Okay, Rephrase: Does shaving body hair stimulate hair growth?
Help! ideas on making a last minute kung fu costume?
AM i too tall for my age?
Do you think my Avatar is Hott ???
Should i paint my nails black or dark purple/berry?
Opinion on photo for facebook?
Which of these should I buy in sapphire color?
what color should i wear?
Do u find this scary? (pic)?
which sweat suit would look best on me/ is cuter overall?
does she just have the most beautiful features?
How can i look pretty (PICS) ???????
For Girls Only (Sorry boys)?
Which of these girls is prettier? (pics)?
TOILET PAPER - are you a folder or a scruncher?
ladies, how do i look? what do you think if i told you that im studying biomedical engineering?
I'm really tall. How can i look shorter?
A question for perfume Addicts?
Hey guys, please rate him on 10?
I want to start a beauty website, is there anything I should know before hand?
Best kind of hollow needles?
do you feel ugly?
Am I pretty? (Pics included)?
Am I good looking 15 year old boy?
Girls: Based on this, how would you rate my looks?
my eyes get really dried out sometimes. is there something i can do about this to prevent the dryness?
What would you rate me?
lokking for hot girl?
Do you think that technology has made our generation "better-looking" than generations before?
Help with Contact lens?
What to wear to a college interview?
Whos more pretty.?
Am I Pretty?? Be honest?
Do they look kinda the same?
What is perfume called in Britain?
Does Sally beauty supply sell nail polish sets?
I got accepted for the chance to become Miss Teen USA 2009 (Donald Trump's Organization), should I do it?
i am a boy and want to become hot and sexy girl,how will you[girls] make me girly as you all ?
What is the best way to get a tan if you are white?
Does Talika Eyebrow Lipocilis Really Help Eyebrow Hair Grow???
What are good ways for me to convince my dad to let me get my nose pierced? (:?
Guys: Do you like girls with curly hair or straight hair?...Pick 1 only......?
Hello, I was wondering can you help me find Qristy' Design clothing web site. Thank you?
Are there Hot Guys in Macedonia? Example: Enrique Iglesias...?
who is prettier? why?
What are the preparation for building a flower shop?
Do You Think She's Fat? (pic included)?
does anyone know what the number is on the back of costume jewellery. I have old brooches with no's?
What do you think of the way a woman should dress when she's a bit older...?
just wondering what you think... picture.?
please rate me? (looks/face and body)?
Help!!?!?!?!?!? Please!!!!?
How to look younger?
Who do you think is the cutest?
What is best for a movie and dinner night?
Do i look like a pin-up girl (halloween costume, pics)?
What colour shall i do my nails darlings?
Pretty Or Brilliant?Which one is very important?
Who is better looking?
Is St Tropez Instant Bronzing Mist good?
Best Friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Forever?
Would you call me hot? Or popular? Beautiful or average?
How to be handsome without mustache?
What's the difference between the Ulta salon haircut and style or signature haircut and style?
How can I make the 1940's modern?
Do you know when the Victoria Secret Sale ends?
what should an apple shaped figured girl wear?
With a name like Chankunos-Debrfilin Smythe...?
Girls do you think baby-face is ugly on a guy?
Last one I promise! who's prettier (pics)?
What do you think of this figure, please? *pics included*?
Girls, what do you think of these shoes?
Eyelash extention good/bad?
Is my friend pretty enough to model?
Do my girlfriend and i make a cute couple?pic included?
how to look your best?
Do I look FAT, please be honest i wont get offended by rude comments! thanks.?
what is love?
where do the most beautiful girls in the world come from?
R u like popular??
How old do I look here?
do you like Gold Bong Ultimate Restoring CoQ10 Lotion?
How to look older?(serious response please)?
Do i have any nice facial features that stands out ?
Stubble or Clean-Shaven?
What do you think...?
What to wear to a party with boys?
What's the best way to trim?
GUYS: If you make eye contact with a girl what does it mean?
Does anyone know where I can find a Beverly Hills Gold Birthstone girl charm in 14kt yellow gold?
What is this medical condition (SERIOUSS!!! No $ for dermatologist)?
Would i look good with this haircut?
How would u like to look?
Will I lose the weight?
What ingredient can I use instead of borax to make bath bombs?
haircut ideas!?
Baby Pikachu costume (Pichu)? Help?
What do you prefer: women who is beautiful but brainless or inteligent but not too beautiful?
I need help changing from tomboy to a more girly girl (Note that I said I want to be more girly, not a...)?
can you bleach your hair with a new belly piercing?
Do I look like Sam from Icarly?
Who do you think is Prettier ?
"Gel Nails" Ideas, Appointment Tomorrow?
Which dress is better? [pics included]?
What are some good songs to play at a high school party?
1-10 am i ugly pretty or ok.? be honest but included!?
Who do you think is prettier : ) ?
Do I look like my avatar?
I'm a seriously short person i still have to shop a lot in the kids section and my 8th grade formal is this ye?
how pretty do i look here?
Do you think I'm pretty? Be completely honest, please.?
My friend just called me "beautiful".....(picture)?
Hey there, am trying to find a salon for my 15.?
tips on new look! :D?
being a teen.. can someone help?
