Blog Name Help!?
Very Scared urine perfume?
What to wear to this party?
What would you label me punk, preppy, emo, girly?
How to look hot in a band uniform?
Which dress looks best on me?
HEY LADIES, This questions for you!!!?
I have never been to a nail salon help please?
How can I improve my appearance?
One of my eyes has a double eyelid and the other one has a single eyelid... I need symmetrical eyes!?
do i look fat to you ?
Does the photo ready make up break anyone else out?
Am I as ugly as I'm told?
Is this too much beauty for a 14 year old?
i bet next time they'd crown a man as miss universe!!!?
can u give me a good diet?
I want to change my look for next year.I'm 14 help?
LADIES which dude would you choose?
what bikini wax style is the most common to get?
Does anyone know the best way to keep fingernails from breaking off?
How to grow nails long,straight and fast? Home remedies products anything!?
What's the best hair removal cream/ wax to use on bikini line?
What does brown eyshadow look exotic on some people but boring on other people?
In order to be beautiful , you have to be skinny?
Answer my question and ill answer urs?
Why do guys like short girls so much?
Do you like the original Ghost perfume?
do i even look like a "thug"?
Is there anything I can do to stop biting my nails.?
Do I look good in a bikini?
Girls...on a scale of 1-10 what am i ?
How old do you think I am?
Ive enrolled for a beauty course at Leicester college but before i get in they will give me an interview.?
Guys: Which of these bodies do you like best and why?
calling all young girls !?
do you think i have what it takes to be a victorias secret model?
girls: do you perfur short or long
What kind of make-up would look best for my skin tone, hair color, etc.?
How to be a Girly Girl?
do u like?
How to be classy and lady like but a little sexy ?
Which of these shoes is the best?
Why doesn't my friend die when he bleeds?
I mustache you a question?
i have a really low self-esteem because of my skin color?
What is your favorite height for a guy and a for a girl?
Who's the more beautiful princess?
what ethnicity mix do you think i am?
easy tips to get a bf ?
How can I become ambidextrous?
I want to grow my height. I'm very very short. Please Help me... :-(?
eyebrow photos ????????????????????????????
How do I make myself hotter, and not cute? Pic included...?
What advice do you wish someone had shared with you 10 years ago?
Whats the first thing you notice when you look at this picture?
Do I have a good bikini body?
do my teeth look THAT bad?
should i change my pants outside if they get wet outside and i am a 10 minute walk from my house?
If you were rich, what would be the first thing you would get?
Girls think I'm pretty boys think I'm ugly?PIC INCLUDED?
A boy asked me out but everyone is pressuring me to go out with him. what should i do?
Does she look mixed with anything?
Do you think I could pull of color contacts (PIC)?
Is this a good or bad picturee?
How old do I look............?
what do you think girls side bangs or know my pictures?
what do you think of this guy(pic)?
Do you think i pulled the "emo" style well, yes or no?
Rate Me/Am I Pretty :)?
What country has the most beautiful women? and what country has the most handsome guys?
I live in NY, how long will a standard shipping order take from AE?
i am opening a male strip club ladies what do you think will you come?
Where to get think clip on braces for troursers??????,?
Where do ppl post/ Q&A on here about ANY form of "plastic surgery" procedures - (minus the surgery part)...
How to grow your nails FAST?
Depressed and lonely :(?
What do you think of this outfit?
So I have this Mori Lee Short white prom dress and I have no idea how to do my make-up and hair?Send tips/pics?
Peeps tshirt?
hey girls has any1 tried RoC skin care products?
Is it relly stupid?
Good hygiene question?
Hollister VS. Hot Topic?
how much are avon bottles worth today?
Can fake nails look real?
How much do you weigh in terms of lbs or kg. what your height?
Does laughing really give you wrinkles?
What are some things you do or wear to feel girly?
Hate to ask this but... Am I that ugly?
Am I really..=[?
Has anybody ever used Clientele, beauty skin products, if so what results did you get?
Perfume pump problem?
My friend is really over-confident.. (pics too)?
Is it ok for a girl over 6'0 to wear heals?
am i good enough to go to a modeling agency?
Uneven Ear piercings?
What is rose wax?
how pretty/hot do you think i am?
can i make it as a model? (pictures included)?
ok i broke my best friends heart what should i do to help her?
What to wear with a blue blouse?
Do You Think I Could Have A future In Modelling?
Girls would you like a guy to wear this?
What is your favorite color?
what is an overhaul gown?
Looking for a good child modeling agency in Wisconsin or Illinois?
will aveeno positively radiant cleanser make my facial hair not look good?
Is this a good picture?
What do other Girls wear under boots???
what are the best colored contacts for people with black or brown eyes?
who do you think is prettier ?
getting a new haircut/ style?
I have a nail that wont grow back fully, what can I use to help it grow back all the way..I dont know if its a
What is your favorite color?
Godiva skin lightening creams?
Which pic do I look better in?
Does she look her age at 17?
howw should i get my hair cut? 10 poinntss!! :D?
What is your favorite accessory?
What Should I Wear........?
Who's the prettiest and why?
Are Barbra's Nails Really Her Own?
