Who wrote the first book?
what movies relate to the Great Gatsby's Valley of Ashes?
Which of the seven Harry Potter books was your favorite?
what is the summary of "her first ball" by katherine mansfield?
The book called most adorable pets in america a real book or is it a scam?
What is your opinion about my winter poem?
what is the most beautiful poem u had ever read ?
I am searching for a specific manga book but i can not recall the name. help?
Was there a real Catherine Barkley and did she die as in H's novel?
Help with the Unconsoled by Kazuo Ishiguro?
Who loves Mary-kate and ashley?
What book to read next?
In need of a book title?
Book help the outsiders?
Has anyone read the book twilight? What do u people think about it?
What do you think of my story so far?
symilarities/differences between catcher in rye ..and into the wild???
Formats for compare/contrast essays?
What do u think about the Guardians of Time's Ending?
Flipped!?!?!?!?!?!? HELP!!?
I am writing a short story and the character is snorting cocaine.?
The whole series of Twilight isnt as good as Harry Potter, who agrees?
What is your absolute favorite novel?
WDYT of the start of my book?
How's this for a pirate story idea?
Can someone explain the ending of 'The Man In The High Castle'? (Spoilers)?
characters names for a book?
Female ghosts in literature..?
Did Meg Cabot lost her dad at a young age?
Do you recommend reading the Davinci Code?
What does my brother mean by comparing himself to Erik (the Phantom) and comparing me to Raoul?
Where Can I Find The Books Of Edgar And Ellen Besides The Internet ?
Name Some Good Books.?
Has anyone read "The Children of Men" by P.D. James?
I have a volume of 'Army Times' the official army magazine/newspaper Volume 1 Issue 1. What's it worth?
why is the title of some books 'the art of **'?
What are the rising and falling actions to the short story Marigolds?
Does anyone know of any different kind of literary critisim. And please explain.?
The END justify the mean...?
What reasons make you read books?
What are some good quotes about fighting for the one youlove?
Has anyone read Jennifer Government by Max Barry? Isn't it cynical of the future?
From Harry Potter, what are the ingredients of a Forgetfulness potion?
All time New york times bestsellers fiction?
Where can I get chuck Yeager's "the quest for mach one" in Ireland?
How long was the 74th Hunger Games in the book?
what are some of sandra cisneros' best works?
what is a readability gauge?
I can't think of this book, I think it's called victim but I can't find it on the Internet?
Is it better for me to read Camus in French or translated?
In your opinion what is the greatest book ever written?
the importence of being earnest as a social document of its time?
I wrote some chapters on Wattpad on my iPod, and I checked to see if they were there and it was all deleted?!?
How does science, religion, and political power tie into the world state in the book The Brave New World?
Senior paper, Harry Potter and the Deathky Hallows?
What real life Resistance leader was Lois lowry's inspiration IN Writing the number the stars? ?
Examples of Feminism in the play Othello?
Not sure if I like my name?
What do you think of this story idea?
What pun does the Elvenking make in greeting Bilbo for the last time?
how should we live our lives?
has anyone read any books by Col James Churchward?
What's a good one direction fan fiction?
Does anybody know some good Sci-fi and Fantasy Publishers or Literary Agencies?
Funny article - about what?
Random Harry Potter survey ?
how music serves as therapy?
Any good non romantic (thriller or mystery) themed books about the GBLTQ culture?
What was your favourite book when you were a kid?
Why is O'Brien involved in the torturing?
Terry Goodkind?
How do you make a cult realistic but not offend religious communities?
Fahrenheit 451 the book help! :0?
What was the last book you read?
Crime books by Patricia Cornwall?
House of Hades Percy Jackson?
how can i publish my poems and literary work, wihtout having to pay for the initial cost, but after sales.?
My husband is talking about selling his soul to the devil, what should I do?
did anyone get the email on the da vinci quest? I got an email that said I would get a response today.?
Did anyone read His Dark Materials? If so how much did you like it?
Whats ur fav. twilight book?
How does Odysseus inflict pain on himself and others?
Billionaires jobs????????
best book you guys have ever.......?
What is the MLA format for a single author book?
Do you like my book idea?? Please read?
Who has finnshed reading Harry Potter and the deathly Hallows??...if so how long did it take you?
What are some good horror stories?
i need the proper translation of my poem i wrote in spanish?
Which sounds more attractive? easy 10 points!!!?
what are good book to read for 9+ age?
would you buy a horror book written by a woman?
What did you think about the Blue Blood series?
how can i get a study guide for Scarlett the sequal to gone with the wind?
In Patricia Cornwell's most recent book, does Lucy still work for ERF? If not, what does she do?
Any idea's about old books?
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Q?? 10 points??!?
what do you think of the book"bruises" and "my sister's keeper"?
i am writing a childrens book. anyone have any ideas for a good one?
What are your favorite books?
Chinese American history books?
How does the novel "The Kite Runner" use the theme of political deception?
What was the first novel in any language?
if man comes from the God and Jesus His son is His, can anyone tell me WHERE does GOD the Father comes from???
Hamlet and Denmark Military History?
is Sirius black Harry's...?
Why do people hate Twilight?
Can you think of a poem about...?
What is a good writing website?
Good ibooks for thirteen year old girl?
Would you want to read a book if this was the first chapter?
I want to know more about james joyce?
What are some trust worthy sites that allow a writer to print their book?
What are some good books for teens?
How old do you have to be to go to a celebrity book signing?
equations to find mass transfer coefficient for different cases?
Best selling books of 2008?
are there any teenager/kids book apps for itouch?
For those who truly read THE COLOR PURPLE: by Alice Walker?
HURRY please! Book quotes?
If i said that i love all of you what would you say?
