Girls - What body do you like on a guy?
Any anti nail bitting tips?
Q: Is this girl pretty?
Hey, why not? Right? Just say it..?
how long does veet work for?
I feel awkward sometimes when i decide to dress trendy?
is 15 too young to wear a thong?
ladies perfume, in clear bottle with pink, petal like pattern at bottom, pink writing starts with letter c.?
What's the best salon for manicures and pedicures near Harrisburg PA?
best way to be a slut for halloween?
what can i do to look prettier {pics}?
How can I look better.?
Why is it that almost all of the gay males are so sexy;& they even have a feminine charm with them;dont they??
Modeling open call questions?
How is a leather jacket supposed to fit?
What is the best salon to do an internship at in seattle, wa?
How to be emo quickly?
Is this a fashionable product?
Do they make a good couple?
Why does my ear ring smell?
Is it true that woman first started wearing make up it was for warmth?
my face is oily with pimple marks,i want it smooth,white and fair and markless any ideas?im 26 male?
Just Wondering..........(pics) :]?
What are the best trait in a guy and what isn't? Girls please answer.?
what shape is my face? (PIC)?
What are my rights in a nail salon?
what are the different ways to attract girls?
how can i look better/Prettier (photos)?
I started back at school on friday...?
do you think this will look good together?
What do you find attractive in a person ?
Are people with lots of Face Piercings called Freak Shows?
me? (with pics)?
any cool beauty tips you can share?
Best way to stop biting nails!?
Is 4"11 considered short for a 17 year old girl?
Can you help my friend?
Do I look my actual weight, 100 lbs? (No, this does not consitute as a "chat" violation)?
What to wear with this top to a party!!!?
Claire's online site, anyone that knows about online shopping
☼Mascara 101 :) please answerr, thanksss<3?
Who do you think is prettiest? Pics inside.?
Honest Opinion? Do I look bad?
if u had 2 choose between 3 guys dat asked u out who would you choose the gangsta the loser or the hottie?
Would you say that I am pretty, cute, or hot?
How much exersize do I need to do?
Is It Bad To Shower Everyday?
do u girls like lip gloss or eyeshadow more and do yall like bags or wallets?
What ethnicity does she look like?
Does PacSun have good quality clothes?
How do I become teen model?
What Hair Style would look the best on me? PICS INCLUDED!!!?
Nail Polish problem?
i need help help helpp?
If you saw a 16 year old girl driving a BMW what would you think???
Where Can i Buy Naomi Campbell's Perfume, Cat Deluxe?
i wnt to buy sum formal shoes yet not very expansive from wher i can get delhi or mumbai?
my hair?? heelpp..? please?
How do people in the UK dress?
C m punk lip pirecing ring?
Okay so I'm kind of offended.. is this picture retarded. Don't be rude but PLEASE be honest?
What facial piercing do you think would look best on me? (I have pics).?
silver colored toe nail polish?
hey girls and guys:) i need some help here! :D?
debutante dress picture?
does having your ears pierced hurt?
Am I attractive? Rate my picture(:?
What do you think of this dress, for my school formal?
Do I look better with curly or straight hair?
Keeping Sharpie Autographs in Cotton T-shirts...?
How do you think I look? (Picture)?
OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Permant Body Hair Removal Questions?
Please help!?
but does only look count in a relationship??
is it possible to get my eyesight better?
Question for women. Do you like beards, moustaches... sideburns?
How can models be sooo skinny on the catwalk? They dont eat or what???
What Kind of Boots Should I Get?
what whould you like to have for your birthday?
do i look good?
Do you think I'm pretty?
My nails are short and stubby?
how to kick the frumpy bug?
How old do I look (pic)?
What hairstyle looks best? I cant decide! (pictures inside)?
can a black person be emo???
who's more likely 2 get the guy?
which one of us is better looking?
What is your first impression of me (pics)?
Would this hairstyle look good on me?
what would you call wierd?
DO I look Latina..?
Do you think... *pics*?
Ive wanted to become emo for while but im not to sure how to completely pull it off?
Am I too tall to be a model?
If you had the chance to have plastic surgery, would you go for it?
My friend told me I was average looking....?
glasses or contacts? which looks better?
Which picture of me is the best? [Pics]?
is it possible that i will be prettier when i will be older?(pic)?
I feel so ugly with glasses and I have eye allergies so I can't wear contacts, is there any other options?
Do I Look ok in tight clothes? honest answers please.?
Where should I go to get a french manicure that is online?
Am I beautiful ??????? (picture included)?
what do you think about my modeling picture?
What color are my eyes?
Does anyone know where I can find such a list online?
Help Me people! EASY 10 POINTS!?
HI!!Did someone know the perfume vintage'by Blumarine?
Ladies, what changes would you make to shoes on the market for women?
what other hairstyle (pics included)?
how much do lip injections generally cost?
modeling? you think she can be a model?
How to smell good all day?
How to get RID of cigarrette smell!?
Where can i get authentic korean made circle lenses?
what is you ideal height?
Plastic surgery - if you could do one thing, what would you do?
What Color are Jessie J's Eyes?
is it unethical for a woman to never wear makeup? even with a redheads features - ie blonde eyebrows etc?
How much does the average model get paid?
