What collection of poetry by Billy Collins is the best?
How do you cite a book with a doctor as the author?
Any books for 1450-1600 lexiles?
Can someone please help me out with this?
What do you think of the book "Myst:the book of Atrus"?
How Old Is Meg and Edward In the Book Never mind?
What was your favourite book when you were a child?
Why do girls like Twilight so much?!?
What is the ultimate romance story (apart from Romeo and Juliet!)?
does anyone have a letter that boo radley would have wrote to jem after sewing his pants?
Where is your favorite place to read a book?
What is your favorite book?
What book did you last read or are reading now?
Need Book Title! A little boy who has ringing in his ears passes away...?
Should a frustrated novelist place his 640-page book for free on the Internet? How is that done?
Why does everyone compare Twilight to Harry Potter?
Do you know which page this is from The Handmaid's Tale?
Writer or reader?
What could happen in my story?
Does anyone know any poems about family?
Where can I find The Lord of the Rings Audio Book that I can listen to on-line?
What shoul I read?
Which Harry Potter character would best describe you?
thank for the answer....may I have( eva_korian) your ID for more connecting?
A novel on the bestsellers list in the 1970's. It was set in Africa about an African Prince he bcomz a warrior
Is my story idea cliche for my gender and age group?
I am looking for a book titled; 'The adventures of Mr Purdue'Does anyone know where it can be found?
what did Atticus mean when he said 'there were other ways of making people into ghosts'?
what are some intresting facts about lois lowery?
How does the novel "The Hobbit" compare to the historical background when it was written?
do you have premchand's biography in hindi?
Question about Harry Potter book 3 and the movie.?
Story character got "adopted" help me with new family members?
When will people learn that you get what you pay for?
Just for fun - list 10 books in your collection...?
Did Aeneas and Augustine fulfill their destinies? (Aeneid and Augustine's Confessions)???
What are some good romance adventure comedy books that I could read?
Can some one please help me find a romantic book for a 13 year older?
what does inter vicinos mean?
Short Literary Reviews?
Boy names meaning "The Lost"?
How to make this character a better character?
I am trying to find audio books to listen to free on the internet, are there any sites?
Describing words for an abandoned city?
What is a clever name for a poetry book about December?
What is the universal message of the Hunger Games?
Where are you going, where have you been? What does Connie reject from the world presented to her?
Any good books i can read?
If you could meet any writer, alive or dead, who would it be and what would you say to them.?
Do the Fool's Gold series book by Susan Mallery need to be read in order?
What advantages does each side have in The Outsiders?
wat book would u bring if u where stranded on a desert island?
How old was James Joyce when he wrote Dubliners?
Good book to take on holiday?
Need Book Ideas!!:) Help!?
Who liked Mortal Instruments series?
Name a book that one MUST read?
If I have self-published a traditional novel, can I publish a graphic novel version with a different company?
What are the settings in Frankenstein by marry shelley?
Any good teen romance books?
What book is this? (Please help!)?
is the book "fountain head" ever been made into a movie ?
Trying to find similar Books?
what can I write with 300 words a story?
The poem ..."The Mills of the Gods"?
Biographies, memoirs, autobiographies on recognizable celebrities?
can you recommend any good books?
Antigone Help..saint or Martyr?
What is the purpose of Dante's Divine Comedy?
A book by Sven Hassel ... possibly Assignment Gestapo?
How do I get over Twilight?
Need a book for English?
Who is getting tired of Twilight in this section?
questions about Popol Vuh?
Any ideas of what I should write a novel about?
I need a unique way to start my short- story. Please help needs to be turned in my Monday. (:?
Does Christopher Robin Sing?
can you recommend me a book?
Where can I find cliff notes on A Family Apart by Joan Lowery Nixon?
human, shapeshifter, witch. which one?
What is your favorite?
JD Salinger?
I am looking for the title to a book about a dog named Kate who lives on a farm?
what is author lois ehlert's birthdate?
What is the exact format for a manuscript of a novel (meaning font etc.) And are fantasy novels outdated?
What do you guys think of the book - STATE OF FEAR - by Micheal Crichton?
Marie McSwigan (author of Snow Treasure)?
Where was brave new world taken place?
What kinds of books or which authors don't you like?
banned books? why?
first date of spanish translation of alice in wonderland?
Any Summer Reading book suggestions for a future 8th grader?
What's your favorite Book, and who wrote it?
Best book you've ever read? I need a good book!?
How can I *write* my stories?
What is your absolute favorite book of all time? Mine is SHANE by Jack Schaefer?
I am looking for BEST AMERICAN SHORT STORIES OF 1939, Edward O'brien, editor--HMC,publisher, any ideas?
Twilight or Harry Potter?
What is the best book you've ever read?
In Dacinci code book, to what secret society did Jaques Sauniere belong?
Rough draft book idea. Good start? Help me revise!?
Where on the internet can i find education books on PDF?
Essays or poems written by Julian Bond?
My teacher claims to read 5 books a week, do you think that is true?
For Americans: if a book is available on but not would you still buy it?
Hi! I need book suggestions!(:?
kafka recommendations?
of mice and Men, To kill a mocking bird, and the catcher and the rye?
Do you participate in NaNoWriMo?
wat do u think will be revealed in the harry potter series 7?
what's your favourite book?
Marian Keyes Fan?
How do I know the relation "The Chronicles of Narnia" and "The Lord of the Rings"?
What is the third book in the Divergent trilogy by Veronica Roth?
The Lady of Shalott?
Would anyone be willing to edit my sequel to the short story "the lottery ticket" if i send it to them?
in a writing piece how do you include inner thoughts?
