What is a example of Irony?
Which author of a medieval travel book made up many of his tales and may never have traveled at all?
easy Twilight questions....s?
what's so great about Harry Potter?
After JK Roaling and Dan Brown, what should I read?
what would you think if an 8 year old wrote this?
i luv tiwilight there have been rumors that twilight is going 2 b a movie is that true? when will it b a movie
what is a publisher asking for when he ask for a "manuscript" for a book I am writing?
Novel Format in word?
what approaches did puritan writers, such as john milton and john bunyan, take toward society?
Book title help, please?
What are some quotes from the book "The Alchemist?
Harry Potter experienced many deaths. Which death do you think was the hardest for him?(Spoilers)?
book similar to Lord of the Rings?
What would you name a villain, if you were writing a book?
Edward Cullen or Jacob Black?
What were poets of the 1940s writing about?
This Surname Origin/Spelling?
Has anybody else fell in love with the thought provoking "conversations with God"series by neal donald walsch?
Jules Verne wrote stories of incredible, imaginary journeys to the center of the earth, beneath the seas, and?
I have so many ideas for books and stories what should i do?
Harry Potter fans: What position would you play on a Quidditch team?
Poll:Top Contributors, are you pro-Twilight or anti-Twilight?
Good books by cormac McCarthy?
favourite book couple ever?
In the book ,Tuck Everlasting, what color is the Foster's house?
Which siblings actually die in the book First they Killed my Father, by: Loung Ung?
What book should I read now?
What are your views on Da Vinci Code?
Help with a story please?
Is Robin Jones Gunn coming out with another book to the Katie Weldon series?
what sounds better in a fiction novel book?
Book Title or The Author's Name?
what does julius caesar reveal about human nature?
How to write or publish ebooks in android market?
I hope u don't mind or mine me writing you?
Is John Robert Powers still a scam?
do you think the twilight movie sucked compared to the book?
Does anyone have any good fantasy or pirate books that I should read if I liked Harry Potter?
If the world were ending in 3 weeks?
Harry Potter Fans/DA/RA? Just wondering?
Have you read the Wretched of the Earth?
Does this happen in taming of the shrew?
has anyone over 18 read the Night World Series by L.J. Smith?
Is Anabeth really the 7th?
Attention Dean Koontz fans: What is DK's best novel, in your opinion?
why is the roman catholic church upset of the movie "the da vinci code"?
what should we do in life stydy or marry ?
where can i read true to the game online?
th grade i have a dream essay?
help please.... handmaid's tale?
has anybody read frank mccourt's books? he is the best of the century!!!?
What was your favorite childrens book?
Danny Wallace - Join Me?
I'm getting ready to go on vacation... can anyone recommend some good beach reads?
What do Novelists do?
What is Christopher Paolini's address? I want to sent him a letter...?
Do you know people like this?
Why can't children's stories actually be just a children's story?
do adults really read harry potter books?
How do I get permission for a book I'm writing?
if a heroine "dates" a few men before she finds the one is it still considered a romance genre?
what was the last book you have read?
Eragon the book has how many pages?
Don't you think Anakin and Neo should have their titles switched?
How is this excerpt....?
I want to be a script writer, How do I start?
How could you hurt your ankle on pirate ship?
What is the best BIOGRAPHY you've ever read? Why did you like it?
Can't purchase books on Kindle Fire?
what is rudyard kipling's first book?
W.B. Yeats's writing style and techniques?
how can i get to the Lisi Harrison site that has the test on whether i am a Claire or a Missie?
Book with snakes asleep under hearth.?
Does anyone like this chapter of my book?
Sword vs spear in book?
I can't remember a book's name or authour, can anyone help me?
who wrote the book kamikaze love? where can i find it?
How does 'The Road Not Taken' by Robert Frost relate to the themes of 'To Kill A Mockingbird'?
Okay so I'm attempting to write a book...?
Would sort of things would a famous couple moving in together face?
1st page of Secret Window story?
How can I really improve my writing?
How do you think about self-help books?
Kindle confusion ???????????????????????
For people who read Harry Potter 3.....?
How can I get somebody to assist me write my long essay?
Great books for the beach? [10 points!]?
what is a good book on werewolves with pictures, stories and facts?
ssshhh...true Harry potter fans?secret question!...answer if you dare...?
Does anyone else think Twilight is overrated and aimed towards desperate pre-teen girls?
is my book worth anything?
When you hear the name Edward do you automatically think of Twilight?
Opinions on Little Things by One Direction?
What is your most favourite book of all time?
Would you rather read the book or watch the movie? Why?
Any online books on aristotle?
what is the location in Don Breckon's painting'in town tonight'?
What last names should I give my characters?
Would you rather be in Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw?
10PTS! Rewrite this short paragraph?
Need some help with my story?
Can anyone help me with a title?
Question about sending books of to agents?
What are some good and very short novels?
link to monologue from taming of the shrew- by william shakespere?
To kill a mockingbird?
I've just finished my first novel and am thinking of where to take it next.?
Whats a good name for a 14 yr old girl?
Would it be dumb to read all the Harry Potter books?
What do you guys think of
Ladies, what do you think about this guy character?
SORRY for this, but I have a Twilight question....?
Good Books??????????
Do you like the Twilight series?
I'm tryin to find out more about a book called 'Lilys cross' can anyone help please?
Which is the best book for CTET exam?
Who knows the best apparel pattern making book existing!! pls tell me.?
Bram Stoker's Dracula - novel?
the black cat by poe 10 points!!!?
In The Book "The Giver" what did the family do after eating the evening meal?
Essay on change (Books: Lord of the Flies, Catcher and The good earth)?
Do anyone know where i can find this book called "Arcadia written by Mark lane?
B&A: Name five "must read" books?
