From this picture what would you say my style is?
Does this guy look like a girl to you? Would you go out with a girl born a guy?
gold jewlery.?
do I weigh to much to model?
Is this a good name for a girl?
im 13 years old and i have a uni brow is there anything wrong with shaving it or whatever?
American wife+Indian food+UK house+ Us salary will i be happy?
Catchy name for a vintage clothing site?
Where to get body to body massage in london?
How can I improve my look???
beauty ppl,please help! do I look "visibly not american" and like a girl?
OMG! Perfume stain on chiffon bridesmaid dress?
At what age is it okay for a girl ....?
(10points) which is the best perfume or deodrant for men?
Am i pretty PIC??????? do i look like a turtle?
About a ring?
Should I cut my hair? How?
What should I wear for an interview for a volunteer program at the hospital?
Can any women recommend a good exfoliator for sensitive skin? Thanks.?
Who do you think is prettier?
hey i was wondering if u got a belly ring can i still give blood cuz someone said i can't?
Do you think I'm pretty?
do you think im pretty??
Who won miss intercontinental??Does anyone know??
My mother said she thought Ahmadinajad was a good looking man. Should I report her to the FBI?
Is it feminine for a guy to go to a tanning bed?
How can i improve my appearance?
Questions about nails (French white tips)?
Where to buy evening gown for plus size figures?
which celebrity would you be stranded on a desert island with?
Teenage boys, do you find fake girls more attractive?
I have a son going into the 8th grade.?
Has anyone used JML Satin Pure?
GUYS! GALS! Brunettes? Freckles? Cats eyes? wat do u think (pics)?
What kind of wash are these jeans?
What to wear with this dress?
I have waxing questions?!?
why do some girls & women, wear tight clothing that does the opposite of attracting males?
What is your advice for helping someone feel good about the way they look?
Has anybody actually received a free sample in the mail from munchkin sandwich?
Do I look ok? I don't like my nose...?
☆Which country girl do i look like?
Does anyone know any homemade remedies?
Where can I buy tha nice suit?
Do I look better as a blonde or brunette?
is it true that lemons get rid of freckles?
What to wear for a forever 21 interview?
Do I look okayyyyyy :/?
is this girl pretty. not myself?
How can i grow my eyebrows thicker and better?
can you help me think what's the best perfume I can give to a girl?
Do you think women who like to wear make-up, perfume, jewelry and dress pretty vain?
Should I change my belly bar?
How has Italy contributed to beauty (specifically makeup, hair, and/or fashion)?
What ethnicity do i look?
Does black hair look unnatural on me?
how is a micro dermal piercing placed in?
What are your favorite perfumes?
On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being highest), how attractive do you think you are?
My eye has been twitching for like a week? HELP!?
Weird growth of long fingernails?
What do you think of my photography?
How pretty would you say this girl is?
Anyne knows the brand of these sunglasse?
what do you think of my looks?
stick with satinelle phillips epilady or razors?
What is my face AND eye shape?(PICS)?
What's the best way to lighten eyebrows up to 2 shades at home?
What is your favorite fragrance?
Guys ... do you shave?
Will putting a car freshener or perfume sample in your bookbag or purse make it smell good?
Does my hair look better before or after my haircut? (pictures)?
How should i dress to an interview..?
how to make a ring like this?
What is your signature scent? Would you be offended if you found out your friend wore your "scent"?
can i be a model?
Which boot is better?
Smaller tongue ring bars?
is this girl pretty? (pic)?
what do you think of me? **piccccccc**?
am i pretty (twenty characters)?
Girls would you like a guy like this or is this just an odd combination?
Ladies, What do you do when you catch someone checking you out?
My friend is always biting her nails,, i always tell her to stop is there anyways she can stop ?
low rise and low pockets..?
What colors would look best on me?
Why do people at school....?
How old is 20 moons?
Beauty Spas are they popular?
How to give my room a makeover?
Why do guys like tall chics?
where can i find prada sneakers on line for less than 200 dollars?
Am I too skinny? (pics included)?
Where can i get really light pink semi hairdye, like cotton candy colour?
Whats the FIRST thing you notice about someone??
Would a 36" inseam be considered long for a 6' tall woman?
How womans breast size is measured? what does the alphabate stands for? B/C/D ?
How do i look? Rate me 1-10?!?
Classmates bashed me about being ugly on Facebook?
Girls: Do you like the scruffy look on guys?
I know this is a fake person but don't you think this guy is HOTT?
Do my legs look too big at all?
which indian face cream contains highest level of " LANOLIN"?
girls what do you think?
What is the age category of this product?
i'm 18 but trying to look older help?
Honestly, would I have even a slight chance of being a model? (pics)?
What should a female wear to her college graduation?
167 c.m is how many feet?????????????????
What kind of hairstyle/haircut should i get for the summer?
Would this hairstyle look ok on me?
whts ur opinion on scene hair? any opinion!!?
Birthday for a 12 year old?
Would a guy date a brown eyed girl ?
Is there a solution out there that can make a contact lens feel the way?
when u have ur lip pierced...?
What's your favourite Avon product?
Does this girl wears too much makeup?
rate me? will I ever have chance of having a boyfriend?
guys opinion needed!!!?
so what do you guys like about john cena?
