searching for a site that displays richard brautigan poem 60mph?
Quick! Grab the closest book to you, turn to the 47th page, and the 8th line down. What does it say?
Dorrance Publishing or Finding an Agent?
when is harry potter 7 coming out I'm dying to read it.?
Why is Twilight such a popular book series?
Who do you consider to be the most wicked person(s) ever?
in twilight don't you think bella isolates herself from edward abit too much?
Best weapons for my story?
Good and Evil in Hamlet?
Twilight by Stephanie Meyer!?
Is the crucible gothic?
"What BOOK are you reading right now"?
review this short paragraph?
interesting last names?
Have u seen the movie Pride and Prejudice?
i want a short story with 6-7 characters.?
Why do people hate Twilight?
So how about Dan Brown being sued for copying work to do the Da Vinci Code, do you think he really did that?
Gameshow names for my story!?
What is every ones favorite author?
what is the best teenage book series?
what is the eight art theory?
where can i find this this book? help!?
Would you read this book?
A book with the theme hero or outside,pls help!?
which is the best fiction author ever?
Which three of your favorite literary characters would you invite to dinner?
Which is the best Medical Encyclopedia?
I need a publisher for the short story I'm writing?
Writers&Readers: What's your favorite color?
Is it bad practice when writing a travel story to keep using 'I' i.e. writing in the first person.?
I'm trying to find a writer named Tanya Sodders.
Can you write a book for me?
I have a 13 yr old daughter...?
What is the longest book you've ever read?
What is your favourite book?
Story plots??????????????
Ray Bradbury book?
"The Yellow Wallpaper' by Charlotte Perkins Gilman -questions?
Does anyone remember a book called "The Robe" by Lloyd c. Douglas?
To Kill a Mocking: What are 5 questions Atticus Finch could ask Link Dead, Sherriff Heck Tate and Judge Taylor?
Who all (significantly) died in the Inheritance Cycle (Eragon series)?
For those who have read The Three Musketeers....please read my summary of it...?
where did Daniel Pinkwater go to school?
What is the exact order of all the James Patterson, Alex Cross books.?
Is it difficult to create fictional settings for your story?
how can i find a book that is no longer in print?
Why did Sinclair Lewis refuse the Pulitzer Prize awarded him for his novel Arrowsmith in 1926?
Where can i get a specific biography of Jack London?
"painted faces" lord of the flies?? hellppp!!!?
Switching between two characters?
Twilight haters, please answer this question [Twilighters who aren't majorly touchy can answer too :)]?
The Novel "The Stranger" by Albert Camus question! PLEASE HELP!!?
Ideas for zombie novel?
Does Thoreau dislike progress? How is that shown in Walden?
Heart of Darkness (please answer if you've read it)?
Can anyone recommend a good book to buy for my mother, who does not like girly books?
Does the novel "When I was Puerto Rican" have any romance in it?
Vampire novels - historical fiction : Know any good reading groups??
I look for a website about literature. I need some critisism papers on short stories in english literature.?
is there a website where i can find books written on a certain topic?
A Book To Read?? Already Done Twilight?
whats the name of the book about the french bloke who blinks to talk?
What're some good Fantasy books that're actually worth reading?
What does it mean to be a best selling author?
should i right a book? please answer?
How do I copy protect an Adobe pdf file so a person could not share it with anyone.?
I'm looking for a book that has an unconventional plot?
What should I title this poem??Need Help Now!!!?
where can I read a midsummer tight's dream by Louise Rennison online?
Help me with this story?
Where did the Godfather part I & II come from?
Best Harry Potter Couple?
what is Wallis William book Hawk about?
when is the next book of inheritance by christopher paolini coming out?
WRITERS: I have two questions.....?
how many words are there in total in all 7 harry potter books?
The Chrysalids: New Zealand people's REAL NAMES?
Is plagerism always against the original authors will?
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix movie: What's up with Ron and Hermione?
What's your favorite book and what is it about? Why?
Need Publisher!?
Native Son by Richard Wright?
Which of the following Novels is better?
what is a word with 3 reapited words like in 2 forms...peeckook?
What is a good Harry Potter slogan for the first book (H.P & the sorcerer's stone)?
What is your all-time favorite book?
Which DiscWorld books to read?
Pinterest Board Names?
what is the lesson learned in vampire diaries the awakening?
Whats the best book you have read lately and why?
Can anyone recommend an unbelievably scary book?
What are some good books to read that are high enough level to be considered AP worthy?
What 10 books or novels should I read before I die?
Formatting a manuscript and cover page? Need help?
what do you think Kafka meant by his book "the metamarphosis"?
tell me a book to read?
Catcher in the rye book?
Should I read Twilight (serious answers only please!)?
Important! Must read!Please!?
Can Someone PLEASE edit this poem for me ??? PLEASE i'd really appretiate it?
would anyone know of any book fairs/markets that will happen in the next few months.?
Explain to me what an annum is as used by Dumas and Doyle?
Is it just me, or have the Twilight questions died down?
What hidden codes are there in the Davinci Code? WHy is this book so popular?
Why are you up at 2:50am?
Why does everyone hate Jacob Black so much?
Does anybody know how after writing a book, I go about getting it checked& published etc,.?
Help with choosing a genre of books for a project?
What are the values of media that shape the formation of the International Agenda?
Harry Potter fans may I ask you serveral silly questions related to the series?
How did L.J. Smith write about all of the characters in Vampire Diaries?
What book really got you into reading?
i live in theben of greece.thank you vidmap?
What are some good book series that are out?
Where can I find people selling or giving away Nancy Drew books?
Fantasy/ science fiction/ young adult books with diversity?
First time author. Know of any good publishing companies for first itme publishing?
Do you think my writing is good?
good books on script writing?
What are some short stories, songs, or poems that have to do with rebellion?
What books make you cry?
