The Andromeda Strain??
I have NO IDEA how to start my story.?
What is your favorite Stephen King book?
Where can I get free children's books?
Who Plays Hazelle Hawthorne in The Hunger Games?
yes another TWILIGHT question!!!?? are you team Edward, Jacob, or Switzerland???
why do you think douglass' narrative has been so celebrated , while other narratives are much less well known?
do you like the harry potter signature edition covers?
Does anyone knows an author called Del James who wrote a short story called'Without you' and what it is about?
Is it practical to read 100s of books on a kindle...?
Gilbert Gottfried as Christian Grey and Kathy Bates as Ana?
Which do you think is the best book from Isaac Asimov?
Avatar fans, do you think this is to dark for an Avatar fan fiction?
Whats a good book to read for someone whos just now starting to enjoy reading?
I'm trying to find a book?
Is there an research centre online?
How do I word this in my story?
harry potter??
What is the book Everybody Was Kung-Fu Fighting by Vijay Prashad?
What was the name of a novel written around 1950?
What book are you reading now? Is it good?
Who was Sir Gawain's squire in King Arthur Knights of the Round Table?
Da Vinci Code:: do you think that this novel by Dan Brown is factitious or fictitious?
Anyone know a good story title?
What books would a Harry Potter fan like?
Is anyone else annoyed at the twilight filth polluting this page?
If you had to choose one of these authors, whose work would you go for?
What do you think of Robert Browning just by judging him by the work he created?
Would you have read the hunger games if it would have from Peeta's point of view?
Is this script too deep?
Were Sydney Carton and Charles Darnay related?
Who is your favorite author?
Do you agree with censorship on books?
Need help with an epistolary narrative!!!!!!?
Name ideas that match these characters?
Which character do you think your most like and why?
what does ambienti mean. It is an Italian word?
Vampire Names?
Who said Publish or be damned?
Help with this please?
What's Your favorite book???
what are the values of the novel, life on the mississippi?
What is the Da Vinci Code about and is it worth buying?
Research help- Slavery in the 17/1800's.?
Who's your favourite Lord Of the Rings Character and why?
Can someone help me with a title of a childhood book?
writing stories and poems online?
I Read The Book TOMORROW GIRLS-RUN FOR COVER And It Was So Good What's Your Review?
I'm looking for a book called lottery bible dream book its somewhere in ohio need the address to buy the book
I am searching for a book I have read that my Dad had in 60's. I think it is called ***** folklore stories.?
Which is better Twilight or Harry Potter?
Confusion on The Thirteenth Tale...?
Can you recommend a good non-fiction book?
How many pages does the book eldest have?
names and funny nicknames for teachers for a story?
Which are the languages George Perec's lipogrammatic novel La Disparition is translated into?
What's the best noel you've ever read?
how can i find an address to contact an author?
Whats your favorite word?
Who is Jim Colleague?
Unique and pretty names for girls?
quotes from the book The Witchcraft of Salem Village by Shirley Jackson a quote that i would be able?
Does this keep your attention?
What do you think of the introduction to my story?
jane eyre quotes, what chapter? explanations?
Why are there no books in my online kindle store?
how do I make a popup book?
I just read "The Shack"..and my mom and I don't get this part. Did Mack ever make it to The Shack?
Any good fantasy publishers/ literary agents? NAMES PLEASE!!?
I need a story title for a witch story I'm writing...?
Can any one help me find the book "7 chakras" published in 70's or 80's?
Your fav "for dummies" book?
Era's of Red chapter 1 "A new shade of red"?
Does anyone know the title to this book?
Does anyone know a good title for a werewolf-love high school novel?
What is the best book I've never read?
How long should a decent prologue be?
How will you rate Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in a scale of 1-10?
fill in the blanks: the essence of_________,is having it, to apply it.?
What impact did the play The Crucible have in the 1950s and what is its modern relevance?
Have you read " One flew over the cuckoos nest " by: Ken Kesey ?
Name of funny dog book?
can u help me in an romeo and juliet essay?
Looking for a Fantasy/Adventure book to read?
literary crticsim of huckleberry finn's lies?
Harry Potter?
Lord of the Flies Beast?
has anyone read "Oryx and Crake" by Margaret Atwood?
Rewriting Alice in Wonderland?
Writers: If you got published, would you allow people to write fanfiction on your work?
Help! Good made up medieval boy names?
Can you wait for Harry Potter Book 7 t come out?
What to choose as my subject for writing a research paper for English literature?
Is it better to read the travelers before pendragon?
What is your favorite book not originally written in English?
Can you say : "I have reached a presentiment: ......." followed by what you think will happen?
james frey?
Using celebrities as character references when writing?
How many grammatical errors are in the latest Harry Potter book?
does anyone know when the 4th book of sisterhood of the traveling pants will be out? or when the 3rd book will
How many Harry Potter fans out there?
How can I allow my vampires to walk in daylight?
Is Twilight and the series worth reading?
Who is the author of "Scarlet", the sequel to "Gone with the Wind"? Was it ever made into a movie?
Is there a good site for posting Internet fiction?
What book are you currently reading?
What was the title of the last book you couldn't put down?
Book lovers, which is better: Harry Potter or Twilight?
Harry Potter or Twilight?
audio books?
B&A: Why Do you write + BQ?
Anyone suggest a good book to read? Since im a guy would like to stay away from romance and that stuff?
Some questions about Act 4 of The Crucible?
Novel help like this idea?? PLEASE Thriller?
Good Books for 14 year olds boys.?
Why was house of the scorpion challenged to be banned?
Who here wishes that J.K Rowling would write an 8th Harry Potter book ?
How well do you care for your books?
whats your favorite book?