Is this a strange name?
How do i get into modeling?
does waxing your bikini line get any less painful! Any tips for reducing the pain?
Is it normal for a 22-year-old to prefer playing games with kids rather than sit with girls her age and talk a
do you guys think my girlfriend is ugly? (pics)?
Do all guys like girls with blonde hair blue eyes?
Beauty Advice?????????????
Which purse is cutest?
i want EVERYTHING to change?
Do you think she is pretty?
What does this mean?
What's your favorite colour?
I was wondering if I am good looking or horrible disfigured?
anybody else feel this way about hco jeans?
hair removal cream or wax strips?
belly repierced after rejection?
Green contacts for brown eyes ?
Businese Major and Careers (PLS Help?
Side effects on Highlighting hair? Why my hair doesn't have Negative ions in it?
How to look as attractive as possible? Girls?
Pics of me .. what do you think ?
What does clairol color refresh do?
Ive enrolled for a beauty course at Leicester college but before i get in they will give me an interview.?
what's the most beautiful country in the world?
Do you think Katie is a cool name?
If I have the lightest shade if st tropez tan done professionally a dy before a wedding will it turn out ok?
Can a man be hot and not tall?
You just purchased a pair of socks and the label reads 50% cotton/50% polyester, commonly called...?
Are My Freckles Ugly?
How old do I look?
Revlon Color Stay in capincino?
I'm trying to figure out what I should do to make myself look better. Any advice?
Why shouldn't I take bath or shower when it's storming?
I have a thick orange/gold ring in my eyes but my normal color is blue what does this mean?
how much are eyelash extentions?
inexpensive rings for mam?
Need honest opinion!?
Honestly, people say bad things, what do you think?
What are my good and bad features?
Who is the hottest girl?
Would I look good in this jacket and these pants?
GIRLS!!!! How Tall Are You?? How Tall Do You Want To Be?
could i model (pics)?
How do you soften a leather jacket?
what do you think of beauty?
What's your fave eye color? Why?
Which Picture Is Better?
rate??? (pic included)?
I have dark greenish brownish eyes, how can I make them lighter or blue without contacts or surgery?
What do you like better?
Do you think this guy is good looking(pic)?
Why do I look prettier at night time than at day time?
im gonna smoke some weed tommorow (first time)what are the symptoms..?like red eyes...etc?
Do guys have a right to like pink?
Is my nose really as big and horrible as I think?
3 questions 4 the GIRLS ONLY please!!!?
what kind of girl do i look like? picture?
Is it possible to ask about prefences in beauty without?
I'm sick of being called ugly :(?
Exactly how long do depilatory creams last (for you)?
How old does she look and what do you think she could improve on?
Is 5'3 short?
rate my cuzin please!!!!?
What can I do to look better?
any costume ideas?
Your opinion of my body type..?
Doesnt Sanjayas smile make you melt?
what are these tops called?
Do you think my face is good enough for modeling?
what tips r told to models (male ones )?
I have a DeVilbiss atomizer and want some information on it.?
Am i a prep?
What are your favorite names?
do i stand a chance in modeling?
Do Claddagh rings look better than Claddagh bands?
Rate this girl? What do you think?
Stop biting those nails!?
How can I be attractive to girls. I need tips.?
How can I keep my acrylic nails from lifting?
would straight bangs suit me?
does this person sound hot/pretty?
Ladies, what would be the best...?
Do I look like a celebrity?
Which would be the best magazine to intern at in terms of prestige?
Is this too much to pay for a perfume?
Do i look better (or less weird) with dark eyes? pics?
what one do you prefer hollister, aeropostale, american eagle, or walmart, {gross} or good will {eww}?
Most decent in this picture of girls?
Who is prettier??????????????????
whats a home remedy for a sore throat or coff?
I know serum is a hair product but what is it exactly???
Why I feel so ugly wround WHITE GIRLS?
Should I get another earring on my ear?
What do you think of my hair cut? :3 (PICTURE INCLUDED)?
Why do people shower once a day?
I can't stop biting my nails!! Any habit stopping ideas!!?
How long are shorts with a 9" inseam?
What comes to mind when you see thic picture?
do you think im pretty?
Which girl do you think is prettier?
Job open day-URGENTLY looking for tips?
What is the hotest man's eye color? you like this hairstyle on guys? (pic)?
How will I know if my new hair cut looks good or fits me?
What do you think of this girl?
What Do You Think Of Me Out Of 1-10?
Looking for girls (dating, friendship, chatting etc...)?
non prescription contact lens in louisville kentucky?
Who is hotter this guy or justin bieber?
Am i pretty/ugly...........?
do i look like katherine heigl? should i go blonde?
what sport do girls find most attractive?
SPA SPECIALIST...whats the different between spa and swimming pool?
What would go with these jeans?
Based on my description, do you think blonde would look good?
Should get my bellybutton pierced?
This dress for my prom?!?!?!?!?
Should i do pageants?? (pictures!?!)?
How effective is Crest 3D White whitening rinse?
What is up with too much mouth meat (around the mouth, not puffy lips)?
which girl is the prettiest? (pics) ?
Do I look like a model?
would a girl look trampy if she wore her thong visibly above her jeans?
