Can you indicate a good book to read ?
Tips on how to get through"50 Shades of Grey"?
Odyessy BOOK! HLEPPPPP!!!?
When and where does the book "cruise control" take place?
How to Describe the Effects of Attraction?
Have any of you all read fahrenheit 451?
Essay on "Justice is available only for the rich"?
whats a good name for a criminal organization? for my story?
Good / easy to read psychology books?
I need a good book to read ? suggest me one?
is a chapter break a new chapter or a break within a chapter?
Prologue chapter(s)??
what is the meaning f space button?
What is the name of this story (fiction - outer space)?
Is the book twilight a fiction?
The Fifth Child by Dorris Lessing QUESTIONS!?
I need to write a story with a twist? I have no idea? Help?
I need ideas! Can any of you help me?
What are some good books for a 13 year old girl who loves to read? (my daughter)?
Finding their soulmates stories?
If you write children's picture books, is it best to have a literary agent? Will it further my career?
how can i make a wolf? not a small one....?
What is the general opinion/take of people out there on this controversy about Kaavya Viswanathan's book?
Do you judge people by the books they read?
Where can i find this online?
Please read this!!!!!! And then help me!!?
Summary of Macbeth by William Shakespeare?
Harry Potter fans, I just wanna know.....?
Symbols representing Boo Radley in To Kill a Mockingbird?
Has any one broken the DA VINCI CODE?
when will harry potter 7 come out in the book stores?
Some good books to read?
Twilight Fanfiction question...?
Another poem for your consideration.? is acting stupid?
I just finished Sue Graftons alphabet mystery books. Any more suggestions?
I need some info on "The Dumb Show" i need the history its from the elizabethan era but i can find any info
Harry Potter fans: According to you, which one of the two, did Harry love/like more.?
Please help me with my story (10 points)?
has anybody read Paul McKenna's 'Change Your Life in 7 Days'?
Good Self-Esteem Books?
What is William Shakespears full name?
need author/title:historical romance lady's companion blackmailed into search for...?
would you consider reading this?
I need a book name "Daddy's Little Earner"?
Who is the real author to the "Geronimo Stilton" series?
What is Oedipus' curse?
What is your favorite book?
How many books have you read this year?
After you get accepted by a publisher, how long does it take them to produce your book?
What are some good books on appreciating literature?
what's up?
Is this a good excerpt from the book im writimg its about the 7 deadly sins in human form appearng across the ?
What was the best book that you have ever read?
Could I have some help with my book, please?
I read a book a while back that i absolutely loved only i cant remember the title or the author. Help?
Need help with letter writing?
Help describing a post-apocalyptic world?
Does Bella Swan have any personality flaws?
When does Stephen King's "Nightmares and Dreamscapes" come on TNT?
Which is better Twilight series or Harry Potter series?
"Death and the King's Horseman" is a book he wrote?
What is the name of this play or story?
Does anyone know anything about Richard Connell's Bio? He wrote "The Most Dangerous Game."?
Do you know the name of this book!?!?
who is Fleance in Macbeth?
What's a book that you really really like, but not many people have heard of?
i am going to a memorial service today for patinets who have died died there. i need a poem ta say
how do you get rid of writer's block?
What can i call my novel?
Where can i get chapter-by-chapter summaries of the book Bread Givers by Anzia Yezierska?
How can i get my poetry out to the public so it can be published?
Do you like Twilight and what is your favorite character?
Detailed description of Dante's Hell in Dante's Inferno?
Is there any publishing companies out there that take in submissions?
know of any good books?
twilight fan question?
what did Dr.sasaki do to help in the bombing of hiroshma (book)?
Are the Twilight Saga books better than the Harry Potter series?
Which character in which book do you most relate to?
best book u have ever read?
do u think the truth that "the da vinci code" reveals is really true?
Which Bryce Courtenay novel is set in rural Australia around World War I?
How do you self publish a book?
Help with my story--what's a reason to stay engaged to an abusive man?
Who is Beouwulf and his fight with grendel?
Which of these novel ideas do you like most?
IN WHAT WAYS GRAPES OF WRATH A DARING,shoking unconvential and controversial novel when it was first published?
I am looking for the official website of knitter Sally Melville?
Do you have any extremely useless Harry Potter questions?
If JK Rowling wrote another book, what would you want it to be about?
Darcy paying off Wickham in secret?
Should I add supernatural characteristics to my novel?
Harry Potter FANS! How would you react if Lord Voldemort...?
Is this something you would continue to read?
Is this a good story plot?
What happened to Barty Crouch Jr.'s body in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire?
Can someone help me find the title of a 90s fictional book, and it's author?
Chapter summaries for Shoeless Joe?
Uploading on (easy ten points)?
Night by Elie Wiesel?
What are Dally's feelings towards Steve?
Should I start on chapter 4 on my story!?
Twilight? please help!?
What are some quotes?
princess diaries??? please HELP!?
How can I make a character that is considered unique and not cliched?
Question for people who have watched and read The Vampire Diaries.?
Which authors of young children's books do you would most recommend to your friends who are new parents?
I need book recommendations!!!?
Who writes good scary murder mysteries?
Tuesdays With Morrie?
Writing Contest?
What novel are you reading now?
Can someone give me 5 quotes from the anne frank book by Frances Goodrich?
About the ongoing Harry Potter - Twilight Feud?
good horror/romance books for teens?
Do the Study Series characters appear in the Glass series?
how do you upload to nanowrimo?
In the story, " Good Country People", What is difference about the way Hulga and Manly see nothing ?
writing short horror story, need some ideas?
Do any of you read anything other than The Bible, The DaVinci Code, or the Harry Potter books?
Where can I find a litereary agent to publish and sell my book for me?
where can i download or read online the whole book of Betrayed by p.c. cast and kristin cast?
What is a name that means Darkness and light combined?
Classic Books? Anyone?
