Harry Potter fans: Do you find yourself reading the later HP books more often than the earlier ones?
Looking for a specific part in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn?
what's the name of e.e. cummings poem about a gears of a car and the act of sex?
How much would I make if I were to publish my own comic book?
Who would win in a fight to the death, Edward Cullen or Harry Potter?
What does this poem mean?
Is there a book named "Joy of African Sex?
Can anyone recommend a really good scary book?
Which self-help books really improved your life?
How will book seven of Harry Potter be? (read details, i have alot to ask)?
I need some book recomendations?
Names for medival; people, towns, villages, animals, kings, barons...?
What is the book that is about 9 clones?
POLL: Harry Potter or Twilight?
Which fictional character do you identify with?
where can i look for space objects/anything that is in space?
Can you publish a book twice?
a good victorian novel?
Can I have some feedback on this scene/paragraph?
What are some websites I can go to to read original stories?
I want to dress up as Jane Gallagher for Halloween?
I need help with my story?
Did Mark Twain support the Confederacy or the Union?
Now that the Harry potter series has ended, I've got no books/series to read:( any recommendations?
whats a good website for writing stories?
Has anyone read Tithe a modern fairy tale?
Has any read Cell by Stephen King?
Can I sell old Britannica Encyclopedias on Amazon?
Have you read The Da Vinci Code yet?
whats the best book you ever read ?
What does John Green mean by a "paper girl"?
How does the novel "The Hobbit" compare to the historical background when it was written?
why did scout start using cuss words in 'to kill a mocking bird'?
Hook for "Of Mice and Men"?
If you had a pen name, what would it be and why?
at what school did barbara jordan get her college degree?
Is this the full, unabridged version of Les Miserables?
Anyone read 'Exquisite Corpse' by Poppy Z Brite?
I'm writing a book...?
Please help me find this book.?
Opinion on this writing?
What book have you read that honestly made you "feel?"?
HP fans: What do you think will a Boggart turn into when he comes in front of Voldemort?
Teens: What do you think of these personalities and descriptions for triplets for a story I am going to write?
What is the blogger Miss Snark's real name?
Searching for a story I read in Quizilla?
I want to find a book, but I don't remember the title...?
Which Harry Potter death did you take the hardest?
who is Petőfi Sándor?
Who are your favorite Harry Potter characters?
has anyone read Egypt: The Book of Chaos by Nick Drake?
Which Twilight Guy is for you?? quiz!!?
Was Shakespeare a real person?
Which is the best book out of the twilight series?
Turn of the Screw by Henry James?
JK rowling gone insane??
what are some good alternate history novels?
who is your favorite character in Harry Potter??
whats life in the capitol like in Mockingjay ?
help with "wicked" by gregory maguire?
In the three little pigs book what were the three things they made their houses of?
What's the most recent book you bought?
What do you think of these names for my story?
Is my writing creative?
Is this story good or bad ?
Just Listen-Sarah Dessen?
What was the connection between Chamber of secrets and Half blood prince?
How can I make the plant grow in the J.K. Rowling site?
Does Natasha Friend's Book's Have To Be Read In Order?
Team Cullen or Team Jacob?
Robot romance.....???
Who is Eckhart Tolle? Where is he from and what is up with him?
I need some good books...?
For those who read Charlaine Harris - Sookie Stackhouse, I love the chemistry between Eric & Sookie!?
Twilight book? From Edwards eyes?
How many of you think that "Atlas Shrugged" by Ayn Rand is relevant in these times?
Anybody reading Wicked by Gregory Maguire?
Ivy by Julie Hearn? Who's read it?
Name one really really really really really really good book?
How does my story sound so far?
Help with Dracula Questions?
name of the foreign film in which a boy searches for mother in Denmark after seeingher picutureonbookcover?
What would YOU write about if you had 8 free pages in a book? Any subject at all?
What is the worst book you've ever read?
Do you like Shakespeare's plays?
I'm looking for a book which i've read when i was young.?
What do you think of this plot for a story?
What year is the book Cannery Row set in?
Warrior cats idea for all of you to use!?
ANy tips on how to inprove my Query letter? 10 points!?
Are there any more series like The Clique, Gossip Girl or Pretty Little Liars?
what Christian book is this?
Any Good books for young adults?
Does anyone remember this story? If so, where can I find it?
Which book was so great you read it twice?
what chapter is this scarlet letter quote in?
Angels and Demon..Good Book?
Are the writers have responsibility to their readers, and are they in fact accomplished their job?
What book have you read that you considered a waste of your time?
What is the moral behind Plato's Horse fable?
Has anyone read Franny and Zooey by JD Salinger?
When was the last time you read Harry Potter?
If you had to place your soul in a vessel, what object would you choose?
what is the best autobiography that I can read?
Is this a good nickname for a main character?
Help with a Synopsis Please.?
Over what period of time does the play Romeo and Juliet take place?
How do You Overcome a 'Brainfart' or 'Writer's Bloc'?
Ok. Is this a good story title and good story to make?
twilight books.......?
Perspectives of The Father and The Son in The Road by Cormac McCarthy?
Harry Potter Fans ?
what are some y words that are important in ancient greece?
Genocide in rwanda?
in what books can i find some kind of byography of legolas greenleaf?
How come movies have ratings like R and PG-13 but books dont?
Do you prefer books with happy endings, or sad ones?
Story Dialogue Help Please?
What came first... The chicken or the egg?
What was the last Sherlock Holmes story?
what is the best order to read louis lamour's sackett novels in?
Need help on story?? Horror fans?
What are the names of biography books on Elizabeth Bathory?
You LOVE or HATE Twilight ?
What do you think about Western books?
What are the children's book where the lady took everything literally?
books you read when you were younger?
Does anyone know what book this is?
Which books did you study at school for English Lit?
Will supplies last?
who is john foreman in rizal's life?
