What is the best book you have read?
where can i find information about the sisterhood of the traveling pants trilogy?
Opinions on this excerpt?
Can anyone give me some background info on Enrique Zaldua, who writes for times?? Is he a reliable source?
Anyone read 'The WInd up Bird Chronicle'? What did you think of it?
Everyone who reads? I need everyone to answer?
What supernatural should I make my character?
who were geoffrey chaucer influences?
Anyone here like Jane Austen?
Once you get a literary agent, do you stay with the same one?
What is the short story Rapunzel moral?
How to make the story better? **EASY TEN POINTS**?
Whats your favourite book?
Would the book Blink be appropriate for a sophomore in high school?
Do you know any Reptilian or illuminati around you ?
Why do you not like twilight? (i love the books)?
How long do you think the Twilight Craze will last?
Is it tru dat ppl who luv twilight r less smart then ppl who dont?
Do carl and maggie's sister ( from the walking dead) like each other?
I need to know today where can i read full text online of Castle in the Attic?
is any hindi writer usha preamavada?
I am looking for a really SCARY book to read any suggestions please?
have you read the PETER PRINCIPLE? What did you think of it? OR the PETER PRESCRIPTION?
Please all visit my new creative writing blog :)!!!?
What are the larger cultural and social implications of Laurel Ulrich's book...?
The Book, To Kill A Mockingbird question?
What is your favorite book ever???
Anyone suggest a good book to read? Since im a guy would like to stay away from romance and that stuff?
what is the most important conflict in the novel a seperate peace?
In What Act Did Macbeth write his letter to Lady Macbeth?
What book are you currently reading?
Does this sound okay to you?
What would be a good title for my book?
What is the Climax and Resolution in the 1st book of the Hunger Games?
where can I find free book notes on Tar Baby? Quick!?
heartland and chestnut hill??
Random prompts for my story?
Robert Frost?
in Henrik Ibsen's THE WILD DUCK, what is meant by Ekdal's quote: "the woods revenge themselves"?
Would you pick up this book, based on the title/front illustration?
who knows classics well?
Which Book is better Harry Potter or The Bible?
Can someone please fix these sentences for my story?
Need help on my descriptive essay...?
what does one conclude after reading julius caesar?
I'm trying to write a story, can you help me?
Twilight Book...? ?
what type of book is the penultimate peril by lemony snicket?
When does Bilbo Baggins use his sword "sting" to fight people in the book "The Hobbit"?
What is the name of Ovid's work that includes "Materiam superabat opus" ?
how many volumes has lord of the rings?
For anyone that reads Laurell K. Hamilton...?
Which of the seven Harry Potter books was your favorite?
What is the best book you've read in terms of science that you can recommend to me?
Who does the editing for when stories are posted?
Free e-books and e-text books/pdf books?
If you give a mouse a cookie...?
Buying a year book in 7th grade?
Why won't literary agents accept an attached pdf file?
Does this sentence make sense?
Calling all Elsewhere Fans!!!?
How to I get motivated to read more?
winds moan personification?
Who is the author of this book? Golden?
Valentine story ideas?
Why does everyone think Sarah Palin is so bad?
What happens in Glamoroma by Bret Easton Ellis?
Who did write Beharolanvar?
Any books like Maximum Ride?
Who would you chose to Marry, Edward Cullen or Harry Potter?
How do you post fanfic on LiveJournal?
What is your favorite Octavio Paz poem?
So worried that George R.R. Martin will die before he finishes? Weird?
What kind of tree dies in Toni Morrison's Song of Solomon?
Any good fantasy books with male leads?
Vampire kisses question.?
Literary Devices in a book?
Persepolis Essay Question?
Will the Harry Potter series ever become required reading for a school curriculum?
Which of these books would most closely and easily compare to The Picture of Dorian Gray?
Does any one know about OSHO? Who is he?
where can i get notes for the book "mountain man" by vardis fisher?
Good place to find public domain (free) books for iPad?
Short Story on getting accused of murder (how do i start off)?
What are the main purposes of using magical realism in litterature?
i need the comparison between movie and book of "Legends of the Fall"?
Have you read Daughters of the Moon: Goddess of the Night?
LWO CLICK HERE (Latino World Order).?
What books would you recommend that someone has to read in their lifetime?
novel with character called snoggy ogden?
Where should I go with this story?
a list of best seller books in the world?
In The Boy Book, what was your perception of the character Noel?
hey, who is your favourite author??
If you could be anybody from a book who would you be?
i want to read mario puzos novel "the godfather" online. how can i do that?
What's your favourite book and why?
The literary terms for Tell-Tale Heart. .. Answers? Please?
where can i find the alien book that was used in the movie, Signs?
Edward Cullen vs Severus Snape?
Are you able to reread Harry Potter over and over again?
Do you have any title ideas for this?
Domestic Violence story?
What's the best book you have ever read?
What were all the presents given in The Perks of Being a Wallflower?
Game of Thrones sexual content?
JK Rowling vs stephanie myers?
does anyone have a list of point horror books?
Does anyone remember this children's book?
I'm writing a book, but all my friends laugh at me about it. What do I do?
what do you think of the beginning of my book?
Is the book "The Life Of Pi" appropriate for a 14 year old?
Trying to remember a book's name?
How many books have you read in your lifetime?
In the book Mes.Frisby and the rats of NIMH what did the eats leasen about rats in the encyclopedia?
I could use some help on my persuasive speech...?
For the lord byron fans.....?
The book Confession By: R.L Stine?
is there any german books on ibooks or kindle?
Who is the Author of the book "Creation" of "The Last Templar" Series?
What is a bad *** antagonist male name?
Has anyone read 'Crime and Punishment' or any other works by Fyodor Dostoevsky?
Shelfari users, why can't I move a book from 'reading' to 'read'?
will dana fuller ross ever write anymore books?
