Is my nose too big in a good way or a bad way?
why do people always say i am like her 10 points?
Whats a shoe lining? genuine shearling?
What would be the best way to tell some one there UGLY?
Which girl is the prettiest?
wat can i do to make me look a lil better?
Girls,Im 5"6 and im 22 is that an okay height?
What is the market size for wardrobe stylists?
indians, which one of these indian ladies looks the best?
Its homecoming week PLEASE HELP?
A vetran crime seen investigator looked at me and threw up am i really that ugly?
Blonde or Brunette?
Beauty Pageant/Queen costume sash ideas?
Can i polish my sneakers?
4 girls only?
Does anyone know what exactly a "charm natural white diamond" is ?
Is she what guys find attractive?
How good looking/ugly am I?
What should I get for my 14th birthday?
what is best to clean silver jewellery with?
can you have a heart shaped face without a widows peak?
who's prettier?
TIps for a beautiful woman, please!?
How do I get taken seriously at my age?
Do i have big lips........?
What outfit & how 2 Wear it!?
What was the best beauty advise anyone has ever given you?
Arabic beauty, do you like it?
Attention All Nail Polish Addicts.:)?
rate me 1-10?
is it bad to have really big boobs?
Hot or Not? With Picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
do you like my name?
am i hideous?
RATE ME FROM 1-10 !!?
Which of these bedspreads do you like more?
a question for the ladies?
What's my style (Easy s)?
What to do about peeling, breaking nails. They are very thin and brittle.?
i need help help helpp?
What is your favorite store? Why do you love it so much?
When you shop, do you dress to shop, mini-skirt, low cut, short shorts, etc.?
who is hot in show bizz?
What Haircut Should I Get? (Picture Included)?
Would this look good?
Do I look okay in this picture?
Best Blackhead Cleanser/Pimple Preventer?
Is it weird if i shower 1-3 times a week?
Where can I find a dress like the one Carmel Mcqueen wears on Hollyoaks?
What is your favorite eye color?
How do i stop?IT'S VERY HARD!!!?
Do i have a good chance at modeling?
do you think people place to much emphasis on beauty rather than personality?
Can you achieve this hair style with hot rollers?
Should i be a smart and nerdy girl or a hot sexy popular chick?
Bath and Skin care products, Critique my Etsy shop?
Do i look like lady gaga?
looking for AB crystal lettering for tshirts in lowercase font?
Why do i find it offensive when people say im cute?
Avon buy sell? Do you want to buy Avon at a discount? or know anyone who sells?
how old does he look like ?
is my hair gone ginger?
Do you guys think i can become a model?? (Photo included)?
What do you think of this Hairstyle? (PICS)?
I have a question! (pics included)?
How can i make myself look prettier?
would this look be too old for me?
are skinny models today's ideal woman?
What kind of haircut should I get.?
What color hair looks best? (Pictures)?
How old were u when u lost ur v-card?
How painful are conch piercings?
Are tall girls still attractive?!?
popular perfumes..whats your fav.?
which is the prettiest?
What do you think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pics?
The straw part of my perfume bottle isn't connected to the top anymore, but you can't unscrew the top...?
do braces look attractive?
Why do teenage girls & some women like to impress guys with the size of their breasts?
Would you say this Jaw is Chiseled or strongafter plastic surgery?
How can I find pics from the 50's?
Who is the prettiest? (pics)?
How Can I Be A .... ?
Which profile picture is better?
What should I wear tomorrow?
What is your favorite perfume?
do boys like small/short girls?and why or why not?
Hi im getting married .... i want to look amazing?
Do you think I have a shot at modeling?
guys, brunettes with brown eyes or blue eyes?
For girls only: Do you shave you underarms?
What is your favorite style?
Who looks better??Pics included?
Are u qualified to be a sound software engineer if u 've chosen Information Technology as degree?in ur country?
how ugly are my freckles? (pic)?
National Award Level 3?
Who is prettier?
Can i make good money from cosmetic business?!?
face reading or first impression anyone?
I can't dance...?
can you look at this picture & tell me if this is real? please?
Do you like this hairstyle?
what do u think about my aperance?
should i change my advatar?
What color is ur tooth brush?
Girls!! Random 10 Question Survey!!!!?
How to look cute during gym?
Good outfit for clubbing?
Do you feel comfortable wearing a swimsuit in public?
stuffing bra with......?
Rate me!! 1-10 10 being the best?
GIRLS...I really need your opinions because I trust you on ?
What should I wear to school to impress him?
Ok any girl want to give me a makeover?
Where could I buy Aveda Camomile shampoo?
Do you think shes pretty ?
How would you describe Kat von d's tattoo shop style?
you may take this question as a joke but its seriuos. Do ugly people know they are ugly?
which charcoal air purifier is appropriate to reduce/eliminate odors/fumes for a nail salon?
Improve my looks? [[pics included]] of course lol?
Applied for target redcard and got further processing?
is everyone in austraila drop dead gorgeous?
Would i look better with darker hair? (pic)?
Is it good to be tall?
What are the measurements for a UK size 8, 10 and 12?
Which jacket is cuter?
