'The Pedestrian' by Ray Bradbury?
does anybody in here red Mircea Eliade? what novels?
I would LOVE some help on character description?
plz tell me who josh billings(author) was..tell me his work and his life..plz?
Is it fact or fiction?
Do you know of any good mind power books in the vein of Julian May or Anne McCaffrey?
I'm trying to find the name Alexander in classic literature. What pieces of literature has that name been used
Was it Sophocles? Who was the first to say, "Only the dead feel no pain?"?
Ok this may be a stupid question...but does all Pdf files?
Have you ever, when finishing a book, felt a sense of loss?
What are some songs for the Hunger Games Part 1?
Where can i found old issues of readers digest?
Do you think I'm an okay writer?
What is a good title for an essay about violence?
What do u think of the book Twilight?
If you were cast away on a desert island, and could have only one book with you there? What book would?
Looking for the baseball game written with only Bible verses?
whats the name of the book where a princess from another world accidentally comes to our world?
What book, or books have influenced you most as an individual and have impacted your understanding of life?
is there anyone who knows a link where i can download the book, spirit of 69 by george marshall for free?
Is the Book Thief a good read?
What authors/books are similar to...?
I am looking for a book called "Ship Sales and Purchase" by Ian Goldrein, second hand if possible?
Is this a good title?
What PERSONALITY TRAITS do Richard and Buckingham share in Shakespeare's Richard III?
Whats your favourite book?
What are you reading right now?
who invented the world?
L.O.A full forms?
do you feel weird after you finish a book?
Why is this book so valuable?
i need a series to read.... suggestions?
Is a collection of essays considered a "novel"?
if you win 1000000 dollars in a lattary?what do you do?
ohhm ,, zzmmm?
are they harry potter books worth reading?
What are some books that I must read before I die?
what's the sheldon book you like the best???
Good books for teens?
What is the summary for catcher in the rye?
Where can I find ancient treasure books?
data base on a periodical on creation vs. evolution?
are you a big fan f harry poter? because i really need help on writing an essay about the books.?
who wrote the book crank?
Who are the characters of "Killer of Men" by Christian Cameron?
Is my book too similar to Maximum Ride or any other novels?
How's this section of my novel?
Good inspiration book about an athlete like Zero Regrets: Be Greater Than Yesterday?
How many books are in the Wicked Lovely series and what are they called?
what was the title of this book?
where do I find the novel "Memoirs of a Geisa", in English, 4 me to download and 2 read at home?
how do i make my story my more exciting so people will read it?
What are some writing cliches that you absolutely hate?
JK Rowling - something doesn't sit right there?
can some tell me the meaning of a mood in a literary piece?
Harry Potter fans.....?
How To Write A Novel ? ? ? ?
i'm a 15 year old girl, what books do you recommend?
Good Books anyone?
When you are reading, do u do this?
HELP!!! 30 min left to answer!?
In Literature Whose amputated leg was returned in a brown-paper parcel?
what is metaphysics of indian hating?
Twilight or Harry Potter?
What is your ABSOLUTE favorite book and why?
how huckleberry finn is NOT racist quotes pleeease!@#$%^?
What is a published short story about heaven/love that is by an american author?
a complete list of ramsey campbell books?
Categories for my story?
Whats the book The Killing of Monday Brown about?
what was lamarck hypothesis of evolution?
WHAT BOOK are YOU READING this week?
good doushinji idea's?
How come everyone hates the book new moon?
Examples of defiance in the Hunger Games novel one?
Losing weight by reading and doing advice on a book? oprah winfrey and bob greene?
where can i download free e-book?
I need a twist for my Witch-hunting Story?
Writers: What is your least favorite thing about writing?
Will you help me with my story?
how many pages of a novel does people finish in a day.?
Best book you ever read?
Could I use this book title?
Bad habit when writings short story's!?
Hi, what would you say would be the best book(s) that you ever have read?
How do reading books impact in your life?
What type of girls & guys do u imagine when u hear these names?
Twilight haters?Or not?
good books for 13 yr old?
What are the complications in the short story The Possibility of Evil by Shirley Jackson?
in the book everlasting what was it called when damen willed a tulip to form and later it did happen?
did you read the book called the giver?
Grab the book nearest you. Turn to page 83 and go the the 4th sentence.?
Can someone give me a full summary of the book Night by Ellie Wiesel?
Is there a poem which has, (or a line or two), stuck with you throughout your life?
How long did it take you to read Harry Potter and The Deathly hallows?
Twilight :] or Harry Potter?
Does anyone have suggestions for historical fiction books?
chapter 18 summary in "Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee"?
What did you think of Breaking Dawn?
Could anyone give me names of books where a female character is poor and falls in love with a rich young man?
What aren't you doing that you are suppose to be doing right now?
Have I a long way to go before my writing comes up to scratch?
The House Of Dies Drear i need and quick explination of what this book is about?
Jean M. Auel?
is there a book based on slender man?
where can i get trixie belden :mystery on mississippi?
Who do you think Harry will go out with next? (Or do you think he will stay single?)?
Can you please check out my story?
The Rule of Four Ending?
Have you read the Kite Runner, Hamlet, and Dantes inferno?
Read this it's not too long, I would love to know what you think?
can someone explain to my why twilight haters and harry potter haters fight?
homelessness people short poem?
Does anyone know what this book is (kind of vague)?
The Rescue by Nicholas Sparks?
Whre can I find book Mike Looks Back by Gardner Cowles about 1985/6? It's a rare bok about £100 or so.?
any good book recomendations??
What genre is the best for writing a short story?
Can anybody tell me the exposition to The Lovely Bones?
Which books would you never want to read again?
Where can I find free e-book about fishing techniques?
Good young adult books?
"Isn't it True?
Did anyone beside me think that the last Twilight book (Breaking Dawn) was a dissapointment?
