Can someone answer me HONESTLY? thanks... :'(?
is it more painful to wax or pluck?
What's the best salon for manicures and pedicures near Harrisburg PA?
why do people see this girl as pretty? i don't understand!?
How do I get my 6 yearold daughter into modeling?
help me. all my friends have boyfriends...ugh?
Guys; do you think I'm tall?
HELPPP! Rate me Please?
If i was a disney princess, which one would i be (pic)?
What do guys look for in a girl?
How does Jenn Curbstomp do her extensions?
Would you date this boy?
I have a question about SOLODYN?
Which celebrity do I look like?
which one is the hottest?
Is this a good idea?
What do you guys consider a pretty black girl ?
Does buying from the Bath and Body Works website mean that you get the product fresh from the manufacturer?
Who goes to Spa Breaks?
Why do women feel so insecure?
GIRLS: Which personality do you prefer for a guy?
Im 13 and im very interested in modeling?
Would a long cardigan look stupid to wear? Answer fast!?
Girls, Do you find this attractive?
Low self esteem issues. Would appreciate some HONEST answers.?
What do you think?!?!?
Home Recipes for wax ( Waxing my legs ) ?
What one thing can u live without?
Tomboy or girly girl?
what does georgous mean?
im 12 how do i make myself look 16??!!!!!!!!!!!!?
How Do I use tampons?
What is your school mascot name?
dress question...?
How old do i look? (pic)?
Is it normal to wear 6 bras at once??
why is it that only viatnamese people can do nails?
COSTCO!!!! How much does a 12 pack of gum cost there?
should i change my look? (pics)?
GUYS ONLY, are belly rings trashy or cute?
Is it a good idea to wear coloured contact lenses as fun, to a party where I am going to end up getting drunk?
ok so i just bacame a marykay consultant and am kinda scared!!!?
how should I hem my jeans?!?
How long will it take for my belly piercing to grow shut?
Which Disney Princess do I look like?
What should I get for my 14th birthday?
MAKEOVERR! pic inside!?
how should i turn boys attention on me?
Best way to become a male model?
I look like a little kid.. Im 17 and I look 12. Help?
Weird....Breast question...?
How much does it usually cost for a teen to get their nails done?
How do you wear a long tank top?
no free samples :(....................?
Is this shirt cute:):):):)?
Do you like the font for this tattoo (pic inside)?
how often do u look up and see someone staring at you?
Which one do you like better?
Makeup Ideas? What can I do(read details please)?
What should I wear with this dress?
Does Anyone know hoe to stop PICKING nails?
What colors would look good on me?
?Poem not my best different from my others!?
Prettiest Eyecolour ?!?
ok girls and or guys help me?
Do girls like guys with facial hair?
which of these do you like on a boy??????(girls ONLY pleaseeeeeeee)?
how do you get alot of points?
Okay, I know how much YA! hates these questions ... But, truthfully what do you think *pictures*?
what's your favorite AXE spray scent?
what to wear someone help???!!?
I'm getting my eyebrows waxed for the first time?
Girls, what's inside your bags? Boys, what's inside your pockets?
can you pierce ure belly with a nail?
Other than candles and bath salts what is the best way to get a woman to relax/de-stress?
are beauty peagents ultimate measure of beauty?
Advice on Shyness? Please help!?
Do you think girls can wear these shorts and look cute?
how do you have your face look picture perfect? ?
Ladies: Do you like this top?
why are big girls so damn sexy??
Why do flat chested girls dont know how pretty they are?
hey what are the side effects of coloured lenses?
Beauty pageants in Goergia?
Would you consider me pretty?
Do you think this is a cute picture?
How to keep fit and beautiful?
should i get these boots??? *PIC*?
is this a good product review?
Im a male. and i get my eye brows done.. ?
Do you think i'm pretty?
what is good for pitted acne scars?
What do you rate me & how old do I look?
Going on a Vacation to Carmel (monterey/ santa cruz area)... where is a good place to shop?
What does paul mitchell super skinny shampoo smell like?
What are these boots/shoes called?
how much does a cartilage piercing done?
How to be pretty and lovely?
Which would you rather be called GORGEOUS OR BEAUTIFUL?
Please help, (its really serious for me)?
Why do good looking people always patronise ugly people and tell them they look ok,why not just tell the truth
How do you make.........?
is my blog (beauty/fashion) any good?
realest most natural contacts?
How'd you think I could make myself look better?
have bra sizes changed?
What is the average age groups that most Cosmetology schools have?
Rate me on a scale of 1-10 (10 being highest?)?
Would I look better without my monroe piercing?
Can gap tooth girls be pretty?
where can I buy Bulletproof Nail Strengthener?
whats on your to do list?
why are thin people more attractive?
How can I look more my age?
Am I pretty? I dont mean to sound so low selfsteam....?
What do u think of this "OUTFIT"...?
I want to change my look for next year.I'm 14 help?
otoplasty surgery...good & cheap doctor in Illinois?
Is there a lashipix store in calgary?
So when someone asks on here if they're ugly or their friend is ugly...?
Does claires sell fake belly button rings?
Should I change my hair back to dark brown, I have pics?
What piercings would I suit? *pics*?
