Has anyone here read the book “Lemony Snicket: The Unauthorized Autobiography”?
Is Meg in Little Women vain?
Can someone help me find this book?
Do you think that people who helped the Intelligence services should write books.?
Where can I find the Clique books summer collection for cheap?
Fantasy book. Forgot author and title!?
Any authors like.... (Best answer!)?
Is "Just Listen" by Sarah Dessen a good book?
Breaking Dawn Question?? (spoilers)?
The outsiders conclusion?
Begining of a story of mine. What do you think?
Does anyone know what book this is with aliens in the desert?
what is the prophecy poem in the book Paranormalcy by Kiersten White?
I am listening to the audio version of Stephen King's "11/22/63".?
to answer this question you would've need to read a series of unfortunate events?
I'm making a book for my friends?
Is The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini or The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri a better novel? Why?
Twilight fans to answer?
I need a fast pace fantasy book to read, anyone have any suggestions?
Dean Koontz is my favorite author,?
I need help with a book idea. ?
Can a girl's name be Sherlock?
would you read and comment on my fanfic?
What did you read in August?
Creative Writing Poem/ what do you think..?
Who is Sam Ewig?
what is the title of this novel?
What literary tecniques does J.Salinger use in his "Just before the war with the Eskimos"?
What kind of music does Peeta Mellark like? (HUNGER GAMES)?
need some last names please?
Can anyone name some good books?
I Need a bibliography that would be interesting to me. See Details?
What is the best book you've ever read?
Lord of the Flies conclusion?
How many copys of a book must be sold for it to be a best seller?
Any Good Books To Read?
any ideas on developing this piece of writing please?
whenever i ride my bike i get pregnant? help me.?
Need a novel character's name?
Did Bertha cheat on Mr. Rochester?
what are the names of dexter's friends in this lullaby????
How do these Wicked Sister Characters sound?
Great Gatsby Questions?
who dies by being suffocated by a cat in the novel catch 22?
Does one need to give a reference to a paraphrase or just to a direct quote?
Whats is Stephen Kings best book?
Where does Huck Finn hide from the widow in Tom Sawyer?
What are some good books?
Is there a good online resource for books?
Is this a good story?
Good thriller books with female heroines?
50 shades of Grey. what's your opinion?
Opinions on this story so far?
How is Monte Cristo Compared to God?
I'm looking for a book I read a while back and need some help with the title and author...?
Is Loyalty a theme in Literature?
How does my Main Character (and her story) sound?
i'm trying to find the map of isla sorna found in the lost world book by michael chrichton?
Green mile?
Is there a site where I can actually read 'Lovely Bones'??
name for three charecters?
where can I find free online books of aj cronin?
im looking for a book but i cant remember the characters name.its hardcover and is about a boy who has to?
when will the next book in the inkheart trilogy come out?
A Clockwork Orange, the book?
I can not remember the name of this fairy tale/ book,please help...?
What are some good book series about paranormal?
In Beyond Good and Evil, what is Nietzsche's ultimate message for the “free spirits?
Question on the novel Sheoless joe?
what is ur all time favourite novel?
What are the basics of a hero epic?
whats a good name for a vampire in my story,?
Which Australian author wrote the Shoes of the Fisherman?
can someone please tell me if you have read the book called Beautiful by amy reed?
Thoughts on Edgar Allan Poe's Work?
find some publications that support me financialy in translating their books in pesian and publishing that?
Can anyone help me remember the name of this children book series?
Help with The Odyssey by Homer?
"Scar" is NOT the last word of Harry Potter?
Can you recommend a book, fiction or nonfiction, about an individual who was brainwashed?
What is the name of this book?
What's your favorite poem?
Can anybody think of any good names?
Who is the best wizard of all time?
What is the setting for THe Joy Luck Club?
Is there any news on Richard Jackson and a possible "Hobbit" movie?
What were some of Sherlock Holmes dIslikes?
What would you do if you got an Admission Letter from Hogwarts??
Brothers Grimm Cinderella theme/symbols help!?
What does it take to get your book published?
how can i find out about writing conferences in virginia?
Has anyone read the last Kevin Kelly book "What Technology Wants"?
I cant understand the play Julius Ceasar. In act four, What is Mark Antonys opinion of Lepidus?
Has anyone heard of Wattpad?
Name and author of book desert survival fiction 25 years +?
Books on Photography History /Theory?
Could someone recommend me a soliloquy by Shakespeare?
Cant concentrate when im reading? BOOK WORMS! HELP?
what is the best way for choosing a coursebook?
regarding hang pack?
Suggestions before I begin my version of the "Great American Novel" LOL?
Story or poem mothers words, I will love you forever and ever?
What do you think of my story so far?
Know any depressing books for teens?
'What common English word is most often pronounced incorrectly?"?
Recommend a good book for me to read.?
What is a good book by an AMERICAN author?
Who is Jane Martin and why can't I find anything about her online?!? (She's supposed to be a playwright)
How does A Catcher in the Rye and Lady Chatterley's Lover compare and differ?
does anyone actually enjoy short stories?
What book are you reading at the moment?
Shakespeare's plays in Modern English?
Gandalf or Dumbledore?
How many books do you read per month...?
who is ur fav author?
Best Young Adult Love Triangle?? Paranormal Preferred?
want info on the universal anthology set of books published in 1899 by merrill & baker of new york?
What is written at the bottom of John Tenniel's Alice in Wonderland illustrations?
i have to do a comedic and dramatic monologue for who's afarid of the virginia woolf any suggestions?
Should highschool teach The Kite Runner in english class?
has anyone here ever felt like this ( read on )?
Has anyone else read The Tao of Pooh by Benjamin Hoff?