Do you think it was worth it, Harry potter?
Need help with a story. Reasons for five 16-18 year olds to have to meet on a daily basis?
Hello: I am currently writing a book and I want to know who is the best publishers out right now ?
Narrative point of view novels suggestions?
In your opinion, what author writes the best short stories?
Harry Potter fans, Do you think Lord Voldemort should've died?
Twilight Books. Can I skip the first book?
Does anyone have a good book recommendation?
what book are you reading?
which book is more grotesquely appealing and why-hannibal or angels and demons?
What do think of this story idea?
Good title for a memoir about a terrifying plane ride?
When is the next Harry potter book being released?
What type of author is Alexis de Tocqueville ?
I love Edward Cullen, the character from twilight?
is the book on the road a good book?
I love to write! But the problem is... I don't have the time!?
Why does Dante enter Hell on Good Friday and exit on Easter Sunday?
I'm writing a report on "The Crucible" and I need a good title, please help!?
Favorite Stephen King book?
who in the cruicible flees salem with abigail?
Are the book and movie of I Know What You Did Last Summer the same?
What is the theme of Double Date by rl stine?
Did you like the book tokill a mockingbird?
do u belive that jfk was kill by the man in the building?
Harry Potter fans, how many Harry Potter books are there and what are their names?
What do you recommend for depigmentation?
who wrote "Idiot"?
Who said this and from what book??
best book u have ever read?
Can you give me any examples of good thesis statements?
Anyone like to give their opinion on my stories and help me out?
i'm in 8th grade, i need to read a book for accelerated reader to get credit for school; whats some good books
What are good books to read?
Any nicely written Draco Malfoy fanfiction?
How are the books "To Kill a Mockingbird" and "L:ay That Trumpet in Our Hands" alike?
Anyone know any Good Teen E books sites?
Does anyone else think vampire stories are getting overrated now?
A good "red dawn" style book?
paradise lost by john milton help pls!!?
I like reading things that make me smile, where can i read stories like that?
I'm writing a story and I need a name for someone symbolizing depression?
the theme of The Odyssey?
When will J.K Rowling projected to release her 7th book of Harry Potter? Details?
What classic would you recommend to someone who's just beginning to read classics?
Does it bother you? (Twilight Fans only)
Can anyone give me a unique/catchy title for a student/teacher romance novel I'm writing?
is every 13 year old girl in the world writing a novel about vampires?
What is Donovan's Daughter and/or Sean Donovan by Lori Wick about?
Do you know about a book where a man from another generation eventually kill himself?
Halo books/novels? order?
whats the worst book you've ever read?
My mom looked through my diary ? PLZZZ HELP?!?
Can anyone name this book?
Has anyone heard of the author Grant Guimont and his book "A Carousel of Sorts"?
Good tween girl books?
What are some good teen books for a 13+girl who loves to read?
Does anyone else have songs that remind them of books?
Ian M. Banks 'Culture' novels - does it matter if you don't read them in order?
Reccomend any good books for teens?
What are the awards that Sylvia Plath has won?
Re-writing Scene One Act One of Hamlet?
Who is your favorite author/writer?
What do you think about giving away the books that you have read?
Was Moby Dick killed?
what is The Sceptical Chymist?
tell me about staff loyality?
Good Teen Fantasy Romance Novels?
What is the truest and most unabridged English translation of St. Augustine's "The Confessions"?
Should I make a big time jump in my next chapter?
If you could write a book about any subject, what would the book be about and why?
Looking for the name of a horror story series?
Teens: Favorite books?
I need 6 quotes from the book MIdnight in the garden of good and evil with the chapter where i can find it.?
How can I locate an Illustrator for a book?
do you like Twilight?
Name of a fiction novel...?
Any book recommendations for me and my husband.?
I am tyring to decipher the symbolism for the poem The Tomb of Edgar Allan Poe, can anyone give me some input?
Twilight related- In what ways do you think Edward and Bella are negative role models?
How does someone go about becoming a romance novelist?
Vladimir Jabotinsky-writer?
What are some good books?
I would like to know some books that are like "The Little Prince"?
I'm reading a book called The Motorcycle Diaries.?
What book are you reading now?
In the book "To kill a Mockingbird", what would Americans in 1964 find confronting about their convo?
Do you have any electronic copy of "l99l -- Beattie's What Was Mine" ?
Books and authors: questionnaire(:?
did erich hartmann make any major mistakes?
Book with names/meanings?
What book are you currently reading?
Do you think Stephanie Meyer should make a fifth book about Renesmee and Jacob?
is there avery short summry for the drama waiting for godot for arthur miller?
what was life like for harriet jacobs as a young slave girl in the south?
Why is Hemingway's book called "The Sun Also Rises?"?
What can you tell me about Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream?
Does anyone know any good teen books?
Anne Frank checkered diary design?
What is the name of this play and who wrote it?
Im 15. What books would you recommend?
Recommend a book to me please?
what was interesting about ernest hemingway?
What's your favourite fiction book?
What does red eye, fast track, left lane mean?
What does the sassafras tree represent in the book Cold Sassy Tree by Olive Ann Burns?
how do i find a romance writer in charleston,s.c. whose first name is allyse?
Critique on "Leiningen Versus the Ants"?
what is the difference between bibliography and references? and can i put them together in writing a report?
how get wedding dress book?
Book by Stephanie Meyer!!?
can anyone recommend any good fantasy books for me to read?
whats a good romace book for teens?
is there any german books on ibooks or kindle?
I can't find a new quest for all fairy in pixie hollow, accept kit?
Are there any fat wizards or witches in Harry Potter books?
can u recommend a life changing book?
is their a continuance after the book THE SINGING TREE by KATE SEREDY?
