Help me with this poem - "Spring" by Edna St. Vincent Millay. What is the theme of this poem?
PLEASE ANSWER! does this book seem good to you?
Kindle and documents?
What can you tell me about 'designer' Gloria Vanderbilt & 'famous fabricator' Rory Emerald?
Books or TV????
I need names and opinnons for my superhero book!?
Help me manage my time?
who are well known european writers?
Inspired by V for Vendetta question - why was a movie of Brave New World never made??
would you ever think Albus Dumbledore is gay?? i just thought he is a bit too sensitive but i never would've..
what do you think of this travel writing?
which is ur favourite book?
has anyone read thai girl by andrew hicks or if anyone has good info on it i need to do a book report on it?
Would you read this fantasy novel?
I need a quote for a project...trees or twigs or branches as part of new beginnings.?
Hey just a favor, person to help the most gets 10 points!?
What do you think of my writing?
when is the 3rd twilight book (midnight sun) coming out?
I can't remember the title of this book.?
When you preorder a book from amazon does it take the money out right away or wait until the release date?
What are some good books to read?
Help! I need story ideas...ish..?
Do you know this SSHG fanfic?
REAL evil villians? PLEASE HELP?
if you had harry potter's gift of parseltongue, what question would you ask? PLEASE READ ON!?
What is the theme of Bernard Shaw's Pymalion?
point of view in a stoy?
Story problems. Please help quick!?
concerning the book, "The Life of Pi."?
Good gangish names? for my stories?
what are some really good war books?
What's appealing about Edward Cullen?
What are mangas?
How can I stay committed to writing?
What are some good books?
I looking for a best proverb about = missing . can you help me?
how does our culture influence the way we see and think?
describe John Ashbery style of wrting?
What is a movie, tv show, or song that melinda sordino from speak would like?
would u reccomend reading Lord of The Rings?
How has read Lord of the Flies? Any help?
i want ICWAI COURSE full details?
Is it important to read Dan Brown Books in order?
What do you think of my ...?
How many books do you read per year?
How many pages are in "A Tale of Two Cities" by Charles Dickins?
Question about Simon's murder in Lord of the Flies...?
Which printing company would be most cost effective to print a run of 82 page black and white graphic novels?
I'm trying out a Pen name, what do you think?
B&A: Do you only read books?
Do you know the name of an African American author from Sacramento, CA?
How can I find out how much a mint condition 1979 encyclopedia set is worth?
Last book you've read?
review this short paragraph?
What was Mark Twain trying to convey about slavery in "The adventures of huck finn"?
Any good books you can recommend?
stupid dialectical journal..?
After gary paulsen the written of 'Hatchet' gave up his dogs what did he do?
Has anyone read the book"Memoirs of a geisha" if so tell me if its a good book.?
who was John Tzetzes?
How old were you when you realized you loved to read, and what book sparked that love???
Another Harry Potter Question!?
What percentage of a book's cover price usually belongs to the author?
I'm reading the book QBQ and want to create a study guide and I've never done one, any ideas?
Has anybody here read "La Colmena" (The Hive) by Camilo Jose Cela?
PLEASE HELP ME!!!... s for the best answer!!?
what are the best literary magazines?
What was the BEST book that you ever read?
"What book you've been reading,?
Quotes from the book Speak?
i ordered a book online by borders
When is Stephen King's book supposed to come out?
Do you write well under pressure?
How do I make it so my story isn't just about the love triangle?
Would you recommend the book An Unquiet Mind?
Where can I buy Gossip Girl Book 11: Don't You Forget About Me in Pampanga or Metro Manila?
HOW COME MY EMAIL SAYS I have 8 emails in there when I go Check Them. I have None .How can i check them?
Do you think it takes "life experience" to be able to write great fiction?
Most Hated HP Character ♥ Round 3 ♥?
Any ideas for a cover for the book "Just Ella?"?
How do I organize and write my complex story idea?
What happened to Blake Griffins twin brother?
where can i get a copy of alan peters book 'cabinetmaking the professional approach'(isbn 0025962000)im in UK.
what are some new good books for teens?
?what are some hobbies that i could get involved in?
I am introducing my Main Characters friends...question?
What is your favorite book of all time’s?
What is the most overrated book of 2008 ?
How the f##k did Poe write "The Tell Tale Heart?
What do you look for in a mystery/crime novel?
Title for a Beowulf paper?
what are the recent new books published in gujarati poems and novels....?
can you read the Kresley Cole "immortals after dark" series out of order?
Is The Book 'Inkheart' a novel?
book recommendations?
which french author of the late 19th dentury wrote the short stories 'Poor Tom' and 'The Ring'?
This book "Le Comte de Monte-Cristo" What would this1886 French novel be worth?
is it SERIOUSLY worth reading?
Which is your favorite Harry Potter character and why?
What are some of the most haunting lines from the ends you can think of..?
what's your favorite book of all time?
Twilight vs. Harry Potter?
Is there a site where you can read books for free, maybe pirated novels?
Is Boo Radley from to Kill a Mockingbird mentally slow?
How do I write a complete comic book synopsis?
I want to write and publish a book, how and what do I need to do to accomplish this?
Is this scene from my novel good?
Les Misérables. Who is Monsieur Tranchelevent?
We Wear the Mask reflected?
is there a site that i can look at book reports/reviews?
How many people out there have heard of and or read Wild at Heart by John Eldredge?
tell me something about Roumanie?
What do you think that R.A.B initials from HarryPotter and the Half_blood Prince are ???
Are there any good publishing houses in Mumbai or Delhi?
What's a good name for a president?
Why are all stories on Wattpad like this?
What's the most disturbing book you have ever read?
HI,did anyone read the book "The RED WRATH"?
How do you describe acion/fight scenes in a book?
