Zit Problems?
my confidence seems to be missing, have you seen it? [pictures]?
Spray tan question! easy 10?
What profile pic to use on facebook?????? Help!?
Are there any small cap-like things to go on teeth (for costumes and whatnot, going sharper)?"
Ladies, which style of shoe do you feel look better on your feet: stilettos or wedge heels?
Parents doesn't approve of my clothing style, getting low self esteem?
How to be classy without being trashy at the same time in high school?
Girls ring finger polish?
My mom wont buy me clothes : (?
My Otter says that that perfume your wearing is nice, what is it?
How would you describe this leather jacket?
How do i look (pic included)?
Should someone suggest me a name for a cute baby girl plz
any perfume shop voucher codes?
Would you like to be a size 0?
Should there be a law against people wearing sandals with socks?
Ladies, whats better on men? Nice eyes or nice smile?
I need as MANY opinions as I can get here...... do i look better blonde or brunette?
Am i the only one who doesn't find her stunning (look inside!)?
Where is a nail salon in elk grove/sac that does "rockstar" nails?
what does it mean when people look a lots at a certain person in the street ?
What's making your light burn brightly at the moment?
How cool is that we all look good as the ! messenger avatars?
what should I do with this hair?
am i fat??????
How old does she look & is she pretty?
How many times a day do you look in the mirror?
how to maintain the face regularly ?
Are there any better sites to see navel rings besides bmezine?
i want to buy a perfume,can u suggest any brands that u think is the best for you?(female)?
Am I like really pretty?
Can you name something that is beautiful...?
How do you rate my best friend form 1 to 10?
i want to update my wardrobe?
How can i make my eyelashes grow longer?
I dont hv enough skin for belly pierce?
What do I wear with this dress?
What are the words to the Gillette Venus Commercial?
Do I Look Better Before Or After My Make Over?
is there anything that will help my nails and hair grow????
List the most beautiful girl you've ever seen! :) ?
Do you ever think mirror's lie?
where do i go to get a free avon brochure??thanx?
What does this mean??????????
How should I do my hair and nails for homecoming?
Why is my girlfriend acting like this?
Should i go dirty blonde? Pic?
DO YOU THINK.........????
I have a diamond ring with stylecrest engraved on inside, where can i find info on this brand?
beauty pageants? pls help...?
☼How long does hair grow in a week? answer & thankss(:?
the simplest beauty routine in the world?
Am i a good role model??
piercing help?? Would this look right?
In a nail spa, what atmosphere and services will make you want to return for future services?
My girlfriend has freckles on her butt... I don't like it... should I have her get them removed?
What could I wear with this skirt?
do you think I look emo?
Poll: Do you part your hair in the side or in the middle?
how can i make a boy like me?
what are the current fashion must-haves? ?
What is my face shape?/Haircut help!?
do you think these sandals are cute??PIC INCLUDED?
So.. I want to be sexy, but for one man only.?
Am I really that fat !!?? ( pic )?
How can I be more hot/pretty?
favorite color?
Need help with being socially awkward!!!!!?
heyy. can someone tell me what size in woman's clothing i would be if i can fit into a size 1 juniors?
Which girl is the best looking and why?
Who is this male model?
Am I A Heavy Or Light Sleeper? Quizzes.?
How can i look older? aka my actual age?
How can I make my eyes look not so.. huge and alien like?
Is a girl who wears this emo, punk or dark? or just normal?
What's my bra size?
should i get my nose pierced?
How do I remove solar nails?
Has any cellulite treatment worked for you? Which one?
how can i add earing to my avatar????????
Am I ugly? :( [PICS]?
Is an 18 Gauge sized cartilage hoop a regular sized earring?
i want to get my daughters in modeling... anyone know where to start?
Which one works the most Biore or Neutrogena?
What is everything i need to know about getting braces?
Do you back talk to your parents?
What do you think of my body? PICS?
Okay ladies 2009: Chest hair HOT or NOT?
GIRLS what kind of shirts do you like better on guys?
Do I look better as a blonde or brunette? Pics included!?
What color should I dye my hair (pic)?
Do you think I am average, cute, pretty, or hot?
Whats a good handsome guy name?
okay so, people say i should model??
What to wear with this dress?
How to look like "jailbait"?
What color is my hair? :) [Pic]!?
GIRLS ONLY: Is Keanu Reeves attractive???
How old do i look to you?
why do some girls shave their eyebrows off completely then draw it back on with a make-up marker?
what is a silk wrap for nails?do you prefer a pedicure or manicure or manicure for my first spa visit?
Is being called "cute" a good thing?
Do you think I should model?
Am I pretty? I'm really open to any sort of feedback.?
Can you look exotic with a fringe?
Do I look fat in these pictures? Sorry for the dumb pose...?
Is this a Bad photo? 100% honest answers please!?
Size O - Hot or Not?
recepy for long nails?
Help my glow in the dark nikes glow!?
do girls wear socks with converse?
is this outfit cute?
Does anyone know anything to even skin tone? please help me!!?
Any tips on how to make myself look better? (Picture included)?
Help for an office look!!!! thank you :)?
Going from brown to blonde...?