What do you think of my prom photo?
do i wear that much makeup?
Where can I get a full set of UV Gel nails in southern california? Anyone know some good salons?
how can you remove callus?
Girls help me please!?
TWIRP is coming up...?
girls hlep...what kind of cologne do you like for a guy to wear???
do you think i has butiful eyes?
How to not go crossed eyed when taking pictures?
Is it time to get a haircut(pic)?
How pretty am i on a scale 1-10?
are glasses or contacts better?
How to not be a boring person?
Is there such a thing as being addicted to chapstick? For those who are seriously addicted, is this bad?
what comes to your mind when you see this pic?
How to get him to talk to me?? PLEASEE?
What is Vetiver? Why is it used in cologne? What does it smell like?
What was your first piercing experience?
How do ladies walk in heels all day? I just dont get it.?
does any one else hate how so many teenage girls worship fashion magazines?
Will this Preppy Style work on me? +10?
is this dress beautiful?
Do you like your nationality?
For girls only: Do you shave you underarms?
Do you think my friend can model? Do you think I could be a photographer?
Ladies: If I gave you 20 quid to spend...what would you buy yourself?
how to boost self esteem and like your body?
i am 23 and i am joining my new job.and i want to change my look . Please help me out.?
Someone is wearing perfume on their wrist. Why can people near them can smell it?
which T-Shirt do you like?
What to wear to Dukes of Hazard party?
what do you think of this (pic link )?
how can i wear whatever as in flip-flops and pants without being called gay?
can a guy have the name Kaitlyn ?
At this moment, are your fingernails too long, too short, or just right?
I was thinking of getting a french pedicure..Does anyone know of any sites that show pictures? Thanks!?
Do I Have a Big Nose?
Is My Nose Big? (Pic Included)?
List of ways to look like Kim Kardashian?
Heeeeeelllllllppppppppp !!!?
What style is this? GOod Description?
Would This Dress Look . . . . "Tacky" ?
Do you prefer hoop or stud earrings on a women with medium length hair?
why did I get a violation notice?
what does it mean when guys look at your chest?
How to get a strawberry red?
how can u love and hate some1 @ the same time?
opinions on colours of nails (:?
Does anyone know of a nails place in Merced that charges $25 or less for nails?
[PiC INSiDE] Does She Look Hot ? Please Rate .?
i need help with my bangs for a new haircut. please read?
I have signed up 2 sell avon/Mark and I don't know what my district Number is...I signed up on the website?
how to not look goth?
which costume should i choose?
Who is prettier? (pic included)?
What makes a girl pretty?
What are some modeling agencies in the Columbus,OH area?
______How would you classify my style?______?
What would look best?
How do you feel about guys that paint their nails black?
POLL: Do you have arches on your feet?
So how do you feel about TATOOS?
Is my cup size too small for my height and weight?
What could I wear with this Skater Skirt?
How old do I look? Pretty? Rating?
Do you judge people badly just because they have tattoos?
anyone saw miss universe yesterday?
DO you think I have potential to be a model? PICS?
my eyebrows that bad?*Pics*?
what body warmer / gilet sould i wear ?
Does Garnier Fructis test on animals?
Pictures, Is this beauty? Doesn't it make you want to see more?
excuse me. what do you think of this picture.?
Whcih pic would be better for my defult for myspace?
why is my poopie brown?
Why are my acryllic nails chipping and ing only a couple days after fill?
what do you call beautiful on the inside and ugly on the outside?
what do i tell my stylist if i wana get a hircut like this? (see link)?
just by looking at my photo what type of vibe do i give off?
Is smelling perfume bad for you?
Does anyone know how to get rid of stretchmarks???
How long should a skirt be for chuch for my 12 year old daughter?
Is it possible to look taller than you really are?
Where can you buy HIBACLEANSE?
Why does it matter what you wear or...?
How do I tell my mum I want to wax my legs?
Which Kind of Pimple is the Ugliest?
have i gotten prettier?
A dress that looks exactly like this?...?
Why do my nails feel strange after removing polish?
According to you who is most stylish person on earth?
is it bad if i find studs hot ?
Do you think I'm ok looking?
Have you ordered from BathandUnwind?
I put orange oil in the bath, now I feel like I have a sunburn. Why?
Poll- What color should i paint my nails?
Color contact questions?
Black guys are so effin sexy....?
How can I improve my looks? (pics)?
can you tell me about beauty in people?
Help decide on which piercings?
What are some pretty colors for a quinceanera in January?
which of these do you like on a boy??????(girls ONLY pleaseeeeeeee)?
what is a better profile pic?
Rate these 4 guys from 1-10?
Where can I find old style round toe Maryjane's?
How come I still feel like a fish out of water?! What do I need to do?- Highschool?
Middle School HELP!!!?
What do you think of her appearance?
Do you think I look like megan fox?
Muscle or Flab?
Do I Look 'scene' to you? [pics]?
heeey yyo..hoee.?
Who do you think is the *Hottest* celebrity?
if someone dyes there eyebrows doe sit luk like thye've been dyed and wat do they do about regrwoth?
Am I pretty? What can I improve on?
What face shape do i have?
am i going to be short when im older?
Gals- Do you like guys with a peirced ear?