Summary of Act 3,4, 5 of Macbeth please? urgent?
How does Hamlets revenge start taking shape and how is it shaped by his madness?
feedback on my essay!?? someone please check it over for mistakes?
What does the poem "The Raven" mean?
Opinions on conflict?
Does anyone know any good teenage books?
Where can I find a good place to Revise rough drafts?
What Twilight book is this from? ?
Can you tell me where I can find Tyler Perry new book? "Don't mess with a black woman ....?
Good name for my book that I'm working on?
I'm 17 what do you think of this poem i wrote, i know that's depressing,but is it any good? be honest please!!
What is the best fiction novel that you have ever read?
Good book....?
Compare and contrast the life in the two mead halls, Heorot and Camelot?
Where can I publish my short story?
tell me what you think please?
English Short Story ideas?! Please help?
where can I download or buy Alas, Babylon by Pat Frank on audio book?
Is the Twilight Saga okay for an 11 year old to read?
marcel proust?
I need a really good story idea?
Cheap net book any brand $299 below?
I'm trying to remember a science fiction book?
List of all the books Written by Wendy Mass?
What are some good character last names?
Page number of this quote from the book "The Alchemist"?
Animal Farm - Mollies point of view on the battle of cowshed?
What do you think of Crighton's writing style in Jurassic Park?
What should I do about this?
What book did you read in English class at school?
What's your favourite Harry Potter character?
How does Holden Caulfield struggle with the reality he's facing?
is every thing written in th da vinci code true,asin the marriage of jesus christ?
Books for teenage girl?
What are you reading?
How many books do you read a week?
can somebody give me a poem written by gabriel garcia marquez??? thanks,,...?
i need help knowing the title of a book i read in 8th grade?
What percentage of books are fiction?
This goes for everyone who has ever published the traditional way with an agent!?
I can't think of the name of one of my favorite books. Its about a girl whos parents get a divorce because her?
author of, and where can i find a copy of ; The Boiler Makers..?
Do you know a good book to read for a girl the age of 14?
Harry Potter????
question about my novel im writing..?
What should I do when i can't find the book Think Big by Ben Carson in the library?
What school of thought and literary era does Ayn Rand's THE FOUNTAINHEAD belong to?
Hmwrk help Romeo and Juliet , Not really good with explaining Ironic situations?
I need some help thinking of a teen love story idea. Help?
How is the prologue to my murder mystery?
Where can I get Assimov's Foundation Triology seconhand in Delhi (India)?
What is to believe in the book.?
Which characters are on the covers for the Vampire Academy novels by Richelle Mead?
What's the summary of the short story "The Yellow Wallpaper"?
Are beach town settings too cliche?
Who's telling the story of the Phantom of the Opera?
Any body knows a type of books like these?
I wanted to have written and published my life story?
Solutions to Problems to the book "Fundamentals of Algorithmics" by Gilles Brassard?
Three examples of Juliet defying her parents?
where did romeo and juliet meet?
Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus meaning on google translate?harry potter?
What is the most confusing book you have ever attempted to read?
Help me with this story?
Can you give me some help with my story?
Linda Lael Miller Books?
in the novel frankenstein by mary shelly how do the following characters die?
Wouldn't it be great to teach the spell-checker some new words?
What are the connections between "what happened to goodbye" by sarah dessen and the rest of her books?
Sympathetic characters.....?
Best Dean Koontz book?
Harry Potter, who do you love most?
If Edward Cullen was ugly?
Help with similes to descripe scrooge?
Where can I find the names of vairous Alaska religious authors (religious authors who live in Alaska)?
What are some thing you would want to see in a Midnighters:secret clock movie?
I have been writing a story, and so far I have got 15 pages. How many in a normal book would it be?
How can I contact Jostein Gaarder?
I need book recommendations!!!?
Is the Da Vinci Code fact or Fiction?
What are some of the quotes used by William Cullen Bryant?
what book is henry miller best known for writing?
Writing and blogging sites for teens...?
Which psychological thriller should I read?
I know why the caged Bird Sings: Explain the effects of insecurity in the novel?
Dotrainers abuse of dolphins in captivity, and/ or when teaching them tricks?
Hi friends, Can anyone tell me who did Isabella Swan choose eventually?
question for those of you who've read Dracula?
Can anyone write a few poems for my book?
does any have acriticize for dickens novel ''oliver twist''?
Could this be a great novel?
First Time Writer Needs Help?!?
Any ideas on how to get rid of writer's block? I need help... QUICK!?
Which book should I read next?
what is your favorite book?
book about two enemies that fall in love?
What book did legendary author J. R. R. Tolkien write about famous trickster Rory Emerald?
What are all the pretty little liar quotes on the hardback covers?
Im not much of a reader.....?
how do i site a book by one authur in MLA format?
Where do I find the brazilian writer Denny Yang?
How Many Books you had Read in Year 2008 ?
Dantes inferno, According to the introductory biography of Dante, why is it that Virgil can accompany Dante?
what is the name of this book!?
anybody know anything about ms word proccessor and CDs?
In William Butler Yeats' poem 'Leda & the Swan', what did the last line "Did she put on his knowledge.." mean?
Harry Potter 6-What do you think?
dbammit why arent i good at english?
Help with a title, please?
Harry potter or twillight?
In Publishing,is it alright to be skillful with InDesign alone,or must it be complemented with other software?
What do you think of these books?
which one is better to give, a fifty shades book set or vampire diaries book set?
plot summary help in a tale of two cities.?
Are there any more Warriors books on SkyClan?
When someone asks what you're reading do you hold your book up to show them, or do you just tell them?
explain tnis quote "if he is married, my grave is like my wedding bed"?
According to the Bible, any for m of witchcraft is evil. So, what's the excuse for harry potter?
how many books are in the harry potter series?
Harry Potter fans, today is Remus Lupin's Birthday.?
