How old would you guess I am?
what do you think of this picture?
What should my name be(pic)?
Where can I find affordable women's clothing for men?
Do girls in college prefer cute or hot looking guys?
Is this a good picture for my facebook profile pic?
What is the difference between color and foil when going to the beauty shop.?
whats a good summer color for your finger nails?
Which dress is more suitable to wear to meet my husband's parents?
Do you think i am pretty?
Do you think he's hot?
What products other than Lilash grow your lashes?
for piercings, does anyone think this is a good idea
Should I keep my acrylic nails?
What type of outfit should i wear so it matches my fiance's outfit ?
is there a website site that will show how to tweeze eyebrows?
From 1- 10 How pretty am I? Honest Please(:?
what body language may i use as not to seem wanting ?
Has anyone hired Veronica Pilnick’s with deluxx beauty, should I?
Girls what do you think about these guys?
Do you think i'm pretty?
Am I pretty,average or ugly??? ♥?
Are 'brown' girls pretty?
who has a more attractive face?
Little help with my wardrobe (holiday) please?
should seventeen year olds still be wearing hollister or is that too immature?
why is the oval shape consider to be the best shape for face?
Hide female facial hair?
girls are you comfortable with people seeing you in undies or ~Naked??!?
my nails are like thisss? do you likee? [pic inside]?
where could I get circle lenses in San Diego?
Do i look like vanessa hudgens?
Is this a way to get tan?
what should me and my friend wear for twins day?
Why do we want to be like someone we are not?
what gauge does the piercer use for nose rings? and is titanium a good ring to use?
Do i look like vanessa hudgens?
would you rather be called beautiful or hot?
is anyone else's questions not showing up?
Help with a complete makeover?
Does this girl look too skinny to you?
Advice on how to make this prom dress cuter?
Modeling? what do you think? (pics)?
Am i still really overweight? (pic)?
brown hair blue eyes...?
Help!!! Please Emergency!!!!!!!!!!!! Hair help ahh?
which pic should I use as my profile pic on FB?
Whats the smallesr bra size ?
Why do girls wear really tight pants?
Can Sally's beauty supply order in other capes besides the ones they stock?
Would I suit a nose stud?
Has Anyone ordered from Gone
I need help!i don't know how to be fashionable.?
what's the best scar removal? *IMPORTANT*?
Do you guys think i could be a model?
is this a compliment?
Glasses Or No Glasses?
How I becomesing hansome mens?
how can i use the nose strips well?
What color are your eyes and...?
Honestly, what do you think of this figure?
Open Minded Girls - what if your boyfriend wore this?
Nose question!!! plzzz?
am i pretty??? or ugly???? (picture)?
How much should these piercings cost?
Want to look more like an adult...?
How can I close my nose piercing hole?
What can I do to make myself look better?
What do you rate me from 1-10?
QUICK type your NAME with your NOSE?
how do u look slimer ???
HI..what is the best cream i can use for doing facial massage at home?
Are we pretty? (pics)?
Is she ugly or what people?
do my new glasses look good on me?
Which Vans shoes should I get?
can i put labret studs in a nose piercing?
who's more pretty? JLO or Jessica Alba?
Which girl is prettier?
How long should you wait to change a belly ring?
Rate me honestly please?
Why are some girls cuter than boys?
Do you hate tik tok...?
How much does Abbey Lee Kershaw weigh?
I'm I pretty? ( rate me 1-10)?
How many things can you come up with beautiful in the sentence (read)?(BQ)?
Do you think I should lower my standards? (pics) REPOST?
What nationality do i look like?
who's the prettiestttt?
Which glasses look the best?
Anyone know of good brands of sheer nailpolish?
does this make me and emo? ..:?
Is 5ft 7 really really tall for a girl..?
What is the best way to get a real tan with out the UV rays and creams?
Am i really ugly??Photoshop!?
Describe me in one word... (photo included)?
Do you notice the weightloss difference? (pic, 10 points)?
To ladies: Why do you insist on wearing high heels and uncomfortable shoes and then complain about it?
my new shoes give me a lot of pain at the back of my ankle.....?
am i the only one that likes american eagle and if you like it why do you like it?
Hi! I don't understand this sculpted calf thing? What is it and do you guys find it attractive? ?
how old are you?
Punk // Scene...????
Would YOU rather have....?
Guys... Banana Republic or Express Men?
Do you prefer blondes or brunettes? this really ugly?
How to I get popular when I'm new?
Are my measurements okay?
Girls, do u like stubble or clean shaven?
Do you think im pretty? Honestlyy! Guys and Girls(:?
Ear Stretching. Alcohol. Need advice.?
Anyone go to Dr Jacqueline Cheng (Los Gatos, CA) for eyelid surgery? Success or fail?
What do you think of my prom dress (Pictures included)?
What kind of style would this be?
how do i become noticable?
does this picture of me look good?
I'm looking for a private beauty therapy school/ course in UK that I can board?...?
sugar waxing: can you replace the lemon juice with honey?
Rate please......Nothing mean =)?
Girls rate these guys 1-10 and whether they are hot or not.?
I waxed my back last summer and I broke out pretty bad.?
am i cute?pretty? or just ugly?(pic included)?