How can my child publish a childrens book she wrote herself?
In the story A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens What Spooky effects are there? (book)?
i need some help explaining what happens in the end of my story..?
What are the last 10 books you've read?
What is the title of the story about the hand...?
TKAM chapter 15 question?
Why do people read literature? Sentence, solas, or something else?
What's your favorite Chuck Palahniuk?
Which title sounds better?
Has any one read that book Forever by Judy Blume?
What's Some Funny/Awesome Teen Quotes?
Does any one know of a good book to learn how to be a good door to door salesman?
A website where I can post my stories?
your favorite book ?
Why did Romeo and Juliet never meet before?
I'm in love with Literature of Dostoyevski. Somebody joint party that taste with me?
Is free?
If I want to buy an electronic version of a book, would it be a scanned pdf?
What do you think of these girl names?
what lesson did you learn from reading Thomas More's Utopia?
When will clive barker's Abarat Absolute Midnight book 3 be published and available to buy?
Can you please tell me what you think of this book?
Who is the male model on the bookcover Ruined by Simone Elkeles?
Does anyone else think that 'Twilight' is getting really really annoying!!?
Small excerpt of my story, tell me what you think?
How do I end a horror story?
What's the best available biography of Edgar Allan Poe?
What are some incredible short stories? (plz help)?
When does Kitchen Princess #10 come out?
can someone help me on narrative writing?
Have you ever read a book that really scared you?
What's your favourite?
What's a good last name for this girl ?
List of dark/horror books?
WHere was Jonathan Edwards born?
In the Crucible why do you think Abigail falls for Proctor?
What happened between Arthur Miller and Elia Kazan?
What's JK Rowling's new book like?
Where can I get V.C.Andrews novels in eBook format?
Robert Wagner book signing?
Favourite Book?
what do you think of my writing?
What characteristics of the mob does Shakespeare illustrate in scene 1?
Would It Be Illegal To Write A Book On How To Successfully Be A Criminal?
Don't you think society is looking for excuses to band books?
what is conventional theatre?
Do you find twilight cheesy ?
should my 10 year old daughter be allowed to read the "Twilight' books?
what is the best novel to read that isnt real complicated?
What is the name of this book? About Salem Teens?
Is there anybody out there who doesn't like harry potter?
Who was the first Hobbit to break tradition by mingling with elves and dwarves?
why memoires of Allie's death troubles Holden so much? (the catcher in the rye)?
How to download Adobe Garamond font for free?
Does this come across as an info-dump?
Nicholas Nickleby by Charles Dickens?
How to write this as a movie review intro?
What do you think will happen to Harry Potter?
Why do you think some Dean Koontz novels turn offbeat?
Have you read the Red Dragon by Thomas Harris?
What do you think of this beginning?
Who do the Rebels save at the end of the 75th Hunger Games?
Do you think the book Twilight causes the readers to become obsessed?
can anyone give me an original title for my reprt on the pearl?
Should I Take A Break On This Novel?
dead poetess died of cancer - last message?
Should I Take A Break On This Novel?
Who is your favorite author and why?
Would this make a good film?
Is God uncaring and hardhearted? If no, how does he feel about human sufferings and injustices ?
what books are there in the terminator series? .s.?
can you tell me some of the rumored secrets in the presidents book or where I can find a list of them?
how would someone get their poems published in a book or make their own book with poems.?
Harry Potter Fans, what would you do if...... ?
indian story writer from india?
What is your opinion on the Twilight books and movie?
You only have one week to live what books do you read?
Harry Potter vs. Twilight?
FORGOTTEN BOOK!!! i need help...?
Do you like chapters in when you read?
what's the name of this book series?
Looking For Title of a Scifi Fantasy Novel I Read in 1994?
Any good ideas for a short story?
Books by Meridith Hooper?
How does the boy in the striped pyjamas deal with the sentisive subject of the Holocaust, whilst entertaining?
only if you read "looking for alska" book?
Good names that aren't actually names?
Can anyone find me a good book to read?
What have you thought of the book "A Year In The Merde" by Stephen Clarke?
i'm looking for a free software to manage my collection of books?
Is John Marco considered a great fantasy author?
What about the Davici Code?
All of the Warrior Cats books in chronological order?
I need help with a story title?
Any ideas as to why the bullet hole in the armor at Warwick castle is foreshadowing?
In the book unwholly by Neil shustermen?
do you know biographical information about dr. jawanza kunjufu?
Is it bad to laugh at the funny bits of Schindler's List? I can't help any victims by feeling bad?
Mcgee something or another?
Are there any books like this?
What is this book with dragons and magic, called?
twilight question when edwars,bella,and alice were in italy?
How much do you write per day?
Best Part of Twilight?
Are there any female artists out there interested in a artist/writer?
Name for characters in a story?
Creative Writing Aspect?
which is better? JK ROWLING or STEPHENIE MEYER?
Book Authors Paying For Positive Reviews on Online Book Selling Sites?
Would this plot make a good story?
Kostos and Lena end up together?
Can anyone translate? Klockar-Antes Berattelser (book by Honom Sjalf.) Ostersund, 1891?
good books on exorcism and demonic possession?
What is the most overwhelming book you've ever read?
in what order does all the books from "the divine comedy" go in?
1.Describe the difference between a first- and third-person narrator’s effects on a reader. What advantages an?
Title ideas for my vampire book?
What books do you recommend?
does anyone think edward cullen is so damn fine..?
I have to ask a question about a medical thing for my story?
Best book you've ever read?
What is the order to read the Malazan books, Malazan Book of the Fallen or Malazan Empire?
i love to read books written by Stephen king but?
What hapened at the end of "His Dark Material"?
Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut Question ..?
funny nonfiction book?
Is there a website to find books by describing what the book is about?
Any theories about Harry Potter?
Sigmund Freud ID analysis of The Lord Of Flies?
exactly what is the famous shakespeare quote which talks of pleaure of hunt or pursuit?
