Anyone Read Monte Cristo? Help!!?
HARRY POTTER FANS: What comes to your mind when someone says "Harry Potter"?
Good Young Adult Book Series to Read?
influence of purpose on writing?
what wre some of the differences between Harry Potter and the Sorcerers' Stone the movie and the book?
Harry Potter Question?
Any cute names for a female story character?
What is a good thesis statement comparing The Sun Also Rises and The Great Gatsby's setting?
Where can i read 50 shades of grey?
How can I improve this paragraph and make it clearly state what I mean?
Did they find a cure or resolution for the animals in James Patterson's Zoo?
Which book is the best that you have even read?
Original fairytale book? need help with a name.?
what is christopher paolini's email address?
~~~~~~~~~~ IMPORTANT: Please Read~~~~~~~?
What is the thesis of the book Republic Lost: How Money Corrupts Congress--and a Plan to Stop it?
Any good life changing books out there that anyone would recommend?
where is a story where bella can read minds but edwards & vice versa. please help!?
What's the best book you've ever read? Why?
I need a new book to read REALLY badly?
My boyfriend is on face book.and i hate face book i dont know wat to
Which do you think is easier: to write books for children or for people of other age groups?
i want to make a project on mahadevi verma and the summary of his books?
who dies in the 6th book of the Harry Potter series?
Why do people hate twilight so much?
What's the last book you read?
Interpret the significance of Shakespeare's language and its importance in the overall plot of romeo+juliet?
Has any book of all you've read changed your life?
who is cecilia laurente?
Which appeals to you be entertained or to be inspired?
I'm looking for a book...?
Is there any books that are like Twilight?
Im doing a book report on the hunger games and i did NOT read it.?
I would like to have a go at reading some Classics - Any ideas?
Anyone here loves William Shakespeare? What is your favourite play, poem or sonnet written by Shakespeare?
Can you ask the Bible on ?
need help plz?...just 5 and 6.?
plz rate this book, best answer?
What book are you reading at the moment and is it interesting?
How do I find a buyer for a collection of used books?
what are some good books for an eager 15 year old girl?
needing short story ideas!!?
Wuthering Heights trivia II. ?
can anyone help me with "A Madrigal" by W.Shakespeare?
Any fans of Terry Pratchet?
For those who enjoy erotica?
What's the only way to write a book?
What Book Are You Reading These Days?
is dumbeldore gay or straight?
Will someone answer a question about THE WIZARD OF OZ?
What's the Scariest Book You Ever Read?
What is the theme of my sisters keeper?
Does anybody know any short story competitions with cash and or scholarship prizes?
Using metric and imperial units in novel?
What Hogwarts House would I be sorted into? Curious!!?
Can anyone provide a list of Stuart Woods' books in chronological order and which are Stone Barrington?
What are some book series who's protagonist is a tragic hero?
Difference between prologue and Preface?
Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman?
names for a fictional town?
What fictional character would you like to be friends with?
is there a bio of Vita Sackville-West by son?
whats your favorite book?
Can someone help me with this Bootyology 101 book?
Need a title for my Fantasy book?
How would you rate my opening paragraph?
What are some magnificent books about anything?
How to improve opening section?
Where can I read Tolstoy's Strider: Story of a Horse on-line?
Conner John McGrath.............?
Good books for 15yr old girl?
Harry Potter fans: Were you hooked on Harry Potter by the1st page, or did you have to read more?
what's a good series besides twilight and harry potter, i've read those?
How does the crossing of ingo end?
"The Hunger Games" Open Ended Response HELP?
Fantasy writing prompts, anyone?
What did Alice mean in eclipse the book when she said "What's one more diamond and hes' already got one on-"?
Which month was Romeo and Juliet, the story, happen in the book?
what are some good books to read?
another quick question about reserving twilight at borders?
Can anyone judge my writing?
Who wrote "Paddy and the Wizard"?
"Chicago" by Carl Sandburg?
looking for a book called "Mother of Dragons" Author unknown, 3rd in a series?
How hard is it to publish a novel? Does it only matter if it's marketable?
Wanting a simliar book to......?
What is the best Stephen King novel?
Need Help in describing the main villain in my book?
In Macbeth, in act 3 scene 3 who is the third murderer??
Who's read "Lord of the Flies?"?
What's the title of this sesshomaru story?
what is the importance or value of education in the poisonwood bible?
Twilight or Harry Potter?
Where can I find free chapters of suspense novels?
Odyssey book help, additional book 16 help?
I need help with my story! Any Advice?
What is the comedy and satire in the short story "Gabriel-Ernest'?
Can anybody help me???
tuck everlasting question?
What is the subject of Hungarian story "The testimony of Agha of Koppany" ?
what kind of questions were there in the w.o.m.b.a.t. test on jk rowlings site?
What do you think? Feel free to share constructive criticism!?
I need a good title for this short novel?
Whose biography, written by his brother, was titled LEE?
Harry Potter fans, Do you think Lord Voldemort should've died?
Is this a good idea for a book?
Can anyone give me info on B.C. Forests?
If you could have an 'ability', what would it be?
What all of the Clique books in order as of 2012?
Title for this story? Ten points to best answer!?
who is cinerella?
Is he MOCKING me, or what...?
Has anyone ever read Guy de Maupassant's work?
I can't remember what this book is called... HELP!?
can you name this book?
Please give me a copy of a script of any short Arabian Stories?
Any short stories by Stephen King or Ramsey Campbell that has a focus on SETTING?
how does the cover of 'the truth about forever' relate to the story?
What's the main font they use in the CGP revision guides?
Is this a good book to read?
Who is the Greatest Author EVER, in your opinion?
Any Ideas for a fantasy story?