Was it right of me that I kept quiet and didn't reply back to a girl who called me ugly?
what scents or perfumes do guys like?
Is this a good picture of me?
Are there any flesh colored plugs or hider plugs for African Americans?
need a awesome hairstyle and makeup for grad party- pic included?
Which eye color is prettier?
Why are boys cute?
where to buy this outfit (pics)?
Cartilage Piercing? .s:)?
what is it called?! the photo link is bellow?
asians waxing eyebrows?
When will my baby fat cheeks go away?
How can I be prettier? (Pictures included)?
girls body image help!?
What piercings could I possibly get away with, facial wise?
I think I'm pretty, why aren't I asked out?
Do you think I could be a model (pics)?
Should I lose a few inches from my waist?(pic)?
Does she have a nice belly?
I'm so beautiful it's unbelievable, don't you agree?
What do you wear underneath an open-stitch sweater?
What do you think makes a woman's legs alluring? Which female celebrity's legs are like this?
How To Become Popular When You Currently Are A Geek....?
Her legs look horrible, right?
can you make your boobs grow?
Shine nails after doing them?
my eyebrows are almost meeting to form a single brow?
are we ugly??
could i model even with a gapin my teeth?
Are My Freckles Ugly?
Poll: how old do I look in this picture?
home remedy for wind burn please? i have wind burn around the mouth area, what are the remedy for this?
What does "aesthetics" as advertised by salons and spas mean?
What is my body shape? (with measurements)?
Do i look like Miley Cyrus?
what is the difference between skin divers and dermal piercings?
Where can I get this dress?[PIC]?
What kind of shirt is this?
Is there anyway to get scratches out of your eyeglass lenses?
A long thin face or a small round face?
i would like to be a model?
When is Victoria Secret sale this 2007?
Going to The Barber in a couple of minutes, what kind of haircut should i get,thanks?
what do you think???????????????????
What should i do?
Is she weird looking? P ic attached?
ladies look here plz?
where can i find pictures of brown haired blue eyed actresses or models?
does this girl look sunburned?
Personalised kanji rings?
Are british girls pretty ?
Is this ok to wear to a Hollister interview?
How to be prepared?!!!!!?
do i look better with brown hair or blonde?
Should i go blonde or not ? :D?
Ladies what's your fav purfume?
How to make myself pretty?
Best and Worst Features? *PICS!*?
what are some manly smells for...?
Which color is better looking of this hat?
Is this outfit suited for Homecoming 2012?
Where can I find this haircolor:D:D?
When Can I Change My Lip Ring?
Ladies, how old do you think I look?
I want to try a new look?
is it legal to do a photo shoot of a 16 year old in her bra and panties?
Girls only..... am i the right cup size?
Have you ever seen an ugly person blossom into a beautiful person?
Leather Jacket Similar to this?
Don't ponchos with jeans make pregnant women look huge? I was thinking of black tights with baggy sweaters?
Should I go to get a degree in Fashion Merchandising after beauty school?
what are the reasons of women who prefer matching undergarments?
How do you know if you're pretty?
What is the padding in bras?
Can you describe to me, the most beautiful/glorious girl you have ever met or seen?
How to make my eyes loook big!?
guys how do i look in this pictures?
Can you change your face expressions forever?
Is this too much for a costume?
Do you think I could be a model (pics)?
What to wear?! spirit week?
could I model?..................................…
Help With Reinvention!!!!!! (Girls Only)?
i know its odd but i have a question about shaving please help?
im a cross dresser and i need tips!!?
How shallow are you, (It,s OK, no one is going to know!) just tell me.?
Do you think in years to come, plastic surgery will be like going to the hairdressers?
Should I dye my hair light or dark?! PLEASE HELP =) [with pics]?
why some women like short man?and what kind of women does so?
Best eye color for black hair?
Do I have pretty eyes? And how do I make them "pop"? [Pic]?
Simple waterproof makeup?? 10 PTS RIGHT AWAY TO BEST ANSWER!!?
I like the wedding gown Pheobe wore in 'the one with Pheobe's wedding', anyone know where i can find it?
Lip Piercings: trashy or acceptable on a female?
Isn't she like the prettiest person ever?
what would u think of a man who has peroxide hair and wears a thong which he shows off?
Is this too much to ask my dad for (i'm trying to create a new me?)?
What color are your nails painted right now?
How to get bigger boobs?
Can someone help me figure out what size tapers these are ?
Curious survey; what are you attracted to?
Is 14 too young for thongs?
do you think this girl looks like megan foxx?!?!?
Do i favor any celebertys? Please answer!?
Why won't anyone answer my questions about travelling to USA in travel section?
Does anyone else think hat Faberge eggs are tasteless?
Teen guys! Do you think I look better with curly or straight hair?
Does anyone have women Heelys? If so, is a size 9 bigger than that? old do I look?
Breast enhancement pill reviews?
Can I have the list of Beauty Salons in Bangalore!!?
A good messy hair style for a guy?
rate this piercings on pain plzz 1 being not very much and 10 being terrible lol?
What color nails should I get with this costume?
How can I improve my image? I need a makeover. (Picture included)?
What is the best Old Spice scent?
Are women jealous of other women with nice sized breasts?
