What is a good watch for about $100?
what weight is big heavy for a women/teen?
why dont people shave on november?
Am I attractive? haha idk?
do you think i look better with or without glasses?
Am i ugly....................?
Do you think light golden brown would suit me? (pic included)?
i'am french and i have a french assent. is it hot or not?
Where can I find this Christmas tree hat?
oh, what makes someone beautiful?
scared to sit on my boyfriends lap or let him pick me up.?
Girls: How can IMPROVE my look? (PICS) from GUY?
does being vain mean i`m not realy handsome,?
do girls find chest hair attractive?
How to do this?
what are the pros and cons of waxing vs. shaving ur legs?
What do you think of the perfume "Real" by American Eagle?
What should I wear on the plane?
how can i stop biting my nails?
do i look like a doll?
Hey EVERY1 im 5.2 16 and weigh 117lbs. do my legs and belly look normal...... PICS!!(FIXED THE LINK)?
Do you paint your toes during the winter?
Beauty self esteem problem?
Would i look okay as a blond? (Pics)?
Why cant my nails tell me their stories?
Shaving my legs. YOLO!?
What is a cute twitter name for Alyssa? :)?
Girls.. Whats Your Favourite Perfume?
Do women like men who like shopping for clothes as much as or even more than women?
Girls, what do you think? Too many girls for one guy?
how do i stop my new leather boots from squeaking?
How do you get Sharpies off your fingernails?
Do you get tired of this too?
What color would you say my eyes are (PICS) ??
how do you make yourself look 0p;erfect to be a model?
What are effective skin whitening products?
How can I look like this?!?
How can I get a camouflage design on my nails?
Am I pretty enough to be a model?
I shave my eyebrows clean off, will they ever grow back?
What is your eye/hair color, gender, and heritage?
Why do girls look at me? IM UGLY!!?
Girls, blue or pink?
My mom said she would talk to me about shaving.?
Do you think that the image of beauty we see in the media is distorted?
Has anyone tried nail tek: damaged nails kit from ULTA for nails that won't grow and peel?
If eyelashes break off, not fall out, do they grow back to their length? How long does it take?
Who is the hottest female Italian celebrity?
Which Senior Picture should I choose?
Where can I buy nail polish the same colour as Hatsune Miku?
What do you think of this girl?
what do you think is the most attractive thing in a guy or girl?
I want to be a model can you help?
Does anyone know where I can find the fragrance Jessica McClintock #3?
How do you get eyebrow wax off of eyelashes?
Beauty and Clothing Products?
Could I become a model?
best perfume you've ever used.?
If a girl likes a feminine guy, does that mean she is a lesbian? 10 points!?
Girl's only!!!?
How do I stop chewing my nails?
What you think about beauty?
Im 13 and i have slept with 14 guys?
What hairstyle should i get next?
Is this guy attractive?
i want to be prettier??
Zit Problems?
runway pictures and trends for fashion week 2008?
which harcut would a guy like myself look better in?
How can i wear this.............?
why is it that i look good in mirrors..?
Long or short hair.......?
I really want to wear tidywhities?
how much are lip peircings?
who is the prettiest?
Is she pretty........................?
Does any one have any victoria secret coupons for the free panty they arent going to use?
What is the best facial cream on the market for combination skin ?
Wat does this mean? wtf i dont get it?
pretty enough to model?
Homecoming Princess Nominee... What shud i wear?
Does this make me a slût?
should i lose, gain, stay the same? pics xoxo?
do you like these outfits?
I am trying to find a good moisturizing lotion with an spf of 30 that is not greasy feeling. Any suggestions?
what is your out look on the way bro hoes dress?
Looking for low price Monroe labrets?
Do you think we are pretty?
Why do girls hump pillows? How would you do it? Does it feel good? Girls only?
how many guys out there actually want skinny girls?
Are my eyes too big?!?
Which girl is more beautiful? How can I get eyes like that?
This is going to sound absolutely ridiculous BUT there is this girl at my college who....?
Is this girl pretty? Picture...?
what do you think of ''friends with benifits''??
What haircut should I get? Should I get bangs?
am i a good looking guy?
Am i fat? I'm sick of being called fat.?
What to do about an ugly smile?
Girls- what can I do to look more attractive?
does anyone know a website, store, or anywhere that i can find & purchase jagmeister logoed clothing?
What color are your eyes?
my body? *picture* =)?
people keep calling me ugly?
what pet should i get?
Do you agree with this????
ok tell me the truth is this slutty?
which girl is prettier?
Guys Opinions!?
Do u think that ugly guys have the right to get married ?
My thick glasses make me shy!?
Ladies Help Me to choose?
Should i really go through with this? plastic surgery?
Did you know Brad Pitt had his ears pinned back when he was younger..?
Do I look disgustingly pale?
Do you think I could model?
Do you get more attractive with age?
How do you get all gussied up and ready for a night on the town?
Which dress should I get?
what do you think 10 points!!!!!!!!!!?
baggy pants?
Is she beautiful? Answer pleaseee.?
What's the Best way to give a Pedicure??
how to keep out sleep when lectures are going on?
Should men wear one or two earrings?
POLL for women. Which body type you prefer on guys?