How are my looks?????????????
does jcpennys, macys, and/or dillards sell good straight legged jeans?
Why can't I lose weight even though I eat very little?
Heyy, HOW OLD DO I LOOK??!!?
what do you think of my body?
Is this a good picture or not?
Any suggestions on how I can improve the way I look please?
What is Gwen Stefanis Favorite Color??
What should I get for my boyfriends Christmas present? :D?
Have you been to Esthetician School?
What color should he wear with my homecoming dress?
*Pictures* Girls opinion wanted? Please read and help! :) should I shave happy trail?
How do you make homemade lipgloss?
Could I model? [Pic included]?
Am I a tomboy? or just girly?
whats your favorite eye color?
Why do people sell extremely worn items on Ebay?
Do you think i am ok looking ?
What colour jumper should I get?
Which makeover do you like the most?
what do you think of my new lip ring?
is it just me?
Should I go dark dark brown? (Picture included!)?
My friend wants me to go with her and get a pedicure for fun?
Why do blondes girls look so good when wearing black?
Compare these two..which girl is prettier? (easy 10 points)?
How do I grow my nails?
Eye color.. please help!?
POLL: Which girl do you think is the hottest (PIC)?
Which one is prettier?? ?
did you ever wear custom-made footwear ? like what type and model ?
Makeup for the pale?
how can i look better ''pics''?
Should I get the Naked palette 1 or 2?
what is common between SUN & Woman's Underwear?
What episode of SKINS is this scene from? THANKS! <3?
Do I have feminin looking eyes? *Pictures*?
How do i get past issues of glamour magazine?
How can you get the stinky feet smell out of your shoes?
How to look and be like Primrose Everdeen?
I am 171cm tall.Do you think I am tall or short for a man?
Wolf Contact Lenses?? WHERE?
what is the Beauty?
i want to improve my boring and serious personality, how?
Sally hansen hair remover cream for face?
What do people really think?
fancy dress - xmas.?
what name do u like better? Shayla, Savannah or Claire??????????????????????????????????…
How can i dress down this dress?
Do girls tell their friends.....?
how can i make my green eyes stand out?
I am so ugly :( deep depression?
Do I look good in a bikini?
do you think she's pretty?
Who is prettier? pics included?
do i look better w/ or w/o glasses?
If you could chose your eye color what you you chose 10 POINTS BEST ANSWER!?
What to wear?
Do I have the potential to look pretty?
How much do brest implants, on average, cost?
teenagers: how old do i look?
A good minimizer bra?
What should i do about my two extra fingers?
new look but i wna keep my lenght hair wise,but need styles?
which of the girls is the prettiest?
do i look like britney spears? [pics]?
Girls, would you wear this?
where can i get a claddagh ring for under $35?
Do you think this picture is showing too much skin?
Would you consider this to slutty?
What do you think about her looksssss (10 points)?
HELP D: ! Bad skin discolouring!?
Do men prefer blonde's or Burnett's?
do we look alike? pics, please help?
From 1 to 10... How beautiful do you consider yourself.?
any cute haircut ideas?
Girls, could you rank these shirts from hottest/indiest to worst? im a teen dude?
how can i be the most populer girl in my school?
Why do people like thick hair?
Question for guys? please answer?
do i look like my race?
is it hot or annoying if guy have there pants really low?!!!?
What kind of modeling can i do?
Would you wear these boots (link provided)?
Who should I dress up as?? (Twilight party)?
How much does a male model make?
what is my best feature?
Do I look fat in this pic????? 10 POINTS BEST ANSWER!?
Boy help! How can I get him to notice me (photos)?
Would I look good blonde??? (pics) Please help :)?
Does anyone know the name of this guy? he's so cute!?
Would 5'1 ft be considered short for a guy ?
This guy made a poem for me?
Ear Stretcher.. 1.5mm To 4mm?
Is this skirt too short? *honest but appropriate answers only*?
How can I improve my appearance (pics)?
how to massage the breasts.?
I'm 18 but I want to look five years older. How can I look older?
Do girls like guys with earrings and tattoos?
How do I get rid of out of my specs and I am also scared with the thought of laser eye surgury?
help...turned off by gf?
How to look pretty like emos?
I don't like how i look what do i change?
what celebs do you think me and my friend look like? :D?
What can I go as to a 'Mean Girls' party?
How to make nailbed longer?
shaving probelm, Advice needed ladies?
do i look egyptain/arabian/gypsy?
Thoughts about LUSH LOCKS hair extentions?
Trash can or Sexy Police?
Don't u think this ***** has fake boobs?
I really need help talking to this guy!?
I want to change my look but dont know how?
How pretty am i on a scale of 1-10? pics included?
do you like long hair?
"The Dark Ages" article?
Do you give your honest opinion when people ask if they are ugly?(here on this site)?
how come you girls ,,,,?
Can I change my earring in my piercing yet?
how much will it cost to get my hair done like this for prom?
Think my ex will recognize me (Pics included)?
how do i start my introduction?
how can i look pretty?
are paris hilton and nicole richie still friends???
Ladies: How you think I look?
How do you get into modeling?
how would this jacket look on me ?
Which of these boots are nicer?
Any comebacks for when someone calls you ugly?
Could you please rate us? Having a competition?