Skinny vs. fat ? Which is beautiful ?
nerd sunglasses (wayfarer) help.?
What do you think is a good weight at 5'4?
to be sleeping beauty?
I cant decide.?
this might sound like a personal ? but...........?
Morning Routine! (How to WAKE UP!)?
i bought a woodland shoe from is snapdeal deliver original woodland?
(PIC) whos the hottest?
where can I get some cheap grillz in san diego or TJ?
How can I have kind of Boho style?
Is this a good colour combination?
what kind of jumper/sweater is this?
Lip ring Problems !!! Help !?
Girls, what's your FAVORITE perfume?
how can i become a actress/singer..??
What's your favorite perfume or Oil and why?
Modeling agencies?
(pic) who is prettiest..?
Clinque better than Neutrogena ? ladies only?
does ur avatar match who u really look like?
lips and
should i change my looks? [pics]?
how to look prettier at school?
How can I fade or get rid of beauty spots naturally?
is this a good senior pic?
Who's prettier? (Pic included)?
Do you think she is unique looking?
What do you think of my new glasses?
What's the best way to get into Alternative modelling?
Super Girly Girls Only Please!!!!?
am i pretty (pics included)?
i lam 5fts.and i look so thin. and i have cute face thats is why i look below from my age .?
What colour is my eye....?
do u think that small petite girls can be sexy? 5ft1 or 2?
Quick Little Survey: Bras?
is salicylic acid bad for the skin??
what do u think or this top/dress ? {pics}?
Should I get my eyebrows Trimmed? I always look angry I think?
is this a bad picture of me?
do you think i need a nose job?
I need a guys approval, which girl is prettier?
Should my red head friend bleach her hair blonde?
How can I make a hoodie look zombie-ish?
Has anyone ever used Palmers coco butter moisturiser on their face?
What color contacts would look good on me?
Where's a good department store to buy oversized sweaters?
GiGi's hair removal cream?
Hair and makeup for this dress?
how to look pretty with my squar chin?
did my boyfriend cheat on me?
Is there such thing as christian modeling? If so, how can i try and get into it?
Whats a good website to buy an acrylic bong from?
How can I look like a hipster?
I have 33 tattoos that pretty much cover me. Do people as a whole look down on people like me? And why?
Do you like this hair style? (picture)?
which girl is cuter?(pic included)?
Are artificial eyelashes harmful?
Which glasses look better on me? ( pictures!)
hm, how do you think I look? Thanks!?
Were could i find good uniform at?
Ear Stretching- thin lobes?
Will Braces Make Me Ugly?
Do i look anything like Camilla Belle?
I feel horrible when I wear something nice?
I can't decide which dress to wear!?
how do i make myself look older?
Random...what is your.......?
hoow do i makes my face attractive?
Is this normal for Uggs and how long do they take to dry?
I Have A Question About My Eyelashes Growth?
I need some opinions about my face (pic)?
What is your VERY BEST weight loss tip?
How to look sexy and confident?
a fun poll: Girls what really is your.....?
redheads.. hot or not?
can drinking milk keep your teeth healthy and looking good?
Did I get a rip off on Fake Nails?
i need help with my style?
Would I look good in a singlet?
Do you think this picture is cute?! Should I use it as my profile picture?
Beach shoes on tiles and concrete?
does pop nail polish test on animals?
Im going to a dermatoligist to get some treatments done, which would you suggest?
contact lenses??
Of the cleansing and makeup products on the market(Estee Lauder, Philosophy; Avon - rate top one for 65 yr old
What kind of wash are these jeans?
where can i find a pair of levi's 569 that is for sale in the philippines?
do you think i could be a
Am a beautiful or sexy?
Do YOU take a good care of your FACE & HAIR..if it is so HOW?
did my legs get skinnier?
How come I love Tiff so much?
who is this girl please help?????
what 1 thing do u really like about ur appearance?
tongue piercings prices in nz ?
Could I become a male model?
girls/women only. question about shaving?
Why Do Black Women Never Seem To Win Beauty Pagents?
am i pretty? (with pictures)?
What an emo?
What are you favorite stores at the mall?
Are girls turned on by guys with nipple piercings
Girls!! What is your opinion on dreadlocks?
Pretty boy or rough 'n' ready?
Where is the best place to see your true mirror reflection?
If i decide to take my nose ring out if i dont want it will the whole close or will you always beable to tell?
Do you think I am pretty?
What are some high quality bras that prevent back pain?
Would you wear a beanie in 66 degree weather?
do you find this girl really attractive?
why are guys getting thinner and thinner eyebrows?
Information on Jade's past salon UGLY's needed! ?
Love tights/pantyhose on girls (good quality ones) Do girls?
Which pj set is hotter on a girl?
How do i get past issues of glamour magazine?
Where to buy the denatured alcohol/other alcohol for perfume?
Fake belly rings at Claire's? ?
girls only!!!!!!!!!!?
No Hoodies Allowed in School?
is anyone in these pics cute? ( for guys and girls)?
Do you think she's pretty?
is there any good teeth whitener that has good and fast results..?
which picture is better?
How do I get nail polish off without nail polish remover?
Will? Help me pleaseee?
Can i swim with fake nails on?
should i wear this?
