How can people say that ear lobe piercings don't hurt when they are thick guage compared to needles at the Drs
Help me find a dress that looks exactly like this?
Should I go lighter or darker for my hair? (Pictures)?
Do you think my boyfriend is cute?
Girls, if you had the chance to give a guy a COMPLETE girly makeover, what would you do to him?
Do Asian girls have natural C cups?
If you were me, what would you change?(pics)?
Anybody everybody what is polyvore?
who do u think looks better ?
Please, bring me your vote?
Too scrawny up top or ok ?
are there more guys that like pink than girls?
why does a niger prefered to be called a black ...than a *****?
Baking soda and peroxide as a stain remover?
does this sound cute or stupid?
Are they pretty?
What are some local, affordable pageants? s?
How old do I look ? (Pic included)
I bought my girlfriend a claddagh ring for Christmas, how to surprise her with it?
what can I do about my lip injections?
Do I look creepy in this photo?
Do I look like a horse/have a duck face?
Are chubby cheeks cute or ugly? (Pictures of me included!)?
Whats the most vain thing youve ever done?
Do I Look Like A Mean Person? What Kind Of Person Do I Look like?
What would your ideal man look like?
what do people put on a Caboodles' nameplate?
prom dress ideas?
What should I wear with this?
Bra sizes?
should i get nose surgery???[pic] of me?
Bausch & Lomb (SofLens Natural Colors) in China?
help me please.....?
Tatto removal cream??? 10 point best awnser?
How Much Is An Ear Piercing ?
Embarrased: Girl asked if I wear eyeliner?
is it cute or slutty?
Do I have a chance at being a model?
First thing you notice in a face?
Dress up like Britney Spears?
What clothing accessories do you consider timeless?
which picture of me is better?
I have another question guys!10 points to who ever answers this first!!!!?
I want to re-decorate my room???
Ladies, do I look like "Taylor Lawtner"?
Why dont love me any girl?
is juicy couture out of style or am i just older?
do the color contacts really mess up your eyes bad?
annyone have any advice?
who looks the best in this picture?
Do you think you're beautiful?
Which pic do i look better in?
Am I a fake "scene"/"emo"/"punk"?
Is olive skin and tan skin the same?
How To Replicate These Shorts Using Dye?
do i look like a girl?
trying to find this perfume.?
Do you knw whether if there are any kottakal ayurvaidyahsala's in singapore or any ayurvedic centers?
Do i look emo ??? easy question 10points?
why when you write a poem or a letter to let her know u like her she say awww ur sweet thats nice>>:)?
Which colour is YOUR colour?
What is your favourite cleanser or products for pimple-fighting?
how do u get a double eye lid?
Shaving your eyebrows, do they re-grow?
First to make me laugh...10 points.?
dry skin please help?
is 5'5 1/2 too tall for a girl?
do girls prefure guys with a unibrow or ones without?
Whats your EYE COLOR?
Colored contact information?
Info on cartildge bar through ear?
unique or not?
in what ways is this woman more beautiful than me?
where can i get non precription contacts?
Self Esteem HELP!!!!!! For a teenage girl?
What are Coldwter Creek's stats on employment?
do i look more asian than white?
Girls: Which would you rather live without: Music or Makeup?
What do I need to do to be good looking? Girls Only?
what do u think about south tamilnadu girls?
Which of these shorts look better?
do you think glossy lips are trashy???
Rate my pic?
what are the measurements for tna sweaters?
How do I make my butt longer?
Are me and my friends good looking?
im going to a party in 2 days....does this match?
How to look older as short guy?
what would you label me as? prep, punk, dork, etc.?
can you help please?i need your answer, help?
If I wear a size 7, what size would I wear in pants?
do i have a chance at modeling?
WHats the most thing you hate that people do one here?
Which Girl Is Prettier And Why?
what do yall think?
Loads of blackheads on my nose?
Who do I look more like?????????
Who do you think is the Sexiest Woman Alive ?
Which is better Hollister, Polo, A&F, or AE?
Does an exposed midriff make me look easy?
Should I dye my hair bright red?
Possible to have a stomach beauty's mark?
Is it stupid for me to do this?
I am thinking of getting a boob job. Does anybody know about how much they cost to get done?
I think I ruined my eyebrows forever?
Is there any hair product that will help split ends?
If u could be any person in the world who would it be?
Rate me please: 1-10? =D?
Do you shave you legs girls?
What color should I get this dress in?
My boyfriend just called me an ugly hag...?
Which Race/Ethnicity of Women is Most Attractive?
Girls! Lets play a game! Cutest guy?!!?
Is this normal plz plz answer?
What is the best fragrance to wear on a first date ?
are paris hilton and nicole richie still friends???
what is beauty.. why do not many people see it?
Could i be a model honest opinion???? pic included?
i feel like the biggest loser in my school?
Do I look like Selena Gomez? (PIC)?
what will happen if we wont use Aftershave after shaving?
How do you feel about spetum piercings?
Am I a little chubby (picture)?
Two urgent beauty tips please!!!?
What is your favorite body spray (not perfume)?
Girls: do you prefer skinny or fat guys?
How would you describe this persons facial features ? Good Looking or not ?
