Books like American Psycho?
what is a question?
What was your favorite book as a Child ?
Can I buy this book right now? Please look?
Twilight Question?
do you like to read books?
How is Reverend Arthur Dimmesdale a weak character?
"What BOOK are you reading right now"?
how to write this part of my story?
Why is Safie important to the creature in the book "Frankenstein"?
Looking for a book to read. Prefer ficition. A good book you know a page turner. Something I cant put down.?
I wrote a 3 page article, but did I Plagiarize?
Do you like Harry Potter books or movies or both?
harry potter?
please critic my book begining?
Ideas for a short story?
Has a book ever made you cry?
why wasn't the preface of animal farm published?
I need help with story! If you could name a kingdom...?
Sorry, Steinbeck?
How does my Main Character sound?
Can anyone recommend me a really good book?
Why did the Franks (diary of anne frank)or even we today make the best of our situation?
Harry Potter or Twilight?
Would it be too confusing to have sisters with similar names?
Im writting a novel can people read the first chapter and feedback to me please? :)?
where can i find e books by homer?
What will JK Rowling do after Harry Potter?
Suggestions for good book series?
Is To Kill a Mockingbird a good book?
Who was the author of the book Zach?
What is the world's largest PUBLIC library?
kerouac spontaneous prose: is there a better definition than his own..below?
Do you think Harry'll die in the last book of Harry Potter???
What Do You Think of These?
Writing a story about the army?
What are the best books to read that teach you valuable stuff?
how do you diagram a sentence?
i want to read English books,so can anyone can help me?
Death Eaters?
How is Harry Potter's use of "sir" similar to Tom Riddle's? How is it different?
What is your favourite book of all time?
need help finding the name of a book?
What's the best way to break into a writing career?
To Kill A Mockingbird Question?
Which Australian authors should I read to get a good idea about about the Australian culture?
The Dresden Files Any Good?
Children's books/Picture books that rhyme?
Good novel title? I really need help?
Im looking for a book title?
how do u pronounce ' fleur de la cour ' and 'beauxbatons'?
is the book 'The dramatic works' by william shakespeare worth alot, is it valuble/rare?
Picture a girl with red hair. What's a name that comes to mind?
Which book would you read?
Im looking for a book that I read about 15 years ago. I dont know what its called or the authors name.?
Does anyone know what Clare McNally looks like?
Three Novels: Hordubal; Meteor; An Ordinary Life Plot and summary?
Please help on this!!!! 10 points!?
I would like to have good critics about jamaica kincaid's the autobiography of my mother?
Where I can find best offer for books?
Do you like this prose?
Authenticity in Romance Novels?
what is the best AC/DC tab book to buy?
Really good books to read?
How can I make this part of this story Awesome-r!?
in City of Bones what was/is Valentine's plan?
Who here.....?
best book you ever read?
Anybody read the Gossip Girl series (books not TV)? Question about it-Easy help please!!?
How many books?
How do YOU choose names for the stories you write?
are you on team edward or team jaceup?
What about Odd Thomas?
How come when I serach for a library it doesn't show me the hours?
Whats the name of this book? Help!?
i need a good website that could give me a good analysis of The Child by Tiger by Thomus Wolfe.?
I don't understand this quote, what does it mean?
I want to write a novel, what's the next step?
program to write a book with photos?
FAVORITE BOOK? Why do you like it so much?
what is life?
Will I like A Dance with Dragons if I liked a Feast of Crows?
♥ Which Name Fits ♥ ?
the twilight saga collection.?
what event is happening in dc comics?
HELP ! Research for **VAMPIRE** novel ! :)?
Can anyone tell me the release date for the next book in the "Vampire Academy" series is?
why mona lisa is the best portrait of da vinci?
Henrietta Lacks page number?
What is the name of this book?
I have agreat story for writing a do i get someone interested to publish it?
Is The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy a good book to read?
Help with character names?
Harry POtter QUestion about Occlumency (mind reading).?
do you have any crushes on fictional characters?
Question about making a "Tribute" Character?
who like books? i hate books?
what would your harry potter patronus?
favorite twilight quote?
Best romance Classics?
Do You Think That This Is Good?
What should the title of this story be?
GOOD WRITERS/READERS: Do these sentences make sense? PLEASE HELP?
Who Killed princess DYANA, and M FAYED disinclination or love?
Are YA books allowed to have violence and death?
What is the main plot and subplot of To Kill a Mockingbird?
HARRY POTTER FANS!!!!! If you had to chose who to save, who would it be? Out of these?
Can you please name some bookstores?
Where can I get a chapter by chapter summary of this book?
Would you be concerned if you heard that the dolphins were leaving Earth?
Did Edward deVere write Shakespeare?
Have your read the book....?
Name of a book about a candle, PLEASE HELP?
In the Old Testament of the bible did jesus kill people?
Have you ever read The Chosen by Potok? What were your feelings about it?
10 POINTS! Do you know any books like this?
Has any one ever read Hawksong & Snakecharm by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes?
Where can I find Janette Oke Audio Books?
short story -fantasy!!?
The ____are considered the civilized people and the Americans are portrayed as Barbar. Things Fall Apart?
Is it ok to refer to animals as he/she in stories?
list of sookie stackhouse books in order?
Where does Dumbledore's Army meet in the Order of the Phoenix?
Can you recommend a good book on female psychology, preferably up to date?
What is the best way to publish a short rhymed children story ? by myself or a publisher ?
Harry Potter readers - When you read the books do you picture the actors from the films?
Harry Potter or Twilight?
I like historical fiction (such as see below)....can you recommend other books I'd like?
what are some good Shakespeare titles for an essay about his life?
How's this for a Dystopia?