In the book heroes gods and monsters of the greek myths by Bernard Evslin chapter 4 poseidon?
i need a character anaylysis of Amanda from "the Glass Menagerie"?
Help me choose a name for my character?
Do you know what this book is?
Did anyone know who is RAB in harry potter?
Shinrei Tantei Yakumo (Psychic Detective Yakumo) Novel furigana?
What book are you reading at the moment.. would you recommend it..?
In the book, Just Like Us, by Helen Thorpe what 5 points/examples does she make in her novel?
What was this book called?
I need names for my girl charater and guy character?
I have to write a Realism Criticism ROUGH DRAFT about "Maggie: A Girl of the Streets" by Stephen Crane..?
I'm looking for some good books, SUGGESTIONS PLEASE?!?!?
Who created those childrens books where evrything is made of vegetables?
Good Names For A Scene Guy?
Where can I find Self-Experiment by Christa Wolf?
Which kind of book do you read? Everyone can tell your opinion?
Does anyone know where I can find arsenic and old lace online to read?
Twilight vs. Harry Potter...?
I am looking for a good book to read. One with some action possibly a military or political theme. Any Ideas?
Which fairies should have enemies for my fairy book?
A book about a Mongol girl and her horse?
Why do most Harry Potter fans....?
What is the book you are reading now and/or the book you read last?
what do you think of jane eyre?
Why did Agamemnon refuse to return Chryseis in Book 1 of the Iliad?
does anyone like to read fanfiction?
someone explain me the end of the davinci code!?
How is Atticus from to kill a mockingbird either believable or not a believable character?
two best lines of a poem that might inspire you most in the time of hardship?
Now is this a better intro paragraph?
I have a book idea. When do I approach a publisher?
when does the 4th Night World come out?
strinati quotes?
Harry Potter Question?
To all Harry Potter fan out there, do you believe that Harry Potter will be the one to die on the last book?
Can you read over my english intro paragraph?
What happens in the name of this book is secret please help?!?
How is my short story opening?
who did Washington Irving marry and did he have kids?
What do you prefer to read, first person or third person?
What's the last book you read and would you recommend it? ?
Which is the best Twilight book in the series?
Can you give me your opinion on Edward Culllen?
Which series is better harry potter or young wizard series and y?
Surrender by Soyna Hartnett??
Davinci Code: A Demystifying Fact or a Fictionalized Deception?
September/October 2012 novel releases?
Who dies in the end of harry potter?
are there any good zombie apocolipse books out there?
when is tom sawyers' self-interest put first?
I'm looking for a non-fiction book about european history prior to the reformation. any suggestions?
who would peter pan like to see?
If I like Jonathan Franzen, what other authors might I enjoy?
what are good writing sites? i already have wattpad and worthyofpublishing. any others?
Need help with this book??????
Any nice music to listen to while writing?
ODE POETRY. Ode to mascara. I need a metaphor about mascara? And an apostrophe for mascara?
What are lessons in Things Fall Apart?!?
I have a book written and published in the 1600's how much is it worth? the author is daniel defoe.?
What literary character best describes you?
What is the funniest book that you have read?
What is an Editorial Writer?
this girl dumped me she said she doesnt want to be with anyone but she says she still loes me?
opinion about a character in a story I'm writing?
where can i buy THE VAMPIRE DIARIES (all books) in singapore?...=)?
what book are you reading right now?
Book called "Killer" from the 1960s or so?
I am starting a book club and I would like to see some samples of book club rules/bylaws. Thanks! :-)?
B&A: Anyone up for a sixty second challenge?
What is your Favorite Harry Potter Character?
Twilighters! =D ?
I'm so obsessed with twilight! is this bad?
Some one PLEASE give me new books to read!!!?
What is the best way to get a short story published?
help on summary of chapter 1 of the Hunger Games?
How old is Donald Anthony King the author and does he have a Bio?
Twilight or Harry Potter?
Good books for a thirteen year old girl?
i am looking for the title and author of a book written by a solider from Iraq ......?
What do you recommend to read?
Should I get the audio book or the actual book?
what is love?
elie wiesel night quotes (hungry)?
What do you expect of early books in a series and "issues" being resolved.?
Good names that aren't actually names?
The Sixties by Terry Anderson?
What are some recommended children's books?
I am searching for this word, but can't think of it....?
Will there be a Bakuman book box set?
Help me please! And thanks! Can anyone knows any good title to be suit for my new srory please?
Who said this, "The hearts has its reasons which reason know not of?"?
Have you read Bulimia A Guide to Reocvery?
I'm looking for a poem called rib story I heard once does anyone know it?
What are some books like gone by Michael Grant?
Ending of Pretty Little Liars book series?
What would be the proper age to read Twilight Series?
What is the name of this book series about shadow serving people?
Moon is Simple?
What's the longest book you have ever read?
Does anyone know LORD OF THE FLIES very well? Any help would be great!?
Suggest me some good contemporary english plays?
Has anyone found HARRY POTTER'S newest book, #6, in paperback to buy? All I can find is the big hardback.?
Book with cat called Nigel? NOT major character...?
extended definition of patriotism?
Books you can reread over and over?
How do I beat writer's block?
what is the meaning of there is no such thing as a immoral book .Books are well written or badly written?
Why do we have to read Fahrenheit 451 in school?
"Vicious" wolf names?
Which are the best 10 short stories ever written in modern western literature?
Do libraries have to pay royalties to authors?
How can I publish a book?
Question about the first twilight book? No crazy twilight fangirls answer please.?
How do I get a romance book published? Is there a website that publishes houses accepting unsolicited work?
how many books are there in a trilogy?
Question for all the Anne Bishop readers?
I am looking for a owners instruction book for the nikon d50?
Anyone read the pretty little liar books?
how do i find a book online?
where can i find cliffnotes on the transall saga by gary paulsen?
