Is it weird to wear a sweater in 100 degree weather?
What ethnicity do you think I am?
what is our best feature?
What is your first impression...?
Do i remind you of any celebrity?
Should I get a nose stud or hoop? *pictures*?
I'm artistic crafty I should say..I want to be able to work from home and make money any suggestions?
Do I look alright without make-up?
Model, Do I have any potential as a model?
would i look good as a thug
How old Does she look?
What should I wear with this?
new hair. does it work for me? (pics)?
where can i get estelle vendomes perfume"just girl/infinite pleasure in mumbai, India?
Which dress is the prettiest?
why do girls wears wear thongs?
What is your first impression?
am i too dark?? (pics)?
Guys, is there anything wrong with the way I look?
What does bleu de chanel smell like?
Are heated eyelash curlers any good?
What do boobs look like?
What atrracts you????????♥?
Only for girls...?
Should I wear this dress to AF graduation?
is she attractive or ugly?
do u know of any places u can rent room for a party for danceing in michigan by commerce twp. or farther away.
what is your favorite bath bomb and bath soap?
Easy 10 points!? Which of these tankinis would look best?
Hey, hope you guys are doing great. I always have a problem during my shaving. The problem is when i shave my?
What's the best cream to use to minimize scarring?
does anyone truthfully know a great plastic surgeon in the toronto, canada area?
Ok please be helpful i want skin whitening tips&how 2 remove those ugly dark circles????
how is fashion industry better than jewelry industry?
Ladies - what size shoe do you wear?
do you think this guy is good looking?
Where can you buy an epilator for pubic hair removal?
How can I make a manicure really last beyond it's expiration date?
Am I pretty? I don't think I am.?
Can you get twill shorts hemmed?
I need a new M name. ?
What can I do to become more pretty? [pics icluded]?
What color Homecoming dress would look good on me? *Pictures*?
LaUra Flynboil or whatever her name is weight !?
if i was kajwan would i change my name to kayjuwana or skit?
Which dress do you like the best.?
Which Bath and bodyworks scent is better and why? MOONLIGHT PATH or SWEET PEA?
how do i tell my mom i need a cup size bra!?
i'm having a party in a few hours, anyone have a CUTE hairstyle?
Trying to Convert to Thong Underwear?
Is my new figure good enough for my costume?
Which one should be made into a poster?
How do you like a girl ? With or Without 'makeup' ?
biit random, but whos prettier in your opinion?
How fast before hair grows back after waxing?
Is it wierd...??
HELP!! Hair styling tips?
Do I look bad with braces (pic)???
would you classify me as beautiful?
really want to model, do i have the potential?
Can I use hot wax, or Nair, to remove hairs on my Siberian Husky's stomach?
how long do magnet earrings last?
my name is sandhya and my birth date is 03 may 1987 on Sunday at 2:30 pm so plz tell me my rashi?
GUYS HELP !!! My nose....?
People with stretch marks?
What color contacts do you think i should get?
I need help with my......?
What is a normal price range for eybrow waxing, deep cleaning facial, and a manicure?
What should I wear?(Read description)?
what do you think of me?
Shoe size conversions: womens to kids?
How do I become fair?
what is the meaning of life?
What do you do if your girlfriend is taller than you?
Do you prefer tall or short people?
know any good sites were people can rate you on your looks?
Why do it take so long for womens to dress?
shall i get a monroe piercing - here is a picture of me :?
How do you hide scars at face??
honestly i really want to know?
What do you think of her looks? (pics)?
What is that "Blue Liquid" made of that you see in hair salons and barber shops?
perfumes whats nice?
Going to Spa.. What to wear?
Agyness Deyn???
so the top part of my nail kinda got ripped off?
Is this a good height and weight for my age...?
Rate me???
Is the greaser look hot for girls?
French Knickers, Thongs...What do men really prefer?
Are mohawks attractive on guys?
When a shampoo bottle says 'for straight hair' does it mean for the person who has straight hair or the person
Am I ugly?????????????????????????????
Should I go into modeling?
looking new hair styles that works for long hair?
What do guys really think of girls who get their nails done (i.e. artificial nails)?
i am becoming more emo. what should i dress like and stuff?
What do you think off my looks? I'm just wondering?
what piercings do you have?
Would putting this on my eyebrows help them grow in faster?
looking for bookstore that accepts paypal for payments?
Where should I find a Batmitzvah dress?
People that have piercings?
Do You Think That This Girl Is Pretty ?
Should i try shaving below? and if so should i shave it all off?! or wax?
Is this Facial Hair Hot?
how come mixed race peoples skin color seems to change a lot?
What is site modeling?
what can I do to make my face look cooler? (structure of face, skin, etc.. cosmetic surgery?)?
Do i have any attractive facial features that stands out ?
pink blazer outfits ? help.?
How can i stop the addiction of biting my nails?
Girls with greasy (looking) hair......?
did i look better as a kid or now
im wanting to get a facial piercing?
I'm 16 and I'm not allow to pluck my eyebrows?
Bras, bras, and more bras! ?
What color prom dress would look better on me? Magenta or Turquoise?
cap to my perfume broke?
Manicures and Pedicures?
How do I get cuter?
Are my measurements okay?
can a heavy breast girl wears fancy bras????
