which books or poems, writers or poets taught at school do you love, despite learning it at school?
sherrilyn kenyon fans!!!!!!!!?
What was the last book you read/?
Has J.K. Rowling written anything besides Harry Potter?
what is the plot of the sea of monsters?
Has anyone had luck selling books on
The Stone Angel : one chapter question. needs help!?
How many books have you read so far this year?
Has anyone ever felt sad when a character in a book died?
Can anyone help me with my cat?
How Many People Here Hate Twilight?!?
Are there any magazines currently taking submissions from unknown authors?
How would you describe this dress?
How long did it take you to read the twilight books?
Who's your favorate author?
Do you think this would be weird?
When is it okay to put your pride in your back pocket?
Any good book suggestions? Please :)?
What do people put about other people in burn books?
What 3 authors who are no longer alive would you have liked to have met?
What Book am I thinking of?
Twilight series question?
In Literature Whose amputated leg was returned in a brown-paper parcel?
where can i find a good literary review of Dan Brown's Deception Point?
What's some good books to read?
HELP! Need a good book to read?
Walden by HDT?
Catch 22, Heller?
Who wrote waiting to exhale?
Would you want to read more of this?
Marjorie Morningstar by Herman Wouk...?
This morning on the Kidd Kraddick show he read a poem about sending your daughter off to the first day of?
Can somebody help me pleas with writing scary story?
Where can i find the full text of the play, "A Raisin in the Sun"
Literary Terms Used in The Hound of the Baskervilles?
what's your favorite book of all time?
I need a title! Help!?
Why did Ayn Rand call her book the fountainhead?
What are some songs that relate to The Crucible and How does it relate?
Who was Truman Capote's writer boyfriend?
Is there any websites for online library's or anything similar that can send books/novels etc by post?
Need help choosing a pen name?
what should each book be about?
Madame de Stael wrote,"They will disappear,those parentswho are taking so long to make way for you" Which book
where is an apostrophe in silas marner?
whats a good name for the werewolf in my story?
Would I buy a DVD Player or install a Combo Drive on my computer?
I need 3 conflicts from Enders Game. They don't have to be major ones.?
what book would you recommend for someone who likes books with a twist and one that would linger in your mind?
Can anyone recommend a good book?
great expectations questions?!?
Male character, you name him!?
The Harry Potter Books or Twilight Books?
What is your take on writing down your ideas?
Past and present tense? Help!?
Copyable outtakes from New Moon + the Extras?
How can I create a book cover?
What are some good books for teens?
John Hooper Harvey was a British writer on medieval architecture. What university was he associated with?
Book about Thor and Loki?
I need a title for my story, please?
Is the Dark Tower series filmable?
which copyright should i use for a story in WATTPAD?
Who was steppenwolf?
What kind of story do you like better?
Is there any info. on a poet named Anna Petrovne Bunina, that wrote the poem "From the Seashore"?
What do you think of the introduction of my story?
When does Book Three of Christopher Paolini's Inheritance Triology Come Out?
Please pick your favorite BOOK?
Make these sentences more interesting?
What is you favorite book of ALL time?
Do you know what book I am talking about?
Any recommend romance story on wattpad?
Would the book If I Stay by Gayle Forman acceptable to read for my Honors English 1 Summer Assignment?
Last book you read?
Why do people bother reading books? Its a waste of time.?
can someone give me some ideas for my story?!:)?
I'm writing a book and I was wondering if these sentences sound good together or does it skip around?
Harry Potter Questionn?
Lovely bones move and book question?
Allusion to Cinderella?
HP fans!!!- Did you like the HBP(6th hp movie) movie or not.?
how can i write a paragraph outline?
can someone give me a good book to read?
What is a suitable girl's names for a character in my story?
Comparing and Contrasting TV shows with Frank Kafka's "The Metamorphosis"?
What is this book? It gave password to a website that would show video clips. It was a mystery/thriller book..?
Paradise lost question?
A writer's advice?
Help??? The Demon inthe Freezer?
Explain the intertextual influence of Charles Dickens' novels on Arundhati Roy's "The God of Small Things".
where can i find a list of books & synopsis's of these books by kathleen winsor?
What is the best book you've ever read?
Does anyone know when the book Mr. Playboy is coming out?
Is there a movie that relates to the book "The Importance of Being Earnest" ?
For those who have read the book A Seperate Peace....(please answer!!!)?
How does Edgar Allen Poe’s writing embody the ideas of the Romantic movement?
Books by David Gibbins?
Da Vinci Code Sucked. You can't make fun of God like that.?
What are some examples of this genre (read for more info)?
What should I name this story?
how can one make a hobby a reality n can anyone help me financial?
How should I start my first body paragraph on my essay?
Is ther anywhere online that i can read short story "Tunnel" by sarah Ellis?
I need new mangas to read, any reccomendations?
i need a short story for school ideas plz?
Harry Potter Question???
What is the title of this book?
What is your on my poem "sweet little angel"?
which book is the first one dark heart rising or dark heart forever?
Summery of "A Dogs Purpose" by W. Bruce Cameron?
What is the plot of a 'humor' short story?
Do you like my first chapter? If too long only reading the first paragraph is okay?
can u give me a list of few scary i mean haunted novels?
What are some books that everyone should read in their lifetime?
why was dorian gray banned?
What was the best and worst parts of "Dante's Inferno"?
WHAT TO READ NEXT? Any suggestions?
What are your favorite books?
Please advise the best book you have ever read, author as well?
Would you consider yourself a Books and Authors regular?
What are some good, classic books that every person should read in their lifetime?
What book are you currently reading?
what did Dave Pelzer's mum do to him and why did she do it..?
