need recomendation for a noir detective seires '' novels ''?
Why is Edgar Allan Poe so important?
Please suggest me climax of my love story?
Brief summary of the book "Starclimber - Kenneth oppel". Pleaaase and thaankyou. :)?
how do i draw the dog on the book cover "A dog's life" by Ann M. Martin?
Anthem by ayn rand; Whats the concept "we" have?
need a new book to read?
Does any one know the author of a poem "Naturalization"?
I am a writer and just finished a book about a year ago, what can I do to get it published?
What are some unique was to torture someone?
How can I become a better writer?
Want to know Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Climax?
Which name sounds best for my character?
What literary device is used in I Too by Langston Hughes?
Should I add more to the beginning? Is it fine how it is? Is this a good novel opening?
I want to get a novel published. What should I do?
How does the narrator describe his feelings after killing the old man? (The Tell-Tell Heart)?
whos the best vampire from twilight!!!!?
quotes showing the symbolism of "braiding" in yellow raft in blue water?
If Severus Snape ever came back to life...?
What are socio-political implications in a story?
Where site can I make online book covers?
Can you recommend a book that you can't put down?
Are these two books the same?!?
Where can I get some information on self publishing?
What does bairnies grat mean? (wuthering heights)?
who else thinkks the 6th book sux?
Is HOUSE OF SAND AND FOG worth reading in it's entirety?
Short story I entered in a contest. A little feedback, por favor?
Old picture book about an invisible dog?
i need a warrior cat prophesey?
Place yourself in the shoes of a foreigner from a small conservative country who came to visit the USA?
Where can I find Anil Ghost summaries??
What is the average number of books individual Americans read each year?
City of Bones Questions???
Humourous/Funny Books?
Very romantic and quick love stories that are entertaining and make you feel your tummy feel warm?!!?!?
Does anyone know what happens in the Awakenings Trilogy by Christine M Bulter?
How long would it take me to read 500 pages?
“Plagiarism is the cancer of the writing world” What’s your opinion on this?
In the last Harry Potter book?
How do I write a literary short story?
Where can I find Phil Robin's biography?
how can a 1st time writer publish his/her work?
Book "The Three Musketeers" HELP!?
which book is shortest "the frogs", "the birds" or "lysistrata"?
what book is better midnight or moonrise?
What's the first book you can remember reading as a child.?
jane eyre avon edition hardcover vintage book. I havent got a title of the story but want to know what it is?
Is anyone a freelance ore ghostwriter, who doesn't want to charge an arm and a leg to tell a sad, great story?
How Do You Stop Procrastinating and Get to Work?!?
What is the Scarlet Letter's Strongest feature?
what is your favourite book you have read, and why do you like it?
Images of Holden Caulfield from the Catcher in the Rye being unstable?
Short realistic fiction story ideas?
will this publish without anybody telling me it's impossible to publish?
major writers block. any help from fellow writers?
What are pretties in alice of wonderland?
Do you like buying and owning books or borrowing them from the library? Why?
"The Help", Who Was The Villain?
Harry Potter fans: A survey/poll (whatever you wanna call it! ;])?
Is Harry Potter a good Book?
What would be a good name for a book about the four horsemen of the apocalypse?
I need help on research for fictional characters?
Harry Potter Fans, may I ask you some questions ...?
what do school students ( 15-18 ) prefer to read?
what would you do?....?
Can 13-14 year olds publish books?
What's that book called where there's a disease that only adults can get?
What is the most important part in Stargirl?
Any author recommendation's?
is it possible to fall in love with a character in a book?
Chapter Names for a Love Story?
What's the name of a favorite book of yours?
Where a good place to buy used Woman world or older ones??
where can i download Da Vinci Code?
Where could I go with my plot idea? (help please?)?
Do you think they would do this?
I need a classic, beautiful, old-fashioned name for a female character!?
I took a book from a book shop by accident?
Who do u think will die in 7th HP book? Harry or Voldemort?
Does anyone know how to publish a book in english?
Deleuze and Guattari -- Minor literature?
where is a good place to get used books for cheap?
in my book should I have a wolf or fox?
Life as We knew it, the book?
how old is edward cullen?
Good stories for a teen to read?
I'm writing a story, need character names?
where can i read 'The Summoning' online 4 free?
What book are you reading?
Ok I am trying to figure out the name of a book I read about 14 years ago.?
What book should I read next?
The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks?
cool names for msn?
How long is "too long" for a novel? What too short?
How much does an author make on average?
What do you think of the new book Brave Bart the Shopping Cart?
Why do people hate Twilight? .....?
Johnny tremain chapter 6 questions read below?
Title of a book?
young adult books about bad and popular boys falling for simple girls?
books written by Amy Tan?
Books.....what are some good Book authors? Interested in?
Is there such a thing as 'too many character'?
In Harry Potter 7,whose death grieves you the most?
were would som1 go to get a book published? ?
Can you help me with my story please?
YearBook help for making surveys!?
what is the theme of Dear America A journey to the New World?
is henry also a name for chris?
Inheritance (Eragon) - Question.?
Who here is a teenage writer?
know any good short horror/thriller stories?
How many people have read Guardians of time?
The sequels to Pride and Prejudice by Emma Tennant?
How many themes for novels are there really?
Books morning glory/glory in the morning?
A Tale of Two Cities?
Chinua Achebe's "Things Fall Apart"?
Where can I read Princess Diaries vol. I online for free?
Romance Novel titles!!! Help!!!?
Whats a good title for a book about two best friends fighting over the same guy?
What is the theme in The Staircase by Ann Rinaldi?
What is the meaning of William Shakespeare's Sonnet 116?
all quiet on the western front project?
What are some examples of irony in Kurt Vonnegut's book Cat's Cradle ?
Did Harry Potter go to college?
what is the difference between international humanitarian law and international human rights law?