Where can I buy fragrances at discounted rates and good deals in Dubai?
Is It True That a Big Nose Gives You a Good Sense of Smell?
How should I dress. I'm working in an office environment, 19 and have never really had much clothes (lol)?
Can anybody tell me the name of this KNOCK-OUT Asian model?
Do you think this girl is pretty?
victorias secret???????
How to be very pretty?
what do you think of bbw's be enchanted fragrance?
L:ooking for Bare Traps shoes Brand Deliliah?
what is your problem?
How old do I look? (picture)?
Is There A Website That Sells The L-R-G Dead Serious Hoody???
guys, do you think red hair and glasses isn't pretty?
How do i reduce the growth of hair?
Ipod nano help plzz help out two young girls who really want there nano's to work!?
I am conidered Punk/emo/gothic at skewl b-cuz i am into alternitive stuff,how can i make ppl stop labeling me?
How old do I look? Just curious :)?
How can I look cute to a guy?
Who is the Estee Lauders spokesmodel for the fragrance, Pleasures?
What age are you and what is the best age to be?
GIRLS: is he hot or not?
should i take out my piercings? would girls like me more?
I've had a bath and I still smell.?
Hi this is Ragu from India,?
What are the best cheap color contacts?
what do you think? (guys only)?
Do cartilage and third earlobe piercings hurt?
whats size shoe do you wear girls?
Blue, green, or hazel eyes?
how long should you wait before changing your belly bar?
Boys, what are your favourite outfits on a girl?
Whats the better method for mole removal?
waist training corset help? this really ugly?
What the heck are these..?
ear piercing still hurts. HELP!!?
What the girls/boys like in their BF/GF ?
What should i dress up as for my school swiming carnival?
Are bras from Aerie good quality? How do they compare to VS?
Whats my eye shape? HELP!?
servey 20 people witch is prettier hotter would u date them?
i have a dance at school and the theme is Under The Sea. what should I ware?
how you can you ask a person there age with out them geting mad?
who do you think is prettier?
why do americans moslty have blonde hair?
Urgent Help!? >~<?
Are most pageant girls mean and fake?
My friend has a green scab on her toe... how do i tell her without hurting her feelings?
What face shape am I ? Thanx guys?
Poll: Do you have a nail biting habit?
Where Can I By A Pair Of Air Jordan's Cheap In Jersey City?
what is the use of ladies nipples?
Is it about time we had separate men's rooms for "Gents" and "Blokes"?
Where can I find the ingredient scents in popular perfumes?
How old would you guess I am?
is beauty really important?
Who's the sexiest woman in the U.S?
have they discontinued making the original Lauren perfume?
Is it wrong to think of yourself as pretty?
How can i become more beautiful?
what do i need to do nail tips?
are you brutally honest to people?
Do I look fat?! *pic*?
What are some cool nail art designs I should do for my blog?
Is there much of a physical difference between a 21 and 24 year old?
american made products?
Why is California Cooler?
What's your favorite cologne, or perfume?
How old do you think she is?
what size would i wear in victorias secret pink yoga pants? Im 125 lbs & 5'6?
How do i start beard growth at 16?
How old do I look?
What sterotype Would I be in?! JUST WONDERING :D?
Help prom night nothing to wear no boy either!!!!!!!!! What do I do!?
Why can't I find ?
girls only do you like guys who wear skinny jeans?
this is a really stupid question.........?
Is it true that glittery eyeshadow hurts you?
Help me with clothes for my body type?
a beautiful description of a castle garden?
who do you think is hotter? both are extremely hot?
Anyone that has a blog?
What body shape do I have?
yeah yeah improve appearance?
goth. Is it ok?
What do you think about girls with red hair and freckles?
What's the name of this model?
what do you think of these shoes?
what does the one design on one nail means?
I waxed my back last summer and I broke out pretty bad.?
What haircut would look great on me? ?
if you had to label me?
What kind of shoes would go with a cream lace dress?
how to ask a girl out!! how to get to know her!! how to get close to her!! and blah me...?
why hazel eye (light brown...) girls looks sexy and attractive in magazine, movie, fashion show and ads?
what's your favorite thing from victoria's secret? designer clothes for the less fortunate?
13 year old beauty pageant?
How can I get my teeth white?
What does my body look like to you?
so today i was in the mall....and she said i was ugly.?
Do you wax, pluck or shave your eyes brows?
How much do gel nails cost at walmart in xenia ohio?
Straight or Curly? Age guess!
Straight hair with layers?
Help please URGENT! my eye is bleeding?
Is it ok to look however u wanna look?
Is it weird for a guy to cleanse, tone and moisturise?
Am I Pretty? pics included of coursee[;?
Would i look good in a skin tight spiderman outfit/costume?
Colored studs for boys?
Best Modeling Agencies in Texas?
who is more beautiful and why?
The best side of my face? Right, or left?
Do I look like this actress?
Fat Girl Needs Help!?
I need a makeover, help?
Amy lee style?
Where can I find the ingredient scents in popular perfumes?
what do you think of me?
Please help!! girls only please!! christmas present ideas?
White spots on my teeth from whitening?
Do you think this shirt is trashy?
Please rate me! 1-10 please?