My husband and I have read all the Twilight books and all the Harry Potters. What would you recommend next?
What is the name of the book?
Can anyone give me a list of good books to read and a little summary? EASY 10 POINTS!!?
Hi, I'm looking for a book that was read to me in the 1980's about a black family on a road trip?
Top 3 books? Which would YOU buy?
Do you think movie directors have an obligation to stick to a the original story of a classic piece of lit?
what book came out this week?
Twilight question for Jacob-haters?
Do you think JK rownling is going to kill Harry Potter?
how can i translate in greek the phrase hedge knight?
What other books are great to read?
i need an clerihew poem?
the story in a sentence?
Ishmael...Ever Read It?...Whats Your View On It..?
In the old man and the sea by Ernest Hemmingway what is the author outlook on humanity?
Curious about the age of general Harry Potter fans.?
What is the authors purpose of hercules the story?
biblical lessons in tom sawyer?
Who is your absolute favorite Harry Potter character?
Where can I download the Weather Warden Series for free?
I didnt read some of the books but heres a question.?
Who thinks that Stephenie Meyer desperately needs an editor and writing skills?
Conversations With God - Book Series?
What are good quotes?
fav song????????
what is a great suggestion for a thesis about Katniss Everdeen being a great heroine?
Stephen King..............................?
HARRY POTTER FANS: If you had a pensieve, what memories would be in there that you would constantly jump into?
Official fan stories/fanfiction?
I need help to think of a beginning for my story.?
What is your favorite twilight book?
Would love feedback from my stories? Will follow on Wattpaid?
need books to read...?
Please help with wolf names..?
Writers: It's my first try at NaNoWriMo, so do you have any advice, please?
i would like to find the play called the ghost of benjamin sweet?
Ideas for my short sad story?
Please introduce novels about the people who have attained calm,creativity, and morality by living in nature.
Does everyone dream of writing their own stories?
What is the best book you've ever read?
What book is the best for me?
Other fanfiction places?
what was the last book you read?
Why was there 25% disagreement to "Best Answer" to: What is James Frey doing these days?
if i just read harrypotter books 6-7 will i get confused?
Question about bookstores?
What are some good books I can read? (besides twilight)?
Does anyone know what the name is of a library that is an award winner. It has a tree, aquarium wall, In CA?
Are books like goosebumps still in demand?
What is a good vampire book for people under 15?
Am i too overly obsessed with this Fantasy, Twilight?
Devil Stories?
how king claudius has changed from the beginning of the play to the beginning of act 5?
Can someone give me quotes from a wrinkle in time?
Stories where a character overcomes oppression?
Anyone who has read The Doll's House?
Does dead island have a storyline?
so in the pretty little liars book is toby in it is he nice?
a story probably 30+years old? what is the name of it?
Main character is a prostitute. Why?
did hulk hogan write any books?
i had long sleek hair.i put the pink snow cap on and took it off and soon i had short messy hair.what do i do?
how many pages would this be in a normal book?
Hate "Jacob Black" and "Edward Cullen"?
How do you become a Editor? Please help.?
Good title for my story?
John Knowles author?
Was George Orwell a Socialist???
What are some good names for a heroic bad boy in a book? First and last please!!!!?
What happened in July's People by Nadine Gordimer?
How do I link my Website with every e-mail I write and send?
Have you read 'Youth in Revolt' by C.D. Payne?
Agatha Christie? Plz help.?
I've started my own royality paying ebook publshing company. I'm seeking new authors email me for guidelines.
Are there any websites for writers who....?
what is the thesis statement dickens revealed in tale of two cities?
Modern classic that is similar in theme to Jane Austen's Emma.?
how many books has jaci burton sold?
Look for specific book by Jules Verne?
Early 90's Book, "Butterfly" Where Main Character Starts a Brothel with Themed Rooms?
I need to find a rare book called Legally Sane by Jon K Hahn.?
What's the best fiction book you ever read?
books you read when you were younger?
Story Time?
how to publish a book?
Whats the website for virgin megastore books? i cant find it?
Why does kakashi stab rin?
Harry Potter Fans, random questions...?
what are the impact of desktop publishing on design and printing?
What genre should I write about?
Who was a more influencial writer, Walt Whitman or Mark Twain?
can you help me with my story?
can u send me matins luther king jr's i have a dream speech?
David and Tally?
what is an essay and types of essays?
what is the country frist in 2006 game?
What book is a metaphor for your life and struggle?
Which first line is better?
What is the name of this book?
who wrote a poem that starts, I have lived and i have loved.... does any body know the whole verse?
Does anyone know of or use any good online writing journals or notepads, which can be saved online?
What are some situational irony and dramatic irony in the short story the life you save may be your own?
how to read famous five online?
Why is it so hard to start writing a long story (a.k.a. a novel)?
Writers: What's your character(s) doing right now?
How do i write the perfect story?
Have you heard of the books The Prydain Series?
What are some names meaning water spirit?
Where Can I Read The Twilight Saga Online?
What is the best book ever writen?
in othello...?
answers to group discussion questions in white oleander by janet fitch?
Vocabulary in Memoirs of a Geisha?
Is it just me or do others feel that the DaVinci Code is poorly written?
Is this a good story?
Harry Potter fans: Just for kicks, let's say that I am planning a HP-themed wedding... What would you include?
A good book for a 14 year old girl?!?
what is Gatsby's dream in the book "The Great Gatsby"?
What should the quality in me for being a good writer?
Any ideas of a sententence that sounds better than "falling into an endless pit", with the same meaning?
Where do i write my nanowrimo novel?
What are some good books that tell a story like the movie paranormal activity?
