What is the difference between After Shave & Cologne, between Perfume and Eau de Toilette (AKA Toilet Water)?
question for nail techs!?
how to tell if helix (ear cartilage) is healed?
what do you think of big/full lips?
Does the Candy Dish Jewelry Tree from JCPenny have earring holes?
Which dress is better for a curvy, 5'3 tall girl?
why do I have to be so ugly?
my mum wants me to get my eyebrows waxed but idk?
How do i look, dont be to mean ?????????
Lighting makes me ugly?
How does one walk 'majestically'?
Bras???????????????10 points?
What colour is my eye....?
How can I get rid of facial hair forever?
Is this girl pretty? (pic included)?
Can you be good looking but ugly at the same time....?
Where can I get this Halloween costume????
If I have been going out w/ my g-friend for ten months and I know I love her- is this accurate?
can you rate me 1-10?
Your to good looking for your own good ?
which picture of me is best?
do you think kim kardashian is a natural beauty?
Your first impression of me?
how do i get a boy to notice me?
about pre shrunk cotton shirts?
how much do glamour shot photos cost?
Does it look like I am wearing make up?? If so how much?
Why is it popular for old guys to shave a circle in the middle of their head?
A girl who wears glasses very, very, very beautiful can not bear to watch?
I feel horrible when I wear something nice?
Should I Wear Tank Tops? (I'm a guy)?
which girl would u date guys?
Should I go into modeling?
Ugly people - should they pay more taxes?
What’s women's favorite car?
I have hair on face. Its look like very ugly.Any Best hair removal process and center suggest me?
What to wear with long-sleeved black t-shirt?
Finger nail question!!?
spray on tan.......?
Do i need à trainer bra?
do you think?
MY virtual makeover! Which do you like BEST?
Help us pick out outfits for engagement photos? (10 points to winner)?
What are your personal strengths.. im trying to come up with a list of various ones..?
Do i look like any celebrity...?
Beauty Question (POLL)?
Girls, is this a good text to send to a girl? I want her back?
What are your top three beauty must-haves?
Can a woman in early 30s be prettier than 20 year old?
Do U think I'm pretty!?
Beauty tips for girls in middle school?
Girls and guys call me ugly?
is it a bade thing for a man to be lonely when he have no choice?
Does size matter????
I need help for clothes and quick hairstyles for holiday (pics) !?
PLEASE, HELP!?!?!?!?!?
Rate how I look in these two pictures?
do we have similar skin tone?
Is this girl pretty and how old?
Guys you will love this question!!!?
Which nail color looks best on me? [pic included]?
Can a lazer really get rid of a tatoo?
HELP ME PLEESE!!! i really need help!!!!?
Which to make my Facebook profile picture?
How can i wear this.............?
OMG!Fashion Help?? PLEASE!?
Can you visit my new beauty site? REALLY easy 10 points!?
does anyone think , that a 5f3 girl at 155 lbs is fat ?????
opinion on light pink or light blue lens on ray ban 3025 aviator sunglasses?
Can Plus Size girls wear Victoria's Secret Panties?
On a scale of 1-10 how pretty am i?
Why do people get gauges?
What type of girl are you ?
Do I resemble my mother or father?
What ethnicity do I look like?
Out Of These 2 People, Who Looks Better?
Do CAPRIS make SHORT people look shorter?
What color braces should I get?
Is sleeping with a bra good or bad!?
Will this nose stud fall out easily?
Do you wear thong or panties when using crotchless pantyhose?
what color of dress will look better on TV?
Is it ok to shave eyebrows? TEN POINTS BEST ANSWER!!!!!!?
OMG!!! My 2-year-old sister just fell out of her crib!!!?
How can I get my mum to like my dress sense? It's not even wacky?
Could fat/chubby people be "Kandi Kids"?
Am I pretty? Rate me please?
Where Can I Find Bath Salt Tubes?
Are girls who are emo ugly?
Has anyone ever tried philosophy state of grace trio?
do girls look at guys butts?
Have you ever had laser surgery to eliminate eyeglasses? Does it work?
how often should one take a shower?
People Tell Me Im Ugly, Am i? I Seriously need to know. Im fat but dose that matter?
Which hair color should I go with?
Need new perfume?
I like to buy this fashion could you give me some suggestion? is it great?
should i wear it or any ideas to make it look good?
what shaped face do i have?
What should I wear to New York? possible 20 pts!?
Why do i have a thing for piercings?
What's the deal with guys wearing PINK business shirts?
Can you be attractive or good looking even tho you don't have a defined jaw?
Looking for a gorgeous new aftershave for my boyfriend this christmas, need some ideas?
How old do i look....?
Am i pretty check my facebook pic?
French nails without nail glue?
I'm thinking of buying a pair of skinny jeans. Do u think this look will be out of fashion by next winter?
Do I look like Jennifer Carpenter? (from Dexter)?
dose any1 know any websites i can go on to do direct modelling?
Which girl is the cutest? rate from 1-10.?
Should I keep this picture or delete?
Do you like this dress (pic)?
idk if im attractive kinda sux.?
How can I make a good first impression?
Hot Or NoT???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
what do you guys think of the Ulzanng & Gyaru look?
boys + girls please rate me?
What color eyes are most attractive?
Girls only please and thank you?
What do I need to do to be Hotter?
Whats a good bra size? Interested to know answers lol?
who is the crest whitening model?