Porcelain Veneers on just my front teeth, would this look bad, painful?
Wat are guys most used lines to get wit a gurl?
new makeover, How do i look?
Should I go by Katie or Katherine?
I think my belly bar is too short, what should i do?
Shes 11 & wants to start shaving?
have you ever spent a whole weekend barefoot,which including going somewhere besides home?
What color would be the best nail polish for a purple dress?
Do you think I am pretty?
Am I pretty? Yes. One of those stupid questions.?
Am I ugly ?
What color eyes do you like best, and what color are yours??
I wanna look like an amazing sitemodel!?
Running for homecoming princess. different form the other girls campaining. what should my flyers say ?
What's your favourite clothes store?
Some good theme for ladies kitty party for lunch?
do you think my avatar is cute?
I need an everyday hairstyle for medium hair..?
Should i try blonde hair???? PIC INCLUDED?
Am I too tall for high heels?
Hair ideas?
help me please im hopeless at dressing myself?
what do you think of me?
See that pretty face in the mirror there? Who can that attractive guy be? What a pretty face,What pretty eyes?
How to be a perfect girl?
am i pretty? nice pictures included guys xxxxxx?
What would you do with yourself if there were TWO of you?
Does this Look Good On Guys?
Who do you think is prettier? And why? (pics included)?
Who thinks blondes are cruel and dumb?
im getting nails applied. im confused?
could I be a model(pic)?
Why do many ppl overlook my fattness? Or are they just pretending?
What can someone do to make themselves smell nice?
Please rate my picture from 1-10?
A fun poll for girls!!!Would you ever go out with a 17 year old guy?
hey please help me out?
what colour of nail polish is ur fave?
Wat are boys most used lines to get wit a girl, that they c she is very attractive?
how can i change my look for the first day of school?!! please answer :)
What would you define a 'striking' face as?
Do I look like a man in disguise?(pic)?
prettiest girl?
whats the best style of a wedding gown will be perfect for women under 5 ft?
What is the best way to get in shape for a girl like me?
Is this too much for a costume?
If a brown haired girl is a brunette is a brown haired boy a brune>?
i want to hide my used inderwear i get?
I can't find my socks or shoes?
Rate me 1-10.. I really wanna know!!!?
Girls, what do you think about me?
Does anyone have ideas for a contest for salon stylists/colorists?
A good bra for growing?
Is his face a little chubby (pictire included)?
♥♥when should a girl...?
What's the best perfume?
what is the best perfume ever for girls/women?
Blonde hair - Blonde pubic hair ?
Does jessica Simpson have big feet or is it just me?
Why do even indian women hide their ages...(to attract men or women themselves ) even married women hide? why?
Which bikini should I get? (w/ pictures)?
Earring won't open?
Dry skin! help!!?
Is she Beautiful?????????
What do I wear with these Lebron IV shoes? (GIRLS and guys wanted)?
semi permanent eyelash extension?
Do I look Chinese to you?
What do you think of women with tattoos?
how do i look, honestly?
Hey do I look like Julia Roberts?
would this look stupid?
I want to be a hairdresser how do i do it?
What can I go as to a 'Mean Girls' party?
I'm 14 and i want a moustache?
at what age was your first kiss?
What kind of smiles do you find attractive?
im 12 and i havent had my period yet i feel left out i have evrthing else but wats wrong?
What's your fave type of candy?
Girls do you..........?
Do I look intimidating (picture)?
Should I get bangs??? Or not?
Will this haircut look alright in me ?
Who is the bellhop in the degree commercial?
Where to get nice bras at reasonable price?
is it okay if i am 17 and wear tons of....?
Skinny? or Curvy?? Honestly??????
Do yu think i could make it as a model ?
Girls do you consider this guy to be hot or ugly?
American woman had something put in her breasts to make them grow?
do you like dark hair with fair skin?
Do nails work like hair?
could i be a model? pics included!!?
Which girl is prettier?
What to wear to valitar?
I decided not to eat after 6 to lose some weight, but its little hard to make it through..what can i do?
how do i make my jean look old and howt yet not ripped?
Is this some type of goth?
Rate my outfits? School this week (pics)?
Is cosmetology school hard?
In the clothes you wear, is having a major label important to you or not?
(please answer only if you're 15 or older). how long does it take you to get ready? and what do you do?
Is it better to epilate or wax?
i want 2 design a t-shrit the things is i need it by friday and i only want one most websites i've been?
Is the age difference a problem?
Which color is the best looking of this sweater and why?
how do i not look stoned?
Do you thibk shes good looking?
How To Be The Hottest Girl In Middle School?
Red nails or a french manicure for the holidays?
What do you think of me? ((pics))?
do the girls think i am ugly? be honest.?
would you react to someone wearing a tshirt with the words...?
I want to go from black to brown..?
can a guy wear this out fit ?
are redheads unattractive?? iyo?
Am I Seriously That Ugly?
Is it alright for me to date a sophomore in high school and I am a Junior girl in high school. He is taller.?
Where can i find????
Could I Ever Be A Model?
Rate me 1-10 please (pic included)?
What is beauty to you?
Which picture please? (pics inside)?
whick picture is better?
What bra would I wear with this dress?
