who is the publisher of secret of me?
Writers: Do you like to "cast" your characters?
Questions on "The Outsiders"?
Twilight Saga fans? A poll?
What happens if you delete a, "lend me" book on the nook or B&N website?
Does anyone know this fanfiction?
/\/\ ... Harry potter fans ../\/\?
What is your opinion on the censorship of Harry Potter books?
What is a good magical world name for my story?
What's the worst book to movie adaptation you've ever seen?
I want to write a novel, 50 pages or so, for a project, any ideas?
where's the absolute cheapest place to buy books online?
If you could ask anyone...?
Book title? Pictures of American 'crazy' fast food?
When would the new book of Justin Bieber come out?
When is the next Dean Koontz Frankenstein book coming out?
How to have an intresting covo.?
Is it illegal to create an audiobook for someone for a charge?
Why was individuality such a big topic in literature?
How do you see a female Avery?
Harry Potter or Twilight?
I'm looking the name of an old sci fi book?
whats a good book to read?
In your opinion, which is the most overrated book you have read?
Ishmael's relationship with the nature in A Long Way Gone?
How do I publish a book?
Can you do this when writing a book? ( point of view question)?
What's your favourite?
Is the "Free money to pay your bills book" a fraud?
Has anyone read 'Strange Angels' by Lili St. Crow?
in the book twilight...?
Good name for a character?
Is A Million Little Pieces Really fake?
the De vinci code!?
Are there any books like this?
which book shall i read that would change my life?
i need to know what mary engelbreit character names are?
What role does Roger play in regards to leadership in Lord Of The Flies?
What do You think of this start?
Team Edward or Team Jacob in the book Twilight?
Books on juvenile prison or juvenile justice?
What house would Deadpool be sorted into?
Would this be a good story/book?
For those of you that read alot, What is your favorite book that you have ever read?
Most boring book you have ever read?
Do you have a random story?
If you are or would like to be an author, what kind of literature would you write, and why?
When writing a "Picture Book" (with some words)--Where should the text go??
Good socialist literature?
Does anyone know this book?
I have a manuscript of a book-length novel ready to go. I am unpublished. Where do I send it,what do I do now?
for anyone who read the book Cell by Ste[hen king?
whats a creative title for my essay on the defiance and resistance in the novel the chrysalids?
What are some books that will better educate me in the law of the U.S and in N.Y?
I ordered a book from barnes and nobles over three weeks ago, it never came..?
What grade was Peter Houghton in in the book Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult?
Please tell me what you think of this book?
Information on canadian author Eric Wilson?
Does anybody know when the 7th Harry Potter book is coming out?
where can i post my stories?
twilight or harry potter?
Good Novel Name about High School Drama?
Help With To Kill a Mockingbird?
Yet again, another Harry Potter true or false survey?
Plotting an Adventure?
Does Nymeria go back to Arya in 'A Song of Ice and Fire'?
Do you think Dan Brown had any idea how popular and/or controversial Da Vinci Code would be when he wrote it?
HP FANSSSSS????????????????
Looking for copy of Bhagavad Gita by Ramacharaka. Small ,blue, h/c Bhagavad Gita isbn#0-911662-10-3 only.?
Now is this a better intro paragraph?
Does this sound like a good query letter (improved)?
What is the best book for a 16 year old boy to read?
Do you think Jacob is going to be in Breaking Dawn at all?
Where can i find a website to read poems and write my own?
Harry Potter fans: Does this tick you off?
Blue Blood series ... by melissa de la cruz?
How much money does a professional writer make per year?
What book are you reading?
What does Alicia say to Esperanza when she tells her she is ashamed in the book the house of mango street?
What do you like about Scarlett O' Hara?
what is the significance of the title outside a small circle of friends?
Which novel do you wish you had written?
grow their leave?wthey made in to logs?wwget metal>?WWhere do trees come from?wygrow?wget?W?
Any good "Dark ages" documnetary?
What is a good book to read?
I wrote the question in wrong?
Does anyone have any good/ interesting ideas or plots lines for a short story?
short story ideas plz?
Where can I order Hindi or Urdu translations of the works of Rabindranath Tagore ?
Did preppy girls ruin twilight?
Book recommendation...?
how many twilight books will there be ?
How do I beat writer's block?
Very confused about Amber House?
What are some actions of self-empowerment Maya Angelou does?
How does the novel One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest depict what it means to be American?
What are the key events in THE GIVER?
Who's your favorite non-fiction author?
How does someone go about publishing their poetry? And is there a market for it?
Name of the art in which a written name looks the same in both upward and downward directions ?
what is your favorite book????????
Am I the oldest person that loves the Twilight books?
Why do people read fiction?
need help with the book Monster by Walter dean Myers?
What was the first book you discovered that made you think reading wasn't a complete waste of time?
questions about the book "the water is wide" by pat conroy?
Does anyone know if "the strange case of DR Jeckyll and Mr Hyde" is written in epistolary form? ?
If you were to live inside a literary world, which book would you choose?
Best Way to Relieve Writers Block??!!!!?
Is The Great Gatsby a good book?
whats your fav book?
What site can I get pictures from the tell-tale heart?
who were the animals from the front to the back in the book animal farm thanks 10 points?
Bookcases and Books....?
Without giving me any spoilers, can you tell me if you liked Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?
Dan Brown books?
How do the prisoners in The Allegory of the Cave become enlightened?
What are your saddest deaths in Harry Potter 7, starting from worst?
Wkat is the mood of "The Necklace"?
wuts ure fave...?
Who is your favourite Harry Potter character and why?
Possible songs for Tiny Dancer from Will Grayson Will Grayson?
I need help on writing essay on the Catcher and the Rye?
I'm trying to find a teenage book, the cover is the sky, then a picture of some round binoculars??? x?
What poem would I, an Edgar Allen Poe fan, like?
Which name should i use?