Do women prefer men with a beard or not?
guys do you think this womans body is hot> i thought she had a great body but my friend said she was fat.?
Tattoos... do guys really like them.. or are they unatractive?
Do you like these pics?
I can't wear polish at work need help for nail care, strength and growth?
Am I pretty? Please rate 1-10?
Acrylic nails feeling tight?
is Silk pillow cases the same as satin pillow cases?
How can I have a total change three weeks before school starts?
Is my boss out of order telling me to change my clothes? (pic)?
Okay, so how come everytime I try to...?
what's the different between...?
whose prettiest in the pic?
What is your favourate nail varnish colour?
10point..which last name sounds posh?
this is my last question about this green eyes and dark hair thing..?
I want to get a sew in weave do i buy the hair?
Does loosing weight get you a more defined jaw line?
bf wants me to dye my hair blonde..(pic)?
Is it possible for a guy's face to become more squarish as he ages?
What Should I be for halloween?
Why am i called Ugly by certain people ?
What girl is prettier?
how does this look ?
How do you wash sandles?
Girls, do you consider yourself chubby? I think girls that are a little chubby are so attractive?
Sould this top be worn with leggings or skinny jeans?
Girls what should I do..........?
What age would you say the person in this picture is?
OK, honestly. Does your avatar really look like you?
What kind of style do girls like on guys?
How can I not look so sexy all the time?
which should be my profile picture?
first opinion of me... *pics*?
out of the pictures, which has the prettiest hair?
Oversized band tee shirts?
What's your favorite perfume?Is there any specific one you can suggest?
where do i find avon694?
where can i wear this dress?
How much do Monroe piercings usually cost?
I dont know what color are my eyes?
halloween costume??
Glasses or No Glasses?
Who is the most beautiful woman in the world?
Where can I get a nice dress code shirt?
when is a perfumes expiration?
Which of these guys would you date?
How do you prepare for a beauty pageant?
Why every time you call a latino that is not mexican, mexican they take it as insult ?
are you ugly???????????????????
How do I become a top male model?
Navy Perfume? by covergirl?
Why do models look so different in pictures than in real life?
Can someone please check out my teen fashion/ beauty blog?
How can i find new ways to wrap my hijab new fashionable styles like egyptian act. hanan al turk and others?
Do I have I big nose??(pics included)?
Does this girl look fat ?
Would this look good?
How old do I look?( guys opinions would be appreciated) ?
Am i pretty?
Are tongue piercings suppost to b at a angle?
what is love?
15th birthday party ideas?
Can you name more models like Simon Nessman and Sean O'Pry?
were can i do some modeling in the UK?
Ok im going into th grade and im scared about changing infront of everyone any help?
Guys, what are your opinions on her body?
Which dress is the most beautiful and why?
How could I improve my appearance?
Girls how much do you know about Victoria's secret?
what is a scrub?
Do you have to have messanger to use your avatar on messenger?
beauty tips anyone!???
Who's the most attractive out of these?
any one think my frend is cute? she has low self asteem : (?
Do you think I may have potential to model?
Is this a good picture or not?
should i shave my legs before i put my dress on?
does my hair look better curly or straight?
Pierced ear lobes questions? (Pierced myself)?
Can you please guess my ethnicity?
what does a rocker chic look like?
Would they be cute together? 10 points!?
What kind of decorations should I get for my nail art set?
What would you guys give her?
Why is appearance so important to people ?
Who knows who Taylor Lautner is.?
I know a girl who has a moustache...?
Does any 1 know?
i need to change my old look?
do the knew whitestrips taste bad the ones that say improved taste do they still taste bad?
Who is hotter?
Will this jacket look weird?
Why Do No Guys Like Me =(?
Is it bad to think you're pretty?
Could i be a hollister/abercrombie model?
Waxing: Does it hurt?
does this look like a wedding dress?
Are air force ones good to wear with uniforms?
Which picture should i put on my myspace? *Pics*?
what saying do you like better fatty fargus or u nastee wide?
Girls what do you find..............?
Ear Piercings?? How long do i wait?
Are Braces Ugly?
Is it weird to wear a sweater in 100 degree weather?
WHO was the BEST "SUPERMODEL" of the 80's????????
Who is prettier? ?
Where can I find clothes for a petiet girl?
What is sexier, big brown eyes or big lips?
Do you look anything like you avatar?
Glasses or no glasses?
Why do girls dress up for each other?
Who won miss intercontinental??Does anyone know??
I just had my ear pierced a second time - how long does the soreness last?
Help with beauty pageant.. Your opinion..?
What is the duck face all about?
Am I fat or am i curvy? Whats the difference?
what does bea aurther smell like?
Is this girl actually as pretty as she thinks she is?
Why British Columbia is called the Beautiful British Columbia?
i need to GAIN weight, HELP!!!?
What photo do you think is nicer?
Should I start dressing my age?
Ugly or Just Ugly ? Updated with picture?
Who loves Clarendon Clothing?
is he that amazing? ?
What size Uggs should I get?
how toget her?
Can I wear a skirt to the faire?
A bath or a shower?
What top should i wear with high waisted shorts?
Khakis, Chinos, what is what?
How hot does the conair mini pro straightner get?
i have a unibrow should i wax it or keep it?