How Do I Smell Really Good?
cute vests for teenage girls?
Girls, would you help a crossdresser with their clothes, shoes, makeup, hair and nails if they asked?
How can I make myself more attractive (pictures)?
Any ways to be pretty? What can I do to better my looks? I'm honestly ugly & black. & I'd love to be pretty?
my dress is ivory,i have 1 older bridsmaid that is wearing redis it ik 2 put my 3 younger bridsmaids in ivory?
Do I look like Miley Cyrus? I hope not but....?
What is the longest time you have gone without taking a shower?
Do you have any Makeup and hair style ideas for me?!?
How can i darken or get more freckles on my face?
haircuts for different face shapes?
What would be a good tattoo?
How to become a fashion model?
What can i use to clean a rubber dress?
is it just me?
What do you think of this photo? Need opinions please.?
What would you think if u saw a guy wearing this in the mall?
Who is prettyer?
How Do You Think I Look?
Model Agency's in uk for teens?
i need help!!! I am going to be in a beauty pagent for the first time, and it's only based on looks and attire
why do black girls have such gigantic butts?
I REALLY want to be a model! can I do it?
guys what size do you prefer for girls breast?
Which is sexier: Blonde or Brunette?
are tattoos unattractive?
Why is that most of the time I get called cute by girls but rarely good looking or handsome?
Girls...what you love most about being a girl?
I would like to know what the black stuff around the top of the earring is called?
Which profile pic..... (picture included)?
Hi! I have job interviews next week. Professional business makeup and style advice please? Thank you.?
Rate 1-10. Am I Pretty? (Pics)?
Which moisturizing facial cream is the best for healthy beautiful glowing skin?
Are there any good beauty gurus that are Asian but are dark-skinned?
WHO has the new years resolution to stop biting there nails??
how many shoes do girls have?
What celebrites do I look like?
can anyone give me the E mail address of BRITNEY SPEARS?
Is pubic hair back in fashion?
What do you think about this girl?
Is 5'9" tall for a female or just above average, but I'm male 5'9" and feel short?
Guys, which is hotter? red heads or blondes?
blue purple and white box that manicures nails?
Who's prettiest out of these four?
Is this girl pretty? ?
my sister says im ugly ...?
Looking for an Anti-Wrinkle Cream Commercial?
Do I look fat in this???
how do u get acrylic nails off?
beauty help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
How can I stop feeling ugly?
Do you think I am sexy?
What do you think of these two girls?
im a week and a half late for my time of the month,ive taken a pregnancy test but its negative. im worried?
What is wrong w/ my looks?
How do my lips look overall?
How does it feel to...?
Do You Think I'm Fat?? I feel...?
Is there any men girls at ur school who want to beat u up yet for no reason?
wen will i get married???
My mom won't listen.can I change her opinion?
have you had eyelash extensions?
Helppp ! I need a proom dress !?
Best feature in guys? girls only..?
question about stockings?
best pefume you have ever smelled or owned ?
Will dying my hair black look bad?
who looks the prettiest????????
Why do they say it's impossible to be perfect?
What is it that makes a girl beautiful?
Which Jacket should i get?
Would I look good with feather extensions? If so what color?
is there a way for getting dimples at home read?
Teenage girls answer please?
Any good and cheap beauty secrets?
would u consider him hot (girls only)?
Quick! What color is your shirt!?
why are girls jealous of me?
Girls, what would you think if a guy texted you this...?
what do you think is the preetiest about her?
How many sprays are in a 2.5 fl oz cologne bottle?
GUYS! What does a guy look for in a girl???
How old is 20 moons?
Why do SOME girls think you have to show skin to be sexy?
Im going to get my nose pierced need a good place, does it hurt, and how much does it cost.?
do you think i look paul newman when he was young?
who is prettier the one on the left or right???
how old do i look?
Do you think Im pretty?
Who do you think is prettier?
Girls, do you think this man is hot??
Am I at all pretty?
what do you think about women or girls who don't shave their legs and armpits?
How does everyone shower so quickly?
How accurate is
do i look younger brown then blonde?
What does authenic Tiffany necklace says?
Please help!!! everyone comment.?
What color should I get?
whats a good nickname for carolina ?
What color would you say my eyes are?
Are Indian Girls The Only Beuty In World Or Say They The Most Beutifull In Whole Universe Is That True?
I live in GA and wanted to buy contacts.?
How would you rate me on a scale of 1-10?
What is more attractive?
is it okay if i think im very attractive?
how can i grow my eyelash?
Is this offensive to a girl?
Guys? Which of these girls is more attractive?
How to bring punk style to my school uniform?
Why is everyone so infatuated with being SEXY?
how can you become more pretty naturally?
Girls; which is the better nail out of these for Christmas?
How to get smooth legs after shaving?
who is madhusmita jena ?
Do these outfits sound emo to you?
We need help! Which would look best?
What to wear with oversized sweather?
Is a diamond Face shape Good or Bad?
do these two girls look alike i need opinions for a bet?
Do you think i am pretty?
Should a 12 taper/ guage be okay to start with?
Sally's Beauty Supply?
Would it take about 2 weeks?
are guys really attracted to girls with good skin?
