Book project for "Never Let Me Go"!?
Present for a 18 year old Girl (book?)?
I need help on how to start my first Chapter!?
What do you think of this writing so far? PLEASE HELP. It is very short!:)?
Would you ever consider writing your own book?
Does Life As We Knew It (Life As We Knew It Series #1) by Susan Beth Pfeffer . have Romance in it?
Where can i read free four for free online?
What is the most boring book you have ever read?
Is 'Ape and Essence' by Aldous Huxley a banned book? It probably is, but I need some evidence saying so.
any one know how much the full set of 1930 waverley encyclopaedia of general information are worth?
i need a name for my book!?
book involing someone named mitch?!?!?
I'm looking for TS Eliot's "Notes Towards a Definition of Culture" on the net. Where can I find it?
Is this an ok story idea?
What is ironic about the death of Antinous? (from the Odyssey)?
What is the summary of life as we knew it? by Susan Beth Pfeffer?
how do i get my stories copyrighted?
What book(s) are you reading right now.....?
Why is Oscar Wilde a hero?
can you compare the marriages in Emma?
how would i describe a murder scene in details?
Is Twilight really that good?
Dumbledore gay???
What was how the other half lives by Jacob Riss about ?
Should I read the TWILIGHT series?
can someone reccomend some awesome books?
Am I the only one who found Annabel in Just Listen stupid?
What is the entire Wilk's family incident? (In Huck Finn)?
How do i promote my newly published book?
Whats with sarah dessen books? Why do you like them?
How to make a moneybox......?
Should the sexually abused character with whom my female lead falls in love with be a male or female?
Which Vampires do you prefer?
What's your favorite book?
Auntie Sparknotes responses?
What do you think of this?
were can i find some pictures of the book whale talk?
good book in our college library?
Fanfiction won't work for me?
If your novel becomes a movie/tv show?
short story competitions?
I'm writing a prologue for "to kill a mockingbird" what do you think so far?
Harry Potter fans! ^_^?
Where can I read the pretty little liars books online?
anyone know where i can find the text of the children of the corn short story online?
I need someone who knows the book Fight Club?
Do you think that people who read Harry Potter are nerds?
How can people fix this problem of censoring books?
Authors like James patterson?
A good book for a long road trip? Not books like twilight! Need help, I'll return the favor.?
Do you like the Twilight books?
Twilight or Harry Potter?
Hi, will you comment on my writing?
In your opinion, which book is a must read?
Answer this please if you have read the books looking for alaska and the fault in our stars..?
What books should I read over the summer?
Do you prefer The Harry Potter Books or The Twilight Saga Books? And Why?
what you think about your parents?
Who is E.A.B. Hibbert? What is her full name and stats?
What Made William Shakespeare's Globe Theater So Unique?
Was William Shakespeare the greatest ever American writer?
Can anyone recommend a well-written horror book/ghost story?
How many times have you read the Harry Potter Books?
Need help for some drama in my story?
Any recommended books?
Should I change my last name?
If they made another?
How many books have you read this year and which was your favourite?
A good last name to match the name 'Scarlett'?
Subplot in fantasy novel?
I am 13, Is my story good???
Do you think Stephine Meyer should finish Midnight Sun (the 5th book in twilight)?
3 Young Goodman Brown Questions! PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!?
can you check out audiobooks from the library?
Which book should I read?
What books do you like to read?
Searching for HARLEQUIN book!?
i want a short story with 6-7 characters.?
Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zevin?
What have you learned from Twilight?
Harry Potter and Dumbledore?
Percy Jackson: The Big 3's Oath?
Who is Robert Francis Harper?
i cant find any poems written by joseph auslander?
A conversation for my characters to be talking about?
Benefits of social networking?
What is the main book of Daoism?
Who said, "this case is as simple as black and white" in To Kill A Mockingbird?
How would you describe his face please help?
What are your thoughts on Shakespeare's play Hamlet?
What was the best book you read as a child?
I wanted to know around how large is the HP community on Y!A?
Dinner With Your Favorite Fictional Character. . .WHO?!?
Does anyone know of writer online that can write college essays for you online?
Story Game: Can you finish up this story?
Edward abusing Bella?
where can I get a copy of the yoga-vasishtha in sanskrit?
do you agree that books are always better than the films?
I searching for a book, I think is more of a collection of moral story?
Should I pre-order Breaking Dawn?
Can You please help me with my topic I'm writing a short story....?
i can't remember the name of these books..?
Victorian England based quesitons?
Is Montmorency: Thief, Liar, Gentleman a mystery book?
Please read my story and tell me what you think?
Positive and negative qualities about Johnny in The Outsiders?
Has anyone else read Piers Anthony's book "On a Pale Horse"?
In the book "Lolita" by Vladimir Nobokov, does feet symbolize something?
How to site an author in a quote if he didn't write the book, but has an except in the book?
Can you summarize The Life of Pi in a few sentences?
What are some books like...?
What book is this from?
Twilight, i would like your opinion on something?
are "the devils" and "the demons" from Dostoyovsky the same work or different works? Chronologic list them
I need help with a short story title?
Err ... how many Twilight fans are exactly here on B&A (no haters please)?
Why is the short story "The Birds" by Daphne du Maurier applicable to modern times?
main idea of the bad beginning?
how did the jews were treated in holocaust in W.W.II in the book called maus?
at what point does the title of The Reader become clear. Who is The Reader in Bernhard Schlinks novel?
What is a good name for a book about a girl changing into a vampire?
Has any onr read the book or i guess short story called the pedestrian?
I read a book a long time ago about a house near beehives and the girl ...?
A question about an idea?
What are the best sites to borrow E-Books?
Which characters in Middlemarch suffer from the harshness of social expectations?
Do stories have to have a bleak ending to qualify as dystopian?