I need some ideas for a homecoming hair-style and make-up?
How would you say that you look sexy,hot,beautiful,muscular,or just down right ugly!?
Do you think I could try blond hair? *pic*?
Do my feather earrings look ok?
What heritage do I look to be?
Halloween costume ideas?!!?
What do you think of me (with pic)?
website of kolkata tilottama?
What do most guys prefere.?
Where can I buy tha nice suit?
What would look cute with this jacket?
Why are popular people SO perfect ALL THE TIME?!?!?
How can i look latina?
What are the current fashion trends for 18 years of age? (Winter & Fall)?
What do you think of as attractive in women?
Is there a web site that features Black models. Like a tear sheet of all the models, who are Black.?
Do you like this prom dress? I LOVE it!!!?
do you think shes cute?
Are these Mac pigments real?
disco tomorro friday!?
what should i wear........................?
Men look better with their chest waxed/semi-waxed/hairy?
What are you wearing this three day weekend?
wich girl is prettier out of these 3 .
is ck one still considered to be unisex perfume?
Do you think I'm ok looking?
do i look too old for my age?
What causes uneven nail surface?
What is your first impression of this guy (pic)?
facial mask????
What do you think of this picture?
Am I barely pretty or not at all?
What would be a great haircut for a oblong face? (PIC included)?
Question about purity rings.?
I have a wake to go to today?
Hello girls, need ur help ;)x?
Whats your favorite eyecolor?
could i model? please answer?
do u think mahlagha jaberi is beautiful?
Girls do you think this guy is attractive in a weird sort of way?
Dickies khaki skinny uniform pants?
not to be a freak......but guys wat kinda piercings do u want on ur girl?
Tramp Stamps: If You Have One, Are You a Stripper, Gogo Girl...?
How do I change my image?
Most white girls I see have pretty skin, all i wanted to know is what kind of products do you use?
Which Bangs look better?
Where can I buy a Similar jacket like this one?
GIRLS ONLY whats in style this year?
Who's prettier? the blonde or brunette?
help me find a HAIRSTYLEEE(:?
Girls...why do you like being a girl?
for the guys to answer do you like girls with lip percings i'm going to get one?
Which haircut should I get?
Am I attractive? How attractive?? Honest opinions please...?
Why am I so stunningly good looking?
blondes or brunettes?
Compare these two girls?
How to look my best in a bikini?
Which looks CUTER?
How do I grow my nails?
I need a website that has cute cartilage studs.?
Which is the best looking of these three?
why can't I find menthol shave cream anymore ?
Do you think im pretty? What can i improve on? Pic?
Is there a bra that would make a person look like they have bigger breasts?
How can I improve my appearance? pic included?
Is lilbec the cutest little aussie youve ever seen....?
do i look ugly?!?
What do you think of me(pictures)?
I wanted to buy a pair of Levi's sykes cargoes. Now i wanna know whether it is for women or not?
I hate that my arms look so gross and ugly?
What kind of person do I look like?
Why do all teen girls look the same!!!?
How to stop biting my nails ?
Prettiest in this picture?
What are some good shoe store online? Not to expensive?
GIRLS:How tall are you?
How old do I look? (with pics)?
Should i let my girlfriend shape my eyebrows and wax my legs?
I have wrinkle between my eyebrows. What is a good cream that I can purchase to decrease the wrinkle.?
Nail help?!!???!!!!?!!!?
What site to look up one guy one cup?
I beleive us men could actually pick nicer clothes out for you ladied if you let us!what do you think?
What do you wear when you go to an amusement park?
are we a cute couple??(pic)?
Why are african girls known as ugly girls?
I have a friend that needs help its about her boyfriend, she thinks he is with another girl ? GIRLS ONLY?
Where can I find the hottest modeling agencies in the Minneapolis/St.Paul, Minnesota area?
How to be classy and lady like but a little sexy ?
Does my nose look big to you and do do I look like an oger?
How to make a website like Sugarscape?
Am i pretty?
How old do I look approximately?
Does anyone else HATE their name?
Do i look what age> ?
How do I look and how does my friend look?
am i a healthy weight/size?
how to tell my mum i want to wear padded bras?
Do you think that I'm fat? Be honest?
Freckles : Good or Bad?
random girls questions...looooong survey?
What do you prefer? BOYS!!!?
One side of my face ugly?
OMG!!! does this look ok??
What can you do to make your nails strong and help prevent chipping?
im 16 how can i look more my age??
In what part of the body .....?
Who is this girl? Does anyone know her name?!?
For those in the field of medicine, what path should I take? (easy 10!)?
how does one feel beautiful?
Teen guy clothing?
Do you think too skinny?(pic)?
Who is the girl in the image???plz help ...
What color eyes do i have?? I swear i really cant tell what color this is? help?
Do guys hate a lot of makeup on a girl?
I don't know if I would ne pretty enough to be a model?
truthfully. what do i look like ?
REDHEAD GIRLS: How would you describe yourself?
Am I at least OK looking :/?
What haircut should I get?(photos)?
I heard there was a website that predicts how ur kids will look. If u have a pic of u and ur hubby?
How old does my wife look, honesty please flattery gets you no where!!!!?
girls, how long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
am i good looking? (pictures)?
