I'm fifteen, I love to read and...could you please recommend some books :)?
Why do you suppose that rhymes, poetry for instance, are pleasing to our brains?
where can i find info about Daniel Handler?
Why did Orwell omit the word "just" from his quote of the Declaration of Independance at the end of 1984?
Book about comebacks?
What do I need to know from the Hunger Games to read Catching Fire?
Which "classic" book do you find to be completely overrated?
Which plot would you most be interested in reading about?
I need some new books to read?
“Nature seems dead.” Macbeth shows how a tyrannical ruler destroys the natural order of society. discuss.?
i need help selecting a book to read!!?
When is Robert Jordan's Wheel of time Book 12 coming out?
Could u plz give me some site from where I can dl free ebooks of Stephen King?
What makes a book interesting?
Who do you love more Edward or Jacob?
Would you rather date Harry Potter/Ron Weasley/Draco Malfoy or an idiot from Twilight?
Which is better Anne Rice's witch series or vampire series?
What kind of people do you think these names describe?
Am I a Harry Potter Geek?
How do I write a good fanfiction with a lot of hits and stuff (plot inside) easy 10 points :D?
what did robet frost say about banks?
I have never read a book. Which one should I read first?
Can you help me think of nicknames?
paul jennings book.?
Help with Sarah Dessen books!?
Who is better: Twilight or Harry Potter?
I have an autographed book by Anne M. Clifford. Do you think it's worth something?
any intresting /fun books u recommend ?
Which of these stories sounds the best?
Is this too cliche for my book?
Can you please check this for grammatical error and how I can imrove it?
What grabs a reader in the first page of a book or film.?
what would be the title of your best selling auto biography?
self published books?
A passion for music is a confession. We know more an unknown musical person etc is a quote Who and Where?
Should I change my last name?
how would i plan a superhero novel?
can anybody tell me about Whitehall Terminal and St. George Terminal?
Any good idea for a love story?
Which of these books has the least number of pages?
Books Question ! please help me!?
Harry Potter question!?
What makes David Sedaris' book "Naked" humorous to you?
does anyone else really hate jacob black from the twilight saga?
Recommend a book?
i want to know if i can get a job in dubai , i am post graduate i english- in teachin or paper etc?
What Are some disturbing novels?
please HELP, "The Secret Life of Bees" book????
How many books do you have to sell in order for it to be a best seller?
Who is a really pretty teen on Instagram?
Writers: Do you ever crreate characters for the sole purpose of killing them?
I'm trying to write a 'missing final chapter' to the Adventures of Huckleberry FInn....I need help with....?
Where can I sign up to talk about RA Heinlein's books?
What is a good analysis of the reeves tale in canterbury tales?
Has anyone read this scary kids' book?
any good books out there for vacation reading ??
Thirteen Volume One About? (10 Points)?
I need help choosing my Characters name?
What are the names of some free books on kobo?
Why should Hester lose custody of Pearl in The Scarlet Letter?
where did the edna st vincent millay sonnet XLIII first appear?
what is grand admiral thrawn's real name and what species is he?
Looking for a good book summertime read - whatcha got?
Does anyone out there know of a book that i can read to completely change my life forever?
Was time bandits a book before it was a movie? Or a movie before it was a book? Or was there only a movie?
Can somebody explain the meaning of this literary work?
Help me with this character?
Am I alone in JK Rowling isn't as big a genius as people like to think?
Good book for a 13 yr old boy?
is jeanne louise berniard published in anything?
What makes a true poet?
To Kill a Mockingbird Atticus?
what is the best and cheapest way to get something copyrighted?
Name for "fantasy" metal?
Should I make romance between these characters?
Who can guess what book I'm reading?
Macbeth question please help!!!!?
Are you ready to write a novel?
Waiting to Exhale, what if the characters were ALL white instead of black...?
What do you think about "Story of the Eye" by George Bataille?
A good Christian fiction novel for teens?
where can i read "the godfather returns" online?
I need a short summary of Ruined by Paula Morris?
Is it weird in my story that the boy and girl..?
What do you think of my paragraph dialogue of my story?
Can you do more two stories at a time on fictionpress?
How do I start a poetry business?
do you like the da vinci code?
What's the best new book you've read this year?
i made a order with a card for two books on a different account where are they ?>?
What would you liWhich of the following is true about Willa Cather's novel My Ántonia?ke to ask?
Does anyone have a good idea for a story topic?
Where can I find Bukowski's poem "The Lesbian"?
how long will it take me to read 30 pages?
What book should I read for book report from these choices?
What do you learn about the story of Christmas in Of Mice and Men?
Has Anyone read "The Marsh Man" by Mark Vivien ?
which fictional character would you be for a day.i would have to be lizzy bennett?
Is it possible to have a crush on a fictional character?
is there a book you have read that completely changed your life?
names for cops in my story?
Quote meaning and interpretation?
where can i find the poem "to the dunbar high school"?
Isn't it absolutely wonderful that the tedious Harry Potter series has ended?
help me find this book. I want the art of war by sun tzu ( the original version/ translated of course) I also?
I need to write an 8 page story by Thursday. Any good ideas?
itunes little black book?
repost- book, "The Lives of John Lennon"?
I feel really depressed while writing my novel?
Movies or Books about bringing a past lifestyle into the present?
I need names for my characters?
where does the phrase "vengeance is a dish best served cold" come from?
What is Wilbur Smith's next book?
Thoughts on my story's plot?
Twilight fans?
What is a book about a girl who tries to find love but never does?
"Leap and the net will appear"...attributed to John Burroughs. Anyone know which of his books this is from?
I need to associate colors to vowels. If you know some study please write me?
