Can you help me brainstorm?
anyone read a good book lately?
Who is Anne Rice & Rory Emerald? What are they famous for?
what was tagore's poem based on shakespeare's "under the green wood tree"?
Hey im doing a topic on a .. persuasive essay about if myspace should be legal in schools.?
are there any Taylor Caldwell fans still out there....she lived so long ago and then she lived before that ...
what one book did you read and feel like it changed your perspective on life or just changed you in general?
Any authors with publishing experience?
Shadow of the Wind?
how do I get my writings published ?
What was your favorite book as a child?
sow your oats?
I can't keep working on one book!!!!?
What do you do to become a good writer?
What is a really, really, really good book you have read?
Good Titles for this?:)?
can any buddy give me brief desciption of Da Vinchi's Code?
Macbeth lovers ? Paraphrase help. ?
Book of lost things essay?
Any writer/author want to try this challenge?
How to copyright an unpublished story?
What are you currently reading?
Is this a metaphor? Help please?
what is the name of this book!?
What are some good books about travel or roadtrips?
Chapter 6 of The Great Gatsby, the last line, Nick forgets something important. What is he thinking of?
in the book the hobbit , Bilbo Baggins....?
what are the ten most important scenes from the book Catcher and the Rye?
Best Translations?
What do you think of this?
Does anyone know any good self-help books?
I have a Twilight book I need to get rid of. Any ideas?
Please give feedback on my book! Please please please!?
do you prefer sad dramas or happy endings?
If I have a paragraph which is summarized (paraphrased) from a book, should I include (X, 2009) after every se?
Good Books Like 'World War Z'?
Iwant to be rich, what shall I do, please give a reply?
Journal like Book of Shadows?
I Have Horrible Luck With Story Ideas?
What's your favourite book of all time?
Robert Frost's After Apple Picking Poem.?
What is the scariest book have you ever read?
one word for expansion of a letter to a word?
Who loves Harry Potter !? :D Answer my questions , please?
Do you know what this book is called?
How do I add a chapter to my story on
i'm compiling a book list, what are your favourite books?
Ebooks? Pdf? Star Wars Thrawn Trilogy?
Was "1984" (George Orwell, 1949) ever made into a movie?
does anyone have questions about J. K. Rowling?
Twilight related jokes. Are they funny?
What Book are you currently Reading?
Help with The Crucible by Arthur Miller?
what is the theme of the secret garden?
Can I have a summary of Burnett's "A little Princess"?
gimme your best Mark Twain quote?
What would be an interesting story about the end of the world and only 20 people are left to rebuild it?
story at
IF you had to pick ONE book from 2008 to put into.....?
Why is Joyce Carol Oates such an important author?
Quizbook writing : If I write quizzes that are based on a textbook or textbook(s)?
What's the Best Romance Novel You've Ever Read?
what reminds you of to kill a mocking bird?
In Charles Dickens novel "Hard Times" what is he saying about the factory system?
10 points..what are some lucky male names?
Could some one explain to me the difference of Plagrism, copy right, and infringement law? And what they are.?
How should I end my short story?
Questions about grapes of wrath????urgent!!!!?
How many translations of the Harry Potter series are there?
Question about Franz Kafka?
are there going to be more fifty shades books?
What's the deal with Twilight? Why are most of the girls in my grade obsessing over it?
Please answer these questions from Pride and Prejudice Volume 1 (Chapters 1-23)?
Animal Farm - write a short story about what happened to Snowball after he escaped from the farm?
What do you guys think of the concept for my love story?
the vampire kisses series....?
Different situations in relationships often seen in books?
The Stand by Stephen King: Book or Graphic Novel?
i just don't understand Twilight fans....?
Book vs Film, which is better?
what did scout and jem learn about perspective in to kill a mockingbird?
Maze runner movie compared to book?
Opinions on Witchcraft books?
Answering this question makes you a self-confessed racist?
any good books for teens?
Which book would you rather read?
how does the book called the stranger raises questions about free will and determinism?
What is the exact birth date of Billy Collins?
Harry Potter books question?
I want to know some songs that would match the "outsiders"?
Where can I find "The Philosophy of Composition" by Edgar Allen Poe?
Native American Lesbian Children's Story?
What does this mean in the book "In my Hands" with Irene Gut Opdyke?"?
i want to write my own book how do i start?
are their any more books in the shadow in the crown series after book 5 by nichoas carter?
Name of a book I read when I was younger? Please help!?
What books do you recomend for a 12 yr old Girl??
Are there any literary criticism of E. Lynn Harris' novel "Just As I Am?"?
Trying to find a book.Don't know the author or title.The author is african american.The book is romance.?
do you think that some one should continue the story of harry potter?
Who started the whole 'I don't realise I'm crying until...' thing?
How did the Bronte sisters really die?
What is the christian perspective on the book "A Separate Peace"?
Any Book Suggestions?
Why is Ivanhoe more popular than the other Waverley novels?
WIlliam Golding Lord of the Flies?
What is your favourite book? And why ?
Which fictional characters would you invite to dinner?
Help please!! i need three quotes from the book explaining how atticus finch was self sacrifing?
What are some examples of realism in Huckleberry Finn?
Can anyone suggest any books that have a romeo and juliet type love story?
What should I name the main character in my book?
Where is hoggwarts school of witch craft and wizardry?
Whats the worst book you were forced to read in school?
Favorite books? (list 3)?
What was George Eliot's (the writer's) real name?
Will someone please critique my story/writing?
Made up creatures?
What pages are all the chapters on in the book Catching Fire?
i read the book eclipse and i wanted to know what the rising action,climax,and falling action is?
Boy Character Name, help?