Will a blonde/brown hair color suit me?
I am selling a Quienceniera dress it has never been used. Its royal blue if interested please contact me?
im kinda short and im goin to a new school soo do u think they would like me?
Am i ok looking?
are my eyebrows too thin or too thick?
prettiest girls ever?
Whats a cute message to put inna ring ?
Am I Really That Ugly?
Can I make myself look better?
What kind of hairstyle should I get?
Guys: what makes you think a girl is beautiful?
Is an undershirt an undergarment? (FWI IM A GIRL)?
Why isnt my water marble for my nails working?
are u sleepy???????????
whats the difference between ovation and legende in pointe shoes (brand: sansha)?
GUYS: When you are looking at a girl based on looks what is the first thing you look for?
Are you ugly?????????????
cute default? or no? (pic)?
Question about my tongue ring?
Is this an attractive jaw line?
What are some good Fall clothes/accessories to buy?
Am I Pretty? D: 1-10?
wht shoes r these? thanks so much for helping.?
tramp stamp??? where should i get my tat!?
GIRLS ONLY: Shaving "down there"?
To be a model do you have to have a flat stomach....?
Do these two guys look alike?
Are fake nails tacky or classy?
GIRLS: do you prefer long hair or short hair on guys?
How should I have my hair cut? What style?
what earrings look best on guys?
Y do ppl wanna b the popular like me?
What should i do with my look?
Can I use nose-right?
How old do i look?
which is the correct feminine posture while sleeping?
My self-esteem took a beating today. Please look.?
Whats the process of gauge piercings?
please help me.. am i pretty?
Is He Pretty?
What are good places to buy cute Winter/Fall clothes?
who do you think is the most beautiful and why?
wearing cream to a wedding?? ?
Should I get my eyebrows waxed?
Guy with painted toe nails????
Best beauty gurus on youtube...?
How should I do my makeup as Little Red Riding Hood on Halloween?
How much $ do you make by working @ Victorias Secret? And how old do you have to be?
is it normal to wear girls panties and bras if you are a boy?
What are some cute cases for the samsung blackjack?
I really need this Beyonce item!!!!!!!!!!!(reposted)?
i have this problem help me out?
Do you think I should model?
do you think these girls are attractive?
DO I LOOK 16? ppl always say i look older..thnks?
Should I get this?????????
How does my bf look? Which hair suits to him better?
What do you look for in a beautiful woman: lips, eyes, brows, or other(name it)?
Recommend any good sandlewood scented lotions? (for dry skin)?
how do I know when I need to get my nails refilled?
Dress opinion for seniorr banquet (pic)?
Men, what size do you like a woman to be?
Isn't she gorgeous? (Pics)?
is 5'4 considered 'petite' or 'short' ?
I am looking into selling Mary Kay I was wondering how many people use these and where do you get them?
How old does she look?
GIRLS!! How Tall Are You.. How Tall Do You Want To Be?
If I wear glitter all over my body like the Vampire in Twilight will more girls like me?
how do i get arylic nails off at home without ruining my nails??
Should i get a lip ring? (picture)?
Do you think that girls that wear California t-shirts are fake?
How do I visit trendy far away boutiques just by surfing the web?
Today... Contence of beauty, Puerto-Rico, 18-year old girl.?
who are more attractive, blondes or brunettes or red heads?
Would I look good with this haircut?
bangsss :)?
Should I get this jacket please help :s?
I love modelling – but do you think I should instead try to make my mark with an acting career?
what do i do about blackheads??? plz help.?
What colour eye contacts should i wear for halloween?
Lady's..... do you like Moustaches?
which picture is better?
Cuteness help boys help only???
Do I look like a man?
What do you think about this quote?
Why do I look skinnier in photos?
what do you think of me?
Do you think she's pretty? :P?
Do you think this color hair would look good on me?
What is Beauty?
can i wear this shoe with blue skinny jeans?
Should I do this? advice needed please?
Which of these guys is sexier?
What do you think about Antique Cameos?
has anyone tried yummy tummy instead of spanx?
What color should I paint my toe nails?
what color do most women paint there toenails?
How to enhance natural beauty?
This a good belt?
does any1 have any tips to stopp biting my nails..?
I just got my glasses today. Should I be embarrsed? Will I be uncool?
________How can I improve my look?_________?
girls what do you think?
My daughter woke up with no eyebrows! How???
Am I ugly ( is my style bad? )?
is ear stretching attractive?
do you think i'm pretty?
Ok so like i only have 60$$$ to spend ok and?
What type of self tan is better- mousse or spray?
need a please...?
I look sick?
any unique fashion ideas for uniform?? OTHER THAN THE ONES THAT WERE IN THE SEVENTEEN MAG. ARTICLE?
Jessica Simpson vs. Lisa Simpson!?
What is Victoria's Secret?
what color should i paint my nails for my birthday?
is anyone else tired of the scene thing?
Any ideas on how to change my style up a bit?
which picture is prettier?
Can I use this???????????
How to make my nails grow faster?
do you think im pretty?
what would you rate me 1-10?
How hot am I on a scale of 1-10?
my friend got her pics from her modeling photoshoot thing what do u think?
Does the" kiss my face" astringent clog pores?
Would you like if I talked to you?
Girls, how much do you care about how guys dress?
How will this outfit look going out? :D?
anyone ever try eyelash extensions? did you like them?