Harry potter series is over... now what are the latest crazes in the book world?
What's The Best Novel You've Ever Read ?
A novel about a storm?
best friends for never clique novel help?!!!?
what book have you enjoyed that you could re-read it again and enjoy it just as much?
is my book beginning good rate 1-10?
What did you think of twilight?
I have a poem that I wrote?
I need some help with my story?
what do you reckon of this poem?
Lord Of The Flies essay question?
How did William Blake influence english literature?
Books like the movie "O brother where art thou?"?
what are all the smiles you know how to do like on messenger?
divinci code, angels and demons or digital fortress which is the best Dan brown novel?
For my book what would be more sad?
How does Christopher Boone's character evolve over the course of the story?
Joe or Ranger?
Who would win in a "Book Off"? Dean Koontz or Stephen King?
What books have made you cry?
How can I learn all the English skills I skipped out on in grade and Hi School? I feel driven to write a book.
Is 'Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail in 72' fiction or non-fiction?
Saddest Book You Have Ever Read?
Choose a side! Harry Potter or twilight?
title for a short story?
What book should I read next?
In the Flashman books by G M Frazer, is Tom Brown mentioned? What happens to him? Is East mentioned?
What is the significance of the song Asleep by the Smiths in the book The Perks of Being a Wallflower?
Which famous author said this,"All that is gold does not glitter, not all who wander are lost."?
What happened to the Entwives?
Help with Homer's ODYSSEY pleassseeee?!!?
Has anyone read the book "Les Miserables"?
Which of these books would be fun and entertaining to read for an outside reading assignment?
Quotes from CATCHER IN THE RYE by JD Salinger with PROFANITY?
Help me edit this piece of my story?
Name this character. Please Help?
Good tips on essay writing?
Help_A Tree Grows in Brooklyn Paper?
Does anyone have any tips for a womens' bookclub?
When was Divine Comedy published.?
What exactly is "moral independence"?
What is your Favorite Dean Koontz book and why?
how old is sara gruen?
A question for creative people?
twinkle twinkle little stars. What is writers name?
The best book you ever read ?
Do you like sex scenes in novels?
In Brave new World is Lenina responsible for Johns downfall?
Twilight Fans: What do you think the Breaking Dawn cover symbolises?
What are some good contemporary Japanese authors who have been translated into english?
On the book Twilight, which would you say is better? The book or the movie?
the differences between the movie and the book ? ellen foster?
I'm writing a story and I need a last name for two of the characters.?
Where do I buy quality books in Quezon City, PH?
Can anyone tell me a strange novel to read?
How are love and affection portrayed in In Memoriam, A. H. H. by Alfred, Lord Tennyson?
How often do you read?
What do you think about Heathcliff?
Who said this line in the book "The Fault In Our Stars" by John Green?
How do I convince my mom to read Twilight?
Clique #8...?
harry potter is the devil?
What was the best biography you have ever read?
summary hardyboys book #34?
Good title for this memoir?
Do you think a book written by a teen will be any good?
Stiff By: Mary Roach?
Book about Thor and Loki?
Reccommend a great book you think more people should have read?
Question for Fanfiction People?
Is my children's story good?
Which would you rather read a book about?
In the first nine chapters,how does bronte record in detail the events of her insignificant existence?
Is their novel about a story from the real Titanic?
what is your favorite book?
I'm writing a fiction book. Requests, tips, pointers, comments... ?
What was the name of the kid in Orwell's 1984 who was honored for turning his parents in?
Question about sending books of to agents?
I'm trying to find a book, but I only know the context, no title or author?
Is using the 5W/H method a good way to outline a book idea?
What Harry Potter character would you like to snog?
What's the most disturbing book you have ever read?
BookLovers - What Other uses have you found for bookmarks ?
Give me names of five west african francophone authors and their biography?
Hey, RA/DA/HP FANS!! Fun thingy to do!!!!!?
Who is your favorite author?
Whats better? the Harry Potter series or the Lord of the Rings triligy?
How are you writing your life’s story?
Does this description read well?
Has anyone read Nightlight (the book making fun of twilight)?
If you could be a fictional character, who would you be?
What is the 'Exiting Force' in the book The Road by Cormac Mccarthy?
I need a song for Lord Of The Flies?
Ideas on mystery stories?
Read my book please? comment?
ever read a poem that ended with these words: a cremated soul, a cremated mindstate. things fell apart.?
Who Dies in new harry potter?
Obsession with Twlight?
What year did Langston Hughes join the navy?
What is your favourite book?
Which movie/books series is better: Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter or both?Why?
What do you think about this?
What is the significance of Orlando: A Biography?
Is this a good idea???
What are some famous short stories under 3 pages long?
Are you a Harry Potter fan?
Will someone read my book and give me a good review?
Has anyone here read a book by Napoleon Hill and tried it out?
How do i prove to my parents that Harry Potter isn't witchcraft?
Would this be plagiarism?
All descriptions about a person?
What makes the Adventures of Huck Finn such an important book literally and culturally speaking?
who is your favourite female author?
Harry Potter Character Poll- round 2?
Is it possible for a all black baby to have blue eyes?
What are some good websites to find writers for free?
Do you think this is a disgusting storyline?
For those of you who have read Watership Down?
should harry potter have its own category?
Some one PLEASE give me new books to read!!!?
What is your opinion on the Harry Potter books and movies?
can anyone recommend a good book?
Can anyone tell me what the Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland symbolizes? thanks!?
How can I find out the value of a old book?
Are there any books similar to Mary Pope osborne's Magic treehouse books?
What happen any face book links?
any intresting /fun books u recommend ?
where can i buy this book called?
Where to start when writing a story?
what inspires you to write?