As the future approaches, will people still always be buying books and reading, or will that fade die?
Is Pr. dumbeldor (in Harry Potter) dead?
which harry potter book is the worst ?
i would like to know the phone number for the wal-mart in Hugo Oklahoma?
What is the Teen book website? 10 points
do u know any web page with free ebooks?
What theme/themes do the novels Quicksand, The Violent Bear it Away, and Middle Passage share?
Do you think it's a good idea that the da vinci code was made into a movie.....why?
Quick question about the 'Twilight' series...?
3 examples of foreshadowing in monkey's paw the short story?
Where can i download ... The Last Little Blue Envelope for free?
twilight fans.... jacob or edward?
I own an English law book in its original binding from 1686. How much is it worth?
I need help writing....?
Which book?
Starving with our children, what should we do?
What are some good novels to read?
For those of you who have read "The Da Vinci Code" do you think the movie will be good in May?
Is the 'Twilight' series really as good as everyone says it is?
Looking for Scott Roderick - Author...Does he exsist?
Can somebody please type up the events from page 296-270 from the Cherub series book 8 Mad dogs?
1. At the end of Vonnegut’s story, how did you feel about Hazel? George? Harrison?
What is a good book for a early teen, that is pretty appropriate?
Would you read this book?
suggestions for sexy romance books?
Y do people hate on twilight so much?
Looking for a Glee Faberry fanfiction story?
Electronic version of "Death of a Salesman"?
Do you know a website that blind and visually impaired people can go to to post braille letters?W?
Crooks from Of Mice and Men....URGENT?
Is there anyway I could protect my literary works other than publishing it, like a copyright or something?
Looking for book about dysfunctional brothers - loved the same Italian woman -became pathological hoarders.?
is it a special thing for an 11 yr old to already have 2 poems published?
movie poster ideas for Lord of the Flies?
Where in the Bible is this story?
In Legend, by Marie Lu, what does Day's pendent look like?
i was turning pages in my text book (apparently i was a bit rough) and a page falls off, how do i put it back?
Which is greatest book which predict future events and past events?
I am looking for a book (fiction) the subject being aromatherepy, I can't remeber the name of the book...?
I have a Harry Potter question?
Good books to read......?
Why did Mark Twain termed bible is a book of thousands of lies?
Harry Potter --> Fun Christmassy Questions!?
In the play julius ceaser is brutus a villain or a hero? Should his actions earn respect or revere or shame?
Any ideas for a name for a post nuclear continent for my book?
books? crossword?
please tell me the character sketches of harris, george, jerome and montmorency of the three mein in a boat.?
Did you like the book"The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho?
Good ideas to write a childrens book?
Harry Potter - Do you care?
Are Montresor's final words a prayer for the dead Fortunato or himself?
If you were to write a novel, what would the title be?
King Lear, Shakespeare. What makes it a classic?
I've hit a wall with my ideas?
where can I get the last Animorphs book , that is ,"AnimorphsThe Beginning"?
Im writting a story and need some help?
How to get yourself to start writing and stop fearing the load?
when was Jean Thesman Born?
can you guys help me to find books in espanish make in espanish NOT A TRASLATION for young adults?
I need a good book to read, suggest me one.?
Would you ever name your child Dolores?
Hello, Can anyone tell me that where I can found online grammar check, but it must be effective. thanks?
has anyone read the book tooth and nail?
Frankentein By Mary Shelley... Help?
which books are as good as the notebook by Nicolas Sparks ?
What is a fancy way of saying milk?
Where can i buy Corey Taylor´s book ''Seven Deadly Sins''?
What is your favourite 'classic' book?
Recommend me a book like Twilight?
is there an age limit to be able to write books???
Can I write my own story on fanfiction?
Is this story readable?
Which series is better: Twilight or Harry Potter?
Question for anyone who has read Rob Reid's novel Year Zero?
There was this author that wrote his dreams down and published them in a book. Anybody know who that was?
Why do people think so much on censoring a book?
how friends appearing?
Did Daisy ever love Gatsby?
Does anybody know where I can sell a signed copy of Nora Roberts book Carolina Moon?
What philisophical truths have you drawn from Candide by Voltaire if any?
Is my poem any good or not?
ChooSing My Character Name ....?
Breaking Dawn? love it? or not?
Does anyone remember this children's book?
Help with Romeo and Juliet, for English essay!?
what is a good book for a boy 12 years old to read?
Examples of optimism in the book "Night" by Elie Weisel?
Thoughts on this section of my chapter?
Why is '44' the best number in the world?
Stephenie Meyer Book?
Does anyone know the names of these books?
Why does everyone believe the book "The Davinci Code" really speaks hidden truth?
HARRY POTTER FANS.......Job selections in the Wizarding World..?
Whats your favorite book?
formating a book to go?
grendels point of view in beowulf?
I'm writing a book...can there be angels in it that aren't related to god/are non-religious?
Need m/f wolf names for the Evil Pack?
Examples of defiance in the Hunger Games novel one?
What kind of action movies would you like to see more of?
can you read my book on teenage pregnancy and tell me how it is so far?
What's the Big Bang, final message given in "The Moon and Sixpence" by W.S.Maugham?
what is allen's craft in sir walter scott's poem allen-a-dale?
Read Description. Thanks!!?
Can I get an acrostic poem for either "Ender Wiggin" or "Andrew Wiggin"?
what mistake did the dwarves make about durin's day in the hobbit?
Am I a good writer? Be honest?
I would like a book that has similar characters and a story line like code geass?
In regards to Work Cited and Bibliography Pages, Are sources you DO use still included in the Annotated BIbli.
What is a framed narrative?
Do you believe Horatio in his assumption that Hamlet is saved & not damned? Why or why not?