Do you agree that girls who are a little thick/chubby have the best bodies?
Cute/Short Quotes/Sayings/Lyrics?
Could I be a good plus size teen model? (pics) PLEASE ANSWER!!!
How do you avoid harsh front lighting? It makes me look so terrible!?
Who is prettier out of this 4?
What are your three fav clothing stores? =)?
how to get a tiny waist ?
what to do remove pimples?
What should I bring backstage to a fashion show?
What to wear to my husband's 10 year high school reunion? and after party?
Do I look okay? Pic.?
do i look like any beatles or one direction member?
How would you rate this girl? (1-10)?
which girl looks better? thanks?
Who do you think is the Sexiest Woman Alive ?
What does looking cute mean?
Does She Have Modeling Potential ?
Which clique style do you think would look good on me?
which is prettier pink or purple?
do you think im pretty?
What's the difference between hot and cute?
what do girls mostly look for in guys?
Should I put this in my modeling portfolio?
wats the best eye color?
I have really dry skin?
what do you look for?
what can i get my 18 year old boyfriend for his birthday?
Could I attract any boys with my costume? *pics*?
Which pic wud make a good profile picture?
How will i get freckles?
I can't decide, is coloured nail polish cute or not?
what can I get my mum for her 60th birthday?
Girls only-What do you think?
What would be the right great scent lotion for a guy?
how old do i look?
Do you think people with several piercings look cheap?
Rate Me 1-10 (Im a Boy)?
Does anyone think my g/f is hot?
does he like me?? EASy points?
am i ugly????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Which girl in the pictures is prettier?
I'm curious, what would you say about my look?
how old do you think i am?
If a cute boy is calling you do go to the boy or just keep on walking.?
Why do people wear sunglasses behind them??
What do you think when you hear my height and weight?
Got 2 cartilage piercings need HELP?
Is 125 pounds too much?
would you describe his face as elf -like?
I have a few questions... *PICS* 10 points to best answer!?
do these two look alike in your opinion?
Why have I become so insecure of my appearance?
Ladies: Waxing question: How long does a leg waxing last for you?
doez anyone know any special glue that will hold on fake nails so mi nail cal keep their pretty french look?
How To Look Like Gossip Girl's Blair Waldorf In Uniform?
if you were stuck on a island....?
how to give introduction for a beauty contest..?
I remember seeing Britney Spears wearing a transparent shirt with no bra. Know where I can see that picture?
is a figure with the hip 39",waist 29"and breast39"called sexy?
Should I Model? (With pics)?
What do you think of this photo? (No need to report?)?
how can I dance like a slut?
why do we get pimples on face , & what is the precauction to get rid of this and look beauty?
bangsss :)?
Do i look older with glasses?
Does sleeping with gel/wax in your hair give you acne...?
Help me with self confidence!?
who do you think is prettier?
Long+flowy skirts for spring and summer?
Why does everyone want to be tan? whats so great about it>?
I wish people would stop referring to models as not " real women"?
1-10 how pretty am i? girls and guys?
Do people's eyes look nicer in real life than photos?
Does anyone know where I can find a Beverly Hills Gold Birthstone girl charm in 14kt yellow gold?
California Spray Tan?
Girls, plain and simple ... do you fart?
People hate me because I'm not pretty?
Guys and girls - what perfume are guys in love with?
[PiC INSiDE] Does She Look Hot ? Please Rate .?
why are smart guys always ugly?
Why do people judge so much on looks?
How do I become a fashion designer??? Help?
naval piercings?
What are some new perfumes that I would like - see description?
Artistic Room Ideas? Please help?
Sick of looking as if I am 10.?
What t-shirt colors go well with green and yellow images/lettering?
What are most girls favorite colors?
DO THiS & GET 10 PTS!!!?
hi i need to know where everyone getting these strap up shoes most of the teenagers wear them today?
Would it be weird if I started dressing like this?
Places for a 16-13 year old girl to shop?
Why do people obsess over beauty?
Does jello help your nails grow or get stronger?
Why do I get lines on my nails after using acetone? And how do I get rid of them?
how embaressing is this?
A good youtube name for a beauty channel?
Boxers, boxer briefs, or breifs?
questions about 1 eyelid being caucasian and the other one is asian.?
With or without smile?
Can I change the shape of my eyebrows?
What do you think of me? Bad, average, good? Rate from 1-10?
Which picture do you think is better?
Is this a good photo to use on an online dating website?
On what can I improve?
Next Myspace Picture!!!?
How do you get fake nails OFF!?
Girls, its ok to look crappy sometimes and not really care about how you look like right?
I bought a men's dress shirt. I'm trying to decide whether I need to have the body taken in.?
I need a hairstyle for an African American..............?
U HavE To AnSwEr ThIs OnE!?
Do you boys perfer that girls where thongs or just sexy underwear?
i need ideas for a maid of honor speech, i'm my sisters maid of honor. help please?
What to wear to a Wake?
How much does it look like I weigh?
what are some of the best pick up lines to use on a ladie?????
Pads or Tampons?
What is the best beauty secret you have??? How well does it work???
Beauty blogs? girls what do you think.?
Best makeup for me? Best hairstyles for me? And personal color?