How to get the perfect shave ?
who looks better taylor swift or selena gomez?
whats are chino pants and seersuckers?
hey girls what u do after clean ur hair down side?
Is my friend pretty ......... ?
What is the best way to get your lips soft?
Im 14 but apparently look 17/18?
Where can plus size women in Montreal, Quebec get great tips/bargains in fashion styles (hair and clothing)?
What would make me look better?
Am I really like actually that ugly?
Right, here are five 14 year old girls, which one do you think is prettiest? No nasty comments please!?
Can I use witch hazel to clean my tongue bar?
How do I look? Model bound? Positive and negative feedback appreciated.?
Buying sweatshirt online, sizes?
Do you have any beauty secrets you wanna share with us?
how do i thicken my eyelashes?
can you give me some tips? pleaseee.?
Shaving, facial hair, concealer?
if you rate your physical appearance from 1-10 (1 being the lowest) what would it be?
How do I fix my UGLY shoulders? s? (picture inside?
Is there an open minded girl i can talk to about the girl things i bought?
How to juice pineapple and pears with the twin health juicer?
Girls: who do you think is the prettiest?
is this girl too skinny..?
Which girl is prettier?
What color are your nails painted right now?
Does anyone know what the air freshener at the MGM Grand in LV is? Is it the MGM Grand Perfume?
Do you think i am ugly?!??!?
are doc martens a good quality shoe?
How to be a 'Hipster'?
Do you think I'm fat (pics)?
What is your morning routine?
how can i look not so plain?
where can I find a muscular woman to have an encounter with?
I want to be a model. help?!?
do you know any ulzzang that is naturally beautiful or pretty?
Reasons why my bath bombs won't fizz?
bare bronze lotion?
what should i do if my cousin try to abuse from me am very scared?
Can "bigger" people wear yoga pants?
What should i wear for my sister's wedding?
Young and Sexy vs. Grown and Sexy...Which describes you?
How to repair thin brittle nails?
am i geekie??????? plz help mii!!!!!!!!!?
how skinny should i be to be a model?
who is the prettiest?!? in order?
where can u get custom made prom dresses at in new jersey?
What fruits are the best to eat to help lighten skin?
which shoes are nicer ? ?
what is the best way to tan?
Where can i buy Avorio Equilibrium Acne Essence at a cheap price?
Hey Sexy Lady.......?
Black and White Attire Day at school. what do I wear?
What is the best way of getting into modelling?
am i pretttty? please tell me!?
Rate out of 10 please?
marilyn or audrey?
Is a bath and body works gift basket and robe good gift for xmas?
Which Halloween costume looked prettier?
what are the most common things in a womans pocketbook?
Does nail hardener grow your nails?
baggy pants?
how ugly are my freckles? (pic)?
People always think I'm 16 but I'm 22 years old. How can I look older?
how can we grow smart?
How would you rate my looks, from 1-10?
What should i wear to ballroom dancing?!?!?
Is 5'5 (165cm) too tall for a woman?
How tall will my brother be?
who is prettier, full thoughts!?
Does anybody know where i can buy a gold dragon mouth money clip like the one in the movie Face Off?
Is my bra too small?/ how is a bra suppose to fit?
does anyone know any person who can get someone to tell me where i can get those convere high tops juno wears.
Should i cut my hair if im trying to grow it out?
Are you more beautiful now than you were before?
I hate looking young, Suggestions?
What ethnicity do i look?
what colour(s) make you look more tanned?
Smooth n fair fingers n nails?
Dinosapien Amber Locket?
Konad stamping nail art?
What do you think of no shave november?
what are the best coloured train tacks for a 13 yr old with blue eyes and bleach blond hair?
Ok, so this is a "deep-thinking" question, but it's very interesting...(OPEN!)?
Do my boyfriend and I look alike? (Picture)?
how to do my nails like katherine pierce?
Would these sandals be cool in college?
how unattractive is this guy?
I want 2 b AVON INDIA BEAUTY PRODUCTS consultant.I need details.?
My friends told the guy i liked that i had a crush on him and now he is........what do i do now?
who do you think is prettier? the girl holding the baby, or the blonde girl? PICS TO LOOK AT?
Where do i find these things they put on artificial nails? (picture included)?
Any gitls out there use Avon website or brochure to look at products?
Which one do you like more?
is my new ear piercings ok? pix included....?
best hair removal cream for men in india?
which girl is prettier and why?!
which #1 perfum would you choose?
Help please!10 POINTS..?
Is she pretty? (Pics)?
are these good photos of me?
Is it bad?
Do you prefer ROUND face shapes or LONG face shapes?
How old do we look like?
All Girls what you think of appearance(please honesty ladies)need advice?
Is 5"6.5 tall for a girl?
WHERE are the new Jordan Pack [11/12] releasing? ?
Does she needs to get a nosejob? -Pic- PLEASE ANSWER?
Were can i get these flats?
who owns clothes of silk?
Who has a hotter stomach, me or Miley? (pics)?
Anybody with knowledge of belly rings?
Fake nails yes or no?
Can I put Lanolin on my feet to make them softer?
can i know about skincare tips?
Where can i find a hat like the one in my pic?
Isn't she gorgeous? (Rate her)?