GUYS PLEASE, Which sounds the prettiest?
what perfume is right for me?
do i need braces??? pics included thx!!?
What is your opinion on guys that smoke weed?
Beauty tips - legs & eyes - teen girl?
is the body jewelry factory all fake jewelry?
How to get my cartlige earring out?
FOR GIRLS!!!!....Do you see arab guys as good looking??
How can I convince my mom to let me do pageants?
does any one out there like dianelle staub?
any ideas for style (guys and girls opinion) hair, make up etc... pictures provided (5 stars for best answer)?
do you think its stupid to be emo or goth or at least dress like goth?
Would you wear this for the summer?? (Pic)?
ehh my nose.....grrr :(?
HAIR HELPPP???????please.?
How to be fair again??? Please help?
how can i look smart? pls reply fast?
how do i stop hair from growin under there even more?
How could I make myself more... attractive?
Skinny petite girls are the best?
Would I look good with Zooey Deschanel's hairstyle?
Best breast augmentation doctors in New York ?
does anybody know how Victoria Secret Heavrnly perfum smells?
is this a pretty name?
what do you do if you earing whole is closing?
Guys: do you think Nicole Richie is attractive?
Would you approach me?
Why are some girls sexy and some aren't...?
This is for all the lovely girls-celebrate them!!?
I am male, 24, strong , but a little fat, is it OK to start bodybuilding now?
Tiny boobs and flat butt?? :( answer please, pics included..?
How can you enhance your eyebrows (guy)?
wht do guys see in a grl?
girls ,have you ever had a slumber party and let a guy come to and be like one of the girls?
I need help on this :(?
Which color do you like?
I just bought a new shoe, and it totally smells bad, and its brand new.. what can i do to remove the stench?
What's in my bellybutton?
Have you been asked when the baby is due when all you have is a big fart brewing?
Teenage GUYS!!!!! Would It Turn You On If A Hot Girl.....?
Has anyone heard about Dr. Ted K. Ortega plastic surgeon from Pensacola FL?
Why superstars?
How to dress like a stereotypical soccer mom?
How Old Do I Look? (PIC)?
Is she pretty or ugly?
does this make me a bad person?
why does the white line of the nails start receding? and how can it be corrected?
Where can I buy really good boots from that's not too expensive?
Help! How do i remove fake tan?
why do some girls shave their eyebrows off completely then draw it back on with a make-up marker?
Would royal blue jeggings look good with brown boots?
What kind of Belly Button do you have?
Who likes Rufus???? hees hot!!!who sings the theme song? i do!?
Model Agencies?
whats the best hair removal cream a women can use for her pubic hair?
First thing you notice in a face?
2 Questions. How bad/good do i look? and what can i do to improve? (PICS)?
Questions about Ebay???
How old do I look? *pic*?
Do we have a similar eye shape?
does anyone have any breast enhansement pills they no longer need?
whats a good website for mens clothing that's unique?
How can i deal with this situation?
A simple question that i'd like everyone to answer please!?
okay girlies! what is your favorite perfume EVER? and why?
do guys prefer blondes or brunettes? GUYS PLEASE ANSWER!?
Help! I need to find this book....quick!?
What is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen?
Is this outfit suited for Homecoming 2012?
do i wear too much eyemakeup? (pic)?
Am I too ugly to model?
is this a good flyer for a teen babysitter?
Over Plucked Eyebrows...Man..?
how to do a home septum piercing?
Who is the most beautiful woman in the world ?
Why do I taste my perfume 10 minutes after spraying?
which girl is the prettiest?
what adias should i get that's not too expensive but look good?
anyone know if i can get cheap clothes in taichung or taipei ?
Do nails work like hair?
Will studded ballerinas still be in this spring/summer?
My girlfriend broke up with me because my eyes are too dark?
do you have any idea how tall i ill be??
Shoe size conversions: womens to kids?
Can a mixed-race person get a tan like this?
Is Tanzanite worth allot?
What do you think of the name Salix Seraph (Say-licks Sair-uff)?
Is this smile creepy? lol?
Does your avatar really look like you?
I am searching for a design of earrings worn in old days in Hyderabad. It is called "Dandi patthi"?
What trends are popular at your school?
What should i wear for an interview ? Please help me?
HELP I have short nails and I don't know what to do?
What is the difference between acrylic sculpting and acrylic overlay? Which is easier to learn?? Thanks!!?
Spa treatments-What would make you come in to see me?
Fashion or hairdressing& beauty?
If the high tomorrow is 59, could I wear my bearpaw boots?
Do you use solar oil?
For woman only please!?
Can anyone recommend me very good eyelash curler?
Is there a way to dye your eyelashes and eye brows that will get the whole lash/brow colored?
Is Abercrombie & Fitch more mature and sophiscated than Hollister co?
Girls Please Rate My Look?
Would you say this girl is striking?
What Sport Brands sell SPF clothing?
hi Beautiful people,my question is have or had someone experience laser hair remover?
Which girl is better looking?
household items !!!!?
10 points! Fashion and beauty!?
Are my two friends pretty?
Who likes my name "sexy lexy?"?
What ethnicity do you think we are (pic)?
what perfume do you recommend?
are these jordan retro 11 fake?
i would like to know an agency in new york that is specialized in makeovers for fasion hair and make up?