Describe a man walking while aiming his gun?
How to write an action scene in a novel?
What does Piggy in Lord of the Flies spend his days doing in chapters 3-4?
My general idea is a story about life and the joys/struggles it brings, what should i include in it?
What's a good title for this book?
What is your favorite Harry Potter book?
In A Farewell to Arms, how does the war affect the characters love story?
Procession of the dead (book) - Mr seidelman (jew) torture?
What is Dallas Winston, in the outsiders' real name?
Would you rather read a book or hear it on tape?
who else hates the harry potter series?
How does reading books impact on your life?
Who is your favourite hogwarts teacher?
Cato and Clove engaged?
Is American Psycho a good book?
A Million Little Pieces?
Do you like the Twilight Saga?
Difference in ideology in the chinese civil war.?
Is Twilight better than Harry Potter?
When was the last time you read a book?
Has anyone ever heard of a children's book called "Tiger in the Grass" ?
How do you use photos instead of avatars as your picture?
who invent telephone?
I like fantasy books?
Pride and Prejudice - Marriage?
What is the origin of the story The Gingerbread Man?
How did Carlisle Cullen become a vampire?(Twilight Saga)?
Have you created an E-Book before?
What are some hot male/boy names for a story on wattpad?
Anyone Have Any Book Recommendations For Me.. Puhlease?
Anybody have a title idea for this awkward situation?
Freak the Mighty?
Good place to find public domain (free) books for iPad?
i want to buy my bf a book for his birthday....?
Can you please help me remember the name of this book?
Harry Potter...?
I need characters for a Harry Potter Fan Fic?
The book chasing vermeer why was petra shocked to see a copy of the paiting A lady writing in calders bok of v?
Your favourite actor/actress of the Harry Potter movies?
What is the most efficient way to fnd out if a book title one wishes to use is under copyright?
How many pages long is "the bell jar" by Sylvia Plath?
Susan Collin’s book “The Hunger Games” the setting, the protagonist and antagonist character development contr?
Need really unique names?
What is your favorite book/author?
On what chapter in the Book To Kill a Mocking bird does it say that all the families hate each other?
do you prefer (angelina jolie-cameron diaz-cathren zeta jones-jessica alba-paris helton)???
Do you hate Twilight?
Can A Kind Loving Person Help Me With Identifying Literary Devices ?
what was ur favourite children's book?
What book/books have literally change your life?
How do I publish a childrens book I have written?
What is a good book to buy a 12 year old girl?
help with my novel, thriller, like this plot?
Where can I buy the new Jenny and Benny book?
'How does Steinbeck STRUCTURE the use of Curley's Wife in the novel and why?'?
What is the significance of Murder in a cathedral as a play?
friends which the fastest or easer way to get increased my face book pages like please tel me if any buddy knw?
Any good books for teens?
Who is your favourite literary hero/heroine and why??
Short Story idea .s?
What do yout think of my short story?
Do u think Harry Potter will be a happy ending?
what's your favorite book when youre a kid?
Can someone give me a physical description of tom sawyer?
what is the relationship between religion and myth?
Why did Chillingworth want to find out who Pearls' father was?
What is your favorite famous quote?
Julius Caesar represents Queen Elizabeth??
What is the book 50 shades of Gary about?
whats the order of the gossip girl book series??
How Can I Find A Great Wife?
What should I name my story?
What are some good names for teen story characters?
Summary of chp 12-14 of to kill a mocking bird?
In Kristen Britain's book Green Rider what was the first creature did Karigan come across in book one?
Where does the quote "the truth will out" originate?
Recommend me stories (please?)?
Why do people say Twilight is a poorly written novel?
Suggest me the best book?
Harry Potter Fans! Did you ever think that there was a chance....?
I need a catchy name for a story...?
How do you simultaneously wrap your legs around a person's torso.?
Have any of you read the book The Perks of Being a Wallflower?
My story, please help?
Omg did anyone else cry while reading the last Daughters of the Moon book?
how do i make myself a faster reader?
does anyone know any good classic book.?
who wrote The Algebra?
where does Stephanie Meyer live?
what are three characters of speed?
Grendel (book) help??????????????????
Don Quijote, 400 years old, Cervantes died peniless and without glory. Why is it that we celebrate dead artist
Truman Capote fans!! What are your thoughts and opinions on his book "In Cold Blood"
Is there a rating program where I find an author who writes without the use of foul language every other word?
What wouldi need help for a pain scene for my novel... you like to ask?
TITLE! Pretty please help! ...Pwlease?
Book clubs 2 join.....?
i wish to know moor about arts books ?
What chapters of Harper Lee's:To Kill a Mockingbird are these quotes?
What is The Walking Dead based off of?
What is the name of this book?
is it odd that i keep reading the same book over and over?
I am looking for the bashful care bear coloring picture is there one good site that has it?
What Book Are You Reading At The Moment?
help me!!!?
How to write a story when two of the main characters act the same?
Why do certain book become popular while others don't?
what was adgar allan poe's childhood background?
quotes on Pygmalion?
Which song lyrics are similar to either the book The Sun Also Rises or The Great Gatsby?
Which John Grisham novel do you like best, and why?
What are some quotes from The Odyssey proving that Odysseus is wise?
I was wondering if anyone could tell me any ideas for a book?
What is your all time favorite Book...?
Any funny stories???:)?
If you had to spend 45mins in a small room with the followoing who would you chose (harry potter related)?
Anyone recommend a good book .what are you reading at the moment and why is it good?
who is bernice mullins?
what twilight team are you on?
I destroyed a library book what can i do?
How good is the book "Magic Reality" by Richard Dawkins?
About the story to the lighthouse?
