Does anyone know where I can find a summary of "In the skin of a Lion" by Michael Ondaatje chapter by chapter
in the alchemist, do you think santiago really found his treasure?
I need help from an experienced fantasy author?
Any good titles for this story?
What is the title of the book that has...(plz hurry!!!)?
"I sat at a table where food and drink were plenty, but honesty and integrity were not - I left hungry"
Is there an idea you belive must be turned to a novel by someone?
Atonement by Ian McEwan thesis?
Have you read the Harry Potter series?
Good name for a female 'witch'?
Edward Cullen or Jacob Black?
How would you start this story off?
Cant decide ending to my story?
who can tell me the william butler yeaats's life?
The Outsiders ( the book)?
Easy 10 points!!! What are some good books to read??
Where can I find a summary of the book Waterlily by Ella Cara Deloria??
Does Harry Potter Die in the final book?
Could you critique my writing skills?
What story does Moche tell townspeople when he returns?
Does anybody else think Twilight sucks?
Which among the books written by paulo coelho is the best?
What do think of Czech literature? Who are your favourite authors?
Is the Book Series Thoroughbred Hardcover Books?
Wheel of Time?
Is this Harry Potter quote from a book or screenplay?
dose anyone know a 9th grade level book with over 150,000 words in it?
Do you like my book cover?
What is the first line of the second paragraph on page twelve of the book closest to you?
short story writing - where to go from here?
Where can I find journals about the Dadaist movement?
How do you publish a book?
What books would you recommend for teens?
Which James Hillman (or any) book should I read?
Would it be ok to reuse a character from one story in another that is of different genre/mood?
Which is greatest book which predict future events and past events?
Can someone show me some examples of how in The Odyssey written by Homer how odysseus shows mental strength?
Short summary for the lost hero?
To what extent is Grendel evil?
The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien for "Good Form"?
looking for a photo of author James Agee?
Title ideas for a fantasy story?
characters names for a book?
The Scarlet Ibis: How was Brother good to Doodle?
Harry Potter or Twilight?
What do you think will happen in the 7th Harry Potter book?
How does Moby Dick have expressions of capitalism?
What are the main events in the book The boy in the Striped pajamas?
Persuasion Jane AustenBBC/ITV adapation?
Books To Read In A Life Time?
box for harry potter books?
In Sara Paretsky's novels, what brand of typewriter does VI Warshawski use before she upgrades to a PC?
For All You Fans of Johanna Lindsey's Malory Series...?
If you write something with a pencil will it erase 100 years later?
What are some examples of culture in the book Year of Impossible Goodbyes by Sook Nyul Choi?
Need help writing an inspirational letter for a low self esteem girl.?
how do i add stories to my fanfiction community?
Name your favorite poem in "Spoon River Anthology" by Edgar Lee Masters?
Are their any adult/teeny fiction books about mermaids?
what should i read next ?
Literature containing odd dialect?
"The Yellow Wallpaper"- What is the significance of the woman trapped in the wallpaper?
kipling tale of masonic soldiers hotel?
How can I get some new editors for my publishing company in New Delhi?
Is this sentence grammatically correct?
Who Do You Like Better Ginny(Hp) Or Bella(Twilight)?
i wrote a mystery story. how do i solve this little problem?
Do you judge a book by its cover?
Why did Holly kiss Artemis in Time Paradox?
anyone recomend any good books?
Charlie Bone EBOOK???
How do I sell a used Kindle E-book?
where can i make my own comic book?
Edgar Allan Poe "The Raven" question?
What happens at the end of the book Wherever Nina Lies?
Who is your favourite character in Harry Potter?
why its hard to find good friends this days?
I need a good book to read?
I want to know the name of some english books for learning english.?
What is the ending to the book Sins of the Fathers, by James Scott Bell?
anyone read a good fantasy book?
What is your favourite book and why?
what is the best book you read?
A good medieval book...?
has anybody any ebooks from postmodern american writers such as kathy acker,donald barthleme and ... ?
why is reading so enjoyable?
Do I have a better chance of getting published if I take my novel off the internet?
what did those from earth who battled the dark thing have in coomon? name at least five of theses worriers.?
Which book was so great you read it twice?
What caused Walter Dean Myers mother's death?
Summary of Crank by Ellen Hopkins?
defining art therapy for the mentally retarded?
How do I stop Lewis Carrol from taking over my brain?
a midsummer night's dream, who was the. . .?
Why did Jane Eyre go unconscious ?
where can you buy all 12 gossip girl books all in one shot?
HUCK FINN, how is he putting society to shame?
What is the plot, characters and the main evil or story line in "Beyond the Rift" by Dennis Michels?
I need three words that describe the character hamlet and why?
I looking for a new book to get into just not sure whats out there.?
Best Jane Austen's work?
I am confused on something in the novel "Lord of the Flies". Help?
What book are you??
Do you prefer the books you read for the characters or the plot?
What is the difference between mortal and immortal?
Can you list your favorite girl and boy names?
HARRY POTTER FANS: Let us make a difference!?
how can i start talking with any staranger girl.?
Who do you prefer, Bella Swan or Hermione Granger?
Which is the popular kiss 1. French kiss 2. Butterfly kiss 3. Soul kiss?
good book about the holocaust? (besides the diary of anne frank)?
The Zahir by Coelho. What can you say about it?
anyone read the book midnight?
The Outsiders?
if you could be a character in any book who would it be?
Do everyone hides behind their smile ?
What would you name it?
is the author helen forrester still alive?
who has read Odd Thomas ?
What is your favourite novel of all time?
can someone help me start an essay about stephen king or about his books?
Good teen Romance/Adventure books?
What is the da vinci code all about?
something i wrote on life and stuff?
How come when asked, most people say Gryffindor??
Alice in Wonderland, Is it A math book??Does it have any math problems in it??
Could a 13 year old publish a book?