What is ur fav twilight book? ?
need a book that covers everything in cattle in uk.?
whats a good short story title?
how many volumes of zatch bell are available in english?
when was moby dick first published?
do u think ron, hermione, or ginny should die in the next book?
How many New York Times number 1 bestsellers has Stephen King had?
Are these good fighting scenes?
Birthday compatibility book?
What are the contrasts of love and hate in Romeo and Juliet?
When was Flight 29 Down the book published?
What CLASSIC books have you read MANY times and will read again?
What is your worst fear as a writer?
What's the best book you've ever read that nobody's ever heard of?
Which pieces of literature have you actually enjoyed studying at school?
What is this book called?
I have a question publishing a poetry book?
Difference between editions: History of Architecture by Kostof?
what poem are these lines from: "Come we may but die we must, Back in the closet we lay"?
How can an unknown author interest a known agent in marketing a novel?
What is the book the Hungar games about?
Any idea's for enemies in story?
where can i download Alex rider eBooks (all Parts) from?
What is your favorite fairy tale?
Where would I be able to find cliffnotes on the book The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down by Anne Fadiman?
who would win in a fight for justice superman or batman?
Death of a salesman ( book ) example of the desire to be well liked being distructive?
What's this children's book called?
Does any one know what book this is?
Did the Never Ending Story ever end or is it still going?
What are some good books for teens?
Can someone read my story and tell me what you think?
Should I add in a character like this?
what is ur fav. twilight book?
Can someone define reminiscence perspective, recent perspective?
Trying to remember a book name. This psychiatrist guy cuts peoples faces off?
Twilight Question? Bad comments also welcome, btw.?
Who are you most like?
I bought the book "The Garden" by Elsie V. Adinoff. Is it a good book?
What catagory does Twilight fall under?
Where can I find the book about a Russian tanker who converted to Muslim?
How many of Anthony Trollope's novels have been translated into other languages?
what would make a good male protagonist?
what are some good books for teenage girls?
Books like bared to you and beautiful disaster?
Does anyone recognize this Ray Bradbury story?
What is this book called?
who wrote the book "Auntie Mame"?
What do you think of my book idea?
Writing a story based off a video game?
Kindle books that will help with Creative Writing and Film Studies?
if you have read Lather and Nothing Else, by Hernando Tellez?
Help Finding A Harry Potter Fanfiction?
what is the resolution for harry potter and the deathly hollows?
Can you help..if you have read the book Forever Odd by Dean Koontz?
How do I beat writer's block?
What do you think....?
where do i find real pictures of christina crawford.?
Why do so many people dislike twilight?
what is the main theme of blue bloods by melissa de la cruz?
why do people get books from library?
What are some examples in King Iear where peopIe undergo a change in ldentity?
in the twilight books where does edward go to kill him self?
In book two of the vampire diaries does elena remember Stefen?
Help me with my book! Please?
What is the best book you have ever read?
whats a book like forever by judy blume?
What's the worst thing your daughter could say to you?
What book do you want to read but keep putting it off year after year?
B&A: How is your handwriting (+BQs)?
What's the best way to start writing a book?
Who has read "Life of Pi" by Yann Martell?
what book came out this week?
Who is the most successful British novelist to date?
Would you like a Rick Riordan and Eoin Colfer Collaboration?
Do you recognize the characters, series or authors of these books?
Good name for a 'failed prophecy'?
Who is your favorite couple in any book or movie?
What reading level is Cloud Atlas?
Help editing the intro to my short story?
Im going to Pattie Mallette's book signing on Saturday, are book signings free?
Who wrote Twilight, and whatss it about? Should I read it?
What's the worst book you were required to read?
Harry Potter...?
Where online could I read a book called BEAST by Donna Jo. Napoli?
I am looking for the poem called phenomenal woman, i dont want the book just the poem.?
Harry Potter Fans!? What would you HP land job be?
is breaking dawn any good ?
where can i buy the treatise of fransisco pacheco.?
How do I update this legend?
Teen books like The Mortal Instruments?
who is rochelle sparrow?
Where can I find the secret check refered to in the book "The Secret"?
What novel would you most like to see done as a movie?
Does anyone know when the next Tad Williams book is coming out?
fantasy books ive read r fiest,rr marin,r hobb s douglas, brent weeks, f mcintosh,guy gav kay.....suggestions?
B&A: Are your characters around the same age as you?
I need an analogy in a book!?
What do you think of my book?
what is amarkutir?
In the "Tell-Tale Heart" by Edgar Allan Poe...?
What are some situational irony and dramatic irony in the short story the life you save may be your own?
Great story that explains socialism! Enjoy(:?
Would you ever get rid of a book?
Can you say : "I have reached a presentiment: ......." followed by what you think will happen?
What is the theme in To Kill A Mockingbird?
Which book title sounds more so capturing and mysterious?
Need a book which covers more then one era, i.e Victorian and Tudor or something like that?!?
Any good ACT Book to study for?
Can anyone help me find the name of a young adult book?
Which of these is the best idea for a novel?
Is the 6th Harry Potter book going to be out in paper back soon?
What advice, if any, is valuable in any of Kevin Trudeau's money books?
What are some great political novels?
I'm looking for a new book to read, and need help.?
What is the quote from the book the Thornbirds about thornbirds?
1. Random Question, #2. Food/Drink Naming Help Please?
How many books a week do read on average?
What's the name of this children's book?
When was Langston Hughes born?
Where can I find a summary on the Souls of Black Folk written by W.E.B DuBois?
Story of a pale girl. she doesn't talk but she plays piano?
can anyone recommend a book?
I want to become a well kown writer(Hindi). I need pfofesional help.?
What is Jhonen Vasquez working on, is he done with his life???
what do you think of my novel idea?