Do I look better with Make-up or without make-up? (pictures)?
I can`t stand women with short hair?
Pictures of the most physically beautiful people you have ever seen?
any home remedies to make wax?
Please, ladies, just a minute of your time?
does anyone have twitter?
is stevie ryan going out with drake bell?
Which one is the prettiest?
How to make a manicure at home and make healthy nails grow ? 10 points!?
Who's your fave between Paris Hilton and Pink?
i am indian and wondering if i should colour my hair and what colour?
What do you think of my blog?
what name do u like better? Shayla, Savannah or Claire??????????????????????????????????…
Do you think I could be a model?
which girl would you be more likely to be friends with? (PICS)?
on a scale from one to ten how fat or skinny am i ... from a girls view?
my beauty diary mask?
What can she do to improve on her face?
Do you think i am pretty if you think i need work what should i do?
hey can u help me?... i need to no if i'm pretty? thnx !!?
How to put something in a girls drink?
Are the Victoria Secrets deluxe gift bags sold in stores or is it just online.?
Is my nose ugly? I want a nose job.?
should 16 yr old girls be shaving their legs?
What colour are my eyes, no one can ever tell? (pictures)?
Is it weird that i can shave my mustache better than my boyfriend? im a girl?
Can anyone give me an article on need for environmental legislation 11 class basis?
Am I ugly or....Im 13 btw. Almost 14. ;)?
over weight?
best perfume for teen girl?
i have a baby face ,and everyone thinks i'm a 14 when i'm 20 ..some help?
who has a tumblr? :')?
Is there a foundation cream for men ? how do i see some guys look so fresh all the time ?
What style is this? GOod Description?
How long before i can change my belly buton ring?
Me and some other girls are going to have a total girls day/night..what things should we do? We're in our 20s
My fave character on Girlfriends is Joan whose your fave character?
How old do I look?
Is My nose too big? Five picture included.?
Does contestant order in beauty pageants play any significance in outcome??
curling hair???PLEASE HELP?
am i ugly(pics included)?
Can you use rubbing alcohol to clean nail art brushes?
Do they have shower caps at cvs?
Does the AVON skin laser work?
Is it okay to just LOVE a girl?
what can u do to prevent pimples 4rm being red.???!?
Did I get cuter or uglier?
Girls:How old were u when u were aloud to start shaving.
Why do I have a blue ring around my brown eyes?
I have really big knuckles and im a girl!?
SUPPOSE President BUSH keep long beared like Osama Bin Laden than what happens?
Is this dress too attention-grabbing?
Who likes my winter avatar?
what should i do. someones planning to wear the same top as me to a party... what should I do...?
does anyone no where i can fnd a black or gold formal dress in jonesboro???
HELP - What does UV body jewelry look like under normal lighting?
How come girls think they need make up and sexy clothes to look pretty?
Girls, what would you wear with this top?
This dress, yes or no?
GIRLS......a guy needs some help ....plz!!!?
How to look beautiful...?
Model potiental? :) xx?
What should I do to have biger chest?!?
Little Red Riding Hood help; Makeup/Hair..?
Does anyone know how to keep pure coco butter soft???
what to wear with black leather biker gilet?
is someone overreacting?
What face shape do I have?
What needs to be changed?
Look older?
What pet do you recommend?
Am I ugly??!!!! Please be honest. 1-10?
HELP! Major Nail Polish Problem!?
Do You Hate Emo's? What Are Emo's?
Whats the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a girl with a lower back tattoo?
How do I stop comparing myself to other women?
Runway modeling.?
Who is prettiest?
I used to be popular...please read on??
Could this girl model (pics) ?
Why do you look different when you look in the mirror and at pictures?
Are timberland boots good for winter?
I want to get a cartilage peircing...but which ear? Is there some meaning if u peirce ur left or what?
What color blonde hair looks best on me?(pics)?
which girl is the prettiest?
would you rather look 'hot' or 'beautiful'?
,Acrylic nail polish?
Tell me what you think about my prom dress? (PIC)?
Who's Prettier and Hotter? (with Links)?
What's the best lifting serum you ve used?
Is this girl ugly? (pics included)?
everyone says i look like kristen that good or bad?
What is your opinion on celeb photos being airbrushed???
Where Can I Get My Thierry Mugler Alien Filled if Nordstrom Doesn't Do It?
GIRLS, how do i look? rate me 1-10?
Girls: Please read, URGENT!?
im i going to be petite forever????
Do "you" know what a calorie is? Yes/No?
Can anyone please make me an outfit on polyvore for summer?
does it hurt to get your private waxed?
Does glitter glue come off of nails?
Do girls suddenly like Chubby guys?
.s!. which last name is better for a businessman?
What do you think of this girl?
Why does everyone think Brown eyes are ugly? I think there beautiful!?
do skinny jeans on girls look good with vans slip ons or low cut converse?
are you a girly girl or a tomboy?
(Pic included) What make-up do I need the most?
Im thirteen and I am flat chested?
How do dELiA's bathing suits fit?
how do you call one person beautiful..when were all the same?
is it good to be naked and posted on the computer/internet?
How old do I look?
Which are u attracted to??
Body Shape?
i feel like no one notices me?
Black and Pink lace dress?
Who is prettier??????
which picture is prettier?
gurls wat could we ever do wit out make-up?
Who Is Prettier?? (Pics Included)?