What's the last book you purchased?
which is the best book for nda preparation?
Have you read the Da Vinci Code?
Hi. I wrote a novelette to give away to friends.What software do I use so I could print it in novel form?
What is the funniest book that you have read?
writers - what are some tips for getting started?
A good introduction for an essay on a novel?
Which Novel of Amrita Pritam you liked the most?
does any body know?
I'm getting a twilight tattoo, advice?
Awesome names for character?
What vampire, werewolf, anything really supernatural books for young adults should i read?
Do we think J.K Rowling will write another Harry Potter book?
"Deathwatch" book, by Rob White?
"the catcher in the rye" essay pls help?
Recommend me a book to read?
why do you like ernest hemingway?
The difference between third person and third person omniscient?
Are there any novels where the plot involves an editor revising a novel?…
Is it more expensive to book the upper rooms of a hotel?
Love story help ?????
How do you go about getting a book published?
I want to publish a book how would i do this?
A Harry Potter related question.?
Do you think people would read my book?
good books to read?
Twilight Question? Bad comments also welcome, btw.?
I would like to joy a book reading club in the state of maryland but i don't know how?
looking for gang novels that take place in the 60`s and 70`s and haven`t been made into a movie?
I need a song that goes with the story "Hills like white elephants" by ernest hemingway?
Honestly! ,i write my Novel about crush dreams cause of war, is that interesting ?
What should I write about?
What do you think of these books?
were can i find all charley webb photos?
I read recently that DC Comics' creation imagery has always involved a cosmic pair of hands. Evidence?
tell me a story about mathematical intelligence?
is there a book you wished you could have written?
Which is the best book on the concept of love?
Any suggestions/improvements for this story plot?
What is the best autobiography book you've ever read?
"The Story of an Hour" Irony Analysis?
I would like to talk to some witches that would know more about the craft ok?
in enid blyton's 'tale of the blue eyed cat and the beautiful pattern' how many sides does a snow flake have?
Does make fake imported books?
Which translation of Les Miserables should I get?
Why write a Poem when you can write a book? What's the difference?(Details inside)?
how do i anylize a poem?
Rabindranath Tagore Authentic Biography in English / Autobiography?
Which is better, Harry Potter or the Twilight series?
Hi.. would anyone from India or Sri-Lanka like to purchase an e-book for me.. the website says that the book?
I'm a writer and I need a name for a character.?
what you will tell if some body crash on you.?
Have you read Twilight?
Princess Diaries 10 is it really over?
Does this sound okay to you?
preston lord enterprises?
Percy Jackson series?
Sylvia is a real heroine of "A White Heron" (need essay)?
Does anybody know what book this is?
What well-known books have characters that commit suicide because of depression?
How can I improve this? Any ideas?
why do mormond support the book of abraham whenit is proven false.?
Any creative people out there?
Naming my child after a twilight character?
Writer's Block... where to go from here?
Should I publish my story on wattpad?
what is the concept and what does this saying from the book to kill a mockingbird mean?
what is the meaning of the poem"Daily" by Naomi Shihab Nye?
Is this sentence gramatically correct?? PLEASE HELP!?
Has any one read the children's book-I'll love you forever?
can somebody who writting storys and compose poems is her hobby make something big out of it?
Can I write about this...?
Great books for teenage girls?
Please list in order the book titles of the Mitford series?
What's a good name for a female owl with an Irish accent?
What book have you enjoyed that you could re-read it again and enjoy it just as much?
If you could go out for the night to tie one on with an author, who would it be?
Writers and creative types what do you do for inspiration?
What is the value of books in life?
Short story about boy on a planet that always rains and only once a year the sun comes out?
Comprehend this!?
How do you think the world will end? (For a story)?
Tips for writing a comparative poetic essay?
where to read folktales in chinese?
What book should I read on my vacation?
How do you write a bibliography for a book that's online?
can you get instagram on a kindle fire?
Im looking for a little summary of Silent Dancing book by Judith Ortiz Cofer?
How/when would you use this ; in a story?
In the novel "lord of the Flies", chapters 7-8, how does Ralph React when a boar comes charging down the path?
what does the speaker of the poem mean when he says that dost not bite so nigh as benefits forgot.?
Do you remember what you read by picture or sound?
what do Americans like to read most about Arabia? i am thinking of writing a book for them about arabia?
does anyone know the name of the short story about the future and how no one does math on paper anymore....?
Who is John Galt?
Any one know anything about script writing?
What's a really sweet and girly name?
What are some books that are similar to Profiles in Courage by John F. Kennedy?
Revise this, please? I'd appreciate it?
If J.K. Rowling had ended the Harry Potter series like this...there would be riots?
Is 'My Sister's Keeper" appropriate for a 13 year old girl?
I am a photographer and I do all kinds of photography is anyone interested?
Who is the greatest poet?
where can i find a review or a summary of the book Gentle Ben?
How does Paranoid Fiction apply to the book "I Am Legend"?
/\/\ .. Harry Potter Fans .. /\/\?
What are the things that Shel Sliverstein's "Where the Sidewalk Ends" talk about?
Please provide a list of characters in Don Quijote and how they are related to each other?
What would be a good literary element that represents "The Things They Carried" by Tim Obrien?
How to write a story in the dogs point of view?
What would the moral of this story be.?
where can I get graphic novels in the UAE?
what do you think of the twilight saga?
How how much time passes until Jane Eyre reunites with Mr Rochester?
can anyone recommend a book that explains the history of the conflict in Ireland?
Is the 'Twilight' series really as good as everyone says it is?
Book series mystery--any ideas?
Yay! It's Snape's Birthday! :D?
What is your favorite non-fiction book and why?
Need a good book to read?
Kissed by an Angel summary?
Which translation of Beowulf would you recommend: Heany or Rebsamen?