I need a tittle for my story.?
Other than the main three, who are your three favorite Harry Potter characters and why?
Anyone know a quote about paths coming together?
Commercialization books?
what are the characters in the book the lucky one and what is their role?
Who was the author of the Hardy Boys book series?
Question on the Kite Runner?
what song represents the book "to kill a mockingbird"?
Stories or shows that refer to cloning?
Jonathan Swift Essay? quick question?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of e-publishing?
I need to writw a short story?
Would this make you uncomfortable (racism)?
Need name for scientifically created race?
Is this a good book title? "Shifting In Reverse"?
What is it about this book Twilight?
i cant remember the title of this alien book??!!?
do you think which important love or sex or money ?
What should I name my people in the book?
Does Harry Potter really die in the final book ?
best character in comedy of errors n why?
Anyone good with names and descriptions?
What book changed the way you look at life?
Is there any way I can improve the setting section of my book report?
How many books have you read this current year?
Should a Christian read Twilight?
Books for cat yr left .....pls suggest?
What is wrong with this extract?
Is incomprehensive a character trait?
did harry potter die in the 7th book?
Please read this:?
How does this passage from the Crucible reinforce the play's theme?
what happen to spiderman?
Jane Austen always wrote about love and making a good match. Then why did she herself never get married?
i want to sell my books?
Does Twilight make everyone obsess?
Ender's Game- Themes and Characters?
Could you critique this excerpt from my story?
Anyone know this book?
What is a good book series to read?
Why is the mythological background of the setting to "Oedipus the King" significant to the play?
dose any 1 know, wear i can get the book from brian lumleys necroscope series.?
Songs that relate to the novel "No Mans Land: by kevin Major?
Why is it that some people are so shallow?
In which country you would like to live: In Switzerland or In USA?
what do you think of my book so far?
What happens finally in peter james' Dead Simple?
Paper Topics not Papers, but topics for "Chronicle of a Death" Foretold by Gabriel Garcia Marquez?
what is your favorite book?
I need help with a name for my character?
Picture, picture, who has the picture?
When did you first fall in love with books?
Any short or long story about being trapped? Anything :)?
What is the best Classic book you've ever read?
What do you guys think of the concept for my story and its love interest?
lord of the rings question?
Is this a good blurb and how could I improve it?
can some please state an honest opinion and suggestion?
a limerick that starts a gamblin game...?
Harry Potter Fans: Please Answer this question.?
What's the greatest novel you've read?
Why are you up at 2:50am?
Need a good title for my book ?
Will J.k.Rowling make more books in the HArry Potter series after book 7?
My little brother threw my Twilight book away?
Harry Potter fans: what is the craziest Harry Potter thing you have done?
Who teaches harry potter quiditch in the first book?
A site in which i can read marykate and ashley books online?
Good books you've recently read?
what¨s your favorite book?
where can you get the whole entire set of the the books mostly ghostly?
Dark and intense books to read?
what is something elie said after he was set free?
Harry Potter fans: Did you remember Lord Voldemort's birthday?
Novel: The Handmaid's Tale and the Film: Gattaca - explore ideas about the future?
writing a book, I need a format to go by.?
Opinions on Twilight?
The children's book,titled the Gumby Shop, who is that author?
List of your fave books?
I'm looking for a book about a girl who's brother dies and his heart is donated to another boy?
Short funny stories for High Schoolers?
Who wrote the poem "The Race"?
· About how many books do you have in your house?
Was Martin Luther King Jr. a part of the modernist movement?
Harry Potter or Twilight?
Twilight Fans: What Is The Worst Ending You Can Imagine For Breaking Dawn?
Can anyone identify these two young adult books?
Twilight vs. Dark Shadows... Are they the same?
what is the best book you have ever read?
Have you ever been sucked into your writing?
How many of you story writers prefer to...?
Can anyone recommend any good books?
Da Vinci code.... plagiarism?
do you know of any books that are like this?
What do you think of my prologue? The working title is Element Wars? Options, opinions? I'll take either!?
Not sure if I like my name?
What are your fave. type of books?
What is the most important thing in your life?
Help with story/character profile, please?
I just read Youth in Revolt, should I read sequels?
Why did authur miller title his play the crucible?
what is your opinion regarding my poem- ''my family''?
Can anyone recommend any good books that you've read recently?
How do I write a poem? steps, rules, rhymes, etc.?
In the Metamorphoses of Ovid, who changed Ino to lioness and her children to cubs?
How do you save money?
I need help locating a childhood book.?
Do you think this story is anti Islam?
PLEASE suggest a good book to read...?
At what age did you start reading books by yourself?
do both male and female get venerial disease to have it?
Looking 4 novels about Atlantis?
What is the best book you have ever read?
I need a name for this character?!?!?!?!?!?
What do you think of this story I'm writing?
Does anyone know where i can find some sources for my paper about good vs. evil in steinbeck's east of eden?
i need a last name to give to the first name of godric for babygirls story for fanfic?
what does it mean when they ask for the author's artistry for a book report?
the zoo story edward albee. interpretation?
Which book do you wish you had written and why?
What do you think of this story?
What is an example of an oxymoron and onomatopoeia in the book the iliad by homer?
Why does Helen Cooper title her memoir The House at Sugar Beach" if she only lived there for seven years?
Should My 13 year Old Daughter Read Twilight?
What were some names of Willy Wonka Chocolate bars?
How do I get my children's book published?
Need ur help in improving education lavel in some very poor areas.?
Jane Austen or Stephanie Meyer?
What page does chapter 13 of Divergent start on?
Almost all my ideas were inspired by the same thing. Is that bad?
