Cut from my story, how does it sound?
Whats a good Story line for a my book?
What literary elements are used in the story after you my dear alphonse by shirley jackson?
Does anyone else think its funny that 'Moby Dick' will always be bleeped here?
Why is A Thousand Acres by Jane Smiley broken up into six books?
Twilight :] or Harry Potter?
The soloist by steve lopez questions?
What is the theme of Flannery O'Conner's short story, "A Late Encounter with the Enemy"?
Were can i get a cute baby book?
Publication dates on Google Books?
Two Questions about Forbidden city?
what is a good book to read?
How often do you read?
What do you guys think of the concept for my story and its love interest?
I need a series title?
I need help naming a character in my book?
What is the name of your favorite book?
Help with Literary Analysis please?
Was Oscar Wilde a socialist?
Can someone give me a summary of the book "The Last Song" by Nicholas Sparks?
How's my story so far? *SHORT*?
What book are you reading?
why is bella swan important in New Moon?
The book "Life of Pi" is it worth reading?
10 POINTS! What is revealed by this statement and observation in To Kill a Mockingbird?
What book is this quote from?
What Did You Think About The Mark Of Athena?
I need a good novel to read...anyone finished something really interesting?
What character(s) is the tyrant in The story Julius Caesar?
Anyone else find Laura Bush a completely delightful lady? I really enjoyed her book and her interviews.?
would you read something like this?
Does anyone no of a really good book?
anyone that's read the death of ethics in america by cal thomas?
Andersen versus Grimm?
Which is the best book out of the four?
I need help searching for a book by it's subject!?
allegorical functions in "the allegory of the cave" by plato?
where can i read the book...?
Help on analyzing quote from the Picture of Dorian Gray ?
What are some female names for faries?
Compare and contrast the flood narratives in the book of Genesis and Gilgamesh?
Is Harry Potter based on a true story?
who is yuor favourite author?
Should I read Twilight?? I'm 29 ..?
Whats is the sadist color ever?
What kind of book would you like to read that hasn't been written yet? or you can't find..?
A link to a twin love story? *NOT INCEST*?
Romiette and Julio help?
Can't Remember the Name of This Book?
What are the three reactions to Gwain's sin at the end of Sir Gwain and the green knight?
Is 30 chapters too long for a book?
Is Rick Riordan's new book good?
What complications, resolution of the novel Oliver Twist?
what about the impact of DA Vince code?
what is the term for the good guy in a narrative?
Where can I find an online version of the Oedipus trilogy by Sophocles?
Does writing have to be perfect?
Name of book - possibly mid-80s?
Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 18, and find line 4, What does it say?
Tell me about a book signing good or bad?
Suggest books which brings tears?
what does the phrase "The Ice Man Cometh" mean?
Can anyone recommend any books?
What is a famous and interesting artist? Any good web sites/books that has his/her biography?
Where is a good place for an aspiring children's writer to start?
What book are you currently reading at the moment?
What was the last book you ever read?
Think you can relate Harry Potter to ANYthing?
funny nonfiction book?
I've written 5000 words in 3 days. Am I going to slow?
does it aggravate you when books are called things like 'beautiful disaster' and 'lovely pain'?
Modern Movie of Catcher in the Rye title?
what is the age limit on Twilight?
Harry potter and the chamber of secrets?
Harry Potter seiries??
African American Author Looking for Publisher?
which of sarah dessen's books are appropriate for a 12 year old?
Love Poems??
Who's Twilight powers do you want?
Novel writing:Should I mention the exact birthday date for my character?
What books have you read that share?
Does anyone have any novel name ideas?
It's a goofy question but...DO YOU SNIFF YOUR BOOKS?
A book everyone should read?
Does anybody write just for pleasure any more?
Does anyone have the ebook Michael by Aaron Patterson?
what do you think of to kill a mockingbird ?
how does gregor's sister find out what he likes to eat?
Henry's Wagon?
Poll for Potter Fans!? :]?
what was the name of pablo neruda's dog?
what author do you like the most?
What's the best book written in the last century?
Surviving Typography kit book?
Do you like Twilight?
names for some characters?
What do you think of my prologue?
examples of; folktale,?
Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde?
differences between 'Of Mice and Men' book and 1992 movie?
Does Harlequin Publishers publish LGBT based novels?
Who is sexier - Severus Snape, Sirius Black or Lucius Malfoy?
How Should I Start A Teen Fiction Short Story?
Haters of Breaking Dawn?
Has any one red thinner than thou?
Have vampires lost their credibility since Twilight?
i was wondering if u could tell me how many pages glass, crank, and burned is?
How do I organize/write my complex story idea?
What novel are you reading now?
A tale turned inside-out?
How to make a good pitch for my manuscript (for speaking to an agent at a conference)?
Which do you like better: Harry Potter or Twilight?
All you Twilight haters (and maybe some Twi-hards or whatever you call yourselves)... just a quick question...?
Please help me with the description of this character (Meg Murry, A Wrinkle in Time)?
harry potter??
did the mark of Athena(percy jackson) release in the U.S?
i need a last name to give to the first name of godric for babygirls story for fanfic?
Any websites out there that if you describe the cover, it will tell you the name of the book your looking for?
Why is le morte d'arthur a medieval romance?
Question about the book Moby Dick?
I need book recommendations!!!?
In the book Confessions of a Shopaholic (not the movie) how does rebecca get money to pay for her debt?
I can't remember the name of this book!?
How is Richard cypher related to darken rhal?
A short children's story written by me?
Who is the author of this page!?
Constructive criticism?
info on gertrude stein and kate chopin?
What film has best represented a book you have read?
i want to find out bookstore selling book related to law?
Can someone tell me where these quotes came from in Frankenstein?
"My Beautiful Disaster" was that a good read?
which characters are african american/black in the Harry Potter series?