Would you recommend the Wind on Fire trilogy?
Looking for a good book to read. Something I cant put down. No Harry Potter books Please. I'm over 30 yrs old.
who is affected by hemophobia?
Who has read all 6 of the Harry Potter series? If you have, did you like it? Why?
is this a good idea?? if not do you have any ideas?
do you think that some one should continue the story of harry potter?
Christians: What do you think of this NOVEL?
Have you read the book, The Kite Runner, by Khaled Hosseini? I love reading about different countries; great!?
What are some personification in Alice in wonderland?
How do you describe a North Carolina accent?
What should the title of my book be?
Moby Dick or Captain Ahab?
College student to buy an e-ink e-reader. choices are kobo/kindle 4/kindle paper white?
Help naming a fictional town?
what are some series that have 5 books in them?
Harry Potter Questions? All fans come and answer!?
Have you read the Da Vinci Code?
What do you think of this story?
Please help. Anthem by Ayn Rand?
How would one go about writing a cook book?
In wuthering heights, what happens to Hindley?
What are some examples of revenge in modern books or literature?
What is your favorite Edgar Allen Poe story?
Are the Twilight books really that good as everyone says?
whats the best twilight book?
what books would u say must be read?
Why do they always show the backstage scenes in the Romeo & Juliet world?
Have you read the books: Perrenials by Rhoda Dendron? How to choose shampoos by Dan Druff.?
Who came first Adam or Eve,and what were there childrens names?
What is the longest book you have ever read?
What edition of Les Miserables should I get?
Your comments for this story?
The Great Gatsby Summary?
in what city does mona lisa reside?
Question about The Host?
Easy Answers....?
who said something like this: she was neither refined nor common she was the type of woman who keeps a parrot?
Is Dune by Frank Herbet the best Sci-Fi novel you've read? Why or why not? Suggestions for books like Dune?
do you like Lemony Snikets books a series of unfortunate events ?
What crimes did Dorian Gray commit in the book "The Picture of Dorian Gray" by Oscar Wildes?
Need help with a story. Reasons for five 16-18 year olds to have to meet on a daily basis?
Why do Harry Potter fans hate Twilight so much and vice versa?
Has anyone gotten the Pretty Little Liars book 8: Wanted?
What books have scared you?
Book on the Basics of Firearms?
when Aesop lived, what Aesop's life was like and his most important works. can u tell me. i want to know about
Ernest Hemmingway? Please help?
is there any fantasy book where an orc is the main character?
pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaase explain catcher in the rye?
Is this a good idea for a story? if so what genre would you say it is?
What book is this!?!? Circa 2006, cover description ?
How can I improve my writing skills?
Most heartbreaking book you've ever read?
What are the parasites mention in 'Peeps' by Scott Westerfeld?
What is the book Dungeon Master by William Dear?
What are some good books on Wattpad?
Names "like" Snow White? Please read description!?
I wrote it good...? :/?
Classic Books? Anyone?
how do you upload to nanowrimo?
What are Stylistic choices?
Who is your favorite Harry Potter Character? Top 5?
How do you meet a tight deadline and avoid coming out the other side with, well, crappy work?
what is the story orbiting by bharati mukherjee i have to write a summary and i can't find the story anywhere!?
Good start/lead to my story?(FULL POINTS)?
questions grapes of wrath?
What were Fred Weasley's last words?
In search of online book club members?
I'm writing a book about demigods... Have a question?
Story Character Ideas?
Do You Know Any Good Books?
quotes that explain hester questioning her beliefs?
Does the author Stuart Kiminsky, ever state the name of the agency Toby Peters owns?
Books about Utopia's?
Some of the most notable Mary Sues?
Novels that are significant to me..?
Did anyone else feel like Twilight had the writing of a 10 year old?
What happened in the book The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer?
Twilight, Harry Potter or The lord of the rings?
Why do most guys hate twilight?
Who is your favourite Author???
Books you recommend for teenagers..."?
What should I title my personal narrative?
B&A Poll: What genre is your story?
Who lives with agatha christie's character Miss Marple in her last years?
Who is your favorite fictional character from a novel?
I am 14 and I don't know what book to read?
Will you offer a criticism of Eugène Ionesco author work?
Book i read. what picture look at? ?
Is To Kill a Mockingbird a fiction or a nonfiction novel? Help please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Vintage Animal Books?
you know how Capt Blood not a Vampyre but since in Public Domain should my NaNoWriMo project be to change that?
Is this an ok short satire?
What is a REALLY good book?
How to sell novel on Internet in L. America and Africa?
If you were to live inside a literary world, which book would you choose?
What is one book you would NEVER read?
Help with my book idea?
/\/\ .. Harry potter questions.. /\/\?
For a project what should i do ? Read below too.?
Name the mole in Beatrix Potter's books and give its role.?
Is "My Sister Jodie" by Jacqueline Wilson‏ will be a movie?
What is the name of the Children's Publishing company that had the popular gold-bound books?
Twilight!!! Who do you think would have played Edward Cullen the best in the movie???
My project on Web Dubois?
What do you think of Stephanie Meyer? Some say her writing is better than JK Rowling's. Your opinions?
What makes a novel interesting for you?
Do you think Harry Potter, Ginny and his children would live in 12 Grimmauld Place?
Need Help With A Story ASAP?
What is the best biography of a business icon that you have read?
Can some one retell me the book something wickedly weird the wooden mile?
How does Arthur Miller relate the idea of McCarthyism to the scene in Act III of The Crucible?
Was Willow a book before it was a movie?
I need a name for my character - he has dark short blonde hair, is tall and is 17-18 - can anyone help?
Does anyone have any recommendation for a good book about shirt tailoring/construction and fabrics?
Can you critic this poem?
who was your favorite babysitter in the babysitters club books?
what's correct?" we parted ways" or 'we parted our ways"?