Ideas to celebrate mine and my friends birthdays!?
How to get very long nails in 1 week?
What would you say, women only please?
What do you think about my looks?
What do you think of this coat? 10 points?
I need help in finding my own personal style with clothing.?
Who is cuter?
what are some examples of eau de fraiche?
3 weeks to go to my wedding, my toenail is falling off!?
What is the best anti-aging cream on the market (serious answers only, please)?
How do i get back on track with sleep?
how do u think braces look?
I am not so cool what do I do????????
how do i get my hair to grow, FAST!?
Who is the prettiest??? =)?
Am I hot? Am 1,86m 75kg, very nice face, wearing stylish cloth, all girls around me ask for date, but I had?
Which dress should I get?
Which bikini should I get? (w/ pictures)?
Why do I look and sound different to other people?? Is it just me?
What hairstyle looks best? I cant decide! (pictures inside)?
What is the correct way to wear fragrance for men?
Am i ugly? please help me.?
Do girls suddenly like Chubby guys?
how to remove your contacts with long nails?
What kind of Ipod should i buy?
which haircut do i look most attractive in? (im a guy)?
Need a creative superhero?
what is a glue (or gel) manicure?
Going for a spraytan?
Are dreadlocks HOT or NOT?
Could you rate us both out of 10?
What are my facial flaws?
whats the diff between white gold and platuim..or is that what white gold is?
I'm a 21 years old virgin!!! HELP!!!?
Advice and information on brazillian wax!?
what does a baker wear?
before or after better?
How do you get sticky marks of velvet?
i do pageants and i want to be in the 2012 teen miss america does any1 have any info i could use thank u?
Do i look like Miley Cyrus or Lindsay Lohan...?
Is it flattering or embarassing for girls/ladies when somebody stares at their breasts/cleavage?
1960? how old if you are 49?
In which posture, a female looks sedating?
Please answer my question ? thank you?
girls! what are your opinion about me?
Is it ok to...?
do u think shes pretty? guys need ur help...?
Training as CS - Do I need to take my piercings out?
is his mistress good looking?
Which Color Contacts?
imm so friggenn skinny help anyonee. i need to gain weight?
is this an okay picture?
Teenage girls what would you think of a guy who... ?
can anyone tell me how to look cool in jr. high?
should girls shave *down there*?
Family picture color combo help please?
How old do you think i looks?
Does anyone know where I can find nice "enhancing" XD bras for very small breasts?
how many sprays of acqua di gio should i apply each time?
how old were you when....?
What celebrity purfume smells nice enough to buy ?
Do you think megan fox would be considered pretty without her hair?
looking for aveda skin products?
What color r emo rooms. pink and black good?
Does this outfit look gay?
what are these tops called?
What's wrong with this outfit?
Hi, I know it all depends on ur own taste, but which perfume do u find the sexiest? xxx?
What is the most important sorce of vitamine c?
I'm 26 and short. Do I have what it takes to break into modeling?
okay heres a picture of my new HORRIBBLLLLEEEEE haircut........ what should i do with it to make it look sexii
IS iT a compliment for someone to say you look like KAtherine Myphee of American idol?
Do guys like red lipstick on a girl?
One side of my face huge?
does anybody know that website where you can put your picture and see what makeup and hairs looks good on you?
why do girls love shoes and chothes?
Modeling question and opinion??
does the semi annual bath and body works apply online?
IS ANGELINA JOLIE AND BRADD PIT the cutest pair or what?
Guys like it, but girls dont? Confusing ;/?
Should I wear shorts or not?
How should men learn about fashion?
which pic is the best/prettiest?
What would you rate me on a scale 1-10?
I honestly do look like a guy how can i look more like a girl?
What goes through a womans mind when you call them beautiful?
do my brother and i look alike?
Am I pretty? Rate me on a scale of 1-10 and tell me what I can improve on? :)?
im sick of getting cut down(pic included)?
What Color Eyes do you Have? And what is ur favorite eye color?!?!?
Anyone know of any good websites to buy 14k gold tongue rings and belly rings?
are we pretty?
Do girls get prettier when they reach 15/16?
whats your favorite eye color?
red formal dresses? sexy, no more than $200.00, and elegant any web sites? I think I have tried everything?
what does the loyola dons waffle necklace stand for?
1960? how old if you are 49?
I have an interview at a beauty supply store?
poll: lip rings, nose rings or both?
(guys)what youre favorite body part on a girl?what do u notice first?
Prettiest Celeb out of these... (pics?) Easy .s.?
how do i know if i am attractive or not?
What jacket to wear with batwing top?
Could You Come Up With Some Nicknames For Me?
Do any girls here smoke and what brand do you smoke?
Where can I get professional photos taken for modeling purposes?
were can i get a cheap BEDAZZLER?
Who's Prettier and Hotter? (with Links)?
what do you think i should change about my appearance?
Guyz help PLZ!!!!!!!!!?
Can i wear a tank top?
is this a cute dress? or is it too halloween looking?
How do you look older...?
Good calogne to buy my boyfriend?
Do most girls shave their pubic hair?
Old Navy Gift Card Questions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Who is prettier: Victoria Justice or Selena Gomez?
Which UK high street retailer sells "Mambo" by Liz Claiborne?
is there anything i can do for or to lips to make them full and plumper ( surgery is not an option)?