Need list of all novels (16 mystery + any all others) and short stories by Fletcher Flora?
why is everyone obsessed with Twilight?
Where can I send some personal Romanian poems or SF stories for critics?
Does anyone know what this book is called?
Is there anyone on here that isn't trying to get their homework done for them?
Which book do you prefer out of these?
What book are you reading at the moment?
In "Cats" The musical.?
Will anyone be willing to create a book cover for me for free?
help me with my book report on When men become gods?
Could you please recommend a book or two or four?
does anyone know of books that have animals as the characters?
Any ideas for a creepy note for my horror story?
Please!!! READ THIS......?
Whats a good prop to bring in ?
where can i get L J smith vampire diaries to download?
Who's the "man in the felt hat" in the book "The Phantom of the Opera"?
Is the start of my story okay?
What is the name of this children's book I remember book from when I was younger?
Who would u be from the Clique series and why?
Who else realllllly misses Harry Potter
How long does it take you to read a book....?
what is a good book series to read?
Is this alright for an 'action' excerpt?
can people see this writing?
Your fav twilight book?
Elaborate on the “Role of culture in Financial services, Aviation industry and Telecommunication”?
Name this Civil War book please...?
B&A, would you like to answer this little survey of mine?
Edward or Jacob...................................… ?
Who should the "bad girl" kill in my story?
What is this book??? come on help please?
Please can someone help me find a good book to read?
what is your favourite book you have read, and why do you like it?
What are some good books to read?
Which Harry Potter death did you take the hardest?
Why are Twilight and Harry Potter compared?
Would you read a book twice even though you already know what happens?
impact of prejudice and discrimination stephen lawrence?
A poem with a repeating line "Don't care was made to care, was eaten by a lion".?
Power and Authority in "Of mice and men"?
whats the saddest book you have ever read? and why?
What's a good (Fantasy) Book for me to read?
What books are similar/comparable to Wilde's 'De Profundis'?
What's your fav love poem?
Are The Harry Potter Books Really Any Good?
The Jungle Book by Rudyard KiplingOf all the animals, the monkeys were the most organized? true or false?
Anyone got ANY Sarah Kane play online?
What is the quality of the books themselves on
What is the book "To Kill a Mockingbird" reviews from you?
whats an example in the adventures of hukleberry finn of the influence of the dominant unconcious??//?
What is your least favorite book(s)?
What are some books that are third-person omniscient?
What should I name this character?
website on analyzing books?
What novels made you cry?
catchy title for the pit and the pendulum?
Urgently Need book titled "BELOWS FALLS" by Archer Mayor. Any good advice may ge 10 Points?
who is the best detective?hercule puaro or sherlock holmes?
Got any exciting books to recommend?
catcher in the rye??
Need the name of a book?
My childhood isnt complete?
Who loved the Da Vinci Code?
has anyone read the book Over a Thousand Hills I Walk With you?
If you were your character...what would he/she do?
Is the book 'The Last Song' by Nicholas Sparks good?
Name the 2 cities, United States dropped the Atomic bomb on?
your favourite book?
good book to read???
Can anyone recommend any good books? - i read most things?
All Night Party R.L. Stine?
Would you keep reading? Small excerpt.?
The dress on the cover of Matched by Ally Condie?
Harry Potter fans! A few questions for you!?
OMG! Harry Potter's related to Voldemort??!!!?
comic book help!!!?
Is there anywhere I can listen to doctor who big finish audio books for free?
Being a survivor means being vunerable?
I am writing a booklet for a reunion and wish to have it copywrited, how do I obtain a copywrite for this?
Writers: What's the most helpful tip you've received?
what exactly do you have to do/ go through (steps) to get a book published?
what is your favourite terry pratchett book and character?
Which summer reading books should I choose?
In the book slaughterhouse 5?
Do you like my characters' names for my book? only three! easy 10 points!?
Book/ books about archangels?
what is the meaning of greed?
Where can I purchase Japanese magazines?
why do some people read books? don't they have cable?
Know a suitable straight haired teen brunette for my book?? READ DETAIL BELOW! :-)?
Would you name your children after favorite characters in movies or books?
I wrote a 3 page article, but did I Plagiarize?
>>>Are YOU (yes you) a Harry Potter Fan??
Twilight readers?
What's appealing about Edward Cullen?
Author of "primal scream"?
Read any good books lately?
What is your least favorite book(s)?
Is this any good? what do you think?
Is my story well written?
Freak the Mighty Disscussion question HELP!!!?
i need help on my essay homework!?
Stranger in a strange land essay topics 10 points?
Why isn't my FanFic chapters updating?
What's a good name for my blog?
How do you like your fantasy books to start?
Do you have to read the inside girl novels in order?
Are you a human or some form of alien life from another planet?
Why does Ray Bradbury always mention Ohio in all of his stories, such as The Martian Chronicles?
I have to create three allusions with examples. Can anyone give me some suggestions to get me started? Thanks!?
Do you guys know any good books?
Would you rather read a novel or a book of poetry?
What is the main theme or Alan Paton's main message for this book? I would really appercaite it if you could
Thirteen year old female looking for a good book... please help!?
when is the new vampire diaries book comming out?
Harry Potter Fans/DA/RA? Just wondering?
It was the best of times and the worst of times....?
What book should I buy my mother?
What is the tone of the book 20000 leagues under the sea?
Do you see evidence of Sylvia Plath having been sexually abused in her work?
In Julius Caesar, in the opening act of 4 scene 3 why is Cassius upset with Brutus?
How many books have you read this year?
What's the worst book you ever read?
Was anyone punished for the murder of Julius Caesar?