Can you think of a surname similar to this one?
are you allowed to publish and sell information you find on wikipedia?
What is a good book for a preteen?
What is a good moral for a childerns book?
Does anyone like poetry?
Is On the Road by Jack Kerouac about belonging?
help me with this blogging decision?
What is the best Vampire book/series to read?
any good books?
Not sure what to do.?
name for character??????????
i am looking for journals on the internet on : TRANSITION SPACES" with respect to architecture?
How does the government in the book 1984 by George Orwell dictate the people?
is the da vinci code an actual incident or just a fiction story??
What Are some disturbing novels?
What do you think..... cut off my scene?
What was the name Any Cahill gave to the water in Jamaica?
There is a book I read when I was eleven years old. What was it called?
Twilight or Harry Potter?
What is your favorite book of all times that you recommend for reading?
Your opinion on this?
whats the saddest book you have ever read? and why?
Review on God's In Alabama Book?
Making a living as a writer?
any lovecraft fans??? xp?
What book is the best for me?
My story had know need?
Is 15 too young to start writing a novel?
Could you critique my short story?
At what age did you start reading?
to publish a novel for the first time?
what book are you reading?
What is the title and author of the best book you've ever read?
Good books for a teenager?
How to listen to audio book?
What book is currently by your bedside table?
why did the author of The Witch of the Blackbird Pond chose the name Kit(Katherine) in the book?
What past century novels/authors have changed your view of life or people?
Would Alexander Pope be writing rap songs if he were alive today?
I don't understand what this question is asking.?
I'm looking for a poem call "Tomorrow," by an anonymous child in a Nazi concentration camp.?
Is my writng alright?
can i mention a celebrity in a good light in my novel?
What is The Best Book You Have Read In The Past 2 Weeks?
Books similar to the mortal instruments?
What is the value of Milton?
What makes a good book?
Tuesdays with Morrie assignment? help?!?
How can I get a grant to open a used bookstore?
what are some great short stories u have read?
what do you think of this as an intro to a novel?
What is the name of this book?
where can I find a good publisher... w/o an agent?
I need a beginning for a sad short story?
Site to critique a long story?
can someone help me find good websites where there are good sweet 15 poems plzzzz?
what are some good websites to read boyxboy stories on?
Who killed Asmodean?
Is 'twilight' popular where you live?
Girl Character Names?
can I have some poems from Bodler?
What is your favourite book?
Twilight Books. Can I skip the first book?
When/Where do you read?
are there any internet jobs available that involve creative thinking and or writing?
What is the proverb that bilbo invents in the book "The Hobbit"?
What Book Are You Reading ...?
If you have read the book "Native Son" by Richard Wright...?
Horror Story Name?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Can you help me find a Russian Revolution short story?
Is Nancy Grace writing a book about or copyrighting the phrase "Tot Mom"?
What do you think of part of my story?
Who is the best of the best when it comes to Horror novels?
looking for book on Martin Luther King's life.?
what does serendipity mean ?
What is the origin of "My heart goes out to you"?
Do you need to invest any money when writing a book?
What is the most life-changing book you've ever read?
Anybody know any good books?
Screenwriting Templates?
Will there be an 8th Harry Potter book?
seventh Harry Potter, Who will die?
A file of Great Expectations?
Much Ado About Nothing- Beatrice and Benedick?
The Long Road Home? Looking for a book that starts in Germany during WWII?
Which title fits the story?
A recent televised programme showed Kevin ? talking about his book Red One?
How do books get published, and eventually famous?
What's your favorite poem?
Who framed Roger Rabbit?
What should I read by octavio paz?
Did you read 100 years of solitude?
What are some powers related to these elements?
Literary Analysis: Compare and Contrast?
what is a lady-in-waiting?
What is the symbolism of the focus on eyes in Hoffman's The Sandman?
Books like TTYL by Lauren Myracle?
Do any of Lord Voldemort's followers actually ever get rewarded?
I'm on the last ever chapter of my book, how exciting!?
Airborn by Kenneth Oppel?
Name of a book about two boys who go on a lord of the rings like quest over a magic sword?
Subordinate and Insubordinate Women in The Great Gatsby?
How Some books really changed your life?
Readers: How do you organise your bookshelf?
Have old book the, Humming Bird by Ida Maitland trying to find copywright date;Very old maybe 1800's?
Whats the worst book you have ever read?
Whats a good book for a 14-17 year old in highschool to read?
Can you recommend a book that you can't put down?
do you know what tarbaby is??
· Have you ever read a book and then seen a film of that book?
Who does elena end up with in the books? Damon or Stefan?
To all the Twilight haters...?
All women ages 16-26 please answer?
Does anyone know this children's book about a pig and gumdrops?
Which sucks most: Twilight, Lord of the Rings, or Harry Potter?
was macbeth schizophrenic?
in the book the namesake?
'Magic of the moment' prompt Ideas?
For Jane Eyre, how can I write in the style of Rochester?
Story plot help, please and thanks?
Pretty Little Liars fans?
How to help a 'weak' beginner writer?
What are some good books to read?
The DaVinci Code, should i read it?
What's your favorite twilight saga book?
Is twilight a good book?
Books like the Da Vinci Code?
How does one structure their memior before sending to Publishers?
Can you give me the title of the book that Scott H. Perky wrote about his father, Henry Perky?
how would you describe a ferris wheel and a haunted house?( this is for the book im writing)?
whats the best book you ever read ?
Sci-Fi Books - Any recommendations?
who wrote "beowulf"?
Harry Potter and the deathly hallows?
Lord Of The Flies Essay?
why do you work hard?
Among the Hidden by Margaret Peterson Haddix Quotes?