Where can you find the most beautiful girls in the world? Africa, Asia, Brazil or Eastern Europe?
do you think this girl is pretty (not me just a girl i know)?
I need a link? Easy question?
For girls only please.?
What do you think of me?
Whst is your favorite color?
What is the best way to stop a dog from..err.."humping" your leg?
POLL: which pic should i use for default? **pics inside**?
....what do you think????
Which Aeropostale Top Should I Buy?
ummm Contacts....?
Is my mother beautiful???
Does having less fat on your face make you look more attractive?
were can i do some modeling in the UK?
Would This Haircut Suit Me[Pics]?
Do I Have Big Breasts???!!! PICS?
What is your favorite color?
If your rating somebody on a scale from 1/10 is a 5 average?
Anybody else think Megan Fox is a knock out?
How do i Look Bald ? Should i shave my head ?? HELP ME !?
Straps or No Straps! That is the problem!!! PICTURES!?
HeLP!!!!!!!!!!!! haircut?
how can pro photographers take really good pics of you even when you are not looking?
Girls is it true about guy`s appeal?
Which haircut do you like more? (PICS)?
Do you like this picture?
Do you think I could fit in size 12 toddler uggs?
Do you find her pretty?
how much does "miss rose'' perfume by Karen Low cost?
(awkward question)How do you comfortably wear an ace bandage around your chest/boobs (xD) for cosplay?
Girls in my uni find him hot... I don't get it!? (PICS included)?
What hair style would suit him most?
Do Beauty Pagents do More Harm Than Good?
wear would you find these ?
Is there something wrong with me?
What do you think of his looks?
sunbeds once a month?
Is a beard an solution for my weak jaw line?
Celebrities with a skin tone similar to mine ?
Do you think I could model? photo?
How can I get my 18 year old daughter to STOP biting her nails? I've tried everything!!?
do you consider 5"3' to be short for a girl?
Do lime green and Sky Blue Match?
Where to Find CK One Summer 2009 in UK?
Do I look like Kiera Knightly?
has anyone ever had GOOD collagen lips?
How can I reduce pain while getting my eyebrows threaded?
blondes or brunettes?
I want to know where i can find real classy clothes which are not too revealing (Like shoulders)?
Which is better? Gold colored eyes or true sapphire eyes?
prom is in two days...?
Do I look chubbier? (before and after pics)?
how can she be prettier on the outside?
Are doo-rags considered cool?
I have extra dry skin what is the name of a good moisturizer?
Am I Pretty, Ugly, Or Normal?
Could she do modeling? ?
Do I remind you of any victoria secret model?
whats wrong with me??? (picture)?
Earring thickness/gauge. Can I wear a bigger size?
Which makeover do you like the most?
What ethnicity do I look?
What colors go best with this kind of hair color?
what should i wear to my model agency interview?
Do Guys Find Her Hott? I Dont Think Shes Anything Special.. (pic)!!!!!!!!?
Am i ugly ???????????????
Do you think I'm pretty?
--- Am i attractive ?
What Do You Think Of This Body?? *Pictures inside*?
which shirt to buy?
where did acrylic nails start?
This is for all the girls: Perfume Question.?
im 5.7, i wanna be a glamour model like a size 4 - small 6 .. HOW MUCH SHOULD I WEIGH!?
Do u think Paris Hilton is sexy or trashy?
Which look suites me best? *pictures included?
What are some easy piercings to do yourself?
ok...GUYS...wats the truth?
How old do you think I am?
What is the cost of a face lift in thailand?
beautiful girls, what should I do ?
Girls only. What do yall think?
Perfume at work?
can't get the little rubber band on my earring?
Do I Have Creepy Eyes?
~~who do you think is....**~~~?
Rate Me Please??....................?
Rate who's cutest *pics*?
what color is this eye?
Which picture is best?
Jay Hernandez or Channing Tatum?
Do I look like any celebs? If so who?
If you could change one thing about you what would you change and why?
how long does it take skin 2 get use 2 proactive?
How can I look older?
Does having two holes in left ear look stupid?
What color should I paint my nails for Fall?
most beautiful prom dress ever?
Please help me to find best one deo spray?
what's wrong with being sexy?
Is white the product of all other colours?
What can I use to take off acrylic nails without pulling half the nail with it?
Why do people say I look like Shia Lebuff? (links)?
i don't feel comfortable in my sports uniform?
Please answer!!!! :'(?
what do girls like?
Which girls do you think are pretty?
Which hair color/cut looks best (pics)?
I am forced to look hideous, to wear this suit that looks awful on my body. Can somebody help me?
What's one word you would use to describe how I look? (pics)?
Which jacket is better?
My friend bought the jacket I wanted should I still buy it?
hey, how would you rate me girls (pics) 1-10 :)?
how do i perce my own noise?
GUYS AND GIRLS PLZ ANSWER!! ok whos prettier?
Pretty or ugly? (Pic)?
Do you think he looks like justin timberlake??? [pics!]?
Is the girl on the RIGHT (pic) attractive?
if you wear a smaller size bra does it make your boobs look big?
Do you think I'm UgIy or Pretty?
Could I be a male model, be brutally honest?