Can I still get the books of Lobsang Rampa to buy , it was earlier published by corgi book long time ago.?
Crtitcism of The Sea Wolf BY Jack London?
How do souls reproduce in the book the host by stephenie meyers?
I just got told I remind an old friend of Christian Grey?
how can i get this guy i like to be more like edward from twilight?
Is the twilight series terrible or good?
What should i call my article for the murder of bob in the book "the outsiders"?
What 5 films have you enjoyed watching the most?
What is an example of a Pun and Anachronism in Lord of the flies?
I have a question about the book "The Pearl"?
taming of the shrew in modern times?
Your thoughts on the book "Natural cures they don't want you to know about" by Kevin Trudeau?
taping of the lady of shalott?
THE CRUCIBLE: What are the motives of these characters?
i want to find a book i'm sure is called susan! help does not exsist!.?
Pleasee help me with my my story!!! I don't know what to write after this?!?
what should my story be called?
What does lou bealer mean by u wana maka me crazy dont u in the book a venician boulevard?
What age group is the guardians of gahoole book series aimed at?
Do you think I should write a fiction about Nazi Germany?
Has anyone read anthem by Ayn Rand?
What are your favourite female protagonists in literature?
Names for my book characters! HELP!?
What did you think about George RR Martin's book "A Feast For Crows" ?
how to make a book review professional?
Writers: What is your favorite word?
How do I find a collaborator for writing though I have no formal training and no money?
Best selling books of 2008?
I'm looking for the information that a typical wedding memory book contains. Can anyone help?
Twilight was actually a really bad book?
When it is dark enough, we can see the stars...opinions?
The Moon and Sun series by Holly Lisle?
What is the name of the man who is in charge of the witches in the novel northern lights or golden compass??
You're first book that made you love reading?
who Died in the book Into Thin Air?
Harry Potter question - CONTAINS SPOILERS OF LAST BOOK - did anyone else LOL at this moment?
I'm writing a Novel?
Are writers going to be around thirty or fourty years from now?
Need book/writing ideas for school, any suggestions/ideas?
what ar the answers to the book thief?
Harry Potter . What's the secret of this book ? Why people loved it ?
What is this book called?
is there going to be an 8th alex rider book they are awesome and it has a lot of action adventure i liked them?
Books Price Comparison?
Does anyone know the value of this book?
How can I start a story about someone whos just been orphaned?
Macbeth Act II Quote: HELP?
Internal chronological order of the Horatio Hornblower tales?
Tell me more about Anne Frank?
When is the next Immortal Rain coming out!? Vol. 9!?!?!?
what is early childhood education?why?it's significance?
A Good Book about the Founding Fathers?
Can Ayn Rand's HOWARD ROARK in the fountainhead be real?
What is the order of the Dresden files books?
I have just completed a crime fiction novel. Could someone please advise me on an agent/publisher/or what to b?
What's your favorite scifi or fantasy book?
what is the name of the fiction book about a "hill city" in MIssissippi with the name "monkey" in the title?
what are some books that are from an evil perspective instead of good? (fantasy fiction to be exact)?
OK, listen up, What do you think ?
help with my horror story idea?
What are really good vampire books?
What is your favorite book quote?
Any good books?
Where could I find Sapphire Award for the Best Science Fiction Romance of the Year?
I need help with edgar allan poe?
Which Twilight guy is better?
What have you done in this holy 40 days of preparation of ester?
I'm running out of good books to read?
What happens at the end The Great Gatsby?
Answers for In Tailgater By Charles Maekivi Are David And The Main Character Going Out?
Does anyone know when the next Terry Goodkind book comes out?
Any good books to recommend during the storm?
National Novel Writing Month question?
Would you ever consider writing your own book?
He that plants trees loves others beside himself?
Which of these titles sound more appealing?
is breaking dawn the last twilight book in the series inappropriate?
Book ending to Divergent?
Does anyone recommend any good books?
What do you think of my very short scary story? Is it scary enough?
favorite book?
What are the parts of a book that I need in order for it to be a book?
is the author of william pitkin and his connections dead /?
What was the last bit of writing to blow you away?
Review please: Deception point - Dan Brown?
which six adjetives used by the chorus in the prologue reveal the tragic nature of the part romeo is to play?
Do you buy e-books or the real thing???
Is this a good idea for a suspense-thriller novel?
Is Harry Potter the best book ever or what?
Death of a Salesman - Confusing quote (football/baseball)?
What is a good book I can suggest to my book club?
Fantasy/ science fiction/ young adult books with diversity?
Teen chick-lit books similar to these?
Help finding a Wagon trail cookbook?
Novel writing plan:College life vs High School life?
I am a young writer, so how do I start a book with the intention of finishing?
What do you like more?Lord of the rings or Harry Potter?
What are some good fantasy werewolves books?
Does anyone know the title of this book? (young adult, sci-fi, dystopian)?
To Kill A Mockingbird By: Harper Lee?
Can I start from nothing and become a great screenplay writer?
are there any books on james j braddock?
What was that childerns book that mad fun of old childerns stories?
who is the man fantas of the opera?
Which girl do you think is more beautiful?
What is the theme of ROOM by Emma Donoghue?
How does parenting play a key roll in the book "Wicked"?
A good name for the book i'm writing?
What do you think about this plot?
The movie or the book - which do you pefer????
Should I read Twilight?? I'm 29 ..?
In Harry Potter, Harry is considered a half blood, but both his parents had magic?
Mystery book recommendations?
Is there any great / Influential books I should read? Any answers as long as they are good.?
What is the question Vonnegut is trying to answer in Cat's Cradle?
What book is this? go ask Alice?
How can I take the W.O.M.B.A.T. exam in the J.K. Rowling site?
What is the last book you read?
poem moscow?
What's your favorite book?
Who's read Lila or zen and the art of motorcycle maintenence?
