Does he look to old for her?
Schick silk effects razor vs Gillette venus (the non disposable one)?
What means for you a beautiful woman?It is only the make-up or the way she dress?Sincerly...?
Nose piercing in the workplace. How do I hide it?
is it possible to be too sexy?
Bath and Body Works Outlet?
A few people have told me that I look like kim kardashian, is that a good or bad thing?
How old do i look?:)?
can u tell me the site name for superdrug karoke at v festival in stafford last weekend?
who do you think is prettier???PICS!!!?
clinique & free makeover?
What hair/make up would look best on me?
do these girls look a like?
Is it okay for me to wear my hair like this to an interview?
does anyone know the real measurements of barbie?
What to wear on first day of work (Firehouse Subs)?
Who here uses Avon products?
how many of u think tht indian girls r beautiful?
Prettiest Eyecolour ?!?
I need opinions of teenage boys?
Good pickup lines???
Would you rather kill an animal for a fur coat or freeze to death?
Babysitting question...what should I do about bath time?
Is Annick Goutal's "Neroli" Perfume Still Limited Edition?
Who is prettier on the group picture?
Who is the prettiest celeb?
Is this fat?
Sandals with clear strap !?
What time is it?
Can you buy dye to put in the washer?
how many facial muscles does it take to smile and frown?
Should i try modeling?{pics}?
I want to be a model any advice?
what comes to your mind when you see this pic?
girls, what shoes make your feet the most sweaty and smelly, and does it bother you?
haircut ideas for a girl...pretty/hot one you can find for me?
Rate me on how I look like plz?
I am in my haircolour is dark brown. After washing my hair with sunsilk, head & shoulders and other
any1 out there hav..........?
I want to be a model but i have big hips?!?
Is this good hair and makeup for the first day of high school (pics)?
wOuLd YoU rAtHeR...lOsE yOuR ArM oR lEg? AnD wHy?
Doyou like green eyes,blue eyes,brown eyes,ebony eyes,gray eyes.ect....?
Mystic tan?
Any guys wearing reebok freestyle shoes?
how old does this girl look?
Do I Have a Big Nose?
where can you get a haircut for $20 or $25 in tyler, texas?
What age did you....? (for boys and girls)?
Yes.. I am that bored.. pleas check question (pic too)?
Is 5'7 tall for a girl/ height difference?
What color do my eyes look like to you?
What Color Are These Eyes?
Do I look as ugly as I think I do?
What is the best product for super shiny hair?
Where to find good evening/prom dresses in Indiana/Chicago??
What are things you can do at thirteen?
girls what are you having for supper tonight?
Fashion; sweatpants to school?
Would this heel look good in red or brown?
How can I delete my Questions and answers account?
Should I put a band- aid on my nose?
Which celebrity do i resembleee (pic) ?
What color should he wear with my homecoming dress?
Girly handwriting?
do you think im pretty? rate 1-10?
I really need a makeover?
Do u think that i'm an ugly fellow?
How do you clean your eye glasses without leaving streaks?
can you convert a ring size 41 in Thailand to UK sizes?
Could I be a model?
Jeans on a guy: tight, medium or sort of baggy?
what are the best places to get a good and cheap manicure in singapore?
How much weight do u think she gained??? PICS!?
I know this sound stupid but.....?
How terribly pale am I ? (pictures) :(?
What are some tips for a Gothic Lolita cosplay?
do i sound like a good person?
Which picture for my Facebook profile pic?
Is it weird for a girl to not wear a bikini to the beach?
How to protect my nails from the harmful nail polishes?
Would blonde hair suit me?
Anyone know how much Botox costs?
lip eyebrow nape or septum? (pic included)?
Does this mean I'm ugly?
whats your first impression of this girl?
I need ideas on youtube account names!?
what can i do to look older?
which of these two girls are hotter?
how much do you think i weigh?
Which dress do you like best? (pics)?
which one should i do?
When i got my braces on they said that it...?
Is this haircut better? (pic)?
Do i look.......(pics!)?
next two weeks?
colour black?
whats some good questions for "the question game"??? (:?
Is it true that you have to be a C cup to model for Victoria's Secret?
Anybody knows how to get rid of pimples?
Does straightening your hair damage it?
What do you think about the "SAGGING PANTS" being worn today?
Eighties Party.?
How to feel and look fresh in school whenever it's hot?
DO PPL GENERALLY LOOK BETTER with or without side bangs?
I have a question for someone whith modeling expeirience.?
How old do i look??
What is the difference between confidence and conceit?
I own a clothing store and iam looking to by playboy shirts. I need some playboy wholesale sites. can you help
Poll for women!!!!!!? Which do you think is LESS attractive?
Could I Become A Runway Model?
lash extensions on long lashes?
my friend has really knocked my self esteem?
if some one bet you 100 dollars to dress up as a women for the day would you do it?
Do you think this costume is a lil' too much for a 14 year old?
omg school cancelled again !?
GIRLS. Opinion... PICS!!!!!!!!?
What Halloween costume do you think would suit me (picture) :P?
what's the name given to the latest entry into 'nina ricci' family of perfumes?
I've never had a bf before?
Guys.... out of these 4, which style would you prefer on a girl?(pics)?