Perry Moore's or read on the internet?
advice about publishing a book...?
Who wrote the famous book Arabian Nights. Try to give some background?
Do you think the book Twilight causes the readers to become obsessed?
Is this a good start to a short story?
I want to write a novel for fun... but I need ideas... help! T_T?
Are futuristic settings too cliche for sci fi?
What is, "The Hangman" about?
Reccommend a great book you think more people should have read?
Harry Potter fans, if you were an animagus...? ?
City of fallen angels question? Please help!?
When will I receive the book I ordered Stars In Our Hearts?
How do I mail Hiromu Arakawa?
!.s which last name is better?
I am trying to contact a site and the man's name is Kent Garborg and he is an agent for Zonderkidz.?
what are the most hated story cliches?
If someone read Da Vinci Code did he like it?
in the clique series, what happened to dune's necklace?
Looking for a good book to read?
Who ate the dog in Kronberg's LITTLE ANTHONY?
i want to do i start??
What does this line from Romeo and Juliet mean: "Patience perforce with wilful choler meaning"?
I need some titles for my story?
What should a narrator wear?
Who is your favourite character in a novel and why?
In my book there are 2 moons, what's good way of introducing the two moons subtly?
Looking for an honest review of my idea?
who is the auther of harry potter?
Which fictional character has the funniest name?
In need your opinion about Harry Potter books 10 points?
Where can i find the essay "Free Speech Today" by Zecharia Chafee, Jr. ???
why are we here us humuns?
Question about the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants!!!?
Would it be weird or cool for my main character to have different colored eyes?
Great Expectations, Charles Dickens?
What book would you hand someone and say, "You HAVE to read this!"?
What nice quick book should I read next?
In literature who wrote more on the themes of 'Time' and 'Memory'?
Are these good names? (updated!)?
Does Jack Higgins have any other books like "The Wrath of God"?
whats your favorite book in twilight saga?
is twilight a good book or a movie?
I cant remember the name of a book.?
Summarize Dianne Herman's article "The Rape Culture".?
Can anyone summarize first part of Salem's Lot?
I'm writing a book and I need help with one name for a guy character... Please help!?! Thanks?
Gatsby in The Great Gatsby?
What's the definition of magic in fantasy fiction?
Has any one read "anne frank-The diary of a young girl"?
What the heck is NaNoWriMo?
what is your favorite book in the entire universe!?
I have a question about murder. (NOT LIKE THAT! I"m writing a book!!!)?
Your new favourite author?
Alex Rider...About Scorpia Rising's ending and about the character Ash *Spoilers*?
Where can I find William Golding's 'Fable' essay?
what is the best book you've ever raead?
If you could would you ask J.K Rowling if you could be in a book?
What is your favourite all time book ever?
Pumpkin catcher ideas for physics?
Almost nanowrimo! Who's taking part?
Has any one really sat down and read the Lord of the Rings Trilogy Book?
Any suggestions on fall-themed books?
Suggestions for a good book?
Stay or Go?
??Would You Read This?
Twain mentions man's tendency to cover himself to illustrate his point that man is ?
Book of lost things essay?
Who is your favorite character from a book?
is it true that the Holy Grail is actually a person?
Is this a true World War Two Christmas story?
Are Alice Hoffman books any good?
Umm... Does anybody like to hang out in cafes and read books all day?
What do you think is the most influential book/ book series?
What books relate to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde?
There is so much talk about bird flu.Has someone read The Birds(Daphne De Maurier) or seen Movie ?
Nighhhhhht by elie wisel?
What is your favourite book out of Twilight and Harry Potter?
What do you think about the relevations about James Frey?
are Bella and Edward really in love?
Twilight series or Harry Potter?
Can any of you ladies recommend a good book?
Who knows a brief summary on the book named "Praying For Sheetrock" for chapters 1-6?
What is a good theme to present on in these books by Albert Camus?
What is the shortest speaking part in William Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet"?
Examples of when discontent lead to progress.?
Where is an Exclusive Boarding School in Manhattan most likely to be?
where can i download free gay fiction??
How to write this as a movie review intro? HELP!?
How many pages should a book have?
What are some good books for 10 years and up?
is patricia cornwell gay?
what is the exposition in Life of Pi?
Is Leo Valdez immune to Greek fire too?
Anyone know of a good book for an 11 year old girl?
name a good book , please?
Does anyone know this book or the author?
what's the name of this book?
Feedback on my story?
What is the books you prefer to read?
Stephen King..............................?
Where to read free books on android?
Can anyone tell me where to find "Caught in the Middle" by new author?
from the story "the speckled band"?
What Is a Really Good Star Wars Audio Book?
Stephenie Meyer Book?
Who here is a teenage writer?
Do you think if I write a book about vampires people will automatically think I copied Twilight?
i didn-t understand one thing about lord of the rings.what happenned to the elves and where did they go?
I'm fifeteen and i love writing...?
Edgy names? I need a name for a book Character?
whats the latest novels for Irwin Shaw?
Book about Labrador dog and disabled/autistic boy?
Have you read the poem Narcasis and Echo?
Can you help me with some character ideas?
If you have read "The Martian Chronicles" by Ray Bradbury do you recommend it? Why or why not?
who do you think would win in a fight between Edward Cullen and the entire werewolf pack?
would somebody plz give me a character poem plz plz?
The Mockingbird and the Romancic Literature??
What is your favorite book of all times that you recommend for reading?
What are some good World War II books?
What 5 films have you enjoyed watching the most?
What is your favorite story book?
Who in the Lord of Flies went to make sure the island was really an island?
Should I read Twilight? Is it a good book?
James Dean poem?
Harry Potter fans...?
