Can i be a male model?
What do you think of my weight?
Dimples on men. Yes or no?
Will this Preppy Style work on me? +10?
Am Im attractive enough to become a model? (picture)?
which picture is better?
what is the best way to preserve a temporary tattoo???
Dress alternative but feminine?
Beauty/fashion blogging job?
FROM NOT TO HOT!! PLZ HELP?!?!?!?!!?!?
BOYS!!!!!!!! why???what??? Help me!?
what about gothic girls?
What is the best kind of toothpaste you can use to get your teeth whiter?
is there anybody overweight that gos to tanning salons.?
Why do people think I'm ugly?
An inquiry about the nature of mirrored images (how do others see you?) +Important+?
Which dress is the most beautiful and why?
Would I look good with bangs like Taylor Swift?
Guy insecure about a lot of things, esp looks.?
Do you think i could do modeling?
girls/guys,Do i look like Mario Balotelli?
good perfumes for a teen girl?
Who makes the best model (prettier)?
Will I grow 4 inches in 2 years?
What to color show would match?
whats the best way to paint your nails with glitter nail polish? do i need a base before the glitter?
what is an ingrown toe-nail and what causes them?
Girls do you feel this way too...?
Girls...what you love most about being a girl?
How do I get into a modeling agency at 14?
Can you get a tan on the palm of your hands and feet?
girls do you like guys with thick eyebrows or with clean eyebrows?
Why do girls wear really tight pants?
How can I get good writings for invitations? Wedding,B-Day,Anvrsry,Personal Cards?
Guys, what's your first impression of me?
how embaressing is this?
Rate me from 1-10. Could I be a model?
Instagram beauty contest?
What is the most famous colour in the world?
Abercrombie & Fitch Vs. Hollister Co. where would you rather buy and wear clothes from?
I want a toned body but im a girl?
Am I fat? Pics included!!?
I have a light caramel complexion, what color should I paint my nails?
advice for lip piercing?
is my face too small?
Am I attractive? How attractive?? Honest opinions please...?
Should I cut my hair short?
How old do i look on this picture?
Do you think models should be fatter or do they need to stay thin?
What make-up should i wear with a vintage navy blue dress?
how old do I look???????????????????
what smells the most on you? rate from 1 being the most smelles 2 second smellest 3 least smellest?
Am i good looking (picture)?
What is the best/least painful kind of hair removal for eyebrows?
What's your signature scent?
Which shirt should I wear with this outfit.....? "SHIRT 1" or "SHIRT 2"...?
Do I look like im smiling fake #2?(pics)?
Where can I find a bottle of Sex Panther cologne?
To any woman that reads this: What are some examples of guys showing confidence, that are attractive to you?
Fun things to buy on Amazon?
Which color ring do you like the most or is the prettiest out of all the colors?
Which Cropped top looks better?
do you think i'm pretty? (pic) ?
Safe, inexpensive colored contacts?
on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being painless and 10 being VERY VERY VERY painful) how much does waxing hurt?
do you see the asian in me?
What do you think of...?
What comes to mind when you see thic picture?
who do you guys think is prettier?
rate my body??? pleeaase?
which heights are tall or short?
I mustache you a question?
How to become a good model?
Am I weird for not really being interested in other teen stuff?
What perfume should i buy my gf?
Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Question?
are blue eyes prettier than brown???
Rate on a scale of 1-10?
Sexiest cologne for a man to wear? Which is your favorite? Thank you!!: )?
how to remove yellow stain from nails?
am i as ugly as people say i am?pic?
Girls Should i grow a goatee?
Which is better, tall people or short people? Also, long legs or normal legs?
Hey am i beautiful on the inside?
How can i do my eye makeup like this?
Is the person in this picture male or female?
Do you think she she is pretty?
IDEAS NOW AND FAST! i need help !?
Which shoe should I get? SPERRY OR NIKE? (links inside) s ?
Did anybody else notice larger pores after using sally hanson facial cream hair remover?
what deems a person good looking?
Do you shave your private area?
Will wearing alot of layers of under wear improve your butt size?
Who thinks that some of the sexiest women in the world come from the Caribbean? And if so where from?
Does anyone know where I can find a nice pair of pants for a tall women? I need 38 inch inseam. Any suggestion
Which one of these girls is prettiest?
????????Who LOOKS What!!!!!!!????????;)?
Can I change my position at abercrombie?
How tall to be a Forever 21 model?
What is the best way or product to grow my hair?
What would a girl find attractive in a guy?
Which pic do i look better in?
Why write this on a blog...Look?
do guys like girls who wear perfume........if so wich 1?
Why do people always ask if they are pretty or ugly?
How ugly is this guy?
Which jacket do you like better?
$5 nail polish?
which cologne do u like better, abercrombie proof, or holister jake cologne?
Isn't my daughter beautiful?
Modeling? what do you think? (pics)?
Help ? Victoria's secret: Miraculous bra ? ?
I know Im not a beauty queen but which of these hair styles looks better. Long or layered?
7th grade perfume question please please help!!!?
most beautiful women indian or bengali ?
Why don't models ever wear glasses unless it's for selling glasses or for a stereotype like doctors, middle-ag
shallow question but....?
Which eyes color do you like the most and dislike?
whats the first thing you notice about me?