How can you get tests from the book World History Human Legacy for free?
imagination reverie and the power of imagination in thomas hope's anastasius or memoirs of a greek?
What is a really really good book to read?
Book suggestions please!?
how is fog formed?
"Crank" by Ellen Hopkins Ending ?
How can I get in contact with Maud Paultre Fontus - author?
Can you help me figure out what book this is?
Do you think Antigone and Creon could do something to avoid their fate?
Harry Potter Fans.... Would you mind answering these questions for me..?
what happens in the lovely bones?
What are some good books in the true crime genre?
What characters are introduced in books 19-20 of the Odyssey?
Did anyone else know Snape was innocent even before reading the last book?
I'm looking for the name of the children's book that had buttons that said in my spaghetti and over the moon.
What Are Some Free Writing Websites For Teens?
What are some scary/suspenseful story ideas?
Can I write a book?
What is the Main Theme of Brave New World?
The name of a certain book?
Face On The Milk Carton?
Do you know many people that enjoy reading?
What are some good books to read while going on a 8 hour trip in a car?
What is your pottermore user name?
Needing Help with Names plz help?
OMGGG NEW MOON!!!!!!!!! (twilight)?
Who has ever read the book the davinci code?..................?
Does anyone know anything about the novel The Pearl?
Does anyone else think Twilight is a stupid book?
How do I find a book if I dont know the author or title? All I know is what it's about?
I've just managed to get an audio book copy of homer's odyssey read by gandalf, but wondering?
What Does the story of Grendel origins suggest about the beliefs of Anglo Saxon culture ?
What book is This? Read?
I need help on my essay for the book Perks Of Being A Wallflower?
How do you get past the ink)CURRENT "secrect door" wit h the secrects beind it in JK Rowlings site (the era
What are some predictions you had when you were reading "The Notebook"?
What's the best book you ever read?
Anybody got a last name for a vampire?
What are the most life changing books/information you have read?
Do you think the poetry published in the New Yorker is good?
What ending would you give to this story?
What are the sequals to Nicholas Sparks' book The Notebook?
What's the saying "This piece of writing is like...." (some really long, comprehensive, boring historic book)?
books like diary of a crush?
Catching Fire spoilers?
Night Huntress series by Jeaniene Frost?
What's the book about two sisters in a fairytale thing?
Which of the following is not a secret to successful writing?
Some questions about Act 4 of The Crucible?
A good title for my novel?
Writing Madness/Insanity?
What is the mood of If I Stay by Gayle Forman?
any body love russian writers ?
What are three examples of verbal irony in Shakespeare's Macbeth, Act 3 scene 6 spoken by Lennox?
Books VERY similar to Perfect Chemistry Series?
what is a good book cover for a upcoming novel?
Are you annoyed, don't care, or love my Harry Potter questions (lol)?
Why did Scout have to go with Jem to read to Mrs. Dubose? (To Kill a Mockingbird)?
The Most Dangerous Game Short Story?
My Mom won't let me read twilight, but I want to. What should I do?
Where can I find this fairy tale book?
Any new and interesting thrillers or fantasy books worth reading?
know the poetry of walt whitman?
Writing a novel tips?
What are your top 5 favourite girl names and boy names?
How can the Bible, which was written by men, be the Word of God?
Do you know where I can find all feeds ??
question about the kingdom of matthias.?
how to tell if you would make a good writer?
What are some good ideas for a short children's book?
Best book?
How did Samuel L. Clemens come across his pen name "mark twain"?
smoke and oakum saying meaning?
I ask all the people to pray that my brothers can find a good job, and their problem solve at earliest?
Lord of the Flies Jack's disintegration of speech?
Should I kill this character in my story? Your opinion matters.?
In the book holes what are the answers to these questions?:?
What Can A Storyline For my Story Be?
Read Newt Gingrich's books - Gettysburg and Grant comes East....Are other books on the Civil War Planned?
I want to be a video game writer?
Any help for fanfiction ideas?
Where was the book everything u need to know about down syndrome published?
Whats a good title for a story about a dead dog?
Abusive relationship wattpad story?
Looking for a book from my childhood. About fairies.?
Ive read all of Lavyrle Spencer's books, most of Nora Robert's books,?
Why is Candide banned in the Us?
what's the isbn of the signed copy of the fault in our stars?
What kind of myth arcs do you like best?
What is your favorite Stephen King book?
ebook download. please help?
What's one Book you can read over & over without ever getting tired of reading it?
how are atticus Finch And Mr. Gilmer the same.?
what are the dominent points of literary arts in 'Alice in wonderland' by Lewis Carroll?
A question for sci-fi fans?
i made this long title because it needs to be over 2O characters?
Need a little help with my story?
Ok....I have a kinda weird question....?
What work of fiction do you think is a must read and why?
Which name would be the best suited to my character?
where can i find the poem "To Walt Whitman"?
Help with titles for my story?
story about chicken breed becoming intelligent?
If you could jump into a book, which book would it be?
Any creative writing tips?
if a book was written, and in some dialog the used Elf language J.R.R. Tolkien created, would if be illegal?
What is your serious opinion on the twilight books vs. the movies? twilight in general.?
is it alright to tell your teacher you write fan fiction?
What's the best book you've ever read ?
Does my age matter if i want to publish a book?
Books like the demonata and eragon?
who is the authour of a childerens book called adventures with rosamund?
I need a clever title for an informative paper I wrote about the death penalty.?
Do you need a good writing prompt?
does 'the selection' by kiera cass have romance?
What disturbing question does Scout ask of Cal, that Cal defers to Atticus?
What was the book discussed on the Howard Stern Show where the Authors mother published it after his death?
which is the best book you've ever read? and what it all about?
Is this quote in the book?
in the book the city of ember what could be used as an alternative energy source to be used as the generator?
How can I bring my character back from the dead?