In Rappaccini's Daughter, how might Rappaccini be considered evil or immoral.?
HARRY POTTER FANS: Some questions you might like to answer?
in jekyll and hyde why does the first letter mentioned create suspense?
How to write a clique book?
Does Anyone like the author Mary Higgins Clark?
Some questions about Act 4 of The Crucible?
There is a sentence missing in my copy of "All Quiet on the Western Front" ... ?
Great book for a mature 16 year old?
What is your favourite Romance Fiction?
I don't remember the title of this book please help?
Anybody know good wattpad stories?
I need a guy's name, help please?
Ideas for a new book I should read?
Short story character names... any ideas? Thank you!?
Institute of Children's Literature?
where can I find info. on $ advances to authors of various categories for books?
opinion on a name please?
Sweet and innocent historical romance novels ...?
What is texture of Billy Bud in terms of straightfoward narrative interposed alongside digression & commentary
Reccomend me a book and revive my love of reading...?
Erotic short stories The Olympic or Olympia Reader?
Whos the author of the book "not without my daughter"?
Is les miserables a good book?
Of Mice and Men - Powers and Relations of characters?
how does the narrtaive techniques contribute to the meaning of the romance?
need opinion pl. (thanx)?
in gifted by marilyn kaye who is behind carter on the cover?
Can you tell me the plot of The Princess and the Goblins?
In what house didi the sorting hat almost put harry potter?
Who would you cast in a new movie of To Kill A MockingbirD?
I am looking for an english translation on the web for "El Sí de las niñas¨by Moratín.?
What happens in the book The Magician's Nephew, by C.S. Lewis?
Where can I get an advanced reading copy of The Tiger's Voyage?
Why didn't fred and george take some notice to Peter Pettigrew on the Map In before the third HP book?
What is the proper way to submit an unsolicited fictional romance manuscript?
I'm writing a story, need character names?
Already reached the halfway point in nanowrimo?
Rate4 audiobooks online?
Does anyone know the name of this book....?
George Martin's Song of Ice and Fire - any fans?
Read a short beginning to a story? comment?
What novel are you reading now?
What the name of a Children's Book (Ages 9-12) that involves two boys and blueberries?
Help with a story character?
PD Novel: wants to download angry birds how?
How many pages long is the book Messengers of God?
Does anyone know a biography was written about Edgar Allan Poe.?
What was the first word ever written, that we know of? I'm guessing it may have been egyption or chinese.?
Need help finding novel resources?
Is it true that you have to give atlleast 10% to Literary agent?
what do you do when you get sick?
Does this idea sound too cliche?
why ı can't read..ı must read book but ı can't why????
Can you tell me about a book, possibly titled necromancer, that was released, at the latest, in the 90's?
why did martin luther king recieve a nobel peace prize?
Confusing book help?
What is the meaning of N.V.M. as in the name of N.V.M. Gonzales?
I'm a grade 11 student, I need a good fiction book that's not too long to read for my english class.?
Where can i go to publish poems? Where the company gives me creidt and doesnt say it is thier own work.?
what is the significance of "the catcher in the rye" to holden caulfield?
How do people find reading books fun?
Can someone prove to me that the DaVinci Code is false?
anybody read william saroyan?
Have you ever read Paulo Coelho?
Andy Mcnab non-fiction books?
Game of Thrones books. Differences between books? One has more pages than the other?
Which Saga Do You Prefer?? Twilight:D Or Harry Potter:D?
do you know any author from Mississippi?
Has "Twilight" ruined the Books & Authors section?
I wrote an novel,who knows how to publish it?
Which name do you prefer?
Where can I find the annotation of "The Kimono" by H.E. Bates?
Big Big Words?
So, Uh, Does This Sound...Er...Well...-sigh-?
What's a good book series to get into?
reading "The Fountainhead" is one thing and to acheive its true understanding another, why?
Help with writing a poem please?
What is the main theme in vincent millay`s poems?
What are some meaningful quotes from stargirl that might really stand out from the book?
harry potter fans only plz...?
A Summary On Gone With The Wind?
What are the odds of getting a book published?
are you sad harry potter is over?
can someone tell me if gossip girl books are good books to read?
Why have coffee shops turned into the same thing as libraries but with coffee instead of books?
in the giver what happens at ceremony 2,5, and 6?
Why didn't Edward just kill himself? Why go to the Volturi?
Good books with truth as a theme?
What act and scene is the balcony scene in Romeo and Juliet book?
Do you love school?
To Kill a Mockingbird Attention GRABBER help!?
Planning two different books?
Is Harry potter going to die in the seventh part?(I really wanna know)?
Can you help me?
Im trying to find a book.?
Would you please help me find some English publications that offer free books ?
what do you think of my poem?
What do you prefer, TWILIGHT or HARRY POTTER?
What are some good books to read?
Harry Potter or Twilight?
Has anyone heard Kip Fulbeck speak?
Why aren't Kristin Hannah's books available in Canada?
can a girl do a 80s boy george role?
If I am interested in mystery books, novels by which author should i read?
Does anyone else think Twilight is a stupid book?
What do I need to do in order to write a good poem?
Finish the limerick. Here's the first line: There once was a girl from Nantucket,...?
Is it ok to submit to publishers while you are submitting to agents?
Which is better Twilight or Harry Potter?
Which book (fiction) would you recommend as the best read ever?
A few sad, but good, books for teens?
what did saknis offer matt in sign of the beaver chapter 21?
What are some good names for characters for my book?
What would you consider to be the best book ever written by anyone ever?
What are the strengths and weaknesses of the book "Sundiata: An Epic of Old Mali"?
I am doing an essay about the book To Kill A Mockingbird and i was wondering if this is a good introduction?
Need some REALLY good Harry Potter fanfiction?
