what's the first thing you notice about me?
Which Jonas brother shall I get tattoo-ed on my booobs?
Please Help!!!!!!!!!!!?
Why am i so unlucky in my life?!!?
how old does she look?
im going to on a audition in a few day, what pictures should i bring?
omg school cancelled again !?
Am I really ugly ? Pictures...?
Does this dress make me look fat?? (pic)?
How bad do my teeth look?
How to improve self appearance?? Girls opinion neeeded plz?
Eye Shadow colors for dark brown eyes?
Answer quick!!!!?
What is the best smelling and longest lasting men's cologne?
I think I have an ugly side-profile?
allergic reaction to tattoos?
what kind of jacket does marilyn manson wear?
Girls, how old do i look?
Ladies... what is your fav perfume and/or lotion scent?!!?
How's this picture? rate 1-10?
How many time should I shower in week?
Once in a while i get like 3 zits. Should i start using a facial cleanser?
How is my appearance?
Detective Eliza? last name??? s!!!!?
i have bags under my eyes what do i do?
Only a question a WOMAN can answer.?
Fake nails/acrlyic nails? should I get them?
What do you think of those white braces?
Why Do Woman Vote For Obama Instead Of Hillary ??
Do you appear different to other people?
Can guys tell if a girl is insecure about her looks?
I'm 13 and want to be a model...?
What size is 38 in Australian sizing?
what do you think of Audrey hepburn??
Girls Help, Guy trouble (pics)
Is yellow a girl or a boy color?
Rate me 1 - 10 please?
A dress that looks exactly like this?...?
Whydo people think eye color makes someone attractive?Would Johnny Depp be more attractive if he had blue eyes?
Lip Piercings.?
what should I do with this hair?
I wish people would stop referring to models as not " real women"?
Mirror mirror on the wall....?
Girls, do you like it when guys shave their whole body?
am i pretty?
Do you notice the weightloss? (10 points)?
Do you think i could be a Model?
Where to get a great facial in Silver Spring, MD?
How doo i look ? would you be interested if u saw me?
a question 4 the boyz =)?
acrylic nail damage help1 :(?
Am I good looking? :)?
should i get a nose job?
Do you think i could go into modeling?
I'm fed up with being bullied over my weight and figure?
National American miss optional contest?
How do you remove the fake nails without having to go back to a nail tech?
Help, I want to improve these things....?
How to change skin from white to black.?
Right i have dark brown yeah?
I need your opinion girls...?
Whats your fave store?mine abercrombie?
Blondes or Brunettes? <3?
Birthday Party HELP!?
Who do you think is the prettiest?
What can I improve? *pics*?
Girls.......Whats your favourite colour.?
Is 7/10 a good score for looks?
Good beauty tip websites?
What kind of model could I be? (If you think I could be one)?
Is this really wierd? Help!!? Easy 10 point Question!!?
Can you get your ankles round by your ears?
What is a jewel in a wierd shape,is shiney,really sharp at edges and used by a few women.?
is this a pretty name?
is that if we keep boyfriend/girlfriend then we are more known to all?
What do you think of these guys?
Do I look better before or after I lost weight?
What was/is the best perfume or cologne you have ever encountered ?!!?
I have an embarrassing question for you girls, please help?
who do you think is prettier?
Will this impress my crush?
Do you think i'm too fat?
Do you think painting your fingernails black is bad for a Christian girl?
another poem(i wrote many on this one is a bit more unique)feed back please?
What should I wear?
would i look good with brown hair - pictures!?
lookbook invite code...?
Favourite fragrance for these seasons?
How do I spray my Uggs with Sheepskin water and stain repellent?
Am i ugly? please honest answers?
is it good to be naked and posted on the computer/internet?
Why can't pimples be fashionable?
Photo ; is this fat or curvy or what?
where's the best place to get your nail's done in richmond, ca?
can the name megan be used for the a boy ?
Is My Name Pretty?
What country do you think has the most beautiful people?
I am a college student so I don't get much sleep. However, what do I do about my "raccoon-eyes"?
I'm I pretty? ( rate me 1-10)?
Was to use art deco nail polish?
Should I get the operation?
A quick girls fashion survey - need lots of answers, please help!?
Who's the prettiest girl? be honest!?
HOW to be SEXY AND HOT but with SIMPLICITY,not by dressing VULGURLY?
Is it weird to wear this long sleeve dress to a party?
How much time do you spend on evening bath/shower?
what should I wear to my brother's wedding?
I'm embarassed to have sex with my g.f.(pics)?
what are the best leg hair removal creams on the market?
What do you guys think of Americans?
abercrombie,channel, target, american eagle,etc.......tell me!!!?
what ethnicity do you think I am?
where can i go to buy a swim suit, im a big girl with a small chest so its really hard to find something good?
How do I look as good as other girls?
What colour paul's boutique coat should I get?
Do you care about what style or clothes is in or out?
how can i make my nose look smaller?
what colours suits the black people in the sence of dressing?
What do you look, face, body etc...?
How long would my order take if i ordered from cherry culture?
What kind of trainers would you wear with these pants?
Joesoef Skin Care - I love it - any tips?
Guys - do you prefer skinny or curvy?
Anyone tried The Deer Exercise for Women?
I like him so painfully much? Help?