What's you definition of "style"?
How can I make myself look better?
What should i do buy a virgin mobile prepaid phone or get highlights?
What do you think of bodybuilder women who have muscles so big that they look like a man?
Which girl has the nicest body (pics)?
How do I look like a guy?
How do you make yourself look skinnier in pix?
Shaving down there??
do you think i wear too much make-up?
do you say BAG like "bag" or "bayg"?
Fake tan & blonde hair, attractive or not?
where can i find the cheapest wedding gown?
How to get that stubble look?
Meow or purr? Katy perry perfume?
Why do people want to look "sexy" when they could be "beautiful"?
Is this unattractive?
How come girls think guys are "hot" when...?
what do you think of me !?
Teenage GUYS!!!!! Would It Turn You On If A Hot Girl.....?
Red hair? plZ help!!!!!?
do you like my appearance?
What is your favourite perfume? (girls only)?
what kind of jewelry can I wear with a brown homcoming dress?....and what about hair??? HELP!!?
Why are the girls on here so jelous?
What are cute things you think girls do?
What's your favorite nail polish color for your fingers and toes and why?
so what's the difference between emo and goth??
This is really embarrassing, but I have head lice, I'm 13. Any tips or advice?
is it ok if the girl is 14 and the boyfriend is 17??????
Is my nose that big???there are pics?
How to get that hair!!And is mousse and leave in conditioner same?
Which picture do you like better of me? (pics)?
Would we make a cute couple or a unusual looking couple?(pics)?
Which one looks better?
Tips on how to grow long and healthy nails?
ok I am sooo sorry but plz answer!!! [guys only] [unless you really want to answer]?
Could I be a model? Curious.?
why did that girl that just said shes americas next top model and the rest of you girls are fat get 64 answers
which girl is the most beautiful?
I am very squeamish, when guys get hit between the legs i get sympathy pains. What's your reaction?
I recently got my lashes permed for the second time?
Which one of these girls do you think is prettier?
What is the most beautiful Hijab style you have ever seen ?
How can my sister improve her look ?
How tall are you? do you like your height?
GIRLS! what is your favorite cologne?
Where should I find a Batmitzvah dress?
Changing state cosmetologist license?
who is the prettiest?!? in order?
Ladies please answer this?
What was the name of DKNY's original fragrance?
Can YOU guess my ethnicity? ?
Rate my bored self, and guess my age too?
is this a good style?
I'm 20 years old, but people think I'm 16. What can I do to look older?
What is the average weight for a 14 year old 5'5 female?
Exs new girlfriend: Is she pretty or no ?
Can you recommend a good hairstyle for me?
Guy insecure about his looks (pics)?
How do you feel about the Dove Girls campaign?
where can i get Bleach cosplay items in Singapore?
how can ur best friend be so mean ?
Creative Posing Ideas For Outside Pictures?
Why are people with obviously green eyes frequently referred to as having hazel eyes?
any online shop, that sheeping to russia?
What is your favorite brand of underwear (or panties)?
Could I be a model?
Can your skin color change as you get older?
what is the BEST smelling cologne for a guy?
How do you remove fake finger nails without using acetone or ripping them off?
Any opinions on Hair Gallery in Escondido, CA?
Can Taylor Swift possibly get any hotter that this?
Guy insecure about a lot of things, esp looks.?
i need help with locker decorations?
What Kind of body type do girls LIKE?
Being pale, what do you think (pics)?
help me overcome my fear of the plastic eyes on a doll?
should i change anything with my looks?(Pics)?
hi what is the name for jackets with no arms. they cover everything but the arms?
how can i enter for an extreme makeover?
Should girls shave their arms?
What are some sweat proof & heat repelling types of clothes?
I`ve ran out of Toothpaste and all the shops are shut, is there anythin I can use instead?
Where can I find a Maggie Sottero Valentina wedding dress to try on?
Am i a normal 14 year old?
Does this look normal?
Where can I get pedo bear shoes?
Question to girls, Am I ugly????????
Who's HOTTER??
Do you like this outfit?
whose prettier selena gomez or miley cyrus?
Why are girls so attracted by tall guys?
Girls i have some info i need to share with you ........?...............................…
hey questions for girl URGENT!!!! i?
Certificate II nail technician?
??What do qirls mean by, "my measurments"?
ive seen this top quite a few times on people but not in any shops, any ideas?
Any Girls at All that Do it??
If u could have anybody's phone number in the world who would it be?
Is this one Kim Kardashian Green Party Dress good for a party?
what would you say is my best feature?
Aren't I way better looking than this UGLY SKANK!?
which coat will be warmer?
People hate me because I'm not pretty?
For a truth or dare game what would be a funny outfit to make a GUY Model and dance around in ? LOL!?
is this a pretty picture of me?
What face shape am i?
Do you have a favorite shampoo? What brand?
what high school did kim kardashian go to?
When you come out the shower?
is my sister pretty???
What's you definition of "style"?
what is the meaning of EDT and EDP from all the perfume??
Punk haircuts/styles for long faces?
how can someone get thin really fast?
Jasmin Leonard or Rachel Hunter, any preference?
help im ugly!! WHAT DO I DO ??? give me ideas of how to look better please. im stuck !!?