Personification in To Kill a Mockingbird?
Am I alone in hating Twilight?
How do you come up with a plot?
What was the last book you reed?
If you were a book what would your title be and why?
A book with a lovable, well developed narrator (e.g., The Catcher in the Rye)?
· Have you ever read a book and then read it again? what book was it?
What would you say is the theme in The Hunger Games...?
What do you think of my story idea?
What's the title of a children's book about a boy named Davey who is an indentured servant?
How do I get the courage too sit and read?
Do characters of novel must have a goal?
Where can i find the online book of Annie Proulx "Brokeback Mountane"?
Please give me your opinions on this book?
Is the twilight series a good series to read...?
Addicted to TWILIGHT!! How did you get over it? Its all I think about!!?
Does anyone remember a childrens book about a town where it rained meatballs?
I want name of book contain the clause?
what is the difference between...???
Poll: Readers, what was the last book you purchased?
the scarlet letter essay about torture-title?!!!?
Need Help with the Fictionpress story button!?
What was the last book you read/?
Where can I get the free copy of 'The Da Vinci Code'?
Tarzan of the Apes - Burroughs - Why is Tarzan so smart and strong?
What are cool free Teen Novels or YA books on iBooks?
Mary Warren; The Crucible by Arthur Miller?
In his novel, Hard Times this man wrote of dangerous and polluted environment of factories and of the discoura
Would this be plagiarism?
How do these titles sound?
hi! anyone can recommend a good book to read??
Has anyone ever seen a movie that is better than its book?
Some ideas for my poster?
Which Waldenbooks in Illinois does have Kirepapa?
Whats this book...Its bugging the s#!t out of me?
I am 16 and want to read some good books....Harry Potter and Twilight are my favorites n i want sum more books?
What are some jokes I could use when writing a satire on gun control?
What is one thing you LOVE to do besides reading and writing?
What would Voldemort see if he ever encountered a Boggart?
How was fahrenheit 451 a tradgedy?
Your favourite character ever?
What do you think of my poem?
What are some good vampire or fantasy sorta books that aren't scary?
words in book summerland?
What are better/different words to use for these..?
Is there any fact in The Da Vinci Code?
Who are some people or character's that are like Nora from "A doll House"?
Story help: What is a reason (other than arranged marriage) that two people would be forced to get married...?
I've got a question concerning the book and film "the Road"?
Would like people to read over?
Harry Potter Q~ includes the boggart.?
To Kill a Mockingbird help?
Twilight or Harry Potter?
Is Harry Hole really dead?
Which authors do you think are overrated?
Have you ever read, "THE STARS FOR A LIGHT"?
what is renovrtio?
do anyone know the tiltle of the book about a woman who falls in love with a ghost, it took place in the rural?
What do you think of Twilight?
Harlan Bolles works for what Hollywood public relations agency?
I just found out that Stephen Fry is gay, and I am reading his book what do I do?
What book are you reading at the moment.. would you recommend it..?
what do you think of my idea for a book?
Can anyone help me find the name of a new book about The Civil Rights Era & Southern Democrats?
What do you think of my story?
I have an amazing idea for a book but im quite young so if i ever wanted to publish it, would it be possible?
What is a good clever title for a paper I am doing on Nathaniel Hawthorne?
Whats a good book to read?
Does any one know any good books for teens (i've already read twilight)?
What does the short story "closing time" by Neil Gaiman actually mean.?
Someone told me what I read is geeky :(?
Okay, I need two dog names?
I'm intending on writing a romance novel so I want a female psuedonym, can anyone think of a good name?
What are some good online writing websites?
what athletic contests are held in book 8 of the oddessey?
Hi! I am looking for pdf versions of the Demon Billionaire Trilogy books. Can anyone help me please?
When does the newest Gallagher Girls book come out?
Whats the climax of This Present Darkness?
criticize my opening to my novel?
Is it ok to give a client a book as a present?
how to write critique of a book?
Suggestions for names for my novel?!?!?!?
What modern day actress does Clarisse look like from Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury?
Any Free Creative Writing Contests?
Princess academy palace of stone? ?
when I'm writing, how do I punctuate a tittle of a book?
hey can anyone please write out the poem caliban by kamau brathwaite...?
How would you describe these houses and rooms for a story?
Why I can't find Alice Hoover Meyers ?
Is this considered sci fi or fantasy?
dues j k Rowling have an e-mail if so that's what I'm looking for, so can i have it?
What does Eliot Pattison have in the works?
Books on Neverwinter?
I really want something new and interesting to read - can anyone give me any suggestions?
Does anyone like Harry Potter?
WW2 Book? from high school?
How Is The Character of Piggy Represented In Lord of The Flies?
How's my story so far?
(.. Best answer) You are a storywritter and/or author please help me, I need a motive?
I like Harry Potter, do you?
I'm writing a fantasy book, and have made a couple of drafts paragraphs. Is this a good opening?
Good scary book?
On writing: How do you make your chapters long? how do you expanded it?
Any creative minds...move your mouse and click here?
What's the conflict of trickster's choice by tamora pierce?
Merchant of Venice by Shakespeare?
I'm a thirteen year old girl and I need some new books to read... any suggestions?
Examples of onamonapia and special look poems?
Book recommendations?
Have you read the book: A Guide to Proctology by Seymore Butts? It is irreverent and a bit cheeky.?
What are some good teen books?
Who served as British Prime Minister twice, and also won a Nobel Prize in Literature for his historical...?
Does anyone else think there should be a seperate section for Harry Potter?
So Twilight Your opions :D?
What is the theme of "The Cask of Amontillado?"?
Lord of The Rings (The Hobbit) QUESTION!?
How can I write stories that are more interesting?