Am I average height and weight?
do i look like hilary duff?
Is my smile ugly???????????????
Does a diamond supply shirt have to have that tag at the bottom right?
Shaving; ok when shaving your legs do you only do the bottom or your thys too?
What do you think? (pic included)?
what would you change about me ?
Do you think my avatar looks good ( tell me the truth)?
What is having a good style mean to you?
Are tall girls still attractive?!?
I Think Im The Uglyest Girl Ever!?
what makes a girl pretty?
Peircing pandoga or Claire's ?
how old do u think she is?
If you could hook up with a famous person who would it be?
What to wear with light gray high tops?
say yes to the dress dress?
What is your opinion on guys who paint their nails?
Modeling confusion?Questions? Helpp me ? ha?
Does a boy look better with a 6 pac?
Why do girls like my cousin so much?
Putting in contacts small eyes ?
Do you think I'm ugly, o.k., pretty, or beautiful?
Can I put Lanolin on my feet to make them softer?
do you think she is pretty??????????????????????????????????…
Would you wear a beanie in 66 degree weather?
Halloween Costume Im putting together!?
I want my eyelash's to look long :(?
loligoth/romantic goth fashion?
Rate 1-10. Comments? Suggestions?
Can someone tell/show me what salon highlights look like?
What is the best self tanner for fair complexions?
I hate my boring, ugly brown eyes?
I am a beautiful girl of 22 yrs & wished?
Which prom dress looks better?
if you had a 100$ what would u get?
Could you help me with sizes?
ok i if u got tagged help i close my acount n want it back but it want let me why?
Is it ok to wear girlish accessories and hairstyles in your 20`s?
where can i get a brazilian wax?
Is he good-looking? *pics*?
if you randomly saw this girl what would you think? ([pic)?
what celebrity do i look like (pic)
What do you think of my boyfriend?
how do you feel about the baby name. . .?
is there any vietnamese supermodel out there?
can i model?(PIX THIS TIME:)?
bath and body works holiday music?
Ok so me and my friend are doing a survey (pics)?
Which photos should I put in my modeling portfolio?
what is one thing you dont like about the way you look?
My eyes are gold around the pupils green in the middle and blue on the edges.Is this considered green or hazel?
Girls only. how would you rate?
Care to share your girly tips?
Can I Wear Platinaire Jewelry?
Girls,should i grow out my hair or keep it the same?
Which purse is the cutest? (PICTURES!)?
What perfume comes in a baby pink and black skinny striped box?
What should I wear to my sorority's pledge party?
girls is this guy hott?
People on here have said I'm ugly?
Could I be a model? (pictures included)?
Tanning in a booth question.?
how can i make myself attractive!?
Specific brands/ideas for hair, makeup, health, etc.?
what's the differences between lotion and cream?
the devil wears prada?
Style help please please please everyone? not long question....?
can guys get brazillian waxes?
Anastasia Costume?
Does anyone know how to shave a pigeon?
Which is my best physical feature?
Do any girls here smoke and what brand do you smoke?
Define.. Beauty?
Ladies Shoes very large and very narrow?
do you think black nail polish looks good?
Am I ugly? rate from 1-10?
what do you think of MAN BOOBS?
Is this shirt cute for an 18 year old?
which is a better celeb look alike?? pic included?
am i pretty? pic included?
Rate me out of 10, please? Also, how old do I look..?
Can cosmetic surgeons make even the ugliest, most deformed people look attractive?
what colour eyeshadow do you wear?
I was told I look like a party girl....what is that supposed to mean?
How to Wash a 35% Wool/65% Acrylic Hat?
Wealth or good looks?
What i can i accessorise with a black dress which i'll be wearing to a wedding?
are spray tans good?? and what kind of level to use first time?
I look in my iPod touch back mirror.I mean really good?
Which color sweet spot goes best with these?
is my friend pretty ?? the truth?
I've asked this litteraly two hours ago but is my tongue infected? (more detail)?
How do you measure for correct bra sizes?
why do some spray perfume into the air and walk into it, instead of spraying it directly on them?
Boys would you date me?
Tanning, is tanning in a Booth fast then in the sun?
Is this a fashionable product?
Should you put lotion on after or before applying perfume?
Considering to become a model?
How do I get rid of the redness in my T-zone?
Question about my eyes?
Blond or brown on me??????? :)?
This question's for the guys : What does the woman of your dreams look like?
am i too fatt to wear a bikni?
What colour should i dye my hair?
I need beauty advice?
Natrual looking beauty tips?!?
Do you think I could be a model?
Should I lose the piercings?
Women, how old do I look?
what to wear to a 11:00 a.m. wedding?
Tips on how to start dressing more maturely?
What is the average cost of a makeover at a spa?
Who is the prettiest? Rank us!?
Do you think it is "cool" to smoke?
Some questions about modelling?
I need to get my son a pair of sturdy,good quality & dressy low-top boots for the fall ! IS IT A GOOD CHOICE ?
Do I look Innocent? lol ?
Getting a pedicure...?
Which shoes should I get?
Girl with glasses...OH NO!?
who is prettier?
belly piercing and a metal allergy? no cute belly rings!?
cost of face lift?
What nail colors look best with pale skin?
why do i look far better in the mirror to what i do in photos? you prefer chest hair on a guy or no?
how do i get ride of beauty marks?