I'm reading The Sound and the Fury and I'm trying to make sense of it, I have a few questions...?
Does Anyone Know What This Book Is Called ?
Don't you think Twilight has ruined the image of vampires?
Quote that needs translating to quenya?
Has anyone heard the outcome of the British lawsuit against Dan Brown?
Which Witch Story to Write?
Know any good books?
Does Harry Potter die in the last book?
Would it be cliche if this happened in my story?
Can aakash 2 tablet be used in place of kindle e-book reader?
Besides Wicked, what is the best Gregory Maguire novel and why?
What do you think of my blog? How can I improve it?
Cask of Amontillado HELP ME!!!?
I need help finding some books ?
Have you ever thrown a book across the room....?
What are some good magazines to publish short stories in?
What do you think of my Wattpad story?
song about james joyce araby?
What is some of the key plot information for the novel Beloved?
i am looking for a romance/ adventure book?
Will there be a sequel to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo?
1984 novel study HELP ASAP?
What is your favorite self help book? Did it change your life?
Im doing a biographical report on Annie Leibovitz for class. What most important subjects should I include?
Do you have a favorite copy of a book that you have used and abused until the binding is coming apart?
Which book and Author wrote the following line?
Heart of Darkness: light vs.dark essay?
What are your favorite Bealtes songs?
What challenges does clary go through it in novel city of bones?
if a 14 year old girl wrote a novel for teens would you read it?
Which Harry Potter book do you like best?
what was the last book you read,?
do u think the truth that "the da vinci code" reveals is really true?
How Can I Get My Book Published??
what is the answer to life, the universe adn everything?
What are some possible characteristics of a 12-year-old boy?
Who are the top book publishers in the US?
I'm in me 20s and have never read a novel, all the books I read are related to my studies.. is this healthy?
What is the difference between 1st,2nd,and 3rd person writing?
Help finding a book greatly needed!!!!!!!?
Pride and Prejudice or The Return of the Native?
do you think that the book 1984 might come true?
What is good book for school 300 pages with author of asian descent?
why does voldemort in the last harry potter book have to use another death eaters wand?
I want to know if there is any free article AGAINEST dan browns book the da vinci code?
Whats a good title for my story? Help asap!!?
what was the best book you have read recently...and who's your fav author?
Where is th free money out there?! Like where are the websites for asking the rich people for grants and dona
where can i read golden online for free?
What books should I read?
I need a feel-good book, preferably a novel, I don't care what kind of fiction. Suggestions, please?
Who is your favourite Hogwarts teacher?
Ideas for a Childrens Book?
In "death of a Salesman" by Arthur Miller , Who is Ben and what does he epitomize for Willy?
Questions regarding the logics of time-travel. Please help?
'You misconceive the question like a man,who sees a woman as the complement Of his sex merely. Interpet?
Good books to read?
What book(s) are you currently reading?
I cant read classics!?
Who values the price of a book? the author or publisher?
What book should I read Harry Potter or Twilight?
What's the best Noam Chomsky book to start with?
What were some of the best books you've ever read?
online libraries? like:
Shakespear; was he the best English writer?
in city of fallen angels what is jace's mango reference suppose to mean?
A summary for adam and eve and pinch-me?
Are books like goosebumps still in demand?
What does the Great Gatsby tell us about that time period?
whats a good book that you would consider beautifully written?
ROBERT PICKTON..... a book about.?
book of job??????????
What does rory swenson from the book finally by wendy mass look like? 10 points?
If you had to choose one of these authors, whose work would you go for?
does thier exist a prose translation of Maffeo Vegio's supplement to the Aeneid?
who do u love?
what is your favourite book?
Is there a web site that can recommend novels based on other novels you have enjoyed?
I need book suggestions?
Is there a theme/message to Flash and Bones by Kathy Reichs?
Can anyone reccomend a good book?
Help on fictional world story?
Harry Potter, Who would you rather? (to die)?
how much is the moby dick book worth from the copyright date of 1949 in a well mannered condtion?
Do any famous people read?
I am reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, chapter 26.?
which series is better twilight series or harry potter series?
sad books that make u cry?
Publishing fanfictions on
Who is your favorite Author?
How do you cite a chapter from a book in APA format where the chapter has its own author?
In which novel is the character Simon Legree known for being harsh and cruel toward the black culture?
What do you think of the opening paragraph of a story I'm writing?
what is your favorite book to read and why?
Whats a good fantasy book for six/seventh graders ?
If you could jump into any book and join the story, which would you choose?
Does anyone know when Fruits Basket offically ends? (Fruits Basket is an anime)?
What does Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut, Junior, argue for, if anything?
Sci-Fi book series where everything on a planet is hostile?
Has anyone heard of the author Leanne Karella?
Your opinion of this part of my story?
What is that children's book...?
What are some good twin names?
For fantasy book lovers: Any one have good sugestions for Science Fiction Fantasy books to read?
Has "It can't happen here" by Sinclair Lewis always been censored?
Which is better for selling used books online as a business?
Which name do you like best?
How to do I find book reviewers who love to read romances, sensual stories?
when is mark of athena releasing in india?
Where can i read "Bitter Virgin" chapter 15 and up online?
Was the Move Mysterious Skin based on a book? and what is the name of the book? thanks?
What's the name of the last book you read?
Memoirs of a Geisha essay help !!?
Can you title a book with a previously published book title?
What's the name for this character archetype?
Would you consider this a flashback?
Team Edward or Team Jacob?
Please rate my short story...Cheers :)?
The book DaVinci Code:What's your Opinion.?
I'm writing a book, and I wanted to know if the introduction sounds good?
What is the best Classic book you've ever read?
How do you introduce the main character's name in a novel?