How many litte kittens have lost their mittens?I am sooo confused!?
Anybody NOT like the DaVinci Code?
Would you rather read a story about someone or read a reader-insert?
Did Harry Potter set a trend?
What's your take on Romance Novels?
V.C. Andrews?
What do you think of this poem?
Does anyone have the poem "The Visitor" by Ian Seraillier?
What is your favourite children's book or story and why?
What are some good teen books with a gothic edge?
a lesson before dying the movie and book comparioson name 3 thing that did or didnt happen in the movie orbook
I enjoy reading Richard Brautigan. What are some similar authors that you can reccommend?
Why do we study Shakespeare in school?
What is a good book or series you read?
Does anyone think that "The Blind Assassin" by Margaret Atwood is overrated?
Anyone read Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson?
Does anyone know the author and title of this book? It may be a stumper!!!?
What size font should I use while typing out my novel? ?
What is the name of this book?
issues in the novel/movie atonement?
in the book 'Freak The Mighty' what is the actual medical diognonos for kevin[freak]?
How does Young Goodman Brown (Hawthorne) relate to anti-transcendentalism?
i have to do a comedic and dramatic monologue for who's afarid of the virginia woolf any suggestions?
does anyone know if there is an Edward Cullen out there somewhere?
What do you think about...?
i want 10 true or false statements for the book name the secret agent?
Is Katsopolis a real name or was it made up for Full House?
is pamela by samuel richardson written to tillitate male audience?
What was the last book you couldn't finish?
Where can I get a POEM titled: AFRICAN WOMAN WHAT ARE YOU NOT?
Alice and Jasper support t-shirts?
Does anyone know of any good books about vampires?
why do you read fiction?
what is your favorite place to read?
What should I name this character?
Now lets say your age is 25 . Does it mean you know this planet , everything you see for only 25 years ?
2 mistaken notions needed for timeline by Michael Crichton?
What is the book you have on the table?
HP fans: What element did you like most about the Harry Potter books: the mystery, action, or adventure?
Anne Frank, unusual facts or odd stories about her?
what novel should i do for grade 12 eng isu?
Any teen novel ideas?
what is the name of a book about the tulip trade?
Do you wish that all boys were like Edward? [Twilight]?
What is the GF of the Students went to the Rector's house.....?
How do you write short stories? what are the basics of getting started?
If anyone has read the Da Vinci Code, what did you think of it??
If you could jump into a book, which book would it be?
Who are some writers that use only fragments in thier writings?
Book called Son of the Mob?
Is Edgar Allen Poe burried in Boston?
What is the best Anne McCaffrey book or series?
What would you say if Snape turned blonde?
Draco Malfoy or Jacob black?
why when you are reading a novel in english, does, the author insert a quote or phrase in latin or french, etc
Is this a good Preface for my novel?
Where can I find information on Jaqueline Penney?
Do you think that this would be an interesting story?
Hitchhikers Guide to the Glaxy?
Why is Sir Gawain and the Green Knight self-reflexive?
What book are you currently reading?
I have the first Harry Potter book all red no price on dust cover and no numbers inside. What edition is this?
who wrote the book The bride stripped bare?
Music Compilation / Greatest Hits for Every Year?
Is the Sherlock book series good?
I need help finding a symbol for a book...?
Help with a scene in my story?
What is a good book that is mysterious/adventure?
Dante's Hell Question?
Chekhov's short stories?
Who's doing NaNoWriMo this year?
Who are the best romantic couples in literature and the movies?
In the book the Cay help me translate this sentence please.?
what motivates Injun Joe to do the things he does in the book Adventures if Tom Sawyer?
I feel like i'm making the main character guy too Feminine?
PLEASE HELP!!!!!! To Kill a Mockingbird QUESTION ANSWERS......?
What is the original source for "I've been a Stranger in a strange land"?
Title ideas please help?
What is the action of a story?
HP fans!-There leaving out more and more from the 6th film.How do you feel?
Harry Potter or Twilight?
I'm looking for a novel like this. Help?
Great Gatsby question?
Harry Potter fans!!! =D?
I Need A Good Book For A Girl Please Help!!!?
What are 3 reasons Othello and Desdemona's interracial marriage was bound for trouble?
Pretty Little Liars question?
Need help for choosing a book title?
what is john holt's intended audience?
Harry Potter?
Quick question about Kate Tremayne.?
what sounds better for fan fiction?
Settings for paranormal story?
are the dune books by frank herbet's son any good?
Can someone please read my story?
Help with my magic system?
A really good story-line to use? Plot?? (:?
Short horror story plots that take place in a bar?
Did any 'George and Lennie' type characters exist BEFORE Steinbeck's 'Of Mice and Men'?
Book about girl with a magical stone in her hand or palm?
Harry Potter or Twilight?
Wattpad Recommendations?
whatis happening to peter in school in the book 19 minutes?
Need help setting up my story, help?
Do you like TWILIGHT?
Anyone else read the book 'A Million Little Pieces' by James Frey?
Please send a picture aboute that japanese book, what is in the Last life in the universe film /Last lizard/?
Why do people hate Twilight so much?
I want to write a story that raises some ethical issues?
anybody like my poem.../.?
Does this sound like a good story idea?
what is gramatica ilokana?
Isin't the Da Vinci Code, a horrible book?
The Killer Angels book question!?
Your favorite Harry Potter spell of all time?
The title of this book is...?
Name of a paperback book from the 1970's?
where was jude deveraux born?
Harry Potter quotes.?
how do you smoking peaplae in a world?
what are some teen/young adult fiction that features an outcast besides Perks of Wallflower?
do you think twilight will replace harry potter?