My Heart Leaps Up When I Behold summary.anyone have it?
hi i am maddy and i am a TH fan?
Looking for books in comic books illustration style of English lit. authors like Dumas, Twain, Dickens etc.?
Good short story urls?
Character help please?
summarize the grinch stole christmas in 25 words?
what does parallel syntactic structure mean?
What is your favorite classic book?
Who Will Win The World Cup???
Question About "The Hunger Games"?
What book are you currently reading???
Ladies, have you read the book, Women Who Run With the Wolves? How did it move you?
Questions about "To Kill A Mockingbird"?
I'm looking for a book my father read in the 1980s about a giant toad?
Greatest Fantasy of All Time?
well he is in my class and i talk to him and i know alot about him.....?
Why have people ruined Harry Potter?
What Should I Name This Story?
do you recommend any books you have read?
What are your ten favorite books?
Help with this please?
Harry Potter =) ?
what kind of novels does nicholas sparks writes/?
Does Barrett's Books in Virginia Beach Sell books on Wicca?Book Suggestions?
is there a novel for the movie book of eli?
Scholars sometimes use Frankenstein as an argument against scientific technology that creates life forms?
Do you think that Dumbledore (from Harry Potter) really died? or he will ressinate?
How would you describe Flora Poste?
Anyone know any good places to put stories/poems online?
Why Should We Research Gilga-mesh?
Would this paragraph be okay, or is it just too pathetic to fit?
Help with book?
Have you ever read the book “Artemis Fowl” by Eion Colfer?
Character names?
Help writing a story?
Michael Herr "Dispatches" analysis of the plot?
Can you suggest a book for me?
who was the first character in literature to "youthen"?
Im looking for a new fantasy book series?
What is the best book series?
How many books are there in "The Chronicles of Narnia"? Have your read them? Any good?
In the Harry Potter books, who is R.A.B.?
julie of the wolves?
Falling action of the crucible?
need name for a fictional town/city/realm, please help me!!!?
What is the name of the book by Stephen King that the movie Stand By Me is based upon?
am making a story but i need some idea like a title?
According to Vol. IV of The Eclectic Review,?
Twilight/Harry Potter?
I am a big fan of fantasy trilogies i.e. Lord of the Rings. Can anyone recommend any other fantasy trilogies?
1.Think back to “The Glass of Milk.” How would the story have been different if the boy were the narrator? Why?
Summary for "Wicked" by Gregory Maguire???
What's the difference between smart and intelligent?
Any short story ideas for teenagers?
does Finny have a last name in the book "A Separate Peace"?
Who here has read Son Of The Mob, by Gordon Korman? HELP ME?
Do you know that even dogs read about Harry Potter?
Have you ever read this poem? If so Where? Please give name of source. This is important!?
What name is used for the Demon of Anger?
Do you agree or disagree with Ayn Rand's ideology?
I am the writer of harry potter?
ghost writing an urban tale?
Please help and give me titles!!!!!?
How can I advertise my new book Lockdown Madness free on the net?
theres a book i really want to find,its about an drug addict and theres one scene that i know about?
Where do I get supernatural ideas from?
Could anyone help me with this piece of writing that I wrote as an almost 15 year old?
What do you call the graphic, used in DaVinci Code, that reads the same when rotated 180 degrees?
What do you think of someone who loves harry potter?
Harry potter character similarities?
Beautiful name for a girl with the following characteristics:?
Do you know how many ways can we put five books on a shelf?
what are fantasy characters and how do they help or improve the story?
Character name help please?
For those who have written a book, What you book's title?
Harry Potter Poll!!!?
Is there a book out there about Bush and the "coolness" to not like him?
What comes to mind when you hear the title "Best of Me" by Nicholis Sparks?
for anyone who has read Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky?
What do you think of my novel?
/\/\.. harry potter fans ... Patronus test ... /\/\?
Anne Frank Question????????????????????????
Wutherthing Heights: What disturbs Heathcliff about Hareton's appearance?
Does any one remember "The Paper Bag Princess"?
Paul Lantz?
What would you read over the summer?
Question for you teens...What are you favorite books?
In To Kill A Mockingbird why was Tom Robinson saying he felt sorry for Mayella a mistake?
what are some good books? O-O?
Do you know any good site about Victorian literature? PLEASE read the details.?
im writing a book and i need another word for "angel"(not the thesaurus ones)?
Is there any good sites about poems? I want to put my poems into sites how can I?
Does anyone know what story I am talking about?
Why does everyone think Harry Potter is stupid?
Are you going to read the 7th Harry Potter?
What is your favorite book??
Any short story ideas for Horses, Dolphins, Deer, or Lions?
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets question?
B&A Writers: Describe your work station?
Romeo and Juliet Question! HELP!!?
which book would you say has made you feel the strongest emotions (eg happy, sad, angry)?
In the book " An American Requiem " by : James Carroll....?
in the witch of blackbird pond why was kit tyler considered a witch?
How long does it take to write a novel?
What is the best book you've ever read?
What classic book should I read?
Do u think christiana is a nice name??
Please help me find this book!?
Is it worth it to sell my used books on
which names for my descriptions?
I wanna write a book about a dream I had?
Suggestions please...... ?
What is your concept of Frankenstein?
I want to know where to find Sylvia Plath's book "The bell jar" available in free ebook format to download
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince horcrux question!?
Should I make a big time jump in my next chapter?
Does anyone know what book this is?
Does anyone know where I can read "A Book" by Desi Arnaz on the Internet for free?
If you could live in any book's world for a day, which book?
What song would most suit Mr and Mrs Bennet's relationship in Pride and Prejudice?
What's your favorite part of The Stand by Stephen King?
Which name do you think is better?
