i'm a first time novelist,how to contact a publishing agent in india?
Does this idea sound stupid?
Intro for curley and his wife?
Where can I get the BOOK Sofies Verden (Sophie's World), by Jostein Gaarder, in Norwegian?
What is the rough draft for things not seen book?
Can anyone recommend an author for me?
How can a mathematician express his talents through writing?
What are the questions for Eragon in AR?
How do you describe acion/fight scenes in a book?
What books might I be interested in?
People with e readers: When you've finished reading a "book" on your Nook, Kobo or Fire?
Is angelfall a good book?
Why were the vampires there in Twilight?
Discuss Ben Johnson as a dramatist with special reference to "Every Man In His Humor".?
Twilight or Harry Potter?
Point out at least examples of irony in Happy Event story?
Good names for these characters?
Harry Potter Fans: Do you agree that the first three Harry Potter movies were the best?
What are the answers to the Animal farm comprehension check chapters 1-3?
quick notes for "a night to remember" by walter lord?
when will harry potter 7 come out?
Hoops by Walter dean Myers summary?
In the book Roll of thunder, hear my cry was little man one of cassie's brothers?
Women in McEwan's Atonement!?
Have you ever read a book that captured your interest to the point you couldn't put it down?
Am I allowed to ask Maya Angelou questions?
Which book would you be more apt to pick up...?
Can anyone help me naming some of my characters, I have made a list of their likely names but can't decide?
Albus Severus and the Lost Professy?!?
If I wrote a book, how do it get the copyrights so that no one else can claim my work as their own?
Places Hemingway visited in order?
Why roses aren't mentioned in the story "A Rose for Emily"?
Why Do People Love Twilight So Much?
Am I really that short?
What is a multi-voice first person narrative?
VOTE: Twilight or Harry Potter!?
Which Hogwarts house would you be in?
How did Eeyore lose his tail?
Just Wondering Is This an alright thing to say to an agent or publisher?
Who's your favorite author?
What are some other bad things, such as hunting, that could never be done to humans except in books? read!?
why was Launcelot being disloyaty to king arthur ?
How do you go about submitting a manuscript to Harlequin for publishing?
who's said "life is tough, get a helmet"?
who is the coolest person ever???
Describe character in appearance ideas?
Who do I send a manuscript to?
in the sherlock holmes universe, how many moriartys are there ? and what are their names ?
Story title- english hw help :)?
Catcher in the Rye: red hunting hat question?
Borders vs. Barnes and Noble?
Will there be a fourth Generation Dead book by Daniel Waters?
What are some questions to ask in a character questionnaire?
I am looking for recommendations for fantasy books with magic powers, battles, romance..?
Is it required that "Printed in the USA" appear with the rest of the copyright formula in a book?
A question about Tim Winton.?
Books like the Pretty Little Liar series?
What is meant by having "the soul of a poet"?
Is it true that James Joyce & Samuel Beckett both hated Ireland?
Book recommendations?
House of Night, The Book Chosen, Kristen and PC Cast?
What are some books like Between Shades Of Gray by Ruta Sepetys?
what are some of the repeating phrases in the lion, the witch and the wardrobe?
What to do for publishing poems?
Hook for "Of Mice and Men"?
(Twilight). . . Who else thinks that. . . . . ?
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?
difference between legal person and natural person?
Does anyone have "The Office" story by tby?
Name and composer of the classical piece the Coalhouse Walker character plays for the rich white patriarch.?
Anyone who has read "A Streetcar named Desire"?
What events in Jane Austen's life influenced the Writing of Pride and Prejudice?
Hey did you guys read this book?
Is the Sarcasm in My Essay Good?
I know about "Salem's lot" only. Did Stephen King write anything else about vampires?
Question about the book Rocket Boys by Homer H. Hickam, Jr.?
in the ministers black veil?
Is it okay to make the main character the bad guy?
In the Lord of the Rings ( the book), did people acknowledged that Eowyn killed the Witch-King?
what do you call when one shows the climax before the story begins?
whats your favorite book?
I really need help with forming my plot for a creative writing thing..?
whats life in a small american town like?
is this plot any good?
is this a good begining chapter for my book?
If you could live the entire life of a character?
good books for young adults?
i need book ideas for school book report?
Which death in Harry Potter 7 made you cry the most buckets?
How badly is this written?
in the book the hobbit GANDALF?
Who is Charles Campion's wife in "The Stand" By Stephen King?
Books about brokenhearts?
What is the longest day of the year.?
What advanced technology is in the book "Uglies" by Scott Westerfield?
What is a reaaly good book to read?
What is George’s tragic flaw in Of Mice and Men? ?
3 reasons to blame macbeth for his own downfall?
where can i read "how i learned to drive by paula vogel" online?
Do we all know that it was Teabing all along in 'The Da Vinci Code'?
I am looking for an older book that is about counting from one to ten using pigs.?
Is Duma Key by Stephen King a good book? Does anyone die in it?
How is the prologue to my murder mystery?
which book are you reading at the moment???
Am I the only person who hasn't read the Harry Potter books?
how can i print out books in script form?
My friend recommended a scary story site and I can't remember what it was I think it had to do with accor?
Can anyone recommend a really good scary book?
Guys which book is better to read Harry potter or Twilight?
im looking for a good book for a 12 to 15 year old should read?
Tips for writing diaries?
what do you know about the term corpus linguistics?
Which book would you read?
whats a good literature fiction novel on the themes of the 7 deadly sins?
On the book "night" According to the SS officer what was the only way to avoid the furnaces?
What is the best free novel writting software available?
What is a good title for my book?
Who is your favorite and most hated character from Twilight?
Hate "Jacob Black" and "Edward Cullen"?
Explain this quote "What is a weed? a plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered"?