In the city of ashes , how did alec betray jace ?
If a fourteen year old girl suddenly stopped growing, how long would it take for people to notice?
How long does it take you to read a book usually?
What do you think of my story?
Good medieval book suggestions?
Ponyo on the cliff by the sea?
Is there any history about Merlin s father and/or mother? Who was he/she?
if I'm 13 and in grade 8, and i write a novel, will i be able to publish it?
what is your favorite book?
What books are you reading?
has anyone heard of the swedish author anna charlotta efverman?
what are some good books about mexican gangs or mexican families?
A question for crime novel fans?
who are the characters for tree girl by ben mikaelsen?
What book are you reading at the moment?
Scarlet Letter questions: chapters 1-8?
Your favorite book ever?
How to describe this scene?
For Twilight fans - Team Edward or Team Jacob?
teens and litterature?
Did Mark Twain recieve any awards for his works while he was alive?
If Harry Potter had became an animagus, what animal do you think he would form?
Does anyone remember this story/book?
I want to find a good writer for "Ezine Articles"...?
How do autobiographers/memoir writers deal with this problem?
If someone destroyed a book you loaned them, would you be furious?
Good ideas for a love story? 10 points :)?
what can you say about the last leaf story by O. Henry?
Why do some people adopt special needs children?
Stolen by Lucy Christopher?
Whats a good book by orson scott card?
How can I compare and contrast Hawthorne's Scarlet Letter to Chopin's The Awakening?
How can I find author Sid Hite's email address?
what book are you reading & what book have you been planning on reading for a long time?
What is a good name for a characther in my friends story?
last names to go with...?
Can someone please help me analyze The Tell Tale Heart by Edgar Allen Poe?
How to make this story grab your attention?
Has anyone else heard of "Shade's Children"?
Is the hunger games catching fire worth reading?
harry potter?
best novel of stephen king???? (10points)?
Where can I find the perfect poem?
Im making multiple citations from one author. Do i write (author pg#) each time or that once and (pg#) after?
EAsy 10 points!!!!!!!!?
10 point! which name is better?
What does Bella mean in the book Twilight?
What movie scene would compare to chapter 23 in the Odyssey?
Edward Cullen or Jacob Black?
order of vampire diaries books?
"the scarlet letter" setting essay...need help?
Does anybody know where to find Pretender books, from the tv series Pretender?
Twilight ?
Other than Barnes and Noble, what are some good chain bookstores?
draw a charecter sketch of Mark Antony n Brutus....?
Dreams from my Father help?
which is better harry potter or the twilight series?
how do you get your poem copy write?
i have a book or paplet with stacye drogi krzyzowej on cover what does it mean?
Difference between these book genres?
Inspirations to the novel, Tomorrow when the war began?
Out Of Print Books Meaning?
Do you know how ebook outpost works? the site only has a download now button?
Which name for a female character?
What was the last bit of writing to blow you away?
Read the beginning of my book?
who took over the ministry of magic after dumbledore died?
how does one go about getting an agent for their book?
Getting my stories in print?
If you get your book published and it doesn't sell, can you republish it on ebooks or is that illegal?
will you care to read this saint summary? 10 EASY PTS!!!!!!!?
I am doing research for a book I am writing. Do you think it is outdated to have a 35 year old heroine....?
Is having action scenes in most chapters in my book a good thing?
In the first HP book what page is "It takes much bravery to stand up to our enemies... " on?
Does anyone know how to organize a personal library of 100s of books, without putting call numbers on binding?
What was this book/story called?
Do you really think Dan Brown makes sense?
what is the symbolism of the rose in a rose for emily?
In Need Of Vampire , laws and rules. Any one able to help me?
How does Edward sleep with Bella?
Who is your favorite short story author?
I really want to read a novel that'll (literally) scare the hell out of me! Any suggestions?
what's your favourite book?
how would i cite a book that is a compilation of essays?
How does Ralph in Lord of the Flies compare to the old man in The Old Man and The Sea?
Please help me with my story! (10 POINTS)?
What do you think of this writing so far? PLEASE HELP. It is very short!:)?
How can I convince my dad to let me get life sized cardboard cutouts of the Twilight characters?
Having trouble with my novel. Help?
Has anyone read the knife man by wendy moore?
why does everyone think that the things in twilight are vampires?
what is the climax in the book tantony?
Could someone provide me with a little critique?
how often should you post a new chapter on wattpad?
Good vampire series to read.?
What is the book that changed your life and why?
Where can i find the tribe books?
I need help finding who the main character and supporting characters in this book?
Would You Read This Story?
how do i find a summary of the book "psychology & religion eight points of view"?
Gauri vishwanathan as a post colonial writer?
Someone who has read Fifth Business, please help?
Which book are you reading?
What are some good books? (Any Genre)?
where can I find a summary on the book The Light and the Glory.?
what is the title of harry potter7th book?
Chinese American history books?
summary of mortal instruments bk 4 fallen angels please?!?!?
An amazing book that made you cry?
Can anyone help me with my writing and character development?
Who was your favorite Author as a child?
Has anyone read 'Da Vinci Code' AND 'Angels & Demons' by Dan Brown?
Other books that show the same themes of 1984?? (George Orwell)?
has anyone ever seen age of innocence?
Has anybody read The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks?
How is the beginning of my story?
I need some help finding a battle book!?
Harry Potter Questionn?
What are the titles of the books in this series?
New book to write after Twilight saga.... ?
Can anyone rate my poem??
What is the best book you have ever read?
If youve read Vampire Academy?
Which way should i start my book?
New Books Out For 2012?
What is the best book (eventualy the author) You have ever read?
Fave Book of all time?
Does anyone know the name of this book?
Which book should i read next?!?
