how can i add earing to my avatar????????
do i have a pretty smile?
who decides the outfit styles on American Apparel?
What are these shoes called?
breast actives and/or zoft gum..?
Out of a thousand what would you rate Helen , Kim , Sarah and Kira?
Girls Only: When you are feelin' sexy what do wear?
on tumblr how cani change the setup of my reblogs to make them scattered on the pg other than in a single file?
When to wash clothing??
Which pericing should i get ?
what color do my eyes look?
Is my hairline receding?
scale to 1 to 10 how Pretty am I?? (Picture)?
On a scale of 1-10, how do I look? 10 being the best, 1 being the worst?
Felt really ugly when I was at the debenhams counter today?
After a shower, do you get dressed in the bathroom or do you walk into your bedroom?
beauty is unlucky?
What do you think of the model, Barbara Palvin? :)?
POLL: Are You Wearing Nail Polish Right Now *and*?
Most beautiful Celebrity?
Does my school picture look bad?
Girls - which style looks hot ? ?
where is a good place to find thong/Brazilian style woman's swimsuit bottoms?
Girls: Do you find guys with tattoos attractive?
Do you think she is unique looking?
Attractive eye color?
Who was Jasmin trias?
Prefer Guys Only: What do you honestly think of me?
Pretty???? I'd like to do some modeling?
Do you think i could be a model? need help...?
I'm really pale and I don't know if I should get a fake tan?
Do male models use make up?
Who do you think is the most beautiful person in your country? Why?
GIRLS: thick eyebrows on guys?
Does Aloe body lotion whiten your skin tone?
led zeppelin or pink floyd?
Convince parents to move back to California junior year in hs?
phone number for a dead person?
Model material?? (pics)?
Does this make me shallow?
What kind of formal attire should I wear to a political conference?
Honestly, is their anyone hotter than Paris HIlton? She's barbie!! She's Barbie!!!?
To all the ladies...?
I feel so boring...?
Any well known Modeling agency?
How do you fix a messed up nail polish brush?
ladies, what do you find better waxing or shaving your?
Manicure/ Pedicure?
What am I stereotyped as?
Does this look trashy?
Why are people calling me a pretty boy?
my moms forcing me to go on the on the swim team at school what should do ?
Going to The Barber in a couple of minutes, what kind of haircut should i get,thanks?
Good perfume?
Brazilian nair commercial.?
What is a must have item in your purse?
Victoria Secret Very Sexy Gel curve push up bra?
What age did YOU start shaving your legs?
What to expect at an open call for modeling?
what's your favorite athletic canvas shoes OTHER than All Star/Chuck Taylor ?
How much $ do you make by working @ Victorias Secret? And how old do you have to be?
Rate the girl in this photo out of 10?
Who has a lazy eye?
My brother lost and has to dress like a girl, what should he wear?
Is it possible to make perfume at home?
Why can't I lose weight even though I eat very little?
how much is it to get your belly button pierced in St. Marks?
Which way does it look better..?
Why, are most typical men so Squeamish about wearing a bikini?
How can i be more attractive?
i need to make my boobs look bigger for my homcoming dress!?
Do u girls like stubble/5 oclock shadow?
Which photo is cuter?
Argh--are pointy teeth kinda cool or too vampirey? (Photo)?
Plane/Airplane print boxers for guys?
I HATE my eyes (eye area)!!?
What's a really good website to look at dresses?
Are my ears big, honestly?
Two questions in one?
What color should i paint my nails? ahah.?
Is it just me, or are a lot of young people in our society being handed way too much?
I'm wearing this but I need a little more advice (pic)?
What perfume was sold as a solid in a plastic red fan from Avon?
ladies, what kind of swimsuit are you wearing thi s summer?
Thoughts on this outfit?
how do you look good and play hard in soccer practice?
Please be honest, even if its horrible?
Do you think I am pretty?
where can i download dressup or fashion games?
Is it possible to have a violet eye color?
How pretty is she, (pics)?
Why can't I be a Model?!?
Why is Justin Bieber so beautiful?
Are my legs fat? (pictures)?
What would you put in your time capsule?
Am i pretty?????????????????????
Is it a good idea to wear coloured contact lenses as fun, to a party where I am going to end up getting drunk?
girlss question, please help ?
where do i get calvin klein panties in india?
Which should be my senior picture?
women is your favor type of bra i like an use Playtex and j c penny?
why do men grow moustaches and/or beards?
Do i look better with or without glasses? (pics)?
What to look like around a guy you like?
Does this picture look photoshopped?
how to lift off glue(super) from artificial/fake nails?
Thoughts on how i look? what should i change?
PLease answer maybe be stupid but w.e .. How old do you think I am?
what's ur favorite color?what does it reflect?
Whats The Most Expensive Thing You Own?
Girls, do u find stubble attractive on guys?
I look fat & ugly????
what is the "eastern european" look?
Does this Cartilage Earring fit the normal piercing?
What's your first impression of me? (pics)?
which pic should i use for my myspace? (3pics)?
For girls only, best answer wins.?
Adriana Lima VS Aishwarya Rai.... who is more beautiful?
can you help me please link to question inside [ who wants best anser ]?
2 new bathing suits!!! pictures do they look on me?
