I'm heading to the library, any good reads?
What is a good book to read?
Are the Harry Potter Books Worth Reading?
What is the authors purpose in the book Crank?
Which is the most interesting book to read for a teenage girl?
can anybody suggest a good book for a 14 year old girl?
Is this the book I'm looking for?
Can you make a living by reading books?
What book do you love so much you re-read it?
Can you please tell me what you think of this book?
What is the Domesday Book ?
do you have any stupid stories that you did im writing a book.?
Who's your favorite author and why?
Breaking Dawn question. Do you think this is dumb? *supposed spoiler*
What would happen if Harry Potter were anime and 4Kids got it?
my long lost friend mary shirley tuason, filipina, now in the U.S. Can someone inform me where is she?
Can anyone recommend any good books?
Just read the boy in the striped pajamas omg so sad *SPOILERS*?
What books are there that were written by Athletes?
Where can i download Lord of the flies the audiobook?
Twilight, isn't this true?!?
Catcher in the Rye Question?
Similar themes between these three books?
Writers - Would you be insulted?
About the ongoing Harry Potter - Twilight Feud?
what kind of religion is atheist? and when would ur b-day have to be for u to be leo?
Anyone else here with a total addiction to the written word?
Sweet Valley High book where Bruce and Elizabeth kiss. What the heck is it called?
YA book WITHOUT love triangle?
Have you read any of the Gor books?
Trying to find two children's books...?
Need help with finding the titles of 2 books I read when I was Younger?
what play/book is this?
Theoretically would the Eye of Sauron be a living thing?
Edward or Jacob ; Who do you like better ? and Why ?
what book are you reading ???
What books have changed your life?
Can you give me a good suggestion of a scary story?
What is your favorite book?
Why do people hate Twilight?
Does anyone think The Emberverse series will be made into a show?
What was the book by George Bernard Shaw that he threw on the fire after critics views upset him.?
lovely demon&anti-hero books to read ?
How does Steinbeck show that Curley and Slim have power and authority?
Has the titile for the next book in the "saga of the recluse" by L. E. Modesitte?
can i have a brief summary of the book made by R.L Stine anyways the book is called "The HitchHiker".
Wild girl's name for story?
What's your favorite book?
Ideas for thesis statements for The Metamorphosis?
Catcher in the Rye's Shifts!?
Children's book about woman who helps children....?
i am looking for online free library ?
What is the name of the book handed to Johnny Cash in the film Walk the Line?
teen fiction boys and young men book websites for dsi to read online?
Do you thing 'The Alchemist' is the only book that could make Paulo Coelho famous?
What point of view should my story be told in?
any names like Natalia.?
Books that have the same conversational tone as Emma Stone in Easy A?
English work story opening?
What is the diffrence between the movie "in the bedroom" and the short story "Killers" by Andre Dubus.
Can you enumerate good books for a 13-year old like me?
Harry Potter Question for all harry potter FANS?
would a super hero novelbe suspenceful?
"What two brothers are known for compiling fairy tales into a series of books in the 1800's so generations of
What strange places have you read in?
Sci-Fi/Adventure book title?
The Great Gatsby...anyone wanna help me with symbolism?
Is this a good or bad? (story so far)?
Are there any bookstores in Oahu that sells Spanish novels?
Do you know people like this?
What is going to happen in the first chapter of the seventh Harry Potter book?
What is 5 facts on project blue book?
Are writers going to be around thirty or fourty years from now?
Does anybody reccomend some books for mid-teens?
The Dark Tower - The loss of which character hurt you the most?
I need a new book to read. What should I read next?
The character June in Little Einsteins?
For 50 million dollars, would you walk around your neighborhood nude for one hour?
I am writing a book. Can it be only 52 pages?
Your Opinion on Fahrenheit 451.?
I am creating a story and i need Title Help?
Not a Sequel or a Prequel But a...?
Good books to read over the summer?
can any one give me this piece a poempassionate sheperd to his love by christopher mario?
What are some creative titles I could use for gift idea stories?
what is Carl Hiaasen Famous for?????????????????????????????????????…
I'm looking for a short story about a rolling sphere that kills? Possibly expands and grows legs?
which Tracy Chevalier novels have you read.?.which ones are best?
Can anyone recommend a good weepy love story to read?
Give it to me straight with no spoilers...What is Ivanhoe about?
Harry Potter vs Twilight?
How many people hate Twilight?
Have you ever seen a case where the movie was better than the book?
In the legend of Sir Lancelot Du Lake, who were ALL the female characters?
where can I find weather coloring books?
How many book are in the morganville vampires series?
What's The Name Of THese Two Books?
WHY ask on answers when you can find anything on other website instead?
What's the best Noam Chomsky book to start with?
Looking for a book I once read about a mermaid?
Harry Potter Questionn?
has anyone ever heard or read the poem "i come as one but stand as ten thousand" by maya angelou?
Im looking for a old book called Fantasy in Orbit by Catherine L. Wilson, where could I find this?
What is flash fiction?
Is this dialogue easy to follow?
Which books should I read to educate myself? What are the true classics in this sense?
when does the next vampire diaries book come out?
For those who have read the play Lysistrata. Is the situation & conflict realistic?
Any good YA fiction romances?
Who are the best vampire authors.?
I need your suggestions and opinions ! *easy 10 points*?
I need a good name for a girl with this description...?
What exactly is a science fiction novel?
Can anyone list the complete set of Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice?
I'm writing a book with a teenage girl as the narrator. WOULD IT BE MORE REALISTIC IF I TYPED IT ALL IN CAPS?
A brief summary of the book 'stephen kings it' ?
Fable (Game series): Can anyone write a fable book? or do I need permission?
could you tell me of a couple of library websites where i could read the books of the libraries please?
Any good books out there? What's this book called?
What is the best place to get poetry published? And get paid for it?
Twilight fans i need your help!?
