How can I remove the conditions on Permanent residence when my marriage has failed due to deceit of my wife?
Research books on Lancelot du Lac?
Need information about Architectual housing?
Is sarah dessen coming out with any new books?
Who is your favorite vampire? Lestat, Dracula or Edward?
Favorite teen romance books?
Correlation between pen names and author biographies?
i need help with a story?
Where would you place Barbara Kingsolver as an author among the great authors?
I'm looking for a short story about a rolling sphere that kills? Possibly expands and grows legs?
What was the last bit of writing to blow you away?
what is the name of the biggest book in the world?
i want to read a really good book!?
What do you think of these names?
can anyone help me with this story called Schlock Waves Felt across U.S. Campuses by Eric L. Wee?
I amlooking for 2000 free bibles to hand out in a ministry trip any ideals where to look?
THE ENGLISH PATIENT: Who do you dislike and why?
How does my story sound so far?
The top 5 fictions (in English) you have read?
input on a paragraph from my story?
Twilight fans: edward or jacob? who's hotter? ?
Is noted author Olivia Coolidge still alive?
Who was Grendel?
i love jasper do you love him?
Is the new JK Rowling book any good?
Which would you consider as the best novel you've ever read?
- Jacob team or Edward team? - Twilight and new moon related ;D -?
why are twilight haters so arrogent sometimes?
Summery of Shooting the Moon by Frances O'roak Dowell?
how do i fill in gaps in my memory for an autobiographical narrative?
Who loves Edward Cullen?
Girls, what is your favourite book of all time?
Does anybody know a poem with the line 'somewhere between heaven and woolworths'.?
What is Alex Flinn's writing style in Beastly?
what are 2 conflicts that take place in the book born confused by Tanuja?
50 Shades of Grey question!?
Who's read the short story "The Swing"?
What is A simile for the smell of something spreading?
What's a good characters name?
if you could go into any book, which would it be?
How long did it take you to read "Twilight"?
whats a good book to read if i LOVE dan brown??
What are some of the best books you ever read?
"He closed his eyes, as if to escape time"?
What size font should my text be?
How long should I wait for my characters to fall in love?
do you like harry potter?
can reading a good book change your life? which book changed your life?
what would be a good title for my fan fiction story for school?
In my book who should he go with i want opinions?
Da vinci code?
what is the name of this young adult/romance novel?
who else is going to see twilight as soon as it comes out!!!?
Is there a Harry Potter in 63 Songs like there is a Lord of the Rings in 63 Songs?
Is the history in 'Da Vinci Code' fact?
should i read the twilight books?
Great Expectations Quote Book Question?
Are there any aspiring writers out there who only want to write even when they are at work?
What are you like Hp fan Or Twilight?
help with my novel please help like this plot?
What are some good books to read?
Help! I'm looking for a book!?
Who said, "The definition of myth is somebody else's religion."?
Have you read Pieces? Oprah reamed him today?
Can I use a review from a magazine as a source for my essay?
What do you think of this short story idea?
How long does it take you to read a book?
where can i find thw whole book of fly away home by eva bunting, online for free?
Does my story have too many plot holes?
where to sell 1st edition books?
What are some adventurous names that are like "Sharkboy" and Lavagirl?
I want to change the tittle of my story......Any Ideas?
what is the weather like in your country ?
What is the longest book you have ever read?
Good books for a Book Report?
What is a good title for my story?
What is the name of this children's book?
Novel in which men are abolished?
Best high story youve had?
What's this book called?
Who was the author who wrote a sci-fi/fantasy book about a man who would be translated to a world where...?
How do you decide what race to make your characters?
10 point which last name is better?
how can I make myself read more?
'Frankenstein' in Chinese?
Books like Looking for Alaska?
Which is best 7" or 8.9" kindle fire?
Where did Henry Miller live in Paris?
How do you spell the name of jubal sackett's pet buffalo in the book Jubal Sackett.?
I need a new book to read. What should I read next?
have you read a million little pieces by james frey. please answer the following questions. thanks in advance?
where can i find free online book angels and demons by dan brown?
Can you recomend a good book for me?
To writers: Which do you prefer?
Best of Saki - What was the name of the rich cousin in the short story "Fur"?
would this story be too long of an introduction to a speech?
where do i find movie characters to use for a book report?
Can you understand Breaking Dawn without reading Twilight?
When writing a novel, can you make up a make-belief town even if...?
One book you’d want on a desert island?
what would you do if you become invisible for 1 day?
Why or why not would you recommend the Phantom of the Opera?
SIDDHARTHA by herman hesse?
I'm thinking of a career in writing. Any advice?
I can't remember the name of this book?
Can you please tell me what you think of this book?
I want to buy motivational or self insperational book.. Any suggestion?
What makes Twilight fun to read?
Writer or not?!?!?! heeeeeeeeeeeeeelp!?
I'd like to know about the book The DaVinci Code...?
Book Made Into Movie =]?
What is the best selling novel of 2005?
is the correct spelling awful or aweful?
Does anybody know the short story about a man who is strangled by a Dead Hand?
Main Idea and Supporting Ideas of a selection.?
who was shakespeare's queen?
which book is the best translation of bhagwad gita in English language ?
Spoilers for "The Bridge of Tereabithia" By Katherine Paterson. Question inside.?
whre can i download books?
what book has taught you the most?
Uh Harry Potter Fans? Some help out?
What point of view is The Son Neptune told in?
what are some good books for a teenage girl?
In 'Of Mice and Men', is there a point when Slim is sexist towards Curley's wife?
What's the Last good book you read ...?
Follow up to my story I am writing. Part 2?
Twilight Fans: Which Character Do You Find To Be Most Selfish In The Series?