You have to be pretty to have friends. I want to be pretty! Can you help me?? [pictures]?
OMG Does love even exist?
rate me 1-10!!!!!!!!?
when did american women start underarm shaving?
Am i prettee orr nawtt ? picturezz includededed ?
How do I get a guy....?
jobs in california that allow piercings or tattoos and colored dyed hair?
What is this Hair color called or number?
girls do you like physically fit guys with 6 pack abs that loves to protect you?
What can I Use For Facial Hair Removal?
Is Piercology in Columbus, OH a good place to go?
Like my hair WHICH COLOR? [PICTURES]!?
Eyelash serum? Does it really help?
Which girl is prettier ?
bubble bath ???
how do they get so damn skinny???
how can i make bath bombs without essential oils?
i need help do do professional nails?
Could she model (pics)?
How to look less feminine/more masculine?
Where to buy a plus size strapless red corset with built in bra?
how come when u paint your nails at home they dont look like the nail people?
is my avitar pretty?
college freshman with no idea what to wear ti a frat semi formal?
what do you think your best physical features is, & why?
gap in my front teeth?
about how much does a french manicure typically cost?
how old do u think????????????????
How can i improve my appearance?
Are these items of clothing cute?
Prank text police involved?
I wear size xl in shirts but I wanna get an akomplice jacket what size should I get?
where in birmingham are the best places to buy a sari at short notice?
Do I look better with Black hair or brown?
nail biting?????? wanting to stop?
pose sexily in swimsuit worth it?
Girls, what do you think of him?
I can`t stand women with short hair?
How pretty is the girl???? 1-10?????
what kind of shoes are you allowed to wear if you work at hollister or abercrombie?
Curly or straight? Which looks better?
Could I model? Rate my looks.?
wanna know if im ugly or not!?
Am I ugly? (pics inside)?
whoe is this perfume by?? plz help?
Please help! How many tie knots do you know?
Would you call me Beautiful?
what is the diff. betn deo , spray and perfume?
Can guys wear Victoria's Secret Pink yoga pants and panties?
Sephora beauty insider card question?
What are some quick , pretty hairstyles to do in the morning ?
How much weight to lose in order to drop a clothing size? (For both tops and bottoms)?
which pic should I use as my profile pic on FB?
What place is better to shop at?Abercrombie or Hollister?
Should she consider a nose job?
ladies....bikini trimmers?
what do you do with old perfume bottles?
what would u change in me?(pic included)
why am i so ugly please?
Why do some women not care what they look like when they leave home?
Where could I find the best makeover site for men- for free-please!!!?
I'm self-conscious?
Lately i have really been thinkig about making changes with myself,,,,,including getting dreds..should i?
How can I repair the wobbly clear nose piece on my aviators?
how do u know whos your friend or not?
do you like to be called beautiful or hot?
is it safe for you get a monroe piercing if you have braces?
Is Asian the Supreme race?
Who is prettier? Be nice.?
What do you think of my sister.?
Where can i buy SensatioNail starter kit in Canada? or at least order it online to ship to canada?
Could I attract any boys? *pics*?
I have little hairs above my eyebrows?
Whats an eight hour bra?
Do i have a big nose?
ladies how low or high do you like your socks?
How long does it take for water to start...?
Better or worst? [pics]?
how do you ask your mother to wax your eyebrows?
how does canada differ from the u.s in terms of its attitude towards immigration?
FASHION EXPERTS!!! HELP! I want to take my style to the next level, but I don't know how....?
are lip rings a turn off?
Does it need an ultramodern wardrobe or 'be yourself' wardrobe to look fashionable & attractive?
do you think that I am pretty?
How do you get Kara from beauty and the geek to be your personal shopper?
am i or not?? and sorry for it not being in color?
someone asked me to be more specific about me to be a model?
what should i do???
im going to on a audition in a few day, what pictures should i bring?
What are the best style tips for 2006?
What do you think of freckles!?
What are the best places to look for Laser Hair Removal in Ottowa?
A question for girls who wear Uggs?
is she to hot for me?
Do Asian women shave or trim their pubic hair?
fashion designer?
do you think that my face is fat? picture included~?
What race (or races) would you guess I am?
How to live out your childhood?
I need a cute scene name?
I have a "baby face" i am 14 and have freckles how can i try to look not old but my age....?
How old do i look?
i am trying to become a model but dont know the first step, help?
Commercial modeling?
What profile pic should I use on facebook??!!?
Can someone cast a beauty spell on me?
Is it wrong that I enjoy dressing up in my girlfriends clothes?
What should I get wrote on the Back of my hoodie?
I'm 15, will my nose change? Please help!?
Which fake nails are better?
Are my lips really that bad?
what do you think of girls wearing....?
does anybody know a fat singer chick with a silver dress,golden lips and short,dark hair?
How can I get my teeth white?
howcome people dont like platinum blonde hair???
Do you get your eyebrows threaded?
I want to be a model? pics.?
Am I really, really ugly?
how much do you think she weighs? [pics]?
What do you think of me?
is his mistress good looking?
i want a radiant,glowing,fresh,clear and healthyskin?
Girls: do you think this skater boy is good looking?
Where can i find a chic/fashion varsity jacket?
does anyone think one-piece swimsuits for women are sexy?