School dress up ideas?
if you were given 10,000 dollars tonight but had to spend it all?
Girls,..,.answer?? what style of underwear are you wearing/?
Do you know a good online bra customization website ?
When do retail stores have "Friends and family week"?
Ladies: Polished or French tipped toenails...which do you prefer?
Upon first glance, what would you label me? (Pictures inside)?
Who else has green eyes?
Girls HOW do you wax?!?! It's pure torture!!?
Is high school like the movies to u?
Which would you rather get for your birthday (girls)?
I wanna get a manicure!!?
How do people get fee sample at sephora?
what can i do to make myself look less a femine or pretty boyish?
How can i look good and cool down after gym?
ur opinion...again...?
Do you think dark brown eyes are mysterious?
Name Necklace w/Colored Acrylic Backing?
Its a cold winter day, and I cant go outside. Ideas?
how come mixed race peoples skin color seems to change a lot?
too all the ladies out there what cologne is the best?guys you can answer too.?
Girls, im jealous of Kim Kardashian ?
Homecoming dress?
Why do you dress the way you do?
What is it like to be really beautiful?
do you think she's pretty?
spring is here in Cleveland, n i wanna update mah whole appearance to become..."HOTT"?
Is there a term to describe people who have a really nice side-view?
Where Can I Get Those Bright Neon Crazy Coloured Suits?
simple nail design ideas for school?
if you were asked to model nude would you do it ?
GIRLS ONLY unless you know about waxing............?
Why do people say I look like Shia Lebuff? (links)?
Is this pic of me too dark?
which girl is prettier? (pics)?
girls,is it all right for a guy to like to wear his hair long in soft curls and long bangs ?
Q to Indian Brides: Skin cleaning package and wedding preparation package What is the usual COST ?
Which one of us is hotter??
Is Having Big Blue Eyes A Good Thing For A Boy?
Who is your favorite candidate to win Miss Universe?
GIRLS ONLY! who is hotter?
Who's cuter between me and my friend? [Pics]?
What do you REALLY think of me?[pictures]?
Glasses or no glasses? (pics)?
Question for the ladies.... or maybe not.....?
What are the best Shoe Pads to wear for an Unbalanced body?
help easy 10 points?
I need a new skin care regime?
Do you think im pretty? Be Honest..Pleeaze. :)?
honest opinion on my smile?
Lotion for face slimming?
Do I really look like Michael Jackson? pics included?
How old would you give me? (pictures)?
Hi, i am thinking of doing invisalign, any idea how much it costs in Singapore?
Do you think she is pretty?
Which pornstars are always have puking sex?
my father wont let me wear cups!?
based on my picture,what type of music do you think i listen to?
hair help!!! picture included!!?
Do you prefer brazilian or argentinian girls? Why?
how can i improve my looks? [pics]?
Two big questions about Lace Fronts?
Should I open a Beauty Salon Business? How often do you go to the beauty salon?
If a person shaves their eyebrows, will they grow back?
is it ok to have pimples if you're 15?
I'm a 36A, should I stick to training bras or get a real bra?
what eye color would go well with auburn hair?
Where can I get a shellac manicure in San Antonio, Texas?
where do I find tight gray dress pants for men?
How can I look better? Please answer!?
What should I wear in marriage functions in Nov & Dec ?
help with tribal designs?
"kiss kiss" perfume?? please help!?
why do i think im not attractive?
Which hurts the most?
Witch girl isnprettier left right or middle?
How do you tie a bow tie?
What season is my complexion? Summer Autumn winter or spring?
why due guy;s get mad?
Where can I buy Essence Studio Better then Gel Nail Kit?
What cartoon Character fits this?
How to store my eau de toilette in wery hot summer days? Can 85 farenheit temperature harm fragrance?
im only 5'3" and the modeling place says i need to be at least 5'7" ?
What does this mean? Read for details.
Old Spice Question answer plz?
what is your favorite fragrance to layer?
How to bring punk style to my school uniform?
Suggestions On How To Paint My Nails?!?
I need eyeliner help!?
A Question for Guys?
Are guys okay with short, skinny girls?
Do you wear polo shirts? What would you wear with them?
can you say he's a male model ? (body and face pics)?
what would be the history of french clothing?
am i realy ugly? pic included?
Do I have modeling potential?
Is it bad?
Guys, do you rather like a blonde, a redhead, a brunette, or a black haired girl?
what is a good outfit for school pictures?
Looking for opinions on Vera Wang fragrance?
girls will u think its weird if a guy tells u that u have nice feet?
I am an indian and i want my skin to be lighter?
Do I have short/ stumpy legs?
Looking for a modelling agency for my 10 years old?
Which of these guys is best lookin? s?
I need help with high school! I want to be more popular!?
ok... this is a personal question... brazilian waxing! Where can i get one in Staten Is.?
Whar color Havaianas look good?
am i fat and ugly?
Do I bring in a picture of the kind of haircut that I want?
How to act/look sexy?
What type of great dane would suit me?
ladies perfume, in clear bottle with pink, petal like pattern at bottom, pink writing starts with letter c.?
Is 5'9 tall or average for a girl?
Do I have a big body & a small brain?
How can i be beautiful? 10POINTS?