B&A: Seven questions for you...?
Can someone recommend a good paperback novel?
Writing and blogging sites for teens...?
i Need Help With Writing the Next Sequel to The Last of the Truffala Trees !!?
List of shallow problems people might have?
Name and author of hilarious Harry Potter one-shot fanfic?
What are good series books?
How does NaNoWriMo work?
In the Chapter "The Seer Overheard" Trelawney makes a possible thrid prophecy, what is it?
Has the Turner Tomorrow Fellowship award ever been given out to a book other than Ishmael? If no, while it be?
Hunger Games,One Direction or Logan Lerman Gift?
How much would old seaside humour postcards be worth?
I want to get some sothebys auctioneer catalogues valued, where do i go?
Authors and novels similar to Nicholas Sparks?
What is your favourite Edgar Allan Poe quote and or line from his works?
What is ur fav twilight book? ?
what's the answer on the da vinci code? please,i need it...?
Is there anyone who is a Stephen King readaholic?
What kind of books do you like to read?
what are the modern trends in industrial architecture?
to those who have read gone with the wind: what do you guys think happened to rhett and scarlet?
Does anyone know when the next book by Dan Brown is coming out?
Is it possible to read full novels online for free?
What are some examples of youth seeing evil in society in the novel To Kill A Mockingbird?
Any books about a hitman falling in love with target?
Is there a way to gain a grant in order to write a book?
What is the book called "The Three Mousqueteers" about?
where do I find comparisons on literary writings from Shakespeare and others?
What is your favorite fanatasy book?
1984 by george orwell essay?
What is a good book for 17 year old?
when i go to the library,what book of poems would be good,dealing with loss of loved ones?
Animal Farm by George Orwell?
whats your fovorite author?
Would sort of things would a famous couple moving in together face?
Why are the socs the antagonist of the Outsiders?
Any interesting books to read???
Read anything interesting?
Im reading this book and i was wondering about a phrase it said and i was wondering if someone could help me?
What are some good romance adventure comedy books that I could read?
Who knows a site from where i can get the summary of "the castle"written by Franz Kafka?
Could someone please translate this poem> NOTHING GOLD COULD STAY?
I am reading "The Red Wrath" by Hatef Mokhtar.And struggling with these lines.please help me.?
Who has information in English on Paul Faucher, author of the children's books called Pere Castor?
oesity in 16 to 24 age complete data in UK?
need help finding a few books from my childhood?
Can a short story be 2 pages?
I have a question about The Hobbit?
Has anyone read The Forest of Hands and Teeth?
Does anyone know where I can read Vamped by Lucienne Diver online?
what is your favorite book?
where can i find books by maggie shanye?
what is court jester (who works in court)?
How would I start a personalized poetry business, creating poems for any occassion using details from clients
In the Eldest the man Quimby gets eaten and I never knew that when I read it?? when I read it?
What are you currently reading?
What are some songs for the Hunger Games Part 1?
and what is the worst book you have ever read?
Based on the title, what did you expect from The Secret Life of Bees?
can someone please tell me the name of this novel?
Is this description intresting?
Must read fictional/fantasy/scifi novels?
About how much could this book be worth?
favorite books?
Would anyone happen to know where I could find a website that displays pictures of descriptive words?
Who is Edgar M. Branch?
does anyone else not like dan brown?
MCCB meaning?
what poem includes "with the pitter patter of llttle feet," come a million words to eat"?
Has anyone read "The Forgotten Books of Eden?
can the Title of a book means something different than what's inside the book?
What's The most difficult book you've ever read....?
Does anyone read Will Durant's history books anymore?
Any good novels to recommend?
Do all books have ISBN numbers or is it just text books?
Namez for this character?
What The F is Twilight and why do people keep talking about it?
when in the book SPEAK did David threaten Mr.Neck to sue him?
What was the one billion dollar yen robbery in detective conan?
Can you think of a name for this planet?
First book in The Runelords book series?
the book multiple blessings by kate gosselin, is it a good book?
Had Harry Potter been made into a TV show rather than a movie, would you've liked it?
What are Threads in the book "The Smallest Dragonboy"?
Have you read The Bipolar Advantage by Tom Wootton ?
During what year was The Hobbit published?
HELP!! Creative Writing story help!! PLEASE!!?
B&A: Is your main character attractive?
Can you help with descirbing?
Who has Published with Westbow?
Where can you read Todd strasser's books online at?
I need a thesis for a paper for "The Yellow Wallpaper"?
What do you think of this hunting story (below) that i wrote for a youth hunting memories contest?
what is your favorite stephen king book?
What book is this quote from?
Books similar to when it happens by S.C?
Best modern, prolific suspense / mystery writer?
Need help on a new library.?
how do i start my story?
Only answer if you like twilight!?
What is the symbolism of the horse races in The Rocking Horse Winner?
please give me some ideas for strange, creepy, dark characters? witches, freaks, serial killers, etc.?
Skyrim dawnguard-read below?
I need to find books written by Wallace Ford, they are published by Kensington Publishing?
I want a help to can know Daniel Defoe's style,please.?
Does it matter if the book is 'unoffical'?
Tell me a story...please?
A question about release dates on Brisingr?
Name this books from My Ideal Bookshelf!?
Vampire 'smut 'novels?
In that book called 'The outsiders', what are some difficult words?
What Book are you reading now ?
what is a good way to find extra time in the day to do stuff i want to read or watch a movie?
What are the best books to read?
Any people who are REALLY REALLY REALLY obsessed fans of HArry Potter out there?
Twilight Saga. What do you think of it?
What's The Longest Book That You've Read?
Who is your favorite poet and what is your favorite poem? If they are different, explain why.?
Who are your favourite characters from classic novels?
I was in school minding my own business till the teacher popped her shirt open and her boob fell out????