Should i get a short haircut?
What kind of haircut should I get (picture included!)?
How would you rate my appearance?
Why dont models smile?
which one of my friends are prettiest (pictures included)?
Hate my bangs. What should I do?
Who? What? Where can I send my daughters pictures for a chance at modeling?
how can i look better? rate me?
Opinions needed! Photos included :)?
What does a teenage girl wear to a funeral?!?
do I have any interesting facial features?
Big butts or small butts?
What do you think? Be honest!!!!!!?
Do I have "beauty and style"?
Getting rid of pimple quickly.....?
SUN GLASSES . any danger ?
how often do you shave your legs?
What is the best soap to use, if you want to remove dark spot?
How old do I look.....?
I don't know if I would ne pretty enough to be a model?
Ladies, what is your opinion on guys who wear...?
how much does it cost for an eyebrow transplant?
Do bath salts expire? NOT THE DRUG?
Is it okay to let my male cousin to dress as girl?
why are nail salons so pricey in NC?
Do i look okay with wavy hair? (pics)?
How would I look with blue contacts?
How can i make myself look better physically need good answers thanks?
A really good fake nail kit thing to buy at a store? plz help?
What's my worst feature?
Can you bleach faded blue/green hair?
Which one will be the best dress ? Choose one for me.?
is 127 pounds and 5'9 skinny enough to model?
Are women generally more beautiful then men?
Did I eat too much today? perfumes are original or not ?
Would this outfit be inappropriate for a restaurant (pics)?
What hair removal creams would you suggest? (Available in Australia)?
Hair/Makeup for homecoming?
Mixing MSM?
whats is better to lighten freckles, a chemical peel or microdermabrasion?
any suggestions?
Curly or Straight? PLEASE HELP! (:?
HELP!!! Am I TOO fat????!!!!!?
Avon Question Please Answer Now.?
CUTE OR NOT?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?
Are white girls perfect?
Please HELP!! How to hide this fast?
Which of these girls is prettier?
Need some advice from women?
What colors should I get my acrylic nails?
Sports day costume design ASAP!?
How do new septum piercings react to a continous flow of mucus?
Please tell me, which stars wear clothes by Tally Weijl..?
QUIZ: random questions?
Can I have beauty guru help?
Do you have to use shaving cream everytime you shave your legs or can you use water?
alright, ill ask it. Am I Pretty? ?
Hollywood fancy dress ideas for young girl?
Ideas of sexy picture to send boyfriend?
im goin to the carribean in 2 weeks how can i get the perfect body by then?
Abercrombie & Fitch Vs. Hollister Co. where would you rather buy and wear clothes from?
does this girl look manly ? [ picture ]?
Do other girls really take a shower once a day (or more)?
What COLERD hairr die is the best?
Halloween Help Please ?????
What would look good on me?
How old do I look? Out of 10 what'd you rate?
Girls what are 12 things you always have in your purse.?
Help! What do I do to with this problem?
what do u think of me?
Halloween ideas for a teenage girl?!?
is style tribes are still popular among US teens?
Im a guy im 22 and i would like to know if 5'8" is short?
Who would be the prime example of beauty?
Which beauty do you prefer: M.Monroe or V.Beckham?
is my hair gone ginger?
should i get a lip piercing? :)?
does any one know of a really good nail salon in st. petersburg, fl?
do i wear too much make-up? (pics)?
Can you help me pick out a facebook picture from these 3? REAL QUICK!?
How can I look more my age? It's embarrassing?
Omg is it just me, or is this gross?
Why do all the Mexicans constantly win the beauty pageants?
Do you think I could be a model? Opinions please. Rate me on a scale 1-10. I's like to know for something I
How would I look with my noes pierced?
Which Girl is the Prettiest? [pics]?
Is this girl ugly?
Where could I buy Aveda Camomile shampoo?
Question only for men: would you prefer your girl-friend wear long nails or short? And your precise opinion.?
do freckles like ours bother you?? (pic)?
how do i get a beautiful eyes without eye bags?
I need help with this?
Which dress do you like best?
what is a good rule of thumb when it comes to choosing what color of socks to wear?
Do you like your nationality?
how to get the tip of your nail naturally white?
Is this girl attractive to you? What could she change?
What uk clothes size does this female look? shes 5ft4 tall?
Am I Pretty? And what can i do to improve my looks?
what do you think of me? ?
does anyone know why once of my nail creased ?
Does Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister have dressing rooms?
Ivory Tie - Black Suit - Shirt Color?
what haircut would look good on me?[pics included]?
Can any girl/women look good with their hair up in a pony tail ?
should I get a nose job? *pic?
What size would I be in kids uggs?
banana boat sunnless summer help please?!?
How do you remove a henna tatoo?
What comes to mind when you see this picture?
Where can I find a very artistic and clean tatoo artist in Hays?
what could i do to look pretty? [with pics]?
Are Aveda products the best for men?
Whats a Good Halloween Coustume to go to a masqurade party?
What happened to 1996 Miss World Guatemala, Maria Gabriela Rosales? She was absolutely stunning!?
Which site does this Virtual Design picture come from?
What do you think of this hoodie?
How much should I pay for a mani/pedi? And how much should I tip?