Ladies only-what is the best kind of bra? I am so sick of them !!!?
how do you get nail glue off of your nails?
what is the best cloths fits a tiny short person?
What can you use to shave your legs when your out of shaving cream?
I loved L'Occitaine's Honey and Citrus perfume. What's a similar fragrance?
what should i do.......?
Which car do you like the best (with pics)?
List your top 5 passions.?
Girls do you like it when.......?
Help! im really embarrassed about my eyebrows?
Do you believe that ugly people have inner beauty?
looking for closed toe sandals here in northwest part in san antonio texas?
would you say i look different after working out **PICS**?
Are these dimples Pictures included?
is this a good profile pic?
Am I at least OK looking :/?
Do I look like a fat emo?
Do you think emo girls are hot?
how do i stop biting my fingernails?
two very important questions about skin and eyes.?
any great nickname ideas for steffi? 10points ^^ for good one?
ONLY GIRLS:Which Picture should I use for my profile Picture?
if you pluck your eyebrows, will they grow back thicker, more, and darker??
GUYS, is she hot or not?
What stereotype would i fit in?
How old does she look and what do you think she could improve on?
Ladies, what's the best bar soap?
I was wondering if anyone else had a shipment of nail polish (prepaid) destroyed without explanation at Custom
Which bath soap and face wash are best?
Purple dress and Tan dress?
Am i handsome,cute or boring? and rate me 1-10 (pic)?
my plants wont talk to me?!?
does anyone know if your nails have to be a certain length/strength for acrylic nails to be fitted?
Are you beautiful?
What celebraty do i look like?
should I get these piercings done at the same time?
do u think im pretty?
What to wear with a long chunky red cardigan?
Is it ok for men to wear women's gloves?
How could i pay for beauty school over the summer?
How to dress a petite body at age 20?
what is victoria's secret?
Do you find it attractive when a guy has his lips high from chin or lower to his chin?
i am 5'9" 286lbs can women still find me attractive?
Do i have Model potential?
What is a good name for a nail/beauty salon in the caribbean?
Nike Sweet Classic Leather or Converse Low Black?
Question about shaving?
Who was Miss Nevada 1970?
I want to be pretty... tips please? (Photo)?
Is she pretty,ugly,average,or cute?
What in order are the most common eye colours?
is my name pretty?
who are the famous models now days ?
How old would you say i look?
Girls: Do you think its kinda weird for guys to wear moisturizer?
What is the absolute best perfume for a teenage girl?
What should i wear fro the first day of six grade?
Question for girls... be honest :)?
Could she make it as a model?
can you please help me find some good frends out?
Please help me with choose a Cologne thanks !!:)?
My boyfriend says I'm really ugly. Am I?
Who is prettier, mi or the other gurl? (with pictures that every1 should be able to see now)?
Does my friend look like Lindsey Lohan? Lol...?
do you think i am pretty at all?
Can I change my identity?
What size bra am i? o:?
Would skin79 bb cream pink label get rid of dark undereye circles?
What is the best modeling agency for black models?
Painting my boyfriend's nails (fingers and toes). Color suggestions?
What do you think of this guy?
how to keep my hair straight?
What is the product name of the polo dress shirts that are the most common for casual wear?
Girls what is your fashion No No... Give me some exemples !?
how could i make this costumee?
can you rate these pictures of me?
does anyone know of any male facial hair removal products that are available in the UK?
can anyone give me ideeas of what i can paint on my nails?
Help! Curly girlys, I need some advice!?
ear stretcher bleeding?
if im obese how can i be beautiful like ppl say?
What top would go good with...?
What hair color should I get next ?
What is the first thing you notice about me ? ( picture !!! )?
Are Freckles on a Girl Cute?
can a mixed girl be scene?
how can i stop biting my nails?? please help me!!!?
Girls I need help please :)?
girls why wont just just do this?? seriously?
Girls only!!!?
Girls do i have a nice body?
What do you think of this body BAD OR GOOD (PHOTOS)?
should i persue modeling????????????
Is there a a jewelry store called virgin jewelers in miami??????
How would I wear this scarf?
Question for all you picture raters?
For gals-What's the longest you've ever let your fingernails grow? How long do you normally keep them now?
ideas to fix a short dress?
I've got a friend who told me to get into modeling...? Pic?
So what's the deal with "high cheekbones"?
Any ideas for one month anniversary ?
i wear acrylic nails and i was ripping open a box at work yesterday?
How or where can I get these kind of glasses?
Girls, should I keep pursing her? We were in love?
How to give my room a makeover?
Are my pimples really noticeable?
Okay, Rephrase: Does shaving body hair stimulate hair growth?
why is she so ugly please help?
make up tips?
whar do you do when u are being teased about ur looks in school??????
nono hair removal ??
do YOU need people to tell you your pretty to feel pretty?
Do I look fat? Please be honest?
Ear blowout. help me?
Is it dangerous to get acrylic nails? What about pedicures?
Am I tall?
Woah what do you think of this dress?
Need advice on whattt to do!?
Could I be a MODEL?
I just got my glasses today. Should I be embarrsed? Will I be uncool?
I think i have a fetish for swimsuits. i really like the feel of them and wear one to sleep sometimes?