Will someone who look 10 years younger in their 40s remain that way?
Which is better, tall people or short people? Also, long legs or normal legs?
Help me pick out the prettiest girl?
Who is the most overrated model?
Which one looks the best?
School pageant and talent ideas?
Are Victoria's Secret's bras and panties really better/more comfy?
[Picture Included] What Kind of Scarf is This?
do you think 12 - 13 year old boys like me?
What do you think of this guy?
Do you think there's some people who have a perfect physical appearance on this planet?
Whats your first impression of him?
Can I use the trimming end of my shaver to cut my long eyebrow hairs?
Girls, brown, green or blue eyes?
Do you feel bad for unatractive people?
Ok, Are these pictures that bad?
How can I look prettier?
Which girl is prettier? Be honest?
Do these 2 make a cute couple?
Which girls do you think are pretty?
do you think these boots are cute?
Clitoris piercing...?
How's my body? do i need to lose weight? pic included?
does anyone recommend the new gelly nail varnish from Barry M?
how much is it to get nails done?
briefs or boxers or boxer briefs?
Where can I get my sweatshirt dyed?
Do you think I have large boobs?
How can I look my age/older?
Searching for a specific brand of perfume, please help!?
HELP!!! how can i make myself look prettier (pic)...?
What uk clothes size does this female look, she is 5ft 5?
would a red dress look good with dark orange shoes?
Are there boys that like blonde girls?
How would people judge me, based on style?
How old do you think this guy is?
Do You think I'm pretty?
Is this modeling agency legit?
Are the new "Wen" haircare products really any good?
I dyed my hair with yellow henna & now it's too yellow...?
Which girl is better looking?
Do you consider me to be attractive ?
Which Hollister perfume do they spray in their store?‎?
What celebrity do i dress/look like? :)?
What age are you and what is the best age to be?
Girls] True or False you prefer red lipstick to any other color.?
How long does it take eyebrows to grow lengthwise?
can guys wear girls clothes?
Which girl is prettier ?
how to clean the bikni line with veet hair removal cream?
is my sister pretty? how old does she look? please help xx?
What is the one beauty advice that you think is the secret of your unique beauty?
Maurice jeans? Who makes these or where are they sold?
Pick a jean size, any jean size!?
What does this dream mean? (read details)?
What is the weather going to be like on South Padre Island 3 weeks from now?
how old do you think she is?
Why someone is able to keep their lips tightly closed for ages and is not stressful for their jaw muscle?
How long does an Eau De Toilette last? And how long does a perfume last ?
Guys, is it a turn off to have?
Can you use a Pain Killer instead of a regular aspirin for an acne face mask?
Pinterest board names?
Do you guys think this girl is pretty?
How do I change the way I look?
i got a question about my avatar?
What size 100% polyester shirt should I get?
why do people judge people on how they look?
Does this swimsuit look good on me?
what is this kind of skirt called?
Where can I find "Ruehl" products to buy online, besides ebay or
Do you think this is a good idea?
Right I need a new photo and I want to use webcam help!x?
Girls: You honest answers are much appreciated (it is a quick answer, and thanks!)?
Do these boots look nice pic included?
my eyes tend to get dry and red what should i do?
on tumblr how cani change the setup of my reblogs to make them scattered on the pg other than in a single file?
how do i make myself look more attractive besides clothes and makeup?
need help finding a nice shorter haircut?
Which hair color do I look best with?
Makeup Advice (Pic of me).?
just wanna know how old i look (pix)?*?
How to have a 'hot' personality (for guys)?
What kind of sunglasses would i look best with, please also show a picture so i can see, if not then just say?
how to become a plus size model in NYC?
why Vincent Isidro O. Eduvane is ugly?
Some advice?
what color eye is this?
How should i do my bangs?
I'm allerigic to the new herbal essences?
COMBAT BOOTS: yay or nay?(:?
Is this modeling picture worth the risk?
Who is prettier? Left, right or middle?
Is waxing or epilating better?
Imagine a girl with green eyes and reddish-brownish hair, what colour dress would look nice on her?
What kind of animal resides in you?
I am a str8 male and i want to know what woman think about men (who do not play any sports)?
Do you think I am pretty or ugly?
Ok boys.... boobs, legs or bums?!!!?
New haircut!!! Pretty please answer!?
Conch piercing jewelry change?
Do I look better with glasses or without glasses?
Which jewelry looks better? Pictures!?
What do men find most attractive?
wats more attractive, curvy girls like charlotte church or stick thin like kate moss??
hey girls !!!!!!!!!!!!! which cologne is better axe or tag ???????
Plastic surgery? Please read details!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
why is one nail a diffrent color than the others popular?
Girls what should I do..........?
Do you think she is good looking?
Why do girls who post the "Am I pretty" questions.?
what is natual beauty?
What do you think of me? (Pics included)
What ethnicity(s) do I look?
What's the most beautiful thing you've ever seen?
opps! i want your opinion?
does anyone know any pencil skirts that would look good on a man?
Can you guess my ethnicity?
how can i get into glamour modelling?
Is she at an ideal weight(PICTURE)?
do you think am i pretty?
do you think i'd look good with a lip piercing?