What name do you think best suits this character?
Have you ever intentionally destroyed a book? Why? How did you feel?
i need ideas for my story (the tittle)?
What book are you currently reading?
The Kite Runner Dreams?
Do you honestly believe Harry Potter is the greatest series of books ever?
What name do you like best for a main character?
In the Titanic, what are two examples of faith in chapters 1-3?
what the helll does this story mean!!!?
can you give me 100% story called ''THE CRUCIBLE'' by. arthur miller?
What do you think about the work of Edgar Allen Poe?
Who is your favorite character from a book?
what would someone be doing in a "lake" and what is that?
Questions about "Great Expectations" by Charles Dickens?
Lord of the flies- foreshadowing?
what is the meaning for karthick?
[For a story] Can you survive having had your throat slit?
please dose anyone know a safe well known publisher?
What is the best Joan of Arc book or movie?
Game of thrones plot holes?
what are some dream poems?
how do i write a book?
Has anyone experienced amnesia?
Can someone help me with The Tempest by Shakespeare?
Im looking for a book. It takes place in paris and its about a boy that finds an alternate universe in mirrors?
Is this a good idea for a short story?
half-blood prince?
what does Retail management Means?
Lord Of The Rings Question...?
My friend's daughter passed away. What poem talks about God giving us his child for a time & may take him bk?
Is there a working Prize Rebel hack?
Is there a 21st century literary movement?
where can i read books online?
Please help me title my story?
I'm looking for a critique of my short story. Will you tell me what you think?
what is your favorite non-fiction book?
Flash Fiction Collections?
Hercule Poirot or Sherlock Holmes...?
Some ideas for my poster?
contemporary literature in the style of kafka or dostoevsky?
Help with the play Antigone?
what political party would cite Emerson as a hero?
Is it okay to make fictional animals talk?
HARRY POTTER FANS!! which HP character do you hate the most?
What was the moral of twilight?
Middle and Last name for Kylie?
Transcendentalism in Catcher in the Rye?
what are right of nucelear energy of iran?
Book recommendations?
important incident that happend in the catcher in the rye?
The book "Love, Stargirl"?
should i talk about my book idea to people?
what is the best way to read a book?
What is the meaning of the title Elm for the poem Elm written by Sylvia Plath.?
who is your favorite twilight character????
Is it hard to read Dante's Inferno?
Would like an online appraisal of Chaucer's Cantebury Tales, 1901..please help!!?
What do you think about Twilight?
I want to make like a downtown for my story.......?
What are the requirements and rules for national novel writing month 2012?
What is the best book i should read and you suggest?
Who has read a book titled "Walk well,my brother"?
What are good plots for a story for your mom? (writing one for mother's day)?
what is life?
How long is a short story?
Do you use music to help write?
What is your favorite quote? Do tell if you know who said it.?
In the last 3 months, how many books have you read just for pleasure?
Children's Book Title Ideas?
Story Help? Realistic?
i would like to read the book "the guy next door" by ravi kumar online. download link plz?
Which name gives off a more "powerful" vibe? And why?
what is the best book you have ever read? and written by?
what is the name of arab language?
Is narnia real?
Hi, which is your favourite american writer, 1910 -1940 era?
"i was in a group at one time that had stories listed about gay and bisexual vampires. Anyhelp fiding it
Who is Rilke?
In Moby Dick, Captain Ahab had wooden leg and a parrot, but did he also have a woodpecker?
the book "1984", help needed...?
POLL: What was the last book you read?
Does anyone know what the theme of chapter 1 in The Great Gatsby is?
How do you say "shut up" in Romanian?
Why would an author chose to structure their novel with an opening paragraph in the present?
What were some of the problems that Jeane faced in the book Farewell to Manzanar?
Twilight Fans: Do You Think The World Will End In Fire Or Ice?
Where can I find this specific book?
What is the name of a story that was written after someone woke up from a dream?
What is your favorite book genre?
can I negotiate on the author's cut for a publisher's agreement?
Has anyone read from David Foster Wallace?
Can you remember what books you read at school?
Do you think I'm a slow, normal or fast reader ?
What's everyones top 10 favorite books of all time?
What are you reading now?
what book are you reading?
Why is it always Twilight vs. Harry Potter?
im looking for a candle pome its called a candle for you.?
Critique my comic idea?
Could you give me some book names?
Assistance with manuscript mechanics?
Have to find a certain book...?
Where can I find a picture of the real Watership Down from Richard Adams Book?
Question in the play Crucible (Act 1)?
What influenced Edgar Allan Poe's writtings???
Rate my writing? =) Pretty Please?
Twilight Fans: Plz read!! I need ur help!!!!?
Any good self help book recommendations for a midlife crisis?
How did Emily Bronte create Heathcliff?
is this good so far i don't want to confuse anyone?
Oh my God! Can someone please tell me what fifty shades of grey is?
i need a title for my book...see details.?
is holden caulfield atheist? how or why?
can anybody recommend some good "Harry potter is raised as a shinobi fiction"? shinobi-naruto world.
For Great Ideas (plots) for my childrens Story I write.?
Twilight Jacob for the Twilight readers?
How does my short story sound?
How Old Is Meg and Edward In the Book Never mind?
What are some symbols in "And of clay we are created?"?
What to write inside his card? (This is short)?
Should i Start with the Eye of The World With Robert Jordans books or The New Spring?
Children's book about kids making a toothpaste business?
Who has read "Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil"? What is your take on it?
what is the age limit on Twilight?
A Poem I wrote, Opinions appreciated?
Is there a website that will help find a book that you don't know the author and name of it?
Looking for Oak Tree Poem, mother daughter.?