Would this be a good story idea?
Do I have to buy ISBN in batches?
where can I find a restorer for Royal typewritters?
Harry Potter Series vs. The Twilight Saga?
Do you know a website where I can find five star top ranked international thriller books published 1980/06 ?
should i read the harry potter books first or watch the movies first?
What do you think of this piece of writing?
To Kill a Mockingbird: Scout?
What is your favourite book?
where can i find info about Dorothy West?
will harry destroy voldemort in the next series?
What are some good tasks for a protagonist to undergo in a novel?
Which is your favourite book?
Is there an author by the name of Binta and not jean binta.?
which is the best online book available??and where can i download it from??
where can i buy new moon?
Do you think girls read books faster than guys?
I am 17 i just wrote this song what do you think please please answer and please please be honest!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you could date any character from Harry Potter, who would you choose?
What book is the Pretty Little Liars theme song from?
help me with lime wire !!?
Golden rule in the religions of the world.....?
What is the most fantastic book you ever read?
What are key terms and characters to include in a description of "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man"?
does anyone know a online book download site??plez..?
Do I have a better chance of getting published if I take my novel off the internet?
is it okay if a story has a little of cliches?
What name do you like better?
B&A - Do you think that this a fair statement?
What is a good plot summary of the book “Life of Pi” by Yann Martel released in September 2001?
Help me find a start to this story?
what is the meg cabot book where the main character keeps writing everything in her diary?
what is the origin of "revenge is a dish best served cold"?
Who wrote: Irish as a race are mad. All their wars are merry and all their loves are sad?
Anyone ever publish their own children's books?
I need a boy's name...?
What is the last book you read, the book you are currently reading, and what do you plan to read next?
What do you think of this so far?
has ne1 read Harry Potter and the half-blood prince?
how do billy collins make you feel when you read one of his poems?
Author's writing question!?
Why was the da vinci code banned in parts of the world?
How many people have read any of Zane books?
What are some of your favorites books?
Which is your favorite place and book to read?
is the trafficking in persons report considered a book?
James Frey lied, what about Beatrice Sparks?
Is The Sea Wolf by Jack London a 6th Grade Level Short Story book?
What do you think of my story so far? This is the first 2 chapters?
How does the narrator feel when he sees the old man's eye in the ray of light? What does the narrator hear?
what are the themes and sub-themes of 'Hamlet' written by William Shakespeare?
Any really good young adult/teen books?
Why did Twilight become so popular?
who can give me a big resume about ''my story blitz from vince cross'' ? !!!!!!!!!?
What's your favorite book?
What should I write in my new notebook/notepad?
the story of an hour ??? i cant understand much this question?
Wanting to buy a good advice book for my brother!?
I need opinions from people who read romantic books?
guy names for my book?
What books made you cry?
How long would it take to publish a book?
Discuss the controversy of racism in Theodore Taylor's book "The Cay"?
In need of a strong/powerful but dark sounding surname?
Where can i find a Literary Magazine where i can submit poems for publication?
Why teach My Antonia by Willa Cather?
the scarlet letter irony?
WHAT name do you prefer?
Are there seriously any authors in here? Chat........???????????
where can i read "break it down" by lydia davis?
What was Shakespeare's favorite book?
Can you thing of a plot for an animal abuse story?
Why do you read Twilight?
where is a book site to download free ebooks?
Is Kathryn Mackel writing another book for the Birthright Project series?
help with Oedipus Rex?
What's a good last name for a royal family in a fantasy story?
Can you help me remember the title of a book?
What is your favorite Lemony Snicket book?
Any recommended middle grade books?
"to kill a mockingbird" help please!?
Did you enjoy the book "The Catcher in the Rye"?
Harry Potter or Percy Jackson?
Has any body read any good books lately?
Chemistry-related topics for a general interest book?
Who is the youngest author?
Whats your favorite Gene Wilder film?
Is it true that once you get involved with same sex relationship you can consider yourself a straight?
So, who's counting down the minutes to Deathly Hallows then?
Does anyone know the name or author of this short story? I've been looking everywhere!?
Can you give opinions on my story?
Where can a find an online database where I can search fiction books and there story plots?
What are some interesting book ideas?
Help for Story? Subplot & Title?
My plot is stuck. How exactly do expert writers use "deus ex machina" fix plot problems?
Books similar to the old man and the sea?
Help! I'm looking for a book!?
I need help with choosing a good topic for my Renaissance presentation?
In Animal Farm, what does Old Major point to show that there are opportuities for the animals to run the farm?
short, just wondering what he really meant by this statement?
clique series ( sealed with a diss) HELP!?
Is this dialogue natural?
Is anyone else appalled at how many bigoted comments have been made about revealing Dumbledore's sexuality?
fanfiction where bella and edward get stuck in an elevator?
Is this an okay way to end my story?
Can you recomend a good book for me?
Title of this book?
Could some one describe to me all the pictures that are in the encyclopedia "offended" challenge?
What object can represent a drug addict?
Can you reccomend books for a teenage girl?
What was the name of this Book Series? I can't remember.?
What do you think so far? :)?
For Twilight which is better the book or movie?
Young Adult Or Fantasy Book Ideas?
Why do YOU like the Harry Potter series?
We accept the love we think we deserve; what does this mean?
Need the name of the book and the author ... read below for details?
Which book is better s chand or pradeep?
Poem books for ages 14-16?
Looking for a Good surreal fiction novel?
Examples of Overcoming obstances, an example where being a minority effected a character in each ofthefollowin?
What is the best book you have ever read??
How do I arrange interviews about my book?
Best book?
Supernatural book series suggestions?
Is Hawthorne's introductory to "The Scarlet Letter" mandatory?
philadelphia publishing porter and coats in 1800 hundreds?
where the heck is yubisaki milk tea at?
Which book is better and why twilight or Harry Potter and why is it better?
