How many people love a certain scent at bath and body works?
what pic of me looks better?
What to wear with this?!?
What is your favorite perfume, men's or women's ?
What is the best facial sunscreen?
What kind of low heel should I wear for my private high school life?
How long and How much does it cost to learn how to do nail and or Hair?
What is best acrylic or gel nails?
have i changed a lot in the past year? (pics)?
what's your eye color?
Poll: When your heart has been ripped out of your chest ....?
Which shirt is better (pic included) ?
Could you rate my looks, pretty please?
What is your favorite perfume(s)?
Am I pretty, and she ugly?????
Do you think me and him actually make a............????
do i need a nosejob in ur eyes?
Is anybody else like this? ?
Question about modeling? (ya i know you see these all the time!)?
Teen survey!!!!!!!! :)?
How to be like summer Roberts in session 2 & 3 ?
Is there such a thing as too sexy?
Beauty tips/secrets for glowing/radiant/pretty skin in 5 days?
I dont have bath salts, is there something else I can use?
How can I look good?
Modeling? [pics included]?
Rate this picture from 1-10?
Forgot the name of a cologne I really liked in a Red Bottle?
My mom want me to breakup with my boyfriend because she said he's weird. Do you agree?
is this a good makeover??
Do I look like Haylie Williams from Paramore?
what haircut should i have? pic!?
what heritage do i resemble?
What color are your eyes?
What colour would you call this?
What do you think of me?
Is LIVE or DEAD animal experimentation acceptable in the 21st century?
I'm 20, but I look like I'm 14 years old?
Ladies, why don't women wear button down shirt with jeans just like men do(10 points)?
is it ok for a male to get a manicure and pedicure?
I have been invited to my aunties 21st but i don't know how to have my hair? HELP?
why was my question removed?
What is the "ethnic" look?
how come sometimes a ifeel so ugly...?
Couple easy questions about an olive skin tone... Chosing best answer asap!!?
hi guyz , from where can i get photo or links about mens hair style ???
What's the difference in the AXE?
Is an accent sexy or does it sound rather clumsy?
14 year old girl NEEDS HELP!!!?
Do teen guys need to have a skincare regime like moisturising and cleansing, etc?
please I need some honest people??
Where can I findstores carrying Tribal brand clothing from Canada . They carry beautiful skirts and velvet ja
Should I get my hair Cut like Alexa Chung- Picture included?
At what age should girls.....?
What colour eye contacts should i wear for halloween?
How long will my hair grow in 19 months?
Do you shave your private area?
What perfume do you use?
How can I straighten or just form the bill of a hat back to normal? The bill got crooked in the wash.?
women do you like men with long hair or short hair?
would you say I'm pretty?
funny movies for a teen party?
how old does this girl look?
hmm.. which girl is prettiest?
I want to go to boarding school in California?
How big will my boobs be when I'm older if I'm a 34C at the age of 13?
do you think im pretty?
I'm 15 years old... Is this just pathetic?
girls which one out of these two guys would you pick?
Ladies... What ya'll think..?
Which hair color suits me best? Pics?
What do you think of this body?
What are your favorite nail polish colors?
Rate me. (Pics included.) Yes, another one of these questions!?
what nail polish brands have unusual colors?
what should i wear to my bridal shower?
Are dermal anchors popular in your area?
What do you think of Areopostale?
What kind of dress style would best suit me?
guys...what do you think of different types of lipsticks on a woman??
What is a good home remedy for stubborn pimples?
dress ideas?
Which picture should be my default on facebook?
Purple high lights? look ok? pics?!?!?
lol@mybestfriend. He wants me to ask this..?
How do I decide if I have square or oval facee?
Okay, I have a few questions.?
Tongue piercing again?
What kind of stuff should I do? (Girls)?
Is she ugly??? dont be TOO harsh and maybe give a rating?
need some help ladies!!!?
can you guess my age?
What is this womans name?
Circle Lens Help! New Contact Lens User!?
How bad do i look in this photo?
Can you wear fake lashes ontop of eyelash extensions?
Why do strangers always come up and talk to me?
Is my face too thin..I'm still young..:-/?
Where should I find a Batmitzvah dress?
my nose is a big problem?
What would you rate her 1-10?
How many women here think that Luke Wilson is good looking?
What kind of nail polish last the longest under water?
What's the best support bra for size D's?
Im going to see storm model agency?
do you think shes pretty?
do i look trashy and cheap?
Am I........?
do people judge you by your avatar? will there ever be judging on the best avatar?
Any cosmetologist grads? I'm looking for beauty schools in NY?
Should i get a lip ring? (picture)?
anyone no where i can buy barry m neon pink nail varnish?
Can I get my ear pierced when Im going on holidays?
Scale of 1-10?
Beauty tips? 10 POINTS?
Where can I get electric blue colored contact lenses?
What you think about beauty?
i feel really good without wearing underwear, i am male 24, need comments !!!?
Help with gauging ears?
What is your favorite Victoria's Secret perfume/fragrance?
How old do I look(picture)?
WOMEN: After shaving your legs...?
did tumblr finally get rid of post limit!!!???? :)?
who is prettier?!?!!?!?!?!?!?
I want to put weight on again quickly?
An Accident?
Hot or Not?