Are skinny girls really so disgusting?
Help! Anyone kn how to sell 18K solid gold earring charms online. Been trying on ebay to no avail for weeks...
Are there any gorgeous models..?
Whose prettier? *PICS INCLUDED*?
Just kinda curious ..?
what do you think? can you answer this!!!?
Which girl is prettier?
What Race do I look???
who is she
What should I do.....?
Can a licensed esthetician go back to school to get a cosmetology or hair license?
Why my 2 questions have been removed??
where can you buy Garnier body and face product in the US?
Is this a fake jordan website Need help!?
im looking for a good pair of trousers/jeans, to wear frequently... not smart, not too casual...?
what would be a good new hairstyle for me?
Which picture do i look better in?
I was wondering how much you pay to get your hair highlighted?
do you think i could possibly be a model?
What ethnic group do i look to you?
is lady gaga fame perfume for men or women or it's unisex ?
Do you think she could be a model?
GIRLS: should guys wear their jeans at the waist or mid-butt with boxers showing?
Waxing: Does it hurt?
Bubbles under acrylics.?
How would you complete my bf's costume?
How old were you when you had your first gf or bf?
Girls i need your advice! Which of these two boys is cuter!!!?
I'm wondering if a .52 carat engagement ring is too small for a ring size 7 ring size hand?
Do people call customer service to get recommendations on beauty products?
I think a pimple is forming on my nose! Help?
Do you think Im pretty?
What can I wear for fancy dress?
do i look like my cousin?
Is 14 too young for thongs?
How many of you women get those single chin hairs that are so hard to pluck?
how do u remove chewing gum from clothing?
lol do i look intimidating or nice?
Where can I find a 14k gold Pink Panther charm? I had one for 20 years and it was stolen.?
Don't hate me cause I'm beautiful?
When is the Semi-Annual Sale at Bath and Body Works summer of 2011?
How to make nailbed longer?
Do u do the following?
Do you think I am pretty at all?
What should i wear to homecoming?
Anyone know of a good way to help reduce the dark circles under my eyes? Any creams, lotions etc?
Is dark skin ugly???????
How to be friends with a guy? Plz read!!?
how can i look prettier? (PICS)?
DESPERATE! highshcool cheer leading state appeal (please read)!?
Do cartilage and third earlobe piercings hurt?
do you like girls with long toenails?..HONESTLY >_<?
I have a long and fat face something similar to an oblong face shape. I wish my face look thinner and smaller.?
Which Jessica is the prettiest
Do you think im pretty?
Masquerade Party ideas?
does farting sometimes leave skid marks on underwear?
why r so many girls insecure?
who is pretter between us?
what do guys like in a girl?(pics)?
does getting your cartiladge peirced hurt?
Do you think lipgloss looks odd?
How do you think I look? (Picture)?
how old would you be if your in the 8th grade ?
Really Insecure! Please help!?
Who has perfect......?
Over Plucked Eyebrows...Man..?
Does she have a weird nose?
Guys: Are freckles ugly?
What are earlobes and cartilages?????
What should I do at a Home Lingerie Party?
People say I look like a......?
which girl is prettier?
Which bathing suit makes me look better? NO ONE RUDE PLEASE.?
Poll: Ladies tell us, is the green tint of skin men get after shaving unattractive?
What are the kinks that you get your nails?
does anyone know any coupons that work?
Tall girls or short girls?
Have you ever seen a really pretty girl who wears ugly clothes?
Do you think my eyes are too big?
how do u know whos your friend or not?
Girls only. need help with my bra?
all these 'am i pretty questions' do you give an honest answer to what you think?!?!?
do i look a little spanish (from spain)?
What is T.A.N.? (something to do with cosmetology - this is not tanning of the skin)?
which binkini?
I want to get gauges!?
Why won't my blackheads go away?
where can i buy these from, they dont look like shaving razors.?
Are Uggs still okay to wear? ?
Agent Provocateur perfume? Have you tried it, and what do you think?
Where can I buy Maria Sharapovas perfume?
where can you get your grill (gold teeth) melted down at if it's damaged?
Age that I look? Anything u care to point out?
How do ladies walk in heels all day? I just dont get it.?
Tattoo placement recommendations?
Do I have a big forehead (pics)?
how to look a bit more mature for 26 year old?
What is the difference between UV TOP COAT and TOP COAT?
Do i look like any celebrities? (pic)?
how to impress a girl?
Hair and Makeup! Urgent?!?
Ladies worry about wrinkles and get surgery,yet admit to hardly getting sleep, why?
do i look pretty?? or emo?
easy 10 points please help meee?
How do I get nail polish off without nail polish remover?
girls! rate my body 1-10?
were can i buy this over the counter?
Do I have Pretty EYEs??
lol,could i model??
editing website to change eye color and skin tone for free?
Will sculptured gel nails ruin your natural nail?
I need to impress a guy in 11 days?
I'm a girl. Could I pull off these men's chukkas without looking like a dyke? (see link in descrip)?
my mom won't let me shave -.-?
Why do people ask stupid questions!!!!!?
i wear a 5.5 or 6 is that considered small feet?
What shade of purple is this?
how can i look prettier?