Is my bestfriend pretty?(:?
Does your face change as you grow up?
Guys, what do you consider perfect measurements in a woman?
How can I change from a tomboy to a fashionista?
Y is abercrombie so perfect?I LUV ABERCROMBIE and the prices really arent bad?
3 questions 4 the GIRLS ONLY please!!!?
What country has the hottest woman/man??
I already posted this but I put the wrong pic...? I still want answers tho...?
How can I get the visual kei style?
What to wear Clubbing ??? I'm a little chubby thats why i'm wondering.?
Looking for a good child modeling agency in Wisconsin or Illinois?
Asians have the ulzzang look, african have the udoli look, what cute look do we caucasians have?
How do i get into a modeling agency?
Should we get rid of our noses? Don't you think they look silly just sticking out of our faces like they do?
take a guess at how old this girl is! [Picture]?
words that tells about your self letters a-z?
Why are the tips of my nails see-through?
How should I tell my gal pal without offending or hurting her feelings?
Do you think my girlfriend will like this gift?
Does this sound ok to wear im male?
Which look suites me best? *pictures included?
can i model pic included?
Do girls find it gross when guys wear their jeans like that...?
What do you wear on your hair and face to keep them looking good all day?
Who is prettier?????!?!?!?!?
where can i get used underwear used by another person?
Can Airbrush designs be added and removed on pink and white manicures?
Can you make solid perfume into a liquid?
Pretty, Beautiful, Cute, the difference?
Which one of us is hotter??
Which is the best picture of me?
what can i do to look like a slut?
Thick,curly/wavy, lustrous and beautiful hair is usually associated or a characteristic of what nationality ?
I want to go into a career field to where I make people feel beautiful I don't know what to pick?
Weird Pictures?
Do I have high cheekbones and square jaw?
Nobody answered my question about fashion. Come on!?
Last question,which one do YOU think looks better? VERY indicisive?
How would you rate me on a scale of 1-10?
Does remington products sell hair crimpers? if they do can u me model # ?if not wut other brands sell crimpers
Which purity ring is prettiest? just vote easy 2points.?
DOEs WAXING help prevent hairgrowth more than shaving?
Am I a narcisist? help?
On a scale of 1-10, what would you rate me? pics included...?
Would you consider me pretty? [[10 POINTS]]?
Please provide Mary Kay's song lyric.?
Which Magazine should i subscribe to: Cosmogirl, or teenppl?
triple ear piercings help!!!!!?
Do women like men who like shopping for clothes as much as or even more than women?
What is your favorite fragrance?
What is the best type of jeans to wear with flip flops?
How to test lotions for their pH?
im dying my hair hot pink and getting long black extensions...?
I wanna get a manicure!!?
Which girl is hotter (pic)?
I hate doing my eyebrows?
What face shape am I? pic included?
are we pretty.. (pictures)?
whats do you think is a sexy mix?
Why am I so georgeous?
Should i go blonde? (pic)?
Perfume suggestions? (Female, early 20's)?
Am I pretty honest opinion please! (pics included)?
Ok....Short hair-yes or no?
what size is a 26 inches because i bought some leggings and i am 11 and there massive on me they fit my mum?
what does the most popular girl at your school look like?
My nail stamping kit isn't working :(?
Am I considered attractive (on a scale of 1-10)?
i got new colored contacts ! (with pics)?
What is a proper tip for a hair cut ?
Is it weird for a guy to pamper his feet
Are the heels of these boots too high for a Christmas party?
my nails are terrible :(?
What do i look like a scene or emo or what?
I am too tall to wear heels when I go out, what is another shoe style I can wear that still looks sexy?
Ugly, what do you think?
Which is the best facial to be done for engagement?and what would be the price range?
Girls, anyone else in the same boat?
Is this pretty beauty photo? :) (Picture included)?
How old were you when u 1st moved out of home?
What photo should I make my profile picture?
Which one of these women is more beautiful?
Glasses or no glasses?
how do i look ???
Do you like my new hairstyle! (PIC)?
Tips to get into modelling?
Just wondering please answer ?
Princes or Queen?
Whats wrong with me?
Regular bangs or side swept bangs?? (pictures)?
What is worse for you spice or bath salts?
are you pretty when you cry?
What do guys look for these days?I'm tired of getting the losers, weirdos and what not....?
why do girls love shoes and chothes?
Would you be more or less likely to buy fashion magazines if the models were regular sized?
I need to find Pinksugar perfume by Aquolina?
I want guys to notice me and want to be with me, should i lose weight and get a makeover or just try harder?
can female security guards have their nails done?
Who is more pretty?!?
Why do some people think that the Asian race is the ugliest?
uhhh my legs. ): (pics)?
how do I feel more attractive? I am attractive, i just dont feel like i am.?
Whos better looking out of us two?
Which girl do you think is prettier?
Should i get a lip ring? (picture)?
Rate my freind!!!!!! 1-10scale?
how can I look less ugly?
which girl looks most prettiest?
does anyone have the ihpone and has pretty long nails?
Do I look ugly without make up?
How to get ready (look great) for a big, upcoming event?
Upon first glance, what would you label me? (Pictures inside)?
Do i need to cut my hair?
I M alone and want to say you....?