Which is better welcome to wicked wax museum or please dont feed the vampire?
Does Margaret Peterson Haddix have any information on the web?
Why do some people hate Twilight?
I need help with a Plot map?
OK. so i know L. snicket's real name. wats j.k. rowling's real name?
What everybody think about Edward Cullen?
Have you ever read a book that captured your interest to the point you couldn't put it down?
Book Rip Offs And Similarities?
can i borrow eddie guerrero's book?
Have you read Big Tiger and Christian by Fritz Muhlenweg? Did you enjoy it? Why?
Twlight: whos cuter jake edward jasper and emmett?
john bulls other island?
thesis struggle- visual media- images that changed the world's perspective?
Can anyone recommend any good books?
Why do people think HP is well written? It sucks!?
short moral/positive story . . .?
Cut from my story, how does it sound?
Love story beginning sentences?
book: strange objects by gary crew?
Teenager girly books?
Anyone read Nausea?
What is the best book ever in your opinion?
When does the 5th Twilight book, Midnight Sun, come out?
A book about a Journey?
Who do you think would make the most awkward Harry Potter couple?
Title Ideas for This Story?
Is the book, "Twilight" is good book?
Where to buy the manga: Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan?
Can anyone give me a review on "Lives of the Saints" by Nino Ricci?
What is the best way to write a novel?
If I write a book about a topic, and do research...?(CITATION)PLEASE HELP!?
What do you think is the best ever first line in a book?
My friend likes the Harry/Draco pairing & wants to know if anyone has any recommendations of stories for her.?
Would you rather be a vampire or a werewolf?
What is the cause of so few book libraries in Mumbai?
Richard III or Henry V?
Is it wierd that i read all twilight books even the last one twice in a month?!?
Know any good Child book morals?
Interesting facts about realistic fiction?
Should I read the Pretty Little Liars again?
Does any one have any word on the release date of the New Tom Clany novel? It keeps getting pushed back.?
Has anyone read Stephen King's "The Shining"?
Do you generally write in cursive or print?
The Beast By Walter Dean Myers?
What's the title and author of this book? ?
What do you do with books that you have finished reading ?
what does situational irony?
looking for the book titled "water under the bridge" ?
What is another name for a shape-shifter (for all those fantasy nerds out there like me)?
What song would be similar to a World War II story?
who like reading harry potter?
a conclusion about Simon - lord of the flies?
when does Cornelia Funke's new book come out?
In the book twilight how dose a human become a vampire?
Should "holy books" be copyrightable?
Has anyone read The Deeds of Paksenarion by Elizabeth Moon? What do you like about it and whats your fav part?
Quizbook writing : If I write quizzes that are based on a textbook or textbook(s)?
A(n) _______ essay tells a story or personal account.?
Guys which book is better to read Harry potter or Twilight?
What's a Good Western Book Title?
am i the only adult who can't wait for book 7 of the harry potter seris?
Twilight Fans?
What happened to Tatsuya from the SISTERS OF THE SWORD series after book 2?
Are The Alice Books Appropreite For 13 Year Olds?
Which Michael Rosen books include poems about his son Eddie?
What sort of pressures are put on the people in the book Pride and Prejudice?
top 3 books you have read?
Free download geometry mathematics book (hindi or gujarati)?
Man of La Mancha?
name of the book, that is written by a japanese female author about her and her 30something year old friends?
i want to learn about guitar code?
Read any good action/suspense authors lately?
Am I to old to read the Twilight saga?
What were some of the signs that Andy's psychological state was declining? Was there anything that could......
Fight club the novel, any class games?
Kristin Stewart Smoking Pot?
can u recommend a life changing book?
Harry Potter rox!!?
who is J. Whiller he was a painter?
I want to write a novel but I dont have any ideas?
Quick Question...?
i'm looking for the diaries that use lockets as a key?
book help please need help please please?
recommend a book to read for non english speaker?
If I include a quote from the internet in a short story I have written, how do I cite it?
How does this sound for a synopsis of my book?
Is Twilight a good book to read?
was Sarah Palin threatened by the Russian MAG WAV weapons system?
Would this title get your attention?
How is this edited main character? Follow up to my last question!?
Story Title Ideas? Please?
I'm feeling so stifled in my country....What should I do?
What's a good book to read?
Can u suggest a site were i can get the list of latest bestselling books?
I am looking for this book?
anyone know a book about a girl named chelsea who has a bad relationship with her rebel sister?
What is the plot of Dear John?? URGENT!?
FOR GOD's SAKE!!! i need the name of one novel which is using inversion or fronting theme pattern?
If i enjoyed 50 shades of grey what other books are out there just like the series?
Looking for author of surreal short pieces.?
When will 1776 come out in paperback?
Do you like my story so far?
What Is The Religon Of Dan Brown?
Have anybody know Nigel Tomm biography, or some facts from his life?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of sending your special needs daughter to an all-girls school?
how can I get people to buy my book?
What is the name of this book?
How can I make this better?
Does anyone know the name of this book? it's a young adult book?
Which name connects a Welsh pop singer with an 18th century English novelist?
How long should a comic be before you reach the main plot?
What are some male heroic, romantic pirate names?
I need an essay topic for Dylan Thomas' poem "Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night."?
Best Book ever......???
Has the third book of the Inheritance trilogy (Brisingr) released in India?
Hunger games question?
Have you read the book "The Da Vinci Code"? What do you think about it?
are ufo for real?
I'm dying to find a good book to read, can anyone help me??
Is my writing as awful as I think it is?
Character analysis for "The Heart is a Lonely Hunter"?
why is this book SATANIC VERSES by salman rushdie banned in India ?
How to edit your manuscript?
where can I find Suzane Colon biography?
Please help me where to download for free Harry Potter book 6.?