How would you incorporate yourself into the Harry Potter Story?
tell me the best love novel and pome?
Why and how did Sir Walter Scott include a Jew as one of the main characters in his "Ivanhoe" story?
what are the different types of books?
Do the tiny details make a character?
Harry Potter Fans: Do you agree that the first three Harry Potter movies were the best?
Where can I browse a list of Canadian fiction authors?
workshop forum/website?
Who can guess what book I'm reading?
Harry Potter or Twilight?
Who is the maid in children's books who knows how to make lemon meringue pie?
When does hamlet admit he was not in control when he killed polonius?
who discovered minimalist cubisium and when was it discovered?
Can someone please help me to come up with a thesis statement fot the book "TOXIN" by Robin Cook...ASAP
what book does bella keep reading in twilight?
Upton Sinclair's The Jungle?
Recommend some books for me?
summary for the book " i'd tell you i love you but then i'd have to kill you"?
I looking for Book Titled "Teaching Yoga" by Mark Stephens?
What do you think of the Da Vinci Code controversy?
Which are novels with a decentralised plot?
i'm writing a book and have a question?
What do you think of my story (Pt. 2)?
What is the meaning of "the iron has entered my soul?"?
How does this story sound?
Will you check my book out?
What's Better? - Twilight or Harry Potter?
what is the saddest movie of all time?
Can i say a book is a "work of literary fiction"?
can anyone write a part-2 of a novel written by a writer..?
Read my short passage?
I can't get myself to finish writing my novel cause I'm lazy!?
How old is Artemis Fowl in the last guardian?
The writer Gita Mehta is the sister of which famous politician?
Have you ever read 'The Catcher in the Rye'?
On the cover of Stephen King's, "The Shining", what was the significance of a faceless Danny?
Does Rory Emerald mortally wound H. P. in J. K. Rowling's newest novel - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?
What was the name of this children's book series?
Does anyone recognise this vague book summary?
what is the meaning of life?
what was digory'd role related to the bible?
read it, think it, feel it and answer it.?
twilight saga or hunger games trilogy?
Can you give me some CHARACTER NAME HELP?
TWILIGHT FANS!!!! How dedicated are you and how obsesseed are you?
harry potter fans! wouldn't this be a cool idea?
Does anyone know who wrote this poem or where I can find it?
Which is better, Harry Potter or Twilight?
In the Lake of the Woods question?
How old are all you writers in real life?
Would you read this novel?
What is the best Cyberpunk Novel?
What are some really good books?
will the cover of my textbook harden after it dries?
I need a name for a slutty b**** who has just died in my story. Want her to be named after someone you hate?
I need a picture of a vial with the 'elixir of life' in it?
To kill a mocking bird, boo radley?
Book Question Help? - Great Expectation?
What is the name of this book/author?
who is your favorite author and what book does he/she wrote?
What is the main conflict of the book The Shack?
Does Young Adult Fiction typically contain simpler vocabularies than say Stephen King or Agatha Christie?
What book is the movie "Jackie Browne" based on? Who wrote it? Are there any differences?
What is the meaning of humanity?
What is the name of this book??
Adult horror book recommendations?
what kind of books do u like? by who? why?
Best book you ever read?
Who is the girl in the cover of my book?
Do you prefer the Harry Potter or Twilight series?
What books have you read lately?
Literary fiction, what is it?
how to pronounce scultz?
Do you like lovers to meet within X number of pages?
Sexual reference in YA novel I'm writing?
What is a 'Mary Sue'?
is there any book in which i can found solution of every problem? if any please name ..?
is every 13 year old girl in the world writing a novel about vampires?
Why are people obsessed about the Twilight characters?
What awards has Daniel Pinkwater won?
What's the best book you've ever read?
How much royalty a comic script writer gets for a graphic novel(e.g. Gosccini)?
i need help with my macbeth oral?
Have you read the book "The Illiad"?
What do you think of my book so far?
Who is your favorite author? What makes him or her stand out from the rest?
can anyone tell me of any good books to read?
What do y'all think of this? Be brutally honest please...?
Twilight Fanfiction question...?
What is your favorite Jane Austen novel?
What is the total story of pretty little liars the TV series?
In the book " Things Fall Apart" by Achebe, what's a song that relates to 1-14?
HP/RA/DA fans: What is your favourite quotes from Harry Potter?
what do you think of this first chapter?
Questions about Huckleberry Finn.?
Any favorite books or authors? I'm running out of things I enjoy reading and need new material.?
Does anyone remember a children's book about a boy who couldn't take off his hat without another appearing?
favorite book?
Has anyone read Stephen King's "The Shining"?
How Old Is Meg and Edward In the Book Never mind?
What is the name of this book? and author?
I need help for a book I'm writing...?!?
Amber Spyglass (Golden compass pt3)... ending?
Poetry by Sylvia Plath... I need help!?
Can anyone help me?
have u ever heard of nicholas sparks if so what is your favorite book?
questions about adventures of huck finn?
What are some signifigant quotes from " the son of neptune" by Rick riordan?
A good name for a evil character in a fantasy novel?
does anyone know wat the 7th harry potter book is?
Yet again, another Harry Potter true or false survey?
What's the most anticipated novel of 2006?
QUICK!~!!!!!!!!!! How does The Catcher in the Rye open your eyes to literature?
who is ur ALLTIME favorite character in HARRY POTTER except harry ,ron, hermy??
What would happen if your library book is overdue?
what page does the character santiago come in, in Twilight: Breaking Dawn BOOK?
Why Katniss and Peeta where going to eat the berries to die at the end of the novel?
Different methods of strangling for mystery book?
twilight question......?
What's your favorite self-help/self-development book?
Should i read Twilight ?
Bettert title? .s.?
I'm 27 and love harry potter fanfic, am i pathetic?
Where can I find chapter summaries of the book "Nineteenth-Century Music" by Carl Dahlhaus?
What would you name a villain, if you were writing a book?