Harry Potter Survey?
In The Christmas Carol, How does Dickens do melodrama in a not too simplistic way?
Someone please help me with my story?
is reading good for the brain?
Attractive Men Name....?
can anyone please explain to me the meaning of the poem "to the flowers of heidelberg"?
What is the worst book you've ever read?
Witch books are in the Rich Dad Poor Dad Series?
best character in comedy of errors n why?
Why do people get dizzy when reading in a vehicle?
How can I describe a boy?
Guy Vampyre Names((book helps))?
How is John from Brave New World affected by the World State by the following themes?
i got a writers block with names :(?
our town book character question...?
Help me cite this book?
What are some book protagonist with these qualities?
does anyone know a historical fiction book about the california gold rush?
Teenagers Creating a Horror Movie?
Has anyone read "The Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success" by Deepak Chopra?
Whos death was the worst in Harry Potter?
i have weak in englilsh grammer so can u give some websites names which is useful to enhance my grammer skill?
I need websites if you can help! Please?
Where can I find Franz Wright's poem "Alcohol"?
Is my Query Letter good?
What's a good Medieval Fantasy novel with Romance?
What are the similarities between "Huckleberry Finn" and "The Piano Lesson"?
Are there any books with the main character's name being Iris?
Does anyone know any good fantasy young teen books?
What do you think of my book?
Edward Cullen or Harry Potter in a fight?
what happens at the end of the book Kiss Me Kill Me by Lauren Henderson?
Book "back and forth"?
Looking for a children's book?
My prospective literary agent offered me 40 percent royalty. Is this offer fair? Read details please.?
what is the book fallen about?
Some one PLEASE give me new books to read!!!?
Do you think they will ever make an Anita Blake movie or tv show? Who should be Anita?
can i bring mangas into barnes and nobles and sell them?
Does anyone know the name of an author of a book read on the Tweenies?!!?
Can anyone recommend a good scary fiction book.?
I'm looking for a book: very obscure, I can't remember much detail about it at all and it's bugging me.?
The bet by delloffaith from has been removed can i read it someplace else if so where?
Does anyone know where i can get a twilight t-shirt?
B&A: Is the majority of the future generation doomed? (Look @ details)?
Harry Potter or Twilight?
Do you have any poems about "I believe in you"?
Do this: Grab a random book and open it to page 47 and post the second sentence in the first paragraph?
If my boyfriend doesn't like studying,what I should do to encourage him?
why we are open e-mail?
looking for a tibetan book with the phrase 'anything that lives: lives forever only the shell perishes?
What is the best book you have ever read?
I'm writing a historical fiction, need critique and help with characters?
What's a good place to submit a story?
What is this short story about?
Can I get peoples opinions on my story?
Lord of the flies question?
The literary Traditions of Shakespear?
Which story should i continue?
Can anyone find the best book for me to read?
How to not make my character a Mary Sue?
My story continually has action?
Does this Fictional Group sound scary?
I need old looking books ?
No one answers my questions:(?
Atonement by Ian McEwan?
How to create a teen fiction?
The Blood Brothers slash fanfiction?
Story Opening about a Riot?
What's you favorite book?
Politics in The House of the Spirits & One Hundred Years of Solitude - Compare/Contrast! plzz helppp?
Where can I get Urdu GCE O'Level Past Papers? -2006 (3248)?
anyone know the theme of the great gatsby?
Character names?
can anyone tell me about the novel, a recipe for bees?
Is Hamlet crazy?
Who was the writer who was also a thief?
I've found great books & antiques at rumage sales. Who likes to find treasures too?
What did everyone who has read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows think of it?
IS there a way to impress your boss for lifelong. :D?
Book recommendations?
Does this sound like a good story idea?
whats the best book you've ever read?
What is the most recent book you've read?
How do i find a certain quote in Summer of Kings book?
Okay so im writing a book.. which name do you think sounds better for a 17 year old boy boy.?
do you no a good book to read about vampires?
How do I get a book manuscript considered for publication?
what is the meaning of the expression pants on fire?
What is homage to catalonia about?
What teenage chick book is this?
Have you ever read "Nothing But The Truth." by Avi or "Wringer" by Jerry Spinelli?
Does any one know any good books for teens (i've already read twilight)?
What is one book you would never get tired of reading, over and over again?
Would you ever take drugs to boost your creativity when writing?
How to Write Quickly?
Long story if you have time read it.?
How can I contact Jane Fonda?
What's the last book you read?
who has this book"aristotle in china"?ebook or pdf ,?
Which one of these books would you rather read and why?
Best book you ever read?
I'm reading a book called The Motorcycle Diaries.?
What good books can I download for free on my kindle?
Is this a good start for a story?
What's the literary technqiue with a really prosaic name like 'dead body' or something similar?
am i gay for reading twilight?
Any Other Science Fiction Fans Out There?
Dark romance teen novel where main female character is violent?
Help me choose an author...?
Teens & Preteens only! What is the best young adult book?
children's book about penguins?
what,s your opinion about solar eclipse?
Does anyone know this book?
Trying to remember a sword and sorcery book I read a long time ago. Can you help?
What is the title of this book?
Is this a simile?????
Narnia books or Harry Potter books?
Book Suggestions?
Tell me your interpratation of The Sun Also Rises and does it resinate as clearly today?
Who else hates Jacob from the Twilight saga?
Good books for 18+ yr. old?
I want to write a letter. Can i use "Esqr." at the end of the name of the reciepient?
Does this story sound too much like Twilight? Would you read it?
What Religion Is Mariam In the Book "A Thousand Splendid Suns"?
What are some really good, romantic, sad, deep thinking books?