Do you think girls read books faster than guys?
What book are you reading now and is it really interesting?
Harry Potter fans: Which one of the following characters do you hate the most?
My book idea, tell me what you think?
Do you like Twilight?
I would like you to read this please :)?
How does Dan Brown's "Deception Point" end?
Books Similar To Ready Player One by Enerst Cline?
Are there any books about losing virginity at a young age?
Any good books for a 13 year old?
Is there a difference between dialogue and script?
What is the most amount of money you would spend on a book?
team Jacob or team Edward..or what ever team and why?
Twilight Fans (That read that the whole series): how long did it take you to read each book?
monologue for pride and prejudice.?
Disney Fairy Tales: Great Kids Stories or False Messages?
I am a republican; would I enjoy reading Atlas Shrugged?
What book do they talk about in the book Willow by Julia Hoban?
Can authors still make good money off their books with the new online era of google books and ebooks?Are pa...?
Good surname ideas for my character?
Is MY fantasy novel worth publishing?
If you wrote a book, who would you dedicate it to?
I need to come up with a story title. It's about relationships between mothers and daughters.?
Is Weldon Parish a real author?
What is the first classic you ever read?
Which series is better- Harry Potter or Twilight (books)?
What is the best magazine (in your opinion) to publish your stories/articles?
I'm sending a query letter for a comedic, non-fiction piece. I need help?
Would this be copying?
Does anyone know a song that would fit the book Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen?
HP: Do you think Eve from the Bible was a parselmouth?
First name ideas for a boy?
B&A: To be a writer, do you agree it helps to be just a little bit insane?
what's your favourite book?
Give it to me straight with no spoilers...What is Ivanhoe about?
Where can i get hold of the childrens book "The Teardrop Necklace and other Short Stories" UK Print?
What book are you currently in the middle of reading?
what is the title of periodical?
Is this a good group build up?
need ideas for a short story!!?
Great Gatsby- What was Myrtles purpose in the book?
The Love of My Past Life?
Any where psychopathology book?
are the twilight books good ?
who is the author of the book of secret?
Need help with a story idea...?
does anyone know the author of this poem?
what is the dramatic purpse of Enobarbus charcter in shakspear's play "antony and cleopatra"?
How do i become a writer?
If I ask someone to bookbind documents for me, is there a way for them not to see the contents of it?
what happens on pages 1-100 on the diary of anne frank?
How can I make this better?
do you like Lemony Snikets books a series of unfortunate events ?
Looking for a book. Its about a young brother and a little bit older sister. Takes place in WWII.?
People who enjoyed The Catcher in the Rye?
What are the names of Langston Hughes' siblings?
Which guy name do you like best out of these...?
Wattpad or Figment?????????
Please help me with my story?
Which Shakespeare play is your favorite and why?
Do you think that The Host will become as succesful as Twilight in a few years?
Who should have married Harry besides Ginny, or are they the perfect couple?
Title for a girlxgirl story?
Do you like my book cover?
where kan read Idol Paradise online ?
are there any website (based solely on her work)for romance author linda howard?
What is the main theme of the book To Kill a Mockingbird?
im looking for is a author of book web page?
How should I have these two characters meet?
Inkspell pictures?!?!?
Help! What is this title!?
How come when people think of vampires they think of Twilight?
good teen fiction books about parents getting divorced or the thought of marriage and relationships?
What do you think of my story idea? Sibling rivalry?
one whose reasoning is clever than false?
Books involving the paranormal and an old family home and has history and a love story?
In the book: Letting Go of Bobby James, or how I found my self of steam by Valerie Hobbs...?
Where can I read chapter 4 of The Outsiders online for free? FAST?
To Kill A Mockingbird ? (end of the book) *mindblown*?
I'm trying to compile a list of 100 books I should read in the next couple of years. Care to help me start?
some slogans on impressive interaction?
Why is Javert in Les Miserables so devoted to the law? Why does he find the idea of grace foolish?
In The DaVinci Code, what did Sophie Noveau hate the most as a child?
Need another Book named "Moral Politics".?
What was your favourite book as a child and why?
Are there any fat wizards or witches in Harry Potter books?
What is the most popular eBook?? give me some ebooks to read..?
What poem can provide an example of epithet usage?
Does anyone know the name of a book set in NJ about a widow? Author was widowed and wrote this fiction book.?
Please answer my questions about the novel 'Of Mice and Men' by John Steinbeck?
What book includes a female rabbit named Bun Bun?
What is the title of this book?
What should I do with a ruled notebook?
If you were to write a new book suitable for English study in schools, what would you write about?
Does the name of my book sound like something that could be published?
Is a bibliography and source citation the same thing?
Do you own more or less than 100 books?
The Hunger Games Themes?
What romance novelists's four husbands have included three who have served prison terms?
How are you supposed to choose an idea to write?
What was the best book you ever read?
Which house are you in at Hogwarts according to this...?
which way were they facing,the three men on the bummel?
Which book when read have made you cry??:-)?
Twilighters: How many of you can confess to this?
edward cullen or jacob black?
How do you annotate a book?
Is it alright for a ten year old to publish a murder mystery?
Who Here does NOT Like Twilight?
A good sci-fi/fantasy novel?
Do books make you cry?
In 'Of Mice and Men', is there a point when Slim is sexist towards Curley's wife?
who thinks that 'a series of unfortunate events' is really a cover up for some crazy conspiracy?
any good books for teenagers ?
Is there a company that can publish my short stories online?
How does the novel " The Adventure of Tom Sawyer" broaden ones understanding of US history?
Any (fictional) books with a juvenile delinquent character in them?
to kill a mocking bird.?.!?
What do you think of my story so far......... continued......?
What's the last book you bought?
I need help writing my story! Please help!?
what are your thoughts?
what is your favourite book about 2 lovers of all time? ?