What's the plot??????????????
appearance vs. reality in the scarlet letter?
Any Vampire Books except Twilight & Vampire Academy?
I was wondering if anyone can read my story on Wattpad?
Any recommendations for books about organised crime the 1920s-30s?
What book am I thinking of?
How does an author contact Opra to have a book considered for her book club?
What is your favorite fairytale?
I'm running out of good books to read?
Please edit the first chapter of my story.?
Your opinion on Breaking Dawn SO FAR?
How does parenting play a key roll in the book "Wicked"?
have you read this?
Can anyone help me find the title of an old book?
What does Lon Po Po, the Chinese version of The Little Red Riding Hood, have to do with the Chinese culture?
What book are you currently reading?
i need the real chronology of "a rose for emily" by william faulkner!!!!?
Does anyone know how close to the book this movie is?
Book Storyline Ideas?
In the book Maniac Magee where does Mars Bar live?
angels and demons" by dan brown is questioning a very valid system of ideas..are you for or aganinst it and?
what is the striking features of O.Henry's novel?
I need a tabloid heather for when duncan goes to macbeth house?
NaNoWriMo! What genre to choose this year?
Do you think the Da Vinci Code is really stolen?
If you had the power to pull one character out of a book, who would it be and why?
Can you find manga books for specialized fields in your country?
Why are we, Christians, making such a big deal about the Da Vinci Code?
If I'm writing the greatest love story of all time, should it end in joy or tragedy?
How does the setting function in John Updike's "A&P"?
Ender's Game: What is the name of the buggers' planet?
where can i read fantasy-fiction stories/novels?
movie vs. book...which one is better?
In The Great Gatsby, is Nick Caraway judgmental? ?
Which book do you recomend ( for Discworld fans only )?
The short story: "The Fly"?
How to Plot (5 points)?
"Dark" children's books?
The weirdest or most boring book you ever had to read?
Has anybody read ALL of L M Montgomery's works?
Ray Bradbury Responsibility Theme?
Title of NYT Book review?
What do you think of this story so far?
Can you correct the grammar spelling, etc in this short piece of writing?
A Brief History Of Time by Stephen Hawking?
In which title of books in my library can i search for the first native americans that lived in america?
Why was the book baned?
Does anyone know the name of this book?
Who's your fave Harry Potter character?
Is the series of "Twilight" worth reading?
Where can I download absolutely free audio books?
What's your favorite book? One that you've read over and over again.?
Dawson's Creek books?
Who do you think will die in the next Harry Potter book and why?
What book should I read?
What do you think about my story so far???
Will I like these Dean Koontz books?
What are some unimportant details in the book the outsiders?
Does reading children's books as an adult signify a desire to escape from reality?
What is your all-time favorite short story?
How's this opening......?
Names for my story????????
Good books for a Christian grade 6 girl?
What is the summary of The adventures of Uylesses?
What happens when you stake a vampire?
I need a title for my paper?
looking for a romance book, forgot the title!?
Demigod Names For my book?
do you like this idea?
[Fictional Literature] Are you familiar with this novel?
Am I a talented author?
One of those hideous books where the mother dies...?
I am interested in finding a book From Boeuf to Beaucoup: Vintage Tales of Caldwell Parish...?
how many of u feel that the harry potter movies will never be as good as the books? why?
Just a bit of help, please.. c:?
What is the sci fi planet Troas?
How many books do you read at once?
Alice in Wonderland by Louis Caroll?
I need help finding a series of books about Laura Ingalls Wilder that is NOT the Little House books.?
What's your favorite book by V.S. Naipaul?
HELP ME change these sentences..?
What is your favorite fantasy book? story good? this is all i got so far?
i need a summary of tinker tailor soldier spy how can i get one?
A translation site?
What is the setting in the novel "My Sister's Keeper"?
What is a reliable third person limited narrator?
For Harry Potter fans?
Twilight Series or Harry Potter? (Only for those who have read both, please)?
i read all the fablehaven books like a year ago but now i want to read the 5th one should i read the others?
What are the main themes in the novel "The Ash Garden" by Dennis Bock?
Im reading twilight but idk if i should finish?
Are any of you Harry Potter geeks?
Heroes of Olympus books.?
What Makes a Fairy Tale?
please help me describe the historical museum for my children?
What do you think your life would be like if Harry Potter books never exsisted?
What do you think of my story idea?
How many books did C.S. Lewis write exacly?
I'm not very creative and i have to write a medieval romance for english class, any one have plot ideas?
What is the ultimate romance story (apart from Romeo and Juliet!)?
Essay help for The Host by Stephenie Meyer?
Has Any one Read The Collector by John Fowles?
Throughout the year I have read a large amount of books.The book which caught my attention was "The Wave".?
Who is your favourite author?
Where can books be read online legally and for free?
Twilight =(?
Is Harry Potter important?
Will you help me find the poetic devices in this poem? Easy 10 points?
Has anyone read the book THE ABC'S OF LOVING YOURSELF WITH DIABETES by Riva Greenberg?
what are themes for the book monster by walter dean myers?
what would be a good speech?
a seperate peace by John Knowles. chapter 6?
what is a theme of a story?
Study guides that break down the Ramayana chapter by chapter?
The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco?
Similarities and differences of Orwell's Essays?
How can I get a reviewing job with a publisher?
What book should I read for AP Lit?
Where does Hester believe Pearl's wildness comes from?
What are some good books for a 14 year old girl to read?
Love story? Help me?!?
What book should I read by Stephen King?
Pride and Prejudice chapter 1-10 summary?
How much do you know about the Hunger Games Trilogy?