Which guy is better looking?
Read below please !!!?
What to wear to a teen girl 15th party?!?!:)?
Hollister interview. What should I wear?
Rate on a scale of 1 to 10
Which picture looks better?
What do Leo guys act like? Does a Leo go with a Saggitarius?
How to have eyebrows like Kaya Scodelario?
Im i what you would call pretty?
is this a cute jacket for a guy to wear?
what are my best features?
Is this a flattering picture of me?
What does a size 2 around 5'4" look like? ?
What do you think about her?
Do you think that I'm fat? Be honest?
Beginning modeling where to start?
What should I bring backstage to a fashion show?
how many bras/panties does a girl need?
Girls,please help me..Im a 5'2" 22 years old my height really bad(10 points)?
What is the make of this designer jewellry???
Freckles and Puff hair.?
what do you think of my picture?
Whats the biggest, thickest, wand hair curler?
is she stunning and exotic?
Name for me ur best Perfume ever ..?
How can i do my eye makeup like this?
what does it mean when guys look at your chest?
How do you cut this asian hairstyle?
I have to dress up my child for fancy dress on the theme hot and cold as opposites. please suggest dress style?
Do All Girls shave down their. in the cave?
what do you guys think..ugly pretty? be honest please be honest..?
What makes a great experience for you at a spa?
Would this hairstyle look good on me?
Do you like this Eye Cream?
Where do I buy the cheapest Loew-Cornell brush in Toronto?
how old do i look?[pic]?
which girl is more ugly? lol (picture)?
My Hair is weird?
GIRLS on a boy what is the hottest colored hair?
why is the winner of miss universe allways from earth?
How Can I Be More Pretty? (Boys and Girls)?
How will I ever Attract hot women If I go bald!? HELP!!?
I need a website that I can try on wedding gowns.?
How bad is it to put 16g in mormal holes?
Whats the best website for customized clothes?
Is she pretty?? Or not?
How old do you think,
What is the best brand of jeans to accentuate the butt and slim down hips?
How do i heal blowout from Gauging your ears?
Is this a cute skirt?
Girls: which look do you think suits me better (please read the details of the question)?
My nails keep there something i can put on them to help them stay healthy?
Is there a certain time of the year that is best to get your ears peirced?
I m 14 How do I smell good?
Can i wear contacts with a 8.6 bc if i usally wear ones with a 8.4 bc?
Fake nose ring with jems and crazy glue?
which hairs makes you complain & undesirable for you?
How does it feel to undergo breasts implants?
Where Can I Get a Customized Hockey Jersey?
Everyone, do you think this person is pretty?
I want to look like Lassie. Is there hope for me?
Do button down blouses look cute????? s.?
Girls what is my style?
can't pluck my eyebrows HELP?!?
my hair?? heelpp..? please?
What would your first impression be of me?pics included?
am i ugly,cute,average?
What is perfect about you?
U Think i could be a model??
Does this make me a slût?
i want my tragus pierced but i have to swim?
What kind of jacket is this?
do i have fat legs? *pictures*?
How Do I Stop Biting My Nails?
Could she model, eventually?
Does She Look Fat???
How can I stop biting my nails?
how to become more handsome naturally with the food which eat?
Am I still decent looking with glasses?
Johnny Deep in Pirates of the Caribbean: Who agrees his makeup resembles that of an old wh***?
Is there any salons for sale in Northwest Indiana?
Who's prettiest; in order?
which picture of me do you like better?
how are veet wax strips (girl)?
I know this is gonna sound gross but its a question for girls...?
Which hair color do you think would look best on me (pics included)?
why do some moms dont let their daughter get 'french nails'?
Is there any way to take the ink cartridge off of clothes?
which picture is better?
am i spoiled most people say i am:)?
HaLLOwEEn OUTfit TOO Much? Pix?
Which of these looks suit me better?
How can I make my eyes look not so.. huge and alien like?
What is your first thought when you see this girl?
What do you prefer ?
how old do you think a child [girl] should be to get there eyebrows done?
Do my eyebrows look ruined to you?
Which photo should i use for my profile picture?
Am I pretty?? (pics included rate 1-10)?
Which Bikini Looks Best On Me? *SEE PICS*?
which name is better? sonja or isabelle?
Why is my wax so hard, please help?
ladies what is more attractive, a guy with contacts or a guy with trendy and fasionable glasses?
My last nose ring feel out help!!!!!?
how come my questions get deleted???
Out of 10 how would you rate me (pics included)?
Is my eye makeup too over the top for everyday wear? (pic)?
how do you get a boy that you like alot to like you??
should the fashion industry be allowed to carry on using stick insects as models?
does my haircut make me look like i'm 10?
Is this backpack or this backpack cuter for a girl?
girls only!!!!!!!!!!?
Which picture should i use as my profile picture?!!!?
Who makes these eyeglasses?
Does this loook like same girl to you?
What picture do i look the best in?
Which picture do you like the best?
I am embarrassed by my belly button!?
What are these flip flops called?
Is the Venus Divine a good first time razor?
Is my new jacket ugly?
What do you think of this guy?
How Do I Get The Creases Out Of My Nike's?
How should i dress to an interview..?