What perfume do you recommend for a 40 yr old lady?
what makeup compliments dark features?
what do you think about it? Opinions!?
I M alone and want to say you....?
Is this girl pretty?????????
guys,what do u look for in a girl?
Why are girls so obsessed with "First day of school outfits" ?
am i attractive in your opinion?
does anyone know where to find this perfume?
Girls, does 5'11" guy look short or tall in a 5'5" girl's perspective?
How could I change up my look?
How can I dress and act more like Cat from Victorious?
It's too early for a teen-age girl to epilation?
hi i need some help?
What do you use to make a "homemade" nail whitener?
Do you think that i'm pretty?
Do I look better with long or short hair?
Am I pretty, what dyu think?
Who is prettier? (pics)?
what makes a woman beautiful?
Is it a bad idea to send someone a picture of me in my bra?
if i took a test that had 12 questions, and I got 9 questions correct, and 3 wrong, what would the grade be?
I want to get my eyebrows done!?
Do you think freckles are ugly?
Who do you think is prettier?
What are your favorite nail polishes for the fall/winter ?
Suggestions on looking older? I'm 17, and look about 14?
In all honesty, is a flat stomach and thicker thighs beautiful?
Do I look better like this?
How do I look plzz be honest!?
POLL: Can you wear cream/white to a wedding?
Should I dye my hair more red or golden (PIC incld.)?
who do u think got more style MARY J BLIGE or KEYSHIA COLES??????????
to anyone who has a degree in cosmetology?
do you girls like skateboarders?
is this girl pretty?
Is this body relatively attractive? *pic*?
Rate Me. Suggestions?
Are there any good brands for a girl to wear for graduation?
I thought my ear piercings had closed up...?
how can i stop biting my nails?? ?
What is a rash in the shape of a circle on your skin?
Who looks better?
what is the first thought that comes to your mind when you see this picture?
what do high end fashion catalog models earn?
would anyone buy perfume made by a brand known as Clofany?
Acrylic nails ruined my natural nails?
Is my older cousin pretty?
what would you think if u saw guy wearing this jacket?
Is it okay for me to think I'm super attractive?
Would you pay $100 for a full body wax if you were really hairy?
How can you tell if you're pretty/good looking?
What can I do to improve my looks? (Pics)?
Why does everyone asume blondes are "bimbos"?
Do you wear shorts in the summer..?
Why is everyone on so good looking?
best place to get a scene /emo haircut in austin, tx.?
how do you remove artificial nails?
Straight up answer-yes or no?
Spider Bites [piercings :3]?
What color is her hair? (Please Answer)?
guy haircuts celebrities!!!!!!!!?
is my polo ralph lauren real ?
Girls !!! This is a big testing question, (if you are not open minded, please pass on!) !?
Guess my age? =] *20 characters*?
Does Gabe Sapporta smoke cigarettes?
Blondes or Brunettes ?
GLAMOUR magazine Sep 2005-do you still have????
Boys what are the best features on a girl?
Do most guys prefer certain scents over others?
Benzac acne products!?
Does this problem drive anyone else crazy?
Deodorant and shaving?
Traditional Wetshaving?
What color nail polish are you wearing now?
Why cant I be as pretty as most girls? (pics)?
do I look emo?
What birthday gift should I bring for host of English Tea Party?
Really worried is there something wrong with myblood? :( teenage girI?
Do you think these girls are pretty? [pics]?
Why can't i be pretty?
Do you think I'm UGLY?!? picturess?
Do I look fat??? 15 please help! :(?
naill problemm.!!! help.?
why do girls have to have so many pairs of shoes?
Guys: What is your favorite type/scent of perfume on a girl?
I like to buy this fashion could you give me some suggestion? is it great?
How old should I allow my child to pierce her ears?
Would you wear this dress, if only for one night?
Is having violet eyes a good or a bad thing?
trimming bikini area?
when I smile my upper lip is barely visible. ?....any tips to help make it look bigger?
i forgot to shampoo my hair after color and it was required what should i do?
can you help me with my skin?
Am I okay or decent looking?
Im called fat ALOT , and lately been called ugly , help ?? (pictures)?
What should i wear for it ?
Would it be OK if I mix different fragrances together or would it harm the skin?
I have this friend who has small breast & is askin for help on how to make it big without the use of machine?
do you think i could be a model?
Which one is or her?
what is a number to give to be mean?
Should i bother with makeup?
looking for display trays used at bath and body works stores?
How do I look?
Skin Problem HELP!!need rajan naidu advice- any everyone elses who might be helpful! thanks?
how bad is it to wear makeup everyday?
How should i improve my looks.?
MEN, which of these women would you rather date?
guys: what is hottest?
Where can u shop for cheap stylish clothes?
Is this a nice outfit?
Rate this girl, 1-10?
Is there any way...?
Am I pretty? In your opinion........?
ummmmmmmmm, i was wonderrrrrrrring....?
60's Theme Party?
Do you like skinny guys with tattoos?
please recommend a site?
Is it ok for a girl over 6'0 to wear heals?
Help! Help! Help! What do I wear to a semi-formal banquet??
I'm a guy with a ponytail..should I get a short, cleancut haircut?
do you know any wholesale korean beauty sites that sell etude house if so please tell me ( no ebay or gmarket?