What is your favourite book in the Twilight series and why?
What page is the poem "Ithaka" by C.P. Cavafy on in the book The Oddyssey?
Is Twilight harmful to our youth?
How old is India in terms of human inhabitation? When did man set foot in India, was it after Africa, Europe?
Anyone have an email address for Alex Games of Balderdash and Piffle fame?
why would commandos lisp at night?
Does anyone know any websites that give very detailed chapter summaries?
Did Harry Potter die in 'Deathly Hallows'?
Can you read?
How do I get my blog popular?
Which is the best written "thing" here? xx?
i need a plot for a short sci fi story on global warming or technological advances?
Question about sex in short story "Sweat?"?
does anyone know any good books for teens?
What current literary period includes magic?
Tom Sawyer Questions?
Twilight or harry potter (EVERYONE)?
What would you recommend reading this summer? (your favorite books?)?
What makes you buy a book?
Name suggestions needed?
What's the name of this book with the girl who was murdered?
What book are you currently reading or what was the last book you read?
I love books that tell a good story, such as The Red Tent and in need of a new read! Any recommendations?
What's you favourite book and what's it about? (NO TWILIGHT PLEASE)?
What's the difference between space opera and science fiction?
What book is Vincent reading in the film Pulp Fiction?
Help with Romeo & Juliet plz?
are barely,fearful,strong,crouched,and comfort synonyms?
Louis L'Amour had a line which I read. It had to do with seafaring men and extraordinary sights they had seen.
can some good people donate reading books to our high school project?
Short story ideas.....?
I need help with a book idea. ?
twilight fan question?
What's the last thing you read?
INFO please on a poem I lost....something about I am the sun that warms your face I am the wind.....I am your?
What are some really sad books?
How does a fiction writer go about applying for writing grants?
how could i go about geting somthing published?
Slaughter House-5 Question?
Has anyone read Walter Dean Myers, "Fallen Angels"?
How can the story, "The Monkey's Paw" be considered art.?
Cute, romantic title? 10 points?
What are some poem about feelings by Shel Silverstein?
What do you think of my story so far?
Who would win a fight between Edward Cullen and Harry Potter?
Which of the two sentences is written in correct English and how can I make it better?
i got a ticket smoking and it said ihave to go to court with my parent(S). how do i tell me my mom w/o her mad
what actor could play two bit matthews from the outsiders?
Please help with the metalanguage of literary analysis?
I have to pick a character from JuliusCaesar&write a diary entry for each act,should I pick Brutus or Cassius?
what is the order of the bluford books?
Is this a good blurb ?
Harry potter fans only please?
What do you guys think about this?
I'm looking for info about an Dublin, Ireland steam printer in the 1850s named Pattison Jolly. Any takers?
Does this work as a story opener ?
How many books does the average person read in a lifetime?
How do the characters in "The Man Who Had no Eyes" reveal theme?
Twilight Fans: Which Would You Rather Be ~ A Vampire or A Werewolf?
On average, what size are book pages?
Anyone know anything about book binding?
Does anyone know what an Ashtophet is?
Why is William Shakespeare important?
Can anyone tell me what they do when they come to the end of a really good book?
Famous writings/books/ novels...etc, written about the mythical ( Lilith) ?
who is jay grimes everrett in the book to kill a mockingbird?
After Finishing the 'Celestial Profecy'.loved it. any other books you would reccomend from this genre?
Harry Potter vs Twilight?
what is the proble in al capone does my shirts?
How come there are no vampires in Harry Potter??
im making a book for my girlfriend for her birthday?
When is Michael Crichton's next book coming out?
Do you like this character? Any Ideas on how to make them better?
Who is the best classic sonnet writer according to your judgement?
who was th real macbeth?
in the witch of blackbird pond why was kit tyler considered a witch?
any one know what does ISBN mean.?
Vrgil's Aeneid?
I love poetry but have a hard time finding some really good material?
questions about the book the sixth borough written by jonathan safran foer. can anyone help ?
Madame Bovary Audio book in English?
john steinbeck the pearl?
Good love storylines?
How many of you like Twilight?
What do you think of this story I made up?
What's a good website to upload Gory stories?
What do people think happened at the end of Urth of the New Sun by Gene Wolfe?
Who is Louise Rennison's parents?
Was Jerusalem's lot shortened to 'salem's because the apostrophes look like fangs?
How did the author intend tp portray Mr. Griffin?
friends which the fastest or easer way to get increased my face book pages like please tel me if any buddy knw?
If you self publish your novel, and get sponserd so you can order lots of them. Is it wrong to sell the books?
is brother i'm dying by edwidge dandicat a biography or autobiography?
is snape good or evil?
what is the best translated version in English of Madame Bovary? (which publisher?)?
Has anyone read Jesse Stone book series by Robert A. Parker? A movie on CBS tonight is based on one novel.?
what are the symbolism for eye color?
Would the stories I post online be considered popular?
Will the youths approach my story?
Does anybody know the title of the oldest surviving book in history? Just curious!?
Whats the funniest book you've ever read and why?
Where can I find some of the poems from "Beloved Infidel" by Dean Young online?
Is anyone looking for a Harry Potter Deluxe edition book?
The last Harry Potter book has a release date, will you be sad to see it end or glad it's over?
I need a good fictional last name?
who"s your favourite writer?
Who are the main characters in Darkside by Tom Becker?
Institute of Children's Literature?
How to write a 'fairy tail' for a book?
what was happinging in the 1590's?
i want free book about water?
Is 'Phantom' by Susan Kay appropriate?
Harry Potter? What would you do....?
Help with a catchy title for a story?
Can anyone recommend some books to me?
To Kill a Mockingbird: Characters that resemble mockingbirds?
how would you make a storyline for a story about cells?
do you no a good book to read about vampires?
Your favourite Author/ writer..?