I am in danger! Help please!?
What's this book called? 10 points--> best answer.?
i need books! fantasy, romance, science fiction, anything. Does any one know any really good books?
Did Rebecca Black die?
The Catcher in the Rye HELP!?
Describe killer love?
What's your #1 best book you've ever read?
Which Batman Graphic Novel should i read?
How many books did you finish over the summer?
What is your all time favorite book that you've read?
what is the best way to get a book of poetry published?
What's the best sewing technique book, and the best fashion book?
Myla Goldenberg . Who's the writer Myla Goldenberg ?
Favorite Book? (4 different categories)?
what is ray bradbury's best novel?
I don't know what to name my story...?
Book Appropriate for 12th grader?
What book is better Artemis Fowl or E?
Good books on reading people and getting into there minds ?
a prog in java to find determinant of matrix?
Do the Harry Potter movies do justice to the book series?
The novel of Troy by Adele Geras?
Are these names for my story bad?
What is the best bookstore?
What is the best self-publishing service?
HELP please! i need it so badly?
I'm a writer and I need a name for a character.?
Harry Potter Series vs. The Twilight Saga?
Any hope story's to share?
which do you think is better Harry Potter or Twilight?
Anyone suggest a good book to read? Since im a guy would like to stay away from romance and that stuff?
Book suggestions for teens?
Question about A Song of Ice And Fire books?
What is your favorite book?
Who was the priest rescued by Waylander?
Read my short passage and review?
I want to write a book..?
what was the last book you brought and is it worth reading?
Does anyone have info on Jehan (or Jean?) Le Fevre who translated the Lamentations of Matheolus?
Sideways stories from wayside school?
In search of online book club members?
Ladies, which Character from fiction would you like to whisk you of for a romantic Valentines dinner?
In The Great Gatsby,?
What book is this 10 points best answer HELP?
beatles CD Name that Ties in with of mice and men?
20 Phrases from the book Breaking Dawn?
The girls name for a story that I'm writing?
What does the sea represent in the poem, Ulysses, by Alfred, Lord Tennyson?
ALL twilight fans help me win a bet!!!?
I have been reading Life with Father by Clarence Day Jr. and looked him up online. It is mentioned that his b?
I can't think of the name or author of this book and its driving me nuts!?
What are some books exactly like the Hunger Games?
Describe the rules regrading minor contract-Explain.?
Whats a good book to read?
Writers: How do you handle YA historical fiction dialogues?
the worst book you ever read?
The Lady or the Tiger?
what is your favorite novel and who's the author?
Who wrote the poem "The time has come, the Walrus Said, to Speak of Many Things..."?
I love reading historical romance books. Any one else a reader?
needs help with a question from the book night by elie wiesel.!?
Which ereader should I buy?
What are some Dark last names for my characters?
CITR: What kind of identity does Holden have, and what events developed this identity?
Hi, do you know any good books on the "war on terror"?
Can anyone explain Seduction by Nikki Giovanni?
Need book titled "The Price of Politics"?
Ideas for a good horror story?
Do Fan Fics degenerate your ability as writer?
Favorite Twilight character?
Would This Be Too Much Like Twilight.......?
Has anyone heard of the book, "At The Earth's Core", by Edgar Rice Burroughs?
What is your favorite military quote?
I need someone to help me w/ my writing?
Anyone know of a good poker book?
Could you please recommend some good books?
Writers: Some random questions?
is twilight really THAT good?
How do I find the value of a Sinclair Lewis book?
"house of night" OR " the night world" ?
which twilight book do u like the best?
What Do You People Think Of My Writing Style?
What types of settings are conducive to writing?
What is a great teen romance book?
Has anyone read the whole bible?
How Can I Improve the Summary of My Novel?
I am doing a research paper on the truth behind documentary photography. How do I start a search on this topic
is there any girl in the world who's not in love with edward cullen?
who was ramdas swami? and what was his famous book ?
books on the founders of Santa Cruz California?
Have you read the Janet Evanovich Stephanie Plum series?
I need a recommendation of a book for my book club?
is there a book called Call of the Loon?
What does my pottermore wand say about me?
Help finding the name of a book?
"What BOOK are you reading right now"?
Can you help me find me the name of this poem?
importance of philoctetes bow?
Need help with literature?
The most brilliant books of all time? Novels that just wowed you. Best of all time. Favorites.?
Im writing a story...?
The White Witch (from Narnia) looks human, but she isn't a daughter of Eve. What is she?
What's the best book you've ever read?
What is your favorite book of all time?
Looking for books to read (read description)?
Would you buy/read my book?
Please let me know some very popular and good English books that many teenagers read in the U.S. or UK .?
Would a 4th grader be able to read the Harry Potter books?
can someone critique my short stories?
do u think hermoine is going 2 b ron's girl friend in the 7th book/movie of harry potter?
Where can I buy online book Wise and unwise by Sudha Murthy ?
I have a $45 book store gift certificate. Can anyone suggest anything good?
whats your favourite book?
Is the intro of my horror story fine?
Book Suggestions similar to Fallen Angels by Walter Dean Myers?
the teeth of the tiger sequel?
What's a good name for this story?
Your question is a little short. Try being more descriptive?
I can't remember a book from my childhood please help?
what is a good book to read?
who do you think is Mark Evans of Harry Potter?
Short story questions?
i want an article on dhirubhai ambani?
im looking for the famous author who's sife died in a fire while fixing their daughter's hair?
Do you know any authors similar to Anne Rice style?
Has anyone read the House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros
How can I act like Sam from Perks of being a wallflower?
Suggestions of a good history trivia book?
Where can I read free literary essays online?
How is guilt show in The cask of Amontillado?
Looking for a fanfic?
