what charecter is robbert patterson in harry potter?
What's the best book about unfortunate people in repressive prisons? e.g. thailand etc..?
What would you picture this character to look like?
Name some powers please.?
Is it totally taboo to start a story all over again?
Where does The Summoning by Kelly Armstrong take place?
poem recently published?
what the best way to get into writing comedy sketches?
What are some good horror novels?
HAWTHORNE'S The Marble Faun ?? SYMBOL??? AHHHH!?
i need a few examples of verbal and situation irony in the play Julius Cesar?
which is better th harry potter series or the twilight saga?
How to pass time in a book?
What is the best job to have for a 37 year-old aspiring writing?
Who are four or five of the most notorious plagiarists in recent history and exactly how did they do it?
Is it hard to read Dante's Inferno?
How would you describe her?
does anyone know if the chrysalids will ever become a movie?
The Book Of Mormon Tickets & Tour Dates ?
How would you describe Henry James' writing style?
Your new favourite author?
Is this a good short paragraph?
How do I add a picture to my story on
Near the end of The Scarlet Letter, what does Chillingworth do when he sees Dimmesdale's transformation?
What would a stuffy room that has copious amount of decaying/old blood smell like?
What is a good book to read for a book report?
What is (or was) your favorite children's book?
Anobody found any good books to read lately?
Why am i from the ghetto just because im black??
One book that made you laugh?
Your opinions on this book?
What are the cultural traditions and values in the adventures of tom sawyer by mark twain?
Do you have a book of literotica on the nightstand?
ideas for a first line of a story?
B&A: Is the majority of the future generation doomed? (Look @ details)?
can you read one foot in the grave withonly reading the first 6 chapters of halfway to the grave?
Is Shakespeare overrated????
The scene in my story has kind of hit a dead end?
What’s the scariest story you've ever heard ?
where is the irony in "Sweeney among the nightingales" by t.s. eliot?
What are some good books/book series for teens?
Cant remember the title of this vampire book i read?
friends which the fastest or easer way to get increased my face book pages like please tel me if any buddy knw?
Memoirs of a geisha book question?
Why do you write?
name the largest selling book in world?
is the third book out for The Eragon series???
(from Macbeth) Discuss the importance of Lady Macbeth's influence on her husband.?
who is the headmaster in the lie?
why was buck scared in the book the call of the wild when he woke up in a trap-like hole?
vampire diaries second book??????
You know the book Fablehaven by Brandon Mull?
Is it a good idea to write a book on heroin?
In The Book Of Robinson Crusoe?
Would you consider it racist that Cho Chang, the only significant Asian in Harry Potter, was a Ravenclaw?
What significant political events occurred in the time that shakespeare wrote?
any one here ever read "AMERICAN GODS" by NEIL GAIMAN?
do you think that a book loved by so many kids and adolecents should be banned?
I'm 14 what should I read next?
Are you currently reading a book? If so what is it? Is it any good?
what is my book color ?
Question of comma usage and passive voice for my story!?
How do you feel about the book A Millon Little Pieces by James Frey?
Romance novels with a Russian, Polish, or Ukrainian male?
I need help with a twist on my novel?
What is Natya-Shastra a handbook of?
Twilight Fans: Do You Think That Bella Can Have It All?
What is the plot of Shakespeare's Richard lll?
What are some examples of Mr. Bingley's kindness in Pride and Prejudice?
can someone give me a description of the book Junk by Melvin Burgess?
What's the best Chess book to buy to become a Grandmaster?
jodi picoults the tenth circle?
I'm in love with edward cullen?
who likes edward cullen in twilight?
Teen girl cool books?
Which do you like better: Harry Potter or Twilight?
What is chant? what are the examples of chants from global perspectives?
Writing a mystery story/manga?
Looking for poem about losing a loved one being like a cargo ship sailing to distance shores.?
What is the best way to draw attention to my blog?
I would like a book that has similar characters and a story line like code geass?
can you guess what r.a.b. stands for?
Characterize the father of the poor children?? (in the story, Father goes to court by:Carlos Bulosan)?
for twilight lovers everywhere?
I couldn't find Ju-on (the grudge) novel on Amazon, or the english version on ebay. 10 points for help?
Come up with a Good story idea?
i need more book series to read?
Who's read the giver?
What is your favorite quote from a novel?
Why do some people HATE the Twilight series??
Harry Potter fans! Got a little survey for you?
Compare The tell tale heart and the raven?
What is the plot of the book "The Summer I Turned Pretty"?
what is name?
Hello people!! This is a question for everyone!! ...unless you're illiterate!!?
what do you think of this story I wrote?
Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen?
does anyone know how to help me find this book ive been looking for for ages that i read in junior school?
The story of Pinocchio?
How can I get motivated/inspired?
Should I keep reading this book or let it go?
how to write a good fan fiction?
What book influence your life the most?
Anyone could give me 20 different versions of the Arthurian Legend and when they were produced?
What's a book that you read over and over again, your favorite book?
Has anyone read the whole bible?
Audio Books Suggestions?
reading a book, left side vs. right?
How is classic literature determined as such?
How many books do you read a month?
I have hardback fiction novels in excellant condition, am moving, too good to toss? Any ideas?
Why do time travel stories almost never involve people from the future going further into the future?
Was English mystery author Ann Perry involved in a real muder in the early 50s?
is this a good alice in wonderland letter?
Can someone give me names of some good books to read?
Does anyone think that the Witch should have eaten Hansel and Gretel?
where can I find this book?
Can you organize these major episodes from first to last in the book "To kill a mockingbird"?
What do you think of Salinger's Glass family ?
I need a good title for the book I'm writing, any ideas? Also, do you like the plot?
what is the significance of Shakespeare in Fehrenheit 451?
Darkness Short Story Feedback?
family under the bridge Book?
Looking for Oscar Wilde's Complete Works?
