Can anyone help me with an essay prompt for the novel, A Farewell to Arms?
Have you read the book What dreams my come by Richard Matheson?
how to get a glowing skin for oily skin?
Ideas for the first paragraph of my horror story?
Trying to find a horse book?
Help me find this book?
What Would be a good name for this novel?
What are some of the most popular non fiction books of the decade thus far?
Do you know what this book is called?
Whats the title of this book?
what are some good books about the Gods being astronauts/aliens? (apart from Erich von Daniken)?
So this is part of the essay I'm writing, does anyone disagree with me, and if so, why please?
Essay theme regarding "Macbeth" and "Frankenstein"?
What colleges or universities are the best if I wanted to become an author?
Where can I find these Neil Gaiman short stories?
where to find the winwap pro?
Why did the writer want to forget the address?
Book titled:History of the Baptist Denomination...(1881) The Franklin Steam Printing House..Anyone know??
what book are reading or is the most recent that you have read?
Looking for Alaska??
An idea i came up with?
Which Dostoevsky book has made the most impact upon you...?
What is the difference with " and ' when using quotation marks in a book?
What Life lesoon is learned in Bridge To Terabithia, the book?
Can anyone please give a good READING slogan, the Theme is " Read with Gusto, to nature a concerto"?
what is a good book to read?
I wanted to have written and published my life story?
i am looking for a book i can't find?
how much of the book "a million little pieces" was actually true?
What frightening news does Macbeth receive from a messenger?
What are some good female names that would fit these characteristics? (For a book)?
Can an airman wears spectacles?
What's a good story title?
What makes the war happen in the lord of the flies.?
I'm looking for a contact number for Blue Hen Books?
What is this Vampire book series called?
Did Milan Kunera write any new books after Indifference?
PARRY HOTTER FANS: Who introduced you to the world of Harry Potter and did you thank them?
What's your fav love poem?
What pages are all the chapters on in the book Catching Fire?
If you were in charge of the catalogue in your local Library,.where would you put George Bush's Autobiography?
Harry Potter?
What are some good book series that are out?
From what piece of literature is this from?
summary of the Short story "The Odyssey?
what is life without friend?
For those who dislike Twilight...?
in Twilight who is better jacob or edward and Why.?
a short story in which i am making someone fool?
Best Place to Find New and Used Books?
Wicked Lovely font - what is it called?
What does "The worm has turned" mean and what does it come from?
Is fairy tail 303 on break?
Would this make a good start to a short story?
Where can i get a free font similar to bodoni sb-roman free font (Devil Wears Prada Book Font)?
What are some Novels Like mates and dates ?
How should I write original female protagonists?
How many books are on your To Read list?
How long is it since you read a book, and what was it?
Do you know when the new harry potter book is comin out?
presently who's carrying the torch of the maverick mordecai richler in can.lit.scene?
Where can I find out how to illustrate and write children's books?
Have you ever been obsessed with a character from a book?
What Happens In The Middle Of The Outsiders?
Target audience for those stupid twilight books?
How is narration story a strong effective literary technique in writing?Can someone help me with a thesis?
Help please with the book uglies?
How does Oprah get authors for book clubs?
What literary styles does Arnold Bennett use?
Character 20 Questions (Interview/Survey)?
What's the opposite of prologue?
What qualifies a novelist for a nobel peace prize?
Just Listen by Sarah Dessen?!?
Reasons for hating someone?
What is the best book/novel you have ever read?
Biographies/novels with significant gaslighting or scapegoating themes ?
Whats the name of this poem? Please help fast!?
What book made you realize you love to read?
To kill a Mockingbird! Question!?
How can I REALLY quickly summarize Breaking Dawn/ Twilight?
Looking to read a good book, please help?
What's a good book to read?
I do I combine this character with...?
how to finish my story?
How would you describe her hair color?
what do you think about my story?
what do you think of my timeline for Frankenstein?
Who on here likes to read or write?
Harry Potter couples and deaths, may contain spoilers?
Where can I find a character analysis on the book Plainsong?
I am looking for two Harry/Ginny HP FF which i read 1 year ago. I am not remembering their titles. PLZ help me?
whats a good title for a short story about a little girl with huge feet?
I want to see more about The book of shadows from T.V. show Charmed?
The Witches by Roald Dahl?
How about getting the rights to a theatre production of a bestseller?
what's a short story that has something to do with music?
popular arabic childrens books?
Are they going to make anymore movies based on Michael Connelly's books?
what does mean hella good ?
The Last Dragon Chronicles?
twilight question......?
Naming That Character?
What are some good names for characters for my book?
Someone who HAS READ Cloud Atlas!!! What is it about?
OKAY SO I NEED A BIG HELP so there is this book named PRINCESS that i cant find...............?
Interesting names for people?
Autobiographys or biographys?
Arthur miller's impact to the american theatre?
Which is better: The Harry Potter Series or the Twilight Series?
In your opinion, what book was best portrayed in film?
how plausible could a city in the sky powered by coal be?
You guys, I REALLY need help with my book!?
Percy Jackson VS Harry Potter?
Will there be a sequel to "House Without End" by Cullman Wallace?
How many of the Hardback 1999 Lord of the Rings Millennium Edition (Harper Collins) were published?
The Great Gatsby Audio Book?
What are some good teen romance ebooks?
Study notes of Gitanjali?
Who here likes to read Alex Rider series book by Anthony Horowitz?
Do you have any reading suggestions for a teen girl?
What is the greatest science fiction novel?
I Need Help Naming Characters?
Where can i get a good review of the best books of the month?
Can you help me with Harry Potter?
does anyone know???
Who wrote the poem "One Horse Shay"?
Robert Pattinson Or Edward Cullen?
A unique name I could name my story?
Whats ur favorite book???
1984 by George Orwell?
Making a character for a book, any help with name ideas?
any good book suggestions?