In the book New Moon, why does Jacob and his pack like turn into werewolves and hate the Cullens?
Character Comparisons: Romeo and Juliet/ West Side Story?
what is the best book you've ever read?
what are the names of the scenes and acts in don quixote?
The song of Roland ?
entire chapters made of dialogue?
is there any free downloadable musical arrangements in the internet? easy to view?
What is the editor's criteria for one to submit a story to Highlights children's magazine?
What would you name "Stardust" by Neil Gaiman if you were the writer?
who is the author and what is the full quote of 'a rose is still a rose'?
What can parents do if their child is too shy?
What caused romeo and juliets death?
What do you think of my story?
What book/series to read after a song of ice and fire?
What is Moma makes up her mind about?
I have 'The Son of Neptune' by Rick Riordan, to understand it, should I read the previous books?
does anyone know of the poem " and you shall call her mom"?
Would you rather loan people your money or your books?
What are cute usernames?
harry potter?
What is your View on Twilight the Saga of Books?
What was Forest Carter's motivation in writing 'Little Tree'?
Can someone check my narrative writing,I would like some feedback and suggestions for the ending!?
In the book Harrison Bergeron, what reason does George give for not trying to cheat?
Lord Vishnu instructed Sage Kardam to marry Devhuti who was the daughter of… ?
What's you favourite book from your childhood?
Looking for a book that you'll love forever? Well at least check out what I think and add ur own book?
whats the worst book you've ever read?
Was Oprah's face scar, done by the elite because she stepped out of line?
what male authors/poets etc do women think make a good job of portraying women?
Did you like pride and prejudice by Jane Austen?
Ursa major as most know is just a constellation. The Great Bear I need a NAME PLEASE?
What do you think of this writing? Is it any good?
when are the beatrice letters [by 'lemony snicket'] going to be published?
Has anyone read "Eragon" and "Eldest" by Christopher Paolini?
which is the best book you ever read?
what is the best book of all time?
"Prom Nights From Hell" teen book?
plot and theme of Lord Byron's poem "When we two parted"?
Which Faction should I choose (anyone)?
Any good Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, or Breaking Dawn fanfiction stories?
some good Sci-fi novels?
My Sister's Keeper: Chick or Non-Chick BOOK?
I need a good title for my autobiography....?
The F-word, eh? I've written something. Review it please.?
what is beat poetry?
words ending in "sis"?
Do you know any fake but scary stories?
PLOT: Aaron is the prince of dreams and the nightmare queen is after him. First chap, what do you think?
Color coordination of the great gatsby?
What are some good romance mangas that include demons?
Is twilight only for girls?
Macbeth: How did the witches in cause Macbeth's downfall?
How can I be a good writer?
Which Hogwarts house would I be in?
Help! Of mice and men book. How are Lennie and George alike?
Catching fire audio book?
How is Curley's wife presented in "Of Mice Of Men".?
Good names for a villain in a story?
I Need A Book To Read.. HELP ME PLEASE!?
Michael Crichton's Jurassic Park Quote- re: Jurassic Park Japan/Europe?
Can you read my book? I have spent so much time on this..?
What is a good book about Procrastination that I can read tomorrow?
What should I name this story I'm writing?
a new book, sound any good?
What is the theme in the story "The Necklace"?
Any good werewolf/wolf books?
Humans hunting humans plot?
what's the best book you've ever read?
is it possible to write a book about a wizard school...?
Name for a lake where numerous people died?
2 paragraph scary story ?
what does emily dikinsons poem "water teaches thirst" mean? whats the there?
Where can I go to get a summary for a book called "Broken Hearts" by R.L.Stine?
Idea for a character in a love story I'm writing. Need your opinions?
Is there anyone out there who still loooves Harry Potter and NOT Twilight?
Is a proper book title supposed to be underlined, italicized, or what?
What are personal struggles that Rachel Brown faces in inherit the wind?
Any great books to suggest besides but as great as The Da Vinci Code?
Best book you've ever read? Fiction or non-fiction?
What is you fave quote?
Can you read Twilight if you are a Christian?
mirror by sylvia plath URGENT?
Do you like Twilight?
Is it OK for boys to watch and read the twilight saga's?
Worried about my son, what should I do?
What do you think about this scene in my writing?
Is it frowned upon to use a PO Box for your contact as a soliciting screenwriter?
I'm searching for a book, but don't know the title or author?
Wattpad story created: good or bad?
Good teen books ??
In the future, will authors still be making profit off of their books at all, or is that ending for them?
3 reasons why Iago is to blame in Othello for the trady!?
I have 2 OLD books, one with a dedication made I would like to sell them.?
Are these descriptions too wordy?
where can i find the book 'the third policeman'?
Has anyone read 'One Night at the Call Center' by Chetan Bhagat?
What would the pros and cons be of a post-apocalyptic world?
Are these correct... *best answer will be chosen*!?
Which is the best written "thing" here? xx?
who is the bystander in the book diary of anne frank?
Finding a Charming Sexy Men Name?
how is the book jpod canadian?
What does the raven symbolize?
What do you think is the sucess to Harry Potter books?
Have any of you read "To Kill a Mocking Bird" and know quite a bit about it?
Prophecy of the Sisters cover dilemma!?
What are the names of some free books on kobo?
What is Rachel Hawthorne's biography?
What do you think of this story line?
who else thinks Dan Brown is a bad writer?
what does mike greenberg's wife look like?
I don't get the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series.?
was this a good idea or no?
what is the origin of the phrase"a checkered past"?
i am 15 years old and i am trying to find a good,fun book to read any suggestions?
can i bring mangas into barnes and nobles and sell them?
"The Fractured Family" in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time(examples of this)?
I can't remember the name of a book I read forever ago?
Flashback story.....?
Has any1 read the piece of string by guy de maupassant?
5 fevorite book and why?