Do you agree that Oedipus's misfortune is brought about by some error of judgment or frailty?
what is the meaning of the Word "Dic" in English ?
What modern day actress does Clarisse look like from Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury?
Who read the book Prey? How was it? Did u understand the scientic stuff???? i know i didin't lol.....?
What should I think about before I publish a PDF eBook?
I'm a 13 year old girl and want to know of some really good books out there that have some romance in them?
Need address of Agassiz on Humboldt?
If someone wrote a book about you, what would it be called?
Help with character names for a book about two people in love.?
where can I buy mills and boon novels cheaply in India?
In retrospect, can ya really blame Bevvie's father for being so "worried about her?"?
What is the book Vermeer's Hat by Timothy Brooks about?
For all writers - a few simple questions?
Why does Frodo Baggins from Lord of the Rings really destroy the ring?
Does Anyone know who Flavia Bujor's agent is?
whos your favorite harry potter character and why?
where can i find (Alber Cami )book (The Stranger)for read or download?
Help! Describe an academy?
What is you fave quote?
help remembering the name of a book please?
Do you know what any of these books on Imperialism is mostly about?
I need help coming up with a title for my book! Please help pronto!?
Why are teenage girls obsessed with Twilight ?
DO U LIKE TWILIGHT? is twilight saga important to you?
Have you read a story like this?
Twilight Saga Fans: What are other books you've enjoyed?
Teen romance books containing these things?
idea for sequel to novel?
which is better? (twilight)?
words that start with R?
How to change location mumber to page numer on book on kindle fire?
Anyone know a good page-turning book?
what is the whole "road trip. freedom. seeing america" genre called?
Title for a murder story?
How did you like "Fear of Flying" by Erica Jong?
Looking for nice romantic manga to read, any help?
in the book wes moore and drugs help ?
Where can one read or buy light novels?
who is your favourite discworld character?
A good last name for my characters in The Lonely Princess.....?
I need a new book to read......?
Has anyone read or heard of a book compiled of young children who talked about their former lives?
Any interesting novel ideas?
is this a good opening for a story?
what is your favorite book?
r u saved???????????
Quotes from the crucible about acusations?
Is Harry Potter really worth all the hype?
who wrote goosebumps books?
I have trouble writing in third person?
Reading........ someone ideas?
Fluxweed...(Pottermore problem)?
Any good books with:...................?
good books for thirteen year olds? (NOT HARRY POTTER OR TWILIGHT!)?
what role does russell edgington play in the true blood books not the show?
I want a new race! For Story!?
Ideas for a childs book?
I would like to get the English language rights for a translation of Blanca Varela's poetry (Peruvian). Help!
What formats can a book have?
What's the best book you've ever read?
Who's your favourite author?
please help me to read a really really good novel?
question about the lightning thief ?
Where can I get a free Publishing Kit?
Harry Potter fans: Did you remember Lord Voldemort's birthday?
Paul Theroux's best novel?
If you wrote a book about your life, what would it be called?
I need help with me speech RE memoirs of a Geisha~belonging?
What is your favorite fairy tale?
Do you read classic literature? If so, which is your favorite book?
Good endings PLEASE ANSWER?
Can someone give me a summery of A wizard of Earthsea (by Ursula K.Le Guin)?
Does anyone have a list of books written by people who've been diagnosed with a psychiatric illness?
how do you feel after reading this?
What's the title of a ghost story?
Who (real or not real) do you think of when you think of avenger?
what year was Madeleine L'Engle born?
How can I "kidnap" myself or get someone to kidnap me?
Whats the website for virgin megastore books? i cant find it?
I have written a book, a screenplay and song lyrics. How do I get them published if no one will read them?
I am looking for information on a bible 1611 king james version published in nashville tn. It is a big bible?
can u give me a summary of chapter 13 of the book Leviathan by hobbes?
What has happened to Oscar Wilde's house today?
Who is your favorite author?
I'm going to use this as a title for my essay?
Where can a new author go to post a new book idea to get reviewed?
Is there a sequel planned for "House Without End" by Cullman Wallace?
In Dandelion Wine, why is Bill Forrester sometimes referred to as William?
Where to find geniune buyers of a collecton of Christian books in Chennai, India ?
is there any specific story that can explain McCandless brave in the Into the Wild?
Where can i watch the private books web series?
Who has read the fear street books by r.l. Stine?
Need A Title:) Help?!?
Book about comebacks?
Does anyone else like Jan Karon's Mitford series?
Best novel you ever read?
Good Vampire Book Title Ideas..?!?
Recommend A Good Book For Me?
It's a goofy question but...DO YOU SNIFF YOUR BOOKS?
How close to reality is the novel "The Da Vinci Code" ?
Help with a Little Prince quote?
what books did marilyn manson write?
The people that read books on tape?
Metaphors in Othello by Shakespeare?
HP Fans: Your Animagus?
poast colonial thinkers?
BA: Do the people at your school call you a geek?
Excluded books?
Help with this please?
· Some people say that "books are best friends". Is that true for you?
how i can find a woman that live me?
How to type the title of a book when underline/italicize aren't options?
i saw all the lord of the rings trillogy the other month and thought they were amazing.?
Where in Voltaire's 'Candide' is there an example of a litote?
what was the first book ever wrote?
How much should I charge a Public Relations firm for copy writing?
Anyone remember this book? WW2 soviet book! Classic! Please help!?
What's a good book to read?
Identify Buna and Auschwitz in Night by Elie Wiesel?
What do you collect?
Team Edward....Team Jacob???
Why do people who read books say it's better than tv?
comic book?
What are your all time favorite books?
What's your opinion on Brian Friel's play "Translations"?
murder mystery suggestions?
I'm Looking for a Tumblr writing blog?
In the Night Room by Peter Straub pissing me off.?
Doez reading books make you smarter ? novels?
Has Anyone Read 'The Master key System' by Chrles Haanel?