The adventures of Huckleberry Finn?
how do you explain the saying "cowards die many times before their death"?
Help with the Crucible?
HP fans: Dont you feel disgusted when someone compares Harry Potter with Twilight?
can anyone give me a title for a good read (fiction)?
Does anyone want to promote my social essays?
What is the favorite drink of Sara Partesky's private eye, VI Warshawski?
Do you judge people by the books they read?
How to start a story?
what are some quotes from the story A Doll's House by Ibsen showing the evident changes in Nora's character
what is your favorite novel and who's the author?
A few names for fantasy/warriors?
What's the last book you read....?
where can I download for free books that are still in copyright? (last 70 years I guess)?
Can someone help me find "the harvest" by tomas rivera?
On what page does Pride and Prejudice chapter 57 begin and end on?
Am i the only one who bought and readd the Da Vinci code and was very dissapointed by it?
Have you read Finding Alaska? If not, what other books would you recommend by John Green?
Do you ever feel sad when you kill one of your characters off?
What would be a good name for an evil dictator for the book I am writing?
The Bean Trees Questions?
Anyone Familiar with the Fifty Shades of Grey Books?
Some hunger games qs about what u think of prim?
Do you love Twilight? ?
What is one book everyone else loved, but you secretly hated?
How many books have you read this year?
I am making a new story. Do you like it?
How do I keep my dialogue from sounding corny as I am writing a fiction novel?
what are some good ideas for a cute cover of a book?
New England by Edward Arlington Robertson analysis?
Is there any truth to James Clavell's Shogun?
Book for a 7th grader.?
Does this prologue make you want to read more?
Somone knows a good book about Robert Capa the photographer?
Is Peter Parnell the Illustrator one in the same as Peter Parnell the Playwrite?
What is
Do tragic heroes always have to die?
What's a Japanese last name meaning health?
Best Haruki Murakami book?
Short story question?
What are some good books to read that fall into this category?
Harry Potter vs. Edward Cullen...who would win in a fight-to-the-death match?
What are some actions of self-empowerment Maya Angelou does?
Writing a novel question?
How much Money does the average E-book make?
Do you like this character name?
The crucible act 3 !!!!!!?
I need a little teenage romance :)?
I m to write a dessertation paper on Normam Mailer's Naked and dead.Canu help me choose a sutable title for it
How should I start my story?
What are some good Teen Books?
why we hate life?
Does anyone where I can find this Rosalie and Emmett fanfiction? Twilight?
can you help me find a book please?
In how many languages was translated the book of The Three Musketeers?
Was James Joyce physically disabled?
chapter recaps for pretty little liars the book by sara shepard?
Out of these four Harry Potter characters, who was described as good looking and ugly in the books?
Stories Help........?
Please read. I want to get this out..?
Did the ending of Harry Potter series met your expectation?
what is your favourite subject in a book?
are there any books which you were forced to read, at school, but came to be amongst your favourites?
What genre is my book?
Some help working out the details of my plot?
♥ Characterizing Help ♥?
is this story worth writing about?
For a story... how could you kill someone and make it look like an accident?
Wicked Lovely setting and theme?
Any good story plot ideas?
When was the last time you read a book from cover to cover?
Whay is Gladhand important in west side story?!?!?!?!?!?
Were you mad that Breaking Dawn switched to Jacob's view instead of Bella's?
The Heroes of Olympus- Books 4-5 Predictions!?
What book am I thinking of?
what do u mean by singular, plural,?
City of Glass Question- Clary and Jace?
How exactly do heights wuther?
Random Question: What color is your main character's hair?
i need names for my story????????
I need a book that is about a watch's components and functionality?
Does anyone know any books that are similar to Red moon rising by Peter Moore?
who would be a good actor to play tom joad in the grapes of wrath?
What are other series' like the Inheritance Cycle, The Heir Series, and the Seven Realms?
Lord of the RINGS: The Dark Lord Sauron?
Are word definitions subject to copyright law or are they considered public domain?
Suggestions on authors?
more info about book writing?
What are some good books for high school student?
poetry-expression of the soul!?
Suggestions on books to read?
Please help; writing advice?
How does ella look in details? from the book Ella Enchanted?
What is it about Twilight (the books) that makes it so addicting? ?
Can you recommend a good book to learn about Munich?
Know any of this kind of names? Please Help! Thanks!?
Do you have to go through a publisher to get a book distributed?
What are good Samurai epic/fantasy/fiction books?
Does Bella in Breaking Dawn (part of the twilight series) really gets pregnant with Edward's Child?
which is the best book u ever read?
Who is your favorite character from the book, The Blue Umbrella by Ruskin Bond and WHY?
Advice if I do a story in first person?
Who wrote How to Kill Your Husband?
Question on George Orwell's "1984'?
Should I put magic in my fantasy novel?
I need a better title for my story.?
I need a book fiction or non-fiction on people imprisonned for their beliefs or politics, i.e. Nelson Mandela.
Is my story any good?
What makes you buy a book?
I am pretending i never read breaking dawn
Any good book TRACKING sites available?
Ceremony by Leslie Marmon Silko?
Can Geoffrey Chaucer be accused of plagiarism?
If you could save one Harry Potter character from death who would it be?
What is 'The Last Unicorn' an allegory for?
Is the first chapter of this story good enough?
i need a title/name for my friends story?
I have to write a picture book aimed at young adults, any ideas?
Young Adult book about Changeling or faerie?
Wider reading: NON fiction Victorian texts/extracts?
Origin of the phrase "no good deed goes unpunished"?
HAARY POTTER FANS: Which HP character would you like to visit these muggle places with?
Are librarians going to become obsolete?
what is a good book that is mysterious/adventure?
Can you recommend me a book about books?
I like to write rhymes and short short can I have them published?