Do you have any realistic prose ideas?
how do I get free pdf novels by robert ludlum and jackie collins ?
Girls do you like light hair or dark hair on guys?
questions about 1984 by george orwell?
Find a best tool to find the cost of a book?
Where can i find free texts of books and textbooks in the internet? I need "Memory Mambo" by Obejas.
.s! which last name is posh?
Books recommended for a 7th grader with a lexile range of 1317-1467+?
what do you think of this story idea?
What Are Some Good Series For Teens?
know any Good Books?
What book did you read in English class at school?
What book made you cry...?
Do you know the customs in India for greeting other people ?!?
Hey so I need 4 conflicts in the first 4 acts of Hamlet?
where would I find book dust covers for rare books?
I need a story about karma!?
If you ever met Severus Snape...?
How many words does Dan Brown's novel, The Da Vinci Code, contain?
would you consider reading this?
when will the next carrie direas be?
Can anyone help me with the scansion of Shakespeare's sonnet 71?
What does each Mortal Instrument book title mean/significance?
Can you help me write this in an action scene in first person or 3rd view ?
What's a good name for my book?
I need advice on this scene from my novel?
Why are American books not as popular in Britain as British books in America?
I need a name for a short story, any ideas?
Do you mind if someone asks you how old you are?
In Twilight, what did Edward Cullens blonde sister have against Bella?
What is the difference between a rival and a villain?
Why is the theme of the Martian chronicles?
how many of you think that harry potter is a much better book than twilight ?
Does this bother anyone as much as it bothers me?
WHat are some good ideas for a childrens book that has to do with nature?
What is a summery 2 this book?
In What Poem or writing did Kipling say"If you can keep your head when all about you are losing their's"
Ten points to anyone who tells me the title of a book that was originally written in French...?
is the author of the book siberian huskies for dummies also a painter?
Can someone recommend to me a good novel to read?
What are these books about, or what is in these two books?
Can you help me find this MERMAID book?
do they get ..?
I need to read a book "God is not great" and it's banned here, where can I read it online?
Shakespeare's Hamlet....?
Question about the play 'Hamlet'! How is Claudius feeling about this? HELP!?
The Other Wes Moore. What do you think?
were,on the net,can I go to be able to write something on any topic?
What famous children's story did Lewis Carrol write?
Who in their right mind would work for sro?
What should I call my story?
to kill a mocking bird what did dill dare Jem to do?
What's your favorite book about {No Twilight, please}?
writing a book with salinaderek4ever?
Are you a fan of Anne Rice?
What is the name of the next and last harry potter book? anyone know?
I made a translation into Spanish, can I have the rights of it?
Joe Millard gained fame for writing what series of works?
am looking for "love stroy"by eric segal..i want an online free reading???
Where is this quote located in the book "The Necromancer" by Michael Scott?
Can you help with specific story idea?
To kill a mockingbird?
I like reading books about sex but im a teen and not the best skilled reader......please help?
Death and the kings horseman!!!?
Is al the literary proof that "The Da Vinci code" puts forward about Jesus Christ really true?
What are your top 5-10 English literature books?
How many paper cuts have you had?
Is there a history book like this?
Any good books that involve the character running away?
Looking for Yaoi RP writer?
What are some books about differences?
Horror stories i need some help?
Good historical fiction books?
What is the importance of relationships?
pretty girls make graves?
What is the 1 book you would recommend that someone has to read in their lifetime?
What is your favorite book?
Who's Obsessed with the book Twilight?
What is your least favorite book(s)?
Do you ever feel like your part of a story?
Suggest a good young adult book?
Best Translations?
Does any one know this War Time Bride book title?
Does anyone know any good books for teens?
What is your favorite book ever?
Does anyone else get a little sad when you finish a book?
What is Darkness Before Dawn by Sharon Draper about?
Lord Of The Flies Help?!?!?!?!?!?
How is the theme of 'The meaning of life' shown in Life of Pi?
What book made you a "reader"?
Read 50 shades darker pdf file on my iphone?
Is it really pretentious to quote classic literature in everyday conversation?
Breaking Dawn
Does anyone know any good reading website like
are you in love with a fictional character?
Do you think tha the book to kill a mockingbird contains profanity and racial slurs?
I want a good book to read?
what ever happen to paul bearer?
Would you fill out a quick survey about your physical traits? I'm looking to develop my character's looks?
In the following quote from Hamlet, is the character being ironic?
a long way gone: memoirs of a boy soldier by ishmael beah?
Where do you find a list of symbols used in the book called The Great Gatsby...and their meaning?
literature that affected the world?
'Looking for Alaska' By John Green Help?
Cognitive Psychology Book?
twilight characters (movie)?
Which house would you like to be in if you went Hogwarts?
im starting to get curious about philosophy, any book recommendations?
is this a story idea you would be interested in reading?
which is the best book u ever read?
can I be a great poet?
What should I do on Shakespeare?
Have you ever had a crush on a fictional character?
what is reader copy?
Is this sentence grammatically correct?
Has anyone know who wrote "Steve, go was your hands"?
Best Book for Hospitality "front office"?
Harry Potter Fans, what would you do if...... ?
Book title suggestions ?
Are there any websites like where I can publish stories?
Generation Dead by Daniel Waters?
title of a love story? PLEASE HELP!?
Where can I find an actual copy of this short story: An Ounce of Cure by Alice Munro?
Can i be a succesful author without going to school?
Memoirs of a Geisha!! Best book ever!! It had some like naughty parts to it, but it was sooo good!?
Which publisher should I send my children's board book manuscript to?
What songs would go good with, " The Count of Monte Cristo "?
Help me with the art of love from ovid please?
what songs relate to the book hamlet?
Does anyone have the book "The Epic of America" by James Truslow Adams? I need a page # for the quote?
What are some really good TEEN books?
Who's read the Kushiels trilogy ?
How many people are in love with twilight and Edward?