Any ideas on where I could find a book called "Five people you meet in heaven"by Mitch Albom in Engl in SCG?
What is the fastest you ever read a book?
Good writing websites other than Quotev?
Help beginning my story?
Ever read 1984?
The voice in my head is telling me to pour syrup down my pants.....what should i do???
What literary techniques are used in the book Catch 22?
what is the best book to read?
what is a climactic scene from the book, "Midnight at The Dragon Cafe" ?
Is lord of the rings and harry potter based on true stories?
How to publish poetry?
(1)The New Joy of Sex,(2) Guide to Getting It On!,(3) Kama Sutra, among three which one is best?
What looks should I give these two...?
Twilight FANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
i'm lookin for a quote from Maya Angelou...It was in a magazine on a box from Hallmark.??
What is a way to create a story?
How do you pronounce the French name "Goriot", as in the book by Balzac, "Pere Goriot"?
the annswer to life, the univerce, and everything?
Is this fair that my sister can read twighlight and i cant read harry potter?
Let's see how many Twilighters are here :)?
Books that have the same conversational tone as Emma Stone in Easy A?
what is this literary device (the way a character is portrayed)?
Good Books that Fit my Taste?
Whyit is so difficult to find true love? the one? your soul mate? why love is a difficult feeling?
is it bad to read a lot of books?
Im reading twilight but idk if i should finish?
How do you get a fictional novel published without having to pay a publisher?
I need help finding a book to read?
who is the better wizard- dumbledore or gandalf?
Does anyone here has the text form Mario Benedetti named "Ombligos" on PC?
What is your favorite book in the world?
Having Trouble writing an autobiography, can someone help, please?
What are some good book series to read?
Help with my character?
Is there a list of all reader's digest condensed books? I have many, but don't know if I have them all.
I want to be an author who writes fiction novels?? will it pay good?
Potter-holics: May I ask you several strange questions related to the series?
Would you agree with this quote?
what is the best book ever?
i just read the book Audrey, Wait! and i loved it!?
Book about a few teenagers, travel in a VW bus, some on drugs. What's the title???
What is the real name of esmerelda in the hunchback of Notre Dame?
What's you favorite book?
Is it fair to say that Celine Varens was in Rochester's social class?
Should I read Twilight?
Contents of the Dead Man's Pockets Summary Please?
What is your favorite book of all times that you recommend for reading?
i need some information about the book a son of thunder by patrick henry?
Describe Scout, Jem, and Atticus?
What is the average profit margin for amateur authors publishing a book?
How did you react to the characters in the story breakfast by john steinbeck?
what book is the grey from?
the book twilight.....?
what opinion do u ppl hold of india?
Lord of the flies. Simon. Changes undergone as a result of the novel?
good books for thirteen year olds? (NOT HARRY POTTER OR TWILIGHT!)?
Why am I suddenly interested in Twilight?
What Are Some Important Events In The Book, Soul Surfer?
Literature Question:VERY URGENT, thanks in advance?
who are the villains in the percy jackson books?
Jane Eyre lovers, please answer(or at least read...?)?
In which Sherlock Holmes story does Holmes specify the three qualities a good detective needs?
When did carol ann duffy start writing? ASAP?
Where do I get cheap freelance editing?
what do you think about The da Vinci Code the book and the movie?
Color of Water by James Mcbride help?
About the story to the lighthouse?
HP Fans: If you could have the same last name as one of the characters...?
Help with my novel (no reading involved)?
what do you think about the book 'curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time?' by mark haddon?
Harry Potter fans.....?
What book are you reading right now?
Good book reccomendations please?
Help with a small source of writers block?
in the book " A RIVER SUTRA" did the narrator learned his lesson at the end? What was the lesson to be learned?
Year 7 of Harry Potter?
da vinci code???
What song would be similar to a World War II story?
writing a book report?
Taking Chances storyline?
What are some really good Series/ books you have read or are out right now?
writing a book, want to have a title that's not already used. Is there a place to check on all titles used?
Where did Sherlock Holmes and Professor Moriarty have their final showdown?
In the Twilight series, what would happen to Bella when she gets her period? How would Edward react?
Did Dumbledore betray Harry Potter?
Help writing a story where a girl suddenly finds herself attracted to another girl's big feet?
Black Rabbit Summer?
Who is your favourite literary hero/heroine and why??
Audiobook in Irish accent?
What should I add onto this plot?
wheres a good website to get quick notes on a book?
Is 'Da Vinci Code' credible?
hows the idea of my novel...? plot is here?
Names: Blair vs Victoria?
Has anyone read Invitation to the Game by Monica Hughes?
Rhetorical Strategies for Night or dawn by Elie Wiesel?
american mcgee's!!!? Alice in wonder land! book!?
ANSWER THIS lolz--private series fans or ANYONE!!!?
is the davinci code printed in april 2003 the 2nd edition?
Writing: How do I find a good literary agent for both my novels and screenplays?
What is the theme in The Staircase by Ann Rinaldi?
aside from amazon, where can i get great books for cheap on the web?
Could someone please ask if the fictional bestseller "The da Vinci Code" is based on fact?
does anyone have an activation code to a student account on McDugall Littell for the following book?
Do you like horror films?Which one do you like best?
I cant remember the name of this book?
10 points..what are some lucky male names?
Favorite book, author, genre of books, or fave character from those books?
What is your favorite book(s)?
Which should I read next...Voltaire, or Fredrick Douglas' autobiography?
Maximum Ride novel question?
Does my children's story sound good?
Walt Whitman [please]?
What would you say to me if I were Edward Cullen?
Who was the Killer in James Patterson's Guilty Wives?