What are good character names for the story I'm writing ?
who is author Joseph F. Girzani
What is the theme of the book Bound by donna jo napoli?
With ever-improving technology, are books a thing of the past?
Transformation story search help!?
I am 50,000 words into a novel and would like to publish it in bits on the web. Any ideas how to do this?
Looking for a book..?
What is your favourite verse of poetry?
What was the book that got you hooked on reading?
I need a good novel to read...anyone finished something really interesting?
In the Book Crank by Ellen Hopkins where can i find examplesof oxymorons, alliterations, similes, metaphors?
Book proposal inquiry?
Harry Potter and the deathly hallows?
what is the great stone face by nathaniel hawthorne about.?
I'm reading Hamlet by Shakespeare for english class, i need a song to describe Clauidus' second plan?
please have a look at my writing and leave a suggestion, sincerely thank you?
Important parts in treasure island?
is mario puzo dead?
Did anyone else catch this in Harry Potter 7?
Writing a book. need help opinions?
Minecraft, what are ender pearls?
Is Twilight the book scary or evil?
Should I read the book Blindsighted by Karin Slaughter? Is it any good?
the civil war in comics, who side ur on Captian America or Iron Man?
Has anyone ever read "I know this much is true" by Wally Lamb? Or "She's come undone" also by Wally Lamb?
Harry Potter or Twilight?
what is the best source for promoting your books as a published author?
english hellppppp PLEASE!!!!?
what street do the Finches live on in To kill a Mockingbird?
Harry Potter Fans: Do you agree that the first three Harry Potter movies were the best?
I'm writing a book and want to know what really excites people?
Do you judge a book by it's cover?
twilight series?.... is it good?
Where could I find a good scary story on Lake Superior?
Should I start reading Harry Potter even though...?
Who was Erich Fried?
alice in wonderland help?
As an only child, how can I understand the relationship that fraternal twins have?
Plot ideas please for this supernatural fiction please?
Who are your favourite female characters in literature and why?
Do you like my first of short-story accumulation book? FICTION?
what is your favorite book? i could use a good book to read?
Are there any good FanFic stories when Coraline does get buttons sewn into her eyes?
Honestly, why do people like Twilight?
Which one should i do first?
Do you love to read/ write?? Come in, I need your help!!?
What are two book that connect?
I want to read a REALLY good book?
Does anyone have any suggestions/changes they would make to my teen book blog?
is the clash still a band?
Was Peeta nude in The Hunger Games book? ... Will ya be a dear?
Whats your favourite quote?
Who were the main characters of the novel Chains?
How does someone get a book published, and is there a certain age you need to be to get it published?
what is your top 5 fantasy series?
Tips For Reviewing Books?
where can I find Brokeback Mountain to print out?
Harry Potter Fans What would you do if .......?
LORD OF THE RINGS, BOOK 1- What is a barrow wight ?? and a barrow and a mound??
what so special about da vinci code ? what book is that. Is that a technical guide ?
Should a writer use one or two spaces after a sentence in fiction?
If you could choose three books?
Am i old enough to READ True Blood?
What's your favorite kind of books??
What's the best Stephen King book ever?
why do so many people hate Glimmer?
Any good book suggestions?
What is a cool Name that has not been used never for a fictional character?
what would be a good design for a book cover?
Best book you ever read ?
What's your favorite Book, and who wrote it?
if somebody knows about Ernst Jandle , austrian poet and writer ?
is the encyclopedia of africa a general book or specialized?
What is the theme of "When Mr. Pirzada Came to Dine" ?
HELP!! Need information on Twilight: New Moon!?
If you have read the book Hiroshima.....?
What's the name of this book?
When is the book Free Fall released in the U.S?
what is your favorite book?
Who wrote the Bible?
Are there any societies/fan clubs devoted to Mary Shelley, the writer of 'Frankenstein'?
can someone suggest a good book?
I'm writing a story about two girls?
In the book of Ruth, what does the sandal symbolize?
What's this quote from High Fidelity?
Im writing a 5 paragraph essay about the book new moon from the twilight series. BUT i DiDNT READ iT! HELP!?
Harry Potter Fans!?
In the book Flatland, what shapes are the women in Spaceland?
What do you guys think of the love interests in the love story that I'm writing?
Has anyone ever read Angela's Ashes,'Tis, and/or Teacher Man by Frank McCourt? Which did you like the best?
Frankenstein Question?
"The death of Ivan Ilych"?
Good Teen/Young Adult Fiction Books?
Opinions/input on another book I plan to write?
Should I read a Game of Thrones (Song of Fire and Ice Series)?
Pre-1900s British Literature Recommendations?
Text Books with Competitive Rates,?
What competitor took Bryant Gumbel to dinner the night after the CBS Early Show debuted?
30 minutes till alaska?
Anyone help me please?
Alfred Hitchcock Short Story Collection, Looking for a short story?
When the The Shining get better?
Name for short story? URGENT help needed!?
What's a good name for an evil character?
Help with my story...?
what do you think of this piece of writing?
What are some of the best adventure books for guys?
List of The Vampire Diaries in order?
can anyone guess where this is from??? what book? s?
I am writing a stroy and I need to chose a name.?
who killed ravan ?
Twilight or Harry Potter-which is your favorite?
David Copperfield: Why does Dora die ?
twilight or harry potter?
What are the alikes of a whale,a trout,and a panguin?
In the book the secret it says that?
Is there a good book about the slave ship Amistad?
Love Stories Books Information?
Master of the Universe PDF?
Tintin References?
how can i handle a book club? any ideas?
How to cite an excerpt from a reference book?
What's the WORST book you've ever read?
is this beginning of a story any good?
Who's your favourite writer and why?
Names for a modern day supernatural witch?
*Gulp* Last batch of questions for you writers?
name for my horror story (also the main character)?