Can you tell me anything about this book....?
How can the sea be used to represent life and death in "The Tide Rises, The Tide Falls?"?
Where can I find locations that purchase books that I have purchased from a book club?
who is Sharon Spencer in the exorcist?
Twilight Fans: What Is The Worst Ending You Can Imagine For Breaking Dawn?
vampires or werewolves: who would you rather be?
Is this a good description of my book and is it a good query letter?
Hi i need some help because i am writing a book and cannot figure out names?
What books in the private series will Privilege ruin?
What Book You'd Like To Read Again,?
What Steinbeck book next?
Harry Potter fans: may I ask you a chain of light-hearted questions related to the series?
what type of comedy is "the Veldt" by Ray Bradbury and why is it that?
What is the worst book you've ever read?
What is the most beautiful book you have ever read?
May Savidge who moved her house/ antiques roadshow?
why is everyone obsessed with Twilight?
Is it true that the Perks of being a wallflower is a bad book?
adaptation movie othello?
Storm of Swords spoiled?
Does anyone know a publishing house for poetry?
How to publish Newletters/books for Amazon Kindle and IPads?
What are some books that take place the 1960?
Why do teen girls enjoy Twilight?
Any good books out there?
If you could, would you want to live in the Matrix?
Need title of book...?
what should i name my imaginary island?
how do you pronounce nietzsche?
should i read the davinci code before the movie comes out?
What are ways the animals lied to society in Animal Farm?
REALLY REALLY scary stories!?
Who loves Edward Cullen?
how can i improve my writing based of this small portion of the beginning of my book?
What is the theme of the novel "for one more day" by Mitch albom?
How long does it take for your work to show up on after you publish it?
What should I title my story?
I'm doing a project on the book crank,?
Nickname for Abby and Cassidy?
What are key terms and characters to include in a description of "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man"?
What do you think of this writing? It's very short, please help!?
Is anyone taking advantage of the Borders store closing sale? Any suggestions for literary/commercial fiction?
Old Book, CLIFTON RICE, 1867, who is author?
Target audience for those stupid twilight books?
whats the monster on the cover of "the ruby knight" by david eddings?
What childrens book series is the best ?
Boost Your Bust Book...Any ideas to let me get this book?
Story title of where there is no sleep URGENT!!!!!?
Mama's Bank Account book review?
i what make my own anime comic but it allaws come bad so please sombody help me?
What is your favorite book? Title and author.?
I am reading The Da Vinci Code. Is it just me or does this book make anyone else feel like they are retarded?
Question about writing a book?
Is this chapter of my story need...more?Couldn't add the whole thing ;(?
What about creating a world of gypsys, earth children, earth products, and theraputic approaches?
What are some GOOD books or book series for an 11 yr.old girl? A series that would be VERY interesting & hold?
Name a random author, and let's see which one would get the most thumbs up or down?
Is the Book Thief a good read?
Do you know the name of this mystery novel?
What did you read in August?
which is the best book by robert ludlum?
Do you recommend lulu self publishin for new authors ?
Wicked...opinions, please!?
The Lovely Bones....?
I need a name, for a woman. A beautiful uncommon name.?
what is alice in the wonderland about?
need help for characters in my novel?
Looking for a new book to read?
What do you think of the beginning of my story?
Is the Twilight Saga okay for an 11 year old to read?
can anybody help me?
Something sharp?
Which is a better name?
Written A Book Now What Is The Next Step?
Who was Emma Roberts?
is there a sequel to the book "the summer i turned pretty" by jenny han?
Bible Made From?
What are some good tween books that have a bit of romance in it?
How many pages does need by carrie jones have?
What's the last book you purchased?
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince?
Does anyone know any good fictional books about witches, magic etc?
That was then this is now by s e hinton? ?
Have you ever read Robert Grave's The White Goddess?
Is literature dead/dying?
Should i read Cloud Atlas before the movie?
opening paragraph criticism/advice, please :)?
Harry Potter fanfiction story?
whats for a book?
are you MAJOR EXCITED for NEW MOON????????????? Team EDWARD or JACOB?
what is the best number?why"?
What's a cool essay topic that I can write about for Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice?
If you could jump into any book and join the story, which would you choose?
Can anybody give me a title for this book?
In the Inferno, what was Dante's view of Virgil?
Am I the only one who is, as a writer, personally offended...
Is Harry Potter fiction?
How could a book be scary?
in Twilight who is better jacob or edward and Why.?
Whats a really good book that will make you cry?
Did anyone here read a book called "Guns, Germs, and Steel" by Jared Diamond?
Example of a Deconstructionism Critique?
Who is your favorite character in Dune?
what does date of posting/revisions?
is it true that Tuesday Lobsang Rampa died before any of his Books were written?
How many teenagers enjoy reading literature?
Bitterblue po and katsa?
Are these books in a series?
What's the best book you've ever read?
How do you portray a man-hating character without any straw feminist cliches?
I need an analysis of "the Story of an Hour" By Kate chopin! not a summary but the theme and meaning?
Twilight : Compared to HARRY POTTER ?
Hi, what would you say would be the best book(s) that you ever have read?
The rules posted on the cider house wall aren't read or understood by anyone living there except Mr. Rose, who
what is the most inspiring and uplifting book you have ever read?
What can I do with 400 books that nobody wants?
can anyone explain why you liked or disliked the story of "the black cat" Edgar Allan Cat?
Is this the right layout for my conversation in my story?
Masquerade/costume idea for my book?
Who is your favorite romance author?
What is best website for free downloading Urdu eBooks,Novels, Afsana (Short Story),Urdu Poetry Books,Digests?
Harry Potter or Twilight?
can any1 tell me any website that describe red sky in the morning?
Cliche Werewolf????????
What is the subtitle of the Book of Exodus?
Have you ever read a book first..and it was far better than the movie...????
Sad Names for a book character?