I'm looking for "Complete Works" of Gerald Durrell, J Herriot & jerome K. Jerome. Do u know the publisher yr
Is this a good vignette? If not, then what can I do to improve it?
Book about Thor and Loki?
If I want to write a book about a story for instance; a chapter book or a children's book.?
does any one know the story behind the wedding goblet?
what is the biggest book in the world?
How many pages are in The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien?
How do books like Junie B Jones get published?
is there a book based on slender man?
Please tell me if you like my little story i know that some spelling anr stuff is wrong but i just thot of it?
I havent read a book in 8+ years. What kinda book should i start with?
My husband loves The Flashman novels by George MacDonald Frazer, I would love to find something similar?
Does anyone know if there is a sequel to The Body Of Christopher Creed by Carol Plum-Ucci?
Tell me abuot Noam Chomsky's Views on Language.Put it simply & precisely?
What is the best novel in the last ten years?
do the harry potter books get more grown up as the series progresses?
Good name for vampire story?
What order of the series of Stravaganza by Mary Hoffman?
Any tips on how to inprove my Query letter? 10 points!?
can anybody recommend a good book?
What book to read for high-intermid english learner?
I read a book named Wings 9 years ago, what is the author's name?
what are some fantasy authors similar to tamora pierce, rick riordan, or cassandra clare?
For Twilight which is better the book or movie?
Name 4 pagan elements and 4 chrstian element from Beowulf.?
What type of english spoke like the crucible?
Good ways to introduce characters in a novel?
who loves the DOglas adams series of hitchhikers guide?
Where can I buy a book called my dream?
What should I do for my writing prompt?
What's everybody reading right now?
What the ISBN nubder of the books stands for & how it is useful to a reader ....?
Download e-books for free.?
just a poll but who reads books?
Does this idea sound stupid?
Who is your favourite author?
What do you think of my story?
Good surname for the given name 'Peter'?
I need a name for a main character for my novel.?
Do you think that The Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe is an accurate portrayal of the book?
Is there any websites where i can publish my own "book"?
What is the best classical novel to read (and enjoy) in a or so week?
Should I wait to buy my books at Barnes and Noble?
Becoming An Author, Help?
Characters? Stories? What insures me of it's safety?
Does anyone know if Anne Rice has stopped writing?
What century was the play Blood Wedding written?
Here Today by Ann M. Martin?
How do concentrate on writing and planning your book?
Is the new twilight series book "Breaking Dawn" any good?
advantages of kindle?
What do you think of Mildred D. Taylor's Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry?
Footnotes/Endnotes or what?
What story comes to mind when you hear this song?
I'm looking for the name of a children's book about an grey Alley cat and a little girl?
How do you write a Musical scene into a novel not a movie?
Romeo and Juliet ---Coincidence or Fate?
my son needs to dress up as a book character?
Who were greasers feuding with in the 60's?
i 'm into stephen king books. is there book recommendations you can give me that are like stephen kings?
Harry Potter or Twilight?
Harry Potter question: Need help settling an argument?
Is there a book you recommend?
Fiction virus pandemic books?
Does anyone else like to smell the paper inside books?
what happens threwout the book the cruisers by walter dean myers throughout the whole book?
I'm reading this book, what is a geisha?
I'm trying to find a good name for a spy agency?
Help me with this please?
Is Mama Corleone's name in The Godfather novel? If so, on what page or in which scene?
Do You Think Of Author Charles Bukowski?
which name is nicer melissa or gemma ?
Harry Potter Fans: What form does your Boggart take?
Mystery, Thriller, Horror, Fantasy Books?
Favorite Manga?
Writing a hunting scene?
The writers who have written trilogies and sagas ...?
Why did Voldemort wanted to kill Harry?
i'm looking for some buffy books but im not to keen on the ones where buffy and angel are not together?
What is your favorite book from the young wizard series so far.. and y?
Writers: At what stage in your writing to you chose a title?
Is it OK to interrupt the climax like this?
What r some really good book series?
name for a character in my book?
(Book) Cool Last Names - HELP?
How can lestat in interview with a vampire be the same in queen of the damned?
In a murder mystery, in what ways can the good guys find out the bad guy's plan?
what is the purpose of the parados in Oedipus Rex?
Someone can recomend a good book in english?
Is Wicked Lovely book 3 coming out?
English work story opening?
Where to sell used books for best price?
What is the name of this book?
Harry Potter discussion: what do you think of Dumbeldore's death?
who is Birgit Niehaus?
Constructive Criticism...once more?
Who thinks that there was stuff added to the bible?
Is Dorrance Publishing a good company?
what are some good young adult series to read?
What's your favourite Mr Men..LIttle MIss character ?
Please take a look at my personal writing? Does this get you hooked?
How do Emersons's essays self reliance and Nature reveal his transcendentalist ideals?
Who is your favorite author and why?
What do you think of my prologue?
A good introduction for an essay on a novel?
Willa Cather?
what is psychologism of adam Smith?
What are some falling actions of by the time you read this i'll be dead?
Is twilight only for girls?
ideas for writing a book for teens?
What are your favorite book genres? i want to start a novel and i'm not sure what the public enjoys. help?
Do you have a list of all the books by Carol Anne O'Marie?
Good fantasy book series?
DaVinci Code, Fact or Fiction?
Native English speakers only?
What should I name my essay?
B&A Writers: Are you baby killers?
desperation by stephen king HELP!!!!?
What is your favorite book, how old were you when you first read the book? Also,who is the author?
What Is a Good Songs With Alot Of Imagery?
What are the differences between Dadaists and Surrealists?
does the book about anthony rapp & the book about jonathon larson/rent have pictures?
A Raisin In The Sunn!?
If the Davinci Code is accurate, do you think that Christians should be told the truth?