Is it feminine to get your eyebrows done?
Does Jergens Natural Glow Moisturizer work?
which outfit do you like better?
Good comeback for someone with bushy eyebrows?
why cant i lose weight... pics?
Which should I choose to buy?
your opinion on piercings at 14?
which picture should be my default?
When i take out my starter earrings, its really hard to push new ones through most of the time?
What Color are these Lips?(pictures)?
GIRLS ONLY!!! Do you think a guy looks sexy on a...?
So how did girls back then deal with period?
Where in Mumbai Can I get my T-shirts printed with personalised Messages?
Ladies, please answer my question! (Spray tan for very pale girl)?
I am not so cool what do I do????????
Do Chicks Like Hairy Guys?
What are size 34D cups suppose to look like?
When I like a girl and she doesnt know I like her how do I tell her?
is jc penny jewerly good, or does it turn all crusty and ugly after a while?
Do you think I could do fashion modeling?
can you use lotion/cream instead of aftershave?
AM i strange looking??
Why does Caged_bird88's avatar look just like mine? Have you found your twin avatar?
Is tinted moisturizer okay for a 12 year old girl?
Best contact lenses?
How pretty is this girl?
Would I look good with this haircut?
whos prettier?
I spend how much a month on my beauty needs?
As of right now are you wearing shoes, socks or are you barefoot?
Which Levi's jeans has the lowest rise?
Which dress is more beautiful and why?
Why does my Forever 21 shopping bag have "John 3:16" printed on the bottom??
Dress for the curvy girl?
can anybody tell me how can i lose weight overweight?
is my 'look' good for modeling?
Longchamp Le Pliage: Navy or Red?
whatever happened to april wayne? Model from the 80s?
Where do i go to get cheap pageant crowns and sashes?
white women trying to look black?
is this normal weight?
what does...?
do you think iam to skinny? honestly?
If you have a Hair Weave, whats a good product to use to keep curls in it without them becoming frizzy?
is my gift box for a co-worker appropriate (earthling/angel)?
do girls in high school...?
Seventen mag.?In Beauty, The 17 Look, for a wild look, what color blush should you sweep onto your apples?
how would you describe this girls style?
DO you have the balls to be unique??
Are my looks the reason I cant get a boy?
Ok.. am I really that..?
Doxycycline making me break out ?
How does this look? help pleaseeee?
Which Crest WhiteStrips to use?
Is this an attractive body? Like boys do you think this is hot? Do I look thin?
waxin help needed plz?
Survey for teen girls?
Any ideas for one month anniversary ?
how can i get into the modelling industry?
Anyone ever wear "Crazy Age" jeans?
which girl is the prettiest?
Guys: Do you like girls with curly hair or straight hair?...Pick 1 only......?
Orlando Bloom, Garrett Hedlund, Tyson Ritter, Johnny Depp, or Butch Walker?
What Should I Wear to U.S. Navy Homecoming?
Why Do Black Women Never Seem To Win Beauty Pagents?
do you think i could be a model?
how do i get an avator up?
Ladies: What can I change to look older/better?
Who's prettier?
why do people think the girl in the pink shirt with the white jacket is the prettiest?
can different mirrors and lighting change your reflection?
Do I look OLD? What age?
who looks betta bow wow or chris brown?
on a scale of 1-10 how bad does it hurt to get your eyebrows waxed?
Am i pretty? What do you think of this picture?
Is it manly or feminine for a man to get a manicure?
who has the best face in the world?
I want to be a model. help?!?
Do you think my friend wants me to be FAT!?
How do i get a nice high arch in my eyebrow?
help pleaaaaaaaaase!?
really want to model, do i have the potential?
do i look pretty to you?
am i too overweight to be modeling? do i have unique looks?
how often should i get a pedicure?
Making your baby girl more beautiful...?
What does it mean when a guy stares at your butt?
before or after better?
How can I accept that I'm ugly?
do you prefer emo's or surfers?
Can I make my smile better?
What do you stick to fabric to make it more rigid?
Does any know of a good and honest modeling and taleng agency for kids under five in california?
CUTE, HOT or NOT?!(Pic)?
what are the chamicals to make copper&brass polish powder?
How do girls dress at your school?
Fashion career help please?
How to Get Good nails From Bitten Nails?
Why do girls always put there pics on here??!!?
Stidex Day & Night Cleaner?
How long will it take a toe nail to grow out completely?
How can I improve? [pics]?
how much do chanel hangbags usually cost?
Who else is a gay american?
How much would you rate me out of 10?
how can i look good in school?
I am wearing a black prom dress, what colour nails would be nice :)?
Do you notice the difference? (Weightloss)?
Do you think im pretty? What could i improve on? PIC?
a question for the ladies?
do you have a recommendation for a mens electric shaver that is not outrageously expensive but will hold up? ?
I really hate pimples!!its everywhere on my face!!help me to reduce it pls.?
guys is this girl is attractive?
be skinny...and still beautiful!?
One side of my face ugly?
Is it possible to not have a "myself"?
guys- how does the perfect girl looks like?
What name do I look like?
Hey, please take a look at my picture and tell me what you think?
I really HATE my name! HELP ME!?
