who is john galt?
Has anyone heard of the Brian Jacques's series!?
twilight vs harry potter?
Can anyone tell why the book To Kill a Mocking Bird is controversial?
Question about the book called Animal Farm?
What is the worst book you've read?
what is the climax for the book impossible by Nancy Werlin?
With we work being done by "Hollywood" lawyers, will anything ever go into Public Domain ever again?
The Cask of Amontillado?
what happens in the gossip girl series you're the one that i want?
In the book "The Plague Dogs", What happens to the dogs at the end?
Harry Potter fans - Wish Ginny happy birthday :)?
I want to write a short story for my friends birthday?
what are good environments for my book?
What are some questions to ask in a character questionnaire?
What's a really sweet and girly name?
how was Breaking Dawn? has anyone finished reading it yet? Did you like it? Or were you disappointed?
Any favorite books or authors? I'm running out of things I enjoy reading and need new material.?
what is the resolution of the book sammey keyes and the skeleton man?
Beautiful name for a girl with the following characteristics:?
What genre should I write for NaNoWriMo?
Lord of the Flies: What kind of society and government is Jack endorsing in his challenge to Ralph?
Does anyone know who wrote the Bible?
What are YOUR arguments against Twilight?
what is the humor in "the Censors" by Luisa Valenzuela?
in the twilight books where does edward go to kill him self?
I need help on a horror story.?
Help for making up powers for a mythical creature in a fantsy novel?
Team Edward or Team Jacob??
How many pages is the average chapter in a book?
Is a wish coming true sci-fi or fantasy?
what goes on in act 1 scene 2 of the play the tragedy of julieus casear?
Has anyone ever heard of a book called "Just Gen"?
HAY! Potter Fans!!!! DA/RA WHATEVER! >click right here NOW<?
What are the words to Bill Martin Jr's book, "Chica Chica Boom Boom"?
What is Charles Darnay's main role in a Tale of Two Cities?
I am a published author seeking help in obtaining corporate sponsorship.?
How can an indigent person, who has spent 20+ years creating a big sci-lit work of immense value, get funding?
Help? Character issues?
Good Bulgarian literature for beginner in Bulgarian?
Looking to find out if my comic book is worth anythinng .?
titles of South American magazines?
What do you think about these two characters?
What are the objectives of: an author,a critic, a translator,a reviewer and their materials and technics?
How does this sound? Honestly?
What book are you reading...?
Who wrote the poem "Star Gazer"?
What book really got you into reading?
How early should I arrive at Vanessa Williams' book signing?
I want to write a book online?
Good Books to Read? (especially classics)?
How to create a nice novel?
So I got some questions about the book called flowers in the attic?
Which book do you treasure most from your childhood?
Recommend me a good book that is about struggle to survive?
What is your faverite author in English literature?
What are some good fantasy books that PRIMARY about werewolves?
Is there a book about the Greek mythological character, Atlas?
I need a new name for my character?
my sister's keeper book?
I have some questions about the novel Chronicle of a Death Foretold. Can anyone who knows about the book help?
What do people find so terrible about Stephanie Meyer's writing in her Twilight series?
Can identical twin be the opposite sex?
Vice lord: warriors of the street?
Die Nibelungenlied Movie vs Book? HELP!?
I need the name of a book about an old lady, a duck, and I think an apple tree, something about lord loveaduck
Who loves Harry Potter almost as much as I do?
any good books for teens?
who in the cruicible flees salem with abigail?
Im looking for a really good book?
What is the name of this book?
Help me identify this children's book...?
sonic VS. mario argument?
Is twilight ok to read for a 13 year old girl?
i have to give a book to a guy, not boyfriend but special person... help!?
Is Harry Potter a Horcrux?
A great summary of "The Catcher in the Rye"?
Who was Nancy Drew's real author?
Is this writing any good?
what is the thesis of Karl Marx's Das Kapital?
i need a book to read?
need honest criticism for my new book im writing?
what are good story titles for a genderbender romance about sailing?
HARRY POTTER FANS: Why do people like Draco Malfoy?
names and funny nicknames for teachers for a story?
What was your favourite book as a teenager?
i need a book off!!?
The Dollanganger series...?
where can I find tv interview's with Meg Cabot?
How much is the book 'The Adventures Of Tom Bombadil' worth in second edition?
is anybody heard about Pavich(writer)??
Can 13-14 year olds publish books?
What the heck did Scarlett see in Ashley Wilkes?
Need a new book to read?
Please help!!! Urgent!!?
Really good suspenseful scary books for teens?
What website can I visit to find out how many units of a book were sold in the US?
How to publish a book anonymously (read description)?
Have You read any Charlie Bone Books?
Fantasy stories good vs evil?
Am I a good writer? (It's before editing)...?
What is the -agonist I am trying to name when it comes to a story...?
Story Starters Please? :L?
What about the narrative technique used in Hardy's The Return of the Native?
Agatha Chrisite's Hastings?
biography of sue baugh writer of The Stranger?
whats this book called?
Who is your favorite character in harry potter and why?
Format for writing a novel?What r the limitations of 1st person narrative?or 3rd person narrative?
What did you read when you were young?
What is the humor in the novel The Lovely Bones?
writers: how should i write this monologue?
Is there a book where one of the character is a crow?
Maryam Jameelah passes away : who know here ?!?
Cheryl Cole: New Autobiography?
can anyone please give me a summary on the preface for the book Founding Brothers:The Revolutionary Generation?
were can i find a story review on "love in LA" by Dagoberto Gilb?
Can anyone suggest some good travel books?
What's the rising action?
Why did Arthur Miller write The Crucible as a play and not another medium of literature?
i hate a question for people who hate TWILIGHT only...?
Who wrote the Iliad and the odyssey and what were they about?
Animal Farm and To Kill A Mocking Bird Critical Lens????????????