Do you think a girl can look good in any outfit if she looked like this?
Brazilian nair commercial.?
Is it ok to be a 10 year old model?
Girls... Pick one thing which you think is the most important about a mans body?
I need ideas for a suprise party!?
please help me, i am in tears right now. PLEASE! why does highschool suck so bad?advice is much appreciated?
Lucky Jeans... Do you like them?
how to look like nicki minaj?
miniature razor / half the size?
who is prettier? don't write both?
My calves don't wanna tan :c?
which girl is the prettiest ? (pic) ?
What would Massie Block's Week Be Like?
Best picture out of these 3? (links included)?
Should I marry him?
can't grow long nales cos' they're too soft. Any tips?
I would I go about putting my daughter into pageants?
hello peeps, what do you think about this?
Animal print nail art tutorial?
What ever happened to being unique?
What to wear to a modeling interview?
How would you feel if your friend never made eye contact with you in class?
pretty eyes?
Could I Model?
Girls, should I send her this text? How would you react to it?
Am I really ugly?
What do you think of me?
sweating... dun dun dun?
Username...girl????????? xxxxx?
What's the fashion these days?
do u think i look pretty??
which perfume should i buy as xmas present?
why do guys always want some azz befor they leave them?
What to do to fix my eyebrows?
agree or disagree with this quote?
Which is your favorite lip balm? (If you use lip balm)?
Do I need to own a black belt?
what color should i dye my hair?
How can I be prettier?
GUYS: What is your opinion on freckles on a woman?
Is this a practical weight loss goal? (Pics)?
who has used epicare?
Braces colors? 2 colors or 1 ?
Ratee me :)?
about carmelafutera site?
Do I look fat? *Picture*?
who is the sexiest female on earth?
Who is the hottest girl on earth?
how to stop biting nails?
Girls: What are your opinions on shy guys?
Is Denise Richards Beautiful?
Modeling industry questions?
what kind of body shape do i have, am i considered curvy or straight etc help?
Why do chunky females wear those skin tight tops that make them look like sausages?
Are we a good looking couple?
How do I become scene?
Red coat for winter?
where are I LOVE MY BOYFRIEND t-shirts sold in stores?
can nail polish harm gold jewellry?
I'm making an online modeling portfolio?
What to wear to a night beach party?
How could I break in my suede shoes?
>_> Why not, I'm bored. Rate me?
jessica alba not pretty. anyone agree?
Tumblr won't let me sign up?
Should guys EVER wear women's underwear?
How do you make scented bath salts?
which color is better?
do i have to sign for my package from urban decay cosmetics?
memorial tattoo?
What should I wear with this?
Inner beauty or facial beauty? And why?
What colour are your eyes?
a beautiful description of a castle garden?
Is there a very large difference between 14mm and 15mm diameter contact lenses?
how to get more followers on my blog?
How do I enlarge a sewing pattern?
What do you think of me?
colored contacts, which color?
nail studio name? La Chic or La-Chic, what looks better?
My dad said men who get their earpierced are on the breeding grounds for drugs and homosexuality. is that true
Am I the only one that thinks she looks better in her before picture?
Is this size ok?.?
For anyone who has ever done threading...
I need to impress a guy in 11 days?
Who's the prettiest among these girls?
what clothing line has 999 all over it?
What name do I look like?
What prompts you more to check out a person? Their face or body?
who do you think is prettier?
I don't feel beautiful):?
Is she fat? What do you think?
what is the point in being goth? Can anyone explain goth to me?
Who is better looking out of these 4......?
Do I look ok? I don't like my nose...?
are my brown eyes pretty?
Which body looks better?
Do I look ok without any make up?
I need your honest opinion.?
which top is better with this jeans?
i bought this fashion jacket?
I'm like SUPER FAT?!?
What are the color of your eyes?
Which photo is best? :)?
What do you think when you see twins?
Girls I am excited what undies should I order and why put links up which are sexy and cute girls undies only?
Rly rly need your help!!! pleasee i hav grad photos in a weeek!!!!!!!!! ?
Does Dave have hair?
Why does my friend STARE at me all class?
Do I need makeup or not?
blackberry help me pleaseeeeee?
wich girl is the prettiest? (pics) ?
Dark Under eye rings?
Miss USA fell down again during evening gown competition of Miss Universe 2008 Pageant!?
how much leg and underarm waxing would cost in Hyderabad?
What is the best facial marks removal cream?
do you think troian bellisario is pretty?
eye brows?!?girls only?
What are some differences between TOMS and soleRebels??? Please help?
Are there any places that sponsor plastic surgery for those who can't afford it?
What would you say my body shape is? (pics)?
Shall I change my nose stud after 1 month?
which are hotter.........
first time pageant advice?
How can I become a sitemodel?
is being bisexual wrong?
In your opinion, what is the best acne face wash?
are dimples a good thing?
hi people :) i just need a little help picking out a baby name!?
How well known are flase eyelashes and how to detemine quality.?
Am I photogenic at all?
What Guy is Hotter? Number 1 or 2?
Best bath and body work fragrance scents?
Is it bad to think I'm pretty?
How to trim your eyebrows if they are skinner than usual?
Do you think i can sing?
Which of these four pictures of me looks better?