I need help! Does anyone know of any publishers or publishing houses?
If Jimmy ed corn and no one cared, then why was there a rhyme made about it?
Does my description for my story makes sense?
Choosing between two ideas?
Does anyone have or know where to download full audio book of The Great Gatsby?
who is Louis Carrel? And what is the book Alice through the looking glass?
need some good books to read?
I am looking for the name of a book about the first slave who learned to read and write.?
i need information about author malise ruthuen?
I'm trying to find a writer named Tanya email is
I am looking for a sci-fi novel I thought was called "Rule of the Pag Beast' that I read in 1956.?
'Tis a paradox of inequity predestined , With the bliss of eternal love entwined- Comment Please?
What your favorite movie or book was as a child?
who rules? ALICE or AMELIE???
I'm writing a book and I need a bit of help?
Please name me some books that are like 'the perks of being a wallflower'?(Teenage books)?
help me find a children book name or author that i've forgotten?
what is the best film you've ever seen?
"intelligent" QUOTES for Monsieur NORTIER in THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO?
how is james frey after Oprah on 1-26-06?
Have you ever read a book that made you cry?
Great Gatsby Symbolism?
Girl name that starts with "D" for my story?
What do you hear in nature?
Good and Evil in Hamlet?
Harry Potter Q. Is this Peeves?
What made you want to continue reading the twilight saga?
What were the names of Shakespeares acting companies?
I want to know about Peace Pilgrim, just read a book about her, and feel very inspired, is there a web page.?
good romance novels ??? ANYONE ??
Do you perfer 1st person or 3rd person books?
I NEED a good book to read?!Any suggestions?
Whose POV does Agatha Christie use in Mysterious Affair at Styles?
Movie/book: Poor relation ends up being the true heiress?
What is your favorite book besides twilight/hp series?
What are some tips to writing a good story?
huckleberry finn question?
Does anyone have a link for Xanth #31 Air Apparent?
What are the cheapest book renting sites?
What advice, if any, is valuable in any of Kevin Trudeau's money books?
auto sync book while i'm writing it?
in the fall of the house of usher does the narrator succeed in his purpose?
Harry Potter or Twilight??
Who is your favorite character from a book?
Can you list me of a good number of great books to read?
What non-fiction book(s) have you read lately?
Who is R.A.B. in the 6th Harry Potter Book?
what is the moral values of "The Old man and the sea"?
what program is best to make a photo book?
Exact translation?
whats a Muggle and how is Ron Weasley one?
What are the names of Virgil's winds?
Main idea answers for Holes the book?
Books by Richard Laymon?
What is your favorite book?
Anyone know the title of this book? I believe it was a Childen-YA novel?
Who is Cleopatra beyond the MYTH...?
Who wants to be in a Harry Potter roleplay?
What happens in the second half of the book beautiful boy by david sheff? And 3 events?
Idea for a character in a love story I'm writing. Need your opinions?
find true love versus learning something about yourself?
Book with names/meanings?
can anybody suggest me good novels to read,?
need help with name for my horror story?
For those twilight haters?
What is a good book to read?
what is your fav book's to read?
when is fallen crest public coming out?
What's your all time favourite book?
What is the family name of fictional sisters Amy, Beth, Jo and Meg?
Name ideas for these characters?
What is the third word on page 34 of the nearest book to you?
If you write a book with elements highly influenced by something else even though it's fairly old is it ok?
Can someone explain the book LovingKindness?!?!?
is there modern language for Romeo and Juleit?
Do YOU know who said "Best laid plans of mice and men"? Because I do, but almost no one I've met does.
Is Stephenie Meyer a good writer?
Harry Potter Fans! Random Questions!!!!????!?
Is Horatio real or imaginary?
B&A: what are your hobbies?
Whats better kindle 1 or kindle 2?
which is the best book rental website for Delhi. I am a book lover and would like to join book club or website?
has anyone sent in a short story to a magazine?
Title for an industry in a book? Please help?
looking 4 kids book of rhymes?
Nicolas cage with a litle girl?
What Shakespearean play was banned in Britain during George III’s period of madness?
Would you rather loan people your money or your books?
I want to find a book I read in either elementary or middle school helpppp?
is my story idea good?
What is your favorite time of day for reading?
Anyone else sick of the Hunger Games?
What is the word count for "Mark of Athena"?
what is the past tense of draw?
What do you think of this?
Dumbledore gay???
What is this book that is similar to Freddie to Leaf?
Harry Potter fans?
What elements of poetry are used in?
help with christmas carol questions?
I need to read a english poem by Clemens Brentano do you know where I can find one?
Which Harry Potter character would be your spouse?
is there a third volume from william blake after songs of innocence and experience?
The Circuit: Where were the places the family stopped at?
when was "Hohenlinden" written?
I'm writing a book and not sure whether to include sex?
Books for 13 year old girls to read?
If you were stranded on an island and could take one book, which would it be?
Harry Potter Fans....If Lord Voldemort was a girl...?
what does enumeration mean?
Can anyone help me, like give me a site where I can research some stuff?
I love to read, anyone have any books they really liked?
looking for a book called david. About a boy who travels from communist yugoslavia to italy to find his mother
Where can I find a good Panchangam book in Chennai ?
what are all the characters from vampire academy book #1?
Critique the intro of my short story please?
Sinner's Creed ebook?
Is the Twilight saga worth Reading?
Does this sound okay to you?
Summary of "Animal Farm" novel?
Music to go with Jekyll and Hyde the book?
need help with this question from the story a rose for emily by william faulker?
Is this a good idea for a potential novel?
Harry Potter: When Hermione Granger was hexed by Draco, what happened to her as a result?
I'm getting a tattoo soon. I really want elvish script, just a name, can someone help?
how can u find real love?
Has Anyone read The Road Less Travelled - Reply with your views?