At what age should a woman stop wearing a bikini?
would i look good as a brunette ?!?
Has anyone ever bought shower gel which turned from gel to liquid within weeks?
what would you think if you saw a guy wearing this jacket?
eyebrow waxing?
Long lasting body spray for girl? ?
Nail art..... Acrylic paints?
do i have a big nose?
PICSS.. Would my hair look good like.....ect?
What to name a heath club?
i have a regular earring if i stretch it to an 18 gauge can i still wear a 20 gauge stud?
do you think they are pretty? 1-10. 1 guy, and 3 different girls. pics inside.?
Please give me some tips on modelling?
where can i buy american logger style boots in the uk?
Who is Prettier??? Me -or- Her?
How to be pretty when I think I'm not?
Who else is sick of people posting pictures on here asking if they are pretty or not?
Is Crystal (kristall) salt the same as sea salt?
What size jeans do you girls wear?
Would this be mean!? RELATIONSHIP TRIANGLE!!!?
Don't you agree that spandex should be outlawed to make the world more attractive?
Waxing or shaving legs?
Girls Only: do you prefer being called cute or beautiful?
Best looking girl in the world? (UR OPINION!)?
where can i find a decent salon for men in bangalore?
pennys unique boutique?
help! which car should i gettt? ( pics )?
Do I look better with blonde or brown hair?
Where & when is it best to wear this?
Do children mind wearing a salon cape when you put one on them?
help me about blogspot?
Where can i get nail stripers?
Girls ; suggest some hairstyle that will make me look more GOOD looking ?
What should I wear with this dress?
how does my avatar look?
Any tips on how to look older lol?
are women or men cheaters???
Gymnastics questions help?
Gel nails- cancerous ?
I'm tan and I want to dye my hair dark deep red?
What do you guys think of
Can anyone please make me an outfit on polyvore for school?
what do you think of me? rate from 1-10;)?
how to talk to him without looking like an idiot? 10 points and easy?
Why is it dangerous to put pastel chalk on your lips?
Do You......?
I have very dry skin on my face. I use face lotion everyday and it does not help. What should i do?
What girl in prettier, the one in glasses, or not?
who is the hottest girl?
No self-confidence any more. i feel so ugly.?
Help Me Quit Nail Biting!?
Girls Only Please = )?
How do I make my stinky flats smell better?
Am i over weight, or what?
Whats in fashion right now? For grade 7 girl?
Do you think I can model?
All the guys are crazy about me. What can I do?
What can I do to gain weight?
Where can I buy mini shampoo and lotion in bulk?
Could I Be a Fashion Model?
is this a good Groupon deal?
girls..whats the best style for black guys?
How to comment on this on facebook (super easy)?
Girls Please Rate me from 1 to 10 And my Kitten:D?
Guys with an earring hot or not?
Why exactly do I look like a "mean girl"?
Am I Ugly? Please Say If I am or Not?
do i look like...?
What are people's opinion on plastic surgery?
How can I look more androgynous but still have long hair?
HAIR && MAKEUP ARTIST >>> plz help me?
whats ur opinion about fashion................?
do girls smell their own feet?
What is Bikini Waxing?
GIRLS: How tall are you?
Are my legs disgusting?
how could i improve my looks?
Why haven't they come out with Hunger Games costumes? 10 points!?
since everyone else is i pretty? haha:)?
Why do my eyes always look droopy in photos but not in the mirror.....?
Do any of these pictures look good?
Which picture do you like the best?
whats the best type of wax to use?
why are bigger ladies calling their bodies curvy?
when was the last time you pooped?
How should I wear my make up next saturday?
does beauty and being skinny such a big deal?
Question about nails hints/tips?
i'm curious, what do you think??
I want to get my outtie belly button peirced but i want the ring to cover the actual outtie part...?
What Can I Do To Get A Tan ?!?
how can i get back to my original skin tone?
Watch the video of this girl?
what picture do you like best?
How do you get rid of the dirty stuff in your nails?
Does anyone think braces are cute?!?
Who does the girl in this drawing look like?
Which bikini should I buy? (pics)?
which dress is prettier? i want to get one...?
How to make myself more attractive to guys?
WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME? I can't stop comparing myself to other Women!?
Would he even be into a girl like me.?
do i have model potential?
do you think i'm pretty?
does any one else hate how so many teenage girls worship fashion magazines?
Being a model?? Would I be able too?
Does anybody know where adio shoes are sold (in a nationwide store, example:target)?
What do you think of..?
Is this girl really THAT pretty?
Am i cute? A little? What are the problems of my face?
can a guy have the name Kaitlyn?
Help! Which color should I get this dress in?
Do you think these jeans are cool.,?
are you pretty when you cry?
Do I really look that much like Taylor Swift?
Does any one on here watch what not to wear?
How old do you think this guy looks?
Whats the best Base and Top Coat Nail Polish?
any good tips for brittle nails?
Which swimsuit do you like best? (pics)?
Will i loose any weight on this diet.............?!?
do you like the way i look?
Which prom dress do you like more?
i was wondering if any one out there no how to design the background of your picture..........?
Am I really just that ugly?
jacques grenel perfumes-one named majorca-trying to find!?
Bath and body works best scent?
Stereotype her?