Glasses vs no glasses? [pic]?
a new look for me tips hair and make-up (pic)?
Which hairstyle would look better on me?
I'm really ugly, aren't I?
Should I be worried about my looks?
Please help me find this dress...or one very similiar...?
Should I lighten my hair? (Pic included)?
Bread scented spray? Can you buy this?
What kind of tree is used to make Chanel no.5 perfume?
Does Delias sell coats in store? And are they good quality?
This may be a shallow question but...?
how do u become popular, im sort of on the geeky side and i think my bf is more popular than me!!! plz help?
Help!! revlon are no longer selling this product.....?
what is the nicest perfume you can get for a 13yr old?
Why did i shart today?
Would I Make a good model?
What do you look like?
Where can I find a nail polish equal to Essie Short Shorts?
best acrylic nail product supplier in australia?
How long will it take for my belly piercing to grow shut?
I will give 10 points to the one with the best looking avatar?
Who wants 10 points?
Girls only..... am i the right cup size?
I want the whole world to love me. Is that messed up?
My eyebrows...? (Pic)?
WHich of these girls is the most beautiful?
Why do gay men often have faces that shine?
Little Green Men T-shirt?
Rate this girl :) pictures 2?
Dose anyoneknow how to slick your hair back like the preps?
Does anyone know where I can find Chuck Taylor's for $20?
Should I get braces again?
my friend thinks she's ugly?
hi ave just enrol on a home nail technician course as a begginer? would gel be a good choice to start with?
comment on how i look?
Is UV acrylic powder better than UV liquid ? for nails?
What is the color of the birthstone for January 9?
Why do women get uglier and uglier after they hit 20?
what type of facial piercing would look good on me?
Do women older than 28 consider 20 year old guys...?
What size ear taper are these? -pictures-?
How can I stop biting my nails?
What haircut should I get? (Picture)?
Dress alternative but feminine?
is it babyish to like elmo at age 13?
Where can I find some good cosplays for a decent price?
Do I look like any celebrity?
girls, if you could look like anybody who would it be?
i do pageants and i want to be in the 2012 teen miss america does any1 have any info i could use thank u?
Questions on Nose Peircing?
could i be a model?
Am I pretty 1-10 on the scale or just whatever you wanna say or what word describes my looks...?
besides waiting or extensions what can i do about my bangs that were cut too short?
girls, men should wear boxers or briefs?
i want to be more girly im a tom boy?
I make my own perfume using fragrance oils and Perfumer's Alcohol. Lately I noticed floating particles. Why?
this is a question for girls what do you look for in a guy how do you let a guy know you like him?
gel vs acrylic nails??*please read*?
Boys like GIRLS in jeans OR salwaar kameez????plz reply?
A 33 year old going back to school for second bachelors. Need to bland in?
Need A New Perfume..?
whose prettier?
makeover help please!?!?!?
honestly.. do i have a big nose..?
Girls, Your Oppinion on Bodybuilders? (Pic)?
What is the best exerscise on a chubby girl like me??!! (help plz)?
Which twin is prettier???
about pre shrunk cotton shirts?
Am I prettier than this model? (PICS)?
I cant believe Im doin this but... Am I pretty?
im a blonde and i have blue eyes and people underestimate me because im a blonde?
Westerns, do you really think Angelina Joly is beautiful?
What is a natural way of getting rid of dark circles under your eyes?
Whos prettier? 1 or 2?
Do you think this is fat (pic)?
prom dress suggestions?
Please answer my question:)! is 81f to hot to wear shorts and a sweater?
Do you think I could be a model? answer honestly plz:)?
what do you think of me? ?
Hey answer people please read trust me !?
i have been called ugly as **** and a drop dead gorgeous hottie. how am i supposed to know what i am?
Lady Gaga's 'Fame' perfume contains poison?
I wanna wear thongs but.....???
What about Boxies?
If a girl hits a man for no reason, what should be the reaction?
Can someone recommend a good dentist in the Santa Clara, California area?
How long does it take for an eyelash to grow back?
girls, what woman would you most like to look like and why?
When I wear makeup, I feel like my face is DIRTY!?
What should I wear on a rainy day?
Why do some people LOVE plucking their eyebrows?
To any woman that reads this: What are some examples of guys showing confidence, that are attractive to you?
how to get a great new look?
Why am I so ugly....?
Do I look really bad in your opinion (pic)?
Why do girls have so much pressure on them to be 'attractive'?
do most girls like my kind of style?
are these jordan retro 11 fake?
Where to get a certain kind of contacts?
seven.fifteen. oh six????????????????
Does this girl have a nice body? (pic)?
GIRLS: Need female advice on these underwear sets for my girlfriend?
what will happen if i change my cartilige earring after 5 or 6 weeks?
How old do I look? (Audition)?
what exactly do you think of me ?
How hot does the conair mini pro straightner get?
Can you please help me improve my appearance?
Help! How do i convince my mom to let me get my eyebrows waxed?
What is your impression of this girl?
how much hair should a girl leave on her private?
Which shoe should I get? SPERRY OR NIKE? (links inside) s ?
What's the best age reversal cream or lotion?
triangular piece of inner clothing olden chinese women wore?
Does anyone have any how to look older tips for black women?
How many of you think I'm Sexy?
no guys ever like me. Is there something i can do? (pics)?
how does my body look? GIRLS ONLY?