Does anyone know the name to this book?
Is it true that you can read the first five chapters of Mark of Athena online for free?
Can you name this book? Girl disguises herself to join army to find brother? Has visions?
Twilight or Harry Potter?
what kind of monsters would i find in hades?
did anyone read "dubliners" by james joyce? what do u think of it?perverse or a work of a genius!?
Fun creative exercise! :) I'll give you a cookie for answering!?
Can you please design a watt pad book cover for me?
What's a unique girl teenage name?
Do people actually like anime?
What book are you currently reading?
What are considered to be the 5 best Agatha Christie books by reviewers? (include link please)?
whats a good thesis statement for Hamlet by William Shakespeare?
how should i find e-book publishers in india to get my booklet published?
What is the name of the book?
'Many Lives, Many Masters' - Thoughts and opinions?
Chas C Ra MULTI 20 characters long?
How do you make a story sound deep?
What did the Lorax mean by 'unless'?
HOW did the MOTHER die in A Northern Light by Jennifer Donnelly
Which book would you be more apt to pick up...?
Who are the five best living American authors?
Need Some Character Names?
in what order should i read Lynsay Sands novels?
What is the title and author of the best book you've ever read?
Can anyone tell me the name of the book from Oprah show about showing pictures and shapes of clouds?
Have you read the book "Everybody Poops"? What's it about?
What do you think of my writing?
Has Anyone heard of a book called 'Jenny and The Witch" it is old childrens Book?
Books for teens? I'm going on a road trip and i wanna read GOOD books.?
Firefighters. What would a firefighter say?
Any good british books/audiobooks for teen girls?
What is your favourite book?
Name these characters ;)?
Read any good books lately?
Would you keep reading this?
Where can I find a copy of The Rivers of Zaada (book) for free?
Who is sauron in lord of the rings?
any books recommendations?
What is a good book that you've read?
Do you think Tobias Eaton will die in the third book of the divergent series?
is there such a book called stars in our hearts?
Would you read a web novel? And if you, how would you support it?
How to make a good habit of reading books?
where to get a good site of English literature with a critical analysis of Riders to the Sea by Synge ?
Can you help me figure out what book this is?
how do I identify first edition kazuo Ishiguro never let me go?
In the book Of Mice and Men how does the author present the theme of loneliness?
breaking dawn???????????
If you had a spirit animal what would it be?
I'm really, really trying to find this book again.?
i want to post some of my own poetry and read others. whats a good website for poetry blogs?
Which name gives off a more "powerful" vibe? And why?
I'd like your opinion on my story?
I read a book years ago in which 2 girls from different eras exchanged notes in a bed post. Anyone know it?
What's was the most influential book you've ever read?
Any Diana Galbodon fans out there?
Is there an allusion in "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland"?
What does The Fairy tales can give the child something?
Name for a faction in my story?
whats is the most hardest book u eva read??
Can anyone tell me where i can find a free movie download of "Lord of the Flies"?
Which book series is better- Twilight or House of Night?
What is the most boring/worst book you have ever read?
Where can I find the bio of Swedish writer Alvar Ellegard?
Good names for Demon and Angel cities?
lord of the flies question, please help?
Good Books, Please...?
I have read all four books...when...?
Good vs. Evil secratic seminar circle questions in Lord of the Flies?
Can anyone give a good plot on a book to write?
What is the major theme of Burned by Ellen Hopkins?
Character Name?
What do you think of this free writing I did a few weeks ago?
Please help me make this sentence better?
where can i read porno comics?
Which is better? Harry Potter or Twilight?
Who here besides me has read all of Tamora Pierce's books about Tortall and absolutely loves them?
Would a young adult series based in the past be a good idea?
How do I find Book Club Discussion Guides, questions, etc. for The Tender Bar Memoir by J. R. Moehringer?
What is the plot of Betsy Wickwire's Dirty Secret?
a name of some of the greatest political novels,old ones,new ones as long as good.?
Any alluring books for 1500-1700 lexiles?
Is this a good prologue to my story?
why do we have last names?
orhan pekin?
For a prolugue?
Why did Harry Potter marry Ginny nstead of Cho Chang???
Looking for a special book?
What is the worst book you've ever read?
Titles for One's Novel?
Twilight VS. Harry Potter - Which do you like more? Why?
Looking for a book by a Kentucky author?
What is the best book of John Keats poems?
should I keep going?
Can somone analyze this poem?
Some questions about Act 4 of The Crucible?
Do you like my story so far?
tell me a place in the internet to find someone that knows all his horror movies?
Who is the author of the book "the friends of pakistan".?
To kill a mocking bird quotes?
compare and contrast the story "The last leaf"by "o henry"with "Irish Rose"by"A.J.cronin".
"Everything Flows" by Vasily! Best Answer!!?
Have you ever been to a "Tea and Books" session?
If you were sorted by the sorting hat in Harry Potter?
Anyone know any good books to read?
Where can i get the Twilight:New Moon book app for free?
What is a first edition book worth?
how do I describe a female vampire thats suposed to be the most beautful thing in the world.?
is it illegal to read a whole book in one sitting at barns and noble?
Any Harry Potter fans?
Who to become a brave person?
The Awakening by l.j. smith book what is it about?????
interpret this poem by David Greenberg!?!?
What does one capitalize when writing a screenplay?
Books that changed your life, or someones else?
Would you rather read a book or hear it on tape?
How do I write a good story without it being a cliche?
In the novel, I Am the Messenger, how do the following characters evolve? With textual evidence.?
To Kill A Mocking Bird Questions?
What’s your favourite poem?
What is a good heroine of a story?
Suggest classical books for an eighth grader?
WattPad. How do you promote stories so others can read them?
What is the best way to start off a book?
need some help with literature?