What authors are similar to Susane Colasanti?
has anyone heard the book called "The books of Magic"?
What type of book is The Christ Commission by Og Mandino?
What is the summary of "Walking with Living Feet"?
Is this sentence right?
who is the real joan in slvia plath's "the bell jar"?
Dune book report?!!!!!!!!?
Do you listen to music while reading?
Could someone give me a list of "badboy" names?
Who was the greatest poet of the 20th century (in any language)?
What should i read after the twilight series?
Help With Children's Books?
Where can I read free e-online books (novel, fiction, etc.)?
What name do you like best? please help!!?
Can you give me a summary of Defiance by Lili St. Crow?
How do I indivisually add chapters on
Hamlet essay: help me make a thesis?
So how should I go about choosing a publisher please.?
a seperate peace by John Knowles. chapter 6?
I found myself questing the accuracy of the accounts wrote by Paul can some1 explain way?
Can you recommend a good book?
Please read and answer this !!!:)?
I need Help On Lord Of The Flies?
anyone know where i can read lance morrow essays online?
For "Lord of the Rings" fans?
What are some allusions in the novel "No Country For Old Men"?
Has you read books by the author Nigel Tranter? What where some of the titles that you read?
what do u think about The Davinci Code Book?
Why do most Harry Potter fans....?
Can you give me some help with my story?
What is a good book to read?
The pardoner who did he travels with?
I hear that the public library of Iowa only has three books. Two of them are about tractors.?
Can anybody suggest any Themes for monoacting?
Opinion on two possible titles for my Short Story?
have you read twlight?
need help with my story thing?
mrknowitall ! You may know it all. Come on. What about you? Mr. Robi may give me the best answer...?
an analysis of A Drama in Muslin by George Moore or even a summary?
Im a damn lover of books.Can i know your fav books and authors.I will tell you mine later.?
Do either of these sound stupid?
Poetic Saying?
Is Lawrence of Arabia (the movie) based on a book?
this is going to hurt just a little bit by ogden nash?
Does Harry Potter Die in the final book?
I know your secret. Read inside!!?
To teens & adults: What is your favorite novel?
/\/\.. Harry Potter fans ../\/\?
Is my book a "first edition"?
i need to download the book 5 architects new york.Can any1 gimme a link?
Do you think that Snape was in love with Lily?
Katniss from The Hunger Games decision making process is like.....?
Writing a book, and need help with characters...?
i have written a book snd i wish to advertise it on the web. what is the cost and how do i set about it?
So I have a two bedroom condo, and turned the big one into my den?
A long shot, but does anyone know the title/author of this 'Vampire' novel.?
So, what are you reading today?
Wha word did author Lewis Carrol coin from "miserable" and "flimsy"?
writing assignment help?
tuesdays with morrie?
Advice on a story I'm working on?
what are some good fantasy books that dont have alot of sex and stuff like alot of them do?
nikki giovanni. influential?
does anyone have some tips on getting over writer's block?
Where can i get a (printable) list of (ALL) Kay Hooper and Iris Johansen's books they have written?
What is your favorite book you were forced to read in school that you remember?
Dumbledore gay???
can you give me an example of when should the author use a flashback?
The writings of author Carlos Castaneda, where they non-fiction ?
where can i download full ebook version of eat weight off by Dr. Isaac Boules?
Harry Potter fans, how many of you..?
which is the best novel that u ever read in your life?
What are some young adult books that deal with the issue of domestic violence?
Is frankenstein a fairytale?
Only to fans: Do you think Harry Potter will die in the 7th book, (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows)?
Question about plagiarism?
what can i put for the introduction?
What kind of music do you think Peeta Mellark would like based on the books (HUNGER GAMES)?
I need 2 significant quotes from ''Great Expectations'' by charles dickens! giving best answer!!! TY!?
What do you think of the book A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens?
how are books clasified by?
B&A ~ Why would a regular user not pick a best answer?
Best of Saki - What's Saki's Real Name?
Need help with something that happened to this guy and traumatized him? FICTION.?
Where can you find an overview for the book marley and me by john grogan?
who knows of a story in Brit Lit about a man and woman, Arsat and Diamalene?
What does sin and repetence have to do with the book "the scarlet letter""?
amelia bedelia-the question is did she cut up the towels or take them down?
Whats your favorite fictional book? why?
What are some good suspense novels that aren't gorey and gruesome?
Has anyone heard of a childrens book called " WIKI TIKI AND kRAPATCHNEK" ?
Harry Potter Question???
i am looking for website for quebecor world-kingsport?
· Has seeing a film ever made you read the book it was based on?
A knight's tale questions?
Has Richard Bode written a new book since "Beachcoming at Miramar" and "First You Have to Row a Little Boat"?
What is the best book you've ever read?
Pygmalion vs Pretty Woman?
Which of these book titles interests you most?
why hasnt haruki murakam gotten the nobel prizefor literature?
What are some really good books?
Who is your favourite crime author?
Eduardo Prado Coelho email or address????
why is Death of a Salesman a tragedy, or is it?
Identify a theme that emerges from the dynamics of these marginalized characters.?
Need to make history about 3 towns?
did anyone read "100 years in solitued"?? and what did u think of it?
where can i find a summary of the mists of avalon? Because sparknotes does not have the book.?
Name some books related to these books (see details)..???
Character name survey.?
Is this correct English?
What do you think of my verse novel?
ichi rittoru no namida/ One Litre of tears Diary?
What is so great about Harry Potter?
Would anyone like a whole book about Jacob Black?
What is the intro in the book hoot by Carl Hiaasen?
Do you like my english intro on the gothic? I'm a uni student BTW?
Hey, does anybody understand that last italicized part of the book, Fahrenheit 451?
I want to find musical scores written by Don Marsh?
Does anyone know where I can read Laurell K. Hamilton online?