1984- What pleasures of the senses are mentioned in this chapter? What is Orwell’s point in mentioning them?
i am trying to find the value of some books that are dated 1897 and have found no information on these books?
How much is a first edition of UNCLE TOM'S CABIN worth?
Will there be a 4th book of elsewhere?
What are some good books written in 3rd Person?
Books/Movies similar to the following....?
what do you think about the first chapter of my book, "HOW TO PICK UP WOMEN"?
How do Emersons's essays self reliance and Nature reveal his transcendentalist ideals?
what was mark twain contribution to literature?
What do you think of this Fictional Group?
Harry Potter what house?
I'm looking for a good book?
What happened to the Bella twins?
How do I get a short story published?
different names for a character?
is twlight based on a true story?
Am i the only person that doesn't like the fictional character Edward Cullen?
Ideas on how to start writing my horror story?
title of a novel by a greek author about mathematics?
Looking for the name of a horror story series?
Can anyone please analyze this passage taken from Jane Eyre?
Can anyone tell me a good book on chess game?
Help finding a certain Christmas children's book..?
Novel about twin boys and a fallout shelter that sped up time.?
Avid Readers: Does it annoy you when...?
where can i download Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher AUDIOBOOK for FREE?
Is it true the rescue team that show up at the end of Lord of the Flies was just Ralph's hallucination?
i want to read book twelve by lemony snicket online how do i get that?
Anyone want to help me find an amazing new book to get hooked on?
Songs to do with the Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne?
how much does the book twilight cost?
anyone read brave new world? essay help please?
I'm writing a story, and I was wondering if anyone had any unusual girl names?
what is a taroc pack?
Teen recommended non-fiction books?
Ideas on how to start writing my horror story?
What evidence from the novel proves that Three Cups of Tea is subjective or objective?
Do you believe what's written in Dan Brown's "Da Vinci Code"?
Book Club Party for 13 Reasons Why?
Can you finish this quote and tell me who wrote it without googling it?
Any book recommendations?
Gameshow names for my story!?
does anyone have a biography on lurlene mcdaniel?
What's a good book for a 13 year old boy to read?
harry potter OR twilight?
will you please tell me about the best ten books or websites for graphic design??
explaining harry potter firebolt buying?
What are qualities associated with Victorian English classic novels of the 19th century?
Girl with the drogon tattoo book?
Which idea do you prefer?
Are there any classic novels about survival?
Can anyone tell a a good website to?
Where can I find a story about "Little ankle bone" that I remember from my childhood?
I need help finding a book?
What's a really sweet and girly name?
Who is your favorite Harry Potter character and Why?
simple literature help?
A quote from any famous book which describes a disgusting or vile word?
How do you get a poem or a book published if you're only a kid? Do you have to have an editor or anything?
Help me with a story ? :-[?
Any recommendations for some Da Vinci code and Angels and Demons like fictions..?
What would be a good last name for?
The Prophecy Of The Next Dark Lord?
What do you think of my story?
is this a good book idea for mixed martial arts?
Pretty Little Liars???? Who is A?
What were the importances of Jack London's works and the themes he used in his writing?
I Need a biography that would be interesting to me. See Details?
Pleas help me with my story idea?
Do You want an 8th Harry Potter book?
Harry Potter Question?
Help w/To Kill a Mockingbird!!?
What is the name of....(read on plz)?
I need help doing my literary analysis for harrison bergeron I need quotes in it,i really need help!!?
What would you do if you got an Admission Letter from Hogwarts??
Can someone explain the theme Alcoholism in Fences by August Wilson?
When is it coming out?
how does miller present the relationship between proctor and abigail from what we see of them in act one?
What do you think of this short story?
I need help with my story?
I have almost 1/2 of my story written, but often get writers block and find it hard to focus?
do you know any action supernatural books about revenge?
Werewolf or Vampire?
A novel turned into a vocabulary workbook/teacher?
juxtaposition of past and present in the color purple?
does any one know any of the sherlock holmes stories that reffer to drug other than man with twisted lip?
Does this sound good: Book idea.?
"A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing."
first date of spanish translation of alice in wonderland?
How do I go about getting the Copyrihgt permit on a book I wish to reproduce?
Whoever likes Naruto fanfics? please come?
What similarities does Maya Angelou and Nikki Giovanni have?
who is your favourite author and why?
Garden of Eden By Ernest Hemingway?
Looking for 1990s published book (in English) from perspective of butler traveling to countryside. Know it?
Which Anne Rice book is your favourite and why?
What was Dositej Obradovic's influence on Serbian literature?
Help with this fiction book discussion?
Who tried to occupy all of spain in the book "the alchemist"?
Why is reading books so boring?
can someone give me a website that has the chapter summaries for the book "rise to rebellion" by jeff shaara?
Can someone please review this? It's kind of long?
who is the greatest man that either existed or is still exisisting in the world?
If SAID TO BE READ is not a brilliant title for a quotation me with a btter title americans may love
What does Whitsun bank holiday mean?
For those of you who read both Angels and Demons and the Da Vinci Code..i have a question..?
can i get help with a couple of names for my book?
Names for a short story?
Harry Potter Fans! Did you ever think that there was a chance....?
What makes a good writer?
Does anyone have any ideas for a creative project to do for the book I Am The Messenger by Markus Zusak?
Who loved the book "Memoirs of a Geisha"?
If you hadn't noticed, I am back on B&A?
What is the most over rated book you've read?
I'm writing a story, and what are some good names and events that can happen?
do you like michael jackson?i dont?
10 Points!!! Best title for my book that I am writing. Help!!!?
Jacob Black or Edward Cullen?
hound of the baskervilles timeline and/or pictures?
I need a great intro?
why do Jane and Bingley get back together in Pride and Prejudice?