Gossip Girl Theme colours?
Relate to my story it is the second main character?
Any really good books anyone could recommend me, please?
Who wrote the poem Cabin Fever???? PLEASE HELP!?
what book will you choose - TWILIGHT or HARRY POTTER and why?
experienced readers...recommend a book right on top of your head?
Have books Written What Next?
how did the author show the mood in call it courage?
Literary magazines for unpublished authors?
What is the conflict in the book, Eldest.?
What books come after Kiss in the Dark?
What are the titles to these Edgar Allen Poe stories?
What do you think about this little extract from a story?
can you suggest any other good novels along the likes of dan brown's da vinci code, angels & demons, etc...
How can I include illustrations with a children's story manuscript?
Has anybody read 'the dangling witness' by Jay Bennett ?? URGENT?
How can I be an artist?
Book series mystery--any ideas?
can someone help me find the title of a book?
What is a good name for this club? And help with characters?
Whats the WORST book u have ever read?
What is a way to poison someone that is so easy a 5 year old could do it? I need to know for a novel.?
Ideas for titles for two stories?
Are there anyone who, like me, are still addicted to Harry Potter even after the birth of the Twilight Saga?
does anybody know a web site for learning writing scenario??
Has anyone heard of the book "Ruby Red" becoming a movie?
looking for some books? HELP ME?
Do you think Stephenie Meyer and JK Rowling should win the Nobel Literature Prize?
how much a paintin by charles m russel is worth?
Would you consider Miss. Maudie A Third Person Character?
Where can I buy or borrow Back to Life - The story of a Footballer") by Sebastion Deisler?
At which part of the book is Macbeth miserable?- Will pick best answer!?
I need help 10 point?
where do i get to read novels online for free?
What is the Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan?
How often do you read?
Can anyone give me some decent tips on how to go about publishing my novel?
what are your favourite books and how have they impacted your lives.?
Could someone publish this short story in some magazine??
What is YOUR favourite thing about stories?
Does any one know where you can buy kamichama karin (karin`s) ring?
What stuff do you have to buy for your dorm for college?
whats the funniest short story you ever hear?
What should i read after the twilight series?
is there any book that says Nostradamus is just lying in his prophecies?
Where can I find a book review for Arthur Miller's "Death of a Salesman?"?
Books where Good Girl Meets Bad Boy?
What Book are you currently Reading?
Can anyone write a few poems for my book?
writing topics help please?
I'm writing a book on etiquette for college students?
Fave child's book from the 80's?
What do you think of the Dinotopia series?
Science fiction book help!
does anyone know if they've pooled all 7 narinia books into a compendium like they did with LOTR?
Twilight Fans: Whose Story Would You Like To Know More About?
What are some books similar to the John Green books?
What book are you currently reading?
Who is "Zelda" in Nic Sheff's book Tweak in real life?
the jungle-upton sinclair?
What book did you never finish reading?
how does Scout Mature trough out the book To kill a mocking bird?
What do you think of my novel idea?
What's the lexile of Sophie Kinsella's book Confessions of a Shopaholic?
What novel (book) written in the last 20 years can you recommend me?
Do you know any cool last names?
which is your favorite book by an indian author and why?
Hi I'm looking for old Irish school text books?
What is the controversy on the book How Opal Mehta Got Kissed, Got Wild by Kavya Viswanathan's ?
I need some good YA ideas?
where online can I read the poem "invisible kisses" by Lemn Sissay?
Asian literature recommendations?
hi! anyone can recommend a good book to read??
Need help finding novel resources?
Another random Harry Potter poll..?
What is the meaning behind Richard Rodriguez's Los Pobres?
Does anyone out there read the literary magazine the Sun?
Good books to read for a teen!?
how can I stop smoking with out patches?
hi, well i have a book report to do and the book is charlie wilcox i was wondering if u guy no a site where?
how can i remove remainder marks form books several in my collection have these and i don't want to damage the
Looking for a children's book?
explanation of William Shakespeare’s coat of arms???
please where will i find a dictionary in internet?
Has a book ever made you cry?
creative writing essay topics?
How do you go about getting poems, short stories, etc. published?
what is this book called? inmate book?
Dragonlance: the New Adventures questions (I got alot)?
I need a name for a group of people?
What's the best way to kill a mockingbird?
I want to know how to make artificial trees?
How important is it to you to keep your books in good condition?
What is your opinion regarding my poem?
what is the term use to call a cat's body covering?
Any editiors, published and successful writers out there who are happy to provide some free services?
I'm a Muggle!?
What do you think of this love story?
What are some good books for a 13 year old girl can read?
Lorraine Hansberry's "Raisin in the Sun"? Need help with a thesis statement!! about Dreams?
What do you think of these variations on sonnets of Shakespeare?
What do you think of these ideas?
Does anyone know where I can find Chapter Summaries of "The Rest is Noise" by Alex Ross?
What would be a good name for this character?
.s which last name sounds posh?
How mant Gregor the over lander books are out?
where I can see sites malayalam version book davinci code?
Don't you hate it when they make books into movies?
How do I plan for writing a storm scene?
Does anyone read the Stephanie Plum novels?
What good vampire books do you recomend?
Does anyone know this book?
Is anyone interested in reviewing my ebook?
Dose any one know any good fantasy books for a 12 year old?
Anybody Got Title Suggestions?
what is the solidtary reaper by wordworth about?
In the Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde........?
anybody know any good teen books? or even good christian books?
What is your favorite Roald Dahl book?
novel lilies of the field?
What author wrote the novels gnome and a few others around the 90's they were all one word titles?
when did agatha christies father die?
Does anyone else feel sorry for Stephanie Meyer?
Anyone read Raven's gate?
She said Yes Book Reviews?
Stranger in a strange land essay topics 10 points?
What is the twist to the giver?
who is your best character in Lord of the rings?