What characters in books have your fallen in love with (please don't say Edward Cullen!)?
Any good quotation you would like to share? Words to live by? Here is mine.?
Twilight fans ... if Bella didn't become a vampire?
What date did Romeo and Juliet die on?
Background story for protagonist?
A farewell to Arms (hemingway)?
In Dicken's "A Christmas Carol"?
why humans need to read books?
Do you like John Le Carré Books ?
Help with a Janet Evanovich series quote?
Any really good young adult/teen books?
what do you think of this intro to a children's story?
Need a good title and opinions...?
the poem/story "Beowulf" ??????
What is the name of the C.S. Lewis series with the planets and such?
Which writer out there is similar to Stephen King?
Constructive critisism please?
when i will get lucky?
Need help nameing character in my story..?
Scottish Chaucerians?
Anyone know a book involving a naked woman in the woods?
Looking for a good series to read?
Help with this please?
Where can I get free books mailed to my door?
Give me Words I can incorporate into my book?
I'd like some feedback on the first several pages of my story? (All feedback welcome)?
I am writing a book and need a character name!?
How's my story?????????
Harry Potter Fans.. SNOGGING?
twilight or harry potter?
Where can i find detailed information and theories on Cathy Ames from "East of Eden" ?
the book of monster Walter Dean Myers?
Who has read "Life of Pi" by Yann Martell?
George R.R Martin's works?
how would one go about publishing or freelancing poetry?
If you wrote your autobiography...what would you call it?
How do i write the perfect story?
FAVORITE BOOK? Why do you like it so much?
How can I publish my books?
fun juniors books to read?
Do you think if Borges had written a novel, would he had got the Nobel Award?
Is there a controversy as to who Shakespeare was?
Is this small paragraph any good (its for a story)?
What are your favorite "for dummies" books?
what can you say about the last leaf story by O. Henry?
where can i find cheap books?
What's your favorite poem?
character setting help?
i'm looking for a journal article entitled "getting over homosexuality: foucault and the gay life"
Why is the title of the book Persepolis Persepolis?
Has anyone ever read Fallen by Lauren Kate?
His Dark Materials?!?![[thetrilogy?]]?
what book that made you cry?
do characters "belong" to the author or to the audience?
Did Antigone die? What happens to Ismene?
Can they run parallel?
A REALLY good teen novel?
if you just read the Bible, thinking it was a normal book. would you still think it was a good book?
Who, among the African-American writers of this century, was the best?
When will A breath of snow and ashes by Diana Gabaldon be available on paperback?
What is a good name for a rehab in my story?
Questions on Julius Caesar by Shakespeare?
Writers: What are your ideal foods & beverages for when you're writing?
Why did Ponyboy (the outsiders) bleed well being drown?
is there another title name for The Covenant?
Is Shakesphere Fake?
I'm looking for a good read. Do you have any suggestions?
What hardships do the "Socs" face in the book The Outsiders?
is this a good thesis?
What's your favorite part of Gone with the Wind?
which languages was Cat in the Hat published in? (I know it was 27-29)?
Prologue review please - improved?
What is the Dominion War in Star Trek, and who is Praetor Shinzon?
Questions for the B&A-ers?
What is the protocol with writing a fiction novel based on historic facts?
What book publishers do you like? (versions of books for classics)?
YA Books I should read?
Does anyone remember the book "This Other Eden"?
Could my novel series idea be a best-selling book series?
what is rogue wave in the movie poseidon?
hows the opening of my story? please be honest...?
Any book recommendations?
ex-boyfriend books? Don't suggest two-way street. I know that already?
im looking for a book but i forgot the tittle and author?
Harry Potter fans?
What are some titles of books that would interest a third grade boy?
What is a list of illegal drugs?
was shakespear real or did a whole buch of old guys make him up.?
When Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow comes out wil you...?
Has anyone read any Michael Connelly books, such as City of Bones? Did you enjoy it?
Make up an Ending!?
How would you start?????????
Can someone please tell me what "Hamlet" is really all about??
in need of a female name... any one?
Any Good Unconventional Books To Read?
What is a ghost writer?
What is the best book you have ever read? What genre was it? And who wrote it?
Why is 42 the answer?
What kind of crime is punished at the lowest level of Hell in Dante's Inferno?
Can someone please edit my paper? (Quick 10 points)?
Can i get some reviews?
do the moral themes in children and family oriented films get picked up by the children?
Has anyone read the poem "13 ways of looking at a blackbird" by Wallace Stevens?
whats the theme of "Julie of the Wolves"?
what is the theme for misery by stephen king?
what do you think a cruel thing for a step mother to do to her step daughter?
What are some books that are similar to Harry Potter/LOTR/Eragon?
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Book?
Could you use a nail gun to nail someone to the floor??
i want to write a book and need a government grant to pay for it and my living expenses while writing?
the words of the Erma Bombeck text "WHEN GOD CREATED MOTHERS" may Readers Digest 1978?
What is the Age group for the book push by sapphire?
Concerning ISBN numbers - what does a "block of 10" mean?
Could I go on to be a sucessful novelist?
Description Of Reverend John Hale in The Crucible?
Do you like this prompt?
Book Recommendations?
The poem, old house written kamaladas - details?
Please explain "The Quakers, he argued, were infamous innocents incessantly disposed to drip the......?
How does my story idea sound?
a novel regarding a prediction about a girl and the whole plot is based on the same, hows the idea..?
What's the worst last sentence of a book you've read?
where can i find essays on the characters from edgar allen poe's, fallen angels?
Do you enjoy reading and watching Harry Potter films and books?
Quick question on The Prince by Machiavelli, chapter 26 specifically.?
What CLASSIC books have you read MANY times and will read again?
~~Harry Potter fans: Answer these random questions?
looking for a romance book, forgot the title!?
Resume of Zack by William Bell?