Suggest me the best book?
what is the theme of heart shape box by joe hill?
Anybody know of any good book's?
Writers: Are places in your story based on places you know/visited in real life?
Define a good book?
How to use my Minolta Qsi?
What is the book "Two Stories about Wendy" about?
Lord of the Flies. i have two questions?
What is Tabloid Coffee in Santee, CA like?
Help!! How do I know what my story goal is?
give me a rating out of ten for this poem pls.... and a critique if u want?
Question for All Twilight Haters?
Do I have a reading disorder? How do I get tested?
Anyone know of any good teenage love books?
If Harry Potter had became an animagus, what animal do you think he would form?
Any email address of "Jostein Garrder" - the author of Sophie's World?
what happens threwout the book the cruisers by walter dean myers throughout the whole book?
Is the book 'Boy In The Blitz, The 1940 Diary of Colin Perry' appropriate for primary age children?
Does this story line make you interested for more?
What was the last book you bought?
Any Harry Potter gurus here?
why do parents limit their kids to certain types of reading?
Are there any Novelist who wrote in another language other than the most common languages?
what do you think is the best romance book for teenagers?
Desperately wants to write a novel........It isn't only about $$$$?
Please help me to find Allen Tate's essay "Tension in Poetry"?
What's your favorite book?
I can't remember this books title or author, help!?
Dumbledore and Harry Potter?
What are your opinions on Philip Pullman?
Book Recommendations! HELP ME! Please?
did shae love tyrion? contains spoilers?
How many Danielle Steele books have you read?
Who will publish a poetry book for me without my putting out $?
I'm looking for a critique of my short story. Will you tell me what you think?
what's your best website to buy a book?
Should I read the TWILIGHT series?
Anyone want to read my story?
Where in Salem Falls by Jodi Picoult does it say Amos raped Addie?
What do you think is better twilight the book or the movie?
How DO you know so much about "Lord of the Flies?"?
Which book should I read? Three Men on a Boat...or...A Tale of Two Cities?
Question about Twilight?
Please give me advice on how to write a Fanfic about a made-up Targaryen please.?
which website can i find the script of the 1950's play entitled "Fortune and Men's Eyes"by John Herbert?
New Moon (twilight) question ...?
PLEASE HELP ASAP!! What's a poetic way to describe.....?
Can you make a place's name?
would you read something like this?
What kind of story plot would you get out of these key words?
What should I write about in a customized children's book?
Has anyone ever read the book The Bright Forever?
RIF Do you enjoy reading?
A story which i read in my primary/middle grade English book..?
i want to read a book like "Pretty little devils" by Nancy holder?
Who likes Frank McCourt?
What is the value of dale earnhardt rear view mirror book?
The novel of Troy by Adele Geras?
how to maintaining good customer relations in a hotel? .?
What is the most life-changing book you've ever read?
Which of these names is best?
Help! The Crucible! i need to put this in chronological order.?
what is an ode?
in the novel tarzan of the apes how was kayla a good mother to tarzan?
Help with The Cask of the Amontillado (Edgar Allan Poe)?
What is a suitable girl's names for a character in my story?
In the Harry Potter series, what year were Fred and George born?
who was iris murdoch?
The book sarum by edward rutherfurd help?
What makes you want to buy a book?
do you think this series is similar to harry potter?
what are some literary techniques used in a novel usually?
Which book do you recommend if I want to know about Confucious?
Which sites can I read books and/or manga for free without downloading anything or getting an account?
Theme of the Kite Runner?
Any really good books anyone could recommend me, please?
for you, who is the best author/writer of all time?
Can you help me with my writing?
I want to know the name of hospitals that ofer adaptation cours in irish,and at what cost?
if i'm trying to get rid of old romance novels that i didn't find interesting is it ok to destroy them?
Quick! The wife of bath prologue questions.?
what is the name of Zane's first book?
What is this book called?
What is Borges' fixation in "Borges and I"?
Who said Publish or be damned?
In "The Chimney Sweeper" by Blake, why does the author use ampersands and 'and' randomly?
What else can i include for my summary on THE HUNGER GAMES ?
who's a better author .. J.k Rowling or Stephanie Meyer !?
can anybodey suggest ...?
What is the book you have on the table?
Question about the Bell Jar?
In the book, "The Lord Of The Flies" what did information did they give about the kids parents?
What Are Some Good Books For 13-14 yrs old girl?
simple french book to read?
Where can i found best free online books to read?
looking for a kid's book with a one-eyed ?stray? cat that i believe dies in the end...?
in the book wes moore and drugs help ?
Which Twilight book is the best? Opinion?
Does anybody have the Princess Bride missing parts? I can't access it through the net. ?
How often is it alright to change perspective in a novel?
what are some unique powers my characters can have?
Favorite Twilight Guy ?
who is Estelle Hohengarten?
how to get over harry potter?
“What would you say was the best Book you’ve really enjoyed reading this year’?
A BOOK SURVEY- What was the last book you read and other questions?
IN THE BOOK MACBETH .... who does the 3rd murderer say sent him ??
What is the main conflict in the novel, Soldiers Heart?
Examples that Hamlet is NOT crazy?
what does the anagram "Harvest a Wet Kite" mean? (source da vinci code)?
what is the book "Out of Bounds" about?
Any other movies/novels about ordinary people rising up to fight oppressors?
How would you react in this situation?
What is the best science fiction book you´ve ever read? and or sci fi movie?
Stella: A streetcar named desire?
Is it a truth universally acknowledged , that a single man in possession of a good fortune ...?
Help me with my story SETTING?
Do the illuminiti (mentioned in dan brown's angels and demon's really exist?
Harry Potter FANS!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Details only someone who read "A time to Kill" would know?Help!?
"Night" by Elie Wiesel where can i get the audiobook for free?
Does anyone know any good books??
An idea on Dylan Thomas' "Poem in October"?