How can I get contact information on New York author Annie Cheney?
interesting last names?
who wrote a play entitled. A Midsummer Night's Dream?
Describe Franklin’s plan in the Autobiography for improving his spiritual self.?
When writing for practice, is it best to stick to just one 'side' story?
List of Romantic Elements?
Baseball book - girl on high school team?
I want to write a book about almost dying in a forest fire. I don't have alot of cash sources.? should i do
Could somebody be so kind as to make me a book cover?
what is the best book you've ever raead?
A unique last name for a girl?
Which of his many books won Ernest Hemingway the Nobel Prize for literature?
"the red of blood, and the black of darkness" have been identified as theme colors of the play.?
Who has read 'Tithe - A modern faery tale'?
How should I end my book?
Name for a cereal...?
the ultimate backstage book help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Does anybody know if....?
I'm looking for a serious critique of this short story. What do you think?
Stephen King announced recently:?
what is imagery in the poem silver by walter de la mare?
The most tearjerking book you ever read?
What book am I thinking of?
writer's who were published after 40 years of age?
Confused about the mushroom scene in "Feast of Love" by Charles Baxter?
TWILIGHT Or Harry Potter?
A good book for AP English?
What was Shakespears greatest piece of work?
Will there be a 4th sisterhood of the traveling pants book?
Where can I send fan mail to the author Bill Bryson?
A question for Anti-Twilighters? (Twilighters please don't answer)?
I am writing a story and I have a question?
Is there any book with boys as main characters?
Why was Argentenian writer Jorge Luis Borges snubbed when it came to receiving the Noble Prize?
What are some book series like "hush hush?"?
Do you think that poetry is cool?
Where can I read full books online?
Have Film adaptations from books ruined the originality of reading it?
What is Caesar's opinion of Cassius and Cassius's opinion of Caesar? How accurate are they? In Julius Caesar.
What is your worst fear as a writer?
NEED a good book to spend my time with haha?
Any tips on how to be a better writer?
Ideas for a short story?
Can someone edit my essay?
wut struggles did emily dickinson have to face along her way? y is the world a better place because of her?
What are the contrasts of love and hate in Romeo and Juliet?
Where can I find the poem In and Out of Love by Maya Angelou?
How to fashion a small table for Alice in Wonderland diorama?
What do you think of the books by Madeleine L'Engle?
Should I read a Game of Thrones (Song of Fire and Ice Series)?
When "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" Is Released, How Will You Avoid Having the Ending Spoiled for You?
i need a good crime story for my assignment?
I am thinking about starting a school newspaper at my school next year. I hope that it will be big!good idea?
do you know what book this is?
can anyone give me some advice on story writing?
Has a book ever made you cry?
Helping a friend plz read and help?
for anyone who has read Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky?
What is an alpha female?
what are some good topics for a horror story?
Anyone read Italo Calvino's Traveller? Recommended?
10PTS Please edit my short paragraph?
If you wrote a book about yourself and your life what title would you give to it?
Do you know the words to the poem "I Must Have God", author unknown?
Can someone describe this hairstyle for me?
When are they going to.....?
Where can I get a time line on Octavio Paz?
What was the last book you bought?
Lord Voldermort vs. Gandalf????
Why does Roxane want to make Cyrano suffer in Act 3 of Cyrano de Bergerac?
who's your favourite childrens author?
Any inspiration for a fantasy novel?
who understands Emily Dickinsons poems? :)?
Where can I find the initial reactions to the novel "Like Water for Chocolate"?
What do you think of my characters for the book i am writing?
im going to become a dentist and i dont know what books to read,?
where do i find the poem one two by shel silverstein on the web?
i need a book help please were do i get these types of books?
Has anyone read the book Sold by Zana Muhsen? Was it good?
What are some good working titles for a Werewolf-themed story?
Giving supporting characters surnames in my book?
Would it make sense to read Pretty Little Secrets if I didn't read the rest of the PLL series ?
Am I the only peson not crazy about Twilight?
odysseus home?
how to get the goose out off the bottle?
I NEED help naming my book?
where can i publish my poems?
what is Islam?
Calling Twilight Fans ?
Where can I get a copy of the book " Power of the Now" by Eckhart Tolle written in Chinese?
who is E.E cummings?
Is this a good story? Would you keep reading it if I posted more?
who else thinks twilight sucks?
A writer needs your help! Naming characters.?
Not a Q! I am looking for the poem "Kidnaper" by Tess Gallagher and I can't find it anywhere. Please help me!
Who has read the "gormanghast trilogy"?
Can someone help me with a surname?
Would this be a good novel topic? Please leave some good constructive-criticism?
Paradise Lost Question?!!?
The soloist questions?
Who penned the Bourne Identity book?
I need to dtermine if a poem I received is an original, where can I check this?
julius caesar the play?
Need Book Ideas!!:) Help?!?
Where can I buy Missed Fortune 101 AUDIO CD?
How can I make this Better?
Can you recommend the best edition of The Nicomachean Ethics?
what are all the novels in the A-LIST series?
If you were a vampire in the Twilight series, what kind of "gift" would you have?
Is there a website where i can read the short story The Other Family by Himani Bannerji?
I want to buy my co worker a book for his birthday, what book should i get him?
to kill a mocking bird.?.!?
Why is the lion in the chronicles of narnia called aslan?
John Robert Powers question?
Summarise the story of Ted's Caving Page?
Good Harry Potter fanfiction where the Wizarding World is revealed to muggles?
I need some new books to read?
How do you tell a dream story?
I need help trying to figure out the title and author of a book i read in junior high school?
Can you suggest a good place to start with Italo Calvino?
Which Is The Greater Work Of Fiction: The Bible Or The Lord Of The Rings?
Best book you ever read?
when are the next house of night books avaliable in the UK?