Where can I find fictional stories to read online?
Could you recommend a good biography for me to read ?
what are some good young adult series to read?
Anyone have anything on Three Girls by Joyce Carole Oates?
I need good book ideas!?
Who are the characters of 'Indiana by George Sand'?
The lucky one , Book?
How long did it take you to read Harry Potter and The Deathly hallows?
Really good romance books?
I need help with this question about Hatchet?
B&A - Do you think that this a fair statement?
Is it easier to get a book published if you send only the first couple chapters instead of a whole book?
Light Novel Manga at Books a Million?
Harry Potter Fans, DH, Silver Doe..?
Does anyone have the words to a poem named, My Mother's Apron? It is needed for a church Mothers Day function.
What was the name of the ape in The Last Battle?
Whos and Emmet Cullen Fan!!!?
Can you name books that are a compilation of short stories?
just read this poem,?
I have a query about how I should begin my story-piece. Does anyone care to assist me?
Any tips for maintaining iambic pentameter?
Need another good book!!?
Are you a member of the Association of Authors Representatives?
what do you think of this book i wroght for kides its not done yet i still have some stuff to fix ?
Do you like mysterious characters in novels?
What is that saying about loaning out a book?
When reading a book what do you prefer?
I need a title for my story?
i would like to see an example of a sestina poem. Any famous ones?
Breaking Dawn silly question but its annoying me?
I am looking for a book about prehistoric north america that is not by w. michael gear but is similar?
Need a set of female twin names for a story?
What are some good, interesting, fantasy fiction reading books that are not childish?
best web sites for reading literature online?
Your opinion on this story/piece of writing?
Ideas for a short story?
Where does it show Symbolism in the book Twisted?
Who is your favourite author?
Which IS better - Harry Potter or Twilight? I am asking for facts not opinions.?
Can you recommend any contemporary French authors?
What are some good books to read?
Do you look like a person or act like a person from Harry potter, twilight or vampire academy book or movie?
What is a good name for a girl in the Fan Fiction I'm Writing?
What would you like to ask?Is a book likely to sell well in the UK if it is advertised in Time Out London,?
Is the Epic of Gilgamesh fiction or non-fiction?
How many books have you read or listened too?
Who can give me a summary of the Inheritance Cycle series?
for the book Oryx and Crake, what kind of literary features can i talk about in my english oral final?
What age level is the book the swan thieves appropriate for?
Twilight Series Alice and Jasper?
in the book the scarlet letter...?
Help with finding good fanfiction stories and pairings?
Who first used the phrase "Master of your fate and Captain of your soul" in literature?
Did writers Ian Fleming & Ken Follett ever write anything about famous "hoaxster extradinaire" Rory Emerald?
how many words for a childrens novel years 8-12?
Does the novel "Fifty shades of Grey" have anything about foot fetish or foot worship?
Name the best novel that you read this year?
What is your favourite 'classic' book?
I need a few names for my book any help?
Last book you read?
Isn't Twilight plagiarising Starwars?!?
how does orwell use allegory and symbolism to create meaning?
What would be clever title for a paper about Edgar Allan Poe?
What do you think happens next?
What is your favorite exerpt from a book?
Who Knows the limit to boredom cause im womdering when ill shrivil up into a little ball?
If You're Using, Please Answer My Question.?
I'm looking for good books on Indian Sign Language (for those in India). Titles and authors anyone?
Information for sale?
how did stark save zoey at the end of hunted?
What is the topic in Narnia book the Silver Chair?
Harry Potter- who would you rather work for....?
Can someone name my novel please?
What was the flower in chapter 10 of the witch of the blackbird pond?
What is the central conflict in Misery by Stephen King?
What, in your opinion, is the best love story ever to have been written?
Can you please help me find a book??
Favorite type of Book?
who influened lawrence ferlinghetii?
robert pattison vs. taylor lautner>?
What is the difference between an autobiography and a biography?
how do i write a diary?
What book should I read first?
How do you make a story cover?
.s!!! What do you think of the beginning of my story? .s!!!?
Does Adam brody die In Mrs and Mrs smith?
The Giver Heeelpppppp :(?
The best poet in the world?
Need help with letter writing?
do you think lord Voldemort ever has sex ?
What is the book tittle?
I need book recommendations!!!?
what are the psychological aspects of William Faulkner's "A Rose for Emily"?
What is the best book that you've ever read?
I'm writing a book help please?
"The Hollow Men" contains allusions to all of the following EXCEPT:?
What Are Some Good Books For 13 Year Old Girls?
What book is this??????????????????/?
Poll - Harry Potter or Edward Cullen?
Can anyone help me create water powers?
Do americans like quotation books?
What is the name of this book?
what fairy tale is the children's story?
Was Phineas Gage lucky to survive?
dumbledore vs voldermort?
please send me link or pdf articel for"surface decontamination of fruits and vegetables by ozonated water"
Would you read this story?
What type of characters do u picture when u hear these names?
What are some good names for characters in a children's fantasy story?
Anyone know Dorothy Parker's middle name?
Dark secrets 2 summary?
The Host casting (females)?
How many major paragraphs are included in a decision paper?
I need examples of metaphor, allusion and situational irony in much ado about nothing in ACT 2 of the book.?
Question about becoming a writer?
Of Mice and Men, Slim's Motivation?
I'm a writer/illustrator and I'm hoping...?
Harry Potter?
Any good books you've read lately?
What do you think of Twilight?
Please give me a plot for a story!!!!! please!!!?
Would more people read books if they were a rarity?
Fantasy Fiction books for Teenage girls?
Can you recommend a book that you can't put down?
What was the name of this woman?
a novel like peter pan
How can I start the first chapter of my story?
Can you suggest books for me to read?
Twilight: did you like the book or the movie better?
Who are your favorite authors and why?