What smells better guys!!! and women I suppose?
Where can I find a halloween costume like this?
Is whitening your nails bad for your nails?
My eyes have black lines around my pupil, why?
who should i do the photoshoot of? (pictures of my models)?
now since i dress as a girl i was wondering how i can get used to wearing earrings?
Why do i weigh so much more than i look like i do?
Is there anything wrong with a man shaving his legs?
honest opinion on my smile- is it too 'teethy'?
What ethnic group do I most look like?
What should I do wear and do with my hair tomorrow?
if i use aveeno positively radiant cleaner, will it hurt my chances of getting facial hair (im a guy)?
What's the best shape for my nails?
_____Which is the best picture?_____?
What can i improve in my looks?
How to not care if people think you're ugly?
which picture is better?
what website can i find a nose ring?
what is the name of software for stain Glass design ?
Are thongs comfortable and do guys think they're sexy?
How old does she look?
Skinny jeans.....?
I might be getting my contact lenses tomorrow. Any advice for a newbie?
Do you wish you were beautiful?
What can u do to have healthy nails?
I like to match the character with a picture:)?
Does anyone else sneeze when you pluck your eyebrows?
My wide set eyes make me have low self esteem and I feel ugly every day because of them! *Pictures*?
Is jealousy really a females trait? WHY ARE THERE HATERS?
What nail art tutorial would you love to see on YouTube?
do girls like the buzzcut?
Name ideas? which one appeals to you the most?
What could I wear with this?
Do you like this shirt?
Calf Reduction Surgery - any information?
Do you think she's pretty?
Who is the most attractive FEMALE celebrity that you know of?
Why do some gilrs put orange make-up on with blond hair?
How would you rate yourself in appearance on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being very good looking?
Thoughts on how I look?
Do women find it weird for a guy in his 20s to have stuffed animals?
is there a name for the fluff found in your bellybutton?
do u think i look like....?
Do you like fat eyebrows or thin eyebrows?
Is this swimsuit cute?
Help me find this ombre crewneck for 10 points?
Do you think she is fat..? Picture inside...?
Should I cut my hair? [pics]?
can i get job?
Which of the 4 is the better looking guy?
Rate me 1-10 please >>?
Is my brown Kiwi shoe polish supposed to be black in color?
Are the Feather Light Nails from Kiss safe to use on nails?
What Happens when u bleach ur eyebrows?
can anyone explain what beauty means?
Which outfit looks better? (Pics)?
what is your impression on me , an what can i do to change my look 10 points for best answer;)?
Are all the women on maxims Hottest 100 women list over 18?
Where is Rajan Naidu?
What Do You think I should title my report about perfume?
Does OPI Nail Envy help your nails grow longer?
Rate me!!!!!! (1-10) Pictures!?
Is a size 10 woman "fat"?
Can people with a medium olive skin tone tan?
Girls, are abs on men sexy to you?
Girls in competing war - which one is prettiest!?
Do u think this picture should be considered slutty?
can i wear a medium red shirt too a formal (not too formal) party?
what is sexier..a rice burner.. or an offroad vehicle?
y r u not allowed to be arrogant? y r u not allowed to say good things about yourself?
What is the solution they apply after a Bikini Wax?
wat do you think of me??pics..?
How to get this hairstyle? plz help 10 points?
Am I Controlling? Or am I right? Help Girlfriend Problems!!!?
Is this skirt ok with my figure?
What famous people do you think we look like?
Best way to wear jeans?!?
How to cover up an UGLY FACE?
can someone please vote me best answer so i can ...?
Ah help me I'm stressing!!!?
What should i do with my hair/makeup? pic included?
How many guys regularly shave down below?
how to get rid of those laugh lines?
Should I get a manicure today?
How can I make my nails grow faster?
Chest Shaving Advice?
Who is prettier?
Very low self confidence...? Help?
Describe my character in appearance HELP?
Which Ralph Lauren Polo cologne is best?
Do I look better with Black hair or brown?
why me??????????????
Help! I have this orange dress.?
Guys/Girls Which Body (PICS)?
Whats exactly is the difference between cute, handsome and sexy?
Do you think these girls are pretty?
POLL:Do you like when nails are painted black?
How adorable is she?
Should I Go With Short or Long Hair?? Pics +10 points?
what is the best way to get rid of the hair on my upper lip?
what can i wear for school?
Am I really ugly? (pic included)?
Why do people who are constantly piercing & scarring their bodies.........?
cute and sexy signatures?
Should I dye my eyebrows?
How old do I look (Picture)?
Do teen guys need to have a skincare regime like moisturising and cleansing, etc?
What are the signs of a beautiful woman physical in the face to you?
Bitting nails since i was 7..?
Girls, what can i do to improve myself?
Is it better to be pretty than be ugly or is it better to be ugly than be pretty?
what is it in men's deodorants that makes it smell so masculine?
Would you rather have someone notice you or ignore you?
which way does my hair look better? thanks!?
Why Canadian wemom considered to be the ugliest in the world?
gahh!! i hate this about my body...?
Are you as goodlooking as your avatar?
prom dress in nyc?
I look the same before and after shower. How to change?
whos the hottiest?
favorite perfume?