Your thoughts on Taylor Swift Wonderstruck perfume?
What is wrong with my face? does it really look like a turtle?! (photos)?
Are my teeth too small?
who is the most beautiful woman in united states?
Help on piercing your eyebrow.?
Are these Pictures cute?
How old does she look?
Who is Better Looking? Rank em'?
Do you think I'm pretty? Pic included?
if the santan extract has a good choice for making a perfume?
On gimp, how & what does it mean to "set to screen" ?? * how do i find the button for it?
Beauty tell about nasofix and nosemagic?
do you think my friend is pretty?
I'm having a 21st birthday party, I need help naming the party...?
How to look macho enough? And attract girls attention.?
how can i look sexy?
Anyone know Puma's clothing size chart?
my silver nose stud has turned black?
What are the points in wearing thongs and g -strings? does it increases the comfort? i think it s a pain in?
guess my name?
La Senza Vs. Wal-Mart Bras?
What percentage change in my life would there be, if I were better looking?
guys if you had to choose between the blonde jenna jameson and the brunnete ashly judd who would you choose?
How do you get a colored contact lens more curved?
Best online websites and mall store to buy converse?
why don't people wear a toe ring in their big toe that much often?
sexy beach custom tan, adjustable self-tan lotion with shimmer.. how does it work?
When are you too old to wear pink nail varnish?
Why is outer beauty such a curse?
how to get a beuty breast?
Do I look like Selena Gomez?
Guys what do u find attractive for a women?
Beauty Therapy Apprenticeship Interview?
what to wear with cowboy boots ?
how to straighten your hair?
I Hate My looks??
I'm so beautiful it's unbelievable, don't you agree?
Is shopping every weekend a bad habit?
Who Is Prettier?????
is there a site that I can up-load a pic of me n c wut i wuld look like if I lost weight?
My eyes change colour. Is this normal?
how to change a password?
eyeliner help please?
Please call me ugly... please!?
Which girl is prettier? Be honest?
Hairy legs!? Please help me. I am desperate!?
How do you make homemade wax?
Sweet smelling perfumes?
am i too fat to wear a crop top?
what is your best beauty tip?
Do you think shes hot, pretty?
Girls!!!!Do you know??????
Experts in perfumes, or scents HELP!! (5 points Best Answer)?
Which of these lipsticks would you most likely wear?
how would you rate me; 1-10?
MYSPACE HELP!!! plz help me...layout messed up?
I want to change my dark eyes to light blue to look like Lynda Carters. I will be Wonder Woman for Halloween.
I was wondering if anyone knows why in painting by the artist mark ryden he uses meat a lot?
Weird if i wore this to school? (pics)?
Is this girl pretty and attractive (with link)?
do i look like her???
Who's kid do you think is cuter?
What's your best non-physical attribute?
What colour/shape/pattern nail should i get to go with this dress?
im a starting out model, please tell me what you think!?
Just Curious about this?
What did teenage girls wear in the 70's?
Who is Hotter?? (boys and girls)?
Where can I get this?
What color r emo rooms. pink and black good?
Do you guys like this pic of me? :/?
Italians what are the finest shoes you can buy?
My nails are bubbly?!?
Do you think I'm ugly?
is my body a good shape? or too skinny. ?
Could I be a model?
am i model type?
Is He Hot?
i want to change my style for my freshman year but how?
How to make yourself throw up...?
I am thinking of getting my tongue piereced?
What celebrity do I look like?
how do i get a closer shave on my legs, for longer that a day?
Kind of hard to explain this but...?
What kind of bangs should I get?
What is your favorite perfume/aftershave?
Thinking about shaving my head?
Possible nail designs?! please?
can i buy sensai beauty products at walmart?
I wanna lose weight! how much should I lose *PIC*?
How did women in the 90's wear their hair?
rate (1-10) and impression from a pic?
Does Calvin Klein make a Perfume that smells of Lavender?
HOW OLD DO I LOOK? Pics included.
Is this a hot sexy body?
Should I let the red lipstick go?(Pics)
what is the essence of being beautiful?
Does his earring make him look hot?
where do you get sewing patterns for middle eastern dresses?
Do you think we will make a cute kid?
What hairstyle looks the best on me?
Question about French Pedicure.?
can you wear earings?
Who designs Sarah de bonos clothing?
My boobs are so small?
( Boys ) Do you prefer skinny or curvy girls ?
on a scale of 1-10, how good does this dude look?
What can I wear with this skirt (pic included)?
Another boy problem.... help?
Does anyone know the name of this model?
what colour top can i wear with this hollister blue sweats?
Im sick and tired of being called ugly by boys!?
could anyone give me the size in order from smallest to largest when gaging ears?
Have you ever wondered why A, B, C, D, DD, E, F, G, and H are the letters used to define bra sizes?
Blondes or Brunettes? <3?
How old does she look?
Poll: Girls is this guy attractive 1 -10?
Which dress looks better on meh? (pic included)?
Which Girl Is Prettiest?(:?
How do I look on my 1st day to school?
Artificial nails acrylic vs gel?
Girls !! How can i learn to ....?
whats going on, i dont get it?
does anyone know what those sunglasses are called that pilots wear and alot of ppl wear?
what hair color would i look best with?