Do you believe in the Da Vinci code?
How much should I sell my twilight books for?
There is a poem that has the words ...How did you tackle your problems that came your way?
Will everyone turn to page # 194? In a book of your choice? What is the third sentence from the top ?
who wrote the quote "you cant choose your family, but you can choose your friends"?
In Twilight What Did You Think Of Jacob Imprinting On Renesmee?
where in U.K. G.K.Chesterton was born and when?
Have you read "Lady Oracle" by Margaret Atwood?
Who in here has read "Snow in August" by Pete Hamill?
I'm looking for critical commentary on "Eveline" a short story by James Joyce?
who read harry potter and the deathly hallows!!!!!!!???
Twilight fans!! PLZ HELP!!?
What happens in the three acts of 12 Angry Men? (URGENT)?
What is the absolute WORST book you have ever read in your life?
I would like to read 'Fall From Grace' by Christine Zolendz but I do not own a Kindle, help?
Books like Flowers in the Attic.?
Can someone give me some interesting scholarly book/chapter or journal article to write my assignment on?
I'd like some opinions on this idea?
Im writing a book and my main character is based on a real person. Do i need permission?
what is the plot in alice in wonderland?
So, read any good books lately?
Why am I terrified of publishing my two books that I have written?
Looking for the title of a late-'80s children's SF novel!?
Who were the 3 most successful authors of the 19th Century?
How do you describe a sex scene in a book?
did william blake really create a drawing titled "the great red dragon and the woman clothed with the sun" ?
Read any good books lately?
Story part 3 how is it?
Has anyone read the Keys to the Kingdom series?
how are the underground man and Ivan Iliyich similar?
For all writers - a few simple questions?
If George didn't shoot Lennie would Curley have shot both of them?
English book copy of Sword Art Online?
how did robyn fenti get her professional name?
What is the book that follows extras by Scott Westerfield!?
Is, Jane washed dishes and moped the floor parallel structure ?
I really need a good book to read. Can anyone recommend their favourite book...?
What are those numbers at the bottom of copyright page in books? They usually run something like 6 5 4 3 2 1?
What is the name of this book?
what book that made you cry?
I need a good title for the book I'm writing, any ideas? Also, do you like the plot?
whats the meaning of 'MORON'?
I need a good name for a girl with this description...?
What’s your favourite poem?
A 2 min talk about an interesting book?
Deborah Tannen Books?
According to montesquieu, which was the chief cause of the fall of rome?
In the Da Vinci Code, who actually kills Jaques Saunier?
Anyone know of any books involving psychopaths or romance?
what would be the status of drink driving in the 1920's. re Great Gatsby?
How has previous literature read by young males and females affected their position in their writing?
Please recommend me the best books to read anybook i dont care just a really good book.?
Readers, what annoys you more: Repetitious writing or nonsensical grammar?
The Picture of Dorian Gray?
Twilight - Book or Movie?
Books similar to the Perks of being a wallflower?
What is Moni?
What book are you reading right now?
Does anyone know what this book is called?!?
Alice In Wonderland (Book and Movie)?
what page is the quotation from lord of the flies when simon gives piggy the meat?
in the book "all quiet on the western front," what happens to Haie when he gets hurt and what organ is showing?
What is the literary legacy of Jack London?
What was the last book you read...?
Maybe a movie or Book?
How easy is it to become an author?
Reading the Godfather just now, its amazing! May even be best book i've ever read. What's yours?
Who is your favorite writer?
If u r a writer, what makes u an analytical and methodical writer?
have u ever read the book "night" by elie wiesel?
Can anyone recommend a really good book series?
I wrote a screenplay, how do I find an agent to sell it for me?
Can you reccomend teen books 2 read?
Story character name...?
Was Maria von Trapp a fraud?
why do women always want to be admired by men?
Is it better to get an literary agent or self publish?
Memory box ideas for the Lovely bones?
What are your theoughts on the Twilight Saga Book series?
do any of you know what is the book name of this chapter called "South London, Where I grew up"?
Writers -- If your main character drank a love potion...? (+BQ)?
where can i get a free version of "iceman cometh" by oneill?
Anyone read the Sushi Economy?
A theme for the book The Help?
Give me the list of the recent Poet Laureates of Germany?
Any good free kindle books?
Conversation topics for my characters?
Harry Potter fans: May I ask you hypothetical question based on the series?
What book is George Harrison Reading?
Is background information/scope the same as Literature Review??
1-4 page short story idea ?
what do teen age girls like to read for books?
is the work of denmark false? for islam?
Where can i find a free audio book download of WUTHERING HEIGHTS?
Creative essay title about Abdomen?
what is the most inspiring thing anyones ever said to you?
What is a good novel, poem, song, etc. that relates to "The Book Thief" by Markus Zusak?
How is Daenearys Targaryen only like 14 in the books, when her father died seventeen years ago?
will there be another exciting book for Percy Jackson and The Olympians?? besides The Last Olympian?
Where can i find a book review from readers for the book: Estrella's Quinceanera?
Which is your favorite book?And please dont say the Twilight Saga or Harry Potter.?
What books by Dostoyevsky have you read and did you like them?
Penndragon Book 10 Ending?
Is "Something Wicked This Way Comes" a good book to read for a project?
how do I write a novel (What steps to take before I start the text)?
Magical Medieval Group Names?
Songs resembling power?
I need help To Kill A Mockingbird ???? Please ?:)?
What was one of the best books you have ever read?
Who likes sci-fi author Greg Egan? What's his best book and why?
If you could live in a novel?
to watch twilight the movie before i read the book?
How did Greta get to be allowed to go as far as she wants in the fog?
Anyone want to start a group to critique each other's writing?
what is the most inspiring thing anyones ever said to you?
How old is Antonietta Scarletti from the Dark Series?