Should I get side BANGS? {picture includedd}?
How old do you think she is?
Im thinking about getting my bellybutton pierced...?
how would you rate my style?
modeling question and how to get started?
Ways To Improve My Appearance? (Pictures Included)?
How to shape your eyebrows to compliment your facial structure?
Ladies: Do you find chest hair on guys attractive or repulsive?
would i look good as a brunette? pic?
Nivea Visage expert Lift?
I am wearing a black prom dress, what colour nails would be nice :)?
how many of you love/addor the color purple?
I know a girl who has a moustache...?
How do you like your bath?
Truth or tale.??? Keeping nail polish refrigirated increases its longivity?
what would you rate my looks from 1-10?
Im straight guy and I don't like sports...I like shopping for clothes?
How hot and sexy is he?
I'm Ugly, Do I Have A Chance (pics inside)???
How do u give ur self a french manicure?
Anybody know Famous people who wear dress without ironing ?
Can a hat make your head shrink?
What is wrong with my body?
Is there a cologne that smells like money?
what kind of piercing should i get?
does anyone kw how to make salwar kameez,pls giv tips and how 2's and if so proved ur email wud b helpful?
why do people wear glasses?
Is he good-looking? *pics*?
On a scale of one to ten, how do I look?
What do you do when a person loves you?
I'm a 32c. What size should i get in billabong tawny underwire bra?
tricks to stop biting your nails?
What kind of shoes could I wear to make my feel look less huge?
Why do white men try to look as cool as coloured men?
does jc pennys sell polo shirts?
What are some fruity/exotic perfumes?
Will my avatar look good if it has glasses?
Modeling, I have no idea how to get into it?
what pic of me looks better?
Does the look work or not?
Would I suit a nose piercing?
PinkyParadise Bonus Gifts: What are they?
will my parents notice the smell of weed on me?
Around what age do i look?
Am I model material? Should I try modeling?
How to enter modeling industry?
Would this be a good tattoo idea?
How do you tie-dye skin?
how would i look with my hair dyed this color ?
Is there such thing as male perfume?
Can I return something I used back to Bath&body works? Return policy?
Ladies and girls - How would affect you if...?
Do I have modeling potential?
who likes with love from hilary duff?
Are 2 tone nails cute or weird?
I have dark circles.I m very fair and it looks very ugly.How to remove darkcircles?which medicine can help me?
I look too long in the mirror?
How old do I look? Wiith piccc.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
***** Prom Help Please *****?
If you could change 1 thing about yourself??
what home made stuff can i do to look like a prisoner?
Just from looking at this picture...?
Could I work at Hooters? I'm 19, 5'1 and 118lbs?
hott or not?
best pefume you have ever smelled or owned ?
Do You Think They Look A Like?
What hair style would look best on me?
Clean cut of rugged? Preferably Girls only?
which girl do think is prettiest?
If i rip out my black heads with a pore strip, will you see my pores under my black heads???????????????
What trends/fashion do you hate on guys? ?
Girls only, what are some turn ons/offs?
How Do I Know If I Am Pretty?
Can you help me with some tips to dress an apple shapped woman?
What kinds of shoes would be comfortable and supportive for work?
i have problems with my skyn what cream do u recommend?
How does this dress look on me? (pictures)?
What's the best thing to wear with a pixie cut?
Do I look like taylor swift?
doesyour avatar look like you? or what you whish you look like?
Should I get a lip ring? Pictures!?
What are your view on men painting their nails?
How to look like Megan Fox?
hot or not ?????? here?
What winter jacket should i get?
Please help with getting a dress for a wedding.?
I have an intervew with forever 21 what should I wear?
do people really look at looks before meeting anyone?
Which of these girls is the prettiest?
(for guys mainly, but girls too) Am I pretty?
Someone of Facebook answered a question that I have a face only a mother could love and said yes.. isit true?
Can you help me determine my faceshape? ...And an ideal hairstyle?
Should I try to model?
Would it be safe to say that most women prefer a man to shave his underarms?
I have never been waxed, does it hurt really bad?
Do I look better with less make-up?
Are her eyes too close together?
Why do girls wear bras?
Can you rate me plz (pic) boys preferably???
I need hairs styles for middle school.Anyone have some?
Are spaced teeth ok???
Does anybody know where i can buy a gold dragon mouth money clip like the one in the movie Face Off?
Got told I look like a boy, do I?
what should i do?? my eyebrows look sooooo ugly?
Girls do i have a nice body?
i am interested in modeling my hands? How do I get into Parts modeling?
Beauty self esteem problem?
Average Perfume Price (USA)?
How do you feel about drawen on eyebrows?
can u model with a scar?
List of things to do the day before school?
What is your honest opinion on these two pictures?
Do u think cheer is a sport?
Considering to become a model?
do you think my friend is pretty?
What Haircut Should I Get?
Who among these 2006 International beauty queens is the most beautiful?
It felt awkward asking my mom for a shaver?
Girls Do you like it when guys wear SANDALS to School?
Do you prefer how you look in the mirror or in photographs?
How do I prevent my real nails from getting very thin and brittle when I wear false nails occasionally?
can good looking people wear anything?
Ok people sorry 4 the hard times but i need one more thing?