Can you give me some tips on how to look sexier?
what is a self tanner that actually works? especially that stays on the face and doesn't just wash off easily?
could i model?
What looks better on me?
my hairdressers was weird?
What Hair and Eye Color Combination Do You Life Best?
how do you do the treatmeants at a spa??
do YOU think there is a resemblance between me and her?
How do I tell a beautiful girl she needs less make-up?
which country is best in beauty saloons?
I dont tan well...?
How do I get the stuck screw ball off my lip retainer?
I have side bangs,and i want to style them like how shld i make them?
An Accident?
Rate me, 1/10-Girls Guys Pedos XP?
Everyones doing it on here?
good routine?
What teen perfume would you suggest to buy?
how do u look HOTT??
Girls, plain and simple ... do you fart?
How would you rate me from 1-10?
How can i be like Lana Del Ray?
my daughter is 5 years n wanna do modelling so pls. tell me how n where to start from esp. in delhi- west?
do i need to lose weight?
do i look like any famous person?
does my bangs look bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????
Whos cute?
would blonde hair suit me? *pics included*?
What good qualities does a popular girl have?
Which girl is prettiest?
does anyone know how to get black shoe polish out of clothes??
Would there be any other reason to rock your bedazzler other than to ensure your outfit's tight?
Do you think these two pictures make the girl look different?
How to deal with people at school after shaving your head?
girls only please!! I need advice!?
Glasses or Contacts?
what can i do to improve my appearance??(pics included)?
I'm 14, 5'7, 129lbs red hair, blue eyes, pale skin with lots of freckles.. am I pretty?
i'm a guy and i have only 19 but i look a lot older, why?
What do you guys think of me? (Pics Included)?
How do I look plzz be honest!?
which gurl is prettier?? a or b?
Which Picture is the Prettiest/Best?
who looks best????
hourglass figure? barbie doll shop? what?
whos prettier now?
Did I look better before?
What colour would suit my skin tone?
How to get fair complexion?
Do you think angel bites would suit me?
do you think she is pretty?
how much does it cost to get a nose job in ny?
How do these glasses look on me?
Describe a beautiful skin using "J" letter.?
Am i an hourglass shape or pear?
Skinny Victoria's Secret models?
Is this girl pretty? She's one of my friends...?
Girls, do you like...?
Is this a pretty pic?
what makes a face ugly?
Do you think i'll look good with these 2 piercings?
Modeling weight, height, and measurements?
What colour converses should i get?
What jacket to wear with batwing top?
my dress is ivory,i have 1 older bridsmaid that is wearing redis it ik 2 put my 3 younger bridsmaids in ivory?
Which Abercrombie/Hollister bathign suit do you like better??????????????
how, and how long can you keep your colour contacts?
Rate each of us from 1-10. :))?
hello pretty?
Why are models very average looking (even ugly sometimes) nowadays ?
I am a black female and I would like to begin waxing my legs. What is a good product for me to use?
Why are some people pretty and some people ugly?
What are some good ways to tell a girl she's beautiful?
how old do i look...?
I have a modeling interveiw that my friend sign me up for what do i do? I cant model!?
Can you tell me...? and be honest please :-) ?
how old would you guess that i am?
Do you like long nails?
mi date un consiglio?
your first impressions of me?
How do you tie-dye skin?
How old would you say i look?
I only got 18 likes on profff pic!!!!!!?
Do you fold or scrunch your TOILET PAPER?
hi,everybody, i have a serious problem?
plz help me and my lips 2 become kissble becoz my lips rily look dry, im a male 16 yrs old?
Is it o.k. to shave my girlfriend's legs? She likes it!?
Do you think I'm attractive? I dont want to ask anyone in person lol. (pic)?
Where Can I Find A Waistcoat Like This?
Do you prefer blue or green eyes?
i need help finding a wax warmer!!?
Girls only pleaase, why do youwear dresses/skirts so rarely ?
What do you think about her?!?!?
Name change!!???!!!?
Yes, this is vein... but who's prettier?
please helppppppp!!!!?
What is ur favorite perfume???
Some girl said my nose destroys my face?
Question for girls and guys: Which girls are hotter chubby, average, or skinny?
advice for 'starting over'?
Which girl has the prettiest face?
hairstyles for big chin?
Have you ever asked us to rate you on a scale of 1-10?
How old do I look in this picture?
Can someone who has beautiful features.....?
How can I purchase Meledine/Meladine for facial hair removal online?
Style advice for a straight guy? ?
Who do you think is prettier? Pictures.?
what is your best feature?
Should I wax my eyebrows or keep plucking?
How do you set your picture as your avatar on here?
highlights and color ideas for back to school?
Do you ever wear clothes that you wore last year in the new school year?
What clothes to wear to look HOT?
what do you guys think of that cologn called Le Mâle by Jean Paul Gaultier?
i know these are stupid,but iam i pretty?
Which one is or her?
does a man look better clean-skinned, with a small goatee or a bushy beard?
What's the name of this actress? <333?
Flat chested girls should not wear low cut tops. True or false?
Nail polish. Fast drying and not pricey?