Hey bronies, I need help, really badly! Can anyone come up with good OC names?
Do people hate time travel stories that turn out to be circular paradoxes?
Withering tights, teenage book!?
Any novel reccomendations?
What do u think of Harry Potter?
Good websites to put up fan fiction?
Which books are a MUST read??
Who is the author who uses a pen name, did not go to high school, and entertainment weekly called hilarious?
Write please¿¿¿?
What was Lois Lowry's education?
Please help me! I got extraordinary--------?
I need a dark and sinister rich character definition?
what is the last great book you read and why?
What should I name my story?
Good non fiction book for teens?
What have you read since a time prior to the Tet Offensive?
Where can I read this book?
Where can I find William Golding's 'Fable' essay?
does anyone know if there is going to be a book 3 to dean koontz's Frankenstein? If so,when?
How are the movie Citizen Cane and the book Oedipus alike?
Did Draco marry Hermione in one of the Harry Potter books?
hey dose anyone know the title of a short story that you usually read in highschool english lit. ?
can i read the third pretty little liar book?
All books of Agatha Christie detective Hercule Poirot on are in 1st person?
What religion has the best-written "holy text", taken solely as a piece of literature?
Who's read the short story "The Swing"?
What are some good tragedy novels? They must have tragic elements in them.?
is breaking dawn the last twilight book in the series inappropriate?
Is the novel "Lolita" a true story?
top 3 books you have read?
help with Shakespeares Hamlet?
Is it possible to have my book published?
How to End My Series?
Which of the Dan Brown books did you find most interesting?
Does anybody remember what this book series was called or who wrote it?
will sonic the hedgehog evermeet all his old character friends and brand new characters off thenewon soni?
Are you sick of the Twilight questions???!?
Favorite Dumbledore quote?
if you had to rewrite the ending of the boo brave new world what would you write?
How long would Twilight be if we didn't have to read about Edward's looks?
Second chance of Severus Snape?
The Pillow book translation, please?
If your not supposed to judge a book by its cover, what makes you choose one?
How can I describe a medieval stone/rock quarry in use?
Has any one read pride and prejudice and zombies?
Why do you think people don't bother to use good grammar, spelling, and punctuation?
what books should i get about these subjects?
Womens writing?
Where can I read Naruto data books?
Can you name this book?
why are ppl so mean about this?
Harry Potter quotes.?
Name this childrens book?
what are the 49 steps?
is anybody heard about Pavich(writer)??
Summary for my story?
Best online buyback site?
I love reading non-fiction. Any suggestions?
Twilight or Harry Potter?
Mercenaries and bounty hunters, cowboys and criminals?
art instruction books by dorothy dent?
I need a publisher for my book?
what are good writing sites? i already have wattpad and worthyofpublishing. any others?
Pirate books like pirates of the caribbean?
For the users here who have read "Catch-22" by Joseph Heller?
At the moment, I am reading "Rifleman Dodd" by C....?
Need help with Sparra Queen in Redwall books!!!?
What are the point romance book series like?
what are Mahatma Gandhi's views on leadership?
The Grapes of Wrath question?
Where can I post a book preview?
whats the funniest book you've read?
how can i find the list of poems by Emmanuel Torres? and view them?
Does any one know of any Author, writer critique exchange on the web?
If you read this description of a book on it's back/inside cover, would you be interested in reading the book?
What book did you like better: Davinci Code or Angels and Demons.?
Has anyone of you read Jose Saramago's books?
Which name gives off a more "powerful" vibe? And why?
How close is the Andromeda Strain movie to the book?
Villian names please?
need a book cover made?
"A Rose for Emily" Question...?
Fantasy Romance Novel with a healer and tortured male?
In which 1740 Samuel Richardson novel does Mr B lust after a teenage maid?
What are some powerful names for women?
Heater's reputation has changed explain how and whythis happens?in scarlet book?
What do u think of this title? (more info)?
Manga Online?
Your favorite Book ever?
who are some modern italian authors?
i don't like the way i write but love to write?
Is there an ISBN for ebooks?
Any good blogging sites?
Have you read any of these books?
what are some great books for teenagers to read???
B&A: How would your character react in these situations?
i need a title to my story?
Question for Twilight Fans
Why is apostrophe (figure of speech) used in literature?
Literary Research Paper Topics?
Can I read Moab is my Washpot online?
How would you apply Frost's poem, The Road Not Taken, to choosing a job? (for a scholarship) help please. :)
Do books sell anymore?
how do we use condom?
What kind of books would I like?
Looking for the name of a paranormal mystery book...?
A woman stops on the side of the road. She goes to her trunk but takes nothing out or puts anything in.?
Twilight Fans::::?
Should he Work for the FBI or CIA?
Need the title or author of an old children's book about dead skunk in a pond, etc.?
what the point of view falling leaves novel by adeline yen mah?
Damon Elena vs Edward Bella?
Is this short paragraph a good start to a novel? Ignore Grammar, and tell me, would you continue reading?
how are books clasified by?
'Christopher McCandless' vs. 'Alexander Supertramp'?
Twilight or Harry Potter?
Would you regard this as weird?
Identitfy two characters that face emotional of physical changes in Of Mice and Men?
Who wrote the poem "Knowing when to leave"?
Has anyone every published a book?
if jesus christ did really have a wife and a daughter...would it really affect the faith we have.?
Anybody else enjoy James Herriot's books as much as I? Favorite of his books? Comments?
Harry Potter: true or false survey?
Who every heard of the song and book "Don't Laugh at Me"?
What are some cool scholarly books?