When and where can i get the new Katy Perry O.P.I. nail polish?
if anyone know a women in egypt who can go to home and do for a men turkish bath or mocorco bath or no?
This question is for girls only:?
What is your personal opinion?
Am I mean??? help...plz?
freckles are all over my hands and body,how to get rid of it?
can i wear these things in my bra without having a problem going through airport security?
How long should you wait to wear something again?
Who do you think has better products, Avon or Mary Kay?
Could you please make me an outfit?
Is any really beatifull girl going to write to my E-mail?
Vitamins to promote healthier skin and hair?
where can i find halloween costumes in a plus size 28?
What are your tips for feeling great on the inside and looking good on the outside?
What do guys think about a beautiful girl?
Can someone help me with the NAM pageant?
How to change me look xxx?
Populars; are they cool, or conceited? How would you rank yourself?
Nail Polish Brands Like Essie ?
Why do girls want to be skinny?
What should I wear? How should I do my hair? And How should I do my makeup?
How can I ask my stylist to put over me a waterproof cape when she shampoos my hair?
I do not like to dress fancy or look rich?
Lame question, I know, but can you please comment on these pictures?
is cosmetic alcohol different then the stuff people drink i no you can drink it lol but what is it?
Where to buy awesome unique locker magnets?
where can i find the BEST women jumpsuits online?
what can i do to become more popular and pretty?
are lip rings a turn off?
why god make me so ugly and others so beautiful i really dont know if i can take this anymore!!!!?
Would a man hookup with anyone on Halloween?
Help!? Shaving legs! Please?
Is 5'4 (woman) short or average in height?
Do you have a signature "Word"?
am i pretty ???? pics?
My appearance: 1-10. What am I?
My face is very sensitive to soap. How can I cleanse it without using soap?
How to stop feeling ugly?
Whats your fave store?mine abercrombie?
Do I look ugly in this Photo? ?
I'm definitley ugly?
What do you think of this picture?
how to make ur face look beautiful again lol?
Guys and girls how many piercings do you have and where?
How to wear my hair with this outfit combo?
My ears stick out? (picture)?
Should I get gel or acrylic nails?
Am I pretty/ugly?? (20 characters)?
Does this look like a good outfit for the Girl's night out?
I make very pretty the face and hair ... do you like ? I am pretty yes?
any home remedies to make wax?
What Should I Wear To School?
Yellow smiley face tank top? Where to get one?
Ideas for next top model makeovers?
What is a good age for girls to wear a thong?
What length and color?
This was my school prom , which girl in the photo stands out as the most stunning girl and why?
Do you think my hair looks better curly or straight? (PICS!)?
Poll:girls how many days out of the month, week, or year do you wear makeup?
what did my boyfriend mean when he said this about my picture?
Do anyone think a 0 size is beautiful?
Where can I buy skinny jeans?
girls:what beauty gadget or product you can't leave without?
what ethnicity would you say i am ?
does she just have the most beautiful features?
Is being size 6 at 17 a good or bad thing? do guys like that?
How Much Weight Does Jennifer Maitland Look Like She Needs To Lose In These Pictures?
hair vs. makeup?????
Why is everyone telling me this?
How to look slutty to attract more guys????
Where can I order a free sample of perfume online?
Y do I look really bad in photos and ok in the mirror?
where can i find tattoo designs, there are plenty of web sites but none seem to show images for free?
do i still resemble myself when i was little? pics included?
Los Angeles area, looking for a good waxing and massage spot?
Who Is Prettier? *PICS*?
What is " One Source Modeling "?
Nose piercing question?? Pics inside!!!?
Where can I find One Soles in St Louis MO?
Is it awkward if a guy works at a nail salon?
do me and my girlfriend look good together? (PICS)?
Does she look mixed with anything?
In YOUR OWN OPINION what countries have the most beautiful women youve seen?
Prom hair and makeup?
Am I fat and ugly????? ?
How ugly am I on a scale of 1-10?
What is the best way to get your lips soft?
Second life users..Your top clothing stores?
Random poll: Rate this music?
Girls: Which way do I look better with short hair or long hair?
how do i look older ?
iam not much attractive nobody loves me how can i become a beautiful what important things i have follow?
I had permanent hair removal around my eyebrows but now i want to change the shape?
Smart casual? Helppp...?
Could she model, eventually?
How old do i look? pics?
Do these lips belong to a guy or a girl? (PICTURE)?
What are your thoughts about perfection?
Please tell me about Aloe Vera skincare & Organic Skincare?
are BRACES hot or ugly?
I want taylor swifts hairstyle from her video Back To December what should I ask the stylist?
how much should I charge for being photographed in bikini for a company selling on the web?
Do y'all love California?
what are the mesurments for perfect eye brows?
How to get a refund from a bad online vendor?
Have you ever?
What should I do when my nail is about to break?
Should I Gain Weight???? *PICS*?
My girlfriend has low self esteem do you agree that she is attractive? pic included?
ladies : do you like any of these outfits?
Which one???
WHAT makes these popular girls attractive? PICS?
Regarding acrylic nails, what is a "back fill"?
why are my eyes changing color?!?
What are some good tips,hints on taking the California cosmetology state board?
how can i make myself more prettyer or more attractive ?
do you think i'm ugly?
Is being pretty/beautiful an advantage in life?
What do you think about me?
best manicure for fingernails?