What Ethnic Do I Look Like?
why r Indian girls said to be one of the most beautiful girls in the world?
Home remedy that gets rid of blackheads fast!?
Is 5"6.5 tall for a girl?
who is prettier?
am i fat??????
How to get rid of a stye on eyelids?
When a girl says "Thank you"?
Rate these girls 1-10 (PICS)?
GIRLS what do you think about this hairstyle?
How can I look like Georgia salpa?
Would you consider this girl pretty?
I think my ear piercing is infected... what can I do?
Wittnauer watch? please read?
Emo Chicks?
Is red nail polish ok with a red dress or is it too matchy?
HeLP mE bOY pROBLEm!!!?
Dermablend or what?
my name is brittney smith.approximately what size is good model size?
How old do you think I am? (pics)?
Questions on Nose Peircing?
do you think im pretty? serious answers only, please?
Manicure?What is it and other related q's...........?
What colour hair suits me? (pics)?
My complexion begins to change colors, for people with darker skin, does this happen to you?
here is my question?
4 favorite colors?
Do i have a weird face? pics inc! x?
Birthday Gift ideas? ( AMAZING ONES ) ( read description )?
What American cities overlook the Atlantic Ocean?
Am I shady because...?
Salon/spa - what would you think?
Need help with hair n makeup? (pic)?
Which girl is hotter (pic)?
am i pretty??????????????????????????
How do you make a bath bomb made of mixed fruit, banana and coconut scents?
Does this picture gross you out?
What about these names?
What can I do to fix this?
help! would I look good with strait bangs (pic)?
i really need help?
Can I get some information about teen beauty pageant?
WHATS ONE FOOD YOU HATE? i hate salads!?
What would you change about me?
what pet should i get?
ordering on 10 points?
Do you just love this man?
Am I wierd for thinking that some of these guys are hott?
Can you buy foundation primer at Wal-Mart?
pretty but i have a problem...?
How to wear bright pink boots?
am i goodlooking enough to get a girlfriend?pics added?
Why don't girls ever shave their arms?
Do you think I could have made it in the world of high fashion?
Is Being HOT better or Being SEXY better?
do belly button piercings look bad?
my son was wondering how you loose your voice fast please dont say screaming?
i am 10-12 size and height 5'2"? is that okay. (girl; 16 year old)?
How often should you shave?
Does anyone know where I can get this shirt? or who makes these shirts?
how to get rid of big chicks?
Are Victioria's Secret bra's worth the money?
What's this model's name?
Do I look better with straight or curly hair (pics)?
what kind of hoodie is this? (pic )?
Well, am I supaaa cute?
which store is better to get cheap pajama prices ,kmart wallmart of target or any other stores?
Does anybody have any tips on shaving your children's pubic hair?
How to be emo????????????????/?
Opinions on my appearance?
Do Beauty Pagents do More Harm Than Good?
how do I look? rate me please!?
Is it too early for a 13-15 years old person to epilation?
does my butt look big medium or small?
Bath Or Shower?
To get hermes bags in 2011, where's the newest style?
How would you describe this engagement ring?
What do you think of this girl... Be HONEST?
Ladies, what color/model watch (links included) looks best on a college student?
do you think I am prettyyy?? (please asnwer, 10points)?
Is it possible to look taller than you really are?
If you see this question write somthing!?
Need a creative superhero?
In need for a site model?
What do you GUYS think?
what goes with green and navy blue?
What does beauty mean to you?
What are these girls best and worst features?
which countrys woman is most beautyful in the world?
am i beautiful??
Good nail salons???! help!! :)?
Ok so i have really bushy eyebrows and i get a lot of crap....?
does any one know the website to the drivers ed game for kids?
Should i go blonde, or dark brown?
Survey: If you could pick your height, what height would you be?
I want to be a pirate for Halloween, but I don't want to go out and buy a costume. What can I wear?
which boots do you like?
anyone who can suggest a good perfume for men?
Converse??? What Color?
my extensions look really bad!! help?
girls what would you rate this guy /10?
Would I look good strawberry blonde?
I'm so frustrated with how i look, someone please help!?
How do you summon a Succubus / Incubus ?
Do I seem fat to you???????
Do you think I'm fat?
Can i be a
What should i wear in my marriage which is in dec and i am 6 ft tall whether i should go with suit or sharwani?
do you think i could ever site model? p i c s~?
Which Girl Is Prettier? (Grad. Pictures)?
Help with hair dye! I'm doing it today!?
How old do you think...?
What do you think of this dress?
how many girls think this is normal?! how can i get like that?
I got a tailored suit because I am 6 foot 5 tall, can you tell if it is a good suit?
Ok so my [friend] gets everything I get and well idk i dont want her to?
How old do you think I look?
what kind of cardigans are warm but not bulky?
who's prettier (picture included)?
Okay serious question....?
Why do people hate the Irish?
Do guys like blondes or brunettes better?
Is 22 inch waistline too little for 5ft9?
for the guys?
Do you think she is pretty?
What belly button piercing would look nice on my stomach?
Does all perfume naturally have phermones in them?
plz plz Help for red nose?
How do you get glasses on your ! avatar?
Am I ugly or something?
Original coke bottles.."the thing" toys..still in boxes?