Ladies: which do you prefer?
should i go blonder or brunette?!? *pic included*?
Which Birth Control?
Where to get a certain kind of contacts?
what face shape do I have?
did they discontinue the jansport right pack classic daypack in burnt orange?
what to wear camp is in 1 week and i still don't know what to wear!?
Do I have a disproportionate body for a 13 year old girl?
I really want to be more girly.. and less plain and ugly?!?
Is this fashionable enough?
Myspace Picture Ideas?
which dress is prettier?
Will Walmart starter earrings turn your ears green after being in a pool?
circle lenses help? diameter and such?
My friend wants to know if she is cute!!! I told her yes! Right?
Are there any modeling agencies in Austin Texas for a 13 year old?
What do you think about front two teeth?
Do I look better with Black hair or brown?
abercrombie or Hollister?
would i look good with a nose ring [PIC INSIDE]?
is it normal to love bruises?
what color should i paint my toe nails?
Is this outfit sexy or slutty?
What hair colour wuld you say this was?
Has this girl grey eyes?
Do i have the qualifications to be a model?
Ok , I know am gonna get some sticks for this.I am black but I hate black Girls....why is that so?
How to put sleeves or such on a halter top dress?
Do you like my new glasses (pic Inside)?
Do any of you think I'm attractive?
What Color Should I Get For My Braces?
Would I look good with a Medusa piercing?
Do women find it weird for a guy in his 20s to have stuffed animals?
Whats your morning routine?
What do you mean by BEAUTY in real sense?
Which jacket should I get?
Do you resemble your avatar?
How can I be BEAUTIFUL and not HOT? (1. guys only 2. guys and girls)?
could i be a model?
what is a good nickname for emilly (ihave 2 lls) besides emmy?
Who do think is more pretty?
thank you to all the women who have accepted me as a woman even though im still a man?
5'6 & weigh about 165ish, modeling an option?
Do guys care if girls wear fake lashes?
I need a new perfume dont know what to pick?
Help me choose cologne that turns girls on the most thanks :)!!?
How to go from medium brown to dark chestnut?
Help me my eyes depend on them!?
Football banquet is this ok to wear?
Skinny girls or fat girls?
are you supposed to raise your eyebrows when you smile?
What's the best support bra for size D's?
I really need help in this one for sure !?
how do you make dried flowers for artificial nails?
A quick girls fashion survey - need lots of answers, please help!?
What is something you cant live without?
How long does a nose piercing take to heal?
is monomer used to clean acrylic nail brushes?
can any one give me a list of facial disfigurements or facial deformities?
how to shapen sizzors?
boob question?
does this guy look emo to you?
does black tight undera denium skirt and white shoes sound ok to wear?
Are they skinny, curvy, or fat?
Which one these is a good pic?
why do people always post this weird spam links in the beauty section ?
What celebrity do I most look like?
what do u think of preps ?
which UK size looks best on a woman?
l got given a modeling card?
Should I wear shorts or not?
Getting contacts on fri. which brand is the best?
How to be POPULAR?
Can I just paint over it?
can a mixed girl be scene?
Should i get thiner eyebrows or keep them the same?
Im short, what can i do to make myself more hot. pic included?
Can I hold a Cosmetology License in two or more states at the same time?
i wanna buy a beautiful cellphone upto rs6000 , please suggest me ,,?
How can I look sick ?
What do i look? (My Race)?
girls, i am hurt. why didn't she say thank you for the flowers?
What Color Are My Eyes[pic]?!?
reccomend a vanilla/baby powder type scent perfume or body spray?
do you think a guy will look out of place wearing a long soft flowing chiffon gown halloween at a party?
NAIL POLISH on men : yes or no?!?
Does it look weird to roll down boyfriend jeans?
What would you call a person that does famous people's hair, makeup, nails, ect?
ladies...what is the best deodorant?
How to make your own advice blog? 10 points best answer?
Girls: Can you help me find a dress?
Who's prettier? Left or right?
Getting nails done at a salon?
super glue vs nail glue?
GIRLS: Do you like guys that wear slim-fit t-shirts more or regular t-shirts?
How old do you think i look?
what should i wear to my model agency interview?
older kid dress for 10 year old?
Which one!?!?!?
Do you think I could be a model with these legs?
How to draw on a T-shirt?
are skinny girls sexy??
Who got accepted into a beauty pagnet but was not able to go?
What are some easy hairstyles I can wear to school?
which girl would you rather have?
Could I be a model? 10 easy points?
What`s the meaning of "Sunday`s Best attire"?
do i have high cheekbones?
where can i buy fire engine red skinny jeans for a 0s?
is this girl pretty and how much would you charge?
Modeling Problems.?
I have the worst skin tone. I am african american but my complexion is fair. I need to find a good foundat?
People, how do I look? :):)?
good for facebook?? ten points!?
do i have a nice smile?(photo included)?
Where do the hottest guys live?
What is your first impression of me?
do you think im at all attractive???
Are my eyes green or hazel?
Do I look wierd?
Who is the most beautiful women you adore? Dont consider Magazine or poll view. Just your instinct.?
Why do people on the beauty section don't educate themselves about '' THE GOLDEN RATIO '' before answering?
I need help with this?
Who's prettier? *pics*?
how much do you think i weigh?
