does my portfolio look weird?
How can I look 'hotter'?
I need help with my clothing style?
Would this dress look good on someone with slightly broad shoulders and a small waist?
Nails are smelly after I took of acryllic nails?
Which color is the best looking of this bracelet?
What size would I wear in Five Finger?
What is your favorite feature on a man; abs, looks, personality, etc.?
is it possible to bcome a model after havin a baby. i m 21 and wud luv 2 model, i believe i hav wat it takes?
should i lose, gain, stay the same? pics xoxo?
i have high cheekbones and dimples is that classed as ugly or pretty?!?
Yesterday some niner said i was manlyy looking? am i :|?
Why do I attract older women?
modelling agencies and advice?
which one is prettier?
Which epilator amongst the following should i buy?
Tips on how to cut my hair like this?
Random Question...?
Am i ugly :/ ? picture included..?
why do americans moslty have blonde hair?
what are you like kind parfume?
Girls I need advice. Should I keep shaving my head or not? I have some photos with hair on my 360 page.?
Best Perfume for --girls!?
where should i go to get 3 custom hats made on a buget of$20.00$?
how 2 remove acrylic nails without going 2 the salon?
Poll for people who use a webcam?
Okay, like this boy at my school told me i look like a barbie doll? ?
What age is it okay to wear a corset?
who is the most beautiful man in the world?
Where can i get Tribe perfume from Coty these days that was popular in the 90's?
How old do I look?????????
how can I make my face look so so so so so so beautiful?^_^?
I need a new perfume dont know what to pick?
My eyes are a weird colour? what does this mean?
do you feel ugly?
GUYS! short girls or tall ones ?
Why do a lot of people say I'm cute, what makes me cute?
Do i look anything like Camilla Belle?
Black Friday Vs Cyber Monday?
ugly or not?
Do some guys get aroused when they see smaller breasts?
Help with skin tone!?
i put straight Vitamin E 56,000 iu onmy face.... once a day for blemishes wrinkles is this ok?
Import models or supermodels hotter?
Which pic of me is best?
Ladies, do you feel sexy when you wear boots?
Help, AM I TOO FAT? I need to know...?
Does anyone else sneeze when you pluck your eyebrows?
Do any of these asian celebs have "flat faces"?
Which picture do you like best (pics)?
Which "look" is the best on me (pics inside)?
?Poem not my best different from my others!?
do you think i am chunky?(pictures)?
senior pictures? (pics)?
Do you think people will regret having a tattoo?
Do you think Aiswarya Rai is the most beautiful woman in the world?
What colour should I dye my hair?
Did the French Manicure come from France?
What goes through a womans mind when you call them beautiful?
Girls, Do you like guys with braces?
i was wondering if you think i am pretty enough to be a model. only truthful answers please!?
Model Tips?
Will dark blue jeans match with a black top?
I sold a uv nail lamp on Ebay and the buyer is asking for a refund 4 months later help?
Hey What Is Your FAVORITE TOILET Tissue?
I'm 5'6, tall, blonde, and slim?!?
what do you thinkkkk? ?
girls,what do you look for in a guy?
Do girls think I am ugly?
what do u think of this outfit?
How old do I look in this picture?
Opinions on nail color for Turnabout?
I would like an expert cosmetic suregeon?
Is this a cute outfit? MINT pants..? s?
how to use proactiv?
How do I get my contact lenses from sticking to my finger when i try to put them on?
How does a handsome person look like?
My school starts in 2 days. How do I get ready?
What are the rankings for diamond clarity and color?
Sexy Outfits?
What is your impression of this girl?
What nationality/ethnicity do I look?
How do you lighten your lips?
For those who think I'm unattractive, what can I fix?
Tips To Look Cute For The New School Year?
Do I have potencial to be a model?
Should I go?? :/ HURRY!!?
When I see beautiful girls I think they are made up of sweet cakes, and I want to eat them. Why?
Do you think I'm pretty? Do I look better with black or lighter hair? And what would you change on me?Thx ♥♥?
What shoe size are you?
I want to get my eyebrows done!?
Rate him? *two pictures* first impressions?
why does my nose look so ugly?
I need a website for dollmakers?
What is the Best Foundation/Powder i can buy from MAC? there is a REALLY cute sale guy there :P?
can i wear colored heels with my short black satin new years eve dress?
contact lens base curve and diameter?
Girls rate him 1-10? 14 year old?
When you see an unattractive girl wearing something hot?
LADIES!!!!!! What do you do to express and embrace your feminine side?Tell me lets embrace our woman hood!?
Am I pretty? Honest answer.?
How to dress up a t-shirt?
Do you believe everyone is beautiful in their own way?
Are green eyes ugly. . .?
how do you be pretty if your facial features suck?
i wanna try new hair/makeup looks.. help?
im goin into 8th grade and half of my friends just moved away?
would i look good with blonde highlights in the front?
What do you think of this coat? 10 points?
what makes this guy look attractive?
Ladies only, read this.....please?
Tips for Prom?
Is she pretty?
Thoughts on these shoes?
What good are school uniforms?They kinda hide our personalities,so what good are they?
Please Help With Wanting to Become a Model...?
Guys and Girls- How do I look? (pic)?
