Young Goodman Brown and The Minister's Black Veil?
What's Ohio like?
I'm writing a story, and thanks, anonymous for the great names.But what are some events?
will they change this section author>books to Twilight?
Which is your favorite book by Italino Calvino and why?
what is the best scary book you've ever read?
how can i find picture about body?
A good book to read?
On the inside cover of Artemis Fowl: The Eternity Code there is a note that says can you decifer the code...?
Why are you up at 2:50am?
In a story with flashbacks, which do you prefer?
Does anybody know where I put my Literature book... I need it for class this morning?
What is this book called? Easy 10 points?
Where is the dead Irish poet, author, and composer Katharine Tynan Hinkson buried?
At the climax of "The Story of an Hour," __________.?
do you think my writing sucks? try giving me reviews through the addy given. thanks.?
Re-reading Hamlet... Hamlet barging into Ophelia's room?
JK Rowling vs Stephenie Meyer?
What happens at the end of "The curse of the viking grave" book by Farely Mowat ?
Where can i find in the internet the short story "The Star" by Arthur C. Clarke?
Can anyone help me find this book!?
What is the most lyrical poem you know or like?
Good names for characters, male and female!?
Twilight Fans: What Are Your Thoughts On Edward Wanting To Wait Until Bella & He Are Married Before Making....
Are Harry Potter books a bad influence to kids? Why?
Books that were better than movies?
whats the best book you've ever read??
Can Sum1 Do a Romeo And Juliet Literary Portfolio For Me.These are the questions
Is the author Michael Crichton also an actor?
Do u think Stephen King had the right to diss Stephenie Meyer?
What are some elements to include in a photoshoot scene?
looking for book "treaty of atheology" by michel onfray?
I am doing this research paper on how Edmund from The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe symbolize Adam.?
Books to read?
how is a book published?
In the twilight series...?
Short stories with a theme of language education?
If you have read Bitten, Dead Until Dark, and The Vampire Diaries.?
What good books on High School (fiction or non-fiction) have you read?
I was writing a book but i found someone with the same idea. now I'm screwed?
Books:What are your favorite kids books?
I need something new to read?
if you were a character in the book Watership Down, which would you be, and why?
Can anyone tell me about the book "Man beind the mask" actually i forgot what its called.?
plots i need help plz?
Would you please tell me the name of a writer in English?
Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl. What are the answer for the reading review on the back of the book ?
Boy name that is edgy but not over the top?
who is the most overrated author and why?
Could somebody list some of the different Dramatic Plot Situations?
Grimm's fairy tales?
Water for the elephants :3 or Judy moody??? && please use ratings!?
I want to publish a book which has pictures too?
What is the BEST Self Esteem Book or workbook?
What kind of person do you think of when you hear these names?
Has anyone read " Oedipus Rex" and know the story really well...? ?
Reccomend me a book and revive my love of reading...?
Is this a good book? I need to know quickly... PLease?
Trying to find the name of a book I heard about on radio 4. Irish lady writer, about Jesus' children.?
is there truth to Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code?
In the catcher in the rye, why did Holden Caufield miss Maurice?
what is the plot of Othello?
What's the last book you've read?
HELP! I need opinions!!!?
in the book the wonderful wizard of oz?...?
Is it weird for guys to write fanfiction?
the phantom of the opera conflict / problem?
Contest, woo! Who can write the best 6-Word Story?
Would anyone have a copy of the book PS, I love you. I cant recall the author....?
Who from Twilight said this? (quote!) Please Help!?
Forbidden love novels?
In which book, does a wealthy young woman try and find a suitable match for her friend Harriet Smith?
Are there any websites where you can read books for free?
Am i the only person that is glad that this is the last Harry Potter book?
if I post things about my story here to ask if the story was good will it get stolen?
Anyone know where this character appears in New Moon by Stephenie Meyer?
Does anyone know of a really good page turner?
What were some of aspects of social class divisions in Victorian England that Dickens critisized in GE...?
Catcher in the Rye help!?
what book are you reading now?
I'm writing a book.How do i get people to buy it?I'm young I need help!!!?
Writers: What do you do when you have two completely opposite story ideas...?
Does anyone know where i can find the journal that was on princess dairies?
Do you think the Twilight obsession will get worse or die down when the final book comes out on the 2nd?
What are the dominant values of the Brave New World?
if peter piper pick a peck of pickeled pepper , where's the peck of pickeled pepper peter piper picked??
What do you recommed I read?
B&A, would you like to answer this little survey of mine?
did sylvia plath send a piece of glass in her love letters? or was that someone else?
Which Hogwarts girl would you be?
Full name of J.K. Rowling?
I need a famous author??????
What should their animal familiars be?
Wanted book . Is there a book on your mind ; which you don't find , and you hope to find it ?
The Nun's Priest's Tale (The Canterbury Tales) help?
Why did Bella have to be so stupid and let the fetus eat her alive!?
What is the reasoning behind the use of italics in Poe's 'The Raven'?
What's The Longest Book That You've Read?
What fiction book would you recommend I read?
now i am become death, the destroyer of worlds?
can some on please tell me how the day of the jackal refers to as a crime fiction novel?
What is the meaning of "blue and ivory" in Slaughterhouse 5?
What is the quote in Frankenstein where Frankenstein asks Walton if he suffers the same affliction?
Who has read Books by Jeffrey Deaver????
What disturbing truth does Hawthorne convey through Parson Hooper and his black veil? Explain.?
How many Authors on Answers are also members of ?
short stories you guys have made up?
Are there any short stories, poems, or books that take place in a catacomb?
What if Dumbledore isn't dead?
Who, in your opinion in the great monster Victor Frankenstein or the creature he creates?
In "Jane Eyre", is it possible not to identify Jane with the crazy Bertha Mason from the attic?
Why are you reading this book?
What improvements could I make to my story idea?
How many people in America, do you think, actually read the Harry Potter books?
why does the earth move?