I read a novel titled 'The Bargain', I do not remember the author so how do i find the book?
what r some good titles for a vampire book?
what's the isbn of the signed copy of the fault in our stars?
Can I querry my self-published book to a writing conference?
what book are you reading now?
how did Mark Twain get inspired into writing?
Does anyone know where I can get an ebook of Dick Roger's Summer School?
I'm trying out a Pen name, what do you think?
Short Story To Write? Help?
harry potter OR twilight?
What is the liklihood of my book being published?
Reoccurring themes for Dean Koontz books?
Twilight or Harry Potter?
besides tom clancy who is a great writer of spy and political thrillers?
Can anyone recommend Bait & Switch by Barbara Ehrenreich?
Possible novels to study alongside George Orwell's '1984' and dissertation topics?
Hi, I need help with my story?
Comments for my story idea?
How can I Stay up all night Writing?
Hey, anyone want to be a beta reader?
I need help for a fantasy story plot?
i want to write a small classificated essay about the different movie kinds?
What are the most life changing books/information you have read?
where can I find a summary of the chronicles of nick third book infamous?
did anyone want to slap bella when reading twilight?
What is the title of this book?
What was that child's book called about the moon?
What are the 25 best books to read in High School?
Where can I find the DaVinci Code in paperback in Norfolk,VA?
I'm writing a book, and I wanted to know if the introduction sounds good?
Books you don't like?
Release of the last book of the Eragon Series?
How does assigning blame affect the cogency of an argument?
What are some styles, themes, and techniques of john steinbeck?
How many House of night books are their going to be?
Are the story plots in the novel "Frankenstein" and the 1974 movie "Young Frankenstein" ?
question about the odyssey....?
could you tell me of a classic novel in which all of their characters are angels please?
Has anyone read the book: 90 minutes in Heaven, a man who was given the experience of Heaven when he died?
Dumbledore gay???????
Any good books for teenagers?
What is the main argument of the novel Into Thin Air by John Krakeou?
What is all this I keep hearing about Hairy Pottery?
Character interview (with YOUR book characters)?
Looking for an 80s era romance novel?
Does anyone know this book? Your help would be greatly appreciated, considering I've been searching a while...?
What's the best way to get a work of fiction published?
Raymond Carver's poem -- "Spring, 480 B.C." related question?
Feedback on story please?
The Songlines by Bruce Chatwin help?
Tips for writing college essays?
can i use the name 'Drow' in a book? or is that copywriting?
Does anybody know of a poem about rain?
Has anyone actually checked if the Grail really is under that inverted pyramid mentioned in the Da Vinci Code?
What are some other classic love books?
What is the title of this book?
I've been wanting to find a good book to read. Any suggestions?
Where can I order old hardcover books?
This poem eludes me...?
Have you read Louisa May Alcott's "Good Wives" ?
What is John Steinbeck's Favorite Food?
Please read my story and tell me what you think?
what is the story of "waiting for godo"?
dose anybody know anything about this book?
who was jealous in the crucible?
Name some nature religions?
What's A Good Last Name?
if you were JK ROWLING, how will you end harry potter?
R.A. Salvatore?
What do you think of my Main Character?
I want to read some GOOd books. ?
is a clockwork orange the novel bad?
Best advice to read 1 book per day?
Is this plot a good plot?
I find it hard for me to read classic novels?
What is your favorite Harry Potter book?
What do you think of my blog?
according to the authors of the textbook...?
whats the name of this book again?
where can i find an article on dhirubhai ambani?
Who's the most overrated writer of all time?
I just read The Firm and The Broker by John Grisham, which one of his books should I read next?
Has anyone read "Push" by Sapphire? What did you think of i?
how could you tell if someone was obsessed w/ anything relating to Harry Potter?
In the Perks of Being a Wallflower-question?
What was peter van daan's relationship with parents? What type of parents were they?
I need help finding a book...?
Karen Kingsbury series EASY question. What order should I read the series for them to make sense?
How would you compare Gatsby's American dream to Fitzgerald's american Dream and life?
What does "So dark the corn of man" mean as per the book, Da Vinci Code?
how many pages are in the book skeleton creek?
where is the line "home is the sailor, home from the sea" from ?
they character of julius caesar on his superstitious nature?
What is the connection between the ideas expressed in Emerson's Self Reliance and Thoreau's Walden?
Question about writing a sequel?
mail order catalogs like ltd commodites?
I need info on Rex Amos and his art work pertaing to 9-11?
How to be a great author?
Should we expect a swift response from Jonathan anytime soon, and maybe a modest proposal?
Who has finnshed reading Harry Potter and the deathly Hallows??...if so how long did it take you?
Is anthology work edited by people?
what are some books that you are required to read in college& what r some of your favorite non-fiction books ?
Is anyone else appalled at how many bigoted comments have been made about revealing Dumbledore's sexuality?
Does anyone else think the Da Vinci Code has gone too far?
What was your favorite book to read when you were a teenager?
Kindly let me know if there is any publisher in INDIA who is ready to publish work of new & upcoming writers.?
Can you please read my Hunger Games fanfic?
Can you tell me some stuff about Edgar Allen Poe's short story "Tell Tale-Heart"?
is there a place where i can read the Nightcreature Series online for free?
where can i purchase artwork by ernest h. shepherd?
Society of George Orwells 1984?
Under what circumstance was the line "To be and not to be..."quoted in Hamlet?
please help me with 'Heart Of Darkness' questions?
Would you read this? Do you think its good?
Would you continue...?(Horror)?
What genre of mystery would you consider "Chee's Witch"?
Where can I find the poem at the beginning of "The Stars, Like Dust" by Isaac Asimov?
What pun does the Elvenking make in greeting Bilbo for the last time?