Does acrylic fabric cling to your body?
Dance in two weeks... beauty advice PLEASE!!!?
What is worse for you? (Mostly for the ladies)?
Do you think he will come back again?
what can i do to improve my looks?
I need the BEST nail tech in Las Vegas?
How old do I look? (pics)?
What uk clothes size does this female look, she is 5ft 5?
Do I look like Kourtney Kardashian?
skincare routine & products?
Am I pretty ? Ugly? What can I improve? (pics included)?
Do you think freckles are cute?
are my nails too long?
How do you safely remove acrylic nails?
Girls do you find this guy hot/attractive?
Where can i find this shoe?
How Does Nair Vanilla Smoothie Bikini Cream Smell?
Is high school like the movies to u?
Do you think she is pretty or ugly?
do guys find tall girls attractive?
Madagascar 2 Toys........?
does anybody know magical spells or magical websites?
Does 16 guage ear piercing with a Blomdahl ear piercing gun hurt?
Best OPI Red...............?
Honestly, how old do i look?
Lady's please help - what do u like most (curve, very sexy or cool water)?
i'm looking for a site its dwc*divine its suppose to advertise wrinkle cream but i can't find?
does anyone know what site i would go to in order to find short wedding dresses above the knee?
Which cute winter outfit is your favorite?
what is your fav cologne or pefemte?
I have decided to have a makeover, ideas wanted ?
Do you think girls can wear these shorts and look cute?
what more rare,having jet black hair being white and with deep blue eyes, or having blonde hair/blue eyes?
what can you wear over a corset?
which beauty rush holiday edition body mist is better?
Quick-N-Easy hair styles?
whats better aqua blue eyes or brown pupy dog eyes?
How old do you think,
What are some ways I can enhance my natural "beauty"?
Why do most black boy like girl with a big butt?
do laser hair removals cause any allergies and also do they have any side effects?
How much more weight would i need to lose to be this thin Pics included?
looking forword to help me in finding perfume valentina DI guido Crepax greetings?
does veet razorless shaving really work?
how old????
What would you wear with this top???
Witch boy is cuter!? PLease answer thanks!?
Guys I need an opinion...?
How can I feel less ugly?
crisis help :) fashion?
Shoe inserts for high heeled boots?
Jergens Natural Glow Express?
i want to create my own retreat?
what colour hair would suit me?
Do you think I am sexy?
I want metal nails :)?
can someone please tell me who this is in this picture?
Does anyone......?
How to get these bangs?
Who has perfect......?
Rate me ladies..................................…
am i pretty ???? :] (pics included)?
girls rate me on a scale of 1 to 10 please..?
How to get my jeans to look like this?? HELP WITH DISTRESSING!?
Am I, at least, cute?
What do you think? Pretty, not? Pls rate.?
Who does she look like? Rate? (:?
Should I keep my short hair or go long (again)?
Can plastic surgery make a 27 year old look 21?
Would you say I'm pretty?
What hair color would look best on me? *PIC*?
Am I Controlling? Or am I right? Help Girlfriend Problems!!!?
what are the top 10 foods to make you hair grow longer?
I need a nick name!!
Everyone Natural or fake?
How do you know if you are beautiful?
Please describe me in one word?
How can I make my nail varnish (finger nails, not toes nails) last longer?
Is this girl at my school emo?
Youtube Beauty/Fashion user name ideas?
Old guy hitting on 13 year old?
does anyone else loves..?
any way to fix tights that are too short?
How do you get wax (candle) out of your clothes?
Do you think I'm pretty?
How old do i look to you?
Does this pic make me look like i'm trying too hard?
How tall do I look?...?
Why do some girls say they dislike makeup but then want to associate themselves with girls who DO?
Is this the hottest girl ever or what?
Do guys think totally shaved s as in bald are sexy?
Why do girls look better when they are wearing mini skirts? It's driving me crazy!?
My Boyfriend Said I needed To Loose included! HELP?
How can I help my friend, who suffers from something akin to Body Dismorphic Disorder?
I have a yellow spot on one of my teeth, what's the best (preferably inexpensive) way to get rid of it?
what should i wear if i am dressing up as a mouse?
Why don't people believe Kim Kardashian is a size 2?
Confusion on gauging and tapers and general questions about gauging.?
Question about shaving pubes?
eeww.. emo, that word is so overused, am i right??
TRULY unique styles.
Question for people who tan.?
What is the best facial cleanser for dry skin?
Modeling? Please Help?!?
who has ordered anything from
Debating which color to get dress in. Help me choose?
i wanna model?
Do I have long eyelashes (Pic)?
what age did u start makeup?
Interesting and different nose rings?
something catchy to put on drumline t-shirt? [ALL-GIRL DRUMLINE!]?
Is this girl pretty to you?
What is your best trait?
Please help me pick a name for my bridal business..........?
where can i find the off brand of the perfume iseymiaky?
how do u give urself a fecn manicure?
banana facial mask question?
how would you describe my look.....??? (pictures)?
Nicole Ritchey's new accessories?
should i get these boots??? *PIC*?
What's my face shape (photo)?
RATE ME!!!! how do i look? here are three pics?
Do I look like a d bag?
which girl do you think looks the best?