What are these kind of backpacks called?
Do you ever feel sad when children/ teens say they want cosmetic surgery?
Do you think Paris Hilton is a good role model???
do you like this look?
which picture do you like better?
would growing out my hair look good on me?? (pics)?
Why do girls wear??????? plz answer?
how do i pierce my own ears?
Does anyone know the name of that really expensive scent that comes out of the middle east?
Have you bought formal dresses online?
whos hair do you like more?(pics)?
can any1 help mee?!?
whats the best way to paint your nails with glitter nail polish? do i need a base before the glitter?
Can you tell i've grown up?
For those of you who are familiar with laser hair removal....?
Having Some Bra Issues...?
Stardoll: How to be popular?
What is a good bikini for me?
How do I start getting into modeling?
world best &beautiful girls sexy image sites?
The cuttest outfit ever!!!?
How to style hair for men after a shower?
Do you like bangs? Should i get them?
what is the best mens aftershave?
I have a "baby face" i am 14 and have freckles how can i try to look not old but my age....?
body shape??
How do I become an underwear model?
How can I get colored contacts that are colorful and bold, but look real?
does any1 have any tips to stopp biting my nails..?
Makeup products! please help!?
Rate me? im being curious ..?
Did Michelle Phan or Bubzbeauty get Plastiv Surgery?
ok girls what do u think of this...??!?!!?
I dont know what to do in ear piercings?
Do I look like I'd be a mean or a nice person?
do you like this dress???
which picture is better?
Greek or Egyptian???????????
Guys, I need your opinion please!?
if you are getting your ears pierced a second time, how far apart should the top and bottom earings be?
Are redheaded girls pretty?
What kind of jeans do boys wear with low Nike Dunks?
Do you think this woman looks White or Indian?
is there free online courses to learn gel nails?
am i pretty..... pictures?
Could I be a male model?
Where can you buy fake eyelashes like these?
am i ugly? be honest.?
Do you think i am pretty?
Normal body or too skinny?
looking for a cosmetic dentistry site that offers k-9 extending implants?
Ear blowout. help me?
How old do I look/do you think I'm pretty?
Do you think big noses can look glamorous?
How should i avoid crying? (please read)?
Is this shirt cute:):):):)?
How to improve my look to a better style? Help Please?
oMg i W@Nt T0 B3 LyK3 da girlz in da movie mean girls!! day r s0o0 kewl and pretty! tell me how to be lykethat
Should I buy this? Its from Victoria' Secret? plz help :)?
Is this ok to wear to Prom?
How can I have perfect skin or be fashionable?
Can I still wear normal earrings if I have a 14g stretch-people with stretchers only please!!!?
Do you think my eyes are pretty?
Do you prefer Vans or Converse?
What would you guys give her?
do Frenum piercings hurt or not?
Mixed Smells, Shampoo & Cologne?
Which bathing suit do you like better?
I need to find a perfume that smells like....?
any online shop, that sheeping to russia?
Does anyone like enlarged Lips besides fish?
honestly am i a man repeller?
girls: do you try to copy the way female celebrities dress ?
is THIS girl pretty?
here are my favorite perfumes. do they have anything in common? like what would you say my preferences are?
Looks or Brain honestly?
Body(girls only)?
Do these glasses look dorky?
Is this a nice dress?
my boobs arent big like the others!?
What could I do to improve my looks and do I need to lose weight?
What is the best way to get rid of facial moles?
Hot or Ugly? Pics included.?
how to be a smart guy?
Nail SOS!!!!!?
brazillian waxing...where??
Is my skin tone warm or cool?
I need a good attention-getter for my presentation.?
Forever 21 Size Question: Small or medium?
Taylor Reppond?
Do you think this girl is pretty?
If you were rich, what would be the first thing you would get?
Is this store any good?
What is it like getting your eyebrows threaded?
Girls...What age did you start shaving?
Someone called us "sexy beasts." Is that true? How can we improve ourselves?
What's your favourite colour?
Face Moisturizer and Acne?
What are some beauty make up, natural beauty?
What do you think of my looks?
Nail gems on converse?
Is this a good looking casual shirt to wear with dark blue jeans?
do you think my friend is pretty?
What would be the right occasion for these heels?
What do you think I should do to myself (as in my hair, clothing, etc.) pic included?
now do you think im pretty?
how old do i look?
Do you girls see a lot of good looking guys in a day as much as much as we see a lot of hot girls in a day?
What makes a woman beautiful?
victoria Secret?
DO you guys know what this?
is it possible to make deoderant that smells like fried chicken?
How to fix an flat, wide asian nose?
Hi!!! I wonder if anybody can help me with a business name!!!?
Joe Jonas Shoes in Camp rock?
how do i look? why don't i pick up any nice guys?
Easy 10 points!!! Please answer!!?
What face shape am I ? Thanx guys :]?
Am I Pretty??-->PICS!?
Is it better having a brazilian? shaving or waxing which is better.?
Has anyone had dealings with Miss Cyberface?
Do you think this is an emo haircut everyone pleas eanswer this :D please!!?
are long sleeves suppose to be like this?
i put pictures in my blog thingy and now i can't see or find them. help.?
Do i look like a model (for a company) w/pics?