I got a myspace and I wanted to know if I could put my avatar as my picture on there?
Appropriate age for nose and cartilage piercings?
whats hotter wearing a bra or not?
Can you identify this ring, please (picture & description)?
fat people look sexy in hollister right?
Should i wear a bralet...?
What is it about Indian (India) guys that so many women find attractive?
How does a nose job work?
Am I pretty? Two links included?
what do you think about me?
what do you think of this bag?
what shape is this face(pic included)?
clinique & free makeover?
How can I get a bedroom like Daphne's from Switched at Birth?
Why does being called ugly hurt me more.?
Would any girl want to be with a redhead guy?
do you go to
Does white nail polish look tacky?
i want my nose alot smaller, less round, sharp, and pointed upward like peter pan?
How old do you think I look?
What are your thoughts on moisturizer?
approximately how long does it take you to get ready each morning?
How can I become a model agent?
Is A Guy Getting Hoops On The Bottom And Studs Right Above On Earlobe Sexy?
Which girl is prrettier?
Does anyone on ..Answers actually look like their cartoon Avatar?
What comes to mind when you see this picture?
what do u think?
which fake presson or glue on nails are best?
who do you think is cuter?
Does ear lobe piercing with a gun hurt more than a regular blood test?
Is it good to have a heart shaped but?
Picture - Do you think my nose is too big?
How do you make people stop calling you fake?
What's The Ugliest Feature...?
How can I make my hair grow pretty fast?
Im looking for a purple or any color knee length dress with silver straps that go under the bust Can you help?
favorite fragrance (for girls)?
Im trying to find website for bermuda bay clothing. Any help please?
What stores sell Vera Bradley purses?
how do i find the contest that comedian monique is having for plus size women?
A fashion blog that as its header has a black and white photo of a girl from behind.?
would my friend look good with snake bites?
I am not an attractive guy. what are my chances with her (pic enclosed)?
I need some style advices about these 2 outfits?
In order to be beautiful , you have to be skinny?
Girls how do you rate me?
Short survey for women! What's YOUR dream man?
How to be the perfect girl? SOS CLICK ME!?
I need to dress up as The Wife of Bath?
What to wear to a night beach party?
Should i still go to prom without a freaking date? i cant find any hot girl...?
How can we have beautiful hair and skin?
Rate me? what needs to be changed?
Women in thongs... are thongs comfortable?
How can I make my butt look smaller?
any adivce on being a make up artist? please.?
How do you get nail polish off of bed sheets?
does anyone know of a good website with mother daughter tattoos or with good tattoo ideas?
Okay, So What Am I Considered?(Pic)?
How can I lighten my skin?
What eye color would look best on me?
I want to get my eyebrows done but i am scared that it will hurt to much.
where can i get pics of people with different sized ear stretchers in...?
Hair and makeup for wedding?
Who do you think is prettier : ) ?
About Elite modeling agency? Pleasee answer. Will give away points!!?
What do you think of me??!!?
I need suggestions for the colors of suits to wear to work.?
What should I be for Halloween?
what are u being for halloween??
Question for American Girls?
are my teeth straight?
what vibe do i give off?
Girls only!!!!! Be Honest!!!!!!?
Am I pretty? Be honest! (picture)?
What does it mean when someone wears a gift you bought them?
Can you give me an honest opinion?
What are perfume coffrets used for?
who is the prettiest girl in this video?
How can I get more back to school money?
Am I ugly, average, or gorgeous?
Do I have natural beauty?
What is important in looking for potential signficant other?
Why dose my Uncles Chain-smoking wife use whitening toothpaste and anti wrinkle cream?
Hi Girls wots the fittest aftershave a lad can wear for u?
I want to be a model, what can I do?
Does anyone have any ideas for some really cute ear piercings ?
Do you like freckles?
ne guys like a girl with dark red curly hair and blue eyes thats shy?
Which Girl is Prettier?
who owns clothes of silk?
Can someone help me with Mens T-shirt sizes?(PLEASE READ)?
girls specially teenager please help?
Trying to grow out hair to donate but i just...?
What can i do to stop biting my nails?
What are the highest heels?
wats the best eye color?
What is the stuff Jessica Simpson said she put on her lips that made them too big?
Does anyone have an authentic large bottle of Vivienne Westwood, Boudoir Eau de Parfum?
Which color top should i get for prom after party?
Do I look better with thin or natural eyebrows? (pics)?
man i hate to ask this but, am i ugly?
What's the best men's electric shaver?
how do i do my own acrylic nails at home?
How to hide lip piercing?:/?
What to buy???
People call me ugly, is it true?
how delete all those answers and questions from ur answers profile?
Do I look better with long or short hair?
LOL, Really, Does Mr. Vice President Dick Cheney Believe in God?
Memorable Beauty Youtube Channel Usernames?
Tips on how to look cute in middle school ?
how old do i look? (pic inside)?
Do you think I look pretty by just reading the things below?
Is there a doctor who does hair removal of black skin?
hairstyle and eye makeup ideas with my prom dress?
I need an honest opinion from someone please?
Does my body look okay?
Which one of us would you date?
I have to wear baggy jeans tomorrow but I have no idea what to wear with them to look more feminine?