Can someone recommend some good books for me to read?
A good publishing company for a horror book that operates in Australia?
What is your favorite Ray Bradburry story?
French toast or pancakes?
I need title ideas? (need 20 characters)?
Have you read The Mosquito Coast?
Im looking for some simallar book ( keri smith, this book will chnge your life, 101 experminets)?
What are some plots for Children Stories?
what is john steinbach's dogs name?
where can I find chapter summaries for the book The Hot Zone?
Any opinions on this story?
How many books has Thomas Harris written? Any new ones?
Why do you hate the Da Vinci Code?
How can you tell if a piece of work like a story or poem is good?
Whats the book called about sleeping beauty? it was around the civil war. something rose?
What is the best Stephen King novel(not movie)?
any other good book reads?
What dou know about Donald Bisset\Bysset\?
What is an outsider in the book THE OUTSIDERS?
What is your favorite Stephen King novel?
where were all the settings of the story? 3 plots to the story?The theme of the story?The symbol of the story?
What book comes after The Dark Tower?
Do the British study American literature classics in high school?
Does Cathy's Key come with evidence? Instant 10points for first answerer?
Who likes reading?????????????????
what do you think of my poem?
What are good books for a 5th grade boy to read? Thanks for your help?
Irony In The Black Cat By Edgar Allen Poe?
On what chapter in the Book To Kill a Mocking bird does it say that all the families hate each other?
Looking for a fantasy-book or series "The chronicles of..." (not Narnia ;))?
What was the best book you read as a child?
As Hester once did, what time of day did Dimmesdale attend the Scaffold, and what compels his action?
The outsiders questions?!?
What book should I read?
who has read the book becoming chloe, is it good?
book character day?
"The Book Thief" English Questions, Help?
what to do with a book folded and it left a mark on the front page,what should i do please?
So, did you read about what Stephen King thinks about Stephanie Meyer?
Help! Any Book Requests?
"House" by Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker?
In what Order of Halo Books?
Jane Eyre novel scenes?
Ladies, what is a REALLY good book you have read lately?
Do you know a good audio book for learning French?
Can someone give me a summary of the book brave hearts under red skies?
im writing a book and need some please??
i need the title to a classic poem in which a girl is strangled with her own hair?
May I have free book on attitude training?
In the book Whirligig, what does the judge sentence Brent to after he kills the girl? PLEASE HELP?
Do you think my story is good?
what are some things that you hate?
Great sci/fi fantasy book series like the kingkiller chronicle?
what are some good young adult books?
when does mr darcy describe his perfect woman?
In the Crucible why do you think Abigail falls for Proctor?
what would you say aurthur miller's writing style is?
Is Harry Potter a good Book?
Darcy paying off Wickham in secret?
Chapter 1 of my book WDYT ?
Does anyone know any fanfics as funny as this one?
Are there any book distributors that will handle self-published authors?
Can Someone give me some info about edgar allan poe in 1810?
Percy Jackson and the olympians, what book dose he and annabeth get througn into the lake?
Nd help with a starting sentence to a novel?
I am lost on these sentences.?
Short story transition from flashback to present?
Where can I buy book English Studies for College by Maximo D. Ramos? Copy right 1984 published by Phoenix Publ
characters in the book The Black Sheep by Yvonne Collins?
I need help to write a story?
What are some good fashion books?
Twilight related- In what ways do you think Edward and Bella are negative role models?
"The Uglies" by Scott Westerfeld HELP!!!?
Harry Potter: do you want to know who dies before you read the book?
how to pronounce the word 'angst' and what is its meaning?
Crucible timeline? I'm writing a paper an i need to know when rebecca nurse was hanged.?
How does Curley's wife seperate Crooks from the dream (Of Mice And Men)?
Problems with Twilight?
Writer or not?!?!?! heeeeeeeeeeeeeelp!?
Any good assassin novels?7?
What is the passage that the narrator in the Madeline book always says in the beginning of every book?
How does Boo Grow up in To kill a MockingBird?
Can someone help me with my book?
Other than goodreads is there any other site that i can get recommendation for good books?
Anyone a Julie Garwood fan? What's your favorite book by her?
I Wish i _______________?
what is the book Soiled Doves about by Anne Seagrave?
What are three ways Katniss Everdeen is a hero in the book Hunger Games?
List the seven Horcruxes as you think they are. Add an eigth if you wish.?
What are some examples on the literary tern foil character?
Writing/book questions?
Help with an inheritance?
Crime novels suggestions?
what are the setting, character,plot,theme,point of view,conflict from the story of the life of cardo ?
I need help with the end of my story?
Reading e-books: Tablet or E-Reader (Kindle)?
Help, Writers! Any new cures for writer's block?
Is there such thing as online kindle libraries?
For all the Harry Potter fans! Is it better reading it or seeing the movies?
wich book you'll never forget?
i read alot and i need to find some new books to read?
My Fanfiction is going really bad but why?
which charcter is your favorite/most relatable?
Trouble deciding between P.O.Vs in novel?
If you've ever read the book or seen the movie called THEIR EYES WERE WATCHING GOD please answers these ques.?
Are there any bookshops in Kirriemuir, Tayside?
is the phantom of the opera a true story????
Does young Bond get better and does it get more young adult like?
What's your favorite book,or movie and WHY???
Who is your favorite author other than J.K Rowling and Stephanie Meyer?
can anyone tell me the basic summary to the book Crank by Ellen Hopkins?
do you like the book 'a million little peices'?
Would this make you want to read more?
What could be the first sentence to my book, I need a story starter?
What are the easiest books?
Does anyone else think the Twilight book series should have just ended with the first book?