What would be the genre of the book "Deep Ecology" by Devall and Sessions?
Where will I be able to find the book "THE SCARY STORIES TREASURY"?
Suggested modern day espionage books?
What are the various ghosts simbolized in Beloved by Toni Morrison?
Eldest? Please help me!!!?
What's the best book you've ever read?
Do you think the creature in Frankenstein could be described as living?
Do you honestly and truly like the book Twilight? Not because Edward is hot, or anything?
Why do people, mostly boys judge twilight when they haven't even read it yet?
Supportive or otherwise for Self-Publishing Boom?
Why is the mythological background of the setting to "Oedipus the King" significant to the play?
Should I do english literature or normal english next year?
Waht is the shortest sentence in the english language?
how much land does a man need short story?
Do you have a favorite author?
How to make this character likeable?
Does anyone know of a children's book called The Tiny House by Elizabeth Barton or Burton?
Civil War Book?
Is this a good intro for a book I'm writing?
Anne Frank??????
Where can I promote my young adult ebook?
What is the saddest book you have ever come across?
Read Any Good Books Lately?
Do you judge a book (an actual book) by its cover?
Websites for people who like writing?
Who has read the book "DRAMA! Everyone's a Critic" by Paul Ruditis?
What is the cd and book schedule for the book "Escape the coming night" by david Jeremiah?
In the hunger games who is darius and who is seneca crane?
Summary of The Perks of Being a Wallflower?
What do you think of this short story?
!10point..which would sounds more classy?
what comes next in summer boys.....?
I need some good scary story ideas, can be gory, but the main goal is to mess w/ the readers mind. Ideas ppl?
Anybody who has read Inkheart??!!?? Please help! It's easy?!?
Are these good book ideas? Would you read them?
plz gimme a very good answer to this: wut strugglees did emily dickinson face along the way in her life?
Qué significa el término ''Aleph''?
What do you do with a book that never really interested you.. throw it away?
Stephen King?
Team Edward or Team Jacob? :)?
how do men feel about strong, succesful and independent women?
do you believe the story in the Da Vinci Code is possible.?
What are you reading right now?
Where can I read "The Other Boleyn Girl" online for free?
Are these John Green books bad influences?!?
describe mercutio from romeo and juliet?
where can i find free downloads of books with complete text?
The Boy In The Striped Pajamas?
where does Hamlet sit to watch the play?
what is the meaning of a palm leaf on a coffin?
Which it's the best book than you ever have read? And why?
I am looking for a kids book about a pig family who is messy, and the mom acts like she's leaving.?
How to become a book editor?
Need help finding author/title for a book?
novelette publishers?
am i to young to sell publish a childrens novel?
I need a goood book to read can anyone tell me one?
Did you ever read this book before? Its about a family with lots of kids. The main character is the oldest...?
Chapters 1&2 of "slaughterhouse five" by kurt vonnegut, explanation?
I have a Twilight question?
How Do I Submit Books to Gold Eagle/Worldwide Library?
what do you think about china?
What’s the best books you have read this year so far?
I don't get the circle series by ted dekker?
What's your opinion on this writing?
why would someone choose to be an author?
What Is Your Thinking About This Name?
Novels similar to The Ladies Delight/Au Bonheur des Dames?
are there any books writing in very simple English (for adult reader)?
What is the class system in Maycomb County in "TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD"?
Are there any societies/fan clubs devoted to Mary Shelley, the writer of 'Frankenstein'?
what's the best book you've read this year?
Rough draft book idea. Good start? Help me revise!?
Confused about the setting of the book "Born Confused" by Tanuja Desai Hidier?
What is the book "purple hibiscus"by Ngozi Adichie chimamand about?**easy 10 points**?
what is the best book series and movie series harry potter or twilight?
Does anyone know any good books about or with Native Americans in it? It can be fiction or non fiction.?
I'm looking for a good last name...?
anyone interested in writing a gang novel?
Short story contest/ publications/ other questions please read and help thank you!?
Why can I post a short stories and have people read it ?
I need to know the author of a book called "A Chess Player". I think his name starts with a Z. Thnx.
I'd love a book that is dark, twisty and puts me elsewhere- Name me a few?
what are 2 conflicts that take place in the book born confused by Tanuja?
what do you think of carlisle cullen in twilight?
Are there any people here who read Joyce Meyer books?
Content in my YA novel?
good book help please!!??!!?
how should I do a back story for foxface out of the hunger games?
short moral/positive story . . .?
The name of this children's book about trolls?
Which is the best Twilight book in the series?
Need another book "History of United States". Any suggestion?
The Beginning of the Age of Mammals" by Kenneth D. Rose.?
I need help with Arthur Miller's play "The Crucible"!?
Do you think I'm a Ravenclaw?
Who said this, "The heart has its reasons which reason know not of?"?
The Necklace bu Guy de Maupassant...???help plz?
What would be a good female character whose in college?
are kindle books reduced in the number of pages compared to publish versions ?
What age must you be to properly comprehend the Da Vinci Code?
Reccommend a great book you think more people should have read?
On the back cover of Twilight?
Is reading erotica .. healthy?
Stupidest things a villain can do?
do any one no the poem still i rise?
How do you find a book publisher?
Can't Remember Title?
What are some other authors i might like?
What do you think is better House of Night series or the Twilight Saga?
Having troubles starting this story?
Does anybody know of a twilight fanfiction story about Im or texting?
What is a good book to read?
What are good books for teen girls?
Do you believe Kaavya Vishwanathan's story of ' internalizing ' Megan McCafferty's work ?
Is this any good for a prologue ?
In the book Message from Nam by Danielle Steel, does Paxton die in Vietnam?
what are some connections between the world and the book the boy in the striped pajamas?
what website can i go to to print out a copy of the ella enchanted book by gail carson levine?
The worst part of holding the memories is not the pain. It's the lonliness of it. Memories need to be shared"
how is machiavelli?