Which Girl is prettier/hotter?? a,b,or c? which would you date?? have pictures!!?
What kind of shape is Taylor Lautner's eyes?
Which One Is Best? (Pictures)?
Am i a summer, winter, spring, or fall?
I honestly do look like a guy how can i look more like a girl?
Is CUTE an insult after being called beautiful/hot ?
Where can i get Frankie B jeans but with a lower price?
Girls: How tall are you ?
What is the sexiest feature of a man's face?
How hot does the conair mini pro straightner get?
Do I have a tomboy style?
Have you kept - or closed - a gap in your front teeth and why?
I want to look like a victoria's secret model?
Ok what is the first thing you notice about me?
Is this considered fat?
i am growing my finger nails but they keep breaking?
Best way to whiten teeth?
Will I look handsome if i get skinny? WITH PICS?
What color are my eyes?
Guitar exam in two weeks... nails ing... HELP!!?
How much perfume should you use?
wht should i do to get comments??in school?
How do I get this nail polish off?
Has anybody else hear that mya the singer is a ho?
Any gd sch for beauty course?
What kind of clothes would suit me?
10 points to who ever answers this first!!!!?
girly makeover for a guy . . . . help me with ideas?
What is the best parfum for man?
I got my bellybutton peirced a week ago and now its all pink.Its also kindof pusy.?
how to get rid of stretch marks? :|?
Do any of you find that wearing shapewear helps you to keep you on your diet ?
Girls would you ever even consider doing this?
What's ur fav color eyes?
What are some new popular nikes right now?
Do i look young for a 15 year old ? (just turned 15)?
boys,what do you first notice in a girl?what is the thing that you're most attracted to?
Why do girls prefer taller guys?
How old do I look? (pic)?
Do you find her pretty/attractive?
How old do I look???????????????
What Can I Improve?
People say I got long eye lashes?
River island recruitment event?!?
Girls.. How do i look? hot?ugly?cute?average?
See my cuz and I are getting our nose pierced tomorrow Im not scared just reaally getting info about it.?
what does TLC stand for?
Sexy or Gross? This Piercing?
how could i be pretty enough in his eyes :(?
What color was Kerry washington's hair?
I say that being "sexy" is a state of the mind. What do you think?
Yes or No? Pic included?
Is my friend as ugly as she says she is?
What should I do to look pretty (pics included)?
Which is most attractive?
How do i get visa to france? where is Britanny lanester?
girls only please.............?
Where can i buy cool guys jacket(winter) in store?
Why are some girls just sooo beautiful... how can i be like that?
Do i sound pretty?
which would be better for a Profile Photo?
How to look like the new Miley Cyrus and how to get her abs?
am i pretty? what should i change about myself? pics included<3?
what can you put on your panties to get that period smell off of them?
How many times a day should i file my nails?
how would you describe my avitar?
How to become a model?
Do peoples' tastes differ when it comes to beauty?
Dress situation....................HELP?
Guys: Read full question, make up or no make up?
Im Going To Middle school nd im new and wanna change my image from a tomboy to a girly girl what should ido?
How long should i tan the first time??
Just curious, am I pretty? What's your opinion?
what makes a women perfect women?
When people say they look pretty and they don't?
What color eyes are consider beautiful?
girls do you shave your arms..?
Boys: Why do you like or find big lips attractive?
teenage girls ! HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP ! (:?
Girls: how old were you when you started shaving?
which girl is prettier?
Do you think this girl is pretty?
for all the girls out there what is the top 3 things u look for in a guy apperance and personality wise???
What to wear with these tan and pink oxfords?
Why do most girls look disgusting without make-up?
Do you like this edited picture?
How do i get my beautiful skin back?
Do you think the vs angel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is sexy?
Am I Bad Looking?
What time is it where you are?
Does nipple piercing make a guy look gay?
Would like to teach in post secondary education CA. Aesthetics. Slow on the PC, great with people.How?
Are my eyes pretty? (pic)?
How much do you tip when you get your nails done?
Does lacura cram stop wrinkle ?
Movie night outfit with crush?!?
People keep telling me i am ugly. Am i really ugly?? (pic)(GUYS opinions would be great)?
What do you think of me? *picture*
what is your morning routine?
which is prettier pink and green or pink and black?
people tell me i look like taylor swift?
belly ring?
how does this look ?
How are T-shirts supposed to fit on a guy?
Please help! I lost my mom's ring!?
need a wow look ?
do u think getting contacts just to change your eye color is stupid?
stretching 3 ear piercings on the same ear?
Do I look like my Dad?
Is she thin or chubby (PICTURE)?
what are the best bath and body works lotion?
How can I reinvent myself?
What is your opinion of this?
I found some beautiful Beach Swimwear .Witch one is best ?
im in jr. high and don't have much friends and not very pretty and im very shy can u please help me?
Doesnt this guy look hot and badass?
what is a good nail strengthener for my nails?
am i rly ugly? [pic included]?
PinkyParadise Bonus Gifts: What are they?
How do I replace my avatar with a real picture of myself?
What clothing suits me?
my parents dont........! and i hate it!!( not the right location i know i just like the beauty area)?
How durable are Vans Authentics?
what do u want for christmas? as in like ipod... stuff like that?