I have a Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows hard cover autographed by Emma, Rupert, the twins, Voldemort,?
How to remove a sticker off a book spine?
Good fantasy books to read?
In which Dr. Suess book is the quote "be who you are and say what you feel.....those who matter don't mind"?
What do you think of the 7th HP book?
Can you paraphrase this line from the odyssey?
Suggestions/ improvements for my story please?
what is the critical analysis has been done on Ahmed Essop's (The Betrayal)?
Does anyone read John Sandford novels?
Good books to read for a teen!?
Iwant to know something about the biographi of iranian poet sharyar?
Has anyone ever read The Girl Who Owned A City by O T Nelson?
Hidden Treasures by Laurie Allen?
what's on your bedside table?
what was alice walker contributes to american literature?
How can improve this death scene?
I need ideas for my book. Help?
Happy Event Story by Nadine Gordimer?
Please read my poem, and tell me what you think about it. Am I any good at poetry?
i need your help plz whats a great title for......?
Name for a villain group?
Has Anyone Read House Of Leaves By Mark Z. Danielewski?
Is this a good intro or hook for the book I'm Writting ?
How can i self publish my book for less than £100?
Of those who died in the Deathly Hallows ...who would you bring back (only choose one!)?
One book you’ve read more than once?
where can I find information on the book red sorghum?
what do you reckon of this intro?
have you read the book, " your best life now" by joel osteen?
Twilight Question: Please Read?
My daughter?
Do you know where i can find a summary on Steve Biko's book, I Write What I Like ?
Maurice: A Novel by EM Forster?
has any one an idea on whether the author william lyne has a website?
What was the last book you read ? did you finish it ?
Books that have changed your life?
young adult/ fantasy novels?
Does anyone know any good authors?
How is the theme of hope used and presented in the dream ranch for of mice and men?
Harry Potter fans: Isn't this the most EPIC thing ever?
I write poetry and short stories as a hobby.How can I get my work published .?
I want to write a book about my life but have no money to do so?
Who thinks Professor Snape in the Harry Potter is hot?
Is Twilight a hood book?
Zombie novels, books..................?
Can anyone tell me the title of this fantasy novel?
novel vs. adventure stories?
I'm trying to find a short story...?
can you help me finish this story?
I am almost finished writing a book. Where would I go to begin the publishing phase? Literary agents?
What do you picture is happening in this scene?
Can you give me a 3page summary of the novel For Whom The Bell Tolls? according to a viewpoint such as love...
great gatsby symbolism----urgent!!!!?
I need to find an article evaluating the character of "cinderella" in the grimm version?
What is a good book series to read like the mythos academy series?
Which e-book reader is more practical? Kindle touch 3G or Paperwhite or something else?
Does anyone have any suggestions for 19th century murder mysteries?
i need 5 questions about the book moby dick that are basically a summary and i have went brain dead?
Great Twists To Add To A Story?
Perfect puppy in 7 days book?
Does anyone know the plot to All creatures Great and small?
are james swanson's books in any order?
Does anyone know if Thirteen Magazine, the UK monthly horror publication is still running?
Looking for the name of this book?
Can you critique this poem?
The Cask Of Amontillado help!!?
What significance does the novel's title, 'Great Expectations', have for the story?
Who writes good fantsy stories?
Excerpt from my story?
Favorite Roald Dahl book or Story?
What do you think of my story?
Any Bryce Courtney fans (The Power of One)?
Is Oathbreaker: A Prince Among Killers a Hardcover Book?
which view of marriage would Jane Austen agree with most?
In the story A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens What Spooky effects are there? (book)?
harry potter or twilight?
where can i find full information about geishas?
Is there a website that has a poem by the title of Hugs and Kisses? What is it?
Read this and tell me where this is from please!?
i need a summary of the story luck by Mark Twain.?
For people who have read Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde?
Any websites where you can read free books?
In Lord of the Flies, what are good quotes describing the id, ego and superego?
What is the last book you read?
I'd love some book suggestions!?
BA: What are the top 5 things you would do...?
good spy/romance books ?
Human Sexuality Book Report?
Does anyone know this story?
I need a Spanish book that's 50-100 pages?
I need a Real friend who i can talk to !?
how does the book Heist society by ally carter end?
If you could be any character in any book - who would you be and why?
Is Twilight better than Harry Potter?
I,m loking for an explain of this poem( to celia) for Mr. JONSON?
Are her Confessions worth the money?
good teen books to read?
What other books can I read like this?
which book should I read....Hallowe'en party, spider's web, or death on the nile?
books like dear dumb diary?
Should a fifteen year old write an autobiography? I always feel like I have to share my life story with others
PLEASE HELP! I can not remember this book title for the life of me!?
What was your favorite book in the Twilight series?
What would be a good reason for revenge on a character?
work at a publishing house...?
who is jabi in the finish of patsy barnes?
If there was a book about YOU, which genre would it be?
What is Ed Rosenthal otherwise known as?
Best books you've ever read?
Anyone here have tips on publishing, or specifically on selling print/web ad space? Execs/marketers/pub. Help!
book like the da vinci code?
can elephants jump?
Does Frankenstein's monster represent the dark aspects of his own nature?
Does anyone know what book this is?
What is the name of this young-adult post apocalyptic book?
How do I get back into writing?
What is your favorite book of all time and why?
what do you think of this story?
Books like Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia?
Quote meaning and interpretation?
a mystery book with interesting/odd main character?
Do you know the name of this novel?
what was the song on stephenie meyer's site before 'New Moon' came out?
Where is this quote from and what are the philosophical underpinnings of it?
What book do you intend to read next?
What is the name of this yaoi manga?