What do u think of me?
which loreal paris product should i prefer to bring glow on my face?
Is there a connection between appearance and success? If so, what?
Why am I being told I look like a comic book character?
what is the difference between sandals and slip ons.?
I need help loosing weight?
Which of These Colognes Would You Get?
Where can I find One Soles in St Louis MO?
Who's the hottest celebrity to you?
where can i buy cheap buy cheap/fake clothing like clavin klein good makes like that?
What's the thing you put an engagement ring in?
Should I lose 10 pounds??? *EASY 10 POINTS* :)?
Who is the most beautiful celebrity in your opinion?
Which one is prettier and why?
what parts of a man's body do women find attractive?
How is it like having a purity ring?
does anyone know where i can get a cheap blonde wig other than at Wal-Mart?
Has anyone ever tried the California Beauty Slim and Lift?
hey! im a thing girl ....?
Do i look better with braces or without?
Guys please rate me?
does the girl in this picture look like a model?
Girls....what things do you do that make you feel girly?
Acrylic paint/glass paint for nails?
What do you rate yourself?
Can you tell me if im pretty and how i can improve myself please?
What do u think of cheerleaders?
i want to go for face surgery, READ BELOW?
OMG why dont people upload/take normal pictures of themsevels anymore?
HairStyle For Me That I Could Do To Impress This Guy..?
does my portfolio look weird?
how to look a bit older ?
What do you think of fair complextion, alburn hair, with green eyes?
make my sunburn GO AWAY!?
To tan or not to tan, that is the question.?
OMG... Can you help my little sister?!!!!?
Why do some girls have nasty attitudes to tall girls and vice versa?
Rate me 1-10 (pics included)?
how does she?
which picture do you like better?
I want to turn girly-er? *Please Read, i'll be your best friend forever**?
Do you wear VS pink as loungewear or do you wear it out?
what chest binder do you use?
How can you tell if you are pretty?
I am good looking or not? be honest and say the truth (pictures inside)?
I had a pair of black diamond earrings given to me.They are approx. 50-60 years old.What would they be worth?
When you get your ears peirced, does it hurt?
Is this corset too much?.?
classic question?
any experts out there on skintone? I drive myself crazy trying to figure this out!?
Why are people afraid of goths? Like really awnserit its a esey 2 OR 10 Points.?
Do I have a high fashion model body?
What is a really good name for a new manicure shop?
is beauty objective or subjective?
Boys, I need YOUR help. Or girls can help to!?
GIRLS - Poll on What Makes A Guy Hot?
are there any asian beauty stores in MA?
Could I glamour model?
Are hazel eyes pretty?
Girls,if your guy has more clothes than you,would you feel like a crap?
on the scale of one to ten, where do these people rank?
How can i stop biting my nails!?
How can I be BEAUTIFUL and not HOT? (1. guys only 2. guys and girls)?
what is cuticle scissors? nail brushes? Pushers? Nail bleaches? Nail Whiteners? Massage cream?Cuticle remover?
I am a guy who is straight but wants to get a french manicure, and pedicure. Would that be gay? Or Hot?
Brother lost bet has to dress like girl!?
Pleasd help!!!! what color contacts should i get?
HEYY !! plz help with my hair im mixed blck and white?
i want a spell to make me pretty?
Girls,what do you think of these heights for men(10 points)?
What should I do for homecoming shoes and nails?
i have a unibrow should i wax it or keep it?
what size is a 26 inches because i bought some leggings and i am 11 and there massive on me they fit my mum?
Doing gel nails at home you need a UV light. Any recomendations?
How do you think colored contacts look on people?
How to get words to focus on the computer?
NAILS/TOES: Your Opinions On This Girls?
Rate my looks!!!!!!!!?
am i pretty? my best and worst features?
Do you think girls dress sexy to get guys or to make other girls jealous? both?
Winterball Beauty...?
do i look too fat in my prom dress?
Who do you find prettier?
What should I get my 4 best friends for Christmas?
what makes me unattractive?
What do you think (pic included)?
Am I a little to heavy? Someone told me I should go on a diet?
Do you think you are attractive?
Need a pic of a haircut i should get?
What jazz shoe size am I?
Which of these outfits are the best?
Girls,which pic of me is best?
Fashionista's....what should I wear?!?
What do guys like the best about a girl?
how old do you think this girl is?
What do I tell the stylist I want?
Pageant Nationals on thursday and need Help!!!!?
I have brown eyes, and i want to try to find (not too too expensive) DARK DARK brown colored contact lenses.?
Can pale skin and black hair ever be concidered pretty?
I feel bad...?
I need help for Halloween?
Piercings ? Hot topic ?
Trying to draw skinny lines on my nails?
do my sister and i look alike?
Beauty and Fashion tumlbr url names PLEASE!?
My boyfriend uses mascara?
What shoes with this dress?x?
New services being offered in Beauty Services?
about carmelafutera site?
Ladies, what are your opinions on guys with big butts?
Does anyone or has anyone ever used Greek skincare brand 'Apivita'?
How can I make rings like this one?
do i look THAT different? (pixz)?
What can I do to look better, I feel ugly..?
Good Cheap Clothing websites from China Hong Kong?
which one is betterrrrrr?