Lord of The Flies questions in bad need of them... plz help?
when you're reading a book, whose voice is it that you hear in your head?
What is Dublin Ohio like?
What are three ways Oedipus and Creon each disobeyed the gods?
Creating a new story?
Why did Voldemort turn evil?
I am looking for the plot summary of "The Beggar's Opera".Please help me .thanks?
Harry Potter not as popular as Twilight vampires?
Twilight or harry potter (EVERYONE)?
What is your favorite Edgar Allan Poe short story?
what is the rest part of "my only love sprung from my only hate"?
what was the first american novel to sell a million copies?
Anyone know of any LARGE print children's fiction books for babies?
How to cure this bad case of writers block!?
Would this summary make you curious enough to read the story?
In which chpter Asami was handcuffed by Akihito?
Edward, Jacob, or Emmett?
what is your favourite book you have read, and why do you like it?
Who is getting tired of Twilight in this section?
what is the purpose of human acts?it's circumstances, motive, consequences?
what contrasting sides of caesar are shown in scene 2?
Amazon kindle: books from other sources?
what is the resoution in the book "the giver" by lois lowry?
A good title for a story?
Would you read a story like this.I started to write?
If a book isn't in a series, what would you call it?
Why does Judge Danforth believe Abigail and no one else in "The Crucible"?
Third person point of view?
Does anyone know the title of this book by this description?
Im feeling depressed that theres not gonna be any more Harry Potter books what can i do?
Who does elena end up with in the books? Damon or Stefan?
Help! I like twilight! ?
In the book Girl Interrupted, can anyone explain the relationship between Sussana and her parents?
What is a good lawyer book?
What books should I have read if I want to take an English Degree?
harry potter fans? your fave spell??? (IN HP)?
Character Tribe Name?
Name of this book?!?!?
Need help remembering book name?
Has anyone ever read anything by Terry Pratchett?
Why do people like Twilight?
Would you buy/read my book?
What were some of your Childhood Misconceptions?
What is / are your favourite book quote(s)?
Does anyone know how many chapters are in deadly little secret?
Which Kurt Vonnegut book should I begin with to get a feel for his work?
In the novel Galapagos by Kurt Vonnegut, why did the author think human brains were too big?
Do you 'visualise' when you read?
How can i publish my own ''book''?
Looking for a certain Dean R. Koontz novel! Mad sadistic villain! Phil Collins?
what 5 main settings in 'The Picture of Dorian Gray'?
B&A: How much do pop-culture references in novels annoy you? (+BQs)?
Authors - Think optimistically, do you think it's possible...?
The lovely bones score?
what is teaching of moral values in singapore?
Writing songs????????
A summary about the book called Of Two MInds by Carol Matas and Perry Nodelman?
How much should/do writers charge to run reprints of their articles in the same magazine?
what are some of the lessons Melinda learns in Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson?
How many pins can I fit in your eye socket?
What are some good romance mangas that include demons?
After over 100 pages, I don't feel happy with my novel. Whats wrong?
Hi, does anyone know when Queen of Babble Gets Hitched is released in the UK? I know it's 24/06/08 in USA.
what do you think of this plot?
empowerment is better than delegation. true or false?
Ideas for story like kingdom hearts?
I have no impressive extracurriculars. Can I still get into a decent college?
Help me i am writing a story!?
what is a mood in a book?
Was William Shakespeare the greatest ever American writer?
Where online can I find the poetry of NIZAR QABBANI in English? I've tried
What are your favorite books?
Items that represent Boo Radley?
In what countries was the "Story of Zahra" banned?
How long is it since you read a book, and what was it?
I should be able to put this stuff in my book?
★ Which book is the best among these 5 books?!?!!?
Where can I get the book Fly Fishing by J.R. Hartley?
Are there are reputable literary agents in Atlanta, GA? If so, where do I find them?
Can't seem to find the right name for a character?
What should I name the main character in my book?
what is the summary of the book 22 the death of hector?
What are some unique darker last names?
Do you know the name and/or author of this romance novel?
please read this thanks =]?
Are there any books like the Night Angel trilogy?
Good teenage love books?10 points.?
To kill a mockingbird...what are your thoughts on it?
In need your opinion about Harry Potter books 10 points?
What poem begins with this line: "There is nothing I can give you that you do not already have"?
Which one sounds better: Elf, Demon or Angel?
Scarlet Letter Question?
is this a good front page of my book.Alagaësia - pronounced ala-gizsha?
WAnt to know what happens in twilight (fourth book)?
How did E M Forster and Thomas Hardy critique materialist values in 'Jude the Obscure' and 'Howards End'?
Artemis Fowl story, help please?
Who is more interesting? Mr. Darcy (Pride & Prejudice) or Mr. Rochester (Jane Eyre)? And why?
do you like reading in bed?
Which book should I buy about birds of prey?
How many stories total can you upload on
OMG! Harry Potter's related to Voldemort??!!!?
HELP PLEASE! How/what does this author show that the character can transform into in this poem?
When is the next Anthony Horowitz: Jason Steed novel out?
who is your favorite murder mystery writer?
who reads borges here?
what are the names of Walt Whitman's children and wife?
Would you want to read more of this?
does anyone know anything about the books by ellen hopkinks? are movies coming soon?
Can you publish additional chapters to an iBook ?
Is this sentence right?
any one know the name of these books?
Give me a shout out Twilight fans, Woot?
When will the third Seekers book by Erin Hunter come out?
Does my main character seem weak?
why do you think Paulo Cohelo, in his last novel,The zahir, made Esther pregnant?
Lord of the Flies essay help?
Shakespeare vs. King James via King Lear?
What happens to the feared and the fearful in A Long Way Gone story?
what else should i read while i wait impatiently for hp7? please give me some ideas....?
Is The Time Traveler's Wife an appropriate 11th grade book report?
Is it alright if a 25yr old reads Harry Potter books?