What contribution made Emily Dickinson to culture and society?
can i mention a celebrity in a good light in my novel?
Like Water for Chocolate. Can you please gie me a summary for....?
Where in the book does Dorian Gray refer to his portrait as his conscience?
H.P Lovecraft was really interesting, do you think he is one of theOld Ones?
How Do I get Into books?
Why does the mariner shoot the albatross? Is his act premeditated? Is it caused by something specific?
Fanfiction ideas please? :) (One Direction)?
Shadowland by Alyson Noel? Damen kissing Ever at the end if the book?
Need help finding the title of a book.?
Is this a good plot for?
Short story questions?
favorite twilight quote?
I have an idea for a book but not sure if it's good. What is your opinion?
If you could choose one book to take with you on a deserted island, which would it be?
This is a Harry Potter Question.?
In the FX series "American Horror Story-Asylum" are some of the extras actually challenged?
Can you help me with a high school name?
I just wrote a journal entry about how nervous I am for Barack Obama. Please tell me what you think?
How are the Puritan's envy in the book THE CRUCIBLE?
What do you think of this book?
What was your favourite book when you were a child?
Mockingjay Misprint Book Worth Anything?
where can I find the lexile of a book?
Best of Saki - Saki borrowed this name from which character?
Editor, place, publisher, year, page range, medium of this language book?
Does anyone know what page this quote is on in the book the memory keepers daughter?
What are some name ideas for my book?
what book are you reading at the moment?
How does cutlure play into each version of cinderella?
Twilight Fans (That read that the whole series): how long did it take you to read each book?
Why was 50 shades of grey published?
The weirdest or most boring book you ever had to read?
What gives a literary critic the right to criticize another authors work(s).?
Children's Book Title (Tags: Girl, Dragon, Journey, Fantasy)?
Why do most people hate Twilight so much?
the dead poets society characters relationships and conflicts?? help please :( !!?
Does anybody have recommendation for a good book for a 5th grader?
Question about the novel Frankenstein?
is this a good title for a book or does is sound more like the name of a rock band?
Westing Game characters?
The Crucible - What does Abigail do when confronted with Mary's accusation of prtense?
What do you think of my short story?
which is better lord of the rings or harry potter?
any good mystery story!!?
Are there any child abuse movies out like ones from a book?
where can i go to find 2-literary poems?
Where can I post my poems & Poetries Online...?
What are some great stories to read to help me learn more about writing?
Names for a serial killer in my book?
Can books like Ishmael, The Celestine Prophecy and The Mutant Message DownUnder help the future of humanity?
why in the united states is there a double standard for God's Law ? when is murder right with god?
Is there any examples on Situational irony in Death of a Salesman?
Where can I find chapter summaries for Vampire Diaries the book series?
Online book library/journal?
Putting poem in the middle of a paragraph in an essay? MLA format?
I like reading books about sex but im a teen and not the best skilled reader......please help?
Names for my One Directon fanfiction?
Post-Apocalyptic Books?
Do you know of any similar books to these ones?
Where to find certain book?
Why is the Virgin Suicides Photo Book so expensive?
Do you read A Series of Unfortunate Events?
Who wrote this passage?
What are good books for a teenage girl to read? I'm 17?
Is Othello a hero?
How can I tell if my girlfriend likes me for my money?
twilight or harry potter!!!!!?
Good fiction basketball books?
How many books did you read in the last year? And do you think you read enough?
Harry Potter fanssssss?
where i can buy a book about normal anime?
When was Fallen Angels by Walter Dean Myers Written?
Harry Potter or Twilight?
What is a good idea for an alternate book cover for Johnny tremain?
A blog with multiple categories or multiple blogs?
What are some songs that relate to The Crucible and How does it relate?
how can I make myself read more?
Something a mean girl would do?
Does anybody have the whole poem "soliel cou coupe" by Aime Cesaire?
what city and state was Because of Winn-Dixie the book published?
Who writes better - Dan Brown or JK Rowling?
What are some good fantasy werewolves books?
favorite vampire book?
How do you know an idea for a book will be successful?
cheap online book store?
what to compare with poes cask if amontillado?
W00t, Harry Potter Survey?
Name this book. I can't remember the title....?
Interspecies romance?
What is your interpretation of Dracula?
The Outsiders Sequel?
Do you like my book? I will post more.?
I need help on picking my characters appearance & one name suggestion?
What is the sequal to the teen book 'Blue Moon'?
Read my blurb please tell me what you think?
i just got my book published "Romancing Divine Love" and want to know how to sell it.?
What kind of a Tone does a "Traveler's Diary" got?
what are the elements of a short story analysis?
How was war significant in Sahkespeare's works?
Is The Book Twilight A good book for a 6th grader to read?
Can anyone recommend any good books?
Do you like the books "Xenophobe Guide"?
How on earth to I begin to write this story?
Will this free book site give me a virus?
Best time period for a ghost story?
is reading CARRIE by STEPHEN KING worth it..?
Can you recomend a good book for me?
I'm looking for books similar to 50 Shades of Grey?
If you could be a fictional character, who would you be?
in what story or film a mother is carrying piglets in a baby carriage? is in alice in wonderland?
What are the values and worldviews Relevant to the count of Monte Cristo?
What is a ten-digit number in the middle of Chapter 44 of the Da Vinci Code?
My story plot and character names?
Recommend book?
Know any good teen books?
Which Name Is Better .. ?
Publishing a Colouring book?
What part of the da Vinci Code is real?
some good poems about migrants coming to australia and their isolation and alienation they encounter?
Fiction about the soul?
Romantic YA novels about interracial relationships?
What are some books like Jodi Picoult's books?