Did any one buy from CCT Korean fashion site?
Is Nair sold in Woodlands?
Which hair color product should I use? Clairol - tones and texture or Soft Sheen Carson. I want Honey Blonde?
Do Chicks Like Hairy Guys?
can anyone explain what beauty means?
How can i look pretty (Pics) ?
Could i be a model? Be honest?
Does anyone think that we are pretty?
Dark Brown to Blonde?
hey girls who is a sexy boy according to u?
Nail Polish---base coat and clear nail polish for decals?
How do you become more graceful?
What do you think about my eyebrows?? (pic included)?
Is 36a big enough for real bra or still a training bra? Are sizes different in training bras than real bras?
When you girls wear short skirts, do you remember that you are wearing short skirts?
What are some unique piercings, I have some ideas but I need opinions?
Does this bath stuff expire do ya think?
Which picture is better to facebook profile?
How Old Do I look?
Am I pretty? (just wondering...)?
do you like this hair style? (with pic)?
What would be a good item to give away with belly rings?
Question for girls only?
Help with what to wear?
How would you define a wardrobe malfunction?
Am I ugly/Rate me(Pics)?
How come when I look in the mirror a lot...?
Where can i find rainbow colored contact lenses?
Who is better?
what perfume do boys like best?
Would you say this Jaw is Chiseled or strongafter plastic surgery?
alright, ill ask it. Am I Pretty? ?
what can i do to look like a slut?
how can i look good in a party?
Am I Pretty, Ugly, Or Normal?
I need a makeover..i feel like crap! pic included?
why are guys not attractive to me :/?
if your name is mckenzy and your last name starts with an "h" enter here.?
what do all the guys see in her??! (pics) ??? !!?
Where can I get items like these in this picture?
I need help on what color contacts I should get (Pics included. :D)?
Please help!?
Girls would you like..........?
Who's prettier :)?
What's my face shape (photo)?
Can someone tell me where to buy true wholesale perfume testers.?
GIRLS: favorite men's cologne? ?
How do I buy myself a push-up bra?
how do stop my habit of biting my nails?
Just out of curiosity what do you think?
Do latina girls find black guys attractive?
Girls: Your favorite outfit for the winter?
Rate Please: Glasses or no glasses?
Bikini/lingerie model question?
Do I have fat legs?
Which Is The Best Cologne For Men?
How can I become hot?
Is this store any good?
Where can i buy some beautiful clothes?
which heels are better for a formal party?
Is a 4'12'' girl with a beautifule, cute face and athletic body attractive?
What should a 14 year old girl weigh who is 5 feet?
What's wrong with my face??
just a question about measuring height?
do i look like anyone famous?
do you think he's cute?
who is cuter?
just a normal ? plz help tho!?
is this pictu re ugly or pretty?
i'm thinking of getting my ears pierced but...?
Is it ok for guys to wear red shoes?
How old do I look? Do I look pretty, or average?
what is the deal with teachers?
How to Strengthen Fragile Nails?
howhowhow to all you 13 yr olds?
On a scale of 1-10 how good looking are you?
What are directions to use 'Clean&Clear' of Johsons&Johnsons? What does it mean"Work into a foamy lather'?
Is being 5'6'' and 115 pounds underweight?
Who Is Prettiest??
Help. Sweating feet and foot odor.?
I've asked many girls about guy's hair color, they all said they like black hair but(10 points)?
Is kissing 8 ppl in spin the bottle ho-ish?
please answer! am i pretty?
I would like to get my cosmetology license as well as nail tech license, how long would it take to do both.?
i m 17 years old height 5.9 inch and i want a good body for fashion and style so tell me?
Where can I find Eyeko in superdrugs?
which girl is prettier?
What shape am I? Pear, Hourglass, Apple, Ruler?
What makes waxing better than plucking?
Help make my Tumblr and Instagram popular!!?
Exs new gf: Is she pretty or no ? Be honest?
Hey Ladies, what's y'all most favorite store to shop?
anyone go to beauty school?
Should I get rid of my unibrow or not?
Does looking pretty attract the wrong kind of attention?
Where to Find CK One Summer 2009 in UK?
What are some good beauty websites?
Examples of golden brown and honey blonde hair please?
What can you tell about her personality by looking @ her?? (PIC INSIDE!!)?
what is with the increasing amount of " am i pretty" questions?
Will there be a crease on my uggs if I roll them down?
is she pretty??????????
does anyone kno any good skincare tips from the kitchen?I want glowing, healthy skin!! thnx~!!!?
Just because a person wears glasses does it make them a nerd?
How much does a nose job cost in Seattle?
What should I get? A cartilage piercing or 3 holes?(:?
rate her 1-10 how cute is she?
Girls, how would you feel if a guy sent you this text?
what is the best cologne?
What do you think? Am I pretty?
do you think this hairstyle suits me?
Do I have high cheekbones?
What is this model's name?
Has anyone used Claudia Stevens Eyelash Thickener, if so how were the results?
okay, how do i look and can i look better?
I have a question about Clinique products?
what is my face shape!?
Silk-épil 7 epilators? [s]?
who have jordan flight 9 men shoes?
Very overwhelmed with fashion?
Can anyone name great fragrances to buy?