What are some good. Book series?
do you tell people about the books you're reading?
if u were to recommend one book?
im looking for the title of an 8th grade novel fantasy and suspense?
what happens to petta in mocking jay?
Has anyone read Battle Royale?
Book versus Movie!?!?!?
what is the theme of "A Dream Within A Dream" by edgar allan poe?
What would be a good title for this story I'm writing?
what are you reading right now?
TKAM jem's influence on scout?
What is the name of the book about the worst dog in the world?
what is to Kill a mockingbird about?
What is your favourite book series of all time?
Who was the first person to comment on something being "a conundrum wrapped in an enigma"??
Any books on sex offenders?
Teen books like The Mortal Instruments?
The canterbury tales: The miller help !?
what book are you reading?
Im looking for a good book.?
Is writing a really bad, long winded question on here the same as writing a great novel?
Looking for an addictive book/series of some substance; recommendations?
What you think of this storyline? Would you read it?
What is an example of personification in the book night? I need the page number, too!?
I signed up for NaNoWriMo! Some advice please?
a hole in the world by sid hite ??
How do I know I am protected when writing a Apocalyptic or Govt Conspiracy Thriller?
did any one else notice there is a mistake in harry potter and the deathly hallows?
Can the poem "lady of the Lake" be downloaded and printed?
Who is better: J.R.R. Tolkien or C.S. Lewis?
***********(******) READ iT! llITERACY NARRATIVE! save my soul! :)?
Which is the best novel you have ever read, fiction or non-fiction?
what year did Bella Cullen become a vampire?
what is Hemingway's philosophy of life in "The old man and the sea"? Please help me! I'm on fire!
What is the Spanish text of "A Boy and A Girl" by Octavio Paz?
who wrote the famous poem " Faster than fairies, faster than witches... "?
Is this a mistake in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince?
If i write a book about vampires and wizards will it be copy off twilight and harry potter?
Do you love stories that combine fact with fiction?
can anyone tell me where i can find a detailed summary and character list of "The Human Comedy"?
What are some examples of personification in Night by Elie Wiesel?
joe albright, from the novel lone eagle. is he real? is it based on a true story?
summer reading book choice for AP English?
twilight books???like or dislike?
Did anyone else catch this in Harry Potter 7?
What do you think of this part of my story?
Could you have a relationship like Christian Grey wants with Ana in "50 Shades of Grey"?
can anyone recommend a really good book?
what time is it?
which are the 10 writers/poets who had the most outrageous life?
What are some examples of culture in the book Year of Impossible Goodbyes by Sook Nyul Choi?
Huck Finn essay prompt...realism, romanticism, irony, racism? Prompt included, any ideas?
The Condition of the working class in england was written by?
Will Hermione and Ron hook up in book #7? Will Harry and Luna?
best book?
A serious question for Twilight fans...?
Looking for a web site where download audio books for free?
Favourite Book?
I'd like to know biography of french writer anne bernet?
If you've read Snow Flower and the Secret Fan. . . .?
is there anyone who hates the twilight saga?
ok, i need some creative people!?
good book, written in first person, involving space [invasion] and mutants with extraorinary power?
In what chapter of "Eragon" do Murtagh and Eragon come to trust each other?
Chapter Summaries Of : Izzy Willy Nilly?
What is the most widely read/distributed book?
How is guy montag in Fahrenheit 451 rash,easily swayed, and self -obsessed?
Along for the Ride What does Auden look like & act & talk & how do people react or respond to her?
What happens to Zane from the book The Specials by Scott Westerfeld?
Can someone recommend me some good books?
What book(s) would you like to see be made into a movie?
What have you read since a time prior to the Tet Offensive?
scary book?
If you're going to write an academic book, what would it be?
Why do you read?
"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, They have to take you in"?
Who is your favorite Author and why?
Have you ever wanted to write a book?
Writers: How quickly can you call things in a story you're watching or reading?
how can i begin,finish and publish a book???
Is it tru dat ppl who luv twilight r less smart then ppl who dont?
What is the best way to submit a manuscript to a publisher? (short story)?
What, in your opinion, is the best WRITTEN Harry Potter book?
The color of water literary terms?
Post-Apocalyptic Books?
Please take a few minutes to let me know what you think?
i'm reading some clasic books can you recomed some?
Story title of where there is no sleep URGENT!!!!!?
What's the name of this book?please help!!?
How to write a romantic comedy?
What author wrote the following excerpt Eudora Welty, Jack London, Ray Bradbury, Mary Carter Smith,?
✝Does anyone happen to know the name of this book i have told you about please? thanks all :) ✝?
an author has plagiarised a poem my mother published 10yrs ago. how does she start legal recoarse?
Who is the author of 'DaVince Code'?
Catcher in the Rye essay- can someone read my response?
Which is your favorite fairy tale?
How do I go about getting a book published?
What are your thoughts on the book "Secret"? Does it work for you?
How do people find reading books fun?
Would this make a good story?
Idea for a character in a love story I'm writing. Need your opinions?
HELP - How would you continue the book Lord Of The Flies?
what is edward from twilight's last name?
Is it almost time for NaNoWriMo again and are you doing NaNoWriMo this year?
Are the 7th and 8th editions of The Human Species by John Relethford the same?
A question about the short story "Roman Fever"?
Is okay to be obsessed with Harry Potter?
Which is your favorite part of the poem "If" by Kipling?
Which of these writers (Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, or Robert Frost) writing changed most during war times?
Why do you think Shakespeare left out the writing of the wedding scene in "Romeo and Juliet"?
Is it necessarily a bad idea to give a short story a title in Russian if the story is written in English?
Good ideas to write a book about?
Can anybody help me find the title to a book?
Was the author of Homer opposed to drugs?
Where can I read books for free online?
Who knows about Stephon king?
is twilight really that great of a book?
does love exists?
B&A: Odd writing challenge?+BQ?