Trying To Find Book From Childhood?
What POV does Nicholas Sparks write in?
In what ways can "Alice's Adventures In Wonderland" be connected to the Victorian-era society?
What - are you reading / was the most recent book you read?
What kind of computer do writers use?
Which name suits this chracter(girl) more ?
What does J.R.R. stand for?
Evelyn Woods Reading Dynamics Course....?
is the book turtle on a snare drum from october road, is that a real book?
Summary of the book 'House on Mango Street' ?
Louis L'Amour books released after 1986?
“Which book are you reading right now or finished recently?
What books would you reccomend?
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Thoughts?
I'm trying to find a list of ....?
Who is your favorite fiction/literature author?
What is a Black persons crit. reading of Richard Wright's Black Boy?
what is a good name for a guy?
How is "Tess of the D'Urbivilles" presented by hardy ?
What book are you reading?
Anyone else Intimidated?
What book makes you cry?
What is the plot of Looking For Alaska?
Has anyone read Go Ask Alice,by Anonymus?
what is the first book you remember reading for fun?
Best horror book from an american writer?
A book about a town ran by an fallen angel?
Recommend Me A Book?
How could I get more readers for my story in Wattpad?
What book am I thinking of based off of title description?
wut is a good em0 book 2 read....?
What is the American dream according to Jay Gatsby and did he achieve it?
What is the name of this short story?
harry potter...............?
Tell me about Lord of the Flies?
Which is better - A book autographed by the author or a first edition unsigned?
How do you get rid of books I don't want?
What other Author can be compared to Robert Rudlum and Ken Follett?
Can someone nice help me out? Good titles for a cute love story?
Do you like Arundathi Roy's "The God of Small Things"?
I want to write a book composed if short stories by different people on 1 topic?
Leg-hitch scene in Eclipse?
How to walk in high heels pdf reader?
Twilight fans???
HELP! my question needs to be answered i'm so confused?
Take any book that's in front of you.?
The meaning of "little pagans" and "eggs Benedic" in a novel by Tobias Wolff?
characters in "Speak" by Laurie Halse Anderson?
Your question is a little short. Try being more descriptive?
Is this a good idea for a book?
What do you think happens next?
Have you read Artemis Fowl?
What's a good horror novel to read the last week of October?
which historical figiuire is inspiring or important to you?
Does Hamlet love himself?
Who is your favourite fictional character? ?
MLA citation in a paper?
What is the average time it takes for a publisher to respond to a book submission?
NaNoWriMo questions??
How does this description sound?
When is National Writing Month?
Any names for characters?
What romance book should I read?
Who is getting tired of Twilight in this section?
Any good books that faces issues that teens go through...?
In an MLA bibliography, what is the basic format for book?
What can I do to improve this scene in my story?
Watership Down by Richard Adams?
What books have change or influence your view in life? (Must be at least 18 of age)?
Do you find that films ruin books?
I think I want to see lord of the rings on my phone it looks good but I don't know what should I do ?
journaling ideas.........................?
what is a great suggestion for a thesis about Katniss Everdeen being a great heroine?
Outline the significance of the Petrov affair.?
I'm writing a book, may you please look at this exeprt & give your opinion?
How to cure writers block. ? =[?
Should I buy a Kindle or stick to paperback books?
What is a good emo(not really) book to read?
What books should I read?
Books similar to jamie mcguires book beautiful disaster??
Suggestions for Wattpad usernames?
Why did ann sexton began writing poetry?
What is a website where i can learn about Aileen Fisher?
What are some good revenge ideas?
Describing alien arrival on Earth?
Does Harry Potter really die in the final book ?
Did Christopher Poalini (author) go to college?
what are you currently reading?
Who are the main characters of My Antonia, besides Jim and Antonia?
I am supposed to give a lecure about France Fannon and his influence on litearature would u pls help me?
Have you read a book this year?
When do Firestar and Graystripe see each other last?
I'm trying to find messages in Eragon & Eldest, does anyone have anything?
Title of a fiction book where Saddam Hussein steals the Declaration of Independence to burn it on July 4???
i read a book in Goa-a bunch of love letters between 2 kids and they grow up and fall in love..TITLE??
Can you suggest some good books to me based on some things I like?
Has anybody read the series Caballo De Troya by J.J. Benitez?
What book do you find yourself reading over and over again? Why?
what is the main characters development, change and growth in the book the namesake?
Good Names for a Catholic School?
what is the best book you have ever read ?
What is a good story about witches?
A good name for a girl bully in my story?
A good medieval book...?
What Are Your Top Ten 'Must Have' Books In Your Library?
What are some good books?
do jasper and emmett cullen speak in twilight movie?
Hans. L. Jaffe biography?
If you had to write an autobiography about yourself what would you title it?
can someone give me a summary of the book the Alchemist?
Have you read any of Laurell Hamilton's Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series?
What is the name of this fantasy book?
What should i write a book ..Ill give you credit?
If you needed to suggest 10 books everyone should have in their personal libraries?
I'm reading 'the english patient' - whats the point of almasy being such a jerk?
Good Books about Graduation!!?
Who receives arete in the Iliad and how?
Did Anthony Trollope invent the mailbox?
what is the book called: five teenagers' minds are linked together?
Charles Bukowski's writing style?
How should this fictional society be governed?
what is the meaning of sceptre?
When was poet Naoshi Koriyama born?
Who is the best Fantasy author? Why?
a book about Atlantis?
Has AnyOne Read Fahrenheit 451 ?
i wanna answer key of the book with the name of "northstar reading and writing", and i didn't find...
Which book do you prefer out of these?
IS it normal for a 40 year old man to read twilight?
What are your favorite historical romance titles?
book title section?
where can i purchase the book chilly billy?