Is this too much makeup for homecoming?
Why do i weigh so much more than i look like i do?
Be Delicious by DKNY?
whats the disadvantage of being a hot girl?
What was the name of DKNY's original fragrance?
is it possible to be really beautiful but not see your own beauty because of low self esteem?
i think i am so ugly....................................…
how can i find nail business sale?
POLL: Who has the best nose?
can someone help me on this issue please?
Pic, What is wrong with my face?
Should I remove my "beauty mark" (pic)?
Do you think shes pretty? (pic)?
follow for follow on tumblr?
I have my ears normally peirced, but I want them gauged?
who's hotter? be honest...?
Who is hotter Mary Cheney or Dennis Hastert?
7 years ???
Could I model? For Abercrombie and Fitch?
Am I rich?
Can someone help me.... Umm girl most likely!?
What cosmetics brands are popular in these countries? Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore?
Sexy perfumes that last?
Does this jeans look too tight on me?
Rate my appearance honestly?
Girls, how much do the appearance of teeth matter?
How does this haircut look on me?
What shall I wear to a party?
How old do I look? I'm worried?
Gel, acrylic or fiberglass nails and why?
Am I too tall for a girl?
questions about solor uv gel nails?
HOW HOW HOW OH HOW do I stop biting my nails??????
will guys still date me?
beauty spots?yes or no?
is money as important as LOVE ?
How should I wear my hair? Help?
what color should I dye my hair?
What do you think of this jumper? Does it look too young for a 17 year old to wear?
Opinions needed. Girls only?
is it good to be pretty??
can someone tell me everything you need to do acrylic nails?
Girls, how often do you shower?
I am 20 years old, and never been in a relationship, feedback please?
Assessments for making home made bath products please help!!?
Losing Weight?
Would I look good with Zooey Deschanel's hairstyle?
do girls also try to impress boys ?if yes then in what way ?
GUYS: Brunettes vs. Blondes?
Do i really look like this model?
When something looks beautiful to u, Is it ur heart or ur mind , Which tells u that it is beautiful ?
girls, do you usually wear thongs or panties?
Sould I model for A&F?
I have a wide face and i'm a girl is that a good thing or a bad thing?
Do you think I need to loose weight? picture included.?
what is the country u think that woman have the most beautiful eyes ?
Is Tanzanite worth allot?
why don't boys like me?
help me pleeez...?
Girls what is your morning beauty routine?
My friend wants to look prettier, Any advice?
is my 'look' good for modeling?
Girls am i too muscular?? (Honest Opinions please) pics and vid?
Girls and guys, how do you think i look?
can you help me out?
why is that girls get mad or give you a mean look when u really think that they knock out beautiful?
What's a good perfume?
nutra nail gel perfect?
do i look better with brown or black hair?
How can I improveeeee?!!!??!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?
How can I enhance my looks.?
Could i ever be a model?
I think my ear piercing is infected... what can I do?
is this ugly????? opinions!!!! :)?
Who is this scene girl?
Can anyone please make me an outfit on polyvore for school?
Cheapest braces in St. George utah?
What is my body shape? DO I have a nice figure?
Which boy is cuter (pics)?
What is a good sincere gift for a friend to give back something for throwing a big party for me on my b-day?
Girls,what do you think of a guy with too many clothes(10 points)?
What do you hate about yourself?
Do men like women to look more natural?
what to wear as a parent to senior night football?
Girls, don't feel bad when you look at a V. secret catalogue?
Question about Snake bites (piercing)?
Ladies: do you wear makeup everyday?
Keep the nose ring,or ditch it? *Pic* & promised 10 points?
am i ugly? (photos included)?
What do you think is best for me? :)?
What color piercing should I get?
Models Do you have any experience with this modeling agency?
am i cute?pretty? or just ugly?(pic included)?
How can I not get checked out by guys?
new hair styles, makeup??? ((PICTURE))?
JUST pierced my monroe..what do you think?
what girl is the prettiest? rate them in order?
knee length skirt or skort with...?
make me pretty? make over?
Is ostrich leather durable for a work boot?
What salon name do you like better?
what do you think of my new lip ring?
belly pricing hurts really bad?
Easy points pretty or not??
I'm a 34 dd could I wear a 34 d or 36 d?
Is this beauty?
nutra nail gel perfect?
why do guys never say anything after girls take hours or a long time doing their makeup and getting dressed up
Its my daughters 12th birthday coming up!?
great news!!!!!!?
what is the name of the perfume from the 90's...?
Ladies! Your opinions needed! What's the first thing you look for in a guy's physical appearance?
NAILS/TOES: Your Opinions On This Girls?
What adidas perfume is the best smelling?
What do you think of each girl? (:?
Who's Hotter (Pics) ?
im i pretty? (im a girl)?
Am i disgustingly fat?
who's prettier?
are their nail salons in turkey and syria?
Help, I'm not photogenic...?
Should I try dying my hair blond (pix)?
How would you describe a woman with my measurements/proportions? (38-29-39)?
My boyfriend says I'm really ugly. Am I?
Is there a way to make my Sperrys a little darker tan?
do you like this picture?
Men ONLY! please answer?