How do I become popular?
do you think this lipstick is on the heavy side? what else can I change?
which girl is hotter (picture)?
It must have been love?
How do you get a female Abercrombie & Fitch body?
Do I look good? Pic included?
What's the best fragrance for fall?
How do I clean my gauges?
Do you think im pretty, rate from 1-10 (picture included)?
How do I make my hair look amazing?
what's the difference between all the different crest whitening strips?
Hi i am a Beauty therapist and a Trainee Make-up Artist if you would like to ask any questions plz do.?
how do you think i can make myself better looking?
Anyone who's good with editing pictures, could you edit 1+ of these? (*s*)?
Unsure about my skin's undertone?
What's the first word that comes to mind when you see me?
GIRLS!!! what color eyes look sexy on a guy ?
How to be beautiful????
Which nails are better Acrylic Nails or Gel ?
How many mardi gras beads have you had thrown at you?
getting rid of a spot?
What are these boots/shoes called?
is this guy cute or ugly?
Do you think I'm pretty or ugly?
on a scale from 1 to 10, raate her?
rate me please!!!?
I'm not a teenager, but have oil skin & sometimes get spots. how do i prevent my skin frm producing excess oil
they disagree beauty help !!!!! best answer will be pickdd?
Who do u think is prettier?
Is this makeup good with my eye? (pic)?
How should I wear hair and make up next friday?
I'm pretty but don't like taking pics?
how old does she look?
Do I wear too much makeup? (16)?
Deodorant and shaving?
I'm going to change my middle name, what should I change it to?
Does anyone remember the nail polish that came out a few years ago and would as it dried.?
Help finding this dress or one like it?
where can i find information on make up artists?
My response to a question Ive asked before...?
blue eyes and green eyes?
girls.. what do u luk for in a boy?
Clear polish for guys?
LADIES!! Which guy is hotter?! Two pics?
Im 19. crush thing </3 help?
Are these weird to wear to school?
are tattoos on women trashy? Guys? Girl? Please answer!!!?
What's the difference between hot and cute?
POLL: What hair color do you like most on women and why?
why was my question removed?
Which hairstyle should I go with?
can you tell if ill be pretty/hot when im older? please read❤❤❤ picture included?
Guys, what kind of girls turn you on ?
Would slightly thinner eyebrows look better on me?
What color looks good on women with wheatish or caramel complexion?
I want to know which school i should go to?
Wat are you going to be for halloween.?
Do I look better without my glasses?
girls i need some help/opinions???? (pic)?
Would it be okay for a 15 year old to get her nose pierced?
I am looking for slimming tights that where show on the View, I think they are called something like spats?
who looks the best in this picture?
What are some simple beauty facts I can do without having to buy anything?
Should I Keep My Fringe Or Not? pics?
does anyone think my bro could b a model ?
Has anyone used Parissa's soft gel (Tea Tree)?
How do I become prettier?
My husband wants his ears pierced, what do you guys think?
How do I look with a shaved head?
what r u????
why is a building called building even after its built?
Miss Jessie Super Sweetback work?
do you think im spoiled?or not ,or just to rich?
what do you think of this dudeeee?
how much calvin klein one should i spray so that the females will notice but not 2 strong that people complain
Best body shaper for me...?
Describe body - What you think of legs (picture) - honest please!?
How old do you think I look?
honestly, how noticeable are the bags under my eyes?
How can i eradicate dark circles under the eyes? Will anyone be kind enough to provide me with a solution?
how do i stop my bad nail biting habits??
Confused and sad. help please?
are you a girly girl or a tomboy?
How to look HOT????? Help! Ten points best answer!!!?
Am I TOO pessimistic?
What should I say to my former high school teacher?
Should i stretch my ears more?
Can Indian people pull off the "hipster" look?
complete removal of black marks?
which mac brushes to use to get smokey eyes?
Prom dress question? Includes pic!?
Do you think i could model?
Cosmetics that contain aborted BABIES? What companies do this?
Could i be a male model?
Do we look like a good couple? (PICTURE)?
Would I look good with this haircut?
IM UGLY. What plastic surgery should I have done? Helppp! HELP!?
Girls!!! describe your ideal man face?
Did I eat ok and healthy today?
I am 16 years old and I'm going to run away to Hollywood. What do I need to do?
Avon spray?
Has anyone had their children model with KidBiz Talent Agency?
Which piercings out of the following would suit me (picture inside)?
Why am I so ugly....?
Who do you think is prettier? Pictures.?
What should I wear to look fatter?
Anyone know trick on ingrown hairs?!?! HELP....?
im 5.7 feet and im 18 year is it a good height for boys in this age?
If you could look like any celeb would you look like?
Do you think I'm pretty according to my picture?
girls, if u could really shrink people and step on them would you, knowing you cant get in trouble? if so who?
Will cologne stay good longer if you put it in a mini fridge or something?
Is there a way to make a Mystic tan last longer?
Private School Uniform?
Should My Piercing Still Bleed And Hurt??
How do i get a girl to like me?
Do you think I will look older once I lose weight?
Modelling competitions in Australia?
beauty therapy apprentiship?
what all should be kept in mind while applying nail polish/quetex to get beautiful results? do guys prefer ..?
going to a wedding this weekend in Sacramento, Ca, what should my husband and i wear? Help?....Suggestions?...
ok I need help with my clothes!?
wat is the career good for me?
why do flat-chested women wear bras?