What do you think about me? !pics!?
rate me? 1-10?
Why am i soo ugly? how can i be prettier?
Okay, I posted yesterday about healthy pores skin system for acne?
which one of these girls do you think is the prettyest?
Which girl is prettier?
A Bath uses 50 gallons of water. How much water could a person save in a week takin a shower instead of a bath?
i'm pretty young and i've found blood in my underwear! what's happening?!?
What color of highlight should I get?
What's a good colour to paint your nails?
Do i look like a serial killer?
Am i beautiful on the scale of 1 - 10?
does being short make me look younger?[pics]?
Do you think she is attractive pic?
Help with back to school shopping and hair...?
umm... well im a guy and just wanted ur oppinion on how i look?
do her legs look too skinny? fake?
child model (photos included)?
Why do girls want to look like KIM K?
What do you think beauties in your sight or beauties in your mind? Which one do you choose?
Should I feel ugly? [pic included]?
Beauty cosmetic problem please and thank you?
Does anyone want a Livingsocial coupon for Coastal Scents makeup; $25 coupon for only $12?
rate this girl otta ten?
How do I look younger than 24?
WHat is the best facial product for Sensitive and Dry skin but also Acne Prone skin?
Am I honestly ugly?
Help me lose 10-15 pounds before summer.?
Do you think my friend is pretty?
how to remove a moustache on a girl?
Is it totally unacceptable to get a pedicure if I haven't shaved?
what is the name of the perfume from the 90's...?
Do you love being you?
Is this wayy too girly/gay?
Dressing as a girl for a party?
Any good ideas for fancy dress punk fairy make up?
Vaseline Self tanning lotion VS Jergens tanning lotion?
getting braces tomorrow?? :/?
acyrlic nail questions?
Do you like my best friends haircut?
i have a pair of authentic vans and i keep getting blisters no matter what i do!!!!!!!!!!?
which girl is the prettiest?
What would look good with red shoes?
Is my nose absurdly large?
Hello ,Why do people complain so much about,Their looks?
What is the prettiest eye color?
does any one out there like dianelle staub?
What Hairstyle Would Look Good On Me?
Tomorrow is my first day of Catholic High School!! Help!!! ?
Am I too ugly to get a boyfriend?
What is the address/phone number of headquarters of REGAL NAILS, Baton Rouge, LA?
Are purple eyes really that ugly to people?
is it beter to be curvy or thin?
Whats this hair style?
Should i get a side fringe?
should i use this on myspace?
Are these boots cute or UGLY? s?
do guys like girls that are ... ?
Would you even consider dating me?
which hat looks the best?
Should I have insecurities about the way I look(pictures)?
are you getting prettier/more handsome with age?
Do you think I could be a model?
wtz health?
Please asnwer truthfully: am I pretty???
helix piercings?
do you think i would look better if i got extensions, got alot tanner, and lost 10 pounds? (PIC)?
What kind of clothes do tall guys look good in?
How to look better for school?
who do you think is the prettiest?
I just got a job and need to hide 10g earlobe piercings.?
How should I act on the first day at my new school?
has anyone ever had GOOD collagen lips?
People say I smell bad...What can I do to smell better?
my dad said i look like a girl is it true?
Could I model? Could you imagine seeing this face in movies and stuff? which picture do you like the best?
How noticeable is clear nail polish on a guy?
GIRLS: Do i look good? =P?
[Picture Included] What Kind of Scarf is This?
Why do I look ugly in the camera but not on the mirror? Anyone else ever had this problem?
OMG!!! Is there anything better than being fussed over at a beauty salon?
What is my face shape? Please do not comment on how ugly I am.?
Where do I go to get my eyebrows trimmed (I'm a male)?
what is your first impression of me?
10 points! Do you find this man sexy?
Any stories about guys getting dressed as girls?
Before and after pictures?
am i pretty ??????????????
I need help, what should i do?
Do you think im pretty? What could i improve on? PIC?
i want to wear a hoop skirt to school for halloween will it be ok?
Are you girly like me?
which picture of me is the most cute/innocent?
Do body moisturizing cream really work? Do you believe that it will seal moisture in your skin?
Has anyone ever tried crossdressing?
Buying a bra for my girlfriend?
Are bras from Aerie good quality? How do they compare to VS?
Is this outfit Hot or Not (no stupid answers plz)?
how old do i look????
If this happened...?
is he using me to have a fun time?
who is the most attractive victoria secret model of all time?
if you add a picture to pinterest, could other people repin it?
how old so you think i look?
I got my ears pierced for the 1st time { technically it isn't}?
Hot or not rate me from one to ten
i know it's shallow...?
Im at African American female and i was wondering can one ever grease their head to much?
which picture is better of me?
VOTE: which Marc Jacobs watch should I buy?
what is this kind of dress called?
What's a perfect diet?
Profile pic for halloween?
White contact lenses in Hong Kong?
Girls only. What do yall think?
How do i make my legs bigger?
Can anyone tell me Where I can get a denim jacket like this?
How do I look to you?
best way to permanently remove eyebrow hair without laser hair removal.?
What is the best way to make perfume last longer throughout the day, besides using the matching lotion.?
Don't I look better with my ex than her?