Which is the best tooth whitening product available over the counter?
Am I too tall for 5 inch heels?
Do You Like this Outfit? (Picture)?
Why do I feel so UGLY!?
Have you ever asked us to rate you on a scale of 1-10?
I want a cute scene name, what should i use with my name: bridget?
the sexiest girl: redhead, brunette or blond?
Which one of these guys you think is better looking?
who is prettier??????????????????????
What Celebrity Do I Look Like?!?
Pretty or Not 1-10 (pic)?
orange fake nails?
What color eyes and hair do guys like on girls?
So pretty/average/ugly we wanna know?
What is your VERY BEST weight loss tip?
How old do I look?
how should i get mi mohawk?
if you HAD to look like someone other than yourself who would you look like?
Where can I get a shirt like this?
Does anyone know of a cream to make age spots fade?
Am I pretty? Rate me please?
Middle School HELP!!!?
Dealing with people who don't understand your style?
do guys really care if a girls nails are done?
group name for 3 girl best friends?
Help and opinions in modeling?
what age do girls start growing Public Hair?
How to keep smelling good?
I need some designs for my manicure?
Is "cutie" a good thing? how can i become beautiful?
my boyfriend shves his armpits is that normal?should i be worried that he might be gay?HELP ME!!!!!!?
Where to buy Estee Lauder Men's Intuition Stick Deodorant?
What do you think of these names for girl triplets?
What does it mean if you are told you are beautiful in a "different" way? Should I be offended?
Who is prettiest? Rate 1-10 (PICS)?
happy with the way you look?
has anyone ever heard of a cologne called body x?
why my country doesnt have a delegate in mr international?
Am I short for a girl?
should a 13 year old boy wear boxers or briefs?
my body and modelling....?
How long does it take for Sally's Beauty supply to arrive?
Am I attractive or not? If not how can I improve?
what nose shape do most people like the most?
I'm 5'9. Would this floor-length dress be long enough for me? And, how do I measure from hollow to hem?
am i model material.....picture included?
How can I look more emo?
What are solar nails? ?
10 points..which name is better for a blonde hair man?
How much would Platos Closet pay for these items...?
I wan to change myself completely. But I need your help?
going to a beauty school for service?
have you heard of christian lorrein watches?
Is it weird that I really want to be a girl?
designs and help?
Ideas for writing a narrative on Lightness to Dark ASAP PLEASE?
What picture should I use as my MySpace picture?
i would like to work from home dealing with medical billing coding please advice me in the right drirections?
Which celebs do you think are pretty, cute, hot, and beautiful?
Does anyone besides me hate fake breasts? I hate implants, would rather be with a flat woman than with fake!?
And now for the swimsuit round?
How can I learn to French Inhale and blow smoke rings? I smoke the Misty Lights 120's. They should look?
people that have their nose pierced?!? need help!?
Upper Lip Hair.?
What should I wear with this?
Name your favorite clothing store.?
who is most attractive?
Why do guys only notice you when you look good and not when you are yourself?
Do you think you're pretty?
How come girls think they need make up and sexy clothes to look pretty?
Who do you like better? Lindsay Lohan or Hilary Duff?
Do I have to loose weight? :D (pic)?
what do you think of this body?
I don't want to be labeled as goth....?
Hair , makeup and clothes ! Usually a friend , but my worse ennemy.?
do you think she's pretty? miss universe contestant..?
what would be a size 2 in shoe lengths?! HELP ME PLEASEEE :(?
How to figure out my cartilage gauge help please.?
Why do I look so young?
what do you think of her?
Info on Shoppers Drug Mart Fragrance Sampler?
What is the Best eye cream for Dark Circles?
what store has good bras for small chested females?
What do you think of me?
What to wear to College?
How do i look from behind in a bikini? (picture)?
cheek piercings???????????????????
Should I Tan or Stay Pale?
Would I look good with Zooey Deschanel's hairstyle?
Hey girls, do you think it's gay to wear tight jeans being a guy ? or is it emoish ?
Famous Dave's Tanner Question?
Ladies, Do I have a weird looking body?
What do women, appearance wise, find most attractive in a man?
Can someone give me some pics Of the Band THE MAINE etc...=)?
Normal nails after years of biting?
Do I look like I'm 14 in this photo...?
girls, what do you think?
Ladies, do you like to wear sexy bikinis?
How attractive is Scott Disick to you?
What should I wear to Las Vegas this june, please!! I have NO idea!!!?
I think I ruined my eyebrows forever?
Olive oil for dry nails, cuticles and fingers?
What can I do to improve my looks?
What would look good on me?
Am i ugly?
Girls: What do you think of this bag? and is it worth $25?
What can i do to increase my weight?
Girls, do you look at guys eyebrows?
rate me? (pic included)?
How do i look? Any new ideas?
help?? girls only please!!?
how old do i look?? [[PICS]]?
Can Airbrush designs be added and removed on pink and white manicures?
how do i delete my avatar I made it look like a boy by aksadent?
Is a nose ring attracting?
How to change eyebrow shape without them looking sparse?
who all have a myspace account?????
Why do I think I look bad in pics?
where can you get color contact lenses?
What is considered a "cute" laugh?