YUCK!!!! What would you do .........?
how old is Melyssa Ford?
why can't other girls except the fact that i am prettier then them?
what hair style do you recommend for me?
What are the most comfortable shoes for a wide foot?
On a scale from 1 to 10? [[pictures]]?
Where can i buy these gauges?
What is the fastest way to dry polished nails?!!?
What color of eyes do you have?
how old do i look and what do you think of my looks?
do i look like kristen stewart?
Am I an ugly or pretty person?
How long can a belly ring be left put without closing?
which aftershave will drive women crazy?
Can tall guys see short girls' cleavage better?
barefoot celebrity pictures??
When you have acrylic nails do your real nails still grow under the fake nails?
what girls like in boys to make them their boyfriends?
Do i look like lady sovereign?
How to tell if girls find you attractive?
Perfume Question....?
what's the best new haircut and color ?
What Celebrity Do I Resemble?
How can I look my age?
1/10 Rating? PICZ!!?
I know this is like conceited but I'm just wondering.... do you think I'm pretty?
Can someone please answer this for me?
I would like to get my nose pierced but would have to take it out for work, can I wear a retainer til it heals?
Do I look like Selena Gomez (PICS)?
How can I make my skin,especially my facial skin look tighter?
would u consider him hot (girls only)?
Why do models have to be so disgustingly skinny?
Hey guyss, I'm asian and just out of curiosity, how hot do you honestly think I am? 1-10 ? haha?
cheap ballet pumps in the uk?
Will my house burn down if I leave my curling Iron turned on?
Which of these dresses should I wear?
Help with the weekend? please?
If you only have enough money for one, do you get a drink or a snack?
My best friend wants to model but I don't think she's suitable enough?
Dont I look the hottest in the pic?
How do you know if your pretty?
Could I pull off being a model?
is a figure with the hip 39",waist 29"and breast39"called sexy?
Am I pretty or average?
natalie mejia hair?
does anybody know any stores similar to Urban Outfitters??? That has similar clothing for young people...?
am i pretty, beautiful, ugly or hot?
wedding dresses in england for older brides?
I feel really ugly lately...?
Is this haircut too much?
Favorite Color?
How do I look skinny in my school uniform?
Where can I get this Lehngha?
Who is the most beautiful (looking) woman in da world??
Who is better looking?
Is it weird for adults to have braces?
Pretty or not? Tips! Please?
Should I dye my pubes purple?
What should I wear to Las Vegas this june, please!! I have NO idea!!!?
Does anyone know what editing app this is?
Q for the guys!?
I am old and fat and i like little children, do you think theyll find me attractive?
how do u look like a model everyday?
Are you tan or Porcelain ?
Am I actually pretty?
do i need to go to a big and tall store?
making out?
what pic of me looks better?
Girls, Are you naturally pretty or do you have to do things to your face to make you appear so?
What kind of dress should i wear...?
Do I still look Filipino after i dyed my formerly Black hair light brown?
how to look like miley cyrus?
care to share any beauty tips?
which girl pulls of her look the best and seems more attractive?
whast is fashionable right now?
which beauty parlor is better for bridal shaki or monas in baroda?
PLEASE HELP?! am i not attractive?
How to get rid of the flesh around my hipbones? With photos for reference?
what do you think of me?
tips on blogging and video blogging?
what is this year's styles?2010?!?
At school im teased about my forehead. does it really make me look bad?
Who is the hottest? A) Orlando Bloom or B) Jesse McCartney?
which is better natalii or shaylynn?
Where to find a short hot pink dress?
Rate him now 1-10, don't ask?
Where can I find white/gold asics whizzers?
am I ugly? PLEASE HELP!?
How can I fix this smell?
Please answer it's urgent!?
Size 7/9 in high school?
Which picture of me looks better?
how difficult is it to be a model?
What is your favorite perfume for men and women.?
What alternatives are there to UGGs?
is bleaching my hair the only way the color will show up ? [my hair is really dark ]?
Is their any way to bump my self esteem up?
How old do you think i look?
How to fix my bath and body works body mist?
What skin care line fades blemishes from old pimples/scars?
I really need best suit size 36 for my wedding (black).who offer or buy one for me?
Do glasses look hot on guys ?
Do you think belly button rings are "cute"?
How can I dress to look my age?
I have indian tan skin dark hair dark brown eyes i want my eyes to appear light brown wt colour of eyeliner sh
Do i look like a boy or girl?
Could I be a model?
What is the most beautiful thing on Earth?
Is she pretty or ugly (pics)?
Have anyone heard of Jafra Cosmetics?
Should men wear different cloth than women? (read some threads about crossdressing)?
My mum keeps on buying me padded push up bras?
how old would you say i am?
Do my eyebrows look crooked?
bum fluff?
can you rate me out of ten please? its for a poll.?
How to be a perfect girl?
is there a way to grow eyebrows back?
Any random beauty tips for girls only?
Do you think we look alike?
Can you dress up originally at the MCM Expo?
Pretty, or not pretty?
Can someone please tell me about site modeling? And how i can do site modeling?
how do you get filas(shoes) clean with out swade cleaner.?
How old is this Bronze Ring?
inexpencive light pink or cream homecoming dresses?