Who are your favorite Harry Potter characters?
read any r.l stine books?
What do you think about these names?
Is there a site where one can exchange PDF format books on specialized topics?
Anyone read these books?
I need help finding a book, all i remember is a ladder to infinity.?
Writer's group in McKinney/Melissa/Anna/Frisco?
Did anyone read all quiet in western front?
Jeffrey Amherst and Smallpox Blankets?
Looking for a counter argument? Writer's, please help!?
What's your favourite short story?
How will i publish my stories for small children. How to find publishers who would take me seriously?
In Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Over the course of the ENTIRE story, which character displays the MOST chi?
Who are the women in Pushkin's poem?
How can i make a real good book review?
Once a werewolve has imprinted, can they imprint again?
In regard to the book "Candide" by Voltaire, how is "Candide" properly pronounced?
Looking for people to join a reading group for vampire fiction books any one interested?
Did Robert Proust (Marcel's brother)have any children? If so, are any of them, or their children, still alive?
what leader seized power in germany in 1833?
Read my essay on symbolism in "The Cask of Amontillado"?
Best books of Cecelia Ahern?
good books?
HUNGER GAME HELP!!! (The Book 1)?
Recommend some good books?
Anyone know what the summary of Divergent by Veronica Roth is STRAIGHT from the book?
I'm getting a twilight tattoo, advice?
whats the best book you have ever read?
What was the message or moral in The Secret Life of Bees book?
Does anyone know this book...?
What romance book should I read?
Am I the only one who preferred Adrian to Dimitri in Vampire Academy?
what is the best metaphysical, magical ,or new age book you have read?
Do all books/stories have a theme to it?
what is your favorite book?
Books about monster hunting or apocalypse?
Mythology question about a book I'm writing...?
who is the author of Awlad Haritna ?
What is the best way to go about getting a literary agent for my stage play?
In the story of Gabriel Marquez's "Eva is inside her cat", why does Eva wants to eat orange fruit?
Could you guys help me with a paragraph in my story?
Can someone review my personal narrative?
Tell me all the symbolism you can find in the great Lord of the Flies book?
What are some rich girl names and a name for a high-class all girls academy?
How Do You Make Your Own Story Covers For Fanfiction?
let me know if you would like to read this as the middle of a story?
Writing a novel prob?
I need help thinking of a name?
what is the theme of the book Simon Bolivar by David Bushnell?
How to deal with long titles in essays?
What would be a good name for this character?
What are 3 quotes from the book, The Jungle by Upton Sinclair of Jurgis justifying the abandonment of his fam?
in much ado about nothing what why does benedickt decide to kill claudio?
Recommendations for a great non-fiction book?
Anyone know where I can find some classical literature or poems and such online?
does anyone know if Peaches the book will be turned into a movie?
Help with character names!?
are there any editors on line that edits poetry?
How can I setup a letter to an author?
Anna Karenina book report help?
Looking for a good series to read?
Does anyone know the title of this book?
i need to know who is going to take care of my mentaly chalenged doughter when i die ,?we have nothing too hel
like, what periods of history may have influanced his writing?
Love story title Idea?
can a conflict be at the end of the story?
who reads the Redwall series? do u like it?or do u think ur too old?im 6teen !!?
Has anyone read "A Secret Word"?
Would you read a book with a lesbian main character?
how many books does stephen king have?
what is the book about two men who become kings and one has birthmark?
Menteuse by Manon Rousseau Book Help?
To Kill A Mocking Bird Questions?
Why does everyone have such a problem with Twilight?
Do you think the Harry Potter books should be banned?
400 years?
Does anyone know where I can get a copy of Romance Of the Three Kingdom book at?
Good books to read on kindle ?
What is the overall theme of the book, Tuesdays With Morrie? and Why?
What do you think so far?
American horror story.. does Ben have sex with the maid eventually?
What books have made you cry?
What happens to 11s in the book The Giver, by Lois Lowry.?
what was othello and desdemona true love story?
Honest opinion on this?
I have written a book now what?
I need books like these?
Please tell me what you think?
Why is The Fox and the Hound (the book) so expensive?
what do you think of my novel idea?
What is ur favourite book?
i can't find any discusstions on "El reportaje" by Carmen Riera. Can you help me?
What happened in Jenny Green's killer junior year?
do you think you can guide me to the kids book. The revenge of the devil king?
Who is your favorite character in Twilight book or movie?
I need some peoms.A really good peoms?
I'm looking for the author of a line of childrens books I remember having in the 90's.?
Harry Potter - Do you care?
What is the name if this book?
What are some great books to help me with my english? I was born here but just want to brush up on middle?
Have you ever read "God Knows" by Joseph Heller?
Yes, Even More Names?
Please read and tell me what you think?
Calling all Twilight Haters!?
Literature Question:VERY URGENT, thanks in advance?
who is the Writer of (Peace & War)?
Does Skeeter's mom ever find out about the book she wrote in "The Help?"?
Who is your favorite Harry Potter character? Who is your favorite Twilight character? Why?
which is the Faulkner book that has a funeral retold by various voices? thanks?
Jerry Brown or Meg Whitman ? & why?
Disney Fairy Tales: Great Kids Stories or False Messages?
Advice about storylines and how to make great ones?
Name for my report, form my title into a better one?
I need a new vampire series to read...?
Does anybody know the name of the girl on the cover of Rebel Angels by Libba Bray?
What's your favorite book?
Have you ever read a book that made you laugh out loud?
Twilight info (books)?
Where was Arturo Uzlar Pietri from?
I need a good title..?
What is the one fictional book you never tire of reading?
if you buy a book online?
what' s a good title for a story about becoming stronger or fighting for loved ones ?
Do you like my book cover?
How to go outside of my comfort zone?
Which title is best for replacing Grapes of Wrath for?
good short story idea (i need some opinions, please)?