Who is your favourite author?
what do you think is the best book series?
can u help me with bibles,and books written by dynamic speakers like creflo dollar,t.d. jacks,i am in China?
Hamlet Q..Act3 Scene2?
why was the book The arabian nights entertainment banned?
What do you do with books that you have finished reading ?
what is the significance of the title Howards End/ novel by E. M. Forster?
What is Kurt Vonnegut's short story The Manned Missiles about?
What book’s title simply means “the books” in Greek?
What are some good easy to read books?
Do you believe historical facts that Dan Brown based his book, The Da Vinci Code on?
How can I publish my book in America?
Julie Kagawa's IRON FEY books free - what do you say to that?
What would you do if you came to school and Harry Potter was sitting in your desk?
Is Harry Potter Half-Blood or Pure-Blood? How?
In Unwind by neal shusterman, who is the war fought by?
Madame Bovary and The Awakening?
What are some good book series' to read?
any body up for foreshadowing?
is the magic story of harry potter good for christian children?
what does the name Aragorn mean?
Can someone please....?
what is code-switching?precisely on sheng language.?
good teen books to read?
do you know the name of this young adult fantasy/sci fi book?
Charlotte's Web Person vs. Nature?
How can you write a good novel?
Is there any Shakespearean sonnets about sneaking around with someone taken?
how can i change characters names?
i'm trying to remember the title of a book i read a long time ago?
What everybody think about Edward Cullen?
Where and what year does the maze runner book take place?
Which Harry Potter Character is your favorite?
When reading a book, do you tend to read the words out loud or do you read in silence?
I'm looking for a critique of my short story. Will you tell me what you think?
Tom Sawyer help on Chapter 13!?
Is Harry Potter pureblood?
Is anyone ever going to remake a series of unfortunate events or make a sequel?
what do you think a good book is?
Twilight FANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
Who is your favorite Harry Potter Character? Top 5?
I'm finished the Mortal Instruments and I absolutely loved it what did you think about it?
i just got twice as nice urban club classics but it was a copy so dont no what any of the songs are called?
Where can I read Pants On Fire by Meg Cabot?
Can anyone help me to write a scary poem and story for school?
What would a piano sheet found w/ his dead body symbolize?
Names for a 16 year old.?
Pick up the neartest book, what is it? Now go to page 43. What are the 1st three sentences?
I want to find the means to take a year off work to write a novel full-time. Any suggestions?
Does this sound okay to you?
Give a note on music?
What is a "Marxist reading" of literature? And what is Marxism generally?
What is your favorite book/author?
Harry Potter question?
Twilight Fans: Do You Think That Bella Can Have It All?
What is the best book you have ever read?
Ways in which The Great Gatsby and Wuthering Heights can be linked?
good action book series?
What is life like in a orphanage?
Does Thoreau dislike progress? How is that shown in Walden?
What is the name of this fantasy/science fiction short story?
Researching Mitis Green - any info other than The Ardly Effect?
What's was the most influential book you've ever read?
Who said a little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men.?
What s your fav book?
can any one tell me how to get a read out poem stopping by the woods on a snowy evening?
what other books are similar to...?
Did Holden Caulfield have an inferiority complex?
Does anyone know where I can find an analysis of Carol Ann Duffy's poems on the web, particularly 'Foreign'?
pretty little liars ; Who is A ?
What would be gained by publishing Man's Search for Meaning anonymously?
Short story questions?
What Book should I read. I'm bored and have all summer to read.?
How's my fanfiction? PLEASE READ!!!?
More about Brave new world?
Fahrenheit 451 and The Crucible compare and contrast?
when will the halo 2 story book released?
Do any of you read anything other than The Bible, The DaVinci Code, or the Harry Potter books?
The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe?
Looking for out of print kid's books about Francis? Author may be Hobart? (SP???)?
What should I read now that I have finished Terry Brooks' Shannara series?
Any Wheel Of Time fans think it was a good idea for Egwene to bring the armies to face down Rand?
Can anyone help me with this question?
Twilight Fans!!!! I really like the Books and I love edward But are you going to see the movie??
Lexile numbers?
- Novel Ideas Please ?
will you guys buy my book?
I think I may have book lice?
Can anyone recommend a really good scary book?
Is there a book after bedroom bully by trista russell?
What Should I dress up for On World Book Day?
POLL: What was the last book you read?
How's this for the beginning of my new novel?
I am looking for a poem written by Dorathy Day entitled MY CAPTAIN?
could you tell me where can i watch and the name of a trilogy of a movies based on books written by zane gray?
What is a good love story to read?
What is the best book (of all time) you have ever read?
Biography of Urdu writer Shafiqur rahman?
In the Michael Connelly series whats up with Harry Bosh's wife?
who wrote the book " gone with the wind "?
breaking dawn???????????
Does anyone know where I can find the book The end of Magic by Steve Hellman.?
What are some good short story ideas?
Really good books for teens/young adults UK?
Can someone please help me with
What are some good teen books for a 13+girl who loves to read?
Has anyone read works by Harry Turtledove? Are his books good and accurate?
Please help me with the novel I'm writing?
Who likes James Patterson novels better then Mary Higgens Clark novels?
could someone please reccommend a book for me to read?
what is the significance of the name Aslan in the Narnia books?
If you were at hogwarts which house did you wanted to be in?
Could you possibly find somebody by writing a book about them?
Books to read to get into politics?
What is a brief summary of what happens in the play 'Journeys End'?
What is your favorite book?
Ladies No. 1 detective agency book question!?
Why does Of Mice and Men end with Carlson's words?
What are some good series to read?
Can somebody give me a link to some good scary story's?
Tell me everything you know about Harry Potter.?
how do you revise this letter into well written Business letter format?