What are you currently reading?
What benefits do you see in reading? How do you think reading helps you in your daily life?
Backhanded Compliments!?
in what book does the expression appear "my dear little aunt"?
Any good series like The mortal instruments?
i am writing a book, and i desperately need the perfect setting, also, architect's help desired?
What are the most significant statements you find within McEwan's novel Saturday?
Is Chapter 13 worth it for me?
Betwixt by Tara Bray Smith?
Cool / Unique names for my story? Please read?
I am in desperate need of finding the location of a book in german called "Das Kinderfressen" author unknown
Does this site stop you reading books?
who is a famous irish writer who came to america?
Are famed poet and lyricist, Robert Burns and Rory Emerald, regarded as pioneer's of the Romantic movement?
With the DaVinci Code days away, this would be a great time to ask.?
If I killed Edward Cullen..?
What was the personality type of Aramis, the third muskateer?
What the answers to. any harry potter book?
Why is the best literary agent?
I was told in my english class to write 3 papers: 1 essay, 1 poem, and 1 "other". What's a good "other"?
Who wrote "Beowulf" and what is its significance?
Need Title!!:) Help?!?
looking for a book about a boy who goes back in time to save his sisters life?
Does Sherlock Holmes die in the book series?
Write a poem , please?
Does anyone know where I find Jane Austen's 'Persuasion' in Chinese?
Need opinions on this. Please read!!!!!!?
what is meant by the word "recuerdo"?
What was the teen series about a young girl which involves aliens, the government, and running called?
What books gave you nightmares?
Story about cats and ricecakes...?
I am writing a zombie scary story and well I need to figure out what happens next?
who has read all the twilight books and enjoyed them?
does any one know were i can find cliff notes for the book thief?
There was this children's book I saw but did not read when I was in elementry school.?
Why did john milton chose to use epical poem structure in his best work paradise lost?
What are some overdone fantasy plots/ideas?
What's everyone's favorite book by John Maxwell?
do u love to read?
Has anyone read the book, size 12 is not fat by meg cabot? is it any good?
i liked "daddy long legs" and "dear daddy" from jean webster. what do you offer and from which writer?
This is a long shot, but help?
Any good books that faces issues that teens go through...?
Which version do you prefer, the novel or the movie of Fight Club?
Plz tell me the best reference/side book for c.b.s.e ,N.C.E.R.T BOOKS!?
any recommended good books for a 14 year old girl?
What book got you hooked? Why?
How does one improve their writing?
I can't work out how to introduce this?
Folklore Invisibility, how to explain?
I'm trying to remember a book, I dont remember much about it but it was a modern fantasy book?
Does anyone know the PUBLISHER for the book "Over the Seas to Skye" by Alasdair Alpin MacGregor (1926)
Name for my novel?
wat book would u bring if u where stranded on a desert island?
Harry Potter - Do you care?
when was the poem "a dry white season" by Mongane Serote written?
Best or good books about the ghost/hunted places/supernatural/unknown beings/aliens/and the like?
What book should I read?
I need help finding a book?
Whats your favorite series (book) of all time???
books that I can recommend to any topic.?
did any one read the withering torture novel? i couldnt sleep from pain?
As per the book, Da Vinci Code, what does it mean by "So dark the con of man?"?
What is a typical high school rumour?
I am kind of a liberal. Am I going to like Freakenomics or the World is Flat?
Is it Their or There in this sentence?
How does this cover letter sound for a writer/editor internship?
I need a vampire title that is not use?
What is your favourite Roald Dahl story?
In the book Crispin, why was Crispin now bound to serve Bear? What were his new duties?
Could anyone please tell me any myths and what culture the myth is from?
I need a name for my female character?
to kill a mockingbird?
Disney Fairy Tales: Great Kids Stories or False Messages?
jurassic park.?
What's a good name for a pirate ship?
Where can I find the novella The Mist for free online?
how many pages should a book of poems have?
.s! which name is better for a blonde hair boy?
what does the author mean when she says that we don't have any place else to go?
HP Fans: If you could have the same last name as one of the characters...?
why doesnt Percy Weasly reveal the details of 'Order of the Phoenix' to the ministry of magic?
If somone told you they would give you 20 dollars for the t-shirt you are wearing would u sell it?
Where can I find Marc Olden's book 'Sword of Vengence' ?
Do you go to the library...?
Why are you up at 2:50am?
Which book have you read recently that you would give 5 stars to?
What was the 2 concluding points of the book Time Cat by lloyd alexander???????? pls help :(?
The Whisper of the Trees?
Who is your favorite Harry Potter character and why? And what is your favorite part of the books?
I am having a problem with the date of my fiction diary...?
I'd like to get a comic book publish preferably on Milestone/DC Comics, What would I do to get it published?
Who (real or not real) do you think of when you think of avenger?
Ernest Hemingway called this Bahamian Island home?
is love at 1st go 4 long time imean at 1st meet 1 hardly knows other?
When you read a book...?
The Known World?
I'm looking for a short story about a rolling sphere that kills? Possibly expands and grows legs?
Harry Potter fans.....?
what was the best book you read?
I have an idea of writing a book but need help.....?
what this quotation meant by Frederika Bremer?
What's the name of the book that features Bruce Coville's story "Duffy's Jacket"?
Would a guy like Wreck this Journal for Christmas?
agatha christie murder on the orient express, one easy question?
please help?!?!?!!!?!?!?!?!? PICTURE BOOK?
Writers: A truly random survey!?
C.S. Lewis & christianity?
help writing a bestfriend poem?
Summary for my story?
Any Stephen King fans??
When did Sir Walter Scott write "Ivanhoe"? and what time it is set in and what it is about?
Has anyone read this book? Parrot in the Oven?
Does a memoir have to be "true" in order to be valuable as a work of literature?
money can buy everything including love.wht you think about it?
Question about Crime and Punishment book?
How to be like Annabeth from the Percy Jackson books?