Good maybe japanease names?
Do you like the twilight series?
Does anybody have any ideas on books to read?
Recommend a good british history book?
What are some good books to read?
Could a Fantasy book be set around year 1600-1800?
the work of denmark was false?
Looking for books about politics?
Are you offended when Harry Potter is compared to Twilight?
why is the turner diaries a banned or challenged book?
What is the difference between the 400 page and 304 page versions of Norwegian Wood by Murakami?
Did you read The Pigman By: Paul Zindel? If so how was it?
How do go about publishing a short story?
Can anyone tell me where I can get info on some oldddd books I have?
Please take a look at something I've written?
Best book you have ever read?
Harry Potter fans: May I ask you several odd question about the series?
Twilight series vs. Twilight saga?
writing a movie. please read the details?
Is the novel "Grime and Punishment" by Dostoevsky a dirty book?
Is there a way to absorb more information when you're reading a book?
how does william golding uses his book lord of the flies to parrallel his expericences of ww2?
In the book, Beloved, what is 'rememory' supposed to mean?
Journaling ideas.......?
How can I get myself to read?
I've read something that really made me stop and think for a moment...?
Can anyone recommend any good books to read?
Has anyone read: Mister God, This Is Anna? What you think of it?
Please can someone help me find a good book to read?
Is it wierd that i read all twilight books even the last one twice in a month?!?
If you could be a character in a book who would you be?
Am I allowed to create a character with OCD?
do you miss harry potter?
How do you prepare a reader for death?
scary book?
Are you a Twilight fan or hater?
poet? 'come away oh human child to the water and the wild with a fairy hand in hand for the world is more...
is the book,OH.MY.GODS by tera lynn childs for girls?
What was the book by George Bernard Shaw that he threw on the fire after critics views upset him.?
How long does it take to get a reply on a book proposal?
Where was the author Obert Skye born?
Where can I find decent literary criticisms on Russell Baker?
Teen Love Story Helpp?
What are some good horror story books?
Any other movies/novels about ordinary people rising up to fight oppressors?
Write stories with a pen or on computer?
Christmas Carol: Symbolization of Ghost of Christmas Present?
What good vampire books would you recommend?
BELLA-trix or bell-AH-trix?
“Which book are you reading or have you finished recently?
What do you think? Feel free to share constructive criticism!?
list of teen mermaid/merman books with some romance in them?
what's up?
how to cancel a messenger name?
Anyone else reading Tenacious by Julian Stockwin?
Am I a decent writer?
What would Voldemort see if he ever encountered a Boggart?
The bet by delloffaith from has been removed can i read it someplace else if so where?
How much reading is too much?
what is a ratbat?
What are you reading right now and would you recommend it.?
roman lyric poet and satirist born in 65BC?
Is Anti-sentimentality a trait of Gothic Literature?
any ideas on writing a creed in something you believe in by telling a story?
Writer's Block!?
Good realistic fiction book?
What's your favorite poem?
If you could only recommend ONE book for everyone to read...?
Books recommendations like Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace?
What is a good name for a villain that starts with R?
"JK rowling and Dumbledore being gay" What's your take on it?
which is cooler twilight or harry potter series?
Gossip Girl eBooks?
In Harry Potter, Harry is considered a half blood, but both his parents had magic?
The Fault in Our Stars title significance?
what is minimalist cubisium?
How do u feel about Robert Paterson's new haircut?
What's a good name for a goth girl in my story?? 10 POINTS!!!?
What do you think is the saddest part of the Harry Potter book? The stupidest?
what is the communist manifesto?
Is the book " stargirl by Jerry Spinelli " a good book?
Stalling on road-blocks, feeling stressed and prone to anxiety. How can I focus on writing - please help me?
can you give me information about irelaND HOUSES?
It was a dark and stormy night?...?
I'm not entirely sure how to do this in my plot, advice?
I can't think of a title for my story!!?
How do copyright laws work and how do they protect the rights of the authors/holders of them?
please, does anybody know the full meaning of j . k. rowling?
When writing, do you type or do you write it on paper?
Does Amitav Ghosh have a new book out, since the Hungry Tide?
what would you rate this book, on a scale of one to ten?
Where did Herbert Selby Jr live in Brooklyn, NY?
How should I start to write my story?
Comic relief in Lysistrata?
Ok, you're sat next to JK Rowling on a train.......?
4. What images in Kafka’s short story The Metamorphosis create a mood of apprehension in the re?
Would you read my story?
can anybody recommend a good book?
Halloween Story how does it sound?
Does this sound like a good story?
"The Odyssey" By Homer?
Who is Carlespie Mary Alice McKinney?
How do I go about trying to publish my poems?
What are some good books to give a fourteen year old girl who likes to read?
Jacob Black or Edward Cullen
Is this sentence grammatically correct?
i want to send articles to magazines. how do i start ? pl. give specific instructions.?
Looking for experienced authors?
What is dark about The Heart of Darkness by Joesph Conrad?
good susan lewis books for a 17year old girl?
Film for the book How I Live Now- Meg Rossoff?
Has anyone read anything by Laurell K. Hamilton?
what are george's choices to pay?
How terrible is this? It's not finished yet but...?
Have any other magicians purchased this illusion book?
Who are the parents of jennel garcia?
I need a name for a character?
I need some books suggestions please?
any publisher here interested with my novel?
Can someone please help me translate Shakespeare lines?
Reccommend a great book you think more people should have read?
Where can I download the book 'reflected in you' by sylvia day?
Advice on Writing...?
How do i prove to my parents that Harry Potter isn't witchcraft?
Hello B&A: Harry Potter fans: DA and RA?
Some help with a story idea of mine, please?
What font is used in Eat Pray Love?
A knight's tale questions?
where can i buy the cheapest harry potter books 1-5?
An introduction I threw together?