Repost.....How's my short story.......True answer 10 points?
Is the book always better than the movie?
Which appeals to you be entertained or to be inspired?
What ever happened to Joseph K???
Where did Came go? and do you think there was something between him and Luce at some point?
What was Captian Hook's name before he had a hook for a hand?
why is the tone in a novel important?
what are the costs involved in self publishing?
How do the 3 paradoxes in 1984 contribute to the overall message against complete totalitarianism?
Favourite Twilight Character?
Has anyone read Inkheart? If so what do you think the message of the story was? Did you like the book?
Any really good books anyone could recommend me, please?
When is it coming out?
Who did George magazine predict would be named secretary of agriculture, if Barbie were elected president?
Help on my short horror story...?
what is a metaphor addiction?
Do you agree with Edgar Cayce's inner idea of Christ ?
do you think twilight is over-rated?
besides Launcelot being Loyalty does any other characters have any loyalty trait?
Question for girls who have read the Twilight books?
Can I submit a novel that I wrote to a publisher?
What was the first word Crusoe taught to Friday?
What is "The Great Gatsby" novel about?
what is the difference between realism and modernism in writing?
How to arrange books in a home library?
a title that bring attention to the reader?
Dose any one know any good fantasy books for a 12 year old?
Does anyone know where I can find a website that has a good summary of the book, "The Revolt of the Masses"
Another Books and Authors Questionnaire?
A question about intro for books?
Has Urdu influenced English language?
plots for a sad love story?
Where can I read burnt offerings an anita blake vampire hunter novel online?
Ladies an Gents, which Character from fiction would you like to whisk you of for a romantic Valentines dinner?
About the swallowing food and leaving it there question (see details)?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of death as the narrator in the book thief?
What is the best book that you've ever read?
What are some good fashion books?
What is a good book title for a book about a break up?
How do I market and publish a steamy romantic novel?
Help me try to remember this book title?
What do you think of this story idea?
What is a good book for a 14 year old?
Need a creative ending..?
where do i find information aboud a book that i havent read yet?
I was wondering if you had any idea about a book by Sean Benett Heavy Duty Truck Systems?
im looking to find name for my disco club , its arabic oriantal stile ,..?
how does the book water for elephants begin?
Is any 1 here is a fan 4 meg cabot?
A Tale of Two Cities!?! Book 1 help?!?
where can i get the satanic bible in malaysia?
When is the moviescript writtem by Michael Jecks going to come out?
What's your all-time favorite character from a book?
is Meg Hell's Aqurium a film?
A name for a small isolated town, where supernatural things happen?
Wee Willie Winkie by Rudyard Kipling HELP?!?!?
Trying to remember a short story that I read in college?
What can you say humanistic learning is and what value does it have?
Just one question for Twilight Haters?
Do you remember what your favorite childhood books were? What did you love most about them?
Whats with the random underlines and things in () in the novel/book wintergirls by laurie halse anderson?
Does anyone know the book in which a man travelled from one place to another without being caught on cctv?
Anybody know any good books to read?
Would a publisher take you out to dinner?
what is the relationship between Amir and Hassan?
who loves dan brown's books?
can anyone recamend any books about superman ?
Looking for bookmark quotes?
Read book or watch film?
What is the funniest Harry Potter moment from any of the books or movies?
How to steal books from library?
Story books for my little one?
This is a question for all Harry Potter fans.?
What are the characteristics of the poem "there will come soft rains" by sara teasdale?
Book called "Killer" from the 1960s or so?
i need book ideas for school book report?
Anyone read Kellermans series w/ Alex Delaware?
Elements of Coming of Age?
Does this story got your interest or not?
For all of the obsessive Twilight fans.?
What writers do you think i should include if i do my thesis on fantasy in Victorian literature?
How to read a book in a day? How to read books fast?
EPUB book on adobe transferred to my kindle?
Dark Tower Readers??
just finished arch angel and want somerthing else to read as we are doing a book swap?
How to start a story?
I got a children's book about alzheimer's that I want to get published, I'm a new author, how can I do that?
What is your favorite book of all time?
How was "eyesight" the source of confusion in Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream?
Who is your favorite AUTHOR and...?
Literary heroines named "Ethel" ? in any language literature ?
Why do most people hate Twilight so much?
Who's your favorite author?
conflicts in the story "the cask of amontillado"?
Good name for my T.V show I'm writing?
Any Ideas for a Strong Female Name?
who is your favourite author?
Please help me find "Contemplation"s of Saddness" by Kahil Gibran?
a book im writeing tell me if you think its good?
Can you correct my punctuation in this short story?
What is the best book you ever read?
ok, i need some creative people!?
what classical piece of literature alludes to the last supper from the bible?
How can anyone like War and Peace (Tolstoy)?
What are some good dystopian books besides divergent and the hunger games.?
How was Tom Robinson killed emotionally/ mentally?
Who is Tim O'Brien?
Who is your favourite Harry Potter character?
where can i find a critical analysis of wind-up bird chronicle by murakami?
are there too many books?
Would this be a good idea for some story?
What should I read?
what is everyone's opinion on Terry Goodkind's "The Sword of Truth" series?
Punk girls names for a writing piece?
Did you know that it's Harry Potter's Birthday Today?! :D?
can anyone help me with a Harry Potter question?
Young Adult books like Sempre:Forever and Pushing the Limits ?
Looking for a name for my character?
Do Guys like girls who tan? or do they like them fair?
Twilight or Harry Potter?
Anyone know this children's book?
What is the theme of the short story "Ambush"?
in what lines is "traitor" used in macbeth book?
I'm looking for writers from Cleveland or Ohio?
Stephen King's desperation?
Is Shel Silverstein ('The Giving Tree' author) still alive?
Your conclusion/opinion and recommendation for City of Bones?
can i read new moon without reading twilight first?