I need to find a book I read a long time ago.?
In the book Watership Down by Richard Adams, are humans ever referred to as elil, or the "thousand enemies"?
What do u think of
is twilight the most overrated book?
What is a good book that you've read?
Value of book\ John Grisham/ A Time To Kill/ water damage by Katrina?
The Sixties by Terry Anderson?
For those of you who have read/seen "a walk to remember?"?
lord of the flies - could the title mean this?
Have you read any of Anna Akhmatova's poetry?
What is your opinion on recent YA dystopian fiction?
junie b jones play?
books about Argentina?
in harry potter who thinks dumbledore will return in book 7? what about sirius?
Help with a writing problem? Please?
the Davinci Code...?
Books to read after twilight?
What is the American equivalent of the Man Booker Prize?
What are some unique was to torture someone?
I'm thinking about writing a risky book, need feedback?
looking for the name of a book i once read or the authors name...?
Am I good at writing?
What are some really good books?!? Please answer!!?
Do you know of any books about this?
does anyone know the book 'white momma' or 'white mommy' bout a white lady taking care of a black orphan?
Creative people to answer?
Who is Mabel dove danquah?
The Last Book in the Universe? [vocabulary help]?
Why was Ralph Waldo emerson considered a reformer?
What is the characterization of Daisy in The Great Gatsby in chaper 1?
harry potter or twilight?
How is the dangerous minds book different to the movie?
Suggest a good young adult book?
who was the characters in the book teenage love affair by ni-ni simone?
I NEED HELP WITH MY BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!?
How do the characters in "The Man Who Had no Eyes" reveal theme?
How are good and bad adressed in Ender's Game?
what is polarize film?
I need to know a little bit about Nikki Turner's life for a research paper.?
Book summary on I am fifteen and I don't want to die?
What author, dead or alive, would you be glad to have as an English/writing instructor?
Why do you think Twilight is BETTER than Harry potter?
Children's science fiction story about a machine that controls the world, then breaks down?
What is Children of the River about written by Linda Crew?
"The Old Man And The Sea" e-book?
Ive been looking for this book about a boy in stalingrad?
need help with the book Monster by Walter dean Myers?
B&A: If somebody told you to stop writing, would you do it?
Name of a unicorn book?
TWILIGHTERS...Do u think it was Edwards ?
What are some examples of fictional concepts?
Does anyone know of a site or book i can find a lot of information on Mary Claire Helldorfer(Elizabeth Chandle?
If it were guaranteed to be a best seller, would you write a book, & what would you write about?
Do Bella and Edward actually have sex in Breaking Dawn?
how do you write a literature review for a research paper????
What books does Jim Dale narrate?
How is disguise used in 'Much Ado About Nothing'?
Should I read "Little Bee?"?
How can I get Edward Cullen to put his baby inside of me?
Can't find this book on iBooks?
Any theories on what the any of the dreams Bianca has in the Evernight seriese mean?
Where can I find a publisher for my children's book?
I am looking for two Harry/Ginny HP FF which i read 1 year ago. I am not remembering their titles. PLZ help me?
Places to send in a short story to get published?
Name the protagonist and a   major antagonist of the crucible . describe how their interaction helps to move t?
What is the name of this type of book cover?
how does kalypso (calypso) deceive odysseus?
Can anyone recommend any good Fantasy books?
How do I get my books published? Legitimate publishing houses wtih the opportunity to be suported by my gift
Describe many ghost voices talking at the same time..?
Jonathan Swift's A Modest Proposal?
What book should I read next?
Huckleberry Finn - Verbal Irony?
Are there any other books like 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea?
Is there any decent 2nd hand book shops in Cambridge?
If you could write a book. What kind of book would it be?
I went California to see Cannery Row Just because I read Steinbecks Book?
Why did authors write so much about individuality?
What did you think of twilight?
What are the best and worst book beginnings you've ever read...?
HARRY POTTER! Who would be the best HP couple?
Routhly how much will it cost to publish a book and how much do you think a good book will sell for?
why cant half of the people on here spell or write complete, understandable sentences?
if jesus christ did really have a wife and a daughter...would it really affect the faith we have.?
What do you think the 4th Eragon book will look like and what name will it have?
how can i find a good literary agent?
I am young and do not have very much life expereince. How can I be sure that my writing is realistic?
Harry Potter Fans: WHO is....
What book did you last purchase?
Who was the famous female African American author interviewed by Oprah who found out her husband is gay?
which is the best book u have ever read??
Why do girls love John Proctor from the Crucible?
Does anyone know of any chances for a young writer to get published?
What everybody think about Edward Cullen?
according to bible in acts chapter 2:15 the third hour of the day meaning ?
can stephen king be considered the most successful writter since shakespeare ?
I am looking for a nice book for children about how babies come to life?
Where can I read Watchmen the graphic novel online?
I'm writing a story and I need a girl's name?
Was Angel: Maximum Ride good?
What did you think of the book called The Bro Code?
Good teen books ??
Can someone plz help me?!?
Need Story Names, help?
who's the author of harry potter????????
Do you think the DaVinci Code could be fact instead of fiction?
Revie my story please?
How Awesome is This Story Idea?
in the book "The Lovely Bones", which character changes the most?
writers: what inspires you and gets you started on something?
What is yellocution?
What is the theme of Waiting for Godot?
What does this mean? A part from "Of Mice and Men"?
What are your opinions about this book? Without giving away any details. It is Beastly by Alex Quinn.?
"The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho......?!?
Can I get your overall-reaction to reading the book Alas, Babylon?
Who is John Galt?
Compare the characters Alida Slade and Grace Ansley in Roman Fever?
Good beginnings with bad endings?
Who is the murderer in the Murders in the Rue Morgue by Edgar Allen Poe?
I am writing a novel, which title do you like best, Moss Cottage, Ivy Cottage or Rosa Cottage?
have you ever read a book that had u in tears?
Do you like my story?Is it good.?