Is it still possible to get Buffy (BtVS) novels published?
Who else knew that harry and voldemort were gonna die at the end of the 7th book.....SPOILER!! IT HAPPENS?
What is the name of this book or book series?
How money has J.K Rowling earned to date?
e-books...can you help me?
whats your favorite book that was turned into a movie?
Casanova's Greatest Seduction?
does anyone know the poem by oscar the grouch?
which species are better humans or vampires?
What are some good themes for Romeo and Juliet?
In what specific event does Harry Potter show heroic characteristics?
Are you too analytical?
in ''the story of an hour'' how would the story be different if told in first person?
"Handle with Care" and Jodi Picoult?
Meaning full short story for animation & illustration ?
What catagory does Twilight fall under?
What poems included in Ted Hughes Birthday Letters were first published in 1994?
Have you ever taken a journaling class?
in the book chronicle of a death foretold what page number did armante convince pedro and pablo not to kill...?
I want to meet the American author James Patterson, what are my chances?
The Secret Life of Bees: in what way does lily change throughout the course of the book?
Is Sarah Palin attractive?
Whats the best book(s) you've read lately?
Good short historical fiction book?
If i said that i love all of you what would you say?
I'm trying to create a small town, but I can't think of any names?
how long does it take you to read a ~500 page novel?
Who is your fav author and why? waht is your fav book?
How does one go about getting a peice of writing published?
Does anyone know anything about J. K. Rowling's new up-and-coming book: "Harry Potter & The Jester's Javelin"?
How can the time spent on the comp could better be used for something else?Really productinve and serious?
Textbooks and Novels?
In The Metamorphosis, does Gregor Samsa sacrifice himself in order to rid his family of his existence?
What's a rarely heard of mythical/supernatural creature? Please describe.?
This is part two to my first Naruto OC question?
Who is the author of The Hallow Man?
Can you help me make a poem about "apples to apples"?
Need help for an idea in the story: what should be in the room?
What book are you reading at the moment?
What is Professor Moriarty a professor of?
What are some short stories, songs, or poems that have to do with rebellion?
Whats your favorite book series? Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings or The Chronicles of Narnia?
What is the Mood and Tone in "The Dangerous Days of Daniel X"?
Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban?
Is it possible for someone to pieace a persons tongue while sedated and to do there ears too?
I listened to your advise. Now what do you think?
I am doing a big research paper about vampires for my English class?
What do you think of this story?
Helpful hints and tips of annotating a book?
andy mcnab- what his wife's book is called?
has anyone ever felt...strange?
Anyone know any good books??
twilight or harry potter? or neither?
Critique on interpretation?
what figurative language is used in Much Ado About Nothing? (simile, metaphor, allusion) ?
What is a good book to buy a 12 year old girl?
i watched twilight but should i read the book?
Does anybody remember which film that was an adaptation of a classic novel (either Jane Eyre or Wuthering Heig?
How and what do you do to get a book published? Also what would would be good genre for a young teen book?
If you publish a book and have a publisher that does your marketing for you...?
what u think about the book "14,000 Things to Be Happy about"?
What are "dreamboat eyes"?
Who is the clergymen in Scarlet Letter?
Ideas for a short 10 page graphic novel?
The Scarlett letter?
Can someone who have read all the Harry Potter books help me with some questions please?
Protagonist... Antagonist?
A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Beal?
can you give me some quotes of what critics had to say about rebecca novel by daphen du maurier?
What form would your patronus take?
What is a good book i could read?
What are some of your favorite books?
Why is it that none of the Harry Potter books had Snape on the cover?
What's the best book you've ever read?
do you know where i can find the vinci code book to read for free?
What book are you currently reading?
My veterans essay won first place in my town. Can you tell me how it is. It's short too.?
Horror Novel Opening?
What are some books for those of us who....?
Where can I buy The Bucket List: Things to Do Before I Kick It?
Best Books for Young Adults?
Need help! Can someone please tell me if this is good.?
What order would you read Chuck Palahniuks books in?
why don't most books start at page 1?
In the "Happy Prince" by Oscare Wilde, Why do the charity children compare the statue with an angel?
I need a goood book to read can anyone tell me one?
What is this literary term?
The outsiders book help please?
Conflicts faced by the protagonist of The Pigman by Paul Zindel?
When does Hamlet criticize himself about not taking action?
What do you think your life would be like if Harry Potter books never exsisted?
If you could live in a fictional world, which book (or film) would you choose to be in?
Can you read this please? :)?
What is the best suspense book you've ever read?
What's the deal with Twilight? Why are most of the girls in my grade obsessing over it?
Ia there a list of all Scholastic Books published? I am interested in pre-1990 titles.?
What is the story Lamb to the Slaughter by Roald Dahi about?
When does jane by design start back up?
what street do the Finches live on in To kill a Mockingbird?
whats your fave book?
Which is better, Harry Potter, Twilight or The Hunger Games?
What have you learned about Anne Bradstreet ? 10 Points?
My teacher claims to read 5 books a week, do you think that is true?
Anyone know about Dorothy Parker having a tattoo?
Does anyone know where I can get a copy of this book?
1984 by George Orwell .... Help Please/Thank You :)?
Do you think I will get a good grade on this persuasive essay?
Romance books for a teen?:)?
I heard a terrible twilight rumor (ONLY FOR PEOPLE WHO LIKE TWILIGHT!)?
How do you publish a book for kids ?
What books should I read?
Could my life experiences be turned in to a non-fiction book?
B&A: Is your main character attractive?
Is there a famous philosopher who told a story about water?
How does a person do research on an Old Signature Memory Album?
Will you read my teenage blog?
I can't remember the name of this book. Ten points?
What does publishing a poem do?
What is a good book i could read?