What is a good book series to read?
Angel book recommendations?
What is the recommend length for a book with chapters that's a short book? How long were goosebump books?
what does peeta mean when he says "i want to die as myself"?
I need a story about someone on a venture which they change who they are and how they think.?
Would this be considered irony or ironic?
what book should i read?
What should happen in my vampire love story?
I want to know some songs that would match the "outsiders"?
What literary device would this be?
what do you think of twilight?
Using Real Names in Fake Books?
What are some good fiction books you'd recommend...?
are endless summer and the boys next door the same book?
Short story ideas? please?
In the lovely bones how does susie's killer die?
Lord of The Flies - William Golding?
Please edit my paragraph for Engish and give me some advice to how I can improve on it?
Do you consider poetry that doesn't rhyme poetry?
The Last Dog by: Katherine Patterson?
any good book about science experiments?? (bedside MAXIMUM RIDE) (.)?
What is your favorite book?
Favourite book and why please?
Worth of signed ,'The Omnibus of Time'?
Roughly how many words does a short story have?
I Have a Writing Question!!?
How do you go about getting a childrens book published without an agent?
To all book readers whats your favourite author??
B&A: Ultimate Survey - 'Are you....'?
How do you create/format a manuscript for a children's picture book?
How fast does "Howard Stephen Berg" read? (world fastest reader)?
What is the most life-changing book you've ever read?
What are good books for teenage girls?
where did shakespeare find his information for the writing of macbeth?
why we need money?
When will Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince be available in paperback?
Instead of using German ranks, should I translate them?
My idea for a book. tell me what you think?
Book about my life now a bestseller. Can i sue?
I heard J. K. Rowling is very interested in writing Rory Emerald's biography. Any new details?
Can anyone recommend a film that has been a true story but turned into a book for the kindle please?
I need help with my character names?
Where can I find information and values of old books.?
where can i read Klemperer, Victor dairy for the year 1943? whole text? for free.?
Is anybody familiar with the story "Love in a Dutch Garden" by Laurence Houseman?
What is it about this book Twilight?
Have you read Dianetics?
Who/what is the antagonist of Stranger than Fiction?
What book should I read?
I need to summarize the whole Hunger Games book to a 5 minute speaking time.?
Looking for a the name of a book I read a long time ago dont remember it.?
The Crucible. Is John Proctor a Tragic Hero?
I'm DYING for a good fantasy novel/series. ?
Who is a good writing agency for fantasy writers?
What do you think of my writing?
what page is the quotation from lord of the flies when simon gives piggy the meat?
what is the source title of a book?
what are the main themes of william wallis' book, "Hawk"?
Who is Your Favorite Character from a book you have Read?
Help me brainstorm ideas?
Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 18, and find line 4, What does it say?
Where can books be read online legally and for free?
For people who have read very old books (printed before 1940)?
Is there any one out there looking for a poet to sign, or just to publish, and pay them for their work?
are you a beginning writer?do you have a manuscript ready ?do you want it published on line?
Is this a good speech before a fantasy battle?
I know this is a stupid question....?
What shoul I read?
the devicci code book from 2yrs ago,i want to read before movie, is this the good book or doi need the new one
What is the name of this book?
How does Nick Change in the book Frindle?
how did the author foreshadow that johnny would use his knife in chapter 2?
Which Aunt Dimity books are best? What are your favorites?
How do you suggest reading a book which is very difficult?
Horror Story Ideas!!!?
which of these short books should i read?
Prior to the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, what were your predictions?
I didn't understand the writing on the right in this picture can anyone tell me please?
sonic VS. mario argument?
i want to read a good book but i have no clue what so any body have any ideas?
How much should I expect to pay for a cover illistration?
Same book different version has more pages. Why is this?
a devine revelation of hell... anyone know where i can read it online?
Where can I find a copy of John Collier's Back for Christmas?
mark twain and huck finn?
Harry Potter or Twilight?
What do you know about "Three comrades" by Remarque?
Persepolis and All Quiet on the Western Front compare and contrast?
Mary sue / Gary stu characters questions?
where can i read Human Genetics Concepts and Applications 9th Edition by ricki lewis?
Survey for Twilight Haters: have you read the books?
which is the most important literary manifesto ever launched?
Did Chaucer's character: The Wife Of Bath, have children?
what are all of the bad names juliet calls romeo in the book romeo and juliet?
I need help with a title for a children's book..PLEASE!!!?
How is the beggining of my story so far?
What book are you reading?
How is this writing......?
Would you ever read this book? It's about a superstar who gets stalked?
Lurlene McDaniel Fans: What's your favourite novel?
where in scripture,does it say none but the righteous shall see God?
I need a great intro?
Which, of all the books you've read, is the one that will stay with you forever?
Do you like my first chapter?
Heaven and Hell. You gotta see it to believe it.?
What is Da Vinci code all about? Can any one give me info about this book?
Random: Writers, what type of story would your friends...?
I need some unique names for a character in my book?
what is this book called ?
how to write in real time?
Harry Potter Fans!!!!!!!!?
is there really a ladover hasidism like in potok's book?
Tale of Two City question?
What do you think of this description of my narrative teen adventure novel?
have anybody read the book 'ed up to be' by courtney summers?
Hamlet: What's Denmark's tragic flaw?
Historical romance writer: Stephanie Laurens!!!?
A question about writing?
PLEASE ANSWER these questions on Part 3 of Feed by M.T. Anderson?
How many times have you read 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows'?
Can someone help me on the Jane Eyre book?
Who is the author of Twilight?
Lord of the Flies Ego, super Ego, and ID HELP!!!!!!!!!!?
Good books similar to these?