Pick Harry Potter or the dreamy Edward Cullen.?
Are there any Child Protective Services Books/Novels?
What do you think of my writing? (please comment)?
What's a good title for this story?
I need help with me speech RE memoirs of a Geisha~belonging?
What are all the books of the series "Alice" by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor?
If you could enter the world of any book, what would it be?
What books should I read on holiday?
18th Century Children's Stories?!?!?
Who is afraid of Virginia Woolf?
Research for a novel?
Phantom Of the Opera?
Who translated Electra in The Dramas of Sophelces published by J.M. Dent & Sons?
fav song????????
small description of? ????????????????????????????????????????…
B&A: How much do pop-culture references in novels annoy you? (+BQs)?
Need a more detailed plot?
im trying to find out how much an 1832 bible is worth?
what is the imagery in the story clothes by chitra divakaruni?
I want to make my villain come across as friendly first and then cross the "moral event horizon"?
What are some good books like Divergent, The Hunger Games, and I Am Number Four?
what're some good vampire/romance books?
What's the best site for amateur writers to share their creations?
I'm looking for a Nora Roberts book?
Who here wishes that J.K Rowling would write an 8th Harry Potter book ?
Agents that work with big-names like Scholastic? Where? Who? Help!?
what are some examples of king lear in present day society?
what did HP Lovecraft write?
I'm looking for a specific book about a high school boy?
Twilight or Harry Potter?
How do U read?
What is your least favorite book(s)?
What's the name of Jenny McCarthy's book?
Can you recommend me a good book?
I'm intending on writing a romance novel so I want a female psuedonym, can anyone think of a good name?
Help with an inheritance?
How did jason grace from the book the lost hero remember his past?
Can you recomend a good book for me?
Can you tell a difference between gossip girl writers/directors?
what happens to petta in mocking jay?
What do you think of these poems?
How do you fill in the gaps between action in books?
I'm 14 years old and an inspiring writer?
What innovative/added-value features incorporated into a Technical Book can make it more attractive to users?
Anyone else fed up with all these posters who are obviously students avoiding their English homework?
I need an example of someone secretive that is famous?
What are some websites that you can post your book for people to read?
Who is the author and what is the title of this short story?
What is your favorite classic book from years ago?
Top 10 Books ... 'You Can't Put Down'?
What is the title of this book?
I want to start a children's reading program this summer at our library. How do I go about doing this?
Good books for teenage girls?
Writing Topics Help!?
Which is better Twilight or Harry Potter???
What Men Name sound More seducing charming and masculine...?
What are you currently reading?
What is this fantasy book called?
In J.D. Salinger's the Catcher in the Rye, what are some really strong quotes relating to optimism?
5 character names, need help???
What are some books like...?
Harry Potter?
What Harry Potter house do you think you would be in?
whats a famous citations from angela's ashses book?
What is the best book/novel you have ever read?
Do you prefer reading modern books or classics?
The Da Vinci Code - How long had Sophie Neveu not Spoken with her Grandfather?
how can i develope my characters?
What are some good stories from the book Mythology by Edith Hamilton?
Magic-powers (synonyms)?
Book about dragons, who at birth choose a human companion. Not the Riders Of Pern series.?
How do I get started?
Polls:Lord the ring or harry potter?
Great Gatsby chapter 6 question?
That was then, this is now by S.E. Hinton (theme)?
From the book "Tuesday's with Morrie" what was this last class and what was served at the ceremony ? in chap.1
Good Books for Teenage Girls? (no romance!)?
in harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban ,how did sirius black escape from azkaban?
HP fans: What do you think will a Boggart turn into when he comes in front of Voldemort?
books by david sedaris?
How are Madame Bovary and Hedda Gabler personalities different?
Grab the nearest book to you?
has anybody heard of a fictional novel called "The Miracle"?
great short story ideas?!?
a friend with a 9yo kid asks me to buy her a chapter book. what actually is a chapter book?
what book should i read first?
Do you get most of your books at the library or do you buy?
Earthquake Question for a Story I'm Writing?
Harry Potter fans!?
I need events from the book from of plymouth plantation?
Could you please help me...?
Hot name for a guy??????????????????
What are some good books like "The Happiness Project"?
Which sounds more attractive? easy 10 points!!!?
I need a character sketch of pangloss from the story candide?
Suggestions for a good book?
Favourite Book of Harry Potter? You?
Think of a girl's name?
Can anyone give me a detailed description on the book "Deadline" by chris crutcher?
how many books did emma goldman write?
Interracial Romance of Black & East Indian?
How do I flatten the cover of a bent paperback book?
How do I find a publisher?
Do you like this story?
how too make a good poem, because until know i never have a good score in make a poem?
Can somebody help me find summaries in English for Russian literature from the 20th century?
What would be a logical reason for a stranger to want my protagonist dead?
Who Is Your Favorite Author?
Can u tell me the name of some diaries or journals of the holocaust survivors that have been published?¡?¡?
Help with my writing prompt?
anybody know what this story is? can't remember...?
Help with story creature. Easy ten points for best?
Anyone here can tell me what's the theme of William Shakespeare's play "The Tempest"?
How to value books from the 1800 and early 1900?
My mother told us a poem when we were kids. It's about a scruffy dog and it is called: Mohave Tim.?
i need a book title for my novel?
I'm starting NEW MOON in the twilight saga ?
main events in the book Its Not Easy Being Mean-The Clique Series?
Who knows Tereso Tullao Jr.?
Who's Your Favourite Character In The Twilight Series (:?
British Literature: Frankenstein and Paradise Lost Parallel?
what does the poem "pajarita de papel" by frederico garcia lorca mean?
What does it mean if someone says in a book, "he said softly" or "he said gently?"?
Have you read any of these books? (Survey)?
Please read this story?
What book is next on your list to read?
How do you send your book in to get it published?