Urgently Need book titled "BELOWS FALLS" by Archer Mayor. Any good advice may ge 10 Points?
Why didn't King Claudius want Ophelia to see Hamlet?
How to come up with a good title for a narrative essay?
Where can I find critcal essays written about Ethan Frome by Edith Wharton?
Are there any gay books on vampires and werewolfs?
How does my Main Character sound?
Can I get some information on the book Fahrenheit 451?
I need help finding a book that I read years ago.?
About Ananis and the magic stick.?
Marriage in Bloodsucking Fiebds:A Love Story" by Christopher Moore?
what is the meter/form of wallace stevens' poem "Study of Two Pears?"?
Why is the book Boots An saddles a love story?
I need a name for a main, female character?
What is the plot ofThe Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber???
would you consider twilight to be a guy book too?
Harry Potter Nerds of Answers...?
twilight or death!?!?!?xx?
How do you say "diamond" in elvish?
Which is better and why: Steven King's The Stand or The Dark Tower Series?
can anyone help me with a character analysis of the book the wonderful wizard of oz?
In what scene does Friar Laurence agree to wed Romeo and Juliet?
What are some good names for teen story characters?
How to stay organized without spending all of your time organizing?
best ellen hopkins books?
where can i download the vampire diaries series?
Can you tell me a short story with moral lessons?
Who do I look like from any book?
This is not a test by courtney summers!?
Are there any other beginning writers out there, if so do you have any advice?
Not sure what story idea I should go with?
Please help! What are some girls names that mean 'magic'?
Should you describe your character's color/race in books?
what is the main conflict of the book Feed and how is it resolved.?
Where can I buy a copy of Jean Webster's Dear Enemy?
What is your favorite love stories (books)??
Which book by Heidegger contains "The turning"?
I need a summary of a novel called Three men in a boat written by Jerome K. Jerome?
Whos read "A Handmaid's Tale"?
Can anyone tell me how completely accurate the book the Da VInci Code (Dan Brown) is?
I'm looking for the title of a story...?
What happen if you made a book about your own life?...................................…
what are 3 key themes of the book "waiting for you" by susane colasanti?
How to Write This Story?
Don't you think that by naming kids Bella Swan and Edward Cullen people are taking it a little too far?
?13 What is your favorite book?
What would you like to ask?What themes are individually expressed in to Kill a Mockingbird?
Why is God such a horrible salesman?
I Need a Name. What's you're fave? If you're a guy, tell me your's please,?
Harry Potter or Twilight?
Is Twilight a good book to read for a fifteen year old girl?
How's this writing?
What's the name of the last book you read?
Which is the best Sherlock Holmes book?
Question on the Odyssey?
Where could i read the book seed folks online?
have you ever read a book cover to cover in one day?
A question for all the Harry Potter fans:...?
can you tell me about the story: Black Beauty????
Where is Rhea Silvia mentioned in Ab Urbe Condita by Livy?
is it wrong for me to be in love with a fictional charatcer?
What do you think of my short story?
I need help choosing my Characters name?
I need another paragraph for this story!?
where does novelist Michael Chabon teach?
Who's your favorite character in the Harry Potter series?
Please describe this authors books?
Is anyone else getting REALLY tired of kids using !answers because they're too lazy to do their homework?
So Dumbledore left Harry on the Dursley's front doorstep the night his parents died, but what if.....?
What tense is the book "1984" by George Orwell written in?
What are some good books for a 21 year old female to read?
anyone read trueColors by melody carlson? or Eragon and Eldest?
in the catcher in the rye.....?
Which classics would you recommend?
POLL: Which name is more professional: Blair or Robin?
More Hunger Games books?
What do you think of my story plot?
Any good books about Dragons, Elfs, And Magic?
Who was the Abbe Faria in the novel Count of Monte Cristo?
How to deal with criticism ?
How would you like to see time travel done in a story? +BQ Questions?
I need help for a book I'm writing...?!?
What was your favorite children's book?
Is the Character Jack Frost Copyrighted?
Harry Potter Fans: Pop Quiz!?
in the book confessions of a video vixen by karrine Steffans who is papa she is speaking of?
I need a quote from The Sword in the Stone ( Book 1 of Once and a Future King)?
Which book has a different colored font for each speaker?
Help with coming up with a book title, has to do with mirrors?
how do you pronounce Molyneaux?
Similarities in eclipse from book to movie....?
how to describe abs in a story?
Sweet Hearts novel?
Who has read Beautiful Children by Charles Bock?
I want a book that gives random information from random categories?
what is a good book to read that is not fictional and takes place in the past?
Did CLAMP ever make any how-to-draw books?
Any information on the whereabouts of author Huynh Quang Nhuong?
Were can I find Roger Ebert's books for free?
For the play Othello, is there any evidence that Iago had a mental illness?
would anyone know the author of a paperback called the cold room?
V.C Andrews Scattered Leaves?
who enjoyed A Million Little Peices?
Worlds Youngest Author?
please help me with 'Heart Of Darkness' questions?
Book publishing companies?
What is a good idea for a short story?
Do you agree that if we let books like harry potter be banded we are giving the power of letting the wolrd...?
I need a smart *** comment for a character to say?
Who is the youngest published author in Canada? How old is that author?
is the author Susan Juby?
What is the "imprint" when assigning a book isbn?
Neanderthal book help please!!!!?
Good stories on wattpad?
Edward cullen or robert patinson?
Read my essay, please?
Books like 'Across the Night gale Floor' or 'Memoirs of a Geisha'?
how to come up manga stories?
B&A Poll: What are you currently using as a bookmark?
what was the last book you read,?
Is This Good Writing?
I have NO time to finish my readings?
what is studentship?.?
can anyone plz help me with my english homework? i need an acrostic poem for the book the tell-tale heart?
looking for a romance book, forgot the title!?