Anyone who has read "A Streetcar named Desire"?
Do you think that Voldemort has ever had sex in his life?
Has anyone ever read "Chimeraworld #3"? Can you honestly say it's not seriously twisted, nasty stuff?
Pick Harry Potter or the dreamy Edward Cullen.?
Any good CREDIBLE books on REIKI?
What is the best-selling Canadian novel of all time?
Anyone interested in discussing with me the "feminist" themes in Mulan (don't worry, it's not homework)?
Do you have any favorite books you don’t want to part with ever?
What's the summary of Savvy?
What is the message/theme of The Five People You Meet In Heaven?
would like to see the different covers printed for "the weight of glory" by c.s. lewis?
Harry Potter Fans: Random Questions?
I jsut got a beautiful notebook/journal, any ideas what I should use it for?
can you please review my story on figment?
what best explains peoples willingness to work hard?
My mom used to read me a book about a ghost named Andrew. It's a short paperback. I want to find it for my son
What is a great website or book to read up on self publishing?
what is the best shakespare sonnet to resite?
when does the clock go backward?
What are some motifs in Grapes of Wrath?
Has anyone read SOPHIE KINSELLA?
doctor who. who you win in a fight between the weeping angels and the silence?
What is the best book you ever read..? up to now?
Where would I start if I wanted to write a book?
How do you Start a Story preferably a fiction adventure Novel?
Are you writing a book?
Do you enjoy reading into the night with a passion?
is danielle a cool name?
Whats a problem in society that the book wise blood has touched and talked about in the book? **URGENT**?
how to gain confidence as a writer?
What do you think of the short story "BLISS" by Katherine Mansfield?
Why do people hate Twilight?
Will everyone please turn to page #83 in any book of your choice? What is the 6th sentence from the top?
do people in the UK really go to boarding schools a lot as popularized in fiction?
I need the name of a children's book!?
Why J.K. Rowling did not kill of Harry Potter in the last book?
What is the symbolism of the horse races in The Rocking Horse Winner?
Anyone reading e-books on tablet?
Creative character naming assistance please?
Any one know the name of this book?
book summary of if i die in a combat zone by Tim O'Brien?
whoes your favorite writer ever ?
A boring girl's name?
HP Fans: Do you share initials with any HP character?
To Kill a Mockingbird question? In what different ways do Atticus, Mrs. Dubose, and Jem each show courage?
Would you want to keep reading this?
Would the stories I post online be considered popular?
the book of jane eyre......?
is iago truly evil?? (from othello)?
Does anbody have a difficult book they'd like to suggest?
Why is the hunger games such a good book?
what is the title for the seventh harry potter book?
Harry Potter Poll!!!?
Twilight Or Harry Potter?
Writing Assignment Help?
How does my novel idea sound?
First names for Existing Characters?
see if you can answer this riddle?
how i live now , Meg Rosoff?
What books have you read in your life so far?
Explain the relationship between the title and the events of the story.?
anyone into SHELL SILVERSTIEN? TELL me the names of other writers like him>>>.>>>?
What would be a good climax for my short story?
Who should be a villain's host?
SlaughterHouse-Five and Mother Night?
In harry potter, what animal was Hermione's patronus?
I hate doing this but...opinions on my story?
What's your favourite book?
What is the name of the generation of writers who were left with a sense of meaningglessness?
I'm looking for a book that I read when I around 12 yrs. old. It is very similar to My Sister's Keeper?
Maycomb, not Bob Ewell is responsible for Tom Robinson's death.?
Please read and answer if your a girl!!?
Where can I read full books online?
Inheritance cycle fanss!!! help?
option on a sub plot?
Pandigital does not show nook books?
what book are you reading at the moment?
In your opinions, who is the best villian in a book?
What's the difference between fantasy and science fantasy?
in the novel The Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison, why are chapters 1-6 considered a unit?
How would you describe 'Little Bo peep'?
Do you agree with this person?
do u think the story of da vinci code is true??
Just looking for some people to read something I wrote.?
Can you have make believe characters in a Creative Non-fiction?
has anyone ever written a book about world war 3?
Kids book about bunny that gets lost...?
Which character names and surnames are the best?
Cursive or Print ?
What is the context of the verse(below) in the novel "Beloved" by Toni Morrison?
Will any of the Harry Potter books be translated into parseltongue?
I'm looking for info on the author toni l.p. kelner?
simile help !!!!!!!!!!!?
a twilight book (eclipse) question?
Can you give me a sentence to start off my story?
Why did "Of Mice and Men" end the way it did?
Who in our world are examples of modern-day tragic heroes? Explain what makes a hero a tragic hero, give exam?
Is the book Twilight really that good?
What the heck is a shipper?
Which character in "The Crucible" do you admire most?
In the gone series do the kids poof out when they die in the FAYZ?
When was the first 'Blue book' written?
Intro to short story edit?
Is Author House a reputable publisher?
Jack Kerouack. A question.?
I'm doing a book report on the book Twilight and I need help.?
will ebooks completely replace paper books?
Answer these questions about " The Yearling " for me?
Harry Potter or Twilight?
When the Twilight Saga will end?
who wrote the book parfume?
please rate my book begining?
50 Shades of Grey: Is it worth the read?
How do i play renesmee?
What is the theme and Climax of the book Thirst No.1 ?
Book/Series similar to the inheritance cycle?
What about Dumbledore!?
Do you know what this scary story is called?
Have you read "The Da Vinci Code"?
Twilight vs. Harry Potter?
I own the book Silas Marner by George Eliot. It was Published by the Nuttingham Society.?
what happened in chapter 1-5 in we'll always have summer?
A Long Story I Copied from this guy. Good job man.?
Can you help me find a poem, called "Friendship"?
Really good books to read?