What is your ideal height?
Men ONLY! please answer?
please help me!!?
Girly handwriting?
For girls!?
Please Choose a Display Picture For Bebo/Msn? {pic}?
What should my new "look" be?
Does this photo look okay? Do I look okay?
why do girls edit their photos on social networking sites?
What good are school uniforms?They kinda hide our personalities,so what good are they?
victoria's secret perfum very sexy and very sexy 2?
'Fake Nails'?
Where's the best place to get a tattoo?
Can you make NICE suggestions for a make-over for me?
Girls - How hot is this guy?? What do you think of him? Rate him!!?
Ladies, what can I do for a makeover?
Rate me on a scale of 1-10 on my looks!! (pictures!!)?
is 6'4 an attractive height being an indian?
Any Californa girls into Leather and high heels ?
Signature scent?
My cape got caught on one of those swoosh doors, where can I get it sewn back together?
How to get bigger boobs?
is a one piece bathing suit still applealing to guys?
in your opinion do you think i am pretty? (pic included)?
am i ugly? (photos included)?
what kind...?
How do I look with short hair?
Who win Miss Teen International?
Am I pretty? I need real honest answers... even if they are mean.?
Is this really the same person?
13 year old beauty problems! please answer. i need ur help?
Pageants in BC, Canada?
How many centimeters or inches does your hair grow in a month?
Do I look like Miley Cyrus or Selena gomez?
who`s prettier looks wise? Katy Perry or Gwen Stefani?
Does any body in ur home wear mini skirt or short skirt?
should i shave my legs before i put my dress on?
How much is a nose job?
Am i pretty? Be honest?
Am I fat (pics)?
What is the best professional salon hair brand ?
Shaving; ok when shaving your legs do you only do the bottom or your thys too?
Can you help me dress tacky?
where can i buy a stylish cane for the prom?
marine corps. ball 411?
What's the rarest eye colour?
What stores currently sell the That's so Raven perfume?
How to repair a big nose to an attractive one without using surgery?
what skin color u think i have?{pic included:}?
better pic for facebook?
Anyone familiar with color analysis? what pallette or season do these colors resemble most?
How do I hide the cuts in my arm in hot weather?
Do I look too skinny?
is she cute? hot? Idk.... honest opinions posted one, this ones more natural I guess?
make-up on men? it doesn't make me a drag queen does it?
Wat is perfect????????????
i'm i cute or fine?
With or without a beard? From girls' point of view ,which is better?
Little wrinkles aorund your lip....anyone use somethings that works...females only please...?
I am soo cute?
If a man wears hoop earrings, one in each ear does that mean he is gay?
Is 32d big for a teenager?
Complete self-makeover help?
What teenage girl halloween costumes do guys like?
How to become a model?
How fat do I look?.?,?
what is a good shampoo and body spray for men?
Could I be able to model (pics)?
what if your friend looks like a boy but you want to tell her with out hurting her feelings what should i do?
is it true?
What undertones does my complexion have, or how can I tell?
How to go on runs when i dont feel very safe outside my house?
where can I buy matte top coat in Montreal?
What do you think of this girl? Does she look nice, caring, smart, popular, ect.?
First Impression (pics)?
Since in Puerto Rico we don't have winter temperatures, where can I find plus size clothes summer style?
Does this sound ok to wear im male?
How old do you think I look??? ?
How old do I look to you?
How do I make my legs look smooth and not ugly from too much shaving??
Where can I get this Face and nail rhinestones?
whats worse tongue peircing or belly botton ?
What is your ideal height?
Why Do My Gel Nail Tips Keep Falling Off?!?
Where can I buy waxing strips WITHOUT wax on them?
Why do ugly or average blonds get more attention than pretty brunettes?
a store in springfield illinois that sells gee your hair smell terrific?
do you think im pretty?
Gel Overlays..... Any good?
What's ugly about me?
Do I have a monolid? Or a different eye shape?
Recommendation for Skinfood Product?
Can i wear make up the day of a spray tan?
want victoria secrets signature purfume in the ribbed bottle with the saphire blue and gold cap. can't find.
what is your favourite parfume?why?
If I cut my nails over the sink, do I drain them or throw them out?
What are some good eyebrow styles for chinese girls?
how can I take fake nails off? ?
How can I look amazing by tomorrow?
Should I keep or delete this photo?
Will you help me,girls?
Is Epilating or waxing better?
how do i make my butt bigger!? PLZ HELP EASY 10 POINTS!!!?
Girls, what are my chances in life? your opinion please?
abercrombie or hollister?
FOR GUYS: Do you prefer a blonde with blue eyes or a brunette with green eyes?
crisis help :) fashion?
At what age can you get a nose job?
What are the clear plastic tips on shoelaces called?
Which picture is the best ?
is this poem good! sorry for spelling errors!please read?
would you be scared of me?
good routine?
are tattoos sexy on women?
How would you (girls) rate my appearance?
why am i so ugly, please help?
Fashion Sense! Help Me Get Some! Please ?
What is your favorite perfume?
Does Baby Oil Stay Shiny When It Dries?
Girls,Im a Mexian 22 years old guy and im 5'2" that a good height?(10 points)?