Do you keep a diary? How often do you update it?
*Harry Potter Quiz II*?
Can anyone summarize the 2nd half of the Iliad with Achilles?
help with hero's journey?
Whats some of the themes of violence in "The Lottery" By Shirley Jackson?
Book suggestions for a birthday list?
What book should somebody own in their Book Collection?
Can you think of a good title for my novel?
what do think of this. what I'm about to tell you is what i wrote when i was 12 years old?
I need a name for secret organization run by werewolves?
whats your favorite book?
Some classic children's books?
About my book again about characters thos time?
What book are you currently reading?
How does The Great Gatsby show you show to live a successful life?
how do i update my word count onto the nanowrimo website?
What is a good nonfiction book that tells a story?
Which is your favorite book by Italino Calvino and why?
I need help with a character name for a country white boy?
Is this a good transition?
Is "A Child Called It" a true story?
What is the summary of the hunger games book?
Do u think harry poter is a good series?:)?
Can anyone I.D. this 70's horror novel I can't recall name/author of?
why is Edward Cullen (Robert Pattison) so popular now?
In the story A mystery of heroism, why does crane emphasize the image of the mens white legs?
Have you read any good books lately?
Do the the Harry Potter book contain actual spells a witch or wizard would use ?
How to deal with final draft trouble?
If you read the book Hush Hush by Becca by: Becca Fitzpatrick.......(READ DESCRIPTION)?
I am searching for 40 minute Bible studies for small groups. What do I need?
*********anyone who has read number the stars *************?
I would like a short story plot?
Do you think Opus Dei is portrayed unfairly in "The DaVinci Code"?
if i plan to start a online library who should i ask for rights of the books for opening it out to public?
who's better Anders Lindegaard or David De Gea?
What is the rest of the story to "If you give a mouse a cookie"?
what book are you currently reading?
how would you describe this?
How would you describe someone having trouble sleeping in a story?
who wrote that math book?
Has anyone read 'The story of edgar sawtelle' by david wroblewski?
Summary for Julia's Story by Ruth Elwin Harris?
allusions in lord of the flies?
Is der any Book on Afgan Civil war?
Does Walter Novacs die?
Why do people say this?
How do i start off my scary story?
Free Ebook download websites?
HELP with BOOK TITLE half werewolf female nickname RED ?
Who are some female character's who embody masculine traits?
Team Jacob or Team Edward?
Any good websites to showcase my writing OTHER than fanfiction?
Is this a good story introduction?
Frank McCourt's Dad?
Need a writing buddy.?
what book are you reading at the moment?
Who is your favourite author?
Where can i get d book called something like "If u 1 2 b rich dont go 2 school" Robert Kriyosaki 1st edition
Who are your favorite authors?
How are dreams and loneliness presented in the novel 'of Mice and Men'?
How to find out if my favourite author is still alive, & meet her?
I need a good book to read!?
what are hamlet's true motivations?
Who was/is Dorothy Desana? I know she wrote 'The WhiteSquadron' but nothing else. Is the story true??
Help with titles for my story?
What can my 2 friends and I be for literary day?
Does anybody know of an example in literature where people got hurt by a broken promise?
is this a good novel idea?
can anyone help me?please, its not hard?
New Moon Help? Novel ?
Why are Twilight and Harry Potter compared?
How on earth can I come up with a title for my book when there's so much going on in it!?!?
A survey for Anti-Twilighters?
In The book "The Giver" what punishment did someone in the community receive for a major wrong doing?
song about james joyce araby?
From college/univ Is there any professor that has influenced your life? And how?
A Good Manga with a Dense Girl?
The strange case of dr jekyll and mr hyde question?
who wrote lonesome boy blues?
What do you think of my characters?
I am looking for a psychology book on Denial can anyone recommend any?
What is your favourite book?
What are really good vampire books?
Confused about the mushroom scene in "Feast of Love" by Charles Baxter?
has anyone got any ideas for an adventure/horror book?
what makes books better then movies?
what are some good vampire names for a character in my story?
vampire names! needed now!?
websites for free kindle books?
Can anyone provide me with the text of the story "Game" by Donald Barthelme?
Why are people so critical towards my writing?
Can you help me come up with a title for my novel? (NaNoWriMo)?
Name for Character?
Which book: The Secret Me by Shane Windham or All About Me by Philip Keel?
How do I format my book to have it published. I want to self publish. I need to keep costs down. Thanks?
Message (and interpretation) of the film/book "Love Story" by Erich Segal (1970)?
What's the plot of Milkweed by Jerry Spinelli???
im trying to find out how much an 1832 bible is worth?
Creative character naming assistance please?
Would you be interested if you read an autobiographical book about me?
names of daffodil quentin's dead horses in the edge by dick francis?
Do you know any good books to read?
whom u consider as a best author and y???
was pennywise a real serial killer?
Books set in Zanzibar?
which classics are your favorite?
movie or book based on a Russian fairy tale of "12 saints of the 12 months" ?
Is 'Twilight' really any good?
New story....any ideas?
this question is asked many times for shugo chara ch. 13?
Harry Potter!!!!!!!!?
i wrote a mystery story. how do i solve this little problem?
Make sentence with book?
What should i title this book series?
What's the title of the last book you read?
"the red of blood, and the black of darkness" have been identified as theme colors of the play.?
Can a book have more than one foreword?
I need to download a book "Mrityunjaya" pdf in marathi?
i want to write my own book how do i start?
Do you know if the book Kissed by an Angel by Elizabeth Chandler...?
What ideas would you offer to someone that finally has time to write? I have several short stories ?
Does anyone read anymore?
why is the wicked witch of the west green in the wizard of oz?
any suggestions for a good book?
If someone you loved (pretend it's me) was to go blind, would you read for them (me)?
Where, (or is there), can I find a redwall font???!?!?!?