Does sex sell in books?
If there is a movie for the book 'Vampire Kisses' does anyone know how I could get a auditon to play Raven?
Hi i'd like to read knowledgable book so please help me?
What are the Seelie and Unseelie Rulers name?
What are some books that you think everyone should read?
parapidge definition of the word please?
Twilight Game......!?
Your favorite book ever?
What is the latest book you have read recently?
What is this fantasy novel called?
What are some really good books?
summary of the bet(Anton Checkhov)?
Suicide scene in novel, how do I make readers cry?
fyodor dostoevsky's idiot, what did you think of it?
Who is aunt Polly in your own house?
Who originally wrote: Every saint has a past, every sinner has a future.?
Can You Recommend A Good Book?
I met this guy that likes my writing so he told me to write about me and him?
theory,applications,and practical operation of hydrocyclones?
Any recommendations, im DESPERATE for a good read Im 18!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Do you Twilighters realize...?
what is your favorite shakespeare quote?
I need poems on "winter"?
What's the fascination with MANGA?
How do I become a registered publisher of books?
Shall anyone help me with this, please, please answer it serious, please, i will choose best answer, i promise?
what is hiden from the bible people need to know?
What do you think of my short story?
Writing a book, advice on formatting?
What is the answer to this question about "Night"?
What book should one MOST definitely have on their list of To Be Reads?
Please help. people who like to read!?
give me some new reading material?
can sb please tell me a website on which i can read Samuel Beckett's work?
if we have religion we must say dead at denmark?
What should I do with a library of books on religious studies?
What catagory does Twilight fall under?
Does my novel idea interest you?
I grammar question!!?
do you like this idea?
Where can I find The Journey Within online?
I am writing a book. I want to make it longer, but don't know how without making it boring.?
Can you read my story on Wattpad?
I wrote a 3 page article, but did I Plagiarize?
What are three smells in Canto XXIX and XXX?
looking for the greek publishing of the Da Vinci code?
What should title be of music essay?
Does this sound like a good idea?
What is your favorite fiction book? or your favorite poem?
How can you tell if a piece of work like a story or poem is good?
books, books ohhh books.?
Looking for books: Literature and classics to read?
What are some books that I must read before I die?
importance of characters in the outsiders book?
What do you think Orwell was trying to say about Russia when he wrote Animal Farm?
Help please!!!? I really need help finding a name for my book! s to best answer!?
I am writing a story, help please?
what is architecture.?
i have a german book called ns lehrer kalender dated 1937 and has a swastica on the front. good shape. value?
Do you think that this would be an interesting story?
What are some good books for teens?
How do i "copy and paste" something?
If I'm using the word Bible in a proper essay, do i need to underline it because it's the name of a book?
L.J Smith - Ash and Mary Lynnette's story?
SO is there goinng to be a Star Wars Imperial Commando 2 Book?
Need Plot Ideas Help Please?
Book suggestions on romance/relationships/teen books.?
Help finding a book on Australian snake cures.?
I need help? I'm a beginner author who can't find inspiration?
Music for The Crucible?
Read the first part of my horror story?
What are some good classic books?
Can someone give me a summary of all the PRIVATE books so far?
Favorite name for a girl?
Who knows a good book to read on holiday?
How long does it usually take to read a 250 page book for a teenager?
Is it worth reading breaking dawn?
what do u mean by singular, plural,?
A conclusion paragraph for "charles" by shirley jackson?
How can i get better at writing poems?
what do I can have the hidden themes at 360 ?
An exercise I've done involving my characters to get me back into writing. How is it?
What do you think of part of Chapter 1 of my unfinished story?
For those of you that hate twilight...?
any good fantasy novels/series?
Where can I find a copy of Martin Amis' article "The Last Days of Muhammad Atta" in the 04.26 New Yorker?
What book are you??
A fantasy-type book with a red headed girl on the cover?
What is the answer at the end of Hocus Pocus by Kurt Vonnegut?
How is this for my story so far?
i was just wandering is xlibris a scam?
Which direction should I go in with this part of my book?
who are the famous feminists in our present century?
B&A - How/ Why did you choose your Y!A user name?
what things has scout learned by the end of chapter 7 in "to kill a mockingbird"?
What is Jim Davis real email adress?
what is up?
Could you please give me some feedback on this piece of prose?
Do you have any suggestions for a book to read?
I'm looking for the title of a new book by an Asian Indian Harvard student.?
Would you read my life story?
I have some questions about Shakesspeare's Othello?
What do you think of this (it's my first time to write sci-fi)?
does anyone know how i might contact steven king?
whats 3 conflicts in the book deep wizardry by diane duane?
What is the scariest book you have ever read?
what is your favorite series of books.... Author?
I need More Vampire Laws?
How to describe somebody catching a falling person in a story?
who is god????????
What book is about a snow globe that a girl finds and she swaps places with someone when she used it?
Book reviews help!!!?
what do you think about white roses?
Tell me if you would read this story I want to write?
Spirt week Huskies!!:)<3?
What is your favorite summer read???
What do you think of my books plot?
HUNGER GAME HELP!!! (The Book 1)?
Can somebody recommend a good sci fi/fantasy book or a decent author?
When did carol ann duffy start writing? ASAP?
Artimas Fowl: the Time Paradox?
which is the best site for e -books?
Anyone knows a good book about RENE DESCARTES theories?
Lord of the Flies help?! 10 points?!?!?
I'm feeling bored what should I write about? What type of new story should I write and what about?
how often do you go to the library?
what is a braintree?
please edit!!!! Midsummer night's dream play overview!!!!!?
Question about the book "the corner of the universe"?
Does anyone know what book this is?
Alternative to Harry Potter books?
Which fictional characters would you invite to dinner?
Who is you favourite Harry Potter character in the book and why? Was your favourite different for the movies?
What kind of cars do you think these two teengers would be driving?