How much does a haircut cost in a Unisex salon? (for men)?
Should I get this dress?
Cute pic? Keep or Delete?
How to hide male ear piercings?
is it wierd for a guitarist to polish his nails?
do you think i look paul newman when he was young?
why is it women are so bitchy with other women?
Ugly, Average, or Good Looking?
what are some sptions for acne scar skin besides surgery?
Do You think I'm pretty?
Why do razor back bra's and sports bra's hurt my shoulders so much?
Does my back look suitable for an open back dress?
How do i go from being ugly to gorgeous?
Would you peck on the check or frinch kiss on the first date?
If plumbers s are shunned and mocked why are hipsters encoraged to be worn as fashionable?
Is it better to be plain and clever or pretty and dumb?
What are some products that can help make sun spots disappear?
Are there any Happy Bunny fans out there?
can you spray paint felt?
so to get it right wash face normally then user
1960? how old if you are 49?
Chick Secrets? is it true.......?
what would you do if you break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend?
Everyone tells me i look like a country girl? (pic)?
How can I improve my looks? (pics)?
What do you think? pictures?
what kind of spas n massage nowadays people are into?
What color hair do guys like best on a girl?
How do you get rid of unibrow hair.?
What peircing jewelry is correct?
how do u think about hong kong people??
Any site or ideas for funky/casual outfit ideas?
What is a good website to find a key heart tattoo?
do you think boys would like me if i wore this?
Fashion help !!!!!!!! Please!?
Having a baby face and aging?
Who is the CUTEST!?
What are my good and bad features?
is my sister pretty???
Rate these girls at my school?
how can i shrink my shirt?
What am I???
What do you think of this girl's looks?
okay i think im like really pretty BUT?
ladies -- would you find my husband attractive ( pics included )?
what race of ladies is phsically the most attractive?
GIRLS ONLY: Is Michael Phelps really attractive or is it just his body?
I think I shop too much and I can't stop! what should I do? I'm getting broke!?
Describe the popular girls at your school?
Victoria's Secret Angels?
Look at my pic do you think I look fat or curvy?
Is it alright for boys to wear clear polish on their toes?
do you think i could be a teen model?
Do my bones make me look too skinny?/ are my collarbones too visible? *PICS*?
What should i wear for an interview ? Please help me?
how do i convince my grandma(i live with her) that i want to be emo?
i am so bored of my makeup.. helpp?
Do you like these ear piercings?
Am I cute? Ugly? honest question :S ?
Guys honestly, which is sexier?
am i really tall or is everyone short?
Does my hair look korean/kpop?
GIRLS: do you like it when guys wear jeans that fit their butts?
Am I pretty? Please no nasty comments. I have low enough self esteem as it is.?
Which hair style is better?
I'm too tall to model?
is there a hairdresser in Atlanta area that can fix hair at home?
Would I get more views by being myself? *pics*?
me with or without makeup?? (pics)
How long should I wait to change my belly button ring?
Where can I buy laboratories garnier c moisturiser in the UK?
Whats more attractive on guys, long faces or round faces?
Highschool =[?
Help I Need A Harmless Sleepover Prank!?
how can i fart in your soul?
Do I have any potential as a model?
Where can I buy Butter London nail polishes in Australia?
What Store Do they sell these kind of jeans?
Beauty question for all you ladies! Please help! Thanks!?
what nailpolish colour should i use?
how do i make myself prettier
new beauty channel! subscribe!?
Who is the most beautiful woman in the world?
DOES any1 really look like their avatar?!?
Girls what are your.................?
What can make my boots look better?
is it common for my eyes to be two diff colors? why are they like that? picture incudeddd(:?
Me and my friends have senior mob shots next week and we need creative ideas for class of 2013?
Cute, messy look??? HELPPP?
I need peoples opinion of my looks because I think I am ugly.?
Which girl is prettier?
I'm 26 and short. Do I have what it takes to break into modeling?
Do I look too childish in this pic....?
when getting married do you still wear the engagement ring?
How to pronouce the cologne JOOP?
What can someone do to make themselves smell nice?
Guys, and Gals*, What can I do to improve my appearance, (pics) ?
Dance remix?
do you think she is pretty ?
Plato and Symposium and beauty?
Nicknames for...?
I want my bangs layered but i don't know exactly how i want them. any suggestions?
how do i perce my own noise?
I get teased alot because I am very good looking?
what is cuticle my nails are small lit's not growing if i get fake nails it shuld look permenant nails?
what can you do to make your face get smaller withough getting any surgeries?
where can i get these boots?
Am i Pretty or hot or cute...anything?
Everyone in my school calls me a sl**? Do I really look like one?
Which is a bigger turn off?
Sex with a relative??
could i be a model...?
Would we make a cute couple?
Question for the pretty ladies?
Which girl is prettier?
dry knees and big
Am I the hottest guy, should I model?
ewww.... my nails are yellow... HELP!!!?
What to wear to Justin Bieber concert?
does this dress look bad on my dark skin? (pics of course)?
What eye color is this?
Is this girl pretty????
I have find out here why Alicia Silverstone is healthy and beautiful?
what body warmer / gilet sould i wear ?
what brand of temporary hair dye is good for a blonde?
Beauty pageant question?
Do earrings fit me well? -Pictures-?
Am I ugly? Be truthful.?