HERE HERE SLOVE IT FOR MI!!!!fOre hEad lines AND DArk circleS!!No textures in skin?
who is hotter ashley tisdale or vanessa hudgens?
Walgreens dress code question?
Pretty? Not Pretty? You decide.?
How do you get left over glue off from fake nails?
Rate my legs (picture included)?
GUYS: Do you like slim or curvy women?
Can extremely brown eyes look pretty?
if you could choose a favorite store what whold it be?????
Nose piercing information?
What do you think??????=\ ?
Do they make a cute couple ? Or no ?
Hairstyle/makeup tutorials & fashion tips etc!?
I want to return my bikini?!?
Measurements Please!?
what's the best day-time perfume?
How can we can make lifestyle better?
okay what color are my eyes?
Personalized License Plate... Got any ideas?
this question is for those guys that weigh 160 to 170 lbs.?
can you use clear honey from the supermarket in a jar as a homemade facemask?
do i have a nice smile?(photo included)?
When men wears one earring in their left OR right ear lobe, what does that mean??
girls what are you having for supper tonight?
Twin Day Ideas (Quadruplets)?
Are these boots cute or UGLY? s?
Beauty..A gift or curse?(I will pick best answer)?
Do you think i'm pretty?
What Color are Jessie J's Eyes?
Could You Rate Me, Please ! :)?
my daughter 12 want's to become a model, can any one tell me how i can help her achive her dream?
I would like to create a new look?
What do u think of this photo ?
Can you please guess my ethnicity?
How should I get my hair cut, and what should I do with my bangs?
How to look good as a fat guy?
How old do I look[pics included]?
Question about the "hipster" look?
is this girl prettier than me?
Survey question for all girls within the ages of 13 to 19,.?
would my hair look bad red?
How Do You Make This Look Hot?
♥♥How do I look? 1-10?
What colour are your eyes?
what celebs do you think me and my friend look like? :D?
i am dark skinned indian. do i look good in this color shirt?
Am I too short for a guy?
What color tops that match a High Waist Skirt in Brown color?
site modeling....for me????
Which pants do you like best?
When do you go back to school?
Help Me Find Jeans/ 13 years old with difficult legs to put jeans on?
Honest opinions about me?
How do I make my eyes look bigger&nicer?
Who's prettiest in this pic?
why is bath and bodyworks not selling temptations anymore?
How old do you think she is?
Do I look like a prep?!?
Whats cuter? [PLEASE ANSWER!]?
who is cutest? (5 pics inside)?
Should i use fake blood or fabric paint to splatter my dress?
I want to look pretty for tomorrow, can you help?
Is there a nail sealer or something kind of like it that doesnt require a uv lamp?
Is this is a weird picture? Which picture is the best?
I think I've let myself go alittle, what do I do?
If I'm a girl and I'm ugly as hell?
Girls, Face vs Body???????
like my avatar?!its what i really look like...?!?
Girls: Do you prefer guys with long hair or short hair?
What Name Would Suite This Girl?
Do I look like anyone famous??!?!?!?!?!?
what features that make a girl pretty?
is it safe to assume this?
What color contacts should I get?
Am I fake, honestly? eek!?
How can I get rid of my pimples?
Can anyone recommend.....?
how to be cute??????
Does this match (fashion question)?
Is there a quick and easy way to curve the hem of a shirt?
I'm a 21 years old virgin!!! HELP!!!?
thin long face?
What do you think of these pictures?
This is a poll question, sort of.?
heeey im dark skin and i was wondering what color dress would look nice on me?
girls only do you like guys who wear skinny jeans?
Which smile do you like on her? Teeth smile or close lip smile? Why?
What hurts more, getting a jab or having your eyebrows waxed?
Why isnt my water marble for my nails working?
What's a Great Store to Find Good Fitting Bras?
do you consider her to be pretty?
I am looking for a salon in lower Westchester county (NY) that does LCN gel nail applications.?
Why do people pretend to be other people on here?
These Vans shoes on a girl?
bra straps: why do they keep slipping off shoulders. Any solutions?
Are hazel eyes pretty?
Ladies, what is a cologne you absolutely love?
how to do simple glitter acrylic nail tips?
[Ladies] Are big quads(thighs) on a guy attractive? (PICS)?
how much does a starter kit for ear piercing costs at Claire's?
i grew my nails a few months ago but they were very weak?
My brother wants my big bedroom so this means me taking the box room, how can i make a tiny room guidette?
Girls - What's the first thing you notice about a guy?
I need a makeover (Pics) ?
Which pic is better:)?
what does sally's look on the inside?
Ladies when we look good is it for the guys or for ourselves? Do you think that it's our ego?
How can I keep my acrylic nails from lifting?
Do I look good in this picture?
Plastic Surgery and movie stars.
Do you sleep with your bra on?
Am I good looking Feel free to be as mean or nice as you want?
I want to dye a couple of faded articles of clothing black again. Where should I get it/ How much should I get
Am i pretty enough to be a model?
what are good numbing creams for waxing?
Do you think I am pretty?
Ummm, help.?
What are your experiences with buying beauty products online?
Do you think she is pretty?
Any guys asked their female partners to stop shaving their pits (or elsewhere)?
Am i ugly, or pretty..?