Im a talented creative do i get noticed or make money online?
What do you think of my idea?
Are there any good romance novels/books? (besides the Twilight series)?
Oral Language with Vladimir Tod?
juan luna art book?
Where can I buy Mary Jane flats at?
Does anyone else think the Twilight book series should have just ended with the first book?
name of a character (full name)?
What is the Spanish Title for Cherniavsky's "Tsar and People"?
what thies word mean you cant love what you never have?
Do you like reading Lemony Snicket's books [ A series of unfortunate events ] ?
what does rev. parris think of others?
Why did Voldemort turn evil?
Please someone help me find this fanfic!!!?
How is my writing? How should I improve?
who doesn't like the twilight saga?
What's a good last name for Hunter? Its for my novel.?
Ending of the book "Because I Am Furniture"?
What are the mysteries in "The Memoirs of Stefan Czarniecki"?
hat do you think of Stephen King?
Boredom. tell me a good story?
In the story The Bet, are there any examples of Naturalism?
HP FANS: How many Harry Potter spells can you remember?
What is a good way to start a drama/romance/fantasy story?
Does anybody love reading?
Favourite character and why ?
Twilight- I don't understand...?
When you write a prologue, should you use was or is?
Any good storylines for a book?
Are the Shaggoths from "At the Mountains of Madness" a racist allegory?
Should I read Jo Nesbø's Harry Hole series in order?
Which pen name should I use?
instruments used in engineering drawing?
how i can get free book?
what are criticisms of the book the pearl by john steinbeck?
What books do you think are better, Harry Potter Series or Twilight Saga?
Take any book that's in front of you.?
What are some Canadian War Poets?
how can I go about selling my poetry on e-bay or ?
Why doesn't anyone like Jacob Black?
KavvyaViswanatahn famous for book How Opal Mehta Got Kissed Got Wild and Got a Life. Accused of plagiarism ?
What are some good interesting books to read?
Summary of the Devil's Arithmetic by Jane Yolen?
feedback on retelling of mythological story of Hera?
I'm looking for a book I used to read...?
Does anyone think the world is worth saving?
Which crime novel features the Voges-Proskauer test (a microbiological test that detects acetoin production)?
Anybody know the books are from which publisher?
good scary books pleasew?
what is a good romeo and juliet book that is easier to read?
Reading........ someone ideas?
I'm having trouble thinking of a witch plot?
Has "Loving What Is" been on the best-seller lists?
If you could name a/your child after a character in a book what name would it be and from what book?
quote by emilie schindler?
in Time of the twins what are the elements of magic?
Favorite book?
Fan Fiction Influence?
twilight fans only ?
To all you Harry Potter fans: Is Dumbledore really dead?
When is Elizabeth Gilbert's new book coming out?
what is the age limit on Twilight?
Othello question?????????
Which book should I read?
Any recommendation of good books? Like 'Perks of Being a Wallflower'?
What should I call this? (Short)?
How many pagesr are in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?
Ending of Maximum Ride? Don't understand it?
How to describe rape in a book?
I'm writing a story from a guys perspective and I need a little help?
edit my book beginning please?
What is your favotite quotation?
How long will it take me to read Oedipus Rex?
Where could i find good poems for mothers day?
How many books have ever been published?
How can you describe the author Roald Dahl physically and by personality?
Good title for my story? me find this book?
Are there going to be any more Hank the Cowdog books?
How old do you have to be to be an author or writer?
Who was primarily responsible for all the bloodshed misery in Shakespeare's "Machbeth"?
was shakespere gay?
Humor in The last of the mohicans?
How can you tell, once you have bought a hardback book, that it's a first edition?
Do you the website for Mary B. Morrison's Movie Soul Mates Dissipate?
How do you know when it's time to stop reading?
How to strategize and work up the steps all alone with my novel-idea? Help!?
In Need Of Vampire , laws and rules. Any one able to help me?
Hm, what's a good book to read?
i have a bible thats 150 years old by rev. calvin e stowedoes anyone know if this bible is worth anything?
If you could change the ending of any book ever written, which one would you pick and how would you change it?
wht do you think of my harry potter theory?
Darcy paying off Wickham in secret?
If you were reading a book and the grammar was not so good but the story was great, would you read on?
Have you ever collaborated with a writer?
What is a good genre for this type of book (I'll describe it)?
Weapons that would be found during the Prohibition?
a fine balance...?by Rohinton mistry?
Can you still publish a story even if it is on Wattpad?
Literature recommendations?
The best teen books for 14 year olds?
any good fiction books about psychics, or a family of witches?
Story books for my little one?
ideas for a one direction and little mix fanfic?
What happens in every section of the arena in the book Catching Fire?
What do you think of this short script idea?
Reading Help Book Mice and Men ?
Who's your favourite author? And why?
Searching for a book...?
I need a fake town name.?
Hatef Mokhtar's Recently released Books?
Davinci code...What is the big deal?
What about Dorian Gray?
Any creative minds...move your mouse and click here?
Edward Cullen vs Severus Snape?
What is your favorite book of all times that you recommend for reading?
Science book-not a textbook- general knowledge one?
Will there be anymore of 'The Clique' books by Lisi Harrison?
Is it okay for a Boy to like Twilight?
I need as many disgusting, horrific, nasty ideas you can come up with? Whatever you can think of...?
Book idea help??????????????? Why kidnap a highschooler's girlfriend?
What are some good book [besides twilight] that are about powers or vampires?
who is Corey booker?...?
What are some symbolism in chapters 9, 10,11, & 12 in the catcher in the rye?
DA Vince code controversy in India?
books about childrens behaviors.?
think of a superhero story u have seen, heard, or read recently, discuss ways in which......?