What is the best book you have ever read?
i'm looking for a good book to read, any genre?
who is a harry potter fanatic and why?
comic book character ideas?
What is the best book you ever read?
Fantasy writers, how do you handle magic?
How is this story so far?
how does nurse ratched take away independence from patient in cukko's nest book?
HELP Please!!!!?
Has anyone raed the book Twilight, by Stephenie Meyer? And if so, know anything about the movie or sequels?
What's a good book for a 13 year old girl?
only for serious harry potter fans....where do u think r the 7 horcruxes???
how many books do you read in a week i read 2 or 3 ?
Beauty and the beast based Romance Novel, more details on the book inside there is a lot of things i remember?
Twilight Survey?
Is it possible to connect individualism to animal farm by George Orwell?
Who is the funniest author that writes the best books?
What book should I read for my choice novel?
What are some really good books to read?
who wrote the story "the dead "?
When is Pretty Little Liars back on?
Why are fairly tales and folk tales classified as non-fiction in the Dewey Decimal System?
What are some books like Hopscotch by Julio Cortazar?
What is so wrong about twilight?
How was The Cell by Stephen King?
What is the best way to begin writing a book if you are not a writer?
In Macbeth, example of dramatic irony (Act 1 Scene 4)?
Jane Eyre and power?
Does this seem like a cool plot?
what is shelter by harlen coben about?
Ideas for this story?
da vinci code - surely that should be The vinci code?
How can you make your writing better?
Synopsis help and information?
i'm reading chronicle of a death foretold, know any other good books by him?
What do u think of this book?
Good idea to buy a typewriter?
how to find out universities site in India as well as abroad?
Can someone read my wattpad story and give feedback?
Good books on New Orleans?
A good name!?!?!?
"*****" by Langston Hughes?
Anyone ever read Thomas Pynchon? What did you think?
Are you doing NaNoWriMo?
What magical power should this story character have?
Were can i find a used book store near chandler?
is the book forest of teeth by carrie ryan and hands turning into a movie?
Is Lord Alfred Douglas the real Dorian Gray?
what is a house of convenience?
Do harry potter books have pictures?
can I have a review of the book "man in the brown suit" by Agatha Christie?
What are some songs that relate to the book Criss Cross by lynne rae perkins?
Have you ever read a book first..and it was far better than the movie...????
What was the last book you read?
Will 'Zen and the Art of Mototcycle Maintanence" ever be made into a movie?
Why does Shakespeare write about actors playing the parts of his characters in the future? ?
Do you have any Time traveler novel recs?
What did you think the book "Pet Sematary" by Stephen King?
What would be a good tag line for a parallel universes/epic science fiction novel?
what is your favorite book/aurthor of African American fiction.?
Was Shakespeare really a transsexual who plagiarized the writings of Queen Elisabeth I?
any good books to read? ( read question)!?
do you think dumbledore is truly dead?
So, I'm looking for a good book, one you can get lost in and never put down. Any suggestions?
HELP. looking for a book.?
Im doing a book report on Where the red fern grows an ABC book and i cant find a word with E G J K N P Q U W X?
What is the sequel to Dutch II by Teri Woods?
Harry Potter Random Survey.?
I have a first edition copy of The Clansman 1905, how much is this worth?
What is the name of the artwork that has an angel and demon sitting on a canoe, and a woman crying on a rock?
Is there any way that I can read The Babysitters Club online?
I love to read, anyone have any books they really liked?
What should I do I'm planning to kill someone?
can you offer any constructive criticism, rating out of ten, and advice about my writing?
what is the first poem in th english language?
Could this be a great novel?
needing short story ideas!!?
suicide/depression books please?
Room Emma Donoghue question?
Are There Other Worlds Than These?
Variants of these Greek Gods' names?
help is my story so far?
trying to find the name of a kids picture please!?
What is your favorite quote from a novel?
Can anybody recommend some good books to read on a 20hr + flight?
Will this make a good film? s?
Lord of the files essay ?
Who is the author of 60 Years of Drinkng - 50 Years Sober?
What's the WORST book you've ever read?
What would Todd Hewitt look like?
Can you help identify this science fiction story?
When can one call oneself a "voracious" reader?
'Madonna Red' by James Carroll?
To Kill a Mockingbird stills?
what are the different mood shifts in "Much Ado About Nothing" by Shakespeare?
when reading a book of any kind, what are the things that most annoy you?
What is a good book to read?
This is my 12-year-old daughters poem about her brother, tell me what you think!?
Would you honestly read more of this?
what is the ending of [the book of luke] by jenny o'connell?
good books?
whats the right answer to this story? PLEASE HELP?
is there someone who knows where i can read john grisham books. i have no money to buy the books.?
Would you read this book? Need oppinions and advise.. been working on the basic idea for a few years but now?
From the book "Of Mice and Men", what town was Curley's wife from?
I need help thinking of a name?
Opinions on: Hanging On To Max, by Margaret Bechard?
what was the purpose of early american authors ?
Are there writings as classic as the iliad and the odyssey from anywhere but Europe?
Frankenstein Readers HELP?
Can anyone tell me some site with magician books?
What book are you reading now? I am reading: My sister from the black lagoon, by Laurie Fox... a true story?
I LOVE My angel, do you?
PLEASE help i cant find the answers in my text book!?
Do you think Dan Brown plagiarized the DaVinci Code?
Help me with a detail in my story? EASY!?
Do you think that these Twilight obsessed girls...?
Which book should i read for my book report?
what would you think if an 8 year old wrote this?
The Stone girl by by alyssa sheinmel?
I just started reading Gauntlgrym by R.A. Salvatore and i have no idea what is going?
Help with my story? (Short)?
Shakespeare's Macbeth.. What do you think?
Story background I need help!?
Dan Browns books..??
Chuck Palahniuk is a favorite writer of mine. What are your faves that he wrote?
quotes from the book tthe color of water?