I want my eyebrows a little pointed?
please help me!!!!!!!?
should i wear the black or the red dress for my dinner date?
When a package is shipping says 4-9 days does that count the weekend?
New high school?! New girl?
what are your favorite DIOR products ?
I'm I pretty or r the guys just tryin to figure out My race???
what color shirt would look good with my really dark brown hair?
what to wear to a breakfast coffee meeting?
Hey, any1 who wants 2 help!!!!!!!?
PLEASE LOOK! am i pretty enough to model? pics?
What should I wear to this farewell party?
not sure what i should wear now?
do guys like girls that are...?
do i look like katy perry?
Please help!!!?
waht would you rate me 1-10 i know cliche?
Am I the only one that thinks long fingernails are gross?? (10 points!)?
Why do my nipples show through my clothes and how can i stop it from showing?
How To Look Like Gossip Girl's Blair Waldorf In Uniform?
how do i become popular?
Where do you find temporary hair color?
Are her eyelashes real?
What face shape do i have? (pic included)?
What should I wear to a decades dance ?
I have ance But how can i look good?
Have you ever had your moments of pride with your home lights up with joy?
what do you boys mean by "hot"?
Does Ambi Fade cream work...? Easy 10 points?
I'm the ugly duckling in my family?
like my avatar?
Would you rather be called...?
Which one is prettier?
Is a cold shower good for your skin and health?
What style of saree is this?
guys opinion needed!!!?
Who is the most beautiful person you know and what is it about them that makes them special?
Easy 10 points.. are ur eyes like that?
What do you think of this guy?
how old do you think i look!?
I'm making an online modeling portfolio?
Which one would look best?
Should I change anything?
How do you start smoking for real i'm having problems inhailing?
does anyone know if you can mix nail polishes of the same kind. ie 3 different top coats in one bottle??
Where to buy the Clarisonic Mia2 in Ontario?
Do you think im pretty? Honestlyy! Guys and Girls(:?
What perfume do you like?
am i good looking????
Aren't I way better looking than this UGLY SKANK!?
first time pageant advice?
Henna Tattoos?
Who do you think is prettier?
How to make shower gel smell last longer?
do u like my avator???? it looks a lot like me?
how can i get rid of the warts on my face without spending a bundle?
I know I'm just setting myself up for criticism, but: Do you think I look 'fake'?
lip piercing, sexy or chav?
Do I look more attractive with longer or shorter hair?
Which girl is prettier? (Pic)?
DB Designer Brands fragrances?
what color should I paint my nails!!!!!!! this is important!!!!!?
Which combination do you think is most captivating?
Revlon Color Stay in capincino?
do you think this asian male is attractive?
Is fashion and the media really to blame for skinny anorexic and bulimic girls and boys?
Can anyone help me identify what type of chair this is (pic)?
Is my nose too big/ugly? :( (pics)?
What does this name sound like?
Can I get gel nails with natural looking tips (not french tips)??!!!?
How can I turn from an ugly geek to a pretty girl?
Where can I get a cheap manicure/pedicure and massage in Paris/London?
I am a leader in boys but as soon as i face a gal i became a rat.?
What winter jacket should i get?
What do you like better? Tennis Shoes or Dress shoes!?
who is the prettiest girl in this video?
Do I look like anyone?
Cultural need for cosmetics?
Don't you think this is true?
What size wearable area should i get for silicone eyelet plugs?
Girls, do you think Shia Labeouf is....?
Skinny jeans.....?
Good modeling school in Dallas,Texas?
which pictuuuure should i use?
Hollywood fancy dress ideas for young girl?
As the baby boomers age, do you think the notion of beauty will change?
Where can I find inverse navel rings?
Ok, Are these pictures that bad?
Ok im 16 and how do I.....?
how can i look more my age? (pic included)?
what kind of dress should i get for my band concert?
why am i so ugly!!!!!?
Girls Only !Shaving Question?
Do you like the way you look? Survey about the way you look, PLEASE READ.?
Am I pretty?
Do you like an emo style haircut on guys?(GIRLS ONLY)?
A couple questions for someone who was extremly shy at one point but isn't any more.?
business professional attire?
how can i look really hot?!??!?!?
Ladies, do you look good without?
chunky sunglasses?
what is the firdt thing you notice about a guy or girl?
shaving eyebrows?
What is a good bubble bath for me to get with sensitive skin?
do i look mean?
Do I got high cheekbones?
Do i look like kate hudson? (pic)?
Want to enter a pageant? skeptical w/ braces. help?
What do you think of my nose? Should I get a nose job? Please be honest!! (PIC)?
How to walk in heels?
Anybody work at a European Wax Center?
Old Navy Gift Card Questions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Can anyone tell me what the true size bobbin goes in the ( Singer 4423 model ) They all look so much alike.?
Question 4 the girls: If a girl posted a question saying ''Am I Pretty?''......?
Please look! Wana rate me? just for fun?
Starting modeling detailed answer ?
Have you used the Finally Free permanent hair removal system?
When am I going to look my age?
rate herrrrrr........ ? ? ? ? ?
is bleaching my hair the only way the color will show up ? [my hair is really dark ]?