What are the best teen reads?
what book, author is this from?
What is a good book I can suggest to my book club?
Why did Agamemnon refuse to return Chryseis in Book 1 of the Iliad?
Is there a website you can go to that will give you the values of old books?
where can i get the lord of the flies audiobook for free?
does Dan brown's DA VINCI CODE has some element of truth in it??
I need to find a book?
A fo Apple , b for boy and what is the c for?
What are the top ten books that shaped the world?
Which of the Harry Potter BOOK series is your favorite?
What is Stephen King's novel which so much frightened you ?
Is Shakespeare an uneducated person?
crime novels anyone??
Can anyone tell me some allusions to Romeo and Juliet?
I need Werewolf book help?
Any books You know of that have good quotes in them. And poems of sadness or love?
Can i skip some books and read the last one in the Harry Potter Series?
What do you think of this book idea?
Who is the father of Isaiah?
I need names for my story!?
Does anyone know who wrote the childrens book "Just David"?
Which, of all the books you've read, is the one that will stay with you forever?
what phone you can recommend that can help me read book and can be operated for long period?
Could you please critique these story ideas?
how does the book Heist society by ally carter end?
why did Miguel angel Asturias and Rigoberta menchu win the nobel prize?
Can anyone recommend a book written from the perspective of a blind person?
My wand (unicorn tail hair with dragon skin) just broke...?
How does one formally reference a king in a book index?
I go to book fairs and see people using scanners on books?
I like John Grisham, Richard Bach! Which other novelists do you think I will like as well?
What are important passages in the novel Beloved?
Which Stephen King Novella had a better film adaptation? (The Body) or (The Shawshank Redemption)?
What version of Homer's 'The Odyssey' would James Joyce have read?
.s! which surname do you like better?
JK Rowling vs. Stephenie Meyer - Twilight vs. Harry Potter?
Please Help? Need past Data!?
Who is Henry Van Dyke?
how to turn into a vampire?
trying to find info on a 1885 catechism of christian doctrine book?
Writers & mathmaticians only please.?
Who writes songs and any advice?
New Harry Potter Book?
i think i have a rare book...Do I?
For a book - What would be a cool way to find out someone was split personality?
i'm looking for a book?
How do I get heaps of people to read my story on Wattpad?
What is the author R.L Stine's mailing address?
Ideas for articles?
What is the theme of Alice Walker's "To Hell with Dying"?
im writing a book though i have no clue what to title it! so i would lobe to hear your ideas for a title!!!?
English Bulldog books?
What is your favourite book of all time??
Which one of these books should I read for a book project?
Does anyone know the name of this children's book?
Who is reading or finished reading the Da Vinci Code?
Should this be one big book or a few smaller books?
Where can I buy a Hebrew language edition of "A Game of Thrones"?
What is the best book you have read so far this summer???
What are examples of archetypes in the wizard of oz?
What is your favorite book?
Do I look like katniss?
are there any good zombie apocolipse books out there?
To all harry potter fans:what do you think will happen in part 7 of HP series?
Refering to a description of a character, why was chaucer a great writer?
What kind of books do you love to read?
Saddest Book you have ever read?
How old was Hugo Weasley?
What is the best book you have read this year ? ?
who wrote the da vinci code,and is it based on a true story?
I am looking for two Harry/Ginny HP FF which i read 1 year ago. I am not remembering their titles. PLZ help me?
How come the Millenium Series is so hit and miss with people?
who wrote: I sat at a table where food and drink were plenty but honesty and integrity were not. I left hungry
Please help me find these extracts from books on the internet?
How long will all this annoying Twilight hype last?
Has anyone read the book "The Outsiders"? Was it good? What was it about?
what are some really good books?
Okay now, what rhymes with young??
Recomend any good books?
Can you help me proof read this essay?
do you like poorly written books?
Please help me with Eclipse!!! I'm very confused!!??
How to start a literary essay?
How does nurse ratched take away sexual feeling from patient in cukko's nest book?
Are these descriptions too wordy?
Where can i buy an out of print version of the book "the shadow in the north" by philip pullman?
Buisness ideas for 16 year old?
I am writing a book...any feedback?
Im looking for the name of a book or author (daniel?) about a guy who died & went to hell and came back?
author, nancy springer info?
What do you think of this poem?
Bethany Hamilton Book Report?
Is "The Graveyard Book" in progress? By Henry Selick and a story by Neil Gaiman?
hi all i want help to talk to a gril?
why do authors publish e free ebooks?
lord of the flies!! symbol help!!?
Need help for my fantasy universe.?
How do I write down all of my ideas? Please read. ?
what was the general attitude of royalty in the Age of Reason?
Is this a good story that you would read?
I am looking for a 1920's children's poem about a weathervane. Any ideas? I have tried everything on the net.
Is there any evidence in the Harry Potter books to suggest that Dumbledore is gay?
I am looking for "The three musketeers" in english or in bulgarian!?
What are some book publishing companies where I can ask them for publishing information?
who is your favourite author?
What are the themes in the books Two Thousand Seasons and Osiris Rising?
Harry Potter or Twilight (books)?
Here's a tricky question: (Harry Potter fans may be offended)?
From the title "Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging" what are angus thongs?
journalism 101 what book is the best?
Ughh, Why do so many people Love Twilight?
what are some xamples of magical realism?
Is the giver an easy book to read?
Please can I get your opinions on this story?
what romance books are being published in may 2006?
What book are you reading right now?
I can write literature, how do I get an on-line employment?
Decribe the comic bufoonery in the gothic tale "The Castle of Otranto.?
I need cool names for a book that I'm writing. Does anyone have some?
Mark my AS level intro 4 How do Hamlet’s Soliloquies contribute to the Dramatic Effectiveness of the Tragedy?
where can i download e-books of known authors for free?