How do you think I look?
Girls what do you think of brown streaks on men?
Wet Seal fashion? website?
What do guys look for in a girl? (that means looks and personality)?
would i look good with this haircut?
Do you think I am pretty? (picture)?
What can a wear as a girl with a "pear" figure?
Beauty school? is it a waste of money? Can I get a good job in this career? how much did it cost you?
I can't decide, is coloured nail polish cute or not?
Why won't my nails grow?
Why do I feel so ugly (pic)??
We ran out of soap!!!!!!!!what to do? you think I look ok?
What do girls think about guys like this?
Does anyone...?
Blue, green, or hazel eyes?
any pretty girls please show pics?
How to make old clothes you've already wore in school look different?
In your opinion, what is your definition of beautiful?
Jacket help!? 10 points to best answer?
where do i get this?
i want my tragus pierced but i have to swim?
project name block...pls help?
skin question?
Ladies! What is your height and how much do you weigh?
What is beautiful about you?
Is this a good dress for semi formal?
Am i pretty? would this make a good profile picture?
which girl is prettier, why? (pics)?
What can make my skin paler? you find girls with lip rings on just one side of their mouth sexy ?
please help, I have a question about modeling? best answer:)?
What do you think of these nails?
What colored winter boots should I wear with green and pink Jeggings?
What to wear to graduation?
is it weird to wear jeans under a dress?
how to Improve my looks??????????
How to make Numbing Stuff?
beauty spots?yes or no?
Spray on tan..where someone sprays you. Not a booth.?
do girls reject boys the same height as them?is a 5'8 male short?how tall are you?
What is my skin tone?
do you think she should model?
i am ugly how can i feel better about myself..pic included?
Should I get this haircut? (pics fixed)?
Do you think Barack Obama is handsome? why or why not?
Hey everone so do you think boys should wear girls clothes?
I think I am sexy. What do you think?
What would match to these pair of Shoes?
what your take on his or not????????
tongue piercing...?
Which photo do you like better?
Do i Have female like facial characteristics?
MODELS too, TOO THIN? MADRID and MILAN think so. Now they want curves. What do You think?
Brown eye's or blue eyes?
What do you think of this guy's appearance?
do you prefer fake nails are real nails?♥♥?
There is this really immature guy at school...?
Question About Bikini Line?
what do girls think of skinny/anorexic guys?
what are the chances of somebody i know seeing me on here ?
what can i do to improve my appearance??(pics included)?
I am a male to female crossdresser do you think my mom went to far.?
which is the best toothpaste and tooth brush?
Which of my friends is prettier?
does it look slutty?
what do you think of this girl?
this poem i wrote for you big guy..good luck?
Who is prettier and why?
How should I do my nails?
What Brands Of Clothing Do We See This Girl/Woman Wearing In This Picture?
Is tan skin/dark hair/grey, blue, green eyes pretty to guys?
Does anyone know the required # of school hours for a licensed nail tech in Florida state?
Im afraid to ask but is this pic of me nice..? Ive never had a gf.. So just wondering...?
A Q for the guys....?
Does she have my dream guy because she is prettier?
do you think im ugly?
Why do women's shirts have buttons on the opposite side as men's?
How to stop feeling ugly?
Does laser erbium really work for looking younger?
Could I wear this to a wedding?
Do you like this outfit?
I'm tired of being "Cute". I want to be sexy!?
Girls, how old do i look?
Looking for a gorgeous new aftershave for my boyfriend this christmas, need some ideas?
Do you personally think they're pretty?
Ways to paint my nails?
Boys: Help me choose which ones best :)?
Witch outfit do you like best?
Does anyone know a good electric razor for girls', that you can use in or out of the bathtub?
Need help ASAP its for tomorrow?
Do you think angel bites would suit me?
can you help me.. find a haircut?!?!?!?!?!?
what is the step by step way of getting acrylic nails?
what really happens when......?
People always tell me I have great hands. What do I do to become a hand model?
Clinique Happy OR Happy Heart?
where can i buy pre designed nail tips?
translate this spanish sentence into english pleasse! ?
where are you from ??
Can someone tell me info on lip injections in Toronto?
i have to do a 2 page interview paper about myself but i dont know haw to start it off or what ques to use?
whens the right time!!?
Girls What do you think Hot or not?
this is for my gurls?
Should I have my hair purple or brown?
Ok tips on stop tin?
Am i ugly because people tell me i am :(?
self-done monroe,taken out in hr and black dot?
What is it like to go to a spa?
Do gel nails weaken your natural nails?
how do i make my own shoes?
Need help find a wig/hair color in time for halloween?
i really want to get my nose pierced but my mom said no but my friend just go hers we are both )down belw?
When did u get your first kiss?
What is the best hairstyle for a tall round face person?
how can i get a middle school makeover?
who do you find more attractive?
how old would you say i looked from these photos?
what do you think about guys shaving their legs?
Can you make a decent living out of writing for blogs? How?
Girls only: When did you start shaving you legs?
What are "thread counts" on bed sheets and what is a good "number" and why?
what do you think about me?
YSL did a perfume called champagne,but it got renamed.Anyone know what its called now & is it still available?