Should i be lasugna [[if so should i eat it..] , A pee in a pod, or a SF Giants cheerleader for Halloween?
Wax or shave arm hair?
what is the diff. betn deo , spray and perfume?
Where can I find "just for fun" eye glasses? Specifically non-prescription plastic lens and frames.?
is there a website that sells real Jordan for sure under $100?
PLEASE please help me - I've got a date tomorrow Ive got to look my best!!?
will eyebrow massage make the hair fall down?
One thing you hate about yourself?
how should i wear my hair to school?
When a guy calls a girl a cow,what does that mean?
What are your thoughts (Pictures included)?
Is it too early for a 13 years old person to epilation?
Why do most girls look disgusting without make-up?
Does depression or stress really make you look ugly?
Boys whistle at me every second and call me sexy! how can i make them STOP!!?
who's more beautiful? (With pics)?
What are some simple beauty facts I can do without having to buy anything?
I don't like how I look?
Should I do this haircut and color?
whos prettier?
I'm a girl... with a moustache? PLEASE HELP!!!?
what color is my eye in this picture?
what do u think or this top/dress ? {pics}?
How do I make my feet more attractive?
I'm looking for some cool trendy shoes which I can wear on multiple occasions, any suggestions?
is she pretty #2?
how to dress to impress?
What should a girl carry in her handbag?
guys wats ur opinion on shaving ur chest girls are welcome to answar?
where can i find pictures for disney's girls kissing?Also is interlacing fingers while wearing rings romantic?
Ladies Am I Hot?
Ladies,im guy, does it look good if I wear grey jeans with black button down shirt(untucked)?
I was thinking about modeling?
how can i tone my stomach in the space of a 3 weeks ?
Where can I buy Essence Studio Better then Gel Nail Kit?
Ok whos prettier?
Ok Ok, I know I am the best looking woman on ?
Does my hair look korean/kpop?
What color are my eyes ?
what is meaning of samraj?
Torrid Shoppers?
Diesel's new frangrance? "Only the Brave" HELP!!?
Guess my ethnicity...?
Cosplay ideas for mixed race skin tone?
is thick hair good? or just plain annoying?
Where could I find a set of cheep nail art brushes in the uk? not online?
a site to search emails!!!!?
Whats your favourite perfume?
An honest assessment of my appearance, please. No meanness or self-esteem talks here. Thank you.?
do you feel cleaner after a bath,or shower?
do you really see a difference between victorias secret and regular department stores lingerie?
What natural things gives fresh breath?
Can i put nail color underneath nail wrap kit resin?
How often do YOU personally, shave your legs ? you REALLY care what your gfs/wives eyebrows look like?
Do you think my friend is pretty?
Whos the prettiest ?
Which ethnic mix do I look like?
Which is the best pic out of these?
where is the final video of miss world 2012?
why do women over a certain age seem to be invisible?
Could I work at Hollister? **Pics**?
What is the best hair straightener for REALLY thick wiry hair?
GUYS answers plz. Do you think belly rings are sexy?
Perfume suggestions? (Female, early 20's)?
Am I good looking (pic)?
Am I ugly, average, or gorgeous?
I want gauges but what size should I start off? ?
could i modell?
Am I pretty enough to work in tv at a later age?
scar help...?
Should I fix the gap between my teeth?(pic included)?
Girls, if a tall fit guy(6'2") asks out a short girl, will she say yes?
what beauty school should i join?
is not being a?
What color would you consider my eye?
Super sexy bra styles?
how to know if you have BDD or if ur just ugly?
Colleges About Fashion,Photography ect.?
how old do i look? do i look young?
when you saw a person, which of his/her body part will attract you more?
How much are Sally's extensions ?
What shall i do (boy at girls school) ?
How do you get a razor out of a Gillette Venus razor?
Girls....Guy Earring--yeah or nay???
do you think this image is photoshopped?
Which Converse should i get [[pics]]?
Acrylic nails?
Am I pretty, what could i fix to be prettier?
Why is whit grils 4evr on my skrap. They be stupd.?
My Grandmother Just Wrote me A check of $ 40,000.00 for Christmas?
why do guys like my body so much?
how should i wear my hair tonight? [picss*]?
why cant i get a woman???????/?
a breast problem?
What does the Mad Hatter smell like?
What is the ugliest thing in a person?
Girls, what is your bra size? And do you like it or do you want to change it? And why?
What is a good color to go with a royal blue dress?
who is the designer of the dress that Eva Pigford wore on ANTM at the final judging, from season 3?
How old do I look?? thankss in advance x?
Do you guys think that I look like...?
Where can I find Nail glitter online?
Toddler Halloween Costume?
Does the Sally Hanson hair removal spray work?
What kind of cloth would look good on me?
How to make my nails grow fast?
what do you think........ugly?pretty?
If given the opportunity and had the body for it, would you pose for Playboy?
What can I change about myself?
Which is the best height for a girl/woman (of these 4)? (10 points)?
Are the new "Wen" haircare products really any good?
Do you sometimes forget to put your underwear on?
How could I improve my looks?
why do i attract more gay guys than girls?
Are Aveda products any good?
Girls Only: In the bras, like if I am a 34B, the 34 is the cup or the other way? I just don't get it.?
for the girls?