Could I become a professional model?
Question for people who tan.?
does Pac Sun pay every week or every 2 weeks?
how old does she look?
What unnatural color should I dye the underside of my hair?
is there a gay side for ear piercings?
Do you think im pretty?
how old do i look? :P?
is it ok for a fat person to be emo?
do i have the looks for modeling?
Do these two girls lookalike?
very camera shy? (picss)?
which girl is prettier?
Selena Gomez outfit at Game Plan premiere?
Why do teenage girls wear short shorts in the snow?
What does the average amazon supermodel look like?
which shoes are better?
do i look like a mouse?
What are some really good songs?
Which one of these two guys has better face and body ?
In different lighting do you look different only in mirrors and photos but not real life? Do you look the same?
rate me and meh friend 1-10 :)?
Did You know that on a fedex truck...?
Should i get my ears pierced? Guy?
What do you girls think of this model?
whats a brazilian wax and does it hurt and is it worth it?
Brow piercing infected?
What is your preffered bmi for a girl?
How to hide a thong-line in a dress?
what do you do for an engagement anniversary?
Do I look like a scene girl in this picture?
Heeeeeelllllllppppppppp !!!?
Do I look good with this new hairstyle?
Girls ONLY..............?
Does this look terrible?
Do I have wolf/vampire eyes?
How do I make myself pretty...?
Which name is more common? Dakota or Kristen?
From which countries do the most beautiful girls come from?
What should i wear to the college graduation of a family friend?
what piercings looks nice..?
I'm 13 and 5ft 7/6 inches. Could I be a model?
Looking for a cheap dermatologist in New York City? I really just need a prescription for .05% Retin-a cream?
Black or white Iphone 4?
Dry, ed, parched, irritated facial skin and eye-area skin!!!?
what would you think about a girl that had pictures like this on her myspace?
maybe it was a bad picture... but are these really ugly?
how can i make bath bombs without essential oils?
Oatmeal + honey to exfoliate face?
Do you think freckles are ugly?
How do i distress these jeans?...make them look rustic??
what is the best feature on the opposite sex?
Do you resemble your avatar?
What should I do with myself? [pic]?
Which kind of axe do girls like on guys?
Do you like me??
Quality Halloween Contacts That Won't Harm My Eyes?
cant find a youtube beauty girl that i like?
I want to change everything about me (Help?)?
tongue piercings prices in nz ?
I love modelling – but do you think I should instead try to make my mark with an acting career?
Am I better or worse looking than I look in pictures?
what.. do all women have hairs on their butt?
Whats the special homemade perfume Serena Van der Woodsen uses?
Am I too skinny?? Opinions anyone?
what's trashier - a boob job or tatoos?
Is this right for a septum piercing?
Where can I find a purple trench coat for a reasonable price?
Can you recommend a good hairstyle for me?
Why are skinny girls prettier that fat ones?
does black nail polish look way to gothic?
Where can I buy proactiv in malls in or around Boston?
honestly, could i model?
getting rid of scars on my leg?
how much do acrylic nails cost when done at a nail salon?
Do you think this girl is hot?
am i ugly????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Odered from FOREVER21 online and have a hole in my shirt!?
can anyone tell me were i can buy secrets deodorant from in the west midlands?
how long do you have to wait to change your monroe ring?
What Do You Think Of Me? (Pictures included).?
Which girl do you find more attractive?
Do light olive complexion goes dark skin category?
What colour makes light skin tone ?
What type of figure do I have? Ruler? Hourglass?
Is putting a self portrait in your living room conceited ?
how old do i look?
Blue, brown, or green eyes?
ωнαт ¢αи ι ∂σ тσ ιмρяσνє му αρρєαяαи¢є?
How many people think that the avatar on questions looks exactly like the person asking the question?
If i have slouched all my life is it possible to fix my posture still?
Which one is prettier facewise?
i have like a mustacheline on my upper lip and even if hair isnt on it it still shows like there is???
How to get rid of mouth lines?
what's the difference between acrylic and gel nails?
What Should I be for halloween?
hey i need an opinion on this?
What color should I paint my nails?
Do my eyes look good?
Whos prettier me or my friend jacii? Just wondering?
Which one do you thinkk is prettier?
i need my haircut short, i dont know how?
Only girls please... Am i attractive?
i hate the smell of perfumes?
What time of year would Paris Amour be appropriate for?
i am unpopular and i was wondering if i shood change my apperance just to fit in?
Which picture do you like better?
How do I keep my nails long and healthy?
Give me a rating on these boots between 1-10?
is it fun to be a girl?
How can I be hotter??
one of those awesome ugly or not questions?
How does my body look in this Pic?
how will i tell a boy stop bothering me?
answer my question please!!!?
what are some good skin whiteners?
Where should i shave my legs?
What Perfume Commercial?
Is she pretty without make up?
any professional modeling agencies inthe bayarea for teens?
Does my eyes look lopsided/asymmetrical?
do you guys think my girlfriend is ugly? (pics)?
Does anybody know where I can purchase a men's perfume called Giovani Musk?
How can I convince my parents to let me get a nose/lip piercing?