What do you think of this story?
Do you have biography information for Tony DiTerlizzi?
Has anyone ever read The Queeks of Quookadumdee?
What happenes to Johney Tremain after??? The book does not contiune. Does he die? Who does he marry etc.?
Twilight and non-twilight fans alike, need help...?
Where on the island are the boys rescued in lord of the flies?
where can i find novels of james rollins.. amazonia subterraian etc.., plz help?
I'm 15 and I have an idea for a book, but am I too young to get it published?Plus I don't know if it's good
Percy Jackson VS Harry Potter?
This question is for readers. What famous classic book mentioned "Hoyt's ten-cent Cologne"?
How does this sound for a villain group name?
Would you rather be a vampire or a werewolf?
Who is as hilarious as Jasper Fforde?
What is your favourite book in the Twilight series and why?
Is there a web site or something where i could buy old yearbooks from my high school?
i need a review on Conan Doyle book VALLEY OF FEAR.....Can anybody help me please? I shall appreciate.?
What is your View on Twilight the Saga of Books?
How to bound a book?
harry potter couples?
Random Harry Potter Questions?
What is the lost chapter of The noble Noli Me Tangere?
Help! George Mackay Brown Witch essay...?
Can you recommend a good book publishing agency?
A Romance book with a guy and two women?
Why do girls love Edward Cullen so much?!?!?
Yet again, another Harry Potter true or false survey?
To kill a mockingbird vocab help!!!!!!?
Why do travel books never have footnotes or endnotes citing their sources?
can anybody tell me what the first 2 chap. in the WOLF BY THE EARS are about?
Please read my friend WATTPAD story!?
Which character from Chaucer's "General Prologue" do you admire most? Least? Why?
anybody know how to get Hruki murakami book online?
What's the difference between Thriller and Crime?
Please Help! I can't write?
In the Story "The Most Dangerous Game, what are General Zaroff's rules of the game?
Cathetral Story by Raymond Carver quESTION?!?!?
good font for title of romeo and juliet?
Which stories of Guy de Maupassant in 'A Day in the Country' are connected to marriage?
what book is henry miller best known for writing?
Tell me another novel like this one?
Christmas idea for a Nasserist booklover?
What book do you love so much you re-read it?
story plot help? sorta urgent?
where can i get the diadem books by john peel in pune?
what is shakepearean spirit?
Do you know this book?
Les Miserables Book Board Game?
The " RED WRATH" ..What is this book all about?
Which is your favourite book?
opinions on frankenstein (the novel)?
i want to read an interesting book....?
Favourite Harry Potter character?
Do you read Oscar Wilde and Agatha Christie?
Which are the absoltely must-read books for a Jane Austen fan, besides her own of course.?
Another question about Please answer?
Ever read 'The Four Agreements?'?
What book am I thinking of?
I'm thinking of a kid's book. What's the name?
Ralph Ellison's The Invisible Man?
what was the biggest problem in the westing game?
Favourite Books???
the worst book you ever read?
Good names for a butler?
How should this character be put in this situation?
What is the best software for writing a book?
who is a fan of stephen king and why?
I need an acrostic poem for CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS?
Is my book idea good?
what kind of books do u like? by who? why?
a good, funny book?
I need some dark magic curses?
what is a copy of Michael Bond's Paddington Bear book titled Treasury worth please?
HAs anyone read Conversations with god? What did you think i loved it?
What book has a character named Jack that lives on an island in Boston with his family?
Does it really takes time to write?
What is the meaning of "There's a certain Slant of Light" by Emily Dickinson?
Im lookin for a light hearted but good novel to read?
Why was it ok for Brutus to kill Caesar?
What are some great ya books on kindle?
What do you think of my 5th chapter? BE HONNEST!?
How do these character names sound?
Fahrenheit 451?
isnt the bible the best book of all?
What is a good book that you've read?
what is the complete criteria for reviewing a fantasy book/novel.?
I am looking for a poem titled "Cling to Me" or something similar. please help?
Any ideas on how I can tweak my prologue?
How groped to publish the first novel of a series?
Thoughts on Mark of Athena ending?
please help with my novel?
Pretty Little Liars (Male Version)?
How can i publish my story?
Why is difficult to understanding the works of T.S.Eliot?
Who do I contact about writing a biography about my escort service of 10 years?
Has Arena, the story by Fredrick Brown, ever been taken to TV or the big screen?
i'm trying to write a book? last names?
What is your favorite book by Stephen King?
I'm working on making a science fiction monster story for class... Is this a good start?
What is your favorite author of all time? ;)?
Twilight question: why is Ed sparkly?
KIndle 2 Help???????
What do you think of Johnathan Swift's 'A Modest Proposal'?
Looking for books about politics?
Sprite or Mountain Dew?
Summarize the first 5 chapters of a long way gone by Ishmael Beah?
does anybody know any dark fantasy teenage books about revenge?
I want to read a REALLY good book?
the tolkien appendages?
Anyone know the name of this book?
Did Wayne Dyer really used to be a head?
what's the worst book you've ever read?
Twilight fans and haters please answer?
How do I copyright a book i'm writing
How can i get a free ISBN number for my book?
Robert Frost resources online?
Any good teen girl books?
whats a good fantasy quest for my book?
Where can i download Queen Bees and Wannabes pdf?
Nicholas Sparks Awards?
Does anybody know the order of the books that connect to the circle trilogy by Ted Dekker?
What's better, Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter? Why do you think so?
I need a writing exercise...?
Which is the best book you have read?
Harry Potter fans? Your theories??!?
where i could get a free full pdf copy of this book?
Does anyone know thee name of the book ?
C/C Part of my short story?
Can I have some nice quotations on teacher's day?