Any celebrity look a like?
underweight for rhinoplasty?
how do you become confident?
Teenage girls answer please?
what dress can i love waer and a boy liks?
Would you go out with me??
Calling all girls!!?
do they make a cute couple? (pics)?
Why are tan accelerators so expensive?
What kind of shape is Taylor Lautner's eyes?
I am soo short. Any advice on how to grow.?
Omg Help =[=[=[=[!!!?
How do I get an agent in modeling?
do i look like my avatar or what? ignore the roots lol?
I need a link? Easy question?
Animal Testing?
no stupid answers please?
I live in GA and wanted to buy contacts.?
Is there any compulsion that one has to paint the fingernails and toe nails in the same coloured nail varnish?
what do you do when you wake up on a saturday?
how can i get my nose to be thin and not pointy without getting a nose job?
which is betting looking, the left or right?
Has anyone had this done?
Did I come off as too self conscious in this week’s shoot, and do you think this led to me being eliminated?
can anyone tell me how to remove the wrinkly...?
is this a sluttty costume?
guys, do you prefer elegant or casual girls?
Do you think she has nice legs?
How would I look with light eyes?
what is turmine??????
which is a better celeb look alike?? pic included?
Is she beautiful or no? ?
Am i ugly?
What to wear to impress crush at party?
who is prettiest and ugliest.?
which girl is prettier?
why do people always post this weird spam links in the beauty section ?
14-16 year old beauty guru on youtube,do you know her mabey?
Beeping noise in walls ?!?
how to smile plz help me?
Do gals like hairy guys? Gals..please help?
good looking question??????????????
how do you think i can make myself better looking?
where can i buy cheap soap kits? and fragrances?
wedding colors?
Why do so many people say I look a lot older?
what website can i find a nose ring?
does anyone like the name Buzz Cutz or Razor Recruitz for the name of his barber shop?
Am I a summer, winter, fall, or spring?
Vera Bradley Question! Would you prefer the Laptop Backpack or the Large Backpack?
Does anyone like the new Estee Lauder ads with Gwenyth Paltrow?
Cleaning shoes with toothpaste?
What kind of modeling agency could she be in?
which of these two girls are hotter?
Use web site shoe Dazzle?
Has anyone had an Obaji Blue Peel? Would you recommend? I am 34. Are there any stronger peels available?
How Should I Dress For A Party?
I think my girlfriend is an alcoholic, help please, sexual question?
Am I a fake "scene"/"emo"/"punk"?
About how old do I look?
do you think love is overated?
How would you describe this persons facial features ? Good Looking or not ?
how to look good in a dress?
Who is prettier... this is tough???
what can i do to look better??
I luv wearin man thongs. I luv the fact that when im with a chick i always surpriseem cuz who knew?
Is there a homeade way to whiten your teeth?
please help find a haircut with side bangs (pics please)?
Exs new girlfriend: Is she pretty ? Be honest?
Just read ANOTHER article that the *new* Santitary belts have trippled in sales.?
What color contacts should I get?
what's the best halloween costume?
Facial Exercises For Higher Cheekbones?
I get told I am 'unusually beautiful'?
Do you think i look somewhat Japanese? ^.^ Pretend I am not black?
my breasticles and me?
how dod i get rid of my pot belly?
How old do you think...?
About my hair color...?
do i look good ,average or bad?
What Celebrity Does She Look Like?
Would I look good with a septum piercing?
HOWHOWHOW do I get hair as shiny as this? I will love you FOREVER if it works. :]?
a question for the ladies?
where can i find any foster's home for imaginary friends bedding stuff at?
Female opinions - grow hair / more muscle dev. ?
From where can I download the free music of shakira's?
Tell me loves, what do YOU think of this?
Do you ever think mirror's lie?
Do I have model potiental? Pictures..?
Out of these girls whose prettier?
Easy 10 points!? Which of these tankinis would look best?
any beautiful ladies here are attracted to ugly/old men?
does anyone sell on amazon???
Am I pretty??? (pics included)?
hello new to this whole internet thingy and i am just curious as to were everyone is from?
Hair Problems!!!UUUUUGGGGGHHHH!!!?
Were can I find a platinum blonde wig like the one used in the Soho Dolls video Bang Bang Bang Bang?
Would i look good in a lip ring or snake bits??
Open mouthed or close mouthed smile?
Can black people have natural green eyes?
what do you do if?
is a 9000 calories deficit per week too much ?
What is a cute dog breed? (small dogs)?
Breast Implants?
Who would u believe... Your guyfriend or girlfriend?!?
Commercial print modeling? 10 points?
what do you think of me?
I am looking for a cologne by the name of Jade East. I know they still make it but don"t know where to buy it
plzzzzzzzzzzzzz help meeeeeeeeeeeeee?
New year resolutions?
Do you think Janice Dickinson doesn't like blondes?
what is an onion booty?
Would this dress be an acceptable homecoming dress?
what is better waxing your eyebrows or threading them?
What are some drugstore skin care products for boys?
Should i get braces or veneers?
Am I overweight or average?
Does anyone know what is happening to me?!?
Why do people say I look like them?
Why are women often so goofy?
Which person would you rather be friends with?
Hm how attractive are they?