How do I publish a book I wrote?
In the Hobbit What is the significance of the riddles in chapter 5?
Is this description too wordy?
I have A few Recarnation questions?
titles of sociology books?
What do u recommend?
What is about the Art of War of Sun Tzu?
HARRY POTTER FANS.......Job selections in the Wizarding World..?
Who is Viktor Krum?
What would your Biography be called?
How did Sauron return to Barad-dûr in the Third Age in Lord of the Rings?
Can anyone recommend fantasy fiction that compares to Lord of the Rings?
where can i read alice in the country of clover bloody twins online?
What do you think of my writing?
To Kill a Mockingbird Atticus?
happy ending or sad ending?
If you could write a book. What kind of book would it be?
I am looking for something to read. So, if you could read only one book for the rest of your life...?
How does the beginning of this story sound to you?
Good books or novellas from 19th century?
Please could I have some help with names?
How do you prefer to read?
My local library has a poor selection of books?
Anyone here read the Clique series of books?What is your opinion about them?What character do you portray?
What book(s) are you currently reading?
Is it OK to run an illegal library from my locker at school?
I'm looking for a Top-Shelf Fantasy novel and could use some help?
How often do you read?
Do you know the title of this book?
what is your favorite poem?
how to determine rare book value?
May I please have a biography on Thomas Teal? He is an author of management...?
please recommend a book to give as a gift to a guy.?
Books to read on Halloween?
Why teenagers don't like reading classics ?
satire of mark twain help!!!!!!!!!!!?
What is artistic unity?
What are YOU...Reading?
Names for a Werewolf in a story?
Describe a fire burning a book.?
how should i solve this mystery problem in my story?
What are 2 works of literature I can use?
Harry Styles fanfictions?
Help on turning a sentence into the start of a Story?
Character names help? (10 points)?
what are three MUST READ books?
Middle School Names For Book?
What are your favorite quotes in the Twilight series?
What would be a good series to read since I finished Harry Potter and liked it a lot?
what is the goal that leads to the conflict for the protagonist in initiation?
What makes a good villain in a story?
Based on this prologue, does this sound like an intriguing novel?
Who is the author of the book "Never , without my husband" ?
Have any of you found clues or mistakes in the Harry Potter series?
I need Help with the Book the Courtier?
Was Louisa May Alcott ever married?What happened to the PROFESSOR ? Was he a real person?
Can someone please explain why Harry Potter is so popular?
The scene in my story has kind of hit a dead end?
what is a good book for an eleven year old girl to read?
what 2 books were mentioned in the great Gatsby?
English work story opening?
Would you read this? PLEASE ANSWER!?
classics i should read?
your fav book you read?
Has anyone ever read the book The Glass Virgin by Catherine Cookson?
Help with my story? Thanks!!!?
When was "Going Solo" by Roal Dahl first written?
How does Black Boy by Richard Wright illustrate the fact that race is socially constructed?
what is the prophecy poem in the book Paranormalcy by Kiersten White?
What should I title my expository essay about Franz Kafka?
Who were Alexander Pope's greatest literary enemies?
Barkis is willing ... it's in another film, play or book - used as a code - other than David C, but what?!
What do you guys think will happen in the 7th Harry Potter book?
Anybody read Anne Frank? Thoughts on it?
silent mark by Cecilia Borromeo.?
why does everyone always brag they are writing a novel or a book?
Who said "First let's kill all the lawyers"?
questions to ask louisa may alcott about her book little women?
first form of writing based more on letters?
where did JK Rowling write Harry Potter ? In several scottish pubs, but which one ?
Themes of The Long Walk?
Have any of you read the Shadow Children Books? like all of them about Luke Garner......?
What's a good book for a stressed-out guy?
what do you mean by the word 'Jadhagam'?
Is Denver the Capitol in The Hunger Games?
Can you please tell me what you think of this book?
why is the wicked witch of the west green in the wizard of oz?
If harry is short for Harold,?
What Do You Think Of My Book So Far, Thoughts? Please Help?:)!?
Who else hates Jacob from the Twilight saga?
Could anyone help me find the wonderful book called: Cremains in the Waterloo Creek ?
Compare/contrast The movie "The Trench" and the book "All Quiet On The Western Front"?
What was the last book you started but couldn't finish?
where do we find good book shops in india?
If your life was a book, what would you name it? [[title]]?
Please read and critique, for English 101, just grammar errors and other mistakes, please. No stupid answers.?
Possible to read this book in two weeks?
Who is better for Bella? Edward or Jacob?
Who was your favorite author as a child?
Summary of D.H.Lawrence's Life? (plz help!)?
What is the difference between dark fantasy and horror?
In the Wizard of Oz what was it each character was looking for
Can anyone enlighten me why "the catcher in the rye" considered such a great book?
Twilight ?!?
I want to know of the address of Publisher of the book "A GRAMMAR OF CONTEMPORARY ENGLISH".?
Who on here likes to read or write?
Names of great books out there...?
Does anyone know what Sir William Slim said about experience in his book "From Defeat to Victory"?
Are there books similar to lolita?
What is the best plot you've ever seen in a book and why?
Which book of these is better: "White Fang" or "The Call of the Wild"?
To kill a mockingbird, help!?
in the book the hobbit what does gandalf act like?
Can someone explain this Orwell vs. Huxley article?
Sum Up Harry Potter in a Single Word?
Do you know what symptoms of mental illnesses can be found in "One flew over the cuckoo's nest" by Ken Kesay?
What is the name of your favorite poem and who is the author?
On which side do you think is Severus Snape?
Romanticism in Frankenstein homework?
Free online book reading sites?
I wote this poem some time ago and it was derided by a certain member of our community.What do you think?
If you had the power to prevent ONE Harry Potter death, who would it be?
Similarities between The Killer Angles and Red Badge of Courage?
What do you do with books you read.?