Ways to straighten a fringe that is dead without it sticking out everywhere.?
what should i wear for halloween?
How will I look when I'm older?
Does a woman look better with a bunch of tattoo's,few tattoo's or none what looks better on women??? be honest?
I'm looking for a real nice picture of the M&M candy?
Does New View Management Group modeling agency make you pay money?
Bangs/fringes (pic included!)?
Do you think I could be a model?
what can i do to make myself look less a femine or pretty boyish?
model status?
do freckles like ours bother you?? (pic)?
GIRLS ONLY! Please help!!!!!! please!?
What are good responses to these "Hollister" interview questions?
New Nickname help plz?
Why don't pretty girls like me?
Girls, what are some signals that u give when u like someone?
Am I ugly?????????????????????????????
What do you think of bodybuilder women who have muscles so big that they look like a man?
What Race would you say I am?
does anybody need a sitemodel?
Do I really look that young?
Is my ear anatomy suitable for an industrial piercing?
is it hot or trashy!?
What are the big department stores in Quebec, Canada?
why did most beautiful models got picked on because of their "uglyness" when they were growing up?
do you shower in the morning, evening or both?
Do You Think I am FAT?
Has somebody ever called you ugly?
Should I get plastic surgery? I want it so so badly?
rate me please? thank you!?
should i get a nose job?
Would this dress look good on a curvy body?
My face is very wide how can i get to look thinner???
are neutral colors necessary for college interview outfits?
What is a face lift?
what is it in men's deodorants that makes it smell so masculine?
Guys AND Girls: how long does it take u to get ready?
iz this to young?
Is makeup or clothing more important?
Cream.....?...plz help!?
How do you stunt yourself?
Could you please give some feedback?
what would u do if ur child came home baaling because people at school r teasing her?
I gauged my ears to a 14g. need some information.?
is she pretty?
What's the best way to clean-up or trim eyebrows for a male?
what comes to your mind when you see this pic?
Hey how to be groomed?
My tattoo, what do you think?
What looks good with me?
Am I skinny enough to wear skinny jeans?
My sweatpants are WAY too long?
how to tell my mom i craked my acrylic nail?
i have itchy boobs, is there a creme i could use? or why are they itchy?
does this mean im ugly please help?
Which is your favorite picture?
Do these girls look alike?(pics)?
Square or rounded nails?
Do all girls get prettier as they get older?
EASY 10 POINTS: Taylor Momsen Costume ideas?
facial mask????
I have a picture of a sexy jeans. It has string wrap opennings of both sides of bum.?
Why won't people just admit that white women are the prettiest?
What do you girls and guys think of me? (with pics)?
Who looks like Kendall and Kylie Jenner?
how to be a scence girl ?
What is name of this haircut [pic included]?
Which girl is prettier (pics)?
How to make us confident with our body?
Should I get plastic surgery?
Who are the fashion models in this photo?
Fashion Show in L.A?
where can I buy these shoes online? (picture)?
Sweet 16th Idea Themes?
Where could I buy Aveda Camomile shampoo?
If I have a big nose does that make me ugly?
Do you think this is a nice dresss (pic)?
Nail product survey!!!!!?
short or tall?
which girl looks more attractive?
suggest me ayurvedic medicine for shin toner and hair growth?
How does one change their appearence?
How to be like summer Roberts in session 2 & 3 ?
how old is toni braxton (now of course)? and does she have children if so, i heard that they cant talk or sumt
Should I be annoyed that my friend copies me?
How can you tell if you are pretty?
If you had to choose between being a very beautiful person or a very smart person, what would you choose?
How much do you think this girl weighs?
Girls, should I send her this text? I want her back?
Which glasses look better on me? ( pictures!)
Young and Sexy vs. Grown and Sexy...Which describes you?
MODEL POTENTIAL? I'd like everyones opinion! Please and thank you.?
Why don't people recognize their beauty?
Any Pros/Cons to Cold Wax?
How to look like a NORMAL 16 year old?
green or blue colored contacts on hazel brown eyes?
I'm hopeless.I can not control myself from eating snacks.I'm hungry all the time?
teenage girls please answer?
what kind of girl do you imagine when you hear the name?
What is the best shaver?
Please help! I feel really happy but my its strange.. Please help me seriously.?
How to give yourself a complete makeover?
WHY can't I just be tall, blonde, tan, and skinny!?
who sells the cheapest beauty and hair stuff(conditioner, etc) in IL?
How old do you think we are?
My hair color turned out Very DARK burgundy, I was wondering what color makeup n clothing looks best with it?
Why ban size zero models?
Should i grow a beard?
Whats your opinion?
are these good quality?
do you think i am chunky?(pictures)?
What color eyes do you prefer.?
30-Day Contact Lenses - Anyone women wear them - the ones you don't take out at all?
Do girls Look good with Mohawks?
rate me + how can i improve??? **pics included**?
what do you call nails that have white top and clear or pink bottom?
which one of us is thee prettiest (PIX!)?
Do you believe that its easier for girls to become hot than guys?
What line is said in both the Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella movies?
What color is demi lovato's hair(or close) (pictures included)?
Whats a big turn off Bad breath or Body odour?
storm,s...... wr r u...?
what heritage do i resemble?