Name for my book please.?
what's your favourite twilight book?
Media Luna, by Federico García Lorca (Help!)?
What do you think of these plots?
Do you think that one of the most loved stories of all time, To Kill a Mockingbird should be banned?
Have any books you have read ever made you cry?
Would this be a good plot for my story?
what is the significance of the opening and ending of the book Speak?
Where can i download "catch me if u can" novel....?
if I'm doing a biography report on a person, and u can't tell who it is cuz itz a mystery report...?
What would be a good name for...?
What do you think of these names for characters?
who is bianca from the book Cathy's key?
Recommended gift books for a sixty-something woman?
Summarise William Shakespeare's play 'Much Ado About Nothing' in 100 words!?
who is the greatest author of all time?
Dose anyone know about MOLAVI?
what is your favorite book?
What is your favourite type of book?
Who is this Jean meldi!?
Do you think the Davinci Code is worth reading?
My first car crash scene, opinions?
A last name for my character?
Need help creating a good villain/bad thing for a story?
Where can I post my stories and get reviews?
Who is the author of Narnia books?
Is the stuff in The Da Vinci Code authentic?
What book will change my life forever?
Brian Johnson's autobiography?
Best novels you ever read?
In accordance to " A Beautiful Mind" - what would you do if you found out that people you have known for years
What's the name of the book that starts, "Anthony died. He died in his own house, and by his own hand."?
Would anyone recomend the Sano Ichiro series written by Laura Joh Rowland?
I need yr help PLS!!!!?
Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt review?
how can i describe dewey an lil from the book Crunch by leslie conner?
I need the text of the poem "Missing in Action" by Yusef Komunyakaa?!!!!!!!?
What was the book that Shirley Klum wrote about strange things in the Southwest?
What book should I buy if I'm trying to sleep?
Is the Dark Hunters series of novels, by Sherrilyn Kenyon, overly sexual?
What music goes best with "The Road" by Cormac McCarthy?
HARRY POTTAH FANS!!!!!!!!!!!!! (xD!)?
any people with book knowledge ?
List of short stories by Ruskin Bond?
Title of Pride and Prejudice explained?
Get started writing a book?
What is the best horror book you have read?
ok this is not a stupid twilight question?
are there any books that feature character's with cerebral palsy?
I need a good song about forgetting things (like amnesia)?
Edward Cullen or Jacob black?
what is the meaning of the long love, that in my thought doth harbor?
what is terry mcmillian e-mail address?
The Lovely Bones theme?
Does anyone know a good Lord of the Rings forum for discussions?
is there any ebook for tagalog pocketbooks?
I need a name for this character. Help please?
What could I title my story?
Good books for an 18 year old female?
What is the subject of "The Lake Isle of Innisfree" written by W.B Yeats?
What is the name of the heroine of the book Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier ?
Kobo E-reader..................?
Questions about whether i should read these books?
Where can I read vampire kisses blood relative volume 3 online?
What are some examples of imagery in the book `The Road`by Cormac McCarthy?
do you feel weird after you finish a book?
how does the cask of amontillado highlight the dark side of mankind?
what are really good teen books?
has anyone ever read...?
Hoe does Winston change in the novel 1984?
a summary of Inkheart?
Does anybody know what this book is called..?
how was Edgar Allan Poe's writing influanced by the writers of the Romantic period?
Can anyone list all of the books that are "part" of the Dark Tower Series"?
Why do examiners pick certain books for EXAMS?
Voracious readers ONLY, do you agree with this quote from a man who learned how to read in prison?
Who knows were can I find other writings sites that are real!?
The Minister's Daughter or Merrybegot?
what's a good name?
What are some unique names?
Why isn't there Catcher in the Rye on the Kindle?
What is your Pottermore username?
Do you think Harry Potter, Ginny and his children would live in 12 Grimmauld Place?
How is this story???
I'm writing a love story and I would like your opinion on the concept I wrote.?
Someone I know killed himself..?
Are there any Graham Masterton fans?
Can A Kind Loving Person Help Me With Identifying Literary Devices ?
If a text has nearly 2500 words, could it still be considered a "short" story?
How to incorporate Harry Potter in a family tree?
is this good so far?
What is the best fictional book you've ever read?
I'm reading Sybil for Psych II?
Plot twist for this short story plot? Please?
which one should i read first.. Shiver or Evermore series?
Who/What is the antagonist in "Bitten" by Kelley Armstrong?
I'm trying to remember a science fiction book?
Question About My Short Story?
the Ukranian sculptor who first adapted Cubism?
Would vampires from twilight know who pooped just by smelling it?
Book recommendations for a 13 year old girl?
What do you call a set of four works/books of art that are connected?
About a girl...tell me what you think...?
What is the ending to the book "so much pretty"?
How and why does the writer jump from setting to setting in the novel Tess of the D'Urbervilles?
Why is it that when i read a book i see the person more than i would in "real life"?
Who thinks that there should be a movie for the book "Magyk" by Angie Sage??
people who read the novel (shiva trio-logy) please share your views?
loking for romance book.african american author.don't know her name or the name of the book.?
if you could prevent one death in the harry potter series, who's would it be?
whats a good book series to read for me?
Do you require silence when you read?
Book Recomendations?
What happens at the end of the Alchemyst?
Story on Greek myths?
Do you like this idea for a story?
Twilight hater questions. . . .?
what is one dramatic irony in act V of Hamlet?
Using mythology when writing fantasy?
Where Can I Find Legitimate on line poetry contests?
Oedipus, Creon of Antigone, and Antigone herself are all tragic characters in some way, yet only Oedipus provo?
when is the 7th harry potter book coming out?
Looking for a great book for motivation, any ideas?
Does this sound okay to you?
What do you think of my excerpt??? .s!!!?
Need a name for an Organized Crime Group in my story?
what is langston hughes best poem?
in the book secrets of the Hollywood girls club do all the women especially Celeste stay with their husbands?
city code book availability?