Do you think that she is pretty? What would you rate her as? 1 through 10?
Would you like to be a fashion model if you were offered the opportunity?
Who's prettier?!--- no offense to either of them.?
I hate my cheekbones! Is it really that bad? :( how can I get rid of them?
How can I shape my eyebrows better?
How to lift my (asian) eyelashes?
Help I Need A Harmless Sleepover Prank!?
Girls only, do you like your man 'groomed' down there? I'm undecided...?
Prince's 3121 fragrance? Perfume only or can a man wear it?
could i do beauty pagents?
Is this weird??? READ?
What is the longest time you have gone without taking a shower?
If my mom was blonde and my dad brown haired, why do I have red hair?
Short or Tall?
.s! which surname fits a rich man?
Do you think this is disgusting?
What Shape Are My Eyes? (Pic)?
why are my eyebrows really dark and thick?
When do you grow out of the ugly stage?
What can I do to be less ugly? (pics)?
am having misunderstanding wit my boy frnd,n i luv him very much .n i heard tat he is having affairs wit other
what do you think about this girl?
What do girls think is the best sort of bod on a guy?
do you think i'm pretty?
which girl do you think is prettier?
I want to use some fake eyelashes for Halloweeen, What are my easiest solutions?
Could I potentially model (pics)?
What should I wear with this top?
is she prettyy , OPEN?
Is it possible to be a petite model with this body?
Need Serious Advice, Girls Only! (I am boy) be understanding! Answers please!!?
Question on fake nails!!?
help :)))?!!?!?!?!?!?
What coulour foundation would I be in Rimmel?
at 26 years of age is a woman past her physical prime?
Which trend would fit me? *nifty picture*?
If a guy likes u in your class and u like him to what should u do?
What is your favorite eye color on a girl?
Is 5'2 a good height for a girl?
Bleaching eyebrows with hydrogen peroxide?
how can i get more white my teeth?
Is it just me or are chubby/curvy girls the best?
would you date this guy?
Sweet16 Entrance?? 10 Stars for best answer*?
Lemon for your skin?
do u belive in god?
Do yall think I'm pretty??? (PICS) Rate me?
HeLp PlEaSe.....DoEs AnYoNe KnOw......?
Cold Weather Fashion Help!!?
How do I look? honest answers please!?
Is Victoria's Secret Very Sexy and Sexy things Noir Alike?
Is there a site to see what you would look like before and after a nose job?
Plum and bright red highlights,tattoos and piercings?
Where can i start?
what do you guys think of my friend?
What is your all time favorite mascara?
What's the difference between perfume and cologne for women??
What can I use instead of contact solution?
how do you know when your dead?
Half sleeve ideas for girl?
Would you consider me to be pretty?
How angry do i look!?
Who do you think is the prettiest?
Girls and guys, how do you think i look?
growing back eyebrows? rogaine?
Truthfully, Am I ugly?
Does anyone know of eyebrow threading in salt lake city,Ut area?
Am I as ugly as I'm told?
am i good looking to you?
Do some women think that if they buy V. Secret's underwear they are gonna look as good as the models?
Highlights at home...?
Professional attire ?
Where do I find clips that I can save???
i need another opinion for a piercing that is hidden that i should get?
Do you think Im pretty? PLEASE READ DISCRIPTION!?
Which Bath and bodyworks scent is better and why? MOONLIGHT PATH or SWEET PEA?
What is the best way?
Should I go into modeling?
What is the Best deoderant available in India?
How do you get rid of dark circles under the eyes?
when people say you will never have a girl friend does that mean your ugly?
Bone shaving rhinoplasty vs. reshaping rhinoplasty?
who is prettier?pix inculded?
Prom Help [Pics && 10 points!]?
would you hire a volouptous vixen or a "betty-la-fea", ugly betty?
Is Modeling A Good Choice For Me?
Know any Recipes for at-home beauty spas?
Umm... this is a weird question but.... how much would you think i weigh??? (pics) ?
I am 13 and a boy, when my mum goes out I put on my mums underwear,tights,bra I dont know if I should tell her?
Would going Black haired suit me?
How much does a medusa piercing hurt compared to a lower lip piercing?
in your opinion, how should a 14 year old girl dress?
do I look better blond or brunette? easy 10 points!?
Is my 10yo daughter dressing inapproriately for summer?
Are fauk hawk sexy??? On guys?
how could i change my looks. ladies?
Has anyone skipped from 6g to 2g (ear stretching)?
what's is my face shape?
I know this may seem lame but....*pic*?
What does viva la juicy perfume smell like?
For Girls: Do you prefer clothes with or without pockets?
Doesnt she look like Demi Lovato?!?
Am I short for a male at 5'5" and 17 years old?
Help, Im Hungryyyyyyyy!?
stretching labret piercings?!?
What is a good website that show you how to...?
Do I look like a girl?
i have been called ugly as **** and a drop dead gorgeous hottie. how am i supposed to know what i am?
Do you think i intimidate guys or am i just not their type?
Why did these guys laugh at me?
how can i improve my looks? [pics]?
if your bf cheated on you would you go back out with him?
Natural vs Fake?
clavin klien one summer?
Pefume for men?
I need a comfy and cute outfit for shopping tomorrow?
What color redken shades eq?