In New Moon what chapter is it that Bella is told the story of the wolf pack?
i need a list of the greatest horror story writers...anyone? thanks!?
I need a blog name for a project of reading 100 books in a year.?
what will the next house of night book be after awakend?
What kind of life would the wife of bath by Geoffrey Chaucer have in the middle ages?
Harry Potter????
What should i name the characters in my story?
similar authors like sandra brown?
Where can I post my original book online?
who is best self help writer and which books helped you the most?
Please help with Name for a boy?
Are there any other good vampire/romance/action books out there besides Twilight books?
Good hard sci-fi book/author?
Will Beverly Lewis write another sequel to the Abram's Daughters series of books?
Harry Potter Random Survey.?
Da Vinci Code Question: What did Leigh Teabing Teach?
What are modern examples of magical realism in fiction?
Who is a famous teenge wizard who rivals harry potter?
Did Hamlet really weep after killing Polonius?
What book/series that you read changed the way you look at life?
What's your favorite way to read a book?
give me some inspirational birthday qoutes with attached images..thanks!?
Any good book recomendations?!?
Devil/human girl love story?
describe forest- creative writing?
What do you guys think about this?
what is the BEST love story, in a movie book or anything, but DO NOT say twilight...i no it is awesome.?
How many books do you have in your bookshelf?
where can I get rid of my paperback books?
why is the war of the worlds considered a workd of classic literature?
The book Stuck in Neutral?
Is it important to read Dan Brown Books in order?
Any good distopia/utopia books?
After writing a book, what first steps should you take to get it published?
need a book on how to better yourself
I'm looking for some books to read..?
What is the Plot Structure of Wait Till Helen Comes?
Will Darren stop looking at lesbians?
First 3 Hush Hush book summaries by Becca Fitzpatrick?
What did you think of The Casual Vacancy by J.K Rowling?
book recommendations?
Do you think the Weasley family should accept Percy???
Name some town ending names?
Does my story sound too much like Star Wars?
where can i find indian bestseller books on internet as eBook?
Define "sin" as it is set forth in the scarlet letter?
is the beginning of this novel good?
Question on the novel "The Stranger"?
why you want to be a writer?
In what twisted world is edward cullen considered a vampire?
how do i order books online from anoka county library?
Short story help? Need situation where I have to decide someone's fate?
To Kill A Mockingbird?
how do i find publisher to publish a short story?
What is the title of this book- UK, ponies, riding school.?
B&A: Name one title that made you want to read the book? +note Y!A suggestion board about trolling?
help!!! scarlet letter!!?
Can someone give me a list of clothes that bella swan wears in all the twilight books?
Who is the man behind the iron mask?
who writes a letter to pip in great expectations?
How big is the largest sloth?
Which Charlotte Bronte novel is set in a Yorkshire mill community?
If you could summarize Antigone by Sophocles?
How to think up fantasy names for my book?
Is Harry Potter the best book ever to be written..... EVER?
What is the estimated number of Africans that were transported to the Americas?
should my 10 year old daughter be allowed to read the "Twilight' books?
Where can I find a copy of this book?
what is the depiction of the marriage between torvad and nora in henrik ibsens a doll's house?.?
When will the third book of Christopher Paolini's inheritance trilogy be out?
Help with my story please?
Is King Lear a comment on King James' rule?
Does it really matter that Dumbledore's gay?
What was your favorite book as a child?
Could anyone help me with this piece of writing that I wrote as an almost 15 year old?
what is narrative framing?
Where can i find text, prefer in English, of ballad "Tores dotter i vange"- basis of movie "Virgin Spring"
What is the kid's book with the quotation "I'm thinking thoughts I didn't have time to think yesterday?
questions in the cask of amontillado?
The Fire Thief what is the storyline start to end?
How to go about submitting writing to a local newspaper?
Do you think Stephenie Meyer and JK Rowling should win the Nobel Literature Prize?
can you please anwer i need title?
.s! which last name is better for an employer?
I need book character names, please?
Why the sky is blue?
canterbery tales translations?
Why does Twilight exist?
What books are on your bedside table, and which one would you recommend to others?
Anyone know of a good Twilight fan fic site?
Good jack the ripper books?
Finding the right location?
what are the main themes in 'the tell-tale heart' by Edgar Ellen Poe?
What do you think so far? :)?
I like to know where to find the second hand store fixtues?
what is your fav. book????????
What is a good story title?
How long does it take betterworldbooks (seller on amazon) to deliver a book overseas?
Do you like Twilight?
Can you give me a sentence to start off my story?
I'm writing a book and need help for names?
How many books are you currently reading?
sarah dessens new book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Doez reading books make you smarter ? novels?
"The Places In Between" by Rory Stewart chapter summaries?
How many books do you read per week?
What authors and books to read?
need honest criticism for my new book im writing?
Have you read a ton of self-help and spirituality books/?
I'm trying to find this book I read about 2 years ago..?
What is a good name for this manga?
Title of book. Cant remember?
Any Good Christian Books for Teens?
Are the characters in Leo Tolstoys book 'War and Peace'based on real people around that time period?
If I want to cite J. Hector St. John de Crevecoeur as an author in MLA format, how would i do that?
Writers: So why write? It seems like such a waste of time?
What do you think of my story. It needs a lot of work.?
what did you think of the book eclipse, and why?
Help! Character Sketch for Harris in"Three men in a boat"?
Harry Potter fans! A few questions for you!?
When does the love parts come in "The luxe" first book?
What was the last book you read?
Harry Potter fans,what do you think?
the 100 best books in history?
Question about the play 'Hamlet'! How is Claudius feeling about this? HELP!?