How can I find a self publishing house that publises calendars?
What should i name my book?
Can someone give me four examples how Tom Sawyer is a hero in "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer"?
Would any one be interested in a joint venture, including authorship, with me?
HP: If Neville Longbottom.....?
i need some name ideas for a character in my book. Can you tell me your first name (i might use it in my book)?
How to quickly end my gothic story?
What do you think of these "banned books"?
the summary of the poem"Strange fits of passion have i know" by William Wordsworth?
do u know a spng that would describe the character The Giver from the book The giver?
what is the difference between the presentation of the materialism in the "Rocking Horse Winner" and "Araby"?
Any ideas for reactions of Mabel and Dipper after receiving "the talk"?
What book are you reading at the moment?
what's the best book you've read this year?
Please critique the 1st chapter of a book I'm writing?
what is the billiken company of 1908?
The perfect costume idea for my book?
What's the order for the Shannara book series' by Terry Brooks?
Age rating for James Patterson's "Where the Wind Blows"?
Stella Kowalski in "A Streetcar Named Desire"?
any books similar to Poison (Chris Wooding)?
Are stories written in past or present tense?
What is the best book that you have ever read?
What takes for a death scene to make you cry?
How does the poem Invictus, relate to the book Lord of the Flies?
I want to write book. ?
Anybody who reads books?
What would be a good name for a friendly, Texas long-horned steer (boy)?
What types of books do you usually read?
question about the book series everworld?
i collect babysitters club books can someone help me find the ones i dont have?
good horror story anthologies?
What should I name my story??(:?
Does it have to be finished?
breaking dawn- new- the chapter?
I am looking for a new book series to read after Stieg Larsson's Millennium series, any ideas?
how can you get one precise chapter of a book without buying it all?
When will this twilight phase be over?
Know any books that involve supernatural soul mates?
POLL~What's the best book you have ever read?
where does Fahrenheit 451 take place?
Twilight Fans: What Question Would You Ask Stephenie Meyer If You Could?
Edward or Jacob...................................…
Have You Ever Been Disappointed By The Way A Book Ended?
Whos the Greatest Wizard of all time?
Can anyone reccommend any good books on consulting?
I need a new book to read help??!!?
“Which George Orwell novel showed the dangers of excessive state control?
choosing a book for a research paper. help please!?
Do you fold the corner of the pages in your book?
Harry Potter or Twilight? Which is a better book in every way?
Is this a good idea for a novel?
the knight's tale by chaucer?
What are the Underlying Meanings in "The Boy Who Cried Wolf"?
Which dreamed it?
Name for a place in a novel?
Spoiler warning - Harry Potter -?
How can an author create their own index?
Good Japanese names for a novel?
romance book similar to immortal city by scott speers?
Any good names out there?
What are some good books about the main character falling for the bad boy?
I have a 5-hour flight tomorrow. What should I read on the plane?
Looking for a young adult fiction book I read in grade eight?
What is the law of human nature by C.S Lewis??
How would I write my story?
Have you ever read Cyrano de Bergerac?
Which is your fave John Steinbeck novel? Why?
Which is better Twilight or Harry Potter?
Gemma Doyle necklace?
Questions about My Sister's Keeper.?
What was the best romance book that you have ever read?
How should I write a thriller novel?
What are some good names for characters for my book?
Twilight? Book Book?
what are the names of all the people Christian meets in the book Pilgrim's Progress?
what is the name of the movie that is based on part of the book: A Prayer For Owen Meany???
Ideas On Writing A Creative Novel?
What is a good fantasy series to read?
I'm an enthusiastic reader who enjoys fantasy books and classics. Could you please give good recommendations?
Does anyone know if Jean Auel came out with any new novels.?
how good is the twilight series by stephanie meyer?
Tim O'brien's motif in his writings?? how does he develop this motif?
I am looking for the 'The museum of innocence'' by Orhan Pamuk. Where can i find it online?
S,ome quotes about Wang Lung in The Good Earth?
What books should I read next?
Would anybody be interested in reading a new book on Rapture & Tribulation?
Bella's pregnancy in Breaking Dawn?
Is there a website to download the reading of Shirley Jackson's "The Lottery"?
My book idea. give me creative imput to make it better. no hate?
What are some good quotes from books?
What did Margaret and Borachio do in Hero's bedroom in the play much ado about nothing?
any Dorothy Garlock fans?
Which image do you like better for the front of a book cover?
Can anyone help me with the story 'Two Kinds'?
Opinions on this story?
I am trying to search for a vintage children's book from when i was a child?
What did you learn from The Catbird Seat?
where can i find criticism on the wonderful tar baby story?
Literary Research Paper Help?
in the book twilight...?
What's a good Girl's name? Look inside please.?
When you go take your permit, do tgey ask you tge same question as the book?
Help find the new moon scene?
Feedback and critiques on my writing? (short)?
Compare and contrast the sisters of Sense and Sensibility with the sisters of the daughter of the late colonel?
Is this an ok title for my story?
Question concerning I AM LEGEND...SPOILERS.?
[Writers]: Words/phrases to describe what war does to a person?
What do you think about Twilight?
Which is the best work of Borges according to you so far?
what is your favorite novel and who's the author?
Any ideas for a female name for a character?
What were Shakespeare's interests?
What is good writing to you?
am i good or bad writer? Charmed Fan Fiction?
if you pick this up at the bookstore, would you keep on reading?
What did Lurvy have to do to change Wilbur's pigpen ?
another scarlet letter question?
Which title do you like best?
Does anyone have any ideas for a short story for English?
what are some aswome names for 4 supernatural hot guys?
who was the reporter that went undercover as a man?
Where can I find the most complete collection of H.P. Lovecraft stories?
Who is this Jean meldi!?
should harry potter have its own category?
Suggestions on how to end this story or improve it?
What do you think of this idea? And...?
Is KP Astrology books available in hindi language? Please give me the Contact address from where i can get it?
what are some similes in the short story marigolds?