Can someone please give me a summary of Little Women (not including Good Wives) of the whole book?
Does the title East of Eden suit the actual novel?
Would you rather loan people your money or your books?
Which animal never close its eyes and which animal never sleep?
Is this a good fan fiction of The Hunger Games?
Twilight- I don't understand...?
What is the letter alfalfa actually wrote to darla?
what's the title to a book w/art- person w/just muscle and a purple border?
Harry Potter Fans/RA/DA: Who's that character?
has anyone read or listened to any good books lately?
Beyond Good and Evil?
Editor, place, publisher, year, page range, medium of this language book?
How do you describe a circus?
What is a good book for aspiring writers?
Did H.P. Lovecraft invent the "Necronomicon" or was it an actual book?
POLL: What is the last book you read?
Why Do People Love Twilight So Much?
what economic era shaped Arthur Miller as a person?
Where can I find a LARGE picture of the cover of the book, "And Then there Were None"?
charles dickens great expectations??
Harry Potter Fans.... Lord Voldemort just...?
Is there a specific literary term for this?
Looking for a novel about a woman and her dates - I believe she kept a diary?
If you were me, would you continue writing?
Where can I find the phone no of famous author GREGORY DAVID ROBERTS?? He is the author of 'SHANTARAM'.
Could someone direct me to a short story, or a poem, or a song about love's difficulty?
Help with the book A northern light?
What's your favorite book series?
Looking for a new copy of Concise Grammar of Contemporary English by Randolph Quirk and Sidney Greenbaum.?
what are some of your favorite books, or suggestions for good books to read?
Stranger in a strange land essay topics 10 points?
Quizbook writing : If I write quizzes that are based on a textbook or textbook(s)?
For Harry Potter fans?
are there any new mermaid novels or books out?
Ideas for a book for school?
What is the most confusing book you have ever attempted to read?
what are some themes in 1984 and some scenes to back them up?
What are some songs that relate to specific acts in the play "The Crucible" by Arthur Miller?
what are the ten most important scenes from the book Catcher and the Rye?
what is your favourite stephen king book or movie?
Who were Ralph and Eric fighting in Chapter 10 of Lord of the Flies?
iliad&odyssey stories?
L o t Rings trivia, first to answer completely gets?
What do you think about guys reading twilight?
where is the best place to buy erotic books?
Harry Potter?
The things they carried by Tim Obrien?
Would you like a Rick Riordan and Eoin Colfer Collaboration?
what is the best book(s) that u ever read?
where can I download Harrison 18th edition for free?
"Their Eyes Were Watching God" essay help?
Can someone explain the ages in Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series?
Just read and answer?
Where can I subscribe to some art magazines (preferable Free or inexpensive) ?
The book: Watching the English by Kate Fox? Where can I download it for free?
what do you think it means? what is your opinion?
Any good books for summer?
Which English author said these famous words? " Science is all wrong; while solving one problem it creates ten
Who liked Mortal Instruments series?
Books that were better than movies?
Does this make you want to continue reading?
Twilight Question!!!!!!!!! No Twilight Haterz, just fans!!!!?
Harry Potter, Twilight..Amazing. But i need more!! what books are as equally good?
What is a conflict I can have in my short story?
How long did it take you to read Harry Potter & The Order of the Phoenix?
HELP!? In Graham Greene's novel a burnt out case....?
Suggest some good fantasy books for young adults(like LOTR and Harry Potter)?
Is it true that in the United States there are more Romance Novels published than all other books combined?
How much reading for pleasure do you do? What's the last book you've read? The last novel read?
life of rogelio r. sikat?
Is the beginning of this understandable?
Does the Hamlet, Fortinbras describes (5.2 Ln 339-44) sound like the Hamlet we known? What will happen?
Is this essay suitable for the title 'fame'? PART 3?
What would you send to room 101 (things you hate. . )?
Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit - Literature?
How do I lengthen my story?
what do you think of my peom type thingy?
8th grade reading project details below!!!! =/?
similar books to eragon and pit dragon trilology??
what is your opinion on laurell k. hamilton's writing...?
Rate my book pleasee?
has anyone ever read our town?
Do sad endings sell...?
Does anyone know if Dennis LeHane has a new book coming out soon?
Harry Potter Question?
I am writing a book about a boy who is a hybrid werewolf and vampire but he does not know what he is yet and?
Evil title for Disney story?
A "rat man" who creates comic books...?
Is this a good plot twist?
do the harry potter books get more grown up as the series progresses?
what is the historical significance of the book the Color Purple?
20 Phrases from the book Breaking Dawn?
Every sinlge Sarah Dessen book??
What do you think of my story so far?
Need help writing a thank you letter.?
I have a writing question. I'm working on my outline for a fiction novel?
Opinions/Critiques welcome?
Where can I find a Fantasy book editor?
what is the conflict in " a tale of two cities " by charles dickens?
Book Recommendations ^.^ Good books to read?
Twilight Fans: Are You Planning On Pre-ordering or Waiting to Buy "Breaking Dawn" From A Book Store?
Harry Potter/Twilight question?
Tell me any link from where i can get the story notes type story of "The Mayor of Casterbridge" Novel?
What's that book "The Secret" about!?
Where did Anne Rice get the idea for her book Tale of the Body Thief?
What is the difference between the oral and written poetry?
What is your favorite book?
Harry Potter books, Do you think that I should start reading them. Or are they to childish?
In Ethan Frome by Edith Wharton...?
What do you think about the books of Isabel Allende?
What is the meaning of love?
How can I sound like Peeta?
who's your favourite childrens author?
in the book The Crucible ...?
Critique my novel's prologue?
Is writing a book of short stories likely to get me an agent?
Psychology in Lord of the flies? please read?
How does Montresor reflect Edgar Allen Poe's life?
Murder Mystery Dinner evidence?