Girls!!! question about bald guys?
Girls, Am I Attractive? (pic)?
Am I ugly for a 13 year old?
Do I look good in a bikini?
What should I do for homecoming?
Could I model? Could you imagine seeing this face in movies and stuff? which picture do you like the best?
Which of these girls is prettier?
s this jacket supposed to be like this ? please help I'll answer yours? you find girls with lip rings on just one side of their mouth sexy ?
How did they do the vaseline advertisement with naked people?
I need some style advices about these 2 outfits?
how to improve my breast size more without any side effects?
Don't you agree with me?
What are some modeling agencies in the Columbus,OH area?
i am very interested in modeling, can someone give me tips on how to start?
what do i need to do nail tips?
where can i get a booklet filled with love to shop vouchers?
Was I prettier before?
complete removal of black marks?
I sweat horribly my mom says it's hormones PLZ GIVE ADVICE i dont wanna wear a huge sweatshirt 4eva!!!?
I wanted to know how would I get my son into modeling?
Am I just cute...????????
Perfect Eyebrows.....Where do you go?
What separates ugly people from beautiful people?
My frineds are planing at the last day of school to shave my eyebrow off. What should i do?
Opinion on photo for facebook?
Homecoming?Im a male and I dont want to wear a tie?
Is my nose too big?
Would I look good with bangs?
Why do girls hate me just because I am beautiful?
do you think im fat? (pics)?
What do i look? (My Race)?
who's prettier?
HOW TO BECOME FAMOUS!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?
Is it sinful to say that your girlfriends perfume smells dreadful?
what different ways can i wear my hair?
Issey Miyake???
Other than candles and bath salts what is the best way to get a woman to relax/de-stress?
Girls answers please!!?
If u were asked how to increase the size of ur breasts then wht would u say?
Would you rather work with a woman who wears makeup than one who goes without?
Which gil is the prettiest? and rate them?
Everything I need to know about acrylic nails? it just me or something?
Does Kenzo make a perfume called KENZOAIR for Women?
Guys!! makeup or no makeup?? pics included :)?
Guys in skinny jeans look hot?
How much do you think i weigh?
What shade of blue are my eyes? (photo included)?
does anyone know where i can buy a shirt like this?
Guys, what should a girl wear to make her look attractive?
What is your favorite scent at bath and body works!?!?!?
Can you clip fake nails if they are too long?Easy 10 points!?
Has anyone used the Garnier Pure products?
What do you think about this dress?
Do you guys thinks he is attractive?
whats the average waist size for a women and a man?
which girl is prettier?
Which is better? Gorgeous or beautiful?
which colors go best with someone with light brown hair and hazel eyes that's not too tan but not too pale?
Girls, what do you think is the sexiest outfit a guy can wear, without being naked?
who is the hottest?
my skin colour is too light? any advice?
Forever21 Online Shopping?
Is there any difference between slim straight jeans and skinny jeans for guys?
GIRLS. What's attractive?
Does getting a tip on my nails look white trash?
What color is this shirt?
who floats your boat, as in who is prettiest to you? :)?
Complete packing list for pool party/sleepover?
is anyone looking for a kid/teen model???
Any one knows any good body piercing parlour in Bangalore?
How to not care if people think you're ugly?
are my leg/thigh too big or small? am i underweight, average or chubby?
how can i look better? please help?
My mom yelled at me for half an hour because I painted my toenails. Help?
Which one do you like the best? easy 2 points!?
is it possible to be too sexy?
I finally put up my picture as my avatar, what do you think?
Where can I get some oversized knit sweaters?!?
Who wears these glasses better?! :D?
hourglass figure? barbie doll shop? what?
How to shape nails? suggest please, as i don't know anything about it...?
Do i need to lose weight please read?
Do cartilage and third earlobe piercings hurt?
do you think im pretty or ugly? be honest?
Are TAN LINES attractive?
I'd like a new look help?
What should I wear with my cardigan?
Is it an ok picture for myspace?
Do you like my new haircut?Tell me what you think.?
What's the best eyebrow shape for hooded eyelids?
Do you think i intimidate guys or am i just not their type?
How do i get into modeling?
when is the most beautiful time of a man ?
professional nail biting advice?
will i ever be as pretty as HER (pic)?
What do girls look for in a guy?
Do you like it better when people are rude and honest or nice and liars?
Am i wearing too much make up?
Need Homemade Face Care for brighter face.?
Can you tell me what kind of dress this is?
Does "FILA" actually stand for Forever I Love Atlanta?
i want to go punk?
Could i use the same contact solution i use for clear contacts for my colored ones?
Girls...why do you think I am ugly? **pic**?
Do you guys think I am cute sexy or ugly? plz be brutally honest!?
Good ways to stop biting your nails?
I need some options. Is plastic surgery my only choice on this?
which picture should I use for myspace default?
How long are tanning lotions good for?
I'd like some style help (pics)?
Could we model!!!!!!?
any websites about wat kind of ppl should wear wat kind of clothes and be fashionable?
Where can a find a 3/4 or a good coverage masquerade mask?
Where can I find bras in size 32 C?
Can Airbrush designs be added and removed on pink and white manicures?
My highschool homecoming theme is underwater, how can I dress up with that underwater theme?
does the outfit look like a halloween outfit?