What is your favorite book to read?
Can you please read my Hunger Games fanfic?
I'm looking for some entertaining Chinese books (translated into English, if necessary).?
Favourite Book and why?
what do you think of this part of my novel?
I just don't get it...whats all the hype about Twilight, etc?
Has seeing its popularity put your edge off Twilight?
Online book for free?
Do You want an 8th Harry Potter book?
In Brave New World, what is Lenina's internal conflict?
What is the best book you ever read?
Is it just me, or have the Twilight questions died down?
Does anyone know when the book of Job was written and how they managed to....?
I am trying to write my second novel and get stuck. Any tips against writer's block?
can anyone help me with something?
In the book to kill a mockingbird, at the end of chapter 23, Jem forms a new theory... Continue At The Bottom?
How many hours do you read per day?
Whats your favorite book & movie? Why should i read it / watch it?
What are the effects of the discrimination and lack of women in 'Of Mice and Men' ?
What was the last book you've read?
what is tom riddle's middle name?
how do i get just a picture depicting a scene from lord of the flies?
How to tell a well put together story?
I need title suggestions?
The Novel Silas Marner?
Who was supicious of kit being a witch in "The Witch of Blackbird Pond"?
What Nobel prize winner called Lonliness the leprocy of the west?
in gary paulsen's book lawn boy, what does the main character do with the money he earns from mowing lawns?
Is the character "Horatio" in Hamlet a reference to the Roman heros?
Do you like reading Harry Potter Books? If so, which is your favourite book?
True Crime (like Ann Rule) books for Kindle?
Advice on Apollo 13 books?
can you give me the poem "True Love"? im not sure who's the author.?
Can a works cited include only internet sources?
What is the meaning behind the punchline at the end of Philip Roth's "Portnoy's Complaint"?
Need help bad!!!!!!macbeth by shakespeare! quick question!:]?
im dieing!! im dieing!! im dieing!! you want 10 points? me!!?
What is the name of this book?
Any ideas for a story?
In the book Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier, was there irony?
What types of books and to what audiences could they be written for?
What is the big deal with The Da Vinci Code?
what is the name of the Harry Potter book 7 ?
About the Twilight series?
what is 'Bright Star' and 'The Odes' by John Keats about ?
what will my church do when i tell him i worship the uvula artemis and believe in the blood of jesus?
Now for something lighter. Has anyone read a good book lately? What was it?
Guys version of Fifty Shades?
What do you think about the novel "The DaVinci Code?"?
PLEASE HELP!!! I have a 5 page paper on "Family" by Pa Chin...?
which books did you enjoy reading at school/college?
what is those gold masks jeff mcbride uses?
Hi, fantasy book fans. A question for you all?
secret ways to buy books?
Which book is better?
who likes harry potter?
do you recommend any books you have read?
Has anyone read "C**t"?
Book Recommendations?
any recommended boobs?
a descriptive paragraph about a haunted house?
Can someone suggest a book for me?
Is J.K Rowling working with the cast on Harry Potter 5 or is she working on Harry Potter 7?
Harry Potter fans!!! Who was shocked to find out Snapes undying love?
Do you know a poem by a famous poet that is similar to a song?
May Savidge who moved her house/ antiques roadshow?
Have you read the Master and Margarita by Bulgakov?
summary of crescendo by becca fitzpatrick?
Are there any romances in the Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flammel Series?
Is this good for a short story beginning?
I want to write a book but I have no idea how to finnish after I start I can only get half a chapter done?
Books on the Mistreatment of Native Americans during the discovery of america?
Writers. How do you get your work published when you're broke to start with?
How to write a book and get it published?
where is the picture of jose corazon de jesus?
Can you tell me the basics on what needs to happen to get a publisher to at least consider my book?
what is sherlock holmes?I have heard a lot about it.....I want to know what is it?Is it a novel?or character?
Which is the best book you read?
Who is Daniel Pipes;the writer?
i'm reading some clasic books can you recomed some?
Describe Ponyboy from 'The Outsiders' at school?
name of a book?
Whats the deal with TV?
So, Doesn't it annoy you how Twilight Twinkies go on...?
need to find a reputable agent to find a publisher to publish my book!?
How much true is "The Da Vinci Code?"?
Where can I download the "Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert audiobook for free?
something wicked this way comes the hero's journey?
I have three questions regarding the book "Night"?
who said or wrote,"all for one, one for all"?
Find books in public places.?
I need a literary agent?
harry potter or Lord of the rings? contrast................................…
Which books you like that can always lift your mood :) ?
What are you reading now?
Does stephen King have an autobiography/biography?
Writing a fiction, could someone give me some ideas on this?
what's your favorite WORD?
Is it really a necessity to read the Harry Potter books?
What is Sci-fi and how could I apply it to this?
Needing a name for my Grief Book Club?
Who is your favourite author?
Can anyone tell me how to contact Yann Martel author of Life of Pi?
how does agatha chrisie's cards on the table end?
Folks, please be honest. Is this an interesting journal entry about a day at my school job? Please be honest?
Harry Potter Fans...?
I'm thinking about changing the name of one of my characters?
As a child (or if your a child now) What was/is your favorite book? Why? Author? why?
Where do i find an audiobook for the book cosen by P.Cast?
What is a good book that I should read, and who is it by?
Is it bad for guys to like twilight?
From each book in harry potter may you list all the chapters that talk more about Snape/ Lily and James?
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Book?
Who play the original alex cross?
" A View From a Bridge"... do you thing the character Beatrice is the real power in the Carbone Family?.. why?
You meet death, and he offers you one gift out of three. Which do you pick?
I need a name for a 13 year old girl in my story, i want her to be a guys girl and she has alot of confidence.
books worth reading?i mean past the typical james joyce,herman hess and co?