I need a good love story book to read!?
inspirational stories of the bible?
Are writers going to be around thirty or fourty years from now?
can anyone suggest good books?
What were your favourite books as a child?
Anyone ever read "A child called it"?
A character's name?
Has anyone here read "Wild Swans" by Jung Chang?
What does this blurb mean?
Do you have any articles on The Importance of Being Earnest?
What is a good Historical fiction book that I can read, other than Memoirs of a Geisha and The Da Vinci Code?
Would Kinkos scan or copy a book for me?
What is the contribution of the mechanicals to the success of the play "A Midsummer's Night's Dream"?
How do I get a book published? It is a adult book...?
Is this a good beginning to my story? For a 14 year old...?
B&A: Could you name three reasons why you are writing your novel? +BQ:)?
where can i download story girl book by l.m.montgomery?
Read my story on FictionPress?
Do you think I'm a slow reader?
Does anyone have any books or authors that they strongly recommend?
What is the best book you have ever read ?
Did anyone else feel numb after finishing the 6th Harry Potter book?
What would be a good literary analysis for The Stand by Stephen King?
Is 13 years old too young to write a book?
Who was Mr. Borgin in the Harry Potter series?
Would you let your 10 year old read "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants"?
What is your least favorite book(s)?
for those of you who have read Catcher in the rye?
Teens who read please~?
I need the summary for A Thorn in the Heart..?
Does this happen to anyone's way of thinking while reading a book?
help with my short story please?
How many times Pele the world most famous soccer player, played in a world cup?
can anyone give me the contributions and influences of Marjorie Evasco? urgently needed!?
I love scary books, can anyone tell me a really scary one to read preferably one with a good twist?
How to get inspiration for my story?
In lord of the flies what is jack preoccupied with?
whats one thing you discovered in the book "Lord of the Flies"?
What Do You Think Of My Book So Far, Thoughts? PLEASE HELP?:)!?
A princess lives in a pound, comes to the surface and meets a boy and a girl. She falls in love (book name?)?
What book are you ashamed not to have read yet?
Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne, what is the theme/meaning?
I need help with a title?
what is your favorite book?
Which episodes of Pretty Little Liars are in the book?
Reccomended book series!?
What happens in The Runaway- Martina Cole?
5 words to Describe Peeta?
Where can I find a copy of the poem The Ballad of Simon MdGee?
Does any one know of magazine that is looking for hard boiled or street noir stories?
What is the connection between the book the time machine and the life of HG Wells?
What do you think of the novel "Wuthering Heights" by Emily Bronte?
Pick up your favorite book, and look on the last page. What is the very LAST word?
how do you de-acidify a book printed on high-acid paper?
Can someone please identify this book?
where can i buy the book " Act like a lady think like a man" in fresno?
In blackwomen literature, how do authors engage/contrast dominant feminism and use ceratin thematic concerns?
Outlander Series/ Diana Gabaldon?
Need the name of a book?
Source of Flannery O'Conner Quote: "You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you odd."?
Point of view of A rose for Emily?
What are some other good books like Willow by Julia Hoban?
Whats your favorite book? Why?
What have you learned from Twilight?
Sly and cunning or brave and loyal?
Who owns the Dead Sea Scroll copy of the Book of Thomas The Contender?
What's that book "The Secret" about!?
is cloudy with a chance of meatballs the one with the town of spits and swallows?
what is your last book or favorite book you have read because it seems hard to even finish one ?
What book are you currently reading?
Was Morrie making a judgment?
best books to read in spanish?
In Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter book, did the ending make you cry?
Where can I find books by Berton Braley?
What are your favorite C.S. Lewis Books?
If a person writes a book and sells?
in the scarlet letter how does hester prynne maintain her individuality despite appear to conform to society?
Are any of the books from the Twilight series inappropriate to read?
Whats the significance of The Catcher in the Rye?
Any Terry Brooks (Shannara books) fans know when the next book comes out? Title?
What are some examples of sterility in short story a good man is
In "The Name of the Wind" Did Kvothe ever kiss Denna?
where to find a book?
Who's the main character in Concrete Immortalz?
why do people think that harry potter books teaches dark magic?
Can your read my story and tell me if it's good?
On India Today Book Club, can I discuss about the books?
1984 caddelic fleetword?
I need to know how to protect an authors work when trying to get a manuscript published for the first time.?
Does anyone know if Dennis LeHane has a new book coming out soon?
I need a new book name, ideas!? ASAP!?
Harry Potter news: Does anyone know when the 7th bk is comin out and what its gonna be called??
Another random Harry Potter poll..?
What book are you reading at the moment, and what do you think of it so far?
In your opinion, do you think the Harry Potter movies have gotten better or worse?
Animal Farm by George Orwell Question! HELP PLEASE! :D?
How does my writing sound?
Science fiction short story idea with a twist?
historical fiction authors of childrens picture books?
On what page is Mrs. Robinson first mentioned in 50 Shades of Grey?
What are your opinions of the Shannara series by Terry Brooks?
Harry Potter fans: ahem...some....ahem....questions?
Did anyone ever find David Blaine's hidden treasure?
How hard is it to become an Author?
What book did you like in the Chronicles of Narina?
what is meant by symbolism in literature?
Is the narrator of Tell Tale Heart insane?
What should be the title, if i write a book on your life ?
Doesn't the book 'Christianity for Dummies' kind of have a redundant title?
Where can I find a translated version of "Les Jeux sont fait"?
Discuss about the Jane's child psychology in the novel "Jane Eyre".?
Are there any places in the world named after a place from Middle-Earth (Lord of the Rings)?
scope of study for promoting an employee?
Which is better twlight or harry potter?