Are muscular calves/thighs attractive on girls?
Truth or tale.??? Keeping nail polish refrigirated increases its longivity?
there is a cut on my eyebrow. how can i covered this cut on my eyebrow & make my eyebrows to look beautiful?
Angelina Jolie.. beautiful or ugly?
In which of these photos do i look the best?
Sally's Beauty Supply Card?
Beuty tips!!!???? 10 points?
What is ugly to you?
Do you prefer your girlfriend to wear makeup or be natural?
am i fat!!?
Whats the biggest, thickest, wand hair curler?
how to become fair without any side effects?
Is it ok for a guy to wear a girls tank top.?
What do you think? Pics included?
Do you liek your girls to be skinny or thick?
Tell me your favorite beauty seceret!?
How old do you think I am?
goodway international multi level marketing?
Lazer Hair Removel for Men?
What color of swimming suit would look best on me?
What are the ebnefits and uses of tea tree oil?.........................?
HELP am i a UK Size 4 or 6?
Which girl sounds prettier or cooler? No mean answers*!!!?
What do you think about of brand "CAROLINA HERRERA"????
Is green and black good for nails or red and black, blue and balck?
is there a plastic surgery to change your eye color?
How do I shrink my chaps to fit me?
What colour should i dye my hair?
What's the attraction of boy shorts?
I feel so insecure about myself and the way I look. Is there anything I can do to make myself feel better?
what u think??? easy points?
what state do i look like i am from?
Should I get colored Contacts? (Pics)?
How to repair my eyelashes?
Mother went crazy...input on the situation please?
What kind of jewelry would girl like most when we are dating?
Will commercial modeling help or harm my acting career?
Whats wrong with loving yourself?
Do hair buffers like Hair-Off make hair finer/thinner?
why does my butt look so good?
I am looking for a pair of Es Koston 3?
Can a teacher wear jeans to teach in?
What can i do to improve my looks? (pics) please helpp ! feeling a bit down?
does this eyes look asian ?
GIRLS: what body type your prefer?
Girls - help! Question about undergarments!?
Do you think I could try blond hair? *pic*?
How do you protect your hair against dryness & split ends?
crisis help :) fashion?
Am I inside the required size range for high fassion modeling. ?
am i ugly?
I hate shaving downstairs?
dont you think stephanie seymour is the most beautiful woman in the world?
I'm thinking of being a dental assistant but..?
Am I ugly, average or attractive in looks?
what kind of haircut do i have?
How can I help my daughter stop biting her nails?
I guess being a tall girl intimidates guys?
What color would you consider my eyes?
need guys opinion on boobs. (pics included)?
Have to go to pool party Friday, my crush will be there. Insecure and nervous, HELP!?
Average price for bright green color contacts?
Am I that ugly??????
Are creepers still in fashion? ?
Whats a good perfume for a 15 year old?
Help my friend on her looks please;?
How do you know if you're attractive?
Rate her on a scale of 1-10? honestly?
what to wear in vegas in June?
Does anyone think braces are cute?!?
how to find hair model in Vancouver to go bald?
going to a party. fashion tips.?
Do I have pretty eyes, eyelashes and smile?
What slip do you wear the most and what does it look like?
Hey girls help me out please!!?
pink day at school any ideas?
Should i go blonde??? Would it suit me yes or no?
Do you think that I am ugly?
What to wear to a house party?
Guys!! Whats the best perfume for women?
Do people smell their own perfume?
cute photo or bad photo?
I need some good, inexpensive beauty products?
Is a 6/10 on looks bad?
i have a very pretty face ((soo i hear)) lol but the only thing is-- ... what shudd i doo?! :)?
Good place to get colored contact?
I used to paint an ex-girlfriend's nails for her. Would you ever let a guy do yours?
Could i model????????
Could I be a model? [Pics]?
what is the most country that has the name "Tala",and it's very popular there??
How to stop biting nails?
why is it that girls wear thongs?
do u look like ur avatar?
What kind of hairstyle would look good on me?
Who the prettiest and who is the ugliest in this photo?
Girls whats more attractive a cute face or a hot body on a Guy?
Has Anyone With Dark Brown Eyes Tried CooperVision Expressions?
Arghhhhh (*sigh*)?
Guess How Old She Is..?
Is He Hot?
Would you rather be Sexy or Beautiful?
Which do you like better on me?
what do girls think of guys who wear make up and like to look pretty?
What would you wear with this?
HELLPP Pleasee :) I really will appreciate it?
lip piercing? should i get one?
Tips on using TanTowel?
Girls,what are the things that you always carry inside your bag?
if my balls itched?
Does wearing vans mean you're a poser?
What would you rate this guy out of 10?
Beauty question for all you ladies! Please help! Thanks!?
Any ideas what is it?
Are piercing eyes attractive or scary?
what are the best colored contacts for light eyes?
What do you think about Coco Mademoiselle parfume? What kind of women should wear "A FEW DROPS BEFORE SLEAP" ?
hair removal....?
Can you give me a list of the different 'types' of beauty?
These two females are the same height, what uk sizes do they both look, and how much change in weight?
What is your best physical attribute?
Help i need boys plz help?
How do I say, 'You're the grossest thing ever' without offending you?