What should I name my story?
how do I write a book?
Vampenguins? Or not...?
How much money should i invest to publish a book in the USA?100 pages publisher?
Who is the poet of the poem that begins "Who are the nobles of the earth, the true autocrats"?
What's the oddest book you have ever read?
Looking for a book where the protagonists have ESP?
Is this a good writing?
i need computers architecture book of m.morris manu for preparing notes?
I need help for a story title Please Help ?
Trees by Joyce Kilmer?
Looking For Horror Books?
What are some good book series that are out?
help! twilight is LITERALLY making me depressed! ?
What if a freind says u r ugly, fat,a brat? Even though i am not one of those people! My dad calls me skinny!!
Need help with the book "To Kill A Mockingbird"?!?
I have three questions regarding the book "Night"?
Writers: How long did it take you to write your first book?
Anyone out there who was kissed by Isaac Asimov?
Good First Paragraph For My Book?
Is there going to be another 1-800-where-ru book? one following Santuary?
Does anyone know where a copy of the book "Riding With Tupper" is? I would like to buy it.?
Girl names for book (Janoskian Fanfic)?
good fanfiction stories?
Do you like writers and why?
Have you heard of the Book of Gregg.?
Will you still let your child read "Harry Porter" when you now know that one of its character is gay? Thanks.
What was the reception of the book Treasure Island upon its initial release?
Do you know these books (stories)?
Why do you think Hawthorne leaves the Scarlet Letter with an open ending (in terms of Pearl)?
what happened in chapter 1-5 in we'll always have summer?
where can i find this version of Through The Looking Glass?
Anyone know of a good baby girl name for my character?
what is the title of this book?
Anyone Read "The Traveller" by John Twelve Hawks?
Can someone help me with pretty little liars?
How can one get marathi proverbs on line?
Who is your favorite author?
How to go about finding a publisher?
Who wrote the novel, The Savior?
Has your reading of a book changed the way you live your life?
How would one go about starting to write a novel?
the reasult of the faculty OF arts?
How can I keep a paperback book in like new condition?
Can someone suggest an Intro to my paragraph?
Looking for songs that are good to use in Speak the book need 5 songs?
What's the best and most accurate biography of Lewis Carroll?
I am looking for a Jane Austen Book club to join in the San Diego&El cajon?
Across Five Aprils!!!!?
What was your favourite children's series/book when you were growing up?
What is the BEST book you've read this year?
Looking for fantasy book read as a kid(90s) a/b a girl who had magic seeds for spells that grew into anything?
Is this a good story?
summary for code orange?
where can i read erotic books for free?
Good dystopian books?
Anthem by Ayn Rand HELP ?!?
make a comparison with pop art and say to what extend "About a boy" is pop literature?
Which Indian author can win the Nobel Prize for literature?
Is it worth to read Maximum Ride?
Publishing houses in Australia?
Who is your favorite Harry Potter character?
where does clive cussler live?
What parallels exist between George Orwells 1984 society and our own?
Lord of The Flies: Literary Elements (Simile Metaphor irony etc)?
Of those who died in the Deathly Hallows ...who would you bring back (only choose one!)?
Good writing excersises?
What the heck is the Divinci Code about?! It's confusing.?
How's my story?????????
anyone heard of trilogy of books, the kingdom, the power, the glory, nothing to do with religion.?
Which couple do u like from Twilight except from Edward and Bella:)?
what book series is this? not highlander?
Do you believe that extraterrestrials visited our planet and changed early man?
Book about a coffee shop that is fiction but also has recipes in it? What is the title and who wrote it?
does anyone know where i can buy used and out of print books?
Edward Cullen or Jacob Black?
Who is the most important girl hobbit in Lord of the Rings?
BELLA-trix or bell-AH-trix?
How effective was virgil in delivering the message behind the story of the aeneid?
What are some of your favorite Shakespeare quotes?
why is twilight a bad book?
Simon R. Green's "Nightside Series" Questions, plz Answer?
how was Breaking Dawn? has anyone finished reading it yet? Did you like it? Or were you disappointed?
HP fans: Harry Potter survey!!?
Which Twilight Character is your favorite in the WHOLE saga?
Can you please list any abandoned stories?
What series by Douglas Adams was "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy," a part of?
questions on the lottery by Shirley Jackson?
what books are coming out in 2012?
Does Victor Frankenstein's father ever tell him no as a child?
Main theme of "The Call of the Wild"?
What are some epic ways for a character to detect poison?
RA/DA/Harry Potter fans: Can You Name A Harry Potter Character For Every Letter Of The Alphabet?
Vampire kisses? Someone please give me a spoiler?
Do you know a good book to read for a girl the age of 14?
A Zombie Novel?
Would using the lost city of Atlantis as a setting for a book be okay?
where can i share my views on a book i read sometime ago? is there an online website for that?
Any good books for a 13 year old?
do you like books and why?
fairytale where man takes a long nap?
20 facts about Edgar Allan Poe. ( From birth to death)?
Please tell me what you think of this book?
What was your least favorite book you were required to read when you were in school?
Has anyone read Steven King's Misery?
Can you recomend a good book???
Help! Images, Which name is better?
what book are you currently reading?
BA: What was the last text message you got on your cell phone?
What would be the most extraordinary way to die?
Any other aspiring romance novelists out there?
Has anyone signed the ONE Declaration?
What would a good outfit be for a District 12 tribute during their interviews?
Recommendations for a good reading book?
Inspiration or copying?
A creative description of a creepy mans eyes?? HELP ASAP!! :O?
Book about Typewriting Fly?
Lord of the Rings is demonic or is my grandfather close minded?
Is it really possible that Stephenie Meyer is the worst writer in the world?