Is there any more book really close to the plot of Twilight?
Did Clive Barker ever take art lessons?
Harry Potter...?
Why Do You Like Edward Cullen?
Would you say that in the book Into The Wild?
What books have you been reading lately?
any good topics on stories?
Would I understand the Short Second Life of Bree Taylor by Stephanie Meyer if I didn't read Eclipse?
What do you think of the short beginning of my story?
Unique Names for my Novel?
why are you on the internet right now and not reading a good book?
I'm writing a book, does this sound like something you would read?
tess wenzl?
What's the book you wish you'd written?
where can i find information on Caxton's edition of A tale of two cities?
Is this good writing?
Read this and tell me what you think???
What is the children's book I'm thinking of called?
I want to know why not everyone considers this serious?
Why didn't harry and hermione marry?
Climax chapter ideas?
Where would I find a list of books done in the 50's by Beth Vardon and illustrated by Charlot Byi?
The Perfect Girl by slytherin-nette?
Symbols and Irony in "The Guest" by Albert Camus?
Help cant remember the name of 2 books?
Should I write my book this way?
Stephen King Short Stories?
who is your favorite author?
I'm writing a fict. story and part of it takes place in new York when the guy is 13 discribe normal life ?
where can i get free paperback books?
i need help with a book!!!?
What book have you reread the most?
Which twilight book had the most of Jacob Black in it?
where and how can i read pretty little liars online?
?value of Dr. Seuss's The Tough Coughs As He Ploughs the Dough? anyone knowing anything? appreciate info. thnx
what are some similarities beetween the monster and and victor frankenstein?
Where's the error? Many people have now seen, or at least heard about, "e-books."?
which order to the assassins creed books go in?
The poem "Casey at the Bat" by Ernest(Read it then answer the questions that are at the end please)?
Where in Atlas Shrugged does Dagny go back to the old maps for Taggart Transcontinental?
Harry Potter fans: Did you remember Lord Voldemort's birthday?
What's the difference between a cyborg and an android?
In the crucible Abigail williams demonstrates dishonesty, manipulative, and vengeful.?
What is "Vampire Diaries" by LJ SMITH about exactly? What's the story line?
can anybody plz explain me the ending of the da vinci code.plz as my copy was torn towards the last pages.plz?
If Harry Potter did Avada Kedavra on EDWARD CULLEN?
what is the climax in the sisters grimm?
twilight or harry potter? (:?
where did we come from. what happens when you exit the world . what's the essence to life inspite of its brevi
Edgar Allan Poe Question: Body Snatching?
Should I read Eclipse?
Australian books?
looking for a young adult's book...?
How can I bind my revision notes into a book?
catcher in the rye??
Which name is more attractive? (From a girl's POV)?
If your life was a novel would you read it?
Help me remember the name of a book?
what is a great book you read lately ?
I need reading suggestions!!!!?
What do you think of my story? Any advice?
What Are Some Good Songs That Could Be Like A Theme For The Story I'm Writing?
In Twilight why didn't Edward just leave the room?
Is this a good beginning to my story? For a 14 year old...?
Ok.I need information on....?
I wrote a book, but I have never published before, can someone tell me what to do next?
in lord of the flies why does jack decide to go off by himself?
Harry Potter/To Kill A Mockingbird?
I want to write a book on Vampires!?
How does George Orwell make Napoleon interesting to the reader in Animal Farm?
Avatar fans, do you think this is to dark for an Avatar fan fiction?
who was your favorite character in divergent?
Notes from the midnight driver?
how to re-brand PLR ebooks?
Looking for a book title?
What kind of character flaws make the most memorable fiction characters?
Good story idea/plot please! PLEASE HELP!?
what was the chaucer's attitude toward the franklin of canterbury tales?
Tips for writing diaries?
help!!!! report! bob marley!!!?
Why did Jonathan Swift criticize humanity?
What should I call my novel?
Where can i read books by Don DeLillo online for free?
Has anyone read the How to Train Your Dragon books?
Good name for a wizard?
would you like to participate i anew harry potter organizatin?
Books about vampires besides Bram Stokers that you can recommend?
How To Make Sell Books As A Kid?
Can anyone help with this book title?
author, nancy springer info?
Which Chronicles of Narnia is your favorite?
Twilight Saga and other books?
Romeo and Juliet got married after how many days since meeting eachother?
What is the BEST BOOK you have ever read??
What series should I start reading once I've completed the HSC?
Which one of these books should I buy? Which is worth buying?
What does the letter at the end of the book If I Grow Up by Todd Strasser say?
Who does Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield end up with?
Similarities between Lady Macbeth and Juliet Capulet.?
Is 50 shades of grey really just a porn book?
any recommended good books for a 14 year old girl?
help with some lord of the flies questions?
Tess: Masterpiece Miracle?
What should I call my new story and name the people in it?
Hey! Everyone, is this true!?!?
What would be a good name for this character? see description?
Why should someone read Harry Potter?
I want to get a funny book to read?
What is the title of this book?
bloodlines by richelle mead book summary. team dimitri or adrian?
"Cry Wolf" by Patricia Briggs?
Read my short story please?
What’s the saddest book you’ve read? ?
Pride and Prejudice vs Bridget Jones Diary (movie)?
5 elements of a novel?
In that book called 'The outsiders', what are some difficult words?
TWILIGHT Or Harry Potter?
Is this a good book idea?
what is mrr darcys opinion of elizabeth?in pride and prejudice?
Is my writing good so far in my story? What do you think?
i need a couple of male and female names?
which book covers all the memory techniques to improve our memory?
Do you admire Rabindranath Tagore??? WHY???