What is the best book for a beginning Japanese sword collector?
What's a good fiction book I should read?
I am sure Twilight not worst book in the world so which book is not as good asTwilight?
what is a PDF E-BOOK mean?
What would Stargirl where to school?
help with writing essay please!?
Has anybody read "Ask and it is given" by Ester and Jerry Hicks? What do you think of it?
What does William Falkener achieve by using stream of consciousness in As I Lay Dying?
need help on my query letter!?
What are some cause and effects in Fahrenheit 451?
What do you think of my opener?
advantages of knowing other people's culture?
Anyone want to edit a book?
Harry Potter Fans!! How would you react if Lord Voldemort...?
What is the commonly used prefix for the word logical?
Falling action of the crucible?
is twilight by Stephenie Meyer a good book?
Where can I find the actual text of "A Day's Wait" by Ernest Hemingway right away online?
Recommend Elmore Leonard books?
the hobbit what did listening to the dwarves music do to bilbo?
The name of a childrens book series about a ballet class.?
Belonging short story ideas?!?
Any bookstores specializing in fictional stories of ancient Greece and other Mediterranean lands?
what can you say about marian keyes novels in general?
Are Signet Classic Books Abridged?
Can't remember name of book!?
Harry Potter Books relating to Real Life?
Fantasy books like the Mortal Instruments or The Iron Fey Series?
What epic poem inspired mary shelley to write frankenstein?
What's a good name for an evil character?
what does date of posting/revisions?
How do you think the Harry Potter series ends?(Only for those who read all the books!)?
Harry Potter fanssssss?
what is a cilice?
Harry Potter or Twilight or Lord of the Rings or Percy Jackson or Chronicles of Narnia?
Is there anyway I can track when the next book in a series will come out?
I need a really beautiful, unusual name for my female character?
In Harry Potter and the goblet of fire, why did Voldemort wait till the Triwizard championship to kill Harry?
Help with my story plot please?
Harry Potter Fans: Please Answer this question.?
RA/DA/HP Fans: Which character do you wish we could know more about?
Indie, Original Girl & Boy Names?
anyone read "gossip girls"?
Books like Break and Twisted?
What have you read since a time prior to the Tet Offensive?
who is dave lordan?
What's the name of this horror/suspense/mystery novel?
What's a good children's classic to read?
In Harry Potter 6, who is RAB?
What's the da Vinci code?
Which book comes next in the Frostbite a werewolf tale series?
What are some good Gathering place ideas for my Warriors fanfic?
what is the rate of quality of harry potter novels,its improving or......?
where can i find Nora Roberts/J.D. Robb books?
Question about daemons in His Dark Materials Series?
The book value for a 1929 publication of THE WORLD'S GREAT ROMANCES by Walter J. Black, pub by Ferris prtng co
If you were a vampire, what would be your favorite animal to drink?
Is there a particular book that has had a strong impact on you?
did anyone notice this? ----the book/ movie "holes" FAULT?
What book should i buy first?
What does Harry Potter mean to you?
How many people live in China?
What happens in The Da Vinci Code?
what is the main idea for For one more day by mitch albom?
how many books does the average american read in a year?
Who is this talented men: his life, his works, his interest & his love .... ?
Harry Potter or Twilight?!?
At the beginning of "Old Ben," how does the father feel about snakes?
What's a moment in a book where you thought, "WTF?"?
Who thinks that Twilight is the best book ever ?
Could You Recommend A Book?
Help with murder mystery book title!?
Why did Douglas Adams choose 42 as the meaning of life?
Was the Necronomicom written by H.P. Lovecraft or Abdul Alhazred?
create children`s story or picture book entitled "The roaring 20s"describe the 20s as you would to a child.?
Anne Frank, Why does Mr. Frank suggest offering the man in the storeroom a raise in salary?
anyone read Glass by ellen hopkins??
In the novel brave new world by huxley,....?
What awards did Mark Twain win????
Are the Twilight books worth the read or would it be a waste of time?
(URGENT) Summary of My Antonia please?
Which is more complicated, a song of ice and fire or the malazan series?
What novel sensationalizing New England was missing from Grace Metalious’ hometown public library,?
Your tummy is growling at you, and you're in the middle of a very good writing streak. What food do you grab?
What dues LOL mean?
Who has read The Night Circus?
What should these characters look like?
A summary of Malcolm Gladwell's book outliers?
Who is your favorite poet?
What is your favorite book? This week your reading?
What romance book should I read?
An Interview with Scout Finch?
Read a book years agoabout a guy who becomes a dog. The book tells his story as a dog.What is book's name?
who is john galt?
Sword vs spear in book?
A room of ones own literary devices?
When was romeo and juliette first written?
Anyone know if/when Spud 3 will be published in U.S.?
Capt. Hook: The Journey To Neverland anyone know when it's coming out?
What's your favorite book that has been made into a film?
Books about a child becoming friends with an adult?
Does anybody else get inexplicably apprehensive about using your real name in publishing?
where can i find love and war poems online?
Who liked Mortal Instruments series?
Are there any books that have no pages?
Anyone read this book by Judy Blume...?
richard montanari books?
What is a good way to describe this person's physical appearance?
Harry Potter - Do you care?
Have you read 'Astonishing The Gods' by Ben Okri? What did you think of it?
what it the ,the chapters about,and characters discription on the book LemonySnickket the penultimatimateperil?
Proverbs Or Sayings ...?
Is Rebecca dead in the vampire diaries?
If you were a vampire in the Twilight series, what kind of "gift" would you have?
Help with title and setting?
What is your top 3 favourite books?
Do you like John Le Carré Books ?
How is this for the start to a novel - need honest answers?
I am a budding screenwriter. How do I find a legitimate Agent?
What book am I thinking of?
I am writing a book and dont know what the last names of the character families should be!?
Should we ban books?