Why do people glare at me while im walking in the mall . ?
Which is Better between them?
What do you think of this girls looks?
Women, please click here?
What kind of clothing make you want a girl (in high school)?)?
Does anyone know this perfume?
Which purity ring is prettiest? just vote easy 2points.?
How can I be sexy?
Could I be a model? Curious.?
MY daughter wants to model, Can someone give me a name of a good teen modeling agency. NAMES please!?
Just curious old do I look?
What do you think of my boyfriend?
I have a little too much free time, but I was wondering if anyone has any GOOD websites for free samples...?
What do you think of someone like this?
whats your insecurity?
Im a girl, should i have hairy armpits. Do guys like that?
whats my bra size? under my bust is 26" and on bust is 36".?
im 15 years old. my chin sticks out a good inch or two. what can i do to fix/hide this? thanks!?
What do you think of me? PRETTY OR NOT? (PICS)?
*pics* What do yu think i am?
Do I really look that ugly?
Can A guy wear this shoe?
Do guys mind really long wavy hair?
Am I Really that ugly?
does anyone knows about me?
Should I be worried about my looks?
Girls only, would you dress me up like a girl if you knew I'd look this pretty?
how do I become more girly?
Ladies/Gals ONLY ! What can a guy wear to turn a woman on ???
banana boat sunnless summer help please?!?
Most beautiful Celebrity?
i need a good hairdresser in hobart to do a style for a wedding any reccomendation?
what do you think about the name taigen?
Am I slim, skinny, average, or fat?
How Would I look Blonde? (PICS!]?
What are those white bits you get on your nails?
Whos prettiest?? pics..?
which one of these girls is prettier?
why do people hate on the emos?
what age should you start wearing eyeliner?
girls with big boobs...?
I have decided to have a makeover, ideas wanted ?
what cologne/perfume are u now using?
why aren’t guys attracted to me, am I ugly?(picture included)?
Can perfume go "off" if left in direct sunlight?
Girls, would you wear this?
What would you rather be? Cute or Pretty? why?
I feel so ugly [Pic]?
Good smelling body mists?
As am Wheatish in color i would like to improve my which is the best whitening cream?Is oley gud?
A question for women...?
Fashionista's....what should I wear?!?
where can i find a jacket like this.?
What body shape do i have (pic)?
I am so UGLY! Unattractive!?
I want to put on some nail pollish! What colour should i put?
Would my nose look too weird for a septum piercing?
How do i heal blowout from Gauging your ears?
I just want to be pretty...?
what do you think of this?
Should a 12 taper/ guage be okay to start with?
Is this girl attractive?? [pic included]?
How old do I look(gdfhfdfdfd)?
Do you like my.?
Should I get my Bellybutton pierced?
Girls....what things do you do that make you feel girly?
what a good hairstyle ????????
Random bored and killing time...?
Why women walk so funny?
A few days ago I washed my face loads of times and used face mask. The skin around the?
GUYS!! would you ever?
which one is cutest??? or both ugly?
Prescription costume contact lenses?
How old would you guess I am? (pics)?
i dont know which way to remove my body hair would be both healthy and would last longer.... im 16????
What are your view on men painting their nails?
what do you think of me pretty or not? picturess**?
What should I wear to school tomorrow?
how to get top rook ball back on?
Is this girl pretty???>>>>???<<<<<??
I am looking for tee shirts by pohai and friends out of Hawaii.I can't find the company online w/ their site.
am i actually ugly...?
Looking for the perfect perfume...?
(For Girls) Which guys purfume scent is the most turn on to you?
What is the difference between a 34a and 34aa bra size?
Do you think he's beautiful?
i am 18 years old.i have a dull can i make me look brighter.?
how old does my cousin look? *pics*?
Why do nails get yellow?
rate me from 1-10 (ugly-hot)Girls only.?
How to become more photogenic?
what you think off this picture ?
any idea what piercings i can get that i can hide?
How big will will my breasts be?
What is the meaning of Beauty?
Am I uglier than I think I am?
Where can I buy cheap fake piercings?
How would you rate me on a scale of 1-10?
whose prettiest?
Help, I want to knit a scarf!?
Should i get my nipple pierced?
please answer this..... it will help so much!?
Why does my girl like too wear very revealing clothing when we go out ?
Which girl looks better and why?
Is 65 degress fahrenheit cold?
do you think 5:25 is too early to get up for school?
how can i be prettier?
Do I Look Like Katy Perry??!?!?! :O?
Hairstyles please i need help?
why do I get red eyes on pictures, using Olympos 140?
how to make a girl more girlish?
Candles & Necklace?
wat is the website for body revolutions in cleveland ohio..i got my belly button pierced there n its CROOKED!!
how many times do you most people shower daily?
How much are Sally's extensions ?
Until what age is it acceptable to where short skirts, dresses etc?
could anyone give me the size in order from smallest to largest when gaging ears?
Why are my eyebrows getting thinner when im only 15?
Forever 21 Christmas songs? :]?
how do you ask a guy to the movies withoutanyone else knowing?
Before or after? (pics)?
I am seeking a cologne/scent called Meriden by Scarbourough.All help appreciated.?