"What BOOK are you reading right now"?
Eudora Welty?
who said "there's no there there"?
I need a good book to read?
Which of these is NOT a Beatrix Potter character?
questions about George R.R. Martin...?
Do you prefer to read your books in paperback or hardcover?
What book should I read?
Where can i buy this?
Best resource in the web for Edward de Bono's Six thinking hats technique?
Need a creative story plot!?
who is the mystery writer who is also wife to the british ambassador?
What is a novel or a series that is a MUST read?
A dream about this murder story, But I think its a book..someone help?
through the twilight series, how did the main characters change and mature?
has anyone read the book heat?
Should I continue this as a series, or just keep it as one book?
What was the last book someone gave you as a present?
Is this a good vignette? If not, then what can I do to improve it?
The Edge Chronicles by Paul Stewart?
Is Harry Potter Better Than Twilight?
Is there a movie for the Black Dagger Brotherhood Series?
i need help with To Kill a Mockingbird?
Need help finding title of book?
Tintin Films?
I'm looking for a book with a character named Punchinello.?
If you could choose one book as a mandatory read for all high school students, which book would you choose?
Beginning Writer Help!?
i need some good book recommendations?
who is your fav author?Why?
Reviews of particular people?
I'm looking for 20 phrases from the Pretty Little Liars book?
What does Bella mean in the book Twilight?
Fahrenheit 451 the book?
What´s the writer for "Small country"?
What do think of my novel so far?
Theme statement for King Lear involving the concept of "blindness caused by self-delusion"?
In a novel how many characters should you have?
What do you think of the first couple paragraphs of my story?
How to write a short story?
What are the 3 Main Points Of The First Book Of Twilight?
If you could give a good slap in the face to any literary character....?
Is there any link between Browning's "Porphyria's Lover" and the disease "Porphyria"?
Can I keep writing my book for NaNoWriMo?
Books: How Did King Come Up With the Name 'Cujo'?
spy novel ideas??!!!???!!!?
Does anyone know the song used in "A Clockwork Orange" where Alex has sex with those two girls in his room?
Feedback on this piece of writing?
w/ whom do u share ur love stories?
Trying to find this book: kid in the 40s likes to listen to radio programs, brother away at war, imaginative?
A few questions about The Great Gatsby i would like answered before I buy it.?
what is your fav. book????????
Did author EM Forster write "connection is all" or was it someone else?
Why do you think people read Twilight? It's stupid?
If you have read a great book, please share with me!?
i am writing a book and i need a middle name for a girl?
Do you like romance novels -?
Difference between Elizabethean and Jacobean Shakespeare?
lord of the flies- how does piggies temperment (gaurdian\idealist) lead to his own downfall?
Is it acceptable to send 2 picture book manuscripts as 1 submission?
Short stories with a theme of language education?
I love the twilight saga but my friends don't, what do you think?
What's the deepest nonfiction books on fairies or fairy magick?
What is a good line for a "bad boy" to say?
Why do some many PH.D think they are writers.?
Are there any gay Harlequin Romance like books?
who can write story about my cite also im man im form iraq?
Good books on lucid dreaming?
Which classic book did you enjoy.?
where can i read some good teenage books online?or aritcles a teenager would like
what books should i have in a basic library?
Can anyone tell what they think of my ebook?
What was the best horror book that you ever read?
who is your favorite author?
what poem has several poetic devices?
Pick up a book that is closest to you and turn to page 31. What does the first complete sentence say?
why the books is cheap in India ?
Is Twilight okay for a 13 year old to read?
Would you tell me if this is a cool story, if it's interesting... please!?
What book is this from?
Hi guys, can anyone tell me of a realy good scary book.?
Have you read "Mermaid Chair" by Susan Kidd?
Who was the writer who was also a thief?
Which is the best book about american literature?
Adventures of the Speckled Band - Help!?
why is Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zevin relevant to teens?
good books about spies,secret agents, CIA, etc..?
What are the top 5 best books?
What book are you currently reading?
What is the basic foundations to writing an autobiography?
Harry Potter readers - When you read the books do you picture the actors from the films?
Does this sound good ????? EASY 10 POINTS!?
Struggling with some plot details in my story, please help?
Describe your perfect romance hero?
do you prefer sad dramas or happy endings?
What do you think of the beginning of my story?
Is there any sites (like a library) on the net where you can get books online?
whats your favorite reading material when taking a dump?
Anyone out there who's not read a single Harry Potter book?
In a fight who would win, Jason Grace or Percy Jackson?
What are some names that mean evil?
Which one is better for Aragorn,Eowyn or Arwen?
city idea what do you think?
When will Harry potter #7 come out?
books about high school secrets?
how can you change your avatar from a boy cause youre a girl?
Shakespearean quote that most makes you think of US commander in chief.?
what harry potter house are you in?
Albus Dumbledore. Dead or Alive?
have u ever think about whee we r going & wher we r coming from in this world?
Name 8 figurative language for the book the monkeys paw?
Who is Yaughan in Hamlet?
I need to find Emily Bronte's poem, "I am happy when most away"?
Which of the seven Narnia books is the best?
Who's Your Favorite Author in the Following Genres ?
When it comes to 'A clockwork orange', is the book or the movie better?
I am stuck on the name Bella. What should I do???
Romantic fantasy novel publication agency recommendations, please?
Which piece of litterature should I start with?
Why is it considered morally wrong to read a book online?
Books with evil main characters? (Anti hero?) Preferably fantasy.?
As of march 15th how many courts had reviewed and affirmed the lower court's decision in this case?
I want to write a story but...?
What is the name of this book?
I need Warrior Cat Names ?
Hans. L. Jaffe biography?
what book should i read first?
what book are we up to compared to the tv series the vampire diaries?
If someone wrote a book about you, what would it be called?
Can you please read my story and give me your thoughts?
good biography book??,.. pls =D?