How would you write this scene?
what are the best books uve ever read?
did anyone read the novel Autumn leaves and do you recommend me to read it?
What will JK Rowling write after the Harry Potter series?
what is Harry Potter conspiracy?
Anyone ever notice this when Twilighters say why Harry Potter sucks?
PLEASE suggest a good book to read...?
What is the best and appropriate book?
Writers! tell me what to read to improve my writings!?
What are some of your fave books?
Beatrix Potter anyone else love her stories?
Has anyone read the fourth of June?
Rabindranath Tagore won the nobel prize for writing which book?
Would you recommend this book "The Red Wrath" By Hatef Mokhtar to other readers?
I need help with an idea for my story?
has a book ever made you cry?
What is Paperback - REV?
Should I buy books at Barnes and Noble or Thrift Stores, what's the difference in price?
What things make you think of secrets and magic?
I'm looking for some good books?
do u know who Robert Fuller Murray is and if u do give me sites that have his bio on it?
do i look like bella from twilight?
Why do my Word documents print horizontally?
Harry Potter fans: May I please ask you throng of questions related to the series ?
What site should I go to to find information on the historical significance of the author, Nathanial Hawthorne
Who has a copy of Riaj's The Chosen?
Brian Wildsmith techniques in his drawings?
Who has read the twilight 1st one? Is it any good?Is there any other books?
hi im trying to find where " the world as i see it" by einsteins, in what city is was published?
Advice in writing:?
I Need Different Ideas for Crime Story?
HARRY POTTER FANS: Identify the HP fan!!!!?
Does anyone know what Chapter 1 and 3 are about in the book a world wihtout us by Alan Weisman?
Something interesting about you?
Read this it's not too long, I would love to know what you think?
Are there any books like the Wicked Lovely Series by Melissa Marr?
I am looking for a kind of oldish exotic names can you give me a few??
L.B.W meaning?
show the contents of the book De Mysteriis Egyptorum?
Does Severus Snape die in one of the Harry Potter books?
What are you currently reading?
I would like to travel in cargo ships .How should I go about it?
Hey all you tekkies, I lost control of my control panel. My settings keep going to low pixels and low colors.?
What do you like and dislike about John Green's writing in Looking for Alaska?
Will Harry Potter still be as vastly popular in 50 years as it is today?
Harry Potter or Twilight?
When it comes to reading a book....?
Why Homer(in the odyssey)would or would not want to invert Odysseus and Telemachos journeys?
in william shakespeare's the comedy of errors, how do the two sets of twins differ from one another?
B/A Writers: Do your characters grow up and adopt/have children? (+BQ's)?
Harry Potter (Triwizard Tournament) ?
What's the funniest book you've ever read?
Can anyone tell me where i can find a free movie download of "Lord of the Flies"?
what are the names of the characters of the play romeo and juliet and what were their relationships?
pictures for a murder for her majesty?
when was "life" by Charlotte Bronte wrote?
If Mr is short for Mister, what is Mrs short for?
Is Renessmee Cullen Bella's Daughter In Twilight?
How is Harry Potter a half blood if Lily and James both went to Hogwarts?
I need a new book series!!?
What do you think is the greatest novel of the 20th century?
How is horror represented in stephen kings SHORT STORY 1408?
Two amazing names, I can't choose!?
What does this quote from Othello mean?!?!?
According to The Numismatic Chronicle, during whose reign were the rare fleur-de-lis groats of Stirling struck
How do you think Sylvia Plath should have written poetry differently?
Have You Read Sun Tzu - The Art of War?
How is this synopsis/story idea and please be critical?
is there really going to be a warriors movie?
E-mail editors? Return favour?
what does katniss everdeen symbolize in The Hunger Games book?
did hermen hesse ever met jkrishnamurti?
Would you buy this book if you saw it in your bookstore? And it was in sell?
Looking for a poem 'Before Hand' by Bruce Dawe?
What is the name of that book in which everybody plays a mmo and the real life money is the money in game?
I'm writing a book, and I have a question...?
What is your favorite children's book?
What's the name of your local book store?
Good fanfictions online?
What is are some good cultures/books for my English ISU?
Can anybody recommend a good book to read on the plane?
i need a book to read?
Is any one else here hoping that in the 7th book Harry will die?
In your opinion what is the greatest book ever written?
Can you help me with story?
Any Ideas for Stories I could write?
Someone recommend some books please?
I really enjoyed reading Clive Cusslers - Dirk Pitt books. Anyone recommend another, similar line of books?
finish this poem?? 10 points!?
What do you think of this part of my story?
What are some good fantasy books that are PRIMARY about werewolves?
Book versus Film versus Book?
authors that write in a similar style as Maeve binchy and rosamund pilcher?
Good books to read???????????????????????????????
Does anyone have any books or authors that they strongly recommend?
Do I need to read Junky by William S Burroughs before reading Queer?
How should my characters break up?
What's your favorite nicholas sparks book?
how to get a torrent ebook in the book tab on my kindle fire?
What stuff do you have to buy for your dorm for college?
Looking for HP fanfiction?
Can someone give me feedback on this passage?
What do you think of my short story?
animal farm book help?
Where can I find this book!?
Book report on far north?
where to buy 1980 eastside high school year book located in paterson, new jersey?
Any Good books that you've read?
Books like the series The Christopher Killer?
I am writing a story and I need a bad guys name.?
what if all the information dan brown claims are proved true , how will it effect the whole world.?
HELP! Please? Websites and a question.?
My mind's going blank, who's the author of the books that show "Bones" is based on?
Anyone else think Dan Brown is a HORRIBLE writer?
Where can I read the book "White Dwarf"?
How do I find information on an author? I do a search on the name and only get the books she has written.?
Is Twilight ACTUALLY good?
The dreaded year book quote?
how does Richard Connell build suspense in the story the most dangerous game?
what did conan doyle think of darwinism?