What if you were stuck on an island like in "lord of the flies?"?
what happens to the characters dreams in Jane Eyre?
Unique Names for my Novel?
Constructive criticism? PLEASE ANSWER!?
What makes a good Science Fiction Novel and why?
Where can I find the full summary of the book "Ruby Holler"?
is fahrenheit 451 a good book?
What was the longest book u ever read & how many was the book?
Who is the greatest writer ever?
what books?
Who is prophit Mohammad?
Obsessed with twilight.. ): i need help?
Anyone who read Life of Pi, can you help me please?
Is this a good idea or too confusing?
I need stories that have references to the devil....?
Redwall series in chronological order?
Do you think that Brutus, from Julius Caeser is an honorable man? Why?
have you read "The alchemist"?
Harry potter?
What is the best book youve read in the past year?
Did Meg Cabot lost her dad at a young age?
How do you write and publish a book?
Do you guys know a good book?
Christian Grey an unrealistic character?
Which is better: A streetcar named desire, The glass menagerie, or the importance of being earnest.?
Recommended Reading Counts Books?
what does snafu stand for?
What is so bad about Twilight?
Any book/author recommendations for someone who loves....?
I'm am in the process of writing a novel and was wondering how to get it published.?
What is meant by "analyse... use of .... to highlight the differences in attitude towards...." ?
What is the most beautiful book you have ever read?
what are some really good books to read?
Sexually abused heroes in romance books?
Million..Billion..Trillion..Zillion..Wha… next ?
where can i read tamil writer RAmi Chandren book online ?
Is there a book about belle boyd?
How do I write a childrens book? Please help!!?
does anyone think that harry potter is a horcrux?
Media Luna, by Federico García Lorca (Help!)?
What is Da vinci code?????????????????????????????????
Who is the best crime writer.?
I need some advice on Anne Rice please?
I'm a writing an autobiography for a class. Does anyone have any creative ideas as how to structure it?
The City With No People?
What are some nice romantic teen novels?
What do you think of the beginning of my story?
In the novel Tangerine, how does paul change as the story unfolds?
What is a good book I can read? I'm a 16 yr. old girl?
What 10 books or novels should I read before I die?
Which Brian Tracy book to read first? Eat that Frog or No excuses?
What's the best way to discuss books with my aunt?
10 Statements that encourages Holiness?
Is the book "Two Way Street" by Lauren Barnholdt any good?
I forgot the name of this book i read??!?
The Archies Comics I am looking to know their zodiac signs?
Albus Severus Potter Gryffindor or Slytherin?
Chronicles of Narnia vs Harry Potter vs lord of the rings?
Now is this a better intro paragraph?
Why can I read my Ipod nano without reading glasses yet I cant read a book.?
Anthony Burgess, other than A Clockwork Orange..?
Twilight Fans: If It Came Down To A Battle... Whose Side Would You Be On?
What do you think of my story that's posted on wattpad?
The Color Purple by Alice Walker- Author's message?
TEF book (tset dèvaluation de Francais)?
Most of my friends say they don't understand the writings of author Toni Morrison.?
What is a example of figurative language?
Good thriller books with female heroines?
what is your favorite place to read?
what is google?
when was he born? (Daniel Pinkwater)?
What's your two favourite names?
would Hermione Granger read twilight?
Is it a bad idea to self-publish a novel through Amazon Kindle?
What is a Toulon Prison?
How do you decide what race to make your characters?
☢HELP☢ How is the alchemist by Paulo Coelho a fable?
Good books to read help plz?
does any one know who wrote this book "Tom's midnight garden"?
"We are all equal but some of us more equal than others". It was written by who, and what nationality was he?
Is the Lord of the Rings a novel or a trilogy?
I really like the book Shark Girl by Kelly Bingham. What are other books like that?
Good hooks for my persuasive essay?
do you like reading in bed?
I need a good True Crime book?
book suggestion please!!!?
Which controversial Vladimir Nabokov novel has a character called Humbert Humbert?
Who else thinks Stephenie Meyer is a horrible writer?
The Woman In Black Question?
i wrote a story, and want to make it into a do i do it?
Alice Walker Parody?
anyone have any Dragonlance books they would sell me?
What is your favourite Mr Men or Little Miss character and why?
What are the chances of doing well self publishing a book?
what question would you ask to the (author) of THE LIGHTING THIEF book?
Was X-Men 194-196 Primary Infection and X-Men 197-199 Condition Critical ever made into a trade paperback?
What is the best simple word that describes 'virtual'?
Anyone read Lucy Guardino FBI Thriller series by C. J. Lyons?
I need to find the name if a teen Christian book series I read like 15 years ago?
where can i get a summary of the book "Iceberg" by Clive Cussler?
are borders a good thing?
who is your favourite creature in hp (eg. hedwig, buckbeak etc)?
Random Harry Potter Questions?
What book changed your life?
What are some of Stephen King's books as Richard Bachman? I have read all his other books...?
what is ?
can i buy stunning, ruthless and twisted-pretty little liars in a box set?
What is Author James Frey doing these days, besides counting his money?
what is gwendolyn brooks poem "lovers the poor" about?
Which is your favorite novel?
what is the theif lord about?
On pretty little liars is Maya actually dead?
Recipients of the John Steinbeck Award given by the Center for Steinbeck Studies at San Jose State University?
The Stranger Albert Camus help?
Harry Potter Question?
What are some quotes from Atticus that describes Scout in To Kill A Mockingbird?
How is the beginning to my story?
Best book you've ever read?
Harry Potter or Twilight?
In how many languages was translated the book of The Three Musketeers?
Are there any lonely hunter's wives that would like to get together for a drink?
harry potter sucks??? twilight?
Sirius Black and Remus Lupin?
What are some good gay coming of age books?
Potter Fans? What would you do if.........?