I'm trying to find a Harry Potter fanfic about Dramione?
B&A lets play a game:D?
What is the Tone of the book Saving Max?
who has a account?
Need help with the background of jerryli. Please help.?
Is this a good story?
Scott Pilgrim Online?
Kurt Vonnegut?
Great young adult books?
What Are Some Good Young Adult or Adult Books?
what has the state of ISBN 8822234287?
Is to Ok to cut off a lot when writing a story?
what happens threwout the book the cruisers by walter dean myers throughout the whole book?
what are the ten most important scenes from the book Catcher and the Rye?
What books has Christopher Paolini written other than Eragon?
what are some archtypes of science fiction?
In C.S. Lewis' Out of the Silent Planet, are the Oyarsas also Eldila, or their own species?
What will the 3rd Hunger Games Book be called?
How is your story going?
Whats a good last name for a person in my short story?
What is a good title for this story?!?
What famous lawyer-turned-writer wrote a recent novel about growing up in the Ozarks and listening to Mo baseb?
What is the thickest book you ever read?
Who likes Harry Potter as much as I do?
Who invented the bold typeface?
Margaret Weis Darksword Trilogy?
I am writing a story called Final Knights. (Unfinished) What Do You Think? ?
What do you think of my Dystopia?
How does Africa become an imaginative ideal in Leopold Senghors "Letter to a poet" and "Prayer to the masks"?
What are some interesting books to read?
how to make the best debate???? can you teach me??
Does anyone know of any quotes to prove the quest of the american dream in the great gatsby?!?!?
Recommend me some books?
"Our Society at Cranford" by Elizabeth Gaskell?
If you have read "Brideshead Revisited" by Evelyn Waugh, did you loved it, and found it interesting? Tell me!
Whats a good name?!?
Anybody read a good book recently?
Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 19 and read the 7th line. What does it say?
The book "Life of Pi" is it worth reading?
What is the best way to summarize the ending of The Perks of Being a Wallflower?
How do you find this prologue?
where I can find the book of Soul Mountain Gao Xingjian in format of ebook or PDF for free. please help me?
Theme of Brave New World in One Sentence?
Writers: How 'stereotypical' are you?
Which story book written by nade tharanga dissanayake?
In the book lord of the files what had piggy overheard the pilot saying?
books for me to read?
What is the connection between Biggles and Nelson?
What do you think of this writing so far? PLEASE HELP. It is very short!:)?
Reccommend me a good book!?
Give me a shout out Twilight fans, Woot?
Will you please read the beginning of my book?
How do you describe the themes for the play Translations by Brian Friel?
What are interesting books for teens?
Why Books are important?
Do you like horror films?Which one do you like best?
Famous Asian Authors?
What do you think was Sylvia Plath's affect on American Literature?
Historical fiction novels for young adults?
in what book(s) did Francis Schaeffer use the terms "modern, modern" and "true truth"?
A good food to represent the soothsayer from Julius Caesar?
Does Bella in Breaking Dawn (part of the twilight series) really gets pregnant with Edward's Child?
I need a good book to read.?
Crime novel suggestions?
Any good tips on writing a steamy scene?
What are the awards EE Cummings won?
How do I create a mythical creature for my story?
What are the names of some free books on kobo?
Who is your fav author?
Writing a "clean" sex scene?
Animal Farm, Help please?
i am trying to trace a set of books i read years ago possibly by Issac Asimov?
In flags of our fathers wat is jack bradleys internal and external conflict?
what is the different between O.Henry Style and other short story writer?
what's good book for teen that's not about vampires?
What are some good ideas for a Romeo and Juliet Study?
Do u think harry potter will survive after killing voldemort?
Looking for short horror i read a long time ago! Help!?
The shining questions?
can you help?
I still can't decide my mind for the story?
What happens halfway thru the book Holes by Louis Sachar?
Can someone answer this (Part two)?
harry potter ebook possibility?
best sellers fiction paperback?
How do you feel about the book Atlas Shrugged?
Any good teen girl books out to read?
i would like to read the book "the guy next door" by ravi kumar online. download link plz?
harry potter and the chamber of secrets publishing date?
How to describe a damaged car?
What philosophy books would you recommend?
I have a question about the song " Tony Story " and Tony Story part two " by meek mill?
READ THIS NOW............?
How do I psychoanalyze a character?
What is the prosody, aka rhythm, of the Lord Alfred Douglas' sonnet "The Dead Poet"?
In what order should I read the Sherlock Holmes Books by Arthur Conan Doyle?
how does the book romeo&juliet relates to the quote the strongest man upon earth is he who stands most alone?
How can my child publish a childrens book she wrote herself?
Who is the greatest American author??
How does 'The Road Not Taken' by Robert Frost relate to the themes of 'To Kill A Mockingbird'?
How does a young person publish her poetry with little finances?
Has anyone read the Kitty Norville series by Carrie Vaughn?
Ricochet River Questions Need Help?
Does anyone know this book?
Raw Head bloody bones African American tales of the Supernatural what is this book about?
How to avoid telling the same story twice with my character?
Is Rose popular because he's "cool"?
If you've read The Perks Of Being A Wallflower, please help me with my project?
Any thoughts on this?
Who is the girl on the cover of the magnolia league book?
Literary example of the following genres?
Peronalized books, anyone?
How does my story sound so far?
Vampire Academy question?
What are the themes in the book Ordinary People?
Good Questions to ask an Author?
Whats the most comfortable way to read a book?
Can you give me some help with my story?
Ralph in lord of the flies?
Does anyone remember a 90's children's video about a magic coloring book?
pdf format of book wonder by rj palacio. Help?
When does Bella and Edward have sex?
Are people ever going to stop reading books?
can u give me ideas for a book about teenage love?
Favorite book?
i came upon millions of dollars tho a lottery ticket how do i keep that a secrete?
Who are your favourite characters in Harry Potter?