Interesting character background?
Y do U Ppl thnk its OK to use txt spk all the time?
When is the next It Girl Novel comming out?
who knew kadarius barnes?
main theme of the book Hannah's garden?
I just purchased Mark Twains Library of Humor 1888.Anyone have any history or know the value of this?
i'm trying to find the map of isla sorna found in the lost world book by michael chrichton?
My girlfriend left me for EDWARD CULLEN?
Why dose Beowulf boast of his heroic ability when he first appears before King Hrothgar?
Where can I read these books online for free?
what book are you reading as of right now?
Does anyone know if "All You Need Is A Willing Heart" by Sandy Mercer is copyrighted?
Why do their wives seem to attend church? In the book Canterbury tales?
have u read a book called ANNE FRANK the diary ofyoung girl .?
How Do i Write My Story Without...?
How do you pronounce Agatha Christie?
what are the best historical romance novels?
Does anyone know the online book version of this book?
Have you read Eragon or Eldest by Christopher Paolini?
What Is Your Opinion On Flashback Scenes In Novels...?
Anyone looking for a good book to read?
Stories stories stories!!!?
Where can I get a softcover book rebound?
who is your favorite author and why?
How to hook readers into book?
What do you think of my story?
'mea culpa!'... what's in this phrase?
The name of a book about hidden treasure, bug jewells. Hidden in the United States.?
What are some magical powers in romantic archetypes? 10 points?
what are the style and technique of writing used in the novel O Pioneers?
how was the pythagorean thereom developed?
can anyone recommend a good book?
Needing Novel help?!!!?
where can i find quotes from the book Rocket Boys by Homer Hickam?
hey what do you think of the start of my story?
Book Recommendations ^.^ Good books to read?
What should I name my character?
Is my story starter good? Sorry it's long!?
What's your favorite Harry Potter book?
Robert Jordan and 'The Wheel of Time' Series...what do all of you think?
Who is Gregor Samsa?
Have you read the Le Miserables book? do you like it?
Which is better? Harry Potter or Twilight books?!!!?
my son has to write his own version of the book alexander and the terrible,horrible,no good very bad day?
Twilight Book...? ?
looking for title of this manga?
What it means to examine storytelling of a novel?
What is the story of the fight between Mercutio and Tybalt ?
Discuss The theme of disillusionment in Ernest Hemingway's A farewell To Arms?
what infulenced charlotte bronte to write jane eyre?
What do these quotes mean?
What are the so called 7 storylines?
Would you read this book?
How many pages typed in pages typed in 12pt font single spaced would equil pages per small paperback book?
what happens in the end of judy blume?
What is the term for an expert in pronunciation?
good fantasy books like harry potter and percy jackson?
Ron Hermione Canon Fanfiction?
What are some good fiction books for teens?
What is that big Indian book about sex called?
How old are Piglet and Pooh supposed to be?
How the heck can Edward and Bella have sex when Edward is DEAD??!?
What book is this quote from?
Unusual Mythical Creatures?
who has read death of a salesman?
Who was the better Scots poet - Robbie Burns or William MacGonnagal?
What are some good books on dealing with grief/loss of a parent?
About The Hunger Games..?
names for a couple of teacher characters?
Why were as some people so shocked and gasped in horror when they found out Albus Dumbledore is gay?
Adult Book Recommendations?
Using "I" when writing an essay for school?
I am making a playlist for Fahrenheit 451. Help?
What is tracy chevalier's writing style considered to be in girl with a pearl earring?
Can you recommend any Star Wars books that have Mara Jade in them?
why wasn't the preface of animal farm published?
What are some good books for teenage girls to read?
Where can I go to learn how to darw the One Piece Manga?
from the book "Where the Red Fern Grows" by Wilson Rawls I have the following questi?
team Jacob or team Edward? from twilight?
What to read first, so confused!!!?
farenheit 451 passage... PLEASE HELP!?
Having trouble with writing the beginning of my book & how to develop it . . .?
what is da best english learning & grammar book 4 F.A English literature students?
What is your favorite reading material?
Does Ford compensate Dean Koontz for putting a Ford Explorer in practically every one of his novels?
Deluxe Edition the Harvard classics?
aynsley china - dating of pieces ie red/green markings?
Harry Potter?
Help remembering book name?
I'm going to read George Orwell's book 1984 soon, and I want to know if it's any good?
What’s your favorite vampire book/author?
Lord of The Flies - William Golding?
Calling anyone who could recommend a book to me...?
what is your favorite childrens story - apart from harry potter books?
What are some children's books about things falling from the sky?
Who has the book "The Alchemist."?
What book are you reading now?
whats a good name for a criminal organization? for my story?
Where can I find someone to illustrate a children's book that I'm writing?
only for guys (males) : harry potter , twilight , da Vince code which better book and better movie?
English poet, can't remember his name, died when he was 24 or so, probably 19th century?
tagline ng wazzup wazzup?
If you buy an ebook and delete it, do you pay for it?
don't remember name of book or author?
what is the plot for the book drivers ed by caroline b. coney?
B&A: To be a writer, do you agree it helps to be just a little bit insane?
I forgot the name of this book. Pictures in it. Girl finds out newborn baby brother is a genius?
whats a great title for a love story?
What are books about lost love?
How much does it cost for an ISBN number off of apple?
Whats the worst book you were forced to read in school?
Is Twilight ACTUALLY good?
Best Great Expectations movie?
what are some great books on manners/ettiquette?
Where is the cheapest place to buy Twilight books?
Do you know of an online poetry contest that is free?
who liked breaking dawn?
Any good websites for fiction writers?
How is Willie Loman's house symbolic in the book DEATH OF A SALESMAN?
Have you read Twilight?
Did I waste money buying this Harry Potter set?
What are some of the differences between A Christmas Carol book and A Christmas Carol movie (2009)?