What type of books deal with: dominant/abusive bfs and ..?
How do you say, "This book is property of..." in Sindarin?
Can you tell me some good Leo Tolstoy quotes?
Any good vampire books to read, that could be comedy or anything.?
Can anyone tell me where to find these books?
Is this any good? Would you read?
Book about a utopian society?
Who wrote the book 'The Tao of Physics'?
how is Fahrenheit 451 a postmodern novel?
What books are you reading?
What is "Divergent" about?
Can someone find me Margaret Atwood's "Writer's Responsibility" essay online?
Summery of How I live now?
What's a good horror novel I should read?
Where to start in Star Wars New Republic books?
I need to compare O'Brien from 1984 by George Orwell to another character who is similar but from another book?
Wiliam Blake . Who's realy Wiliam Blake ?
What is the SCARIEST book ever?
how can i copyright my novel online , regardless to which country i belong?
Who is the wife of Luke in Kindred by Octavia Butler?
Pleasee help me with my poetry homework?
what do you think?
à la Russe-what does it mean?
Which name suits my main character better?
What was George Orwell's first book?
Is Matched by Ally Condie a good book?
Whick book do you prefer? Twilight or Harry Potter?
What kind of creature is a werewolf and in what kind of literature was it first mentioned?
How to write chapter book on Microsoft word on a mac?
What is your all-time favorite "Little Golden Book"?
I read an essay a while back and I need to remember who wrote it: Zora Neale Hurston ?
Could you please recommend a book or two or four?
What is Laura Ingalls middle name?
Are you allowed to read books in a bookstore?
In Daniel Keyes' Flowers for Algernon, what is some proof that Charlie sacrificed happiness for intelligence?
Worst book you have ever read?
Looking for Italian Names and Surnames for my story?
Are there any good Emo, gothic, or self mutilation books used on AP English exams????
best biographies?
Were do i find chapter summaries of novel the pact by davis jenkins?
What setting would be better for a story with demonic possession?
What is the book your are reading right now,? And is it good?
Dystopian names for the government?
what is the plot of the story "the gentle giant"?
Does anyone know what book this is?
Can someone give me a full summary of "they cage the animals at night" by jennings micheal burch?
B&A Readers: Is this a fair or unfair assessment of readers?
what are the traits of Theseus in midsummers nights dream?
I need help with Edgar Allan Poe theme park ride ideas? HELP!?
running with it?
What do you think of my story?
What are some good cities to set an urban fantasy?
The Walking Dead: What did Lori say to Herchel in their conversation?
what is the last thoroughly enjoyable book you've read?
Translation for Kamichama Karin~chu chapter 11. plz?
what is your favorite book? why?
Would you read a book about twins?
How do you convince your parents that writing on or isn't bad?
Can someone recommend a good book for me?
In the book Hearts in Atlantis what is the significance of?
Would you consider this a good thing?People tell me i remind them of......?
Would Pride and Prejudice(the film) - based off the novel - be a primary or secondary source?
Good books I can find online for free?
What happens to Anne frank in her book page's 120-150?
What does the book The Life of PI have to do with the number PI?
I want to be most respected person in ?
Is Squee's Wonderful Big Giant Book of Unspeakable Horrors okay for a 13 year old?
self publishing... I want to self publish my book, how do i get started?
Help story isn't getting anywhere.?
how to translate shakespeare language to modern english?
Urgent q. ab. Am. college libraries?
I need a emotion that can stand for Beauty?
Need Zombie story line ideas ?
Wuthering Heights experts?
In The beverly cleary book strider what r three main chars and a bio about them i need this wihtin 2 days plzz?
Where can i find a list of nobel prize winning books?
i want to know about helen keller her adult years and growing years?
Question about Assef's description of his appearance in the Kite Runner..?
What is your favorite book of all time?
Fictional Books to help get over break ups (preferably not ones about break ups)?
It’s doubtful that anyone with an Internet connection at his workplace is writing good fiction?
What's a good mystery book?
Do you buy books for your reading pleasure or do you just borrow them (library, friends or work collegues)?
where can I find a good, simple, short essay that deals with human freedom?
What would you say to me if I were Edward Cullen?
i'm writing a vampire series and my coven is going up against another coven um any ideas?
Err ... how many Twilight fans are exactly here on B&A (no haters please)?
Questions about the book 'The Boy Who Dared'?
Tips on getting more reviews on
ANDRE DUBUS " the fat girl" short story?
What should I name my character?
What genre would Twilight be in?
do they have the book THE NOTEBOOK? if they do where can i find it?
What's that book?
What book are you reading at the moment?
sylvia day crossfire books?
i need the name of this book ?
Best free writers critique websites?
Good diolouge words for MAH story?!?
What does R49 in a book gutter mean?
Can someone give me a full summary of "they cage the animals at night" by jennings micheal burch?
What do you think is better ?
Favorite Descriptive Excerpt from a Popular Book?
To those who have read Oedipus?
Does anyone have a copy of David Farlands Runelords Book 4, that i might be able to buy from them.?
Question on Brisingr?
What are some good Sci Fi novels?
Anyone else sick of Twilight and Harry Potter being compared?
Which book of the Twilight Series is the best?
What character should I be for literary day?
How easy is it to become an author?
In what lingo is the following: "Jan woon in Kaapstad"?
What's your ending for the book The Giver?
What do you think of these names for a girl character in my book..?
Who is J0hn Galt?
To Kill a Mockingbird-Help read my Intro and thesis please!?
On the back of a book, what does an S in a triangle mean?
When there's a tapping at the door in “The Raven”, the speaker's fear & curiosity are intensified by _____?
Who is your favorite author of contemporary fiction?
Books and Authors: Would you rather have...?
How is the theme of Good vs Evil portrayed through the character Faith Brown?
What is Belle's whole name from the movie by Disney Beauty and the Beast?