MLA- Works citing help.?
How can I become a book reviewer for upcoming releases of novels?
do I have a chance as a writer?
Where should I start? (Harry Potter)?
Where in Ohio can I laminate and perfect bind books? Or is there an online place hmmmm??
Which of these novel ideas do you like most?
What are your opinions on these novels?
NEED HELP!!!..WRITING...Anyone knows how to write a animal farm's essay?NEED HELP!!!?
what is the summary of tanikalang ginto?
City of lost souls~mortal instruments?
What are some good fantasy / science fiction, and/or fiction books?
i like the book hitchhikers guide to the galaxy can anyone suggest more?
How can I make annotating an easier process?
i need a good author and/or book directed at 12/13/14 year olds?
Does anyone know what "Barabara Celarent Darii Ferioque Prioris" is in English?
I need help with titling this story?
Merry and Pippin or Fred and George?
Does anyone know good websites that young children age 3 to 5 can go and read free short story books online?
ok. why do people think "swear" words are so bad?
Which name do you like more?
What is the worst book you've ever read for school, and why did you hate it?
Have you read the book Tristessa by Jack Keroauc?
Where is the best place to look up the value on stamps and old comic books? I am getting no where on the web.?
Im writing a book, and would like to have it published.?
has anyone read Egypt: The Book of Chaos by Nick Drake?
i am a resident of annanagar-Chennai and amlooking for suitable oppurtunities in online editing jobs from home
Any good books anyone thinks should be read.....?
Who wrote the poem "The Engine"?
Who are your favourite authors, and what is your favourite novel by each of them?
wuthering heights? please help me?
Do you think Harry'll die in the last book of Harry Potter???
Who are ur Favorite Fictional Heroes & Heroines?
What happens in chapter 7 of Lord of the Flies?
Story plots??????????????
How do you pronounce Randezvous???
Gossip Girl Book Fans? HELP!?
if I am writing a first person novel, do I need scene breaks?
i read a book awhile ago and now i cant rember the title of it !?
Keep it going! ? a short story!?
What is the best book by Piers Anthony & why?
Tempted: An It Girl Novel...?
where can i find Twilight’s Dawn Anne Bishop pdf online?
what is a good last name for my characters for the story that i'm writing?
What's the name of this series about the four orders?! (lots of details)?
What were the last three books that you read?
Is there a Contemporary English version of Dante's Inferno online that I can access for free?
What is an acceptable payment for a first book?
Can you please tell me good books for young adults beside Harry Potter, The Hunger Games and Twilight series?
What books are you currently reading?
I need help finding a title of a book?
Is Russell Lee of the true Singapore ghost story fame, actually is Jim Aitchison?
Name your favorite book?
In Return of the King, why did Frodo have to leave the Shire? Where was the ship going?
question for percy jackson/rick riordan fans?
How come when people think of vampires they think of Twilight?
Is this start of a story any good ?!?
Would Harriet Beecher Stowe be described as Transcendentalism or Romanticism?
Which of these is the most original?
I've attempted to read The Lord of the Rings yet fail each time?
any young adult books with a character named hannah?
Could you give my new main character a name?
what is your favorite Twilight character?
To Kill a Mockingbird Atticus?
What is an example of personification in the book night? I need the page number, too!?
from which site i can download free books?
what is a good book reccomendation for a 8th/9th grade reading group.?
How fast of a reader are you when reading articles and nonfiction books?
what is christian ficition?
Where to download free ebook "Feel the FEAR and Do it anyway"-Susan Jeffers?
Harry Potter fans: Will you check this out?
Why do fangirls want men to be like Edward Cullen???
What books have you read recently for personal motivation to help you with your goals? ?
The mood the author's attitude creates is called?...?
Harry Potter Fans and Ask Snapers...?
Is the series "Guitar Playing Made Easy For Everyone" by J. Estella and G. Roberts still available?
Who is the coolest author?
Which book do you find more compelling, Fahrenheit 451 or 1984?
Who's your favourite couple in Twilight? APART from Bella and Edward?
What would you do in this situation?
In the short story "compatriots" by Emma Lee Warrior?
I'm looking for a book...?
Recomend any good books?
Does anyone no of a really good book?
where can i find a chapter by chapter summary of the book black holes and time warps?
what do you think about the book of enoch?
in songs of experience blake reveals " ugly terrifying world"?
can some please tell me what happend to ISABELA NARDONE?
What form would your patronus take?
What is your favourite book? And in less than 5 sentences tell me what it is about?
Has anyone read The Clique Series by Lisi Harrison?
historical fiction novels? which one?
Can someone summarize Avi's "Wolf Rider" and "Nothing but the Truth"?
Any good names for a story?
which book are you reading at the moment and what's next on your reading list?
Where can i read Evermore by Alyson Noel online for free?
Who is Plokmaster?
In the book "The Running Man" by Stephen King, what happened to the 3rd guy who was picked for the show?
Books like The Fault in Our Stars?
Anyone know any specific online writing groups?
What is the name of this paranormal romance author/book?
What do you think of my writing?
Needing Novel help?!!!?
Any other things i can use instead of dear diary?>?
Pottermore ch 1 help?
Help??? The Demon inthe Freezer?
what year does the book "invisible man" by ralph ellison take place?
Anne Frank:the diary of a young girl?
does anybody have a copy of the da vinci code? 10 poinst for it. just send it to
Last book you read more than once?
Good action type books for teens?
Who is your most and least favorite Harry Potter character, and why?
Naming a place in my Book?
Does anyone know if there is a place to read "A Taste of Honey" the play by Shelagh Delaney?
What would you choose?
What is the 'Scarlet Letter' about? My teacher said that it was about nothing and I think that she is an idiot
Harry Potter/To Kill A Mockingbird?