CATCHER IN THE RYE QUESTION ASAP! What colour hair did..?
Names with George?
Reccommend me a good book!?
I don't know how to read?
Where do I find a good, free online guide to writing a (stage-)play?
Is Louise Rennison writing a new Georgia Nicolson book for 2009?
Is Stephenie Meyer working on another book for the Twilight series?
christin literary agents?
what does The Unspoken Language mean in the book The Alchemist?
crime novels anyone??
What book are you currently reading?
how can i find the blog: Julie and Julia: 365 Days, 524 Recipes, 1 Tiny Apartment Kitchen?
Do you sympathize with any of the people in Ladies and Gentlemen, to the Gas Chamber?
This is for anyone who has read Gathering blue?
which MOVIES were better than the BOOK?
Whats a good moral for my story?
Ive been having writters block?
“What is the best book you have read, so far this year?
What is the plot of the hunt for the seventh?
here is chapter 20 and 21 what do you think?
Where can I find a critical literary article online about Flaubert's book Madame Bovary?
I am a huge harry potter fan and can anyone tell me some good websites 2 go to?
do you know od sci fi novel just like ratchet and clank pllease read?
Book Suggestions? ................?
what is the meaning of objectivism in context of Ayn Rand's novels?
What are some good fantasy werewolves books?
Anyone read "Last Chronicles of Thomas Covenant" by Donaldson?
Top 10 Books ... 'You Can't Put Down'?
Are Louis L'Amour's books considered dime novels?
Help identifying a book? please it's driving me crazy!?
If a character shows up and solves the current problem, and how/why isn't explained right away. . .?
good book to read???
from the book-from the mixed up files of basil e. frankweiler....?
After the rioters in “The Pardoner’s Tale” abandon their search for Death, they murder one another.?
I need help with a Plot map?
i need a summary for hoops by walter dean myers?
what is the style of writing in the novel: animal dreams?
I want to write a book should I?
Which scene from the Help is imporant? And tell me why .?
POLL: What is the strangest Stephen King novel you've read?
Name the protagonist and a   major antagonist of the crucible . describe how their interaction helps to move t?
Teen books about fallen angels? Romance but also action? Like Fallen by Lauren Late?
Will JK Rowling do a next book featuring Harry Potter's son?
Which book should i read next out of these?
Lord of The Flies - William Golding?
I need help with a name for a character profile. The Hooded _______, can anyone fill in that blank space?
To kill a mocking bird????help?
Describing technology in a fantasy book?
Looking for a blog name?
Fantasy/Sifi book recomondations!! .s for most books :)?
How do you come up with an interesting way to start out a novel?
Ways of writing and publishing a book?
The DaVinci Code court battle?
Summary of PLL books 1-8, please?
How do I become an author?
Need a fake high school name for my book?
what is the book "the fifty shades of gray about"?
The 5 Best Quotes that describe Guy Montag in Fahrenheit 451. Or any other character in the novel.?
What Are some disturbing novels?
Out of the whole Twilight series, which book is your favorite?
Be honest! Have you actually read Twilight?
Twilight lovers: Edward or Jacob?
Brave New World question?
Edgar allen poes tecniques?
Books that show you how to move out of the country?
I'm looking for a fantasy book...can someone help me?
title of children's book. Characters as children can create "animal avatar" until they become adults
Can You Read My Short Introduction For A Story Im Gonna Write! IS IT GOOD ENOUGH?! 10 POINTSS?
One book you wish had never been written?
If someone compares you to Helen of Troy, is that a slam or do they think you are hot? Explain.?
HP FANS: Being a harry potter fan is hard? Does this ever happen to you?
can you help me?
NAME some fairytales which are very good vs evil?
The series maze runner,is it good?
How do I improve my writing?
Minecrafters read this?
fern michaels full book list?
Help profile my character?
What are some archetypes important for western fiction?
Where do I find information about society grounded in a contract in the works of Rousseau and Nietzsche?
Where to find a gilded Cinderella storybook?
Why cant I login to my fanfiction profile?
What do u think of Shakespeare?
What is the name of this book?
If you could only recommend ONE book for everyone to read...?
Can anyone help me understand or summarize this book?
My story is very similar to an already published novel?
Short Story Question?
Do you prefer to read your books in paperback or hardcover?
why do anime characters have large eyes?
I heard a terrible twilight rumor (ONLY FOR PEOPLE WHO LIKE TWILIGHT!)?
help me pick a scene for my story?
Help please! The Great Gatsby?
House of Mirth question: what does ms. Haffen offer Lily and how does she react?
Sherlock Holmes Deduction?
what is the plot of Seal Team Six (the book)?
Yet again, another Harry Potter true or false survey?
Does any one know any good American authors like Hemingway and Steinbeck?
oes anyone know what a signed book by william booth, gunpei yamamuro and lots of their envoys would be worth?
im re-reading through my isaac asimov collection, what are you reading at the moment?
Is the book always better than the movie?
Which version of the book Phantom of the Opera is better?
Are these characters' names too similar?
Stephen King fans?
Read Mostellaria by Plautus? Care to share a summary or an interesting point?
How does blindness inform the development of character and theme in antigone and oedipus rex?
As i lay dying?!?
What kind of sci fi does isaac asimov write?
The Casual Vacancy Age Rating?
What is the creepiest Edgar Allan Poe story/poem?
i forgot this books charat3cters name the book cover is like black adn red and some white i think and this?
What metaphors does William Wordsworth evoke in the last two lines of "Composed on Westminster Bridge, 1802"?
What are some questions about the themes that the Scarlet Letter raise for the readers? ?
Im writing book. What you see below is the back. By reading this, would you be interested in reading the book?
In the Where's Waldo books, what is there to find?
Have u read Paolo Coelho's "Veronica decides to die" ?
Anne Tyler's writing style?