Harry Potter or Twilight?
why can't i buy Hermato Pascoal Calendario do Som sheet music in US he is one of the greatest composers alive
can you order a book from german amazon from america?
how do i write a paragraph about beowulfs boasts of his journey and victories?
can anybody tell mee some reasons on why the ghost is real from hamlet?
what would you do if books were banned?
Which are the best books for 2nd puc?
Rate the Prologue to my story?
who do you think would win in a fight between Edward Cullen and the entire werewolf pack?
Books and Authors? How many of you are....?
what do you think is a good book to read?
why did it take the yeerks so many books to find outwho the amimorphs were?
How popular do you think you are here in B&A?
CS Lewis/Narnia...Horse and His Boy?
Where can I find the actual text of "A Day's Wait" by Ernest Hemingway right away online?
What are items that would relate to The Host by Stephanie Meyer?
Who likes Twilight book or movie?
Murder Mystery Dinner evidence?
What character in literature do you most identify with?
What do the Anime terms "fiery youth" and "burning heart mean"?
Some creepy poems by Updike?
How is Ender's Game an Allegory?
where can i find a twilight book?
have you read any good books recently?
how many times does Lancelot go to the lake before he throws Excalibur back?
Harry Potter Fans: Random Harry Potter questions?
Can a novel refer to a collection of essays?
what is a short story of "The Things They Carried" and the main characters and conflict thank you(:?
Do you like Twilight?
In Dumarier's novel Rebecca the second Mrs. De Winter is never given a first name, what would you name her?
Is Christopher Paolini going to write another book concerning alagaesia after Eragon has left?
any more good books to read?
You ever hate when you have so many ideas for your novel?
What to write inside his card? (This is short)?
What do you think of my physiclogical plot?
What are some good books for a 15 year old?
i hate the show on tv called ghost whisper do you?
What is the word for when three books are put together into one book?
What is your favorite book?
Twilight ?
Where can I buy " Prisión verde" a book about Honduras?
Where can I get Tintin's Adventures in Congo in English?
Being in a such a good place is ___ ? im doing my autobiography and im talking about my experience at hawaii .?
A Certain High School Book with Shapes, Algebra & The Meaning of Life?
What are Korean comics called?
The Omnibus edition of Sookie Stackhouse series?
what about the theme of young goodman brown?
The Stranger Albert Camus help?
Do Bella and Edward actually have sex in Breaking Dawn?
I need information about the book:THE REAL AUNT MOLLY.Do you know it please help me.?
How to make readers like a character like this?
Harry Potter Book 7 question!?
Looking for a children's book from the 80s or 90s?
Any guesses on what the fourth book of House of night series will be about??!!?
In the last Harry Potter book?
Where can I find information about a book from '46 called "The Black Apostle" by J.Justice?
Villain needs a plan?
does anyone know any good books? easy 10 points!?
What page in Eclipse/Breaking Dawn does edward talk about having lots of free time?
From the story : The Red Convertible?
Who is the Hufflepuff seeker?
What book am I thinking of?
who is john galt?
List of Emily the Strange books/novels?
How do I make my story into a book?
What is the C.S. Lewis Hoax?
I read a novel then lost it in a fire. I don't remember the title/author. How can I find a novel by subject?
Does anyone else get a little sad when you finish a book?
What is the title of this short story about a matchmaker?
Have you ever seen answers completely disappear from your question?
Is pretty little liars scary?
what is your opinion on createspace amazon self-publishing?
What are the most difficult books to read in the English language?
How Many Times Have You Seen Twilight?
I was kidnaped by a teenage boy what do I do?
Writers: are you crazy?
Which is your favorite Harry Potter Book?
Some good books couples that are dating could read?
waht's correct? we parted ways or we parted our ways?
Can someone suggest a book for me?
Who's the most overrated writer of all time?
May I play iPad mini videos, book, photos, and music on my Mac?
Names for a character?
Harry Potter readers - When you read the books do you picture the actors from the films?
How's my story so far?
What are songs that are related to Oliver Twist?
what is the mark over the e in cafe called?
I have a question about the mortal insterments series?
"Try not to be a man of succes,but rather to be a man of value"?
Anyone read the Xanth Novels?
do you think the book go ask alice would have any impact to day?does any one remember this book?
Name of girl in children's book who had photographic memory?
what is your favorite book?
The great Gatsbycritcal lens homework?
What chapter is the red-armed prole woman in, in 1984?
Is my plot good, and can you give me names?
Anyone read Lucy Guardino FBI Thriller series by C. J. Lyons?
Who wrote about a world on a turtles back, the characters are played out by gods, and there is walking luggage
ishmael the novel...?
Is 'The Da Vinci Code based on historical fact?
has aney body red narnia books??????
Harry Potter vs Percy Jackson vs Twilight vs Lord of the Rings vs Hunger Games?
Which Saga Do You Prefer?? Twilight:D Or Harry Potter:D?
Short story ideas based on the idea of going from innocence to experience?
I like twilight but some of yall twiligters are f***in crazy!!! Who agrees?
Would you read the autobiography of an ordinary kid?
When will eragon book 4 come to Greece?
I need help with a book that is set in the future when the world has ended. my protagonist is 14 (teen novel)?
How many books do you own?
Barnes and Noble's Summer Reading Program?
In the story The dissapearance of Mr. Davenheim, who is Hercule Poirot?
where is the real book of shadows from the tv show charmed?
Authoress Madame de Stael wrote the following.?
I need information on a book called 13 Little BlueEnvelopes by Maureen Johnson?
Where can I read light novels online for free?
♥ Please Help Name My Character ♥?
Which ending of "Life of Pi" do you believe and why?
Edgar Allan Poe "The Raven" question?
why is bella swan important in New Moon?
What is Lorenzo saying to Jessica in the last act of the Merchant of Venice?
How do you write a dystopian novel?