Trying to find the title of a book I read about 20 years ago about most of the world population dying out.?
what is the main idea of the book sister grimm1 ?
Did Slavomir Rawicz who wrote 'The Long Walk', really do the long walk?
u read the book the golden room by irving wallace then tell me about that book and also about his other works
I want a supernatural companion?
A good story to compare to the fall of the house of usher?
Any tips or ideas for writing a book?
who has read donna tart books?aren't they amazing?
Help finding this book?
Which of these girl names suit this character more ?
Title for my horror story?
all time favorite vampire?
main characters of Frindle By: Andrew Clements?
anyone had a children's book published?
How would you put me into a metaphor?
does anyone know any books that have a mouse as the main character?
What influenced Flannery O'Connor to write grotesque short stories?
Can I have multiple POV's in the first chapter of my story (which is a backstory?)?
should i read the twilight books?
Has anyone read "Sophie's World" by Jostein Gaarder?
How many times have you read the Little Prince?
iz twiglight a good book?
What words divided by tons appear in The Numismatic Chronicle?
POLL: Harry Potter or Twilight?
Does anyone know a website to help you with a book report?
How can I find out the title/author of a book without knowing either, only the story?
Songs for Death of a Salesman ?
B&A Poll about books, anyone?
A knight's tale questions?
Where to get the book 'the toe of bad *ss' for free?
What's the book that you are addicted to , right now???
I am a HUGE fan of Nora Roberts and JD Robb - I need help finding other similar authors?
What time do you wake up in the morning?
What started American Realism?
i need help with the book a tale of two cities?help?
Can anybody figure out what the name of this book is?
Why was Jean Jacques Rousseau prosecuted, and what were the controversies that caused him public difficulty?
What is an autographed book plate?
Finding Rhetorical Devices?
Can anyone help shorten my story?
What classic books should I read?
What is a good nickname for mythical creatures?
What do you use as a book mark?
Is satire used in Huckleberry Finn?
Writers: What writing lessons has your favoite novel/author taught you?
Does anyone know what this novel is called or where i can find it?
Allegory of the Cave in The Hobbit?
what are good classic books to read?
is there a publishing company named juno in London England?
How do you get an international or US copyright on a book that you want to publish?
How can I make this part of this story Awesome-r!?
What are two characteristics of narrative text?
How are these preliminary paragraphs to the first chapter of my novel?
How do you feel about Dumbledore being gay?
Left to Tell by Immaculee Ilibagiza?
whose pen name is o.henry?
what is the best non fiction book you have ever read and why?
Curious as to this book idea I have?
Are you old enough to practice Magic outside of Hogwarts?!?
What does Miss Havisham ask Pip to come there to do in Great Expectations?
What fiction are you reading right now?
why is that novel catcher in the rye is band from schools in north america?
what are some artists mentioned in the outsiders (the book)?
Who is the author of the Nancy Drew book series?
criticism on Emily Bronte?
if you were a book what would you be called?
What series shoul I read next?
Twilight Fans Only!!!!!!?
Team Edward or Team Jacob? :)?
Found: Book by the author C.F.Deems from 1884?
I once read a kids book about a girl who became a nurse featuring the poem Annabel Lee, what is the title? ?
how can i improve my English?
Who are some main characters in the book Restless by Rich Wallace?
Help profile my character?
I have an old book, where can I go to find out it's worth?
Harry Potter Fans... Which one would you like to... ??
How does the setting affect the story of Oliver Twist?
Summary of House Of night series book Destined?
What is a good titel for this story (10 POINTS)?
work at a publishing house...?
WHY didn't author J.K. Rowling announce that Dumbledore was a homosexual at the beginning of her books?
Favorite books?
Who read the book green thumb and what is it about?
What are some good events to happen in a short story?
i need a book on collecting old paper money?
What is the name of this book? or one like it?
Did anyone else find 'Blinding Light' by Paul Theroux a chore to read?
what is the ending of stolen by lucy christopher?
Any GOOD books to read over the summer?
hounds of the baskerville. quick question!?
Has anyone ever read The Bridge Accross Forever by Richard Bach?
Where to find the summary of this book?
How many pages are there in the book "World of Warcraft- Cycle of Hatred"?
How can I be a Potterhead?
Oedipus Rex METAPHORS?
Edgar Allan Poe short stories?
has anyone read the edge on the sword?
The curious incident after midnight summary?
Are they turning tge book "rot and ruin" by jonathen mayberry into a movie?
where can i find the poem about don not follow i may not lead?
I really don't understand Edward's personality . . . or lack of. ?
how long does it take to read the English dictionary?
Ideas for writing a book?
research for another book?
is it wrong for me to be in love with a fictional charatcer?
Which book should i Read?
Reflection: Why was the event of the sad eyed angel incident significance for Elie in the novel Night by Elie?
How is this idea for a story?
don't you agree harry potter is so annoying now?
Should Harry Potter books be banned from the library?
Best historical romance writer?
What's the name of the children's book with the green and orange dragon?
Creative Writing: How do you describe when a Hurricane hits?
what are some good teen books?
Madagascar the movie music(I like to move)?
What are some other stories that relate to Frankenstein?
Twilight or Harry Potter?
10PTS! Please edit my short paragraph...?
Is the short story "Climbing Space Mountain" realistic?
If movie star Elizabeth Taylor & schussboomer Rory Emerald were stuck on an iceberg how would they stay warm?
How would you make the play Ophello into a children's book?
Can you help me with my story?
Why can't people take care of things they borrow from the library?
I have a girl character who is impossible for me to name?
What is the worst teenage book you have ever read?
Has anyone read the scarlet letter?
Is rape fiction wrong?
Anyone on here have Wattpad?
What is the best book you've ever read?
where can i find the book "Devocion a la preciosisima sangre de nuestro señor jesucristo"?