How many of Shakespeare's plays have ghosts in them?
What book do you find yourself reading over and over again? Why?
Is this intriguing? What did you like/dislike?
PLEASE HELP:Writers Block?
Which teen series do you recommend?
What John Grisham novel should I read?
Fantasy Last Names? for my book?
HELP! Othello Act 5 ----> Shakespeare.?
Who here loves and reads horror books?
I'm a writer I need help with a sex scene?
Book recommendation?
What book/s are you reading right now?
can anyone tell me when Angela Knight's new book in the "Time Hunters" series is supposed to come out?
What do you think of my story so far?
A question about twilight?
If u have ever read "The Report Card" by Andrew Clements plz click this question?
what is your favorite book? i could use a good book to read?
breaking dawn.......?
Anyone know any good sources to write about the Mirabel sisters, besides in time of the butterflies?
what are the legalities of using a very old story and remaking it into a modern one?
does anyone have the book the bottom line by regina w that they can email e or know where to find it ?
What is the best book of all time?
i need girl names for a story i am writing?
Why do people think that everyone who likes Harry Potter and other fantasy-themed books is immature?
What should her name be?
Books/online books on Shakespeare?
I need the title & author of a book written in (I think) the 1930s about men fixing a horse race.?
A title for a short story about moving to Texas!?
Origins of the First World War (book recommendations)?
does anyone have any idea about what's gonna happen to harry in the last book of the harry potter series?????
Help? what title to pick for my DNA analysis report?
What symbolizes evil? (20 characters)?
What's your favorite Jack Kerouac quote?
What is the meaning of love in the two poems A Late Aubade and Ode on a Grecian Urn?
please help im stuck?
Is the author of twilight going to make more books?
Could you recommend a good book to me?
Why do you like TWILIGHT?
What is the brothers secrete in the book "contents under pressure" by laura?
Do you know this '80s time travel romance?
Names for heroine/strong female character?
Top stories on wattpad?
what is your favorite book?
i really need your help with a name situation. creativity needed.?
Source? As the smart ship grew in stature grace & hue in shadowy silent distance grew the iceberg too.?
Summary of KISS THE DUST
Whats one of your favourite quotes from a writer ?
Anyone have the book "A Brief History of the Paradox" by Roy Sorensen close to them?
Which of these is the best Stephen king book?
How similar is the Scarlet Pimpernel book to the 1982 movie?
Can someone please edit my common app essay?
Do you enjoy writing?
How does Chaucer poke fun at courtly love in "The Miller's Tale?"?
why didn't harry potter capture peter petigrew after knowing that he was the culprit in the third part?
looking for some good book reccomendations? also info on book Turf, by John Lucas.?
The Dresden Files book series by Jim Butcher???
I really need help deciding on a topic for my story!! HELP!!!?
how would i write this?
how does the book Heist society by ally carter end?
Scary, depressing, disturbing books?
how do i make a wooden fireplace bellows?
Does anyone have any good names for an alternate Galaxy?
Help me with my Characters?
Book Character Name Help!!!?
can someone please recommend me the best political books that argue for neoliberalism measures? ?
In Moby Dick, what is the significance of a person's forehead/brow?
Harry Potter/Twilight question?
What is your favorite book of all time?
What did you think of 'Before I fall' (Lauren Olive) or 'Hold Still' (Nina LaCour)???
Everyday cliche?
If you could take just one subject at Hogwarts, which would it be?
Are theses good beginings to my books? Please read!?
help me come up with a (short) story!?
suggestions of good similes and metaphors I can use to describe a train station for my descriptive writing?
who wrote the 100 great man on the world ?
Could anyone explain to me what the Gelgamish myth is?
Advice on my to kill a mockingbird essay?
Does anyone know of any symbolism in Chapter 9 of The Great Gatsby by Francis Scott Fitzgerald?
I Would like to get my collection of Poetry Publish as a book.?
i need help finding a book plz !!!!?
What is theme of Edgar Allan Poe's "A Tell-Tale Heart"?
how old were you when you first read Romeo and Juliet?
Where can I find a copy of the original Romeo and Juliet, in Shakespeare's original words?
Which do you prefer?Happy or sad endings?
question about the book 'the theban plays'?
ok like seriously why do people keep on asking if Edward Cullen is cute? ?
For all of the obsessive Twilight fans.?
why is romeo and juilet considered to be the best romantic lvoe story?
What is a good, inexpensive paperback dictionary?
How do you start a story?
For those who enjoy Stephen King, what would be your favorite novel of his?
Why do people say the twilight book is rubbish?
What do you think happens next?
What book are you reading at the moment?
Any good names out there?
Urgent! How do I keep myself from rushing through the story when I'm writing?
What's the best names for a teen love story characters?
Why do most people hate Twilight so much?
How much are my Mark Twain books worth?
Never having written a fictin book, should I send to agent ot publisher for review first?
theme help!!!!?
Opinion of Ink Heart and Ink Spell?
Who is the author of the book "I, Body?"?
Devil's of L'Oudon question?
Idea for this superhero?
What Kind of book Are you reading?
How is my novel synopsis so far and what can I do to make it better?
In the novel "Lord of the Flies", what is the primary reason that humans will follow corrupt leaders?
How to submit a play script or a movie script to a publisher or a movie producer?
The best: Harry Potter or The lords of rings?
Movies that I could reinterpret As Shakespeare's othello ?!!!?
can anybody recommend book s similar to jilly coopers polo?
I need a title for my story?
How long to a good book have to be (an autobiographical piece)? Is there a standard length?
Good books on Samurai Warriors?
how is this (sort of long) start or far?
have you read all the harry potter books?
who is your favorite author?