Which Group of girls are better/prettier?
could i be a scene/emo model (pics)?
Has anyone tried the new breast enhancemant cream from victoria's secret? Did you see results?
12 years old. Am i too skinny?
Why do I get called ugly everyday?
Would this be considered an eye smile?
is there free online courses to learn gel nails?
Why does being called ugly hurt me more.?
Which picture??????????
Amm i pretty? (pics included) easy 10 points!?
am i pretty? *better pictures*?
what color are your eyes?
Am I good enough(looks)?
what do you guys think of these boots? ASAP?
How to get rid of huge pores?????
timee for a new profill picturee:) helpp plleasee?
Need advice please! Is this sweater too big? (pictures included)?
Do guys like big butts?
About how much can a licensed nail technician expect make starting off in Las Vegas?
Which of these three girls is the prettiest?
Is it because of my nose, help girls?
How are my looks 1-10?
what do you think about me (picture)?
Is my friend ugly?! Please opinions would help :)?
What color are my eyes please?
From buzzed head to shaggy/medium-long hair. Good idea?
what do u think the most sexiest thing about a girl/women is?
Work Experience.?
how does she get so much attention?
am i ugly??? plz tell me..?
Black owned beauty supply shops?
what do you thinkkk?
Could you rate my looks, pretty please?
What kind of cloth should we wear to parties?
Which dress should I wear for my senior pictures?
What do girls look for in a guy?
Costume ideas for three girls?
Im almost a teen should i start shaving?
im a muslim but i like one direction?
What kind of make up and hairstyle would make a 13 year old girl look hot and pretty?
Do you think she's pretty?
Hey! I'm 5'10" and 136lbs??
Green and blue plaid rain boots should boys wear them?
is there a site where you can look at women nail...because i'm going to open a beauty salon?
What do you wear when you work out at the gym? a shirt?sweatpants, mini shorts, jacket? bra?
Do you think i could be a model (rate me)?
Please help out and donate!?
Isn't tonight beautiful?
Could you find a very similar alternative nail polish?
How does a Victoria Secret Model earn her wings?
am i pretty or ugly????
How would I wear this scarf?
Would you class her as fat?
where can i?!!!!!!!!!!!?
This Song From FOREVER 21!!!?
favorite colors on guys?
Which is sexier, panties, thongs, boy shorts, or nothing?
What do you think about collar bone piercings on girls?!?
mehh why am i not getting abs? IM A GIRL! *pics?
Do you guys know a non- expensive home body clenaser?
Stretched Ear Bleeding?
GIRLS what do you think of him? New guy at school who really likes me and might ask me out?
Do you think you are beautiful?
what picture is prettier:)?
If you could hook up with a famous person who would it be?
Guys - What do you think of Christina Hendricks' body?
Would it look cheap to wear a "palm springs California" sweatshirt?
oh my god, my nose is huge, what can i do?
I think my girlfriend is an alcoholic, help please, sexual question?
what websites have a hair makeover?
Are dimples and brown eyes horrible?!?
men in mehendi designs on hands feet is it ok? i like the bridal mehendi applied same as intricate as bride?
I find tattoos on girls such a turn-off. I am the only one?
Figured I would go USUAL for my last one......."What are your opinions on how I look?"?
Is this pic of me very cute? (link)?
anybody knows where i can get those really dark black/red henna where i could put on a indian bride's fingers
how do i look? i need the truth!!?
why do your nails chip/peal? what can you do?
Where can I find a dominatrix?
step up quotes?
What do you think of my looks?? PICS?
What to wear to a staff party?
i dont know if im going out with this boy in my class 8 grade his friend said he said yes should i believe him
Am I to fat to wear shorts?
veet or nair?
How can I strengthen my toe nails?
i want to remove my beauty marks would you??? picsz included?
Does this makeup look ok on me?
are colored contacts bad for your eyes?
One side of face unattractive?
How to make your nail pretty after bitting for them for 7 years?
Spray tanning - What is the cheapest you have seen them? Other questions, too!?
What is your favorite perfume?
which pic of me do you like better?
Would I look dumb dancing in cowgirl boots that are little bit more for working?
Where do you buy a good quality white fingernail pencil needed for a French manicure?
What makes your skin and hair oily and how would you get it to stop (if there is a way)?
How do I look? Ladies what ya think?
Is a simulated diamond the samething as cubic zirconia???
For women! Do you like to wear satin blouse? Satin blouse sexy for you?
sexy eyes or sexy lips?
is his jawline feminine?
who is prettier?? *pics*?
Are pink pearls real or fake?
For girls only???
Do I look ugly and fake?
Does this photo look weird/ugly?
How Often should i refill my acrylic nails?
Do you think this is alright?
how much does the iphone 5 cost?
which girls are prettier out of this girl?
how can we become handsome?
do MY eyebrows look weird 0_0 ??
Do I need to loose Weight?
What lady has the most longest hair?
What does it mean when watches die on you quickly?
have you ever been lied to from a guy??
whos prettier? (A or B)?
brown hair, green eyes and tan..?
Do you prefer make-up or no make-up?
Natural beauty tips for all skin types?
How can I improve my appearance--makeup ideas, hair, etc?? [picture] :)?
What are this girls approximate measurements?
how do you remove acrylic nails (solar nails) at home?