In Heartless, the latest Pretty Little Liars book, what happens? (spoilers please)?
Who is your favorite Mystery Author?
Do you honestly believe Harry Potter is the greatest series of books ever?
Is Twilight and the series worth reading?
How many of the pretty little liar books can I read?
Do you read because you Have to or because you Want to?
animal farm-george orwell?
Read this and answer please?
Beautiful Creatures series?
Da Vinci code paperback has odd page headings, does hardback? what meaning?
Which is better divergent or tomorrow when the war began?
can anyone give me websites addresses that i can get deeply useful information about african american feminism
Team Edward or Jacob?
Who do you Write Like?
What is your favorite book of all times that you recommend for reading?
Does anyone know the name or author of this book?
How does this sound so far? =]?
Are these books autogprahys or biographys?
What's next on your reading list?
What is a good teen book series?
Harry Potter Fans, random questions...?
I need historical events, typology, and revelence for the book of nehemeiha? i need it quick and 3 sentemces f?
Is the "Da Vinci code" a good book to read?
Who is more compelling protagonist to a modern audience: Achilles, Odysseus, or Atwood's Penelope?
Imagine you have entered the magical land of Stephanie Meyer. What would be your first act?
What's harder in a story? Trying to make the beginning or trying to end it?
Looking for a name of a book...?
what does mercutio's speech about the fairy queen tell us about his imagination? His sense of humor?
I heard that The Pretty Little Liars series was going to become a show on ABC Family...?
PLEASE HELP!!!any one ever read Animal Farm?
Where can I buy "Ang anak ng Kardinal" Novel in the Philippines?
Hypocrisy in to kill a mockingbird?
Fairytale characters?
Part 2. . . ran outa space?
Where can i get gay fiction books delivered at cheaper prices?
Good fantasy book series?
"The best mirror is an old friend."?
Is there a 4th book to the i am number four series?
Is this a good story idea? Please help! Ten points best answer (:?
Good Fiction?
Who is the speaker in Ode to a Nightingale?
Does any one know where i can get a list of ingredients on 20 harry potter and\or fantasy potions read deta?
Do U Love Or Hate Twilight Series?
Readers of "The Accidental Tourist" I need suggestions on 3 positive traits of Macon, and 1 negitive one.
Whaat is massie block's makeup routine?
Whats happens to zaroff? does rainsford change his mind about hunting?
Looking for the title of a book?
What are your favorite horror Novels or Short stories???
Not trying to be rude..?
If you have read Knife of Dreams by Robert Jordan, What did you think of it?
wenthworth miller a life or he is dead?
What book would you be?
What was the last book you read?
Why is she the Wicked Witch of the West? What about the Wicked Witch of the North and South? Where did they go?
Do you like reading printed books or do you rather read from the Kindle?
Can you give comments on my story?
have anybody bought books by matthew lesko?
wife of my enemy and mother of my enemy is that little mouse part of your magic?
Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult?
What's a good teen romance novel similar to the Hush Hush series?
I can't remember the title of this book...?
What book should i get?
Nickname/Insult for Magical Creatures?
Whos the Greatest Wizard of all time?
Classic children's books?
Twilight VS Harry Potter?
How do I get along with my stepmom?
Can't remember book name?
need suggestion for a good read i hate fiction?
A Clockwork Orange ( the novel )?
why do you think of the book written by langston hughes untitled "the ways of white folks"?
Question about old magazines and copyrights...?
what's the title of a horror story ending with a "creature's" hand crawling down the wall to kill it's owner ?
Sherlock Holmes help?
What is the BEST BOOK you have ever read??
where can i read snakehead by anthony horowitz for free online?
I just wrote a journal entry about how nervous I am for Barack Obama. Please tell me what you think?
The Twilight series. Is it good?
Novels written in first perspective? Recommend please?
In which book do we find an account of the noble, rational horses, and ignoble rational men?
Richelle Mead's upcoming Age of X series synopsis?
is Oliver Twist a True Story?
I love romance books! (Not Fabio style though) Got any suggestions for what I should read next?
What are some good names for a baby in a story I'm writing?
any sites where i can get critiques from writers online?
If u could choose one of two, which one would u choose?
Would you prefer to read a book on paper, or on your screen?
which is the funniest book you ever read?
Remake for The Outsiders cast?
Harry Potter?
In which book Marx and Engels first mention about dialectical materialism?
When will khaled Hossieni's new book be published? (His first novel was "The Kite Runner")?
What do you think of the begining of my book?
Who else hates Twilight?
Is anybody familiar with a short story where a man plays a drinking game with the devil for money?
What is this book website?
Plz recommend me good suspense thriller novels?
The book by Sarah Manning "Let's get lost"?
Why is their so much rain in "The Road" by Cormac McCarthy?
Your favorite John Grisham novel?. Mine is the Rainmaker. Movie was good too with Devito as the paralawyer.?
If you like to read then tell me if you would read more of this?
any names for a story?
In what way has Pip became a less admirable character since he has moved to London in Great Expectations?
Has anyone read T.S.Ashton's The Industrial Revolution?what did you think?
What's the 2nd princess diaries book?
Book recommendations please!?
need a name for a fancy store selling clothes?
who has read the twilight series....?
What percentage of book sales is made up of erotica?
What painting is depicted on the cover of "Janson´s history of art" in its 7th edition?
Does anybody know of a good sentance diagraming software (free or paid)?
when was C.S. Lewis ( the author of the chronicles of Narnia ) born?
Can you please tell me some information about the Poem Caged Bird by Maya Angelou?
Anthony Hopkins as George Smiley?
Harry Potter readers - When you read the books do you picture the actors from the films?