The book value for a 1929 publication of THE WORLD'S GREAT ROMANCES by Walter J. Black, pub by Ferris prtng co
can someone read/help with my prologue please (easy points)?
Help with book title?
Which book should I read out of these three?
What are some good books for a teenager to read?
Franz Kafka's "The Metamorphosis"?
In the Book War & Peace, which church did fighting take place at? Was there fighting at the Kremlin?
Somebody say that Edward Cullen is dead????! because of the drugs?????!!!?
How are love and affection portrayed in In Memoriam, A. H. H. by Alfred, Lord Tennyson?
I want to "Publish" a friend's book...?
Have you read The Four Agreements?
BOOK REPORT HELP! What is the title in which the following characters are classified as?
describing a bad bruise?
Is this description over-the-top?
A good title for this story?
Character qualities question. 5 points!?
Friday Night Lights <Book VS Movie>?
Which book have you read recently?
What branch of study is Hemingway's Iceberg Theory under?
What's your opintion on bellas lullaby?
If the Fellowship of the Ring in the Lord of the Rings were dogs, what kind of dogs do you think they would be?
has anyone read To Kill a Mockingbird?
Chinese American history books?
Books about escape or another world?
What is the name of this book?
Poll: Do you think Stephenie Meyer should continue to make Twilight Saga books?
how does the structure of the poem convey the writers thoughts and feelings?
What do you think of this part of my novel?
What is your most fav book that's been turned into a film.?
Do you like my characters?
what is a good book to read?
How many watchman novels were published?
Were can i download this book for free?
Young-adult fantasy romance novels suggestions?
where can i find The Fellowshp of the Ring, by JRR Tolkien to read online for free?
What's the first book you can remember reading as a child.?
Who do u think will die in 7th HP book? Harry or Voldemort?
What is the title to this book?
how old is edward cullen?
If you could suddenly find out that one work of fiction was actually true, what book ?
Is Self Publishing Your Book A Smart Move?
does anyone know a good novel to read??
Thomas Mann-Death in Venice, need help?
Nonfiction books for teens? Murder Mysteries?
Who is favorite author?
who is Pavan?
In The Titan's Curse and The Battle of the Labyrinth..(Percy Jackson)?
On what basis did Nelly Dean think Catherine would go to heaven (Pt 2, chp 2)?
when was the interview with maya angelo written by david frost?
Which is a better name for a fairy: NightShade, Twilight, Rose, Sapphire, Nyra, or Mia?
If a book hasn't gotten a sequel deal yet, is it okay to write a sequel just in case?
Hi, what would you say would be the best book(s) that you ever have read?
Story Help ~ I need a non-gory way for my characters to die.?
what happpens in Goodnight Mr tom?
Can any of you ladies recommend a good book?
Finished book report on Harry potter?
!!!David Copperfield Help!!!?
Hey come check out the first chapter for my book please :)?
Pick major struggles that support your broad ideas in the book Anne Moody, in Coming of Age in Mississippi,?
What is the name of the lion in "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe"?
Pretty little liars, where to watch?
Is The Hunger Games good should I get it?
Which of the following is an example of nonfiction?
I am searching for a children's story book?
Good books you've read...?
Can anyone recomend me some good books?
Who's the hottest book character ever?
What is the name of the author that is over eighty year old that was on The Daily Show back in April or May?
Is this any good as the start of a story?
HP and the order of the phoenix music- what is the music when the death eaters fight the order. not on the cd?
Is it possible to find a book that you don't know the author or title?
What does this sentence mean?
what is the greatest book you have ever read?
who is the popular people in the woildwide?
What are some good Irish names?
What the nice life ????
Which is the best title for my story?
does anyone know the full poems of "flight of the roller-coaster" & "top hat" by R.Souster?
Your favorite Book ever?
what do you think of the twilight saga?
Who is the best female science fiction writer?
looking for a child's poem from 1960's about footprints in the snow. who goes there? a shy brown bear ...
your favourite chapters in the harry potter books?
Can you help me think of a name for a character in my book?
In Twilight books in what order do you read them?
Would you rather... go to Hogwarts or Forks high school?
D'you find nicknames annoying in books?
Book about family that does't age, not Tuck Everlasting..?
Harry Potter poll!!!?
can any of you give me a cool elvish name?
Does Rory Emerald mortally wound H. P. in J. K. Rowling's newest novel - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?
Edward Cullen vs. Harry Potter, who would win?
Some good fantasy books?
Are there any books that you are/were obsessed with?
how many books have you read in 2008?
Vampire book i am trying to write. please read and comment!!!?
Twilight Saga...........?
Teenage girl bucket list?
What are some good book series, a lot like Harry Potter?
What's a very gruesome and disturbing book to read?
I who said "Listion to god's words" to whom?
Trying to find out the value of books, Life and times of the Right Honourable the Marquis of Salisbury K.G?
Boy names that go with Katerina?
Looking for yaer book for Wilson school 1941?
Loneliness with Of Mice and Men- please mark and help in anyway possible!?
theres a squire out..?
Once Upon a Time.........?
Who is 'R.A.B' in Harry Potter lore?
What childrens book is this?
How long would it take you to read the Harry Potter book series?
page number for interview with the vampire by anne rice?
What is a children's book really talking about?
this question is asked many times for shugo chara ch. 13?
What are some good names for a story I'm writing?
got any cool but wierd names?
What is a good chapter 7 summary of the book, “The Fat Smash Diet” by Ian K. Smith?
what is the influence of bram stoker's "dracula" on children's literature?
In the end of book 1 does voldemort try to kill harry or posses him?
Any good books out there?
horror novels?
can you suggest a good book?
can I get a list of african american litereary agents?
What is the difference between a raven and a desk? read details?