I'd like to be a work-from-home freelance proof reader. I am in my mid 30's with a boring career in IT.
Book about oregon trail?
What book is this quote from?
Is the beginning of my essay good?
Who is the greatest science fiction writer working at the moment?
Do you think this a good start to my story??????
What's a good book?
i need an original girls name for my book any thoughts?
Savage Inequalities by Jonathan Kozol?
Did Clive Barker ever take art lessons?
Good reads?
What is Tengo's Hero Journey in the book waiting for the rain by Sheila Gordon?
Anyone know where i can get answers for the book Peter Pan on the accelerated reader test?
How do I know if a story/foltale is copyrighted?
i need phone number of eloor library - 23, north boag road, opp pondy bazaar, t.nagar, chennai - 600019?
Book recommendations?
I would like to buy a book or CD about Self Improvement or Self Help by Brian Tracy or Covey.?
Great books for a teen?
In what year is the novel 'Thérèse Raquin' set?
heart of dark darkness help?
Any good books to recommend during the storm?
What is 'sudden fiction'?
Help create a title to a story?
book recommendations?
Do you think it's based on real experience ?
Were you satisfied with the last Harry Potter book?
Which series is better, Twilight or Harry Potter?
What are the books (original in English) that must be read by anyone aspiring to not pass by as ignorant?
Is there any way to write faster?
where can i read the breaking down book online?
Have you come across any dystopian novels as good as these?
Twilight VS Harry Potter?
A knight's tale questions?
Can someone describe me the Davinci code in less than 10 lines?
Dickens or Shakespeare?
Has any book changed the way you look at the world?
TWILIGHT vs Harry Potter vs Narnia?
Does Twilight actually compare to Harry Potter?
messages of the story of the book 2001 space odissey?
the full story of scarlet ibis by james hurst?
!.s which last name sounds posh?
Best book you have ever read?
what is the phonetic pronunciation of author kate chopin's last name?
Is James Frey writing other books? If so what are they?
what is the source?
How often do you sit down and read a book?
my Gran used to read me a poem that ended 'i often wish the night would bore my breath away 'anyone know this?
whots the wast and most effective way to study?
The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman?
Please tell me what you think of my story summary?
What is The Great Gatsby about?
What is a good title for my story?
On your bookshelf, what gender of author holds the majority?
help my ipod please?
does anyone know about Susanna Kaysen (the author of girl, interrupted) personal life?
I am looking for legitimate poetry and writing contests.?
Opinions on beginning of my short story, please. s?
GREAT BOOK you recently read and WHY?
Whose the "me" in Elvis and me?
What is the name of this book?
what is the name of the 3rd Harry Potter book?
My first line is, "I wish it would be night time so I could drive in the dark." What should my second line be?
What shoul I say to people who call me weird or gay because I read twilight?
A good book for a long road trip? Not books like twilight! Need help, I'll return the favor.?
I need a good book to read ? suggest me one?
Is this weird with the perks of being a wallflower?
i am a short story &poem writer I want them to be printed where 2 submit them?
Is this normal in the process of writing? lol?
What are the answers for The Vocab Workshop book Level D unit 2?
Harry Potter Fans, yet another questions for you..?
I need a breakdown of "There Are Black" by Jimmy Santiago Baca?
Do you have a literary crush? If so, on who?
Charlotte Doyle?
How do i get my website published as a book?
did anyone read the novel Autumn leaves and do you recommend me to read it?
What is your favorite quote? Do tell if you know who said it.?
Stephen King or Patricia Cornwell?
what is the plot of the story?
Why is twilight better than Harry Potter?
What does w stand for?
Harry Potter or Twilight?? Which do you like best?
Which book will help me improve my vocabulary?
FREE online reading like Kindle but FREE?
Can anyone suggest any good books for me to read?
What's the best book you've read lately?
In Issac Asimov's I robot the chapter catch the rabbit what is he illistrating by dave's malfunction???
Why does Charlaine Harris give no history of Sookie Stackhouse's mother?
Please review my essay?
whats a good book to take on holiday with you?
Am I not good enough to write?
What 5-7 books influenced you the most as a child?
Wattpad readers > Would you read my story?
Whats everyone reading at the moment?
What GENRE of books do you like to read?
How to make a best-seller novel?
would the book nickel and dime turn out any differently if it had taken place in 2009-2010?
first book that u red?
What are some similarities and differences between viola and scott from twelfth night and kill a mocking bird?
Which is the character you disliked the most of the Harry Potter series?
What is Hernando DeSoto's new book?
House of Leaves passage help?
did the last book of the twilight series, breaking dawn, ruin the whole series?
how do i find a free online book on tape of april morning by howard fast?
Good non-fiction books to read that will help me with my writing?
How do I convince my mom to read Twilight?
which one sounds mysterious/forboding t you?
Jacob Black or Edward Cullen?
I need a translation for no hay mala que por bien no venga?
Names for a group in my novel?
It's been two years since Deathly Hallows was released... What did you do when it first came out?
What were the writing processes of many famous (dead or alive) authors? Like, how did they prepare themselves
To you personally - which would you prefer from these two genres?
How to write a story when two of the main characters act the same?
Books with female leads set in modern times?
Short story contest/ publications/ other questions please read and help thank you!?
Books on current events?
Posh, Elegant, Rich Girl names?
Readers: which author or subject takes up the most space in your library?
Where can I buy a statue of the Tauroctony, the image of Mithras slaying the bull?
Would you want to keep reading?
Help with short story ideas?
Defend literary criticism for me?
The Lovely Bones characters?
how do you get over twilight.....?!?
Do you think Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince was the best British book published in 2005?
why do you think dumbledore let himself killed by snape?
What's the book with the lily omn the cover?
can you help me about the themes of?
I need a good book to read?
If you could live in a story...?
Does anyone else not like Bill Bryson?