Who thinks that there should be an entire section of just twilight on here?
after reading a lot of teen books, im lookin for somethin more clever and mature, what do you reccomend?
What do you think of this poem?
If I like Jonathan Franzen, what other authors might I enjoy?
Have you read any books by Stephen Booth?
What are some ideas I could dress up for book character day at school?
in the book "a separate peace", what do the trees and the river symbolize?
Do you like books? What are your favorite titles?
Help with the plot for my book?
does anyone know what i need to do to get my children's book published??
How does the book catching fire start?
have any of you read Conversations with god for teens? If you have..tell me how you liked it!?
What is the climax of the book THE PACT by Jodi Picoult?
When i finish my book how can i get it published?
How do you start a story with a good hook?
When was this book written?
Is this a good name for my fan fiction?
how does Jack and Annie get back home in the magic tree house series? do they need a picture of their home? ?
Short Chapter Summaries for Johnny Tremain?
in the book maximum ride what are iggy Special abilities?
Any books similar to Switched, Torn, Ascend by Amanda Hocking?
The Outsiders: Cherry characterizations?
Why are all YA books paranormal romances?
How to get out of a new york city subway stopped between stations?
Bernice L. Mcfadden ...?
Robert Cormier's After the First Death?
What is the "single effect" of the Raven by Poe...?
What do you think about banning the book To Kill a Mockingbird?
oh gosh. i really could use your help!?
Would it be possible for teens in 1950 to be named these names?
Harry Potter vs. Twilight. Lets cut to the chase. YOUR VERDICT NEEDED!!?
Does this book idea sound good to you?
A question for you to answer?
i want to print a book?
Childrens book with princesses rhyme and reason?
Writers: Do you ever feel like your characters are bad company?
i'm trying to find ideas for a book that i won't give up with ideas any one???
Is this a good blurb...? Or not?
What would be a good name for this character?
Any good Novels about Mozart?
Who is the author of the novel titled Shanna?
what are the words to "Paranoid: a Chant" by stephen king?
Anyone know or have say summaries of the book King's Shadow by Elizabeth Alder?
Which is the book u enjoy reading the most and doesn't have very difficult english ?
where can i read romance novels online without subscribing or signing up?
Antagonist for my story?
I need a name for my book?
what songs are in the book a long way gone?
Books about never giving up?
good teen books to read?
what is paolini's third book called and when is it released. inheriance trilogy by chris paolini?
Where can you find Lyrics to the song, "The Last Goodbye" by, A Celtic Legend (tristan &isolde)?
Have you read...? (I need advise)?
Can u give me 5 quotes on this book......................?
how to download opal mehta book?
how many books are in the Madison Finn book serious? and can anyone name them in order?
has anyone ever read " MONEY BALL"...?
How to choose a setting for a novel?
Can you give me a genuine story review of this new plot that came to mind?
where can i find jack wild autobiography?
Get an ipod free if you answer this!!!.What's the full form of malayalam poet o.n.v kurup?
Bear hat like Christofer Drew?
What Book did you last read OR what book are you in the middle of reading now?
In ur opinion which is better: twilight saga or harry potter saga?
What chapter is this scarlet letter quote in? and maybe possible page?
Any Max Lucado fans?
do you know the author of the book baby and how many pages?
How do i post questions on ! Answers?How do i post questions on ! Answers?
How much does it cost to print a book?
Harry Potter Fans!!!!?
I need a last name for a character in a book I'm writing?
Where can I get Agatha Christie's Mystery Book collection?
Does anyone know when the tenth Pendragon book is coming out?
anyone has any poem of charles d'orleans?
who is la belle damme sans merci?
"the red of blood, and the black of darkness" have been identified as theme colors of the play.?
where can i print a copy of "footprints in the sand "?
why is Meredith not in vampire diaries the series?
Ideas for a book i'm writing?
What are some must read books?
For those who likes to read?
Need some tips for a story I'm writing/planning to write.?
is it okay for a book for be innopropriete?
Books/websites with lots of pictures on Edwardian (1900 - 1915ish) clothing?
How are love and affection portrayed in In Memoriam, A. H. H. by Alfred, Lord Tennyson?
im looking for a book it was fantasty it had a wereboar?
What are some great novels worth reading?
I like the Steph Plum novels by Evan., but I just fin. the last one- what novels would you recommend now?
historical and social background of romantic age?
Movie or book first? Starting a book for novel study.?
Which name for my character?
what is movidick?
name 1 person who has been exiled?
Who wrote the short story "A Summer's Reading"?
what is your favorite quote?
Where can I read chapter 4 of The Outsiders online for free? FAST?
looking for a quote from Mark Twain. Something like whenever we lose our's always in that place?
Did you know that it's Harry Potter's Birthday Today?! :D?
What does "bluegum" mean?
Make a case for banning one of the following books: The bible, Harry Potter, Twilight, or Huckleberry Finn?
book like stranger in a strange land?
Topics for Beowulf and The Hobbit?
Do you have any book recommendations like Hesse/Camus/Kafka?
In A Midsummer Night's Dream...?
In Harry Potter, Harry is considered a half blood, but both his parents had magic?
I write poems,children's stories.How do I publish ?
Are there any other females who dislike the Twilight series?
A question about "To Kill a Mocking Bird"?
Is Gene from "A Separate Peace" gay?
What are some recommended children's books?
Title And Names For Book?
Would this be copying?
I am looking for the author of the book "Old Bones" about boys collecting buffalo bones to sell. 1950's
Pride and Prejudice Sequel Dilemma???
What are some good books?
I asked before but please read and comment on the beginning of my book?
what is Raffi's message to community members with "one light one sun and big beautiful planet these two song.
Questions about Juan Sanchez Cotan?
In "Death Of A Salesman" by Arthur Miller, What advice from willy caused Biffy's Downfall in High School?
Teen/Adult love stories?