Quizbook writing : If I write quizzes that are based on a textbook or textbook(s)?
Is anyone else going to see Meg Cabot in Toledo?? has anyone seen her before??
Anybody know haiku?
What character do you think I should act out from this book?
How did John Steinbeck's personal life affect his literary life?
Help on my story????
Can someone tell me when the book Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy was written?
IN the great gatsby mr. wolfshiem?
Question about this story?
what is a really good fantasy book?
Is Dan Brown writing a new book?
How do you know when something is fair use in academia?
is silent hill story copyrighted?
Harry Potter or Twlight?
The diary of a young girl questions ..and i reallly need help with them please help me ..?
Jake from state farm. Why is he so damn cool ?
Pride And Prejudice And Zombies?
Tolkien or Robert Jordan?
I wish to contact Kassie Evashevski, a literary agent with you have info on this?
On my Kindle, why is it that when I finish a book, the final dot isn't filled on the home screen?
what is a good title for a story about almost getting kidnapped?
Great Gatsby chapter 6 question?
What is Hawthorne's view on the economy?
Twilight Scrapbook Ideas?
Need help with story please.?
does reading books and novels expand peoples minds?
What is the book "the truth about diamonds" about?
How would you 'sell' This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen?
What are some good books for a 14 year old girl?
What is your favorite book, ever?
Good Adult romance novel recommendations?
How did Eric Grimm die (Johnny and the dead)?
I need short story ideas.?
What boarding school did the writer Piers Anthony attend before college?
looking for poetry done by the last poet?
How do you get your friends to like twilight? The books and movie is totally awesome but no one will listen.?
Are things mentioned about Leonardo in Da Vinci Code true?
So, Doesn't it annoy you how Twilight Twinkies go on...?
For any of you who know of Hunter s Thompson's life and work what would be an overall theme statement about it?
which is your all-time favorite book?
In your opinion, who is the best writer?
Cemetery Path is the story btw(:?
to all you poets...?
What is the best method to improve your vocabulary ?
Common themes for....?
Is the "Odyssey" a good book, in your opinion?
Gossip Girl -> The 6th book!!?
How much would a teenage writer recieve in royalties?
How many books do you read a year and how old are you?
Adventure/flipping pages book for 12 year old?
Should I become a writer when i grow up? What do you think of my writing?
The Inferno Bolgia 1 Circle 8?
Small independent bookstore owners, please give me some advice?
has anyone seen the book "Tell me no secerts"?
are there any animes similar to blackbird?
Does anyone else think that 'Twilight' is getting really really annoying!!?
I would like an appraisal of a 1905 first edition of Tales of Mystery and Imagination by Edgar Allen Poe.?
What are some examples of Chillingworth being a bad father figure and Dimmesdale being a good one?
What was the last book that you read? and did you enjoy it?
Which setting would fit this character better?
I am looking for a book from my childhood, approximately 1968-1970?
Who's your favourite Harry Potter character?
The Jilting of Granny Weatherall summary?
Why did Twilight replace Harry Potter?
Anita Blake series by Laurell Hamilton?
Can someone help me make a plot for my story?
What are some good books?
If you had to pick three words to describe the book the bell jar what would you pick?
If you've read it, what's your favorite quote from To Kill A Mockingbird?
In the book The Giver By Lois Lowry, what evidence is there where Jonas makes choices?
Do you know about the story "The Secret Garden"?
Hansel and gretel !!!?
Have you ever read "The Old Man and the Sea" by Ernest Hemingway?
HELP with into the wild quotes by jon krakauer?
HELP!!!!!!! I need a thesis statement for the novel "Breathing Underwater" by Alex Flinn!! Can you help?
who are childrens authors that live in ontario?
What is Prufrock?
Any novels that have changed your life for the better?
Plato or Aristotle?
What's the best book you ever read?
twilight,the cullen boys [=?
I would like,in chronilogical order,a list of Kay Scarpetta novels by Patricia Cornwell.?
Frankenstein Setting: Draw the major settings found in the novel from beginning, middle, and end.?
Who's stronger? Wizards or Vampires?
Who can name this poem???
Has anyone read the book "Prayers For Rain" by Dennis Lehane? If so what happens at the end of the book?
Time Magazine recently had an article about the best books of all-time. Where can I get that article?
Ughh, Why do so many people Love Twilight?
Sex books ? not old novels ... something like em teens book .with sex?
If you've read " A Room With A View " [ E. M Forster ]?
What proves that Chaucer likes him? Canterbury Tales?
Significant passage from Of Mice and Men?
Q about Came Back To Show You I Could Fly, by Robin Klien?
Okay so I'm attempting to write a book...?
What are some good books for teens?
good ideas for a short novel?
Can you suggest some books to me?
How come I Don't Get Stars?
Can any one recomend a amazing book ?
Has anyone read "The Dante Club"?
What are some books like Maximum Ride?
why is john proctor afraid to call abigail a liar?
Would this be a good short film?
What did Bilbo Baggins accuse the Sack-Bagginses of taking?
Help with my horror story ?
What songs would describe Katniss's character the best?
Children's circus parade picture book???
How can i get the book "Farewell to France"?
How to analyze Dickens’s “Oliver Twist” ?
Revenge ideas for a story?
Who is your favorite character in Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged"?
Should articles or books with homosexual content be allowed to be displayed in schols or public libraries?
Can anyone help me find a book?
ia the twilight zone magazine still in publication?
can anyone suggest some funny novels? or any funny authors?
what are characteristics of randall patrick mcmurphy?
Do you have a interesting poem?
Items that represent Boo Radley?
Does Brian C. Peterson have any other books out besides "Move Over, Girl"? If not, when will his next come?
Bryan Burrough Public Enemies?
What book are you currently reading at the moment?
what is the best book of all time?
does any one who when the next Eragon book is coming out(not eldest)?
I really need help!!! Please read this!!?
does anyone have a good line of poetry i could use in a song im writing?