If I put a 14g earring in my ear can I wear a 16g still?
Editing website that...?
Girls, any tips on walking in these shoes?
Do I Have a Rounded Nose?
Cute/ funny/ sexy girl username?
What clothing would fit me best?
Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy do so many girls here......?
photo shoots ? photo shoots ?
what will happen if we wont use Aftershave after shaving?
bangsss :)?
are my eyebrows weird :S (pics)?
What kind of jeans are these?
who looks more beautiful britney or angelina?
which girl is cuter?(pic included)?
Am I attractive? What are my best attributes?
Do you idolise/Like Skinny/Catwalk Models?
Best way to get a dark tan?
Liv tyler/Arwen style make-up and hair?
If a Dad is born in 1929 and a Son in 1962, then When will the Dad be 66 Years old ?
why surgeons insert silicon of blonde brains in the breast of slu*ts?
Why do most "wild" girls/woman have tattoos on their lower back?
Girls how long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
What are the signature looks of different fashion retailers?
GIRLS: do you think you're pretty?
why the hell do people think is OK to judge you by the color of there skin and by how fat they mite be??
which one do you prefer of me, opinions :)?
Which brand of eye color contacts looks most natural with dark brown eyes?
What is the difference between gel and acrylic nails?
what is the best way to get addresses of girls on internet?
Girls do you like lean muscles?
Help me choose, whats cuter?
Whats it mean when someone is "scene"? is it almost the same as emo?
Are these contacts sites legit?
Which is picture better or are they even good?!?!?!?!?!?
Honest opinions about my...?
i know there are places to get a spray tan..?
Women's winter jacket trends?
Going for the edgy look?
help!!!! ten points easy?
How old do i look? & what are my best/worst features?
Please suggest dresses for dressing up as prom girl?
I'm a guy with red hair and blue eyes, how can I emphasise my blue eyes?
I'm asian could I pull off this orange ish hair color? (pictures included)?
do you feel cleaner after a bath,or shower?
How do I get a haircut like Greg James (Radio 1)?
do face cleansers, exfoliators etc really give you clearer, more beautiful skin?
Painting my nails as a boy..?
What gloves do i need to wear to apply fake tan?
Was my dad wrong to call me fat?
What face shape do i have?
What to wear on 'muscle beach monday'?
Does I look better as a brunette or blonde? do i look like a turtle?
Is thick IN?
how do u know when ur attractive?
Am i pretty? Rate from 1-10?
what do a girls find xciting in boys?
Would you consider me very good looking ?
which lipstick colour would suit me best? (pics)?
how many piercings do you have?
Why do girls want to be considered beautiful?
What do you think of this guy? (*pic*)?
Was I prettier before?
What is......?
Do you think I could model?
I need to fake being ill....?
Girls, what do you think of my transformation?
what are your fav. boy names?
Do you like Starbucks?
Am I really chubby, ugly, and gross (pics included)?
Girl's , what is your favorite pair of shoes?
can somebody please tell me how i look!!!!?
Do you like my new haircut? (link)?
What do you think about my face/body? pics?
How much do you think these nails would cost ?
should i go to beauty school ?
For girls only please.?
Whats a good middle name for Skylar? 10 points?
My 2 year journey to success (PICTURES INCLUDED!!)?
is it ok for teen boys to wear tighty whities
Ok My AvAtAr LookS JuSt LikE ME..Am I A HottIE w/a BoDY???
Okay I'm a african american and why do I have a very reddish brown skin tone?
Is it normal for manicures and pedicures to hurt a little?
My acrylic nails don't stay on when I apply them. Why?
How can i prevent myself from biting my nails, and make them grow longer?
Girls only, based on these photos how physically appealing am i?
What are some good looking guys with weak chins?
which girl is the prettiest?
What should i wear tomorrow? best outfit gets .s?
wats the best hair removal cream out there for women?
How to get a good flip haircut?
If a girl is pretty, very beautifyll, is it more easy for her to make new friends, why?
What color north face should i get?
Do I look ok without any make up?
Is this girl pretty??
why do females love to wear footed sleepers?
Do you wax, pluck or thread your eyebrows?
Which would be better for a Profile Photo?
Would I look good with Zooey Deschanel's hairstyle?
How am I supposed to be confident in my appearance?
Should I wait for the payment to stop pending before sending an Ebay item?
80's teeny boppers?
Do you think I'm pretty?
which girl is the prettiest (pic)?
What do you think of this boy's good looks?
Help compare these 3 stores...PLEASE?
how do i tell a girl that the whole world can see her thong?
whats the difference between ounk & emo?
Does anyone else sneeze when you pluck your eyebrows?
Guys only: a pretty face or a hot body? Which is better?
how can I download free music from a Mac computer without limewire, etc.?
Whats the difference between exfoliating and detoxifying skin?
What are some mysterious and intriguing perfumes for young slim brown men?
If you were me, what would you change?(pics)?
How to have pretty girl swag?
would you say this girl is pretty? :)?
Need help....................................…
How old do you think I am?
has anyone tried the mary kay acne treatment gel???
Ok my brother wants to have a buzz cut but he doesnt want to cut it short what clipper blade no should he get?
when people go on dates what is the best look, for them "like" makeup?