In the last Harry Potter book?
looking for the name of a children's book about an old woman and a duck?
Simile or metaphors for Johnny on outsiders?
I want to write a book/story but don't know where to start?
Can someone help me figure out what this book is called?
Who are the characters of Robert Fitzgerald's "The Odyssey"?
benifits live in the city compare to live in town?
Is the Merovingian blood a real blood line?
Help with a book club activity?
Saddest Book You Have Ever Read?
Any suggestions for my story?
What is a Stanza?
does any one know the book called gossip girls is about?i looked everywhere but i still don't know.?
Can you refer some books on everyday life in ancient Crete during Alexander's time?
Writers: let's say your book becomes published...?
Does anyone reads Paulo Coelho, I would like to have some opinions about his books?
A Tale of Two Cities?
what are some good first and last names for girls and boy in a fake book or a name generaor website?
Read 'Under the Dome' by Stephen King, what did u think of it?
Does this sound okay? (Just chapter 1!)?
whats your genre of reading novels...?
how a human being can discard one God?
I need a summary of the book freedom's shore written by russell duncan?
How do you portray a religion in your story?
For those who have read The Outsiders?
Can someone recommend a good book to learn about Hinduism besides a "for dummies" or "idiot's guide"?
what is that poem that says something like don't mourn for me when i die??!! PLEASE HELP?
why does matter so much that Dan Brown said in his book that Jesus had children or was married??
What are good character names for the story I'm writing ?
i write detective novels for children. how can i publish them?
Where can you find Shinshi Doumei Cross book 41?
How to write this as a movie review intro?
Sickened by Julie Gregory- I have some questions?
Authors opinion and credibility?
Story telling question?
Is shakepeare over rated?
Twilight what is your opinion of the website TwilightSucks.Com?
Can I write a book set in the Middle Earth universe?
Great Gatsby (Daisy Help) Easy .s !!!! You dont need to have read the book!?
what are the conflicts and power in the novel "to kill a mocking-bird"?
what does the poem,"The First Snowfall" mean?
Please read my creative writing! And Help?
Do you think its fair for the book Fahrenheit 451 to be censored?
What type of characters do u picture when u hear these names?
What is an example of prejudice in Night by elie weisel?
where can I find the books for moviedirecting?
why is it that some christians think that Harry Potter is bad?
Poll: Harry Potter, Twilight, or Eragon?
what is the latest work on sex?
Why should we sacrifice when it comes to love?Why do others built a good relationship?are they sacrificing?
need character names help?
author's who are bodybuilders.?
Question about Percy Jackson: The Last Olympian?
How are the following portrayed in wuthering heights?
Need a good book to read?
lord of the flies help with chapters?
In A Series of Unfortunate Events, Book the 10th, what was the name of the mountain that the Baudelairs climb?
What are some good books for a teenage girl?
Synopsis of "Much Ado About Nothing" by Shakespeare?
Has anyone heard of the book "The Flying Bicycle"?
Can someone make me a werewolf.?
Does Anyone know any good poetry that has either similie, metaphor, or pun?
Are there any books that you read from cover to cover without putting it down???
Good title for my essay?
What is your favorite comic strip?
When do I need to cite a source?
what is the official jk. Rowling fan club website?
What is The Wizard Of Oz an allegory of?
How can I learn english properly? I am weak in reading comprehension and writing?
If Mr is short for Mister, what is Mrs short for?
The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod?
how do u put 13 words in 2 a story?
Self publishing and editing with
My Mom won't let me read twilight, but I want to. What should I do?
Who wrote the harry potter series?
What is the climax of the book savvy?
What book influence your life the most?
How can I get mold off the covers of old books?
Have you ever wanted to write a book?
In Twilight, are Jasper and Rosalie really twins?
please read this and give ur rating?
Do you think you will cry reading the 7th harry potter book?
I want to publish a book in spanish?
Dose anyone know how to get a book published?
I'm searching for a 20th C. poem relating a conversation between God & Adam.?
Are there any writers on here, if so what types of stories do you write?
Would you buy one of these books if I sold them on ebay????
Which are the most funny biography books?
Science Fiction book less than about 200 pages?
harry potter.......answer truthfully?
what are some good books?
Can someone who knows Diary of a wimpy kid help me? 10 points to best answer?
What's your FAVORITE non fiction book?
what is the book rainbow readers go to the park about?
Whos hotter? Cascada (Everytime we touch) or Rihanna (SOS) whos better looking?
So, I read the Life of Pi when it first came out...?
I'm looking for a script for "The Proposal" from an acting book?
Do you Twilighters realize...?
What is this literary term?
When writing dialogue in fiction, if you mention a person's name, does it need to be set-off by a comma?
I need help with my english essay on the play Amadeus?
Where can I find Whosit by Anne Heyneman in 1941?
Anyone read Memoirs of a Geisha?
The Wheel of Time: After which book did you lose interest?
where can i find "the Lessons We Learn From Water" book?
i'm in 8th grade, i need to read a book for accelerated reader to get credit for school; whats some good books
Character Names for Story?
can 12 yr old read the book of breaking dawn?
Magic Kingdom Of Landover?
Good book name??????
What are the Pendragon series?
Help on a Story Plot?
What can anyone tell me about Edward Albee's play, A Delicate Balance.?
Books being read in the movie Freedom Writers??
What's your favorite quote from a book?
good teen books???????????????
Your favorite Harry Potter spell of all time?
What is the Da vinci Code book about?
Which books did you study at school for English Lit?
what other authors would you suggest for me to read if I like Amelie Nothomb?
Best Kindle To Get??? 10 POINTS!!!?
How can I find a book by TomElla Jaynes called the History of the Two Noels?
how many books per year does a person read in USA?
Good horror books to read?
is there any heroic couplet in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar?
Why are the actors from the newly released Twilight movie on the cover of the Twilight series books?