What's the best book you've ever read?
What is the theme in The Staircase by Ann Rinaldi?
What was your favorite childrens book?
Should I feel ashamed that I'm 21 but have only read about sixty "adult" books so far?
Does anyone know where i could find a timeline of victor hugo's work?
What do you think will happen to Matt Cruse and Kate De Vries next after Starclimber?
imporant quotes from the book Oliver Twist?
Anyone know children's book about domesticating cat, with line "I am the cat who walks alone"?
The book Frankenstein by Mary Shelley Questions Part 3! Please answer ASAP! Thank you <3?
"One flew over the cuckoos nest by: Ken Kesey " reviews please help!?
How is Holden Caulfield an unreliable narrator? 10 points!!?
what is a good AR book worth a lot of points?
Can I legally sell book of fiction which I have purchased?
How many copies does a book have to sell before it's considered a best seller?
twilght or harry potter?
I need help with the our town doucmentary what were the major theme?
Does the book Graceling by Kristin Cashore have fairy in it ?
suggestions on good books to read ?
I want a link for downloading the e-book of 'The count of Montecristo' by 'Alexander Dumas'.?
Tips for, and help with, reading The Iliad?
Would it be dumb to read all the Harry Potter books?
Where can I find $ info on a 1867 1st ed book Truths & Fancies from Fairy Land (assorted short stories)?
rabindranath tagore?
scary stories?
Is there any book that has similair to the romance of "Jane Eyre"?
Catholic View: Are Harry Potter books bad?
who gets their furniture stolen in To Kill a Mockingbird??? Please help.?
What's your favorite poem?
What content should be banned or censored?
Who is Tomot Om?
"Never Let Me Go" book project....please help!?
A novel with Hawaii as the setting?
What book is this quote from?
Williams Shakespeares awards?
Whats the WORST book u have ever read?
How do you think ,the unsafe world we are in now will lead us to where?
Has anyone heard of Cirque Du Freak?!?
Read and comment on my fan fiction please!?
Any Terry Brooks (Shannara books) fans know when the next book comes out? Title?
Works Cited Help! I don't know how do to this.?
is dumbledore dead?
Harry Potter or Twilight?
What do you like to read?
Game Show names for my story?!?
Any ideas on how to make this better.?
Is this plot a good plot?
Anybody know who Terry Goodkind is?
Shinrei Tantei Yakumo (Psychic Detective Yakumo) Novels and Manga?
what is the lastest book of markez?
Who is your favorite author and why?
Are there any online sites that will help me improve my writing & BQ?
Here's an original question: What's your favorite book?
how many brothers Grimm fairytales did they make?
what is the name of the fiction book about a "hill city" in MIssissippi with the name "monkey" in the title?
What is wrong with miss havishams hand?
In the Old Testament bible did God kill anyone?
Norse Cosmology/Mythology book?
Is this a good mini synopsis for a fiction agent to read?
Awesome name for a dragon?
What is the author's name who wrote a book titled "Eve"?
I need help with my Alice in Wonderland(twist) story plot.Please help me?
Who am I quoting?
Anybody read any good books lately?
Help with Beowulf book?
Did you like One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest by Ken Kesey?
What form would your patronus take?
Guess when the seventh harry potter book is coming out.?
How many of you are twilight readers?
non fiction christian books?
What is the synopsis for "horse camp" by Ursula K. Le Guin?
where was Johnney found injured in the Outsiders book?
What are the rules for writing a villanelle poem?
How do i prove to my parents that Harry Potter isn't witchcraft?
im looking for a certain fiction novel...?
Writing Partner, Anyone?
What is a good made up name for...?
What's the best book you've read recently?
what is your favorite david sedaris book, and why?
How does the setting function in Ernest Hemingway's "Soldier's Home"?
Whats a good book to read?
i need a title for my story?
1984 by George Orwell .... Help?
Do you go to sites where you can learn how not to make your stories cliche or lame?
who is author AE Mander?
***SURVEY****whats the biggest book you've ever read?
What was your favorite bedtime story when you were little?
the noun for victorous?
Will someone please recommend a good novel?
How to use a type writer?
HP Fans... who would you be?
The kill order at barnes and noble?
Can someone recommend a good fiction (not self-help) book to help someone coping with grief?
What are some good novels or plays to compare with Faulkner's As I Lay Dying?
Anyone read Lucy Guardino FBI Thriller series by C. J. Lyons?
question for the potter fans:if u hav visited the ....ok here r the details-(ignore the question mark.)?
does anyone have just a short and simple thesis Statement for"A Seprate Peace" By: John Knowles?
Need help deciding on which way I should write?
I am looking for books similar to The book lovers appreciation society?
First line of which poem starts'Bliss was it on that day'?
What other books are great to read?
Breaking Dawn Question....?
in Act 1 of shakespeare of midsummer nights dreaqm do hermia and lysander run away?
Is Stephen Kings "Misery" a good idea?
Hi everybody! Do you know something about Stefan Grabinski?
Twilight & New Moon & Eclipse- JACOB OR EDWARD?
In The Pearl what are some symbols and what do they symblize?
What's 1st ,2nd ,and 3rd person? Which one's which?
In your opinion, what is the worst book ever to be published?
Are most moives made from books always worst than the book?
Help with comparing two stories!!?
I need surnames for a few characters?
Where on the book are registration codes located?
Edgar Allan Poe Questions Please Help?
Harry Potter I have a question for you that...?
What is your favourite book?
Is "A Separate Peace" a college level novel?
Would you guys like to read this, and tell me if its good?
Any good fantasy series books?
How do I finish this sentence?
Is anyone else playing Need for speed most wanted for ps vita?
When readers say your story was "rushed" does that mean anything?
How many books do you have at home?
What Type of SCIFI are teens interested in?