Rate me 1-10? (pics)??????????????????? Girls only!?
will you rate these two girls please?
Im a guy (and straight) so why do I answer questions in the beauty section?
Do you think I could be a model?
i have a scar on my face which caused by some insects that bite on it.?
What should i wear on a beach party? Im 14.?
What was the role of corsets during 19th century America?
Men only: who is the most attractive model (warning swimsuits)?
Is a hairy chest a turnoff to girls?
Top 10+ beauty tips(10 points)?
Which bikini is prettier?
Will I ever be good enough?
Guys- do u think im pretty?
Do you like Hollister ? why or why not?
which picture should i use for my facebook default?
Who is older? pics included?
Where can I find a nail polish equal to Essie Short Shorts?
What are soap natural soaps like goat milk and african black soap?
Help me, why do I feel so ugly?
Could u be the most beautiful boy in the world?
which one of us is prettier?
Rate me on how I look like plz?
I caught my man masterbating in my $1000 Christian L 5in heels!!Is this normal?
Which white fur coat is prettier and more youthful?
Which of these photos would be best as my facebook profile picture?
Ladies, should I cut my hair?
which year did wolford hosiery print the name wolford on their stockings and tights?
Are lip piercings hot?
What do guys find atractive about girls?
Help me figure out what size pants I fit in juniors?
Am i pretty???
Relative to the population at large, how do you rate your physical attractiveness?
whats looks worse between these two?
How can I get my skin tone back to normal?
Could I be a model? 10 easy points?
How can i quit biting my nails?
is it possible to stretch high heels? and any ideas how to stretch shoes?
How do I look? :D <3?
What is something I could wear all the time without people noticing?
What are the pros and cons of my features?
GUYS:Do you notice a girls hands?
Do I wear too much makeup?
The cutest avatar on here gets 10 points?
Do you think she is pretty?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Hey! Do u think shes pretty??!!?
What kind of make up do you usually wear when you go outside?
how can i look better? rate me?
Are there any Bath and Body lovers out there??
wanting to buy a new iphone case. Need help choosing?
What should I do to make my piercing heal?
how can i do pedicure at home?
do you think this girl is hot/pretty?
Is it easier to wax or pluck your eyebrows?
what are some good bonfire party ideas?
what are the best skate shoes?
What are some popular myths around skin ageing?
How old do i look?
What do you think about this girl?
Has anyone heard of these aftershaves?
Do I weigh too much? Please be honest!!! What do you think??
What is an Audrey Hepburn complex?
What's a good body wash for men, that the ladies like?
How can I have good looking natural nails?
What is makes a spa an eco-spa?
Has anyone ever tried laser hair removal?
which pornstars have long toe nails?
Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi?
what do you think my age and name are?
Do you know the shape of my face? *PIC INCLUDED*?
Can you be a chubby scene girl ?
i need to find 2 matching rings (guy and girl)?
Do you think I'm ugly?
How can I convince my husband to shave his head regularly?
what do u think of me???????
How do I dismount my horse in the game Starshine Legacy?
Random easy points!?
Help, will this look weird?
How Old do i look?
Do they look kinda the same?
Curly vs. Straight...?
How do I look? (pics)?
Any ideas for a heartbreaking love story?
AM I PRETTY *pic* *********************?
i wanna be fun and crazy?
but does only look count in a relationship??
woman beauty: for hetrosexual men only: thick tighs only vs big booty?
what r periods?
Can you buy Kaloderma products in the UK?
Which perfume smells better? (Women Designer Brands)?
How does it feel to be skinny and beautiful?
Which outfit do you like better?
i want to style my micro braids for my baby shower next week but dont kno how. any suggestions?
When was the last time you got a haircut?
Guess my age? =] *20 characters*?
which picture of me is best? help please!!?
Do GIRLS prefer.....?
On a scale of 10 ? (pics)?
GUYS! if a girl is 5'7,is she to tall do u think?
Am I ugly? please please answer girls?
Can you use Lush Bath Bombs in SPA baths?
What does unisize and 9131 mean?
do you think this girl is pretty?
POLL: do you like your appearance!?
how old do i look??
Can I get an opinion on this picture?
how old would you say i looked from these photos?
High school.... please help?
What can i do for a back to school haircut?
would i be able to pull off the tough look?
my nails are really crappy and weak, how do I make them stronger?
"What A Beautiful Life" Lolita clothes? Or dresses in general?
Is my jaw line attractive? (pic included)?
Fake Lip Rings?
good ways to...?
Need a creative superhero?
Hi, I know it all depends on ur own taste, but which perfume do u find the sexiest? xxx?
Please help me, pleaseee!?
do women like men who wear abercrombie and hollister and american eagle?
My beard comes in patchy and red. If I were to join the Taliban, would the other Taliban dudes laugh at me?
Am I really that hideous?
mary-kate and ashley perfume?
Mostly Boys- do you think?
when a guy buys you perfume. is there any significance in it?
i wanna try new hair/makeup looks.. help?
Please Help with Answers for My School Survey About Clothing Stores!?
Would you wear (as a man)...?
isn't this funny...........................?
is she petty???????????????????????????????????…
What brand of self sunless tanning lotion works the best?
Why don't you make your pants longer for us taller women? I need at least a 33"-34" inseam.?