Why do people think some books are better than Harry Potter?
How to get more feedback on writing sites?
Which book are you reading at the moment?
Can you write a non-fiction book when you are only 12?
What is the book about the girl who jumps in to a pool and emerges in the 1800s?
Can any one sent me some good criticism for Plato's "Symposium" ASAP? Thanks.?
what are good classic books to read?
How can one prove that Iago, from the play Othello, is innocent of the deaths caused by his manipulation?
Pleaseeeeee Help!! :(?
What to write in the Skill Section of the record book of DOE?
Does anyone know Caroline B. Cooney email or adderess???
Do you have to gain the permission/approval of a writer to translate their books?
I need literary criticism on "the lottery" by shirley jackson?
Harry Potter fans!?
Where Can I Find the Ebook version of ' The Ark'?
How many books do you read during a year?
Can someone recommend books for me?
The odyssey?
What would be a good title for my novel? :)?
how does charlie show growth in the book The Perks of Being a Wallflower?
"Has reading a book ever made you cry? Which one and why..?
What Bukowski book should I start off reading first?
what are the main events in The Odyssey?
What if Harry Potter had been a girl?
Is there an actual "There and back again: A hobbit's tale" book I could buy?
how do i get cash for my poetry???
In the end of "Linger" by Maggie Stiefvater what happens?
Whats the best book you've ever read, that from the moment you start your absolutely hooked?
What name do you like the best?
Do you buy books regularly?
what is a metaphor, personification, and symbol in literature?
What other books does the catcher in the rye compare to, and why?
What book should I read?
Twilight Haters: Which is worse?
Would you read a book with a lesbian main character?
How many arrows, approximately, would it take to kill a human? PLEASE?
how did being a school teacher, inspire william golding to write?
What are some thing I could put for this project on Charlie St. Cloud?
Where is Pelucidar?
Stephen King--The Cell....if you have read it....?
I'm tryin' to find a book but I cant remember the author / title but I can thecontents slightly.Look where?
The Country at my Shoulder?
Blasphemy or mind-numbingly funny? What do you think of the novel “Givenchy Code”?
Should we ban books?
where can i buy twilight books/saga in cebu city? the last time i looked for it.. it's always out of stock. =(?
Philip Jose Farmer wrote a trilogy,a kind of sex sci-fi.What were the 3 books called?
Team Edward or Team Jacob?
Am i the only person that doesn't like the fictional character Edward Cullen?
Should I find someone to write this?
What age should I make the serial killer in my novel. 17, 19, 21, 23?
What should i put my book in?
Help with Jane Austen...Emma?
Capulets vs Montagues?
How should I write this prompt?
Do you have a favorite copy of a book that you have used and abused until the binding is coming apart?
I'm looking for a book with the title "The Strange Profession of Jonothan Hoag" - or something similar
Ideas for last names for my story?
The Knife of Never Letting Go question?
Second Try! Give my character a name?
What influnced William Shakespeare's Sonnet 130?
LGBT books set in Victorian Era?
What pages are all the chapters on in the book Catching Fire?
Help with book report on Sarah's Key?
Laurie Colwin. Who else loves her books?
what conclusion can you draw about the speaker’s opinion about death and the way it affects people?
can you give me some tips about writing a romance novel?
Who is Lemony Snicket?
Do you have any book suggestions?
What should I read, I'm 15?
i want to tell my story but i want somebody eles to write it. how can i do that?
i need suggestions for a good book?
How to help a weak writer? (example of his writing!)?
About some old activity book about gag stuff.?
how should this character die in my horror story?
In a fantasy novel, do you like tragic, unexpected, cliffhangers, or a happy ending?
Sooo... Severus Snape?
Is Kingdom of the Wicked by Derek Landy out in Ireland yet?
Harry Potter or Twilight?
"Gold" by Dan Rhodes?
Got any good book recommendations?
Help me with this metaphor question in this ballad?
So, I'm looking for a good book, one you can get lost in and never put down. Any suggestions?
new york in fiction, orange & green riot of 1872 can anyone help?
Why do girls love John Proctor from the Crucible?
Hi I want to buy a few good books.Any suggestions?
how wrote the book "Dracula"?
What exactly are orcs?
Can someone give me a good list of books to read to boost my intellect?
Twilight Vampire Question?
What have you learned from Twilight?
A bit of help on Thirteen reasons why by Jay Asher?
What are some recent examples in media/literature that demonstrate how affliction is treasure?
Which Harry Potter characters would you invite to a sleepover?
Which Stephen King book should I read next?
What are some good names for a heroic bad boy in a book? First and last please!!!!?
Can I get a Robert Pattinson bio book not on the Internet?
B&A: Anyone up for a sixty second challenge?
Great Expectations question?
Have you read book "In His Image" by James BeauSeigneur?
Story ; The Peal : Chapter 6 main events?
Writers - are you a poet as well?
A question on Hamlet...?
In Pride and Prejudice, did Elizabeth choose Mr. Darcy for love or for his money?
Any help with searching books about classic bank robbery (smart/cruel crew, guns, hostages)?
i need a summary to Semiotics For Beginners?
i have a bible thats 156 years old it has the deaths and births of a family the tompkins what should i do w/it
what is title of book that the movie "Munich" was based on?
What is the release date for the book 'linger' by Maggie Steifvater?
What effect does creating a dystopian world from a utopia have on the reader?
What memories were given to Azazel in "The City of Lost Souls"?
What is a good book to read?
How do you prioritize reading with the rest of your life?
What is your favorite vampire book or series and why?
Is this sentence good or okay?
What is the role and relationships established by or expected of in fathers in the novel Frankenstein?
What companies hire fiction writers?
How many books a year should you read? I could appreciate answer from people who read 50+ or so.?
What name do you think best suits this character?
Team Edward or Team Jacob?
What did JK Rowling write before Harry Potter?
I need advice. FAST!!!?