Is he okay looking or not?
how to test beauty products for free and keep them?
sexuality problem?
My 12 year old daughter want's a piercing (2 for that matter)?
Ladies, do you dig mustaches?
Poll for Boys: do you prefer girls when they curl or straighten their hair?
Do I look ugly, ok, or handsome?
What's your opinion on the store Gap?
What are your favourite colour eyes?
Home remedies for long nails.?
What is the best way to increase size of the breasts naturally?
Need some help deciding on what to wear to a ceremony!?
What should I wear when I hang out with my new friend?
Why do you look better when your clost up to a mirror then from a medium length.?
At home beauty treatments?
How can I naturally grow THICKER, LONGER lashes?
Good concealer for acne?!?
Do you like being a woman?
should i get a fringe?
what's ''average looking''?
Which color of this bag would match best with a black northface jacket and grey uggs?
Foxy Locks Hair Extensions Question?
BEING CALLED UGLY! (please read)?
Do you find this gap in my teeth unatractive? (PLEASE)?
can i get my facial bone structure changed thru cosmetic surgery?
Can you help me determine my faceshape? ...And an ideal hairstyle?
what should she wear?
Pick one photo to use between these two?
What is the best way to dye a pair of blue jeans black?
Where wer price charles and lady diana spencer married?
can any body tell me what is the correct temperature for beauty salon?
am i a beautiful girl?
Nicknames? Help!?
If you have hip piercings, is there a chance that it may NEVER reject?
do you think im pretty? what would u rate me on a scale of 1-10?
The one thing you want the most from Forever21 right now? Describe it or?
Who looks like Kendall and Kylie Jenner?
What is my eye color?
Honestly, what do you think of this figure?
how do you cut guinea pigs nails and why?
what are some advantages of being tall?
some guy called my friend the "n" word and i got in trouble?
Pink or Hot pink what one is better?
How old do they look?
Bad to wear nail polish?
Do I look a bit like a man? (pics included)?
Girls what do you think?
the best bra?
Are girls not even interested in guys who may be better looking than them?
do you think that i need to lose weight?
Do you like these shoes?
What actress has wavy golden brown hair and hazel eyes?
Am I attractive? (16 Boy)?
1 - 10 rate me please ?
Girls, how tall are you?
do I look better with or without extensions?
Why all boys likes girls & says them beautiful ?
how old do you think I am?
which is prettiest?pic included.?
cool gift ideas for 28 yr female?
Rate me pleeeeaaaasse?
How old do I look???
What do you think of these pics I took?
How to do eye makeup like this?
what do u think of this look...............?
What's the best bra for that perky look?
What can I do to improve my looks :/ Pictures?
how can i keep this from slipping?
The battle of the hotties... who's hotter??
Can a girl be too beautiful?
My Measurements...Health Risk? Curvy/Skinny/Chubby? 10 POINTS!!!?
how can i reinvent myself for my boyfriend?
What make-up tp wear for a blue dress?
Would nail salons allow 14 year old girls to get a manicure by themselves?
What should I wear to a Skillet concert?
Some beauty tips for an birthday party?
what is good for pitted acne scars?
guess my height and weight?
Girls, What Counts More. The Looks Or The Personality?
Ladies! Do you shave?
What would a girl find attractive in a guy?
What is a substitute powdered fruit drink used in a slang "that went over like a flash flood in a ___ factory
Do i have model potential ?
free gift in macy's catalog?
Do you think you look better in person or in pictures?
I got my make up done professionaly. IS it too much? pic included?
why people judge the book by its cover ?
How do i know if i am pretty?
MinI makeover help! pic here!!opinions plz?
Is this a common look?
please tell me a site for girls except binggirl!?
how can i make a perfume scent last longer?
Should I Be A Teen Model?
Does she look better before or after the makeover? (PIC)?
Rate This girl in Picture below...?
How old do you think I look?
Am I emo? I want to be. Look downerzz.?
Push up bras? What do you think?
i have these small brown bumps on my legs, what are they?
what color should i dye my hair....(pic included)?
what do you think of this haircut?
Why does everybody hate me???
are there any asian beauty stores in MA?
How to get long nails?
GUYS: When you are looking at a girl based on looks what is the first thing you look for?
Am I UGLY?! (pictures inside)?
I went tanning but nothing happened, why is this?
Do you like these sandals? Which one do you like better?
school queen is she that pretty?
Is it safe to go for facials?What if they ruin my face by squeezing too much?
Do these 2 guys look similar to eachtother or is it just me...?
What is the best way to tone cheeks?
How are my Polyvore sets in terms of whether or not you'd wear them?
which site provides pictures for indian bridal wear?
I want to look like a new person?
WHAT do I.......................................… NEED HELP!!!?
How would you rate her?
Are you happy with your Glasses?
I think i have a fetish for swimsuits. i really like the feel of them and wear one to sleep sometimes?
Do my arms look like they have muscle? (10 points)?
What Is Cher Lloyd like?
FASHION ideas?
do steam baths help to de-stress?
Isnt this beautiful ?
Does anyone like wearing long restricting skirts?
do you think i could be a model?
how do you become a personal styleist/shopper?
Why white women are more beautiful than Asian / Black women?
Nail people help please?