Who wrote--The ornament of a house is the freinds who enter in?
How does my story sound?
Has a book ever been so bad you cannot finish it?
what are the main characters in the novel King of Shadows chapters 1 and 2?
Anyone read the book "TABOO"?
Books similar to Anna and the french kiss?
How to make an Indian palanquin(doli or palki in hindi) ?
is harry potter series are the best books internationally for children?
Any suggestions for a TITLE of a story?
Authors similar to Tim Lebbon and Simon R Green?
Which of these novel ideas do you like most?
Who's the better Browning?
Is this a good idea for a Action-Thriller novel?
Do you think Stephine Meyer should finish Midnight Sun (the 5th book in twilight)?
What do you think is the colour of happiness?
Question about 13 shocking secrets you'll wish you never knee about lemony snicket..?
Secret dream world of a shopaholic ?
What's a good book for a teenage girl?
Should this be "the beginning" of my story, after the prologue?
When is danny counts kroker birthday?
why cant girls throw?
what should i title my book?
Writing question on description?
Would this be a good short film?
I need a good book to read ? suggest me one?
HELP ! PLZ ------ Compare/ contrast essay on the tone of the peotry --
how would wonderland look like?
What's a good book for time management, organization skills, and keeping focused?
what is the best scary book you've ever read?
How should I rearrange the sections of "A Rose For Emily"?
The Most Dangerous Game? By Richard Connell?
Is Sarah Palin's nomination for VP a brilliant idea of Karl Roves?
Is this a good start to my book?
write a letter to emily ?
What do you think of my writing?
I need someone to proofread my book so far but i cant find anyone to do it?
Write a letter discussing the conflict in Animal Farm the book?
Where can I find a summary of the novel "At Fault" by Kate Chopin?
What is the book a thousand shades of gray about?
what sort of books were read around the time of world war 1?
Moby Dick..?
Can you recommend good novels originally written in Spanish?
Where can I upload fanfiction which involves real-life actors?
what are some examples of novels with archetypes?
Can anyone reccomend any good books to read?
I have a hard time understanding the Book by Virgina Woolf : Mrs, Dalloway" can you help figure it out?
what are fantasy characters and how do they help or improve the story?
Did Shakespeare really say "expectation is the root of all heartache"? What is the source text?
What's the name of this book?
David Copperfield book?
HELP!!!To Kill A Mockingbird?
does any one know the author(s) and title of this book?
Questions from the book: The tale of despereaux by Kate Dicamillo?
What is the difference between dark fantasy and horror?
need help with the book Rebecca ( daphne du maurier)?
Reccommend me a good book!?
I need help with an intro. you get ten pts for best example?
Resouirces are not, they become. Assess this contention?
Does anyone knows adaptations from "Othello" by Shakespeare or any other books were this character appears?
Has anyone self published? If so, how was your experience? Was marketing your work difficult?
What is your favorite Sherlock Holmes story?
Poll: Are You A Picky Reader?
Who said this?
B&A: Ultimate Survey - 'Are you....'?
what book would you recommend for someone who likes books with a twist and one that would linger in your mind?
HARRY POTTER FANS: Let us make a difference!?
Anyone read Sword of truth novels? Where would you place them in quality for Fantasy books?
True or False: you have a copy of the Kama Sutra on the night stand?
What are good books for a teenage girl to read? I'm 17?
Twilight obsession?
What would you name this character in my story?
good teenage books?
Help on Book by Belton Y. Cooper?
I'm looking for a poem by Jay Wolf that starts "Long years ago I blazed a trail. Through lovely woods unknown
what are the themes of to kill a mockingbird?
A book/monolouge that will make people cry!?
Which book should i read for English?
Do you like Twilight????
where to get pretty little liars "A" mask? online?
In the book "In Cold Blood" by Capote..?
Ideas for my story about a physco ex girlfriend?
What would you predict Jack and Ralph to be when they grow up from Lord of the Flies?
Whats the best Stephen King Novel?
What kind of creature is Mr Tumnus from Narnia?
scary storys for a 7 grader?
what does the title and cover of secret life of bees have to do with the story?
where can I find good books dealing with odd meters and understanding how to use them when I play my drumset?
B&A Writers: What are your MC's main flaws/weaknesses?
How would you describe this view?
Team Edward or Team Jacob?
Why would you recommend/not recommend to read the Princess Bride? HELP ASAP?
best romance book ever?! for teens or adults?
Fitzgerald's best work, other than Great Gatsby?
Do you like the Percy Jackson series?
Which is a better name for a fairy: NightShade, Twilight, Rose, Sapphire, Nyra, or Mia?
who is the hero in the book a thousand splendid suns?
what is a good book to read?
Can someone die the way Finny did in A Separate Peace?
anyone know about the novel of huckleberry finn by mark twain?
10 POINTS (teenagers) What's your favourite book?
do you believe in magic?
what's the funniest book you had ever read, can you state some lines?
Do you think Rick Riordan is going to fuse Percy Jackson and The Kane Chronicles together?
help with the lord of the flies and a comparison.....(read for more info)?
which scripture did Elias's mother love the most?
Can you find me a quote for symbolism in the book The Five People You Meet In Heaven?
Is this plot a good plot?
Good story I could use about cyberbullying?
What is the climax of An Abundance of Katherines?
Anyway I can improve my book report?
in the short story called two kinds. what are some character traits for Jing-Mei or her mom.?
i have oldrare bookfromthe early1800'sit has1000pages tellswhengeorge washwasadrunkbeforehewaspresdwhatdoihave
Book Recommendations ?
single book or series?
If I want to prove someone is decepive, should I use a quote from the person deceiving or being deceived?
which is your favourite book?
How can you imagine your life without Books?
If someone were to write a book about your life what would it be called?