Lord Of The Flies questions: Help?
Help me with my book! Please?
Why can't I find the 18th chapter to Code Geass: Louch of the Rebellion online in english?
Is there a way to incorporate the virtue of integrity with a dystopian type story?
What is your favorite message board for discussing books?
Has anyone read the Stephanie Plum series?
where can I find a site with the short story "The Metaphor"?
I need two very original girl names?
I'm thinking of a kid's book. What's the name?
I am a middle school student, does anyone have any suggestions on good books I could read?
Please help if youve read George orwells 1984?
do you prefer sad dramas or happy endings?
How much does a set of Encyclopedia Britannica weigh?
Harry Potter fans. ^_^?
Whats your favorite book?
textbook question?
Are there any techniques in this passage?
what do u think of this?
what about sabrina?
wat do u think Edward would do if in breaking dawn bella chose jacob?
Is there a book that comes before Narnia, the witch the lion and the cupboard, and if so, what's it's name?
good books for thirteen year olds? (NOT HARRY POTTER OR TWILIGHT!)?
Help me name my book characters?
good name for a small town in my story?
some character names ideas?
Which is the most influenced book in your life?
Do you find this story scary?
How do i write an outline for my own book ideas??
What is the next book you’ll be reading?
did anyone ever read james baldwin's "Sonny's Blues"? if so, can you summarize it please?
How do I begin writing a book or biography about my life?
Recommend good book ?
what is the third book in a series called?
Are there critiques on Cheryl Costello Forshey?
Gone with the wind questions, help please?
what're some good vampire/romance books?
Whats a good title for my story?
which of the Twilight 4 books are better in your opinion? Pls Answer!?
Good titles book involving magic gods?
What is the title & author of this Action/Adventure book series for teens?
Some last names for the princess in my fantasy story?
I am 25 I love to read books about mystery, romance any good book series ?
me, a bookworm or a reading addict?
in the book The city of ember is their any type of similes,metaphors or personifaction? And what is the theme?
hey...I need help!I need to write my final examination on this theme:The Struggle between Love and Revenge?
Does anyone know any sad teen novels?
What is your favorite Nelson DeMille book?
Any one know the book sara custer wrote,whats the title an story line?
our town book character question...?
i want an article on dhirubhai ambani?
Have you ever read a book that got you hooked on the author that wrote it?
Help! I need ideas for a short story?
How do I straighten paperback books that have been bent/warped from improper storage?
Am I any good at poetry or should I not bother?
Recommend some good horror or suspense novels?
Would someone read this please?
Which is your favourite genre?
is there a good book to read????? BOOK NAMES PLZ!!!?
The significance of disguises in Oliver Twist?
what is the best way to learn news skills?
What is the story about the Playmaker by J.B Cheney?
How much is the Harry Potter Hardbound Box set in the Phils.?
I asked a little while ago about what genres you guys liked, but could you have a look at what i've wrote?
Which book is better harry potter or twilight?
Good book recommendations for a teen girl?
anyone here read china mielville books?
Like this? I found this great book: Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman?
Is "The Missing" series worth the read?
what makes a boring scene more interesting? if a fairly good story gets boring what do u want to happen in it?
Books for children aged 6 up to teens?
Does this happen in taming of the shrew?
Every sinlge Sarah Dessen book??
how could i get my novel published?
What might be a suitable character for my short story?
who is the beautiful lady in the world?
Is the book The Thing about the Truth on AR?
Does anyone know what the name is of a library that is an award winner. It has a tree, aquarium wall, In CA?
Readers: Do you prefer character or plot driven novels?
Who were the top-five non-fiction writers who pioneered the New Journalism?
I need a summary of Nancy Drew book "The Search for Cindy Austin". Can anyone help me?
Should I feel ashamed that I'm 21 but have only read about sixty "adult" books so far?
What kind of book should i start with?
What is the best way to go about presenting your book for publication?
how do you pronounce Vauvenargues?
when will chapter 8 of teppen come out?
wicked trilogy, in 'a lion among men' ... does elphaba come back at all... i bought it, but i was hoping..?
Any Summer Reading book suggestions for a future 8th grader?
To kill a mocking bird??????????
ok i need a book thats really good . i have already read the twilight saga so don't say that.. so please help?
Twilight fans, tell me, why in the world should I finish Breaking Dawn?
I really need something to read. I love science fiction and fantasy. Help!?
Help me title my sequel?
Whats the Difference Between Fantasy and Medieval Romance? Is it the Love Stories and Romance?
Can anyone recommend a good book to read on the subway?
could you help me again?
What is the theme of Katherine Mansfield's short story "Miss Brill"?
Similarities between 1984 by Orwell and A Scanner Darkly?
Books for teens that are about magic schools.?
Title Suggestions...?
Whats your favorite books and why?
Johnny from the outsiders?
What do you think of my story right now?
from a rating of 5 - 10, is twilight a good book?
what are the best books uve ever read?
where do you go to get a children's book published?
why is it important to read books about different people?
Twilight or harry potter (EVERYONE)?
any tips on getting a novel published?
How to write this suspenseful scene?
anyone read Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged? Its my mom's fave, but I just can't get started in it.?
Which is your favorite book?
A username for a writer?
Harry potter ripped off twilight?
I have a Question about the Twilight Series?
The book Confession By: R.L Stine?
what would you rate this book, on a scale of one to ten?
Why is Dally so rough and tough and violent in the outsiders?
What's the best book you've read lately?
When was the last time you read a book from cover to cover?
My novel is making me uncomfortable?
What should happen next?
Which book should I read?
i'm looking for a poetry book with apoem that i wrote published in it,but i do not know the name of the book.
how is the grandeur associated with the death of mighty dead in reference with a thing of beauty by john keats?
What would be a cool title for a autobiographical essay about...?
Can you fill in this sentence?