Where can i find a free audiobook, for my ipod for the kingdom keepers.. Hurry! plz help book report due tom!!?
What is your opinion regarding my poem?
What are some good names for teen story characters?
What is a good title for a paper about Ernest Hemingway?
JK rowling gone insane??
do you prefer eminem-shakira-britney-usher-50cent?
I am looking for an author, Mary K Greer.Her field is Tarot?
Looking for a book title...about a boy and a rabbi in early 1900s?
Romantic YA novels about interracial relationships?
how do you get rid of writer's block?
I am looking for a new, creative method for teaching story to children, may you help?????!!!!!!!!!?
AL EI SADAI, ALOHAEM, ADONAI AGLA, what is the meaning of this words?
What's your favourite book?
What is the title of this book?
What are some good cities to set an urban fantasy?
Do You Know Any Good Books?
What would be the 3 main events that happened in StarGirl by Jerry Spenelli?
who wrote this book called 'The road less travelled". Does any one recommend it?
Can someone help me with a story starter?
How many AR points is the clique summer collection books?
I'm learning German, can anybody recommend a book to read?
When did Ee Tiang Hong migrate from Malaya to Australia & why? What's he doing now?
What is a name you don't hate, but would at least mildly dislike to be your name?
In GREAT EXPECTATIONS, how does Pip turn his back on Joe?
In the story of A Rose for Emily, she is compared to a "fallen monument".?
What are the kids talents in Miss Peregrines Home For Peculiar Children?
Any Good books for young adults?
why does the green knight twice pretend to strike Gawin?
Is this a good short story?
Harry Potter fans:If you got a letter that of acceptentance to hogwarts.would you go????Also what house do you
and in green underwood and cover blossom by blossom spring begins.?
The women of The Great Gatsby (essay); Could someone clarify what is meant by this?
How to write a good women's novel that is not just syroupy/sugary/pink rubish?
"The Walrus and the Carpenter" Abridged Version?
Plot ideas for short story in the genre of horror?
Are Matthew Lesko's books (such as "Free Money To Pay Your Bills!") legitimate?
Shakespeare Macbeth quick question?
I need some help with my book?
Does this = acceptable?
There is a book published in 2010 about a daughter who discovers secrets about her father who is a professor?
Is my story (fanfic) good so far?
What is the title of book written by Louis L'amour about Palo Duro Canyon in West Texas?
what decisions a teacher make in the workplace means in the classroom?
If basilisk venom destroys hurcruxes, why is Harry Potter alive?
Would you read a book that started out like this? please answer?
list all the conflicts in the hamlet play?
URGENT! Help with this story?
What Do You Think Of My Book So Far, Thoughts? Please Help?:)!?
HELP with So Far From the Bamboo Grove by Yoko K. Watkins!!?
Is it better to self publish or try to go through a publishing house?
Jane Austen/Leo Tolstoy ?... similarities and differences.?
What is the book Michelle Obama: An American Story, By: David Colbert about?!?
Cornelia Funke?
Reasons why the Harry Potter series is worth reading?
Another Harry Potter Question!?
On my library account it says I owe $70?
Which Harry Potter character would be your spouse?
I want to read an article or an essay of describing a person?
Does anyone know how to get in touch with the authors P.C. and Kristin Cast?
What are some of the historical inaccuracies that exist in Shakespeare's "Richard III" ?
What's your favorite twilight saga book?
What would be some good book series for people who like...(read details!)?
Why do you think Hemingway blew his brains out?
Review chapters 6 and 7?
What books to you recommend in the following genres?
What's the best site for amateur writers to share their creations?
Should a writer use one or two spaces after a sentence in fiction?
Omnivore's Dilemma: The Secret Behind What You Eat by Michael Pollan?
Proper Manuscript Format for a Children's Picture Book?
How to write a book, give me the basic rules?
How many hours a day did Hemingway write?
What is the most romantic form of poetry?
Book: Can you help me in this?
Biography of Filipino authors?
where can i find a copy of harvest home by Thomas tryon(i've looked all over the place)?
What are the Langoliers?
How can i end my horror story?
ulysses, acclaimed the greatest literary works ever, want to know more about it.?
Any good easy read fantasy series out there?
what is the typical fee paid to writers who have stories or articles published in major magazines?
What books are like diary of a wimpy kid ?
good books for teens?
Anthem by Ayn Rand?????
need some major help with this plot hole?
why is Charles Dickens' work famous?
Pride and Prejudice vs. The Hunchback of Notre Dame? Please help!!?
WRITERS + BOOK LOVERS: Should I continue my blog?
in the novel "The Color of Water"?
I am number four book four?
Will they make a series after?
What is the book about Elizabeth being kidnapped at a lake and later trying to contact her husband?
Freak The Mighty Questions book?
Animal Farm by George Orwell, theme about corruption?
Which is better: The Devil's Highway (by Luis Urrea) or "I know why the caged bird sings" (by Maya angelou)?
When you write a book do you plan everything out or just run with it?
harry potter?
I am reading Arms and the man by bernard shaw.And struggling with these lines.please help me.?
Site to critique a long story?
which book are you reading just now?
Is Gwendolyn Brooks' "The Mother" an anti-abortion poem?
Should I read Hunger Games?
How should my story end?
The Deathly Hallows?
Anyone got any story/book ideas?
examples of; folktale,?
Lots of good writers in England (i.e. Cynthia Harrod Eagles), are not published in the U.S.A. Why?
Whats the Best Jim Morrison Biography?
Good wattpad stories?
what would be the best book title for my book.?
Male and female names for story?
NEEDING HARDY BOYS brother against brother book free download?
In "Faust," what is ironic about the lord's acceptance fo the wager?
I'm looking for the name of a children's adventure book series.?
which star wars book do both Et'ika and Darman in?
Who is the greatest children's author of all time?
what do you have to say about hunger as a possible theme for McCourt's Angela's Ashes?