Which side of an eyebrow is better to pierce on a male?
Justin Bieber or Boo? Who's cuter? [PICTURE BELOW]?
How would I become more and more emo?
my wife is going out tonight and she plans on going without her knickers,is this normal?
Any beauty tips for me?
Circle Lenses and Moderate Astigmatism?
If you could change any one thing about your appearance, what would it be?
do they make a light weight rain coat for women?
what size of rhinestones do they use on your nails at the salon?
should i get bigger boobs (worth 10 points)???
Do you think I'm pretty?
URGENT! Getting a haircut in 1 hour!! Which haircut should I get?? (Pictures inside!)?
Why do guys like tall chics?
What do you think about this outfit?
ur opinion...again...?
What styles do these outfits fit?
Do you get jealous is another girl is real pretty or hot?
i have started aquafit and I wear silver rings?
women/girls- how much have u spent on brazilian waxing (waxing everything in the front and on/around butt)?
how can i stop eating my nails ?
What do you think of my picture? Do you like it?
Do guys prefer long or short hair on women and why?
are my arms too skinny? (PIC!!!) please please please reply!!! i'm desperate!!!?
I design awesome handbags and jewelry, but don't know how to get these things made so I can start selling them
How to look really pretty?
whats better, blond or brunette?
Blurry vision with freshlook colored contacts?
GIRLS!! would u wear this......?
Ideas for elf hairstyles and fashion ideas?
How do you get rid of baggy eyes?
Do I look better with blonde hair or dark brown? (pics included)?
Weird hairline ...some suggestion please?
Halloween Costume: Cat?
I need help!?
Could I model??? Pics.?
If you are 16, do you need a parent with you to get a bikini wax?
witch is better....?
what are you all doing up at 1:37am on a cold thursday morning ? (:?
Stuff to do on a long car ride?
My friend thinks she's ugly, she wants an honest opinion?
Girls what do you think?
I need help with my clothing style?
Embarassing yearbook photos.?
How can I start up in the modeling business?
Do you think that I'm pretty? (PICTURES)?
How much is 8,000 I.U. in mg??
is this a cute jacket for a guy to wear?
what is the girl next door style?
Could I be a model? (link)?
is she pretty ????[pic included]?
Would i look good with this?
How do I look...?
What to wear to a dress to kill party?
Is my hair nicer with the fringe up or down?
Why are my contacts so uncomfortable?
All girls please answer this!(boob delima)?
What makes a guy cute/sexy?
Would red plaid match with brown uggs?
Girls which guy is hotter?
what are better for your nails gel or aryilic?
Guys, am i attractive?
I think I am ugly... what do you think?
Who's better looking?
Do you think Elle and Blair Fowler are materialistic?
Are my legs really fat?
What's each of these girls best feature?
5th Grade Celebration?
should i buy black converses?
could i model MAYBE...?
Was it right of me that I kept quiet and didn't reply back to a girl who called me ugly?
Sports bras at the gym?
How can I change who I am?
Ways to straighten a fringe that is dead without it sticking out everywhere.?
Best beauty tips!?
Does this picture look dumb? asian?
Is she pretty or ugly?
Do you think I could model?
Do I have long eyelashes (Pic)?
What other moisturizers should I use with Proactiv?
How to become prettier?
I'm black and ugly?
What else do I need for prom?
people calling me $lutty...?
plain as day.. am i pretty?
what do you think of me? (pictures)?
Make up,style,and hair tips for 15 year old?
How to wear a bigger jacket?
who is the most beautiful woman in the world?
What are some really good songs?
Are there any good nail blogs?
Who thinks that some of the sexiest women in the world come from the Caribbean? And if so where from?
What upper body garment looks best with a short haircut?
Side-swept bangs still in style?
any suggestions?
thin or curvy?
What do teenage boys look for in teenage girls?
would you let your daughtar at 12 have fauls nails but on?
Have a look at my pictures for me?
Am i pretty??
does anyone know how to make your boobs bigger the natural way?
Who is the prettiest?
Does Claire's sell eyebrow rings?
Rate me please! How old do i look? guys and girls please and thank you!?
What goes with this.....???
Who is more prettier the blond or brunette? (pic included)?
What's wrong with my daughter?
Rate Me Please!(pic)?
Where to get eyebrows done?
Please Tell Me Which Girl You Think Is Prettier?!?! Guys And Girls?!?!?! pictures?
water marbling help!!!!!!!!!?
any one know how i can go as Masuimi Max's Vampire for halloween ?
how old do I look? (picture)?
A perfume that ONLY smells like Violets?
is 5 feet 5 inches tall????
People say I look Conceited, Stick-up & Fake...?
Do I look like one of those people who always look serious?
I need some help?
is cameron Diaz pretty , sexy , attractive and make u mad and think of sex with her?
Do you like blonde or red or brown? Should i get pink streaks?(PICS)?
my anarkali neck is very wide i want to make it proper?
Does anyone have any step-by-step picture tutorials?
tonunge snake eyes piercing?
Should i give this guy a chance?
Are 21 inch thighs fat?
What Hapened To Individuality?
how can you get contacts that look colorfull but no bothersome way for eyes?
who is norma spitz?