Nail salon help please!?
How can I improve my looks?
haircut ideas for a girl...pretty/hot one you can find for me?
How old do I look to you?
why the hell did he choose her!? *Pics*?
newer look, and more sophisticated?
do i look like a cheerleader?
at what age do u think ppl should get acrylic nails??♥?
Are girls competitive with each other to.try to look the best?
will my boobies get smaller if I start excercising?
Ladies, what is a cologne you absolutely love?
Home Service for Manicure and Massages?
shorter gel nails ? (20 characters)?
perfume..... what one do you wear?
finger nail question?
How old?????
I'm so effin ugly.........?
how do u put on false lashes w/o making a mess?
I want too look nice tonight but I feel inferior?
Would I look good in yellow?
do you buy avon? if so ..what do you buy?
Shaving and waxing, which ones best?
girls specially teenager please help?
rate this girl?
what did women wear if you were a southern belle?
are you emo or punk?
Would I look better if I lost 10 kilos (22 pounds)?
what were the original lynx deoderant sprays called. Spice, Musk and what else........?
Should I Get a Nose Job?
Do you have trouble trying to cut your toenails?
Girls...what you love most about being a girl?
How can i store Jewelry (jewellery)??
what to do shave or wax?
When do most girls start shaving their legs?
where can i get my colors done?
Wby do i have highcheekbones but....?
what are bras used for?
Do you gals like long hair on guys or short and spikey?
Where can I buy a spray bottle?
How can I make my school pants look skinnier?
Are blondes jealous of brunettes?
What is something brown people consider beautiful?
Are tattoos on girls trashy or classy?
Am I attractive? I'm insecure about my looks. Rate?
GIRLS: do you really check out guys butts?
how would you describe my looks?
Good sites for boho chic clothing?
shuld i go into modeling (pics included) be honnest!?
If I said come to a birthday party in a nice house dressed "grown & sexy in red" what would you wear?
what should i do if i want to change how i look?
are long natural nails a turn off?
Why is my bra leaving red lines on my breasts?
to display phonographic pictures?
What kind of group would you classify me in (PICS) ????
Do you like this picture better in color or B&W?
Where can I buy an Ed Hardy Cap?
I'm just wondering -- How old do I look?
How to look hot in school uniform?
whos prettier out of these 3 girls?
is this a good first day school outfit?
i want to stop liking him help plz?
Am i rich?! I feel like i am!!?
how do visine eye drops work on pimples?
How can a girl dress and look chill?
does anyone know the real measurements of barbie?
Would this make a good fb profile pic?
A perfect face but average teeth or an average face and perfect teeth? ?
Why do some people hate Abercrombie & Fitch?
wearing boyshorts?
Lacoste Perfume Help Please?
Website for hair color?
Poll ~ girls ~ do you shave your arms?
is this a good first day school outfit?
How old do i look?
Can you tell? (pics)?
working holidays opportunities?
(girls only) First thing you look at...?
im going to a weeding i have never been to 1 b4 and was just wondering....?
Girls, its ok to look crappy sometimes and not really care about how you look like right?
I got spider bites ( Piercings ) with 2 labrets , but i want to change it to 2 lip rings on one side .?
Is she pretty?
Has anyone ever had eyelash extensions done professionally? and if so did they look good?
are dark skin girls prettier than light skin girls?
I want to give a good foot massage in Seattle?
Is it okay to drink my cologne?
Am i ugly because people tell me i am :(?
If a guy was wearing slightly shiny clear polish, do you think you would notice?
what celebrity do you find most attractive?
is my best friend a hottie?
What kind of a face shape do I have? Haha! :)?
World's most comfortable bath robe?
Getting your nails done...?
do you think i could model?
Is it too early for a 13 years old person to epilation?
can i wax hair that is 1/8 of an inch?
Help With Halloween Costume?
what kind of dress should i wear?
How can my eyes look better?
If you had to choose between being a very beautiful person or a very smart person, what would you choose?
Do me and my sister look alike?
(Women) Have you ever peed outside?
am i looking feminine (pic*)?
Who do you think is the most beautiful person in your country? Why?
I cannot find a previously ordered product...Bozini for women. Can you find for me?
Eighties Party.?
Do you find these eyes sexy?(pic)?
I want to curl ,straighten ,dye my hair?
how do i keep from getting an erection around my hot sexy cousin?
What shoul i do with my longish curly hair?
anybody in wigan learning people how to do nails?
I have my ears pierced but i want to get them gauged what is the best way to do that?
What have you done for yourself today?
Was I rude to him....?
which is a better picture?
what can I do to make my lip soft & shiny?
How do i get people to stop calling me emo?
Tygirljojo , one of the other members here sent me Pics , her friend says she has warts in her crevices ?
does this girl's face look photoshopped?
Are colored tips on arcrylic nails cute or annoying?
Girls, how good looking is this guy, I don't see the big deal?
Why do polyester shirts gets small bumps after washes?
Stardoll: How do I win CG?
Which dress is prettier?
Do you think I could be a model?
where can i purchase dr.suess sleepers?
How do you avoid harsh front lighting? It makes me look so terrible!?