What us the best gshock watch model for an Army Special forces guy getting ready to deploy?
Which celebrity do I most look like? If you had to pick.?
would this look good on my for homecoming? pictures of me and dress includeddd(:?
helpp,,beauty tips<3?
How to look gorgeous for my college trip/sleepover?
can any one plz suggest me a name for my cosmetic brand.some thing very eyecatching and attractive. plz.......
(girls only) whats the difference between hot,cute,sexy,beautiful,pretty and attractive?
what are some good japanese and chinese chains in the LA area that sell skin care products?
What hair/eye/body type do guys like on girls?
nail design and color help!?
New Beauty Blog?
HELP ON SKIN TONE!!!(picture inside)?
questions about my new ear piercing plz look?
Are any of these girls pretty ?
Thoughts on these shoes?
confirmation what to wear?
How do i Deal with troubled hair?
where can i buy these shades?
**PIC** Should I go blonde?
Does anyone else hate the Hand on hip pose ALL girls seem to do these days?
how do i create a girl avatar?
Could i do modeling,photography,or make up? (pics)?
I have 2 questions..?
Tips on vintage/indie style?
How did you manage prom with a long dress?
Why do girls hate me just because I am beautiful?
how much do you tip for a haircut?
Is this Girl PRETTY?
What color are your eyes?
How old do i look????
Short people only tips and tricks?!?
Does anyone wear a wig out there? If so, do they also make your scalp itch?
Do I have high cheekbones?
I found a very expensive Diamond ring. Should I place an add and try to return it?
Do you prefer dcs or etinies?
have you ever seen a black girl date a white american guy,if yes how often and....?
What ethnicity do you think I am?
I have a modelling shoot coming up, advice?
Am I relatively good looking? (With pics)?
What kind of style do girls like on guys?
Which Celebrity do I look similar to?
My eurcerin moisturizer tans my face?
How do they do nose piercing?
Can someone tell me if i'm ugly?
Does my nose look big to you and do do I look like an oger?
Why am I ugly? I know I am but it doesn't make sense because the rest of my family are all attractive?
Am i rich?! I feel like i am!!?
Is this a Nice Smile ? do u like dimples?
first time bikini wax?
If its 77degress tommorow! Should i wear compri shorts to school?
No self confidence about looks?
clean and clear? italy?
Would you call a size six , fat slim or just right?
how to get an even/smooth skin tone?
If your family is ugly will you be ugly when you are older ?
Short hair styles for guys? (10 points!!)?
what's wrong with me!?!??!!?!?!!?!!?
Does anyone think that I am attractive? ?
How to prepare for Black Friday?
whats better thongs or booty shorts?
Where can I find boots for thicker calves in Canada? Are there online stores that deliver here?
What do you think when you see my face? Pics?
do you pee in the shower?
I'm ugly from the fornt and hot from the side.?
Is this a pretty picture?
Depo birth control question?
Do you think she should tone her stomach more? PIC INCLUDED?
Modeling ?? 10 easy pts?
Is this dress too..................?
Girls, do you find me good looking ( on a scale of 1 to 10 )?
question about clothing and dressing styles?
can I use crepe bandages as wax strips?
does water really help you lose weight??
Is Destination Wolrd Modeling Inc., which is located on 65 Broadway NY, a scam?
How old do I look (picture)?
Who do you think has changed the most? (PICS included!)?
i have damn pale skin.?
HELP!!!! What should I do??(PICS)?
GUYS ONLY: which country do you think has the most beautiful girls/women in the world?
Should I get this top for my wife?
how to wear lenses ? could u give me some tips to wear them?
Whats your Favourite Perfume?
do you look HOT in high school?
Why do all the girls on anwsers do this?
okay so my mom thinks my hair is terrible? opinions? pic.?
what your favorite axe bodyspray?
i wear an 8 in women's uggs and i want to get a kids pair what size would i be?
how would i look with red hair?
Face/Skin care?
What is the best facial cleanser for dry skin?
My right foot is a 1/2 size smaller. Does anyone make an insert so my foot doesn't flop around in my shoe?
Why do girls with Natural beauty get no credit?
Places for women with bigger breasts and average to petite bodies to shop?
Guess why my nickname is tri-pod?
okay do you think im like really orange =[?
Male name?
Can I model?, PICS INCLUDED?
Do girls like slim guys...?
What is hookin up ?
Anyone else think young women in the Uk are too fake looking??
Ideas to describe character in appearance?
What makes shatter nail pollish, "shatter"?
Women: Does a guys eye color matter?
How attractive am I ?
dress measurements?
Guys--What scent do you love on a girl?
annyone have any advice?
Would I look good with any piercing?With Picture?
where can I find a store that sells yardley cologne? I don't want to buy it online.?
i have a so weird body i mean.. just weird pic inside?
how can i have japanese physiognomy?
Which pic is more appealing?
Do you view yourself as pretty or ugly?
Which pic is best??..?
Do look better with or without my glasses? (pics)?
which girl do you thinks prettier?
1. what do you think abut god ?
Why am i so unlucky in my life?!!?
Do you think these shorts are cute?
Guys, do you find it attractive that a woman smokes?
would you consider this fat (pics)?