Can you please help me write my introduction and conclusion?
What is Thornton Wilder's general attitude toward marriage in the play Our Town?
Three areas of how guilt impacted dunstan's life in the novel; Fifth Business???
Writers, how do you boost your creativity?
where can i find free or inexpensive software for writing novels?
Creative Murder Methods Anyone?
I need ideas for my story ?
how are the underground man and Ivan Iliyich similar?
What novels made you cry?
Writers: How "rough" is your rough draft?
Which book should I work on?
In which chapter Asami was handcuffed by Akihito?
great short story ideas?!?
Im looking for some good authors?
is television is nice or books?????///?
WHAT TO READ NEXT? Any suggestions?
When you are older and have kids, will you buy your kids the Harry Potter books?
Where to buy mockingjay pin (Oct. 2012)?
New England by Edward Arlington Robertson analysis?
Is there a Borders bookstore in Macon, Georgia? If so, whats the address?
What are some good TRUE STORY books?
when was shiv born?
name books that are banned from usa and why?
what is an informational book?
What sounds more interesting?
When does a book come out on paperback?
What does Trey in Glass by Ellen Hopkins look like?
I really hate reading?
who is author of "weight loss"?
Does anyone know where I can find witch spell books?
Is the book "The immortals of MELUHA" completely fictional(different from ancient texts etc)?
What is the best way to murder a character in a book?
In To Kill a Mockingbird, How is Mrs. Henry Lafayette Dubose death symbolic or meaningful?
Where is the best website to find summaries of books?
Good/interesting biography about an artist?
what's this book called?
Why did you choose the last book you bought?
Need Complete Series of "Dead Case in Deadwood"?
Please read my poem, and tell me what you think about it. Am I any good at poetry?
has anyone read Patricia Kenneally Morrisson's fantasy novels? are they any good?
What's the reading level to the following books listed?
Are either of these books worth anything?
The role self-respect plays when responding to an injustice?
For Twilight fans - Team Edward or Team Jacob?
Was the famous outlaw Robinhood inspired by a real life character?
Is the first Twilight book appropriate for a mature 10 year old girl?
what are some good books?
10 POINTS (teenagers) What's your favourite book?
Edgy guy names for my character?
do girls only read twilight?
Good Novel Name about High School Drama?
Great Romantic books?
I have got the assignment to write a poem on 'say no to Polybags'...pls help?
what happens in lord of the flies?
Anyone recognise the storyline to this 90s teen novel about rape/pregnancy?
Compare and Contrast Grapes Of Wrath Book and Movie, Differences, and Similarities.?
Please recommend some books! I really like Eragon/Eldest and Uglies. I love magic/fantasy. I LOVE reading!?
When does the story "By the Waters of Babylon"happen?
Is Google doc a good place to write and save a book at?
Harry Potter fans: According to you, which one of the two, did Harry love/like more.?
Feedback please!!!?
which of the Twilight 4 books are better in your opinion? Pls Answer!?
What book has the largest collection of Thomas Jefferson's writings?
Do you like reading or writing better?
How can I make this scene more emotional?
Writing a story for fun,I need some teenage boy names!?
Can someone please gimme a book review please?
Potter Fans, peculiar questions ?
Good Books for me to read?
I was wondering of Dean Koontz and Stephen King are enemies?
is every 13 year old girl in the world writing a novel about vampires?
Suggested summer reading list for grad student with summer off?
Did anyone read "Dear John"? Which is now in theaters now? i think?
What does everyone think about Twilight?
What books would recommend for me?
literary analysis short happy life of Francis macomber HELP?
Dark Life Questions...?
Please tell me what you think so far?
I have the 2006 edition of Timeless Voices and my poem, 'Bye Centennial' is listed first. Is this all a scam?
Who believes the world is ending this year?
Have you any idea why a raven is like a writing desk?
What website i can read Anything He Wants 3? I already read 1 & 2. Just need to read book 3-5. Thanks?
Which of these books should I read?
What are some good World War II books?
What is the title of Pablo Neruda's poem?
Can you recommend a modern self help/life coaching book along the lines of Tony Robins, etc.?
What's your favorite book? I'm going to read it.?
I read a creepy story, and now I can't sleep?
what you is qualification is important for life or not?
Alice in Wonderland Original?
Were you disappointed in the last Artemis Fowl? (Spoilers)?
What were poets of the 1940s writing about?
what is the purpsoe of a hyperbole (as a literary device)?
Where can I publish humor sketches?
Does anyone remember a book called 'The Juniper Tree'??
Whats BADD about my story?
Author whose main character is a book seller, and collector of First Editions?
can anybody please suggest me good sociology books for sociology honors student?
What is a book that moved you, changed you or remains with you?
name three authors that harper lee was associated w/?
the book matched by Allie Condie poem ideas?
was u scared on june,6,2006?
Any third installment for Miss Shelley Winters Autobiography?
If Harry Potter and Edward Cullen fought....?
Who Hates Johnny Tremain- or has read it?
Please post some scary stories best answer 10 points?
Answer only if you are a Twilight fan?
How is the Castle Rock described in the book?
Witch in the Black Bird Pond..?
If I want to write a novel (fiction), in what way can I do it?
Your fav book series?
What would be the title of your autobiography?
what is the native place of philip kotler?
For Harry Potter fans?
Name for my sci-fi series (planned for TV)?
Am looking for a Golden Book (circa 1960s) w/plot: Angel Turns into Baby Brother....?
Auden's comment on Shakespeare's sonnets?
Who is your favorite "Classic" author from below?
what makes an awesome protagonist?
need help for story!!?
♥Twilight fans!!! Which team?!?
What genre of creative writing is easiest to write for you?
hunger games book report help!!!?
I need a name for a 18 year old blonde boy for a book im writing, please help!!!?
looking for title of First Love by has 3 stories last one guy is 20's girl is very young?