18 and over dance clubs in Chicago, IL?
Do you resemble your avatar?
so how t oboost my self esteem.manage me.?
Should i wear these 2.5 inch boots to school?
Melina is coolest chik or Stacy?
What color of pink will go good with my skin tone?
Any home remedy for the removal of sun tan?
What happened to my nails?
Do guys like girls that would be into their looks, or laid back and casual?
Am I HOTT!!! Best answer gets 10 PTS!?
What dress should I wear?
Plucking eyebrows??
Am I right for modeling?
Am I ugly? please please answer girls?
Acrylic Nails... Which works?
Are microdermal piercings illegal!?
Rate me on how I look please? GF wants to compare, she says she's too good for me =P?
How would you rate my looks, from 1-10?
is this outfit cute?
Can you give me a cute makeover, please? 10 points:)?
Picture of the most beautiful girl in the world?
writing my gf a poem for christmas?
Which Freshlook Colorblends look more natural?
Do you wash your face when you're in shower?
Whats with bueaty and fashion?
which of these girls is prettier?
my friend always goes through my stuff and when i open her drawer she freaks out its very annoying?
girls only !?
Why am I so pretty? <3?
Am I attractive or not, curious :)?
how to dress older? Look like a mom?
Which is the most goodlooking?
how come the female body is so sexy compared to the male one?
Inches into Sizes?
Here's why I'm so proud to be a woman, btw is DISCRIMINATION wrong??????????
my broomsticks a bit rough?
so rate me on a scale of 1-10 (:?
first time pageant advice?
Girls, why are you annoyed by guys who show off their muscles?
What about Boxies?
Do You Like Twilight?
What do you consider beautiful?
Can I still use old perfume?
A funny prank?
question about nai polish?
Old guy hitting on 13 year old?
infusium color shampoo and conditioner?
Is it alright for boys to wear clear polish on their toes?
What's the best type and brand of shaving cream?
Which Prom Dress do you like? Pics included!!!?
what girl would you choose? (photo)?
Benefits of (cucumber) herbal face pack? how many days one is good and how to use ?
Is it possible for me to model?
why am I the only girl in my college class who ISN'T wearing a hoodie or tshirt?
Judging from my myspace profile, what kind of person would you say I strike you as?
Who do i look like? pictures!?
how can the people know that i have inner beauty?
Do you think Dandelions would make a nice floral arrangement?
I need some style advices about these 2 outfits?
Girls,what do you think of a guy with too many clothes(10 points)?
I dont get it. Why do a lot of people say that crying makes your eyes look prettier?
who has the coolest avatar?
Am I unattractive to guys?
where can i find a dress like this? (pic included)?
please help, do you think im fat?????
Would We Make A Cute Couple ? *Pic*?
Waxing???(Girls only)?
Rate this girl on a scale from 1 to 10?
how often do you use deodrant? ?
is there anything like bath and body works in Egypt?
Girls do you shave your arms?
Beauty channels on youtube?
DO I LOOK TOO THIN? i need your opinions? thanks!?
Is sarcasm a turnoff?
how old do u think i am?
How do you think i look? Rate me from 1 through 10?
Why do girls like guys with glasses ?
What nationality do you think I am? can we make our eyes look bigger??
What are your views on people with tattoos?
What is the stuff Jessica Simpson said she put on her lips that made them too big?
I'm not a teenager, but have oil skin & sometimes get spots. how do i prevent my skin frm producing excess oil
Help me lose 10-15 pounds before summer.?
whats a good blog url? easyy .s?
Shaving Cream For Teens? (Legs)?
Girls Only!!!?
ya think im pretty?? or not...?
what does my avatar look like?
What to wear with this dress (pic)?
do these girls look prettyy? or uglyy?
Is it a good idea to go to tan at the gym instead of a salon???????????????????????????????????…
How to keep hair from frizzing?
Can you wash suede shoes to shrink them?
Getting my braces off early?
How can I look older?
storm,s...... wr r u...?
who do you think is the most beautiful man ever?
How can I look like a teenager?
How can you make perfume stay on longer?
Where can I get a body spray like this?
girls pleaseeeeeeeeeee..?
How to appear beautiful and attractive to almost everyone?
What are some good natural beauty tips?
Lazer Hair Removal? What is it like?
Wht do You want to be for halloween, How long did u dress up?
Why do people hate the Irish?
does anyone know of any tricks to putting contacts in?
is snow good for your skin?
which girl like her toe nails to be cut and polish by a guy?
How to get stronger nails?
Im 19. crush thing </3 help?
Does most guys turn on by woman with long legs??
Is this guy cute?
were to find brian froud faery dreams perfume?
am i an attractive person?
i need serious help!!!!!!!!!?
do you find the combination of dark brown hair with dark brown eyes and a bit tanned complexion, boring?
Does he have a big nose?
I'm naming my salon...<you fill in here>?
What are some outfits for someone in the beauty industry wear ?
How much would it cost to bleach and dye my hair?
Do you think i look okay? (picture)?
What is the best smelling fragrance for men?
how to improve my image?
Would my ear piercings close if I took my earrings out, even though the piercings are healed?
Do u think i could model? [[PIX!]]?
friends who have moved boy?
are Abercrombie jeans worth their price and why?