Book I read back in jr high but can't remember the title help!?
Barney Stinsons playbook?
why is it that most ppl dont like kristen stewart playing bella in twilight? ?
Which Is The Best Version?!?!?
where have all the people gone after struck by sandy?
what is a really good fantasy book?
I am reading the original James Bond Novels by Ian Fleming...Does anyone else think the are just so damn good?
Explore how Harper Lee presents Boo Radley?
Is twilight a girl book? ?
Book suggestions? Easy points!?
why do book writers get their job so easy?
what are the most unique and beautiful girl names ever?
Ideas for title of my story?
Need help finding a name for a character?
what are the definitions of justice in the Plato's republic book 1 and 2?
harry potter written as a mirror?
A hurricane hits us, everything inside your home is destroyed... Creative writing help?
Good Books?
Looking for the book of classic Roman poetry by Tibullus, published by University of Oklahoma Press in 1973?
"Two great minds think alike"...can anyone remember the rest of the quote?
Maximum ride cast(is this right)?
Romance book from a guys perspective recommendations?
I'm looking for the Book That gives me some idea About "The life in Afghanistan".?
huck finn and holden caulfield?
What was the last book you reed?
Need some feedback on my One Direction Fanfic? :)?
Twilight or Harry Potter?
Is there a new zealand descendant of Joan Shakespeare called Rae?
One book you wish had never been written?
If stephen king could help write short story on employee getting bullies by coworkers.?
Curious. Would you let your parents read your book?
Black Foxes?
I have to create my own Canterbury Tale?
Has anyone read any of the George R. Martin Books?
Help coming up with a name for something in my story?
Can you give me some help with my story?
Title for a story like this...?
Do you know the name of the poem Maya Angelou recited in Madea's Family Reunion (the movie)?
can you recommend a really really good book?
Why do you love harry potter books?
What is the title of your book your're reading?
what is a good syfy book with a little romance and unexpected ending?
Can you help find the name of this book?
If you could write your autobiography...?
Harry Potter, Who would you rather? (to die)?
The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants or 3 Willows?
Have you ever spent an entire day reading?
What Warrior names should I give these kits?
Literature Question:VERY URGENT, thanks in advance?
What are the AR test answers to Croak by Gina Damico?
is jk rowling an author or a soccer player?
What do you guys think of the concept for my story and its love interest?
Who wrote, “All I needed to learn I learned in Kindergarten?”?
In Harry Potter why is Harry Considered a Half Blood?
What are your favorites books for the rainy day?
Naming my child after a twilight character?
Help!What is Dimmesdale's PHYSICAL flaw??
Is there a fanfic site where you can actually insert your name and other personalized details?
Zombie Apocalypse novel ideas?
am i gay for reading twilight?
Calling all chick lit fans - what are your thoughts on the genre?
I'm 14, any good book suggestions?
Do you know any books similar to Rachel Carson's "Silent Spring"?
Which Jeffrey Archer book...?
Does anyone know the title of an old book about a guide dog?
Is something wrong with me or my eyes?
What is the order of the book series "DRAMA!" by Paul Ruditis?
where can i download free book audio for (the house of night 'awakened')?
Writers, how much time per day/week/month do you set aside for writing?
Paragraph Spacing When Writing / Reading Novels?
Where can I download Dorina Basarab by Karen Chance?
Shakespeare was a part of became known as The King’s Men after King James I took the throne in 1601.?
Book/ books about archangels?
How come when people think of vampires they think of Twilight?
what do you guys think about this poet's peoms?
Why doesn't Ron love me?
what do you think a cruel thing for a step mother to do to her step daughter?
Question about pen name's for authors?
What book are you reading now or have read recently that you would recommend?
I'm leading a college class discussion on Nabokov's L-olita and would like help with ideas?
What are books like "girl with a pearl earring" but with a little more scandal? ?
What do you know about the story of The Prodigals Son?
Stephen King Fans Whats your favourite book?
Which do you prefer reading Twilight or Narnia ?
if a book is old is too old usually it like turn into powder or something?
this is a test?
What weather is present in the Westing Game Novel?
Where can I read the missing pages from Castles be Julie Garwood? The pages are 279 - 310.?
I need a name for the playwright in my novel.?
How factual is THE JESUS PAPERS?
Are there any popular books set in the 60s and Texas?
How do you start a book?
Do I have to believe everything written in the novel "Da Vinci Code"?
Which books are showing on frontcover a stage of theater?
The Notebook Short summary?? Please Help!!!!!!?
In need of references?
POLL: Jacob Black or Sirius Black?
what is the name of the tribe that nhamo is in in the book A Girl Named Disaster?
Well, who agrees that Breaking Dawn SUCKED?
I'm writing a book, but need some "first" names for characters. Help!?
Mecca and the Alchemist?
What is the most interesting thing that happens in the twilight saga?
Why do people write childrens books and make it scary for them?
Fact or Fiction: The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer?
I am thinking about writing a story and was wondering which torture scene you think would be best?
when do you belive most people have sex for the first time, in The US?
How would I go about publishing a cookbook? What steps do I need to take?
What is your favorite girl and boy name? I need a characters name for a story I am going to write.?
Do you remember what the 7th commandment in Animal Farm was?
How can I get into reading?What books are good?
Can a twelve-year-old girl write a novel? ?
i am looking for poetry by linda iverson. can anyone help? she writes a lot for ecards?
How do you write a book I know I can write a great , interesting book but how do you make profit off it?
Where is this fanfiction?
Do you think I write good?
How old do you have to be to be an author or writer?
What are some cool names for a main character in a book?
Is wicca a guide for the solitary practitioner a good book for someone new to wicca?
What is your least favorite book(s)?
Help me find the name and author of this book series I used to read!?
What date was the poem The Brown Penny by Yeats written?