Does anyone know the author of the book, Reviving Ophelia? No "copy and paste" - ing?
i need two stand's poam they have to be two lines plz plz pl!!!!!!?
Writers: Do you ever get ridiculed for being a writer?
What happens during the rising action of a short story?
macbeth creative writing help?
does any one have any idea what the artemis fowl book eoin is still writing is aout?
Young Goodman Brown Essay?
How to dress for a literature themed book party?
Has anyone read The Great Gatsby? Would you reccommed it? What do you like about it?
Do you know a good book to read for a girl the age of 14?
Idea for a story Part 2?
Is this a good beginning for a story?
Have you ever read the Purpose Driven Life?
Anyone read Eragon and Eldest?
Are most moives made from books always worst than the book?
Are you going to buy Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on July 21st?
Please rate this prologue of my story?
Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows...Question?
different color wheels?
How should I start my story? Help?
Surviving the applewhites book?
The child called it symvols used in the novel?please help!!?
Main theme of "The Call of the Wild"?
Quotes Showing Evil/Tyrannical side of Macbeth?
Does the "Hooper Ranch Bookkeeper" in the Grapes of Wrath have any lines?
Did Emma Bovary deserve to die?
Spoiler warning - Harry Potter -?
What is the point of view in Whatever Happened To Janie and how does it impact the story?
The Tomorrow series?
Does anyone have some good resources (books, sites...) about Mary Shelley?
In what order should I read John Grisham novels?
Question for Fantasy Readers that read Keyes, or Feist?
i'm looking for an author similar to jodi picoult in possibly every way. i want crime stories/thrillers....?
whats the name of the mob in to kill a mockingbird?
Analysis of Metamorphosis by Kafka?
what do you think is a book that shouldn't be read unless you've got a lot of patience....?
Is Harry Potter the best book ever or what?
A sci fi book written in 40's or 50's which expained the big small theory, Title, author?
what is the most comprehensive book about post-modern literature criticism, especially about cyberpunk?
Children's book with ketchup the monkey (that looks like the sock monkey)?
In the book Cold in The Summer, Is the girl, not the ghost, named Araidne Fellowes?? Please tell! I need it!?
What order is the Otherworld series in?
I need advice for the characters in my novel.?
Novel that shows the negative side of society?
What is andrew clements mailing adress?
A really ADDICTING book?
Publishing a novel - pen name copyrights?
In the Grapes of Wrath, what is Ma's philosophy of "holdin' on" and what is the value of Casy's prayer?
Where can I read books online?
How can I get the childrens book I wrote published?
A Short Beginning To My Story, Any Thought?
has anyone read the Wisdom of Crowds?
In the books Warriors, (By Erin Hunter) How does Tigerstar and Bluestar die?
where can download Kim Stanley Robinson's Book "The Years of Rice and salt" from?
what is the mood ro tone in the hunger games book?
What time period should my story be in?
Harry Potter Fans-Did you know that...?
'High-brow literature' book recommendations?
Which Books to Read First?
HARRY POTTER FANS: Which would you rather be a spectator at?
Who was Ralph Waldo Emerson?
how do i get an analysis of grey's elegy?
Looking for a book title- renaissance, Italy, fiction, new/popular, main character is rich/ female.?
What do you think of this description of non-existent island?
Writing Contest help?
Twilight by Stephanie Meyer!?
Why Helen keller so attached to her doll "Nancy"?
has anybody read Gravity's rainbow? Is it as good as the critics say? Is it worth the time to read it?
Best series of fantasy books.?
Harry Potter Kit Help?
any good books i can read?
What is the font size of a manual typewritter using pica 87?
What do you think of this twist?
How many books a week do read on average?
If your life, so far, was made into a book, what would be the opening sentence?
Good romantic comedy (chick lit) books?
Were you read to as a child?
Whats as good as harry potter novel? doesnt have to be in same genre. (I am not a freak fan of hp)?
Beowulf's immortality?
whts the use of dectaphones?
What is the format for writting a book of poetry?
does the book series in or out have a fifth book?
which is the brand of your writing pen?4662011106001"> What is your all time favorite book to read? One you could read over and over and never be bored by?
What U.S city of at least 1M POP has not been used to death in film and literature?
What Explorer is a well known TV and storybook character?
What Are Some Good Songs That Could Be Like A Theme For The Story I'm Writing?
Are they going to make anymore Wildfire books?
What happens next......? (best and most entertaining answer wins)?
How does my novel idea sound?
Character profiles (MOTIVATION)?
If Iago, from the play Othello, was in court for the deaths he caused, what evidence could prove him innocent?
Do you consider poetry that doesn't rhyme poetry?
Help with my story, please?
Fantasy novel help? Tips?
Looking for a good book?
What is the climax and resolution of the book Tokyo Heist?
What do you think of that character's name and what type of person does it bring to mind?
Teenagers...whats the best book you've ever read?
Books on how to write a novel.?
Name a random book, and let's see which one would get the most thumbs up or down?
what is de-bau-je-mah-jig? context: native canadian theater and language?
Twilight quote? what chapter is this from?
The Catcher in the rye? how does Holden relate to mr.spencer(history teacher?
What are some good autobiographical books?
I need help doing my literary analysis for harrison bergeron I need quotes in it,i really need help!!?
is it possible for anyone to be as smart as Sherlock Holmes?
Is it important to read Dan Brown Books in order?
Who is your favorite author?
I am looking for a book by an author with the last name of Hoffman the begining of title is Guardian Angels?
Stylistic features/resources used in "As I lay Dying" by William Faulkner?
I want to read R.W. Emerson's essays. Which ones should I start with?
Can't seem to remember this book?
what did you think of the book eclipse, and why?
When did Richard Bach get divorced?
How many times have you read the Harry Potter Books?
how can one get isbn number in nigeria?
Does anyone know where I can read the full version of Petrosinella online?