Which actor and actress could play this role?
is the play "a midsummer night's dream" written in 1st or 2nd or 3rd person?
Good classic novel for teen?
I have just finished writing a novel.. what would be the best first step to take to get this published?
What book do you most want made into a movie?
The first line is: "First impressions?" What is the book?
who is your favorite author & genre at the moment?
who is the coolest person ever???
What is the "symbol" for the book new moon?
science fiction ...story-author/title?-- woman scout & dog trainer, post-plague California where males rare?
What is a good name for a villain that starts with R?
Do you think my novel is good enough to be published?
How can I find a trust worthy publisher?
Has anyone read Raising Cain : Protecting the Emotional Life of Boys ?
writing a teen romance, how can I keep it less cliche?
Can a prophecy be more than four lines? I need answer ASAP. Pls.?
In Mario Vargas Llosa's novel La Casa Verde (the green house), who is the owner of the house?
Has anyone read 'Labyrinth' By Kate Mosse?
How would you answer the Catterpillar from Alice in Wonderland, if he asked "Who are You"?
Audiobook available for Richmond Lattimore's translation of the Odyssey?
How do you pronounce "Eyre", as in the novel Jane Eyre?
should a book that opens your imagination, and makes you dream be banned?
Why do people write fanfiction?
In the sword of truth series, what is the Keeper?
Where can I dowload Dianetics?
Have you got a designated area in your home for a library for your novels and other books you enjoy reading ?
Wrong or not, naming character words in other languages?
Titles for a romance story?
INVISIBLE MAN THE BOOK. Need help for presentation products~how i can connect it to history/philo. DETAILS!!!
could you recommend some good books for a teenager that aren't too new or something?
What is difference between normal abridged and Borders abridged version of The Count of Monte Cristo?
What do you think of fifty shades of grey?
persepolis by marjane satrapi help?
Can anyone name this book?
who is your favourite creature in hp (eg. hedwig, buckbeak etc)?
What Jacqueline Wilson character had a doll called baba?
who is florentino collantes?
Can you guys find a connection between Beowulfand the world?
I am number four series. Watched the film, should i read the book?
what specifically is asimov trying to illistrate with dave and his malfunction?
Why do people compare twilight and harry potter?
Who do you prefer - Richard Paul Evans or Nicholas Sparks - to read?
If you could punch just one Harry Potter character in the face ....?
third sentence on page 29 from the book cloest to you?
What's the difference between fantasy and science fantasy?
Who told Creon/Kreon that Antigone buried her brother, Polynices?
Would you tell me if this is a cool story, if it's interesting... please!?
Should I be an author/illustrator?
a list of random words? banana?
Is GHOSTGIRL a good book? *I like DEEP and INSIGHTFUL books and things like EDGAR ALLAN POE* if not, what do u?
i need help with the book the great gatsby,and of mice and men?
Where's a good place to share my literature?
do you know a good site for FREE EBOOK?
Questions on the book, All Quiet on the Western Front?
What's a good name for a girl?
Is any one a writer?
Lyrics to Halfway Around The World by Thievery Corporation anyone?
How do you write for a book about something you envision for a movie?
What's a cute name for a frog?
What is the purpose of the beast?
Do you hate the twilight series?
Any Books recomendation that improves my english vocabulary and makes me more articulate?
I need a title for the story that I'm writing?
tell me what you think about my story?
what is a good name for a girl in my fairytale?
Who authored Hotel, Airport, Wheels ...?
How can I add a twist to this story?
Should I write this story idea?
Needing book suggestions please?
good teen books to read ?
What is your favorite quote from the Harry Potter books?
What book have you read the most?
Describe the typical island in an adventure book?
I'm writing a story and I need a name for someone symbolizing depression?
Is this a good beginning to my book?
B&A: Is your main character attractive?
What do you love about reading?
can anyone recomend some good books to read.?
How can I make a book into a movie?
Do any of you know a book entitled "Daydreams and Nightmares" which is a compilation of italian short stories?
Who would you consider the greatest English language author post 1800's?
Anyone read the Bean trees?
Ghost story for English class.. Please read?
Chapter 3 biology definitins in book?
Devices in literary terms?
English is a wonderful subject but a horrible class; do you agree?
why did severus snape not kill harry potter at the end of the half blood prince?
Has anyone read the book "Witness"? I need help with a summary!?
What are some good texts (Novel, Poems, Films etc) where the main character changes?
was grima wormtongue weak in lord of the rings?
what is the name of your favorit book?
is there any book about afroamerican history? any author?
I'm looking for a free online book list is there a website like that?
Favourite Book?
In the book "Night", if you were to identify the pipel, should you include the impact on eliezer?
Stephenie Meyer. What's the best way to appreciate her?
what songs remind you of the obernewtyn chronicles?
Perhaps someone out there can answer this question for me; I'm a 'wanna-be'?
I have a question from the play/book "a dolls house"?
what is your favorite book????????
when was the catechism of the catolic church written?
I have some questions about Lord Voldemort...?
Want name of Book?????
was Lurlene McDaniel ever married before?
What is the lesson learned in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer?
In what order are Vince Flynn's books?
Name three of your favorite authors, the first book you ever read by each of them, and your now-favorite...?
Readers: how would you feel about a very relationship-focused story?
has anyone read the pedagogy of the oppressed?
In A Series of Unfortunate Events, Book the 8th, who was wheeled into a room to have her head removed?
A good name for the book i'm writing?
In the novel 'Scarlet', the main character, Scarlet had a daughter, Cat.?
What book are you reading now?
I'm looking for a short horror story. In the story, a person is locked in a room with rotting meat?
Summary of Till We Have Faces chapters 1-5?
Any1 else read 'the seven citadels' by Geraldine Harris?
What do you think of my book?
What is the resolution and style In bless the beasts and children?
what would be a good name for a black horse.?