I am looking for a copy of the 1928 Book of Common Prayer, preferably with combined hymnal, in Genuine leather
Internal and External conflict of the story "the pedestrian"?
What books should i read???
Has anyone read Stranger In A Srange Land? Did you grok it? Tell me what you thought of it?
HARRY POTTER FANS: Would you spend Christmas at the Burrow, or Hogwarts?
How do you make an engaging attention-getter in a short story?
literary techniques in Invisible Man?
Is Twilight a good book?
Is 15 too young to start writing a novel?
What do you think of the books by Nicholas Sparks?
what's the name of this book it was in french?
What is Stephenie Meyer's author style?
Title of a story in my englush class?
What are some fun facts about William Cullen Bryant?
Any ideas about Clique books?
What is the meaning of the fog in "one flew over the cuckoo's nest"?
monologue idea for this character?
Which of these 2 authors is your favourite and why?
Something I wrote. Read it plz. Need feedback?
What is the BEST WEBSITE to BUY Tickets from to SOLD OUT EVENTS when ticketmaster doesn't have any?
How can I make this story scarier and how should I end it?
In the Book Of Mice and Men, Candy's dog is "put down" due to old age.?
If I like Harry Potter, do you have any suggestions of what other books that I may like?
does anyone know this story? help!?
I need name of poet and/or poem from "4 weddings and funeral" movie - performed during funeral.?
Has anyone read the book called the things they carried by tim o'brien?
who was akhavane sales?
how is lennie presented in of mice of men?
Is it illegal to use the Romanov name in a book?
Henry Miller's Tropic of Capricorn?
What do you imagine the district 13 tracking bracelet looked like?
Would you read a novel like this?
Team Jacob, Edward or Switzerland?
I need a book where time is NOT the enemy and it has to be by a british author?
Writer's block, help me!!!?
I'm Writing a book, I need Names?
What are some fantastic books?
Where can i find the article on Is a Dolphin a Person online? its a chapter from book?
In what year was "In Cold Blood" written?
Write a story for Jack and Jill poem.?
Is 1st person narrative annoying to you?
I was just wondering what the best book you've ever read was?
Do you read?
What book are you reading now? Is it good?
why most of the students prefer to stay at the dormitories rather than at thier own houses?
Pretty Little Liars books/series?
I have strange case of writers block?
Character Flaws: Main Characters?
im lookin for a book where the children must fight the adults that have been turned into zombies?
What are some good twisted, demented, macabre books?
I love to read, anyone have any books they really liked?
in the book series of the nine lives of chloe king does chloe fall for bryan after she knows who he is?
What are some good books you've read this year?
What is this book called about a girl who can't speak?
need articles about "uncanny valley"?
What was the last bit of writing to blow you away?
What should be the objective of this book?
Does Huck Overcome his dilemma in the book?
does anyone know a site to download free mp3 books?
How can you tell which version of The Diary of Anne Frank you have?
What do you think of my short story?mistakes?
does the novel madam bovery come in english and where can i find it?
Is this sentence good or okay?
Do you have any suggestions?
For all readers. What do you think of my writing here?
Is HARRY POTTER bisexual?
I need some really unique ideas for a quest narrative?
Twilight, Harry Potter or The lord of the rings?
Does anybody know what book this quote is from?
1984 What does Winston Smith learn?
Harry Potter: True or False Survey?
can i bring mangas into barnes and nobles and sell them?
What's a good title for my story?
Where can I find information on grants for writing?
Dystopian Book Suggestions?
did you guys know any books about the father mistress became his son lover. Could you recommend it for me?
Is "The vampire chronicles" by Anne Rice any good?
is it possible to fall in love with a character in a book?
What are some good names for a heroic bad boy in a book? First and last please!!!!?
Who wrote these?
what is the best book to read about world history to date that is not coerced?
What is your fav. book?
Whats your fav name to which u also love the meaning of it?
messages of the story of the book 2001 space odissey?
Is the intro of my horror story fine?
What are some books that are good to read?
what time period should my anime story be in?
How's this for a story? Chapter 1..?
Can u tell me some good Hindi and english names for my story?
I need help with me speech RE memoirs of a Geisha~belonging?
Who is your favorite character in "friends" and why.?
island: shipwreck by gordon korman?
Sum Up Harry Potter in a Single Word?
What books should i read?? The #of pages don't matter.?
Did I Plagerize This Paper?
Where is this story going?
has anyone read the book, 'A Separate Peace'? i need help with an essay please!?
What are three possible themes for the book the old man and the sea?
Who has read the Twilight series and is on Team Jacob?
I'm 17 what do you think of this poem i wrote, i know that's depressing,but is it any good? be honest please!!
Harry Potter should i read the books if i saw all the movies?
Harry Potter Or Twilight?
Mansfield Park Question???!!!!?
I'm writing a story. Is the beginning of this chapter okay?
who is your favorite character from fiction?
How do you go from event to event in a book without going to fast?
Help me with my character?
Where can I find ancient books about ancient treasure?
Can Fahrenheit 451 be related to McCarthysm?Has Bradbury said something about that?
Where did Ted Hughes go at the end of September 98 before he died of cancer at the end of October 98?
What do you think of "Twilight"?
Would you read this book?
In the book a Soldiers Legacy did Schelling have a death wish? Why or why not?
What do you guys think of this story idea?
has anyone else in the world read the book The Outsiders and what do u think bout it?
edward and bella have a baby named nessie??
Help naming a dragon and a spirit?
I just finished the book "above the thunder" is there a movie being made?
What kind of life would the wife of bath by Geoffrey Chaucer have in the middle ages?
Gameshow names for my story!?
Who's the Biggest Hunger Games Fan Out There?
Where can I download a book titled: How To Marry A Finnish Girl?