Has anyone read the book "Girl in the arena"?
How would this idea sound for a Halloween story?
What are some good books similar to through the wormhole with Morgan freeman?
A Doll House QUESTION?? by Ibsen!?
what do you understand form the poem i would like by Yevgeny Yevtushenko?
Does anyone else get annoyed by the poor spelling, grammar and syntax of some of the questions on this site?
When does "Heartless" come out from the series "Pretty Little Liars"?
What is the name of this young adult novel?
What is Cathy hokins doing today as in 2006?
What do you think of my book so far? Please read :)?
whats the order for Tom clancy's books?
Im confused on this book series need help?
critique this scene I've written?
Novel Writing Query !?
Good dark fantasy novels to read?
What Happens In Breaking Dawn Part 2?
Sex books ? not old novels ... something like em teens book .with sex?
If I have written a manuscript for a novel, what do I do to try and get published?
What are you reading today?
Eldest the book?
Can you please read my Hunger Games fanfic?
PLEASE HELP ME WITH MY STORY!I!! I don' know what to write after this? any suggestions?
what is better name?
To who belongs the quotation "Life without a goal is an early death"?
Help with title ideas?
Can anyone recommend a new series of books- I love Janet Evanovich and crime?
The best book you have ever read?
My male friend reads the Twilight books. Is he homosexual?
Is this good for a first chapter?
Are Madeleine L'Engle's concepts true?
Help making a title for the fight between Beowulf and the dragon?
Could someone recommend a book like.......... ?
Will any body suggest me whether there are any free download sites to download traditional telugu poetry?
what is phychological testing?
Names for my book characters! HELP!?
Is love immortal?
Are you interested in being part of a reading test group?
What's that book called thats on tumbr?
Need some help deciding on names?
Dorothy Parker poem that deals with the different methods of doing away with ones self and is short.?
What are some sweet, CLEAN romance novels?
Im looking for a harry potter fanfiction?
in the book a clash of kings did gendry die when lannisters caught them?
writing what happened?
Would "Dear John" by Nicholas Sparks be a appropriate book for my 8th grade class?
a good opening for a story?
From the story : The Red Convertible?
Concept of Innovision & how it is different from innovation?
What is your opinion on Voltaire's Candide?
A question about my book?
Harry Potter vs. Twilight?
What is the value of an original first Edition of "The Decisive Moment"?
I am looking for a book.?
Which story is more original?
Is there going to be a sequel to the book "Inheritance"?
What do you think of this part of my story?
I need help with hunger games homework :D?
which city was william shakespeare born in ??
?Absence is to love as wind is to fire; It extinguishes the small and kinde the great?
What do you think of my book idea?
Writers/readers: do you prefer happy or tragic endings?
does anyone know this book? (paranormal/fantasy romance book)?
What to write on a twilight shirt?
what does nemonisimors mean?
Do you wish YOU had Edward Cullen?
Story Writing Help????
What is your Pottermore user name?
Really good teen books?
What should I call my book?
Good book series for 13 year old girl?
What is your favorite poem by Sylvia Plath and how many have you read?
How Does the Title "Keeping the Moon" by Sarah Dessen tie in with the theme and plot?
Secret life of a American teenager?
In 1995 Pride & Prejudice the opening ball showed Bingley and Darcy wearing Bicorn hats after that Top Hats?
Getting a story/poem/etc published?
I need a surname that is similar to a Romanian surname.?
Books that were written while the author was high on drugs?
what do you find are the main events in the book Time Stops for No Mouse?
Can somebody recommend a good sci fi/fantasy book or a decent author?
Just a random question: what is your favorite genre to read about?
Fantasy story help please?
if you were on a quidditch team what role would you play (eg. seeker)?
Some ideas for my story?
In Julius Caesar, why did Shakespeare pick such a terrible death for Portia?
Mistresses in Classic Literature?
Is "The Mark Of Athena" The last book in the heroes of Olympus series by: Rick Riordan?
what can you say about the last leaf story by O. Henry?
Harry potter illegal download? very wrong?
What do you think of Sidney Sheldon's novel - The Other Side of Midnight?
is there any more books like percy jackson or the kane chronicles?
How does Eudora Welty use setting and characterization in her various short stories?
Name for my sci-fi series (planned for TV)?
Questions about the book the alchemist by paulo coelho?
Author Robert Newcomb's Chronicles of Blood and Stone?
who wrote the dog is dead poem played by John Peel?
What are some good teen novels?
what is that song in the beginning of vampire diaries episode 22 part 1?
why do people say thou too brutus?
Who wrote the book DEAD?
How should my character gain the trust of the prince in my story he doesnt really like her due to her past?
What's the longest book you have ever read?
which book are you reading just now?
can you help me analyze?
Which Story Most You Like ...EDGAR ALLAN POE's writtings..?
Lord, Change Me! by Evelyn Christenson extra copies?
qandil is a kind of ancient lantern,I want more information about it.?
Is the literature of the Middle Ages Moribund?
Have you read "TheTurner Diaries"?
What do you think of my writing blog?
Question to Editors out there please?
I'm getting into Herman Hesse, which books should I read?
short story with twist!! help?
How would a humanist criticize the count of monte cristo?
Website with fan letters to authors?
What's the best book ever?
Oppinions on Atwood's treatment of time in the novel Handmaid's Tale?
Story plot help, please and thanks?
I would like to join a book club in the SW portland area?
DIDLS examples for A prayer for owen meany?
In Harry Potter 7,whose death grieves you the most?
Name of book about a sheep and cow/goat. Can't remember?
help me find the name of childhood book please!?
what is your favorite book?
Where can i find a study guide for the book "Random Family"?