Twililght- Who doesn't want to read it because of the reasons listed below?
weres a good place to help me write a poem?
How can I find free russian poems about mothers?
What is the most difficult book you've read?
critique my story, please?
I really need more book titles.?
Who gave this great advice on writing: "Kill your darlings."?
What did Rubeus Hagrid do (HARRY POTTER)?
what is the font in einstein's dreams?
Are the Harry Potter movies better than the books?
Which name do you like best? It's for a band in my book?
Any interesting World War II books?
Have you ever read....................?
Name an author who you recently discovered --- and enjoyed.?
How does harper lee make mrs duboses death emotional?
Don Quixote windmills?
deep and dark and dangerous book, description of conflict faced by characters and how they solved it???10point?
what are the rules of jinx?
What is Considered the Longest Sentence in English Literature?
Don't you think this is the most stupid mistake J. K. Rowling made?
'The Art Of Self Murder (foxfacefanfic)' read and critiszm?
can anybody suggest a good book for a 14 year old girl?
Equianos Travel was written in what year by who ? I would like to know d origin of the author?
Anyone know any good ideas to use in this response?
Compare and Contrast The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins and Divergent by Veronica Roth?
intelligent and funny audiobooks?
Another paragraph for this story. ?
Any good book suggestions?
what is the theme in after twenty years?
Please read an excerpt from my book?
Did you cry at reading the last Harry Potter?
Opinions on this short story?
What is implict them and explict theme? What is the differnce? How theme exsits ? with examples please?
Can you define "prenzie"?
I want to Read the Best Book Ever?
My question from you is what is ur personal responsibility?
Do you want me to make you a free book cover?
Question about Gilbert & Sullivan, Mikado?
what is the purpose of a flashback (as a literary device)?
What do people think happened at the end of Urth of the New Sun by Gene Wolfe?
What does the last song on Stephenie Meyer's playlist make you feel (No Cars Go by Arcade Fire)?
Is this story idea copying other books?
Is this any good for my first time writing in 2nd ( or 3rd?) Person?
in 50 Shades Darker why did Christian went missing?
What do you think of this plot for my novel? please help!?
Which do you prefer? Harry Potter or Twilight?
Cool, Unique, Interesting, urban Books?
Book about a girl pretending to be a boy?
Best children's book you grew up with?
How can i read the secret book online free?
Harry Potter fans - what House are you in?
Til he unseam'd him from the nave to the chops and fix'd his head upon our battlements?
Can someone summarize Kill Shot by Vince Flynn?
Who wants ervenge on who in Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins?
Why do some people bash George Lucas for editing his own films?
is Kindred a good book for middle schoolers?
How to choose and research a location?
What are some really good books out there?
Help me name my book characters?
ok girls a question about twilight!!!!!?
Which book should I read?
Allright guys, put your Idea Caps on...?
Getting A Library Card For Lending Books?
B&A - Not the most original question, but I'm going to ask it anyway?
where can I find the mark twain's "The Lowest Animal?
Which is better, pretty little liars or the lying game books?
Where can I find love quotes from the westside story?
The Moon is a harsh mistress?
Need some new books to read?
during which years is the harry potter series of 7 years happening, acoording to the story?
Story about a Christmas Tree?
How is this beginning? Do you like it?
Where can I find free, downloadable audiobooks of relatively good quality?
Will the book be getting fame if it has a copied-idea?
What book should i read before i die??
How did sophia from the walking dead get inside the barn?
What did you think of Jack Salmon (Susie's dad) from The Lovely Bones?
Can anyone recommend a good memoir to read? I loooove reading memoirs!?
Which publishing companies will publish this novel?
Best Stephen King book ever, in your opinion?
where to get this book?
what's your favourite book?
where can I find texts of latest short stories of ninotchka rosca?
What seems to the biggest conflict or struggle in the book great expectations?
To kill a mockingbird?
how can i get a copy of the play "Bent" by Martin Sherman? what website should i go to?
Has anyone read A child called "It"?
books/essays about Chicago?
would you please review my work?
how can i make my antagonist seem more fearful?
a drop of water, taken up from the ocean by a sunbeam, shall fall as a snowflake upon the mountain top?
i need a name for my book!!?
Opinions on Archer's "Kane and Abel"?
in animal farm by George Orwell, is Napoleon a dynamic or round character?
what is edward from twilight's last name?
characters from shattering glass by gail giles?
summary mrs. frisby and the rats of nihm?
For those who have read the Harry Potter books...?
How does this quote end...?
Which of the all Harry Potter books, is the best one yet?
Need help with developing a psycho/dark character?
HP fans here is a question?
Can you give me some help with my story?
Any good book recommendations?
What comes next?
i need a summary of the book "love, stargirl" by Jerry Spinelli?
Does anyone have any non-fiction books about lesbian and gay youth?
Topic Paper on The Prince by Machiavelli..?
if you were going to write a book, what would it be about? :)?
How do I get my stories viewed on you tube?
I've just finished reading Jean M Auel's Earths Children series, and am at a loss any good series i can read?
I'm a Muslim and do you think I would be able to make my dreams come true?!
How will you celebrate Shakespeare Week?
10points..which last name sounds posh, rich?
HLEP! i need a title for my story!!?
whats your favorite Quote from My sisters Keeper by Jodi Picoult?
Do you believe the DaVinci Code?
Whats a better story line for a young adult book?
really need help finding this book?
which book is ur fave???
zombie narrative storie little red headed girl named mallory?
What is a good vampire novel?
Can anyone tell me the best paperback edition for Tabitha Suzuma's 'Forbidden' novel?
Why did Alan Paton decide to use some afrikaan words in the book Cry, The Beloved Country?
Any books that view humanity from an objective point of view?