What kind of body do I have?
Ladies, help me! What would be a nice outfit for school?
How would you wear this top? (picture)?
wich sister is better looking?
Do you find the girl in these pictures attractive?
y r girls better than boys?
Who are some successful size 6 models?
Do you think showing a lot of skin is appealing at all?
where are you?
Can you pls rate this pic?
Chris Colfer - Struck By Lightning?
White Lather??
what do you think of my style?
What can I wear with white pants?
why do women like their bottoms 'felt' all the times?
what is your dream female or mal???
what is a prettier name ?
i never wanted to ask a question like this...?
First One To Guess How Old I Am Wins 10 Points!?
hi. does anybody here tried whitening creams?
what the quickest way to get a boob job?
Is this a pretty picture?
what color highlights?(pic)?
I'm ugly enough to kill myself. Help. ?
Is This Fake Or Does It Look Fake (Pic Included)?
do you think this outfit is cute?
why do i look very ugly in photos but not in the mirror?
GUYS: Do you think that I am pretty?
Does excerise help thin people gain body mass/weight?
Is Blonde a colour of the rainbow?
What do you think about people who use fake tan?
Is Size Zero still beautiful?
if a guy goes up to a girl at a club and puts his hands all over her body does it mean he's attracted to her?
What do you think of this girl?
Need girls opinions!?
If I dress more retro/vintage, will guys still be attracted to me?
girls with big boobs...?
converting sizes from canadian to american?
Girls, which is most attractive in a guy?choose one or two option?
how can i look cute for the 7th grade?
which is the best women's perfume?
Do you think my younger sister is pretty?
What do you think of this girl?
How can I look like a teenager?
Could you give feedback on my pics?
Could I make it as a cheerleader?? (Pics Included)?
Please help with some fashion advice?
hola, necesito consejos para depilarse, para que despues de depilarse no se sientan y se pongan feas.?
What can I call my own beauty salon?
what is body polishing?
tomorrow is the first day of school what do i where???
can you grow your eyebrows back after years of waxing? I'm trying to make them wider. Thanx!?
HELP ON SKIN TONE!!!(picture inside)?
Where to buy Clip-On Earring Converters?
Ladies of the beauty section: do my eyes look unhappy in this picture?
HAIRCUT HELP! Give me your opinion.?
What is the best way to appraoch a girl?
What do you all think about jennifer lopez new perfume "LIVE LUX"?
Beautiful 1.5 Carat Blue Sapphires?
question for man only?
Girls, who is more atrractive?
Girls,what do you think of these heights for grown men(10 points,thanks)?
Is it just me or are Jewish women really hot?
Why do people think shes pretty?
How to loose weight?
Manicure & Pedicure?
Do you think she's pretty?
what is it with all the questions being deleted?
I want a sexier style. Pics Included.?
I bought my girlfriend a claddagh ring for Christmas, how to surprise her with it?
beyonce knowles , or tyra banks who is better looking?
What would you rate me out of 10?
guys do u find size 14 girls ugly?
What do you think about my looks? (I want to model)?
GIRLS:what would you rate this guy from 1-10?
What is more important to u fashion or school?
Any household chemicals that whiten teeth?
Do You Think Fat Is Ugly?
what would you think if you saw me? *pics*?
how long does it take for eyebrow hair to come back?
Girls,what do you think about my look?
What color are my eyes?
(PIC) whos the hottest?
What should i wear for my first day?
Could I be a Model? (pic)?
No orange self tan!? Is this possible?
Do you like my eye color?
Would it be okay to let a thirteen year old get french tips?
Do I look like a nerd (pic) how to improve?
Is this a bad picture?
Should I open a Beauty Salon Business? How often do you go to the beauty salon?
Help Me Pick A Color?
What color are your eyes?
is this girl pretty? (pic included) ??
Is she pretty????????
How pretty am i on a scale of 1-10?
BRUNETTE or BLONDE (which do I suite best)?
Best Volumizing Shampoo / Conditioner ? !?
I have BRIGHT red hair ( 'rihanna red') what colour should my prom dress be?
Ladies, how would you rate our looks 1-10?
why do we have bugs on our skin?
How old do you have to be to get piercings in New Zealand?
is my friend pretty????? rate plz?
how much is a black diamond?
I need a site modeling name!?
what do you think when you look in the mirror?
whooos prettier?? pics!?
Is ShE pReTtY??
hair and other?
Do you think i can be a model (PICS)?
are my back dimples attractive? or in general?
If You Could change Anything about yourself?
What is the best way to take off acrylic nails?
Guys: What's your favorite kind of style on girls?
Would I look OK with a shorter Hairstyle? (Pics)?
this guy likes me do you think hes cute or nah?...?
Are there any modeling agencies that do pictures of people with medical conditions?
what would you notice faster a girl with jet black hair and light skin or a blonde girl?
worst/best 80's fashion?
Should I Go With Short or Long Hair?? Pics +10 points?
Please help! I feel really happy but my its strange.. Please help me seriously.?
Which hair cut looks better on me ?(male)?
Could I be a model? 5 answers and points are given !?
What is this white thing on my nail?
boyfriend wants my bra...please answer?