Are any of you reading a book at the moment?
Any great young adult action/fantasy/romance/dystopian books?
Can someone tell me what the moral of this story is?
What to read after Stieg Larsson's 'Millennium' trilogy?
who wrote to kill a mocking bird?
How long would it take you to read the Harry Potter book series?
compare Frankenstein to a film and show how the plot of the novel reflects it?
/\/\.. Harry Potter Fans I have some random questions here !../\/\?
Who wrote the famous book - 'The Red Wrath'?
What are good themes for a story?
Looking for a great book to read.....starting life over @ 40?
Somone nam 3 books!?
Student/teacher relationship story plot?
Can someone help me with this story idea?
how come henry darger's book isnt available to read??
Ive read the Hobbit and the Lord of the rings trillogy, which one should i read next?
In A series of Unfortunate Events the 5th, what was Sunny impersonated by? (A sack of something).?
English language book about a different country?
From the book Chasing vermeer?
What are some good dark romance books?
Deciding characters for my story!?
HELP! I need a guy character! (name)?
Harry Potter is over?
Are there any Christians on here, who have read all 7 books in the harry potter series and...?
Names associated with darkness?
What is "The Good Earth" about?
What are some good books for a 13 year old girl can read?
Does anyone know this book series?
Book called something like the runner?
Similarities between Giovanni's Room, The City and the Pillar, and Maurice?
what is a tippet?
Any tips on writing a book?
Really scary stories?
List questions/comments about davinci code and angels and demons books?
Young Adult Book, Girl with two different colored eyes (and is a twin)?
in the warhammer series.... more below?
I am a fiction writer with 4 stories with the same 2 main characters for sale. do anyone know where I can sell?
how much could my first edition signed copy of Harry poter and the goblet of fire be worth?
Does a 40 line limit, include spaces?
How can I get chapter summaries on the book The NeverEnding Story?
Can I use name of a movie/popular (famous) person/place in my book?
Questions about Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens?
Best book you've ever read?
Which is better; to read the book or to watch the movie based on the book? why?
What are some character traits of roger in lord of the flies?
Any one read THE DEEP by helen dunmore?
What are your comments on my new chapter?
* Who's Your Favorite FICTIONAL Couple? ?
did jace get jealous in city of bones?
10 adjectives to describe Mariam from A Thousand Splendid Suns?
What is the BEST way to go about publishing a fantasy book?
The Art of Urban Sketching?
Has anyone enjoyed The Last Song (book) as much as I did?
What is a good theme song for Cimorene from the book "Dealing with Dragons"?
Who Loves Twilight? The vampire romance novel?
How does this idea sound?
A good series of books for a teen?
How can i succeed in my exam?
Grapes Of Wrath Question for chapter 3?
I want to write a novel, what's the next step?
Does anyone like Nora Roberts books?
Is the movie "The Covenant" a book if so where can I read it?
hyperbole, metaphor, simile for beauty?
when i play pool people cant see my words when i chat?
what is the largest selling book in the world?
Suggest a amazing book!?
Do You think Urban And Street Lit writing is art?
What would be a good title for series that includes the name Valcry within it?
What was the saddest death for you in Harry Potter?
Why did Agamemnon refuse to return Chryseis in Book 1 of the Iliad?
"Girl with a Pearl Earring": writing style and type of novel?
Is there a better site than amazon to sell used books on? Mostly it's children's books and history.?
Teen girls, what is the best book you have ever read?
What was the last book you read and was it any good?
Can someone summarize the book "Tamarind Mem"?
Has anybody read the book ttyl, if yes, what is it about?
Is this a good blurb ?????
I need to find short stories?
Book recommendations anyone?
last names?
Have you ever tried reading a famous novel but found it too dreadful to finish?
PLEASE brief summary of The Wars by Timothy Findley?
Recommend a good book on the major patterns/trends/themes in human history?
Something awkward for my Vampire Knight story?
How should I start my book?
Forbidden City by William Bell?
Question about the Kindle?
How do you feel about this so far?
what is the theme of willow by julia hoban?
How can I improve the Summary or my novel?
Is this too much for my novel...good ideas?
What's a good book to read for Halloween time, not young adult?
The Great Gatsby/ American Dream?
Does anyone know where I can find full-text chapters of the book TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD?
Are Native Americans often portrayed as either magical or mythical?
Twilight series or Harry Potter?
How can i get a photo like these beatiful and expressive you have?
i need help to think of a title for an kingdom hearts fan fic?
I need to read a book, any ideas?
What book do you recommend for a 15 year old girl.?
What is one book that you've read in your life that has truly influenced?
i want the ebook The Third Horror by RL Stine for free. Where can i get it??
Does anyone know where I can read Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side, online?
What's sexier, a chemisty teacher or a history teacher?
Snape's heroic traits?
where can i read Dead Girl Dancing by Linda Joy Singleton online?
When does Ponyboy start to realize that maybe Darry really does love him in the Outsiders?
Brothers Grimm horror...?
Do you treat character thoughts like quotes and separate them from the paragraph?
i can read 100 pages in a book in less than a hour.... is that good for a 14 year old?
Who wrote that book...?
what 3 things that reflect the book (1984 by george orwell) in real life?
Is it wrong to write stories that mock ideas or people?
what is Islam?
Twilight Book Question?? BEST ANSWER 10 POINTS!!?
moby dick help plz,,?
easy/hard way to earn 10 points?
Getting a book published?
why is everybody so obsessed with twilight?
What are some popular atheist writers?
teen fiction girls and young women book websites for dsi?
I dont understan the book The Pigman by Paul Zindel?
Title, Setting, and Character Names Help!!!?
what is a good book title?
What is ur favourite book?