Which is better looking good or being good?
help me on this one, please!?
what is secrets of girls?
HELP PLZ!!!!!!! HELP HELP!!!!?
Who's prettier in this picture?
Have you ever seen an Indian guy - White girl couple before?
What do you consider sexy?
is there any difference between reniu and the scent of pure fiji products, eg frangipani?
how do i look?
can my boy friend make it as a model?
painting nalls help!?
what are your fav. boy names?
I dont want the Avatar for my picture on answers, How can I insert one of my own?
Why do people go to jail?
Am I pretty? Rate me please?
What kind of beard should I grow?
What style should I make my hair?
i dont really think so, but am i pretty?
Tomboys: helppp meee!?
what brand of temporary hair dye is good for a blonde?
Women and beauty-- For the women here?
when you put in contact lenses does the cleaning solution burn badly ?
Do You Like Twilight?
9ct Gold Nail wanted?
Which dress is the most beautiful and why?
Which of these girls(my friends and me) are most attractive?
What car should I get my daugher? (pictures)?
HEY, i am an under confident girl of 13 and i want your opinion?
I'm ugly and I hate it?
what is a good soap that cleans,smells good,and softens skin?
which tinted moisturizer?
how can i not get depressed because i dont look a certain way? like a top model, or a woman with perfect shape
drinking and back problems??
do you pluck your eyebrows?or wax them?
On a scale of 1-10...?
i am a size 2 in american eagle. does that make me fat. also do you know any stars who are a size 2? i am 14?
What do you think about these B&BW scents?
What modeling agency do you have to be signed with to be A Victoria's Secret model or a PINK model?
should i get bangs or not?
What are some rosey smelling perfumes?
Help! How can I dress to impress?
Where can i buy Avorio Equilibrium Acne Essence at a cheap price?
Girls, when you shave down there?
describe me?
do i look like alica keys?
What should i change my nose ring to?
Who has the hottest body in your opinion, guys?
Girls what is your preferred way to dress: "sexy" or "stylish"?
Ladies: Have you ever tried this?
Horribly dryy eyes HELP!?
I need an 11 year old actress that has black hair and green eyes?
Best non solo part in beauty and the beast? I Want to be in the beauty and the beast but ?
do you think this is a good beauty/fashion blog name?
Which pic do you like better?
would you be jealous/worried if your bf knew a girl who looked like this . . .??
Prefer stick thin or not?
Which picture is the best?
What type of style/look does Mark Foster (Foster the People) wear? {pics included}?
Does any one use a Fake Plastic Hand to practice acrylic and gel nails?
Where would you hide a key?
What Age Where You When You Got Youre First Kiss?
GUYS AND GIRLS, do I look better with blonde or brown hair? (Pics included)?
my pimple is red?
Where can i buy these gauges?
Fashion help.......?
my dress is grey and orange,i have fair skin ,black eyes and black hair girl.?
I'm a female and my ring finger is longer than my index, like a mans?
Impressions of me that you get?
Default picture . Which one to choose ? ?
Fashion help for birthday !!!?
POLL:Do you like when nails are painted black?
Can anyone find me white lace tights?
Looking for a cheap dermatologist in New York City? I really just need a prescription for .05% Retin-a cream?
would this be a good yearbook picture?
How can I look older? Pictures too.?
is there really a freesite for clothing let me know?
Are these leather sandals water tolerant?
why do people get plastic surgery?
How did Miley Cyrus get a body like that ?!?
How do you tip at a nail salon?
How quickly should I get a lifting acrylic nail fixed?
which girl is prettier?
Why do fat girls say that fat is beauty?
how do you use hoodia?
Which suits me?nose ring or stud?
what to wear to a wedding??
What's the first thing you notice in this picture?
People call me gorgeous but I do not see it?
i put a bit of eyeliner on, yes im a dude?
what perfume should i buy my mom for her birthday?
have you ever seen a black girl date a white american guy,if yes how often and in which american cities?
Could i be a sexy punk rocker?
What do you think of this?
how can i have a sunken cheek like a model so i can fowk alot young ladies ?
Am I Ugly.. or not....?
Have you got a freakum dress?
How old do i look??
Why can´t women just admit that looks are everything?
Should I go back to this look!?
I am a girl and.. 10 points for best answer?
ok just for fun :]. what do u first think when u see these pictures of me?
What name do I look like?
GIRLS do you like blond or brunet guys?
Why do people wear their pajama pants with shoes, out in public?
Sweaters that are made of 100% Acrylic, are they comfortable to wear against the skin?
Does Victoria's secret sell 28C bras?
the prettiest girl and best dress?
What should I wear on Tuesday?
how many suit cases would you bring on a 4 week trip?
What do you think of the name "Salon de Beaute Lotus" for a beauty salon?
If you have a Hair Weave, whats a good product to use to keep curls in it without them becoming frizzy?
Do ugly women know they are ugly? They sure don't act like it.?
i am not attractive what should i do?
Where to buy a plus size strapless red corset with built in bra?
To women-Is it cool for a man to get professional manicures?
Well... will you like my this new profile photo?
If you could...?
How can I make myself look sexy?
do i look fake ?????? ?
I've never been blond, should I try it?