How is the beginning of my story?
How much do a writer makes?
Interesting and unique persuasive essay topics for college ?
Name someone, fact or fiction, who is a fast runner?
I need help writing a satire please?
What if `The Da Vinci Code` is really true and about the impact on humanity?
Can anybody recommend books that are like Agatha Christie's "Death on the Nile?"?
I love the harry potter series...but is it a sin to?????
Story plots??????????????
Where can I buy Indonesian books in bahasa indonesia (in indonesian language)?
what are evan esar's quotes beginning with, "if...?"?
why does victor from frankenstein make a big monster?
Do you like the Harry Potter books or movies?
Where can I find discussion questions about the book "Nine Parts of Desire"?
What is your favorite fairytale?
What would you do if...?
Short summary for enders game?
Can someone tell me HOW to download a PDF?
Did you think the Hunger Games Series had a happy ending?
Shakespeare's A Midsummer Nights Dream S.A. Help?
I want to write a book and need advice?
Is the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer popular in Britain?
What book did this quote come from?
What do you think of Susan Boyle on Britain's Got Talent?
What do you think about Twilight?
Harry Potter Question???
Halo Novels in publication order?
Name someone, fact or fiction, who is a fast runner."?
How should I start a summery?
Do you think it's just a coincidence that the name Melanie Stryder sounds similar as Stephanie Meyer?
Is there a famous author regarded as the master of writing dialogues?
My talent is writing, would you read these, How do I become a sucsessful author?
What's a good title for a story about two brothers who got separated?
what does "Asalamalakim" mean?
What is the most interesting and useful book uv ever read?
What are some sites I can write my story on?
Which of these has the best story?
did you have to read to kill a mockingbird for school? ONE GOOD THING ABOUT IT...?
Literary Allusions to the Virgin Mary?
What's the largest literary work ,ever to be made by humans?
which is the best site for a freelance writer?
Anybody out there using White Smoke?
In which novel was this famous quote?
Could you recommend any books for someone who likes the following?
Do you like making a character that is close to another character, and then killing him/her?
did "Jig" in Ernest Hemingway's "Hills Like White Elephants" have an abortion?
What are some dark/romance books?
Is Surviving The Wreck fiction or nonfiction?
how to get a torrent ebook in the book tab on my kindle fire?
My question is .. If I love to write and I've been doing it most of my life .. How do I know if I'm any good?
Missing pages of The Beach by Alex Garland - Can anyone help?
Does any one have any documented information or summary of the picnic at sakkara by P H Newby,please?
"If the shuttle could weave, and the pick touch the lyre..." What's the original source (which Aristotle book)
Borders vs. Barnes and Noble?
Title for a book I'm writing?
What is 'Code Name Verity" about?
What books were you really disappointed with?
Can you give me an example of any narrator of the story?
explanation of saying all work &no play makes jack a dull boy?
Anyone have a good 3 wishes story?
hi......where can i??...?
Do you like my novel idea?
Is this a good review?
For people over 30. . .What are the favorite books from your childhood and why?
When will Ashok Banker's 6th book in the Ramayan series be published in the UK, "King of Ayodhya"?
Audible get a free book?
How awesome would it be if the last sentence of the Harry Potter book was ...?
east of eden john steinbeck quote...?
Is anyone else annoyed at the twilight filth polluting this page?
Help with novel! Like this plot? Thriller?
Anyone read the Dark Tower series of books?
Anybody ever read Catcher in the Rye?
summary for davincie code?
What book do you like to read again and again?
A character's name?
Harry Potter or Twlight?
who should i read next???
Who should decide what teens Should watch, read, or listen to?
Anyone creative and can help mei with my book?
Questions about NaNoWriMo?
need help with planet name for book, please?
Is this a good idea for a story?
how can i read and understand quickly please?
books/movies about monsters being united?
Question about a book I'm writing ?
once upon a rhyme anthology ?
Novels based on mythology's?
What is the best book you have ever read?
Character names for a book I'm writeing...
Does Sookie & Eric fully get together? Do they love each other and know it? It excites me themt wo do!?
I am looking for this English poem about a man who's friend died or something like that and it is winter...
Harry Potter not allowed in some households and schools--what do you think?
B&A: Writer's Questions?
Who is a good author that writes similar type books as Mary Higgins Clark?
Can you help me identify a book?
is jealousy justified in shakespeare's othello?
What should this character look like?
Twilight or harry potter?
Does ANYONE like harry potter, why or why not? I love it?
What do you think of the book 'Into the Wild"?
Can you publish additional chapters to an iBook ?
does anyone want to share some of their favorite poems by jim morrison? ?
Most heartbreaking book you've ever read?
Twilight Fans: What Musical Discovery Have You Made As A Fan Of Twilight?
I'm helping my daughter w/ a grab bag book report. We need help on what to put in the bag for plot & conflict.?
Is it best not to use "we" for description when writing a screenplay?
is the phrase "i am not going nowhere" correct?
Can anyone send me the story of Goodnight Owl?
what is the Charles Bukowski´s very new book?
Do you think Harry Potter will die?
harry potter...............?
who is the author of the story "the jade peony"?
what is avantgarde?
Fantasy writers: why create entirely new worlds?
Harry Potter fans?
Why do people like to read others' diaries?
Vampire Academy Series V.S House Of Night Series V.S Twilight Series?
need help with the book Monster by Walter dean Myers?
why can't all men be like Edward Cullen?
Have you ever written about your life story?
how can i read blood promise on line?
Do u think that vampire/alien stories are too overdone?
What books are you reading at the moment?
What are you like Hp fan Or Twilight?
I need a good quote to start my last chapter with.?
Jane Eyre/Bertha Mason criticism?
how is lord of the flies an allegory?
Help with gnosis audiobooks?
Which do you prefer reading Twilight or Narnia ?
What's the theme of the novel I Am Legend by Richard Matheson?