What is the book you are reading now and/or the book you read last?
what is a brief summary of the book little women?
Good short story topics?
Writers: What got you interested in writing? +BQ's?
Do I mean meanings?
Random question: have any of you edited your work drunk?
sense and sensibility?
how can i convince myself to finish reading twilight?
do you think that a person should return home after be run out of his own town?
What's it like being a book author?
Can i be a writer?
Has anyone read "Small Acts of Grace" by Alice Gray?
Could this be considered a chiasmus?
If you were going to be stuck on a deserted island, which book,?
Bring a Character in a box for atticus in To Kill A Mockingbird?
In Dante's "Inferno," when was Satan imprisoned in the ice of the last circle of hell?
our town book character question...?
Tell me some novel about brother and sister,?
Good books???????????????
anyone know kurt vonnegut's address?
Middle name for Emily?
Has anyone read the novel "The Spanish Gardener" by A.J Cronin?
I need a good boy's name for a character in my book!?
What are the best "How to Draw Manga" books for teens beginning to draw this Japanese art?
what three shops are in the ashen strip mall in the great gatsby?
Where can i find the peom called - Homecoming By Simon Armitage ?
have u heard of Orson Scott Card?
what is the author of I'm not who you think I am?
Book title help for a romance novel?
What do you think of Susan Boyle on Britain's Got Talent?
i need a good last name for a boy for my book!?
Who is the best (fictional) detective? Sherlock Holmes, James Bond or Batman?
to publish a novel for the first time?
If 2 book have the same ISBN 13 but different pub. year, is it still the same?
who is your favorite author and why?
How would you describe someone using a bow & arrow? Where do you keep the bow?
What is the best book YOU have ever read?
What books should I read?
why yann martel has chosen pondicherry as the setting of his novel "life of pi"?
In Rowling's Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince...?
Searching for a book?
i need help with the next part of my story?
where is roy kennedy of St paul Virginia?
what do you think of this thriller movie idea about bullying?
Meaning of Allusion in Ulysses?
Can u tell me if “14,000 things to be happy about” is really a good book?
Has anyone read a book by Kevin Trudeau "Natural cures they dont want you to know about"? What do think about
How many books are challenged/banned every year?
If Edward Cullen was ugly?
In need of a male name any one....?
What is a good book for a young girl about age 10-15?
what is the best book EVER?
Metaphor, apostrophe and personification?
Can you recoomend a book for a women in her mid-fourties?
how do i publish a pamphlet?
Has anyone every heard of this book?
Can you recoomend a book for a women in her mid-fourties?
Book about icelandic economic crisis?
Who is your favourite Harry potter character and why?
HELP!!! Question about this story idea I have?
Question about the Scarlet Letter regarding penance and penitence?
POLL: The Hunger Games VS Harry Potter?
Who was your most memorable character, and why?
Phntom of the opera question?
Comments on Dark Heavens Book series?
reccommend a book?
Is the book The Thing about the Truth on AR?
In 1992/1993 I bought a set of books for my daughter called "Angel Baby". where can I find them now?
virginia woolf writing?
What should I put in my Hogwarts student planner?
Is the movie "The Covenant" a book if so where can I read it?
How can I find out about a 1939 crime fiction collection?
Twilight Saga and other books?
What do you think about my story so far???
Middle names of Pretty Little Liars characters?
is cristopher buckley married?
What is up with the Dam Brown trial?
What kind of weapon other than a bat could be kept in a closet but could also be used to break a leg?
Looking for book with attractive long-hair male character; suggestions?
What is "The Boy"'s name in "The Red Badge of Courage"?
The publishing world and $.?
Anyone reading the help? is the book better than movie?
If your house was burning down, which 5 books would you save?
I found an old journal in my yard?
Help with character names for a book?
House of Night fans, Zoey just drives me up the wall?
Is it time for answers to have special section for Harry Potter fans it would delight them and save me?
has anyone here read the book 'The Gift ' by Cecelia Ahern. how was it ?
Peter pan- Crock?
What is a "dark" story?
What is the trend of popular books these days?
is there any german books on ibooks or kindle?
in the book roll call by malcolm rose, what was the disease that the sick emily wonder had?
Twilight Fans::::?
What do you think of my novel idea?
What do you think about Cinderella?
Has anyone read the books by L.M. Montgomery from the Anne Of Green Gables series?
BOOK OR MOVIE OF John Steinbeck The Winter of Our Discontent PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!?
How many books have you read in your whole lifetime?
how to self assess i q?
What do you think of this name?
Who is the biggest person in the world?
I need a good pen name, Help?
demons its a Doctor who story i know the spelling and grammar is not good. but what do you think?
need help with my paranormal detective story?
Should I give up on my dream?
does anyone know what happened to sylvia plaths children?
Which book should I choose: The seer and the sword, The grimm legacy, crown duel or Wildwood dancing?
What are YOU...Reading?
A book survey (not long)?
What are some good books for pre-teens?
I need to write a story with a twist? Can't think of anything? Help please?
In the book the Hobbit, what was the Necromancer supposed to look like?
Leaving Paradise. Summarize Please?
does the book speak have a sequil i reall love the book?
What is Franklin square bible house?
Harry Potter fans: Will you check this out?
What is the date Stephanie J BLock's last Wicked Perfromance?
How do these Characters sound?
are there any free online writing groups? do they require e-mail? personal information?
Title for a girlxgirl story?
How can I be a Potterhead?
I'm looking for a good young adult book to read, any suggestions?
What are some good books you might recommend?
i have to do a concrete poem...?
Why don't guys like Twilight?
Is this a good start to a short story?
Question about copyrighted material.?
Poem "Restaurant" by Shane Koyczan?
Is is true Kindle only available in US?
Any ideas for a Death Note birthday fanfiction?
What book are you reading at the moment?
EPUB book on adobe transferred to my kindle?