Sooo my mum wants me 2 read but do u kno a book thats not boring?
Who is your favourite Science Fiction author?
Where can I get speed bump (comic strip) wallpaper (desktop)?
Are these good English names from the 1960s?
Who is better Edward of Jacob in twilight?
So you've moved in with Snow-White and the Seven Dwarfs...but there's a BIG problem...?
Whats the Record for most socks on one foot in the Guisnness book of world records?? ?
Twilight? By Meyer.?
enid blyton or roald dahl?
Twilight and Harry Potter?
Where can you find people to edit your novels written by teens?
how many books has adam fawer written?
I'm 14, is it too late to learn to play the accoustic guitar?
can you sell registered copyright work?
Harry Potter Fans ..?
"The Love Song of J.Alfred Prufrock" what is this poem saying?
top 10 books that you'd recommend reading before you die!!?
a book im writeing tell me if you think its good?
Twilight? please help!?
what to do if you have been unsucess while you try till the last breath?
Was Hamlet affected or conditioned by society/his surroundings to any extent?
Books to read?
What is 50 shades of grey about?
How can we relate to literature?
Goosebumps story name? (Summary inncluded in desc.)?
i need some info on let the circle be un broken?
what is th anagrams of HARVEST A WET KITE?
What's the best book you have ever read and why ?
democracy is a device that ensures we shall be governed no better than we deserve?
If the contents of a book can not be proven is it fiction?
POLL: Whose your favorite book character?
Is this a good story?
How the hell did Twilight get popular or even sell 1 copy? No twilight fans ;P?
What is Glenn Beck's book about?
Do you read?
Fictional story based on the old testament.?
Is my grammar correct?
Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams?
how can I keep my book interesting for people?
descriptions for a story?
Does anyone know where I can get/buy "To Kill a Mockingbird" ebook?
When did Jacqueline Wilson become famous?
help with this name!?
when writing a story, should I create the plot first or the characters first?
Is Stephen King's The Stand heavily based on the Book of Revelations from the Bible?
Check out this wattpad - she's got talent!?
What does it take to conquer the hearts of European readers?
i wanna know how can i get duncan james book ( just the two of us) wirtten by fiona inglis (his mom)?
Any good books out there?
Twilight Saga...........?
what are some similar books to Shades of Gray?
in the book Echo by Francesca Lia Block, who are the main characters and what are their descriptions?
Does Elphaba die in Wicked the Book or Movie and how?
what does anyone know about the femme fatale characters from crime or noir fiction?
Does anyone know if there is a sequel to The Body Of Christopher Creed by Carol Plum-Ucci?
Would someone wish me good night?
can someone please help with this intergral?
Read any good books lately?
Are *you* a book snob?
Books like Anna And The French Kiss?
When reading a story, what sort of names turn you off?
does anyone know any good stephen king books?
Did you like Fountain Head the movie?
What's a pretty name that sounds like or means love?
How do you pronounce Dr. Seuss' truffala trees?
in the book "the da vinchi code" - who is this "da vinchi code" guy? i never heared of him...
Fanfiction editor. Is there any?
Out of all of Stephen King's fiction, what is his best work?
English poet R kipling?
a good book to read?! (and remember to read the questions, description)?
Can you help me with story ideas?
Who is your absolute favorite Harry Potter character?
Is it fact or fiction?
Help me remember a book title?
Ways to bring my character back from the dead?
Why do you read books?
J.K. Rowling's next book is called The Casual Vacancy. Thoughts? Are you going to read it?
What Do You Think Of My Book So Far, Thoughts? PLEASE HELP?:)!?
Have you read these books written by Agatha Christie ? How good are they...please give me a feedback .?
Hi: What are you currently reading :)?
Let's play a writing/reading game....?
is bryon nelson ? IS bryon nelson alive ?
how can i chat to other channels?
how does J.K.R come up with fleur's accent nd the rest of the frenchies in the HP series???
Book Publishing Issues?
What is the best book you've ever read?
What non-Islamic writing was written in Iran, became popular around world, and is not banned in Iran?
How do I get started in romance writing?
Based on the book Tuesdays with Morrie, who is Morrie?
Young-Adult Novel or Teen Novel Books?
which is your favourite book?
Anybody got a last name for a vampire?
What is the name of the guy on the cover of Maximum Ride #3?
How should my book go please read details?
From a scale of 1-10, how good do you think Amber Frey's book "Witness" was?
A good book for me to read?
Crazy Weekend By Gary Soto How Many Pages ?
Does anybody have any info on the poet Leon Markowicz?
Why do some people write stories and others don't?
Suppose you could have a conversation with any book character. Who would it be?
Questions for the B&A-ers?
Occult suggestions help appreciated?
Novel title: yes or no?
re: PATRICK CARMAN-when was he born and where was he born?
harry potter COULD beat edward cullen (hp fans back me up here!!)?
trying to remember the name of this book....?
Cute book blog titles?
Which is better: watching a movie or reading the book the movie was based?
What are the dominant values of the Brave New World?
Where can I find old books containing short stories from Frank Norris?
where can i read vampirates, tides of terror online?
What is your favorite John Grisham book?
Where can i read Web Technology Book online for free?
When was 1st May day was cecleberated and where?
i need help finding a title?
What is The Best Book you ever read?
Attractive Men Name :)?
Is this a good prolouge?
Is there a modern crime writer uses 'old style' writing?
can i get a summary of the book: Devil in a Blue Dress??
Would this title get your attention?
what is your favorite play by Shakespeare?
Are there to many accidents in my story?
"Angle of Repose" by Wallace Stegner?
what will happen in the seventh harry potter book?
is what the says Bible true?
how do you pronounce the name "appadurai"?
who is the half blood prince?