Trying to find the title of this book...?
What did you think about the book "The Sacred White Turkey" ?
what makes books better then movies?
what was the last.....?
Harry Potter Movies and Books?
the da vinci code!!! =P?
Which is better: The book, Or the Movie?
What's the oldest book you have?
Help with character name, please? any ideas?
What Point of View is The Boy in the Striped Pajamas written in?
HARRY POTTER FANS: The Ordinary Wizarding Levels (OWLS)?
Where can i find a book review from readers for the book: Estrella's Quinceanera?
Who wrote the book, "From the mixed up files of Mrs. Basil Frankweiler"?
i need a book to read but im too obsessed wiv da twilight saga plz suggest a book or saga i should reed?
what was the last book you read?
whats the greatest book ever?
How would life without books change your life (in a bad way)?
If you could put the following characters into Hogwart's four houses, where would you put them?
I can't put this idea for a story on paper :/?
Help with names for my characters?
When do I get paid on Kindle Direct Publishing?
Where can I find writing contests?
What makes Dan Brown's books so "awesome"?
Good vampire novel to read for fun?
Can You help me with My research paper outline on The Outsiders?
What do you think of the opening paragraph of a story I'm writing?
What place do you think would make the coolest story setting?
Do You Know a Thrilling Story?
Canturbury Tales Prolougue question. Need Help!?
Why is Hitler??
How is Jean Rhys's Rochester portrayed as being victimized in Wide Sargasso Sea?
Does anybody have any ideas on books to read?
I'm stuck on writing my second chapter?
im doing a book report?
Help with a character name?
Will there be anymore of 'The Clique' books by Lisi Harrison?
does anyone know how can I get free info. about Drydn's All For Love ? I'd be so grateful for answering me
Im looking for a book where the characters names were Paris and Will?
what are some good books similar to "Dear John"?
Is there copyright laws on using old book plates for reprinting and selling?
How can I get into contact with Beth Brickell?
Can anyone help me with a plot outline and making a character?
What is your favorite book?
How do you cite a book excerpt published on an authors's website (APA format)?
Which book did you like of Harry Potter?Do you think Dumbledore will be brought back to life in the next book?
Why is everybody saying Dumbledore is gay?
whats your favorite book of Georgette Heyer's??
How are angels made in Hush, Hush?
Honest Opinion on This Story?
The Awakening by Kate Chopin?
WIll there be a Grendel movie coming out soon based on John Gardner's novel, Grendel?
what does the opening of Much ado about nothing reveal about Beatrice and Benedick?
Does Anyone know info about the author shakespear?
Why is writing so interesting?
What book are you reading now??
What's your fav book? Why?
Would you consider Harry from Harry Potter quiet?
a john grisham book question?
Who wrote he musical play Wicked?
open boat by stephen crane- what is wrong with the land the crew swims to?
Names for characters in my book?
Non-french writers?
what books have mitch albom written?
Simon in Lord Of The Flies...?
Home Safe by Elizabeth Berg?
does anyone know of any good books for a 15 year old girl to read?
What is the saddest book-death you've ever read?
In The Great Gatsby,?
What are 3 themes from the book shiver by maggie stiefvater?
Is this story good or bad ?
what are the best mafia novels from Brian Freemantle?? please help?
where can i find a cheap copy the the ethiopean bible? thanks.?
no inspiration for story writing?
Will you help me describe a room?
poll: get the nearest book or the book you are reading and.....?
Help!!!please give me a story about a person who kills with thier claws and eats thier flesh?
I'm trying to present on a short story: Mountain to Mohammed by Nancy Kress. Any good links for info?
I need advice. FAST!!!?
Have any good books to recommend?
is it good to readcliff notes beforeyou read shakespeare or does it take away from the expierience?
I'm writing a novel like Skyrim and need to think of some towns... Any help?!?!?
What was your most favourite book as a child/teenager?
What Book Are You Reading At The Moment?
Im on SSA. If my book gets published am I still disabled. Can I keep medicare.?
Where can I find the real book of Aesop's Fables written in the Spanish language?
I NEED HELP WITH MY BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
Are there any other book scouts out there, and if so, where are your favorite spots to look?
Jeffrey Hunter was the lead in the original pilot for which successful series?
What are fanfictions?
do somebody tell me where can I find the DIVINE COMEDIE PDF file in french editions for free?
Question about car accident injuries for a scene I'm writing?
What are you like Hp fan Or Twilight?
What three roles did Shakespeare play in theatre life?
The Catcher in the Rye?
can anyone recommend me a really good book please?
What's your favourite Mr Men..LIttle MIss character ?
Star Wars: Post Outbound Flight Pre Thrawn Trilogy stories??
Anyone know some romantic movies?
What is the first name of Steinbeck(author)?
i would like to write a song about morganville series?
Who'd win in a physical fight Harry Potter or Ron Weasley?
How to publish an autobiography?
Name for a Father?
What are good young adult books?
Team Jacob or Edward from Twilight?
which book is best for physical chemistry?
where can i find the poem "Viento Entero" by Octavio Paz"?
How many pages are in Kissing Coffins by Ellen Schreiber?
whats the best twilight book?
the book called they live?
When did you develop the joy of reading?
What Novel have you read that you would consider a Masterpiece!?
What is a oxy moron?
Where can i find A series of Short Stories and Essays written by famous authors(e.g. Hemingway, Carver etc..)?
Ive got a signed copy of 'Not As Briefed' It's more like a portfolio than book. is it valuabe? Maybe Ebay it?
Need an idea for a story! :)?
Whats a good topic to write an epic about, a almost comical problem a heroe must conquer??
What is uses of tally 9.0/9.2?
Can you give me a summary of "La Viuda de Montiel"?
What do think of my story idea?
Poem from the movie IN THE BEDROOM?
Can anyone send me a link of short stories?