I'm Average Looking :(?
How does one break the habit of biting fingernails?
how to take care of hands & the finger nailes with home remedies?
Where would I go to get a full body wax?
Is This Dress Cute For A Dance!?!?
.s! Which name do you like best?
Why do most red-haired people have freckles?
how can i do my bangs like this girl [emo/scene]?
Is she pretty? And what photo do you like best?
Well, am I supaaa cute?
Ladies, what do you think of a guy who shaves his legs?
Which cheer leading uniform looks better?
Does baldness have a effect on women?
14g gauges right after ear peirced?
How to get my hair layers to look like this? they look flat?
I hate my nose its so big! help!? need advice?
do guys perfer acrylic nails or normal nails?
Can a 15 year old boy wax?
Gold dress, How should I do my makeup and hair for prom?????
Am i too big? I always feel fat!?
Would you consider this a terrible picture?
Can u please tell the kind of dress in this pic?
Am i "fake" for wearing extensions?
Where can you get a self piercing kit?
In your opinion: Does this look trashy?
Help !!!!! emerency!!!!! (ball)?
is she pretty? (image available)?
how would you rate me?
My friend always brags about the guys that want her, is she really even attractive??
What color are my eyes? [[Pic included]]?
Girls rate me on 1-10?
Can I get Clinique Happy for men aftershave?
Do you think I am pretty?
Do you think my "bangs" are better up or down?
my eyes are green but change to blue. how can i keep them blue without contacts or surgery?
Has anyone ever cut themselves while shaving your pubic area?
my skin is tan and my hair is black , will I look good wearing blue colored lenses ?light or dark blue ?
Is 5"6.5 tall for a girl?
how would you rate me?
Do I got high cheekbones?
Is there pill that can make you tanner?
ladies...can you explain this?
Which girl is prettier? ?
im so pretty and you guys arent!!?
What is your first impression of me? What kind of person do I look like?
How can I improve my looks? (pics)?
Famous Question: Am I ugly? (Girls Please)?
only one nail....? (: <33?
Am I fat (picture included)?
Girls answers please!!?
what style does demi lovato have 2012?
Will a blonde/brown hair color suit me?
Can anyone suggest a perfume that smells like Venezia perfume for women by Laura Biagiotti?
Do you like black nail polish?
I am not sure if I have what it takes to become a proffesional model.?
My mom hated my present...?
(pics included) my friend want to be a model?
lol Any tips to be prettier>?
ladies,skinny or muscles?
Would i possibly be able to get a job at holister or model?
Middle school cologne?
Do you like yourself?
The normal question : Do you think I'm pretty ? Thanks!!?
people keep taking about me what do i do?
Girls if you saw...........?
what do you think of this hairstyle for me? please!?
What kind of hairstyle do you think would look best on me?
how do you put on nail tips?
Do you think im cute?
Is it okay for women to shave their whole pubic area or should they just wax their bikini line?
Becoming a wardrobe stylist...?
can i find an online bikini store selling tranparent bikinis?
MAC Cosmetics Collection?
What would improve my appearance?
what is the best thing that has ever happened to u?
Does my hair look better straight or curly (pics)?
How to get the perfect shave ?
what would you think if u saw a guy wearing this jacket?
Need some advice from women?
Color glosses..applied like haircolor?
Guys: what do you look for in a girl?
i'm affraid guys won't be sexuaally attractive to me because of my lack of curves!?
lookbook invite code...?
Please be honest *pics*?
What makes this woman not very beautiful?
Whats the best way to put contacts in your eyes?
Do you think im pretty? What could i improve on? PIC?
Do ppl with small noses look good in nose piercings?
What do you think of this girls body? Picture?
How To Shape My Nails ? Pic Included !?
Do you like this jacket?
Opinions on me? (: Before and After.Pics included?
Hey girls only: Where should your eyebrows start, and end? Any tips?
Emo boys, love 'em or hate 'em?
Which Piercing Hurts the most?
Brought a jacket and hott outside?
What should i wear to this party?!?
what are bath boms for and other products from lush, how do use it?
How to look more cute?
Why do most red-haired people have freckles?
How to accept the way you look......?
do you think im ugly ? (pictures!)?
What types of clothing are good for me?
What is the difference for dressing for the Oscars and dressing for the Emmys?
is there vicroria secret in ottawa/canada?
Do i look older with glasses?
how to be popular w/ alot of people?
Ok so I think I just got called ugly?
wat is it that makes me ugly?
Clothing like cristiano Ronaldo ?
How do I look younger than 24?
are freckles sexy?
Do you think i should get a lip piercing?
acrylic fake nails and nail polish pens together?
How can I go from plain jane to beautiful? Tips please :(?
Can someone please tell me about site modeling? And how i can do site modeling?
am i ugly?
Belly Button Piercing? Safe? Painfull ? or deffinitly worth it?
do u think im pretty ?
If the high tomorrow is 59, could I wear my bearpaw boots?
What are some good stores to buy fake lip rings. Easy 10 points?
Girl at work said I should start straightening my hair... ?
Why is it suggested to apply cream and moisturizers on your face in circular motions?