What Do You Think Edward Cullen Looked Like When He Was Human?
i am trying to write a diary on the life of hester prynn?
a book about a boy that was stranded on a boat called the frog?
Harry Potter books??
the Davinci Code...?
I need help with finding out what book comes next...?
What should I name my story?
Do you prefer reading poetry or prose? What is your favorite poem or book?
What is the font used in the Hunger Games books?
OKAY, people! HARRY POTTER FANS, I need you now more than EVER!?
Can you call a nonfiction memoir a, "novel"?
Harry Potter,How long will you take to read book 7?
I need to find the official website of Charlotte Dumaresq Hunt also known as Demi, a Childrens book Autthor.?
Major book publishing companies in California or Arizona?
Question over a project on The Book thief?
Have You Ever Read: "No More Us For You"? if so help!?
Did Elizabeth bowen right any poems?
What are some good names for my character?
When was the first Nobel Prize for Economics awarded?
A-b-c poem for the book 1984?
where is this quote in the book "the count of monte cristo" the bantam classic?
How do I start this book and what is a good title?
Where and what is Godric's Hollow in Harry Potter??
How do I self publish a book?
a good book to read i cant find any and i want 1?
When was "on the departure platform" by Thomas Hardy written?
What is the name of this book?
I'm looking for a good book to read, any suggestions?
What do you think of this part of my story?
Which writer created the fictional detective Auguste Dupin?
what is the name of the poem that includes the line "every single blade of grass and every flake of snow"
What is the tone of the book "A Walk to Remember" by Nicolas Sparks?
Has anyone read "A Suitable Boy" by Vikram Seth?
Does this sound like a good book beginning?
Summary of book Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins?
what is the correct usage of titles such as Rev. Dr. John Doe, M.A. Div.?
i AM LOOKING FOR A COPY OF THE BOOK OR BOOKLET CHIPS & Chunks For Every Fireside by Charles F Deems?
Would it be dumb to read all the Harry Potter books?
Late 80s short stories on hbo late night. I believe they were called: 3 ravishing tales of love?
im doing a survey on twilight?
What are some good books on Human Behavior for beginners?
What do you think about this Series title?
Need names for these characters please?
What do you think about this?
value of the book Last of the Mohican's copy wright 1919 edition 1937 Charles Scribner's Son?
downloading books online??!??!hellp!!?
Please read my poem, and tell me what you think about it. Am I any good at poetry?
What are some good vampire books to read?
Who and why didn't you like Breaking Dawn?
Which authors do you think are overrated?
What is your favorite Steven King story?
Need help with The Great Gatsby?
Does anyone know a really good book to read?
A girl i like says she is looking for her "edward", but what can i do to be like edward?
Need help with a book name?
What's the title of this book?
what was motivation for kafka's writing?
Posh place name for story?
What was the name of the children's book where the group of kids lived in a train car?
what can I do if someone publishes some of my translations without my permission?
I am buying books for college of the internet but i need help Please!?
Is it possible to introduce the main character in chapter two.?
I need some help with a story.?
Is this normal for a 12 year old???
what are two themes regarding the book the last of the mohicans..please explain as well!?
What is your favorite novel that portrays a utopian or dystopian society?
What is the importance of symbolism in Lord of the Flies?
What is your final reaction to the play Hamlet?
What do you think of Anne Rice's new novel Christ Out of Egypt?
I'm writing a story and I need a name for someone symbolizing depression?
What is your favorite classic book?
Is it illegal to get a library book, copy some pages, and then, return it?
where can I find a list of classic adventure novels?
Is the first page of my novel any good? Should I continue?
What do you think of my teen fiction/romance story?
Idea for a character in a love story I'm writing. Need your opinions?
Submission made online for manuscripts should get quicker responses right?
What is the word for when three books are put together into one book?
Question: What is a good name for a rich girl?
What sun sign do you think Legolas is? How do you confirm this?
How many books have rape in them?
Are there other book series similar to R.L. Stine's "Goosebumps" or "Fear Street"?
Can anyone give me a good story idea?
WHY is the Twilight series suddenly being ranked next to Harry Potter?
What is your favorite Harry Potter book and movie and character?
What's the best book you've ever read?
Name for a secret file that sounds cool and ambiguous?
What's the significance of this passage?
Harry Potter Book 7 question!?
Can you help me with some titles?
Writers: How would you feel if one of your characters became the object of teenage lust?
Would this make a good start to a short story?
where can i download a free online copy of the book "The Rules" by Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider?
im currentky writing a memoir on the challenges i face after losing my mom, i want to submit a portion...?
how to invoke genie as sarvant?
How important is theme?
I want to write a book about my life but have no money to do so?
Do you think reading is an escape?
PLEASE HELP!! Fantasy world names opinions?
Good story plot, do ya think?
Can anyone tell me the URL of George Schaade's website?
I Have a Pen name Question?
In what Mark Zusak book and what page is this quote on?
GOOD BOOKS?!?!?!??!?!?!?!!?
Has anyone ever read "He's Just Not that Into You"?
A Title For My Story?
Hve you ever read the book Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech?
How does one go about becoming an independent book editor?
What The F is Twilight and why do people keep talking about it?
For those of you that hates the twilight series?
what is the best book you have ever read and why?
biography about Pelé?
"Scar" is NOT the last word of Harry Potter?
any recommendations for books... for a teen?
For a book - What would be a cool way to find out someone was split personality?
How did you break your bones?
Famous Last Words?
How do you like the beginning of my Urban Fantasy novel?
Is Ayn Rand still a very influential writer/philosopher in USA? Is she adored or disliked mostly?
Do you read "Art School Confidential" by John Malkovich?
Questions about The Mortal Instruments Series?
What is your opinion on the book Matilda by Roald Dahl?