What are some good 3D Female or Women model sites?
what are european sculptured nails?
how old do i look? w/ pics?
Most popular teen girl style?
What reason would a boy have to wear a jumper even in very hot weather?
How old should a girl be to pluck their eyebrows?
Face red after you get out of the shower?
What do you think of my photography?
does that jergens natural glow tan lotion stuff work? never tried it..?
How much do snakebite piercings hurt?
How do you shrink cotton in the washing machine?
Why do i look unusual?
If a girl asks if she's pretty on here, is it better for me to not answer than to tell her the truth?
Can she be a model (picture)?
If you are ugly and you have no friends what should you do?
How does a teenage girl dress business casual?
which girl is the prettiest ? pic?
What do you suppose would be a good way for me to improve my appearance? [pics included]?
What is your favorite colour...?
how often should you get a manicure and a pedicure done?
Have you got beautiful eyes? What colour are they? Describe please?
I want to know how this is possible.... ? (pics)?
am i too young to wear makeup?
My jaws look diffrent, help?
Do you think the "Scene look" is coming back?
Am I that ugly? (pic)?
What do you think I could do.[Picture Included]?
Is it possible to shape your eyebrows the way you want, even if it goes against your natural shape?
I really want a new hairstyle and something different but I have no idea what to get?
What does Tulisa Contostavlos wear in autumn?
Why teens are so shallow?
Girls, how tall are you? And do you like your height?
POLL: Blondes or brunettes/dark haired girls?
Is this girl pretty??????????
Beauty! Youtubee!!!!! :)?
am i ok pretty?
do we look alike? (pic inside)?
What is the latest fashion for teenage boys?
Rate me! 1/10 please?
why do all women fall in love with me whitin a minute of getting to know me? why did god bless me?
which beauty guru name should i choose?
can I use crepe bandages as wax strips?
Where can i get colored contacts? ?
Can a zygote survive outside of the womb?
when firework will begin in chicago?
Girls.....! What do you think about a boy's eyelashes?
acting and modeling agencys?
What makes you feel beautiful about yourself?
red by marc ecko sneakers?
Do you think I'm pretty? (pic)?
Do you think im pretty?(pics included)?
Am I pretty?
How to get the most fabulous stomach?
I think it's sexy when a guy: __________________.?
Will it look stupid with my hijab?
Which color of freshlook dimensions should I get?
do you lyke the name hailey?
Do I look good blonde? (with pictures!)?
Do steam rollers really roll steam?
people in orlando!! plz 10 pointss?
What is this womans name?
175 cm enough to be a model?
A friend of mine says the haemorrhoid cream is good for getting rid of bags under your eyes?
Women makes you to dress like a women do you do..?
please answer this for me :)?
Do you like the way you look?
Do you think i have what it takes to become a model?[[pics included]]!? tell me what you think.....?
Well ivee been told i shoud be a model. but i dont know if im a good height or anything. im around 5'1"?
At 5'6" and 121 lb would I look better if I weighed around 110-105?
Do we wear a skirt with tights for winters?
How would I go about becoming a model?
Namiss pageant??? Washington.?
Are these cheap shoe sites legit or fake? The shoes are extremely cheap?
What shade of yellow are my teeth?
In your opinion do you believe she has what it takes to be a model?
what is our best feature?
wedding colors?
What are the beauty supply doll heads called for beuty school?
what good prom dress websites are there ?
yellowish nails?
anyone there?
Which picture does he look better in?
Is there any possible way that I can get my hair to look like this?
ellesse watch battery?? where can i get ??
What kind of glasses should i get?
Can you tell if im a boy or a girl?
Claire's ear piercing?
What does you think of the piercings?
Which dress would be perfect for?
how do i look? with picture!?
which teenage girls do you think are more beautiful? BEAUTY QUEENS?
I've had a bath and I still smell.?
louis joliet pic?
Is this a good picture? Be honest?
were can you find the hottest clothes at a resonable price?
i'm 13 yrs old and have weird bright pink embarrassig lips how do i cover it up for school to make seem real
do you think this girl is attractive?
How to get rid of stretch marks on your shoulder?
In 50 shades darker what is the most 'inappropriate' page number?
guys, do you prefer elegant or casual girls?
How much money does eyemaster take to exam eyes for contact lens?
can any one give me a list of facial disfigurements or facial deformities?
Who's prettier? Picture links included in description?
How old do I look to you?
which photo is the prettiest?
How old do I look? ( pictures )?
Do earrings fit me well? -Pictures-?
Who is the prettiest?
Why is my forehead so small and the top of my head so big?
Do you have to live in NY or live on the East Coast to be a Guidette?
How old do you think I am?
im 5.7, i wanna be a glamour model like a size 4 - small 6 .. HOW MUCH SHOULD I WEIGH!?
How old do I look and am I attractive?
How to improve beautiful smile naturally without plastic surgery?
Am i purty?
How do you stop a nail-biting habit forever?
Does he look to old for her?
i am going to a pool party and i got my period?
What is the craziest gift you received, or got someone???
Perfume Oil Options Question?
what is the most feminine body shape?
i have green/blue eyes.i have blonde shoulder length hair..............?
teenage girls ! HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP ! (:?
(PIC) whos the hottest?