Good hygiene question?
what kind of bathing suit do you prefer on a woman?
What are solar nails? ?
Umm.. need some really funn partyish ideaas =]?
who want picture or other from iran (for iranian in other country - special shirin) send email to me?
Who is prettier? Pink or plaid?
What time should I go to bed?
Howw on earth...?
What do you think? (Before and after weight loss pics)?
can someone help me?[pics included]?
Have you smelt Lady Gaga's 'Fame' perfume?
Do you think she is pretty?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Do I have a good enough body to be a swimsuit model?
How can I start accepting compliments better?
Should I go back to wearing a 1-piece? *pic?
which side of your nose are you supposed to get pierced?
What Shoes DVS or DC.?
Isn't she beautiful? (pic)?
Bras, bras, and more bras! ?
how to make homemade perfume? (no essential oils, vodka, etc)?
Anyone know of any legitimate model agencies?
Site Modeling websites !? :3?
which one is cutest??? or both ugly?
I really LOVE?
I am 17,and i am going to a teen club on october 26,i am totally lost on what to wear and its cold out!help:(?
How to become like a fitness model?
What kind of clothes are suitable for a college-age girl?
are all guys attracted to girls body type? are their any guys that are attracted to personality?
what do you think of this dudeeee?
What do you think of me? Rate me? xx?
Girls: Choose only 1?
What do I wear to a company holiday party?
what cologne shud i get?
is she UGLY or PRETTY?
American eagle water down there cologne?
Guys... what do you like? Long/short hair? Skinny/large? Modest/slutt? Makup/natural? Shaved/natural?
Am I fat, cuz I feel like it. :| Pics?
I wear uniform at school how can I make it look more cute?
Should I change the way I look?
What color are my eyes?
What does this dream mean? (read details)?
Good place to get Tragus earrings in the UK?
am i TOO chubby? (pic inc.)?
Do breast or butt implants feel different than the real thing?
If I were to get a MAC paintpot, should I get painterly or soft ochre for my skin tone?
I would appreciate help with a bathing suit issue...?
Does any one on here watch what not to wear?
Is the T-Mobile Dash?
do you think i could model?
Going to semi formal dont know what to wear?
What can happen from wearing nail polish too much? (10 POINTS)?
how old were you when you got your 1st kiss?
What can I do to make myself look better?
Who is the prettier one (my friends)?
I am a guy with really thin eyebrows!! how to make them thicker naturally!!?
Okay, I posted yesterday about healthy pores skin system for acne?
Why can't I grow hair on my butt chin ?
Should I get my acrylic nails taken off?
haircuts for different face shapes?
How old do i look ?!?
Does beauty really matter?
Are modeling/talent agencies a scam?
Does an eyebrow piercing accent your eyes?
blue eyes and black hair? freaky or ok?
so well hows is the pic?
Is this a good pic of me?
am i an attractive looking guy ?
BeautY advice/help for an upcoming ball!?
Girls do i have a nice body?
Shouls I peirce my eyeball?? It might hurt but it looks AMAZING!?
Guys, would you rather see a girl with ...?
how do i become a girly girl?
What shoes would look right with this dress?
how can you become a plus size model when i never been one before in chicago?
Going to a Bonfire at my friends tonight, How can i look/smell/ect good but still dress/look for the occasion?
What Am I 1-10? Be Honest And Tell Me How Old I LOOK?
Which girl is more gorgeousss?
What are options for getting your nails done?
Hmm, am I decent enough?
Hide the smell of weed?
How to make myself 'prettier'? (Pics included)?
cosmatich tech?
Which is a better compliment: someone looks better in picture, or looks better face to face?
how to get "angelina jolie lips"?
what do you think of my avatar?
Does anyone know of a durable and affordable bra? I fluctuate between a D/ DD and go through bras so fast.?
Who's Prettier? the one on the right or left?
ladies, what do u think about guys wearing colored contacts?
How many t shirts / shorts do you think its important to own for a guy?
am i ugly?
Do you ever feel sad when children/ teens say they want cosmetic surgery?
Who's prettier?
Why is it that almost all of the gay males are so sexy;& they even have a feminine charm with them;dont they??
is it possible to burn my freckles off? also, if i burn my hair off will it grow in a different color?
Would you be upset over this and what can I do to help?
hello! im my high is only 5 but im dying to be an airhostess what can i do plz need big help?
Are you ladies really as cute as your avatars?
Acrylic Nails... Which works?
Do you think most middle-end dept store dressing room mirrors are unflattering compared to the ones at home?
How do I get a job doing hair and makeup for the runway?
Do you think this is an emo haircut everyone pleas eanswer this :D please!!?
What is your first impression of this photo?
Beauty Tips?
fancy dress ideas??
what does it means when a guy saids that ur cute?
Race For Life T-Shirts?
Do I have what it takes to be a model? (pics)?
What do you think of me
***** Prom Help Please *****?
I HATE my physical appearance?
well i need another persons opinioon?
I've been wanting to model.. think I have what it takes?
who can i ask to sponsor me for beauty pagents?
I'd like to model, but I've heard that there is no market for petite(under 5'9) models, is this true?
do i hav a horse face like sjp?
Should I get my eyebrows Trimmed? I always look angry I think?
do i look like kristen stewart?
if you go tanning without sun block .. will u be burned or tan???
which is a better color?