Where can i find critical articles or essays on ray bradbury's "There will come soft rains"?
Harry Potter fans: ahem...some....ahem....questions?
what book should i read?
Does anyone know this novel?
Which name sounds best for my book character?
Do you know of any similar books to these ones?
what i the main character in my brother Sam is dead trying to do?
what's your Fave Book?
Nothing better to do? Help me please?!!!!?
What are some of the best books written in first person?
Which is better: Twilight or The Twilight Zone?
What's the name of this book?
recommend good book series like harry potter?
What does the bell represent in John Donne Meditation 17?
Do you think this is a good story plot?
Anyone know where i can buy any of the books online as a soft copy... shipping will take too long?
King Arthur and his knights question!?
In regards to Work Cited and Bibliography Pages, Are sources you DO use still included in the Annotated BIbli.
Anyone know a good online typing service for typing up my book manuscript?
The Kite Runner, society?
Writers: Do you have good handwritting?
Movies and books that show true family love?
in what part..?
Are authors J. R. Ward and Jessica Bird the same person?
Is the Kindle worth buying? I know there are a lot of free/cheaper books, but...?
what page is the quotation from lord of the flies when simon gives piggy the meat?
what is the meaning of " i never travel without my diary . one should have smth sensational to read?
What kinda books do you like to read?
I would like to know the wedsite of the painter artist the last name is Dew she appeared at OPB TV?
marlowe-shakespeare controversy?
What was the last book you read and how did you feel about it?
I need a copy of poem "Black Beans" by Essex Hemphill.?
How often do you go to the library?
List of writers who were despicable?
how is woman sexism involved in the novel Dracula?
How do I upload my novel to Nanowrimo from my computer?
Who is your favourite author? why?
In the god father Screenwriter's Bible, Daniel Trottier proposes?
what do u like about a story?
Are there any really good horse books out there?
Who is a bookaholic like me? What book was the best?
I'm playing the orphan "Ruby" at a community theater. Do you know anything about her character/ personality?
What do you think of my fantasy story idea?
What's this book of modeling?
what sherlock holmes stories have any thimg to do with Darwinism?
Do you keep a diary?
What is the best book written by Stephenie Meyer?
Ritas Roommate in educating rita?
The book "the lottery" 10 points!?!?!?!?!?
looking for a book thats about the grim reaper and a baby and her father?
Good Books for 14 year olds boys.?
Dante's Inferno Circle 8 Bolgia 8?
Whats the book you are reading right now...?????
What would you like to read about... seriously?
Reading Heart In Atlantis by Stephen King-can i skip some chapters?
B&A: When you’re writing, what is your biggest pet peeve?
what is a thesis for a paper on symbolism in the scarlet letter?
Random: Would your character evr use the word Frenemy?
why did Dan Brown novel the davinci code got all the attention and not angels&demons?
What Can I Do With Book Dust Covers?
What do you think is the greatest love story ever written?
Do the Study Series characters appear in the Glass series?
3 questions for the book the miracle worker.?
whats the theme, not just subject, of Fahrenheit 451?
"I Am Number Four"- Is it any good?
I've tried to figure this out but it was a little bit confusing?
books from Anne Rice?
Twilight Fans: If You Were Edward (New Moon) & You Thought The Person You Loved Died Would You React The Same?
why are people so obsessed?
I love either the two authors, Orwell and London, I would like to know some works which reflect their spirit.?
I will be going on vacation for a few weeks and am looking for a recommendation for a great read (novel).?
What's the Poppy Z. Brite's book 'Lost Souls' about?
Waht is the shortest sentence in the english language?
What are interesting books?
Where can I read Need By Carrie Jones online for free?
what is the most important thing in the world specifically in your home?
Is this a good storyline for a novel?
where can i find a fanfic for Need by Carrie Jones?
Canterbury Tales- help with some questions?
Books about someone being related to a celebrity?
When did you get bored and stop reading?
Summer Boys (Summer Boys Series #1) by Hailey Abbott book review?
What should i call my story?
House of night series?? :D?
Twilight or Harry Potter, which one do like more?
in what chapter of breaking dawn does leah defends jacob?
Help with my writing prompt?
What is your favorite book and why?
Sylvia Plath or Ted Hughes?
Harry Potter or Twilight (books)?
Bread Givers by Anzia Yezierska?
Please recommend a good poetry book, which includes poetic criticism?
where is the complete idiot's giude site?
Should i even continue this?
Good Stephen King Novel?
is there some kind of story/poem/myth related to boats, sailing, the dead and a river?
What page of the 2nd Harry potter book is this quote on?
Can anyone recommend fiction books about anorexia?
Who is Rick Heeg?
Is the Queen from "The Magician's Nephew" the same as the Queen in "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe"?
How is Huxley's 'Brave New World' like Shakespeare's 'The Tempest'?
what shirt should my fictional female character wear in my story idea "The Wishful Shirt"?
I love the book 1984 george orwell. do you?
Have you read "Finale" by Becca Fitzpatrick?
Am I good at writing? Peco Bill. A request please?
Do you think I should give supporting characters in my book surnames?
If the moon was made of cheese, what type?
Do you know any good poems about balance, yin and yang, etc.?
Does Terrence Malick reference any other literature besides the Bible in his films?
Is it true that they.....?
Does anyone know any books that a 13 year old girl can read?
What is your favorite book?
What was the theme of the book "The Razor's Edge" by W.S.Maugham?
who is walter thuggin?
What would be some good books for a 14 year old?
Do you reread a paragraph or sentence more than once to retain the context of what you're reading?
Am I the only person who thinks the Harry Potter books and films are rubbish?
Can anyone find the page numbers of the quotes on the book Ethan Frome? Desperate ?
Are you interested reading this, and will you stick around for a second part?
Whats your favourite book?
How can I have my poetry copywritted?
where does novelist Michael Chabon teach?