Is she pretty? Picture included!?
what are the steps to applying acrylic tps?
Am I too fat to model?
Do you think im pretty?
Do I have a unique/pretty look? (Modelling)?
should I go into modeling?
do you think this dress is cute?
is it my fault or my modeling agents fault?
shimmering with spectrum colours [10]?
Need a saloon or no need?
Which is a better picture?
What is a best Dior Fragrance that i can get for girls birthday ?
Fashion tips Please help?
Does she look like Jessica Alba?
Organizing my clothes please help ladies?
hairstyles that boys like for long hair?
How to narrow a person's hips?
do you think this outfit looks good?
Which dress would look better on a dark skin tone?
wuht happens when yu don't get any boyfriends?r u like uglii or sumthin?
Have you kept - or closed - a gap in your front teeth and why?
Which girl is PRETTIER?
Belly Pierced Hot or Not ?
Where I should get graduation shoes (elementary grad)?
Ladies, WHO is Hotter, Pix included?
how many senior pics should i order?
Dont you think having big boobs just cuts down the styles you can wear?
Are women beautiful with or without make-up?
What do u think of my havaianas flip flops? is it too feminine looking for a guy?
what do girls look for in boys?
Does Avon still make Here's My Heart Cologne?
Which jacket looks better?
Why show your cleavage if you don't want us to look?
What are your favorite fall trends?
Can I cut my acrylic nails myself?
Think of a make-up routine for an 8th grade girl, please?
what cargo shorts and vans to wear with this shirt?
Who do you think is prettier?
someone please help! kim kardashian perfume SMELLS LIKE?
ladies how do you feel about men going to beauty salons for facials etc.?
Ladies, how about putting on those tight superman briefs for all my 80 points?
is it wrong that I only find skinny girls to be attractive?
Are the 14 gauge tongue rings in the store shorter than the one they pierce you with?
what to get my 13 yr old neice for christmas?
R vest tops cool? Bright coloured ones??
Do you hang around the house in bald feet or do you wear socks/shoes?
First to make me laugh...10 points.?
Is 5'5 short for an adult female?
murad skincare?
how much do i look like i weigh? (pic)?
How tall am i going to be ?
is it right or wrong!!?
How should I get my nails done?
Girls, should I send this text? what will she think?
Can a man be pretty?????
Do you think we are pretty?
HELP I am a girl. Do I really look like a guy? If so, how can I change?
Do I look like a scene girl in this picture?
Should I get Avril Lavigne's "Black Star" perfume?
Your favorite season????????????
Here a riddle every body have it in even the strongest man cant hold it?
Are arabic girls pretty ? (pics)?
what's so great about mustaches?
Would I look good with a nose ring?
I want to find women fashion boutiques in Jalandhar India, where can i look?
how to get rid of HICCUPS?
Do you think I'm ugly?
What kind of modeling do you think I could do?
Do you find that teenagers look better once they are grown up?
Would you go to a male beautician?
what costume should i wear?
Do people shave
Is she thin or chubby (PICTURE)?
how can i become a cheerleader?
how to look like miley cyrus?
What makes a girl pretty?
How do you change your hair color for your Avaters person.?
Nipples showing through clothing - ive tried everything - do you know of a solution?
how do i get a "Newlook Fashion reward card" ?
when is my birthday? lol?
How Do I Get That Dark Shaven Look After I Shave?
who is more cute please?? ?
i think my toenail is bruised?
Best Perfume for a woman???
I'm too lazy to wear sexy lingerie?
Could you prescripe any medication that will prolong size of male insertor to keep it looks long?
am i pretty? (with pictures)?
What's the name of this actress? <333?
which picture should be my profile picture?
Can someone tell me info on lip injections in Toronto?
List of ways to look like Kim Kardashian?
Guys.... out of these 4, which style would you prefer on a girl?(pics)?
i am datin a 56 year old and im a 14 year old that good?
30s and 40s makeup and fashion tips??
what age do you start shaving your legs?
How old do I look in these pics?
how old do i look...?
All the girls out there what is you're favorite color of nail polish?
what color looks natural on a black teen hazel contacts or honey contacts?
Girls! (pic)
is being 5 feet and 4 inches tall a short or small person???
How do you get any guy to notice you if you know that even your crush in your same class doesn't notice you??
(Pic included) What make-up do I need the most?
what is a metrosexual?
my daughter has a bigger waist than normal & she compares herself to others,how can she keep it in???
this is the ques 4 girls.only above12?
general question for the guys?
How long would 18" extensions be on me & how many inches should I cut them to be 16"?
looking forword to help me in finding perfume valentina DI guido Crepax greetings?
I'm so tired of being ugly! I just don't get it.?
does target sell these?
Is life worth living if you don't look like a model?
if u know the boy likes u but u r not sure and he ask u question like wat r we going to name our kids?
how old do i look here ?
Do light colored pants make tall people look not so tall?
I need some help with my "fear" of clothes?
Thin Suspenders with T shirt!?
What do you think of this picture?
What color contacts do you think would look best on me? (pics)?
i want to change , my avatar!!! Blonde hair;long,Hazel eyes ,in STYLE dressing.?
how do you get an accurate bra size measurement for a proper fitting bra?