Book help homework? The outsiders?
Arguable questions in Lord of the Flies?
What age groups for readers would you put these books in?
Twilight question: why is Ed sparkly?
In Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck,what type of language is used? Insight please!!!?
I need name ideas for an indie band I wanna include in a story.?
1980s or 90s YA book series about nuclear bombing.. name?
Some questions about Act 4 of The Crucible?
What page from Siddhartha best expresses the books theme?
What is the best fantasy or sci fi book you have ever read?
items romeo would have kept in remembrance of his life?
Twilight question for Jacob-haters?
Do you think I'm an okay writer?
For any Harry Potter fans - What do you do now there are no more books to read? Do you re-read them or what..?
Help With A Language Arts Project For Those Who Have Read The Book Monster?
Looking for a fiction book about brother and sister pickpocketers in a futuristic world?
How will i get my notes oneach subject which i want?
Art in the Blood is liable to take the strangest forms?
Where online can I find honest and reasonable values for rare or antique books?
What kind of books/stories do you like to read?
What is a good vampire novel that I can read that's not Twilight or Vampire Kisses?
I'm a fan of horror and fantasy books what are the best reads?
can someone please give me similarities and differences between ponyboy and johnny from the outsiders?
Does anybody ever heard of a children book about a Tapir?
Anybody who reads books?
Is the Twilight series that good?
Trying to find an english book in spanish.?
What is a good romance book?
In search of online book club members?
In Harry Potter, who do you most relate to?
What are the advantages of e-books?
Have any of you read the book 'Ishmael'?...Does it/did it change your perspective on things? [ex. The world]?
Is the Twilight Saga OK for a 12 year old to read?
what is the irony in the in the lion the witch and the wardrobe?
is there a online copy of feminist literary theory by mary eaglton?
The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins?
Hey! What are some darn good books I can stock in my website store?
what is the interesting facts about Louise Munro Foley?
A Children's book about the Jenolan Caves... Anyone know it? Might have been other caves, not Jenolan...?
is the phrase "i am not going nowhere" correct?
Anybody know a good fantasy/sci-fi novel with a tough female protagonist?
What book made you a "reader"?
what is the story behind the song "they" by jem?
where can i read books especially online typically?
How and Where can i submit an idea for a greeting card?
common suicide/romance books?
Can someone give me information about any German Authors, poems, or works of literature?
Where can I find scanned translation of Fruits Basket (the manga) for after volume 18 chapter 105?
Whats a better book Series the Harry Potter Series or the Twilight Series? ?
I'm looking to find an informative (preferable short) book about the Federal Reserve. Suggestions?
What is your favorite book/ book series?
Is my screenplay boring?
An amazing book that made you cry?
I'm looking for a name for a character?
homework help?
Are you a creative writer?
Have you ever read a book that really scared you?
Finding Publishing City?
Interesting reason to self harm for my story?
Anybody else sad Harry Potter is over?
Trying to remember the name of a children's book. Rabbits taken to a lab and others saving them. Anyone???
Have anyone read the pom "If" by Kipling? Do you like it?
Masquerade/costume idea for my book?
Do you like Twilight?
Whats the best/most intersting autobiography you've ever read?
How would you write it if the Magic Mirror said this instead?
What do you think of my story. looking for creative imput, not insults?
What do you do with a book after you've finished reading it?
Can I use a trademarked name in a book?
how to switch from first to third person in a short story?
When is the next Dan Brown book slated to be released?
Edward Cullen? [OMG! NO WAY!]?
define onamonapia my spelling might be off?
Is this a good cover for a book?
Writers: How do you reward yourself?
What is a good book that has a main character suffering from some sort of mental illness?
How does my Villain sound?
What does the "VI" in Sara Paretsky's character, VI Warshawski, stand for?
Looking for information on author, James Manning (Prophicies for the New Mellinum)?
is the da vinci code an actual incident or just a fiction story??
It happen to nancy book?
Are the books "for dummies" helpful?
Who is the lady being spoken about in Andrew Marvell's "To His Coy Mistress" Is she a real person?
How could I write this scene?
Re George Orwell's 1984, Do you think Emmanuel Goldstein existed?
B&A: The antagonist and protagonist of your story are stuck in the same elevator. What happens?
What are some names that could have Dobby as a nickname?
What are some good fantasy adventure books out there?
Good books to read???????
Does this keep your interest/attention?
what book is a good transition from young adult?
Do you think Xyxzy is a good name for an oracle?
What is the only word in the english vocabulary that does not rhyme with any other word in the same language?
Would you ever take drugs to boost your creativity when writing?
the Da vinici code?
What did u think about the book called "Come back to Afghanistan"?(answers still apply for non-readers of book
Can someone review this beginning?
Before 21 days i met a road accident, please read the description below?
How many of you belive Da Vinci Code..?
Why can I not find any information on 'The Upstart' by Catherine Cookson?
what are some good teen books?
Looking for a poem called " The Promise" that was printed on a picture w/ 2 holding hands?
What childrens' book contained a character named the jujuman? I must have read this around 1985.?
Why would Ali be "A" in Pretty little liars book series?
what literary movement was rudolfo anaya apart of?
I'm going to Sarah Palin's book signing! Should I bring a crayon, or will she have her own?
Who is the writter of Swammi and Friends?
What is the climax of An Abundance of Katherines?
Good biographies/memoirs for young adults?
What names are good for a story?
To you , who are the greatest British authors to have ever written and why?
in not lesas than50 pages explain stabilisationpolicy?
Why are the Harry Potter books and films called Harry Potter?
Help starting off a fanfiction?
Can you explain your thoughts?
does anyone loves reading remarque???
French surname to go with Jacques?
Is there a formal letter that one could write when approaching a celebrity in order to have them do something?
Ideas for my short sad story? please?
Does anyone have any suggestions for names for an Alternate Galaxy or Earth?