Ur opinions please! for my psychology class! **pics**?
Why do you hate emos?
Do you think im pretty? Pics?
is this shirt cute or too immature? or just ugly?
What color would you consider my eye?
Do IMPRESS NAILS really work?
I have blackheads & a really oily nose.?
rate me from1-10 please?
Would you trust this person, to babysit my four year old boy for a day?
What is an appropriate age to start dating?
i have a question abt my obesity i have tried alot to reduce my weight but it didn't work?
Can anyone help me with sizesssss?
Artificial nail treatment?
bangs or no bangs? -pic inside?
i'm looking for a barber supply places that offer catalogs of their products?
would you rather be called beautiful or hot?
Girls, do you like your nails to be squared or round?
what age should a girl wear thongs in your opinion?
How often do you wax your legs?
Is it my eyebrows or hair?
How tall and skinny do you have to be to be a model?
Are my legs too boney to be pretty?
Which of these shorts look better?
Why do I look so bad on cloudy days?
where can i find tapers for cheap?
What makes a guy look so hot to women?
for any guy, why do most guys think grls are so self centered, we spend alot of time pleasing you?
What would you like to ask?anybody know how to change nipple color?
I want to look older, any ideas?
What do you ppl think about young girls(ages 13-14) wearing heavy make up and/or slutty clothes?
what are some fun beauty tips :}?
End of year school dance?
when people say you look nice all day and just 1 girl say ewww no she dont aint that called HATING!!!?????!!!!
IS my stomach too thick?
daniel filimona?
Any teen book recommendations??
Please HELP!!!!!!! Where can i find FREE ringtones for a verizon wireless phone???
I was wondering if I am good looking or horrible disfigured?
what could i do to improve my looks? pic included?!?
Whos prettier? (pictures)?
Rate 1-10 please, how pretty am I? How old do I look?
do u like Geroge bush?
is he that amazing? ?
What color dress looks best on blondes?
Is there any laws or something that protect people from getting ripped off at beauty parlors?
can i get non precipitation color contacts at walmart?
can you still be pretty and sexy if you're over weight?
Is bodyline a reliable website~?
I have white spots on my nails?
Girls - do you / would you wear a wig for fun and change - even if you have your own hair?
Do you like 1 direction!?
Help me lose 10-15 pounds before summer.?
which girl do u think is prettier?
How to feel more attractive?
Can regular milk be used for a milk bath?
Am I too fat to model?
how can i make myself look better?? pic***?
Myspace name please help((:?
What eye shape do I have?
Girls i need your help! what should i go to improve myself?
where can i download american pie beta house soundtrack for free?
What is thee cheesiest pickup line you have ever used?
How often do u have a bath/shower?
tips on shaving down below?
Girls,what do you think of a guy who has too many clothes?
Should I buy this dress?
Would you rate me on 1-10?
How old is this Bronze Ring?
Lazer Hair Removal? Cheaper Countries?
problem with eyebrows?
how can i get taller if i'm 149cm tall and i am 16 years of age?
Urban Decay Mattifier? Deslick in a tube any good? :)?
Do you like these jumpers? (pictures included)?
am i pretty i dont know?
Is this a good tattoo idea?
Any suggestions for a good skin routine?
has anyone ever used clairol perfect 10 nice and easy hair dye?
Repost need more answers got game tomorrow?
Do I look better blonde or brunette?
Which of these two should I put as my profile picture? (pics)?
Honestly how do I look?
Guys, would you rather see a girl with ...?
Belly peircing only likes gold bar?
how can i ship a package to hongkong without paying a fortune!!!?
Should I try red hair?? Pictures included.?
Is Miley cyrus Hot?
How old do I look???
should i get a haircut?
How long will it last?
My friend is always biting her nails,, i always tell her to stop is there anyways she can stop ?
Some good thigh gap blogs on tumblr?
how do you get rid of a hickie?
Am I the only woman who doesn't pluck, wax, etc. my eyebrows?
You think she could be a model?
Which bites should I get? [Pictures]?
im shy. i dont want to be what do i do?
How do I get into modelling in Canada ?
Need help with this!?
why do blck people have bigger butts?
Can someone help me with my confidence?
Random..who is the prettiest and why?
Do you think I have a shot at modeling?
What's the safest way to remove an eyelash?
Can I get my nose repiercing with a retainer?
what kind of body shape do i have, am i considered curvy or straight etc help?
I am 14 and Indian and I have sideburns.?
should i get either a lip,nipple or clit piercing?
Do you think im pretty? pic included?
is this girl pretty (pics)?
I got my class switched and I'm not happy with it.....?
How to Make...?
is it trashy or hot?
Are nose piercings a turn off?
Can I tan in UV 5 today?
Girls anwser this please..?
hair grows back very thick after waxing?
Am I submitting the right photos?
?'s about nose piercings!!?
Is anyone else but me allergic to antiperspirant?
Having color eyes doesn't necessarily mean the person is pretty..?
Which photo should be my profile picture?
Do you think we make a cute couple?
Isnt this beautiful ?
Girls do you think that.......?
Im invited to a tea party in August. I never been to a garden(tea) party/bridal shower. I would like to know?
Are hairstylist usually successful?