Beginner writers and writers-Don't you hate it when people try and put you down about your writing?
who wrote this book and what is it called!?
What do you think of Sidney Sheldon's novel - The Other Side of Midnight?
Who is your favorite author?
Do you like the Twilight saga?
What was the book by George Bernard Shaw that he threw on the fire after critics views upset him.?
Which of these book titles sounds the best?
What is Reinventing the Wheel By Jessica Helfand?
Looking for a book involving a girl's death and return in a shopping mall?
I'm looking for a script for "The Proposal" from an acting book?
Well, I'm through with the Harry Potter series...what should I do now?
Who wrote the short story Lemon Brown? and where and when does it take place?
Who is your favourite author?
What was the saddest death for you in Harry Potter?
where to find text of john berryman's poem that begins "Age and the deaths and the ghosts".?
Any good sad titles relating to my story that I'm gonna write?
Does anyone have any suggestions....?
What are some really good books to read?
How many books are in the pretty little liars collection?
Do I need permission to use someones real name when getting a book published?
Decent horror fiction suggestions?
Urgently Need book titled "BELOWS FALLS" by Archer Mayor. Any good advice may ge 10 Points?
Who is the funniest author that writes the best books?
What's your favorite Harry Potter book?
a novel regarding a prediction about a girl and the whole plot is based on the same, hows the idea..?
I need some good names for my storys? please help :-)?
what is a stiletto?
What are some short stories, songs, or poems that have to do with rebellion?
of what materials were early snowshoes made of?
How can i download complete harry potter's audiobooks?
i want pdf of revolution 2020 by chetan bhagat?
Best novels you ever read?
I need help with the book, "The Night Thoreau Spent In jail"?
Isn't twilight like the nest book ever?
Is any Christine Feehan book to be out this year?
How do you read a book? Do you remember everything you read? What is your technique?
Help with Book Title Names?
Do You Have Any Ideas for My Title?
I'm doing a research paper, where can i find scholarly works on publishing?
I want to write a novel or a short story but i don't know how to start?
What is scrambled eggs at midnight about?
Marxs is the author of what book?
Oi writers!! save me with this??? please!!?
Creepy/old-fashioned/unique names for demons?
dose any one like romantic novels anymore?
Are any of the characters in LJ Smith's Nightworld series in more than one book?
What are some good faery books?
Can't find the title...................................…
Which series should I read twilight saga 50 shades of grey trilogy or the hunger games trilogy?
Where can I find some of the poems from "Beloved Infidel" by Dean Young online?
parenting nursing freshmen students?
vampire chronicles series?
Good Books like Heist Society?
In Shakespeare's HAMLET , did Lady Macbeth feint or faint?
What is Hawthorne's view on abortion?
A good publishing company for a horror book that operates in Australia?
Looking for a book club..?
How old are the people answering in this category?
Can someone think of a title for this story I'm writing?
Has any book changed the way you look at the world?
A creative description of a creepy man?? HELP ASAP!! :O?
What should my character's nationality be?
Help me with my book...plz help?
Where can i read The Hunter: Phantom?
What does this quote mean to you?
would a fiction novel be more emotional if ....?
Problem with Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire?
books on the jfk assasination?
Does anyone know where i can find "A Northern Light" chapter summaries?
What was the significance of the bicycles that were given to the Nines from the book "the giver"?
trying to find darren d thomas who is a pastor in california the name of the church is the lighthouse church?
How much input does an agent and/or publisher have over a work of fiction by an established author?
Would you rather date Harry Potter/Ron Weasley/Draco Malfoy or an idiot from Twilight?
Is this copyright infringement?
book with girl holding mirror on cover?
How to get your imagination back the way it was?
How do you believe William Buttler Yeats would react to Achebe's book "Things Fall Apart"?
I need help with a name for an evil group?
How Often Do You Read,?
what is photosynthesis?
Novel writing help:Character creation help please?
How to not get bored while trying to write a novel?
Recommend a book?
can you give me the top 5 classic novels of the whole time?
Story characters and names ideas?
Need info on publishing?
book like stranger in a strange land?
Does any one know about continued stories writen by the public on the web?
What was the status quo in Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen?
Is this a good idea for a book?
What is a good Victorian Age novel to read?
Why haven't you given up on writing that novel yet?
do you think this is an exceptional start to a short story?
say someone said "here's room and board for one year, write a story." what would your story be about?
I have to do a project on Boo Radley and i have to take 4 items that represent him.. what should i use?
Good Books for teenage girls?
is the movie Memoirs Of A Geisha as good as its book?
what is the theme of the novel, "farenheit 451?"?
What are the differences between the "War and Peace: Original Version" and the "War and Peace"?
One book you wish had never been written?
How should I transition these Acts? *Please read, responses are crucial*?
what arethe contribution of philip kotler in marketing management?
In the Wizard of Oz what was it each character was looking for
Can anyone think of a worse name than Renesme?
Does any one else think that the Stephen King's "dream catcher" was about terrorism?
Loved lord of rings, eragon and harry potter. Can you recomend similar books for me to read.?
what is the main idea of this book?!?!?!?
Barbara Eckstein claims that Georgiana's death is as much her doing as Aylmer's. How can this be? What is Ge
what exactly is Pendragon books exactly about, i don't understand?
How to find Langston Hughes in magazines?
should teenagers be permitted to share a bedroom?
how do i write a book ?
Twilight Series Fans?
What is the weirdest Harry Potter theory that you have heard?
Why can I email for free but an ebook costs the same as a pocket book?
Anyone know of a three book series about an alien race known as the shaw?
what is your favourite book about 2 lovers of all time? ?
Need Good Long Books To Read?
Anyone with Nexus7 how do you like it and how well does it work for books and internet apps?
Where is the best place to sell edocuments?
does any one beleive in DAN BROWN concept of jesus ?
i totally need help with a book?