Are they going to make anymore movies based on Michael Connelly's books?
what is the following quote from? "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate"?
Sci-fi/fantasy book recommendations?
Book suggestions?
Good teen books - action,romance, thriller?
What is the present cost of Harry Potter and the Order of The Phoenix?
What is your favourite book, series and/or author?
Good ending for my murder story?
where can i find research articles for "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" (the book not the movie)?
lord of the flies question?
In what book does Coleridge say "the abaltross does not signify"?
gay romances authors?
How would you incorporate yourself into the Harry Potter Story?
Is there more book and movies like the da vinci code???
What is the title of this book about a missionary's family in Africa?
Rangers Apprentice and the Burning Bridge?
which book character would you want to be?
what is a good book for people who dont like to read?
how was anne frank different from other teenagers?
What was this science book?
Has anybody read The Power of Five/ The Gatekeepers series by Anthony Horowitz?
Help me think of a title for strange/mysterious/horror story?
I need help getting a unique, one of a kind daily writing journal on the market. It is in some local stores.?
Have u read 'the secret gratitude book ' by ronda bryne. was it a good read?
What Do You Think Of My Book So Far, Thoughts? Please Help!:)?
Ceremony by Leslie Marmon Silko?
Looking for the title of a Children's Book about a dog........?
How does Swiss Family Robinson end? (Please reply quickly)?
how do teenager choose their friends?
Suddenly, Last Summer?
What do you think of Philip K. Dick's Radio Free Albemuth?
What is the name of the main character in the book "The Blood of Flowers" by Anita Amirrezvani?
how do you come to talk about interesting things?
SAT test. I REALLY need your help with this. 10 POINTS!?
why would fannie flagg consider the whistle stop cafe the first character in her story fried green tomatoes?
what is your favorite novel and who's the author?
What are the 5 best books you've ever read? (novel, classic, series)?
what is the main event on z for zachariah?
In Dune when do they mention Missionaria protectiva?
What's a good name for a murderer?
The Way of Kings: Your Opinion/Review?
What are some good books on power?
Why would an author choose to give across a message through the genre of play rather than in prose?
The Garden used as a symbol in literature?
Question about Les Miserables?
is twilight better than harry potter?
What book caused you to have an emotional response?
Book suggestions!!!!??! ! ! ~~~?
How do I have older books appraised?
I've run out of Stephen King and Dean Koonz - who else is good?
What are your theoughts on the Twilight Saga Book series?
Does anyone know anything about publishing poetry, as in a whole book of poetry one just one poem?
Writers block! Need help.?
B&A: Character interview with a twist?
Is it better to publish your book electronically than with a literary agent?
What are some good fantasy races?
Novel Writing Help, Please?
Do You Have Any Good Title Idea's?
why is Edward Cullen (Robert Pattison) so popular now?
Robert McCammon best books?
looking for romantic novel?
Does anyone know when the Robert Jordan series will end?
when will the next book for the Eragon series be released?
Where can I locate a summary on Unamuno's "Saint Emmanuel the good marytr"?
Am I to young to...?
what are all the characters from vampire academy book #1?
NaNoWriMo Help! Please, it's urgent?
Any book suggestions love fiction, mysteries?
whats good essay topic comparing the great gatsby and death of a salesman need it by saturday?
find title of romance novel about rancher who dies and leaves his three daughters ranch?
What books should I read?
How does the beginning of my story sound? Depression, Suicide, Self-Harm, Love, Bullying etc type genre?
animal farm-george orwell?
Last names for my characters?
Would you read my book?
can someone give me a good example of a 'book critique' for the short story ' a humane word from satan' ?
Questions about Huckleberry Finn.?
What is the theme of To Autumn poem?
· If only one book existed, which book would you like it to be?
In The Raven by Poe, what aspects of human life does the raven represent?
What is a suitable girl's names for a character in my story?
Do You Judge Books By Their Covers?
Keys to the Kingdom?
Do artists decline in their later years?
Question about the book Rocket Boys by Homer H. Hickam, Jr.?
Character Name? Opinion please (:?
your fave book of all time?
Why did peter hesitate to confide shakespear concerning the mysterious sonnet?
What is the worst book you have ever read?
What questions does JK Rowling need to answer in her last Harry Potter book?
If you were stranded on an island and could take one book, which would it be?
Help with names please?
Can you look at my childrens book and give me comments? here is the link...?
Was The Lost World of the Kalahari by Laurens Van Der Post made into a movie?
What is the last book you read?
Is Dan Brown guilty of plagiarism? How do you think the court will rule?
How long should the Gunslinger on Audio be?
how i reed a bock?
Where can I find a complete book listing by the author Alex Barnett?
Does anybody have an idea for an ironic story?
Best story you have ever heard!!?
What words or phrases do you think sound beautiful?
Good books for 16 year olds?
Shelley vs. Keats?
difference between the play and movie othello 1995?
Is this sentence grammatically english correct "Each of the workers has his own work."?
margaret atwood "scarlet ibis"?
How can I make this work for my story?
Good Teen books you recommend?
Looking for the title of a novel about a US couple who re-open an abandoned mine in a remote Mexican village.?
About Soda pop Curtis from the ousider?
What are some good BOOKS out there???
Story name ideas for my book?
Bella, Alice, Esme, or Rosalie???!!!?
Can anyone come up with a logical reason Christians should be so threatened by "The DaVinci Code"?
You can move in with Snow-White and the Seven one condition ?
Against Twilight or With Twilight?
What are books that talk about the problems (and solutions) of being an older (male) virgin?
Where can I find a character map for the characters of Thomas Hardy's Far From the Madding Crowd?
i need books! fantasy, romance, science fiction, anything. Does any one know any really good books?
Does anybody particularly enjoy historical mysteries?
When Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow comes out wil you...?
How is this beginning?
How does Jackie Robinson compare with Atticus Finch from To Kill A Mockingbird?
Michel Foucault " A History of Sexuality an Intro Vol 1" HELP PLEASE!!!?