How to be like Barbie?
french manicure acrylics: love em? hate em? why?
Did I eat ok and healthy today?
what does it feel like to get your belly button pierced?
wats the solution gals?
Is there an aftershave called Duke or similar name?
What is the prettiest hair color?
School year is approaching and i want to be better looking this year.. any advice??
Girls, would this be a turn-off..?
who is this girl wearing the johnny cash shirt?
How to store my eau de toilette in wery hot summer days? Can 85 farenheit temperature harm fragrance?
I used exfoliating soap inside nose?
am i a good piano player please watch my video and tell me?
is this too revealing for a 13 year old at a pool party?
How do I look, pics included!?
Gel Overlays..... Any good?
What is wrong with me (PICS) ???????
semi formal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
How can I improve? *pics included*?
Are there any ways to look better in pictures?
Eyebrow Threading in the Bronx?
How much have I changed?
Be honest. (pics)?
which picture is your favorite? sry i know this is annoying?
which bed frame would look best with this set?
what to wear for a nordstrom cafe interview?
what type of girl do you think would be attracted to my style? long can you spend being pampered?
need sexy nylons?
Best Nail Salon in Lincoln NE?
where can i go (a website) to find local beauty pagents?
Where can I find good boyfriend sweatpants?
Please Help?? How does the "buy a Macbook and get a free Ipod Touch" deal work exactly??
Teen girl- 70s rocker look for school?
What do you think of me?
Am I Too Ugly To Get A Boyfriend? Please Be Honest, Pic Included?
what do you identify with the word "Beauty"?
Has any one read the book ''My Brother Sam''?
Best eye color for black hair?
How can I look more emo?
what do you think of me (pics)?
Where can I buy Proactiv at a mall in Maryland?
major problem!!!!!!please help!!!?
do you know any ulzzang that is naturally beautiful or pretty?
does my avatar look bit**y?
What do you think of this?
What fake tan do you/have you guys tried?
how to be an effective trainer?
do u think u're pretty?;))?
Am I Overweight? Normal? SKinny? Thin? Fat? !!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Pic, Do you think this is a dull eye color?
A question for the guys! What is the nicest smelling perfume for girls?
What are some websites that Have really hot girl pics?
Polyvore groups? how do they get popular?
i need a makeover help?
Pretty or Ugly what do you think?
what do you think? would you date me?
How is my hair looking,, many dont lik it?
What age is it safe to use Nose Magic?
am i pretty saw the truth and why?? (pic)?
Can anyone help me? Aimini?
Ladies, am i good or bad looking?
What to wear with a Yellow sleeveless sheer shirt?
Do you think I'm pretty?
): ): ): Somebody just answer this for a quick 2 points!???? ) : ) : ) :?
shower or bath ? (prefer which)?
does anybodythink being punk-rock is bad?
Just had a professional photographer take some pics of me.what do you think?
how old do you think i am ?? ?
Can you tell? (pics)?
Which is better, blue eyes or brown eyes?
do i look wierd? rate me. could i be a model?
Isn't my grandmother hilarious?
help with modelling? 10 points?
am i pretty or not?
is this sexy or just bad?
Girls, what would you think if....?
Help! I've got a broom stick lodged in my butt!?
I want to be skinny and I feel so depressed? What do I do?
curly or straight I NEED TO KNOW IN 10 MINUTES?
Do you think I could attract a boyfriend? *pics*?
ladies who is the coolest shoe designer currently in america?
i really need some help! please! thanks?
what color highlights should i get?
Which one do you think looks the best?
Girls, could you give your honest opinion on him...?
(girls) help please!!!!!!?
what color braces should i get?
can we change our avatar if someone got into your ?
Anyone want to help???
who has the most beautiful eyes?
Who is the prettiest, rank them in order?
How old do I look????????
whats best to get eyebrows done?
Rate my friend please- thankx guys<3?
Is it better to use fake blood cream or red die?
How Long Should I Wait Until I Change My Earrings?
Are fat people attractive?
Do you think I'm pretty? (pics)?
who can i talk 2 online 4 some beauty tips 4 free?
What can I wear with this?
I need the perfect purse...could you point me in the right direction!?
Girls.. What age did you start doing your eyebrows?
Do I look better blonde or brunette? (with pictures)?
Ladies, what do you think of him? Is he attractive?
How Long Will It Take For My Nails To Grow Back?
How can I get a large permanent marker stain out of a 90% cotton shirt?
im having a party and i want to look the best..?
What is worse for you? (Mostly for the ladies)?
eye/makeup color questions, please help?
How should I wear my hair to spring banquet and what shoes? (pics included)?
okay, last time, which picture do you like?
plz.. a sexy hoy mum...need badly?
Whatta hunk! i wanna date this guy REAL BAD but i dunno him and he dunno me....(read details PLEASE!!!!!!HELP!
Would you rather be fat or ugly?
What is your opinion on a girl that wears this?
In the mirror, your reflection, do people see your body the same?
All girls and women just check out
If you saw me on the street what would you think of me?
Does anyone have a site/app matching the describtion?
I am 171cm tall.Do you think I am tall or short for a man?
What could I do to look pretty?
Are any of these girls pretty ?
Is my friend pretty? ( pic )?
Do you think most people are starting to think Blonde is?