What do you think of this short excerpt from my novel?
i cant find "My Dad's Wallet" by Raymond Carver. can someone help me? i need it for school! thanks so much!
Post-apocalyptic book recommendations?
Please help me make a narrative text horror stories ?please help me ?
Do you read alot of books?
How did Hercules defeat the hydra?
yo people with creativity i need help with my story im kinda stuck in the middle... lol what to do????????
How much is this signed first edition worth?
Help with character names for a book?
Does anyone know a website to get the answers for Sadlier Oxford vocabulary workshop lvl C?
How to write a stupider character?
Is the Twilight Saga okay for an 11 year old to read?
Where can I read all of Ellen Screiber's Vampire Kisses series? All of them?
Theme songs for story?
do any of you know any free site where i can read john grisham books?
What kinds of books or which authors don't you like?
Can a 19 year old be a successful writer?
Does anyone know where I can find the font from the lovely bones book cover?
What do you think happens next?
show the contents of the book De Mysteriis Egyptorum?
i need story help.ive got a few ideas! help?
What was the best romance book that you have ever read?
The Great Gatsby: American Dream?
Make a guess: What's my real age?
Which book are you reading at the moment?
Why is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in Spanish (Reliquias de Muerte) cover not been released yet?
Best Jane Austen Books?
Are fictional stories about living celebrities considered cool?
What book do you want to read but keep putting it off year after year?
i am relly in love with my gf now she start pushing me out i also heard she startd smoking shall leave her
Where can I find info about Oliver Strange, author of the 'Sudden' books in the 1920s & 1930s?
The works of Dr. Robert Anthony Deliberate Creation confusion?
whre can i find the story "the world is an apple"?
how do i go about filing a complaint on a doctor to the ama website?
why is reading big books sooo hard ?! ?
How do you?
I am writing a book, for fun, and I need a 3rd creature to go with my: vampire and werewolf. ?
Harry Potter Fanfiction sites ?
100 Answers Please!!! What are your 4 favorite books?
Which name sounds best to you?
if you loaned a book about suicide from the library and something happened, who would return it?
I'm writing a novel and need feedback.?
Good names that aren't actually names?
What should Death look like?
Could you recommend a good book to me?
Whats the best( insightful) book you've ever read?
Harry Potter fans, why?
Who is your favourite villain and why?
When was Stephen King's book "The Tommyknockers" first printed and put on sale in book stores?
Cute name for boy to put on my story?
i need help finding a book?
Any good book ideas...?
Can anyone tell me what this book is called and who wrote it?
URGENT!!! To what extent is human frailty/weakness/flaw is integral to the characters experiences - Othello?
What happens next...?
Who where the head of house when Tom Riddle went to Hogwarts?
Who propounded the theory of communism?
For those who read the nose by Gogol, How would you describe Kovalyov's(the man without the nose) character?
Who is Your Favorite Character from a book you have Read?
do girls only read twilight?
For Twilight lovers who say they "want an Edward Cullen"?
How can I become a witch?
What is your favorite part about To kill a Mockingbird?
Boy's names that sound like they might be trouble makers?
What is the greatest novel of all time in your opinion?
Favorite books?
whats the meaning of dope?
What was the main theme of the book, "A Child Called It."?
When you read Harry Potter, do you imagine the characters with British accents?
Question about public relations in the literary world?
Stephine Meyer? Is she a good auther.?
facts about harry potter books?
Please read my short story?
Delirium and Pandemonium?
The Scarlet Letter - The Custom House...HELP =]?
Do you think that these Twilight obsessed girls...?
Who is Cicero? (short answers please)?
I need help on a book?
What should I name my story?
Essay help with merchant of venice by shakespear?
What is the theme in Disgrace by JM Coetzee? What is the writer trying to show from the characters of the book?
What would be a perfect poem for me to recite to my bride at my wedding? I've written one, need another.?
Why is Harry Potter offensive to good Christians?
The Best thing about reading is _____.?
how can draw a picture on the computer?
Was Casanova fat?
could you can you tell me of a classic novel where all of the characters were fairies please?
how do you know if an author's use of pathos is effective?
What does this quotation by Haruki Murakami mean?
what connection did WIlliam Shakespere and Queen Elizabeth share?
Nanowrimoers, regular writers, best line you wrote today? GO!?
Popular girl and Band guy books? Book suggestions?
A question about my book?
Who believe that The Da Vinci Code is real and why?
Help with my novel beginning, please?
a poem about child's fear rate it ?
I need the name of a children's (I think) Fantasy book. Read it years ago but can't find it.?
For any Harry Potter fans - What do you do now there are no more books to read? Do you re-read them or what..?
What is your favorite book/ book series?
Any suggestions for a good book to read over the weekend?
how is boo radley considered as a mockinngbird in the novel To Kill a Mockingbird?
writing an autobiography. need help!!!?
Warrior names please?
What is your Favourite Novel?
do you agree or disagree that the breaking dawn book is an epic failure and should be dubbed "titanic" of lit?
Know any good books on World War II?
Have you read any of Marina Lewycka's books? Did you enjoy them? What's your favourite?
If a book is made into a movie, and you read the book first, does that ruin the movie for you?
what do you think is the best book series?
Can someone find me a free summary of "A Chaste Maid in Cheapside"?
what is 1 third divided by 2?
is this good writing? malcolm gladwell?
Would you read a book that started out like this? please answer?
Metaphor in Jenny sings like a bird?
Can i have some horror story ideas?
Do u approve of villainizing Snape, all ye Harry Potter fans?
where can i go to get good research?
Is the 'Twilight' series really as good as everyone says it is?
How does Young Goodman Brown (Hawthorne) relate to anti-transcendentalism?
When does the 5th Twilight book, Midnight Sun, come out?
What should I title my book?
What does "Generational Entelechy" mean?
What was the last book you read OR the current book you are reading?