What is a good topic to write a book about?
How do I get a poem that I wrote published?
how many copies of johnny panic and the bible of dreams by sylvia plath were sold?
In harry potter, what happened to Fluffy?
I'm in love with edward cullen?
in jekyll and hyde why does the first letter mentioned create suspense?
Harry Potter or Twilight?
What do you think so far?
What was the last book you bought?
Can someone help me name my book?
What age ranges is Shields Lady by Jayne Ann Krentz appropriate for?
Color Of My Words Book Guario?
who is the author John knowles?
why is it so boring and interesting to read the war of the worlds?
What is the best Vampire book/series to read?
Which book is the right one ?
Would you read a book about toe nails?
Slightly creepy place names that suggest near abandonment?
In the grapes of wrath, what biblical parallel can be seen in the way Rose's child is buried?
What is you favorite book of ALL time?
A Good Story Title For My Story?
Best audio book of the lord of the rings?
What are some books similar to The Wizard of Oz series?
Twilight Fans: If You Were Edward (New Moon) & You Thought The Person You Loved Died Would You React The Same?
In the Novel "The Alchemist" what is the answer?
Novel writing help:Help make my character 3D?
what is the difference between warts,moles,freckles,black spot .Is moles dangerous for health?
Does anyone know how to become a childrens book writer and get published?
Can anyone help me to find the name of a book? Mainly book is about dialogue between God and devil.?
Compare/contrast an ideal knight to Don Quixote?
Do you keep a record of books you read?
Is Omar Tyree doing a movie based on his book Leslie?
what is the sequel to dutch by teri woods?
Walt Whitman [please]?
What's 1st ,2nd ,and 3rd person? Which one's which?
The Raven - Edgar Allan Poe Question #2?
Would You Read this book i'm trying to write?
is there one room in chat list without mad sex searchers ?
Why Miu Asakura commited suicide?
So does the James Frey backlash mean all autobiographies have to be fact checked?
HOw do you spell Solsynezten and what is the title that starts A Day in the Life of... and Archipelogos...?
I really need the chapter summarys to the book "genghis khan and the making of the modern world"?
Most Hated HP Character ♥ Round 3 ♥?
How old is Sherlock Holmes supposed to be?
harry potter and goblet of fire?
when is the new Harry Potter Book coming out '07 or '08?
if your boyfriend shows no more interest in you,but still want to be with you, does this means he's cheating?
If I copy questions directly from another book as examples, how would i reference it or can i reference it?
Where can I find children's books written in Italian?
What is the significance of the title "The Stranger"?
Is anyone willing to join a group for writers?
why do people read? what do people read?
Can i take quotes and use it in my story?
How does Jean Baptiste Grenouille affect the Plot of the Book Perfume?
What is ironical about Flavius and Marcullus attitude toward Caesar?
Books and Authors? I have a confession to make....?
three dramatic parts of my story? evaluate?
What bit of a bookshop do you think I'll find this book "Caged in Chaos: A Dyspraxic Guide to Breaking Free"?
how old were you when you first read Romeo and Juliet?
Literary techniques used in Virgil's Aeneid, Book XII set text?
Do you have any shows/movies that you wish they had a novel series to read?
Do you think it's best to watch the movie or read the book first?
How do you think I can make this more interesting?
religion is 100% fiction, right?
Are there any creepy books about older men liking teenagers?
what is the process in which books are "optioned" to be made into films?
Some characteristics of Merlyn from The Once and Future King.?
Best children's book you grew up with?
When will the next Brotherhood of the Sword book be comeing out?
Turn of the Screw Help?
Spirit Bound (Vampire Academy) by Richelle Mead?
What book have you read the most?
Has anyone viewing this site remember a series of stories about Mrs. Piglewigle?
what make nathaniel hawthorne different from any other wirters?
Why is banning books wrong?
should harry potter have its own category?
I need a screenname, either lord of the rings or wheel of time related. Help?
how do i put these two books in a bibliography?
what are 5 symbols I can use for the book The First Stone?
I need ideas for characters?
A good story? I need to know.?
can anyone recommend a good humorous book to read.?
Have you got an an inspirational story?
Any decent information on H.P. Lovecraft - websites, books, dvd's, etc?
Anyone else upset Harry Potter dies in the new book?
please help i want to know what this book is...?
arts and social issues in modern era?
How do these authors define privacy within these books?
In the Odyssey, what god is the exalted Sun?
If you are like me and read another bloody Twilight question...?
How have Maya Angelou's literary works been affected by her painful childhood and adolesence?
1984 Scenes that revealed something about characters. 10 points for best answer.?
I am looking for the website of Constable press (London) but did not find it. Could anybody help?
What is the last name of Elizabeth, the main character of Pride and Prejudice?
who wrote the poem that begins "spring is sprung?
How does this description sound?
improve concentration towards studies?
anyone interested in joining a book club and making new friends?
A good southern name?
What are interesting books to read?
Story about a witch who shrinks a boy?
i'm trying to find a book that i read when i was younger?
Is your reading voice as loud as your speaking voice?
Any Young Adult fiction novels rom 18th-19th century?
Can someone help me to find Khushwant Singh's postal address???
Book suggestions?10 Points?
last time! which title should i use?
Do you consider Madame Bovary a sympathetic character?
Harry Potter Questionn?
I'm writing a book and need help for names?
Humor story: Is this an interesting prediction about me in 2030?
What Impression Do You Get After Reading This?
Which is better: Harry Potter or Twilight?
can you recommend a book you've read that i should read before i die ? or that may broaden my horizons ?
What are your thoughts on the book "Beautiful Disaster" by Jamie Mcguire?
I'm looking for storybook characters named Chrisagone, the Philosopher of Evil and the Skull Sealer.?
A good Teen Christian Devotional Book?
looking for a romance book of two stranger stranded in a island or someplace and has to rely on each other for?