I have acrylic nails. And since Ive had them I notice that one nail grows faster than the others...?
should i get my belly button perised?
Would my ear piercings close if I took my earrings out, even though the piercings are healed?
Where can i get a cream faux leather jacket with cream plastic buttons?
I was thinking of using Clear Essence (to even my skin tone) i was wondering did anyone tried this product be4
anybody else feel this way about hco jeans?
I put orange oil in the bath, now I feel like I have a sunburn. Why?
Could i model????????
Wear to buy a fancy cruise dress cheap?
What do you think of this engagement ring?
What do you think of these pictures?
Is this girl pretty or ugIy? What would you rate her on a scale of 1-10?
What are some dress advise for someone who is bigger than normal?
help with modelling? 10 points?
How do I tell my parents that I want to wear Lolita?
do you think love is overated?
WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME? I can't stop comparing myself to other Women!?
My girlfriend wants to give me a makeover what should I expect?
Am I pretty? scale 1-10?
Why do some women not care what they look like when they leave home?
Do you know wich are the best modeling schools in illinois?
im a 16 and have big boobs but little waist do you know anywhere i can get bikini's to fit for cheap?
Is being really skinny hot or not?
which is the prettiest?
This is a picture of me. Which of these haircuts is best for me?
Are my eyelashes long? What would you say they are? (pics)?
is it true that lebanese girls are the most beautiful on earth?
does anyone have any tips for making my own perfume?
which skin tone do you prefer?
What bangs look better on me?
Did the A&F gift card work?
Which girl is more attractive?
do u think that i am ugly? ?
wich girl do u think is the prettiest? (pic) ?
What would you wear with a bandeu?
So i have a big performance coming up. Can you help?
What do you guys think are my best facial features?
Why does my towel leave little green hairs (fibres i think) on my hands after drying? Is this normal?
Beauty tell about nasofix and nosemagic?
DO i look bad with this peircing???
Am I wayyyy too skinny? ):?
To the guys...Is it a myth that thongs are hot?
why do i have low self esteem?
what is the pain like when you get a brazillan?
Is anyone else tired of this season's fall clothes?
How can i get a beach bum look- Sort of hollister staff-ish? some hot outfits?
Can you make NICE suggestions for a make-over for me?
why does some people not like long finger nails?
Where can i buy LA Colors Nail Art Decor?
Do guys find this attractive or...?
What do I wear with these things?? [Pics!]?
Septum piercings....?
eye lashes?
Do you think you're beautiful?
should i just give up? (acne)?
Do I look my age?
what particularly does a white man like about Indian woman,does he prefer the fairer ladies to the other ones?
Whats My Body Shape?
Do you think im pretty?
A woman & Guy came up to me and asked me to become a model!?
Do you think I bad looking?
Do they make a good couple?
Do you like the way you look?
Question about nails hints/tips?
What is a good perfume for a teenager?
What kind of pants does Heihachi wear?
Am I too chubby to wear a bikini this season?
How many times should you shower?
Help? i ned advice? girls only please!?
Where to get fake braces?
Crossbody Bag (Fossil)?
Help! How can I dress better and how can I be noticed as a fashionable girl?
How would you explain getting rhinoplasty (nose job) to your daughters who have the same shaped nose?
Do you like the way you look ?
what's my skin color and what ethnicity do I look like?
is 'cute' really just the nice way of saying you're ugly??
Dancer Sweat Pants, help!?
whats a good summer color for your finger nails?
The straw part of my perfume bottle isn't connected to the top anymore, but you can't unscrew the top...?
How do I look in this picture?
all ladies corsets?
Does Target sell a lot of perfume?
Question about Cheekbones?
{pics of me.}How do I look? (Makeover advice.)?
Keep my hair light brown or dye it dark brown?
Could this be the most gorgeous model ever?
I hate my smile :/ [pics]?
What are some popular teen shops that aren't VERY expensive?
Do You Consider Yourself Pretty/Beautiful/Sexy/Ugly,etc?
I am 5'7 tall i have 30 inches aroiund the hips 25 at the waist and have a 30 D bust is that a good figure?
Do you think that I'm chubby at all?
Finger Nails - Brown Stripes?
If you saw me on the street, what would be your thoughts? pics uncluded?
(10 points!!!!) How should i smile?
I need eyebrow advice. Help, please!!!?
can i wear bikinis if i have scars?
what do you guys think of eyes like these?
Creed Perfume: where is it more pricey?
Do you think I should get some "work" done?
Could I be a swimsuit model?
Is there are cream or deodorant that can help lighten darkness in the armpit area?
Guys/Girls: Am I cute enough to be loved? (Pic included)?
which jewelry store has the best deals on engagement rings?
Does getting your nose pierced hurt?
Piercing in Illinois?
If girls like guys older than them, does it mean they like guys who have mature face not boyish face?
Should I paint my nails all black, or one hand black and one hand dark purple?
Why do girls who post the "Am I pretty" questions.?
MOSTLY GUYS but girls can answer also!?
Would you or have you bought clothes from a thrift store?
How can you make people or how to people notice your eyes?
Am I pretty, honestly?
Does trimmed pubic hair ever poke through the fabric of your underwear?
Can i sing? video included (:?
How do you get eyebrow wax off of eyelashes?
What do you think of Miley Cyrus?
How old do you think I look?
How much does butt implants cost?
What do you have to do to become a child model?!?!???
guys....answer this question!!?