Allegory in Little Red Riding Hood?
1984 help George Orwell?
Can I have your opinions on this story?
How do i write a teen fiction like a professional?
What does the title of the Raymond Chandler book 'Playback' refer to?
If someone offered you $100 to read a book, would you? What if the book was the Bible, would you read it then?
How was 'The Picture of Dorian Gray' used against Oscar Wilde at his trial?
i'm looking for a michael jordan poem?
(nanowrimo) how do I make an obvious difference between hallucinations and reality in first person?
What book got you hooked? Why?
Feedback on a short story I wrote?
What chapter/book did Edward visit Bella's house (not sneaky).?
What is the best software for writing a book?
Favorite book?
who is elsie antiporda tee?
What did you think about...??
What are some good Books to read?
Need a great, dark, and haunting book to read.?
I am looking for a kind of oldish exotic names can you give me a few??
Which fantasy series should I be favouring?Twilight or Harry Potter?Any answer is acceptable.........?
My school wants to perform Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl - where do I get the copyright?
What is a great book you can recommend and why?
What questions would you ask the author of Princess Bride, William Goldman?
Is it a bad idea to start a chapter with dialogue?
How many were going on the Canterbury pilgrimage?
Macbeth: Essay Question HELP PLEASE!!!?
what is the book called?
is there any one who knows a site about short story critics bi woolf(hanted house?
Harry Potter Q. Is this Peeves?
Anyone know how I can get the old poem of "man's best friend"?
Mercedes Lackey or LGBT fans?
Do movie adaptions do justice to the book in general?
What is the significance of the word "night" in the novel Night by Elie Wiesel?
Human emotions, gods and heroes are all represented in?
In the harry potter series,is Dumbledore really dead?
who was Alphonso lamartine?
micah by lkh, release date?
Does anyone have these books in any format?
which book is better for you?
Where Can I Get This Twilight Font?
what are some of the best classics [novels]?
B&A Poll: Which cover do you prefer (+BQ's)?
What are all the animals mentioned in the novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
how did Cubans get there money?
What is the book "State of Fear" by Michael Crichton about, and where can I find a summary of it?
Do you know some great book for 13 years old boy?
ANYONE help with this BOOK?
have any of you ever read any Martina Cole books?
where can read "the gambler' translated by constance garnett?
Is there a chapters summary of the ABRIDGED version of "The Count of Monte Cristo"?
who is you favorite character on Harry Potter?
What are some really good ideas for a dedication page to a teacher?
How to describe a seedy strip club?
Book read at the end of the movie "Sideways"?
would you ever think Albus Dumbledore is gay?? i just thought he is a bit too sensitive but i never would've..
On which website I can find best books price offers?
when I can find Canadian social work e-books?
What are all the rules for the goast in the old willis place?
do you think JK Rowling sucks?
i love jasper do you love him?
Looking for some adult writing forums?
why is the tone in a novel important?
Could this be a theme for "The Scarlet Letter" by Hawthorne?
Question about the ending of the Da Vinci Code (WARNING: SPOILER)?
How do I start off my scary story?
Which author do you like the most ?
I Don't Know What To Call My Book!!!! WARNING! DRAGON AGE FAN-FICTION! Any help?
Hi. Could you recommend some classic literature?
Will there be anymore of 'The Clique' books by Lisi Harrison?
How did Truman Capote die?
A male witth shaggy black hair and bright bue eyes..?
shakespear wrote macbeth when he visited digbeth-true or false?
What is one of your favorite historical fiction books?
What are 5 examples of figurative language on the book Harry Potter Deathly Hallows?
What story would you write?
Who can Suggest a really good book for me?
What is the same as fart?
when will the next carrie direas be?
Where can I find the drama script for a this short story?
What were Fred Weasley's last words?
Books that should be movies?
Only to fans: Do you think Harry Potter will die in the 7th book, (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows)?
WHere can I find a study guide of Henry James' "The Real Thing"?
What is the easiest way to submit a manuscrip for a book to a publisher?
lord of the rings:?
What is NMW's email address?
Tell me something about Aleksandur Gerov!!!?
Good 200 word opening to a story?
Summary of Scott Fitzgerald story, "Winter Dreams"?
Do you notice political correctness or political agendas in novels?
Some help with a setting in my story?
What is your favorite book?
Did anyone else think that "Forever Odd" by Dean Koontz wasn't as good as the first one?("Odd Thomas")
Is this a good idea for a sci-fi fantasy novel?
Hook for "Of Mice and Men"?
Career In Sports Journalism!!!!!!!!!?
can u guys tell me what u think of this thing i wrote?
Is there any books that are like Twilight?
Do you think "necronomicon" does/did exist?
Things Fall apart by Chinua Achebe's?
Who is the best author?
How is Jean Rhys's Rochester portrayed as being victimized in Wide Sargasso Sea?
Which set of prophecies would you choose and why?
What do you think of this prologue?
How can I build up each character? What is the one, same threat that each faces?
Does Harry Potter Die in the final book?
Where can I find good literary criticism of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde?
JK Rowling - something doesn't sit right there?
I need help for a fantasy story plot?
Any awesome wolf books?
Harry Potter fans!?
Harry Potter or Twilight?
I want to more about know Hilary Duff?
What are good books to read?
Does anyone know of any good trashy authors similar to Jackie Collins?
Dear Authors, Illustrators and artists! Please answer me!
what is the meaning of the phrase "sister woman" as used in "cat on a hot tin roof" by williams
Harry potter series or Twilight series?
Is Luna Lovegood (from Harry Potter) the same age as Ginny?
Good books for a 13 year old? (:?
How's my story so far?
How would you describe the travel of a Death Eater?
What do you think of the short beginning of my story?
Twilight Fans: If You Were Edward (New Moon) & You Thought The Person You Loved Died Would You React The Same?