How do you get names for your storys?
What is the best wrestling biography?
Can you give me some help with my story?
Anyone who has read the sweet far thing: Gemma and kartiks dream?
I'm looking for the poem "TRUST" by E.E. Cummmings?
who knows anything about shakespere and the globe theater?
how can i read Yotsuba online?
What kind of content is good for blogging these days?
I am working on my new book...?
Why might a Southern American writing a novel in the 1950's feel a certain amount of guilt?
What Does Brom Bones Do To Ichabod Crane?
Are you Peter Keating or Howard Roark?
I have a collection of about 50 Little Golden Books. Does any one know the worth of these childern's books
I need to find a title for a book my I wrote?
Potter Fans? Have you ever had any HP-related dreams?
Who wrote the princess bride?
how old is georgia groom in angus thongs and perfect snogging?
Does anyone have any good book suggestions? Preferences inside.?
Is there somewhere I could rent recorded books in Spanish?
What is a fanfiction?
why does Hale feel responsible for the trials in The Crucible?
What are abstract books?
Need a PLOT/ IDEA for an essay/Short story... :) thank you .. x?
What does ballet have to do with the book My Sister's Keeper?
Is J.K. Rowling just looking for attention?
Where could I find analysis essays on simon and garfunkel songs?
Everyone at my school is reading Twilight. Annoying much?
Good Young Adult Book Series to Read?
What colour were Dorothy's shoes?
Can anyone give me a very short story on new year?
Books with storylines set in Europe?
Can anyone tell me what the name of this book is?
How should my Character die?
Writers: How "rough" is your rough draft?
Which classic book did you enjoy.?
I need someone i can trust to give me their email (help with book)?
does anyone read The david code.this is a book.?
Parents think I'm stupid for writing stories online?
Are most moives made from books always worst than the book?
How many pages are in the book Mrs Frisby nad the Rats of NIMH?
Was the narrator to blame for the death of doodle in "The Scarlet Ibis" ?
Odyssey Help!!!! EASY TEN POINTS!!?
Who Dies in Harry Potter's Book Seven?
Any hilarious book recomendations? (a book a teenager would enjoy)?
literary critism on Adrienne Rich?
What is the meaning of a wary?
it was the best of times it was the worst of times - which book?
can any of you tell me a best book that you had ever read?
Twilight or harry potter?
Perks of being a wallflower. HELP?
What should I name my Main character?
I am trying to find this book by a vague description?
Does anyone know the name of an old Sesame Street book with a story about Princess K & the Cookie?
Would This Be Too Much Like Twilight.......?
Where can I buy an exact replica of The Book Of Shadows?
Have you ever tried reading a famous novel but found it too dreadful to finish?
Analyze emily dickinson's metahpors?
Creative character naming assistance please?
what is a good name for a guy?
I have writer's block!!!!!!!!!!!!?
creative short story ideas?
Do sponges come from fish?W?
How many songs does Greyson chance have out right now and what are the names of the songs?
help with this name!?
Anyone have a kindle fire?
Illustrations in books on the nook color?
I need help with quotes?
Im looking for a book written by a paraplegic using his left eye (code). It contains the word cage or caged?
Will All You Inspiring Writers Comment on my Work?
i dont know how to start my story... any ideas?
What are your favorite mythical creatures from Fantasy books??
What is the best way to buy an autographed novel?
I am stuck thinking of a Christian book about the love scripture?
what's a good metaphor I can use here?
why can't siddhartha love?
has anybody read "a classical approach to jazz piano"? how's it?
Which books have you read that have made you cry?
Hi,What does this mean?
Search for rebecca nedele?
Science fiction help?
What was your favourite book when you were 8/9?
is the audiobook "lord of the flies" on amazon for instant download?
scary story for school. please help!?
Why do most people hate Twilight so much?
Why do people like Twilight? It isn't better than Harry Potter!?
Is Book 'Presumed Gulity' Against Or For Casey Anthony?
Please read this first scene, critique, and suggest name? Thanks.?
Dialogue in a short story?
People who read Evernight?
Manipulation in Ender's Game?
Has anyone read Nine Storys by j.d salinger??
Suggestions on books to read?
Do you think the dialogue in this scene is kinda bland?
Harry Potter question that's been bugging me . . .?
who are the characters for tree girl by ben mikaelsen?
I need help with The Scarlet Pimpernel?
What do you think?
What is this childhood book?
john bulls other island?
Can I read World Without End if I havent read Pillars of Earth?
What's your favorite book/series that you've read?
Harry Potter Fans: Which is a more scary image.....?
I need a boy's name...?
How many folks out there?
has anyone read elliot perlman?
the Great Gatsby please help???!!!?
What are some good transformation Novels?
what are some themes in a midsummer night's dream?
Is It Weird To Reed Books that were once in but are not anymore?
What's anyone's opinion one sentence story called "The Blah Story, Volume 4"?
Any good reads? Not childrens books?
What is the BEST book you have ever read? What made it your choice for best book?
What is the longest word with letters in alphabetical order?
I am curious does white people read books by black authors?
catcher in the rye question?
If an author is talented are they more likely to be arrogant?
What do you think about the beginning of my short story so far?
I am thinking about writing a series of mystery novels, do you think these would be best sellers?
What is the price of old books-Little Colonel?
Books You Would Recommend?
liwayway arceo's date of birth?
anyone know the title/author of abook about a girl from arabia and horses in the 60 or 70s?i would like a copy
Fictional Army Range Names?
What Russian poet wrote poem-lullaby with words "Sleep my darling, fall asleep. Lights are out in the house.
Do you believe it typically best to experience a poem through a public reading or through ones own perusing?
My novelll??? pleaasssee help?
Night Star by Alyson Noel?