In NEED of a makeover, Please Help? Girls & Guys (: 5 stars!?
Haircut ideas for teen?
Can corporations sell prouducts without any other licenses.just by bieng incorportated?
rate us all out of ten, please?
Am I attractive or not?
What is my face shape?/Haircut help!?
What do you do when you like 2 different guys?
I want to make my breasts bigger???
Is polyester poplin a light-weight material?
Guys just wondering??
Would this hair color look good on me?
What are some good popular facial products for dry skin?
do you think i'm ugly?!????
Which US State has the most beautiful women?
could i be a model/actress?
how do you get self tan off between your fingers?
More photos. Now. What do you think?
How can i deal with this situation?
BE 100% HONEST, do I have man shoulders and a short neck (pic included)?!!!!!?
What do you think looks prettier,blue ,green or?
POLL: CIATE Velvet or Caviar Nails?
What colour nail varnish should I wear?
even though u dont know me what would u say of my apperence if i met u?
which hair color do you like better on me?
GIRLS: do you really check out guys butts?
DO I LOOK 16? ppl always say i look older..thnks?
Should I get bangs? Just wondering.?
Working at Hollister/Abercrombie?
Hair Problems!!!UUUUUGGGGGHHHH!!!?
Dark Brown to Blonde?
OK is this a god profile picture?
Which one of these girls is prettier?
Should i get a haircut?
Am I the only one who really doesn't care if products are tested on animals?
I will wear whatever you want?
Should I nail this chick?!?!?!?
Am I unattractive to guys?
Is a dumb blonde a good Halloween costume idea?
what is a sparkle party?
A change for new years?
am i pretty? rate me 1-10?
Girls, what do you like to do when you're in a girly mood?
FASHION EXPERTS!!! HELP! I want to take my style to the next level, but I don't know how....?
I need an opion please leave a comment?
blue or brown eyes?
i am doing a nail course and would like to know have good are nsi products or what Products are good?
Does anybody know what I should wear? (skirt, long sleeves, pants, shorts......)I need to know by tomorrow! :(
Do you guys think im pretty?
What do you think of me?
am I pretty, ugly or beautiful?
Is this ok to wear to a Hollister interview?
Why are blue jeans so comfortable?
Do I look unaproachable?
is it true that after you use biore blackheads strips you have to wash your face with a daily cleanser?
according to the girls does one can be considered handsome only by his looks and body?
Which dress is nicer?
how come you girls ,,,,?
How old does she look?
Idk what to wear look in description?
I'm a guy with a ponytail..should I get a short, cleancut haircut?
Appearance tips please?
How short can shorts and skirts be?
Assessments for making home made bath products please help!!?
How much are bandeau bras at primark?
Who is more attractive?
Brazilian wax?
How to Change the Hours you Sleep?
Was there a time when there were no mirrors?
Does this guy like me?
How Old Do I Look (Pictures Included)?
simple nail design ideas for school?
i just bout some contacts and one ripped?
My nails peel. What can I do to stop them?
Scene (ish)Hair Style suggestions? =]=]?
Im too sexy!?
how do i look pretty ?
How to look good in school pictures?
15 year old girl, 5'8, 112 pounds- How much weight should i lose?
a site to search emails!!!!?
Is dark skin ugly???????
my baby is gorgeeous. how do i find her a modeling agency?
is it possible to become beautiful later on in your life?
how well does the Sally Henson Hard as nail hardner work?
Is she pretty or not ?
Girls, how to sport this top?
ideas for wedding lingerie photos any good (clean) web sights i can look up to get ideas? or your ideas?
should I buy a car with cream colored carpet?
I would like to check the service?
Summer is coming and that means...bathers D:?
How much would it cost to get my nails done at a salon (United Kingdom)?
Does bath and body works have any rejected scents?
Do I look pretty?
Where can I find uGg boots?
Can you tell I have a disorder (turner syndrome) I feel so ugly?
How old do i look....?
Do you think this is fat (pic)?
Sugar scented perfumes that last (and aren't marketed for children)?
I want to know how to make my hair light Blondie without bleaching it!?
I don't really know how to explain it..?
i am thinking about getting side bangs. can you recomend styles to me as i am not really sure (i havnt got?
Girls with green and blue eyes?
am i pretty?
Can jeans shrink in hot storage?
how much does it cost for someone to get a pedicure and a manicure with a student I.D discount at Key Nails?
How to make homemade ear retainers?
which of you people are daddy yankee lovers????
Blue Eyes or Green Eyes?
What is the book influence about?
Why do models have more then one agency?
How to become a model please help me?
How could I wear this?
This ones for the guys?
Would you notice the little holes in someones jeans between the thighs and crotch area if?
makeup for grey eyes and good foundation?
How dies a guy get rid of dark cricles?
what is beauty in your opinion?
whos the pretties t.(pics inside)?
What shall i put on my sidewall?
Should I change my EYE color(pic)?
Identify this statement if it is literal or implied?
what is a good facial mask for men to clean out your pores. iam planning on giong to asalon?
Dying my hair from a box for the first time.. HELP?
Grooming Question?
Why I hate H&m , although they have some really nice clothes ?
Do you think that my nose sticks out to far/ is it to big?
where is the cheapest place to buy exotic dancer clothes on the net?