Writers - I feel a complete bozo asking a grammar question, but...?
What are some of your favorite books?
top 10 books that you'd recommend reading before you die!!?
Who is your favorite Harry Potter character?
I am a big fan of fantasy trilogies i.e. Lord of the Rings. Can anyone recommend any other fantasy trilogies?
Does this sound like a good story?
Is keeping a diary lame?
Inspiration for a story I intend to write?
The Scarlet Letter ...........?
I'm writing a book, but need some "first" names for characters. Help!?
whats da best thing abt SIdney Sheldon...(i mean his books)????
Where can I find the shortest summary of Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens?
Where is your favorite place to read or write and why?
Who would win? Edward Cullen or Harry Potter?
Help, How can I repair my favorite book?
What works of graham green do you recommend?
How can I inexpensively market / advertise my recently published fiction book?
Is it better to seek out a publisher or self-publish with these variables?
Warhammer 40K....?
Nominated for International Who's Who in Poetry?
Some good future fiction?
What district would these characters be in? (Logical People please)?
How did robert frost's and Wallace Stevens poetry compare?
Writers: How "rough" is your rough draft?
Would you recommend going to see Breaking dawn part2? Are you going?
Does anyone know of any good books about vampires?
Lord of the Flies Question?
Where can I find Robert Burn's poem "To a Mouse" in Scots?
Does Severus Snape die in one of the Harry Potter books?
Temperance Brennan series?
how many times have you read a book today?
about Rovert francis?
Any creative people out there?
What great books have you read lately?
Twilight, good or bad?
link to the emily dickinson poem?
What is meant by the term "Dickensian"?
which was first?tropic of capricorn or tropic of cancer?
Does anyone know of or want to start a writing group?
what is community theatre?
Books and Authors: Why do some people feel the need to--?
Is there anyone on earth who hates Twilight?
Who is your favorite Star Wars character?
Whats the climax of the book "That Summer" by Sarah Dessen?
i need a plot diagram for toy story 3?
question about the kingdom of matthias.?
can i get the text for the cacher and the rye for free?
What happens to Edward in the sunlight? (twilight)?
I need a name for this enchantment?
does anybody have any .information on the book october sky I need help!!?
How many times is Othello called "he" or "him" by Iago in act one?
Presenting your work for crit?
Who are some authors who have burned or destroyed their first novels to keep them from eventual publication?
which book do you suggest i read?
Roots? How did it affect you?
I need a creative title for my essay!?
The book Twilight?
what are the chapter summaries for the book parallel journeys.. or just quotes?
where can i get it?
Anybody know the title and author of this classic scifi/fantasy short story set in Paris?
what is the best way to read a book?
Is this a good blurb ?
Is Vampire Diaries worth reading?
I need good book suggestions?
in gifted by marilyn kaye who is behind carter on the cover?
Grin of the dark Ramsey Campbell?
where does Stephanie Meyer live?
Can I find somebody to write a book for my sister?
What are some books you would recomend for me to read?????
How do I make up four types of bad girl personalities in my book?
whats the best book you have read?
what books are similar to RA Dickey's auto biography?
any suggestions for a good book?
20,000 Leagues under the sea By: Jules Vernes?
Has anyone read the book "America" with John Stewart on it?
What is the best book YOU have ever read?
When is the seventh Harry Potter book coming out?
What's a good teen book?
Twilight movies and books?
any good blogging site?
Does anbody have a difficult book they'd like to suggest?
How do I add onomatopoeia in a short story?
Is Mark Twain a racist?
How to write a good sex scene?
I need events from the book from of plymouth plantation?
I need some good names for a female character?
for a homework assignment i have to find a book but im writing about pink the singer?
50 Shades of Grey question!?
The Hunger Games-Problem/Solution?
What do you think of my story so far......... please give details?
are there any gay/lesbian bookstores in the Orange county/ Los Angeles Area?
what is an outside source that relates to themes in the book: a clockwork orange?
What do you think of my short story (just a summary of it)?
Do You Know Any Good Books?
What book are you currently reading?
I need help writing a stabbing scene? PLEASE HELP!!?
Would u rather read the bible or a harry potter book? and y?
Is the horror genre of literature ALWAYS fast-paced?
Who is the best Harry Potter Character?
It's been two years since Deathly Hallows was released... What did you do when it first came out?
Can you help with this character name?
District 8 in The Hunger Games?
What goes around comes around,do u think the country which kill humans know that?
list some bad traits?
I'm a ghost?
why do i find forbidden things more interesting?
Question about a time-travel plot?
Making a story have no idea what the chapter names should be help?
B&A: How well do you know your characters?
NEXT/ Michael Crichton (Character Help)?
How would you start?????????
what chapter does edward show bella he sparkles in the sun?
First-time author of fiction - how do I get published?
What books and movies seem to have had the most accurate predictions of today?
What do you think about this name...? EASY 10 POINTS!?
What's a good storyline about a young person?
Are sidekicks cliche?
what is the best film you've ever seen?
I need a new book series!!!?
Which is better: Twilight or The Twilight Zone?
What are good fiction/fantasy books you read?
choose your side,all twilighters ?
Popular 90's Book about Bipolar Disorder?
is anyone elses besides me sick of hearing about the new harry potter book?
Who wrote the poem called The Ballet of Birmingham?
Thoughts on my short piece?
What is, by far, the best book you've ever read?
Has anyone read BLOOD AND CHOCOLATE???
Are vampires being overused?
B&A: What is one thing you can't stand?
Im 15. What books would you recommend?
Good narrative writing ideas?
Novel writing - where to start?
is dan brown an author or a soccer player?