Should men have thier eyebrows done? Does it make them "gay" ?(no offense to anyone, i do it to)?
What are these girls best and worst features?
Whcih pic would be better for my defult for myspace?
Do most men look for a ring before they try to hit on women?
please tell me the name of eye drops which use for beauty of eye, to make it beutiful and red?
Girls only. how would you rate?
Why does my friend just STARE at me in makes me nervous?
i've made a biggggg mistakkeeeee?
Girls: how can I improve?
how old do i look in this photo ?:P?
Ok, so this is a "deep-thinking" question, but it's very interesting...(OPEN!)?
I cant Get my earring in!?
do i look scary?
Am I Controlling? Or am I right? Help Girlfriend Problems!!!?
Which eye color on a girl seems most attractive?
should i go blonde? read description below?
What can I wear with these Hi Tops?
how do i become hot and sexy by next summer?
How do cute kids grow up to be ugly teens?
How can you tell if you are pretty?
Cute outfit for 4th of July fair?
I keep getting poop on my fingers?
Am I really that ugly or is it just me ?
what plastic surgeries do i need (pics)?
do i look like kristen stewart?
How to be the "belle of the ball" at school?
Does anyone know if is legit? As in, will I get a shirt if I give them money?
I have a mostache and im 13, im working on a beard and ghotee?
I want free cosemtic and beauty aides where do i go.?
How old do I look? (be honest)?
Why are girls so annoying?
How often do you weigh yourself?
Can anyone give me some Nail care advice?
Who's Prettier...-pics-...?
I want to be completely made over into girly.?
Can you plz rate her?? [1-10]?
Tips on halloween pimp butterfly?
is poise and elegance gained with advancing age?
can a guy wear this jacket?
Do I look/sound fat to you? (picture included)?
Makeupp & Hairr . :)?
Help me choose my profile picture?
We ran out of soap!!!!!!!!what to do?
One side of face ugly?
why are my eyes changing color?!?
how do these look on???
How old do you think I am?
I have a prominent nose...Should i undergo cosmetic surgery or is there any other alternative...Please help..?
Does Aloe body lotion whiten your skin tone?
How many men or boys think they look good?
______How would you classify my style?______?
Where can I order a decent t-shirt with a picture of Gerard Way on it (UK)?
do guyz like girly girls or tom boyz? secrets to layering?
I just went to have eyelash extentions, how do they look?
Are My Freckles Ugly?
How ugly do you think I am? Am I too ugly?
Stubble or Clean-Shaven?
Fashion designing my theme is hippies and i have to draw coustume sketches on this theme,its my first theme? h?
Do yall think I'm pretty??? (PICS) Rate me?
GIRLS: should guys wear their jeans at the waist or low?
Girls, my boyfriend and I are in disagreement. He thinks most girls shave "down there." Do they???
who's prettier, natalie portman or kate hudson?
do people really pee on each other??? and Why???
how can i look prettier?
Going to the salon. Haircut and treatment?
do u think im thin enough to be a model and do u think i have the looks (pic)?
whoss hotter/better looking?
GUYS ONLy plzzzz?
Is Nair ok enough to use in Bikini area??
Why Do People Let Themselves Get to a Size Large and Extra Large?
Is this picture cute?
is this a good product review?
Shiseido cosmetics???
Band Fashion?
what colour should i paint my nails this week?
Black Light Dance Apparel needed?
DO YOU THINK Is this girl pretty?
How long should I wait between a 8g-6g earlobe stretch?
Am I pretty? What's your opinion?
is a 32" waist a size 10?
Help me get pretty this year?
How do I become popular?
how tall do you have to be to be a model?
Need ideas for gift bag for an all girl friends beach week. I want to have little packages for every girl...?
Who's better? A simple brunette or a big titted blond?
According to you my cousin is?
Miss Universe ?
Why do girls like Pink?
Is my bum big?? *Pic?
What's the one shoe brand you love the most and hate the most?
Who is the prettiest, rank them in order?
"i need my beauty sleep"?
Can i polish my sneakers?
Am i hot or ugly or pretty or what ever!?? and how old do i look??
Girls>>Rate me 0 to 10 (Pic.included)?
who do you think is the most beautiful girl in the world and why?
Honest opinions on her looks?
Am i modeling material?
My work collegue stinks, how do i tell him to have a wash.?
Do you think I am ugly?
Has anyone seen that video by Nelly called "My Place" Well the model in it wore this awesome yellow dress
Do you think freckles are cute?
just got my hair done..from blonde to redhead! which looks better on me?
Doesn't Adriana Lima look like a cat?
What do you do when you want to get a boyfriend really badly?
Skincare Products- Combo, Sensitive, Acne-prone skin?
Can fake nail glue disintegrated your real nails?
Question about shoe stretchers...?
Barbie dolls and self-esteem?
i have pimples on my forehead?
does this picture look good?
what do you think? would you date me?
How much are Monroe piercings??.?
Girls,what do you think of thick eyebrows on guys?
is this dress hot ?! should i get it?
Submitting modeling photos online?
How big are "youth" size football jerseys?
why do people judge people on how they look?
Am I pretty? What can I do to improve my looks?
girls only please?
Girls these days...?