How can I get guys to call me pretty instead of hot?
Do I look too fat to wear these shorts?
Salon question...good idea...?
what is snogging?????????????????????????????
Why is it that if your in love with someone they cheat on you and tell you that they love you?
is victoria secret bombshell going to be discontinued soon?
I'm thinking of giving myself a complete makeover. More questions inside?
What are bath or house robes for?
How Long to u have to wear garlic nail polish for long nails?
What makes me look so weird (pics)?
how can i not look so tired all the time? ?
What is my face shape?
Is there any way to get the perfect mustache?
Where can I get Zac Efron's jacket in the picture below?
Do you sleep in your...?
I need ideas for a suprise party!?
How can i be like Lana Del Ray?
Do I look awful without make up?
bare bronze lotion?
any tips on how to fix my eyebrows? PIX?
Is my friend pretty? (pictures included)?
What color would you get when you mix Pink Lemonade Kool Aid and Berry Blue Kool Aid?
What's the minimum age for getting your ears pierced at Claire's?
What size pant do you think I am?
Sports day costume design ASAP!?
Do I look scary? Pictures included!?
What stores in New York City sells the new Marvel superhero aftershaves/eau de toilette?
Room decorating??
Does she look out of shape (PICTURE)?
MAC makeup question! Answerrr + thankyouuu(:?
which name is better?
Question for anyone who thinks they have a bubble butt?
Exfoliating hand & foot treaments?
Why do cowboys crease their jeans?
Second life users..Your top clothing stores?
Supra kids Skytop size 9 uk?
Do other girls like this?
Question regarding beauty therapy, you may know this question anyway so please could you have a look ? thanks?
The most atractive eye-color?
What is my best face feature?
What is my face shape? (pic included)?
What hair color is this?
Ladies: why do you think sanitary belts are on the come-back trail among younger women?
What's your favorite perfume/body mist?
Am I a little chubby? (picture)?
do u know a girl thats name is Shena Mayeux?
What is your signature color?
Any make up ideas?????
Does it look like I have flat feet?
Types of people's style? (read)?
please help?
Am I even pretty? What can I do to be prettier? [pics]?
best type of chap stick for dry lips?
what famous person do i look like?
i am so good looking, i cant stop looking in the mirror?
Honestly how do I look?
how do you feel about kid beauty pageants?
help with modelling? 10 points?
Is this girl ugly?
Do you think I'm anorexic(girl btw)?
has anyone bought a diamond from BlueNile? Fair deal or rip off?
can someone suggest a list of commerial modeling agencies in LA ??
I want too look nice tonight but I feel inferior?
contact: using oasys acuve: why r they hurting no when i put em in?
Do you have to have you cartilage peirced to have a ear cuff?
How come black women are so curvy and sexy with big legs they look like they could beat up most white guys?
Decided to change my look?
who grill is better paul wall or mike jones?
i need help finding a wax warmer!!?
What length of a nail bed do you consider long?
what kind of style would you say this is?
How can I get back my light complextion?
Do I look better blonde or brunette?
what eye color is this?
where can i find out certain models' weight?
what face shape do u prefer.....oval or round?
Do you think they look the same?
Someone called me ugly today? ..Picture included?
guys- i need opinions. pic included.?
What size would I be in bottoms on Aerie?
Fall clothing options limited! HELP!?
is it pretty?
The new Chanel 5 commercial makes no sense?
I'm jealous?
I'm a male and admit to being more interested in girlfriend's fashion...?
Is Utive models a real modeling agency or a scam?
OMG! Is this really a bad thing for a girl? ***PIC***?
should i get my belly pierced?
Murder mystery party costume?
Would you believe that she is 60 somthing?
What picture is better, this is my girl!?
Ill be 14 is this too much makeup or does it look good? Honesty please :)?
How to become a Scene/Emo queen?
how to get healthy relaxed hair?
I am looking for pajamas made out of the same material as a robe I got as a gift.?
How does a male model walk??
need to know where I can buy jovan musk for men deodorant?
Why do women feel the need to voice their opinion about everyone's looks?
Hey answer this just for fun!(who is the most beautiful?)?
can you wear contacts in the shower or pool?
do you like this picture?
What is a good bubble bath for me to get with sensitive skin?
I need some designs for my manicure?
How do I look (how old and how attractive)?
So what do people in the fashion industry think aboutsm?
Which scent of TAG body spray is the best?
Would I look good with Zooey Deschanel's hairstyle?
what is our best feature?
My boobs are so small?
Girls, Is looks my problem?
i like this guy but he doesnt like me or notice me how do i get him 2 notice me?
is this picture unflattering?
Choose the hottest girl (pics)!?!?
GIRLS ONLY! if your boyfriend cheated on you and was right in front of you lauging about it, wat would u do?
Is there a site where you can see what you're going to look like when you get older?
stretching with acrylic tapers?
are tattoos unattractive?
rate me 1-10 please be as harsh as you want or as nice?
Werid Question But if this guy asked you..?
if i completely rearrange my appearance, will people's opinions about me change?
what color are your eyes?
Who is the prettiest? {pictures included}?
how old do i look?
my eyes change color?
how do you get a rilley cute guy to notice you?
help with b-day present for 15 yr-old niece?