Looking for a specific Fantasy Book?
Please help ! What book is this ?
A Tale of Two Cities: Solomon = Barsad?
What type classes should they have?
Who else thinks Stephenie Meyer is a horrible writer?
Which is the best titel?
what is the new book in which all the influential people of the world have shared their words of wisdom?
What book should I read?
what is a good girl teenage book?
Who Do You Think Is Better Edward Cullen or Emmett Cullen?
is it possible to read a 400 page book in a day and a half?
can anyone reccommend a good book to read?
What are you reading now, or what do you recommend?
The Mule (Asimov 1946) - Did this novel get incorporated into the foundation series or is it different?
your favorite book series?
Which 5 writers would you like to have dinner with? What would you ask them?
which title sound good for my story?
Which pen name should I use?
Could anyone help me with this piece of writing? I'm almost 15?
what book should my 11 year old read?
Good Books for Teen Girls?
Opinions on the first chapter of my novel?
13 reasons why courtney crimsen?
I can't find The Golden Bough abridged edition?
Is this good writing?
What do the rebels and people of the capitol feel about the war in the novel Mockingjay?
how would you start a book with a young romance theme?
Last names for book characters?
When is the next Harry Potter book going to come out?
There is a website where you can track books. You leave a book somewhere and someone else picks it up.?
Books that you can easily emotionally connect with the character, that leave you feeling; impacted?
Recommend me a good book that is about struggle to survive?
What Are Some Good Vampire And or Werewolf Books?
What are some good books made into movies?
Any good books I should read?
Which is the best vampire themed book you've ever read...?
Is the book "Nothing But The Truth" appropriate for a ninth grader to read?
Is there any ballads in the world with more than 15000 lines?
is that little mouse part of your magic?
does prodigiously creative writing make sense?
Is my name appropriate for this novel?
What are some types of fashion for a fictional story?
What is your favourite book/novel and why?
Snape, good or bad?
Could you please give me some feedback on this piece of prose?
What is this kind of story writing called?
Whats a good coming of age book or about somebdoy finding out who they are.?
where i can read the book fabulousity: what it is & how to get it by kimora lee simmons online?
World War II Books!? Recomendations?
Please rate short part in my story out of ten!?
I am looking for a book about Alfred Gockel,can you give me a name?
Charactor names for NaNo?
What do you think of the rumor that "Harry Potter" books have been ghost written, since the first one?
Which is the best vampire themed book you've ever read...?
Do you think Dan Brown is a good author?
Hello people!! This is a question for everyone!! ...unless you're illiterate!!?
can anybody tell me the summary of "a tale of two cities" by charles dickens?
Summery of the last of the mohicans, please?
what are some good first and last names for girls and boy in a fake book or a name generaor website?
Writing/Screenwriting -- Character Development Software - Any?
harry potter and twilight!?
discuss the means by which Shakespeare explores the break down of order in Macbeth?
HARRY POTTER FANS-- what is your favorite moment in the whole series thus far?
in fahrenheit 451, what doesn't beatty remember? why doesn't she?
What are good names for a fictional club?
A speculation, is it likely Heathcliff raped Isabella?
What good books should I read?
When can we expect Harry POtter´s book 7??
lord of the flies question?
in the book secrets of the Hollywood girls club do all the women especially Celeste stay with their husbands?
A good book on how to become a model?
How can the sea be used to represent life and death in "The Tide Rises, The Tide Falls?"?
I'm writing a short horror story,?
tell something about a book you have just read?
What is a fiction book you would recommend?
What is one of the best books that you have read that you got the most out of?
What are some fiction/nonfiction books about college experiences?
Harry Potter Book Fans who have seen the Movies- What irked you and what redeemed them (if anything)?
red badge of courage essay?
would Benjamine Zephaniah be consider a black british author?
Anyone know any books that i might like?
a crazy Q i will ask in the details?
Does anyone have ay info on how to contact t Hans Holzer or the Warrens need info asap.?
life can be very funny: no matter your efforts, few or nothing to show for it. how do we then approach life?
How old are all you writers in real life?
Please recommended good young adult novels for me to read?
Poem I wrote in 2 minutes, can you understand what it's about?
What books have you been (or want to be) reading?
Poem Explication of Symphony in Yellow by Oscar Wilde?
What should I name this book and what should this character's last name be?
What non fiction books relate to A Tale of Two Cities?
help me name my book?
sensory details in the pearl by john steinbeck?
JK Rowling - something doesn't sit right there?
Any good books like Twilight?
what is the meaning of catcher in the rye?
How is Edgar Allen Poe related to Autumn/Fall?
Who thinks that there should be an entire section of just twilight on here?
What Hogwarts house would you be in? Why?
wondering if anybody knows the title of a book i read in school?
What do you think is going to happen in the upcoming 7th Harry Potter book?
Do any writers out there use an old fashioned typewriter?
Is this excerpt any good?
In "The Fall of the House of Usher" by Edgar Allen Poe could fungi spores be responsible for their delirium?
i am begining to dislike twilight, is anybody els?
Hunger games questions?
Good question for an author I'm seeing with class.?
What is your favorite fantasy love story (book)?
Good thesis statement for the Scarlet Letter?!?
What are the scariest things that you have ever experienced?
What's the funniest thing you've found in a library book.?
I want to become a witch?
Last names to fit these first names?
What you continue reading?
Can I have a summery of the book "le don" by yves beauchense and david schinkel for chapters 1-10?
In lord of the flies, does the pilot survive as long as he does in the movie?
team edward or team jacob?
Is there a Korean translation of Douglas Coupland's 1995 novel, "Life After God"?
what are good short story ideas for YA fiction?
What is everyone reading?