What was a book by a southern writer that argued that slavery especially oppressed poor whites?
Help with character (quick question?)?
Do you have favourite books that you keep re-reading?
Have you read Harry Potter or The Twilight Saga?
Forgot the Name of a Book!?
Please read my short zombie story?
Who's doing NaNoWriMo and what are your best strategies?
Why do so many pretentious people go to Starbucks just to work on their laptops or read books?
What's an original publication date for a book?
What was the last children's book you have read?
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
What have you bought Severus for his birthday?
BEST book you've ever read in your life??
Who is good at names?
Does the Shannara series by Terry Brooks get better after The Sword of Shannara?
I need help writing a book. Any practical advice on how to get started?
wat are some books like percy jackson?
how to update a chapter on fan fiction?
would this be plagarism??
How quickly will you read the new Harry Potter book?
My daughter refuses to read any books but the fudge series! help!?
What books do you think are better, Harry Potter Series or Twilight Saga?
Which is a better name?
.s..which last name sounds posh?
what else can be substituted for a vampire in a novel?
Let me know if anyone get the details of this book:"The oxford Dictionary of new words"?
What book is the scariest you have ever read?
What human rights are violated in the book A Thousand Splendid Suns?
Please help! Story ideas!?
How much do you believe about The Da Vanci Code?
Should I read Brave New World or The Scarlet Letter?
twilight book, movie?
If you could name a/your child after a character in a book what name would it be and from what book?
Cheap Books Required?
Do you know what imvu is!?
how to publish or find a book publisher?
what is the toast from lord of the rings?
How far is Uranus from the sun? What is the average humidity of Uranus? PLEASE I information about URANUS!?
How do you like the beginning of my sci-fi?
Are people ever surprised to see you reading certain kinds of books?
trying to get into reading. can anyone recommend any novels/autobiographies ?
at websites can i find this book " الإشراف على مذاهب أهل العلم " ؟?
Can someone Identify 10 examples of figurative language from Lord of the Flies?
what superpower would you want?
what books should i read ?
Would you buy a book if it has special meaning to you?
What are some good classic books that a person should read?
Who is "Lyle Hershberg"??
are all six books in the mortal instruments series out today like are they available yet?
In The Thief Lord, who is(are) the protagonist(s)?
the differences between the movie and the book ? ellen foster?
Victor Davis Hanson? Love him or hate him?
I would like to have good critics about wole soyinka's death and the kng's hoseman?
Why do movies always show only the US being destroyed and not other countries,eg:Independence day?
Is there a place where I can read a book online - free?
Infernal devices question?
Harry Potter fans?
think of a title please?
in the harry potter book 6th?
Amanda Root's accent in Jane Eyre audio book?
Quote your favourite poem or verse?
Who is the protagonist in animal farm?
fake serial killer names wanted!?
vampires or werewolfs?
Did anyone not like The Da Vinci Code?
Do you think Twilight series should be continued?
TEEN fiction-knights,princess and knights book websites for dsi?
I am starting on a book. I would like your opinion.?
what happens threwout the book the cruisers by walter dean myers throughout the whole book?
Paranormal, witty, funny romance books?
Readers: which author or subject takes up the most space in your library?
..similarity between Veronica Mars & Nancy Drew??
Does anyone have any suggestions for names for an Alternate Galaxy or Earth?
What kind of being is Tom Bombadil from Lord of the Rings?
What book should I read after Fahrenheit451 and The Giver?
what differences are there between the maltese falcon the book and the movie?
I'm writing a story and I need a girl's name?
good books to read ??
Judging a book by it's cover, would you read/ buy a book with this cover?
For anyone who has ever done a major works data sheet (mwds) what does it mean by the author's style?
What is the absolute BEST book you've ever read?
Help! I need the title & author of a YA book about a runaway who learns tapestry weaving?
What age for Breaking Dawn?
precious vs push by the author sapphire?
For the Christians out there...?
Would the book Breaking Dawn be appropriate for my 11-year old sister? ?
what is the scariest book you have ever read?
what shoryt story competitions are avalable?
What is a fiction book you would recommend?
What are your favorite quotes?
Does what I have so far in this letter make sense?
Can you recommend a good book on Lizzie Borden?
Being honest, if you were an English teacher what would give this? And what would need fixing?
What is a website where you can write stories?
Can you call a nonfiction memoir a, "novel"?
Would War of The Worlds by H.G. Wells count as a dystopian novel?
Do you read because you Have to or because you Want to?
What does "SIrrah" mean?
How long did it take u to read, the twilight books?
People who already read breaking dawn?
Has anyone in America read anything besides the Da Vinci Code?
I'm trying to write a story and don't know what to name the girl?
what are the different between edmund and mr. dupin in the book - the man who was poe?
Book help....?
Crime books by Patricia Cornwall?
What is the book mein kanpf about?
Any Non-Fiction Genres?
What are some songs relating to Catcher in the Rye?
What is the name of this book?
How does humor add to a story?
Download PDF of The company of Women By Khushvant Singh?
What Research would I have to do before writing ?
Was Emily Dickinson mentally ill?
Who is your favorite writer and why?
good erotic paranormal romance?
Does Harry Potter die in the last book?
What's the worst thing your daughter could say to you?
What is your idea of a strong female character?
Who else LOVES Tom Robbins?
Bored HP fans: Quiz/Survey?
In audio books what is the difference between abridged and unabridged?
What is the best book you would recommend?
Let's play name that city.?
Water themed fiction novels?
How do I find a good publisher and/or literary agent?
Authors and writers everywhere. help me with this?
Do you think Diarrhea could be a pretty name?
Books I must read before I die?