What is that book where three girls write a saga for the guinness book...?
Good intro paragraph for my short horror story?
How does The Great Gatsby show you show to live a successful life?
What do you think of this story starter?
Can someone list all the work of Niccolò Machiavelli and in a recommended order to read please?
Whats a really really good book?
was caesar a threat to rome?
How is Hawthorne's theme of isolation in the Scarlet Letter meaningful to modern day?
what's the biggest loophole in the harry potter series?
What do you think of this novel opening?
I'm looking for a poem that talks about living honorably - says something like living between the dots. Ideas?
What is the name of this book?
Name for a story? Please help!!!?
Help with story/character profile, please?
has anyone read the book the hot zone by richard preston.?
do you know of any other authors whose writing style is like anne bishop's?
where can i find a nice jack prelutsky poem?
what are suspense and self-help books?
How can I write a one shot fanfic without putting it into chapters?
A Website to help me write a book?
Portia, Brutus's wife?
Could anyone tell me what the book Conversation Confidence by Edward Ezeanu is about?
What should be the title of my story?
What do you think Twilight Haters need to do to embrace Twilight?
How old was Jesse De Silva when he died? (Via The Mediator series by Meg Cabot)?
Was Rose Wilder Lane a Muslim?
Is Sirius Black alive or dead?
Is the book "The Shack" considered a New Age publication?
Harry Potter Fans... Who's death effected you the most?
I want to read a really good book. What is everybody reading at the moment and is it any good ?
where can i find the book miles to go by miley cyrus near little hocking?
Is the twilight series only for girls?...?
For all the Harry Potter fans! Is it better reading it or seeing the movies?
What is the irony in this Antigone quote spoken by Creon at Antigone's arrest?
twilight??? good book???
What book is JRR Tolkien's poem "Mewlips" in? Where are they mentioned in LOTR?
harry potter....what hapens to malfoy and snape in the end of the series?
Are the harry potter books for adults?
In which Latin-American book, most male characters have one of two names?
What are some good books you would recommend for a teenage girl?
when a writer discrbes a persons eyes as marmoset eyes, explain?
What is your favorite book, ever?
Harry Potter Questionnaire? =D?
Hardcore female character ideas?
a love story with a demon (book) ?
Giving two examples, discuss how indigenous authors have used their writing to inspire political and social?
i have uncovered some of the codes on the davinci code book cover have any one else done the same?
Will they show Draco lock a sozzled Trelawney in the Room for Requirements?
Are there any internet sites from which I can download ancient text.?
What CLASSIC books have you read MANY times and will read again?
When's the next Discworld Novel coming out?
I think that JK Rowling made a mistake?
Creative Writing: How do you describe when a Hurricane hits?
Hate it or Love it? Harry Potter?
What's your favorite Dr. Seuss book?
How i read the book of tybcom?
Can anyone recommend any books similar to these?
every body is all like "harry potter vs. twilight!!!!!!!" what are you?
where can we find to type with co-writer?
I have an idea for a science-fantasy book!?
Robin vs Blair.... which name fits this personality?
i want to read catch 22 online. plz help me with a site where i can read the book free and online?
What do you think about this story of Jasmin Cullen . . .and would you like to hear more ?
percy jackson or twilight?
Urgent! How do I keep myself from rushing through the story when I'm writing?
What do you think of my kiss scene?
Perks of Being a vs. movie?
What happened to the mystery writer Lauren Haney? I've been expecting a new book for years from her?
What poem is this from? "Take your heart in both hands like a compass, it'll point to me."?
What will happen in Harry Potter 7 ?
Comic Elements of "The Importance of Being Earnest"?
can anyone recommend me a great book? I love mystery and non-fiction?
Who Loves Twilight? The vampire romance novel?
what sherlock Holmes stories did conan doyle write with darwinism in mind?
In To kill a mockingbird who does scout influence?
Have many people stopped watching local news and even national or world news since internet came out?
any one who has read terry Pratchett's unseen academicals?
Can u give me some japanese girl names not too long about 4 sylables that can b pronounced by british?
Maryam Jameelah passes away : who know here ?!?
Where do I send my finished noir screenplay?
How can i find a publishing house for my illustrations?
Read the following information and then provide a critique of it! Please ^_^?
what do you think of my poem/Song?
So I need help with a story guys.?
harry potter?
Are there anyone who, like me, are still addicted to Harry Potter even after the birth of the Twilight Saga?
Will you be intrigued to read a novel titled TRAUMATIC TALES(with true life stories)?
What are some good novels?
Are there any books that have been written resembling the show heroes?
Can I use present-tense when writing in 3rd person?
How do gender roles affect the attitudes of the characters in The Taming of the Shrew?
i know why the caged bird sings?
In my book which one of these girls sounds better for him I need an opinion ( descriptions below )?
How old are the characters of the Heroes of Olympus book series?
Help me manage my time?
Give names of some books interesting to read (along with Author names).?
What is the title of the story about the hand...?
Children's book about a bear and a rabbit?
What's that book? romance novel - Scottish? reincarnation?
has anyone read the book "little nuggets of wisdom" by chuy bravo?
Would you recommend the twlight series to a boy?
The Water-Devil by Judith Merkle Riley - Is it as good as the first two Margaret of Ashbury novels?
What is the main event in the book "Year of The Hangman"? HELP!!!!?
Stig of the dump. Danny, Champion of the world. What other books are essential bedtime story's for under 10s?
who was peg shultze?
in the book tangerine what are the greatest fears of paul(who are they or what are they)?
How do i write a book?
I am writing a book,I am useing micr. word. Can you tell me how many words should be on a page ofa5"X 8" book?
Where can I post my original book online?
Find (reference to) childhood book?
Any idea what a 5 inch thick Websters dictionary 1956 leather embossed cover is worth?
who is asteroid 25,399 named after?