Should I use senior pictures as my headshots if I wanna be a model?
What color should I paint my nails?
i bite my nails and suck my thumb! please help ?
fake nail/tip design ideas?
Would you lie to get something?
Have you tried Proactiv? Did you experience this?
What's an appropriate tip to give at a nail salon?
Paul Mitchell super skinny relaxing balm vs. straight works?
What can I wear with these pink shorts?
are you people annoying or what!?
Where can I get a shoe horn where I can imprint a logo onto it?
I need a make over what should I change to feel better?
what is the best pantyhose?
Should I change my default picture? Does it look good?
How to bang a girl longer?
is this girl pretty? (pic included) ?
I am kind of ugly like.....?
Do I have what it takes to be a male model?
What do you think? Pretty, not? Pls rate.?
What's your favourite perfume?
Anyone know any links of where can i find houte couture online?
which picture do you like best?
What do you do when your shirts too big?
what country have the most beautiful women?
What body type? Curvy or thin?
Do I Look Like A Model?
I want to be shorter?
does anyone know where there is a beauty school in jacksonville nc?
Was that real???
What is a good nail color for fall/winter?
Should I Become A Hairdresser?
what do you think of the quote 'trying to look sexy is not sexy?'?
people, do u think im pretty? please please be honest.?
Does anyone think freckles are cute?? :/?
Do you like the way you look?
Who is the prettiest girl you have ever seen?
Girls,Whats more sexy clean shaved or male model stubble?
I have an ugly nose what should i do?
What's the meanest thing someone has ever said to you ?
how to stop biting your nails?
What are the BEST drugstore skin care products?
who is the most handsome and sexiest guy in the world?
What to wear to a college interview?
how many suit cases would you bring on a 4 week trip?
Am I pretty, what dyu think?
Do any of your men shave their armpits?
which top should I have and what colour?
Can you rate me please? 1-10?
what makes her ugly?
Pamper Party,Have i got enough ?
what is a good Man's cologne/ deoderant/ fragrance?
Do You Think I Am Ugly :(?
am I really horrible looking?
Would this dress look good on someone with slightly broad shoulders and a small waist?
is this a good profile picture?
why do think a man gives a diamond ring to a woman as a symbol of love?
What colour should i dye my hair?
How do I dress like a rockstar with what I have?
why do i have to wear a construction jacket when i deliver newspapers?
does she look emo?????
What's the best way to stop....?
is she to hot 4 me? (pics)?
do you think she is ugly?
In US im a size 7 in shoes. So what size am i for the UK?
how should i break a habbit of biting my nails??? HELP PLEASE!!!?
i want to make a slouchy beanie?
Would you consider this a Males Or Female bag?
Designing a line of clothing?
Do you think hollywood would accept the way I look?
Who wears AEROPOSTALE brands!?!?!? (4 girls!!)?
I've noticed many adults have a mole on their forehead, usually over an eyebrow. Is this a sign of aging?
Which picture for default?? *PICS*?
How am I supposed to find/dress myself?
How do I properly care for my Disposable contact lenses...?
Can I wear my white Reebok Classics for a short run around town?
Help me be pretty?
Do you think I have natural beauty?
Why do people like to avoid color when it comes to makeup. It looks beautiful when you do it right?
can a guy have the name Kaitlyn?
My boyfriend uses mascara?
Help me I don't know what to do? Delayed puberty?
Do these look like gauges/plugs a guy would wear? (GUYS?)?
I want to be a model what do you think?
Does anyone else hate the Hand on hip pose ALL girls seem to do these days?
whats the best way to clean off eye liner?
What skin color do I have?
Does my smile look okay?
How can i be more sexy? Need answers from guys !!?
where can i purchase a black widow's catholic veil on the web? what website?
Whats should a modern girl wear to an interview?
Is it bad to consider yourself as beautiful?
where can you get these kinda shirts? [pictures?
What can i wear with these?
what kind of haircut do i have?
What does IDK mean.............?
i like those girls who have beauty and character but it is too rare to see both qualities in a same girl ?
what are sexy pants ?
Do I look in shape to you?
Stuffed dog from Justice clothing store?
i feeel so disgusting...?
How can i wear redlipstick in daytime?
do you think i'm pretty? picture link included?
Tazuma Clothing Canada?
What makes a guy sexy in your opinion?
Am i ugly?
what makeup and haircut?
How old do i look? pics?
What should I wear for 1yr anniversary?
How old... impression... (pics)?
ladies can i get your opinions on this?
do I have beauty potential??? (pic included)?
girls night in?
How to clean muddy Uggs?
Can someone tell me what my season is?
Do you think they are fat Pictures...!?
do i resemble mischa barton (PIC)?
What is good For Getting rid of a Acne sore?
do you think my friend could be a model?
Who's prettier?!?!?!?!?!?!??!! pic. included?
could i be a model? (pics)?
Does anyone think my boyfriend is attractive? He's 16. Girls only.?
How much do perms cost in the UK, also how long do they last ? (for MEN)?
what is an amazing diet i can do to loose 5 pounds?!?
What perfume would you choose for a guy?
Hot Topic or Hollister?
Should I get this dress? Please give me some advice.?
do I look good with my red hair or would I look better blonde?