Have you ever read a book...?
how do you put the cullen's table back together on
Did anyone read the book, "The Outsiders?"?
when was moby dick first published?
What is your favorite book that you have ever read?
Do you like the plot?
What book or series of books would you like to see get made into a movie?
Have you read Hedda Gabler?
I'm looking for a short story about a rolling sphere that kills? Possibly expands and grows legs?
do you like to read?
Where would you get a orignal fanfiction posted?
Name this books from My Ideal Bookshelf!?
Harry Potter VS Lord of the Rings?
Are there any good novels where the main character is a teen who has ADD or ADHD?
How do you vision your characters in your book?
How does this sound for a way for my villain to lose power?
How is Santiago sleeping at the end of the novel The Old Man and the Sea?
What's that poem on the back of the Faerie path books?
Are there any writings of Tolkien that expand on who Tom Bombadil is?
best character in comedy of errors n why?
which one should I read?
Pick up the closest book to you, turn to page 54, what does the 8th line say?
some rhetorical terms examples from into the wild?
Bertrice Small books?
if you went to hogwarts would you be a muggleborn, pureblood or half blood?
"It was a dark and stormy night." How does this sound as the first sentence in my new novel?
the crucible, who is most responsible for john proctors death?
How does Steinbeck present the theme of dreams thought the character of Curley's wife?
Can someone please help me pick out last names for characters in my book?
Does anyone know the name of this book? it's a young adult book?
Are you team edward or team jacob in the twilight series?
Have you read the book Dear John?
The Harry Potter Books or Twilight Books?
Do you like this thriller idea? For novel help?
A question for people who knows twilight?
Any novelists out there? I could appreciate some help?
What are some good irony in the book The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde?
Please read and critique my story!?!?!?
How do you get your friends to like twilight? The books and movie is totally awesome but no one will listen.?
Reccomend me a book and revive my love of reading...?
Title help?
favorite author?
Is Erin Hunter making a fourth series after "The power of three"?
Stephen King the Tolkien of our Time?
Recommend a good british history book?
Do u believe that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene?? U think Dan Brown's " The Da Vinci Code" is true?
what is Yogananda's Autobiography of a Yogi all about?
Whom do you love?
What is your favorite thing to read or write about?
Help with my murder mystery?
what kinda trouble can you get in for not ever returning library books?
What is the name of the book that is about orphans who are not accepted in a Utopian society?
Harry Styles love story FanFics?
Sarah Dessen, Lock and Key and USWIM Sweatshirt?
I have written a novel, in the style of 'On The Road'. How do find a publisher for my manuscript?
Summary of the village school master by oliver gold smith?
How to prevent books from turning yellow over time?
What is a good book to read?
British novels that have been adapted into films?
What books would you recommend for a 15-year-old girl?
Does any one know the namr of this book?
one devoted to the pleasures of drinking and eating?
book suggestions for 15 year old?
Which is it now? How do you look at Romeo & Juliet?
what is good information on shakespear?
What is the name of the book ?
deliberate false entries?
What is the worst book you've read this year?
Is Crito only mentioned in Platos writing of him?
Dreamy romantic music?
Which poem/book did arthur sleep with his sister?
Why would harry potter books be banned?
How do the characters in the Chrysalids change from the beginning of the book to the end?
Im looking for a good book but am not sure which one to read. Any good recomindations?
Who was Colonel Henry Heveningham?
Title for my book :)?
how many characters are in the book julie of the wolves?
Was "The Art of Getting By" movie originally a book?
Is there an book that helps you learn more about the Econimy?
Murphy's law and corollaries. Which are the funniest or most ironic?
Need address of Gene Sitsman at Maryville, Iowa?
Know of novel (50s) which opens with young man fascinated with girl skating at Cental Park or Boston Common?
my question is about the book invisible monsters?
"We all fall down" (Vintage Crime/Black Lizard) Book Require?
What's the last good book you've read this week?
What does everyone think of The Da Vinci Code?
Has anyone read Red Sky at Morning?
Favorite author/book?
What chapter of the Special A manga are they having a sports festival?
Along for the ride by Sarah Dessen?
Does anyone know of any good Mafia Romance books?
What does the name Mercutio mean ?
What is the title & author of this children's book?
Any girls names ideas?
Urgent ! How to write a poem for a book ?
I'm making a Divergent Trilogy fanfic, and I am searching to the bone for dystopian guy names.?
Twilight & New Moon & Eclipse- JACOB OR EDWARD?
What events in Edna’s life influenced her life? The Awakening book?
Crossing the bar?
Good title ideas? Please?
when did anthony horowitz start writing stories?
Has anyone read the following books?
i need help with macbeth?
Was the book 'from here to eternity' by James Jones ever made into an audio book? I have the book and DVD.
what books address "the ideal life"?
Can you guys review my story?
I've written a fictional triller, now what? What is my next step? Agent? Editor? HELP!?!?
What is your favourite..?
Is the "Da Vinci Code" even worth reading?
I really like Harrymort(Tom Riddle/Harry Potter)?
In the book impulse what does tony mean by "most of the time, if my meds are on time" ?
Do you think that this would be an interesting story?
Does anyone know the symbolism of the frog from the frozen pond in Catcher and the rye??
Who is to blame for the death of Eliza Wharton? The Coquette?
Anyone got any books they think are valuable?
In the book "Prince Caspian", Edmund mistakenly left this birthday present in Narnia. What was it?
Should i read Twilight?
which is better.... twilight the movie or twilight the book?
Can anyone remember the title of this book!?
I am looking for a clean romance book for teens, does anyone know any?
Truth and illusion books/sites?
Does the Easton Press set of Tolkien's Lost Tales of Middle-Earth have the Adventures of Tom Bombadil in them?