What color are my eyes?
Can you rate my looks 13 year olds to 14?
am i the only girl who doesn't wear makeup? any opinions are appreciated?
Makeup help!!! need help tonight?
Girls do you like a strong guy that can carry you and protect you?
Could I Model?
Ladies, are you confident in your looks?(10 points)?
tomorrow morning my girlfriend is getting a full plastic surgay make over.?
Why do some women not care what they look like when they leave home?
what is the best way to clean my diamond engagement ring?
What is the rap song on the my?
What color eyes do you wish you had?
How do i wear a white long sleeved shirt that has buttons from collar till he end?
am i pretty enough to be a model?
whats your honest opinion of my looks?
Doxycycline making me break out ?
My eyebrows are two completely different shapes, what should I do?
HELP! fashion crisis help!?
Which jean size looks best for the womens department?
Are there any modeling agencies that take preteens in DC?If so can u either post a link or tell me the name?
Is my brown Kiwi shoe polish supposed to be black in color?
Shouls I get my off-center labret pierced??
how to get my mum to let me model?
which dress???? pic included?
how old do i look? (pictures)?
Why are girls so concerned whether they look like a $lut or not?
do you have any secret beauty tips?
What is the boob size limit to not wear a bra?
How can i be like ariana grande?
... rate my face ...?
What is a good face paint?
What is the best way to sterilise body piercing jewellery?
Who to slowly change my look?
what is beauty?
does anyone have any beauty tips?
Guys, and girls, what do you think of when you see this pic?
How to get fake nails off?
Rate please? Thanks! ( previous one got deleted somehow)?
What are these hoop earrings called?!? photo?
Website for nose rings?
what dress for prom should i wear?
Do guys like better when girls are dressed up or in a sweat shirt and kind of tomboyish?
Where can i find online printable coupons?
do i look like i could be a model ? -
Is 32D big or small for my height and weight?
Swim suit help?
Anyone that has a blog?
how can i make myself more attractive, 10 points best answer?
inner beauty or outy beauty?
What should i do...?
honest opinion on my smile?
is my head too small for my body?
Can working out and attaining a greater body...?
Could I be a model for Wilhelmina?
How can I make my face look manlier?
Ladies, Honestly, Is Wearing A Thong All Day Really Comfortable?
Ladies,whats your opinion about pink converse shoes for guys?
Hey I need some fashion advice.!!!?
hi can you please take a look at my singing videos thanks!?
circle lenses(korean contacts)?
How can I get a super flat sexy tummy?
Decoration help?
What colors go with my hair and eyes?
do i look like selena gomez ''pics''?
Lest face it. It only makes sence to ask the ladies; whats the best smelling colongne?
Did my parents give me a retarded name?
On a Scale of 1-10....?
Are checkered things considered plaid?
Abercrombie or American Eagle?
Why did I get so turned on watching Serena Williams dominate the open the other day?
My brother lost and has to dress like a girl, what should he wear?
Would these piercings look good on me?
im living n zurich,swiss i dont speak german.i know a little bit about can i learn to be a stylist
Seriously am I pretty?
what is your favourite perfume?
How long should you wait before changing your belly bar & BQ?
Is there a site that lets men change vest/blazer/shoe colours and types?
Do u think the name Tegan is weird or unusual?
Is it normal to be 5''8'' for a 13 year old boy?
For anyone, but preferably teens?
do any ladies like to recreate...?
do you know any fragrances that smell like ocean (for women) ?
I am really ugly?? And I have a low self esteem?
What is best for a movie and dinner night?
popped blackheads now they are soo red!!?
I need help, ideas, tips, suggestions, something!?
why am i so handsome and irresistable?
Where to get nice bras at reasonable price?
pictures,opinions welcome?
Asian whitening tips anyone?
Do you think my little sister is cute?
I'm 12, 93.5 pounds and 5 feet. Am I normal?
Is it okay for women to shave their whole pubic area or should they just wax their bikini line?
Do women like guys with flared sideburs? (women only)?
A Guy Question! What Do You Like?
Is there a way to control blushing?
Women, do u have unwanted facial hair?
wat length feather extensions should i get?
what is your eye color?
Where can I purchase Colloidal Oatmeal in Sydney ?
How can I make myself stop believing that I am Ugly?
Is this a pretty combo on a girl..?
Should I get a lip ring?
is she pretty? ( link given )
What is the best face cream to use to help prevent wrinkles and such.?
i suffer from morning eyebrow - whats the solution?
how should I do nail art designs on my dominant hand?
Beauty pageant tips??????
What kind of hairstyle and color would match me?
What is your favourite cleanser or products for pimple-fighting?
are there any other products like the trojan vibrating ring that can be used for sex?
Do You Think I Am ''Too Thin''? With Pic...?
What kind of hairstyle should I get?
i have brown teeth ,how do i whithen them naturally?
Twin Names?
Every Girl answer ASAP ?
Do you think i'm pretty?
do you think michel jackson is gay?
Guys who do u think is the hottest/prettiest/cutest girl u know of?
Whats more popular for guys, baggy jeans or tight jeans?
What do i wear to the homecoming dance?
Do you think that I am pretty?