Can anyone recommend a good book for me to read?
Help! Images, Which name is better?
Does anyone know where i can find Fallen Angels by Walter Dean Myers for free AUDIO ?
What type of Books Are Your Favorite?
what is the theme of diary of wimpy kid rodrick rules?
can any one help me get the book midnight suns first chapter?
Is Harry Potter satanic?? Why is it not banned??
GOod books for me to read? Marketing and Media design related?
I am interested in doing freelance proofreading, preferably fiction books. Any pointers for getting started?
Reshiram or zekrom witch is better?
Twilight or Harry Potter?!?
What is the setting of the book "gathering Blue" by Lois Lowry?
Is this copyright infringement?
What are some good teen/spy young adult books with some romance?
what are the differences between jazz hiphpo ballet and tap?
Did Salinger go into hiding when he realized that The Catcher In the Rye was going to be his only good book?
Can I convert one e-book format into another that I can read?
example of filipino writers and their novels?
What are some of the REALLY good books you've read?
Who are some of today's outstanding writers?
Is the excerpt of my story confusing?
Which Twilight Guy is for you?? quiz!!?
What is the climax and main conflict of Neal Shusterman's Unwholly?
House of Dark Shadows book?
will books become obsolete anytime some, i love reading and it would be a real shame if this were to happen.?
I got my book published by Tate Publishing. They only publish 3% of manuscripts for free. Was this a rip off?
furstated thesis essay about Anne Bradstreet, Christopher Columbus, John Smith or?
I am writing a book and need some help!!?
what is the english translation of bonesera?
Story Idea help, please?
what is your favorite series of books.... Author?
Who's your favorite author!?
Carl Hiaasen fans - what is your favorite adult novel, YA novel, or article?
why do s always wear tiny shirts?
where can i find the book maximum flight?
Does anyone know how long it takes for books to be released in Paperback?
Teens & Preteens only! What is the best young adult book?
i need to know good books to read.?
I need help for a fantasy story plot?
Writing a novel and I need drug names?
how do they know there are only 26 letters in he alphabet?
Writer or not?!?!?! heeeeeeeeeeeeeelp!?
looking for eerie stories?
What is a great book for children to read - age 6?
POLL: What was your favorite Twilight Saga book? (for Twilight fans ONLY!)?
I have a compelling life story?
how can i sell a book idea?
Meaning of "Snow" by Louis Macneice?
can you give some magic spells used in HARYY POTTER books?
Question about writing a Wattpad/WEbook story?
Harry Potter fans: May I please ask you throng of questions related to the series ?
What is the release date for a book called Haven by Joel Shepherd?
What is your favorite book?
Twilight VS Harry Potter?
Is the book always better than the movie?
Does anyone know where i can read 'Let's Go to Golgotha' by Gary Kilworth for free?
best book/series written?
any good suggestion for books?
Ima a poet and I want to know what everyone thinks about one of my poems.Dedicated to Daniel.?
In literature, what constitutes funny?
Can someone help me with a book?
I need help on character names!!!?
Son of a Witch?
dear teenagers, what do you like reading about?
WRITERS- Roleplay as your main character as you answer this question... About self-worth?
What should I engrave on my sword?
What Is a Good Stephen King Book?
What should I read? 'Absalom, Absalom!' or 'The Brothers Karamazov'?
Things to write stories about?
Can Someone Help Me With a Name for One of My Characters?
What would you think of this person whether as a fictional character in a book or on t.v.?
what is the summary for chapters 17-19 in the book the of House of Dies Drear.?
who's your favorate author?
Your favorite book?
Harry Potter Fans! Who Wants To Take A Harry Potter Questionnaire?
Did you read the book "Monster High?"?
Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw?
How depressing is the book Bleak House by Dickens?
What are some themes in the book "Dinner at a Homesick Restaurant"?
Good surname for Allison/Allie?
in animal farm by George Orwell, is Napoleon a dynamic or round character?
recommend me a great book?
do you like to read?
If you lived forever, would you eventually succomb to insanity?
Which Bambi book is it?
Is Stephanie Meyer going to write more Twilight books from Edward perspective?
Can somebody please give me a picture of this book?
Who is your favourite fictional character of all time?
Does anyone else think Twilight is a stupid book?
What are some books you have read that has helped you overcome insomnia?
I need help with character names for story??
What do you think of this story?
Has anbody read the Secret Garden?
Any romance fans? What do you like...?
Who is the antagonist in P.S. I loathe you by lisi harrison?
I'm a 29 year old male who just finished reading The Diary of Anne frank?
Names and suggestions for my story? :)?
Why do so many people hate Twilight?
'The wish' by roald dahl?
where can i download the bridget jones diary novel for free or read it online for free?
Would this setting negate my chances of a publication?
Where can I buy Goosebumps books in Las Vegas?
Has anybody read Anne of Green Gables?
would a fiction novel be more emotional if ....?
what is the sons of a trackless forest about?
She stood by the charity bucket ringing the bell at holiday shoppers, her thighs moist and expectant?
Judge my short story and tell me if yuu likeyy?
How to think of Nanowrimo ideas?
where can I read kissed by an angel?
Looking for the title of a children's book- similar to 'anamalia' but set on an island & you had to unscramble
Horror/Suspense novels for teens?
In the book The Fault in Our Stars by John Green, was cancer dealt with appropriately?
What are the enviromental issues in the book Mutant Message Down Under?
Compare and contrast Jay Gatsby(Great Gatsby,Scott Fitzgerald) & Holden Caulfield(The Catcher in the Rye)?
Are there any eminent Russian poets who have been translated into English?
B&A: Is there ever a question on here that you see and just want to make a sarcastic comment?
how do I find out how much a first edition hardcover is worth?
was lord Vladeran, lord Stefen and Lord Draculea real?
Is J.K. Rowling the best author ever? (Harry Potter)?
Team Harry Potter or Team Twilight?