Why am I so darned good looking?
rate these guys?
Do I look like these Celebrities?
Whats better for a guy chest hair or no chesthair????
How can i look gourgous ((pics)) ?!?!?
I'm 19, is it wrong to go out with a guy that is 27?
ladies, who's better looking?
Am I attractive? I'm insecure about my looks. Rate?
How do I improve my looks? PICS?
Would "for times like these" be considered a similie?
What stores carry Fanfare shoes?
am i really that bad?
Is a size 5 in juniors fat?
Who do you find more attractive? ( PICS INCLUDED)?
GIRLZ ONLY!! only if u wanna see the sexiest guy EVA!?
tomorrow morning my girlfriend is getting a full plastic surgay make over.?
How to turn from swarthy to delicate?
Do I have a High Fashion Body?
What does a fun card and j-bucks do from justice?
is the rating 16/20 for looks bad?
(GIRLS ONLY) Need advice!! Do you think there could be any changes to my image to attract women?
I find tattoos on girls such a turn-off. I am the only one?
Any tips on how to become more confident?
is it true that one of the members of Pussycat Dolls is gone leave?
what would u change in me?(pic included)
what's that mall in washington?
Any exercise or food could increase bust?
Men: What is your favorite female body shape?
why can't other girls except the fact that i am prettier then them?
What is the most beautiful woman in the world?
does she resemble Angelina Jolie?
Does anyone know where i can find Ralph Lauren fragrences?
How can I get my eyelashes longer?
Please Help!?
What color should I get this duffel bag in?
Girls! Suggest a name for a character, and best anwerer will get a mention in my book!?
who thinks i should buy this shirt? (PICTURE)?
what hair style for this situation...?
What celebrity, if any, do I look like? (pics inside)?
Does anyone have any tips for getting into the modeling business?
Do you think she is a good singer?
Am I pretty, or ugly? (I just want to feel a little better.)?
________How can I improve my look?_________?
can someone tell me about any cool things to do with a t shirt instead of throwing. it away?
Girls, do you like these sneakers for a guy?
Asians have the ulzzang look, african have the udoli look, what cute look do we caucasians have?
How do i become sexy?
who is better looking???????
How to get nail tips to stick to practice finger?
Who do you think is more attractive?
girls: what do u think of wide leg pants?
Help please !!!!!!!!!!!!! boys + girls :)?
which picture of me is best?
How can i dress up as a vampire version of Bella for Hallowe'en?
Should I shave my legs before or after I shower?
how much does Jane Norman pay its sales assistants?
Would this girl look good with side bangs?
Why does Claudia Winkleman wear such dowdy clothes?
Cool patterns for nails?
Do you think this is a cute picture?
What kind of haircuts work for girls who have square faces?
Why don't girls shave in the winter?
who do you think is prettier?
Why doesn't my perfume smell last?
How to be a perfect girl?
anybody got an injection fetish?
How come women look all messed up without makeup while most men don't even need it?
elegance gracefulness beauty which one applys to you beautiful women of the world/?
Looking for some fun tips and beauty videos?
do you know of any pills that can enhance you butt?
What do you do if your life totaly got trashed and now you feel like a piece of poop?
should i get liposuction?
bellybars? any help ?
Opinions on this Halloween costume?
What would look best with me? piccs?
does any filipino person know if they have Bape clothing in Phillipines?
I need some help measuring my costume.?
What Nationality Do You Think I Am?
rate me from 1 to 10..........(pics)?
Do my eyes look better with or without colored contacts?? CLICK ON THE PICTURE LINK?
Please stop and read. What should I do?
What are Boyshorts? Can Guys Wear Them Too.?
Who is more better looking. me or my friend? best answer!!!?
Who is finer sukura or eno?
What is a cute teen hairstyle with side bangs for girls with long layered hair?HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Which false nails would be ideal?
Rate emmm...........?
Ladies, do you find a good suit on a man sexy ???
what are some relaxing tips?
Which would you rather be called GORGEOUS OR BEAUTIFUL?
Good hair styles for an emo/scene Boy or girl?
Is a 4 oz tube very small?
need help what to wear with these!?
What kind of clothes would look good on me?
Is it ok to bring an adult not your parent to get your ear peirced?
Does anyone think that I am attractive? ?
I have small eyes. How do I make them look bigger?
what bangs would look best on me?
Why do I feel so ugly (pic)??
please help me out here. its relationship questions, i know wrong category, but im getting like no answers?
A question for perfume Addicts?
How do i find my size in British clothing?
What would your first impression be?? [pics]?
Does she look mixed with anything?
How would i look if i put a lotion that makes me look 20 years younger when im just 21?
What nationallity do I look?
i like to wear girls air walks?
who knows where i can find a costume like Masuimi Max's Vampira ?
How to start modeling?
POLL: chicken or canteloupe?
Applied for target redcard and got further processing?
Can I use acrylic nail polish on normal nails?
Is there sexy lingerie for people with DD breasts?
How much would gowns like these cost?
CLiCK THIS!!!!!?
what would you rate me froma scale of 1-10?
What is everyone wearing today?
Were can I buy exfoliating gloves?
Do you think this girl is pretty? Be honest.?
Can you rate me ( im a guy-pics included) ?
Which color??