Can anyone read this question?
What is the best book you ever read? Why did you like the book? What was it about? Would you recommend it?
Teen writing competitions.....?
How should I finish this story, please?
Is Edward Cullen's behaviour only acceptable because he is hot and a vampire?
Julius Caesar?
harry potter??
Title for a story. pls read below?
I need to write a short review. Please help.?
What makes a good book?
how to get over harry potter?
where i can read the best autobiographies of famous personalities for free in net?
Name for a book,please help?
Teen girl health books?
B&A Regulars: Do you ever look at your old questions and think "God, I was such an idiot.."?
How much are my signed 39 clues books worth?
Which are the correct sentences?
who likes Haruki Murakami?
Edward Cullen or Jacob Black?
Help with a Camp Rock fanfic?
Who owns the copyright on book blurbss?
Good penname?
How old were you when you first read Twilight?
Is Robert Jordan ever going to finish The wheel of Time series?
where can I read Shattered by Eric Walters for free online?
On the book Twilight, which would you say is better? The book or the movie?
Did anyone else think the Twilight books were poor writing?
Contents And Index Pages On Books?
Is there anywhere to donate books in Lexington, Kentucky?
ANthony Horowitz on facebook?
Hey does anyone knows where I can write a book like you know publish it and become an author?
Night study guide questions? Elie Wiesel?
-Please Help- What is the climax for the book The Breadwinner by Ellis?
Twilight, hate it? why? Please explain.?
what would you do if you went to school and saw harry potter sitting in your desk?
what are good story titles for a genderbender romance about sailing?
hi,i am a HARRY POTTER fan.are you a fan too?
What's your favorite Harry Potter character and why?
To all Potter fans out there,how do u think Harry will end up in the last book?
What was the authors purpose for writing Watership Down?
What's the best book you have ever read?
who were the cover models for the Sweet Valley Junior High book series?
what is Postsecrets sister website?
should gay books be in schools?
If Barnes and Nobel sells Nook will that be good or bad for indie authors?
What should the title of my book be?
how many pages of a novel does people finish in a day.?
A summary of The Oak Leaves by Maureen Lang?
how can i become a manga writer?
out of the two main characters, who is the hunter and who is the guide? deathwatch?
what is a bedaux belt?
Question about the Scarlet Letter regarding penance and penitence?
Need book advice. Please answer?
Best of Saki - When/where was Saki born?
where can download a free english version of the book Dangerous liaisons?
My son has resolved to read more this year. What are the twelve essential books a 14 year old should read?
What are some good books similar to these?
If you could pick one book that had a profound effect on your life?
A question about Penguin books?
Anyone know when the new Dan Brown book will come out?
What makes the perfect cherry blossom?
i need help making a jeopardy games for the book The Outsider by S.E. Hinton?
how many autobiography's are there that are written by rock stars?
harry potter!?
Short story help begining help?
A question about writing a book?
If you were stranded on an island and could take one book, which would it be?
Please help me with part of my book?
What is the summary of A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Ersatz Elevator?
Any ideas on how to choose a proper book title?
People, objects, & incidents that symbolize "fire" in Lord Of The Flies?
How would the novel the Scarlet Letter be related to American football?
If Franz Kafka had survived WW2 would he have been kicked out of Czechoslovakia because he spoke German?
Where can I buy e-book version?
What is the main message sent by the author through the book; Longitude, by Dava Sobel?
What is your must Read list?
In which HP book was Ginny first addressedto as Ginevra?
how to get a lutari?
What is the best Stephen King novel?
What did you think of the show Lost?
A good book about a child in care?
What's your fav book? Why?
What are some modern movie stars that look like what the characters in Fahrenheit 451 would have looked like?
what's the name of this book it was in french?
Whats the exposition, resolution, climax, falling, and Theme of PEAK?!?! Help! ASAP!?
do you put poems in quotes or Italicize them?
if the setting were to change in the scarlet letter would ones response to to the story' action and meaning be?
What - are you reading / was the most recent book you read?
what is the meaning of "Less...than..."?
The Da Vinci Code or Angels and Demons?
how can i start talking with a boy in my uni that i feel that i love him ?
how did alice cullen become a vamp?
What do you think about my story plot? Constructive criticism please?
Are vampires being overused?
all the lovely bad ones who is the suspect?
Can you suggest me some good fantasy books/series?
Story title idea help?
Can I get a Chapter for Chapter summary of the book Night?
I need a good name for a girl with this description...?
What made Jay Gatsby corrupt?
What do I need to know to /printpublish a book?
Alias help? I need ideas for a fake identity.?
What is the release date of Dan Brown's Book: "The Solomon Key"?
How to write a love story/ how to get good ideas for one?
Better book than "How to Win Friends and Influence People" by Dale Carnegie?
can u tell me about about abnormal effects for teenagers?
What did Jane Austen think about marriage?
Please provide very many detailed differences between plays and novels?
why do conflicts make a story more interesting?
Whats a really good book based on non-fiction war preferably around 300 pages?
Stephen King?
What was the last book you read for pleasure?
Lamb to the Slaughter. MULTIPLE CHOICE PLEASE HELP? the movie the same as the book?
Mrs. Dalloway; Explain 3 literary devices that reveal significant information about Septimus and Rezia.?
What is symbolic in the short story "The Chrysanthemums" by Steinbeck?
Urgent!! Urgent! THIS IS 4 ALL TWILIGHT FANS!!!?
Where Can I download the book Shumway Motor Control?
I can't stop reciting poetry!?
I need to read a good book! Can you help?
Should I wait for Mr. Right?
Which of George Bernard Shaw's book is worth reading?
Is there any international essay writing contest for teens?
Where can i read the book of the way by lao tzu?
Nervous Conditions by Tsitsi Dangarembga Audiobook?