Do you like the poet Robert Frost?
Westing Game characters?
Are the "Chicken Soup for the Soul" books mainly Christian-based stories?
What is one classic book, that every teenager must read in their lifetime?
Twilight or Harry potter?????
i need to find where in nycity i can find an all blank text book size book?
Any information on the sequel to "The Host" by Stephenie Meyer?
What are bleak, miserable settings called in writing?
is anyone here a fan of paul auster?
Where can I download the book Johnny Tremain freely?
What are some books that I must read before I die?
has the da-vinci code changed your outlook and perspective about christianity?
What is a Literature Character?
Best ways to promote a book?
Anyone read the choice by nicholas sparks?
A question about the book Night?
Do you think this is a disgusting storyline?
Who is Your Favorite Character from a book you have Read?
Are all e-books in black & white?
I have an original print of the 1924 classic "Arabian Nights" and want to sell it.?
How does Lydia affect Elizabeth? (Pride and Prejudice)?
If your life, so far, was made into a book, what would be the opening sentence?
Do you think that this would be an interesting story?
Are you reading any good books?
Hey, Writers! What books are you reading?
If you sold 1 million books how much does it cost to publish a book?
What's the best book you've ever read?
Puritans and Quakers book?
What is the scariest book you have ever read and why did it scare you?
need a good name for a book review blog?
When do you read short stories?
Need a reliable forum which is used all the time for authors and people who sell e-books?
What's your favourite book/author?
how much it cost for getting seamans book?
Would appreciate discussion Questions on book "City of Fallen Angels" by John Berendt?
Traditional book agents?
How To Make A Noise, Anybody have this book?
Who is Louise Theo that Manuel Najera refers to in his poem "La duquesa Job"?
What do you think of this short story idea?
Is there another site other than tastekid to find similar books?
Will new technology end the published book?
how to make an autograph book?
I need help with finding a theme for my book report?
Native american Indian book! help! can't remember title?
I have written a book and need to market it better and get speaking engagements How do I do best do this?
I'm writing a Novel?
If someone wrote a book about your life, what would they title it?
where to get free harry potter e books?
The book thief vs handmaid's tale?
Strong the story behind?
I want to try the books of Garth Nix.?
what is the name of the org that writes a book in a short time?
In the Book Veronika Decides to Die......?
What is andrew clements mailing adress?
Why don't guys like Twilight?
In need of a twilight beta?
Huck Finn?
american lit: modern examples of old ideas?
What have you learned from Twilight?
Werewolves vs vampires? bq?
Trumpeter of the swan book question ?
If I had a really thick book do you think I could hallow out parts of it?
do boys and girls read the twilight books or just girls?
Good plot suggestions?
is 11 too young to do Nanowrimo?
Would this make a good opening comment for a novel? Would you want to read this?
Can you tell me the title and author of this novel...?
Much Ado About Nothing Questions?
How do you get out of writers block?
If you wrote a book of your life what would the title be and why?
how do you describe a period poetically?
which book is better a northern light or the help?
What do you think of the beginning of my story?
I showed my sister a short story I wrote, and now she's really mad at me...?
Can anyone recommend a good book?
explain the irony of romeos intervention in the Mercutio/Tybalt fight?
Scarlet ibis vs Doodle?
do you prefer a happy ending?
Names for my female character?
What is your favorite Kurt Vonnegut book?
men are superior then women?wht do you think?
What's your favorite short story? Who wrote it?
/\/\.. Harry potter Fans..what would your Harry Potter name be../\/\?
What is good writing to you?
What is your favorite book and why?
Easy 10 Points Up For Grabs! What are the steps of Skelligs transformation?
can someone tell me a summary of the story--The Legend of Sleepy Hallow? its by diedrich knockerbocker i think?
which is the site where i cud find free online books for primary class?
what do you think about "The collector" by John Fowles?
For those who read the book "Great Expectations".......?
What is the rock in the book "The Wretched Stone"?
Twilight question for Jacob-haters?
Have you read "Finale" by Becca Fitzpatrick?
In Canada, what book publishing companies are the best?
I am very homely and can't get a boyfriend, what should I do?
How do I make my stories less rushed...?
Something I wrote. Read it plz. Need feedback?
i have a lord of the flies essay based on leadership qualities in ralph?
Does anyone know where I can find a publication of "Bearwatcher,An Apache Medicine Man"?
Do men read Romance Novels? If so, why? If not, Why?
Where did the story opening "Once upon a time" come from?
What is the best book you have ever read?
Harry Potter...?
Who wrote the first known novel? and when?
In the Harry Potter series 19 years later can anyone imagine harry having an affair with ron?
What do you think of my writing?
How many pages are in Lemony Snikett;Series of Unfortunate Events?
Would you say............frustration.?
who likes harry potter.?
Whats your fav Harry Potter book and what do you think will happen to him in the end?
What is the climax of the book Eggs by Jerry Spinelli?
Has anyone heard about the book : The bridge over St-Louis Ray?
What do you think is the most memorable opening line in a book?
Could a collection of short stories that includes a novella be called an anthology?
Where to get a list of discussion questions for Humbolt's Gift?
Read the book or watch the TV Series?
How is this excerpt from my story?
wherecan i find a good writer for my story?
What are some meaningfull, encouaging quotes u like?
How do I kill Alduin?
Ever Read......?
how did shakespeare show men had power over women in Romeo and Juliet?
Need help finding a book!?
I'm trying to write a love scene for my story.?
What's the last book you read that completely sucked you in?
Whats Better:Harry Potter or Lord Of The Rings? [BOOKS NOT MOVIES!]?
What is Ponyboys role in the conflict and its resolution in the novel the outsiders?
How do you think of my prolouge of my story?