Can ultrasound technicians paint their nails?
How much do you think she weighs?
any good nail salons in the burbank glendale area?
Do I look good in a unibrow?
do anyone enjoy the avatars that yall created?
I want to get a special kind of three-ring binder made, where would I go for this?
Do I have porcelain skin or peachy- cream skin?
industrial earring help?
Is there any way to make my eyebrows darker naturally?
What is the most unattractive physical quality?
Do think this kind of guy looks good in dark blue skinny jeans?
who is prettier blonde or brunette?
i hate my hands, pIease heIp?
Does this hat look good?
do you have to cut your nails before getting acrylic or gel nails?
A facial by a professional?
Which girl do you find most attractive? Why?
What is the most attractive colour on a person?
Should I marry him?
wat will i do to make my nails strong?
What do you think of these shoes for a tomboy?
Girls - 4 outfits for catwalk please?
I am thirteen and flat chested .?
Hip Microdermal Piercings?
im gonna cut my skirt,,should i??
please helppppppp!!!!?
should i go for lasik?
How many and how much: bras?
Homecoming essentials?
Who's prettier!? be honest please. :)?
I want to model. Advice please. (:?
GIRLS! am i that UGLY?? (pic inside)?
What would you wear with this?
I know I'm ugly, how can I look better?
Where can I get free instructions on designs to paint my nails?
When buying pants online?
does the fairness creams we see in the ads really work?
What is appropriate to wear for a second wedding?
how to contact beachbaby clothing corp of manila?
How to choose perfumes?
Are Curvy Girls more hot??
Question for the pretty ladies?
who is cuter of these two guys?
who's prettier???????????????????????????
Do you honestly think this is the prettiest girl you've ever seen?
do I look fake to you?
Rate My pic?
What is the best picture to put on Myspace? (Pics Included)?
What eye color do you prefer?
Has anyone ever heard of using a vacuum hose to plump your lips?
Would I look good with Zooey Deschanel's hairstyle?
how do i upload default picture?
Who's prettier/better looking? Just curiousss.?
What kind of model could i be?
If i am pretty at a young age will i always be pretty?
does jcpennys, macys, and/or dillards sell good straight legged jeans?
Do nose piercings get gross when you have a cold?
Who grows old more Gracefully MEN or WOMEN????and who keeps there looks more ???
What's the deal with my lower lip?
Everybody I meet says that me and my brother are identical? but I don't see it?
Should i paint my nails black ?????? lol?
Should i do dark chocolate brown or dark espresso brown what one is lighter?
What's your fave eye color? Why?
How can you get rid of a boy that you don't like?
How can I pull off an empire waist dress?
who looks more beautiful britney or angelina?
What type of self tan is better- mousse or spray?
Is my skintone warm, cool, or neutral?
how can i make myself attractive!?
some help for a girl from some girls please?
Which one is not so pretty? galz only plz..?
What stores carry Mira Hail Oil?
Help to dress like Black Widow?
Which girl is prettier? Pic included :)?
whom do u think is the most beautiful women?
What's the best alternative to Clinique's three step?
What do you think about THIS? (pics)?
How DO WE KNOW that someone is old JUST BY LOOKING (pics)?
Looking for a 1969 issue of glamour magazine which featured my late sister, Laurie. How can I get one?
I am having problems choosing a cosmetology school?
How often do you change your bra?
What color would you say my eyes are?
Do you think shes hot, pretty?
Sexiest Woman in the World?
Skin Problem HELP!!need rajan naidu advice- any everyone elses who might be helpful! thanks?
how to be beautiful and confident preteen?
Would you consider me pretty?
This guy looks good,average or bad?
ok just for fun :]. what do u first think when u see these pictures of me?
am i atractive?
Is my face model worthy?
What beauty product could you not live without and why?
Last one week life style?
***How old do i look?*** (pics)?
whats your best physical feature?
what does "beautys in the eye of the beholder" mean?
Mustache shaving problem...?
Am I Pretty? -PICTURE-?
Which sweater do you like better?
how do you perfect a french manicure?
1 good friend here told me that she increased her boob size with pills given for irregular periods. itsname pl
How long do you need to wait untill you can change the cartilige earring?
Is My Best Friend Pretty, She's Going To Ask A Guy Out But Needs Proof That She's Pretty Is She?
Help! !!! How can I take chiclets (gum) from my jeans?
Do I have a Weird hairline?
What do you think of this girl?
Help with eyebrow ring?
Why havent i changed?>?
How long do you need to wait untill you can change the cartilige earring?
If I have a big nose does that make me ugly?
Do I have what it takes to be a model?
How do I look? Girls and guys?
What do u think of these flats? What would look cute with them?
what should I major in during college?
is statment nails in for spring 2012?
Girls, do you like this....?
Im trying to find a shirt that has an upside down tree along the neck line with some white birds by the roots.
what eyes do you prefer?
is it bad to compliment people?
my mom won't let me shave -.-?
Would this be to tacky to have a t-shirt of?
HELP!Paul Mitchell in kendall or Aveda in fort lauderdale?
favorite perfume?
Girls and guys, here's an odd question?
are you jelouse...?