Need opinion for story...?
What is your favorite book genre? That is, Romance, Horror, Westerns, etc.?
How do you said April 24th 2006 in 5 letters?
what is the order of the books in the "The Chornicles of Narnia"?
What are the benefits of frequent reading?
what are some good books to read?
Why do people tend to find animal characters to be unappealing compared to human characters?
what happens to petta in mocking jay?
i want to start a new religious magazine in u.s.a. what do i have to do in order to register a new magazine?
Would you read this book?
What do you think about this?
Does Anyone own the book The Unkindness Of the ravens.?
Discuss the role of three main female characters in 3 of Ngugi's novels.?
When Was Maurice C. Clifford Born?
Can someone help me with my writing?
What is the best computer software for aspiring novelist?
i am looking fro a book name character?
what date is on page 80 of anne frank's diary?
Do you know of a good online tool that helps organize a novel's plot?
How do i post a book on my nook?
which is the best dan brown book?
Books like "are you there god its me margret"?
What age u r suppose be to read Twilight Series?
What is a good way to end my chapter?
I need to find a book I used to read as a teenager.?
I left my lord of the flies book in school and i need to read chapter 11 and12 is there anything online to use?
which book does every student read at school (high school)?
what is the metaphor in Hope Is the thing with feathers poem?
What are your 3 favorite books (or series)?
Severus Snape: Love him or Hate him?
Im looking for a book...?
What is your favorite book and why?
I have a poem apparently written by Julio Cortazar in 1944 and I want to know whether it is original or not...?
Has anyone read Gilgamesh...?
A BOOK SURVEY- What was the last book you read and other questions?
What should happen next?
Is there any place on the internet where I can read the book "MY Sergei" online?
How is manga pronounced? I've heard it pronounced mang-ah and mong-ah. Which one is correct?
I need hamlet advice?
Where can I read the short story "Uncle Marcos" online for free?
Lorenzo Ghiberti and Gates of Paradise..?
How can I make these Characters sound good and real?
Where can I get a full summary of the clue of the black keys?
I'm writing a love story but need help choosing a Title for the Book?
A specific book with clear pockets!!!?
Which title for my story?
Can someone help me find quotes to the book On The Run?
What's everyone's favourite discworld book?
Any good fiction books about energy vampires/parasites?
did nelson demille die?
why do americans change the title to tv shows and book titles?
What are the main elements of plot?
Does anyone know when the 7th Harry Potter book is being released and what it is going to be called?
Fill in blank of famous quote:"...but few are chosen."?
Who is your favourite character in the Harry Potter series of books?
Name 3 ways Holden isolates himself from Pencey Prep( His school)?
Anne of green gables simple question?
Questions about Hamlet?
john butler trio's new song?
Is this a mistake in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince?
A good book for a teen?
Local Authors from or around Albany, NY?
in Fahrenheit 451 is what guy montage has gained worth what he has lost?
A question about the novel The Whole of the Moon by Duncan Stewart?
does anyone know the name of this book?
why were the aunts so cruel in james and the giant peach?
Fiction with different forms of the English language?
sometimes a great notion-ken kesey?
In "The Hornet's Nest" by Jimmy Carter who did Ethan wind up with in the end? Mavis or Epsy?
Critique this short story?
I am reading Clockwork Orange and I'm confused?
Are the rooms in the Alice in Wonderland themed or something?
Who is Carbonel's original owner?
Harry Potter Fans!! What did you think of the...?
Why did Shakespeare write plays to terrorize literature students?
Make this sentence into a good intro paragraph for a short horror story?
PLEASE HELP: 20 000 leagues under the sea question. By Jules Verne.?
I am a writer who is in search of a website who is trusted for giving money in return for writing essays.Pleas?
any ideas?? for the canterbury tales?
Books for Men?
is johnny cash's son a singer?
Can you please help me with my one-shot? I really need suggestions, help?
name this childrens book?
can someone help me find a Gennifer Choldenko complete Biography?
who wrote "Mother"?
What are a couple common motif's from Chaucer's "The Pardoner's Tale?"?
Who is better- J.R.R Tolkein or Robert Jordan?
Do you like any of these book ideas?
where can I get free Meg Cabot ebooks?
I need ideas for my story ?
Help with coming up with character names?
I am looking for a book. I think the title is something like "Times in Chlora"?
Suggest a book, series, or author?
I'm looking for a book about a girl who goes on a hunt for a gold apple?
What is the significance of the lamp post in the Chronicles of Narnia?
what was ur favourite children's book?
who belives in ghosts? Can you tell a true ghost story?
What course do I need to get a job as a publisher or literary agent?
I have an idea for a book or movie about cross-cultural relationships. who can i send it to?
What was the last book you read that you actually enjoyed?
In the book fountainhead What does Ayn Rand mean by the terms "first-hander" and "second-hander"?
What are some well written sources for the legend of Tristan and Isolde?
In your opinion, do you think the Harry Potter movies have gotten better or worse?
i have a collection of poems i want made into books to give to my family and friends. where do i go in OK?
Why do you read?
In the book Twilight, when Bella is being stalked, what are those men going to do to her?
Any Good Fiction Books?
Harlequin Novel recommendations...?
I have a question about epilogues?
What are some amazing books for teens?
Any suggestions on literature?
What's your favourite James/Lily Romance Fan Fic?
I need some book suggestions?
What do you think of my writing (not long)?
alice or the cheshire cat?
Percy Jackson:The Titan's Curse question?
how a novel can intrest people?
Who do you think deserved Lily Evans?And why?(Harry Potter)?
What's the title of this book?
Has anyone read the whole bible?
The 5 best novels of the 20th century?
where can i find easay for the topic "Prove that HAMLET is a hero"?
Is there going to be anymore Clique books after "Bratfest at Tiffany's" not including the summer series?