If you were a sophomore in high school, & you were hitting on a 7th grader, how would you feel about that?
In which photo does my eyebrows look better?
What size jeans do you girls wear?
where can I find some fun bras for cheap?
Why do people assume when you wear black nail polish your emo or goth?
Does perry ellis 360 black cologne smell bad? and what would you compare this cologne to?
What do you think of my fashion style?
looking for secret treasures liquid bras. Targets used to carry them can anybody give me ideas?
Girls only!(better if your like 16) What perfumes/scents do you like on 16 year old teenage guys?
can you conver this into spanish below plz that would be great if you could thx..?
Do You Think I am FAT?
how do i turn pretty if im ugly?
what makes a woman beautiful?
What is the best hair removal cream?
Is this a microdermalism kit?
Is there anything you are addicted to? any answers are fine!?
where can I get a 2-3 inch curling iron that is good quality?
What color contacts? girls only?
Who is your celebrity crush?
How old would you say i look?
rocklake dress codes?
Am i too Skinny.... the second...
Why Don't I get asked out? (Picture)?
am i really that ugly??
what do girls like in a guy?
Women-Do women wear their fingernails longer or shorter depending on what part of the country they live in?
What to wear for a job interview for a girl?
If you don't care about style, why do you follow these questions?
Am I as ugly as she says? {photo}?
What is the best height for a grown up girl?
How can I look like Bjork?
Beware of this user?
Im thinking of buying perfume womens fragrance online. Anyone used the website everyfragrance .com ?
I'm eighteen and am starting to stress that i've never had a boyfriend! any beauty tips to get more noticed?
anyone know more about miss universe? and what she is doing now?
Do you think I look better with curly straight or natural hair?
Which picture do you like the best and why?
Good Girly team names?
you as a girl what do u look for in guys as far as dating? or marrying them before.?
what should i do if he dosent like me should we just be freinds or what help me pleaea?
Is she pretty or ugly (pics)?
How do you get rid of acne....??
How can i do my eye makeup like this?
what is more attractive- a blonde or brunette girl?
How do you rate my best friend form 1 to 10?
how can i imrove my eyesight ?
What do you mean by bone structure?
Ultra high heels?
Do my eyes look good?
does the name randy emerson sound familiar?
Where can I buy a spray bottle?
Whats in your purse/tote right now?
would this be a nice hairstyle to get?
How do i Look Bald ? Should i shave my head ?? HELP ME !?
Do you think she's pretty?
Ladies,do you like dark colors on guys or bright colors on guys and why?
What is the best way to remove scratches from glasses and sunglasses?
Need advice on upgrading your "wardrobe"?
Guy lieing about height?
I've never had a bf before?
Why do all girls look so so hot in mini skirt?
How 2 wear an oversized t-shirt?
Do you think I could be a site model? :$?
Girls: What is your hair and makeup routine?
what are some good modeling websites for teens?
What kind of hairstyle would look good on me?
What do you think of my eye makeup [PIC]?
am i prity???????????????????
Do I have model potential?
How to even out skin tone?
Do you think women who like to wear make-up, perfume, jewelry and dress pretty vain?
My height? It's rediculous I'm too short:(?
what is bobby jack brand .com?
Teen bedroom decorations? (girl)?
Do you think im attractive?
how to make perfume at home?
Would this be a good tattoo idea?
Anyone who has got their ears pierced , help !?
will my boobies get smaller if I start excercising?
Musical Madess Language?
do i look like kim kardashian?
Am I pretty enough to be a model?
How can I improve on my appearance?
what should be the best dress for me to wear in my engagement?
Belly button piercings?
Do these pictures of me look good?
Victorias Secret Body Spray?
Help please!!!!!!!!?
Girls,what do you think of a guy who has too many clothes?(10 points)?
whats ur beauty must HaVe?????
What nail polish color suits olive skin tone?
homecoming dress?
Looking for watches to dismantel?
how do you rate it this photos?
what can i do to improve my looks?
What perfume was sold as a solid in a plastic red fan from Avon?
how could i be pretty enough in his eyes :(?
Is this dress to much to wear on a first date ?
am i pretty, pic included?
Blonde hair - Blonde pubic hair ?
Do I look overweight...?
Am I really that bad looking?
what should i change ???? ?
What shall i put on my sidewall?
RATE me 1 - 10 ? pics?
is this a ghost in my photo?!?!?
What is the history behind barber shops/hair salons being closed on Sunday & Monday?
Do I have an ugly body..?
How do I size myself to buy clothes online?
How tall are you?
if your a man how many t shirts do you own or do you feel its important to have?
What is my face shape? Please do not comment on how ugly I am.?
Do you think I should still pursue a modelling career now that I'm no longer in the running for CNTM?
what sterotype? do i look chubby?
How can I be more confident? I want to be a model?
Betsey Johnson dresses?
What can you use instead of vodka to make a perfume?
Do you find brown eyes boring? blue and green eyes get more attention don't they?
whats the proper age of women to wear thongs?
Girls what do you think about lip rings on guys?
What do you think of this girl? on a scale of 1-10?
new to youtube check out my channel?
I don't know if i'm ugly or not?