What is the best book you've ever read?
Do you know a book that is like this one?
A question about ending a book?
Twilight:) Question.?
Can't remember the title of a book.?
Ursula K Le Guin's Earthsea cycle?
Who has ever read the novel by Khaled Hosseini called The Kite Runner?
Most heartbreaking book you've ever read?
Easy ten points. Have you read the Diary of Anne Frank?
why did susan b. anthony become a teacher.?
What do you think of my story so far?
Night: Elie Wiesel / Questions?
Can anyone give me a list of novels written during the Victorian era?
Can you help me find a Russian Revolution short story?
Whose read the book The Art of Seduction by Robert Greene?
Can I please have peoples opinions on this book?
What is the best Fact based book you've read?
can anyone name a great funny book?
is there any one that after thay git off of work they clean and then sit on the couch texing her frend?
is this story good so far?
How can i let the reader know my character is pretty when its first person?
Any books recommended?
American book recommendation for english learner?
Your favorite book ever?
What was your favourite book when you were a child?
What is the title of the best book you have read?
Why cant I login to my fanfiction profile?
I heard it is now considered racist to say 'blackboard' - is that really true ?
Do you think that this would be an interesting story?
I can't remember the name of this book!?
Romeo and Juliet Conflicts?
can someone give me a link to read staircase of a thousand steps online?
I need some funny, witty things for a character in my book can say. They need to be made up.?
Do you like your handwriting?
Do books make you cry?
what story books are read in english and reading in 8th grade at peirce middle school in west chester, pa?
Do you like Twilight and what is your favorite character?
What books could be like star wars or fun space fantasy?
Help for title ideas?
Which name sounds better for a strong female protagonist?
Need a good story???????
Why are people so fascinated by the nerdy adventures of Hairy Pothead...err...Harry Potter?
Keep buying books, and just stare at them?
Fictional works by Albert Camus?
What do you think about Kaavya Viswanathan getting caught for plagiarism?
I'm writing a book. What are some hilarious stereotypes about people who live in the wild?
Harry Potter fans: In which movie do you think, the cast looked the best?
In Neil Simon's "God's Favorite" one of the characters asks if Bengue works on the head, what is that?
Where can I read a bit of Stieg Larsson's "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" in Swedish?
Is Frank Warren still publishing postsecret books?
Still searching for the changing picture book from my childhood...?
Would you consider Miss. Maudie A Third Person Character?
I need an epic speech please!!!?
What do you think of this name and nickname?
I don't know what to name my story...?
Industry Publications-Monthly Magazine?
IMPORTANT - Freedom Writers [movie] kids' stories?
can anyone recommend a good novel to read online?
Timeline of events for Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men?
just finished 11/22/63. loved it! can u recommend another great read?
Comparing the Motorcycle Diaries and Like Water for Chocolate?
Do you like reading stories?
What is the name of this book?
What literary work contains the line "So it goes"?
Just for fun....can anyone name the book and author?
just for 20 years old boys or girls , what is you favorite book ?
How does my story sound so far?
how can you tell if a page is the start of a book?
Which Science Fiction/Fantasy authors do you like?
I need help with The Scarlet Pimpernel?
whats a good noval to read?
Do any body know a good conceit peom?
Remembering a YA book about racism and homophobia?
Bored HP fans: Quiz/Survey?
In 1957, he helped coin the phrase "Beat Generation". who is this Author?
What is your favourite book?
Name 10 books that one should read during a life time?
I need a summarized ending to the book "Obsessed" by Ted Dekker. Can anyone help me?
What would be a good title for this outline on this Fiction children/teen story?
Books Similar To Sarah Dessen?
in the book "This Boy's Life", what is the theme and genre of the book?
What are some women's names that begin with a b?
Ophelia is to Hamlet as ______ is to _______. ?
What would you name a vampire?
what do you think of this story,comments please...thank you?
Need help with character name?
As a guy, should I start reading the Twilight series?
what was the title of this book?
What is a good, interesting biography?
Who likes A Series of Unfortunate Events?
When is Christopher Paolini's birthday?
In the role of nairator Chauncer poitrays himself as? In Canterbury Tales?
Help me cure my writers block please!?
How do you cite a website with no author or publishing date?
What's the good site for the books (reviews, summaries, other interesting info)?
Who do you think will die in the next Harry Potter book and why?
the elements included in a plot contribute to the mood of suspense in a story?
Do you think Stephenie Meyer is selfish about Midnight Sun?
Writing a "clean" sex scene?
What type of clothing did females wear during Lady MacBeth time period?
help! the scarlet ibis!?
Any good suggestions for medieval fantasy books?
What do you think of stories that deal with fundamentalist cults?
HP fans :Wanna know who is ur Patronus?
What are the best books for pre-teens?
I love writing since child. how can i aquare the skill to be a writer.?
I need excuses for accidently jabbing your eye out?
Is Poe a romanticist or a gothic author?
Why are new books released in hardcover first & then much later, as paperbacks? Is it just to make more money?
The war of the worlds by GH Wells, plot?
What are some good books for girly teenagers?
What's literary fiction? can you provide names of books that fit this genre?
Should this be "the beginning" of my story, after the prologue?
Do you know a Kipling's poetry on a dog and a cat?
What book are you reading now?
Story ideas Anyone?????????????????????
FOR ALL HARRY POTTER BOOK LOVERS OUT THERE!! In what book will Hermione fall in love with Harry?
Quotes on Elizabeth Bennet's character traits and personality?
happy ending or sad ending?
if you wou;ld get to go to hogwarts,what all would you do?
will clippers beat suns?
Pick up the nearest book, turn to page 48. What are the first 5 complete sentences on the page?
What do you like most about J.K. Rowling's book character, Sirius Black?