Can i clean my monroe piercing with soap and water?
How can I look prettier?
Please help out and donate!?
Pregnant celebs?
i'm a us size 3/4 do you think that doesnt look good on a 5'7 girl?
New guy at the office, do u think he's cute?
girls tell me can i wear this?
How old do I look to you guys?
How can I stop biting my nails? *10 points*?
How to remove hair dye stain from eye glasses?
what color highlights should i get? pic*?
How important is it when stretching your ears to go through each gauge stage?
what do u think of me??be honest=]?
can you help me with this?
How to get rid of dark underarms?
How do I look? (Pics included) 16 yr old guy?
How do I get my eyebrows to hold a shape?
beauty is in the eye of the beholder, what skin colour looks best to you?
some girls say I'm cute and some say I'm ugly how can i solve this?
how did you learn about the sensitivity of a man's testicles?
Is this guy cute?
Question about tanning?
Major zit problem... help?
halloween ideas pleaseeee?
Who's prettiest; in order?
she is naturally beautiful? why arent you?
Anyone think they could tell me why my eyes are like this?
Good hairstyles for a first day at Middle school and outfit?
Name Change: Need to change mine - it´s...?
what color lipstick would go good with a yellow dress?
Do you think this girl is Sexy!?!?
how do i know if i am attractive or not?
DO YOU THINK.........????
What do you think of the secret mist spray?
Homecoming essentials?
how can i improve on my looks?
i need a name for my beauty salon what could it be something sophisticated and unique?
Would this look good?
Proactiv - has anyone ever used this product?
do women prefer men with or without facial hair ?
Can I go from acrylic tips to shellac nails?
Does the green in these bangs look weird?
should i get a haircut?
i want u ppls opinion on this dress i just ordered...? (pic)?
is this girl beautiful?
Will the people from Instant Beauty Pageant in the mall still get you if you're like a former Miss University?
Why do male and female have different taste of Odour (Scent)?
How can I look and act older?
Am i pretty? Please answer...easy 10 points!!?
Excuses... excuses!?
Does an eyebrow piercing accent your eyes?
How long do you think Proactive will take to clear up my condition completely? (Pics)?
am i fat and ugly?
Cow nail stamping plate?
Can you guess her ethnicity?
hey do you like socks?
What nationality do I look like and how old do you think I am?10 points?!?
Where can I find photoshoots of models on the net?
What do you think of guys in red skinny jeans?
I'm looking for a private beauty therapy school/ course in UK that I can board?...?
Am I Your Dream Guy?
How to get my thick hair back?
rockabilly style?
Help me please!?
kind of an embarrassing
Need a replacement for discontinued AVON Natori perfume?
what are some houshold items that?
Why do "chavs" dress the way they do?
is the Anti Bumps Shave Gel from Bikini Zone good?
Do you have to be pretty to be a model?
A good youtube name for a beauty channel?
How old do I look ? (Pic included)
Do you think I could be a model?
what means more to you being kissed on the lips or cheeks/forehead by?
Is there any way to have a Constant eye contact colored lenz???
what kind of makeovers should i get done for Halloween?
How can I look and dress well when I don't have a lot of money?
How is this even possible?
describe me(: what vibe to i give off?(pics)?
I have a ted baker watch and the glass face has ed how and where do i get it replaced?
where can i get nice fancy but cheap clothes in Toronto,Canada?
Who looks prettier (pix included) of the two?
Is she a 'Winter' or 'Autumn - color analysis?
What do i need to be a model?
why aren’t guys attracted to me, am I ugly?(picture included)?
Do I have a babyface?
i dont get haute couture?
Why do guys think of girls who look like this?
Am I ugly? I can never get the girls that I want, and only average or unattractive women even talk to me?
Do you get a bad impression when you see me?
When is your b-day??
Please please please help.?
Do I have any potential as a model?
I m 20 boy my height is 5'6.5" how tall girl are suite with me ?
will give best answer points!!?
My nose!!!! My NOSE!!!!!?
How often do YOU wash your hair?
Style - your own or fashion dictated?
What to wear to a pool party and i need advice like right now its tomorrow?
Guys, what do you like in a girl?
What does the 'YKK' on zippers stand for?
I dont understand why this girl is getting so much attention from boys?
is she attractive or ugly?
Larger girl fancy dress ideas?
y do ppl knock down pretty girls?
Elizabeth Taylor perfume?
Contact lens match color advice?
Does anyone have a MySpace stalker?
Do you mind taking a poll??
How to make wide calf boots skinnier?
Does my acne take away from my appearance?
which girl do you think is prettiest?
How can I stop biting my nails without using expensive products?
Who's prettier? Me or her?
Is this outfit too much for a 16 year old?
how many girls actually were thongs and why do u wear them?
I need to look amazing!!!?
Am I ugly???(pic included)?
PLEASE HELP ME with my acne i mean LOOK At my face (pic)?
what color braces should i get?
What do you think of this picture?
How To Look Good For School?
Hot or Not --pics inside?
how many shoes do girls have?
What Age Where You When You Got Youre First Kiss?
do you think boys would like me if i wore this?
who do you think is prettier?
why greasy food good after a day of heavy drinking maneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…
Is my name pretty???