What is the value of the book "The Biblelots, The Essays of Sir Roger de Coverley"?
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
What do you think of this passages from a novel I'm writing?
Can you give me some tips to write a book?
Im confused on this book series need help?
What do you think of my horror story rate 1 to 10 its not finished?
Im looking for a bestseller apocalyptic novel that came out in '00?
Suggestions for traits to add to character?
Any proven ways to get rid of writers block?
What is the last book you read?
Why is everyone so crazy about Harry Potter?
Harry Potter fans, what would the...?
How to not be listy when writing?
What happened to Author Jack DuBrul?
What are some of the best gay/lesbian novels/liturature?
The Divinci Code?
Whats your favorite book?
How are the following portrayed in wuthering heights?
how were the peoples lives after the partition?
How do the men stand up to Curley's wife in Of Mice and Men?
An association for self published authors?
Opening chapter of my's it?
I need a Boy name for my story?
What are some good books for a Teen Girl?
how many words are in bridget jones diary?
is reading CARRIE by STEPHEN KING worth it..?
What do you think of this writing so far? PLEASE HELP. It is very short!:)?
In the SAT II Literature test there what is the name of the story about the man and the trumpet music?
i need dioulgues for plays for my school i mean for my report that is due on may 8th2006 please help mew this
NOt what....Who's your favorite poet?!!!?
A Rose for Emily Faulkner central theme?
What are the best Harry Potter scholarly literature?
The Pilgrim's Progress???!?!?
What is the Theme and Problem of 'Heidi' by Johanna Spyri?
Which is your favourite book series out of these?
MacBeth Situational Irony! HELP!?
Questions to help out my story please. If you can help?
How do you feel about Twilight?
Need a good children's book?
Is this a good diary entry thing for a miner working in the Industrial Revolution?
Can anyone here translate something into French?
What are you currently reading?
Do you think Stephenie Meyer and JK Rowling should win the Nobel Literature Prize?
Do you prefer to read or write?
Choose the nearest book to you?
Reassuring songs for him?
Why do YOU love/hate Twilight?
ASIDE FROM EBAY AND AMAZON, where can I find cheap new or used books?
What does the opening of Much ado about nothing reveal about the characters Beatrice and Benedick?
Want to write an alien invasion book - do's and don't's?
Rape/kidnapping/serial killers fiction novels?
What book are you currently reading? Is it any good?
who can give me chapter summaries of freak the mighty?
On what day and year was Frodo and Bilbo Baggin's birthday? How was Frodo related to Bilbo?
Has anyone read the Black Jewels Trilogy by Anne Bishop?
Who else besides me hates Twilight?
What do u think of the book Twilight?
main character of THe kite runner?
What are some books that include people with intellectual disabilities?
The house of night series religion....I was wondering what it is really?
who is the author of this poem?
If you had to choose--a Harry Potter survey?
What is the process involved in getting your book published in Australia?
Was Austen's novel "Emma" feminist and satirical?
TWILIGHT vs Harry Potter vs Narnia?
Is it bad that all my characters have a 'Y' in their last name?
Where can I download the Eragon series in .epub format?
Where can I get Dominatrix magazines, new or used?
What does the term "WASP" mean in American novels?
Question on writing a story?
any suggestions for a good book?
What's a creative title for this short story?
Who said something to the effect of, "Only a fool doesn't judge based on appearence"?
Books about romance and adventure? Not the hunger games?
What was the name of the last book you read?
Do all authors feel as if they created the most spectacular things with there story?
Will you still let your child read "Harry Porter" when you now know that one of its character is gay? Thanks.
Great Expectations help!?!?!?!?!?!?!?????!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?…
Have you read...? (I need advise)?
I want the best book for the world's best writing (in english)techniques and i need suggestions. ?
In Any "original" versions of Rapunzel...?
The Love of My Past Life?
I need help. best answer gets ten pts?
can i get a faithful publisher? i am a writer (author).?
I reworked my plot somewhat, what do you think of it?
Why do people not like the Twilight sereis?
Bookworms, can you read the first few chapters of my vampire fiction draft?
What moments in The Alchemist fit into the Hero's Journey? Please help me.?
What is the theme in the story Lamb To The Slaughter by Roald Dahl.?
What are the release dates for George R R Martin's books?
where to get pretty little liars "A" mask? online?
Some songs that fit Rainsford in The Most Dangerous Game?
please read through and give me your opinions am i the only one who thinks this?
In my story, the ocean at night is different than in the daytime. i need a unusual sound...?
What is your favorite childrens story? Why?
I want to become a writer ~ help ?
Creating a calendar for a fantasy world?
What are some good classic books I should read?
What do you guys think of the concept for my story and its love interest?
star wars books?????????????????
Do students like books they are required to read for school or their own choice of book?
Did Rudyard Kipling and Jim Corbett know each other?
What do you think of this as a short story/novel?
what is GIS i.e. geographical information system?
is my picture online Teresa Lowder Lewis?
Title in a mla citation?...?
How many books are there about/written by Gorillaz?
how important is culture, teamworking, power in making people work hard in firms and why explain?
Books that have a similar theme to impulse by ellen hopkins?
science fiction short story i need help im in the middle of writing it but cant explain things in a sifi way?
What is a good book I can suggest to my book club?
Are the Twilight books worth reading?
can anyone suggest a good book?
I'm starting to have doubts about publishing my book?
i dont know lord can you help me?
What is fast hot or cold?
A REALLY good teen novel?
I don't know how to start my story?
Would you read my story?
what is the significance of the book the face on the milk carton?
APA format please help...?
What book are you currently reading?
In The Crucible by Arthur Miller what does abigail mean by her threat?
Which Richard Scarry book is this?
Any Good Books About Rape Or Abduction?
How to prevent Mary Sues?
Ok. I am looking for an Urban fantasy book that does NOT have a heroine that has any of the following traits?