Who thinks Twilight is so crap...?
What is the best vampire romance novel besides twilight?
What good books to read?
has anyone ever read a book?
Whats the best book you ever read?
managerial commumnication?
In Cullman Wallace's "House Without End", was any of what the woman in the cabin said real words?
Has any1 read the piece of string by guy de maupassant?
in the movie twilight how does bella get to james?
Which would be a better theme statement for TKAM?
Kindle vs Nook? Which one would you recommend?
Is anyone else confused by the Davinchi Code?
Edgar Allan Poe's influence on Russian literature?
What is St. Martin's Press web site?
Read and review my fictionpress story, first chaper?
Help me with my book?
I need a name for a tree?
What does Macbeth say about those who trust the witches?
What was the best book you ever read?
Twilight Fans: Which Mistake Made In The Series Would You Consider To Cause The Most Pain?
What are good mermaid names?
I need a really really good biography on Margerat Peterson Haddix. What site do I look for authors at?
What type of girls (Characters) do u imagine when u hear these names?
House of night question?
If JK Rowling wrote Twilight, would it be a better story?
Which Nabokov novel should I read next?
Self punlishing and ISBN?
What nationality was Cinderella?
What is the latest book written by Dean R. Koontz?
What vampire books are similar to the Southern Vampire Mysteries? (True Blood novels)?
Is my first novel in a series too short?
Story Characters Needed!?
What sort of thing do you like to read?
Hi, need help describing this?
what's your favorite Balzac novel?
Is this a good book to read?
In George Orwell's 1984, why is the date unknown if it's published in the newspapers?
what is the best book ever?
Is the Twilight Saga OK for a 12 year old to read?
Poll: Do you like stories with multiple points of view...?
What is the page number for this Victor Hugo quote?
Should I read Uncle Tom's Cabin?
where can you find story maps of jack london's in a far country?
What were some of your favorite books as a child/teenager?
Which Harry Potter Hogwarts House?
ask the blind lady she saw it too?
r the twilight series good?
Does anyone know what this book is called?
What genre is my novel?
Warrior Cats Prophecy Idea?
In The Crucible, what are 3 lies that Abigail Williams tells?
Book Recommendations
I've run out of Stephen King and Dean Koonz - who else is good?
What should I name my short story?HELP! :)?
What sounds more interesting for my novel?
Why did Edward Cullen fly across the room and say "no" while they were kissing?
Your all-time FAVORITE quote?
Where online can I read Tuesday's With Morrie?
Is she good looking ?
i need to download the book 5 architects new york.Can any1 gimme a link?
why can there only be one winner in the hunger games?
What is the best book about Russia in English?
where can i find a copy of brokeback mountain the short story to read online for free?
Fantasy writing prompts, anyone?
how can I write a novel by june this year? tips? strategies?
Harry potter character announced GAY???
Are there any books that you read from cover to cover without putting it down???
What is this book????
any cool teen books you'll girls 12-16??
Can someone answer these questions from the book, "The Watson's go to Birningham"?
I need unusual romantic idea for my man?
What is Deckard's relationship to female androids in Blade runner compared to the book?
I need weapons for my story? Please help?
What can i put for my society section of the newspaper for the book 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower'?
Books for teens/young adults?
How to obtain moton picuters and theatrical rights from a publisher to adapt a book?
What do you think of the books "A series of unfortunate events."?
Character name help, description below?
Hey!!! does any one out there like warhammer 40,000?! if so please let me know i'm a huge fan of the books.
Is Lord of the Flies a good book?
i have a kindle and have moved?
is there a bio of Vita Sackville-West by son?
in the novel The Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison, why are chapters 1-6 considered a unit?
how many people actually finish the books they are reading?
do you believe in magic?
Have you ever had the ending of a book spoiled for you?
are book publishing jobs growing?
Has anyone else read the Once Upon a Time series?
Scout Mockingbird Questions?
Would you read this story?
how to end a sad story?
is michael owen an author or a soccer player?
Anyone read Mark Haddons Book Curious Incident , if so tell me what you thought?
Are there other Christians who read books like the "Twilight" and "Harry Potter" series? -Read Details Please!
Wordpad deleted 3,000 words from my book?!?
Can I use rude words in a book that I want to publish on iTunes?
What is the difference between dark fantasy and horror?
can I just use present tense and a little future tense in my dissertation?
Where can you read maximum ride the angel experiment online for free?
Whats the best book you've ever read??
Goldilocks and The Three Bears?
How are the following portrayed in wuthering heights?
An Idea to Crush My Writer's Block?
Ideas for writing a novel!?
how does twain use diction to make an argument against racism in the book Huckleberry finn?
I would like more views on my story? :]?
literary devices in the book now u see her by james patterson?
Who here likes Sherlock Holmes?
Rigged Sorting Hat Quiz?
Do you like this character name?
Aside from Michael Crichton's books, what are some novels where the science is EXPLAINED?
is it true that young kids read Harry Potter books?
DaVinci Code, Fact or Fiction?
One book that made you laugh?
How many people are in love with twilight and Edward?
what is your favourite novel, and how does it inspire you?
In your opinion, what are the most important elements in good writing?
Title of book where their food was dead people?
Do you like this name and description for a main character in a fantasy story?
Is it possible to have different eye color in same eye?
is there anything ugly about edward cullen?
I am using the thesis ..the shift in power affects the tone of the novel...what is a hook that i could use?
Can you read this for me and tell me what you think?
in harry potter?
how can I publish my book called Addiction/Unspoken?
Is Harry potter better the lord of the rings? (the book or the movies)?
How do i jone on annoying little boys?
Looking for a book about a girl with lavender eyes and she survives a ship wreck and ends up in a harem?
what is the theme for Walt Whitman's "Democratic Vistas"?