Can anyone recommend a good book?
What was the name of the last book that you read?
Who else besides me can write books in excessive of 200,000 words?
where can i buy ishihara book?
Are u bored? Wanna read my short story? Dont be harsh...It isnt finished but here?
Plot ideas for new book please?
Where can I find a recent critical (scholarly) review of Encyclopedia Britannica 1911 edition?
first book that u red?
Help-Theme for book?!?!?!?!?
Are you supposed to do this when writing a book?
Can someone acquire a copy of Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis in Czech for me?
I need help with actresses as my characters in a story?
where can i buy sixth sense?
Hi i need some help because i am writing a book and cannot figure out names?
Help with writing my story?
Is there a record of the most books read by one person in one year?
maximum ride: angel's outfit?
Did J.R.R Tolkien invent Middle Earth and its creatures, or did someone else?
what book are you reading right now????
Who is the narrator in schooled by gordan korman?
I need a character name for my novel!?
who wrote Murphy's Law?
What graphic novel have you read?
What do you think of this story?
Your favorite author?
Is there a word that means "black and white"?
what is the meaning of pranika.?
How do you spell a lot?
Did you see "Twilight"?
I read a book a while back but dont know what its call. the world was black and whit?
I know this sounds crazy but I read twilight and my boy friend sounds alot like edward(vampire way).Is he one?
Are there any fictional main characters that fit this description...?
What is the main character’s fate at the end of the story “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge”?
Is the book, "The Bridges of Madison County" part fact-part fiction?
Can anyone who has read or seen "Fight Club" help me with this essay question?
If you could keep only one book you currently own, which would you choose?
Who said that quote that says something like, you must truly love someone in order to truely hate them?
Mrs. Turner's Lawn Jockeys?
Book that has changed you life and/or favorite author?
When does miss maudie tell scout that Atticus is the same in his house as he is on the street? URGENT!?
HP experts, I need your help AGAIN! How do you pronounce "Beauxbatons"?
How does Hamlets revenge start taking shape and how is it shaped by his madness?
The Changeling .A poem by Margaret ?. "Toll no bells for me , dear Father?
Advice for Zombie Story?
I'm looking for the title of a book.?
What is the book order for the Lord John Grey series by Diana Gabaldon?
1984 by George Orwell. book question?
I need help deciding on my novel's title?
Would you go and see this movie/read this book?
I have a question about the song " Tony Story " and Tony Story part two " by meek mill?
how do u spell the other word for hell ? becuz i thinjk its haydeese?
What age group would you recommend the book lolita to?
Some help working out the details of my plot?
Suggestions PLEASE!!! i want to give out a book but i don't know too much about literature.?
Anyone read this book? What is your opinion?
details on Interdiciplinary Literary Studies: a Journal of Criticism and Theory?
(Lord Randall, Get Up and Bar the Door) What word best describes the two intruders behavior toward the couple?
Do you think Barbara Kingsolver is a good author? where would you rank her among great authors?
Could someone suggest a nice book to read? I like psychology, philosophy, mindfulness?
What do you think of the first part of my novel?
Good titles for my story please?
What are the common mistakes Filipinos commit in English and what are the facts affecting it?
How do i start my introduction paragraph on my research paper about death of a salesman by arthur miller?
Are there any book summary's for the book Cosmos by Carl Sagan? Many thanks!?
Scarlet Letter HELP?!?!?
How Do You Handle Interior Monologue?
any profesors i can contact or book i can be refrenced?
Please review my story (about 200 words I think)?
which book are you currently reading?
The Da Vinci Code...fact or fiction?
im doing a survey on twilight?
Does the "Endless Journeys" book really exist?
Billionaires jobs????????
If you had an hour to interview a Harry Potter character, who would it be?
Where can I find a good free study guide for Life of Pi?
How to sell novel on Internet in L. America and Africa?
What do yo think of this short part out of my story? It's a fantasy, just to warn you.?
where can i read THE WEIGHT OF ALL THINGS by sandra benitez ONLINE FOR FREE?
Harry Potter,Twilight or The Lord of the rings?
What do you think of my novel idea?
Classic books to read?
What is level 6-8 books?
3 Young Goodman Brown Questions! PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!?
Looking for a Daria fanfiction? any idea?
What are your dislikes of the Twilight books?
Interesting nonfiction books on the great depression?
I want a romantic gay book D; please i beg you !!!!?
How do you write a good story?
what are some good children novels? 10 points(optional)?
Hi my names Jarod smith and I need help PLEASE read I will give you all my points for answering?
Is "Kubla Khan" Coleridge fragmentary?
Harry Potter or Edward Cullen?
What age do you think I am from my writing and what do you think of it?
What is this book called?
im looking for this book title?
Read My Story? Tell me how it is up until now! 10 points EASY!?
What is the best book you have ever read?
Does anyone know of a website with the order of Janette Oke's books?
What's a good book for a teenager?
A good book about fallen angels?
As a kid a read a book about a kid who was homeless and lived in an equipment shed. What book is that?
I'm fed up of reading light weight or chick-lit books - recommend a really good novel please!?
whats a really good n interesting novel?!?!?!?
Have you ever tried to write a book...?
Who are some good actors for this story?
What to name my story?
What is harry potter fear in prisoner of azkaban?
what is your favorite qoute??
Gormenghast v LOTR?
What are some really funny chapter books that have agirl main character?
Any suggestions for any girly books to read?
Does Young Adult Fiction typically contain simpler vocabularies than say Stephen King or Agatha Christie?
Madame Bovary VS Les Miserables.?
Can you help me come up with a title for my novel? (NaNoWriMo)?
Will there be a fourth midnighters book?
wat do u think Edward would do if in breaking dawn bella chose jacob?
Which three of your favorite literary characters would you invite to dinner?
Whats your favourite twilight book ?
What was the last book you read?
HARRY POTTER FANS: What NOT to do at Hogwarts?