What are some themes in Mockingjay?
Can you help me with ideas for my fable.?
Which version of A Diary of a Young Girl should I buy?
How's this section of my novel?
What are you reading now?
for those of you who have read Catcher in the rye?
spanish verison of "ode to some yellow flowers" by pablo neruda?
Where can I get a list of the classics in litereture?
what is the summary of the old man and the sea?
What kind of books do you like to read and who are your favorite writers?
I need help finding books that contain Lots of Rhetorical Devices in them.Does anyone have any ideas?
To Fan-fiction Readers?
what is the name of this romance novel?
I'm looking for a book about a girl that is trapped in cabin with a man named Tearney. She thinks he's killer?
What fantasy books are similar to Karen Miller or Ilona Andrews?
Ihave a set of books with bad covers whhere do i go to find a do it yourself bookbinding or book covers?
In the story Gingerbread man. Who finally ate Gingerbread man?And what is the story about? Thanks a lot!?
Character growth is very important in a novel. What growth did Bella go through in the 'Twilight' series?
Do you know a perfect poem subject to LOVE?
What website helps you take the Book of Mormon challenge?
what is the theme of diary of wimpy kid rodrick rules?
Make a case for banning one of the following books: The bible, Harry Potter, Twilight, or Huckleberry Finn?
A biography on someone who accomplished good deeds in his life?
Dumbledore gay???
Who wrote a novel called "Acceptable Losses"?
What are the names of Hans and Rosa childrens?
Why does Athene like Odysseus so much?
Is there a site that shows the comparisons between Christianity and the Chronicles of Narnia?
Books that have made you cry?
Harry Potter Fans: How many HP items do you own? :)?
Can someone explain to me the use of Borders Bucks?
Does the plot/summary of this story sound too cliché or too stupid?
I need a good book to read please give me some ideas?
What do you think of my poem?
How can I read with very large fonts on my Samsung Tab, even Kobo book reader's largest font is too small.?
please send me link or pdf articel for"surface decontamination of fruits and vegetables by ozonated water"
I need help looking for this book?
Does Evra's snake have a name?
Is this plot good and original?
What is the beginnig of some books taking place after the events of a book called?
help with my main character...!!!?
What books should I read?
Chicken Soup Poem?? plz help!!?
What is a good book to buy a 12 year old girl?
Twilight Series???( Name of books from book 1 to end)?
Where can I find a Book Summery of the book Leila by Alexandra Cavelius?
Can Anyone recommend a good book similar in style to Into the Wild?
any epic love in literature?
Theme: Man's Inhumanity towards Man for the story Flowers for Algernon?
Popular topics to write a fictional story on?
books to read before you die?
Is The Book Twilight A good book for a 6th grader to read?
What is your favourite poem?
What is Shakespeare´s interpretation of the role of women in "Romeo and Juliet" and "The Taming of the Shrew"?
Who here does NOT like twilight?
How to make a Romance story interesting?
Any Harry Potter Fans?
What's your favourite Stephen King book?
why people repeat question?
Who are the top 10 all-time American authors based on the number of books sold?
what is The house of clouds about by Elizabeth Browning?
Good reads?
In A Midsummer Night's Dream, what do you think Shakespeare is trying to say about love?
im trying to write a book i need a begining?
what is a really good book?
Books similar to the tv show once upon a time?
Is Trickster's Choice by Tamora Pierce any good?
please read through and give me your opinions am i the only one who thinks this?
Can you say : "I have reached a presentiment: ......." followed by what you think will happen?
i want to know how to pronounce the names of two writers,fae myenne ng and gish jen.?
would Hermione Granger read twilight?
Name me some good books?
Good books to read help plz?
does anyone else think twilight the book AND movie sucks?
What is your favourite classic novel?
What is your favorite love stories (books)??
Is the "Da Vinci code" a good book to read?
Any good book series?
What is your favorite book from your childhood??
Name 3 ways Holden isolates himself from Pencey Prep( His school)?
What topics do you like to read about?
What should the last name for this person be?!?!?
If I keep writing every day of my life,?
question about the "tell tell heart"?
Best authors/books with a bit of 'spice or 'vavavoom' in them? :)?
Is 50 Shades of Grey really a good book?
How to get a library or shop to do a reading?
Does anyone know how to read books online? Where to go to read them online? Thanks for any input!?
How can I keep a paperback book in like new condition?
Opinions on this short excerpt?
When was The Amazing History of Elang Uling by Nick Joaquin published?
A really sad/dramatic book?
Any good book recommendations for a 13 yr. old girl?
Can you recommend a book for me?
Harry potter fans: May I ask you a set of question related to the series?
Harry Potter...?
who took the bomp?
Does anyone like Max Shulman books?
is The Road to Suicide a real book? if so who wrote it?
Do you think this is a practical job?
Tuck Everlasting Book?
What is your favorite book, how old were you when you first read the book? Also,who is the author?
Will you offer me a specific reference to the author Vasile Alecsandri?
Would you call this an interesting or boring short story about 2012 (was it a good year for me so far?)?
What do you think of it?
Highschool Drama Ideas Please?
Whats the most boring book you've EVER read for school?
In stephen kings book/movie dreamcatcher, WHAT was the little retarded boys name,?
what is your favorite book in the entire universe!?
Any suggestions for a title?
what would have happened if gandalf had survived in moria.?
Which is your favourite Harry Potter book? And why?
Twilight or Harry Potter? WHICH IS BETTER?????
Can someone help me with how I should start this story?
any writers/thinkers that promote taking action to help yourself?
Good aspect to compare between Othello and Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet)?
Which book has the most romantic and noble description of love?
poll: How many people read Harry Potter 1-7????
why is this book SATANIC VERSES by salman rushdie banned in India ?