I might be getting my contact lenses tomorrow. Any advice for a newbie?
Can someone make me an outfit?
What do you think of my photography?
what is your favorite bath bomb and bath soap?
Are these shoes ugly????
whats your favourite perfume?
Do your nails have to be long to get a French mani-pedi?
Is there a very large difference between 14mm and 15mm diameter contact lenses?
what to wear to a communion?
how come when you shave your legs they get white but your knees stay dark?
victorias secret "free" tote bag?
Please can you Give an opinion....?
Can I wear fashion earrings with sensitive ears?
what's your favorite color for eyes?...and why?
Where's a good place to get an Isabella North face backpack?
What is my "season"? I need help!?
Rate her?((PICC)) &her age?
Who do you think is better looking?
Whats attractive about me?
Is she pretty or Hot Looking?!?!?
What size would I be in bottoms on Aerie?
How do I look? Pic included?
first date beauty preparation tips?
Do they look like brother and sister?
Is Bath & Body Works good quality/worth it?
Why do parents have such hate/dislike on piercings?
WHAT AGE DID YOU GUYS realize santa clause wasnt real???
I am a beautiful woman who loves to dress to impress, but it seems that men are scared of me, they run,hide!?
How do I look? Give me an indicator if you think I'm decent looking or not. ;)?
Can anyone suggest me which type of sunblock to be used for an extremly oily skin if used worsens acne n pimpl
tanning lotions without the harmfull UV rays?
im a teenage girl who'd like to become a model please give any info you'd think would help!!?
Could I be a teen model?
which girls hotter?(pics)?
rate my style!!!!!!!!!!!?
Nail salon and design question(:!?
How do you wash sandles?
I don't appreciate my beauty that much. I think i look ugly. What would I do?
do you wear black alot?
Glasses or No Glasses?
Do you like my potential prom dress? [pics...]?
is there any way i can change my eye colour?
Which wedding dress do you like best?
GUYS!!!!Do you think I am pretty?
Cool...What is it?
Is this okay for 80's day?
Pictures! yes/no hot/not, lol....yes. Another of these ?'s.?
What is your favourite cleanser or products for pimple-fighting?
Is this picture ugly? Just curious?
Am i rich?! I feel like i am!!?
How would you rate me?
PICS!!!!! Your honest opinion, what do you think!!!!?
What do you think i am.... rate 1-10?
Would you date someone with bad skin like this person?
Barbie beauty modernized of?
What would you say my eye color is?
who do you think is more attractive?
how young is too young?
Im 5'3 and weight 108 pounds. Is that fat?
What race do you think I look?
Do I look ok in a bikini? *PIC*?
how do i style my hair like this?
which is hotter? nose stud or belly piercing?
Birthday Party Ideas!!!?
my make over is complete!! do i look better?? (pics)?
How tall do you have to be to be a teen model?
How to make my eyes stand out?
Which dress should I get?
Do girls get prettier when they reach 15/16?
Would you Smash or Pass?
I was wondering, am I pretty? If not, how can I improve? Thank you :)?
HELP! Which 1 of these Nikes should I get?
Am I Controlling? Or am I right? Help Girlfriend Problems!!!?
Are black trilby hats stylish?
I am going to be in the talent show with 3 other girls and we don't know what to wear what should we wear?
Westerns, do you really think Angelina Joly is beautiful?
The best arabian oud perfume?
Could you rate my friend from 1 to 10?
Do girls like tanned GUYS?
My eyebrows kinda dont match.?
what happens to socks in the dryer?
has anyone ever heard of the artistic nails and beauty academy?
what do these lines mean from cell block tango and what language are they?
Help, I'm only 17 but I look so OLD! How can I look more my age?
Can you help me with choosing a hairstyle?
Could we be models.........?
Girls: Does Valentines Day mean a lot to you guys?
I feel ugly what can I do?
Which picture looks better?
What piercing would look good on me? ?
Does anybody have good ideas on how to stop nail biting?
Nail Polish---base coat and clear nail polish for decals?
Why is it that women are not teaching their daughters about good hygiene?
I don't know what be for Halloween?!?
which has been the most original costume ever worn for halloween?
which is the best solution to stop nail biting?
I have been told I look cute a lot but I've only slept with one lady cos of my insecurity. Help?
What do you think? Be honest!!!!!!?
Any and all Homecoming advise please!?
Want to look perfect for webcam?
Tips to look more exotic?
best hair straightener?
how can i get ova my ex when everything reminds me of him????
Which girl is PRETTIER?
Is this top appropriate for school?
What face shape do I have?
why is one nail a diffrent color than the others popular?
How to make old clothes you've already wore in school look different?
Can I still get my nails done even if they are really short?
Which dress do you guys prefer?
how to look older (girl 13)?
Is 5 10 too tall for a girl?
Should sun-block be used during the winter months?
Whats the best mens fragrance.?
favourite perfumes *girls. ?
Do you prefer short or tall girls?
Can I get my ear pierced when Im going on holidays?
Do I look better with straight hair, or curls?
Does a big adam's apple disgust girls?
can i wear a double helix spiral with two normal helix piercings?
Are the beauty ideals today harder to reach than the beauty ideals of the past?
what makes a women perfect women?