Twilight fans, I have a simple question for you...?
Where can I find a character analysis of the book "The Color of Water"?
Who's your favorite author?
When can I download FREE Novels?
When is Jacqueline Wilson going to do a signing for Emerald Star?
I wrote a passage, and I'd like some feedback.?
I want to make a humorous storyabout two men....plz help me if u have any experiences about telling stories?
What do people have against Twilight?
"HARRY POTTER BOOKS , is now part of school texts what is your opinion about this ?
What is some good information on the book "Surviving the Applewhites"?
What are some good Teen Books?
I am wondering who I could contact about writing a biography?
My mom used to read me a book about a ghost named Andrew. It's a short paperback. I want to find it for my son
What's the last good book you've read this week?
What should I name my story character?
Help with Captaincy Speech?
What are some good books for a 12 year old girl who is not very girly she likes drama with a love story?
Does anyone know when the next Robert Jordan book (w.o.t series) is coming out?
has ayone read the Silverfin book?
What are the top 5 novel's you've read?
How much is this book worth?
Help planning for a story on unforgettable experiences?
Any GOOD books to read over the summer?
thoughts on this fanfiction plot?
I need help in writing a story with this opening sentence: The streets were deserted..... Where was everyone?
Is it strage that I have a college reading level at the age of 12?
If you read a book description about dragon shape shifters...?
can anyone tell me what order the santangelo books are read in please??
District 13 (Hunger Games)?
Who decided that Charles Bukowski's tombstone should read "Don't Try"?
Is "Revelation" by Flannery O'Connor online?
What are you currently reading?
How is my first chapter? (criticism appreciated)?
What's the BEST book you have EVER read?
Can anyone recommend a good book with religious themes?
What is the best Stephen King novel(not movie)?
Can someone read this short story, and give their first impressions?
Short Story Title? - Tale About Knowing When You'll Die?
I am writing a book but i need a name for a old fortune teller woman any ideas?
where can I buy the books wide sargasso sea by jean rhys and kasaysayang bayan by ADHIKA?
if your a fan of the twilight book series by stephanie meyer please answer?
Is this section of a story I am working on any good?
Do you think its possible to write a book in the first person where the protagonist is unnamed?
Please tell me what you think of my 4 line poem.?
Help writing an essay on the book Death of a Salesman!!!?
What are the coming books in the "Need Pixies" Series by Carrie Jones?
Detective/FBI book series recs?
How do mystery writers come up all the different plots and stories they write? Don't they run out of ideas?
how to tell first edition little golden books?
What is the acerage word count of fantasy novels? Or what is the required word length for fnatsy novels?
What is Moleskine? If its just a brand of notebooks, where did the word originate from?
What are some good books?
Who is DeSelby? Where can one find him?
what is the difference in meaning between claudio and claudius ?
A bit of a story I ask you if I should continue, please C/C?
I need a writer for my comic/manga.?
Are these the same books?
Is Twilight overrated?
looking for a Christmas book?
What's the saddest book you've ever read?
Name of a book of short Christmas ghost stories?
Twilight Or Harry Potter?
Whose 1977 novel, Song of Solomon, was the first Book of the Month Club main selection by an African-American?
Is Memoirs of a Geisha fiction or non fiction?
who is nathaniel hawthorne?
Need Book Ideas! Help!?
What books are out there for me to read, other than Harry Potter or Twilight?
Does the character Atticus in "To Kill a Mockingbird" have particular dialect?
What do you think of this plot?
Do you like this point of view for a novel: two main characters take turns narrating?
Whats the first book the The Lying Games series/The PLL series?
Is Louise Rennison writing a new Georgia Nicolson book for 2009?
Multifactorial inheritance is similar to polygenic because both involve?
whats a good name for a criminal organization? for my story?
Which is the best set of books written - Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings? Please only vote for one of these!?
Book recommendation?
I'm looking for a summary of a critic's take on the literary piece by Chesnutt, "The Passing of Grandison".
Which is your favourite book at the moment?
do you love reading true crime books?
How many books deal with immortals?
Book suggestions?
What's that Halloween story about the dad who kills his daughter and passes around her body parts?
How can you get a new name?
Someone be willing to read my short story?
Help with picking out a book?
Can you offer websites for searching full text and famous books?
What are some rich girl names and a name for a high-class all girls academy?
Can you identify this character trait?
Who is your least favourite Harry Potter character?
What happened in Misguided Angel by Melissa de La Cruz?
HELP! I need a guy character! (name)?
harry potter????
is this a good piece ? its part of my story about a teenage girl and her old schoolmate / bestfriend?
What book are YOU currently reading?
Looking for the title of this Vampire book?
How are the bank and country similar?
Corner Painting, Help?
Is it bad luck to write a dedication for your book BEFORE it's garunteed to be published?
scout growing up???
I love the Harry Potter series, but I have finished reading all of them.?
what is a summary for the book the adventures of the ulysses?
Do you like to read?
Meeting someone online - Read on there's a short story to it.?
Who has african american or just plain anthology contests with a deadline within the next 2 months or so?
could someone download toad intrution book for ai606 alarm?
I'm looking for a book title i think its called Manchester/Piccadilly?
Do any guys out there like kingsolver?
Lord of the Rings or The chronicals of Narnia?
how do you write an executive summary for a proposed book ?
What are some of your favorite books?
LOOK ME IN THE EYE~~ have you read the book?
Can someone help me with character names?
Could you revise this essay?
Please recommend great books and biographies about Grand Duchess Anastasia and the Imperial Russian family?
Can we say a dog "has a stump tail"?
do you like to read?
would somebody please give me a poem with adjective plz plz plz??? remember poem with adjective?
is television is nice or books?????///?
Am I the only person that hasn't finished reading the new Harry Potter yet?
Do you know of any good WWII books about the Soviets?
Who wrote the book about the young James Bond?
May u help me with a nice title for my "quotation book"for better marketing ?