Really upset about not getting a job in Hollister?
What site has books I can read online?
Have you ever cried from reading a book?
Book Thief: what literacy device?
has anyone read king lear?
need a book at a book signing?
If you could meet a book character, who would it be?
Which Series Is Better: Harry Potter, Twilight or The Hunger Games?
About how many pages long is the play Much Ado About Nothing?
Making a cover for a book but what is best to color...?
How many pages does the book Armageddon Summer have?
What is the significance of the title Uncle Tom's Cabin, what does it represent in the story?
Does anyone know the title to this book?
What are some good books I could read?
Would you consider yourself a good writer?
Sarah Dessen book recommendation?
what was ur favorate part in the book?
Good teen romance books?
what is the most interesting book you have ever read and why?
What district would these characters be in? (Logical People please)?
PLEEASE help me!!!?
Is anyone interested in reading a romance/suspense novel centered around wrestling?
I need a quote from the book Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher?
Good idea for a romantic love story?
any books similar to harry potter? worth to read.?
Where are some great places to find good scary stories of the old west and in Native American Folklore?
Harry Potter or Twilight Saga?
Do you use a bookmark?
First impression on these two characters?
I want to start reading a book, but I want a real good one that I cant put down. HELP! ASAP!?
Are there any books that are like assassins creed?
how do you make a piece of writing become more fluid?
When Quran is the only preserved divine book in its original language word by word why people are so ignorant?
In the Blue Bloods series What should i read first, The Keys to the Repository or Misguided Angel?
which book should i read next?
What is your favourite book character ?
Snape, Snape, Severus Snape?
i need help finding a book that explains financial info of the candy industry?
Help, what to write about using the idea of religion in Unwind by Neal Shusterman?
Can you give me a genuine story review of this new plot that came to mind?
in the cathcer in the rye and huck finn how do the authors say the best way to learn is???
Who loved Wind-Up Bird Chronicle? I LOVED it and now I need a new book to read, any suggestions?
What are 2 published books that can describe religious experience in An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge?
Anyone know any good teen books?
Did Emma Bovary deserve to die?
10 points..which name is better for a businessman?
Is reading these books bad for a 14 years old girl?
plzzzzz give one word to describe life?
Are you more a reader or more a writer?
Any Good Manwha To Read?!?!?
Do you think buying an original copy of a book is the best way of saying thanks to the author?
I Want Used Poetry Books, Pls Guide that how can I buy it?
Books that scared and put you on edge for weeks?
Suggestions for half graphic novel/ half regular novel books?
Could you give me an example of a parallelism?
What is the title of a children's book about secret agents or spies I read around 1988-1993?
where does elie wiesel live now?
The Hunger Games or Divergent?
what other good paranormals can i read?
what happens when the woman bathe in the book espernaza rising?
Who wrote, "The tide of life is sometimes very rough..."?
What book got you hooked? Why?
What do you think of my characters?
Can you use she, he, and they when writing in MLA format?
Team Edward or Team Jacob?
I'm writing a book and not sure whether to include sex?
looking for Old English Sheepdogs book by Joan Hustace Walker?
Excluding Twilight, Harry Potter, and Eragon, what is your favorite book of all time and why?
Is my story any good?
Has anyone read the Book The kings shadown by alder? if so can you tell me about it??
Name someone, fact or fiction, who is a fast runner?
Help with descriptive writing?
David Foster Wallace, please help!?
what happened to Hester Prynne and Author Dimesdale in the scarlet letter and what consequences did they have?
What should i do? Someone has my mail.?
Who would play the rolls of the characters in "A Streetcar Named Desire"?
Does anyone have an account on the Fanfiction Archive?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Direct and indirect consequence of lord of the flies?
/\/\.. Harry Potter Fans I have some random questions here !../\/\?
Is there a website that offers you to read books online?
where can I find s commentary(themse, characterization,ect)or literary criticism about the crucible?
can anyone recomend some good books to read.?
A company of fools book?
Can I Do This In My Book?
Name of a children's book about a single stand of white Christmas lights?
I need an interesting title for a presentation on predictions?(a short title) pls help.?
What is a good book to read?
Hello, what title should my first novel be?
name an author you think should be more successful and why?
Do I need a blurb for my book?
What is your favoret book? Who is the auther?
what happens to petta in mocking jay?
who wrote The Pied Piper of Hamlin?
Ugh, stupid amazon. Help me!?
was emily dickinson homosexual?
Would you rather read this story if...?
How much of "Plot Against America" by Philip Roth is historically accurate?
when is james burke's new novel coming out?
how?how?how?for ever it is my question.?
What is the conflict in Franz Kafkas the metamorphosis?
Honey hunt 20-23 translated?
Ideas for the title of a novel?
Which book would you recomend for a 10th grader to do a project on?
Where can I find information (in English) on Parvin E'tesami?
Ekart Tolle, has anyone else heard of him and his books?
Any ideas to help me with my story?
obsessed with twilight what should i read next?
looking for a parady called in the same boat?
One book that made you laugh?
People who already read breaking dawn?
Based on the title/front cover of this book, would you pick it up?
What's the name of the book in which the whole story is unraveled by a piece of gum?
Have you ever read this novel: DESIREE by Annemarie Selinko?
I am looking for a female author, anyone have suggestions?
Favorite Twilight book/movie..?
if I buy a new kindle can I transfer my books over from my old one?
any1 can gimme more news on da vinci's more mysterious side????? plzzzz?
Would you read this? Just answer with Yes or no and answer with tips.?
do you like edward cullen?
Need Romantic book of Tara Logan? Please help me to search out of this.?
Who here has/is reading any of the Twilight books?
HUNGER GAME FREAKS! :) Who's read the hunger games book by Suzanne Collins? I have a couple questions!!!?
The Heros Of Olympus: What if Rick Riordan pulls a J. K. Rowling on us?