Which color top should i get for prom after party?
Am i wearing too much make up?
Do you think shes hot, pretty?
what celebritie(s) do i look like?
What nationality are we? (pics)?
what did you wear todayy?
Terry Cloth Pull-ups.?
How can I be more attractive (pictures)?
If only a few people like your photo does it mean you are ugly?
Which would you prefer??
Does mascara.......?
What kind of jeans does have?
Will my eyebrows ever grow in to be even?
What is yoir favortie perfume and why?
Need help ASAP Need it for tomorrow?
Do you think this girls pretty?
What to wear to a punk concert?
Help me choose? (pics)?
How to get a pretty face with and without makeup?
I want to get my earlobe pierced. but I have no idea where to get it pierced? Help?
How can I become beautiful?(:?
can eny one help me please?
Can I change my identity?
1-10, how good looking is this guy?
Which do i look best in (pics)?
can someone help me? girls only.?
toilet paper- are you a SCRUNCHER or a FOLDER?
both blue and brown/blue and green eyes?
How old do you think I look?
how pretty am i, heres a picture?
I hd cheek threading its very red look burned ???? help?
Can you guess my age? (pic included)?
Is the "ban your cellulite" promo legitimate?
I am 4'11'', Athletic, Cute as I have always heard from the people around. I have a question to ask in detail
What is a good hair removal cream?
Question about Contacts for your eyes?
my name is brittney smith.approximately what size is good model size?
guys only!! do you think girls with long brown hair and blue eyes are attractive??
how do i look more like me?
Any Girls at All that Do it??
what celebs do you think me and my friend look like? :D?
PIERCINGS: Industrial VS Helix?
who was the prettiest disney princess?
what do girls look for in a guy? (looks,personality,actions)?
What are some good stores (in Canada) for tomboy/skater-punk clothing?
What do you think of me? (Pics included)
What color is my eye?
Cuticle & Nail Treatment Cream by Faberge'?
do you think shes pretty?
Does he like me back, or is he leading me on, or what!!!???PLZZZ HELPPPP?
Does earpiercing hurt?
How old do I look? (pic)
Are ladies who call themselves BBW's vain?
what size jeans do u wear ?
I've noticed all popular girls get in trouble a lot . Do iHave to get untroubled to be popular ?/:?
Are all Indian ladies hairy?
Is she cute or attractive&how old does she look?
Beauty and Style Poll: what....?
Which Costume((Pics!))?
Is this picture good for Facebook?
what happens if u urinate in a girl ?
Any beauty tips for me?
Do you think skinny girls look good in shorts?
Is it ok to be a 10 year old model?
What do I look like to you?
ex-lax didnt effect me?? !!?
Who do you think is prettier just for fun?
what cream is the best to remove stains from your face with harm?
who's your favorite fashion icon?
am i ugly??
Simple Yes Or No, as many opinion's as possible. :)?
What would my looks be considered as?!?
Which is the best bleaching cream in the market?
Am i beautiful on the scale of 1 - 10?
do u think these girls are popular or pretty? and which one? the blonde or brunette?
where can i get ..... ?
Pretty, Average or Ugly? (Picture)?
How old do you think...?
Quick help? Should i tuck the vest in? Pic included!?
Which is the strongest deodorant??? Thank you...?
I Am Too Afraid To Look Cute?
want to like something like barbie?
If u were offered free plastic surgery of any kind, would u accept??
How do you frost a metal surface to change its appearance from shiny to frosted?
Could i be a model? (pics)?
How can I look beautiful even though I'm poor?
Would nail salons allow 14 year old girls to get a manicure by themselves?
Girls...what you love most about being a girl?
how can i improve on my looks?
why must it be 'BEauty is in the eyes of the beholder' ?
where can i get....?
im really self consious (and can't spell) please help?
Stupid question but, am I ugly?
Dressing up tonight for a college halloween costume party. Help!! (I give high points for best answer!?
How tall am i going to be ?
What should my look be?
GIRLS: does a stud(diamond earring) on one ear look good on guys?
Who are you subscribed to on Youtube? As far as makeup, hair and clothes? need new ppl to watch?
What does beauty mean for you?
I am interested in modeling for abercrombie kids. Would i actually have a shot? be honest. any answer helps:)?
guys-what color eyes /hair are the sexist to u and why?
Critiques on my appearance? (link)?!?
Would you be willing to....?
Does anyone have a good idea for a halloween costume?
Do you think I could model?
would i look good blonde?
Is this outfit weird? How can I improve it?
Who is better looking out of....?
who do you think is more attractive?
Why are so many girls asking if they are pretty?
what do i do if my prom date is?
Why we have this trend in the U.S.?
Which dress do you like more?
Do I Look Skinny, Fat or Normal?
Does this guy seem like wearing an eye-liner?
Which girl is the most attractive?
Is this considered slutty to do or no?
Plum and bright red highlights,tattoos and piercings?
homade facial masks?
How much is a nose job?
Do you think i have the face to be a successful high fashion model?
Okay, I know this is stupid, but please tell me how I look?
Ladies, how old do you think I look?
Can you guess my name?
Do you think Sleeping Beauty should take more vitamins? ?
Girls...what is your most obvious nervous habit?
How to get the perfect shave ?
Do I have a bad style?