Could I be a model?
Can you wear non prescription contact lenses with prescription glasses?
do you think this girl is pretty?
i just got braces do i look good in braces?
What are your best tips to appear more slender, slim or skinny? I have relatives coming and I want to look..?
Homecoming next week? Which hairstyle is best?
hi i painted my nails yellow the other day and its stained my nails yellow what can i do about it?
Beauty or brains honestly???!!?
do you think she's pretty?
Help with ear gauging please. (:?
Is this jacket gorgeous or am I crazy?
How to improve my body? *pic*?
How can i become a model without having to travel or spend $$$?
Do I make a cute girl?
What kind of style is this?
I am 5'4 and 170 pounds with a 36 DD bra size, what size North Face should I get?
Are you suppose to put wave cream then grease or the other way around.?
Will I look bad in a bikini?
would you consider her hot?
Why did this happen?? ASAP!?
who is the prettiest??????
Are you a goth. I want to be but my mom say no should i.?
Can I get gel nails with natural looking tips (not french tips)??!!!?
Twit Name helppppp ):?
which order do i apply?
is this girl pretty? (pic included) ??
do you think this girl is pretty?
This is really a SERIOUS Question........?
cheap mrs. Lovett custome ideas?
Snake Bites, SPider Bites, Or none at all?
Do you think that I am pretty?
where can i go to get my nails professionally put on?
POLL: Who has the best nose?
do guys perfer acrylic nails or normal nails?
Things look bigger in circle lens?
Would you consider someone wearing black nail polish 'emo'?
guys: why do u wear usually smells gross?!!?
What profile pic to use on facebook?????? Help!?
what name fits me best out of these three?
Is this girl good looking?
What would you label me as?(pics)?
Is this skinny model attractive? (Pic included)?
Guys-Do you think i am pretty?
can i buy Organic Aid Vitamin E moisturizing cream in Philippines?
who sings better in this video? (link)?
Whatd o guys look for in a girlfriend?
nicknames for emily!?
can you get gel nails too soon?
Do my eyebrows look crooked?
painted my nails and messed them up?
Vanilla perfume?!?!?!?
How can I get skinnier?
Pretty please with a cherry on top?
what's your worst fear?
Honestly Boys, What is Your Problem??
do you think i am pretty?
Uggs... -.-?..............?
Whats the most beautiful image, place, thing you have ever seen? Why?
any1 else???
man I HATE my eye color....etc?
When getting a bikini wax, can you use....?
Modeling Agencies/ Opportunities in the RI/ Boston Area?
I'm sorry for bugging, but could you give me your opinion about this self-portrait?
Is She Pretty?
I need a new Bath & Bodyworks scent?
is she Pretty or Ugly?
Do you like this outfit (pic)?
Is there any way to have a Constant eye contact colored lenz???
Need help. Ladies only, please?
can u help me look better and a ladysman?
what do you think......? (pic)?
Why does my hair shine blonde and a bit red in the sunlight?
can i wear a non-black suit to a summer wedding?
!10point which surname is posh?
Is anyone else allergic to sea water????
First impression help! important!?
What do you think about this guy?
Am I really hot?
i need to GAIN weight, HELP!!!?
People: Does a person need to have a curved nose to be pretty?
How can I make my round face appear slimmer?
Anyone in south Caralina want to give me a girly makeover?
what size is a 26" to 28" inch waist?
do you hink i could model for hollister or abercrombie??
Guys...:] How pretty is this girl?
Do you think I could be a model?
How do I become a Snorg model???=p?
Are you suppose to shave your arms?
Can you get french nails done in shellac?
Which girl is the prettiest?
Do I look of average weight or chubby (pic)?
im turning 21 soon and i look hideous??!?
What would you rate me???
see photo - how old do you think i am??
what is your favourite perfume to wear?
Roses and .........................?
Is there a cosmetic surgery for people who have too long of a face or jaw and want to make it more petite?
How can I spice up my life?
How do I look? Be honest?
What color contacts? girls only?
Would you consider me skinny?
*SCREAMS*Throws device against the wall*?
where can I buy the cheapest genuine Chanel handbag please?I'm happy to travel outside the UK?
what is the meaning of glocalistion???
Does seche Vite top coat for nails work well?
Girls: Do you like chest hair on guys?
American girls and mustaches?
Wat does my ethnicity look like and am i pretty?
Can you please rate me from 1 to 10?
Do you think this dress is too attention-grabbing?
hey guys can u answer this 4 me?ok ready,do u like brown haired,blonde haired, orblack haired girls better?
What is the best beauty product that I can use to even the skin tone of my face?
Who do you think is a prettier star
Will long hair look good on me?
Where can I buy a bathing suit in September?
Which girl is prettier? Why?
would u wear these....?
first impressions of her!! rate her! (pictures)?
I'm being bullied at school (Am I as ugly as they claim)?
Girls, is this true...?
How can I improve my look?
Ladies, I'm a straight very good looking guy. That said, would you date or like a guy that has a belly ring?
how much is the charlotte russe perfume?
What do boys think when girls (women) where really short skirts?
What jacket looks better with this dress...?
I feel weird asking this but how do you take out a tongue ring?
any retro outfits???????