Do you think that I should shave my legs?
puffy unde eyes?
which coat is the prettiest?
When do you feel the most beautiful and the most ugly?
Why do you think peolpe made cothing? If they didn't what would you do?
What would you rate me on my looks?
Which girl is prettier? (with pics)?
GUYS AND GIRLS PLZ ANSWER!! ok whos prettier?
Is this a hot sexy body?
Which picture looks better and why?
loll i did my hair crazy one day...what do you think of it?? (pic)?
nice couple, what do you think?
Hottopic or Hollister? which do you prefer?
guys: am i.....?
Good Hunger Games Nails?
What is better for self defense?
i wanna get a hotter nicer gf please help?
poll: preppy or not preppy?
Do you think I could be a site model? :$?
How do you get rid of a awful mole? It can be hidden, thank goodness.?
clothing sites for guys?
Could I fit into a girls 16R at Abercrombie?
goth or not goth?
who is the prettiest?
are there any requirements to be a stripper?
Perfume for your astrology sign! part one capricorn through cancer?
"Gel Nails" Ideas, Appointment Tomorrow?
should i get a nose job?
what do i wear with these sneakers in winter?
Should I start smoking?
Who was the most beautiful woman in the history of the world?
5'6 girl: which would look better: 104 pounds, or 114?
Aren't thin girls with beautiful faces and dimples really cute sometimes?
should i keep this picture of myself:)?
Loose Thread..*Hemming*??
Is there anyone single who would like to date a black 15 year old female? Let me know.?
What are the requirements for a lingerie model?
How old does this girl look? (pictures)?
Do you like Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue?
Need some suggestions for a day of relaxation?
Tell me.. Who's the prettier/better looking girl?
Does my jawline make me ugly?
am i atractive?
How terribly pale am I ? (pictures) :(?
What should I do about my hairy arms? (ladies please!)?
How old do you think I look??? ?
Would you believe this girl if she said she is a virgin?
Workin out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1?
what is this lip piercing called?
rocklake dress codes?
i am opening a male strip club ladies what do you think will you come?
does it look stupid to wear hi-top converse with shorts?
10 points..which name is more professional?
Where's a good place to buy some slouchy or off shoulder tees? That look casual?
which girl is prettier?
Buying organic beauty products?
Why do I look so ugly? I'm not good at anything?
Do I fit the requirements to be a fashion model?
I feel kind of stupid asking this but...?
OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Which girl is prettier?
Can I change my nose stud yet?
question to ladies about sheer tights/pantyhose?
What color will look good and help control shine?
why do old people smell?
do i look pretty or ugly? PLEASE ANSWER?
Ladies Only!!!! Which would you prefer to wear?
what's the youngest age you can paint someone's nails?
How do you think I look.....?
what's the fastest way to get rid of acne?
I'm nearly 18. 5" 5'.Male. I have no ID and need to look older for when I go to a club on my birthday?
which pair of vans should I get?
Does an exposed midriff make me look easy?
what is the best way of getting rid of the pimples i m 24 have oily type skin ang wheatish complexion?
Halloween Costume for School?
Do you think that women start dressing down once they don't think they are attractive anymore?
Are you out for summer break yet?
Will This Jacket Shrink?
What are some good formal nail art ideas?
How can I look completely different for school starting on Sept. 2?
how to treat very dry lips?
good nail shops in san diego?
Where Can I Find A Waistcoat Like This?
Too fat for a bikini or belly button piercing -pic-?
being insecure after ex boyfriend told me this?
Am I prettyyyyyy?!?!?
will a mohawk look good on me ? (pic)?
why do i get told i look like i like black guys ! ?
Where can I buy trousers that have like a shine to them?
Why are women so beautiful?
Which girl is prettier??
hey do u any of u girls lift ur buttcheek to fart when wearing yoga pants?
How to take a shower quickly? (For Girls)?
how much wud u pay for a facial??
If im white, what colors will look better on me?
Why can I not find Menthol shaving cream anymore?
Swelling between the eyebrows?
do you like this pic?
Does anyone know of any UK companies that regularly sponsor beauty blogs?
are sunflowerseeds?
how can i........GIRLS ONLY?
How can I be cool in 8th grade?
Does the teenage awkward phase ever end?
Poster sized sexy pictures...?
I have green/blue eyes and I want some colored contacts to make my eyes look brown.?
Can a girl send me an e-mail saying she likes me?
What is the best race?
does anyone know how to get black shoe polish out of clothes??
Best fundation for Pale Asian skin tone with freckles.?
nickname question......................?
Does it look OK when a tall girl with long legs wears skinny jeans?
Where can I buy a Razor comb from?
How can I be "scene" without coming off as a poser?
What should I say to my hairdresser for a haircut? Middle part?
can you get sick from the acrylic nails?
do u think i should get side bangs? (pic) x?
compliment or insult that people say i look like?
questions about solor uv gel nails?
does a childrens modeling agency exist that dosent ask you 2 pay out for fees??
Who's the most beautiful?
Easy 10 points!? Which of these tankinis would look best?
Any women find my avatar sexy?
How old do you think I look?
ladies...what is it like...?
What color should I wear today?
Do you think Dominicans are SEXY?