Im feeling depressed that theres not gonna be any more Harry Potter books what can i do?
Does anyone know the name of a book where a supposedly dead rich guy gives his money away to a girl?
is ragged dick considered a historical source?
Gothic story idea???
How is the imagery in this poem?....Serious replys only please?
Where can i read New Moon online starting from the 301 page and read the rest of the book????? i need help?
Who is Wilbur Smith?
What are some books that include autistic characters?
Where can I donate used books in Massachusetts?
GOOD titles for my story about a corpse/ghost boyfriend?
Help me find this YA book!?
Name an author who has a similar style to that of Boris Pasternak.?
Why is Twilight such a popular book series?
Is the book, "Twilight" is good book?
Know anything about the novel PAPILLON?
What do you think of the ending of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?
The prologue and first chapter of my story; any good?
Good books about eating disorders?
What are some of the best Severus/Lily fan-fictions?
Does this sound like a good story idea? Please add suggestions if you would like to.?
can anyone describe a chase-scene involving teenagers? (s. best answer)?
how is rudyard kiplings life displayed in his book the junlge books? its for a english project. please help!?
How should I start my story idea?
Well, who agrees that Breaking Dawn SUCKED?
can you find the twilight saga at Tully Libary? And where?
i need help writing a book report for a tale of two cites?
recommend me a great book?
Where can I download "Atlas of Human Anatomy" textbook in pdf format?
How can i find about Alex Halley the writer of the famous ROOTS?
How can I promote my new FREE website to books and Ebooks authors/writers?
Whats a good book for learning the ins and outs of business operations?
Anyone read Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw? what is your opinion about it. Can you elaborate.?
I don't know what to name my story...?
What book are you reading at the moment?
What are the key underlying themes in "The Eye of Argon"?
The Twilight Series are actually a good book? ?
can you help me with the first chapter to this story please?
what is the resolution in the book The Help?
does anyone know the name of this book?
A dolls house - Henrik Ibson?
Any good semi-hard Old English books you recommend?
Short childrens books, poems, or stories for reflection, please?
What would you like to ask?where i got Telugu stories?
Who is your favourite Author?
tell me the best 4-liners u have ever heard or read?
Suggest books which brings tears?
How many books do you read ,on average, per month?
Orwell, How close to the future truth is he?
Help with To Kill a Mockingbird.. =)?
Who knows the title or author of this sci-fi/ fantasy book?
When is the next Dean Koontz Frankenstein book coming out?
Where can one read or buy light novels?
paradise lost homework help?
What is your Favortie James Patterson Book?
In Oedipus Rex, what is the writer's portrayal of the relationship between parent and child, spouses..?
Harry Potter question...?
What is the last book you read?
What is your favorite quotation? The one you like to live by?
Where can I get some great audio books?
why cant half of the people on here spell or write complete, understandable sentences?
When is Harry Potter The 7th book due for release?
Please read my Hunger Games fanfiction?
Is this a good start to my story?
enjoy novels with a First Nations Perspective in the writing any other novels I can read?
Dante's Inferno help!?
what is your analysis on the book Kama Sutra?
Book about a haunted vase, ghost named lydia?
Where can I find a copy of Sylvia Plath's Bell Jar. Is it still in print after all ?
Are 'locked room' mysteries the same as 'cozy' fiction?
Severus Snape - acting on Dumbledore's orders or really Voldemort's closest ally?
I am trying to find some romance novels about someone stranded in a snow storm and someone found her. Or somet?
Where can I find some more stories written by Ed Dobbins?
What are some good Teen NOVELS?
the best book of all!?
can anyone suggest similar books to Baby X by Harry Keeble?
Does anyone remember the title of an old children's book about farm animals stacking up to scare some thieves?
Serious case of writer's block?
can someone post chapter 8 of Henrirtta Lacks in it's entierty?
need help writing the wording on a dance invite/ticket. MUST have knowledge of The Secret Garden?
Is the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer popular in Britain?
Twilight and Harry Potter?
Identify a passage or incident from the novel that had an impact on you. ( Knaled Hosseini The Kite Runner)?
How many books have you read this year so far?
book suggestion please!!!?
How is Gawain a knightly hero in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight?
How do I have older books appraised?
Any good books...?
Can anyone tell me where can I find the english version of the marathi book "Mrityunjay" ?
A Question About Book Editing and Writing?
What are some books you would recomend for me to read?????
Do you think a 15yr old teen could write a book?
Poetry- I have always wanted to be a poet, but have always found myself lacking...?
What book(s) are you currently reading?
what are the themes of memoirs of geisha?
Input needed, A River Runs Through It?
127 hours book chapters summary?
whats a really good book?
What song would be similar to a World War II story?
What are some books that I might like?
Where can i find more pictures of these?
Who was Shakespeare?
Can anyone remember those books where the reader decides what happens next?
i am writing a book about a boy who is a hybrid werewolf and vampire but he does not know what he is yet and?
was Friedrich Nietzsche in love with his sister.?
Are there any good fictional books about Jack the Ripper?
What is the absolute BEST book you've ever read?
Where can i find a chapter summeries of 'Of love and Shadows' by isabel allende.?
Questions about Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens?
When you're writing a book, do you write in past or present?
What book is this??????????????????/?
Can Someone Help Me With a Name for One of My Characters?
Has anyone read "September Song" by Ron Wallace?
Harry Potter Fans-Lets just say your sleeping and the doorbell rings and at the door....?
A New Book?
a summary of the white heron?
Would I be able to do this?
Where can I find samples from "The Art of George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire"?
advice for a young author? fiction novel- hoping to finish 400 pages by end of this year?
need help of where to find information on where jean valjean traveled in les miserables?
Subtle Knive Film???
In books, do you prefer a "perfect" hero; or a "broken" one?
Got any guy names...?
would you read a book/ watch a movie that got bad reviews if it sounded interesting to you?
Twin Character name help please?