Are there are reputable literary agents in Atlanta, GA? If so, where do I find them?
What books do you recomend for a 12 yr old Girl??
How do I find a book translated in Italian in Italy?
did you get that book sunrise in baisley?
How long does my story have to be before I can legally protect or copyright it?
Has Anyone Read The Metamorphosis? (Kafka) What did you think this story meant?
how much is the huckleberry finn book worth from the year 1996 ina good condition and it is nit a used book?
which on is better harry potter or twilight?
Documentary films vs reading ?
From where can i read free online marathi novel?
wen does the last book in the night world series com out i want it SO bad?
Should i read "The killer inside me" or "Blood Meridian"?
What is the name of the publisher, copyright date, and city of publication for this book?
where can I find a listings of Octavio Paz's poems online?
Dualist ideas in the English?
A survey for all you Harry Potter fans?
Who is disappointed at the book Breaking Dawn?
A name for a badass girl?
Does a memoir have to be "true" in order to be valuable as a work of literature?
I need to find allusions to Cinderella, does anyone know of any?
if you read a book and it is turned into a movie which do you prefer? the book or movie?
what is the theme of animal farm?
reading, fun or dull?
What is the most interesting book you have ever read?
Would you read a book series whose main character never died--AT ALL???
How do you create a suspenseful start of a story?
who was beuwolf?
How can i make my fanfiction better??? please answer<3?
Need help with my story?
Which book did you like better: Dreamland or Someone Like You?
What do you think of these "banned books"?
Hamlet Act 3: Were you surprised when Hamlet decided not to kill Claudius while he was praying? Explain.?
Some Kite Runner Examples?
Where can i find Maya Angelou's peoms and descriptions of it?
How much is this copy of Alice's adventures in wonderland worth?
which is the one book that you would recommend everyone to read?
How can I publish a book on line? What soft ware? Any advice to help a start-up?
What are some good books,movies,and recipies for kids?
If you read books by Karen Kingsbury.......?
books with cruel main heroines?
Similarities between the game Bully and The Catcher And the Rye?
Harry Potter Series Advice?
I just read the most scariest story ever please open!?
Is this a mistake in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince?
Where do you like to read at?
Help! Book agent in Hollywood?
What The F is Twilight and why do people keep talking about it?
Plz tell me how u would describe a racing heart?
What do you think of this story?
fave book/author? and more importantly.... why?
I want to read Edith Hamilton's Mythology book. What do I need to know first?
how did fagin (character in Oliver Twist) die?
Should I start out writing a simple book before I begin my dream book series?
When tje novel opens when was the last time Santiago last caught a fish?
Killing Mr. Griffin? Anyone can help will earn 10 points!?
In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, whose death do you think was most unnecessary?
Good books for young adults?
Harry Potter fans!!! Who was shocked to find out Snapes undying love?
Do you read in the bathtub?
Pick Harry Potter or the dreamy Edward Cullen.?
I'm writing a new story does it sound interesting?
what are you favorite books by Agatha Christie? why?
How many books have you read this year?
Anyone seen this book online anywhere?
do you think there will be more HARRY POTTER BOOKS?
where can I get writings of Roger kiplan?
How do you know an idea for a book will be successful?
can someone give me a pharaphrasing on shakespears sonnet 29?
Has the book called Night by Elie Wiesel been made into a movie?
hi what do you think of this short poem?
Does Anyone know info about the author shakespear?
What book are you currently reading?
Mistake in Harry Potter?!?
How to writing interesting/ORIGINAL stories?
What are some boy names that sound good with Victoria and the surname of "Hues?
Summary of young goodman brown?
i need to save a document as a "publishers file" im not sure about this???
what do you think of my short story? warning: bloody, violent, gory, graphic?
can some one suggest a really good book to read?
Is what they say in the book Skinny ********* true?
How did we get it so wrong?
need a name for a historic book?
Who runs the society in Ayn Rand's Anthem.?
All my friends are busy nothing good on TV no good books and i'm bored. what do i do?
In Moby Dick, how does Ahab's encounters with other ships contribute to his hunt for The White Whale?
So, whatcha reading tonight?
What is the difference between a rival and a villain?
does ravenpaw come back? **spoilers**?
how do I find places to promote my ebook?
What was the outcome of the Ulysses (james joyce) case?
I am looking for Historical fiction romance books with an actual plot line.?
Where can I find a completed 'reading the Harry Potter books' fanfiction series?
Does this intro sound captivating?
Does anyone remember this book? It's important I find the author/title!?
where can i find out of print childrens book titled "CHIQUITA" about a little chihuahua.?
Whats the best book you ever read?
Who is the author of "A Suitable Boy"?Is it a good book?
What are the best websites for Shakespeare's life and accomplishments?
Is this grammatically correct? Free points!?
Who would you pick?????
Do you think there should be a continuation of the Harry Potter Epilogue!?
how do i look at qoutes fome qoute books?
My novel Sorrow original?
I NEED last names for my novel. Help?
Did Elizabeth I bring back Edward VI Book of Common Prayer after mary died?
The power of birthdays stars and numbers... December 3rds soulmates and fatal attractions? PLEASE?
what is the climax for the book impossible by Nancy Werlin?
Have any of you read this book?
read d story "the adventure" by jayant narlikar? ?
i forgot my birthday on face book?
What are some good books?
what version of the divine comedy is better?
what do you do win you hate to read when i was in junior high i read 20 chapter books like crazy?
are you MAJOR EXCITED for NEW MOON????????????? Team EDWARD or JACOB?
What are the best books on adult sibling relationships?
Who smashed Alison's memorial in Pretty Little Liars?
whats a good theme for "the grinch stole christmas?"?
the ending of: Missing by Catherine Macphail?