Everyday writing websites?? Helps writing more?
does anyone know the name to this creepy children's book?
Creative short story title help!?
If you had to marry a Harry Potter character...?
should i read the harry potter books first or watch the movies first?
Does anyone know where i can get a book summary of The Hunt for Red October?
Has anyone read "Oldave" by Giovani Ciaramitaro?
obsessed with twilight what should i read next?
Harry Potter fans.....?
Who is GA McKevett?
What do you think of the beginning of my story?
Book to movie, are you a legalist?
I'm looking for a thriller/crime novel
Which order were Dan Browns novels written in?
Does anyone else remember Grimm Tales?
Anyone read Huckleberry Finn?
Anyone else besides me disgusted with the website Republic of Pemberley?
what does it mean? "my last duchess" by Robert Browning?
Is there a book named war craft? who is the writer?
I've written a poem looking for a site to put it on?
Is this a good book to read?
Is it fair to say that Celine Varens was in Rochester's social class?
Can someone read the first two chapters of what I have on a book so far? I'll post it in the details.?
Do you consider the word "rape" (used in the book To Kill a Mockingbird) as offensive material?
example of choral reading?
Which series do you like more: Percy Jackson or Gone?
How do i prove to my parents that Harry Potter isn't witchcraft?
The meaning of 'Excelsior' in Lewis Carroll's _A Tangled Tale_?
Darren Shan Demonata movie?
How long are short stories?
i wonder how will people react if someoane would write a book with the continuation of lord of the rings??
Hey, I'm writing a book it's about shapeshifters and them saving the world n stuff please give me feedback?
Do Americans like long book titles or short titles?!?
Looking for the author's / name some picture.?
Need Argumentative Topic for Shakespeare Paper?
What's wrong with a character like the Manic Pixie Dream Girl?
What makes characters come to life?
what do you thimk that will happen in the seventh volumeof harry potter??
In the Possibility of Evil, what is the importance of this line:"Miss Strangeworth never bothered about facts.
Twilight OBSESSION!-sick of it?
Why does DeLillo say "it’s very American to write about being young and lost"?
So at the end of the book, "I'd tell you i love you, but then i would have to kill you." what happens?
Angels and Demons or Da Vinci Code ??
Who was Emma Roberts?
Name ideas for my character?
would you read this book?
What do you think of the "Bizarro" style of books and novels?
When will the new Twilight come out?
What books have you read that have made you cry?
If I had a really thick book do you think I could hallow out parts of it?
In the Novel The Alchemist, Santiago threw his book was an unnecessary burden. When and why is book l?
What's a better scientist's name: August or Augustus?
describe and account for some of the changes in the priceof palm oil from 1998 to 1999?
is it true that jace and clary are in bed together in city of angels?
B&A: Is there ever a question on here that you see and just want to make a sarcastic comment?
Does anyone else get the feeling...?
I'm 10, should I be able to read the 4th Twilight?
Can someone suggest a book for me?
What are some similar books to the 'Boy Soldier' series by Andy McNab and Robert Rigby?
cant remeber the title!!!!!!!!?
did you read the taming of the shrew by shakspeare???
why does everyone hate new moon by stephanie meyer?
Do you prefer new or used book stores?
i need 3 passags from the book lucky from alice sebold.i also need the page numbers.?
Harry Potter fans?
What's that book?
Help With My of Mice and Men ABC book?
What's your favorite book?
Where can I get the book Forever Young- one direction?
Name for my short story collection?
Who's writing a novel?
How do I write a movie?
best eReader in Canada for $130 or less?
Have you heard of Ivo Andric??
In the Wizard of Oz what was it each character was looking for
Twilight Questions!!!!!!!!!!! Please Answer!?
I want a website contains full information about ed bullins' play "gentleman caller" help me please
what is the answer to the alice in wonderland page 2?!?!?
Why do you, or don't you like Sarah Palin?
How can I make my writing better?
How to name a novel??
Survey for Twilight Haters: have you read the books?
Drastic Plot/Theme change?
What is the significance of Pearl in the tidepool scene?
what's correct? we parted ways or we parted our ways?
Is there a name for the way I put a quote from another book before each chapter in a book I'm writing?
Help me name my novel?
Hi, what would you say would be the best book(s) that you ever have read?
i love asia but i need the good start in the live?
How do you get past chapter 5 in Pottermore?!?!?
Was Joseph Wambaugh ever in the running for police chief in Houston TX?
I have looked all over the internet, Can any one find me a website showing the profits of a used bookstore?
Anybody read the WHOLE Pretty Little liars series?
☆ ALL Harry Potter Fans: Please Answer! ☆?
what do you think of my novel?
Harry Potter...?
Have you ever used an ereader to read a book?
Who would you cast for 50 shades of Grey?
I need help describing?
in the novel The Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison, why are chapters 1-6 considered a unit?
help with my writing? pleasae help?!?
What are some books like...?
Rowling's Army: Let's play spin the bottle?
who is Nagib Mahfouz and why is he famous and from which country?
Looking for poem/author; lines include "once, twice, my life seems over and done with...?
Is this a good find at a resale store?
Who is "I" in "I, Too" by Langston Hughes?
do u know about the life of Dash Benhur the famous writter of 'Tribute'?
In Charles Dickens novel "Hard Times" what is he saying about the factory system?
Does this plot seem useful (good)?
How many people believe that mormonism,or Latter Day Saints,is a cult?
10 points for a guess?
Favorite Book?
Can someone help me on a question concerning Hamlet?
Does this sound okay to you?
whats the best poem book/poem you've ever read?
what turn polar bears white?
Pride and Prejudice. How is this introduction ?
Anybody know a cute love story?
I am percy weasley by peeves?