Books about the first year of marriage?
Good USA history book?
I need to illustrate a new cover for The Pearl, By John Stenibeck, any ideas?
I need a book title ?
In Death of a Salesman how can Willy Loman be considered a hero in anyway ?
who wrote the Price of Temptation?
How many books do you own?
explain why Elie feels he failed his father. What did he do?should he feel gulity? from the book night?
PLEASE RECOMMEND ME SOME good romantic teen books based on high school?
Harry Potter or Twilight? JK Rowling or Meyer?
I really need help writing a story?
Did anyone read the twilight series by Stephanie Meyer?
Computer is boon or bane for india?
How does this short extract from chapter 12 of Jane Eyre link to Wide Sargasso Sea? HELP!?
What is the central intrapersonal conflict in Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man?
Why do some think naming characters based on words in other languages a bad idea?
Can anyone tell me the best place to find information for an African American author- Omar Tyree?
What is my best book?
does ur public library charge u for anything?
Any good books for young adult?
What's the title?!?!?!?
Should high school be allowed to read the poem Howl?
What are some cliches to avoid when writing a superhero novel?
I am listening to the audio version of Stephen King's "11/22/63".?
Harry Potter trivia!!?
A fictional character that influenced or impacted you?
Whats the best book you've ever read?
what value does a child get by reading HARRY POTTER?
What's the name of this book? A WSJ writer is displaced by the 9/11 WTC terrorist attack and settles in a ...?
Can you tell me anything about Emily Dickinson.?
october sky the book I will pay for information!!?
the hunger games fans please help!?
Anyone else depressed after reading Shadow Kiss by Richelle Mead?
What is 5 facts on project blue book?
Catherine morally ambiguous in Wuthering Heights?
ideas for a horror love story?
I finish writting a book where do I take it for publishing?
What is your opinion on The DaVinci Code?
If you could invent a word, what would it be and what would it mean?
Any one recommend me a book? I am 15.?
Stephen King Novels and Bruce Springsteen Lyrics?
What character first names and surnames are the best?
is this all right for a short story?
Aside from Edward Cullen...?
what are general linguistic pecularities of old english nursery rhymes?
1984- SPOILER* did winston always know o'brien was against him?
do i love reading or do i want love to like reading ?
Does Rory Emerald mortally wound H. P. in J. K. Rowling's newest novel - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?
What do you think of my book's description (2) ?
which is better harry potter or twilight?
Shakespear vs Lavage?
kindle book question ?
Im feeling depressed that theres not gonna be any more Harry Potter books what can i do?
How do I anonymously send a book to a someone?
What is a good title for my one direction fanfiction?
the saddest book you ever read? i need a book that makes me cry?
Please you authors out there...kindly please explain the term ''Aristotellic Structure'' in drama?
Full Summary Of Wicked by Sara Shepard?
In the novel Brave New World, for what reason does the director proppose to dismiss Bernard?
I need a fake town name. Any ideas?
Shiver: character information?
Whats your Favourite Book ?
Who wrote "The Rant" (I am Canadian)?
where can i find a copy of John Steinbeck's obituary from the New York Times?
what are your favourite FICTION books?
Has anyone truly ever read Moby Dick from beginning to end?
Homework help! the book The Outsiders?
demons its a Doctor who story i know the spelling and grammar is not good. but what do you think?
What Pretty Little Liars book comes after stunning?
Books about studying film ?
French, I need exmaple sentences which contain take avoir and etre?
Which book is the best in the Twilight saga?
Help a French Lector?
What is the plot diagram for the iliad book 22?
Has anyone read "The Miraculous Journey Of Edward Tulane"?
Rosario + Vampire capu3?
What is the name of Ebenezer's old sweetheart in A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens?
Romantic YA novels about interracial relationships?
If you could occupy the world described in a novel, which would you choose?
What was your reaction after reading the 6th Harry Potter book?
What is the novel 'the businessman' all about?
I think I have a destiny...a magical mythical (im a girl)?
Potter Fans? What would you do if.........?
'To Kill A Mockingbird' or 'Of Mice And Men'?
does fiction count as a fantasy?
Can anyone help me with a plot outline and making a character?
Which book series is better- Twilight or House of Night?
Anyone know the name of this book?
HELP! Can you read this and tell me if this looks ok?
whats the book, The DeVinci Code, about?
what the meaning of tomoko patchiri?
Books With "Weird" or different female heroine opposite of main male character?
best psychology books?
Novel: The girl from the Chartreuse. Symbolism?
What are some good screenwriting books for a beginner?
Harry Potter Fans!!!!?
do you like reading?
Does any one know a good book?
Anne Frank:the diary of a young girl?
Dan Brown's Da Vinci code, genious or balogna?
What's a better time period for a futuristic story?
which is the best book you've ever read? and what it all about?
Need help with what a few characters look like...?
What are some good harry potter surnames ? ( read details)?
Cool, unique names for a story?
What are your favorite books or who are your favorite authors and why?
Anyone know the tile of a novel where the characters are sent to another planet by the government?
Where can one meet Lord of the Rings fans in Tacoma, WA?
macbeth with modern english text?
what hiraku murakimi book should i read next?
Has anyone ever seen a movie that is better than its book?
sunny was in a sack of.... (the austere academy)?
King Lear - Why Does Shaespeare have the sub-plot of Gloucester and his sons?
Question about Catcher in the Rye?
Do you believe that Jesus had a sexual relationship with Mary Magdalene according to the Da Vinci Code?
Does anyone write?
johnny tremain question please answer!?
Whats your favorite Harry Potter book?
Is Louise Rennison writing a new Georgia Nicolson book for 2009?
In what chapter does Lady Catherine visit Elizabeth to lecture her about Mr. Darcy? (Pride and Prejudice)?