Can anyone recommend a good gory horror manga?
is there such a thing as parallel or otherwise worlds?
Do you like these book covers? :-)?
What is the hottest book, by a Canadian author, out now?
website of crosswords bookstore in India?
How can one market an e-book if one has no, or very very limited money?
I am writing a story and need names i need some web sites please.?
I am looking for a new book to read, I am into Nephilim/Teen romance, Like the Hush,Hush series?
books similar to Let the Right One In?
Lord of The Flies - William Golding?
Books! Has anyone read any of these books, and if so, what's ur opinion on them?
Im trying to find George Newberry. He wrote End of days?
do u like or love harry potter?
What aspect could i examine for a dissertation which compares Brave new world, Farenheit 451, and 1984 ?
Have you heard this joke?
For all the Harry Potter fans! Is it better reading it or seeing the movies?
Last names that go well with Zack?
Frankeinstein by Mary Shelley?
Most Erotic fan fiction?
In Virginia Woolf's A Room of One's Own, how is she optimistic about the future of gender relations?
Who are the main characters in Stupid Fast?
Twilight series question?
/\/\.. Harry Potter Fans.. Do you think Tom Riddle was.../\/\?
I'm having trouble writing essays?
Where is the road less traveled on? Have you found it?
Sword vs spear in book?
what's the most inexpensive way to get a book copyrighted and publish ? I am trying to do it myself !?
Is this a good way to start a book.?
why was Abraham considered as God,s best friend?
What is the best version of "The Hobbit" to own for a true fan?
Is it expensive to live in the Melrose District, Hollywood LA?
What - excluding H.G Wells' 'The Time Machine' - is the best time travel novel ever written?
What's good story title?
does anyone know how to find the short story THE Long Sheet by William Sansom?
Whats the worst book you have ever read?
can anybody please tell me where i can download some books for free?
What's the worst book you were made to read in school?
writer to write a book about my husband living through hurricane ike?
How might they relate to previous works we’ve read by authors such as Franklin, Irving, and Edwards?
How should I begin a story?
Which authors and books from your country would you recommend?
There is a trilogy called darkness and light by D.A. Heeley. anyone know what happened to the 3rd book?
What are good fictional books about Self Harm, Suicide, or Eating Disorders?
A writer needs your help! Naming characters.?
what best fansty new book?
Good band names for a pop boyband?
what do i do? writing problem!?
Who can help me with a science fiction story plot?
Which one are you a fan of more? Harry Potter or Twilight?
A Series of Unfortunate Events questions?
Would this be okay to do, or would it be confusing?
A good website to submit work and get feedback?
What is a series that would be good for someone whose favorite trilogy is The Hunger Games?
Help me i need a story title?
Who is your favourite author?
who has read a book named "this present darkness"?
Does anyone have an idea of Dan's 3rd Langdon book?
What is your faverite author in English literature?
I've been wanting to write for 6 years now, but everytime I start I feel that it sucks!!! Any suggestions?
how can I make myself read more?
Is naked lunch worth reading?
Scary thing to ask... Is this a good rape scene?
Who loves Edward Cullen like me?
How to get into a book and understand it?
What have you learned from Twilight?
can you tell me the story of The AMIABLE GIANT???
Is it fair to say that Celine Varens was in Rochester's social class?
Who Know The Meaning Of Nostalgia, And Any Novel With This Subject?
I want a truthful answer about my writing?
What’s the scariest story you've ever heard ?
what is a good book to read?
Need good book suggestions, help!?
How does Victor Hugo come up with such amazing phrases?
Which is the best written "thing" here? xx?
is there any free "the clique" series books,volumes 1,2,5, and 6?
what is the big deal about the davinci code?
i need the complete list of books from william johnstone's out of the ashes in order?
story ideas help!?!!!!!!?
Book related to journalism?
When i type down the word "book" what book comes to your head....?
Poem Critique. Some one who can write poetry really good.?
Children's story title?
Will I be arrested if I dont pay a library fine from some books I have lost?
hi what book would you recomend?
What would you do if you woke up and Voldemort was right outside your window?
What are some exotic names for male book characters?
What are some good dystopian/sci-fi/fantasy must reads?
I am looking for the book The Unwritten laws of Engineering. Can anyone guide where I can get this book?
I own a book of E.A.P. poems wih a preface written by the poet; published mid 1800s. How can I find its value?
What is dramtic irony? Give me 2 examples from Juius Ceaser.?
Hemoglobin: molecular, genetic, and clinical aspects", HF Bunn and B Forget, Saunders, 1986.?
Tell me one reason why you think Ibsen is popular in your country?
i need reviews on the short story "Gooseberries" by Anton Chekhov?
Who LIKES The Twilight Series and who doesn't?
What was this book called?
Harry Potter fans only please...
Continue with my question Dr. Frank..?
what do you think of "Sutras of Abu Ghraib" the book?
completely addicted to twilight?
Does anyone know this author?
What is a conflict and a resolution in the Hunger Games?
Ladies, will you suggest a good read for me? I'm picky....?
What should my story title be?
Should I read the TWILIGHT series?
Has anyone read the book........?
where was upton sinclair's "the jungle" published?
Are you a bookworm........?
How to pace a romance novel...?
what is the best book in the world to read?
What are some similes to describe a plane crash (I am writing a book)?
Who is your favorite Twilight guy? Easy 10 points?
Does anyone know the words in twilight that goes like no matter how perfect the day may be...?
Who is your favorite writer? (author)?
Someone is offering me $200 for my fictionpress story. Should I accept?
Name of a unicorn book?
Stephen King Books. Love or Hate?
Can you give me a short story idea?
should i read the harry potter series? like, is it good?
Does Stephen King not have any 'series' or is each novel unrelated?