How do girls go to the bathroom in these types of dresses?
Do women like stubble?
what do you think of this picture?
Which girl makes a prettier bridesmaid? A or B?
Is beauty really in the eyes of its beholder?
Which Vera Wang wedding dress do you like?
Gel nails- cancerous ?
Blonde or dark? Which way do I look better?
Where can you find band tees besides Hottopic?
how can i talk to my crush without sounding like an idoit?
I need help with my......?
bikini pics : should i listen to modelling agency?
HELP!!! What should i do?? (PICS)?
How would i look with dreads?
guys and girls, i need to know what you think...?
who's prettier Filipino girl?
How can I get rid of an irritation after getting my eyebrows waxed??
Why are girls who shop at hot topic extra attractive?
How much would you charge per hour for babysitting 4 kids?
what is right bra?
Rhinoplasty....(pictures included)?
What kind of model could i be?
cld you guys help?
Do I have the potential to look pretty?
Tuxedo Vs. Suit?
Do you like my best friends haircut?
How much would this cost at Spotlight?
I feel lame, but does anyone...?
are bioflex bars obvious to spot when on an ear lobe?
Anyone used the shampoo with styling ingredients in it?
do i look attractive??be honest!!!!! girls only!!?
who is a most handsome man in your eyes?
AM I HOT or what???!?!?
only girls: please help me with my make-up problem?
What should I wear tomorrow? Weather included!!?
Are you suppose to shave your arms?
Am I Pretty? Rate 1-10?
Am I Chubby or Fat? (PICS!!)?
would you still go out with a ugly girl even if she had a great personallity?
How do these people on ebay get so many of those free product coupons from Bath and Body Works and VS?
do you think i could be a model???
How old do you think I am?
What to ship perfume in?
Any clothing tips for guys?? preferably girls answers?
What's your favorites color. Why??? Which colors look best on blonde?
What's your favorite part about fall/autumn?
h e l p ................?
what do you think about a women that is 260 pounds?
Girls Only Please!!!!?
do i look egyptain/arabian/gypsy?
I need help on what chemical is in ultraviolet detection beads(when exposed to uv radiation)?
Would a girl like to have a guy bring her flowers before a date?
What should I wear tomorrow?
Where can I buy a silicone bra in sydney?
Women- what would you recommend, a nose job or a chin implant?
Clitorial piercing laws?
brunettes vs. blondes?
beauty tips for models?
in what cultures is growing old concidered a good thing?
Blue eyes are really ugly?
10point. which surname do you like better?
do you think im pretty?
what do you think of this haircut?
poll: am i pretty enough to be a model :P could i be a model?
Which is a prettier picture?
When was Nair® Hair Remover made? what year?
What color contacts look good on African Americans?
glamour kills model....,...?
Pretty, Beautiful, Cute, the difference?
Do you think 5'8" is too tall for a girl?
Is this girl really stunning?
which senior picture is the best?
TEEN GIRLS - how do I look? PIC?
Is this a good blog name?
Should I get extensions?
If u can get FREE plastic surgery, would you accept it?
i was wondering if i bring in pics of jimmer fredette to my surgeon will he be able to makr my nose look -?
isn't this funny...........................?
I am looking for a picture of the dress that Fancy wore for the wedding when she and Jamie got married?
Do you think i look hot in this bikini?
Hey everyone, what is your first thought when looking at this picture?
Do women in general dress nicely to impress others or themselves?
Which ones your favorite?
Really BIG BOOBS !!!?
What is my best feature?
Does Sally beauty supply sell nail polish sets?
how to be ulzzang !~?
I am ugly in bathroom mirror?
Do you think that I am pretty?
What to wear for Camping (Girls)?
who is prettier???????????????????????????????
what color should i dye my hair?
should i grow my hair? or keep it short?
please help. this is so urgent. u just don't even wanna know?
Good top coat nail polishes from Priceline?
What colors look best...?
People say I look un-happy even though I am not?
Which of these guys would you date?
What do you think when you see my face? Pics?
Georgio Armani colone question?
Am I a natural beauty or at least average?
What equipment do I need to buy so that I can start to do Acrylic nails?
What should I wear on the plane?
Curly or Straight hair?
what is a heavy brow?
yoga pants poll! plllllllllease?
why do people despise preppy people?
Which girl is the prettiest?
Is there any modeling i can do at 5'2-5'3?
I feel so ugly, and cry when I look in the mirror?
How would I look with an eyebrow piercing?
i want to be more confident in my body. Can anyone give me some tips?
Do I look okay in these jeans?
Should I get my acrylic nails filled in?
Do you think I could model?
Does my avatar look good?
Do girls enjoy when you look at their boobs?
Does this look like a girl or a boy?
how much does it look like i weigh? (please answer honestly!)?
Im really mad about this...?
What should I wear to a formal graduation party?
Hi im looking for the neff pony white and blue high tops with the palm trees can any1 help me out thanks vm?
ordering on 10 points?
Ladiez..How bout this? Should I date a different girl every week?
Pretty? ..Ugly? what do you think?
What is your idea of a 'good looking guy'......?
Who is currently the most beautiful woman in the world? And why?
Acrylic nails cost hmmm?
Which country has the prettiest and sweetest people?