Am I remotely pretty?
Could i be a model? Pictures included.?
What's ur fav color eyes?
do short side swept bangs look good?
How pretty is she? Honest opinions, please.?
i asked a question before, this is part 2..?
How do i become a teenage model?
Good Perfume?
Has anyone shopped at this place? (orange county)?
What are some of the first things a girl notices on a guy that is just walking down the street?
What is the best self tanner for fair complexions?
which girl do you thinks prettier?
Who wuzzzzz it>?
I want to get a sew in weave do i buy the hair?
Im losing weight but i dont look like it?
Do you think they are Sexy?
Modeling questions? (laid-back country modeling)?
What kind of decorations should I get for my nail art set?
what are your best fashion/beauty/hair tips?
does this look too much like a women's jacket?
Which is better an Epilator or an Electric Shaver?
Whats the best hair product to use to achieve the faux hawk look?
What is with the puffy lip injections?
What do you think of his looks?
I can't decide which dress to wear!?
what can i do to my eyelashes?
after 6 weeks of starter earrings, am I supposed to wear a special type of post-earrings?
how old do i look ?
From where I can download free indian mobile vedios?
i'm a teen and i know this shouldn't matter but i have like no butt.what are some things i can do and are
What do you think of me?
Has anyone tried Ralph Lauren Romance Silver for men?
Which lengh looks better on me? (( pic ))?
What is the best nail extention system out there?
What are some good perfumes to wear?
Do u like my avatar?
Am i as ugly as i think i am?
What is a girls favorite brand of cologne on a man?
do you think i am pretty?
Is bleaching powder different than powder lightener?
which girl is prettier?
Who has prettier eyes?
Girls, which body type do you prefer on guys: Skinny, average, muscular, chubby, or fat? Also, which are you?
how to act sick?
Eyes remain red???
Who's prettier :) ?
am i the only person slightly frightened by people who wear toupees and wigs?
Dateless! please help!?
Should I be nervous? 10 points!?
how many ear piercings does melissa joan hart have?
How can i make my Eyelashes longer?
Girls only: How hot am i (scale to:1-10)?
Rate My Picture Everyone! ?
How can we look beautiful?
Help with back to school shopping and hair...?
What uk clothes size does this female look? shes 5ft 4?
I was wondering do you get pretty as you grow older?
look at this sexy thing!!!is it cute or not?
does this sound like a good outfit?
makeup/hair advice please?
is this stuff preppy or not ?
most beautiful prom dress ever?
How can I look older?
Tell me what you think?
Do you think i could be a plus size model?
does farting sometimes leave skid marks on underwear?
what colour gilly hicks top should I get?
I'd like to try some colored contacts what color should I try?
Do females have to wear makeup?
who really has more fun, blonds, brunetts, or red heads?
What is it about Indian guys that so many women find attractive?
do i have what it takes?
where to and how to makeover for women over 50?
What are the requirments to apply to Miss Teen USA?
how do I tell a woman she has lip hair, politely ??
do i have an okay looking body?
I am a Man is it ok to wear womens clothes?
A total Makeover?
Online stores ? I've been looking , but nothing seems to match my style ... Help ? ?
Please Help: How come this doesnt hurt?
how was Estee Lauder, the person, a leader?
which MAC foundation is the best and which one should i buy ??
How Old Do You Think I Am?
Which would you rather?
What are your opinions of me in my bikini? (Picture included)?
What is a good way to remove a girls mustache ?
I wanna get my ear cartilage pierced?and 3 other holes?
Is this Girl Pretty?
guys: which kind of body would you prefer your girl to have.?
okay, so i'm starting to think different things about myself ... help ?
Do I have a large belly? (PIC!) no one answered before?
First impression help! important!?
To the people who ask and answer "Am I Pretty?"?
Hey girls, can I ask you one question?
Too early for UGGs? 10 points for best answer!?
what is the regular treatment for feet & hand ?
are there any asian beauty stores in MA?
which of these dresses is best for halloween?
Am I Pretty? Pictures?
What makes you attracted to a girl or guy?
Around what age do i look?
Can someone help me with this?
Girls: What color are your nails painted?
info on stand up tanning....?
What's a good perfume for a teen?
What should i wear on a bikeride? *10 points!*?
What to do with This Diamond Stone?
do guys think girls wearing clear heels are easy?
What do most girls like from boys?
Does getting your belly button peirced hurt that much?
How to get rid of bags under eye's naturally? 10 POINTS!?
what makes someone unique?
How is the cuties girl in Tulsa Oklahoma?
Nail repair???? Help!?
Would red lipstick look too stupid on me?
what color looks best on me ?
Im going to get a foot massage, is it wrong for me to ask her to tickle my feet?
For the GUYS only please! What do you like better?
How can I put on my bras easily?
how's my face? too much makeup?[PICS]?
What sizes should i get?
Any fans of The Clique series? s. best answer!?
skin problem!!!?
How old do I look??????
Which girl looks better with no cloths !!1?
Are these contacts sites legit?
do i look fake ?????? ?
what is the most sold scent for men at bath and body works?
Has anyone used Laquee Rette nail products?
is it true when ppl say this?
Should guys wear toe rings?
Being criticize for having big lips?
is there anyone that knows how to make it big in the modeling industry?