Would you consider her pretty?
How much are haircuts at JC Pennys Salon?
im i different from other girls?
Pink or brown A question for the ladies.?
Which girl do you find most attractive?
I feel so ugly! How can I boost my self-confidence?
What do you like about this girl?
girls only like the fair mens/ they only like to make friendship with that kind of persons. if yes why ?
How to make shower gel smell last longer?
Beauty skin question!?
How can I get the visual kei style?
Tips for shaving "down there"?
would any of you girls rather put on shin guards than makeup??
Where can i get this shirt and these shorts?
How old do you think I look?
What face shape am I ? Thanx guys :]?
Size 7/9 in high school?
Which picture for profile picture?
Which picture should be my MySpace default?
How old would you guess me to be?
i cant sleep!!!?
what to put inside this sparkly teal locket?
Could we be models.........?
Tyra Banks vs Halle Berry, who's hotter?
what does my picture make you think about me mayunnnnnnnn :) ?
I need help loosing weight?
Picture of my face tattoo!!!!?
do u think im pretty?
How attractive am I??? (pics included)?
What's your best beauty secret?
My eyebrows drive me insane?!?
bare bronze lotion?
what is the diffranat in chest&brest?
Does this boy look too good for me?
does boob size matter?
Do you think Im ugly?
Why haven't they come out with Hunger Games costumes? 10 points!?
AVEDA Entrance Exam?
I want to grow out my hair?
Prefer stick thin or not?
artificial nails applications?
eyebrow plucking help?
Girls. Do you ever wish you were a man?
Which girl is prettier to you?
How should be my haircut?
who is ya yi?
does waxing your eyebrows really hurt?
Which one?!?!?
How old do you think i am? [pic]?
what can you wear with this on a night out?
How to dress like a gypsy woman?
which male celebrity makes women lose their minds?
Ivce heard this stuff makes your eyelashes grow longer? Which one(desctription)?
a question for girls......wat type of guys do u like?
What do I wear to a glam wedding in the US?
Can anyone help me with ideas for a new hairstyle?
What is the getting nails done lingo?
Can ladies give me some advice?
What would you wear to a winely?
How do i color my jet black #1 extensions to a #2 brown color?
Has anyone tried BaByliss Curling irons before?
Why doesnt anyone think im pretty?
How to reduce the black marks in the face?
what colors would look good with my skin tone? s best answer!?
Are people with glasses nerds?
Do i look ugly without makeup?
do you think i could be a model? ?
What do other Girls wear under boots???
what haircut should i have? pic!?
what does your toes look like?
Girls what dyou prefer?
What does a BB cream do?
Describe your hands (are you wearing nail polish)?
do these 2 girls look like twins to you?
the boy will say you the one?
how do you know when a girl likes a guy.?? what does she do to show it..??
apple cider vinegar with milk and orange juice....?
Do I have what it takes to be a male model?
Do I look like Paris Hilton??
question for models?
who is this girl please help?????
what sunless tanning lotions work?
Sexy Lingerie opinion. Pictures included.?
Is she pretty? (pictures included)?
GIRLS ONLY: How does my body look?
What's the average height of a 20-year-old caucasian girl?
Good cologne for 15 year old? (girls your opinion) :D?
Do you think this guy is attractive?
I have a diamond ring with stylecrest engraved on inside, where can i find info on this brand?
Why do ugly people act conceided like they are "all that" when they're not?
What cool ideas do you have for how to wear a woolen scarf, over a coat?
I need help picking a picture please.?
Can someone tell me if i'm ugly?
Where can i get glasses like these ?
Where's A Good Place To Get Glass/Titanium Tapers or Jewelry For Stretched Ears?
hey this is a random question but what color dress looks better with blonde hair. pink, blue, brown, or red?
I have a small (Literally) bra problem?!?!?
girls only do you like guys who wear skinny jeans?
Do piercings mean anything?
Have you ever seen more chest hair?!?!?
Where may I find a website for school to become a plastic suregon?
Who is the hottest one here?!!?
Girls is this guy hot/attractive?
do you think i should have a nose job?
Do you think im gorgeous too?
Ladies, When Did You Start Shaving Your Legs?
What should i wear for it ?
Who is the prettiest?
Im a Freshman and i like this senior guy?
Which picture of me looks the best? ***PICS INCLUDED***?
What can i wear with this?
What do you guys think of your partner getting plastic surgery? Even if you don't think they need it!?
Only attracted to big booty girls........?
(picture) what do you think about me?
What can I do to make myself look better?
What to wear with these tan and pink oxfords?
please rate me 1-10........?
can i sing? please answer?
what piercing would look best on me?***PICS***?
If a girl hits a man for no reason, what should be the reaction?
how should a lady dress at home in order to be sexy?
how to clean the bikni line with veet hair removal cream?
If you coulf have cosmetic surgery on a part of your body, what would it be?
Based on my looks, could this be why im not getting a boyfriend?
How can I perk my boobs up for school tomorrow?
What to wear with this dress?
How do I look more youthful?
Should i go dirty blonde? Pic?
Is it ok to shower with Claire's sensitive solutions earrings?
How to be in a perfect Shape?
How to improve beautiful smile naturally without plastic surgery?