Would I be good in the Modeling business?
please help im begging!!!!?
How fast do fingernails grow?
I need AUTHENTIC nike shoes can anyone help me?
where should i look (online) for a winter jacket?
Would this haircut look good on me???
Pattern for this snorlax dress?
What is the best skincare line you have ever used?
what do you think of me? pics?
People call me anorexic?
How adorable is she?
prevent or restrict a manicure treatment?
hey all i have a problem with finding poo in my wardrobe....?
how can I make myself look older (girl)?
Mindless eater needs to STOP!?
how to get rid of stubble when shaving?
What shape should my eyebrows be?
do you think im pretty at all?
What would look good with this jacket?
Which of these girls is the prettiest?
Which picture would be a better profile picture?
Why are there so many bronzers and tanning products for indoor tanning?
How can i be Hot for 8th grade?
if you were asked to model nude would you do it ?
my new style ..opinions needed guys AND girls :)?
I'm hot right!? Plz rate 1- 10?
Got pair of shoes and needs help!?
How do I become popular?
I get have bad pimples in the middle of my 2 eyebrows, what should i do?
I have a house party tomorrow but don't know what to wear!:( PLEASE HELP TEENAGERS BEST!!!?
what age may i work at sally beauty?
Which girl is prettier?
Do hair buffers like Hair-Off make hair finer/thinner?
I am a teacher. And will take part in a student's birthday party. IS this dress suitable for that occasion?
my friend asks if she's fat?
Would you rather have a small diamond, or a diamond substitute on your engagement ring?
Question About modeling?
Are sunken in cheeks unnatractive?
What is the difference between Barry m normal and gel nail polishes?
Who's the prettiest ?
Who is the prettiest? (picsss!)?
Which one looks the best?
Some good Mac cosmetic's to stick in a purse?
I think i am ugly.?
is 5'6 tall for a 13 year old boy?
!10 point.which name do you like with our Last name?
Anyone know any sheepskin boot brands like Uggs?
do guyz like girly girls or tom boyz?
Where can i get a Brazilian wax in Singapore? And how much does it usually cost?
How do you perceive me?
Women, what size bust and cup would be the ideal?
Flakey corn chips?
Hey girls, what do you think which color should be my walls ?
What to wear for my audition?
which one should i use?
what u will do if a girl force u to be a girlfriend for a boy?
How can I lose my fat belly?
my brother?
What is your all-time favourite fragrance?
Is there any way to prevent discoloration of the underside of shirt sleeves?
Homecoming Shoes & Hair?!?!?!?
What internet site sells cheap lip jewelry and doesn't require a $100.00 minimum purchase or more?
where can i find info on current fashions for a current event project?
Should I get thinner eyebrows? (pix)?
is this girl good looking or not ?
would i look good with angel bites?
Do you know about hip piercings?
Does this shirt look good? (pics now)?
Is there a very large difference between 14mm and 15mm diameter contact lenses?
What undertones does my complexion have, or how can I tell?
Are there any Happy Bunny fans out there?
How do you look older...?
girls, is he good looking?
which swimming suit?
blue purple and white box that manicures nails?
How Can I Sell Baked Goods?
What is the reason for No shave November and December?
Whats it like to be pretty?
Lip percing question?
what do u thnk of wearing the tight capri black pants && like a denim mini skirt over it???
How do i look????
Do i look like vanessa hudgens?
HEYY !! plz help with my hair im mixed blck and white?
* What should I change about myself? .. (pics.)?
what are sum shopping websites?
Wet N Wild Creamy eye shadows?
wats the best eye color?
which of these pictures do you like better?
small school clothes shopping ideas, for girls?
Would I look good with a nose ring?
Outfit ideas? Help please?
Which girl is prettier (pics)?
What should I improve? What is lacking?
Women...When it comes to guys clothes, what do they often fail to address?
Clothes design website?
How can I look slutty yet classy?
Where do you usually buy contacts?the different color kinds.?
I only got 18 likes on profff pic!!!!!!?
ideas for grad photo styles....?
Reducing Patting in Bra?
(This is only for girls)?
Do you think this girl can sing (video)?
Am I Ugly? Please Say If I am or Not?
can i wear contact lenses because i have a lazy eye?
What is the name for the kind of shirt with...?
Can i get Ed Sheeran Backstage passes? How?
GIRLS: Do you ever wear denim leggings?
Are mohawks attractive on guys?
Straight up answer-yes or no?
How do you clean white shoes w/ some other dark colors on it?
whos better looking from the three of u s????
What Vera Bradley pattern should I get?
so i'm possibly getting highlights & i wanna get a good color. i still have some glodish ones?
Ladies, What's a good razor for legs?
Clash Day ideas anyone???
how many girls think this is normal?! how can i get like that?
Do I look better with curly hair or straight hair [pics]?
would this be a good halloween costume?
Middle School or High School?
do i look like a high school girl?
without being biased with ur own race, what race or nationality is attractive to you??
Where I can I find info about upcoming sales at clothing stores?
Which girl do you prefer (aka who is prettier) and why?
should a woman shave or not shave?