Am I pretty, average, or ugly?
How should I rearrange my bedroom?
why do hindi people wear red dots on their forehead?
Girls: Never had a girlfriend is it because...?
The prettiest color for me?
What causes nails to peel?
Whats some good shirts to wear? 2xl :)?
Is this a boring hair and eye colour combination?
how can you be confident if your not that sexy?
oMg i W@Nt T0 B3 LyK3 da girlz in da movie mean girls!! day r s0o0 kewl and pretty! tell me how to be lykethat
i am ten and i really really like this boy and should i tell him i like him or just seal my lips?
Am I attractive for a teenager?
I am 21 a lil over weight girl Indian. Western Clothes dun suit me much.?
guess our age!?
In people with European many sets of colors between eyes and hair is there?
Is this okay to wear for christmas?
Should I dye my hair this color? (Pictures)?
Which outfit is the cutest (pics)?
Does anyone know what kind of Nikes these are?
What is...?
where can i buy rachel k cc cream in illinois.?
What's the gender of this person?...?
which girl is prettier?
Ok people sorry 4 the hard times but i need one more thing?
Can a girl with an ugly nose (me) be attractive to a german guy with a really cute nose?
Should I get bangs???
Rate my exclamation point?
i feel ugly, and afraid to go out with boys.?
Is anyone watching the final of Britains Next Top Model?
ANSWER ASAP!I jus read in a magazine 'bout a pill named bromelene (sp?) wid pineapple extracts does it have si?
HELP-I bought a highlighter and it turned out to be quite shimmery?
why are women more concerned about their appearance then men?
Is she attractive (photo link)?
cute or ugly?? what do you think?? honest opinion?
Where can i get clothing for a rave?
Are manicures and pedicures are a waste of money?
Just because a person wears glasses does it make them a nerd?
who do u think should have won miss universe????
Which girl is prettier pic included!?
Ok, i need serious help! I look like i have no eyelids!?
How do i SHRINK a pair of jeans, if I don't have a hot dryer???
Brazilian or bushy?????????
why do women like wearing thongs?
Help i need boys plz help?
Guys: Please rate me 1-10?
Does this Navy and Green Hollister coat look fashionable for the winter?
Does taping ears back work for babies & adults?
What gloves do i need to wear to apply fake tan?
Guys what kind of body type do you like in a girl?
What kind of fit do these jeans look like?
rate her on a scale 1-10 10 is is the best?
this is model Esti Ginzburg?
how often should one change underwear?
girls what do you think?
I have a question for teen girls?
Does anyone know where I can buy Renew Skin Lotion by Melaluca?
what the first thing you notice about a person?
from brown to bleach blonde (color oops)?
Do you think my friend is pretty?
Anthem Made Clothing?
Do a look attractice (pictures)?
How do I become an atractive girl???
what do skater/punk/emo boys look for in a girl only guys ?
What colour hoody should I get?
I caught a man looking up my skirt at the library!!!! What should I have done?
which is your best feature?
What is a good color to go with a royal blue dress?
what is this really?
Am I ugly? How old do I look?
Girls - Am I hot, cute ?? ;)?
do models ever have braces?
Do I look like an Olsen twin?
Do you like this? easy 2 points!?
Git rid of gel nails....?
How can I improve ...(pic)?
Ladies! Your opinions needed! What's the first thing you look for in a guy's physical appearance?
girls - honest opinion, what do you think about guys with gauges?
which pic of me is best 5 easy points?
10 points..which surname do you like best?
ever tried these extensions?
[WITH PICS] Which ones better?
heyy any help plz? ez 10 points!!?
ok... now which swim suit?
Which woman do you consider beautiful or pretty?
Somebody helppp? gaga question?
Boobs or no boobs??????????????
Do you show your teeth when you smile and pose for a photo?
Should i take my top back to the shop?
How important is Height when choosing a Boyfriend?
Sexy but classy homecoming dress?
Girls do you like your men to wear cologne?
who else thinks Taylor parks is gorgeous?
How to participate Miss Malaysia pegeant 2006 and what are the rules and regulation.?
how do i get make-up and spray on tan out of a wedding dress can anyone recemend a cleaner that may help?
Which pic looks prettier ? ( pics)?
Starting salary for beauty therapist?
what do you think when you see someone with severe acne?
ok so im 14 should i do this or not?
how old does this chick look? and rate her 1 to 10?
Would you date me based on looks?
Why is your idea of exotic?
why can a woman wear mens clothes without problems but man cant wear womens clothes without getting hasseled?
How would I look with light eyes?
Whats the best store to buy upper bath salts online?
Girls how attractive am I to you?
Want to Change my looks HELP!?
Which dress do you like better on me? (Pics) For prom/formal?
What should i wear with this?
Do my jeans looks too feminine on me?
What style of nail would you call each of these that rihanna has. like i mean square tip acrylico tips somethn?
What do you look like?
Guys: Are freckles ugly?
How many showers do you take in one week?
which nail colour is HOT, and which one is NOT, and why?
Do we really look alike? w/pic?
What would you call kylie jenner's style?
what is the best look for a beauty pagent?
Canyou Please help me to do this? I am looking for the best suggetion. Young girls can help me?
Who's prettier? Picccc.?