When does Brisingr come out?
In the Great Gatsby..............?
Do you think this will give my novel a good atmosphere?
Pretty Little Liars Secret Seekers Help?
What are some REALLY good books to read?
Other Twilight lovers please answer?
what is gucci business in fashion book about?
What book are you currently reading? Is it any good?
How do I publish a book?
What do you think of my writing?
Vampire hunter D novels?
Help with English novel Jane Eyre. Please!!!?
Good Teen Books ?
Do you know of any American teen fiction about girls who dress as boys or vice versa?
How should I start off my story?
What do you think so far? The rest is in the next question so look if you want to read on?
Out of all of Stephen King's fiction, what is his best work?
What is the best book you have ever read?
What is the best book you have ever read?
Where can I find academic sources for the movie Men of Honor?
Is William Herondale related to Jace Lightwood in the Mortal Instruments and the Infernal Devices?
I can't read books !! why?
Do you like these names for my kingdoms?
What literary term would this be considered?
If harry had used sectumsempra against draco , how did he recover so quickly from d curse n fight albus?
the pearl- john steinback?
Sarah Dessen Just Listen...Music Question?
Son of the Mob i need the (Intro, Rising Action, Climax, Falling Action, Conclusion)?
what kind of foods migrant workers would eat during the 20s-50s in california?
Grammar issues? People are being rude, put your opinion here!?
I'm looking for a forum of rare books, to get info about some rare books I have?
What do you think of Harry Potter 6 (The Book of course)?
what is the upward triangle in Dan Brown's da vinci code mean(name)?
What makes a novel a Steampunk novel?
Does the book the outsiders impress English teachers?
what should i write about?
why do people hate twilight and like harry potter?
is the "da vici code" by dan brown based on true facts?
What do you all think?
where can i find cheap books?
Twilight vs Harry Potter (with an interesting fact)?
V.Woolf's To the light House?
Book idea? Answer fast!?
does anyone know if kelley armstrongs next book is out yet the next one after Haunted??
what was the best book you read?
what is kaccha pakka?
Can anyone rate my poem??
Hm, what's a good book to read?
When will my books from Barnes and Noble arrive if i live in LA,California?
Are any of the books from the Twilight series inappropriate to read?
Will the twilight movie ruin the book?
The immortal life of Henrietta Lacks book?
Is American Psycho worth reading? ?
Harry Potter Vs Twilight? =/?
A Million Little Pieces?
How does Sense and Sensibility go against Neoclassicism?
What are some classic books that you should read before you die?
What are some important objects in the Perks of Being a Wallflower?
This is total FIFTY SHADES OF GREY fan questions..?
Which name is better for a girl in my story?
What's your favorite book?
Can someone give me a summary of the book plague tales?
In what book is the love story of Tristan & Isolde told?
Cho Chang,Luna Lovegood,Ginny or Fleur Delacour?
What was the last book you read?
Which Twilight Guy is for you?? quiz!!?
Book that made you cry?
10 POINTS! Do you know any books like this?
Wet brom wich joilkoranol..?
Twilight people i need your help?
Writing a fan-fiction, need help with the title?
Looking for a photography book on people & their possessions?
What is the last book you read?
I need an idea for a story !?
what do you think about the book Angels and Demons from the writer Dan Brown?
who is the author of twilight?
Im looking for a really good werewolf book, like frostbite and overwinter?
jm ,gnjgbvmnbm ?
I am writing a book and need a character name!?
Is this essay good ? please read and tell me?
fav song????????
♥I need a book to read!♥?
Any books to recommend to teen girl?
Why does a story have theme?
Help! I like twilight! ?
Zombie novels, books..................?
Looking for a short story - "The Trouble."?
Who is your favorite writer now?
What grade would you give my essay?
Good classic books for young teens?
What kind of person do you think of when you hear these names?
Who is Don Wulffson?
Harry Potter fans: Thoughts on this? :)?
breaking dawn readers please answer?
Writers: At what stage in your writing to you chose a title?
What are some famous British Short Stories and Poems?
Who'd win in a physical fight Harry Potter or Ron Weasley?
Classic Novels??????????????????????????????????…
what are some great girlie books?
Books for a friend who loves sport?
I have a ' Stephen King: The Stand complete & uncut edition'. Were there is a misprint.?
Where can you find the date of edition in a book?
Books about brothers?
Best translation of Dante's Divine Comedy....?
saddest book you have ever read?
HARRY POTTER FANS: Could you ever truly Love Someone Who has clearly stated that they HATE Harry Potter Series?
Christians: What do you think OF THIS PLOT? TEN POINTS BEST ANSWER?
Is there a novel "Come back yesterday". Who is the author?
In Edgar Allen Poe's book "The Raven", what does 'Lenore' mean?
Genuin leather vs. Hardcover?
What's the name of this book? Kid with tuberculosis?
a childrens detective book?
what books do you like?
is this good! obviously not done, just need some opinions on opening?
What is the meaning of Kangroo?
What is said to be the hardest book to read?
When was the last time you saw a man reading a book?
HP: Harry Potter Poll!?
Reccommend a great book you think more people should have read?
Can you help me with my book?
Suggest some books for me please?
Summary of Fable Haven?
How to include a fairytale from a collection in a bibliography?
How would you describe this dress?
What's the shortest book you think you have ever read?
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night- time?
What are your thoughts on the books authored by Paulo Coelho??
does know where i can find the full text of evan s. connell's "mr. bridge" online?
Stephen King--Eyes of the Dragon. At the end, the brother and the other guy go off on a quest to find MIB?
Has anyone read any good books lately that IS NOT twilight?