Does anyone know any really good poems for daughters? If so please email me.?
Edward or Jacob ; Who do you like better ? and Why ?
Are there any books about angle demon love?
i need to know good books to read.?
Whats the best fiction / detective novel published after the year 2000?
Is there a sequel to the book Everlost?
What happened to Holden in the Catcher in The Rye?
do you hava some slang words from the book The Outsiders?
What is a good book to read?
were do i go to to read book for free online?
what conclusion can you draw about the speaker’s opinion about death and the way it affects people?
What does chegg charge you for late books?
Which do you prefer to read - first or third person point-of-view?
I need a book!!?
The Story I Wrote For The Girl I Wish To Meet, What Do You Think?
Wouldn't you agree this story is not for the faint of heart?
Can anyone point me to some good Southern fiction?
Writers: If you could set one essential rule for all new/amateur writers to follow...what would it be?
Good, long books for a teen?
whats your favourite stephen king book?
Are there Any clues to when The Earths Childres Series No 6 will come out?
Literary Agents in Maine?
Are there any good books about America being invaded by other countries?
Harry Potter or Twilight?
What is C. S. Lewis's best work?
How is finny a symbol of peace in A Separate Peace?
Help peer-review please!?
If anyone has read The Crucible, help please!!?
What is the literary term describing a situation when a character's feelings are reflected in the weather?
Im confused, which one has the vampires, Twilight or Harry Potter?
how to write an informal letter?
how do i write action scenes?
why is it so that sometimes luck is very harsh?why is beauty more important than character?
how many people attended to the funeral of Edgar Alan Poe: 4, 10.000,or almost 100??
Why is Nathaniel Hawthorne important to American Literature?
I want to write in San Antonio and I have NO clue where to start! Can you please help me?
Is there a website to create a likeness of your character?
How to start off story?
Can you think of a plot for an animal abuse story?
Please can I get your opinions on this story?
Couldn't Snape make a potion to wash his hair?
need help finding new books!!!?
Do you think Dumbledore's backstory in DH strengthened or weakened his character?
Can anyone tell me a single word or phrase from The Great Gatsby stating the character's philosophy of life?
who is leigh teabing?
looking for an oak lawn high school yearbook from 1996 in oak lawn illinois?
How do I add action into a book?
How big a cut of the profits from a book do illustrators usually get paid?
What did you like most? The movie Lord of the Flies or the book? and why?
When did Scott Summers get his special eye wear and how?
If you like Twilight and have read Harry Potter... I've just gotta ask.?
Animal Farm vs. Lord of the Flies?
how does McMurphy in one flew over the cuckoos nest make bromden feel bigger again?
Help with describing character in story?
Looking for a Book Recommendation.?
Question about The Hunger Games; what happened to the rest of the world?
nora robert macgregor series which one is first second,ect?
What's the basic plot line of the battle with grendel, his mom and the final battle with the dragon?
Is Dan Brown going to write another Langdon novel? I really like his other two.?
What is the name of the novel written with no letter "e", the most common letter in English?
Would this be a good short film?
Why did Moody Madeye teach Harry how to withstand imperio when he wanted Harry to be killed?
Any good books with:...................?
who is a really heroic character?
Name of a book where a kid looks for pieces of a will.?
What's the Best Selling Book Written in the Last 15 years?
Twilight Question, please answer.?
How to write a Brithday Poem for a Friend(girl)?
can i have a really long list of nice names?
How is Affirmative Action Encourages Racism?
Where can I get a copy of Nicanor Parra's "Obra Gruesa" in Spanish.?
Story Name For A Transgender Love Story?
i am trying to find a prayer with these words in it: thrown among strangers..please help?
Their Eyes Were Watching God questions?
Where can i Find Molier's novels?
Breaking Dawn silly question but its annoying me?
What weapon should the killer in my story use?
How is Atticus from to kill a mockingbird either believable or not a believable character?
What would be a good book title?
What's your favorite book that you were forced to read?
I am looking for a commentary on the Monk by M.G Lewis?
where can i download the Everworld book series by k. a. applegate?
Mein Kampf?
Can anyone give me writing tips?
Twilight Saga...........?
What themes do the books 1984 and Hamlet have in COMMON ?
Hate toward Twilight?
If basilisk venom destroys hurcruxes, why is Harry Potter alive?
Pretty straightforward question. Is writing fan-fiction good practice for honing your writing skills?
What page is the quotes all for one and one for all on in the book the three musketeers?
How do you get screen play published?
Night by Elie Wiesel Symbolism?
How does this paragraph look?
Hotaru no Haka (Grave of the Fireflies) book?
Do these names sound Native American or Indian?
How does my story sound so far?
Anyone know a book similar to eragon?
Trying to find a children's book I read in 4th grade (1980-81) with "coven" in the title, I think
Book readers in UK....did u know about this site??
where can i find an online Audio Book that i don't have to download?
The dragon riders of PERN book question?
Can you read my paper, and tell me what I could do to make it better etc.?
what is the best way to publish your novel?
what happens in lord of the flies?
what is the story of "TESS OF THE D'URBERVILLES"?
Stephenie Meyer characters?
More stories like Hemingway's "Hills Like White Elephants"?
Romance, Horror, both?
Shakespeare book from 1882??? Fair condition.?
Critic My two main characters please?
did you think twilight was a good book?
Is 'twilight' popular where you live?
Need Story Ideas Please?
So, did you read about what Stephen King thinks about Stephanie Meyer?
How many pages is a 50,000 word book?
Writers: Describe your novel in one word?.?
How are Madame Bovary and Hedda Gabler personalities different?
Do you know about Esfahan ? ( half of World)?
Good books for a 15 girl to read...?