Does ANYONE like harry potter, why or why not? I love it?
What do you think is Shakespeare's best play? Why?
Who would win the triwizard tournament if Mad Eye Moody (Barty Crouch Jr.) didn't get involved?
What are the similarities and differences between the book "Boy Overboard" and "The Old Man and The Sea"?
How do u like Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code? and how u like the author?
looking for a website where you can write poetry get & give feedback for free?
has a book ever made you cry?
Why do people like Twilight so much?
Do you know a good website(s) to find information on Arnold Adoff or a book about his life(biography)?
Anyone know the title of this book? Think it's a satire...?
What's your Harry Potter job?
What is this book called?
Good books for a 12 year old girl?
What's your favorite book?
What is a good topic for a literature review?
What do you think about my work in progress book?
Which Brian Tracy book to read first? Eat that Frog or No excuses?
Is this a good beginning?
What is your favorite book cover?
who is shawn pogatchnik?
Is this an okay start for my story?
in the clique series the book boys r us.?
What book is on your bedside table?
Does anyone want to buy a 1st edition Horton hears a who book? Original copyright 1954.?
does anyone have any idea about what's gonna happen to harry in the last book of the harry potter series?????
Male protagonist help ?
Who is your favourite Author?
Who wrote the controversial book A Million Little Pieces?
What is your favorite book?
how can I find a good ghost rider?
Frankenstein Paper Topics?
Is the General the last CHERUB book???
Are hard copy novel prices declining?
What are the key points of Sir THomas More's Utopia?
What is your favourite book series?
Water for the elephants :3 or Judy moody??? && please use ratings!?
Lonny wrote this paragraph. Explain why it is not well developed.?
'Character of the King Mata Kharibu' in 'A Dance On the Forests' by Wole Soyinka?
Book Fanatics?
Has anyone every heard of this bookstore?
When you write a query letter do you use your real name or the name you are planning on writing under?
harry potters house?
Classic Books? Anyone?
What is lord Thomas fairfax 6th remembered for?
how is othello's pride responsible for the tragic outcome of the play?
Have you read "Free to Be Me" by Arthur Vonshtain?
What is your opinion regarding my poem?
If everyone in the world could only read one book...?
lord of the flies chapter 1 through 8 question!?
Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy?
here it is the story i been dreading to post for criticism, this is a book intended for teenagers 12 and up..?
A book called udic or something?
Books you've read recently and would recommend?
What would be a good last name for?
Please tell me a website where I can read "al sira al nabawiyya" by ibn kathir.?
which was the first name that think the author they give brown for their personage robert langdon?
Is breaking dawn by Stephenie Meyer really as bad as reviews make it out to be?
Why do many libraries have televisions?
If i sell a book or dvd on Amazon?
a question for childrens books editors?
What are you reading?
What Short Story is This?
who likes terry prachett?
Describe Caesar behavior to his people , the world and Antony. how would he describe Caesar toward him?
Is there anyone who DOESN'T like Harry Potter?
Whats your favorite book?
what does this - "Illustrations note: 1 x 8pp b/w" mean when it is listed in a book description please ?
Shakespeare's Othello?
When doors the book light by Michael grant come out?
isolation in scarlett letter?
Where to get the book "History of the Hard Boiled Detective Fiction" by William Marling?
How to get point of view on writing books?
Would it be cliche if this happened in my story?
anyone have any ideas for this book?
Do you need a good writing prompt?
Anyone Know the Name of this Book?
i want to sell my poems which have been made by me?
Domestic abuse of men?
How do you repair a bent cover page of a paperback book?
Contemporary British novels, recommendations?
Where in Dante's Inferno...?
Where can I find Julie Sheehan's biography?
what book are you reading at the moment?
harry potter question what took Dumbledore so long to return to Hogwarts in Philosopher's stone?
Ok twilight fans , which book is your fave out of the twilight saga?
Does anybody else wish that these people had played Edward, Bella and Jacob in Twilight?
how many times does the word "sleep" appear in the play macbeth?
why do book stores have scary vibes?
Harry Potter not allowed in some households and schools--what do you think?
How to get NOOKbooks from to Nook... Help?
whos the author of the man in the iron mask?
What is your favorite story by nathaniel hawthorne?
What was Dr. Seuss's first book?
Where can I find Joyce Carol Oates novel Angel Fire?
Forgotten name,author of kids book from my past.Is there site to trace it for me? Have some details to help.?
Harry Potter, Edward Cullen or Jacob Black?
Which book would you recommend your friends?
What is the best book in the Dune series?
Harry Potter Fans- Would you rather have the capability to...?
Names for a story...?
Could you please summarize the story of "David Copperfield" by Charles Dickens?
Roll of Thunder Hear my Cry or Their eyes were Watching God?
A good publishing company for a horror book that operates in Australia?
What book are you currently reading?
What was the last book you read?
What's the best fiction book to read now?
A lot of people know about the friendship between C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien?
Racism in LOTR: The Fellowship of the Ring?
STEPHENIE MEYER or J.K. ROWLING? Who do you think is better?
What is the best way to find one's successful path in life as a professor and author?
Opinions on my winter poem?
in which book would you come across the character of injun joe?
Ideas of a good book to read?
How many poems do you have write be for all of the world can read it .?
Is Ayn Rand a good or interesting author that is easy to understand?
who is the auther of the book in tittle THE UNITED STATES OF AFRICA?
Did Mark twain model his novel 'The adventures of Huckleberry Finn' after his own life?
I am looking for a really SCARY book to read any suggestions please?
Where is a good place to post my writing on the internet and get feedback on it?
Help with my book, please?
Harry Potter fans, I need a new book to read, please suggest something?
What's a good surname?
Favorite villain in horror?
What would be the best site for research on Louisa May Alcott?