What are some ways I can be flirty and guys will like it?
What are some symptoms/dangers of getting a tattoo?
What is the difference between these shoes?
help me with...Scars?
How to dress beautiful?
would u prefer gel, acrylic or fibre glass nail extensions?
what new phone should i buy?
Should I get contacts?
what kind of hairstyle should I get? with pic!!!?
What youth size shirt am I?
girls: do you want to wear make-up on photos?
do you think all girls are ugly?
where do you get sewing patterns for middle eastern dresses?
What color should I wear today?
What makes a "beautiful woman"?
Guys, need your help?
what kind of clothes can i wear to make me look more sexy?
Do girls notice little thing in a guy's face(read here,please)?
Is there something wrong with my ear piercings?
HELP, is it really gay/girly to wear it?
Tips on dressing proffesionally? Thanks.?
how to clean a bridal veil?
Hair style ideas????
do you like guys with scene hair?
Ladies what is your favorit parfum(s)?
what do you think about this girl after seeing her picture?
How can i make myself look better physically need good answers thanks?
do you think im ugly ?
Does anyone else think the "best answers" e-mail girl has pretty feet??
Do I look like kareena kapoor?
What do you prefer, swimsuit or bikini?
What HairStyle Would Suit me Best (pic inc)?
Are 14k gold euro geneve wrist watches water resistant at all, or should I not use around water.?
i really wanna change the way i look..(pics)?
Question about my looks?
How can I look beautiful even though I'm poor?
Why are people so mean when you just ask if your avatars preetttyy?
what is the name of facial sheet?
Do You Think I Need 2 Lose More Weight ? - Pics IncLuDeD-?
Your opinion of me (20 characters)?
which wan is prettest?
Does this haircut suit me well (Pic)?
what is that website where you take pictures of your arms to make it look like a big heart?
Ladies, has anyone done nude modeling for art classes?
Braces? need answer FAST?
What a thing is a happening in a body while we see a sexy and beautiful woman?
Acrylic nails or sculptured nails?
which perfum is better?
i need to slim body so give me one product name ?
14 and apparently i have "massive" boobs?
should i ask my cousin to marry me?
Photos of beautiful interracial couple models?
Is it safe to use to buy sneakers from ?
What is your opinion on this?
Best picture out of these 2? (links included)?
How can i keep my nails longish for longer?
What Is The Best Hair Type Of Human Hair Extensions To Get?
best jean for petite plump girl? bootcut,slim leg,straight or skinny?
Guys!!! Do you prefer girls with lipgloss or lipstick?
Is my nose big......................?
marine corps. ball 411?
Pink or Green?
What size should they be to get ur first cup bra?
Is this an ugly dress?
what to put on after a brazilian wax?
how much does it cost to get a good tan these days. how long should i stay in for?
Which lingeri shop do u prefer??Which is the best?
Can you find this dress without a train? Or a similar one?
Help!!?!?!?!?!? Please!!!!?
Weird....Breast question...?
How old were you when you got your first piercing?
do you think this girl is attractive?
Is this picture HOT or NOT
What are the most comfortable shoes for a wide foot?
Poll: do you girls have bad days?
I feel so ugly!!! Help 10 points?
So ladies what do you think... Pics?
Do you wear rubber gloves to wash dishes even if you just have nail polish on... not fake-acrylic nails?
Would I look good with bangs?
Do you think this dress will look good on me?
Do girls like being flirted with?
Where would you get free sample perfume bottles?
Should I shave my moustache now or wait to shave?
What hair color would look best on me?
Make me a paking list?
lots to say....?
Would you be willing to reduce your life expectancy by four years to become extremely attractive?
Girls how tall are you? (ages 13-18)?
what is your favorite color and the color of your eyes?
Why do women of some races get more plastic surgery then others?
i got the pics do you still think they don't look alike most of yall were mad that i asked?
Is there such a thing as red henna aka mendhi that comes out pink on nails?
What do you think of me?
How can you work your way up from a beauty therapist?
.s, which is better to be?
Which of these outfits are not good?
How should i shave??
How Can I Sell Baked Goods?
Am i an ugly teen? tell the truth.?
Are people afraid of beautiful people?
what colour i pod should i get?
How much do snakebites hurt?
Should I get a full fringe or stay without?
whats the first thougt that pops into your head when u see this pic.?
What makes a girl pretty?
I dont have white teeth. So am I unattractive?
Cosmetology... thoughts?
If something is described as watermelon colored, what color is it?
Should I Go long hair or short hair?Pics +10?
girls what do you think of his body?
Where can i get animal print face transfer from ?
Which picture makes a better profile picture?
Does this dress look like a tablecloth?
Do I look like any celebs? If so who?
in need of a good hairdresser!?
do u like justin bieber?
How would you describe classy look/manerism?
ugh. everything!?
Does this picture look photoshopped?
Office work: How to create "Likes" in FB fanpage about girls liking brands mostly pink and purple?
HELP! How can I get my eyebrows to grow back and look more natural?
how can i make a finge look good?
Who has the prettiest lips?
How can I stop my eye lashes from falling in my eyes?
Where Can I By A Pair Of Air Jordan's Cheap In Jersey City?