Hunted- by P.C. cast. Stark?
Does anybody else like Harry Potter?
Who wants an Edward Cullen?
Adults: what is/are your favourite book(s) of all time?
B&A: What genre do you refuse to read?
What's a good novel to do a short book trailer on?
I need help on this character?
What are some of your favorite ADULT books?
Who are the original collectors of fairy tales?
Which translation of Les Miserables should I get?
I have some questions about The Forever War by Joe Haldeman?
I'm looking for a book written by Bruce Mclver 2in1 Stories I couldn't Tell While I was Pastor -?
There is this book whose title I seem to have forgotten.?
what font does zoe (zoegirl) use in the book ttyl ?
In The Thief Lord, who is(are) the protagonist(s)?
Can you use the proper name, Like (New Jersey Turnpike) in a fiction Novel?
What book are you currently reading?
about 25 years ago i read a book about middle class englishman who sold up bought a boat to sail the world?
interesting books for a teenager?
I am writing a lit. anasylis comparing and contrasting the great gatsby and a farewell to arms?
Is anyone else on
I'm writing a story and I need a name for someone symbolizing depression?
The wish list? by Eoin Colfer?
What are some good books to read for Harry Potter fans?
Lord of the Ring Fans! Are you fans of the movie or have you been bothered to read the books too?
If you liked Twilight or Harry Potter read, I'm a writer tell me what you think of this:)?
What does water represent in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein?
Has anyone read "Denying the Holocaust"? I'm not sure of the author.?
books similar to Let the Right One In?
Religious Folks (are they fake?)--Is this an interesting journal entry?
Is it a sad indication of youth that Twilight is considered a great book?
Whats your fav quote from any book you've read?
Who think the Inheritance Series so far?
Can you recommend a good book about mafia and their women,something explicit yet tasteful...?
Animal Farm by George Orwell?
What is your favorite book to read or a book you reccomnd to be read?
What happens when you read twilight?
Does anyone know this children's book about a pig and gumdrops?
What should I do on Shakespeare?
Any good books anyone thinks should be read.....?
Book quiz site?
What are some good books for a 13 year old girl to read?
question about writing?
ISBN of book"my boyhood days"?
Have you ever read "They Cage the animals at night"?
I need information about a series of books called International Collectors Library.?
How do I find the actual short story "Powder" by Tobias Wolff?
discss chauser's art of portraiture in The Prologue,with reference to the religious characters?
Whats the best book you've ever read?
Why would George Orwell choose a farm for the setting of Animal Farm?
whats included in a resume for books?
fangirling: jace vs will?
Have you ever fell in love with a fictional character?
why is bella swan important in New Moon?
Your tummy is growling at you, and you're in the middle of a very good writing streak. What food do you grab?
Sequel to Pride and Prejudice?
2001: a Space Odyssey, what was the name of the 1st ape-like character to pick up a bone as a weapon?
Could you please help me...?
where can you find poetry by Aaron Hill he wrote a poem called The Nettle's Lesson?
In Literature Whose amputated leg was returned in a brown-paper parcel?
Has anyone read the book Bound on Earth by Angela Hallstrom?
What is the author's theme in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire?
What was the real name of George Eliot?mention two novels by the author.?
What book are you currently reading?
what are contemporary novels ?
why does the character called kristine from the book crank call the "monster" crank?
on what page in charlie and the chocolate factory is the golden ticket first mentioned?
where can I download free classcial novels?
beach blondes?how is the book?
Help me remember this book?
I need a name for a character in my book!?
What forthcoming book are you most looking forward to?
What can i call my new story???? HELP?
what kind of horror story is more likely to sell?
Who is Alicia in shopaholic ties the knot?
how does a criminal's mind work?
Where can i find pictures of Sybil's personalities?
Does a first edition Le Morte D'Arthur exist?
What is a breif summary of the book Oedipus Rex?
Does any one know where I might could buy a book volume 4 of Personal Worship: Intimacy with God 0899004539?
What's a good subject for a poem???
How to structure a good English Literarure commentary (for poetry)?
Is this a good, short memior. Its all true and its for a school activity.About my adoption.freshman h.s?
I am 16, what books would you recommend?
How should I sort my ebooks?
In the story Great Expectations by Charles Dickens?
Opinions on this short excerpt?
What is Jared leto's favorite store?
The real thing by henry james???
What are some really good books to read?
Story plot ideas???????????
How many words should a fanfiction chapter be?
Is Gregor's transformation the only metamorphosis in Kafka's novella?
What happens in the book Fairest ?
Which do you like better, the hunger games movie or the book?
What was the whole look of triumph about after Dumbledore heard about Voldemort using Harry's blood in GoF?
Did you like Boots an Saddles ,or any other pony stuff?
Anyone know any good books for a teenager?
Who wrote "The Wanderer" and what is its significance?
What is the top selling book about an artist?
How to write a story based on me?
How much is my textbook [Theodore] Roosevelt's Writings first edi. 1901 very good condition worth?
What book are you reading right now?
What are you reading right now?
Anyone kno where to find legal journal articles on redundancy for free?
How can you still enjoy a Harry Potter book when people have SPOILED it?
How do be motivated to write a story?
I need to find a book, but I only remember part of the title.?
Team Peeta or Team Gale WHY?
Does anyone know if "Traveler of the Moon Volume 2" manga is available anywhere in English?
has anyone ever read the secret life of walter mitty?
Harry Potter Fans!! A questions of thought!! (peekaboo inside!)?
How can I find out about a 1939 crime fiction collection?
Help, what to write about using the idea of religion in Unwind by Neal Shusterman?
what is the story behind "monster" by meg and dia?
Why is jackie earle haley so short?
How many books did Carolyn Keene write?
Your favourite Torey Hayden book?
Does he like me or not!? Please read?
how to start off my story?