Need Help Finding The Name Of A Book. Please Help?
Female characters in the novel Twilight in Delhi by Ahmad Ali?
Does anyone have any out of print Erica Spindler books to give away or tell me where to find them?
Who is your favorite character in The Walking Dead?
Need help identifying a story/play?
Tips on how to write in 3rd person?
Who said "The horror, the horror!" ?
What are some of the books that Ray Bradbury wrote?
Which Books do you Recommend?
Hey, im looking for references relating to a governess in Jane Eyre... (Prefably quotes)?
where can i read diary of a crush online for free?
I need help with naming a sci fi story character?
is there some kind of story/poem/myth related to boats, sailing, the dead and a river?
Are there two versions of v.s. ramachandran's book phantoms in the brain?
Have you ever read a book that changed how you look at life?
Compulsive readers: Do you buy all your books or avail yourself of the library?
What made Julie Kagawa write the book The immortal rules the blood of eden?
Do books make you smart?
What is the most effective way to promote a self-published book on a low budget?
King Minos in the Divine Comedy?
books similar in spirit and good read as 'pillars of the earth'?
Is the last book of Stephen King's Dark Tower Series "The Dark Tower" out in paperback/soft cover?
Why are Twilight fans so mean?
how can we earn a large sum of money in a short period of time ?
How do I publish a book on the net?
What do you think of vampires?
What book am I thinking of?
How do I go about finding a publishing agent for a work of fiction?
Would you ever get rid of a book?
I need help with writing my story!?
Is she short? (Info added) Just Read?
I need also Mitchell Alballa's book of Landscape Painting? Any link or site reference pls>?
What happened to the literary agents who turned down J K Rowling's first script?
How long will harry potter be around for?
how can i find out about writing conferences in virginia?
How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?
where can i get the book "where the heart is" read to me online?
Does anyone else get annoyed by the poor spelling, grammar and syntax of some of the questions on this site?
Need hep writting a book.?
Grapes Of Wrath Question for chapter 3?
Are you a human or some form of alien life from another planet?
help please with this rubaiyat?
does anyone have any idea about what's gonna happen to harry in the last book of the harry potter series?????
What's the most memorable book you have ever read ? ?
what are some books like between shades of gray?
APA 6th edition -- referencing same book multiple times?
Do you believe in reincarnation? Have you read the book "Many Lives, Many Masters" by Dr Brian Weiss?
Do you know what page this quote is on in the book lock and key by Sarah Dessen?
is the Da Vinci code is there the sangreal in louvre??
I just found out that the french film Amelie is based on a book..?
how to write mpreg? ideas for story?
Is there a character named bentham in the story the lottery?!!! PLZ HELP?
what are these two books!?
Death of a Salesman help?
List three essential ingredients in science fiction books?
Is the Diary of Anne Frank a hoax?
What do you think of this story?
When you read Harry Potter, do you imagine the characters with British accents?
what chapter in the bible do they talk about the anti-christ?
A certain phrase when horror books/movies use child like/innocent things to add horror/terror?
Harry Potter?
Need a one word title for this story?
What do you think of this piece of writing?
Any Ideas for a Strong Female Name?
Child Called It?Your Opinion.?
In Howl's Moving Castle (the book). . .?
what are some good thick books for 10-13 yearolds?
Have you any favourite books to recomend?
Is there a website where I can type in some of the dialog in a book, & find out what the book is?
My blogging thoughts for the day, does this make any sense or is it just stupid sounding.?
HP: If Neville Longbottom.....?
In Uncle Toms Cabin what is St. Clare's towards the Dec. of independence?
If you were a book, what kind of book would you be?
Is it a good idea to tell your colleagues that you want to publish a book?
Did Buce Campbell lose his hand in the first or second Evil Dead?
Historical help for my medieval story?
Good books for teenage girl?
URGENT!!!!!!!!! I need a few paragraph's on charachters, Biddy and Old Orlick of Great Expectaion?
Are the Chronicals of Narnia books on CD any good?
Confused about writing my comic/story?
What could I call my book and main character ?
How can I get Edward Cullen to put his baby inside of me?
the middle and end of my story is rushed when i read it back?
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn?
Is it true that C.S. Lewis's "Narnia" was inspired by the author's real wardrobe?
Do you know any great amateur poets? Who is the best poet at
Harry Potter question doin a survey?
I want to write a book about my life but have no money to do so?
How many NEWT classes does Hermione take in the HBP?
Favorite Stephen King book?
Harry Potter vs. Twilight? J.K. Rowling vs. Stephenie Meyer?
what color reading group is the whole twlight series?
Movies and Poem/play/graphic-novel/short story/painting with the themes of........?
Unique and Original Book Titles!?
What are the name of Indian books that relates to power and leadership?
Can you recommend me a good cite for a proof-reading of my book, other than
Does anyone know the name of this children's novels?
In what house didi the sorting hat almost put harry potter?
Hey LADIES!.. and I guess guys to.?
How would you start a speech that is pro abortion?
Where can find free ebooks of Dianetics or other L Ron Hubbard books?
what does oneirmancy mean?
Can you guys please critic the first chapter of the book I'm writing?
Who wants to go to Hogwarts? Why? What classes would you take?
should harry potter have its own category?
What are some good books you can recommend?
why would an author choose to begin a story by telling how it will end?
Any good books?
What is a five letter title of a violin magazine?
Has anyone read "If You Want to Write" by Brenda Ueland?
Did you read The Great Gatsby?
Is anyone familiar with the New York Literary Agency?
Is there a tenth planet?
Poll for Potter Fans!? :]?
S.O.S!!! I need a website with literary criticism on king Arthurian legends??? Plz help!!?
How long does it take you to read a book?
Websites useful for writing excellent reviews on various Books, Musical CD's?
What si the book "Vietnamerica" about?
Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 23, and find line 6, What does it say?