What do you think of these girls from the pic?(fast question)?
when to start shaving your legs?
Witch boy is cuter!? PLease answer thanks!?
what do i do?!??! ok well i'm not...?
Does wearing revealing clothes make me look slutty?
Should I dye my hair like this? (Pics)?
Have you ever placed an order online with Frederick's of Hollywood?
is 5ft 7in small?
Girls Only Please = )?
Why do guys not like girls with glasses?
Does he look full Asian?
Could i model?
Where can I find corset/bustier tops?
Is my smile nice or not?
which picture do you like better?
GIRLS ONLY!!! does anybody think cris brown is gay?
1 - 10 rate me please ?
is this cute?.........?
who's prettier out of the two?
Am I the only girl who hates to go clothes shopping?
can anyone find easy Halloween, Valentine, December nails?
what face cleaner do you think is the best?for girls?
Forgot to put contact lenses to that special liquid!!!! Are they still good to use?
As a woman, should I shave my head?
What do you think? (pics)?
what are the best skate shoes?
is it good for females to bleach facial hair?
Do women in close shoe without stocking or pantyhose are turn off?
Can I use mens eye cream if Im female?
A girl that wears a scarf?
Need Serious Advice, Girls Only! (I am boy) be understanding! Answers please!!?
Do I really not look 15 years old? ?
What are your opinions on my hair?
Women ONLY Please?
What do you think, is skinny sexy ?
rate my cuzin please!!!!?
What do you think of me? :)?
good talents for queen contestant that lacks self confidence?
hair removal product?
Who's hotter me or my bff (pics)?
What is the best home waxing kit for a woman's bikini area?
in your opinion , who have more sexy and arosal thighs and legs, britney spears or antonio panderas?
How many people in have brown eyes?
Does anyone else like it when girls wear bras too small?
Could I put this picture on...?
How to get a strawberry red?
What color should I paint my toenails for the first day of school?
how can I cover the spot of my skin?
Is there a medication that will increase appetite?
Who is the prettiest out of these 3?
Should I put a band- aid on my nose?
i like 2 pierce my belly , will it b safe?how many of u have had pierced it & how was de experience?
Gauging my ears and skipping sizes?
What do you think?
"I'M A GUY"Should i get this haircut with Mohawk??pic?
What perfume do you like?
from 0 to 5, rate me please...?
How old do i look? (everyone guesses way wrong!)?
Do piercings mean anything?
ugly, average, or pretty?
Look down for details?
Girls on a scale of 1-10........?
What aspects of this face do you find appealing>?
I have short and thick legs combines use hi tops sneakers?
Good beauty tip websites?
Please help!!! What is the best electric razor for shaving a beard or shaving legs?
Guess eye color. Country. And rate (1-10)?
how sexy is this girl right here?
How old do you think she is?
how do i make a zoro mask out of black material, black felt and card?
How Much Is An Ear Piercing ?
I'm not pretty! Or am I insecure?
How can i keep my fake nails on?
where can i get bebe jeggins?
Im so sad, and angry...=(?
Where can i find a Boyfriend my age? (13) In texas (Ft.Wort) who will like me for who i am not what i am.?
what do you think of buying off this website?
Opnions on colored contacts?
new earring need major help...10 point for best answer?
Not exactly sure what to wear, help?
What Do You Think Of This Polyvore Set??
How long is Crystal Gayle's hair?
Any way to get shorter?
Are these measurements okay for a 13 year old?
Which shoes are better?
How long to get a good new set of gel nails done and where's good to go in bolton!?
Whats the WEIRDEST thing you've HAD to wear?
If a boy you knew started dressing as a beautiful girl everyday, what would you do/think?
is she pretty??????????
Is my boyfriend beautiful :)?
Going to semi formal dont know what to wear?
how to get tall soon?
Letterman Jacket or North Face?
Why all girls not wear nose ring ? even they look very attractive in nose ring.?
what should i call these bangs?
What is the correct way to apply perfume?
How can I get my skin to glow bright like this girl I once saw?
What's the most popular style for guys right now? Urban, preppy or what?
Are small boobs really a turn-off?
Which dress is more suitable to wear to meet my husband's parents?
How attractive am I??? [GIRLS ONLY, please]?
shampoo adn hair question/problem?
How to get into modeling without dishing out a lot of money?
Should I dress up for school tomorrow?
GIRLS: Do you like shy guys?
Poll rate me 1-10, 10 being the best?
Anyone got fake tan tips?
What color should my friend dye her hair?
Is a manicure pointless if you have super short nails?
Can you change the colour of your acrylic nails at home?
Should i get my haircut like this?
What Spanx Should I Get?
Girls: how do you like to be complimented on your appearance?
Do u think cheer is a sport?
Advice needed on letting a young person shave...?
what size boobs would u guess she has?
Does anyone know what kind of Nikes these are?
Fragrance similar to Tommy H. True Star?
what kind of bathing suit would be flattering?
whats better for every day use? EYEliner or EYEshadow?
what is your favorite parfum?
Manicure/pedicure question?
PICTURE ~ What do you think, Is this alright, Should i defult it?
should I model? (im from sc)?
What would you guess my name is?
A little help for a prom/cocktail dress for my body shape? With links if you may.?
will personal products be not as good if there out in the cold?