How old do I look? Also do I wear to much eye make-up?
rate me...//{pics inside}?
do you think girls get intimidated by the way you look?
How can I look MORE Asian?
How can I look better? Please answer!?
who do you think is prettier?
How can I imrove my looks?
rook piercing for my 14th birthday?
Any ladies can help me? :(?
model-esque or atleast pretty? (pics)?
Where Can I Get Those Bright Neon Crazy Coloured Suits?
How to get rid of uneven skin tone?
guess my age?
Do you think I could be a model? (Pics)?
my belly ring is gettin a lil red on the top whole and is it cuz i juss got it done like a week ago?
How old do i look on this picture?
Do i look weird in this picture?
I am a girl and.. 10 points for best answer?
Someone told me that wearing a girdle will "bind" your loose fat, is that true?
PLEASE! Who is the idiot responsible for bringing back the hideous Goucho Pants?!?
What coulor should my new room be! :)?
How does my secretary Emma improve the strength of her nails?
How can i make my eyes pop more naturally?
Please help !?!?!?!?!?!?!???!?!?!?
Where can i find tight pants... not jeans i think they are called yoga pants or something?
Down Jacket?
Running for homecoming princess. different form the other girls campaining. what should my flyers say ?
What's the best way to start a modeling career?
what hairstyle should i do whenever i wear this new blouse i bought?
do i look any better or my age with eyeliner?
Guy wearing leather pants to class?
What day does your school start this year?
what makes her so pretty?
Which Designer has best wedding dresses?
girls pleaseeeeeeeeeee..?
why light brown eye girls looks sexy or attractive in magazine, movie, fashion show and advertisements?
is it okay for me to do this? is it okay for me to come and ask her what happened?
What are the best Christmas candle scents from Bath & Body Works?
Why do i get dirty looks just cos i wanna dress girly and feminine?
What do you think about this look?
What race do you think has the most beautiful women?
Tattoos or tattoo-coverup look better ?
what is the best flavor for bath and body work product?
do you like the way i look?
Pretty girls always choose unattractive guys?
What are tampoons? And what are they for?
What are some good Fall clothes/accessories to buy?
Do you like this Sleeveless denim Jacket?
Before or after? (pics)?
D.I.Y: MANICURE??????????????????
Is She pretty? i just want an opinion?
Is it o.k. to want to change my style, or will people think I'm trying to be someone I'm not?
How to look like Taylor Swift?
Another halloween question - Nabokov's Lolita?
Im 13 and dnt kno what 2 spend mi mulaa on?
i have a blue skirt what can i wear it with ?
is there any websites where u can try out pierceings?
Would I look dumb to country dance in these more of a work boot. See picture?
What type of style/look does Mark Foster (Foster the People) wear? {pics included}?
how to get internet public advice on having plastic surgery?
can i become a male model?
Lg vantage or samsung m330?
What If.............????
where to get these Victoria secret panties and bra at?
what do you think i should do ?
is this girl pretty? (pic included) ?
Is anyone watching the final of Britains Next Top Model?
what makes a GUY attractive??
Who Is Prettier Out Of Me And My Mate ?
Do You Think This Girl is Ugly?
Ugly or not?
Are my eyes ugly.....?
GIRLS ONLY:this may be kind of weird...but i really need your help!?
POLL: Tall or Short girls??
what icontect your markeeting depat.?
how could i purchase something from sullivan's beauty supply store?
Is it because of my nose, help girls?
From where can I download the free music of shakira's?
How can I stop biting my nails .? Pleeease Help !!!?
From 1- 10 How pretty am I? Honest Please(:?
Do you think this guy is attractive?
How can I make myself look more attractive?
would it be totally wrong if a 11 year old guy went out with a 14 year old girl?
toned abbs?
What do i do before a spray on tan?
Which picture should I use for my MySpace pic?
rate my photo pls (1-10...)?
Are these measurements disproportionate for a 13 year old?
I want to buy a lightweight slimming upper body liner as advertised on tv. It hides problem areas .?
hey girls and women do you luv yourself?
Girls, do you feel the same?
Can I rinse my dark brown hair to bright orange using adore color?
Do you think i'm pretty?
What do you think of my outfit for a friday night out?
belly rings? hot or not or just out dated?
did anyone go to NYC in st louis???
help! do you think my nose is crooked? [ pics]
Can you change the earring on the top of you're ear? The part on the cartilage? Also does it hurt to get it...?
is she pretty??????????
Do double piercings hurt?
Flat chested girls should not wear low cut tops. True or false?
.s! Which name fits a business man?
Hottest person?
honest opinion on my smile?
Should I wear this roller rink skating?
What does this mean? Read for details.
somebody send me a picture with a celeberty with a square face?
tell me a joke ladies?
what beauty products have you tried and liked or disliked?
Did I deserve to get ousted just because I wasn’t as assertive as the other girls?
Why are my eyes so squinty(pic)?
[PIC] My sister thinks she's not pretty, i disagree - thoughts?
Beauty tips? hair, face, and nails :/?
is my name pretty?
An I handsome or ugly?
Which one is PRETTIER???
how old do you think i am? (20 friggin characters)?
How can you find a reputable nail salon?
How to be a Girly girl?
Rate me from 1 - 10, please? How can i improve my looks?
Commercial print modeling? 10 points?
for school we have to dress as an old would i dress up as an old woman??