A GOOD german name ?!?!?
Are there any differences between the movies Purple Moon and the book The Talented Mr. Ripley?
Why do people compare Harry Potter and twilight?
what happens in a photo shop?
What are some rich girl names and a name for a high-class all girls academy?
If you wrote a book that was "a love letter to a city" which city would you choose ?
need any help on "the bull calf" by irving layton: essay due tomorrow! please help?
What is the term called?
why is davinci code is controversial?
Good books for 13 year olds?
What is your favorite book cover?
Which one do you prefer, Harry Potter's book or the movie?
Sweethearts By Sara Zarr?
Why are girls all into edward cullen? TWILIGHT QUSTIOINS?
Methods to come up with a title?
Kurt Vonnegut Thesis Help?
Which do you think will be a legend -- Harry Potter or Twilight?
What is slender mans story?
What is the best childrens book/series you have ever read?
Favorite Twilight Guy ?
advice on children's book?
Which character changes in the book the clique? How does the character change? Is this change believable?
Is there a poem which has, (or a line or two), stuck with you throughout your life?
Looking for a writing buddy? Post best writing tip for .s.?
why do so many ppl hate jacob black?
ursela k le guin, shrodingers cat?
is this a good story so far?
I have some very old books and magazines (1952), how can I tell what they are worth?
I want to send patricia cornwell a note abt a book that I have?
william shakespeare obstacles?? please?
The Soul (the Host) by Stephenie Meye?
WHY AM I SO SHORT????????????????
is it possible to work on two novels at the same time?
I have a writing question. I'm working on my outline for a fiction novel?
can u cuss a lot in books?
why is jane austin's pride and prejudice still popular today?
How's my story?????????
Ladies- Did you read the Little House Books by Laura Ingalls Wilder when you were a kid?
How do you publish a book (not self-publishing)?
what is the crocodiles of yamoussoukro about?
What should my story title be?
Captain Shure of The Cosmic Poachers?
in dr faustus why is mephistopheles mad at robin and rafe?
Harry Potter,Percy Jackson, or Twilight?
List similarities and differences between a professional thief and an amateur thief.?
Does anyone know a good book? I like books with romance mixed with adventure?
.s which surname sounds posh?
I need a good title for this short novel?
Harry Potter????
good reading website?
WHY do people like EDWARD cullen so much? and who are they really "in love" with...?
What is the book title with Cody and Clay (I think it's called Taken)?
What's your favourite Hogwarts House?
How is this so far? Please read. Want to know your thoughts. :)?
Does anyone know where I can find Walkabout online ???
Who wrote Ramayana?
Having Trouble Prooving The Adv. of Huckleberry Finn- not racist. PLEASE HELP!?
Who is Trevor in "Fallen" By Lauren Kate?
What do you think of the ending of 'Oliver Twist'?
If you were to write a book about your life, what would be its TITLE?
What happens in the last act of hamlet?
Why was Dumbledore so confident about his and Harry's abilities to deal with the Horcrux in HBP?
Is this some good writing?
I don't know how to start reading better books?
Any opinions on Glory Bound Bookbinding in Pleasant Valley, NY?
10point..which last name is better for a business man?
What is a good poetry book?
Any good government conspiracy novels?
The sketches from "One flew over the cuckoo's nest"?
do you think a 10 year old boy should read the twilight breaking dawn?
Harry Potter Question...?
What are some biblical allusions in Wuthering Heights?
First attempt at writing what do you think?(what needs to be edited and revised)?
Can i hire books at alexander library? in perth w.a?
What is the theme of the film, Field of Dreams?
who moved my cheese?
Is The catcher in the Rye a good book?
Can someone give me an opinion on "the virgin suicides"?
Does anyone know any fantasy books where there are no made-up languages?
How much is a 1829 Oxford Edition Rob Roy?
Should I start a book or a tv show?
Who's your favorite Weasley?
What was Shakespeare's life as a boy? How can you describe his personality?
I need some ideas for a short horror story!!?
does anyone know when glenna mcreynolds will come out with a new book?
Literary Analysis: Examine Epic Characteristics?
What are some evil sounding names for a Queen character?
How is this for a blurb...?
If someone offered you $100 to read a book, would you? What if the book was the Bible, would you read it then?
Who's your favorite author and why?
What's some good names for my book characters?
what is a good girl teenage book?
Has anyone read A Raisin in the Sun!!!?
I'm looking for a contact number for Blue Hen Books?
Have you ever read the book "Fade" by Robert Cormier???
What book would you like to see turned into a movie?
Should I read the Twilight series.?
book suggestions for 15 year old?
What is a panel in a graphic novel?
In the Patrick O'Brian 'Aubrey-Maturin' (Master and Commander) series, which book comes first?
Would you read a book series whose main character never died--AT ALL???
Need help with a werewolf story!?
Does anyone know about a reader named Edgar Caynce?
Who can guess what book I'm reading?
Who are the nominees for the next Nobel Prize?
Where to get Harry Potter books?
What is your View on Twilight the Saga of Books?
why do I get these weird fluttery type feelings in my stomach when I read/see something romantic?
Where can I find the full series of Tintin (soft copy)? does anybody have it?
Harry Potter or Twilight?
Read any good free e-book lately?
Does anyone know where to find the poem "We spent the 4th of July in bed" by Suheir Hammad?
I'm thinking to purchase "You Can Win" Book?
Does John Donne write his poems in any specific meter and rhyme scheme?
can you suggest some books about arthurian legends with epic battles ?
What is the Okike: An African Journal of New Writing about?
Short story with a twist? Help?
Do you think the time period Poe lived during is reflected in his writing?
how can i write a good short story?
In "Cats" The musical.?