My confidence is very low. Am I attractive?
Should I tell my bf that I cheated on him?
Is there a latex scented perfume?
How do you think I look. Rate me?
My eyes are two different colors?
Would you like me to make you an outfit?
Is it normal for a 14 year old to weigh 100 pounds?
I'm thinking of bleaching my eyeballs to get them whiter?
How comes some ugly ppl hav really good body's?
what do you think??? long or short hair??? ((PICS inside!!!)?
Does anyone know a good and cheap fabric store in London?
Its ok being very white or I need a tan?
What do you think of belly button rings?
where can i get belly ringss?
who is the coolest pakistan or india?
Do YOU think I'm pretty? Honest answers, please. :]?
Is it possible to grow long eyelashes?? How?
where can i get the curtains that miley cyrus has?
What is a good style for her?
How can I look more like a girl?
wat do u think of these pics?
Who's prettier, you or your best friend?
Whats your opinion ? [pics]?
If everyone girl had a choice to exchange with a guy who would it be? Just to show them what we go through?
what to wear my jacket with?
I need a bathing suit on polyvore?
what eyes do you prefer?
Qualities of a Model?
Where or How do you learn to become a nail technician?
If you woke up and your hair had miraculously turned into an afro what would you do?
Home waxing?
rate these shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Should I make this my profile picture/ do I look okay in it?
Girls,is shaggy black hair hot on guys?
Do I look better with Black hair or brown?
do girls like guys to be tan and muscular or white and muscular?
Where can I find One Soles in St Louis MO?
Is Chi hair straightener available in India?
What do you do to relieve a headache?
Could i be a model & do i come off as a sl*t?? (pictures pictures)?
what face shape do I have?
Would this suit me??
would it look stupid to go as the 118 guy (girl) without the other twin?
How can I make myself prettier? (Pics)?
Do you have any make-up or hair tips?
How to tell if my extensions are real or not!?
What can I change about myself? (PLEASE HELP)?
Makeover tips please?!?
where do women get free makeovers?
What should I do to improve how I look?
Is it okay for a girl not to shave?
Are Kiehls product good? If so, what is your favorite product?
Is there anything I can do to improve my appearance up to & including plastic surgery?
How can I stop biting my nails?
hot avatars?
what should i do for my 16th birthday (girl)?
Is there a bra that would make a person look like they have bigger breasts?
would whereing like a 7inch mini skirt and lagings and high heels and a tank top and everything be sluty ???
Do I really look like a boy?
What to wear on an Outrageous themed party?
Any tips on how to die hair white blonde?
i need to stay awake?
Name The Top Seven PHYSICAL Features That Make A Girl Pretty? (Please Do Not Put Smile)?
what ethnicity do i look? ?
Acne question.?
Which picture is the best?....?
Please help!! girls only please!!?
Guys...what do you think of girl's with colored contacts?
Which is better- gel or acrylic nails? how old do i look?
am i too thin??
Why do I have this violation?
I look perfect for someone to make fun of me?
Which costume is cuter...?
does anybody know of a good place to have a party for about 50 plp in/around plainsboro area?
Nose fixing products?
What is your impression of this girl (pic)?
If you have blue eyes but very dark eyebrows, what color would be good for overall hair color?
well hi im a bum?
Who doesn't wear anything to bed?
Am I fat? 15 yr old girl. ?
I have a questions girls only?
wat is more important for a woman....Beauty or Brain?
Girls i have some info i need to share with you ........?...............................…
which photo shows my new hair colour the best?
Your preferences on facial hair?
WHY DO GIRLS SMILE AT ME ALL THE TIME? :(? serious question please help!!?
Are my legs huge?? (pic)?
do you think am i fat?
Does size matter!!!!!!!!?
Have you heard of the supermodel Karen Mulder?
how much does it look like i weigh? (please answer honestly!)?
does anyone know of a wesite where you can take a free beauty quiz?
Does he like me or not?
Am i ugly? guys only!!!!!!!!!!!!?
My jewelry eventually ends up smelling really gross, what can I do to stop that?
guys why would you like her?
how much does it look like i weigh?
Girls only, do i have a good body?
How attractive would you consider me? (Girls)?
what color braces should i get?
How do I LOOK?
(pics),should i get bangs?
I need help... I am a cronic nail biter (20+ yrs.) and need tips/ advice to help me stop biting my nails?
what's the best way to stop a receding hairline?
What do you think (pics)?
How pretty am I exactly? How could I help my appearance?
what is a good product to use?
do i look attractive?
[Guys] Do you find bellybutton rings attractive?
Poll for people who use a webcam?
How to do shellac nails?
Do I look like a tranny? (pics)?
How old would you say I am? Pics included :)?
skin help please???!!!?
Ladies...please do not lie 2 u find yourself attracted 2 my avatar?
How old do I look here?
What can I do to improve my looks?
guys and girls! whats your eye color, and whats your favorite eye color?
When are you too old to wear pink nail varnish?
what would you think if u saw a guy wearing this hoodie?
i need tips for hijab and makeup?
what kinda face shape do i have exactly?
Is this is a weird picture? Which picture is the best?
What do you think of me...? *Pics*?
What picture do you like the best?
what do u think about these girls ....?