Reading the newspaper everyday will help you be a better descriptive writer by helping you increase your:?
Another Harry Potter Question!?
What is the name of Oriana Fallaci's newest book?
How does Faulkner undermind chronological order in the plot of " A Rose for Emily"?
What books do you read?
Any scary story ideas?
how can I spice up my story?
Books to improve yourself?
Witchery and dark arts books?
what is the poem "The ***** Speaks of Rivers" by langston hughes about?
What are some Australians art/music?
Thinking of writing a novel about werewolves?
Question for Twilight Fans!!?
How do Katniss and Peeta survive the second Hunger Games?
Is Twilight really worth reading?
What do you think of this first bit to a novel?
Creating two main characters?
I need a romantic quote from daniel to luce in Fallen by lauren kate?
how to get a book published?
I need help on the W.O.M.B.A.T. test (Harry Potter).... Please help?
Who is your favorite author?
What is the process for writing a book?
Im looking for a book I cant remember the Name to?
Dance book.?
summary of the Novel Pride and prejudice by Jane Austen?
i need your funny stories :)?
What motivates you to write? Money? Fame? Fortune? Or...?
Dante's Inferno Book?
What's the best book you've read lately?
On what page does Athena first disguise Odysseus as a beggar?
is the da vinci code an actual incident or just a fiction story??
Anyone know anything about Alfred Slote?
In Romeo & Juliet, why is Tybalt called, "The Prince of Cats"?
What is so great about the character of Edward Cullen?
I am looking for some good book to read. Any ideas?
Possible songs for Tiny Dancer from Will Grayson Will Grayson?
Why is there no I in team?
what time period could Game of Thrones be compared to?
who is the most impressive fictional character that you've read?
Book suggestions?
What can you say about the book Angels and Demons by Dan Brown?
Where is a good place for an aspiring children's writer to start?
How many books have you read in your life?
Can anyone help with where i can find chapter summaries for Notes from a small island by Bill Bryson ??
Do you think Harry Potter will die in the 7th Book?
Question about the Diary of Anne Frank?
WHY do people love TWILIGHT?
Know a website that I can read The Enchanter by Vladimir Nabokov online"?
when doing a bibliography, and using government do you reference it. who's the author?
Need some GOOD Books??
What are the requirements for a book to be considered a classic? Does the author have to be deceased?
Witch Child by Celia Rees??Non-fiction?
Who knows the best apparel pattern making book existing!! pls tell me.?
I need 3 Themes for the book Eon by Alison Goodman?
Would You Please Read This, And Give Me Your Opinion?
How do you say 'carrot' in Spanish?
Does anyone know any good Christian literary agents who like Appalachian women's fiction?
What am I to my characters?
does anyone know the author or Titles of this book series?
What normal, everyday word do you hate?
Writing my first book; questions?
If you were in charge of the catalogue in your local Library,.where would you put George Bush's Autobiography?
Have you ever read the book Elsewhere?
What did people in the 70s believe regarding snakebites?
What do you think about the first chapter of my story?
Authors / books similar to JR Ward, BlackDagger Vampire series? Not teen books.?
When is Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets coming out on Pottermore?
What is your favourite fantasy novel or series?
i need the bio sketch of any writer?
A new title for the book " A wrinkle in time "?
Who's Twilight powers do you want?
Do you think that Harry Potter is one of the horcruxes?
B&A - What do you think are things that you HAVE to do when writing a novel?
Parties and Potions by Sarah Mlynowski?
choose your side,all twilighters ?
how do i get inspiration for making up a story?
Does anyone know the title of this book? Its about a group of kids whose parents' disappear.?
What is the definition of a short story? How many words?Any other information is appreciated.?
Who is Acharya Mahaprajna ?
Can we pretend you've just boarded the Hogwarts' Express?
Whois john perkins?
If you read 'Zia' in a book, how would you say it?
Could someone help me figure out what to do with my tenses? I'm writing a story PLEASE?
where can i find printable game pecies for a bookreport game im making called around the world in 80 days?
how can i find someone qualified to edit a book (especially if I am on a budget)?
If you wrote a book, what would it be about?
How do flashbacks in a novel help get reader hooked or interested from the start?
definition of the word verive?
Are there any literary publications where you can read reviews of books aside from the daily newspapers?
If you were to continue writing Harry Potter...?
Will "DaVinci Code" the movie be as big a hit as the book?
Who can give 5 minutes to read and grammatically correct my short essay?
Can anyone recommend a children's book about construction or engineering?
Which of these books do you reccommend?
What are some good books about how to write a good query letter?
were do i get a sponsor who will pay my studio bills,so that at the end i will pay him back with good interest
A couple questions about One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest by Ken Keesey?
please give a good review?
Have you ever read a book and said "This character is me!"?
What are some cute and girly, but mysterious girl names?
What are the main differences between the first and second generation of the romantic poets?
Fancy tiny writing!!!!!!!!!?
Please recommend me the best books to read anybook i dont care just a really good book.?
what are the questions asked while conducting an interview?
I've been trying to find this book for a long time now, and the title keeps slipping my mind.?
What names fit the character?
HARRY POTTER FANS: Which would you rather be a spectator at?
a limerick that starts a gamblin game...?
In Breaking Dawn Does Bella Turn Into A VAMPIRE Or Not?
What is your opinion on this piece of writing?
Which character in "The Crucible" do you admire most?
Need help with my wattpad story!!!?
What books should I read?
The chi or personal spirit is a recurring theme in the novel, a spiritual belief important to understanding th?
Attractive Male name Character?
Which book did Marshall McLuhan write about technological determinism?
Am I responsible for rescuing my fictional characters?
What is the best software for writing a book?
Oliver Twist's mentor in thievery is?
How to get free ebooks about graphic design?
What do you think in a book? A, B or C? Which one is correct?