A question for crime novel fans?
The Babysitter?
What's a good book that deciphers dreams?
who do you think is the best fiction writer of all times?
This is in Figurative Language I don't understand what it means. Read the folowing similies:?
Help!! I need some inspiration!!?
What does "don't you remember that love, like medicine, is only the art of encouraging nature?" mean?
On the cover of "The Outsiders" Who are the Characters?
What book did you last read?
Can you please write down one sentence?
Help me find wierd books?
what is ironic about gulliver using spectacles as a shield in a military operation?
Is this a good first chapter for a 13 year old? Is there any way I can improve? (this isn't the entire ch.)?
Does this sound okay to you?
B&A - How/Why did you choose your Y!A user name?
I need to get rid of a character's tracker in a book.?
Can you recommend a good book for me to read?
In the book Heart of Darkness what does the fiancee's name mean/refer to?
What are some good books?
How on earth do I keep writing?
Which book do you wish you had written and why?
why was shel sliverstein's book the giving tree banned by public libraries?
Hey what is a good book to read?
Where could I read breaking dawn book online?
How do you upload a new story and divide the chapters onto
I decided I want to write a book--what exactly do I need to do to get a book published?
In the stranger by alber camus..?
Does anybody know anything about academic "manuscripts and rare books" courses?
In the book nearest to you, what is the last sentence?
Is it more important to savor a book, or to hurry up and finish it, so you can read another one?
Country girl, and boy names?
Star Wars Book Order?
Is reading true creepy stories, will I let an evil presence in my house?
Is author of Harry Potter stories J. K. Rowling cheating on her husband with artist & celebrity Rory Emerald?
what is the sequel to the search for Wondla?
What is a good book about witches?
Sarah dessen is story a truth about forever?
Do you know any good quotes or poems?
poem somehow i never stopped to notice that my father liked to dress as a woman?
What is the fastest you ever read a book?
Book recommendations?? Asian culture?
HELP!!! Compare 2 Shakespeare Plays?
Chaucer’s characterizations of the Prioress, the Monk, and others connected with the Church are mainly what?
Who finds immigrant literature good to read? Any good authors you can sugesst?
What do you think of the story?
who els thinks The Prodigal Son is a gun !?
What is Wife of Bath's about?
Do you think this would be a good story to write?
How is Bella 17 and a junior in highschool in Twilight?
What do you think of these plots for a series of romantic suspense novels?
I need help making a soundtrack for a story?
What is a good essay for this assignment?
If you are reading this... I NEED HELP!?
Book titled Two Way Road?
Who is your favorite author and why?
How should I start my story?
What is the most enjoyable chapter book on ancient rome for an 8th grade boy to read?
edward cullen obsesser?????
How to submit short stories and/or poems to magazines?
So, I'm looking for a good book, one you can get lost in and never put down. Any suggestions?
Which character do U like the most in Harry Potter and why?
can anyone suggest a book that will make me happy, sad, laugh and cry????
Anyone know any famous failures? People that became great after they died? Other than Van Gough or . . .?
if i havent read any of the harry potter books will i be lost reading the last one?
What famous Brit/Am writer's wife burned his manuscripts?
where can i find out the ''carrvan of life '' lyrics ?
Name of book about 19th C (?) boat that ran aground on the coast of W Africa. Sailors captive in Sahara?
I know it's a frequently asked question but can you suggest any books for me to read?
What are the best fantasy book series ?
Good, thought provoking, sci-fi or high fantasy novels?
I need info on James Chadwick?
How come people think J.K. Rowling is a guy?
Its about a book lots of Questions?
who wrote a classic wartime novel without ever having witnessed a battle?
When was the first book made and how?
good book in our college library?
Christopher Nolan's Inception.... Good or bad?
what is the book sadako and the thousand paper cranes about?
Twilight or Harry Potter?
Looking for a good book to read. I prefer true war story books.?
What is offset letterpress and do I need this to become a book publisher?
short plot for the great gatsby?
Does any body know any well-known authors that write short stories that portray a good semi-perfect life?
i love poems....anybody want to take the time to share a cool poem with me??
the fault in our stars question?
How is Janet Oke's last name pronounced?
if you went out with a guy for 2 days is it to early to have sex?
who published the book Snow Crystals?
Would you be interested in reading this story?
Which of these girl names suit this character more ?
Can an OC be paired with a canon character and not be mary sue?
In the Life of Pi, how did the storm impact the lifeboat and Pi?
I am looking for a series of books called The Prodigal Project By Ken Abraham and Dan Hart, HELP!?
Pls analyse it for me... What does the arrow refers to?
Why do some girls like Jacob Black?
Can someone help me on the name of this book.?
Is there anyone out here that actually believes the Da Vinchi Code may have some truth to it?
Would you please help me with a story title?
I need help doing my literary analysis for harrison bergeron I need quotes in it,i really need help!!?
Where is the old tamil novel 'MUZHU NILA' available?
Textbooks website informations needed?
whats your favorite book?
What are the chances of....?
How did Jack Reacher break his nose?
Converting each letter of a word to form a sentence?
what books do you like?
What are some really good Science Fiction or Fantasy books or series for a 15 year old boy?
percy jackson or twilight?
Need a really really CRUEL prank idea? For a story?
I need a web site about literature analysis for the following stories?
Can you read more than one book at the same time?
Questions on Chapter 7 of The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe?
Alex Rider Stormbreaker duration?
Wattpad story name of a book about a teenage millionaire who keeps her wealth a secret?
Name for a children's story?
About the ongoing Harry Potter - Twilight Feud?
Is the bible the best work of FICTION or is it a Stephen King book?
Julius Caesar: Villain or victim?