Girls, would you wear this dress for a night out?
Do you girls like it when a guy wears a chain around his neck?
Where can I get Deneuve fragrance?
is she prettyy , OPEN?
Black vs. White?
Am I model material? What do ya think?
Do my boyfriend and I look alike? (Picture)?
What should your personality be like if your friendly?
So ladies what do you think... Pics?
What color are my eyes?
What kind of nail polish last the longest under water?
which girl like her toe nails to be cut and polish by a guy?
What is the difference between a Sexy, or Cute, or Pretty Girl?
Do you like this dress?
how much is the charlotte russe perfume?
Quick survey for women!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Do I need L or XL trunks for 32 waist?
Good enough to wear shorts?? (Pic Included)?
what would you call this hairstyle?
On a scale of 1-10.....?
Help! How can I dress better and how can I be noticed as a fashionable girl?
im really not popular at all! how can i change that?
Esthetics Schools in LA county????
Could i model?
How to cover up self harm scars?
What type of underwear can i wear under a silk dress so it will not show any underwear lines?
Eye surgery?
What should I wear to a decades dance ?
Will it be ok if i could wear a size 32a but im a size 30a?
Why are some watches so expensive, i mean they just tell time right...?
how do i use glitter acrylic?
How to look/dress like shawn johnson?tips?
Can You Please Be TOTALLY HONEST And Rate Me?
Does any one on here watch what not to wear?
how tall do i look? (pictures)?
where is a good place to get bras besides victoria secret?
Who thinks the way british woman talk is Sexxy?
Can you please tell my my facial shape (measurements)?
i am right handed and find it hard to cut my nails with my left hand.any tips?
what are retainers for piercings used for?
This dress, yes or no?
What hairstyles would look good on me?
What re your thoughts on this picture of me!?
can a friend learn me to do massage for the public?
Do guys like green eyes?
Girl Help!!!!!NO GUYS PLEASE!!!!!!!!?
my name is sandhya and my birth date is 03 may 1987 on Sunday at 2:30 pm so plz tell me my rashi?
Which fashion "nickname" sounds the best?
How do I shrink my shorts so that they wont be so baggy?
Guys, what is your favorite smell or perfume on a woman?
Weight loss?
Are 16G Eyebrow Piercings The Same As 16G Lip Piercings?
sunbeds once a month?
wedding dress?
What perfume should I buy?
what do you think of brown eyes?
what is best to clean silver jewellery with?
Beauty in general for tomorrow? What should I do?
Can a licensed esthetician go back to school to get a cosmetology or hair license?
What Do You Think....?
Any ideas for hairdresser birthday?
is 14 to young to go to a tanning salon?
what is the best spa treatment you've ever had?
Do you wear these feathers all together?
For teenage girls, do you like these on guys?
Do I have any potential to be a model? (pics) [10 pnts]?
what top could i wear with these boots?
Does anyone know if you can put a retainer in a vertical lebret piercing? If so, what kind?
Give me the best lotion or cream.?
is any body on answers 12 yearsold?
if you were to get nails at the nail salon, would you get acrylic or gel nails? why ?
Girls rate me? I cut my hair and I don't like my new look...?
If you pluck your eyebrows do they grow back thicker?
Are epsom salts and bath salts the same?
Is this bad for your nails?
does he like me?? EASy points?
ugly, average, or pretty?
How long does homemade sugar wax last when stored?
should i ask my cousin to marry me?
what can i do to look like a slut?
Gauging my ears help...?
For guys: How musch does it really matter what a girl wears?
do you think im pretty enough to be a model?
how do i look??? picturessss?
what is the best way to get a girl?
How can you have instant clean long nails?
Do you think that she's pretty?
Is there any way I can make my nails wide and short?
Would we look good together? (PICTURES)?
Rate this girl. PICS!!?
I am ugly.WHY????!!!!?!!!?
which one of us is the prettiest?
Ladies, What is the latest fashion trend concerning the best length for a woman's fingernails?
Do I look different ? (pic)?
Can anyone spare a Glad bag full of...?
How old do I loook in this picture?
Do I look better with or without a septum piercing (pics)?
which is more warmer tights or pantyhose?
What do you think is the sexiest kind of underwear a woman can wear?
Models on the lads mags covers being used as sex objects or are the models using their bodies to domineer men?
what causes people to become crosseyed?
how do you think i look(pictures)?
I will give me crush a note and it will say ---------? You fill in the blank for me i am clueless!!!?
Who is the prettiest?
I have pale skin and am looking for a good bronzer .Any sugestions?
Does anyone have any "at-home" spa treatments that really help?
Does anyone know of a great site for haircut photos.?
My jeans have rubbed off on my Vera Bradley satchel. Should I wash it?
ladies Hugo Boss Bottled vs. Calvin Klein Truth for men...which fragrance is better?
am i pretty?, rate me. i hope i dont sound vain, its just that...?
I am looking for a cologne by the name of Jade East. I know they still make it but don"t know where to buy it
Hair Extensions: Questions From A Beginner! Help!?
are there any other products like the trojan vibrating ring that can be used for sex?
wht shoes r these? thanks so much for helping.?
Loose bra straps (guys and girls - help)?
Any you girls out there obsessed with your looks ?