World War I research topics?
Any books similar to the Morganville Vampire Series?
is it okay to have two characters in my book named Pheonix and Princess Red, both starting with 'P'?
Do you like to read and would like to join a FREE Book Swap???
good books anyone?
I read a British book and i can't remember the title! help!!?
where can i get free books online?
I.M.A full form?
Does any body who read the 6th harry potter book think dumbledore'll be back??
how do you plan out a novel?
I read with sadness that Ivor cutler has just died. Are there any other Ivor Cutler fans out there?
I need the summary for Eldest by Christopher Paolini, please. Thanks?
whats ur fave twilight series book?
hellpppp!!?? da vinci code day 19 hellpp!!??
books about the difference between guys and girls?
how to become a famous artist?
I want to read a book, but forgot the title...?
Is this a really sad death scene?
(hero archetype) need a symbolic name for my character in a story?\?
The book by Dumas, "The Count of Monte Cristo"...?
I'm so sick of hearing of Twilight...?
What's a good name for a group in my story?
friends which the fastest or easer way to get increased my face book pages like please tel me if any buddy knw?
Does anyone know if there is a related theme between the wizard of oz(movie) and lord of the flies (book)??
how to read man's true thinking?
Who thinks that there should be an entire section of just twilight on here?
When is the 7th Harry Potter book coming out? And does Anyone know what the title will be???????
Website for generating house description?
Do you think my 13 year old brother can write a book?
I need some new sugestions of books.?
Is there anything after Young Adult Fiction?
How does my story sound so far?
i am reading solstice by simon holt i am confused?
Who is the best author?
Please tell me the best non-fiction you ever read?
What about Dumbledore!?
What is the universe ?
Can you guys please critic the first chapter of the book I'm writing?
How long did it take you to read "Twilight"?
What are you reading right now?
What are the Last 5 Books You've Read?
dose anyone know about the book,Goodbye Doesn't Mean Forever,by Lurlene McDaniel? ?
What book should I read?
Which Brian Tracy book to read first? Eat that Frog or No excuses?
How to show more than a character's actions?
In what order should I read Star Wars EU?
Short Story Collection?
If want to learn logo design which book can intro to me ? or any website?
English Research???help please (:?
Why do people bother reading books? Its a waste of time.?
I need a title for my book I'm writing about supernatural people and events?
Am I a very good writer?
J Welles Wilder?
What should I name the main character in my story?
i have no read the book but i have seen the lord of the rings.. what happenned with legolas ?or arwen?
A Fanfiction about Walking Dead or Divergent?
What are some horror cliches?
In the story Wuthering Heights, which guy did Catherine love more Edgar, or Heathcliff?
Can you please write down one sentence?
A Good Man is Hard to Find by O'Connor?
Good books to read?
In the Hobbit, what is the difference between the way Bilbo and the dwarves react to Rivendell?
which jane austen book is your favorite?
What's a good teen book?
i want analysis or critical essays on some poams.......... please???????????
Do U Love Or Hate Twilight Series?
Now what do I do? I just finished reading Eragon and don't know what to do now?
George Orwell's 1984?
How many word pages for a full length chapter?
I am looking for a newer novel that deals with divorce, from both perspectives like Cramer vs. Cramer.?
What is the best book out of the twilight saga?
Opinions on the idea of 'made up names'?
What Do You Of My Novel Plot?
Is this idea too common?
Does this book have "Literary Merit"?
What's the Worst book you ever finished?
What do you think of my book so far?
Anybody knows Dev Virahsawmy?
would u rather have fun or read stupid harry potter book?
do you think the "Jack Russell terrier" patronus fits ron?
Saddam Hussein has now written four novels. If given a chance, would you buy one of his books?
in the book the hobbit, Bilbo Baggins...?
does anyone know where i can read Mr. Darcy takes a wife by. Linda Berdoll ?....?
Reading a book on your IPod?
Some Girl Character Names?
"Cameron (?) for romance author name?
How to hint that a character is gay?
Why did Achilles go to Hades after he died, and not the Elysian Fields?
Boy name needed for my book!!!?
a novel regarding a prediction about a girl and the whole plot is based on the same, hows the idea..?
Lord of the Flies: What impression do YOU get of Jack Merridew in his first scene?
I need a new vampire series to read...?
What is the name of the most famous book of Paulo Coilho ?
how do you pronounce the name Elie Weisel?
What gives you more pleasure Reading Literature?Or Films?
I forgot the name of this book i read??!?
Can you help me understanding Animal Farm?
Any ideas for my story involving gangsters and crime?
What book are you reading right now?
Book recommendations?
Will there be anymore of 'The Clique' books by Lisi Harrison?
A Pair of Tickets by Amy Tan... I need to know about the author.?
does anyone know anything about the railway through the word?
What should I write about?
when is fallen crest public coming out?
Writing to Dan Brown?
Do you think I could be an author?
Twilight Fans: What Would Be The Worst Ending You Could Think Of For Breaking Dawn?
does any one knows?
Meaning of Quote by Fitzgerald? PLEASE HELP?
Rare Book "Gone With The Wind"?
What is the first classic you ever read?
do you have a copy of "Faith, love, time and Dr. Lazaro"?
Hi All,What are the most popular books checked out to Read?
I'm going shopping for books this weekend. Any recommendations?
How important is reading books, Roman Catholic?
anyone know the title of this paperback novel, please?
looking for a world history book that covers all known wars.?
what are you currently reading?
Questions about Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer?
Would my story be allowed into the Watty Awards?
What book "changed your life"?
do you like this plot? (mature content)?
How to add another character to my story without making the story silly?
What is the name of the fairytale where the princess can't sleep because there is a pea under her bed?
1984: how does Winston Smith change in book 1 to book 2?