Favorite mysterious villain?
Maximum Ride Book online?
Suggestions for Hitler Biography?
What's the best way to kill a mockingbird?
Salvadorian and Mexican stories? Working together?
who else out there LOVES the twilight series??
What would be a good title for this story I'm writing?
Writing Harry Potter Fanfiction, need help with ideas? What would you do if you were in Hogwarts?
Is anyone a fan oh the movie The Color Purple? If so I have a question ?
How many books was The Lord of the Rings originally comprised of?
Do you enjoy Reading?,Latest book which you have read recently?
Dr Jekyll and Mr Hide?
freedom writers field trip?
what book are you reading at the moment?
Wreck It Ralph 2012 Download?
What's the best book your high school english teacher made you read?
Any suggestions for a cute childrens story?
rachael ray download?
Are you seriously sick of Twilight?
anybody know any really interesting books????
Is the character of Celia in As You Like It completely overshadowed by Rosalind ?
Is there a blog or a website where i can get my writng critiqued..??
What kind of a writing style does a "Traveller"s Diary" contain?
What books arrived on your doorstep, in the mailbox, or under the Christmas tree?
Harry Potter Movies and Books?
What is the name of this book?
Who are three main characters in the book "To Cross a Line"?
Did Draco marry Hermione in one of the Harry Potter books?
who else here hates the series "Twilight"?
Help With Summer Reading list?
If you met Maya Angelou, what would you ask her!?
If you were to write the story of your life, what would you title it?
Why would a book go gray at the top?
Do you like Twilight?
Advantages and disadvantages of verse novels?
can I read the man in the iron mask by alexandre dumas without reading the first two books in the trilogy?
I'm trying to find a specific children's book about crickets or grasshoppers or some type of insect...?
Is this a good review?
Any one here read/enjoyed "the stand" by stephen king?
Who wrote this book? Easy ten points?
am stuck on the ending of this story?
Am I a good writer? How can I improve?
Any Obscure/not so known mythological creatures I could use in a fantasy book? "used-like new" book?!?
Legit Online Used Books Selling Website?
Paranormal activity Black family?
Hello Everyone... I m writting a book on my journey with my grandma..?
How would a author sell their own book?
How do you become a famous and very successful writer?
Is this something you would read?
What is a cool Name that has not been used never for a fictional character?
what are good classic books to read?
can someone give me some ideas to make a thrilling story?
Which came first: Salazar Slytherin or The Peverell Brothers? (Harry Potter Series)?
Does anyone know where I can find Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth series in eBook form?
B&A lets play a game:D?
Does anyone know the title of a book about the witness protection plan, called, In Plain View/ In Plain Sight?
Why did Jane Austen write Pride and Prejudice?
What is your favourite food while reading?
What book is this? (Please help!)?
Help with my story... Quick question!?
I write very well..but can i write a bestseller ?
what is the latin for who will watch the watchers?
Noah's Ark rhyme?
i am looking for a book, a man that buys a military ribbon, wears it , gets respect, impersonates a us marine?
good books/movies about existentialism?
Can you help me to understand what a concrete word is?
If you could be any Lord of the Rings character who would you be?
Do you like the Twilight Book Series?
Harry Potter fans: What, in your opinion, is the best WRITTEN Harry Potter book?
Looking for an affordable childrens book printer?
Are there any books similar to Pandora Hearts or Kuroshitsuji?
Hatef Mokhtar: Is he among the the top authors in the world?
Harry Potter Fans: what do you think will happen in book 7?
what is this book title and who is the author?
Is this a good start to a short story?
Short story ideas?need to write in one hour with the title 'Coming home'?
i had a lit class in college and am trying to remember a story we read.?
Have you ever fell in love with a fictional character?
Boy in the stripped pyjama's - Granmother?
Any good books...I'm a teen but like older material! I'm very mature so any really good books?
is this the proper grammar?
kid's book about aliens, can't remember the title?
Help with my story?!?
Mary Poppins book value?
Any tips for an aspiring author?
what are three things that happened in the frankenstein movie but not in the book?
I asked this before but it never appeared. I wanted to know about the addiction to books. Are there any books?
how do we wrok?
Help with writing my story?
Who is your favourite fictinal character?
I have a story i wrote?
What are books similar to The Pigman?
Does anyone have the story of Tam Lin that I can read?
Where can I find a literary agent?
I need help making a story?
Where was the author Lurlene McDaniels born,and when?
(.. Best answer) If you are familiar with atmoskinesis please answer?
Does anyone know this line from Moby-Dick?
What is the book where a girl gets turned into a cyborg?
Writing a short story on Microsoft Word 2010?
cant remember the name of a book - teen girls book with character called amaryllis?
can someone explain what nanowrimo is?
Where can I buy Jakes Long Shadow (Book) by Alan Duff in the United Kingdom?Cannot find it anywhere?
book shops that buy books in manchester?
After finding the cocoon, Ender says he found the answer to his question. What was his question?
What is the Capulet servant's name that inadvertently renewed the feud?
Short story about greek gods, suggestions?
Is Gaston Leroux's book The Phantom of the Opera a fiction, non-fiction, biography or science-fiction?
People please read this.?
What would be a good series name for a series about different worlds?
Need info on publishing?
I really need something to read. I love science fiction and fantasy. Help!?
Have you read Wind-Up Bird Chronical? What did you think?
Does anyone know when the next book by Dan Brown is coming out?
How do you write flashbacks?
Am I good writer? ( how do you think this passage sounds)?
questions about books.?
Who was the first book character you fell in love with?
What should I do? Involves screenplay?
Is it OK for boys to watch and read the twilight saga's?
who dies in the next harry potter book?
Questions on Zoe Letting Go by Nora Price! please help! :)?
How many books did You read this month? And which one did you like the most?
What is the best title for my fanfiction?
Unique ways to torture someone?
How did author Robert Cormier's wife Connie Cormier die?