What can I do to make something worthwhile from my creativity?
Harry Potter Fans : What would your pet owl's name and colour be?
books.. what should i read next..?
Where do i download free Stephanie Laurens novels?
Should I publish my stories online?
it's just like copying from HARRY POTTER's portal system...?
Questions about the short story "The Sniper" lots of points!!?
while writing a novel ,is it better to write with pen and paper or is it better to just type it?
Footnotes/Endnotes or what?
If I saw the Hunger Games movie would I be able to pick up the book series?
10 points. which boy name is better?
Would this make a good novel?
what is 'lord of the flies' about?
Which Harry Potter book is the best?
Is this description confusing?
Does anybody like Piers Anthony???
i need a photo of the book The bully which is a part of the bluford series?
Can someone help me what is this book called?
who are the main characters in ghost boy by iain lawrence?
Books like Into the Wild or people like Chris McCandless?
What's the best book you've ever read?
hancarts to zion?
how many bones in infants & authentic reason or book?
Can you recommend some adult stories?
what are some similarities beetween the monster and and victor frankenstein?
Hi i'm 21 years old and i haven't read a really good book in a long you have any suggestions?
Should I pre-order Breaking Dawn?
how is among the imposters( margaret peterson haddix) science fiction?
Does anyone know where I can find a summary of Edmund Burke's essay on the revolution of France?
have you read any off stephen kings books?
Link in description: How to Tell Renata (Short Story)?
I love to write! But the problem is... I don't have the time!?
Recommend me a book?
why is the sky blue?
How do I convince my mom to read Twilight?
Is this fair that my sister can read twighlight and i cant read harry potter?
What literary devices are in this passage of Othello (I can only use metaphors, irony, and imagery)?
What order did the Twilight/New Moon wolves shift in?
In "Remembrance of Repasts" by David E. Sutton...?
Tell me about the last book you read?
Can someone tell me nice soldier love story books?
What might be a good name for an orphanage?
did you read "the shadow of the wind " - Ruiz Zafón?? what do you think bout it?
what is you favorite autobiography?
Can you think of middle names for these?
Anyone know a good rhyming dictionary on-line?
I'm a read headed guys like red heads? ?
Is it strange to you that, in war of the worlds, the tripods didn't use electricity to move?
Title for the villain's side of Sleeping Beauty?
I need a passage from the book Looking for Alaska that uses alot of swear words?
Is a book about an obsessed ex girlfriend too overdone?
if you have read antigone?
:] what books would you recommend?
So, Harry Potter or Twilight?
Please read this! Advice and help needed.?
what is your favorite book?
Does anyone know where to get this kind of book?
What improvements could I make to my story idea?
comparison between the kite runner and ishmael?
What nationality should I make my character?
Survey: Favourite book.....?
What is the best Stephen King book and why?
Team Jacob vs. Team Edward o_O?
is this poem any good?
Any Broken leg stories....?
In this passage, how does Iago (from Othello by Shakespeare) characterize himself for the audience?
Does anyone know this book?
Books by what writers do you prefer to read?
What are David and Uncle Axel questioning in Chapter 6 of the Chrysalids?
How I can I fix this or at least do something about it?
How is the start of my story? Please rate!?
Best book you've ever read?
What is a good book to read?
Why do I hate everything I write?
Da Vinci Code?
How do I make my story more age appropriate?
Harry Potter fans!?
What is a good name for a futuristic city?
When does Bella go looking for Edward Cullen in the book "New Moon"?
The 5 People You Meet In Heaven?
What book did you last purchase?
what is the best book?
Whats the theme of the Scorch Trials?
What is your favourite book series?
Are there any books that are like catalyst?
Shooting and Elephant - George Orwell?
Opinion on this piece of writing? good? bad? indifferent?
Draco Malfoy or Harry Potter?
Need Help with Romeo and Juliet: Mercutio?
Can someone help me create an opening sentence for my info paragraph?
Im writing a story about a treasure hunter, and i want it to take place somewhere overseas any one got a clue?
What books should every person read before they turn 18?
What is with this really old book?
Questions about Ezra on Pretty Little Liars..?
Who are your fave/least fave teachers at HOGWARTS in HARRY POTTER?
has dan brown outsold harry potter?
Can users recommend me links for free e-book downloads ? preferably in english , french or spanish ?
I want to publish a book. It is about Elimination of corruption. It is in Marathi .?
where can i still find sweet valley books in the philippines?
Which Hogwarts house would you be in?
Harry Potter Fans, may I ask you some questions ...?
Along for the ride by Sarah Dessen?
What are some comedy, sad romance books?
any good short story ideas?
how could I write this is third-person?
What are the internal and external conflicts in the book Twilight?
What is the message in Lemony Snicket's test?
Anyone know any good books to get my mind away from Twilight?
Has any one else read Angels and Demons i just finished it and it was one of the best books i have ever read?
book about the moon hitting the earth?
Can fiction be more educational than non-fiction?
The Fault in our Stars by John Green?
I need a word that starts with A for a speech at graduation.?
Did you like the ending of great expectations? why?
I'm looking for the title of an illustrated children's book from my childhood?
Did John Steinbeck make any contributions to the world?
Team Edward or Team Jacob?
Point of view for story telling. Limited omniscient point of view or first person?
Which books did you study at school for English Lit?
Whats the most comfortable way to read a book?
Young goodman brown short story?
What colour were Dorothy's shoes?
Can anyone tell me about the Tomasz Zan, a Polish poet?
how to in-text reference a text book?
What is the most life-changing book you've ever read?
Help on the book brave new world by Aldous Huxley please.?
What publishing companies need native Spanish speaking translators?
Books like Evernight and Vampire Academy!?