Girls what do you think about these guys?
Who's cuter Joe Jonas, Chace Crawford or Zac Efron?
Should i be insecure about the way i look (pic)?
How to get the pixie lott look?
Could i be a fashion model?
does race matter to you girls?
what is the difference btwn perfume and body spray? eau de blah what do they mean?which 1 is longer lasting?
Does anyone know where I can buy in the UK a Guayabera shirt - Mexican Wedding one made from Irish linen?
the sexiest girl: redhead, brunette or blond?
Tell me what you think about my prom dress? (PIC)?
Do you think that Katy Perry is attractive in Wide Awake?
Why did these guys laugh at me?
Is Nair sold in Woodlands?
Do people wear polo Ralph lauren in college?
Can I get out drink stains out of my clothing if its been left for a long time?
Girls how tall are you and do you like your height?
should i dye my hair all blond?
for girls to answer?
can you get a gaged earring put in if it is already pierced there?
Do you find this young lady attractive? Unattractive?
should i do my eyebrows?
TEENS: Today I left my teacher a list of all the reasons why I hate him...will I get in trouble?
Becoming A Model ~ PHOTO'S INCLUDED?
girls what do you think?
My mom says I'm too young to wear thongs and G-strings what do you think???
what do u think of this guy?
I wanna get a manicure!!?
You think I could modle?
How can I get my ex back without looking bad ?
Do you like her style?
Why do I like women with mustaches and missing teeth?
How do I convert a racerback bra into a regular?
Ladies,do you like this style for men(no pic,just read)?
Piercing of Child's ears - For or Against and why? My 3 yr. old g'daughter had her ears pierced - I'm angry.
Wat is in your bathroom?
I know that I have asked this before but..(picture included)?
Do you think I could model?
Which one of these two guys has better face and body ?
Rate these two pics! 1-10! Who is better looking?! :)?
Do I look good in a bikini? [pic]?
How to look like ledamonsterbunny?
what sport do girls find most attractive?
customer service for the schick razor?
which one looks better....?
OK im 17 and work at Hollister..?
What do you think of me?
I have a cowlick on the front of my hairline and I want bangs..any tips?
Shiseido or Arbonne?
who is the hottest?
Where can I order JUICY COUTOUR for cheap online? canada?
What do you think? (pics)?
Can a girl be fat and still attractive?
what is the difference between a blouse and a womens cut shirt?
How to get this hairstyle? plz help 10 points?
How can you look original but still business formal?
First Kiss, when should it happen?
Is this woman PRETTY?
First impression of me? (pic)?
What is Asian beauty standard?
what courses acrylic nails to start coming off next day? is it the mix?
twillight shirts at hot topic???
what physical feature do women find most attractive in men?
How much would you charge per hour for babysitting 4 kids?
who hotter john cena or chris masters?
Are these girls the same in anyway?
How can I dress to look like a punk?
Do I look cute to you?
I want claf implants should I get the? Have any of you guys gotten them?
Helpppppp need some information?
Is this a good picture of myself?
am i pretty?? do i look pretty?
what girl do you think is PRETTIER?
ONLY GIRLS:Which Picture should I use for my profile Picture?
What is a good way to. . .?
Halloween fast aproaching....?
How do I get a girl?
Grirls!! Plz help and answer!!!!?
Am I too fat for a bikini ( pic inside)?
Are parabenes and phthalates in beaty products able to cause cancer?
what commercial for womens shaving?
What does 'Viva La Juicy' smell like?
I am a 22yrs girl?
How does i choose the best quality nail clip-ons?
What should I do to look pretty (pics included)?
Does anyone know how/where I would find a discontinued Bath & Body Works scent called Coco Crush??
What's the best concealer to use under mineral make-up?
I want to be pretty. How?
I just cut my bangs and they are extremely ugly and short! what is the best way i can wear them?
i just bout some contacts and one ripped?
first impression? PICS!!!! pretty?
Could I work at Hooters? I'm 19, 5'1 and 118lbs?
im a black male trying to get a fauxhawk/mohawk?
What's you're after school routine ?
Why are people that dress "goth" always considered to be evil and suicidal?!?
How can u lose weight with out getting cellulite?
I wear a size 5 in womens. What size would I wear in little kids?
POLL: What is your favorite color?
What Products Should I Feature On My Blog?
I shaved my beard off.....?
how do i stop biting my nails?
Does any body want a $5 gift certificate?
is it true that dark skinned hispanic girls never date/marry white american guys still nowadays even in LA..?
I wanna give myself a makeover? Ideas?
Rate me honestly and completly ??? ( I have pics now !)?
What is the BEST beauty product out there .....and why?
Help me choose a picture to send to my bf?
What makeup do u reccomend for blondes to stand out but look classy in a work or school enviroment?
am i pretty? (piccccs)?
I'm a guy with red hair and blue eyes, how can I emphasise my blue eyes?
Why doesn't my perfume smell last?
How many piercings can you get at once?
i`m 13, 5`2" and weigh 100 pounds. is that overweight? :[?
What is the best way to shave your privates?
what is your citizenship??
What color are your nails right now?
When buying a sweater that is designed to be oversized, what size do you get for guys?
who's prettier (picture included)?