Can someone please help me with
Who is Morgoth.?
Waht do you think of my first chapter on
I need help finding the page number of these quotes for the book To Kill a Mockingbird?
Yeats or Joyce?
I LOVE SCARLET O'HARA(Gone With The Wind) ! anybody here with same idea???!!!?
Good Books to Read? (especially classics)?
I have two characters i need help with appearances and a name for one?
Does anyone have any good quotes that have to do with books and/or reading?
twilight saga or hunger games trilogy?
If you could change one thing about Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, what would it be?
harry potter fans only plz...?
how to get ur book published?
Why does Charles Darnay have so many chances at redemption?
brief synopsis?
Can somone giver me a begining middle and end summeryof winterdance by gary paulson?
What songs remind you of the Hunger Games?
Across the Universe: Creating an Original Movie Musical, has anyone received or even SEEN this book?
free ebooks in pdf form plz and thanks?
I can't remember a book ):?
What does "take it as you will" mean?
Twilight or Harry Potter?
Anyone interested in this kind of swap?
Where is the original copy of "the Odyssey"?
Would anyone be my beta-reader?
Constructive criticism?
I'm stuck on how to complete my poem and don't know where to take it. Can anybody help?
Do you think that children should be aware of everything that is happening around them?
does anyone know any books written by the same author as Twilight, written by Stephanie Meyers?
What Are Some Good Romantic Books?
Chekhov's short stories?
how many harry potters editions haven been released till date pls help me?
Will Harry Potter die in J.K.Rowling's last novel?
Title for my story on wattpad?
Heres a fun game. Give me a phase that you say everyday and that will be the title of my book?
Any good Joker Fan Fiction?
Complete book review for: Shadowed Summer by Saundra Mitchell.?
I'm writing a story but I need help with the main guy character (personality wise)?
How does Antigone change throughout the play?
What type of paper are paperback books made of?
Do you think this story is good?
Is it OK to run an illegal library from my locker at school?
Which is the best novel by Robin Cook?
What's that book??? Man stuck with rat on island... please help !?
Are any of you reading a book at the moment?
Does anyone know where I can find a copy of the book 'Polymer' by Sally Rogers-Davidson?
are there any good zombie apocolipse books out there?
What was the best book that you have ever read?
any opinions on this would be really helpful?
The Book Thief ending?
What was your favourite book as a child?
who was the 1st afro amer author?
9. Have you ever been in a situation where something excited, turned out to be terrifying?
from the canterbury tales?????????????????////?
Who knows a good book that I can read?
Children's book title?
How do you go about getting a short stories published or a short Novel?
What is the best collection of O.Henry's works?
Scientists publish the details of important experiments so that... (4 choices)?
What do think of Jackie Collins?
What is your favorite book and why?
Fans of Dan Brown, can someone point me to another author with similar writing style and subject matter?
Looking for a fantasy book from the late 1800's?
i need the complete list of e.t.a hoffmann's stories?
Have you read "Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies"?
Harry Potter fans: Does Aunt Petunia have a job?
does anyone know any important quotes from huckleberry finn?
Any Good book titles?
hey wat is the cost of a nokia 7610 in india (delhi)?
Does anyone know the meaning of the ending of "The Road" - Cormac McCarthy?
Songs for Pride And Prejudice!!?
Is it possible to give a character red eyes without the audience suspecting that they're evil?
Thoughts/critiques on this plot for my book?
What is the most inspirational book you have ever read?
Where does Kate appear in the Maximum Ride series?
Which side would you join???
Books and Authors: How would you describe this person?
Can you recommend a good book for me?
can cheap paperback young adult mystery buffs help?
"The Battle of Corrin", the last written in the DUNE saga.............?
Help Writing a Novel?
what is the book fahrenheit 951 all about?
Has anyone here ever written a children's book?
what is the title of a R.L.Stine book about ...?
I need a new book to read REALLY badly?
more info about book writing?
Has there ever been a time that a film has been better than the book?
What is the best classic book to read shorter then 200 pages?
My book called fear the night?
harry potter question_ How did fred and george know how to open the map in their first year when they found it?
Which is better Alex Rider or Harry Potter. And which book and why?
how does nurse ratched make patient feel ashamed and guilty? in cukko' nest book?
Where can I find a free book summary for Chain of Fire by Beverly Naidoo?
how to start my story?? help! i have a plot outlined but need help with first few sentences :( writers block?
Another poem I would like opinion's on?
tristan and iseult retold by j Bedier?
What do you think of this story idea?
Please tell me what you think of this book?
What should i look for when i finally publish my book?
Help me with my book?
Kindle or nook?? Which one is better?
why toni morrison wrote about blue eyes?
Is The Mortal Instruments series good?
Which do you prefer? Harry Potter of Twilight?
What do you think of sequels in books?
Help with book choices?
How long is too long to spend planning a fantasy story?
i means whos on jaguares soccer team?
Is christopher paolini dating anyone?
For those of you that hate twilight...?
fiction books about being raised in the wild....?
Who would win in a fight, Bilbo or Frodo, in their prime?
Any good suspensful/funny books to read on a long trip?
Is there a journal that has daily questions?
what is the theme of the book the iron ring by lloyd alexander?
Haha! Twilight! Funny question!!?
Do you feell that listening to audiobooks is cheating, or do you count them as books you have read?
2* Are you writing a book ?
Do you like your handwriting?
Free listing of literary agents?
i want to read a good book but i have no clue what so any body have any ideas?
(Childe Harold's Pilgrimage by Byron) Will you offer me some analysis if you may?
What is the title of this book/series?
erotic literary agents?
How can I promote my novel? What are some good ways?
Twilight - Team Edward or Team Jacob?
What to do for publishing poems?
Harry Potter predictions...Who will die in the final novel?
What is the message behind "Paper Towns"?
How does this sound so far?