What is connection between Sarah and Journalist in book "Sarah's Key"?
I've edited my novel.. Does it sound any better?
Is "Splendour" the last book in the luxe series by Anna Godbersen?
What is a realist novel that relates to the industrial revolution (esp in England and France)?
can anybody give me a chpter by chapter sumary about the book fallen angels by walter dean myers.?
Where did Smaug live, and who killed him?
I'm trying to pick up reading and I would like to know about a good book. Any suggestions?
what is a well known book that is boring. or a quite well book that you think is boring
what book that made you cry?
What is the best book you have ever read?
which character in the vampire diaries should i dress up as?
Online copy of Eclipse?
How can I help Afghan immigrants? Or how can I learn more about Afghans first hand?
Harry Potter Fans: When Lily died do you think Petunia cried....?
showing not telling in creative writing?
What do you think will happen in the seventh Harry Potter book?
About how much is a signed copy of The Da Vinci Code worth?
where in the book "Night" by Elie Wiesel does it say "it cant get any worse"?
What is your interpretation of this quote from "The Scarlet Letter?"?
Who's your favourite fictional bad guy?
How does Night by Elie Wiesel 'expose the evil that is in us all'? PLEASE?
What is Malgudi?
good books for teen girls?
what is ur fav. twilight book?
is an isbn number on a book different from the hardcover version to the paperback version?
How do I find a Version Of Cinderella from Russia?
What is the order that the Halo book series take place?
Lily a love story by Cindy Bonner??
What's a good medievil epic fantasy?
The ending of "Extras" by Scott Westerfeld?
What does "has remainder mark" mean (on a book website)?
The Torture Garden book review?
how can i gut the top twenty songes of 1988?
what uk magazines are there about books and reading?
Need Help On Story Ideas?
how much about priory of sion is true in the da vinci code?
why do twilight haters still read twilight?
Need help with choosing a novel?
Harry Potter fans - Wish Ron a very Happy Birthday :) What will be your b'day gift to him?
Can you get sued for using a name?
What teen book has a part that goes..."i did not drool on you!" "you did see"?
Twilight Fans: Who Do You Find To Be More Vicious?
What's the most unusual and interesting Harry potter character?
Have to make up a long story!?
Has the book Radiance been made into a movie?
How do you think the upcoming Harry Potter book is going to be named?
In "The Book Thief", what is the author trying to say about certain issues in relation to conflict?
can you give me an idea to use in my introduction?
Will anyone please suggest some good fantasy books?
What's a good subject for a poem???
Can anyone tell me the literal English translation of the saying "de ja vu" ?
what are some current events in history that are similar to the story macbeth?
where did John take Sarny in the end of chapter seven?
How do you write in 3rd person?
I desperately need help finding a book?
20 adjectives to describe harry potter in the third book?
What title should I use for my book?
the aestheticism & wilde...?
wat are your favorite books?
Good title for a story?
Is Snape Evil?
what does it mean: "so dark the con of man"?
What is your favorite Laurell K. Hamilton book?
Teachers in Indian schools are not comfortable teaching Shakespeare and think its to heavy for school kids.?
i NEED A CUTE, NEWER nickname for a redhead.?
Thoughts on my short piece?
Good Young Adult Book Series to Read?
who won the 2006 pulitzer prize?
I finallly finished my sorta short story. is it any good (picking best answer)?
Is there anywhere i can put my story up and it NOT be copied?!?
Who is the best Fantasy author? Why?
What are some really funny situations that a cat can get into?
Who is your favorite Twilight character?
what is the real story about fawest?
Twilight Fans: Do You Believe That Bella Is Just Another "Damsel In Distress" Or Can She Stand On Her Own?
Do you like this story plot?
who wrote "Nineteen Eighty Four'?
I have nothing to read, what should I do?
Where is your favorite place to read a book?
Is having a tear of joy normal,receiving message the book you loaned me is just as bad as you said it would be?
A book that changed your life ?
What's the oldest book you have?
a good book (fairy tale) to read ?
What book are you reading?
Is there anybody in the Atlanta area that wants to learn and practice Judaism?
I need help look for books on wattpad?
free books sites?
I need some conflict ideas or additions/changes to the one I have! Please help!?
What is your favorite teen book of all time?(Please do not pick twilight)?
anyone read arthur Phillips, or yann martel?
What are some creative super powers?
Hey...anyone here who is an "ayn rand" fan?
what my piano is worth?
out of the two main characters, who is the hunter and who is the guide? deathwatch?
Which translation of Les Miserables should I get?
Tell me....?
Do you like this so far its really messy and not puntuated right but still its my 1st time writing?
Is this a good description?
So, we all know answers has cliques...?
What's the worst book you were made to read in school?
Where does the phrase "special snowflake" come from?
I need a good book to read please give me some ideas?
is it bad to read a lot of books?
Examples of CULTURAL CONFLICTS in Betty Smith's A Tree Grows in Brooklyn? HELP ME!?
Anyone know what the book Obasan is about?
What should i name the characters in my story?
help anne frank truth and false?
In Game of Thrones, why did the First Men build The Wall so high?
Writing a story, in need of assistance..?
Whats your favourtie book of all time?
Can you tell me what you think of my story?
I need help look for books on wattpad?
How many grammatical errors are in the latest Harry Potter book?
Much ado about nothing! what does Claudio really think of Hero?
what are the questions ok for a compleate Biography/Autobiography Questionaire?
Help with my character?? (fencing) ?
What classic books would you recommend to people to read?
Whats your favourite twilight book ?
in anthony and cleopatra who is fulvia?
who was john chatfield?
Non-fiction books with specific theme?
Who is the antagonist in The Perks of Being a Wallflower?
What do you think about the novel 50 shades of grey?
Teenage names for story?
The scene in my story has kind of hit a dead end?
HARRY POTTER FANS: The Daily Prophet Rapid News Column!!?