Is there any real truth to the book The Da Vinci Code? Is the religion and art culture factual?
What Mary Higgins Clark's novel did you like most and why?
I'm looking for a really good read...?
poem entitled "I bargined with life for a Penny"?
Another Harry Potter Question!?
Rate4 audiobooks online?
A REALLY good teen novel?
What do you absolutely hate seeing in female protagonists?
My wand (unicorn tail hair with dragon skin) just broke...?
Arrogant Mr Darcy quotes?
Is there a book of the TV series 'Prison Break'?
Is there an Elder Scrolls book that tells the story of all the games?
has anyone here read The Great Gatsby? what are the main issues that F.Scott Fitzgerald endorses?
Another Books and Authors Questionnaire?
Who is the Edward Abbey of our time?
What is the most important aspect of a children's book?
what do you think of "gone with the wind"???
i have some questions about "The Body Finder" for my book report?
Where do I find information about society grounded in a contract in the works of Rousseau and Nietzsche?
which are some serious international literary journals when to publish short stories?
Is there any place selling the Kindle PaperWhite that is not online?
Am trying to get Gloria Vanderbilt's autograph..any suggestions as to where to write to her?
Is the book "Invisible Man" by HG Wells any good?
What do the twos threes fours fives sixes and sevens get in the book"the giver"?
wells of magazine?
What is the theme, climax and rising action?
Good story so far, tips please?
does anyone out there think the bible is just a novel written by a great story teller?
Who loves Dan Brown books?Are Digital Fortress and Deception Point good books?
Would you be interested if you read an autobiographical book about me?
Writting my life story .. ?
What are the 2 most important conflicts in Frankenstein by Mary Shelley?
Should I love Edward Cullen, or Jacob black?! Sure I've read the books and seen the movie, but I can't decide.?
Did you also read the books by Enid Blyton when you were young?
Where is a good literary agency in Tulsa,Ok?
Is it bad to give characters random names?
what is a good sci fi book for a 10th grader?
Some of the most notable Mary Sues?
can any body give good qoutes from Kira-Kira by Cynthia Kadohata?
Do you feel like Stephen King used too much extra story?
Is there a children's book about a monkey who flies with the help of birds feathers?
Summary for my story?
What's your favorite Stephen King book/movie?
What's your favorite S.E. Hinton book?
Sorry everybody?
How Old are most you twilight fans?
Why does Frodo, Gandalf and Bilbo leave Middle Earth?
Is Twilight a hood book?
Will authors always be able to make some kind of profit off of their books no matter what?
What is symbolic about the crows in the book "Divergent"?
What are some good Books to read?
Does anyone know any good teen books?
zora neale hurston role in literature?
Is this story idea ridiculous?
Need to find a book about a man who dreams of suicide, don't know title or author, only subject?
Is the novel The Name of the Rose similar to the movie?
Edward Cullen or Jacob Black?
a good book about teen sex...?
Have U Read the book the glass menagerie?
where can i find the summary of the life of Flora Rheta Schreiber?
I need to know the names of some large books over the occult?
what are some books similar to this book (read details)?
Symbolism quotes in Chapter 22 of the Scarlet Letter?
Book recommendations? Classic Literature? Lord of Flies?
more info about book writing?
Who said that? Explain. . . .?
Some good book series?
what is raymond carver's "the student's wife" about?
Favourite Book and why?
Read this story, please?
What do mermaids like doing?
What would be a good title for a drama series?
looking for a sci-fi short story --don't remember author or name it was about people who only lived for 8 days
What's the best route for getting published?
What kind of sentence constructions are used in the book Tuesdays With Morrie?
How can I get help with setting up a war child relief org. in serrir lone?
What´s the best book you have ever read?
Hesse's Siddhartha- life changing or a pointless bore?
how many chapters should your first novel be. ?
what influenced shakespeare's romance?
Twilight fanfiction recommendations?
which is the favourite British word..??
Do you think its wrong to copy and paste answers?
why does everyone hate new moon by stephanie meyer?
What does it mean if an AUDIO book is abridged?
Should i have..........?
What color did Edgar Allan Poe use to symbolize death?
I have never read a book. Which one should I read first?
what is art education in present cotest?
whats is the most hardest book u eva read??
for the old man and the sea what is the genre is it realistic fiction ? and how do you know ?
Are Reader's Digest Condensed Books Still Printed?
Where can I download or view entire books to read?
Hey, if you've got an opinion, I'd love to have it on this, please?
How can I find an address to write to author Judith Viorst?
What would you do if you woke up and Voldemort was right outside your window?
mirror by sylvia plath summary?
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix questions?
I'm looking for a short story about a rolling sphere that kills? Possibly expands and grows legs?
How was Alice Munro influenced by politics and the time period?
6 book of girls romance stories by marguerite whitehead there was change of hearts , happy endings?
how can i sell my poetry online?
What is a scholarly short story that has to do with fitting in?
Can anyone think of a scary name?
How do i lay my hand on a copy of Rassellas i cant find it on Shelves?
A childrens book about a little girl named Jen (I think), who has a messy room?
What makes you happy no matter what?
wat do i do?
anyone know any BRILLIANT books to read?
What should I title my book?
i am a boy and i want to watch twilight but am afraid ill be made fun of?
Question about the book "to killing a mockingbird"?
whats the best book you've ever read??
Twilight Book Question?? BEST ANSWER 10 POINTS!!?
Can the poem "lady of the Lake" be downloaded and printed?
Is Hamlet a hero or a Coward?
Do you buy books depending on the author or on "best seller"?
Fantasy Readers: Would you......?
What is your favorite children's novel or book?
The Lady or The tiger?
Who is your favorite Harry Potter character and Why?
what page does gatsby lie about going to oxford?
Somebody can tell me about hitchikker guide to the galaxy?
what could be some characteristics for this character?