I have Dark Black Eyelashes and people feel that I've applied kohl?
Where do I look for reliable info to interest my 10 yr old in modeling?
Why am i getting skinnier?
How do I get rid of the redness in my T-zone?
am i really that ugly??
Girls!...what makes you SPECIAL? Your BEAUTY or INTELLECT?
LADIES ONLY - which gift would you prefer?
What type of sweater do you wear over a shirt and tie?
What's the first thing you notice when you see people?
Rank in order of beauty :)?
I was wondering if I am good looking or horrible disfigured?
Would you wear this shirt to school?
What makes a guy attractive?
what is your morning routine?
80's Glam Hairstyle ?
why do people always post this weird spam links in the beauty section ?
it takes 3 min to fill tub and 4 to drain. If faucet and drain r both open, how long would it take to fill tub
what is the best way to look beautiful?
do you think im fat? (pics)?
do i look good in this photo?
what are the best/s modelling agencies in Australia?
Guys only: What weight is most attractive for me? pics?
do you believe in karma?
Is it a turnoff...............?
am i pretty questions?
is this picture pretty?
Girls: What are your opinions on shy guys?
Do you think im pretty ?!?! with picture?
how do ladies feel about guys who shave their pubic hair off. sexy or not?
guys wats ur opinion on shaving ur chest girls are welcome to answar?
Do me and my daughter look a like?
What is a beauty secret that shouldn't be kept a secret anymore?
Are Brown Eyes Better Than Green Eyes?
The pretty people get more answers on their "rate me" or "i feel ugly" questions?
What is the best way to appraoch a girl?
what does it mean when someone tells me "you look camp"?
What would you say my body shape is? (pics)?
Which celebrity do you think is prettier?
Does any one on here watch what not to wear?
If I dye my hair with coffee with my hair get darker?
do i have a shot at modeling? (pics included)?
how many guges is pericing?
Want to have face lift and eyelids done. Can anyone recommend a good plastic surgeon in Las Vegas?
10 year-old love??????
How to remove hair ( bikini line)?
Where can I buy Venus Swimwear (women's) in stores? Is it even sold in any stores?
Who lives in SC and where??
i am getting a brazilian wax tommorow but i am?
Do you think im hot why am i a virgin?
How to loose weight?
How can i stop being average looking (Pics) ?
Boys.... Well, just answer, if you know ??
Why every time you call a latino that is not mexican, mexican they take it as insult ?
So am I ugly........?
What to wear for a hollywood style 18th party?
How old do I look............?
girls what do you think of laser hair removal?
do you think i'm an ugly guy?
i got a pedicure, how long will it last?
Are my eyebrows strange?
Do you think she has the potential to be pretty?
One of my eyes has a double eyelid and the other one has a single eyelid... I need symmetrical eyes!?
Who is more attractive in your opinion?
I need to know what these markings on the back of my earing mean?
Is white the product of all other colours?
is pale skin attractive?
Am I TOO thin? PHOTO?
How can i become Latina?
whats the diff between white gold and platuim..or is that what white gold is?
jergens natural glow self tanner?
Help, AM I TOO FAT? I need to know...?
what color eyes are the best?
Why don't guys like me anymore? Am I ugly (picture included)?
Who is the prettiest?
Do i need to cut my hair?
Is it just me, or is this one guy making multiple YA accounts and posting the same answer for everything?
how to keep on going for your dreams?[pic inside]?
where can one purchase Real Good Perfume in the US?
Do i look kind of chubby?
would you wear these?
waxing questions?
Do you think this is spoiled and dumb?
are there any sites that will take my picture and tell me how i can make myself look better?
Do I look fat in this dress (pic)?
What do you think of us? pics?
Where can I get samples of Jo Malone's new cologne "Nectarine Blossom and Honey"?
Do redheads look better with pale skin or tanned skin?
My cousin got married recently...?
Could you please rate us? Having a competition?
Do you think I'm pretty?
Which perfume smells better? (Women Designer Brands)?
Do I look better compared to last year?
what face shape do i have?
How to remove gasoline odor from clothing?
How should I have my hair cut? What style?
whats better lush bath bombs or bubble bars what do you prefer?
Why do "plus size" models not even look that big?
Why do people say I look like JB or a girl?
Nails! gel or acrylic? Can I take them off after a month?
Advice on a double helix piercing?
whats today's date?
what shape do i have (photos)?
do you think im ugly?
How old is too old for braces?
First day of high school?!?!?
What are those red hoodies that so many people have? (more description below)?
Girls, what do you think of armani acqua di gio cologne?
what is your favourite perfume?
should i go blonde please read *pictures included*?
why do some americans wear running shoes to school and even when walking?
What is the most beautiful girls' name you've ever heard?
How do I look so far?
How can I make rings like this one?
Am I a little on the chubby side? *picture*?
what are inclusions in diamonds?
Do I look like Britney Spears? Or Jamie lynn? (pics included of me)?
guys,what do u look for in a girl?
Please rate me if you think I'm pretty or not? (Pics)?
I HATE my physical appearance?
Guys, where can i buy this perfume? :(?
I want to reinvent myself....?
What is the best moisturising shower gel?