What is a good book for learning all about clothing design?
Do you think the Fountainhead or Atlas Shrugged was Ayn Rand's best book?
How does Jem Finch show perseverance?
when is the release date for carmen bryan's book?
What is literary modernism in the simplest of terms? Help please!?
In huckleberry finn what are examples of...?
why was john smith not killed in the general history of virginia?
any terry goodkind fans out there?
Who is Robert Serling? He is an author, but what about his life?
Writers: How do you create a new character?
help, :S:A brief summary of Lord Jim by Joseph Conrad?
Do you prefer to read the book first, then watch the movie, or movie first, then the book?
Best book ever written: Your opinion?
Gandalf the Grey vs. Albus Dumbledore?
How is the dangerous minds book different to the movie?
has anyone read 'faking 19' by alyson noel?
Does anyone know the plot in the enchantress by Michael Scott?
Whats the best book you have ever read?
harry potter question... rab?
which death was the saddest of all the deaths in hp 7?
whats the best book you ever read?
What book are you currently reading?
How can I make my story into a book?
How do I get a book of poetry copyrighted? How much does it cost? I need a good company.?
Character Creation Help?
help fast !!! I need a pic of a A 12 year old white boy.?
I have to do a novel entry and i need help in understanding this part..?
Does anyone know a book.....?
Do you think Esme and Carlisle are pointless Twilight characters?
What is an amazing romance thats a relatively quick read?
breaking dawn.......?
Does Severus Snape die in one of the Harry Potter books?
How to copyright your writing?
what is the name of dakota cassidy's character?
What's better, Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter? Why do you think so?
What has been your favorite book this summer?
I'm looking for some great books...?
What is your favorite book?
who is your favorite author?
Im lookin for a light hearted but good novel to read?
What does the fence in the book "Fences" symbolize?
Who dies in the final hush, hush book by becca ftitzpatrick?
Is the shining a good book?
What do you think of this piece of writing?
Is Jerome David Salinger still alive?
How to come up with a fair percentage to pay contributors to a proposed book?
In the book Hell Island by Matthew Reilly, what is the authors message to the reader?
Any thoughts on Terry Pratchett's books?
Who is a damn good Harry Potter fan?
Strong Female Name for a character? First and Last Please!?
what's your fav book and why?
what are some historically inaccurate things about johnny tremain?
an alternate title for john steinbacks of mice and men?
i need new art critisicims & essays about artworks of vincent vangogh (night cafe. starry night.sun flowers...
Vampire Boy Names?
how can you know how many copies of a book has been published?
What is a good title for an essay about violence?
Is writing similar to someone considered plagiarism ?
Should I write under a Pen Name or just use my real name ?
How can I find the web site for Saving Grace by the Irish Jesuits?
What is the plot, main idea, theme, climax, falling action, rising action of the novel Wicked Lovely ?
what's the isbn of the signed copy of the fault in our stars?
Those who have read the Harry Potter series: Rate it on a scale of 1-10. Is it really that good?
What do you like best about the da vinci code?
Anyone read this book?
What's a good book to read for the summer?
what do u think happens in harry potter and the deathly hollow?
Need help picking out a book?
Gimme Gimme More (Twilight FanFiction)?
when i heard the footsteps on the stairs, i knew my best friend had finally arrived. i jumped from my seat and?
What are some examples of Mercutio being a scene stealer?
How does one publish a novel?? and is there a certain age when one can??
are agatha christie's books and sideny sheldon's books intreasting ?
Do you have a Da Vinci code and Angels and demons Ebook in pdf? please send it to me. thanks?
What Do You Think Of The Beginning Of My Story.....?
The Scarlet Letter Questions?
Does the poem "The City" by Constantino Cavafy talk about Istanbul?
Good books for a 13 year old to read?
What is an example of figurative language in chapter 3 in the novel "Of Mice and Men"?
Could you please give me some feedback on this piece of prose?
What is the best version of "The Hobbit" to own for a true fan?
In eclipse why what happened between Jacob and bella?
IB English Extended Essay Book Recommendations?
How can you become a writer?
can someone come up with a fictional animal attack story?
you think lord of the flies could be a good tv show?
Help with my short story?How should the bf of the main character die?
Recommended Books!?
The best robin hood book ?
what is the poem ending god only take the best .put all poem on my answer.?
do u think in harry potter and the philosophers stone ,in the first chap the newsreader is ted tonks??
Tips for reading silently?
Does anyone thinks the weasley twins might be death eaters?
i was wondering if its worth your money to buy twilight is the book really that good because i really want it?
Near the end of The Scarlet Letter, what does Chillingworth do when he sees Dimmesdale's transformation?
Need help with story please.?
What is your favorite book?
How do I get my book published?
what is the tone of the book Ever by gail carson? list 5 words from the book to determine the tone?
is this poem good?
Feedback on my story so far? *short*?
Interspecies romance?
what book did opeth get their name from?
Good zombie books like Autumn, Handling The Undead, The Walking Dead etc?
What is a good series to start to read, for a young adult?
What is the climax in the novel "Confessions of a Not it Girl by Melissa Kantor? ?
Books for children aged 6 up to teens?
What's your favourite book??!!?
Self published authors, where do you sell your books?
What do you think of my story plot?
"The Girl Who Played With Fire" or "The Complete Sherlock Holmes"?
answers for twilight series, lets get this out of the way for anyone whos confused.?
Who was Nancy Drew? What was her quality work?
Looking for a twilight fanfiction 10 points!?
Can some one please review my paper for me?
What character from any of the seven Chronicles of Narnia is your favorite?
Do these two history books cover the same topics?
what are some good advertising books for further reading?
how does shakespeare make tybalt such a dramatically compelling character?
How would you classify my story?
What is the setting in the book....?
Is this a good idea for a book? I am writing some at a time?
"To Kill A Mockingbird" What ever happened to the author after she wrote this?
Is anyone addicted to phantom of the opera... ?