Is she pretty?
For guys please!!?
girls, would you ever go outside without any sort of make-up or lip gloss?
Is this shirt cute?
would you rather be called beautiful or hot?
First time pageant. Please don't judge?
What can i do to quit biting my nails?
Advice Please?!?!?
wht is the best eyecolor and why do u think so?
what is the best thing to wear to a party?
Girls,how old are u and do you prefer men to wear graphic tee or button down shirt?
hi i need new jeans but i dont know what style to get them in?
Would you Rather count every breath you take or every hair on your head?
What do you think about me? =/?
Get told I look much older than I am:( do I look older than 29?
Best Chapstick for Lips?
Eyebrow Threading in the Bronx?
why do women like wearing thongs?
Are sunken in cheeks unnatractive?
Are keloids unavoidable when you get facial piercings?
Manicure help!!!!!!!!!!?
Could I be a model at 5'1?
Do you think it looks trashy to have more than one piercing in each ear?
whats a good hairstyle if you have mid neck length curly hair?
how old do i look in these? (pics)?
Ladies, why do men take a long time getting dressed?
do my moles make me look ugly?
Calling ALL girls?? Make OVER...... Help? :S?
What uk clothes size does this female look? shes 5ft4 tall?
how do you make a dye from elderberries?
What Do you think of this hat?
i want to get a new haircut ?
do you think blunt bangs are ugly?
Sexy, Sophisticated Branded Perfumes For Young Women/Teens?
Girls,how old are u and do you prefer men to wear graphic tee or button down shirt?
which girl looks more attractive?
How to look skinnier for Halloween?
what color does this jacket look good in?
How many feet is 164cm?
Any cute very girly nicknames for the name Erika?
Any way I can get rid of dark circles under my eyes?
what do you think of these shoes?
i want u ppls opinion on this dress i just ordered...? (pic)?
How to make a manicure at home and make healthy nails grow ? 10 points!?
i have a nose problem...ayuda por favor? guys opinions needed please?
Do a lot of girls take words from guys very seriously to an extreme level?
Why do people shower once a day?
is she pretty and exotic?
Am I ugly...??
What color are my eyes? pics?
Can a 13 year old girl get a stomach like this?
What actress has wavy golden brown hair and hazel eyes?
Another boy problem.... help?
what do you think of my teacher ?
Do you think my friends and i are pretty?
What do you think of this pendant?
I pick at my face alot...?
Why do people ask about their appearance then they get mad when your honest?
Dont you think im gorgeous?
Which race do I look? (Serious question; for science project and need opinions)?
What do you think when you see this picture?
Going into middle school! Help!!!?
What turns you on?
Can anyone identify this picture?
Do guys find it hot when a girl wears leggings?
is this normal weight?
How To Remove Acrylic Nails?
Cheap Spas In Manchester!?
Who looks Hotter? ladies only....?
how can lose weight FAST??????????
Would you undergo cosmetic surgery if you could afford it?
What to wear to a summer concert and meeting a celebrity?
Should I wear this tommorow?
Do you think plus size models are beautiful ?
Which color looks better on me (pics)?
blonde or brunette?
Gwen is having problems he cant afford socks what should he do?
am i a GOOD photographer?(pics)?
Thoughts of this look on a girl?
Which picture do you like best?
Which of these girls names is the most gorgeous?
Do you find mixed girls attractive? Easy 10 points if more than one word answer!!?
Beauty pageant camps in Wisconsin!?
Do u think I'm beautiful?
What kind of boxers should I wear ?
If you were a guy....Tall?
Am i cute..and what emo/scenish haircut would look good on me?
Do you think I'm pretty?
What to wear to this party?!?
Do any of you girls think i'm attractive (pics inside)?
girls: who is hotter???
(Girls only) ¿What´s the most creative flattering comment you´ve ever received?
Do you shower in the morning or at night?
Is she prettier than me?!?
how do i clio my toe nails?
Beauty Pageant/Queen costume sash ideas?
How do you apply acrylic to your finger nails the proper way?
i got perfume in my eye?
What do you think of this look on a girl?
Shose to go with this dress? (10 points)?
face mask ideas anyone?
Could I model? Pics included!?
Are green eyes the nicest?
How to Gauge from a 4 to a 2 ear ring?
is my brother handsome, or ugly?
which picture is the prettiest?
which country has the prettiest women?
Girls rate him 1-10? 14 year old?
im prettier than her right?
how to stretch out a 59fifty new era fitted hat?
Give me your honest opinion but dont be hateful. Should I get these one direction boots in blue?
Is there something wrong with my looks or something?
What colour of stockings does a men prefer on a woman?
Prank text police involved?
Which picture is better?
where i can fin dtrue love?
I hate to be a typical teenage girl with boyproblems...but help! please?
what kind of style is this?
How does kim kardashian always look flawless/retouched/ in her pictures?
Cuteness help boys help only???
Help a guy update his style (pics included)?
Is Kanubia synthentic weave a good brand?
What kind of piercing do you think will look good?
i need a good hairdresser in hobart to do a style for a wedding any reccomendation?
Does eye-liner look great on this guy?
if going to a bar how would a woman dress?
if you're height is around 5'5'' or 5'6'' is a a good height to be a model?