Who made the perfume call imprevue?
what kind of piercing should i get?
Any ways to be pretty? What can I do to better my looks? I'm honestly ugly & black. & I'd love to be pretty?
new look but i wna keep my lenght hair wise,but need styles?
what do you concider the perfect man or girl?
how do u think about hong kong people??
Fall clothing options limited! HELP!?
Is it funner having a sleepover with tons of ppl or only one or two?
What are safe complements for a girl you like?
nair wax strips question?
I've been told i look like jessica alba...what do u think? i don't really think so myself but maybe i do? idk
how do u put on a shirt?
Another question ladies, based on personality what season would best described you?
Does anybody else dislike the over emphasised french accent thing on so many perfume ads?
Are these pretty pictures?
How can i feel confident without my glasses?
POLL: Do you have arches on your feet?
Can you suggest a good way of getting rid of blackheads?
I want to try waxing; any tips?
what is the best way to find good looking girl?
how to???????????????????????????????????
how does a man gets attracted by a girl?
What is the best style for a guy to wear, cheaply?
who do you think is more pretty?
Tips how to dress emo/punk/goth?
what can i do about it ??????????
Im Ugly! How can I improve my looks?
Classmates bashed me about being ugly on Facebook?
does it look odd?
Do guys like?...?
*sigh* How old do I look to you?
Black Friday Vs Cyber Monday?
how can i be prettier :(?
Do you find brown eyes boring? blue and green eyes get more attention don't they?
What does my name look like it could be ?
Beauty pageant tips??????
guys would you ever be interested in me?
I am sick of Hollister/Abercrombie! What other stores do you think I would like!?
Do you think I could model?
what are cute easy ways to do nails?
How can i improve my looks?
Could I model? (pics included)?
Would you say i am skinny or average? *picture*?
Are my eyes as ugly as I think they are?
Does careprost really work?
I looking for a brand of color lenses that allow my black eyes look natural if I use green color lenses?
What color are my sisters eyes?
Girls...How can i feel sexy?
Which one should be my new facebook profile pic? (photos included)?
What color are your nails painted?
am i*?
help on my looks??? *pics*?
People who have or have had clip on extensions !!!!!?
I have a crush on a new boy at school, how do I get his attention?
Girls, who are you most jealous of looks wise?
Okay i need pant help.?
i need to improve. what can i do to improve my looks?
Where can you buy Babe perfume?
Could I become a professional model?
what is the name of software for stain Glass design ?
what can you tell me about fragrance?
What size shorts should I get if I'm between sizes?
for the black woman?
I have to avoid people because I'm so ugly. What do I do?
Women who don't wear makeup have no self-respect. ?
Which girl is prettier? With pic?
Im 14 but people mistaken me as a 12 year old?
1-10 for this pic??
Do you think this girl looks like a boy?
Have you got beautiful eyes? What colour are they? Describe please?
is this girl pretty...?
do you think im pretty?
i have a question for you girls about tampons... =\?
Model of a tornado???
Do I look like any celebs?
Calling Nail tech's - I have removed my acrylics myself (yes I know) nails are not too bad but...?
What size shoe am in converse?
a jewerly bends gold into a beautiful ring what type of change is this?explain.?
Do I look 100% chinese???????? Weird question LOL!!!?
Should i get bangs?? (pictures included)?
Returning something at Target?
What is the best perfume for guys? Serious answers only please.?
I have little hairs above my eyebrows?
Girls, any tips for helping me with a convincing femme appearance (I am a TV/CD) letting me pass in public?
should i get my eyebrows waxed or done with the string?
Which one do you like the best? (Pictures included)?
If I use an online gift card, can the sender see my address?
How to look/act like Kylie Jenner?
32A in brazillian bra size?
bride's request - what is the perfect perfume for my wedding??????????????????? help pls!!?
What do you think when you are naked and look in the mirror?
do you have a recommendation for a mens electric shaver that is not outrageously expensive but will hold up? ?
Does anyone know where you can buy man thongs?
Dressing as a girl for Halloween?
Earring plugs for men question?
I'm looking for a plastic surgeon who will recommend a Dr. who gives face lifts in San Diego or Tijuana.?
How short can I get my acrylics?
Modeling? Pic included! (.s!)?
How much should you tip a hairdresser?
elite modeling agency?
need to find site for a facial cream to remove facal hair seen on a tv comercial I think the name is anania?
Am i spoiled?11 yr old?
why do all asian people have bad breath?
do you know a perfume called first by van cleef and arpels?
what kind of spas n massage nowadays people are into?
I have a wedding to attend next month and I really want to impress everyone with my makeup. Any suggestions?
how can i not get depressed because i dont look a certain way? like a top model, or a woman with perfect shape
Is this girl pretty , or not ?
Famous people with mutliple ear peircings?
Does anybody think Taylor Hanson is cute?
is this girl pretty? rate her.?
Who is this guy?
Is it difficult when someone is too handsome/beautiful?
which girl is prettier, why? (pics)?
What nail color goes with a rose colored dress?
My hairs too dark, and I don't like it!!! Please help!?
Is it wrong to dress really slutty some times?