Ladies only Serious answers only?
how do i look?good bad any tips?
How can I make my hair go over my eye using extensions?
Which pic of me is best?
Do you think I'm ugly? People say I am, and it's getting me down..?
where can i find babyphat in los angeles?
Joesoef Skin Care Line?
What's your favorite dessert?
i need a cream that will moisturise my skin and make my black shinny?
Guys do you prefer curvy or skinny girls?
Should you put moisturizer on after washing off a face mask?
How can i get my sexy uncle to notice me?
I want to be pretty so bad :(?
It's your preference.................?
What does it mean to go "commando"?
which girl is prettier?
I feel so boring...?
is this picture gross? of me?
Do u girls like the five o clock shadow and stubble on guys?
What is Shakira's E-mail?
Good Aveeno moisturizers for dry skin? would using a regular body lotion be fine?
Looking for the best clothing tips..can you tell me..?
Best way to peirce your own ears?
what is Paul mitchell the schools orientation like?
Acrylic Nails?
Do you think people with several piercings look cheap?
how to make a ring like this?
Don't these legs look unnaturally long? (picture)?
Please help with this Proactive problem?
how long does it takes for a chin piercing to heal?
I was brunette now I am blonde..which one looks better? (PICS)?
Should I keep the beard?
HI!!Did someone know the perfume vintage'by Blumarine?
Prom Help [Pics && 10 points!]?
What is the sexiest part of a woman's body?
What color should i paint my nails? (help, im bored >.<)?
Could I model? [Pic included]?
where can i get these boots?
i want to be pretty (beauty)?
Which is More Pretty out of these ( Pics Incl. )?
What would you guess my weight is in this photo?
What face shape do i have?
how high do shoe sizes go?
what do you think of the name Elizabeth?
Which of these two sweater cuts is cuter?
how come we get gunk in our eyes?
have u seen ring the alarm? by byonce.?
what can i do differently to my hair to make it look pretty?
what color contacts would look good on me?? (PIC!)?
How do I get into modeling?
What's the best method for washing clothes?
schools starting soon..nd i needa change..?
How do I change my image?
How would i get this guy to like me?
Do you think I am pretty?
How do you tell what shape face you have?
How do I stuff my bra without anyone knowing? Or what can I use?
Can I wear built in bras instead of bras..?
Do contacts hurt your eyes?
why is when a girl likes a guy she don't tell him..????
Which picture is better?
likes and dislikes??? hmm?
How old do I look....?
What should I wear at my dance?
honeslty do you think I'm chubby?
How to become a supermodel?
Am I crazy or?
I never feel handsome but people always tell me i am. Any confidence boosters?
I need something steamy to write in a letter?
Popular perfume brands?
whats the ad for dolce and gabbana light blue perfume for women>?
How do you tell a friend that they smell real bad?
Wealth or good looks?
how can i get rid of my terrible dark circles around my eyes?
Is there a homemade solution to remove gum from shoes?
I noticed today that I might be getting a small unibrow. How can I prevent a unibrow for good, without shaving
Girls - would these boots look good on a man?
what shoes, makeup, hair would you wear with this dress?
is it good to have more shirts or pants?
do you think she is pretty?
Does anybody know what website I can go to so that I can find see thru clear bapes?
Great body, or great face?
who is the hotest girl avatar?
Cosmetology... thoughts?
What name suits this girl best?
Which of these guys is sexier?
What color are my eyes? And what shape would you call them?
What's the difference between bad looks and bad features. What works the most against turning on women..?
Whos prettier???????????
how can i wear black w/o looking emo when my hair is black?
UGH. Im ugly, how do I look better to attract a CUTE boy I like.?
is lasik an option for someone with astigmatism?
How do you feel about drawen on eyebrows?
How do I make my butt longer?
What kind of nailpolish are you wearing right now?
How would you start a modeling career?
Do guys really go for girls without makeup?
Does the shower tan work?
Tell me what you think?
GIRLS......a guy needs some help ....plz!!!?
Brow piercing infected?
What to wear to an interview with tattoo ?
I need advice?? Could I make it?
How to propossed a girl friend if she is angry on u?
Whats a good vintage/indie/retro clothing store in Canada?
Should I paint my nails a French manicure or a design ?:)?
What are some good formal nail art ideas?
.s! which name is better for blonde hair businessman?
What is the difference between the body lotion & body cream, shower gel & body wash at bath & body works?
What would be a good outfit and makeup to wear too knotts berry farm? PLEASE ANSWER:)?
i want to omit girls so that i can study now and be with girls after how will i do that?
Do you think I could model???pic!!?
Do I look like a man?
Makeover???!!? (pics)?
What are some unique piercings, I have some ideas but I need opinions?
is this a good/bad pic?
Am I wrong for this?
I can't get a job because I'm ugly? :( how to change that?
What is beauty really? Explain.?
Do girls fart on a sleepover?
Is a beard an solution for my weak jaw line?
in your opinion, how should a 14 year old girl dress?
Critique me please...?
the importance of personal conduct in a beauty salon?
How to improve my looks? please help!?
Do my teeth look symmetrical/white enough?
Left handed ink problem?
Nail Growth?
what do you think of her? 1-10?
Am i pretty or ugly and Do you think I need a nose job?