What's your favorite Children's Book and why?
How many books has James Frey wrote?
Will there be another Alex Rider book after Scorpia.?
can i offer a $500. reward to the person that can find this particular book i seek?
Can you find this book for me?
How do we know from what time Beowulf is by reading the book only?
What is the name of the book in the movie .......?
i took up a job as an online writer . my latest assignment tells me to use UAW sets . what is that?
In the book nearest to you, what is the last sentence?
when you preorder a book does it get delivered at 12:00?
If JKR wrote about Neville Longbottom instead of Harry Potter would you still read the series?
OMG!!! Hermione is Voldemort!!!!! i can´t believe it!!!?
What was the last book you read (if any)??
Looking for the name of a historical romance?
Twilight or Harry Potter?
I am looking for a nonfiction author comparison. ie. I like Nelson DeMille, what other authors would I like?
What's that book "The Secret" about!?
which john d mcdonald novel best showcases his talent and why?
In which voyage in Gulliver's traverls Swift presents the pathatic picture of humanbeings?
Please review REWRITTEN story? i tried very hard?
Name ideas for my book and thoughts?
Has anyone read the Book The Alchemist?
I am looking for any Novel or book "SUMMER DAWN" author, date of publish, etc.?
Summer Reading... I'm bored.?
8th grade biography book?
What is a good book that you've read?
I need a name for group of people who have supernatural powers?
In Shakespeare's "As You Like It" Rosalind is in disguise until Act 5, but when does Celia drop her disguise?
If you were a vampire, what would be your favorite animal to drink?
A 1 or 2 sentence summary on the book Pride and Prejudice?
is the divinci code true or false?
Should I upload this short story?
What is your favorite book?
What is the significance of the Palace of Green Porcelain in H.G. Wells' The Time Machine?
BOOK REPORT HELP! What is the title in which the following characters are classified as?
Help, I need to find a Draco/Ginny fanfic!?
Why do some people only read books with porn in it, Are those the best kind of books?
Which character in "The Crucible" do you admire most?
grab a book that's close to you. turn to page 15 and read the 7th line. what does it say?
Do you anything about an Am writer called Williame C Broce or Proce?
Would you read my book?
who is albert j. raboteau and where he lived and when did he live?
where on the net can i find a good book review of the art of war by sun tzu?
what do you think of this part of my teen novel?
Any good book suggestions?
Is the Sherlock book series good?
In "The Prince Bride," Prince Humperdinck and Buttercup's wedding is planned on the same day as Florin's what?
is this story Good so far?
what name was given to kinos pearl?
have you read or seen Harry Potter? if you have, do you think it should be banned or censored?
Who is Robetro Calasso?
Whats the most boring book you've ever read?
What are some good book series' to read?
Who here has read Eragon and loves it?
Has anyone read Rebel by Willo Davis Roberts?
Please help me to name this book?
What are some exotic names for male book characters?
What are some fiction/nonfiction books about college experiences?
What's a well-known movie or book that uses characterization to show a theme?
In what part of 50 shades of darker Do they have the masquerade ball?
Help me come up with a creative name for my Shakespeare blog?
twilight fans***which book is the best?
Harry Potter Poll!!!?
is twilight amazing or what ?? ?
Who are Harry Potters best friends?
Is this a good Intro? Would you read more?
Why do people compare Harry Potter and Twilight?
Is this story idea good?
What is the book.....?
So im writing a book about king arthur but y story starts with two siblings who are in college and they find?
what is a good website to buy a book on how to draw anime?
How many AR points is the clique summer collection books?
help with Old Man and the Sea book!!?
Recommend me a wattpad story?
Modernism in literature? Help?
help! twilight is LITERALLY making me depressed! ?
Ideas for a short 10 page graphic novel?
Much ado about nothing?
Please tell me what you think so far?
What is Redburn by Herman Melville about?
what are your views about CELESTRA SERIES by ADDISON MOORE...?
how can you tell if a page is the start of a book?
i want to read a paranormal love story(the clean one as).. any suggestions?
Good title for my story?
How to develop yourself as a great writer?
Twilight Fans: If You Were Bella In New Moon...When Edward Comes Back Would You Have Forgiven Him For Leaving?
Do you think Darry loves Ponyboy? Why does he treat Ponyboy the way he does?
Book Description and Query Letter Help?
What do you think of this plot so far?
Please help me with my romance story?
Greatest book....?
which is a better story? - Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter?
How is my short story opening?
I'm writing a sonnet and I need to know a word that rhymes with neighbor.?
What are some good books for girls aged between 12-14?
What did Dr. Johnson do with his orange peels in Boswell's book, Life of Johnson?
Why doesn't our lit-zine pop up on a ! search? ( Is ! plotting against us?
writing programs in the united states- how to choose?
Question for the people who read the walking dead?
How do I find the email address for Lar Hothem? (Author of Indian Artificts Books?)?
Does anyone know of any good books to read?
in wat page does every single one chapter of "the outsiders" book beggins?
list of SHORT childrens books?
A connecticut yankee in king arthurs court?
Dearly Devoted Dexter=The Princess Bride??
Teen books like The Mortal Instruments?
Whats ur favorite book???
Would you rather be in Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw?
Favorite fction book of the year?
Alexander the Great historical fiction recs?
billy bones treasure island?
please brief me about othello as a domestic tragedy and substantiate "othelllo is more sinned against than sin
When Was The Book Rebecca Of Sunnybrook Farm Published?
What kind of romance do teen girls like in short novels?
Any creative people out there?
I need to add description to my story?
How does lying affect abigail's life in the crucible?
anyone read the bartimaeus triology by jonathan stroud?
Writing emotional scenes?