A world without Harry Potter?
who is your favorite author and why?
whats the most referred Norse mythology book?
i need help with name ideas for my book series and the books?
High word count?
Do you think this will be a good novel ?
Are there any fat wizards or witches in Harry Potter books?
Wonderfully romantic books/films/culture?
book recomendation- teenage girls!?
What is the concept of Gothic romance as it applies to wuthering heights?
My name is Keisha Decreaux and I died last night.?
Has anyone read "The Shipping News" by E. Annie Proulx?
how to start and ends stories well?
Dumbledore's Army (TRUE Harry Potter Fans) : HP Poll!?
Get answers from millions of real people.?
Posted Something on TeenInk, Now Want to Delete It and Use For Something Else?
where can i read Untouchable by kate Brian online and free?? load of thaaanksss?
Anyone read A Great and Terrible Beauty/ Rebel Angels?
Has anyone read the Book The Andromeda Strain?
HARRY POTTER FANS: The Daily Prophet Rapid News Column!!?
Who is your favorite author? What is your favorite book by that author?
I need ideas for a 2nd chapter...?
House on Mango Street?
sweet sixteen themes (:?
Help with Kimani Tru.?
to kill a mocking bird.?.!?
In which book about Andy Goldsworthy is Norman Nicholsons Poem "Wall" Mentioned?
Scarlet letter. What the helllllllll?
What do you think about a math book with only examples ? Please read below for additional details ?
who is nestor?
Everyday use questions?
Why do we still study the literature of Louisa May Alcott today?
hafez the poet?
Are there any published authors here?
I have major writers block? Help?
How can I Download "Little Prince" for free ?
I am looking for a book about Annie Oakley and a birthday party. It will be from the early 1950's?
Who's Twilight powers do you want?
What is the theme for the book Son of The Mob?
Why do people like to read others' diaries?
Good original title for writing prompts for the Odyssey?
How did the Three Musketeers meet and become friends?
is reading CARRIE by STEPHEN KING worth it..?
What do you think of Tracy Chevalier's books?
Which is the best Patrick O'Brian book and why?
Story Title Needed please!?
What is the moral/ theme of the Daughters of Eve by Lois Duncan?
Is Kaavya Viswanathan a jerk?
what book have you recently read or are reading now? I just finished "and i don't want to live this life"
What are a few suggestions for the name of a Dragon leader?
Howcome alot of people think twilight is okay but not harry potter?
What are the similarities and differences of the Hunger Games and Battle Royal?
How can I get mold off the covers of old books?
Is the book divergent by Veronica Roth going to be a movie?
what's your favorite book quote?
What is the most memorable book you have ever read?
How do you cite a translated book that's a collection of other texts?
Has anyone read Kevin Phillips American Theocracy?
Was "The Old Man and the Sea" a novel or a short story?
Long Lost Teen Book Series (Salem Witches Series)?
Are Stephen King books good?
what is your favortie 5 books?
Do you like Emmett Cullen?
Need things to read!?
What are some books on self-observation?
Got a fictional crush? :)
In the book series "Fallen" by Lauren Kate, are there any sex scenes?
Books for teenage girl?
Have you read the book that's emphasizing on the Art of Negotiation?
wow I love this vampire Script-Novel material ,?
Is twilight ok to read for a 13 year old girl?
2006 Film of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin?
i need some really great vampire names starting with D preferably male... oh and names from the1400s too :D?
Which classic books should you read before college?
Poll : the last good book you have read?
What is the Best Book that you have ever Read and how many times do you keep going over it, Fact or Fiction?
What's your writing style?
Where is the cheapest place to buy Twilight books?
Team Jacob or Team Edward"?
Who does everyone in the Pretty Little Liars book end up with?
B&A: If you could invite your favourite literary characters to a party...?
What's your take on these mythological creatures?
how are the underground man and Ivan Iliyich similar?
I need a title for my story ?
How much fiction is involved in memoir?
Should I publish this on Wattpad or keep it to myself?
Reading Finnegan's Wake by James Joyce at 15?
My wife died, what should I do?
When will memoir "Sum of Our Days" by Isabel Allende be published in paperback?
How can I make this sound better?
how old is emily inglethorp in a mysterious affair at styles by agatha christie?
I want to write a story but i don't know what it should be about. Any ideas?
Any thoughts concerning the poetry of James Tate?
My school library book was due the 6th but i didnt go to school all week i was sick should i have to pay fine?
Can anyone name some good books?
How does Hamlets revenge start taking shape and how is it shaped by his madness?
What is an allegory how does it relate to the novel in animal farm?
What's the best book of Robert Frost's poems and what's a good teen supernatural romance?
where can i find samurai x comic books (chinese) - published by singapore version?
Who are your Top 3 favorite authors?
Has anyone vever read a book by Zane? What did you think?
themes for cold sassy tree?
Would you name your children after favorite characters in movies or books?
why did Leonardo Da Vinci drew monalisa smiling??
What's a good girl's name? Im writing this story...???
I Want to know something about Kelila & Dimna, old indian stories?
help! im obsessed with twilight!?
What is a good book about witches?
What is your favorite book: twilight, new moon, eclipse, or breaking dawn?
If you were a vampire in the Twilight series, what kind of "gift" would you have?
In the book Mockingjay, why doesn't Boggs want Peeta to be part of the squad? PLEASE ANSWER soon?
books that a famous people fall in love with teen girls?
what type of Harry Potter shipper are you...Harry/Hermione, Harry/Ginny, Hermione/Ron or someone else?
Suggest some good books?
What literary device is displayed in the orignal name of Tiny Tim, "Tiny Fred?"?
in eseranza rising, who help esperanza and her family escape that tio luis guy?
how does the setting in of mice and men relate to the impossibility of the american dream?
What is A simile for the smell of something spreading?
If Harry Potter and Edward Cullen fought....?
which story starter are you more drawn to?