What is the title and author of the best book you've ever read?
Is anyone obsessed with Harry Potter? I love it!!!!!!!!!?
Help me with writing my book?
Why are most of the worlds in science fiction and fantasy peopled only with white people?
Can an author be an auteur? For example, Boris Vian?
Snape: Good or evil?
Would it be better to keep the story in one perspective only?
What is the source of the two villain cliche, where one is tall and thin, one short and round?
What does the jade peony symbolize? Not the book but tradition?
What could I call this book ?
★ Which book is the best among these 5 books?!?!!?
Who do you think will die in Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows?
whats the short story "The Open Boat" by Stephen Crane about?
What books would you like to see becoming a movie?
Rate the Prologue to my story?
Mary Sue purple eyes?
Who thinks demon apocalypse the book is good?
gender based hierarchy and its impact on human development?
If you were a student at Hogwarts, would you befriend James or Snivelly?
so im writing a book about a teenage biker gang on the run from the government and i need a name for the gang?
What is the french version of the Mona Lisa's smile painting call?
i want to read an interesting book....?
Do you like this story?
what's the moral of the jungle book by rudyard kipling?
Help! Which book is this ? ?
In Brendan Behan's book Borstal Boy,are there any Scots characters?
I would like to write a children's book but I have no formal training in writing. Does anyone have any advice
people say writing is stupied and a waste of time should i stop writing and do some thing else?
What did you learn from Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance?
Life living with a mastiff?
W00t, Harry Potter Survey?
What is a website where you can write stories?
the challenge, by anne stanmore summary?
Can a 13 year old publish a book?
What is a book or poem that he a strong theme of technology taking over the world?
How do you like me and my groups poem?
Poe's Aesthetic Theory?
Which of my stories/novels would you rather read?
The Zoo Story by Edward Albee: what contributions did it have to theatre in a contemporary setting?
in the novel emma, jane austen used different techniques. what are they and what are the narrative techniques?
I have writers block! HELP?
What will happen if i dont pay the book membership books fine?
what newspapers did langston hughes write for in New york?
I need a FAKE name for a private school in Doncaster, England for a story?
Help me with my Characters?
how is kiche (white fang's mother) pronounced?
Any1 familiar with the book "How to Spot a Bastard by his Star Sign"?
Twilight, isn't this true?!?
Two Questions about Forbidden city?
edward and bella have a baby named nessie??
Any non-fiction book that motivated you the most or you liked very much?
I am looking for informations about the book "Roderick Random" by T.Smollett?
Is this too graphic? Is it any good?
how do i compose a marxist criticism and feminist criticism on Les Miserables?
"distant lands"?
rite now on the spot mak up a little poem?
Need some GOOD Books??
How many babies were born on 3/5/06 at Freeman West in Joplin Missouri?
In the Story Rip Van Winkle how do Irving's descriptions of the setting reflect his Romantic point of view?
who is a good historical critical thinker?
I'm looking for a romance novel and this is all I remember:?
The Bang , the book ?
from alaska where would i go to find the beam to the dark tower,?
Where is "'come into my parlor,' said the spider to the fly" from?
what are all the warhammer books that the main character is malus darkblade?
What situations have you felt similar to any of these characters?
I need advice. FAST!!!?
Is reading 24 books in one year a lot?
Lord of the Flies!!!! HELP?
last time! which title should i use?
Where can I find a delicious, worth reading book READ DETAILS BELOW?
If your house was burning down, which 5 books would you save?
why peoples are crazy about harry potter?
Hi all, can anyone recommend a book on Menopause for my Mom?
I NEED a short story ideaaa?
What are some pages in the Hunger Games and Catching Fire that are romantic between Katniss and Peeta?
Do you know any song lyrics that would fit Ernest Hemingway charecters?
What's a good story plot?
What is the qoute author add before their novels called?
whats the best book or books you've ever read?
has anyone read the "anne of the island " series?
What are Mercutio's songs?
How should I do my writing prompt?
Can anyone PLEASE tell me the name of a book with different stories in it? And the author?
Does Anyone Know what happened to the Historical Author Cynthia S. Roberts. Please.?
What is your favorite Harry Potter book?
Who is your best author and what is the best book you ever read?
christmas story of fox that dies saving mouses or squirrel's life?
is robert going to quit twilight?
summary of finnikin of the rock?
Do you think I read to much, please answer!?
when is dan browns "the solomon key" being released?
Next-Gen EBook. What is it?
need some good books to read?
Everyday writing websites?? Helps writing more?
theme for the yellow paper?
Does John die at the end of John dies at the end?
Twilight or Harry Potter?
What do you think is the saddest part of the Harry Potter book? The stupidest?
I need help with a character, please? :)?
How can someone try to post a book as sold as Harry Potter is?
Please review my story (about 200 words I think)?
Is there a PDF file for Jason and the Golden Fleece?
im writing a book and want 2 kno if these names are good...?
What is a good name for a fantasy kingdom?
What is a good historical fiction book to read?
Tips on present tense writing?
I'm thinking of writing a One Direction Fanfic.......?
Please, does ANY1 have advice on writing a novel?
if your boyfriend shows no more interest in you,but still wnat to be with you, does this means he's cheating?
Help Me I'm Looking for a book?
where can I buy a first edition copy of a book called Too Many Hungers written around the 1940's?
Frankeinstein by Mary Shelley?
Twilight Saga Pole...?
Vampire Books??????????????????????????????????
Which writer wrote some of his greatest books while summer vactioning in Elmira, NY? Name one of his books.?
justify the way of the world as a comedy of manner.?
What names can fit for a female character?
Twilight question ! Is it possible for a vampire to kill a werewolf?
I need a summary of the novel "The Kingdom of this World" or "El reino de este mundo" by Alejo Carpentier
i have to do a story for english?