When does 'The Old Man and the Sea' take place?
What was the poem, Grape Sherbet, by Rita Dove about?
Describe the main setting in the Scarlet Letter?
Can you help me polish my Query Letter?
On How do you make favorite authors, or watch them like you do on
What Is The Best Book You've Ever Read/ Favourite Books ?
Fahrenheit 451 Soundtrack Project...?
Im thinking of publishing my book with I need to sort out the copyright myself can anyone tell me how
How frequently should an antihero/rival have touching moments?
What is your favorite book and/or author?
Ten points to first person to be my fan?
The theme for the book Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater?
Anyone know anything about Dickinson?
why is Lewis Carroll an important author?
How often do you read?
The Great Gatsby - Chapter 7, Quote Explanation Please!?
Does anyone write stories on websites like...?
Some Good Booooooksssssssss?
Who on this site likes to write Fiction?
I am looking for the poem"Maude Miller". Don't know author?
Does anyone else think there is a connection between Dumbledore and Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter series?
Who read the family under the bridge?
I need a new book to read......?
What are your favorite books?
Do you think that Voldemort has ever had sex in his life?
where can i find good doujin of Mizore from Rosario + Vampire?
how to start writing a book?
wich book you'll never forget?
I can't find annie mary schimel photo?
good books with alot of bdsm in them?
short story for creative writing class?
What's your favourite book of all time?
how much do u know percy jackson !!?
How do you finish a 390 page book in one week without damaging your eyes?
How do I write a Brief Professional Autobiography?
What makes a mecha series great?
Any idea what the title of this book is?
I'm trying to write a book with my sister. Need advice on how to be a better writer?
What book are you reading right now?
Is there a known copy of the Mrin Codex anywhere? I don't mean the novel, I mean the actual Codex.?
what do you think should happen in Tower Prep?
twilight ...will my boyfriend break up with me over iy?
Can anyone help me understand Foucault?
How do postcolonial assertions in literary writings vary according to the cultural background of the writer?
did anyone ever read a book about a kid named michael who disappeared its about his familys story and coping.?
Do I hold publishing writes to a book I have written myself?
What books did you read this year that impacted you the most?
What did Lord Alfred Tennyson write?
I'm really into reading. Mostly Juvenile fiction or young adult fiction. What are some new. good books?
find a book published by Crosscreek Books, Title "don't that beat all"?
What are the steps to getting a novel published?
advantages of kindle?
What should a science fiction world look like?
Does anyone know of good short story publishers who will take an unpublished author?
Which district would Iowa be in The Hunger Games?
Help! Writer in distress!?
Can you edit this story and find any mistakes?
"Gold" by Dan Rhodes?
Title ideas for my short story?
Is it a sad indication of youth that Twilight is considered a great book?
What do you think regarding my poem about winter?
what are your views about CELESTRA SERIES by ADDISON MOORE...?
How Can I Go About Meeting Like Minded People? Authors, Writers, Editors, Publishers?
who's your favourite author?
Attention people who like to write stories!!!!?
Is it copying? I disagree. Help?
Please read my story? =)?
What is a good historical fiction for an 8th grader?
how can i know an arabic Manuscripts price?
Whats your favourite book?
Edward Cullen??? Mean in New Moon?
HARRY POTTAH FANS!? (RA/DA/HU) Don't you think that us Potter fans........?
what does dorothy look like in the book, the wonderful wizzard of oz.?
Touching Snow?
what do you think of this story idea and I need names for some of the characters?
What book are you reading?
What are some good books for teen girls?
Has anyone out there read the book "Butterfly" by Kathryn Harvey?
The Divine Comedy?
Any good YA Romance Books?
What's the WORST book you've ever read?
After reading the Twilight book, I watched the movie ..?
Any ideas for a book report project?
What do you think of this story?
Flying solo book help!!?
What are some good publishing companies?
Open Discussion for best thriller novel plot!?
A book about a girl and her father?
good story intro? New story of mine?
Can anyone recommend a good book? I am a bubbly character who loves romantic novels, comedy,....pretty much...
Who can tell me about "LexisNexis" and what it can offer that the regular web can't?
why was The Crucible banned?
want 2 find the kids book with animals helping baby turtles get from their eggs to the sea safely? Help?
which is the best book u ever read?
Best book you have ever read ?
What are the conflict(s) in the book The Awakening?
is holden caulfield atheist? how or why?
Just looking for all my contacts to read a Halloween story that we wrote?
What is a great first a book for you?
im looking for this book "my worker wheel" by russell muckridge?
What was your favorite book as a child? Did you buy it again as an adult?
Inspiring books or just good reads!?
What is the name of this book?
How to improve my short story?
Whats the Difference Between Fantasy and Medieval Romance? Is it the Love Stories and Romance?
HARRY POTTER FANS: Let us make a difference!?
obsessed with twilight what should i read next?
'An Inspector Calls'?
Looking for an honest review of my idea?
If Susan Collins made a new book/spin off of the hunger games trilogy, what would it be about?
Amulet stonekeeper 2 read full book online?
What's the best way to approach a publisher with a non-fiction text book?
Honey hunt 20-23 translated?
What is your opinion on to kill a mockingbird by harper lee?
Why do you write....?
Who wrote Twilight, and whatss it about? Should I read it?
The war of the worlds by HG WELLS?
Do You know when The Seventh book of Harry Potter comes out?
do you agree about the author's opinion about God's plan in the book Good Omens?
what is the longest book you have ever read?
please help me develop a good love story?(10 points)?
Who liked Snape's love story????
Snape, Snape, Severus Snape! Snape, Snape, Severus Snape. DUMBLEDORE!?
whats a movie similiar to this book?
Have you read this awsome book, "Jah...seen", by Serge B. Charlebois yet?
Answer is not enough to write the story?
what page does Sean adopt Michael Oher in The Blind Side book?