Is it true that if u eat RAW egg you would get taller or stronger ??
Am I Pretty? Just wondering...?
What can i do to improve my looks?
OMG!!! does this look ok??
What do you think of the sweet on Paris? From Bath & Body Works.?
Do you think I'm good enough to try out for modeling? (Picture)?
which top is best?
i`m going to the beach...and i wanna know if...PLEASE HELP!!!?
Am I mean??? help...plz?
Identity of my watch?
how much is 14 karat gold being sold for per gram?
How can I look sick ?
Who do you think is prettier?
What is my face shape?
What face shape do i have?
im going into a bikini contest, any tricks of the trade?
Why do people say women are the most beautiful "creatures"?
how do you remove glitter nail polish?
Tell me your definition of beautiful.?
what do u think bout females wearing sports bras out in public?
Where are the sexist woman in the world?
Girls, Love ?
How much is a Calvin Klein performance fleece?
Any women in forties who have lost hair?
Should i go brunette or blonde for a red dress?
I have a question about my body, boys or girls can answer?
What do you think of me?
Fashion through the decades?
Cartilage piercings???????????? help?
Best moisturizer for skin?
How can we can make lifestyle better?
How much bigger is a 16 gauge from a 20 gauge?
Conch piercing jewelry change?
China Glaze, OPI, or Orly?
How to become really pretty?
will any of these hair style work for me?
the beauty of women is eyes !!!!what is the beauty of men?
Do You Think Im Pretty.......?
Ugly,fugly, pretty, or average? Be honest please.?
What kind of toys or small jewelry's do you guys like. Something for teens and kids, like Silly Bandz. Survey.?
People say my eyes are blue, and others say that they're green. What are they really?
girls what do you think of this body?
Do I look different in these pictures? What picture do you like the best?
Am I fat according to you ?
Skin tone vs. colors?
Venus & Olay or Venus Embrace?
Do i look like a model?
How good looking would you say I am? If I were to ask you out would you go on a date with me based on looks?
Is there a site or anything that someone can go to, to see what they would look like with a certain piercing?
Which girl is prettiest?
i really love my curly hair but it's too poofy!!?
Help with acne problems?
Its ok being very white or I need a tan?
Do You Hate Emo's? What Are Emo's?
Do your prefer looks or money?
For teenage girls, What's your opinion on these?
Advice to my fancy dress house party?
The Healthy Skin Diet book by Karen Fisher? If anyone has this book can they pls answer my question?? PLS!?
What color are my eyes??(pic)?
Do you think my mom is wrong to call me fat?
Dress up like Britney Spears?
How do I tell a beautiful girl she needs less make-up?
Do you think i could be a model?
How does bath salts make you high?
Opinion? do my sister and i look alike?
Good nail salons???! help!! :)?
Purse to get it off?!?
What does A Fashion/Beauty Magazine editor do?
How are braces surgically removed?
beuty brest?
Do I Iook like I could be...[PIC]?
Is she hot, pretty, cute, sexy? And would you date her if you could?
guys please rate me(: (pic included)?
would you consider 18th place out of 60 teams good?
*-- Do you think I'm UGLY?
POLL: Are You Wearing Nail Polish Right Now *and*?
Did the French Manicure come from France?
Who is ShyShorttkake??
Does short hair make noses look bigger....?
Could I pull this look off...?
womens butt lift jeans?
Do you think anyone can look hot?
What kind of glasses would look good on me?
Is it bad that I am 11 years old, going into the 6th grade, and I still don't wear a bra?
Whats the most vain thing youve ever done?
Photoshoot at home?
Guys what do u find attractive for a women?
What do hazel eyes REALLY look like?
how come most scene girls are really skinny?
Going from Dark brown to blonde hair should i choose this colour or go lighter?
do i look better with brown or black hair?
who is the most beautiful woman to ever live?
What is the longest you have gone barefoot?
do girls like funky guys or decent guys?
How to hide male ear piercings?
Downton abbey question about looks and room?
Could I be a model (Pic)?
Which of these hoodies/sweaters look better on a guy?
How can I make myself look more attractive in my school uniform?
Two girls at my school like me one is a blonde and the other is a brunette who should i choose?
Who is my celebrity look alike?
Would I look good with.....(pics)?
Will blonde look good on me[picture]?
in what pic does she look better?
what shoould i where to the prom?
How can I look better?? :D?
please answer my question?
does anyone know anywhere to purchase BVD sweatshirts?
I am trying to get my daughter in started on the right road to modeling.How do I get her into catalog modeling
where can i buy american logger style boots in the uk?
Ring markings?
which picture is prettier?
I need your opinion on this design?
Help on how to change my appearance?
I'm size 0, how can I lose more weight?
Estee Lauder Beauty advisor?
anybody have i deas about what i could be fro halloween?
which is the best prom dress? (picture)?
If you woke up and your hair had miraculously turned into an afro what would you do?
How long will this take to get done at a salon?
Best Hair color for my skin tone and eye color?
who's prettier?
Where to buy a rare perfume?
beauty product?! jk downlode these songs?
Which of these bedspreads do you like more?
which is the costliest perfume in the world??
Tell me something funny!?
Does this guy in 11th grade like me?