Can you help me pick up some good novels ?
the devil and tom walker by: Washington Irving, help please!?
Whats the summary of book one in Cry the Beloved Country?
Anyone know the author or name of this book?
Is this a start for a novel?
I need help picking out new Vonnegut books, can you please help?
Song Needed For Book?
anyone seen this book??
Mermaid's Chair??????
i really need help with this book!!!!?
What The F is Twilight and why do people keep talking about it?
Is this a good beginning to my book?
Do you know of any books that go like this?
What is a blank verse??
Which is better TWILIGHT or HARRY POTTER?????
what order does the sequals to "gone with the wind" go in?
Grapes of Wrath question?
Books where Good Girl Meets Bad Boy?
Anyone have some good, modern day names for a vampire?
Which book should I read?
Can you recommend me a book (any genre)?
for you who is better, to read the book or to see the film based on the book?
Historicism as a literary genre or style?
What book is This? Read?
Who are your favorite Harry Potter characters?
Is there another book after Stephenie Meyer's "The Host"?
Male author writing a female character with their "issues"..?
Where can I find some of the poems from "Beloved Infidel" by Dean Young online?
what are some interesting facts about poems?
Who is your favorite character from Twilight?
How would you describe a farm?
who is the author of 101 dalmations.?
In "The Book Thief", what is the author trying to say about certain issues in relation to conflict?
What's that book "The Secret" about!?
whats your favorite book?
Would this be a good short film?
what are soon good sad books for teenagers?
where can i find poems on black history,or black history month?
Who was the original author or collector of the story "sleeping beauty", where she was raped?
What was the name of the book by Isak Dinesen that the film, "Out of Africa" was based upon?
if lord of the rings had more volumes did the fellowship of the ring saw echeother again?
story help please read?
Any word on Cornelia Funke's Inkdeath?
where can i go to...?
what is the origin of "once again into the breach"?
B&A lets play a game:D?
who is your favourite author?
Will you please comment on my short story - 900 words
This is a metaphor right?
how do you get a wristband for a signing?
What music do you listen to while you write?
How do you feel about this paragraph I wrote?
what is the maximum amount of people in a standoff?
Have you read the whole Harry Potter series?
paper texture of a book?
Need help with a story........?
do books always have a theme?
Did the ending of Harry Potter series met your expectation?
If you could only recommend ONE book for everyone to read...?
what happened at the end of the book children of the dust bowl?
should i be a writer?
What can I name my city?
I need to know the name of two James Patterson novels and correct order?
Examples of industrialism in Grapes of Wrath?
Does anyone have any tips on a 15-minute presentation on TS Eliot and two of his poems?
Who is the protagonist in sense and sensibility?
What books have scared you?
Did Gwendolyn Brooks have any children?
How do you choose books to read?
Why do they always show the backstage scenes in the Romeo & Juliet world?
Is this part of the story good?
What are some good book series?
What is your favorite boy character in the anime Inuyasha? Favorite girl character?
What is the Best Title for a Teen love Story?
What is the sequence of these events from Huck Finn?
same book?
What is your favorite classic?
What do you expect to find in a library aside from books?
What do you think of the name Skylar Blue?
Has anyone read the book killing Mr. Griffin by Lois Duncan?
what are some of the contemporary issues facing the sustainable development of tourism in tourist destination?
What do you think of my theme from the book Inkheart?
who is yours faviorite Novelist ?
What's the worst adaptation from book to film?
what does "it is a cool wind that blows against the empire" mean?
Need a fresh take on life! Any books, advice or ideas on this?
Name for a character in my story?
I'm looking for a script for "The Proposal" from an acting book?
Who is your favorite author?
anyone know of some good poems on winter?
I don't get the ending of "I am a genius of unspeakable evil and i want to be your class president"?
What would be a good song to suit the book Mac Beth?
Your Reactions to an Apocalypse?
Torn between two ideas for a character in my novel. Help?
can anyone name this book?
I am looking for a book?
Crazy big writing?? What help..?
Whats the 5 definitions of dude?
how much is this value on this vintage book..??!?!?
Best book you've ever read that REALLy made you think.?
Is christopher paolini dating anyone?
what is the best scary book you've ever read?
What name sounds best for my book Character?
What Are Some Good Teen Girl Books?
Where is Southern Literature found in "The Adventure of Huckleberry Finn" ?
If you could go to hogwarts, would you?
Was Sybella Melvyn of "My Brillant Career" a real person?If so what happened to her?
How quickly will you read the new Harry Potter book?
Book Recommendations?
Does Anyone know info about the author shakespear?
Link to download a book "THE SECRET" by rhodney..?
Is there anyone who isn't a fan of Twilight?
What is the name of Saul Bellow’s first novel, published in 1944?
Need some middle names for my character?
I need to know the title of a book please!?
How can I write a suicide note? (IN A STORY)?
twilight question...?
Good story ideas please?
What do you think of this part of my story?
I want to read Steven King.?
Scary names for a dead little girl?
How to raise a gangster?
Can someone help me find this book in pdf?
Which of these is the best idea for a novel?
I'm writing a paper Gatsby- Does Jay Gatsby have a mental illness or disorder based on Daisy and his war time?
I would like to know how to get a story written and published?
Story title of where there is no sleep URGENT!!!!!?
What is a good name for this Percy Jackson OC?
modern versions of oedipus rex and poetics aristotle?
is Ahmadynejad another Hitler?
Help with Ricki-Ticki-Tavi questions?
Name and Author?????
Does anyone have chapter summaries of Death Watch by Ari Berk?
I need a good book, im running out!(more details inside)?
why read books when the movie version is available?
Do you think I'm a slow, normal or fast reader ?
what do you reckon of this poem?