What is narrative distance?
What was the last good book you read?
What's a better name?
Do you think movie directors have an obligation to stick to a the original story of a classic piece of lit?
What genre do you prefer reading, and what do you look for in a novel?
are books always better then films???
wat advantage and disadvantage of microkernal?
Who is Your favorite Twilight character??? Why?
Would This Be Too Much Like Twilight.......?
What is the purpose of the book War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells?
Twilight related- In what ways do you think Edward and Bella are negative role models?
Can anyone help me find a book?
Do terry goodkind's sword of truth books involve a type of love story?
HELP! Ayn Rand vs The Branden's.?
IN LORD OF THE flies, which character uses emotions rather than intellect?
Can someone please answer this question from a book called "To kill a mockingbird?
what is a computer?
In the book, guns germs and steel, what is the author's thesis?
Books for the modern man?
do you know what i write? fdskfjsadkfgjagjdfsigurgjakgdjsgisrigdfg…
who do u think will die in the seventh book of the harry potter series and why?????????????????????/?
Which of my hooks is the best?
what conclusion can you draw about the speaker’s opinion about death and the way it affects people?
What did Miguel de Cervantes write?
dark calling and hell's heroes ebook for free by darren shan?
Concluding statement for a essay about how Lord of the Flies is a dark view on humanity?
What is the significance of the weather in 'The Plague' by Camus?
where can i find good free ebooks for download?
Science fiction help?
What is your favorite ancient (up until AD 500) text and why?
Whats your favourite book?
Can somebody please give me a quick summary in the book eleven?
charlotte bronte's writing style in jane eyre?
According to Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, the author of The Song of Hiawatha, where did the stories come from?
does anyone know when the first book ever written in history?
what is the best tragedy book?
Could you critique my short story?
What were Rudyard Kipling's influences?
What book are you reading at the moment?
The title of a book about a girl and boy traveling ancient Greece?
Who to include in this story?
compare and contrast the epic of gilgamesh with the odyssey?
Compare and contrast Steinbeck and Hawthorne's view of nature. Identify and explain three specific examples.?
What Made William Shakespeare's Globe Theater So Unique?
Should people be writing if...?
Me and my friend are writing a story does this sound good?
where to find book, The war of the tongue?
where can i find "the Lessons We Learn From Water" book?
Who is Charlie Clouse?
Which name suits this character description better?
I think my parents think my passion is juat a passing phase?
Who was supicious of kit being a witch in "The Witch of Blackbird Pond"?
Where can i find a free poetry publisher?
does anyone else think twilight the book AND movie sucks?
Any Ideas on a Story Plot?
What book do you intend to read next?
How Do I Start My Autobiography?
Names for my characters?
What has happened, noteworthy, since 2003?
What can i write about good versus evil in the novel "Night" by Elie Wiesel?
harry potter or twilight?
are the gossip girl books good?
any suggestions on how to write a more engaging, fast moving plot?
How to get a book published?
Ideas for subverted fairytales?
Will you think about writing in Ron Paul?
Any good fantasy books?
down and out in paris and london by george orwell, how is suffering expressed?
i need some suggestions?
Is this a good Dystopian idea?
why is natural law natural!??!?
when will this cruel war be over the diary of emma simpson?
Good Books About Girls in Middle School?
Can someone find me a copy of this book?
What is a good name for an emotional story?
Some advice of the study of American short story?
Should My 13 year Old Daughter Read Twilight?
Where did the joke of the "someone does something..." come about?
Who can tell me the whole story of pretty little liars?
Harry Potter Harry Potter Harry Potter Harry Potter Harry Potter Harry Potter Harry Potter Harry Potter Harry ?
what book would you recommend?
i'm a monster poor
whats your favorite comicbook style?
what was the 5th harry potter book called?
What happens in Charlotte Bronte's book "The Professor" ?
does anyone know a good website with a summary for the thirteenth tale?
Where are the kids of Henry Miller the writer today? And what do they do?
I'm dying to find a good book to read, can anyone help me??
Unusual names with Creepy Meanings?
what are two golden lines from the book The Samurai's Tale?
how do i find legend of condor heroes book?
Who else thinks Harry Potter is a load of B*llox?
Vitalogy Book published in 1918?
What are some book review blogs?
writing contests for middle school still open?
Does anyone know if theres an audio book of "When i was puerto rican" by esmeralda santiago IN ENGLISH -.- ?
What is the Greatest Book of Classic Literature?
how old is shaun white?
In what ways is Lord of the Flies about power? 10 points?
Can someone help me remember the title of this book?
Does anyone know if there is going to be a sequel to 'The Host'?
who was the editor of Gourmet magazine before the current one, Ruth R.?
recommend any good smurf books?
What are some fiction books with a feminist lead character?
what book are you currently reading?
The themes of Ian Mcewan's Solar?
Im writting a story and need some help?
a french tittle for a baking academy?
What were all of the books albert speer wrote?
Middle name for Emily?
Anybody who reads books?
What writing style do you prefer?
what year was the first printing of james jones from here to eternity whatis scribners?
Is A Canon X OC story considered bad?
Any suggestions for a good book for my Holiday?
In what form would your daemon settle, and why?
What the rising action of the crucible?
Evil names for a female and meanings too?
what book have you enjoyed that you could re-read it again and enjoy it just as much?
Tips for romance writers?
What are some example of simile and metaphor in frost's "Birches"?
Which is the best Jamie Oliver book?
If you could go to hogwarts, would you?
Writers what do you think of the writing software " Ywriter" ?
should i right a book? please answer?
What is the title of this book?
Which movie/books series is better: Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter or both?Why?