How to get the confidence to?
is there any way to change the color of your eyes?
Give me American song titles which were stolen by europeans?
do you like this picturee? [:?
Model potiental? :) xx?
Haircut Style?
HELP!!! give 10 points for answers!!?
Help me please? Have you heard of Operation Beautiful b4?
in your you think this girl is beautiful and why and what's beautiful 'bout her?
What's so great about Boobs?
Could I pass for 18?
Right, here are five 14 year old girls, which one do you think is prettiest? No nasty comments please!?
HoW oLd Do I lOoK?
what can I do to improve the way I look?
Does this picture look retarded? I mean do i look retarded in it?
Which Size of Victorias Secret PINK yoga pants would I wear? I weigh 125 and am 5'6.?
girls only please... how wud a guy sweep u off ur feet just by using his apperence?
Which Dior Perfume...?
Am I the few who find tattoos ugly?
How to change my skin tone to white?
WOMEN ONLY. Making outfits.?
How to not be a boring person?
What is your first thoughts of this girl? *Be honest*!?
What would you do for #1.98, a dozen roses, and a reach around from Rip Torn?
How old do I look?! (10 EZ POINTS!)?
Any ideas for yellow costumes?
Do I look better with Black hair or brown?
Acrylic paint/glass paint for nails?
ahh girls only................................?
is there such a thing as.....summer boots ?? cause in Europe they have stuff like this,in fashion?
Some ideas for expressing myself?
How many of you dressed your avatar in red,white, and blue for the fourth of July?
which one of us looks the most exotic?
Would ladies be willing to wear a leotard as lingerie for their guys?
What cologne do women find to be irressitible on a man?
lost bet make over help!?
Does anyone know what the best brace to get is?
Who is prettier and why?
Am I ugly??!!!! Please be honest. 1-10?
Do women in close shoe without stocking or pantyhose are turn off?
could i be a model????
Do you think he likes me?
what's beauty in a person? is it the make-up or the personality?
ladies, what do you think about my body?
I can't wear polish at work need help for nail care, strength and growth?
Are lip rings hot?
Are big nails or small nails better? Do you like my nails?
What is the model name or model number of this product?
what do you think is the most ugly piercing?
am i too tall???????
What can she do to improve her image?
Do i really look fat?
How to make my self look better?
How to get straight hair?????
Which girl is pretty?
why doesnt my urban decay eye primer work for me after I de-potted it?
Are braces ugly? PLEASE HELP?
Girls help... Party...Clothes..Hair...10 point best answer!?
tell me what is wrong with being .....?
calvin klein bra, a bit big?
what is a good way to paint my nails?
How can I have kind of Boho style?
could i pay monthly for braces in the uk?
can i be a male model?
What does it mean when a girl looks down when she walks past you?
How do find out about getting on a show like Extreme Makeover?
What should I wear to my interview?
Where can i find more pics of her?
Do u think these guys r hott?
Do you still change after you're 18?
Am i pretty? could i be a model? dont lie!?
Girls how do I look +PIC?
ting while driving? girls?
On a scale of 1-10,how pretty am i?...(pics) ?
How tall am I considered in the U.S.?
Is this haircut too much?
My life depends on becoming a top model - do you think I can make it?
Am i worth anything to her? --> Pic inside?
Can someone describe the Ralph Lauren product line for women? thanks.?
is it normal for a 15 year old.......?
whats a good blog url? easyy .s?
Who designs Sarah de bonos clothing?
how do you take wax off of you?
What colors will go good with me?
Do you think these heels can be worn with jeans?
what do you think of....?!?
What would look best with cute army green pants?
Homecoming Help!!!!!!?
which of my friends is prettiest?
Why do girls find gay men attractive?
sooooo tell me...?
How long do you have to wait before you can wear sterling silver in a nose piercing?
Tips for teenage skin, Please?
do you like my outfit?
Any tips for finding something that you lost?
this is an odd question but, do u think my avi looks cool :)?
Where to get matching sweats and sweatshirt?
Prefer Guys Only: What do you honestly think of me?
Which photo of me looks the best?
what you wear with these galoshes?
What do you you think of me?
Quick Question:DDDDDDD?
On a scale of 1-10 how afwul is it to be truly ugly?
Help choosing perfume!?
rate this girl pleasee? pics inc.?
Do you ever just feel blah & ugly?
First impression of me?
Do you think I look okay????????????Rate 1-10, yay!?
Are these cheap shoe sites legit or fake? The shoes are extremely cheap?
How can you make nail polish dry faster?
Girls what is your favorite fragrance for a guy?
what is the name of this woman?
Do you wear rubber gloves to protect your nails?
Creative name for facebook album of junior year?
Gillette Mach 3 cartridges...where can I buy them cheap?
Who Is Prettier: A or B?
Am i pretty or ugly? (rate 1-10 please) lol?
what girls are better short or tall?
I'm looking to totally feminize myself into a head-to-toe, perfect lookalike of the singer Pink. Help!?
What colors go best with my coloring?
Do you think Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan will be good friends if they stopped fighting?
how would you judge this girl's looks?
What should i wear to this party ?
Seventeen and CosmoGirl Readers please...?
Am i the only girl who doesn't do her nails in a salon?
am i as ugly as people say?