I am writing a story and need a little help! I give best answer!!?
Is there a website that is like a writing class online but you don't have to install or give out info?
How do I become a better writer?
twilight fans only ?
we read in some books that ashwasthama of mahabharat is immortal and even in those days he found in some areas
Famillar with the Canterbury Tales?--character question the COOK?
what is the confession in the literature?
How can you be serious when sirius died in the 5th book?
How much would you sell your expensive college books for?
If you were going to write a book, what topic would you write about?
Writing a book, advice, please?
Anyone remember this children's book series?
How did they publish books in the 1600s?
Is there a follow up to Spellbound by Jane Green?
What would be a good translation into English of the "Cantar del Mio Cid"?
what is up?
need names for my story!!!?
Cute, clever lines for a Wizard of Oz postcard?
what is the best novel in your opinion?
Is Barbara Kingsolver coming out with any new books?
The Truth About Forever by Sarah Desson?
Book recommendation...?
Would I understand the Short Second Life of Bree Taylor by Stephanie Meyer if I didn't read Eclipse?
Can anyone give me a summary of "The Secret Life of Annie Oakley" By Marcy Heidish?
I need to find a book I read when I was a child, how do I find a database?
what are some haunted country town for my story and what do you think ?
A short summary for Flowers For Algernon please? Thanks...?
Whats the best book you've ever read, that from the moment you start your absolutely hooked?
Who can tell me two good character names?
What are the different circle names in Night World by L.J Smith?
Two questions about the book Catching Fire?
What did you think of "and then there were none"?
In Harry Potter, is Professor Snape good or bad?
Help for a Horse Story?
What good novels(fiction)have come out,recently? suspense and romantic?
Does anybody know where to read Court Duel (Crown Duel) by Sherwood Smith for free?
POLL. If you saw the below book titles. Which would most likely make you want to buy it?
How to start off an Autobiographical Essay?
Chick Lit?
Have you ever had the ending of a book spoiled for you?
Is symbolism intentionally applied by the author?
How do you decide which book you want to read?
where did John take Sarny in the end of chapter seven?
How do you plan out your novel?
Did Norman Mailer hunt by senator Joseph McCarthy?
Mistake in Harry Potter?!?
Would you guys mind reading my story on Wattpad?
What Harry Potter character would you like to snog?
How popular was English historical writer, Antony Sutton, & his "Wall Street & the Rise of Hitler"?
Can you please read my Hunger Games fanfic?
How can you describe nature around you?
What book do you think everyone should have at home?
What is a Luna in a pack?
Need help with writing a scene in my book?
Anyone read "a million little pieces" by James Frey?
My story, please help?
The Count of Monte Cristo Help?!?!?
Good names for my fiction press account?
If you could have any author write the story of your life, who would you choose?
Western Authors?
what is a good book to read?
sisterhood of the traveling pants question...?
Are people ever going to stop reading books?
I need some good books to read?
What was the last great book you read and why was it so great?
is weight gainer bad??
I am currently writing a book about my life but with ficitional characters. Does anyone have any tips?
Is Feynman's Rainbow by Leonard Mlodinow a fiction book?
Team Harry Potter or team twilight?
Those who have read Pride and Prejudice, I have a question?
Where can I find ann oversized blank book?
In what way can an individual learn to identify stressed and unstressed syllables in poetry?
which vampire girl (including bella) do u like best?
Has anyone else read George R.R. Martin's series?
has anyone ever read the book between the assanations?
how much would a 1937 rand mcnally atlas be worth?
what are the longest words that can be played on a musical instrument?
i am looking for a list of publishers/addresses related to the craft industry to help publish three books?
In "The Great Gatsby" why does Daisy leave with Tom after Myrtle's death?
do you have to be a certain age to enjoy some books?
Can someone give me a summery of the rime of the ancient mariner?
I Need Some Writing Tips...Can You Help Me?
Books you think everyone MUST read before they die?
what is the best, most original basis for a love story you can think of?
Where can I get good free notes for the book The Examination by Malcolm Bosse?
HP fans :Wanna know who is ur Patronus?
What do you think of my idea 're-write fate'?
Which is the one book that has changed the course of your life or your outlook to life?
does anyone know anything about Kelley Armstrong's book frostbitten? ?
WDYT of this description--too wordy?
Is it really necessary to read the Twilight book after watching the movie?
I cannot remember the name, nor author, nor many of the facts in this one book...?
Symbolism, foreshadowing, microcosm, and character development.?
Looking for name of book i read.?
where do i find uncles tom's cabin on auction, in at least fair condition?
Is it possible to read three books a week?
Twilight(: ?
Any good book Recommendations?
who dies in the next harry potter book?
What is the worst book you have ever read, or started to read?
Was Shakespeare anything becides a playwright? What other jobs did he hold?
edward and bella have a baby named nessie??
Sad romance novels for young adults?
What is the clue to Day 2 Pottermore Magical Quill?
NEXT/ Michael Crichton (Character Help)?
Where can I get a Free Complete Jewish Bible available on line for reading...??
What should go into my story?
Dan Radcliffe (harry potter) or Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen)
Constructive criticism? PLEASE ANSWER!?
Are these books in a series?
Which book is this....?
What is a good book to learn how to write stories?
Twilight or Harry Potter?
Need names for a story?
What happens to Jonas at the end of the book Giver by Louis Lowry?
What do you think the future is for the Wheel of Time?
Re-writing Scene One Act One of Hamlet?
How would I cite this in a research paper?
would you buy a horror book written by a woman?
What themes and subjects does ray bradbury commonly use?
pride and prejudice help! 10 points!?
Calling all teenagers...I have a question for romance readers....and any adults who read this genre...?
can somwone give me the information on the book tom sawyer from the beginnig to the end?
Does my book sound good so far?
Books with no publishing date?
Questions about Huckleberry Finn.?