Why am I so beautiful?
what do women consider curves??
what kind of haircut and colour would suit me?my jaw is a bit square, I've thin face?
What should i wear to the farewell party? Plxx tel?
do you think rachel bilson looks prettier tan or pale?(pics inside)?
Ladies I'm a guy who can use your help. Will you please help?
what looks girls look for in guys?
Whats your favourite perfume?
What do you think about.....?
Girls & Guys... DO you think this girl has desirable features?
is salicylic acid bad for the skin??
Do ugly girls and hot girls think the same guys are hot?
What colour eyes are the best?
How would you wear yo hair to a party?
how to get your ears pierced?
Why does he always stare at me??????????????????????????????????????…
In your opinion, what is the first rule of fashion ?
WHen should a girl get fake nails?
If you're a female, do your feet smell when you take your shoes off?
Can chinese boys be hot? ( G's Only)?
Do you think he will come back again?
I need some constructive critisism... please give me your opinion...?
can you help me.. find a haircut?!?!?!?!?!?
Is this girl pretty or not?
does snooki look like christina agulara?
Which hair color suits me best? Pics?
Which picture should I choose?
Poll: black underwear or green underwear?
Is it OK to use baking soda to whiten your teeth when you have braces?
What is the best type of wax that you can use for your legs?
For my fellas (ladies too if you want) who do you think is one of the most prettiest girl alive?
are colored contacts bad for your eyes?
girls, do you feel sexier in heels?
my beauty diary mask?
Is there any shoe that looks exactley like Sperry's but cheaper.?
I know it's pathetic that I have to ask.. (pictures) ...but?
Do you think Anna Nicole Smith looked good in this music video?
what age should a girl shave?
On the first day of school what should I wear?
Beauty School's in NYC?
Does getting you're haircut hurt? :(?
How can I become hot?
can i still wear a small at victoria secret?
Does this picture look sl.utty to you?
closest friends dont like style? helpp!?
I look kinda mad and ugly when i don't raise my eyebrows?
I have hair and brow spots in weird places.?
guys 13-17 would u date a girl who is ?
any one else think the stars weights are getting you think victoria beckham has a eating disorder?
What store sells cream for sunspots on legs?
which girls prettier?
where could I buy a dress almost exactly like this one?
Who is Hannie dropkick?
what can i do to improve my look? [pic]?
Which looks better on me? Contacts or glasses? Pics included....?
would i look good blonde?
do famous celebrities get their hairlines surgically perfect?
Should I be wearing a bra?
Which brand offers the most comfortable bras? I'm a size 32DD?
How come everybody's parents..?
How old do you guys think i look?
Salons that do piercings in my area?
Where can I get a makeover?
Can anyone be a ford model in Arizona?
Does this happen to anyone else or is it just me: I seem to look prettier on a mirror than in a picture?
I need a cute scene name?
Do you think I could be a model?
I feel so ugly all of a sudden. (Pic) :(?
Beauty secrets by madhuri products?
Where can I get a makeover?
who is the most beautiful women in the world in all time?
do you look younger than you really are?
Do girls like tanned GUYS?
what does...?
Where can I get a belly button ring like this one?
I want to look thinner in my photos?
what is the prettiest eye color for a girl?
What is your favorite color?
Is there a way to get my artificial nails off without destroying them?
What was this that i saw in the sky?
isnt she pretty?
Am i ugly?? plz help?
I'm too skinny right? (pics)?
Are glue on nails bad for your natural nails?
bellybars? any help ?
I feel really ugly but people keep saying i'm not I know they're saying it to make me feel better ;[?
Would you rather have a Wii or a shopping spree?
What are some good eyebrow styles for chinese girls?
Do looks in guys matter?
Girls Only - Is it true that I have nice eyes (PIC INSIDE)?
do you like the name "Aoife"?
nose piercing of doom?
How can i look really cute tommorow??? 10points?
Has anyone got any ideas on how I can...?
Which girl is better looking? Pics included.?
Can girls wear snapbacks?
Do you like this color??
bigger rounder face?
Does this look sexy or not?
What to say when you want to tell girl that she is beautiful ?
How can i intenisfy my indie look?
Is missing a toe nail a turn off?
What color are my eyes?
am i ugly ?????????????????
What do you think of his looks?
What's the best way to get rid of a red face?
I have huge boobs, but I'm only a 32 band... Does anyone know of a great bra with great support?
I wanna be more like her... i wanna know girls like her... how can i?
How to dress and look like Ronnie (Miley Cyrus) from The Last Song?
Best skin color for hazel eyes?
Where is the best place in London to get a Brazilian Bikini Wax?
Girls I am excited what undies should I order and why put links up which are sexy and cute girls undies only?
which ones the prettiest ?
What color are these eyes?
What does she look like help please?
Is there anyway to get rid of dark circles?(not just cover u with makeup)?
hey do i have picture on your monitor???????
Which Ray-Ban Eyeglasses suits me best?
Do Overweight Girls Own Mirrors?
Ideas for matching costumes?
Where to buy good hair extensions?
Am I pretty? Plz Answer?
I love girls' feet! Is that weird?
How do I know size I wear if I don't have a waist line?
would i look better if i was this skinny?