Girls how tall are you? (ages 13-18)?
Become a Model for All Things Beautiful Boutique!!?
Does she dress well? (pic)?
would you ever get plastic surgery? (guys only)?
Is it healthy to notice how unsymmetrical i am?
how should i get my haircut?[[pics]]?
can a human (black skin) change his skin to a different one (white skin)? Is it possible?
I am 14 years old, 5'10, and I wear a size 11 in shoe. How tall do you think I will be?
Can Plastic surgery make anyone look good?
With a bikini wax what does it mean whey they say "just take the corners off"?
Are my eyebrows crooked? (pic)?
Which celebrity do I look like?
Halloween...Gypsy Princess,...?
Any tips/ideas for making a good sucsessful beauty blog?
Open: videos. Look how much Hilary duff has changed?
who do you think is prettiest, in orderr?
Which one of us is skinnier?
Who's the most beautifull girl in the world?
Am i pretty?? I really need to know?
i really want my ears peirced but my mum wont let me, how can i perswade her?
Do I Really Have a Big Nose?
Help, I'm only 17 but I look so OLD! How can I look more my age?
Pretty, or not pretty?
do you have your ears peirced (girls only)?
How old should a girl be to pluck their eyebrows?
what is your sexiest thing you did with your boyfriend?
do you like this shirt?(pic included)?
What is a Queif?
Do you need a cosmetology license to open my own beauty salon/spa?
I look like a boy! help!?
who wants 10 ponits???
Picture or mirror?
What is the sexiest part of a guys body?
Do I Really Have a Big Nose?
Wedding dress hire?
Am i an attractive girl or not?
pictures included! how old do i look? any suggestions on anything are welcome!?
Do you think Moles are sexy?
I'm thinking of getting into modeling?
Am I Really that ugly?
Are pageants really not worth the money to be in?
am i hot or not?
do u believe in horoscoe if so y?
whos cooler? a surfer or a scene kid!?
what percentage is right for a $26.00 haircut?
Are Nine West "fuggs" good quality?
What is the toughest modeling agency?
Do you think I've changed?
What's the best way to get into Alternative modelling?
How do i become pretty/beautiful (with pictures)?
In uk where can i buy cheap perfumes from?
What is your favorite perfume?
Girls how insecure are you?
Which Contacts would look best? (w/Pics)?
Do you think she is pretty?
i dont feel need of moisturizing - any tips?
which of the three is prettiest (pics)?
would you rather a girl be short and skinny, or tall and skinny ?
Do I look overweight...?
Why do guys like it when girls shave about the leg?
How do you get the smell..?
does anyone know of a tanning salon that does the spray-on tans around central new jersey?
Are Nine West "fuggs" good quality?
Which two colors make the best color combination? For example: Red and Black.?
What is your fav outfit out of these?
Is the Acqua Di Gio deodorant stick a good alternative to the cologne?
Restricted question: For women only!?
boyfriend will i ever get one?
Ladies, do u think theres an even amount of beautiful girls and handsome guys in the world?
Do i look like any celebrity...?
are nose peircings pretty and do you think i am old enough for one?
How could I improve my looks?
Hate Asking This But....?
Whats are some good homemade spa treatments?
Is it normal for teenagers to get wrinkles?
Do you think it beautiful?
Who's more naturally prettier (see pics..)?
What is the most beautiful Hijab style you have ever seen ?
Do you like your nationality?
Does this look like a good night out outfit?
do you think im pretty or not?
Can Saw Palmetto increase breast size? Is the breast size increase permanent?
do you think its hot??
prop perfume bottles?????? like in commercials?
Do I have a celebrity look alike? [pics included]?
How to tell your girlfriend to shave!?
I need a pic......? Easy 10 points!?
The BEST straightener I can buy at Sally's Beauty?
Do i look like angelina jolie?
what websites sell inexpensive pretty young women clothing?
Help Fashionistas! What should I wear?!?
Phone problems! Please help!?
how to stop bite nails?
how to get rid of freckles?
Should I get my Bellybutton pierced?
What do hou perfer hip sters underwear or thongs?
How do you live with skirts PLEASE HELP!!?
Do you think that i am pretty?
what nightwear do guys wear apart from the obvious boxers and nothing?
Why do people wear sunglasses behind them??
Do you think I look sexy?
Do I look better with or without make-up?
help with closes and choeseing the right color's to go with brown?
For guys only!?
pretty or not ? pictures included.?
my face feels dry and is breaking out...?
Please Help?? How does the "buy a Macbook and get a free Ipod Touch" deal work exactly??
Do I look manly/gawky? with pics?
Which girl is prettier ??? Girls and guys?
how do you brush your teeth at school?
What would you tip on a $10 eyebrow wax?
Cheap Non-Prescription contacts?
How should a person with a round face shape her eyebrows?
what does IMAO mean?
Halloween costume ideas HELP!!!!!!!!!?
Do I have pink or yellow undertones? How can you tell?! ***PIC!!!!!!*****?
catch me in kabhi alvida na kehna .?
Girls do you..........?
How do you become a model?
what piercings would look best on me?
FASHION WEBSITE - interested?
Brother lost bet has to dress like girl!?
I am embarrassed by my belly button!?
should i get my nose peirced?(pics)?
someone told me this is a way to get rid of body hair?