Gold Bug Novel (Edgar Allen Poe) 10 points!?
I'm going to be sending manuscript to a few agents at once, is that okay?
Where can I find a complete list of works published by Helen Keller?
Poem for my husband?????
What was the longest book u ever read & how many was the book?
What is the name of the poem where a soldier is punished for being a traitor?
Hunter S Thompson?
Winter poem?
I'm trying to remember the title of this book...?
A fill in the blank novel website?
I am trying to find the words to a Ted Hughes poem, possibly Howling of Wolves, that mentions sheep & wolves?
whos the best vampire from twilight!!!!?
Does the play Julius Caesar have a subplot?
The best Buddhism book to read?
Question about Objective Correlative?? :)?
how to kill twilight years loneliness?
If you had a Q&A with you fav author, what would you ask?
Which Book Should I Read First?!?!?
Who do you think A from Pretty Little Liars is?
HARRY POTTER FANS!!!!!(only true ones who actually read the books)?
What is a good character name for a murderer?
I am listening to the audio version of Stephen King's "11/22/63".?
Do you any scary short stories for teens?
I found this story i wrote a LONG time ago on here, what do you think?
What is author John Greens fan email?
what is in your opinion the best horror or sci-fi story ever written?
Whats the book you are reading right now...?????
Is there any businesses that will print a hard copy of your book for you?
Were Lewis Carroll's works about Alice made for kids, philosophers, or people going through puberty?
in ur opinion: Screenwriter's Bible by David Trottier or Screenwriting for Dummies by Laura Schellhardt ? Whic?
how do I start my own book store? do I need a large amount of capital?
Why has no one read THE NEDDIAD by Daniel Pinkwater?
How many people on here read TWILIGHT!!!?
How do Odysseus' trials on his way back home compare with Jannie's trials in Their Eyes Were Watching God?
Romantic elements in The Cask of Amontillado?
Need opinions for my book?
Does anyone know this book?
Harry Potter????
this question is directed at people who have read a lot of qualioty books in their lifetime?
Is anyone disappointed by James Pattersons' new book? daniel x?
Twilight or Harry Potter?
man gave a life speech,he was dying, did it so his kids would remember him and was featured on the oprah show
Meaning of Innocence? Please help!?
How do I write this? Help me continue this paragraph?
When you write a novel?
I am looking for an email address for Nico Dros. He lives in Amsterdam he is an author. He was born in Texel.?
does anyone know the settings of THE HOBBIT.?
can anyone tell me the author of a book i can only describe?
women in the odyssey?
Heart Of Darkness by Jeosph Conrad?
another title for lord of the flies?
What are some good Kurt Vonnegut books?
what are good writing sites? i already have wattpad and worthyofpublishing. any others?
What ideas about any sort of revolution are there in Frankenstein?
Can anyone identify this children's book series?
Question about the dramatic irony of The Odyssey?
In Romulus my father, why does Romulus strike Raimond?
I like old southern writing ,faulkner,caldwell,welty&mcullers any ideas for more?
Name for girl character?
What forthcoming book are you most looking forward to?
Read my story part 5?
How many words are in a typical novel?
how was ebenezer scrooge and the ghost of christmas past described?
Im looking for a yuri manga?
Attention all English majors/book lovers!?
VOTE Please on which story idea for me and a friend to write about?
When does the next skulduggery pleasant book come out?
Help for my NaNoWriMo novel?
How can i get a hold of PD James E-mail, book worms please help.?
Can anyone recommend a good horror or thriller book please.?
Do you know any great amateur poets? Who is the best poet at
Summer reading's here .... what book are you reading now?
"Shantaram" by Gregory David Roberts in ebook ?
Is the book the Adoration of Jenna Fox a movie/becoming one?
What is the best book you have read recently?
the book in the film 23?
who is the author of Tin drum?
Twilight Question.. Edward or Jacob?
Harry Potter fans?
Have you ever read Like Water for Chocolate?
What do you absolutely hate seeing in female protagonists?
Book question?
Is the Harry Potter fandom dying?
What are some good books for a 13 year old girl?
Do you love or hate Twilight?
what books should all teens read?
UK Publishers for Fantasy/Sci-Fi?
Is Sirius Black really dead?
who likes twilight ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Can you name this character and her dog?
I don't understand what does the author meant by this?
Has anyone read Erik Von Danikens' Chariots of theGods?
Have you ever read Dr. Suess books?
whats the purple book with boats and a mask on the front?
Is Wicked Lovely book 3 coming out?
Which Robert Jordan Book is the Best and Why?
Anybody else sad Harry Potter is over?
Find quotation from Margaret Atwood's novel "Cat's Eye."?
Has anyone tried the Long Ridge Writers Group?
What are some good free books on iTunes store?
who are the characters in herman melville's redburn?
Which book would you recommend your friends?
B&A: Fantasy Writer Survey?
does anyone kno this book called ivy? pleeeease help!?
I need help with a name for the novel im writing?
Where can I find some of the poems from "Beloved Infidel" by Dean Young online?
WHAT IS LOVE in the case of humen being?
Several questions for writing a Prom-themed short story!?
Where and when will Maya Angelou be in Houston, Texas?
How did the Adventures of Tom Sawyer change the world?
how to make someone blind in purpose?
trying to find this book...?
Please help write a story for me!?
What is the connection between Moby Dick, the novel, and the Essex?
5 artifacts from the book "Night" by Elie Wiesel....?
What is The best book about...?
can anyone just write me a short ghost story .?
Steinbeck's message on power in 'Of Mice and Men'?
What makes a good argument?
Help , Writing a book for kids!?
Who is your favorite character from literature?
good title for this book/story?
when wil the 7th Harry Potter book come out?
Help with a teenage girl name for a story?
Seriously, I have to admit, the rivalry between Twilight and Harry Potter is getting ridiculous. READ!?