Beauty blogs? girls what do you think.?
Wanting to dye hair red?!?!?
Could i model or no? *pic*?
How to be confiendent about your appearance?
Is this fat?
i need a good book that is hard to put down?
what are some good homemade recipes for spa day?
What do to with gray lips?
whats the best way to keep the tips of your finger nails white.?
Which picture is better?
Is it a kind of fashion to have a replica handbags? Such as jimmy choo handbags?
Which photo is better?
What is a really awesome strong perfume out right now?
alright i got a couple of things to do tommorrow but what order should i do them in?
how to be more atractive to a girl?
Which is better? Gorgeous or beautiful?
can somebody please tell me how i look!!!!?
can a guy have the name Kaitlyn ?
33-27-36, 5'4'' girl are my measurements ok?
Ladies - what is your favorite perume?
How to convince my parents to let me get a lip piercing?
do you think i have what it takes to become a model?
Roses and .........................?
Can I be a model in America? (pictures)?
How would you rate this girl?
Rate me out of included?
Help? Infected ear piercing, wanna change it?
are these good nicknames?
What do you think about this quote?
do I really need a 10AA sports bra from?
which one of these girls are prettyer?
How can I be more feminine?
which hair style looks better?
Is the sizing at Victoria's Secret the same as the sizing at Target?
what duz yur fave av (avatar) look like?
what seasonal colouring do i have?
guys, answer this :) pleasee!?
What can be done for enlarged/scarred pores?
Does Pink and Blue go together?
Playboy Bunny tattoo?
What's Your Favorite Eye Color?
how old do i look?
Anyone an expert on nails? Because i need some help?
Would red plaid match with brown uggs?
If someone said you have eyes like a Disney princess...?
Should i change my name?
Do You Think Faith Evans Looked Good In The 90'S?
girls, would you make a boy over to look like a girl?
Question for the pretty ladies?
aishwarya rai hairstyle?
did i look better before or after?
Can I rinse my dark brown hair to bright orange using adore color?
Honest opinions, please!!!!!!?
How do we stop being judgemental?
drake bells graphic tee?
Any ideas on a good place to get good pedi's&gel nails w/poss unique airbrushing? in contra costa county.?
Do you think this girl can sing (video)?
Which Sedu Straightener is the best.....?
Can u rate me 1-10, 1 bein ugly as can be and 10 being beautiful PLEASE!!!???
What's Your Favorite Perfume?
What should i wear t?
What do you think of REALLY eccentric, "loud" nails with lots of colors and designs?
Has anyway seen the infomercial on thin n sexy body wrap?
What do you think about Olay facial products? Or do you know a really good lotion for dry&sensitive skin?
So- I'm Totally Fishing For Compliments.?
Which picture do you like better?
long natural nails.. can i put a fake nail tip on just one broken nail?? at home?
does anyone think i look like a doll here..?
Am I cut out for modeling?
Is it weird to have completely NO hair on your arms?
Who do you think is better looking?
Hott vs. Cute [question for guys]?
For Girls: What should I do to look better?
What do you think about Calvin Klein Eternity for Women?
Mac help? There's a black box around everything?
a question to guys please (FOR GUYS) please be mature?
What sort of sunglasses should I get?
Green or brown eyes with dirty blonde hair.?
Are round eyes Japanese?
Fall clothing options limited! HELP!?
My friends think I look like a llama, what do you think? (PIC)?
why im i so ugly?????????
do i look as good as robert pattinson?
anyone here have a mp3 player???????????
I just had a question about getting a nose job...?
Girls, What's you favourite perfume?
help, should i shave it away or do you find it good?
I love modelling – but do you think I should instead try to make my mark with an acting career?
j.lo's wedding dress?
YOUR OPINION...Could i be a MALE model (pics)?
can a guy wear a pink hoodie ?
Hey please can someone tell me if im pretty?
China Glaze, OPI, or Orly?
whats sexyer blue eyes or green?
Weird question: How can I look more Asian?
I'm Ugly and I know it!!!!?
have they discontinued making the original Lauren perfume?
do i have a pretty smile?
girls:what beauty gadget or product you can't leave without?
Has anyone used ProActive and found it to be not effective?
What are the most unflattering or ugly clothing materials you can think of?
What is the best New York modeling agency?
Waxed sideburns........... Advice please? (preferably from asian/indian women)?
Where can I get fan shaped acrylic nails applied in Houston Texas?
Am I pretty?????????????????????
Is this top cute or ugly? Would you wear it?
what type of piercing should i get, the indutrial or eyebrow?
What would cause a gel nail top coat to bubble?
Which color of freshlook dimensions should I get?
what website can i check out thousands of different haircolors and styles and designs?
Where can I find Pictures?
Which sister do I look more like?
Honestly, can you tell these are colored lenses?
I need a name for my beauty salon and want it to be unique and interesting.?
Who do you love more? Your Mom or your Dad?
Do we look alike? Bonus question.?
Do i look better with lots of make up??? What are your thoughts on me and how can i improve?
Am I really that ugly? (pic)?
Is there a website where you can rate peoples looks?
Do hip piercings only look good on super skinny girls?? (Pics included)?
if you are getting your ears pierced a second time, how far apart should the top and bottom earings be?