What book was somewhat influenced by the stories of Theseus and the Minotaur?
Ideas for writing a book?
is the book "harry potter and the half blood prince" before order of phoniex, OR after?
Why were the vampires there in Twilight?
Books like 50 shades of grey?
What age is Gem Stansfield who presents on the TV science series 'Bang goes the theory'?
Is this a stupid plot?
Can some one add me to there messenger and correct my english assignment "to Kill a mockingbird"
Poll: Readers, what was the last book you purchased?
What famous American author worked on the cruise ship, ms Westerdam?
help if u read the boook INK HEART?
I am looking for the book The Count of Monte Cristo unabridged leather bound, by Alexander Dumas.?
What are some good books about female Continental soldiers?
How much time do you devote to reading?
The Best of Edgar Allan Poe ....?
Why did Elie Wiesel write "Night" URGENT!!?
books.. what should i read next..?
What happened to Dahlia Lu?
GOOD WRITERS: How do you write about boredom?
What is your favorite book?
What are some of the best books you ever read?
Any fiction books about Alexander the Great?
"Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind"?
Who is your favorite Twilight character besides Edward, Jacob and Bella?
What are common themes that Janet Evanovich uses?
where can i read lily archer's "The Poison Apples" book online for free?
Name a random book, and let's see which one would get the most thumbs up or down?
is there any series of book order for J.R.R. Tolkein?
What are some cool words?
What is the scariest horror book that you have ever read?
Can I buy books on Amazon from China?
Has anyone read The Life of PI? What did you think?
What name would suit an evil...?
Fahrenheit 431 summary?
Why do people hate Twilight, I mean, I really don't get it?!?
What do you think of "The Catcher In The Rye"?
What is the next book in the series??????????
Like reading gory thrillers? Would you buy my book?
How to analyze and understand Hamlet?
What is a simile or a metaphor and a personification I can put in an ode to Christmas?
What is the longest book you have ever read? I mean like you read every word.?
Did you expect Percy and Annabeth to fall into Tartarus?
help writing /revising.. plzzzzzz?
Alex Rider Fans, anybody?
Did you know that it's Harry Potter's Birthday Today?! :D?
how can you ask appology to your friend?
Who actually lives in the 'history house' in the novel, The God of Small Things?
Do you know any Draco Malfoy fans group?
Does anyone know if Dennis LeHane has a new book coming out soon?
i need something to write about from the adventures of huckleberry finn.?
joe albright, from the novel lone eagle. is he real? is it based on a true story?
HARRY POTTER FANS: The Ordinary Wizarding Levels (OWLS)?
What's Different About Harry Potter ADULT Version Books?
Anyone fellow writers here wanting to do writing as a career?
Are the books Burn and Kiss by Ted Dekker in a series?
What Is The Best Book You've Ever Read?
Do you have any books on your book shelf that you haven't read ?
John Doe???
Can you recommend me a book?
I bought the Chronicles Of Narnia bookset, Should I start reading them?
where can i find a book about 1936?
in romeo and juliet what were some of the conflicts bettween the two faimlys?
what do you think of this intro to a comedy allegory of war?
Horror Novels for a first time reader?
best book for basic electronics?
Which book should I read out of these three?
Who has written the book: "he's just not that into you"?
Spanish Novel Recommendations?
A simple question about The Catcher in the Rye?
Book about my life now a bestseller. Can i sue?
Can someone provide the words of Ted Hughes last interview given to in Wild Steelhead fishing magazine?
where does the term, "silver tongued devil" come from? what does it mean?
new reading genre to read?
I need a good title for my story?
Do you think you look like Bella (Twilight)?
Match the names with the characters?
Quick! Grab the closest book to you, turn to the 47th page, and the 8th line down. What does it say?
can anyone suggest a good place to set for my novel that i'm writing?
what is a bad boy ( shadow like; keeps to the self) name!?
Harry Potter fans: Don't you think it's cute that. . .?
Help With My Character?
Thirteen year old female looking for a good book... please help!?
Can you recoomend a book for a women in her mid-fourties?
Does anyboby know who is John Dalton?
AnwserS for wordly wise 3000 book 11, pg 23?
Am I a good writer? Worth your while, I swear!?
Boy names for my story?
How can I find a book I don't know the title to?
what are some good quotes?
Is this script too deep?
In zoey dean a list series does anna and logan get together or she does with ben?
Hello people!! This is a question for everyone!! ...unless you're illiterate!!?
Do you judge people by the books they read?
Harry Potter fans, do you think that sirius will come back to life?
If Remigius Black has hunted down all the horcruxes, how long is it going to take Harry to work out they are?
Does anyone else here not like Stephen King's books?
Would you continue reading my novel?
"The Kite runner" book. by khaled Hosseini?
What would be a good attention grabber for the story Rikki-Tikki Tavi?
Who is the best science-fiction writer ever?
What's the best Grammar check program?
What do you think of my story?
Does to book The alchemist and Veronika Decides to die uses simple english and not hard to understand?
Is the book Because of Winn-Dixie good to read?
Has anyone read the novel TRISTRAM SHANDY?
Can fat people go skinny-dipping?
Have you read 1984? Do you find any similarity between Al quaeda and the"brotherhood"?
What is the climax of Oliver Twist?
I would like a book that has similar characters and a story line like code geass?
Twilight Series Opinions?
How does Hamlets revenge start taking shape and how is it shaped by his madness?
how do i get to read short stories from Margaret Atwood on line without paying?
who knows the mith story of "ALL I KNOW IS I KNOW NOTHING"?
Would you comment on this, please?
is there any illustrated version of marauder's map(not printable is also fine for me)(harry potter book 3)?
Harry Potter fans: Is this news shocking to you?!?
I need a good book with the perfect story?
What kind of books do you love to read?
What are the world series?
Where can I read books online for free?
Can someone help me find some examples of rhetorical devices in 1984, The Giver, or Digial Fortress ?