How does mccarthyism link to a view from a bridge by arthur miller?
What do you think of my writing?
How popular are Kurt Vonnegut's books in your country?
Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban?
I am writing a trilogy of fantasy books, and I need help with theme?
Favourite Fantasy Writers?
Is there an online book club for teens?
how do I write a book review?
give me some new reading material?
Do you know of any books comparing ancient religions (Like Sumerian, Mayan, Egyptian, Greek, ect...)?
Is the 'Seven Deadly Sins' book series a good read?
Finding a publisher for middle grade fiction - Small Dogma Publishing?
In the book "Night", why did Elie want his parents to leave?
Who is the Author of the ultimate book?
whats a good title for this essay?
ATTENTION High School and College students! What was the hardest book you've ever read in your entire life?
Calling all writers. What films most inspire you.?
Compare & Contrast "Brother where art thou" to/of "Odysseus"?
what children's ballet story has two girls who meet in a house and waht to become ballerinas?
i love poems....anybody want to take the time to share a cool poem with me??
Who has read the Vampire Academy series?
what is the name of this book?
Oxford Dicctionary Differences?
What's the name of this book?
HP fans!-There leaving out more and more from the 6th film.How do you feel?
Describe someone waking up please?
What Are Some Inspirational Harry Potter Quotes To Use In A Speech?
Does anyone remember Trixie Beldon books? Did you like them?
what age do you think is old?
Can I have some ideas of an ironic story?
What do you think is the saddest part of the Harry Potter book? The stupidest?
How do I find who the literary agent is for a particular book?
people call the bible the 'good book'. is there another book you also think deserves that title?
What was the title of the last book you read?
experienced readers...recommend a book right on top of your head?
Anybody who has read 'The Hound Of The Baskervilles'?
Can anyone suggest any good books for me to read?
Author's name of multigenerational novels about thoroghbred breeding &racing in maryland before the civilwar
Please give me a list of all the websites under the category .. Books and authors. Type in whatever you know!!
What's your favorite book? One that you've read over and over again.?
Who was the writer who was also a thief?
Discuss the beadle as the personification of Puritan thinking.?
Old Readers Digest Article?
Please tell me if this is cool and interesting!?
kids books before 1990 about leaving ur body while dreaming and spirits would take over your body?
Good audio book with a good story?
Need Complete Series of "Dead Case in Deadwood"?
What is your favorite Ken Follett book?
Book like Ian McEwan's?
What do you think of my story?
Ideas for a Chinese childrens' book?
Read any good books?
I am trying to locate the source of the quote, something like - the maiden has seen but ten winters?
Which appeals to you be entertained or to be inspired?
Looking for the name of a Christian book, I am stuck!?
i love the twilight series and have read them a couple of times i need a new series?
What is the name of the novel about an man who had a wife that was crazy and he lokced her in the attic?
which excerpt of T.S. eliot's work should i use for a closed reading?
The moonspinners book (kindle version) not available in U.S?
what's a good romance book to read?
When/Where do you read?
Ah Wilderness and Long Day's Journey into Night help!!?
Into the wild message and your idea?
What is the best book you have ever read and why?
Whats your favorite fantasy novel or series and why ?
Should I put my writings on Deviantart?
What do you think of my writing?
What is your favorite quote on Twilight or Harry Potter #7?
What shoul I read?
Any one recommend me a book? I am 15.?
I need help w/ a book idea i really could use some outside info. thank you for any info u can give me.........?
Who's Your Favourite Character In The Twilight Series (:?
Could my character have ivory or olive skin?
Help coming up with unusual fantasy names?
what is the alternate title to Permit Me Voyage by James Agee?
What are some Demonness names?
Please help me, I need to find a book!?
if i want my novel to be long, how many words should i have?
has anyone heard of "mihai eminescu"?
What Was Your Favourite Enid Blyton Book As A Child?
What's your favorite Stephen King novel or movie?
Ideas for a short story?
im looking for a good book for a 12 to 15 year old should read?
Who do you think is the best science fiction author?
can anyone recommend a book?
Any Other Self Injurious book?
Are there any magazines that accept submissions of children's stories by new authors without an agent?
I am planning to name an e book store ' ebookmummy'. How is it?
What's the best book you've read?
someone help me please?
I need quotes from anthem by ayn rand on the house of scholars?
How much is disney's version of "the hunchback of notre dame" like the actual book?
Would y'all read my book?
who is another author besides beverly lewis that writes stories about the amish?
Is this a better love story than Twilight?
What do you think of these names?
Who dosnt like the book breaking dawn?
Would All The Harry Potter Fans Out There Give Me A GO HARRY?
Are there any essays or papers on Willy Wonka the original fairy tale that I could read on line?
Nic Scheff. . . what thaaaa?
books by author patricia cornwallscarpetta series?
Harry Potter: do you love it or do you hate it??
A brief summary of the gathering blue by Louis Lowry. (from the beginning to the end)?
Which book should I choose next?
Can you help me with my novel?
Poll: Favourite books and authors?
Can an author work on two books at the same time?
Does this annoy you too?
Harry Potter Fans!! A questions of thought!! (peekaboo inside!)?
What is your favourite book character ?
what was your favourite book when you were 15?
what is the history in beloved by toni morrison?
Whats a good book for a 17 year old girl who love romance novels?
What are some good books to read?
What's it called when the page of a book is outlined in gold?
How would I do an in-text citation for The Epic of Gilgamesh?...?
Anyone likes "Lord of the Rings" writen by J.R.R.Tolkien?
In the book maniac Maggee who does maniac magee hate or dis like?
What page in 'The Boy In The Striped Pajamas' is this quote from? (please read)?
Is Dan Brown's rumours true?
What is "literary style"?
what r some good vampire books for 14 year old girls?