Twilight or Harry Potter?
what is the protagonist, conflict , and theme of the book Coraline?
I need events from the book from of plymouth plantation?
what is DA VINCI CODE?
If you were commissioned to write a book which?
the metamorphosis point of view?
Help with book title?
Fantasy Book Names And Meanings?
I need a tabloid heather for when duncan goes to macbeth house?
do they sell twilight books in tesco express?
i have 2 do a project & i have 2 do a editorial article on my book, what is a editorial article?
isn't it strange how stories can get you attached to fictional characters?
Did anyone read the book "get Clark Smart"?
What is the diffrence between to kill a mockingbird (movie and book?)?
Could anyone help me with this piece of writing that I wrote as an almost 15 year old?
I am writing a long story about going to a school for witchcraft and wizardry?
im a teen wats a good book 2 read?
How do I get a children's book reviewed and published?
The Great Gatsby question?
who is ruskin bond? i want to know?
Okay so im trying to write a book and i need some unique names!?
If you could be any character in Harry Potter who would you be?
does anyone of you read the book =Lovely bones=? can you tell me who's the author?? please?
where can i download a copy of the story Jean Labadie's Big Black Dog?
what is a Solander case for books? From whence comes the name?
What do you think of my story?
anyone wrote any good poetry?
What is the deal about Reading and Critiquing fees by literary agents?
Atonement book help!!?
Twilight Question. Edward Cullen?
In the book "Angela's Ashes" how do you pronounce the father's name..."Malachy"?
What is the best book you have ever read?
the crucible book?
Three examples of Juliet defying her parents?
do you really think that there's a truth in davinci code?
Writing a "clean" sex scene?
Can someone find me the 3 songs in Beowulf which is sung in that chamber?
Who is your favourite literary hero/heroine and why??
I need help on finding a teen romance book??!!?
name of author( john? something),butterfly, collectible-serial killers covet his work,poss. existentialist?
What are some good virus-free websites for writers?
what are the degrees of comparison?
Help!? Stephen King books?
Harry Potter fans! ^_^?
What do the characters represent in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest?
Could you read, fan and vote?
What's the name of a favorite book of yours?
Moods of Fahrenheit 451?
What is the last book you read?
How can I be accepted into hogwarts if I'm a muggle?
Best book or website to analyze the messages & visual motifs of movies & tv shows?
How much of writing takes talent?
IN The Natural by Bernard Malamud...?
has anyone read the Necroscope series by Brian Lumley?
does the dark tower exist?
Is there anyone who can recommend a book that is not Harry Potter that an adult might enjoy?
Girls, would you read a book which had a male narrator?
What is the greatest peice of literature ever written?
Is my story any good?
What books do you like to read?
who likes my poem (the end)?
Where can I find this song called Poseidon's Tale by Maksim Mrvica?
What was the authors purpose for writing Watership Down?
What was the last book you bought?
Does this plot seem okay?
In zombie stories, why is technology always dead?
can someone put this Wilde quote in context for me?
where can i find a 4 1/4x5 1/2in. mothers day card at in gainesville?
What is the best book for a 16 year old boy to read?
Who thinks Hunger Games is better than Twilight?
Which is the best Robert Ludlum book?
"Stranger Than Fiction," essay question about interplay between fear and foresight?
What characters (book/movie/game) wear short black dresses?
How do you start your story on Fanfiction?
how much is this book worth?
***SURVEY****whats the biggest book you've ever read?
How can I write a one shot fanfic without putting it into chapters?
in what chapter does jace love clary in city of bones?
is the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo a good read??????
Anyone interested in joining hands for writing?
What book should I read?
do you think there will be more HARRY POTTER BOOKS?
How do you format lyrics in a novel?
who is your favorite bokk auther???????????
Title for vampire novel?
Harry Potter True and False Survey...again?
Twilight, Harry Potter, or both?
Harry Potter fans: Were you hooked on Harry Potter by the1st page, or did you have to read more?
Is the Union soldier in the civil war written by Peter Williams?
Twilight haters and lovers: You have to admit Stephenie Meyer has done one thing..?
could anybody give me a plot summary of "Moving Mars" by Greg Bear?
Can someone give me some names for fantasy book species?
Irish book made me meet other Irish people? Coincidence or something else?
Here's another Twilight survey.?
Can anyone tell me more about Max Ehrmann's poem Desiderata?
Why are Christian's so against Harry Potter yet read Twilight?
Sweet and innocent romance novels ...?
I need to know the name of this thing?
Harry potter VS Twilight?
articles with diffusion of responsibility?
Hey can someone read this & give feedback thanks!?
What's the definition of space opera?
Need names for a detective?
What is Mary Sidney's "The Triumph of Death" about?
Any help with a funny description?
Some good books to read?
Need help for a character in my story!?
what are some good vampire names for a character in my story?
What is your favorite movie that was based upon a book?
help remembering the name of a book please?
what would be a good name for a character in my story?
is my chapter one good or bad?
How many of you like Twilight?
how to get inspired in making a pseudonym?
If you met Maya Angelou, what would you ask her!?
I need help with my story?
How many books do you have in your to-read pile?
Does anybody know if they will ever write a new gossip girl book?
One day there is what kind of meaning?
who is john galt?
When and where was Stephanie Meyer born?
rejection and approval letter question?
How does one go about publishing a book?
What do you do with your books when you've read them?
Where is a good place for an aspiring children's writer to start?
What happens to Charles Dickens in 1838? How does he react?
how do i go about publishing a kids story?
Why was Peter Pan always played by a girl in the play?
What do you think about the information and findings that came out in 'The DaVinnci Code'?
Last name for character in my story?
What do you think of my poems?
Which Harry Potter book is the best one?