I need a title for my NaNoWriMo?
A username for a writer?
What are some animals that are considered evil?
How can I check to see if my plan to copyright is allowed without allowing anyone to know what I asked?
alex rider book 9 and 10 coming out?
What is the comfortable price range for a standard 450-page novel (hardcover)?
What to read after Robin Hobb?
Team Edward or Team Jacob?
How should I start my love story off?
Twilight by Stephanie Meyer!?
The Vampire Diaries? I need all the help I can get please :)?
In the short story, "The Yellow Wallpaper" What does the narrator mean by, "I got out at last"?
What do you think about the first chapter of my story?
Teen summer fling Book search?
Character names for a story?
I am looking for some good books to read, anyone know of some?
Is this a good writing?
Describe in William Shakespeare's play Othello,the personality of Iago Othello and Roderigo(2 lines each)?
Where did odysseys go in the book The Odyssey?
How many books by Hatef Mokhtar can you name?
Who is your favorite writer?
how long does it take to send cds threw the mail from a club??
To believe or not?
What book (other than the bible) has been in print the longest?
Did anyone see the preview for The Ruins?
what is the climax of the book Gathering Blue by Lois Lowry?
How do you know an idea for a book will be successful?
A company of fools book?
Has anybody out there read Maupassant? if yes,whats your opinion?
Which book/books are better?
What are some good teen novels?
a northern light by jennifer Donely?
Does Anyone Have Personal Unemployment Stories That You Would Like To Share To Compile Into A Book?
What book are you currently reading?
How to kill a Mocking Bird?
Good book?
What were 8 important points in Beowulf?
What is a good book?
What is your favorite book?
All girl rock band names?
What are some interesting books?
Is this a good love scene?
What main purpose did the authors have for writing "The Baker Heater League"?
I am looking for the Title of a book?
Do you think that these are good poem i want the truth?
out of these books, which should I read first? (books listed below)?
protagonist who is was raised to be special, instead of just being born special ("The Chosen One")?
how do you upload to nanowrimo?
Has anyone read the novel "The Historian" by E.Kostova?
Do you think harry potter will die in the soon to be released book 7? Why?
hey does anyone know when the next Stephenie Meyer book is comes out?
any1 know were i can find all the publications of graham greene?
What are you top 10 favorite books?
Meritocracy, A love story by Jeffrey Lewis?
Unusual girls names for a story?
where is a good site dedicated to The Wheel Of Time?
A serious question for Twilight fans...?
I Wish For a Plot Conflict?
what is echo criticism?
Favourite Sci-fi and Fantasy books/authors?
Can you have a gang of characters of different ages?
What is the best fantasy book that you have ever read..?
What Book are you reading at the moment ?
Anyone know if the Rifts rpg spawned any fiction books?
Who else thinks Bookstores are dangerous?
Who was Mother Goose?
The Revolution - A Manifesto?
which book are a you reading at the minute?
I am looking for a publisher?
What should I title my book?
any good books about superheroes like quantum prophecy?
Is the Harry Potter series the best book ever?
i want analysis or critical essays on some poams.......... please???????????
Any recommended books? Angels and Demons-esque?
Twilight : Compared to HARRY POTTER ?
How do I write a literary analysis?
I need a non fiction history book?
Wanted a crochet pattern for a shawl in shell pattern?
What is/are your fav. book(s) no one has ever heard of?
How do you believe William Buttler Yeats would react to Achebe's book "Things Fall Apart"?
Whats your favorite Gene Wilder film?
Can you recommend a book that you think everyone should read?
Jane Austen's art of characterization?
Opinions on my book idea?
What was the last book you started but couldn't finish?
Tangerine by Edward Bloor?
Can you see color pictures on the nook for pc app?
Tips on a successful revision?
what do the gift of ray bradbury means?
Anyone read House of Leaves? MZD?
Question about Ellen Hopkins books?
In To Kill a Mockingbird is Aunt Alexandra a racist?? does she belive Tom is guilty...please post ASAP?
Valuation for old paper back books?
what book are you currently reading?
light and dark in A Prayer for Owen Meany?
Who is your favorite Harry Potter character?
Do you think buying a book on iBooks is expensive or not?
I m just thinking that WHAT r wizards for if they can't summon a rat?
what are 3 themes of The Hunger Games. can you explain them in a paragraph please?
How is my new story coming along?
how is julie of the wolves different from other books?
Which is better, the Twilight Series or the Harry Potter Series?
Which is the best book you read?
What are your 3 favorite books (or series)?
thoughts on this fanfiction plot?
Edward Cullen or Jacob Black?
What are good books you'd recommend for a 14-15 year old?
Girls, would you read a book which had a male narrator?
Why couldn't Charlotte support herself through work or inheritance in Pride anPrejudicece?
What happens to make these books so good?
Can some helpme answer stuff about The book of the Phantom of the opera?
What's this book of modeling?
the value to put on my recite for my books I donated?
what is george bernard shaw trying to teach in his play Pygmalion?
Audiobook available for Richmond Lattimore's translation of the Odyssey?
What is a cool name for a night club? I'm writing a novel.?
Writers like Cecelia Ahern?
About the book Communion by Strieber ?
Has anyone ever read Shantaram?
Edward Cullen or Jacob Black?
What are good books for teen girls?
Harry Potter?
Any book recomendations?
i am looking for a poem by sharon olds. it is indictment of a senior officer. can i find it online?
How to describe your love ones dieing by you?
What do you think of this Halloween Character?
Can someone suggest a good novel (fiction) to read ?
Tourettes in 1885 query?
Story help? Character clothing.?
I need a really good book to read ?