I think I'm ugly, how about you (picture)?
I really don't understand this..?
Am I too thin picture?
What's the best colonge that girls love?
for the ladies of land?
Do you find this girl beautiful?
Ways to fake sickness?
Brown or blue eyes????
girls if a guy you knew came to work you know one day dress as a girl ,would you still talk to him?
Does this dress look classy or trashy?
Do these lips belong to a guy or a girl? (PICTURE)?
What is a good, comfortable push-up bra that comes in a 32C?
Girls! am i alright looking? (pics) 10points?
How old do you think I look?
Men what kind of hairstyle do you find most sexy on women?
Am I okay/ how to improve my looks (pics)?
Give me your honest opinion but don't be hateful. Should I get these one direction boots in blue?
most men nowadays prefers brunettes,?
what should i wear to my 8th grade far well.?
Girls, when rating a guy's photo on a rating site?
Am I too skinny? Girls?
i am not the cool, how do i become cool?
whos prettier? and 1-10 for each girl?
why do cuter people?
Before or after? ( pics too)?
girls how tall do you prefer men to be?
Do you think she could model? (pics)?
Good prom dress stores (in San Diego area)?
Is becoming a nail techniques dangerous for your health and skin?
does my little sister and i look similar?
i am starting cosmotology school and i was wondering if it was really hard. i am a little scared?
Okay how can I do this?
Care to Rate my Face?
Okay which one should i...?
Do you think I'm pretty? Because I'm not so sure.?
Hey, Can you please help me pick a profile pic?
is it true?
Pink underneath hair....what to make it look better?? (pic)?
do you think i could be a model? (pic)?
what year did donyale luna become a covergirl?
Fabrics and their class...?
Do i look any better?
(PICTURE included, just click on link!) What do you think about my appearance?
what is specail about the new martha stewart collection?
hey guys im kinda thin thats y i dont look that handsome is it ok for me taking surbex z?
guys:y dou liek blond hair fake boobs on girls that r 5'9'' and 105lbs whats your perfect girl looks,music,sty
Do you think I could be a model? (Pics)?
Who is the fairest person in the world?
Can you use this as nail glue?
Girls Should i grow a goatee?
Do I look ugly?
why light brown eye girls looks sexy or attractive in magazine, movie, fashion show and advertisements?
What do you think of girls that wear wedges to school?
how to make my face look fat.?
What are some Autumn outfits?! ((Men's input is needed)) tell me what would be flatterin'on a woman?
Do you think she's pretty? Which one's do you like best?
I want to try a new perfume?
what should i improve ?(pic)?
GIRLS! what can i do to make myself more attractive?
Would the measurements?
what shape is this face(pic included)?
Kiss or french kiss?
What color redken shades eq?
Do you like this dress?
Why do i look better in the mirror than on my ipod camera?
What lyical dress shoud i ware for the songperfect by pink?
What is the best holiday scent at Bath&Body Works?
What color are your eyes?
Is Miley cyrus Hot?
Any secret formula to let the eyelashes grow longer?
Does acne and braces make you unattractive?
Getting acrylic nails - cut my nails short or leave them long?
Why does my hair look different in photos?
Which girl is Prettier?
(pics) Who's the prettiest out of all these girls?
tell me about the photo...?
Hey What Is Your FAVORITE TOILET Tissue?
Thoughts on this dress?
Is it ok if a guy wears a little bit of eyeliner?
Height problem for a girl?
Do snakebite piercings scar pretty badly?
Socks with sandals...?
Is she pretty?
10 POINTS BEST ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!?
What is the best nail extention system out there?
Does Proactiv work on acne? Sandy ordered some.?
Is it a turn off if a guy paints his nails?
i always wouder what people think of me and i dont no what they think about my hair or what kind of close i?
Who do you HATE the most on Project Runway?
What are my good/bad features? and whats your first impression of me?
anyone no the name of a cosmetic company where everything is just $1.00????
What is the difference between cute and pretty?
Diesel's new frangrance? "Only the Brave" HELP!!?
the best perfume ever created?
What's the easiest way to apply false eyelashes?
Your honest opinion of how I look, please? (pics)?
GIRLS ? I'm 5'5 ft and I personally think its a great height....?
hw cn i remove pimle scars immediately?in my case it take a long time before it'll disappear.....?
Am i the only girl that doesn't like to get bras from Victorias secret?
Do I look like I have talent as a photographer?
Okay, like this boy at my school told me i look like a barbie doll? ?
Would i look good with gauges?
Maximum length of eyelashes?
first impressions.? what would yours be of me[just based on looks).? pics included.?
What is the best electric shaving machine for men?
How to improve dramatically in looks?
Does anybody think Billie Joe Armstrong is hot as in capital F fine?
would these products make me break out ?!?!?! (easy 10 points!)?
what is the most beauty point of girl?
What do you think of this Prom Long Dress?
Is anybody here in a pageant?
blonde or brunette?! picturesss?
how much would you spend on a magnetic braclet?
Do i look like my mum? (PICTURE)?
could i modle? (pics)?
Am I fake, honestly? eek!?
what is your favorite eye color?
+++ Hand Lotion +++?
What should I do with my eyebrows? (pics)?