Who loves Twilight?! haa. :)?
How did Perfect Picture by Jodi Picoult end?!!!?
Would you mind reading my Teen Fiction/romance story?
How does the fire in lord of the flies represent separation of the boys?
The pearl by John Steinbeck????
does anyone know where can i download the inuysha movies for free?
english paper help! writing a THESIS for the BOOK THIEF?
What was the first book that you had an obsession on?
looking for a specific book, HELP!?
True stories on honour killing?
What is the name of this book?
How can I add a resolution to this story?
Short story about greek gods, suggestions?
are they making a 5th book to SOFTP?
Is it still possible to write great literature ?
Typed-Pages to Published-Book pages conversion?
What's the name of this book?
Help me with my book...plz help?
Does anyone still read Christopher Pike books? What is your favorite?
What does this blurb mean?
Aside from classical Greek or Shakespearean villians (Medea, Lady M) are there other evil fictional women?
What book are you reading at the moment?
A list of ALL Agatha Christie books?
what planet does house corrino live on in dune?
William Shakespeare Question?
50 shades of grey trilogy?
What is the e-mail address for Mel Cebulash?
wats in your room 101?
Looking for a non-ficition or a fiction book about a male who learns how to pick up women and grow balls?
Romeo and Juliet?
Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, or Breaking Dawn?
Does anyone know which bible verse this is?
What are your thoughts about the De Vinci code?
Question for Twilight Fans!!?
Should I use first or third person in this story?
Who thinks War and Peace is a great book?
What are your favorite authors?
Where can I find a picture of the author Peter Panzeri?
Bad word censor ideas? For book.?
Can you suggest a good book for a 16-year-old to read?
What is up with Edward Cullen?
What is your favourite book out of Twilight and Harry Potter?
Will everyone turn to page # 194? In a book of your choice? What is the third sentence from the top ?
What book are you reading at the moment?
In the book, To kill a Mockingbird, who in real life is the character Tom Robinson based on?
What book is better: "A time to kill" or "Catch-22"?
Is anyone here (besides me) reading the book "The mark of Athena"?
can anybody find me a poem with eight lines?
Why did Mr Hyde kill himself in the short story?
Book/ books about archangels?
What is the title/author of a sci-fi novel from Europe narrated by a brain in a laboratory?
How popular was English historical writer, Antony Sutton, & his "Wall Street & the Rise of Hitler"?
I am doing a book project on the book "Perfect Match" by Jodi Picoult and I need help?
Fictional College name?
I need help with a book I read in 8th grade?
"The Lost Past" I'm trying things out what do you think?
what is the common name of Leonardo Da Vinci`s "La Giocanda"?
what does "six degrees of separation" mean?
When you read books, do you like first peson, second person, or third person ? What feels more real to you ?
What are some novels/short story collections by Nathaniel Hawthorne?
What's the Most Unique/Strange Book You've Read?
B&A, would you like to answer this little survey of mine?
Do either of these sound stupid?
What is the rule of 3 mentioned in the da vinci code?
To all those Harry Potter fanatics out there?
If you love Harry Potter, which character do you identify with most?
Your opinion please? Highly valued?
Comments and Critiques please!?
Has anyone read the short story "A Field of Wheat" by Sinclair Ross?
Book for teenagers?!?
what are the parts of article review?
Looking for Hindi poem Boon jo ban gayi moti?
Fictional Heroes who were rejected by a loved one?
Remember those storybooks with the stickers?
What is the book that is to the movie Remember Me with robert pattinson?
trying to find out about Eliot's book Middlemarch, and about how she has structured her novel using metaphors
Isn't Thomas Immanuel Barton and Toivi Cook a creative teenage author?
Some nice magical powers?
Opinions of my book so far?
Help writing a love scene?
Question about book "The Samurai's Tale" I will give BEST ANSWER!!!!?
Has anyone read the Da Vinci Code?
Who would win in a duel between writers J.K. Rowling and Douglas Adams?
Falling Under #3 Release Date?
Does anyone know what Red sky at night, sailor’s delight. Red sky in morning, sailor’s warning means?
Where can I find the poem that is in the movie "ATL" ?
Did the book "Into the wild" affect you?
What "how to" ebook do you wish existed?
Why do all the conservatives think Palin is such a great mom?
What is the theme of, "Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry"?
I wrote a story in school and it happened before?
Have you read My sister's Keeper?
What Author is the base of American Literature as we know it? And Why?
Any thoughts on Edward Abbey- any fans?
Which is the best vampire themed book you've ever read...?
Any Good Twilight Fanfiction?
Help with my plot, please?
5 lines stories for kids?
do you think harry potter is a good book?
Best place to sell rare book ?
looking for book woman wrote about helping her mother die. Authors first name was Carol or Barbara.?
What is Shakespeare's perception of an outsider?
why are books so expensive?
The four horsemen of the apocalypse?
What genre of book is this?
I need a good book by a foreign author, and im not a reader so easy reading would be better.?
Gordon Parks?
How do you decide what race to make your characters?
whats life in the capitol like in Mockingjay ?
Who do you think would make the most awkward Harry Potter couple?
What book are you currently reading?
"The amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay"?
Twilight or Harry Potter?
What are some good books by/about Thomas Jefferson?
Has anyone ever scanned a book or paid to have a book scanned for them?
Have you read a banned/controversial book before?
do you know where i can download books or get them free online?
What is the name of this book?
Do you prefer reference books to reference web sites?
Passages in Scarlet Letter about Pearl?
Short story for class, how is it?
what is the moral to "something to it" by rbert stevenson?
i need help for my fantasy story?
What is your favourite fantasy or science fiction book?
life and letters of ninon de l'enclos?
What is the beter hour for artistic inspiration?
B&A Poll: what are you currently reading?