What can you say about the book "tuesdays with Morrie" by mitch albom??
teeen reads?
Need Help On Story Ideas?
How can some one publish a book on line, and sell it too?
I am looking to expand my knowledge about books/literature? Where can I find information?
where can i read free books online without downloading them?
i need a book about music?
whats your fave book?
Help with story characters please?
good surnames for the (boy) names: Alex and Jason, for my book?
Any good books you can reccommend?
Vampire Boy Names?
What book are you reading now?
Which are your favourite books?
how do i get published?
Dumbledore Gay? Does anyone care?
Where I can find something about French poet Jack Prever?
How many typed pages (12 pt font) equal a page in a book?
where can I find a website of the drow language?
Harry Potter or Twilight?
how to read literature like a professor by thomas c. foster?
Did the dad have a baby in "Masquerading Killer"?
Where can I go online to apply for a job at Angus and Robertson (bookshop) online!!?
What is the best book you have ever read?
Quotes from the Host BY: Stephenie Meyer?
What are the last 10 books you've read?
book recomendation- teenage girls!?
I need Fahrenheit 451 help?
A historical place for photoshoot?
Curley's wife - a minor character?
does any one know of a twlight fan fiction?
Who is the author of this article?
In what play does Shakespeare use a Somerset brogue as a comic relief?
In the Crucible, by Arthur Miller why are authorities resistant in believing the girls are lying?
is this a good book!?
Is J.K Rowling going to retire after she writes the Final Harry Potter book?! I hope not!?
Does this make you want to continue reading?
i want da book HOW OPAL MEHTA GOT KISSED GOT LOVED AND GOT LIFE hw do i get it?i stay in india i want itttttt
Your thoughts on Edward Cullen's "I may not be human, but I am a man."?
Is Stephenie Meyer working on another book for the Twilight series?
Have you ever written a book if so what was it called?
Is Hard Candy based on a book?
What is the best way to DRY a SOAKING WET book?
Whats the last book that made you cry?
Name for a Father?
Why is Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka such a popular and widely read book?
Where can I read "imagination and reality" by Jeanette Winterson?
CAn someone help me interpret this peom "Applesauce" line by line. What is it trying to say PLZZ?
B&A: Name one book everyone else loved, that you secretly hated?
Has any one heard of a book with the plot of 2 girls playing hide and seek?
Has anyone read the heroes book "Saving Charlie"?
Da Vinci Code?
Any1 read the Harry Potter, and Hate them?
What mental illness did catcher in the rye's holden caulfield have?
what are some good young adult books?
What's your favourite Hogwarts House?
What songs remind you of the book "Love You Hate You Miss You" By Elizabeth Scott?
What happens the end of the vampire diaries?
Inspirational story of accomplishment?
What to name my main character?
House on Mango Street?
why in breaking dawn did Edward Cullen:?
Who wrote devdas?
Twilight, why?
Mystic town names for story?
Which story Idea is better ?
Is it true that animal lovers tend to find human characters to be unappealing compared to animal characters?
What do you guys think of the concept for my story and its love interest?
Why is teresa a dynamic character in the maze runner?
wich book you'll never forget?
Can someone tell me what literary devices were used in the poem Kubla Khan? I couldn't really understand it!
finding literary elements?
Which is a better read:Angels and Demons or Da Vinci's Code?
What's the name of a book with a whitish cover?
how do we know that Harry Potter ISN'T real?
What Horocrux is used to make voldemort back to life in book 4?
What was the last book you read?
I need a Horror Story idea?
who is your favorite character in the HARRYPOTTER SERIES?
The summary of my newest book: Is it a good story line?
The World We Wish To See by Samir Amin?
NEXT/ Michael Crichton (Character Help)?
Who is your favourite Author?
Utopian ideas please?
Where can I find recorded books (novels on CDs) in the Hindi language?
How would you use the hunger games to argue that duplicity comes with authority?
Blauner's Hypothesis on Hispanic Groups?
Which is the best book in the Twilight Saga?
What's a good book for a 13 year old girl?
Which Harry Potter character would you want to take you to the Yule Ball?
what do ya think about my book characters?
i need a new book series to read?
What was the last book you read?
Any good ideas for Bizarro fiction?
does anyone know a GOOD book?
Literary terms? 10 points?
Has anyone ever read the book Freewill, by Chris Lynch? I have a project due tomorrow and i've never read it.?
How does golding present the breakdown of civilisation in the novel:lord of the flies?
questions about book "Wizard of Oz"?
Recommend me any books worth reading.?
How can I make my main character realistic and not hero?
any good books out?
I'm looking for a site...?
Who's your favourite fictional bad guy?
Paper mill employee writing...?
Where has all the adventure gone?
Is fantasy author Tom Holt the same person as historical novelist Thomas Holt?
how does twilight breaking dawn end?
Can you help me find a long lost children's story?
What's your favourite line from a book?
Do you know the Anastasia song?
What kind of books were you reading at the age of 10?
Who is your favorite Harry Potter character and Why?
Who Is Your Favourite Harry Potter Character?
how can a get a sponsor to enable me publish my books-three?
Why teenagers don't like reading classics ?
What is the Plot Summary/main events of "The City Of Ember"?
Does anybody know any good books on Philosophy and where to buy them?
How to create an e-book without MS word?
How do I get the courage too sit and read?
Critique one of my poems - second revised?
What age should my character's parents be?
15 minutes to nanowrimo, how you gettin on?
Do you prefer to read a book online, or in the normal, physical book form? Or, do you prefer audiobooks?
Twilight vs. Harry Potter?
Does my Query Letter sound good?
What will people like in a magazine to read?
B&A: To be a writer, do you agree it helps to be just a little bit insane?