Would anyone like to edit my essay on the theme of Great Expectations? high school sophmore?
What is the poem that Noah reads to Allie on his porch when she comes back older in The Notebook?
what is the digital library?
What is a perfect name for this story? Help please!?
huck finn poem and summery?
Anybody who knows about the literary piece 'Alymer'? Who's the author? & Where can I find it? Pls. & Tnx! ^_^
Why do u hate Twilight?
Where do you get your inspiration?
cirque du freak characters?
What is your favorite book?
I'm looking for original sci-fi/fanatasy authours to read?
why chat is not working today 20/4/2006 thursday?
Need help from people who have read The Secret History by Donne Tart?
I need an analogy that is related to the work camp Buna from Night by Elie Wiesel?
How do I create a mythical creature for my story?
What are some inspirational stories like the man who traded a paperclip for a house?
Has the author of the book Go Ask Alice EVER been identified?
According to u who would die in the last Harry Potter book?nd why?
do you like edward cullen?
character sketch for Giannine Belissario?
In the book Ender's Game, how is Ender free?
I want to find some good books to read.?
Is my writing any good?
Can anyone give me some good books to read?
How dose Steinbeck use structure to show weakness in Of Mice And Men ?
What is the Shakespeare's best play?
Have you read the immortals by Alyson noel?
out of the 13 colonies which one would you rather live in and why?
Native English speakers only?
Ralph Waldo Emerson, The American Scholar...What is the THEME?
Can anyone give me a detailed summary of The Inheritance of Loss By Kiran Desai?
Any good story lines for a romance role play?
Can anyone recommend any books?
Which book should I pick?
Can you sue someone for writing a rape story about you?
who wrote nancherro and is there a book?
What would you expect in a character?
Help me think of a reason?
Any good Novels for children,teens?
where can I go and buy the book "Simple Truths" in san jose ca?
The name of a book about a high school basketball player who is shot?
I need help with a book title?
How is Atticus from to kill a mockingbird either believable or not a believable character?
How do I report a typo in a book?
What was the saddest death for you in Harry Potter?
How do i end a summary about the black plague?
Please read my short zombie story?
Will you please check my grammar?
What do you think of this story?
MacBeth: Is Fleance Banquo's Biological Son?
What is a good book that you've read?
Who wrote a book called A Thousand Suns?
How would you catagorize a superhero novel?
If you are a prolific reader like me, what is your current best book of all time ?
Twilight =(?
If I'm getting made fun of because I'm a writer do any of you have any good comebacks?
What is the best way to get a book published?
i want to be a children's author what do i go to school for?
Who is your favorite Harry Potter character?
Harry Potter I have a question for you that...?
The physical characteristics of Arya in Eragon?
Self-publishing woes on LuLu?
Is this plot a good plot?
Where can I read "Picture Perfect" by Jodi Picoult for free online?
Has anyone read SE Hinton's new book?
Harry Potter or The Chronicles Of Narnia?
Do you have infomation about Nikolai Skatov?
harry potter...............?
Are you offended when Harry Potter is compared to Twilight?
Team Cullen or Team Jacob?
Is Severus Snape really evil?
Did Rebecca Black die?
I'm looking for a good young adult book to read...?
Who is your favorite author/writer?
Are you old enough to practice Magic outside of Hogwarts?!?
Good scary novel to read?
What was the last great book you read and why was it so great?
Literature help please?
Why didn't fred and george take some notice to Peter Pettigrew on the Map In before the third HP book?
What strange places have you read in?
Grand Opening by Jon Hassler, themes motifs symbols quotes charatcer analysis?
Need some middle names for my character?
Most effective way to write a novel?
Anyone know any good books to get my mind away from Twilight?
What is your favorite and most romance book you have read?
when is the 3rd twilight book (midnight sun) coming out?
Star Wars Books?
ayn rand fountainhead?
Agatha Christie's book "The body in the library". Is it a good read?
What is a good name for a red head?
Can you please tell me what you think of this book?
Did anyone read all quiet in western front?
Is this a well written thesis statement about the novel A Lesson Before Dying by Ernest J. Gaines?
Would you recomend any great books to read?
Need help finding a book from the 90's?
Are these books in a series?
Does anyone know the formal term for Lemony Snicket's writing style?
what is poem /less travelled?
Danse Macabre.....?
why has simon been included in the novel of lord of the flies?
When was the first 'Blue book' written?
do you like books start out with action or introducing the characters?
How does the story Oedipus relate to everyday life?
Recommend me some books to read?
B&A: I hate it when....?
Can I publish my fanfiction (like as a book)?
Can some read my tarots please? Thank you?
Who is the author of 'DaVince Code'?
Why should I read the Redwall series?
children's literature - what subjects do you think there should be more children's books about?
What is the best way to get a collection of poety published?
Trouble signing in to "Worthy of Publishing"? - Help!?
can anyone punctuate this?
i wnt to donate books to charity. where can i get more information?
Who is Robert Frost? What did he do is he still alive?
Topic for the book Night by Elie Wiesel?
is colleen McCullough the writer still alive and where is she now?
is twilight okay for a mature 11 year old?
What would you do if you got an Admission Letter from Hogwarts??
In the last Private series novel, Revealition, did Reed die?
Writers! How many rejection letters would it take for you to give up?
Fanfiction won't work for me?
I need to make up medical documents for a class project. Where on the web could I find imformation on this?
can someone please help with this intergral?
B&A: Ultimate Survey - 'Are you....'?
"When the captains and the kings have left the stage". Where does this quote from?
What them should I write about in Dune?
I have a question on George Orwell's 1984. Plz help!?
What would you rather read about?
who else here hates the series "Twilight"?
What is the thinnest book in the world?
any good reads to recommend?