HARRY POTTER FANS: Who did you pity the most in the whole HP story line?
i like reading harry potter books but my friends think its 2 childish. wat 2 do?
Which novel do you wish you had written?
Pride and Prejudice or The Return of the Native?
3 words from the story The Swimmer to describe Neddy Merrill?
matched trilogy by ally condie?
Looking for a good horror book to read?
Help From Shakespeare Fanatics?
Who had pride in the play The Crucible, besides john proctor?
I need a little help finding...?
Which bookcover is better?
Does Barnes and Nobles possibly carry the book ...continue...?
Is this real?
Which famous french author said "Qui suis-je?"?
How to stay motivate during NaNoWriMo?
True Crime Writers?
BA: What are the top 5 things you would do...?
Sidney Sheldon The First Lady?
Anyone going to Forks Summer School?
What is the point of view of Sleepy Hollow?
I need names,last names,and ideas,Help!?
Is enriques Journey a good book?
What should I name my story character?
breaking dawn party info?
whirligig by:paul fleischman e-book?
Are there any rumors about another Twilight book?
What order does the Mass Effect books / comics go in?
Does anyone know if there is an actual book called "Without You" by Del James?
Where can I get the novel "Big fish" of Daniel Wallace on the internet ?
What would you name your autobiography?
I want to find an email address of Evelyn B.Kelly?
how much milles in 110 kilometers?
What is the Imagery for Maggie and Milly And molly And may?
What's your favorite Book, and who wrote it?
Do you like the twilight series?
Montag and the Captain have a negative relationship because they keep secrets from each other?
Anyone else out there not give a monkeys about twilight?? ANYONE?!?
How can i get my book published and where can i find that agent/publisher?
What is your Favorite Book right now?
What are some good names for this story?
Is Karl marlantes going to write any other books?
How would you describe the personalities of Athos, Porthos, and d'Artagnan? Was one more dynamic or clever?
Has anyone read Jane Austen's Northanger Abby?
are there more websites like
Help me good writers I'm bad at writing intros and conclusions. Read my paper and help write my them?
i've seen a completed version of the midnight sun, on youtube. i don't understand...?
What is this book about mermaids?
do you know any action supernatural books about revenge?
what dose mean in Arabic " makoutk hamra"?
Help with some story ideas?
Help! How do you cite a book from the 1800s?
How many books can a Billy bookcase hold?
how do ya go about getting ideas to write a halloween/scary story?
Would the readers of my novel like my main character?
What is the funniest book you have ever read? The sort that has made you laugh out loud!?
Favorite male character in a book?
Book character names?
Chapter header question?
Does anyone know any good books that are as good as Twilight and Harry Potter?
Howard Phillips Lovecraft?
The crucible help? Anyone please?
need help? anyone?
Would it be wise to let a wattpad member edit my work?
Does Peter pan keep and secrets in the peter pan book?
Cloud Atlas or Kafka on the Shore?
where can i read forest born online?
Why do so many people dislike twilight?
What are some examples of Heart of Darkness being an anti-colonial text?
what's the last book lewis grizzard wrote?
Have you read Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts?! I LOVED it!?
when is harry potter encyclopedia by jk rowling gonna be out?
THE BOOK : "the curious incident of the dog in the night time"?? help?
Do you know of a good literary publication?
Who is your favorite character in Twilight book or movie?
Short story about greek gods, suggestions?
what is the plot of cassandra compact?
What books are out there for me to read, other than Harry Potter or Twilight?
i have to write a short love story for english?
Could you please recommend a book or two or four?
I'm writing a story. What do you think about the beginning?
Question in the play Crucible (Act 1)?
Metaphor and simile on ads?
what is a good non fiction book for an 11th grader to read?
list of sookie stackhouse books in order?
What problems from the book 'Night' made Elie lose his faith?
How can I know how many words I have written in my story?
Are there any figures of speech in Harry Potter the Half Blood Prince? If there are please give me some.?
Andrew Patterson wrote which definitive Australian song?
Could you give my new main character a name?
Publishing a Colouring book?
What did you get from reading 'The power of now' by Eckharte Tolle?
in the novel "things fall apart", how does the author make use of symbols?
Book loves with book journals? ?
Edward Cullen or Jacob Black?
Anyone read the book rifles for watie?
Song for main character in Impossible by nancy werlin?
I'm writing a book - need a good title?
Good books for a 13 year old girl?
Can anyone recommend a book?
"animal farm", what does it represent? i know it russian history but i still dont get it?
Non Fiction "spy" books displaying differeing perspectives?
Where do i find challenges for fanfiction?
Ideas for folktales can you help?
Are there any Steam Punk like novels that would that feature American theme?
How is this for my prologue?
What iss your favorite Shakesperian Quote?
What is the best book you have ever read?
what age group would read charlie and the chocolate factory?
Twilight Fans have to pick?
Do you know any good biographies/autobiographies I can use for my English Class?
Why did Hamlet keep procrastinating on killing Claudius but had no problem with killing Polonius and R&G?!?
Could this be a great novel?
Did Rhett have a child with Belle Watling?
Who is worse in the Kite Runner: Baba or Assef?
Best of Saki - When did Saki die, and where?
Whats the new Clique book about? Charmed and dangerous?
Like the writing of Jose Saramango?
What's a good book on writing?
In a Tale of Two Cities Chapter 6 of Book 1?
Why is it always Twilight vs. Harry Potter?
Is J.K. Rowling just saying Dumbledore is Gay is to get attention and she just made it up after she wrote it?
Question For Twilight fans only?
Why did Liir go with Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tin Woodsman, and the Lion at the end of Wicked?
How obsessed with harry potter are you??? want some details?
what do you think about the myth for Orpheus and evridika ?
recommend best books on rockefeller, vanderbilt, carnegie?