How do I get guys to notice me more?
Is this weird?
Girls: which Guy would you rather date?
why gents like to see gals in short clothes?
looking for a person who is living at Canada?
Who do you like better?
I want to become a fashion editor help?
facebook default pictureee?
Who wants shoes???
Which one of these dresses would be the best for a wedding? (PICS!)?
Girls only!!! Do you like a guy that massages and paints your toenails?
What would I wear with this? Very hard to decide!?
What does getting a fill with acrylic nails entail?
First Impressions: Guys, what do you notice on a girl?
What would u rate me?
is it just me or are gothic girls really attractive?
give the physical characteristic of a beautiful woman?
How do you get a guy that you like but he don't like you, to like you?
Most popular womans perfume?
should 16 yr old girls be shaving their legs?
Why do women tend to have more pretty feet than men?
Please answer my question ? thank you?
Whats is your favorite animal?
Are these boots cute or UGLY? (pictures of ME) HONESTLY!?! s?
whats PMSing??
Both my parents have blue eyes, I have green eyes. Why did I miss out?
What are you're life's aspirations?
GUYS: Which picture do you like the best? ( 10 points for best answer)?
Is this outfit too much for a 16 year old?
rate me from1-10 please?
How many years do you need to own your own beauty salon ?
Ladies answer this please?
is bon bon nail polish non-toxic?
how can i get my eyes to look like this?(pics)?
How long is Crystal Gayle's hair?
15... Why Do Guys Always Bring Up SEX Around Me!?!?!?!?!?
GIRL: REALLLY Like This Guy In My Class!?!?!??!?!!?
Anastasia Costume?
(10points) which is the best perfume or deodrant for men?
How can I make myself look prettier? need beauty/fashion advice please read?
What do you guys think of..?
should i get the HTC EVO design 4G or the Samsung Galaxy S2?
Can a short curveless girl be anything else but cute?
would these glasses look good on me?
I want to start dance?
is eating boogers good for you???????????
ok...trying this again - What would you rate me 1-10?
Are the victorias secret gel curve bras still the same size as the older versions?
What's the best compliment that truly made your day?
Ok whats better a short girl or a tall girl? A blonde or a brunett?
Whic perfume is better? Chanel or Dior?
do you think this is a cute picture of me and my boyfriend on webcam?
I'm plannin to grow my nails......?
Does this piercing look tacky on me?
What Is A Good White Nail Polish?
what beauty box sould i subscribe too ?
Does your eyelashes make you hot?
Do you think I'm ugly?
Am I fat?Do you think I should lose a LOT of weight?
is a bench BBQ jacket suitable for cold tempratures?
Will? Help me pleaseee?
Guys..this one is for you..your preferences on girls' body shapes..?
Can you unscrew the bottom ball of a belly bar?
What's the best way to get rid of sun tan on your face?
Different outfit ideas for these dresses?
How do you make your nails longer?
How can I dress like an adult?
facial hair help please?
Why is it illegal for cosmetic-related products to claim they "make the nail grow faster"?
i have a silver tiffany&co return tag. what is it?
What clothing would suit me best?
Do I look nice in this picture? With my grandparents.?
I want to apply to be on an extreme makeover on style network television?
what nationality do i look? also..?
Can you mix regular Polymer with odorless Monomer?
I'm tired of being "Cute". I want to be sexy!?
best way to get rid of......?
how too get rid of stubborn dark circles around Ur eyes?
Are there any modeling agencies that won't take all your money??
Could this be the most gorgeous model ever?
What should you do when you put on too much cologne before a date and don't have time to shower?
Eye dilema? I want my eyes to look hot !?
i want to get pretty?
Can chinese boys be hot? ( G's Only)?
Accidently bought a guys product?
Beauty tips for my face?
Where can i find a Boyfriend my age? (13) In texas (Ft.Wort) who will like me for who i am not what i am.?
being insecure after ex boyfriend told me this?
What do you think is beautifull??
i always think that my husband dont like me. i think he was married with me just for the immigrations. what ca
am i ugly? (photos included)?
Calvin Klein Summer for Men?
I need some ideas???
Question on how to wear a polo?
Am I attractive (Teenage boys)?
What flowers (or colors of flowers) would look nice at a wedding with these colors?
"Scene Kids"...........?
Can a mixed-race person get a tan like this?
What's your best facial feature?
HELP PEOPLE... I Need to know from you!!?
What hair color for mee(:? Pics?
ladies which picture is the best?
im gettin plastic surgerey??
Is it true that your imperfections look worst to your self than other people?
What to wear with this dress?
Do girls like tanned GUYS?
Why aren't my shorts going white after bleaching them?
Do i have any attractive facial features that stands out ?
I feel like getting rated..wanna rate me? (pic included)?
why do i attract more gay guys than girls?
i think im really ugly ''pics''?
Nail Question!!!!!!!!!?
on a scale of 1-10 rate my looks?
Is this girl hot????
if u were 5'1girl would u rather be 90, 100, 110, 120pounds?
A guy asked me out and i said to give me time he said ok after two weeks he stopped talking to me?
ok my girlfriend did a makeover and well i need opinons?
Girls: Are long eyelashes attractiv?
Does glitter glue come off of nails?