Where can I find some cute default polkadotted myspace layouts?
I am a new Avon Rep, what's the best way to get great customers?
new beauty channel! subscribe!?
Would I look good in this jacket and these pants?
I need some tips on how to pluck my eyebrows!!!?
Can I wear a bikini if my boobles are 34E?
Is Natural Beauty the best kind of Beauty?
Is this shirt cute for an 18 year old?
Just purchased coco mademoiselle chanel hair mist perfume :s?
how can i make myself look more edgy? (pictures)?
Whats better on nintendogs?
How old do you think I am?
why do white guys try to be all gagster?
how to maintain diamond jewellary ?
Good books.................?
What should I wear ? Please help.?
Cant find a site for Institute of master photographers?
how can i be more sexy?
How do I make myself look older? (pictures)?
girly teacher?
would i look okay with?
Do You Like My New...?
How old do I look? I'm worried?
How do these glasses look on me?
do you think that guy is hot or ugly?
Can anyone tell me who this person/model/actress is?
Do Blondes Have More Fun?
Do I have the potential to be pretty?
Is this pic too girly?
Is 5"6.5 tall for a girl?
i am being a girl from the 80s for Halloween got any ideas on what to wear or how to do my hair and makeup?
From where can i get a tattoo done in mumbai?
which one???? pics included??/?
How old does this girl look?
Is a beard an solution for my weak jaw line?
Girls, please answer?
Girls: Question about my ear piercing?
Is there anyway my hair stylist can make my extensions blend in? ( PICTURESSSS)?
what makes a person ugly?
Does anyone have any facial moisturizers that improve skin tone/quality and reduce redness?(Non-greasy please)
what would you rate me?
Is this outfit okay?
Vegas Fashion for Plus size woman?
Has anyone had a nose job how is it?does it hurt?
What brands do most 13-14 year old girls wear ? BESIDE H.CO AND A&F?
Burning a Bath and Body Work's Slatkin candle! help!?
I have a ton a gillette venus breeze razors and I was thinking of selling them on ebay?
venus vibrance or schick quattro??
what r sum good homade things to remove the dark pimple scars?
Which lies, the mirror, or your camera?
Do I have high or low cheekbones?
help me change my appearance!?
Am I Pretty? D: 1-10?
How do i stop biting my nails?
How much do these cost?
Help with business name?
compensating for weakened nails?
how old do you think a child [girl] should be to get there eyebrows done?
more information on nose jobs and stretch mark removal?
What nationality do i look like?
Do black socks make your feet smell worse?
I really hate my eyebrows! How can I grow them back?
okay what color are my eyes?
what to wear with over sized jumpers?
Did you ever have to wear something growing up that you would have loved for one of your teasing brothers to?
good beauty guru names?
why do muslims and christians create hate?
okay do you think im like really orange =[?
I want to let my eyebrows grow out to get them professionally waxed...?
hey whatsz my face shape?
Do I smile in a strange way?
What do you like to have. A nice hot bath or a shower?
Am i ugly???? please no nasty comments, honest opinions please?
ho is the sexiest women on earth? i think it jesica alba?
can your face change shape?
Does threading eyebrows hurt?
Where can I get a Playsuit like Jess' in New Girl?
is my makeup too much? - photo?
I think I'm falling for my best friend? Help?
if i keep picking my nose will i find gold?
Could I be a Model?
Have you seen someone so good looking that you felt you're going to faint?
what s better beauty or brains?
How to play with my look?
Hair Extensions: Questions From A Beginner! Help!?
Which outfit is better for the first day of school? (pics)?
Teenage GUYS!!!!! Would It Turn You On If A Hot Girl.....?
what shape is your face?
Perfume and Tanning questions!!?
What movie is this, it's really bugging me?
I wanna be model...?
What Kind of Style do I Match?
Ladies,what do you think of long black hair on men(10 points)?
Girls, do you think I look alright?
What should i do if me and my friend are both fighting over a boy?
could i wear this dress to school?
girls, i need your help?
i wanna get a boobjob!?
which shirt do you think my friend will like? why?
Do I look like my avatar?
if i got my belly pierce tomorrow would it look really ugly and bruised the next day?
chris brown sweater<3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What should I wear to school tomorrow?
Compliments ?
Why do some women wear revealing clothes and then complain when men look at them?
Which of the following girls is prettiest?
I am a new fringe and there are no good sites on the internet with pics, got any ideas?
Help with ear gauging please. (:?
Why are boys skinnier than girls..?
Which girl is better?
best way to pluck eyebrows?
how can u hide jealousy?
is it difficult to be beautiful??????
Should I dye my hair brown? (photo)?
How to use Axe Shower Gels ?
I need help with a bedroom makeover?
Which smile do you like? Teeth smile or close lip smile? Why?
Why do I hear better when I put on my spectacles?
am i pretty?
What is a best Dior Fragrance that i can get for girls birthday ?
Why is it that if your in love with someone they cheat on you and tell you that they love you?
How should I wear my hair next saturday?
Guys, what do you think?
This dress, yes or no?
Do I Look Werid To You?
Are cheerleaders always pretty?
Do you think this person is prettier with short hair or long hair. rate each please out of 10?
whats wrong with my skin? (pics)?
Should i use this picture or not?
Would I look good in this jacket and these pants?
What can I do to imrove my looks?
which look is hotter?