What would you rate meee? =)?
Eyelash glue to create a mono lid?
how do u make ur own website?
whats a really good gift idea to get a 14 year old girl who is kinda girly for her birthday?
how do i make my perfume last on me all day? (10 points for best answer)?
Do I really look Asian ???
Guys and girls rate my friend(: (pics)?
What Flaws DO You See?
what nationality would you guess that i am?
Be Honest!!!!!!(pic included)?
Is this outfit suited for Homecoming 2012?
Beautiful Much?Pretty Lady.?
How do I get my avatar to sub for my picture on mysapce?
Im not pretty at all?
How much should I charge for modeling?
My face is killing me!!!!!!!?
How can you tell if a girl finds u attractive?
Okay, so I have a lot of cheap costume jewelry. And I love it all. But it's not hypo-allergenic.?
What's beautiful to you?
How to attract boys in a gud ,descent way towards us though we may not b fair or very much beautiful?
Is my friend pretty, average or ugly?
Who do you think is the most gorgeous guy ever?
Where can i buy a banded dress?
Do yu think i could make it as a model ?
The Prestige? Helpppp?
what could i wear to a party?
what colour top can i wear with this hollister blue sweats?
Acyrilic Nails?
Do you think it's ok for women over 30 to wear bikinis?
What's with the "do you think I'm pretty/attractive" questions?
lol. they say i look scene? I BEG TO DISAGREE!!!?
Skin problems below my mouth??
What length and color?
Never had a group of girlfriends...did I miss anything?
Is there a free website that allows you to,?
What color are your nails painted?
if i buy oversized skinny jeans, will they look like normal jeans?
POLL: How long does it take you to get ready in the morning (PLEASE READ INSIDE!)?
Could a guy wear this necklace?
Do you think she's pretty?
why is it women are so bitchy with other women?
Do you think I am pretty ?
how should i do my hair, makeup and nails?
help!. disney costume ideas??!?
I'm a guy and I have really feminine eyebrows. Should I do something about it?
how many a month or week do you spend on supplies?
Should I get a side fringe or stay without?
Will my nails turn color if i get a spray tan?
How would you decorate a room if you wanted it to be relaxing?
How can I fix my eyebrows?
suggestion for bridal makeover n latest hair styles whether to go for rebonding or curls?
Ugg flip flops smell?
Would you wear a beanie in 66 degree weather?
I am a straight normal man who likes to wear bras. What do you think about this?
Who do you think is the most beautiful woman in the world?
Are there any men who don't like this body type?
Do I look like Victoria Justice (Lola from Zoey 101)?
can you tell me where to find body shop highlight?
I hear deer placenta is a great ingredient for beauty - can you tell me more about it?
Question About Bikini Line?
what tipe of computer course can help you after beautician course?
Would you rather be supercute or beautiful?
Does his earring make him look hot?
How to cut another hand;s nails?
if i have acrylic nails done and im going for a refill can i do pink and white?
Is this dress evening wear?
GIRLS: do you prefer long hair or short hair on guys?
Is it possible to buy a corrset? Can you make them? Why did they go away?
Does my new haircut look good?
Who is prettier, mi or the other gurl? (with pictures that every1 should be able to see now)?
What size am I in Abercrombie Kids?
Which nail color is your favorite?
who is concieated?
How to get proper dimples?
Girls, do you find this, hot, cute, or not andd.... why?
What kind of sexy poses can i do with my nylon down jacket?
How do I make my chin curve outwards like a cleft?
Names and faces? What do our names look like?
Can brown eyes be pretty?
Ok so tonight something going down and i need help!!!!!!!?
Which color Columbia jacket should I get?
Whats in your purse or bag?
If the temperature is 59 degrees fahrenheit, what should I wear?
Do you like my name?
im i pretty? be honest picture included?
Do I look like a celebrity?
Why I hate H&m , although they have some really nice clothes ?
help with emo/scene razor haircut?
How old do I look. (pic included) ?
for anybody that has a cosmetology license?
What Color Are These Eyes?
which coat looks better?
How would you rate yourself?
Is a 4 oz tube very small?
what the quickest way to get a boob job?
I'm not beautiful?
Am I an attractive guy?
Gem part of belly ring sticking out?
Rate me please.. 1-10?
Two big questions about Lace Fronts?
Which pictures should I put in my modeling portfolio?
How old do I look(gdfhfdfdfd)?
what bangs/ hairstyle can i get to look more mature?
How do I get more of a butt?
Is this girl pretty? Rate 1-10?
How do you walk in stilettos without scraping the tip of the heel off?
What would you rate me on a scale of 1 - 10 (picture inside)?
Do you have to be pretty to be poular?
Is this bathing suit sexy enough!?
What is a situation where someone boycotted a corporation that encouraged unhealthy body images?
Do I have a big nose?
Girls...if your friend told you he was a crossdresser, would you help him with his clothes, hair, and makeup?
Beauty secrets by madhuri products?
Could I be a model? Curious.?
Is leah a horrible name? YESSSS!!!!!!?
i have a freind and she is not talking to me no more what should i do?she is not talking to me no more!?
what do think of my mom?
What do girls look for in guys?
how can i look good in school?
How should my glogster look like for my project for school?