Do you think a beautiful or an average girl can see herself ugly as hell? or Can she be really ugly?
what type of lotion is best to use when your skin has acne?
What do you think of a Mohawk on a girl?
Cheetah and Zebra room?
Immediate Response please! "rockstar day"?
since it seems like no women like me as a man should i dress as a woman fulltime& what should i wear?
I have no idea what to wear, what to do for my hair, and makeup help!!?
Do i have what it takes to be a model???
Girls,is it normal for a guy to have less shoes than his girlfriend(10 points)?
New look please, im 15 and don't have any style or confidence, i think im ugly and im very shy.?
Rate me on a scale of 1-10?
Am i too FAT for this dress??? *pic included?
Girls and Guys, what type of earrings do you like and wear?
Color contacts: Opinion?
Would it be okay to let a thirteen year old get french tips?
WHAT LOOKS BETTER? curly, straight or up? thanks?
I got an Ear Piercing at Claires one week ago. I am getting sick of the earring, can I exchange it?
do you think i would look good with.......ANSWERRRRRR: ]
do i look good (girls only) (picture)?
Would this hair color suit me s best answer?
rate me (picture included)?
Whats it like at school dances?
Why do the rich and famous always have nice and smooth soft skin??
is 5 feet 5 inches tall????
What is the best bra to get after a training bra?
What color of colored contacts should I get (pics)?
Do you like Hot Pink or Lime Green better???
Gray eyes?!?
What would be a good name for a beauty salon for teens ?
Where Can I find some decent nose rings *screws* not studs?!?
any coupon codes for JCP portraits?
Which hair color do you like best? (PICS)!!!?
How do I look to you?
Who Think's She's Sooooo Gorgeous!! Just Me?? (Pic Included!!)?
what do you think of this?
I have a hive 1000cc wax heater?
How can I become beautiful?(:?
Do i need tapers to Gauge my ears?
Im getting my first manicure tomarrow!!?
What store sales WHOOZBLOOZ authentic jeans?
Why are girls obsessed with their looks?
Question on Brazilian Wax?
Which would be best for a profile picture?
Whats an excuse not to wear leggings....?
Was I wrong to pierce my nose?
Help with perfume purchase?
I'm a 16 year old boy I look at myself every-time I'm in the shower or bath is that a problem?
Is she pretty? (Pics)?
I have sensitive skin and at the moment have few pimples and uneven skin tone, what home remedies can i use?
What do i need to do to be pretty?
What is the best mask that will take acne way, but not over dry? thank you.?
Should plus-sized models go to open calls?
What color cami would look good under a gray polo?
when to tell your mother you need bras?
girls what first comes to mind....?
How girl what man to look like?
Fashion advice! BTW Imma girl.?
how would you rate this facial profile?
What size wearable area should i get for silicone eyelet plugs?
Should I dye my hair light or dark?! PLEASE HELP =) [with pics]?
how hard do u still have to work before you look as good as me?
How do I find a family member who is a model?
Hot topic social collision jeans?
Where can 14 year old girls look for places to model?- thank you?
how can i become a CIA operative?
Do we look alike? (pics)?
Which colors match my skin tone best and am I pretty?
Which bed set is prettier for a girl's dorm room (all answers appreciated)?
something about hip huggers...a.k.a. low rise?
Do girls like Black guys with fade haircut?
Where would I send my picture to see if I look good enough to be a model? Any Specific places?
Embarrassing situation with hollister
do i have a nice body?
How can I fart?!?!?!?!?
Girls what makes you reject a dude?
How to get rid of freckles?
does getting your ears peirced hurt?
Me and my friend are having an arugement iover better makeup, maybelline or cover girl, which do you like more
New Youtube Beauty Channel?
how to become a blonde fast?
At what age did you????????????????
Is this photo unflattering?
how old were u when you 1st got drunk?
Would this hairstyle look ok on me?
How do I look? + pic?
what would you rate yourself?
Do I look fat in this picture?
Opinions about Natural cosmetics.... What is better between chemical and natural? why?
i was thinking about going out tonight dressed as a woman what should i wear?
Do you think my name is pretty? Idkk.?
Do you think I am average, cute, pretty, or hot?
what dress can i love waer and a boy liks?
Do I really look like Zayn Malik?
Does Target sell a lot of perfume?
(10points) which is the best perfume or deodrant for men?
Guys what perfume?
.s How can i be a LOT more attractive?
TIPSSS!!!! i need some....plz help?
Do you think I could I bee a model?
Could I be a plus sized model?
wha color do these eyes look to you?
What do you think of my Halloween costume idea?!?
Does this picture gross you out?
do i look weird with bang?
Can i get in the bath tub after having my belly pierced if i put epsom salt in it?
Confused and sad. help please?
How to be Stylish?
10 points if U comment my Video!?
is there a new cream for black men shaving to eliminate bumps and ingrown hairs?
What's your initial opinion of a girl with piercings?
Do you think she's pretty?
are you ugly???????????????????
briefs or boxers or boxer briefs?
Which perfume do you wear?
How To Remove Acrylic Nails?
I want to start dance?
do u like this pic?
How old do I look? pic included?
Do you think she is pretty?!?
Girls: what is your favorite finger nail color?
people on answers...?
(guys AND girls) Am I Ugly?? Honest opinions, rate me 1-10?