Can someone tell me a good poem to do for a project. The poem has to meaning, similes, metaphors, and style?
What should I name the characters in my book?
What are some good romance novels?
Does anyone here happen to know Andrei Codrescu? I really need to get in touch with him !?
Will I still enjoy reading the Da Vinci Code?
finish this sentence....?
What books should I read?
Book HOOT, what was dad's job?
What do you think of "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge", and is this a reasonable summery?
What religious group challenged Shakespeare?
Is Harry Potter really gonna die in book 7?
help with a name for a school christmas shop?
Are there any futuristic space operas that do not use guns as weapons - but use handheld weapons instead?
does anyone go to white hill middle school?
When you are trying to write, what are your biggest distractions?
what is Ice-9?
do you like Edward Cullen?
How old are all you Twilight Fans?
Beyond the burning time HELP?
Whose the writer of Daisy Miller?
What is the purpose of the beast?
what is the best book on aeronautics?
In a novel, what is the average number of words per page?
This is my 12-year-old daughters poem about her brother, tell me what you think!?
In the name Romyn Hitchcock (19th century Japanologist) - how do you pronounce "Romyn": Ro-mine or Ro-min?
I need some good names for a female character?
For anyone who has read "Intuition" by David G. Myers?
Who's disappointed with the "Nineteen Years Later" part in Harry Potter 7?
how can i study at UK?
Are there books like this? :D?
Anyone know of any stories about purple eyes?
Is Harry Potter really worth all the hype?
Which star wars books should I read first?
Question about NaNoWriMo?
My best writing ideas occour just before I go to sleep. If I sleep I forget and If I write I lose sleep. Help!
twilight question......?
McMurphy and Christ in One Who Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest?
i want a calendar with nursury rhymes?
Other books like the hunger games?
Does anybody else cry at the end of Muriel's wedding?
What book are you reading now?
book about the moon hitting the earth?
Are you a poet and just don't know it?
i cant to login in tales of pirates?
What's some good books?
I'm having trouble remembering a book title?
In the scarlet letter, how was pearl a reminder of both sin and joy to hester?
Do you think this is a good title for my novel?
First person or third person?
Question about Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld?
okay, a LOT of story ideas i need reviewed. can you review them?
What kind of punishment do military students/cadets get?
My story how is it !!!!!?
Are there any writing contests that have no addmision fee.?
Recommend any books about Chinese or Japanese girl or boy doing and dealing with work? s!?
Romantics in "cask of amontillado" by Edgar Allen Poe? ten points!?
Rousseau and his 'formless record'?
Does anybody else think Twilight sucks?
Do you guys know any good stories you've heard?
Name your favorite book?
Would this be too weird or strange?
Any good Short Story Ideas?
good book by author with asian descent?
Twilight fans???
I heard that J.K. Rowling was going to write an 8th Harry Potter book about his adult life. Is this true?
I need a book!!?
Creative character naming assistance please?
Should i give a title to my Narrative essay? **urgent**?
What do you think of this story line?
Books by what writers do you prefer to read?
If you publish your fanfic: what do you think of anonimous reviews? do you hate/like them? why?
What pun does the Elvenking make in greeting Bilbo for the last time?
There is a book I'm looking for...?
how to publish a book (not self publishing)?
What does iggy bin mean ?
How do u know if a guy is flirting with u?
what order do the twilight books go in?
how does Elie react to his father's death?
I am writing a stroy and I need to chose a name.?
How Do You Think This Prologue is?
I need freelance magazine writers, where do i go find them?
Questions about Hamlet?
plz read my story and help me!?
who is the father of bhishma in the epics of mahabharatha?
I am doing a project on Nino Ricci, the writer, i need some interesting facts about him.?
what was that book....?
Who won the house cup in all the harry potter books?
are ellen hopkins books bad to read for people age 12?
I don't see what's so great about Twilight....?
Is any one else here hoping that in the 7th book Harry will die?
Are there any book notes for Occidentalism if so please leave the link.?
looking for Barbara Bonny Allan by Anonymous?
Book Cover???????????????????????????
what is a jungian literary criticism?
Harry Potter fans?
need a book to read?????
Significance of this quotation?
What was the main theme of "A Ride Into Morning" Rinaldi, Ann.?
where can I get Audio books free down loads?
I want to write a story but i don't know what it should be about. Any ideas?
If you had to make a list of ten books you couldn't live without, what would they be?
What do you think of my thesis for The Catcher in The Rye?
What is (or was) your favourite children's book?
Im trying to find a book club that sends you a book in the mail monthly. Not in emails.?
What is the best book you have ever read?
In Ralph Waldo Emerson's "American Scholar" what qualities should a true scholar posses?
HELP!!!!! Please read info...?
Should i delete this or not?
Could Stephanie Meyer actually be one of the worst book authors in history?
Is there any website to get the central ideas of good novels and story books so that I would...?
what is a good book to read ?
♥Twilight fans!!! Which team?!?
Have you read anything by Dennis Lehane?
Will there be more Maximum Ride books by James Patterson?
Who is cute Harry Potter or Edward Cullen?
What are ideas behind the title Clear and Present Danger by Tom Clancy?
So colleges don't teach speculative fiction that much, what's the best way to learn to write it well?
do you think twilight is over-rated?
Advice on book titles!!?
I want to Read the Best Book Ever?
What childrens book is this?
In to kill a mockingbird, what season and year does the rape trial take place?
Twilighters! =D ?
any good book reviewers on youtube?
I just wrote a journal entry about how nervous I am for Barack Obama. Please tell me what you think?
what does this mean, its from a book, joy of reading by sherman alexis?
What is your favorite boook?
What's so great about the book "The purpose driven life" ?
What are some motifs/themes in the novel We by Zamyatin?