How does a story come to the writer?
What do you think will happen in the third book from the Inheritance Trilogy (Eragon, Eldest,...)?
Quotes from the book Speak?
What exactly is a "gothic" romance novel?
Submitting a pen name to a publisher?
What are the best MYSTERY novels you have ever read?
What do I do if my story starts with a speech?
Evil Names Help???????????/?
Where can I find a translation of the book "Socaire y el capitan loco" by Pilar Lozano?
Need Plot Ideas Help Please?
Is push the movie with chris evans and dakota fanning based on a book?
Which novel should I read?
need a complete list of Play titles by Arthur A. Miller?
Eye of the needle by Ken Follett?
Why does Prince Escalus say " All are Banished"?
What was the last good book you read?
Best novels you ever read?
Passages in Scarlet Letter about Pearl?
Writers: QUICK! (only if your writing is on a word document or something like it)?
can u tell me the names of 3 really good fantacy boks other than hary potter, lord of the rings, etc?
I need some help with writers block?
What are some good websites for publishing writing pieces?
could u please suggest me some very interesting fiction books which i should read?
What are you reading now?
how would you describe this thing in my book?
do you think listening to audio books is cheating?
Does anyone know a reputable company to publish gothic poems and short stories?
Edward Cullen or Jacob Black?
What does an essay's "occasion" mean?
what do you think of the the tense in the last paragrapgh? any suggestions?
I need a blog/story title please?!?
i'm writing a story and i need a name for the clothing store in the story?
Which books feature myths/legends?
Examples of Jack's savagery in Lord of the Flies?
I wish I can hold her so that she will never leave if she only knew how I felt about her"?
Question for All Twilight Haters?
What kind of a audience would read Thomas More's "Utopia"?
Rate & Critique. Short intro to story.?
which book is Rain Shel Silverstein written in? If you can give me a bibliography, i love you.?
has any one read any books by Laura K. Hamilton?
what are the advantages and disadvantages of using dictionary?
"Charles" by Shirley Jackson?
As an independent publisher, how do we get our books and CDs onto the shelves of Borders, B&N and other stores
In pride and prejudice, how do ELizabeth's comments about Darcy at dinner cause Wickham concern?
What genre could this story be considered as?
Should book lovers be worried?
What is Gothic Romanticism and who were the famous authors?
Can someone help me on my project on House of the Scorpion?
which is the best book u ever read?
What is Macbeth's reaction to what the witches show him in act 4?
Is Harry Potter a good Book?
What's your favorite book about {No Twilight, please}?
In a fight, who do you think would win, Percy Jackson or Harry Potter?
Where can I find all about swords, daggers, etc.?
Any Summer Reading book suggestions for a future 8th grader?
I need help figuring out what this poem means. It's by Anne Bradstreet. Thank you.?
Has anyone read Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts. If yes, then how do you rate the book.?
What do you think the Greek God of Peace's bedroom would look like if he's a stoner?
I need a title for my story. Please help?
sapmle of authorization letter to get something?
modern or medieval plot re-post.?
What do you think of my story so far?
I am loking for a hardback copy of David Star Space Ranger by Paul French. Where can I find one for sale?
What are some great novels worth reading?
The Phantom of the Opera?
What are some good books on origami?
Does anyone know of a article by Durocher(?)reminding us how lucky we are? It had statistics about health etc?
what are your top 5 most favorite books?
Is this a good story?
Good scary story ideas?
Mortal Instruments wallpaper quotes?
Today is my mothers birthday. My mom passed away years ago and how do I not feel sad today?
What's a good book for me to read?
Answer this riddle, but don't think too hard?
Who is your favourite villain and why?
Have To Write a STory - Need Someone Creative?
National Novel writing month kick off parties? What are these?
Has anyone read the book beautiful creatures?
What is your favorite Dean Koontz book?
Survey! Twilighters/Anti-twilighters?
is it really worth it to buy the book of "series of unfortunate events?"?
What is the moral of the story/poem Rime of the Ancient Mariner?
What is the name of this book?!?
Which book of these is better: "The Great Gatsby" or "White Fang"?
As some one who has read Game of Thrones, The Hunger Games, And Harry potter what else would you recommend?
Does anyone know of the book Idols + Believers by JOCELYN BAIN HOGG?
Do the Twilight books drive you crazy?
The story thumberlina I want a little bit on each character in the fairy tale. Please?
Opinions on this excerpt?
do adults read the hunger games?
Amazing books to read?
what is your name?
From Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis, why the metamorphosis in the first place?
What is your favorite poem? If you can, quote it.?
Has any book ever evoked strong emotions?
What is the best book to buy a child that is interested in fashion design?
/\/\.. Harry Potter Fans.. Do you think Tom Riddle was.../\/\?
I need a book????
Does anyone read the CSI:Crime scene investigation books by Max allen Collins?
What is the second book after 'Gladiator fight for freedom" by Simon Scarrow?
What is a good summary of Act 2 of “The Crucible” by Arthur Miller?
Have you ever read a book that has made you cry?
what do you think of this fanfiction story i wrote-Paradise lost(ninth book in the private series)?
Does it matter wether someone reads the shopaholic series in order?
do you have a dog?
HELP!!!! Would You Read On?! :)?
Quotes about hope in the Book of Revelation?
Can anyone recommend a great chick book?
do you no a good book to read about vampires?
Good women's Autobiographies?
where can I find reviews of the novel Red Dragon by Thomas Harris?
how look like a muslim,in your opinion?
How do beatrice and benedick change their opinions?
Remake for The Outsiders cast?
What is the meaning of Christina Rossetti's poem "Dead Before Death"?
This is the beggining of my new book, do you like it?
Harry Potter Hagrid flying?
it is not less strange that petrarch never showed this to boccaccio?
Where can i find this audio book?
How can I make this better?
What is the name of this book?
Book that has changed you life and/or favorite author?