If you were in charge of the catalogue in your local Library,.where would you put George Bush's Autobiography?
results on bills passed in Bensenville, Il 3/21/06?
What are some adventurous names that are like "Sharkboy" and Lavagirl?
what to compare with poes cask if amontillado?
Can anyone quote the entire text of Ted Hughes poem Daffodils from Birthday Letters?
Does anyone know about a sci-fi book titled "coeleus" or something like that?
Where can i download an ebook of PURPLE COW by Seth Godin?
please suggest a decent book to read - I am tired of wasting precious time on junk?
What would you name 2 female characters?
What is a good allusion to the theme of mockingbirds in to kill a mockingbird?
What was this book called?
who said" a revolution without dancing is a revolution not worth having"?
The Art of Urban Sketching?
What is the oldest book that you own?
Can any Greece speaker tell the names of the following books in English with their meanings:?
chapter by chapter summaries Microbe Hunters- Paul deKruif?
Favorite Author?
Why are erotic books so, in fashion?
Does anyone know of any good futuristic/distopian Books?
Great Fanfiction Websites.....?
Fantasy writing prompts, anyone?
i need a book?
If I liked angels & demons and davinci code, what other books do you recommend me to read?
How do you think, or want, the Harry Potter series to end?
book named:twilight saga's new moon. where is it sold?
The outsiders book summary?
Worst writer, and book, you have ever come across?
Where can i find Let The Old Dreams Die?
E-mail editors? Return favour?
Harry Potter fans: your insights on the Epilogue?
Who LIKES The Twilight Series and who doesn't?
What format of e-book we can download?
Any suggestions for a good read ? Any genre will do.?
Anyone have any good names for the characters in my book?
where can i read twilight in spanish online for free?
Is the beginning of my story good?
Really good books? Any Ideas?
I'm writing a sonnet and I need to know a word that rhymes with neighbor.?
Any good books for 15+ year old girl?? (Not TWILIGHT!)?
when does the clock go backward?
Has anyone in America read anything besides the Da Vinci Code?
Harry Potter Random Survey.?
Do you like writing poetry?
What are words to describe talking while writing?
HOw do I contact a publisher to submit my manuscript?
where can I get information about publishing my poems?
Does this have the potential to be published?
what are some good books for teens?
Any good books that involve the character running away?
Does anyone have an ideas for a short horror story?
Does any1 no Where can i buy the book called the BLACK DONNELLYS i want to buy online?
Im lOoking for a good fiction series. Any ideas?
Does the novel "Fifty shades of Grey" have anything about foot fetish or foot worship?
Anne rice fans?
atonement by Ian McEwan?
Is the world ready for my world?
Does anyone else read the last page of a book first?
Your favorite book ever?
I have to ask a question about a medical thing for my story?
what books are like the dead is series by Marlene Perez?
Does anyone know who wrote the Bible?
Do you have the book, "The Help" in front of you?
How to raise a gangster?
How is the opening scene significant in the story A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings?
Can you recommend a good book?
What do you think miller’s warning was to his audience when writing this play?
Which is greatest book which predict future events and past events?
What was the best science fiction story you ever read aand who wrote it?
where can i find a summary on "no man knows my history"?
What to do after you finish your book?
Does anybody have any motifs for the book "to kill a mockingbird.?
Where can I read Nora's chapter online for free?
What are some good books?
If you could stop the death of ONE particular character in Harry Potter, who would it be?
Need some names for characters in a book?
What book should I read?
Sarah dessen fans... Which book is your favorite?
Which sounds better for a title?
Do you think that Harry Potter will die in my next book?
What do you think of my story .. so far?
good books about spies,secret agents, CIA, etc..?
a new book, sound any good?
how many cutie girls are in ?
Describe an event of foreshadowing in DONT BLINK BY JAMES PATTERSON.?
What are you currently reading and what books are next on your list?
A writers' survey...just for fun?
The Raven - Edgar Allan Poe?
Analysis of Gretel in Darkness?
Which are your must read books?
How are these preliminary paragraphs to the first chapter of my novel?
What are some lesser-known, controversial short stories?
How do I write a reflection on my book talk?
A book is written addressing the reader ("you walk to the door") - is it subjective or objective?
Who is better: Twilight or Harry Potter?
Missing words in fanfiction story!!!!?
what are the tribute's items in the hunger games?
How should I phrase the words "National Park" if I'm using them several times in a list?
can anyone help me to download Aaron Kemmer's e book?
What book are you ashamed not to have read yet?
Are historical novels more or less popular than novels about the present?
best romance book ever?! for teens or adults?
What kind of books do you like to read?
what's your favorite WORD?
i just read gone with the wind and then scarlett i was wondering if theres a third one?
Letters in Frankenstein by Mary Shelley?
Does anyone know of any good websites where I could sell my used textbooks? (Apart from auction sites)?
Where can I find a full version of the MLA handbook online?
Target audience for those stupid twilight books?
can anyone describe the Black dagger brotherhood mansion?
Has anyone read all of Laurell K. Hamilton's Books? If so, what happens to Jean Claude?
Why is Sherlock Holmes still popular 195 years later?
Does anyone know of a book about a sick little girl....who starts makin' 10,000 origami birds...before she die
can you give any free web site from where i can download free motivational books from famous authors?
Doesn't Jeffrey Archers "False Impression" Characters require Visa?
What are your top 5 favorite non-fiction books? (why?)?
does a josh from texas ever ask questions?
B&A: Just a couple of questions for you?
The order of which Virginia Woolf wrote her novels?
Finish this story!!!! Make it interesting!!10 pnts 4 best story!!?
Harry Potter?
Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure?
What was the last book you read for pleasure?