Nice smelling perfume for 19 year old?
do you think this girl is pretty?
Are these good or bad measurements?
Is this good for senior picture?
What Beauty & Cosmetology schools do you reccommend?
ummm emo kind of pic?
clothing for people with broad shoulders and big thighs? (girls)?
Question for the girls only ....?
How to I lift my face? (make it thinner)?
blue hair and pierced lip? Hot ot Not?
what is it people dislike so much about piercings?
Does anybody else think that nair smells DISGUSTING?
How fast do Wet Seal, Forever21, and Delia's ship?
Which Eyelash Curler should I buy?
I want to know what German's think of americans(all types) b/c i will be in eruo for college & i want to go
do i look asian to you? PIC INCLUDED?
haircut ideas for a girl...pretty/hot one you can find for me?
do you think you are pretty, gorgeous, or beautiful, or neither?
Why does every mirror make me look different?
Would this hairstyle look good on me?
Does this outfit work together?
What celebrities do I look like?
Is she ugly??
Has anyone hired Veronica Pilnick’s with deluxx beauty, should I?
information about cactus plant origin ang cosmetic uses?
How many people on here actually resemble their avatars?
Can you provide a tattooist a full coloured/black picture that you want, or does it have to be an outline?
What Nationality do i look like? pictures provided?
blondes, reds or brunettes?
what was the name and type of the first sneakers ever made.?
Indie/Hippie/Vintage/Boho Clothing?
What are the requirements to be a male model?
Whats the normal size ring for a 14 year old american black/white/mexican girl?
are you british or american?
can a guy wear this jacket?
Green eyes vs Blue eyes?
Girls only?!?
Should i accept gifts on my Birthday?
what style of belly piercing should i get?
should a 13 year old be a model?
Would you say that I am fat?
What does Cosmetology really do?
does these clothes match?
would i be a good model?
Is this woman pretty?
Does ty Drake really like me as a girlfriend or not?
what do you think of me? (pictures)?
What's your favorite color of nail polish? :P?
does perfume have an expiry date?
Some tips on how to look cute in middle school ?
Why do ugly people act conceided like they are "all that" when they're not?
Beautiful 1.5 Carat Blue Sapphires?
Does all perfume naturally have phermones in them?
which girl is prettier?
Who do you think is prettier?
Would I Look Good With This Color Of Hair? [[pics]]?
Am i Really Ugly My Girlfreind said that If I Covered My Face in concrete i would look Better Is this True?
What is the best lotion that i can buy at a local drugstore?
Does the Sally Hansen Nailgrowth Miracle stuff work?
question for the men! haha (:?
What do you usually sleep in...?
are my big eyes pretty or ugly?
is using veet just like shaving legs, once you start you have to keep doing it?
guys....please answer girls you (pictures)?
does any one out there like or love FRANKIE J?
do you think shes pretty?
How do you cure shingles?
do u thnk that 13 is to young to get a nose piercing and belly button piercing?
which haircolor looks better?? look at pix!?
Which were invented first boxers or briefs?
How do I know if I am a geek, a stud, ugly or cute with out sonding stupid?
what is the best remedy for pimples?
Am I too ugly? Too short ? Too fat ?
What are soap natural soaps like goat milk and african black soap?
how can i look better ? (pictures)?
Girls, would you still like your crush if he looked ugly on the first date? (college people) - HELP!!?
I know I'm not skinny, but how fat am I?
I am a woman and cannot understand why women apply make-up on public transport?
do i look mean? (picture)?
guess my height and weight?
Do I look like Megan Fox??? (PICS)?
how can i look really gorgeous in terms of my make up and dressing sense,with a ht. of 5'2.5& sharp features?
How often is it ok to bleach your face. I have a lot of light hairs on my face and like using Jolene face?
Does this photo of me look like Miley Cyrus?
rate me 1-10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lmao?
Would i be concidered ugly or average?
Is it okay to tell a beautiful girl that I like her?
Am I the only one that thinks she looks better in her before picture?
How can I improve my looks?
Rate Me Please . (pics)?
do i strike you as lesbian?
How old do you think I look?
Have you ever had a sensual massage in Calgary?
have you kissed a person befor? and how old are you?
cosmetology?plz answer?
How to break the habit of biting my nails?
Dose anyone like those LARGE sunglasses that girls wear now a days?
Any ideas for a fancy dress party?
who do you think is prettiest..?
whats ur first impression?
Tips on how I should do my makeup, hair, etc. How to look better?
what can i wear for school?
how do u make smoke rings?
where do i find shoes similar to mary kate ?
should i go blonde?!?
Do I Look Spanish?
Jungle Themed Homecoming Ideas?!?
What should I wear for a wedding?
Shirtless Party Question?
lululemon, aritzia(TNA) outlets?
Facial Slimming Massage Technique??
Where can I get black air force 1 (low) with rainbow stitching?
looking for a discountinued perfume?
Do you like my dark green eyes?
are you basket ball or football?
What perfume do you like?
Big knots in my ears where my earrings go!?
do you think this girl looks prettty?
What would you rate her from 1-10?
What is my eye color?
what do u think bout females wearing sports bras out in public?
OMG! Are my freckles the kind that will.....**PIC**?
Which one is prettier and why?