Should I read Twilight?
What is a good description for these characters?
How many HARRY POTTER fans r there out there?Can d book really drive u mad?Does it make u prone to witchcraft?
Analysis of hyperion A Fragment by John Keats?
i started 2 read elizabeth haydon book called Rhapsody.. how many is in this Series?
Elfen lied story line question?
It was cold that day of voodoo a day of magick and love hate and hex.good or need of help?
look for information about the author Alice Munro and her book "hateship,friendship,courtship,loveship,…
What books that Voltaire write?
Need Help With Ideas?!?!?!?
what are 2 dialogue examples from the book across five aprils?
help pleaseee helppppppppppppp?
summary of chapters 11 to 20 of Ernest Hemingway's(A FAREWELL TO ARMS).?
How to start a scary story?
Need help with Story plot line for vampire novel?
A writers' survey...just for fun?
Anyone know a novel like this?
"Think back to your childhood, what was your favorite book?
How do you set the right mood/setting of a scene through your writing?
is it possible to read a 400 page book in a day and a half?
what is the summery of the book "vibes" by amy kathleen ryan?
Langston Hughes poetry about Alberta K. Johnson?
Harry Potter Spoilers?
Can someone name this book?
When is the type of books trending going to change?
What should I put on my poster?
What is your favorite book written by an Asian/Indian or Middle Eastern author?
Can you please read my story? tell me what you think!?
What is the role of fate in the Aeneid? Is a belief in fate good or bad for the Roman people?
Can anyone reccomend any good books to read?
HELP - How would you continue the book Lord Of The Flies?
Good books for summer reading?
comment on?
What is a good published poem that will be easy to write story about?
Symbolism Question??????????
Books for people who like LOST?
Why does Henry David Thoreau say his middle name first? Is there any reason besides just being weird?
example of an onomatopoeia poem?
who is the main character in a walk to remember?
can someone please give me a full description of Things not seen by Andrew clements?
What is this quote?
Who wrote i hate the sun?
Where can I buy the original Coraline book by Neil Gaiman?
Book title name for a mystery story?
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Q?? 10 points??!?
how do i publish a children's book?
whos the hero and why in the book feed?
Who is your favorite character in "friends" and why.?
How long will harry potter be around for?
Does anyone know where it mentions anything about 'beetle cars' in Fahrenheit 451?
Have you ever read a book which has changed your perspective/opinion on something?
Contrast parachutist with an open chut and close chut?
Premiere team international/herbalife?
"Can't put it down" book recommendations for my long plane trip?
Book suggestions for a 15 year old?
Is Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys a good read?
the book lord of the rings was inspired from something true or from nationals fairy tells?
Is the book, "Twilight" is good book?
What is the best dictionary in internet?
What is a good way to pubicize a self published book?
Do I grin & bear it or see a doctor?
Was Leonardo Da Vinci really a tranny?
Could anybody help me with the questions about Eveline by J.Joyce?
Can anyone plz help me find the titles of these books?
Answer this Fahrenheit 451 question please.?
horror scene ?????????????????????????????
Does anyone know any Japanese ghost story books written between 1600 to 1945?
I want to write a short fantasy book/novel. Some tips?
Who is your favorite comic book writer and artist? What is your favorite comic?
Do you think Richelle Mead is a sell out?
Harry Potter fans:How do you feel when people say that harry potter is "just about a wizard"?
how does ralph ellison from the book "invisible man" treat racism?
who is your favourite author?
Do you want to be a movie star?"?
"Don Kichot" . why this book is famous in the world ? What's the real life of the outhor ?
Is there a website for bookworms?
In your opinion what sort of characters would be interesting in a post-apocalyptic setting?
Story line help please?
your favorite young adult novels?
does harry potter die??
Anyone know of a site that will tell you if a phrase is copyrighted or not?
Any Chaotic Good Assassins?
Which soldiers were infected by the The Great Influenza of 1918?? from the author John Barry??s?
Have any of u read 'Anne Frank'?
I am looking for a couple of good books.?
what is your favorite quote?
did you ever have a character squeeze another character's thigh under the table?
"Maus" and "Survival in Auschwitz" comparison?
The name of an Irish chick lit author (possibly Marilyn?) who appeared on Radio Two this week?
do u know anything about the book 'lady in white' pls. mention about it?
What are the 5 kinds of poems?
Who declined the 1964 Nobel Peace Prive in Literature?
I can't work out how to introduce this?
Should I continue writing this or should I give it up?
Do You Like The Book Twilight?????
Need your ideas associated with a journey (for a book)?
i am a fan of writings by muhammed zafar iqbal, are you?
what is the order of the clique series?
What should I name her?
I'm wondering if there is any novel writing software with a display that allows you to?
In the book "slaughterhouse five" by kurt vonnegut, what are some significant scenes or symbols?
I need help with a question from this reading?
Nicknames and middle names for book character, Fern?
Harry Potter?
how many of christopher pike's (the young adult author) books have become audio books? where can I buy them?
poems by anne sexton?
Does my writing suck?
Writers: Can anyone recommend a site where I can promote my eBooks for no charge?
Why don't Harry, Ron and Hermoine go to other Quidditch games?
Would this be a good short film?
Where can I find Literary Criticism of John Donne on the internet?
What is the last book you read?
Macbeth vs. The Lion King?
Books you think everyone MUST read before they die?
what is a feature article?
Lately i haven't been abel to find a good book to read....any suggestions?
Can A Kind Loving Person Help Me With Identifying Literary Devices ?
Any websites like but for original fiction?
Question about the settings used in Jane Eyre?
can anyone recommend any good books for teens?Ones that make you think, romance and funny?
Order from book depository haven't arrived yet?
Anyone ever publish their own children's books?
What is "Davinci Code" talk about?
where can i post my short stories?
What's your #1 best book you've ever read?
How do I check on the number of sales on a novel that I had published recently.?