What color should I paint my nails?
Where's a good place in Toronto to get tattooed?
Would i look good with monroe? (pics) :]?
what is the sexist women perfume?
Sculptured Nails...First Time INfo...?
All girls please answer :)?
GIRLS please rate and how old do i look?
Do hoops stretch out your earlobe holes?
Question about Miley Cyrus?
Who is the prettiest ???!!!!?
Where do you think the person's true beauty is coming from?
Do you think she is attractive (pic included)?
list of beauty parlour names on C or M letter?
Would I look okay in this dress?
does anyone have tan tips??
Could you give me good information about becoming a model?
What is the difference between thinking a girl thinking you are hot or cute?
How to smell good all day?
Ideas for writing a narrative on Lightness to Dark ASAP PLEASE?
Help me I need to make it look like I have boobies:/?
What's the right age to use a toner and a moisturizer? especially for sensitive skin? :)?
does eyebrows and face look better after plucking eyebrows first ?
can you please comment on my you tube video thankyou?
What color are your nails?
How many years do you need to own your own beauty salon ?
Girls Answers Only!!!!?
what state do you all live in?
Who is this sexy model?
can i bleach just one spot of a white tshirt?? or do i have to soak it?
Is it weird that i can shave my mustache better than my boyfriend? im a girl?
can i use nail polish instead of acrylic paint?
Back Scratchers Nail Acrylic?
Am I like totally cute?
Should I consider modelling?
how do i look? am i pretty? cute? rate me!?
Does a person's feet smell depend on the size of their feet?
Are there any salons in Seattle that offers calgel nails and/or 3D nail art.?
Who do you think is prettier?
Which teenage girls are more BEAUTIFUL?
Why do models have to be tall?
what should i wear to my school's dance?
Could I pull off a nose piercing?
How does this part of my face look?
Is it normal to wear 6 bras at once??
im trying to look sexy for some guys at my school to get them to notice me......?
I guess low self esteem?
Shes the prettiest? Do you agree?
How much should I charge to Retouch Photos?
what are some scary places to go in nebraska for halloween?
Best hair style for a round face shape?
Fragrance on birthday card (in a hurry)?
am i emo...?
Social Problem: How can I look less intimidating?
who's the hottest chick in the world?
Who's better? A simple brunette or a big titted blond?
What should I wear with this?
GUYS! help please also girls tell me what u think bout it.?
People, how do I look? :):)?
which dress looks better on me? (pics)?
Help with BB-Cream decision?
Which picture is better?
I am looking for a place where they do permenat eyelash curling in the Modesto area. Any idea where?
Swim unit starts next week?
What colour are my eyes, no one can ever tell? (pictures)?
What is your best and worst feature?
What could I wear with sweatpants?
What do u think of peirced nipples? for the guys?
What makes a guy sexy in your opinion?
Do any girls know this about guys?
I've noticed all popular girls get in trouble a lot . Do iHave to get untroubled to be popular ?/:?
how can you make eyelashes longer?
Am I Pretty?
Is this a good color for a coat?
Ladies, Have you ever tried Summers Eve?
What are some good songs to play at a high school party?
Help me find a dress that looks exactly like this?
What is the best hair removal cream?
what to wear? urgent!?
How to stop scrapbook pages from bubbling or crinkling?
What is the best holiday scent at Bath&Body Works?
How to make my face appear less round?
Rather embarrasing question to do with 'down there'?
Best smelling perfume of 2011?
Nothing to wear to a party?
i need help with my sweet sixteen dress !?
Why do girl's look hot wearing a tight choker round their neck?
black nails or white nails?
Which jewelry looks better? Pictures!?
How do you get that color?
Please only girls! and i need help quick!?
Could I model (FACE) ?
please tell me...?
How can I get rid of acne scars?
what's that beating in my belly botton?
I just cut myself under the lip with a shaver, i've got a important audition tommorow! What can help hide this
how do you become a personal styleist/shopper?
How to convince my parents to let me get a lip piercing?
Emergency!! What to wear to a last minute notice wedding?? I'm 14.?
I have oily/combination skin with lots of scar from acne can i use a vitamin e toner?
who's prettier?
can some 1 please help me with dis!!!?
Could I be a model?
what does it mean if i wear my earring in my right ear? because i like my right ear better?
Ring size 4, where to buy?
Whats wrong with my Sanyo VPC-C6? HELP?
What is this tool called? (Beauty therapy tool)?
Anyone have tips on learning to raise one eyebrow?
How to make my hair look pretty!?
on a scale of 1-10...?
Which celebrity do you look up to as far as beauty and style?
where can i watch buffy the vampire slayer movie for free? (1992)?
Who is the best looking of the two? and who is most "scene" looking?
Anyone know a good place to find free makeup samples online?
How can I get my eyelashes a certain way?
Cheap rock chic clothing stores?
I have red hair, blue eyes, and do i get a tan?? OMG!!! Ugghhh......HELP!!! Desperate.......
Help! I really need your opinion on this!?
is it weird to wear two bras?
What is the best way to put on spray cologne?
Silly Pic For Collahes?
Why can you have a Black Miss America contest but no a white miss america contest.?
Am I attractive? I'm insecure about my looks. Rate?