Is st. Charlie cloud the movie a novel?
Good Book For 15 year old girl?
What book had a major impact on you?
How many new Sweet Valley High (2008) Books are there?
What historical values does Brave New World have?
what book are you reading at the moment?
B&A Writers: Which two characters are really, really, REALLY close with each other in your story?
Does anyone know when Bruce Dawe wrote his poem "planning a Time Capsule"?
Book recommendation for 11th grade boy?
Will this type of POV swapping work in my story?
Was "The Road" Cormac McCarthy's best book?
what are two examples of structural irony in pride and prejudice?
(have you read this place has no atmosphere?
What is Metloboj?
Help with some names?
is this an acceptable beginning?
Good books for teens to read?
Can someone please edit my story summary?
What is a good town/city for a book?
What is significant abou Klipspringer's song?
What is the best fantasy novel you have ever read, and why do you like it?
if the dark tower does exist, (it might not) how might i reach it?
What is a novel or a series that is a MUST read?
Need help with a character analysis of Anna Fitzgerald. How did Anna change throughout the book?
Looking for address, phone and fax numbers, and email address of Camilo C. Antonio formerly of Philippines.?
"what have I done to You"which poem is this?
I need an analysis of "the Necklace" by Guy Dae Maepassant!?
Help with using Iambic Pentameter?
I want to know some songs that would match the "outsiders"?
Do you like to read?
How do you get your book published?
What is the name of Ethan's sister in the Faeriewalker novels?
What are some good books for a 13 year old?
Is the author Patricia Cornwell married?
Have you hear of the book "Sticky Cheeseman and other Fairy Stupid tales"?
Does anyone know where I can find book summaries for the 2007 YSU English Festival? (details)?
Struggling with writing serious thematic work and just simply what I want...?
Harry Potter Fans: Random Questions!?!?! =]?
Will I be annoyed by Dickens and Hugo?
I'm 14 and I love to read, but I can't find any new series/books that I like.?
In Lord of the Flies - Chapter 2 When the boys rush off to make a fire, why is Piggy so critical of them?
Writing Advice Ideas - Fictional?
Creative character naming assistance please?
How would I go about finding someone to write a book with, or for me?
Can you have half your ashes scattered somewhere and the other half somewhere else?
Is this a good story to write ?
Im writing a paper comparing a song to William Blake's "Divine Image" anyone know a song with same meaning?
Has anybody read the new Vampire Diaries Hunters trilogy?
Any ideas for my story? (short)?
I need a book!!?
How would you characterize Angela Vicario in "Chronicles of a Death Foretold"?
What book are you reading right now and is it any good?
How do you get names for your storys?
Lord of the Flies Jack's disintegration of speech?
whats your favourite book?
Description of the 1950s as teenagers?
What are some good books to read for a 9th grader??
Where can I go online to enter a poem and get it published/copywrited for free at the same time?
How does Big Brother in the book 1984 make the world look like a utopia when it is a dystopia?
What literary device does this quote have?
Whats the difference between a story and a novel?
is the davici code??
What is your favorite book you were forced to read in school?
Ideas for Dystopian novel, ANYTHING? PLEASE HELP?
Help!! finding a book!?!?
some Beautiful advice from some beautiful people?
What do you guys think of the love interests in the love story that I'm writing?
Profesor Dumbledoors alive?
Fast, Sleek Name for a Female Character?
My teacher claims to read 5 books a week, do you think that is true?
Can anyone identify these books?
Harry Potter Questionn?
does anyone know when the new dean koontz Frankenstien book comes out?
Question about the book "My Antonia"??!!???Please answer!?!?
Anyone have some good background information on E.A. Poe?
In the James Potter series, does it say anything about Albus being in Slytherin or Gryffindor?
What Is A Really Good Non Fiction Book
I've hit a wall with my ideas?
Is money the source of happiness?
Have you published a novel yet?
Why is the book "Letters From Iceland" so expensive?
Harry potter or Twiligth?
what would be a good title fora tragic christmas story ?
Is Holden a coward? And what disorder do you think he has?
Actual PEN pals; writing from Georgia?
broadway during the harlem renaissance?
why do so many people hate Glimmer?
i need a detailed synopsis oronline copy of the play born yesterday by garson kanin. anyone have any ideas?
What is the most over rated book you've read?
Which series is better, Twilight or Harry Potter?
read any good books lately? if so, what book and why?
What's the Most Unique/Strange Book You've Read?
What do you think of this prologue?
Salman Rushdie's Ground Beneath Her Feet ... ?
Harry potter Why did Hedwig have to die?
Lord of the flies essay help, need opinions?
What is the major theme in the book of negroes by lawrence hill??
What's the best gay novel you've read?
are there any fictional books that explore the meaning of life?
Do you think Harry Potter is a Children's book?
How can i listen to a free audio reading of sam patch the famous jumper?
What book should I read next and why?
a good novel to read?
I'm writing a book that I'm going to post on a website that I spend a lot of time on. Is it any good?
The Prince by Machiavelli?
Help on City of Bones by Cassandra Clare?
Ideas for A short story?
What do you think of my writing?
What parts of Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants are bad?
For Muggles or HP fans, who is yeh favourite out of us crazy characters?
is this a metaphor or symbolism?
Looking for a non fiction book,describing the true haunting of a cottage, built on an old pagan ritual site ?
What movie/tv show/anime or book is this?
which species are better humans or vampires?
do you know any website where i can find out the origins of nursury rhymes?
is this interesting??please read?
The Chrysalids by John Wyndham: Is it part of a series, or not?
Could you critique my writing?
There was a story in some book club book about 3 girls--Anastacia (Stacy), Elizabeth (Betsy), & 1 other girl?
can i get poems with similes?
Is Twilight a good book to read?
What do you think of my comic book idea?
Books that I would like?
How does Egeus in A Midsummer Night's Dream affect the play?