How do you get a children's book published?
Can somebody explain to me J.R.R Tolkien's writing style in "The Hobbit"?
How does McKibben's The End of Nature feel about progress? Does he dislike progress and how is that shown?
What are some similarities between Tom Clancy and his character Jack Ryan?
Sherlock Holmes book mistake?
should gay books be in schools?
where could i find a clear and complete summary of the novel the alchemist? what website?
I have an original book called Ruling Passion byHenry Van Dyke. Is this worth anything?
Candide or Optimism Compare and Contrast?
How can I get over writers block?
The Fine Art of Truth or Dare?
Who is better Edward of Jacob in twilight?
How are love and affection portrayed in In Memoriam, A. H. H. by Alfred, Lord Tennyson?
How to bring new books to our library?
Why do people hate Twilight so much?
rues lines from the hunger games?
Literary help for my story...?
"author" STEPHEN KING or "pop icon" RORY EMERALD? Who is your favourite?
money taken from bank more than expected?
Critique on my writing?
Why do you purchase books?
Questions about the Diary of Anne Frank?
where can i find imagery references on water for shakespeare's macbeth?
What is a good love story to read?
What's a good story title?
can anyone suggest some authors and their books. i have just started reading and do not know any good authors?
What is the correct formatting when writing a book?
first book of sherlock momes series?
need some names for characters?
Last book you read?
Who was science fiction writer Murray Leinster?
Research for story - please help?
What are some good quotes from books?
does anyone know a website that tells you the amount of pages a book has before you buy it?
Do anyone knows of a good web site that lists the best books and authors of all times?
What impressions do you have of the author who wrote The Great Gatsby?
i need a site where i can find good dates on walter dean myers?
I need a Good Book To Read - Something about magic and or Fantasy?
A summary for adam and eve and pinch-me?
Would anyone like a whole book about Jacob Black?
What is the greatest challenge in reading "The Casual Vacancy" by JK Rowling?
What do you guys think about my story, honestly?
person who became wordss?
Good name for my book??? Please help?!?
Lovecraft is copyright?
I'm 14, is it too late to learn to play the accoustic guitar?
is of mice and men a true story?
Help me with my book...plz help?
How do I contact Suzanne Collins?
are there any books which you were forced to read, at school, but came to be amongst your favourites?
Grab the nearest book...What does this line say?
Who's the author of Remember Me?
Is this a realistic scene?
Any ideas for a good novel?
Teenage names for story?
Founding brothers by Joseph J. Ellis chapter 2?
what is the fibonaci sequence and how is it related to the da vinci code?
How long does it take you to forget a word if you don't use it?
What should I name my main character?
Fantasy books for teen guys?
Why can't Claudius just get rid of Hamlet?
How many books are you currently reading?
Why did William Golding write Lord of the Flies?
What kind of tone would a person speak who is angered by SB1070?
Places to get essays/projects published?
Does this sentence make sense?
What poet wrote the work that contains "Gitchegumee" and where can I find the poem?
What's your opnion on "The catcher in the rye"?
What are some things that are contrasting yet harmonious?
Who is your favorite female character from a novel?
In NaNoWriMo, do you get a FREE paperback copy of your finished novel if you're a winner?
I need ideas for a short story!?
Can anyone help me find pandora hearts extras?
What do you think of my book idea?
Your recommendation for best nonfiction and best fiction book (must-reads).?
Harry Potter predictions...Who will die in the final novel?
What book are you reading at the moment?
is the emperor's new suit really a fairy tale even though it doen't involve a magical element?
Animal Farm - write a short story about what happened to Snowball after he escaped from the farm?
Who is ur fav Author?
Animal farm book help?!?
What significance does the sounding of the bell play in the short play A Doll's House?
Can you tell me about a book, possibly titled necromancer, that was released, at the latest, in the 90's?
Character Question?
can i buy books from the internet without having a credit card?
does anyone know when the Khaled Hosseini the guy who wrote the kite runner has a new book out?
What books should i read?? The #of pages don't matter.?
Is Twighlight a Good book.?
who thinks my tractors sexy?
Who is the murderer in the Murders in the Rue Morgue by Edgar Allen Poe?
What was the Correspondent in The Open Boat?
What are some great novels worth to read and in which website I can find them?
Do you think Tobias Eaton will die in the third book of the divergent series?
Anyone know a book to read with a theme of death?
Does anyone know this children's book?
Suggestions for a Book Title, content is insperational poetry on political, religion and current events?
How do you get through a hard/boring book?
Anyone here seen and like this movie or book series?
what books would you recommend to a 14 year old female?
Are Morroccan girls liars?
heart of darkness for every letter of the alphabet?
Harry Potter fans, I just wanna know.....?
Can someone help me with Dante's Inferno?
I am going to self publish a book, can you give me advice on choosing a publisher?
What is a good song to relate to the Shakespeare play Romeo and Juliet? (Love Story doesn't count)?
I want to read a book what book should I read?
Can anyone please tell me two important parts in the book the outsiders i need the paragraphs also?
What's your opinion on Brian Friel's play "Translations"?
What do you think?
So, whatcha reading tonight?
Which name should i use?
how is the pardoner's tale an allegory?
What is your favorite short story? and why?
Where can I found source material for the slang used by Langston Hughes in his poems?
Wanting to know the value of an old "Child's Garden of Verses"...?
definition of human settlements?
H. Rider Haggard is said to have had an affair with an African woman. Does anyone know anything more?
What are some mature books with a teenage main character?
Team Harry Potter or Team Twilight?
What's your favourite?
Need help with a book title?
Do you have a discussion outline for The Great Gatsby by, F. Scott Fitzgerald?