Can anyone recommend a book for...?
Books and Authors? How many of you are....?
writer's block?
Good intro paragraph for my story?
I need some ideas for a shape shifter?
Does this story sound too much like Twilight? Would you read it?
Can you look at my villanelle?
What's the table called where the headmaster/mistress sits in hogwarts? And who else sit there?
Where can I find a list of all the characters in the Harry Potter series?
what is fort minor email?
how many of you read Danielle Steel books?
How much thought did you give your characters when you started your story?
Anybody named Edgar or know an Edgar out there?
Objects/Adjectives to compare/describe this?
Im trying to figure out the name of a childhood book i loved.?
Need help with my story!!!?
Explore how John Steinbeck presents the themes of dreams and loneliness in "Of Mice and Men"?
what is your favorite line from twilight?
Books about greek mythology?
what is the plot of the book Son of a Mob?
in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, what does Cassius say to show hate/contempt towards Caesar?
i have written a story about a murdering foul mouthed rabbit called billy t. rabbit, gang wars.?
I f You could sum up all that Anthony Robbins is trying to say in his tapes and books, what is it?
I'm I A SLOW reader?
is love a theme of romeo and juliet?
Searching for a children's book about a woman would could only be pretty 12hrs a day?
did you read this book?
In American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang, why did Danny had trouble adjusting his new life and the change...?
Good aspect to compare between Othello and Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet)?
A Film maybe based on 'And then there were none' by Agatha Christie?
The Love of My Past Life?
What for you is the greatest book ever written?
Why does Twilight exist?
What are some good military sci fi series?
What is this book?
What sites could I browse good books or best selling books? :)?
Submitting a short story.?
What is your favorite book...Any good recommendations of books for me to read?
Need a young adult fiction to read?
I need help to coming up with an intro?
does anyone know where i can find an e-book of the time traveller's wife?
in the book,the giver,does jonas go to any stores or are they any stores in the little land?
Is it tru dat ppl who luv twilight r less smart then ppl who dont?
What can you say about JK Rowling, the author of Harry Potter?
Any stories similar to The Velveteen Rabbit?
What is a series similar to the secrets of the immortal Nicholas flamel?
I need analysis on the dead men's path by Chinua Achebe?
How much in stamps do I need to send a letter to Korea?
Which Harry Potter characters would you invite to a sleepover?
Did you ever read the chilren and the lamp if so did you like it??
please name the best book which you have ever read? the book which has made an impact in your life?
Whats a book thats better then Twilight?
arabic translation of gone with the wind?
I have nothing to read, what should I do?
If i preorder mark of athena from flipkart. when will it reach me?
Whats a really good book that will make you cry?
Who likes Nicholas Sparks?
MONA IS A! Pretty Little Liars?
Finding books with specific lexiles?
I wanted to have written and published my life story?
What is this book called?
Berke Breathed who wrote Bloom County has a new strip-Opus. Is there any books from this strip yet?
Please suggest me climaxof my love story?
Can you read something like in a History book and completely forget what it said?
What is your Favourite Novel?
How much does a novelist earn on average.?
Has anyone read the book: 90 minutes in Heaven, a man who was given the experience of Heaven when he died?
Name and author of book desert survival fiction 25 years +?
What book are you reading now? Is it a good read?
Has anyone read The Davinci Code?
critique on this piece i wrote?
Anyone know any really scary and shocking horror films?
Tips for constructing a good story? And "the snowflake method"?
how many books does the average person read per weak in us ?
Help with writing an essay on otherness?
How do I copywright an original piece of poetry?
I need to do a dialectical journal.?
In what (scifi) book are colonists evicted from an island on an alien planet?
would it be worth writing a book simmilar to the lord of the rings? do you think anyone would read it?
Writing swap if interested?
Can you publish a book under an alias...?
Is 50 shades of grey appropriate for a 5th grader?
Character traits of melinda in speak?
what is quarterly Tashkeel ?
Where can I find a copy of Martin Amis' article "The Last Days of Muhammad Atta" in the 04.26 New Yorker?
I enjoy books like...Tuesdays with Morrie, Art of Happiness, Monk who sold his Ferrari... Pl. suggest more.?
Has anybody here read Ann in the Moon?
what is the best thing for a toothache?
Need a short story about determination and persevering?
Can you name a book you were assigned to read for a class that you would read again for pleasure?
Has anyone read Jonathan Safran Foer’s Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close?
Is this okay for the beginning of a story?
What names are best suited for the hunger games?
Owww!, Im writing a book, and I REALLY want to write my villan this way, but is it racist?
what does VFD stand for?
if i havent read any of the harry potter books will i be lost reading the last one?
what's the meaning of 'hey old sport' in the Great Gatsby ?
Is it time for answers to have special section for Harry Potter fans it would delight them and save me?
What's the play I'm thinking about that Stephen King wrote about?
what's the story of 3anter and 3abla?
If the Weasleys had another daughter, what would her name be?
Is any1 else here a MASSIVE harry potter fan too?
in the book fourth comings, by megan mccaferty...?
Can someone recommend me a good audio book?
A cover photo for my story?
which is the best book u ever read?
What book are you currently reading?
Can someone help me find some really good books to read?
what are examples of mother/daughter relationships in literature?
Different types of magic?
girls: do you have a favorite book {i've already read the twilight series}?
Who is the poet of the poem that begins "Who are the nobles of the earth, the true autocrats"?
Can U reccomend an author or book, please?
What are your favorite girl names?
Why does everyone hate Twilight?
How would you describe a homeless woman?
how can i cover up highlighter marks in books?
Has anyone read "Lovely Bones" by Alice Sebold?
Who is the world's best poet ever?
In your opinion what was the best book you ever read?