Does urban outfitters participate in cyber monday?
Be honest.. do you like this picture?
What would look better with turquoise: yellow, navy blue, hot pink or white?
How to do one eyebrow up?
Is smoking as cool as it looks?
high top or low top converse?
Is this store any good?
am i uglyyyy? pictures included !?
Bella Swan? From the book Twilight.?
Fat or not...? Pictures..?
What color highlights should I get?
What cologne/perfume would you recommend for me?
My job does not allow for nose piercings, but they allow tongue rings?! isnt this screwy?
What colored skinnies would look best one me (pics included) ?
I'm really scared about getting my cartilage peircing?
what kind of shoes does a 14 year old girl wear?
how do u like u day be?
Where can I get this engagement ring?
I want to wax my arms, never have before- advice please?
Do I look better with straight or curly hair?
what color should i paint my toe nails?
I just got called ugly?
how much is it to get nails done?
What's a good way to shave with an electric rotary razor?
I need some advice about this dress.?
would i look good blonde?
My favorite color's green. What's yours?
can you help me out?
Do u want to be a model or actress?
DO YOU THINK Is this girl pretty?
Christmas party help/ideas?
Dip dying extensions blue?
Powdered or natural brows - Which looks better?
pleaseee read. doesnt matter who you are, i just need answers!?
which pair of vans should I get?
what is szchehun?
Girls, how would you rate my looks?
what do you LOVE about yourself?
Is it acceptable to brush your teeth with somebody else's toothbrush?
What to wear with my body con skirt?
what kind of jeans are 100% cotton?
Can you recommend a Natural Foods Market in Denver, Colorado?
Proper way of painting my own nails?
Short vs tall girls? Opinion?
How often do you bath or shower?
I need a beauty username❤?
im going to be a cowgirl for halloween?
Is this not the funniest thing you have ever seen....?
do you think she has a nice body?
What should I wear for a job interview at Ulta (beauty store)?
List of Ear Piercings?
best endocrinologist in Dallas.?
Who is prettier?
How could i improve/change my look, Pictures!?
how to know what you really look like?
Do you think that I need a nosejob?
Girls: Yes I know u probably hate these but...from 1-10...
can i or not?
is thick hair good? or just plain annoying?
What is your impression of me?
for those who are into beauty, what are some good beauty websites?
What is one thing that makes you beautiful?
May sound lame, but could I get some help on makeovers?
How to dress up like a hypebeast?
how old do i look and rate
Does this dress look good on me?
wat length feather extensions should i get?
Why are my arms so pale, but the rest of my body is really DARK?
Who do you think is the prettiest?
I got this valention perfume called rock and rose?
How old do we look?
I want to put this pic on my fb profile, do you think it's too bad?
What do I do about Acne???????????
Which chick is prettier?
How much weight do you have to lose in order to lose a clothing size?
Are you wearing any perfume or cologne? what brand do you like best?
what do you consider as a good body figure for female? why?
How can a 13 year old look older?
Honestly, glasses or no glasses?
Girls i need your help! what should i go to improve myself?
what kind of hairstyle should i try?
Do you think im beatiful :)?
Do you think that I'm pretty?
I want to change my hair?Pictures.?
Rate these girls in order from prettiest to least pretty?
do u like my avator???? it looks a lot like me?
Girls ONLY!!! is this guy hot or NOT?
What is the most common bra size?
Are my legs and hips fat in this photo?
Im really attractive... why dont guys like me?
How can i tell my mum that i want to wear a dress without actually telling her?
Does pop make your skin break out?
Who do you think is prettier?
name a good school for...?
Do most girls shave their pubes off bare?
Is there such thing as a Perfume called "Charm" from Juicy Couture? ?
dance blues no clue help!?
Do you think I'm ugly everytime I say a girl is beautiful she gets offended?
How do you know if you're gorgeous?
Esthetician vs. Facialist Certificates?
getting my ears pierced?
Could I be a teen model? (picturess.) and How do i become a model?
what do u think of me???????
Favorite eye color?
Which girl is hotter?
Who do you feel is the most memorable fashion model of all time?
What's better: Threading or waxing?
Dont hold back, me (photo), what you think? you think I look ok?
What is your impression of me?
What is the best store bought acne medicine?
advice!!!!!!! MODELING?!?!? (PICS)?
What ti put in body wash that makes evil girls skin gross or dry?
How can I be attractive to girls. I need tips.?
what should i wear to a halloween party?
whats the perfect clothes size for a girl?
Which one is the better photo?
how do i use glitter acrylic?
Are u qualified to be a sound software engineer if u 've chosen Information Technology as degree?in ur country?
hot or not..??>>?
What can i do to look better? (Picturess !)?
Okay - some pictures of me - I have to pick one to take to a modeling audtion!!?
Am i skinny? or normal?
What age would you guess she is?
Girls, how would you feel if a guy sent you this text?
Do you think this girl is pretty?
x-hi converse and dr.martens
anyone who has gotten a nosejob...?
Should I work out or not? Guys and girls answer..?
Prettynessssss???? What should i change????(PICS!)?
why was i born so ugly?
What race and ethnicity does she look?
what would you wear on a first date?
these girls.....(pics)?