A good youtube name for a beauty channel?
modelling agencies and advice?
Black ring on right middle finger?
What is the biggest mall in the world?
what fragrence do you like the best?
Can you use tanning oil without sun?
I wanted to Know?
which hair-style looks the best?
Do any girls really like long hair on guys?
How old do I look? Pics (:?
Any new actress as beautiful as Brooke Shields when she was young?
Is white out dangerous for your nails?
wedding rings ! what one do you think is better ?
How do I get a small waist and big hips?
Where can i get colored contacts? ?
i have black hair and tan skin and alot of people tell me to get my earpierced and blonde high lite should i?
How to make fun-cut tee shirts?
Do I look good for my date? Need you're opinion!?
how do i get nail polish out of white pair of capris?
I've been told that i'm too skinny..?
what's the best smelling perfume?
would a teenage girl wear this?
I have a crabtree and evelyn set and I don't understand how to use the pottery diffuser. Could someone explain?
What celebrity am I trying to look like?
(GIRLS) Do girls like guys with pierced ears?
Is it fun to be a girl?
How do I get my E-mail to alert me with any new incoming E-mails?
Rate me on a scale of 1-10...?
Do I look like a man? i have these pics on my myspace and some two girls said i look like a man is it true?
if i said you had a beautiful body would you hold it against me ?
Which girl catches your eye more and why?
Are these dimples? ( Relavant answer please )?
Do people actually buy modeling pictures?
what do i do after i get acrylic nails done?
GIRLS could you do dis poll and help me?
animal cruelty with beauty products?
can i put vaseline on top of my acne cream?
i'm a very dark guy ... very conscious of my appearance.. but i don't feel I'm handsome?
Indians and their complexion?
Do you think mentally retarded people know there retarded?
how to do victory rolls?
what are the most 10 popular gemstones in the US?
What do you consider "ugly"?
Is it gay when a guy paints his girlfriend's nails?
Do you think I could be a model?
how much does a french manicure cost???
What is "after-shave balm?"?
Any tips on hiding "paris hilton eye" in photos?
How to look gorgeous for my college trip/sleepover?
Which girl is prettier? (Pics)?
How Can I get rid Of my "Emo" look?
How do you get a more defined jawline?
Why do girls always put there pics on here??!!?
how many pairs of t shirts & shorts should a man have?
Which hair style is better? (pix)?
wich picture of me do you like the best ?
No more Jordan Retro Cards ?
Whats the best cream wash you can get against spots?
Im almost a teen should i start shaving?
Nailpolish annoying me!?
Which is the first denim brand of Europe?
What color eyes are these considered?
my nails are terrible :(?
What is the difference between confidence and conceit?
Do i look pretty, ugly, diffrent, hows my body type???plz HELP!!?
How bad do i look in this photo?
Is this a cute dress?
Blonde hair without bleach?
How can i make my nails strong?
How to make perfume last longer?
Is it weird to still be with your high school sweetheart?
cheap haircuts for women?
girls is this a good present for a new girlfriend
Which do you like best!?
how can i improve on my looks?
Girl/woman, can you give me your opinion?
What to wear for interview??? help! 10 points?
like my avatar?
What pics The best Out of these two?
Trying to find the name of a company that makes imitation perfume.?
who knows where i can find a costume like Masuimi Max's Vampira ?
Help me I need to make it look like I have boobies:/?
How do you 'desize' your feet?
What can make my boots look better?
Have you interes maybee ?
My nails are soo weak! I have tried all the polish crap but they still just bend and break...any ideas?
What are some dress advise for someone who is bigger than normal?
Anyone know any petite modelling agencies in Dublin?
Can you get color over white tip acrylic nails?
Does my sis look good with glasses
Has anyone else had to wait ages to get their Purestorm account varified?
Cheap make up for young girls?
What and how can I wear this top?
how do i create gold brown with Paul Mitchell the color?
One side of my face is ugly?
who is the hottest guy to walk the face of the planet?
How can I grow long nails besides Polish & Milk?
why does boys date girls for only their looks?
what should i wear to go here?
what are some goo bath and body works or victoria secret fall scents?
Is it true that clothing with horizontal stripes makes a person look skinnier?
what is your favorite color? :)?
Do I look ok... (pic)?
Which of these euro shams would look best with my bedding?
Questions for the ladies-preferably older than 25?
How can I get rid of white spots on my fingernails?
what is the best skin care system?
how much more would it cost to add color to contacts???
is cute just as good as being called pretty?
what's wrong with me!?!??!!?!?!!?!!?
am i ugly?(pic included)?
I have 3 simple questions about women?
Steve Jobs During Young?
are my teeth straight?
Any tips on how to achieve a good tan when abroad?
What are the best cheap color contacts?
Should I do my bed as soon as I wake up?
****When do you first try makeup??******?
is there anything extra cool about your eye color?
15 year shoe size?
I want to know what people say...out of my friends...who do you think is prettiest?
How do I get my nails to grow fast?
Would i be a good fit for a male model?
What could I dress up as? (Fancy dress sweet sixteen)?
Whens the best time to take a shower, day, night, or middle of day?
can you do acrylic nails with full nails or just tips?
What color contacts would look good on me?