What writer would you like to meet?
Did you ever suspect that Albus Dumbledore (from Harry Potter) was gay?
reccomend a book for me....?
I haven'y written in my journal since May and I have decided to start writing again...?
What do you think would be another good title for the story Holes by Louis Sachar and why?
How to connect with Paul Theroux?
Good YA books for Christmas?
what is the title of this book and the author?
What happened before!?
I need honest feedback/critique on a short excerpt from my story?
Does this sound like a good book plot? (Short!)?
Team Edward or Team Jacob? :)?
What courses should I take to become a graphic novelist?
writing a book about love etc, opinion please?
Participants needed! Help with character voices?
Romiette and Julio, help!?
In Of Mice and Men, how do Lennie, Candy, Crooks, and Curley's wife interact with each other in Chapter 4?
Please help I have no idea what my teacher wants! -at the end of the passage-?
What is the best Stephen King novel yet to have been made?
Has anyone read any books by Terri Blackstock?
What do you think of these ideas?
Macbeth compared to Miller's "Tragedy and the Common Man"?
Did you know today's Harry Potter's Birthday?
Is the necronican an actual spell book, the simon version not h.p. lovecraft?
Good ideas for a romantic story? 10 points :)?
what are the dementions for the average magazine cover?
does anyone have the twilight scripts/sides?
What Men Name Sounds Sexy Appealing?
What is the current book that you are reading? What will be your next?
questions about publishing a book?
What are books similar to Cathy's Book (Key, and Ring)???
Twilight Fans who Hate Harry Potter: Why do you hate HP?
*Casts doe Patronus* After all this time?
How can I get back to reading?
Help with my short story?How should the bf of the main character die?
What is the title of the story about the hand...?
Where can I find a free or cheap audio book reader online?
Edward abusing Bella?
Average book editor's pay?
Publication using Transparent/Clear Material?
Literary techniques used in Virgil's Aeneid, Book XII set text?
About the Twilight series?
B&A: If you were a book, what type of book would you be?
how many of you have read chetan bhagat's five point someone?
Looking for title of book. Has mysterious origin, contains cryptic passages that has never been decoded.?
who is the son of god?
In the book the hunger games whats the name of the career that wants to kill katniss?
What do you think of my Girl Characters?
how did death effect john keats poetry?
favorite book?
How do freelance writers find work with newspapers and magazines?
I need good book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Does anyone know Robin Benway (author of Audrey, Wait!) fan mail address?
To what address I can send a mail to natalia Pravdina? What is the best rage for her biography?
Why isn't the novel, "Les Liaisons Dangereuses," adapted in movies to match the books main theme?
what are some good young adult series to read?
Suggestions for Contemporary Fiction Writers for Teens?
Writing a book and just wanted to get a little input from "readers" on how a title sounds.?
A Tree Grows In Brooklyn ?
Help!! Trying To Find This Book!!!?
Is my story any good? #HarryPotter?
Can i give NIOS exam by studying NCERT books?
In To Kill A Mockingbird, How is Scout brave?!?!?
who do you think is a match for Dan Brown (author of Da Vinci Code)?
How do you fight writer's block??
In need of a good story plot?
Harry Potter or Twilight?
What are some good fantasy books that PRIMARY about werewolves?
kabuliwala by rabinderanath tagore?
INeed HELP with a story?!?
Is Harry Potter really worth all the hype?
do you think albus dumbledore will somehow come back alive in the next book?
What are some Q's and answers for the book "Fever 1793"?
Can someone please explain why Harry Potter is so popular?
great short story ideas?!?
Has anyone read the book Briggsy?
can anyone recommend any books about armenia nad its history?
how do i get audio books for free online?
Who here has/is reading any of the Twilight books?
Who wrote the Rum Dairies?
What's a good suspenseful romance novel?
is it sexist when you use "he" in a sentence when referring to an unnamed person?
Good open ending for a fictional suicidal story?
How Do You Start Off A Book?
I need help finding a fiction novel I read a long time ago in 8th grade.?
Is exact date of starting & finishing date of World Cup 2006 Germant announced? & what are they?
does roal dhal had any children?
Can you suggest similar reading?
What Book should I read. I'm bored and have all summer to read.?
Where can I read The Everafter War online for free?
any good short story ideas?
What authors are like Keshia Ervin?
A young adult book with the cover containing a camera?
If you have read Twilight-Breaking Dawn?
romeo and juliet questions!?
have you guys read a book called "MUD CITY" can u give me the summary of the book?
Looking for some history books here. . .?
does anyone have any experience working with the New York Literary Agency?
Hello, I would like to write a book, what do you like to read?
Which author would you go all fanboy or fangirl for?
How did the districts in the hunger games form?
in which site i can find a free copy of "teqnique for the violin" book 3, for download?
In need of a good read?
I have the book "Texas" by James E Michener, it is signed and has his red "chip", what would this book sell f
What is the summary for King Arthur and his Knights?
Who is your favorite female author?
Whom: favorite poet?
How do John and Lorraine take advantage of The Pigman?
Looking for a book about a girl who?
Any ideas or tips for my fantasy book?
what princess diaries book is this?
what is the climax for the book impossible by Nancy Werlin?
how can i get into reading ?
Which book is better "The Road Less Travelled" or "Further Down the Road Less Travelled"?
what paralells between characters are there in th scarlet letter and the crucible?
How to raise a gangster?
What was the synopsis of "The Beast" by Walter Dean Myers?
What are the names of biography books on people that have killed to have power?
I need a good book to read?
what ever happens to aiden in the book blood and chocolate?
Should I write a novel?
where can i find info on a specific antique book.?
What is the name of the movie where a serial killer is murdering people according to a book?
Can anyone recommend a good novel for 11/12 year olds? Boys and girls.?
Why are Twilight fans so mean?
Can someone help me with the very hungry caterpillar story?