What does this saying mean ?
Is it bad I didn't tip this nail tech?
sorry guys! Here is some new pics of me? Could I model? I'm a 14 year old female =D guys and girls answer!?
Am I pretty [pic!]? ???????????
Movie night outfit with crush?!?
What colors to wear with these skirts?
Nail salon and design question(:!?
OK LADIES (and guys) who is the hottest?
Were you an ugly duckling before you became a beautiful swan?
when you go on a sunbed do you have to go on completely naked??
Where are all the fat and ugly avatars?
How tall will I be when I get older?
which hair straightening z best?
Do I look okay in this dress? (pics)?
Girls what kind of cut jeans do you think look best on guys?
Which one of these hairstyles suit me best? (Vote!)?
i'm 25 yr old working woman,i'm petite n short(5.1 feet) with dusky complexion.which attire & make-up suits me
are you too old to dress young?
PLEASE HELP! I need good hot backpacks ideas for high School!?
How can I prevent my freckles coming out?
who picked me as the best answer and when???
What stores in The Gallery at Market East, Philadelphia are piercing places?
How old do you think I am?
Do you think i am pretty? *PICS*?
Is my jaw line attractive? (pic included)?
How old do you think I look/am
How to stay pretty all day, no self esteem?
What do u guys think about a guy shaving his legs?
How to get rid of Muffin top?
What is the difference between UV TOP COAT and TOP COAT?
which perfume you think is best as gift for my fiance who is very choosy and stylish?
what famous person do i look like?
what is a fish pedicure?
Girls this question is for it bad being a ?
Is Alessandra Ambrosio the most beautiful woman on Earth?
What is a good online shopping website for beauty products( like Nail polish)?
How can I look pretty *pictures*?
jeans size is a number 36 equal to w32 l32 size i will choose the best answer?
This fall!!?
eyelash extensions in Bellingham, Washington?
Do you think she is attractive (pic included)?
What is the best way to aply nail polish evenly and smoothly???
Tumblr! What can I look up on tumblr for like girly pictures?
What do you think of green eyes?
Prescription costume contact lenses?
Should I get into the modeling world?
What picture would look the best ?
Do I have feminine features?Am I baby-faced? (PIC*)?
How old do I look? (pic)
Will my nails ever look normal again after I stopped bitting?
Website or application or software to rate your handsome or beautiful rate or score?
Why do women wear bras?
Do girls like to see a young guy in tight jeans, or do you prefer baggy, loose-fitting jeans?
Why is my wax so hard, please help?
What is with the whole emo thing now. it used to be goth. Is emo the new goth?
Best mens' wallet?
Where can I get the best deal for Avon SpaFinder Manicure?
Does anyone have any career advice to become a Fashion Stylist?
What would you recommend, that really works, for breakouts?
Is this dress good to wear to a wedding in the Fall?
What do you think of this Prom Long Dress?
Want to look perfect for webcam?
Girls, is this a turn off? video?
Stubble or No Stubble?
Guys would you date me?im 17 btw?
would you let your 16 year old ware any of these to a halloween party ?
I'm a girl and I have an adam's apple?
how to become an abercrombie kids model?
Do you get a lot of money from modeling?
teen modeling agency in NYC?
what color are my eyes? (pictures included)?
rate my friend please??
Rate each of us from 1-10. :))?
Boyfriend arranging Brazilian wax for me?!?
My eurcerin moisturizer tans my face?
how do i thicken my eyelashes?
is it ok for a male to get a manicure and pedicure?
are laser treatments advised for very mild scaring?
wats a prettier name?
Which body seems better?
What do you find attractive in a person ?
What cosmetics brands are popular in these countries? Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore?
should i go blonde?
EOS Costumers!?!?!?!?!?!?
Why are you mad right now?
what should i do?? Crushing!!?
What's better to shave your moustache? An electric shaver or just a shaving stick?
Ordering something from Avon?
Can I wear my contact lenses for that long?
What color of nail polish would look good with my skin?
Would you like to be a fashion model if you were offered the opportunity?
What's the best colonge that girls love?
FASHION EXPERTS!!! HELP! I want to take my style to the next level, but I don't know how....?
I want to look good so bad? Do i look good?
Where can i find more pics of her?
Whats a good website to buy an acrylic bong from?
can anyone give me more ideas for tattoos for men?
Which frames look better?
Murder mystery party costume?
Which girl is the prettiest? (pic) ?
Am I the only one seriously, ladies?
Can blonds be natural beauties?
Please may you give me at least ten (sexy) words beginning with D or P ?
Do these look good together?
I've been wanting to model.. think I have what it takes?
what body warmer / gilet sould i wear ?
do me and my kitty look cute together?
industrial piercings?
How do you shape your eyebrows?
Do i Look "Scene"ish?:D?
How to look/dress sexy?
Does anyone or has anyone ever used Greek skincare brand 'Apivita'?
Am I better or worse looking than I look in pictures?
Do I Need A Nose Job? (pic)?
how to improve my image?
What do you consider fragile-looking? And what are your measurements (need it for a project)?
Do you think i could be a model
am i pretty?? do i look pretty?
guys wats ur opinion on shaving ur chest girls are welcome to answar?