Surname for Character?
identify a vaguely remembered juvenile book about a boy and his old horse carried off to, er, Neptune?
I heard their going to make 4 movies for the Cirque du Freak series. Does anyone know if this is true?
What do you think of Twilight?
Have you read these books of Nancy Friday? How were they ?
Could you please recommend a book or two or four?
Who liked this book?
i will give you 20 points:). give a short summary of the angel experiment by james patterson?
If you flap,which hand sounds louder,the left one or the right one?
I'm stuck on my story if any one could help me I'll greatly apperciate it?
Is "The Da Vinci Code" that good?
What is the point of view in Whatever Happened To Janie and how does it impact the story?
What is so good about the book "The Great Gatsby"?
how does holden solve his internal dilemma?
What's a good idea for a bizarre fictional short story?
how many people died and how were they identifiedin the holocaust?
Has anyone read any good books lately?
Need A Story Title!!! ASAP?
Wuthering Heights- looking for a page number of a quote.?
What do you associate with Lillibet?
i need inf about reiki centers in north jersey?
Paradise Lost: New Edition or Signet Classics?
Some questions about Christopher in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time?
what are some good books to read for 16 year old guy? I like intersting entertaing books and funny and suspene?
How to describe a person like this?
Among Lewis Carroll's Letters...?
Twilight, good or bad?
Has any book changed the way you look at the world?
Eldest challenge!!!?
HARRY POTTAH FANS!? (RA/DA/HU) Don't you think that us Potter fans........?
Does anybody have an interpretation for the ending of "Bee Season"?
Do you know the name of a book with a man whose hands were tied to clock hands?
Mira Grants Deadline? I'll pick a best answer.?
What is your favorite book series?
What aren't you doing that you are suppose to be doing right now?
Critique my short story?
What is your favorite book?
Has a book ever inspired you ?
when is this book coming out?
What is your favorite Walt Whitman piece?
When was Ogden Nash's "Summer Serenade" written?
what is the book The Da Vinci Code about?
What is the name of Saul Bellow’s first novel, published in 1944?
I'm thinking of purchasing the Kindle White Paper, would I be tied to Amazon for the ebooks.?
first edition of book?? worth how much?
Does it feel good to read a novel on a Kindle or Nook e-book reader?
I am trying to find out about the meaning of the poem "In My Craft or Sullen Art" by DylanThomas?
has anyone ever read a book?
"Anthem" by Ayn Rand essay?
Great Romantic books?
Twilight and Harry Potter fans?
Can't find an ebook?
re-write the first chapter of 'the dead' by Charlie Higson, please tell me what you think :)?
Opinion on two possible titles for my Short Story?
what famous writer used ¨to err is human, to forgive divine´ and in what work?
Can anyone recommend a crime,mystery & thriller fiction review site?
What is the best Harry Potter book to start with?
What Vampire Book should i read next?
the quote to kill a mocking bird what does it mean and how does it relate to the book?
Which book should i read next out of these?
What is a quote from Dante's Inferno that shows that people make the choice to sin by themselves?
What is this book called? Easy 10 points?
Is It Weird That She likes To..??
what are some good books for my nine year old daughter?
What would you like the plot of the next best-selling thriller novel to be?
Was the DaVinci Code a good book?
summary of ''the bluest eye'' novel by toni morrison?
What exactly does this quote from Charles Bauldelaire about Edgar Allen Poe mean?
How to act this effectively?
What age should girls read Forever by Judy Blume?
anyone remember the quatation in Le Carre's Russia House with "merely decent man"? and where is it from?
What is the poem about "style" written by Maya Angelou called?
How to not be listy when writing?
where can you now bye all the magic tree house books?
Which fiction book would you pick to buy from this shelf?
Ok well i need help with writing a short paragraph. Any suggestions?
Are the Twilight Saga books better than the Harry Potter series?
Has anyone in America read anything besides the Da Vinci Code?
Twilight or Harry Potter?
Is the Jewish stereotype 'Belle Juive' a sort of seductress/femme fatal?
Do you think movie directors have an obligation to stick to a the original story of a classic piece of lit?
I need help picking books for my book reports!!!! HELP!!?
Pygmalion, George Bernard Shaw. Information on perfection does not equal happiness.?
Need an ending for my story?!?!?
Music Book Needed...........?
What do you think about the Twilight Series?
Anyone got a good name I can use?!?
What's 'required reading' in your opinion?
The looking glass wars?
What's a good subject for a poem???
where on the net can i get to read the book the da-vinci code.. ???
What is your fravorite Stephen King book and why?
dont you hate finishing a good book!?
I read this book, but I've forgot the author and title?
where can i buy the rewritten halo book collection?
what is the difference between an attorney and a lawyer?
Great Gatsby essay question?
Whats the name of this children's book?
Anybody read the book Freakonomics?
What is mass communication?
what chapter is page 200 in the book Catch-22?
I need help with writing!?
I want to start reading a book, but I want a real good one that I cant put down. HELP! ASAP!?
Does anyone know of good African American authors and/or books?
Macbeth lovers ? Paraphrase help. ?
Hunger games questions?
Whats A good book to read if..?
which is best? traditional publishing or self publishing?
What is your most favorite book of ALL time?
Why do their wives seem to attend church? Canterbury tales?
Should I make the beggining of my story like this?
Do you find this story scary?
how is my novel so far?
Where can I download books?
how can i improve my writing based on this small portion?
a name of a book about rock salt?
did Herman Melville believe in slavery or have any slaves?
Name of a book with before and after nude photos of people of al ages?
how do i download a book?
What book has ISBN 1123581321?
Research for a novel?
What is the title of Edgar Allan Poe's story with the rooms of certain colours?
A non-religious symbol for hope or faith?
In your opinion, what is the worst book ever to be published?
amazon book store spanish titles?