Why my Boobs doesn't look their size? Pic?
Brits, is Sarah Bush pretty (.url included)?
Do I look like George from Seinfeld?
All girls and women just check out
if you have a round face, how do you make it oval-shaped instead?
Bald hair styles?
what is the meaning of life?
I have dresses that are sizes 5 & 4; what kind of mannequin would I need?
what do you think of these two girls?
How can i get into modeling without having to pay?
What do you think of her? (pic)?
I want to date a nice guy, where can I find him?
How much do these piercings cost =)?
What do girls pay most attention to??
cut my forehead and now have stiches--advise please?
Okay just look at my myspace page why is my page doing this???
Teen bedroom decorations? (girl)?
Is he attractive or not in your opinion?
i have a hudge crush on this guy but we never talk should i make the first move?
a lot of boys tell me im so pretty and soo sexii but does that mean they jus wana git in ma pantss??
What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you see this pic ?? ?
What do you think of my appearance?
Is my boyfriend cute? D: Do I have weird taste? XD?
Do any girl here have long nails?
What hair style would best fit a girl with these descriptions?
Should I get cosmetic surgery or guitar lessons?
What time should a 13-year-old go to bed?
Anyone have any ideas how to control oily skin?
what do you think of keira knightleys body (pics)?
would i look good as a blonde? i have pictures!?
how come everyone says blondes are dumb? i am a blonde and i always get told how dingy i am.?
what are the ultimate beauty and style tips that all women should live by?
when in the shower do most people wash their hair first or last?
mens skincare advice and tips?
Where to buy Old Spice Classic body spray?
Do your eyebrows move?
Stretched my ear... plug won't fit?
Do I look like any celebrity? pic?
what anime character can represent me?
Is there a good product for thin, splitting fingernails?
Do you prefer tan or pale skin? Are freckles cute?
is elite beauty products still in business?
Should I be worried about my looks?
i am fat and bulky height 5?
What are the main bullet points for modeling?
TV/TS, She-males please share your stories with me!?!?
do i need to lose weight?
blonde or brown *pics*?
What do you think of my new look?
How do you get Aqua look for your beauty?
Why????Need Help!! Please help!!?
Are Uggs still okay to wear? ?
Does mascara.......?
What is a good looking hairstyle for men?
questions for everyone...=)?
Do I have too many piercings?
which girl is the prettiest?
How do I look with a shaved head?
Which picture is better?
can anyone tell me about 4711 perfume ?
[Pic] I am originally from Martinique and I've been told that I can model. Take a look at this new pic. WDYT?
tips to look more my age?
What color shirt or top goes good with brown pants/corduroys?
Girls would you care if...?
gift 4 people in taiwan?
Easy 10 points: Which picture for my new Facebook account? (Honest opinions please)?
girls - do any of you feel comfortable in your own body?
How old do I look to you?
Who are some good overweight beauty gurus to watch?
Can you rate my Girlfriend out of 10 it is important as she has low self esteem? Photo included?
Would grey jogging pants go with this blue hoodie?
Can I pull off a Hayley Williams type look without dying my light brown hair?
Do you think she is attractive (pic included)?
Do I Look Like Allison Iraheta?
Where can I get electric blue colored contact lenses?
Boots OR Superdrug ツ?
What is your favourite perfume?
after somebody accepts me to site model for them....?
how to become a male model without disclosing our face?
What's the best way to get rid of sun tan on your face?
Avatar beauty contest?
Is it more important to be fat and yourself or skinny and somebody else?
Why do some women allow their bra straps to fall off of their shoulders?
why does this happen to me when i look in the mirror?
Stretching cartilage?
ordering clothes from forever 21 confused?
Are long pea coats still in style for men?
can you use regular clear tape around tapers?
guysss only.?
Which deo will stay aal day long?(for gals?)?
Would my face shape look good with dimple piercings?
Am i ugly/pretty?
ARE WE PRETTY? people think we look alike,?
Does this earring look gay on a guy?
Are we really are own worst critics?
why do some people look like 20-30 even they are in their 40s..?
Bra sizing help? So confused?
Guys be honest??????????????????
how can youprevent bright red hair dye from running into blonde hair whenever it gets wet so that the hair?
Which GURL is prettier?! (These are my friends)?
Am I wierd/ugly looking?
Do u guys know where to get color contacts? like a store,or place?
What are u carrying in your pockets right this second??
do me and my friend look alike?(pics)?
Which would be a better fb profile pic?
Gays and Gals, how often do you wash your face, and how ? ?
do you think that i'm pretty?
What does it mean to have cute expression ?
Any alternatives to wearing bras?
Do you think this person is cute/good looking ?
what style do boys like on a girl?and what hair,eyes and so all pls.?
How low can i wear a saree? If i wear it about 6 inches below navel, it gets loose & opens up when i walk?
Shellac Nails with tips ?
Girls: to you look pretty without make up? ?
I wore 6inch stilettos saturday night with my Halloween costume and my 3 toes on both feet are numb.?
how do you get rid of blackheads???
what are some ways that i can get rid of my freckles i have a lot on my face and it is bothering me?
Are my eyebrows awful?
Which girl is prettier?? (pic inside!)?