Am I a realist? I've been told I was. What is a realist?
How Do These Magic Guidelines Sound?
From The Inferno: Dante Alighieri?
The Possibility of Evil?
who is allan frost?
Where i can get the The best selling book "The Red Wrath" by Hatef Mokhtar?
My Mother is looking for a poem that goes something like this.?
What book are you reading now?
Ideas for zombie book?
Can anyone tell me the name of this book?
The black arrow louis Stevenson, Help with homework, i need to create a book report?
B&A: Have you ever burned a book?
Help with writing!!!!?
What is the name of the children's picture book about a family of paper airplanes?
Can someone help me with my Homework???
Is it copying? I disagree. Help?
What is the title of this book?
Why does anovel go along fine for a while then all of a sudden the author just...?
Have you read Freakonomics?
Writing a letter to dad?
Longest Word in English Language??
What are your favorite books.?
Whats your favourite book and why?
Why do hardback books have covers on them?
What is the topic of you story or book about or why do you like writing?
how can writ romeo and juleit love paragraph?
What is a good name for Katniss's baby?
Easy points for a Twilight question.?
chaucer question medieval english language?
Does Twilight make everyone obsess?
does anyone know what book this is?
What is the name of the book that involves a Native American girl (Malasu?) befriending a wolf?
Good book recommendation websites?
Name an excellent book to get completly lost in?
Good Beginning to My Pride and Prejudice Sequel?
Richard the Second?
Does anyone know a law firm by the name of william scott and associates and do you know about them good or bad?
Writing about King Edward VI and Lady Jane Grey?
What is Malgudi?
Tell me what you think about my One Direction Fanfic?(:?
what does (bite) me on the end of the book name on amazon?
Of Mice And Men essay, relationships?
I need help coming up with a thesis statement!?
How is the new Harry Potter book?
What nation was at war with Blefuscu in Gulliver's Travels?
What are three short stories by Guy De Maupassant that are great for a Fiction paper?
A summary about the book called Of Two MInds by Carol Matas and Perry Nodelman?
What should I do to sell a manuscript?
If you had to write about your life what would the title be?
whose Quotes are these?
what is pledging?
Becoming an author. Would writing make a good career?
whats a good last name for daniel?
Is there a website where I can read the Battle Royale manga online?
Does anyone like the Ann Rice Vampire Chronicles and if so which book is your favorite?
Do you need to read james patterson other books to understand 11th hour ?
Where or at what library can I find this book:El ballet folkorico de mexico de amalia hernandez?
Why is this Twilight book so popular?
I want to read some philosophy any suggestions on which books to start with?
Does anyone know this book?
what is the theme for the story 12 angry men?
HARRY POTTER FANS: The Daily Prophet Rapid News Column!!?
Is the new book (Cell) by stephen king good?
Who wrote the short story "Shaving"?
What makes a great novel? What makes a crappy one?
Question about True Blood books...?
Last book you read?
Whats better n why... Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse or Breaking Dawn?
Good books to read for a teen!?
Twilight books house falls down sex scene!! Really?
I need help finding a book.?
So, did you read about what Stephen King thinks about Stephanie Meyer?
Who's the father of Estella's daughter? (Great Expectations)?
Tim Leary's last words?
What is A Farewell to Arm's perspective on bravery?
How is this series title for my book series?
has anyone ever read any thing from the ender's game series?
Lord Voldemort's transition to the dark side?
Need some middle names for my character?
info on the absolutely true diary of a part-time indian??
What do YOU think should happen in this chapter?
Feedback on my characters?
What is the title of this book?
Where can I find "The Ultimate Safari" story online?
I need some book recomendations?
The Great Gatsby Chapter 7-9?
what can i do if i fall in love with the other woman. i had married with a nice wife?
Does this sentence make sense?
How is my writing? I am writing a story about 5 different characters being on Titanic!?
What is the best classic novel you've read to date?
where can ifind the biography of author L. Sue Baugh?
what books are worth reading?
What do you think of my story?
Well I recently read erich segal's love story.?
What book will change my life forever?
What companies take in amateur book publishers work ?
what is better the bible or new moon?
What books should I get?
WDYT of my story so far?
What gross, fantastical stuff can you think of?
do you prefer a happy ending?
Question about the book Luna's California Poppies?
Is this a good opening for my novel? Is it cheesy? Any feedback is great!!?
subplots in jane eyre?
who is the writer of this story?, what do you think of it?
Reasons why banning books are pointless?
Lord of the Flies foreshadowing help?
I liked Harry potter and the stephen king and dean koontz mystery/action type books. whats good out now?
help with names. michal what?
What was the last book you read?
songs that relate to The raven by Edgar Allen poe.?
What is a good title for this short story?
What is the Da Vinci Code about?
What pet should I give my main character in a fantasy novel?
Can anyone help me remember the name of this children book series?
What're some good Fantasy books that're actually worth reading? with my story please?
Opinions on a science fiction plot?
Who is your favorite author?
What are some real world examples of Language as Mind Control in the novel 1984?
Who can give me a brief summary about this essay(less than 400 words?
was thinking of a horror story idea that brings all my other stories together. need help please?
Do you agree books should be rated?
Chinese American history books?
Anyone want to join a reading group for vampire/werewolf/superstitions/folklore fiction/nonfiction?
I am a teenage author with over 3 thousand notes, I need to put my book together, any help?
I need help with a beginning?
In Macbeth act 4 what does Ross suggest to Lady MacDuff?
What award did the novel Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston receive?
Im writing a book, wouldyou read it?
What's the worst thing your daughter could say to you?
Summary of Treasure Island? .s!?
What are some good books to understand the world?
names and funny nicknames for teachers for a story?
The Merchant of Venice?