I don't know why that people hate me?
how to become a blonde fast?
How old do i look? (pic)?
Is it safe to use outdoor tanning lotions in an indoor tanning bed?
Are we ugly???? (pics)?
Why do girls do this?
how many people own their own tanning bed?
What can i wear to school that will look good ?
what do you think of this girl right here?
whats worst, a receding hairline (going bald) or a thin weak looking beard?
take a good yearbook picture- make up for last years disaster? thanks :)?
which way does this picture look best?
Am I model material? How to get into modeling?
How can I change my appearance to make myself more presentable for 8th grade?
am i fat???
character designs?
Can you rate me please and give me advice for a new hair cut?? Picture included?
why do people always say i am like her 10 points?
Good for modeling gigs?? -pics-?
What can be wrong with my nail? ?
Which is the best bleaching cream in the market?
I'm 13,i want to grow a beard i have just a little bit,how cam i make them grow more and taller?
Where can i get a jacket like this?
Light hair/blue eyes guys vs dark hair/brown eyed guys?
Health/beauty products help: warning, this is a long question :)?
Should I change my nickname?
Which picture is best for a myspace default? pretty?
Does this scar make my leg look ugly?
Make over blunt bangs?
why am i the most ugliest person?
which one is better???????
Ladies??? Masculine body and feminine face?
Do I have any natural beauty? (pic)?
Wearing clothes and age size? 10 points?
Open mouthed or close mouthed smile?
will i grow taller??????????????????
Is it okay for men to wear bras?
I put crazy glue on my fake nail and I don't know how to take it off-what do i do?
kiss kiss perfume bought at Debs store?
girls, do you shave your legs?
Guys only Views on girls with dreads?
whic color do you like the best? easy 2 points!?
how horrible am i?
girls only plese help me i wanna be more girly?
Stretched Ear Bleeding?
beauty,beauty,beauty,beauty,beauty,beaut… tips,beauty secrets,beauty makeup,any beauty tips?
Is double-eyelid glue better than tape?
Who Is Beautifull?? 10 points?
Salon Workers only please.. How much...?
do u know any placethat sale Dr Martin shoe for kid?
he is nice but not cute..? help me?
Question for the ladies?
Any ideas for what I should paint on my nails? FALL NAIL ART?
Is Unforgivable Black the same as Unforgivable by Sean John? If not what is the difference?
What color looks best? *PICS* points to best answer?
Is this skirt ugly?
Honestly, How old do I look?
What do you think of her?
Guess my weight, closest answer gets best answer?
What exactly is my eye shape? (pic included)?
Question about victoria secret?
do you think red hair girls are pretty?
Do anyone know what measurements Evan Rachel Wood has or any guesses?
girls, do you usually wear thongs or panties?
to skiiny? to chubby?
What color contacts should I get?
looking for comforable high-heel pump, that you might find at dillards, macy's, etc.?
Do you find green eyes attractive?
What can make this webpage better?
Do you think light golden brown would suit me? (pic included)?
Dear Tyra, about a couple of wks or so you did a show on beauty secrets.?
What brands of nail polish are oil-based? How can one tell?
What hairstyle would look good with glasses?
Who is prettier? Rate them both out of 10?
What haircut looks best on me and why?
oh no, i h8 these situations....?
What Hetalia character should I cosplay as?
how to smell good ALL DAY?
Tallest building in the world?
What kind and color of shoes go with khaki pants?
which 2 pics are the cutest?
what do u think, 1-10?
something to get a 15 year old girl for a birthday?
GIRLZ ONLY!!! What did you look like at 13?
what is the best product under $10 that helps acne go away?
Do you think ???
Colleges About Fashion,Photography ect.?
who's the prettier out of the two?
? for latisse users, eyelashes still the same length am I doing something wrong?
how old do we look? HELP!?
would i look good if i got my monroe done?
i might have sex at 14?good or not?
Have you ever asked to be rated?
how do i remove fake nails without removing the nail polish?
is it because i'm beautiful or is it because I'm weird?
I dropped my purfume bottle. Now the spray nozzel won't work?
Ways to feel more confident about myself and perhaps even... sexy?
YESSTYLE: Shipping and Handling & GEO Circle Lenses?
I wanna know my eye color?
What color/s do you see in this eye?
Am I Really Ugly?? [picss]?
Where wer price charles and lady diana spencer married?
Favorite perfume or cologne at the moment?
people always say im ugly....?
i wanna buy a beautiful cellphone upto rs6000 , please suggest me ,,?
Should I go to prom????
When does Miranda Kerr's book come out?
what makes him unnatractive?
Do I look... russian?
Do you think that my features are ok?
How do i get rid of my self tan? i'm orange!?
GIRLS: what do you think about dark blue eyes?
is salt used for skin whitening?
What do you think of my haircut?
Model Searches For 13 year olds?!?!?
Garnier caffeine eye roll on?
is anyone in these pics cute? ( for guys and girls)?
Does this look to sloppy?
Ok ladies, I need your advise!!!?
I want to be a model (pics)?
Why Indian Girls have won so many international beauty contests, getting the Miss World title?They pretiests?
where can i get non precription contacts?