
What's the da Vinci code?
How can I improve this short story?
Question about guitar book.?
What is your favorite book? What's it about?
Harry potter series or Twilight series?
Is there a book that is better than The Kite Runner? If so, what is it?
Can anyone help me out of my reading rut?
is dumbeldore gay or straight?
Stephine Meyer? Is she a good auther.?
can i have a short summary of merchant of venis?
What life lesson is learned or reinforced from the author of the hounds of baskervilles?
i need a free downloadable holy bible?
If you wrote a book, who would you dedicate it to?
What are all the different types of kindles?
Do you consider Antigone selfish, at all?
What is the Theme of Julius Caesar?
"The Old Man and the Sea"?
What was done good/bad in Eclipse?
Recommend me a .......?
what are some good books to read??
Why does this Coleridge passage appear in Frankenstein ?
In A Man for All Seasons, what are some quotes about Rich and Norfolk and the theme of...?
good name for a book?
What is your favourite book?
B & A: How many people are writing books and actually writing the story all by themselves?
Summary of Ivanhoe Chapters 1-8?
What was the lead character's name in Colette Shaw's novel, "Won't Get Fooled Again"?
What should a 5th grader read this summer?
how come some people are offended by the book, "The Da Vinci Code"?
what are some unpleasant facts about being a writer?
who is subhash misra?
what book is this?????
where cai i read the full story of truth or dare by cathy hopkins online?
has anybody read the secret of gumbo grove ???pleez help?
harry potter + twilight poll?
Are you more a reader or more a writer?
Does anybody know the name of this children's book?
Does this sound like a good plot idea?
Can you write a book for me?
I need help with a book title?
is alice in wonderland about a girl on drugs?
Does Barnes and Noble have books the DAY they come out?
I need an unusual name for an angel in my story.....?
Adult-ish Romance Book Recommendations?
Help with my story? (re-do)?
Percy Jackson Fanfiction: Help with my prophecy? (10 points)?
Who is your favorite character in David Edding's series The Belgariad and the Mallorian?
Looking for a book that I read when I was a kid. One of the kids in the story had lost his eyes...?
If it takes an elephant a week to walk a fortnight how many oranges are there in a barrel of grapes?
Has John Osteen a biography or autobiography. His son Joel?
A Song of Ice and Fire - when is the next book in the series going to be released?
why is harry potter and twilight being compared?
Can you describe the Buck's personality in the book called The Call Of The Wild?
David and Tally?
Your views about "Anne of green gables" the book?
where can i download the winter of our discontent by john steinbeck?
Edward Cullen or Jacob Black?
How can I continue my plot outline?
Book Recomendations, read description please!!! xx?
Maximum Ride book series question (no spoilers, don't worry)?
What do you think about this poem I wrote?
What is the font used in the Hunger Games books?
What are the books that a 13 years old can read and like it?
Does anyone want to read erotica from Ann Rice?
The Sound and the Fury by William Faulkner?
is it just me or.... plz read on its about the book Twilight?
Books... What are some good books? (But please, good ones!)?
How many books have you read so far for 2006?
Anyone ever finish the book "Black Rednecks and White Liberals" by T. Sowell?
Infernal devices question?
Does anyone have any good ideas for a fictional story?
i need to know some good historical fiction books?
What book is this called?
What are 5 character traits that Harry shows in "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince"?
Is there any version of Little Red Riding Hood with a woodsman?
Twilight related jokes. Are they funny?
In The Count of Monte Cristo is his name suppose to be "Monte Cristo"?
The ending to my novel?
What are some major active and populated sites where I can share my short stories and writing?
book help!,........................?
how would you describe a stick being stepped on?
How can you find out what an author's pen name is?
What do you know about Bilbo Baggins From The Hobbit?
Father and son relationship in Frankenstein.?
the book " A Proud taste of Scarlet and Miniver"?
How can I enrich my vocabulary?
What is your favorite poem ever? mine is...?
is it possible for me to read Harry Potter books ONLINE? if so, can u tell me any site?
As a reader, do you like a story to start from the past to the present ? Why ?
Where did Keats write Kubla Khan?
is there a good book to read????? BOOK NAMES PLZ!!!?
the odyssey rite of passage?
In Chronicle of Narnia - The Last Battle, where were the Pevensie parents going by that train?
Do you think that the next H. Potter title will be Fortress of Shadows, Pillar of Storge OR Green Flame Torch?
Harry Potter!?
Great young adult books?
Event suggestions for my novel?
does anyone think there are instances where a movie is better than the book it was based on?
I keep writing poems but when I'm done I don't remember witing any of it?
How do you think mermaids reproduce?
What's This Book Called? Help please..?
who is maria rockliff?
Writers block on important 6 page assignment due tomorrow. Please help.?
who is the most powerful vampire?
The Road by Cormac Mccarthy: main character contrasts?
Title name for my story?
DaVinci Code, truth or fiction?
authentic sites about novels and authors?
Is there a way to tell how far into an ebook you are on a kindle?
will susannah carleton's final books,The MPs Daughter,A Twist of Fate&The Expedient Marriage ever be published?
Any good books about Dragons, Elfs, And Magic?
My wand (unicorn tail hair with dragon skin) just broke...?
who is ready for the twilight phase to end?
What Do You Think Of My Book So Far, Thoughts? Please Help:)!?
Book Review on Rapproachment Across the Himalayas?
Twilight VS Harry Potter?
Book recommendations?
What girl name goes with Myles/Miles?
Writing a story and finding a cast. Anyone possibly give me a hot white(no im not racist)guy with black hair?
Witchcraft/Fact or Fiction?debate?
Do you like my story idea?
find how to make memory, scrap books?
Please help! I need a book title!!!?
In need of new reading material?
Can you help us with our plot?
Harry Potter,How long will you take to read book 7?
what do u consider the best book ever written?
an interpretation of the poem miniver cheevy?
What do you think of the Da Vinci Code?
What is the best John Grisham book you have ever read?
got any cool but wierd names?
What is the reference or origin of the phrase "Goodbye cruel world!" ?
I am a young aspiring author. What can I get/use to help my writing process/writing easier. Thank you!?