Does anyone know of the official site of the books "Eragon" and "Eldest"?
I have almost finished my Book( TRUE STORY) called either?
Silas Marner questions [confusions]?
When will Miguel Batista's book "ante los ojos de la ley" be published in English, and where can I buy it?
Good last names for book characters? Points given to best answer!!!?
How can I publish stories that I write in spanish?
A List by Zoey Dean.....summaries?
What does a book publishing company exactly do?
Where can I get an A.P. Government book?
Which is better: Twilight or Harry Potter (as a series)?
Harry Potter Fans: Did you remember today is Harry Potter's birthday ( more questions)?
once upon a time series 2?
Which is better: The Twilight saga or The Harry Potter series?!?
i watched twilight but should i read the book?
in the book the color purple how does celie's relationship with shug avery change throughout the book?
Will you be intrigued to read a novel titled TRAUMATIC TALES(with true life stories)?
What are the current top ten horror/suspense novels? Or just your favorite?
whos read the book summer of the swans??
to make a Easter bonnet?
Edward Cullen or Jacob Black?
Twilight vs. Harry Potter?
Who wrote A Year in Provence?
Who becomes the first leader in the book "Lord of the Flies"?
Is book called Memoirs of Geisha based on Geisha of Gion?
What is the name of the childrens book about an ocotpus that juggles under the sea?
Does anyone know if J. K. Rowling is going to write more than 7 Harry Potter books?
PL HELP! need a theme song for romeo and juliet? about lessons learned form a grave mistake?
Could anyone please help me with understanding this?
what do you think of my movie idea?
Does anyone have any ideas for a story idea?
When did harper lee die?
Where can I find this book?
is ragged dick considered a historical source?
where can I buy taped interviews with Gore Vidal?
Awsome love stories or teen preganancys?
How do I write from a teenage girls POV?
Anyone know any good uplifting books/movies???
What's better, Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter? Why do you think so?
Want to write a book, a spiritual, probably controversial one. Where do I begin??
Clique #8...?
how would you describe Abby in The Crucible?
I have some old books how much are they worth?
Really having trouble writing this?
What are some good fantasy werewolves books?
What does the book The Life of PI have to do with the number PI?
I did a contract with a company in canada Now I dont want to go for it How should i breach it its only 7 days?
Have good is the book American Gods by Neil Gaiman?
what would be some good modern day rock songs that i can use for my presentation of Dante's Inferno?
At what ages to the children receive what in The Giver?
The book " go ask Alice"?
I just want to know what is the title of the second book from louis l'amour's The Walking Drum.?
What is a "Coffee Table Book" ?
As I have much talent but little money, how do I contact publishers who pay costs of printing,etc.?
Does anybody know where to read d. gray man reverse?
Harry Potter fans: Isn't this the most EPIC thing ever?
Everything Is Illuminated- Book vs. Movie?
Yo, Potter fans! (xD) What House are you from?
If you could only have 5 books?
What should I call my book reviewing website?
what are some good young adult books?
When does Achilles show bravery in the Iliad?
what do you do when u find a word u dont know in a book?
Where can I order a book that has versions in other languages?
Books like the ones I listed down here?
How would the novel The outsiders might have been without Sodapop?
Can I possibly get my fanfic published? (just as a possibility)?
Where can I buy the book "V for Vendetta"?
Does Anyone know where i can get a MobyDick audio book download for free?
what is your favorite line from twilight?
how to describe someone running?
What are some must read books?
When did author Anne Rice marry her husband Stan?
Girls, would you read a book which had a male narrator?
When will Jean M. Auel publish the 6th book in her series?
Anyone interested in an online writing group?
Why does everyone compare Twilight to Harry Potter?
Have you ever been in love with a fictional character?
what is this book called? please help.?
Last book you've read?
Help with character name, please? any ideas?
Anyone here agree Gone With the Wind movie ruined the character of Ashley Wilkes?
What is the infamous book, very eye-opening with 'eye' in its name?
What is Edward Cullen's most redeeming quality?
Any advice on writing prologues?
I want to learn spanish by book .where can i get that book in hyderabad?
Can Your Best Friend be Your Literary Agent?
Character name help :) Thanks?
questions about writing a book?
Do you have a favorite Shakespeare quote?
How can I read a book without my parents knowing?
Ladies, what do you think about this guy character?
Is there a second book to Midnight Predator by Amelia Atwater -Rhodes?
Can a Book change genres from prequel to sequel?
if you were shipwrecked, and could only have one book, what would it be?
What's this book called? Help before I fall asleep and forget?
Do you fold the corner of a page when reading a book, to remember your place, or do you use a bookmark?
Richelle Mead books? (succubus blues, etc)?
favorite Jack Vance books?
Twilight Books. Can I skip the first book?
Description help on my first book?
Please help me write a first kiss scene?`
Which book do you think is the best out of the twilight saga?
Dumbledore gay...what do you think?
if in a story a female turns male is it fantasy or sci-fi?
What do you think of the twilight series?
Recommend me a good book?
enders game?
Would you read this story?
Can you think of any poems or literature to do with trauma?
Sorry to ask this again: does anybody like part two of my first chapter?
Harry Potter or Twilight??
I am an Iranian who loves English poems. I need to know others' option upon my works thus I decided to join th?
Help me find this HP fic?
Summary for my story?
What name do you like best?
books about teens with supernatural powers or abilities?
What is a book similar to "the wish list"?
Looking for mystery book i red in 5 grade?
Does the novel "Fifty shades of Grey" have anything about foot fetish or foot worship?
Which of these things do you think is a better way for my villain to achieve his goal?
What's the last book you read that completely sucked you in?
have anyone read the book bar code tattoo by suzanne weyn?
Are books with slightly different ISBNs, but with the same publisher & edition, still the same book?
Do you like Twilight and what is your favorite character?