Has anybody had Laser treatment for anything?
What To Wear ?? Can Anyone Help ?
Do i favor any celebertys? Please answer!?
Is a girl who wears this emo, punk or dark? or just normal?
How did Demi Lovato's eyebrows get so bushy?
Which headshot should I use?
Who is the best looking black male model?
What color would you get when you mix Pink Lemonade Kool Aid and Berry Blue Kool Aid?
I have herd people talking about getting there colour wheel done!?
ushanka hats/russian hats.. hot or not? pics included :)?
where can i get extensions for cheap?
Is he attractive?
What type of haircut should i get to hide my receding hairline im a 15 year old girl..... thanks!!!?
do I sound artificial, or fake to you?
Is it true that your imperfections look worst to your self than other people?
How to convince my mum to a piercing..?
Do you think I can try this modelling site?
Should I be embarrassed of my braces?
herbal magic? does anyone know if it works and if any problems with it?
Should I wear heels with my dress for homecoming?
Tips to be the most popular girl in the school?
Do you think that I'm attractive?
Should I wear more makeup?
A Good Skin Regimen?
GUYS-Which Body do you like the most? [pics] ? ?
What do you like about a man?
What to wear to a house party?
girls what do you think?
Willl A Labret Piercing Suit Me?
I feel really ugly please help?
Is she fat?? (pics)?
what's my skin color and what ethnicity do I look like?
isnt that really a hot look?
How to dress really good for High School without appearing slutty?
your opinion on males with ear piercings?
How much weight should I lose to wear a bikini?
how to be like zoey brooks from zoey101 like her everything her hair her clothing?
what do you think of this pic?
which 1 do u GUYS like better girls w/ blonde hair & green or blue eyes?!?
Where can i get a belly botton piercing?
Guys:What do you think of girls that wear natuarl colored contacts?
how hard is it to get emailed/signed to ford modeling?
Businese Major and Careers (PLS Help?
is this a pretty picture or not?
Girls with curves, do you have this problem too? (pics)?
Is my body measurements ideal for modeling?
how can i get my fringe like asley tisdale what products can i use?
How long would you keep nail polish on?
BLUE OR GREEN? (pic)!! =)?
A question for all hairstylists and Cosmetology professionals?
how do asian's stay so clean? with their clothes/bags/shoes etc?
do you think i am pretty?
What are the sexiest piercings?
age qualification & other prospector needed to be an airhostess of jet airlines?
Should i sleep with my new eartapers?
Men, R blond or brunette women hotter?. School project...?
if you get asked by a boy u dont like?
what do i need to improve on myself?
what do you think of this women? rate?
Where can I get a cheap manicure/pedicure and massage in Paris/London?
What is best for a movie and dinner night?
Are chubby cheeks cute or ugly?
Is it vain to have a picture of yourself as your profile picture? Or is it best to have one with friends?
How DO WE KNOW that someone is old JUST BY LOOKING (pics)?
which pic should i use?
does she look nice to you?
OMG! Is this really a bad thing for a girl? ***PIC***?
what are a good variety of browns?
Do you think a body piercing would look better if you keep them "classy"?
What do mocasins look better with?
How do you kiss a guy for the first time?
Why are ppl so mean on answers?
does this pic look better in b&w or color?
I want to buy an diamond ring, Please help.?
What do u do on the internet because i get very bored on the internet
i think im going to dedicate my life to being hot?
How old does she look?
Do I sound pretty...?[[I'll post a photo after I get a few answers]]?
which one do you think is prettier?
Is there any way to reduce facial fat?
Who dresses Jenny Frost at Snog, Marry or Avoid?:)?
What colour are your eyes and hair?
How can i take care of my skin like cyndi lauper?
Do you think i'm anywhere near good looking?
why dont black celebrities dont make their nose petite?
Choose the best picture!?
How to get a girlfrend quick.?
Whats sexier thongs or booty short undies?
Should models who are clinically underweight be banned from catwalks?
What is a masculine cologne I can buy?
Ideas to write on nails?
Is it me, or does this dress look funny? (Pic)?
Does body shop have good christmas sales?
Ever feminized/dressed up a man?
How Much Do You Tip When You Get a French Manicure?
How can i improve my looks??? pics!?
Guys & girls, what race do you find yourself the most attracted to?
Who is the hottest girl in this picture?
I feel pretty...pretty ulgy?
How can I make my skin look lighter on my cheeks?
What is the best quality a girl look in a boy?
Can a pretty person take bad pictures ?
I just got a LG Expo and i really want a coach phone case for they make any for my phone? what website?
do you think i am pretty or not?
What color should I paint my room? Pics included!?
have you ever seen a westerner is single-eyelid?
Do I look like a boy?
does this look like a wedding dress?
All 15 year olds click here...?
Estitician work, need insight?
What color highlight should i get?
how do I make my face appear broader?
I am 92 yrs. old. If I go "goth" now, is it too late, or will my friends just take me for dead?
How has Italy contributed to beauty (specifically makeup, hair, and/or fashion)?
why do men look at me now, but not before?
How will I know if my new hair cut looks good or fits me?
RATE me 1 - 10 ? pics?
Where can i buy LA Colors Nail Art Decor?
which is bigger? a nose stud or earring?