Where can I find Wallace Thurman poems?
The Crucible's text act one?
Can anyone list some famous books or story about a mother's devotion?
Isn't Sirius supposed to die at the end of HP5? He doesn't in this e-book!!?
What book is this? help!?
summary of john keats on seeing the elgin marbles?
Where go ducks when the weather is cold?
Names for Dragons (Eragon Fan Story)?
Whats Juliet's name mean and come from?
Book recommendations??!
ideas for writing a story on prejudice?
What are some of the most popular books that high schoolers are reading nowadays? What are some of the best?
Romance novels without the sex?
I would like to submit original poetry to earn prize money?
can anybody give me the full text of the declamation piece assassin or the assassin? i need it asap.?
I'm looking for a specific kind of book?...?
PLEASE HELP ME! I need to think of a name for the main character of my story?!?!?
How is Animal Farm an allegory of the russian revolution?
How did the story of Romeo and Juliet go?
How many servants would an estranged queen have?
Good Urban Fantasy or Paranormal Romance Books?
Twilight Question :)?
Any Joanna Russ fans out there???
What is this book called?
buying and selling books for a profit to go on holiday?
what books has Wally Lamb written?
when do you think harry potter 7 will be released?
Is there a website where I can write stories, or anything in general?
does anyone have an idea of harry potter book 7?
What are the themes in the novel 'Open Ice' by Pat Hughes?
Should I add in a character like this?
why would any human ask such nutty questions ?if christ was gay ?man use brain?
what are some short stories similar to the tell tale heart by edgar allan poe?
Read and comment, please?
Franz Kafka- what does this quote by him actually mean?
can someone help me find the title of a fantasy book series? (see details)?
What are some book series who's protagonist is a tragic hero?
Breaking Dawn Question....?
What happened in Jenny Green's killer junior year?
Help with story characters please?
how long does a written work need to be to be considered 'book length?'?
how to write a book about the future?
In The book to kill a mocking bird, Scout gts her hand slapped by ZMiss caroline after she..?
what is the last name of Lakshmi in the book sold by Patricia McCormick?
What do you think of this excerpt form my story? Be honest?
i want to start a new religious magazine in u.s.a. what do i have to do in order to register a new magazine?
Where can I read lurlene mcdaniel books online?
Fifty Shades series or Bared to you Series?
Sherlock Holmes: The Valley of Fear?
What is the name of this famous book?
Does anybody have any biographical information on the author Richard Dokey?
what is ASAP?
looking for 'incognito,by petru dimitru,a romanian author,anyone know where i could buy a copy in english?
How long does it take you to read a Novel?
For a spell in a storybook, an Acorn, Seaweed, and Vial of Sand are used...ideas for the significance? Used4:?
Why does it say -Shire in classic books?
What is a good series of books to read?
did this author really die,,?
what is your favorite harry potter book?why?
when will i be able to get into pottermore?
Is there another book like 13 Reasons why?
has anyone read......?
Which is a better name for a romantic story about dancers?
What cliche's do you often find in your writing that you have to delete/change?
Can you help me revise this, and fix any errors?
what will happen with Malfoy in the 7th harry potter novel?
What book should I write my senior paper on?
Sophie kinsella as madeleine wickham?
Where can I find books from the author Leslie Spears?
What is the best book that you have ever read?
What would it take to get you to see the newest Twilight movie?
Do you take fanfiction seriously?
What is a good passage to write about from Midnight's children? Any Tips?
Why did David Halberstam write the book FireHouse?
When you read spy stories, do you always check the publication date?
Looking for an honest review of my idea?
Question about short story publication?
Where can I get some advice about my writing?
Does your Avatar signify your character in any way?
Need some help....??
Has Anyone Else Read Young Adult Book called Tales of a Broken 19?
Should YA writers pander to their teenage readers at the expense of the work?
"Our Town" by Thornton Wilder? What is the "Funeral Director's" Name?
an exiting way to find the killer/kidnapper?
Read the first part of my story?
What book are you currently reading?
Which of these girl names suit this character more ?
Could I make a Nazi soldier a sympathetic character?
Geoffrey Chaucer was a..?
Looking for three good fiction books on holocaust--one at 4th grade level, one at 6th grade, and one at 8th.?
Is Harry Potter, must read series of books?
How do I document my research (sources, interviews, etc) for a book I want to write and publish?
What else should I put in my query letter?
is a nook only for reading?
Title for my story - lots of answers please!?
book named:twilight saga's new moon. where is it sold?
Good books for teenagers and young adults?
Would anyone read my memoir?
What do you think of the perfect chemistry series?
52 Reasons to HATE My Father by Jessica Brody?
A book about Arabian girl's sad childhood? Hurry ..?
Constructive Criticism on story opening?
Can you recommend a book that you can't put down?
Would you suggest that i read a thousand splendid suns?
I'm writing a book, and i don't know what to use for the name of the main character?
What is the best fantasy book you've ever read?
Does anyone have songs that remind them of a certain book?
anybody have ideas for a story i can write?
do you like this plot?
Does anyone know who Linda Goodman is?
Harry Potter question!?
what is the order of the Supernatural: Rite of Passage from the other ones?
How to describe someone catching a falling person in a story?
hey, does anyone knows.. when is Blood Moon Script-Novel part two is going to show up?
Harry Potter Fans and Ask Snapers! Answer please!! :D?
Sci fi books for tweens?
characters i need help with names/description. lol?
What are you reading at the moment?
Do you think, the Stephenie Meyer is the worst author?
I really need something to read. I love science fiction and fantasy. Help!?
Hi! I am looking for pdf versions of the Demon Billionaire Trilogy books. Can anyone help me please?
How to describe this feeling?
the best book you've ever read....?
How can I tell a friend her work needs improvement?