NAME THESE CHARACters!!! s!!!!!?
Among the hidden question? (book)?
What should my book series be called?
Can someone help me understand this book?
how much should I charge to type a book for someone per page?
Is the book "BLUE WILLOW" historical fiction? Please tell me. SOON. THANK YOU! =]?
What is the latinn translation for "Who will watch the guardians?
4. The narrator states that Moby Dick symbolizes three different meanings for three different characters. List?
What are some girl characters that are tomboys?
Edward vs. Jacob (twilight)?
of mice and Men, To kill a mocking bird, and the catcher and the rye?
would you say that the manga book orien host club is a yaoi book?
How many pages are in Silence by Becca Fitzpatrick?
what is the next book in this series?
WHY do people like EDWARD cullen so much? and who are they really "in love" with...?
Does anyone know any relationships between the book "The Lord of the Flies" and the movie "Wizard of Oz" ???
Know of any ABSOLUTELY MUST READ books?
Help with character names for a book?
Want to be creative for amusement?
This morning on the Kidd Kraddick show he read a poem about sending your daughter off to the first day of?
Whats the Difference Between Fantasy and Medieval Romance? Is it the Love Stories and Romance?
Any suggestions on an excellent book?
i need a a quote from the book holes. from the begining of the the storie when the little boy throws thestolen?
What is a good slightly funny book?
Any good recommendation for Female Vampire Action Novels?
Where can i listen to the audiobook One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest free online?
A good fantasy book for a fifteen yearold boy?
What are the specific purpose per each nonfictional genre and how does each affect our daily living?
Help? I need to find this book about three teenagers who have the power to be invincible?
what is a revolution in kindness about?
what order do the harry potter books go in?
I need a name for lots of characters?
How many Death Books are there?
Were there ANY good writers that were SLAVES!?!?
Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up To Me - Richard Farina?
good quotes from tick tock by james patterson?
Is anyone else trapped in the Da Vinci Code?
Salvadorian and Mexican stories? Working together?
can you give me some samples of works of lualhati bautista?
subplots in jane eyre?
whats you favorite writer?
What is your favorite Paul Theroux book? And why?
Title of young adult Jewish immigrant novel?
I need to find a book about the craft (technical side) of writing, any recommendations?
Great Gatsby chapter 6 questions?
Is it corny to make the title of a book the name of the main character?
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince horcrux question!?
any good books to read.?
What are some similarities between George and Lennie in Of Mice and Men?
Summary About "CAPTAIN COURAGEOUS (Chapter 1)"...!!!?
What is the formula for a mystery novel?
Favorite book by Ray Bradbury?
I need to write an 8 page story by Thursday. Any good ideas?
Have you read the whole Harry Potter series?
Remake for The Outsiders cast?
in the story of jacob did he want to get blessed?
· Have you ever read a book and then seen a film of that book?
what vocabulary did you find challenging in the knife of never letting go ?
Does this sound wealthy and clique-ish?
Do you like the Twilight series?
Summarise the story of Alice In Wonderland please?
what is pwla?
Why would you choose Jack over Ralph as leader in 'lord of the flies'?
Was the Princess bride really a book written by S. Morgenstern ?what happend to "Buttercup's BABY"
I need help finding a book, that has short stories about love? Help plz!!?
What was the last book you read?
What is the most obscure book among your prized possesions?
Why is book 4 of the Hush Hush saga available before the third?
what book u like better? twilight,new moon or eclipse.?
Is Renessmee Cullen Bella's Daughter In Twilight?
What do you think of this writing? It's very short, please help!?
From which story was this line taken? 'Command and I obey'?
Ok well i need help with writing a short paragraph. Any suggestions?
i want know how can people do pation in love & painful time?
What has been your favorite book this summer?
Can you have your writing published professionally at age sixteen?
Have you read 'Irrational exuberance' by R.J.Shiller?
Am I a good writer? This is not hw?
what is the best book you have ever read?
How many pages are in Homecoming by Cynthia Voight?
What name do you like best? please help!!?
HARRY POTTAH FANS!? (RA/DA/HU) Don't you think that us Potter fans........?
Is my children's story any good?
Is this a good story to write ?
Trying to find this fanfic story.?
Does anyone know where I can find a Small NIV Bible?
Twilight series or Harry Potter?
I am doing research for a book I am writing. Do you think it is outdated to have a 35 year old heroine....?
dictionar englez roman?
How would you compare the writing styles of Hawthorne and Hemingway?
Will someone help me come up with a title please?
Has anyone read the book The things they carried?
How Opal Mehta Got Kissed, Got Wild, and got a Life?
the hobbit game?
will there be another alex rider book?
Is there books similar to ...?
If you had to pick three books?
Macbeth,act 4 scene 1.What are the connotations in his opening speech?
How long does it take you to read a 200 page book?
Books you think everyone MUST read before they die?
What is a quote from the book that represents the character Gatsby in 'The great Gatsby'?
When does Inheritance book 4 arrive?
give 5 strange happenings from scene 3 and explain their effects?
I wan't a book with some meaning.?
Pakistan People?
Recommend me a poet!?
What was the saddest death in Harry Potter for you? *SPOILERS*?
Will Twilight be more popular than Harry Potter?
hi guys, I want a list of books that are related to harry potter world?
Does "strength reflects on a soldiers image" make sense?
Who said: "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned?"?
10 important moments in the catcher in the rye with page numbers?
Books like Fever or yellow fever? and another I have no idea what the name is? HELP?
what's ur fav book? why?
Has anyone read a review of/reviewed "Management Basics" book by John and Shirley Payne? Is it any good?
Any tips on how to improve my query letter? I don't know what else to do?! 10 points!?
want to know the name of that site which will give me free access to the reading of any novels.?