What do you think about these?
Top 5 Philip K Dick novels?
What is ur favorite book?
Who has read The Testament by John Grisham?
Hi All,Can anyone suggest about writing excellent reviews for various Books, Musical CD's in a creative way?
Is anyone else sick of Twilight questions?
Please strongly critique?
is a young handsome wizard, who fights bad forces in fiction stories is a bad influenze?
What is the main idea of the book I Am The Cheese ?
Who is the author of Twilight?
What's a good book for a lazy sunday afternoon?
FAVORITE BOOK? Why do you like it so much?
Looking for a book series about warriors who rode cats.?
Anyone else get jealous about romance in books?
Please tell me how and where can i buy "Three Men In A Boat" by Jerome k Jerome?
how to make a graphic novel synopsis?
What book are you reading now?
What type of fiction is this?
What Are Some Good Books For 13-14 yrs old girl?
what is thomas peacock's and charles darwin's allusion in the book fahrenheit 451?
Is there anyone that could give me information/contacts of book publishers in the UK?
In 'Of Mice and Men', is there a point when Slim is sexist towards Curley's wife?
What is the title of Emily Dickinson's first book of poems? And when was it published?
Breaking Dawn: jacob imprinting?
Who has read The Night Circus?
What book are you currently reading?
Does anyone have songs that remind them of a certain book?
whats the best book you have ever read?
Would you read a book that started out like this? please answer?
Do you know a classy man name?
Opinion on name of school club?
Need help right now?
This is a shoutout to all a-ha fans. Does anybody know where I could get a good-quality copy of the 2004 book?
NEED HELP Chris Mccandless And his Father-Their Relationship (Into The Wild)?
Writing swap question?
I need some book for Cisco 642-384 exam ? Any details about the exam?
Can you revise this paragraph written about the novel Fahrenheit 451? PLEASE? 12 points!! :) MUCH appreciated!?
What is the title of this kid's book?
Is Ann M. Martin a real person?
What is the ideas and conventions of Psychological Thriller?
do you like this poem?......................?
Which is the best book that you have read,Name & Author please?
What do you love about Magnus Bane?
read d story "the adventure" by jayant narlikar? ?
Opinions on my story?
What does Sherlock Holmes reply when someone asks him how he knew this or that?
what's a good, affordable site where i can download audio books to my ipod?
Who was Danny Santiago ? His life, his works...?
I have to write a book?!?
how do i get to narnia?
I need some help with story!!?
Need help! My friend wrote a story and I don't wanna read it...?
Whats your Favorite book?
Can you tell me a little about the POET Herbert asquith and his poem 'the volunteer'.?
need a picture of the "Frodo Lives" on the 42nd St. NY subway station...?
What's your next book your going to read ?
What does "Caught in between a crab bottle" means?
what is a good love poem?
What defines an American Classic Novel?
Is there anyone who is just as annoyed by Twilight as i am?
Harry Potter fans, I just wanna know.....?
Need help, if 25 people answer this i'll be so happy! I'm doing this for creative writing class! Thnx! ~Emily
The Long Walk (only for people who read the book)?
where is there justice or injustice in the book "lord of the flies" by william golding?
How do you like this story?
A summary of the book, "Santa paws to the rescue" by Nicholas Edwards?
Where can I find a list of all the x-men novels (not comics) ever made?
Info on the breaking dawn party in Phx, AZ??
Where online can I read "Goodnight Desdemona, Good Morning Julie" by: Ann-Marie MacDonald?
who knows the poem: either you are successful or you are not successful.if you are successful, there is nothin
PLEASE!!! if you have read the giver, PLEASE help!?
any one else here like the book series PENDRAGON?I'v read all six books.?
Whats a good book for a 15 year old girl who loves to read?
did social status affect how men and women treated each other in the book Oliver twist?
how to attact women? with my story please?
What book are you reading these days?
What are some unique Last names for the names Sebastian and Scorpius?
Sherlock Holmes Stories?
Do you like the smell of books?
why is the site closed? will it open again or not?
what's your favourite shakespeare quote?
Which into sounds better and why?
has any body read the da vinci code?
I've been trying to find this book for a long time now, and the title keeps slipping my mind.?
What is the best selling book ever?
Why do I write complicated stories?
How do I write down all of my ideas? Please read. ?
Can someone recommend any good travel writers?
Twilight or Harry Potter?
what gift would you give these characters...?
What book are you currently reading?
What are some good motivation biographies?
Why are builders afraid to have a 13th floor but book publishers aren't afraid to have a Chapter 11?
What do you think of my wattpad story?
Is a nook worth buying?
What is the Davinci code about?
Who are the best vampire authors.?
who's quote is "Great minds think alike"?
In the novel "Iran Awakening" by Shirin Ebadi, how does the religion of Islam impact her life?
What should I do in this case?
can you please help me with the book enduring love?
Do you get better at writing by reading more and using what you read?
What do you think of my story?
Good couple names that go together?
Does a writer write the prologue to a book before or after writing their book?
Can someone help me on these Hamlet questions regarding Hamlet's ghost?
What should I title this story?
What are some novels set in Hawaii?
Bitterblue po and katsa?
STORYTIME! Is your child's favorite book also the book YOU like to read?
im a poet and i need to get my stuff out there?
Why is Dracula described as being a fantasy when it seems to be more of a sci-fi/horror?
What is Harry Bosch's Badge Number?
Who wroted the book named "Opus Dei"?
In the Westing Game, why did Angela bomb things?
Any tips for improving my query letter? I don't know what else to do?
A drama is usually divided into a. stanzas b. paragraphs c. acts or scenes d. stage directions?
Famous 19th Century English Authors?
what happened in the pretty little liars book WICKED?
In the book the guardian, what was the relationship between Mike and Julie's husband who died?
Why do you not like twilight? (i love the books)?