Girls how do i look attractive?
Do I look overweight (with pics)?
How long do you have to wait before you can change your cartilage earring?
what makes you attractive?
Has anyone heard of "DZ Clothing Co." I have a web Address but it doesnt work!!!?
what is a good smelling fruity perfume?
What should I do to improve how I look? (pics inside)?
i looking for..........?
Do you think dimples on the cheeks cute?
am i ugly??!!?
What are my Best Features and Worst Features, Rate:)?
Am I ugly? Please, rate from 1-10?
HOT or NOT???
How old do I honestly look?
I got spider bites ( Piercings ) with 2 labrets , but i want to change it to 2 lip rings on one side .?
Is this an ok photo for Facebook?
how can i enter for an extreme makeover?
Long nails or short?
am i underweight? :(?
do you think this kid is ugly?
Why do so many people hate Justin Bieber?
~*Which one of us is prettier*~?
anybody know anything about perfume called borguese?
Why do i look bad (pic)?
Where can i buy Ring Mata Kambing?
What are some good gifts for my 13 year old daughter?
Does my smile creep you out....?
What dress size should I be?
Do you think we should do it so young?
are veet immac any good?
Me without makeup ( be honest ) ?
Would i look good in a skin tight spiderman outfit/costume?
Do I look better with curly hair or straight hair [pics]?
Where can I buy strong durable school shoes with a good sole?
Bodycon or pelum? black or cream?
what is your attitude to property, outward, success and luxury?
who is prettier? Pictures to see?
Where can i find a Plaid Mens Coat?
Who's prettier -- Girl A or Girl B -- ?
Do I look good for my date? Need you're opinion!?
what body shape is miranda kerr?
this is for all the guys out there..?
Should I wear this to school?
what hairstyle should i get? [pictures]?
I sooooooo love this skirt. Would you wear it?
Masquerade Ball gown??!!?
can a guy wear this hoodie ?
How can a fat man dress "hollywood"?
What is 1st, 2nd, and 3rd shift?
how can i make my nails grow faster i just stopped bitting them and i am obbsessed w/ them and I want them to?
Emergency!!!!! Tell me which dress is much better,please!?
What do you think i could improve on before school?
What do you think is the best perfume brand for girls?
Nothing to wear to a party?
how do i look?[picture..]?
Question about tips?
Schedule for working out/beauty time?
Who do u think is prettier?
Does this really works?
Girls,what do you think of pink converse shoes for guys?
Do I have permanent scaring??
I always feel so ugly...?
Girls think I'm pretty boys think I'm ugly?PIC INCLUDED?
Who is this scene girl?
What do i look like? lol?
GIRLS: do you mind it when a guys boxers are showing?
is it because im not attractive? (picture included)?
Do you think she is exceptionally pretty?
what are the best men's facial/antiaging products?
I am a very thing boy?
Do you think women who like to wear make-up, perfume, jewelry and dress pretty vain?
if you have gauges in your ears, help please(:?
Whats your first impression of this boy?
choose one style that u think looks the coolest (girls opinions only)?
I have really low self esteem...?
any suggestions on a Name for my Massage/Spa business?
rate my sis?
Which one is more cute?
which girl is prettier? which girl looks more fake?
how can i look positively trashed?
Am i pretty?! (pics included)?
My mom said she would talk to me about shaving.?
how can i get beautiful lips naturally?
What to do to fix my eyebrows?
perfect dress for a perfect anniversary date?
eyeliner help please?
What would you do?
n e one want to talk to a gurl about something my name is chasity?
LADIES...Which hairstyle do think looks best on me (*PICS*)?
Is Leaves a seasonal scent (bath and body works)?
Are my knees going to be ugly forever?
Does he like me back, or is he leading me on, or what!!!???PLZZZ HELPPPP?
hot avatars?
What is a "crunk KId"??????x?
Girls: When you laugh, what kind of laugh do you like? Hehe, herher or haha? Why?
Can anyone tell me who this person/model/actress is?
How to make fun-cut tee shirts?
whats the name of the best?
What to wear to this wedding help!!?
Who do you think is hotter?
Which Converse should i get [[pics]]?
anybody know of any gents only beauty salon in birmingham or westmidlands, thankyou?
Have you got your ears pierced (girls only please!)?
What would you rate me - 1-10?
is it OK to enforce a really conservative clothing style on a 15 year old daughter,who is rebellious?
What do you think of Bellybutton piercings?
Ugly parents, beautiful kids. Beautiful parents, ugly kids. Why Its not fair!?
How do i access the Florabotanica (perfume) Secret Garden online?
Where can I get jade jewelry for cheap?
Do you think this girl is pretty?
Guys, would you ever date me?
armani code - do guys like it? u too girls :)?
Do you think I dress slutty?
What to wear for my audition?
what female has the highest overall rating on
which facewash is more better?
question about laundry lol?
Do you think i am ugly? (pics)?
Liquid or stick eyeliner?
How do I wear these??
Boyish figure ? (Pic)?
Can anyone think of a good nickname for justine??I'm a girl.?
What kind of dress should I wear to a daytime wedding?
Should I get surgey on my feet?
where can you find minx nail art?
Where/ how to find a cologne...?
Are you cute?
Spa day at homE?
Help with cheap stores in my area?
Who's prettier?
What color heels/accessories should i wear with an off white dess?
Good names for a pageant business?
what time does UPS start and stop delivering?
Is this outfit Hot or Not (no stupid answers plz)?
How can I fix my eyebrows? (PICS INCLUDED)?
Do I really look too thin in this picture?
I have dark hair and I would like to dye to medium to dark red?
Is 5'7" too tall for a girl?
where is the best place to get hair extensions?
Women only - Do you wear underwear in summer?
Do I look like a pretty boy to you? (but i play football)?
Are we a good looking couple?
What does my body look like to you?
hey guys. what if someone said you kinda look like a girl?? I'm asian btw?
is it possible to burn my freckles off? also, if i burn my hair off will it grow in a different color?
Is There A Website That Sells The L-R-G Dead Serious Hoody???
FOR GIRLS! What kind of guy do you look for? sporty, gangster, abercrombie/hollister type, really nice ?
Does smooth away work on upper lips?
Does anyone know when Bath and Body Works gets rid of there fall and winter candles?
what would you rate these girls?
Which shoe go with this dress?
what is your attitude to property, outward, success and luxury?
Helpppp! Is 37 inch butt big if am 5ft and 25 inch waist?
Do pulled eyelashes grow back?
snooki shades pleaseeee help!!?
What are some good beauty websites?
why cant we chose our own make up style for the avatars?
How long is Crystal Gayle's hair?
What Procedure Would I Need To Fill In My Cupid's Bow?
I have anger problems and i dont know what to do please help?
Hey guys,is she good looking?
What must do?
your opinion on males with ear piercings?
Do you think this dress is too revealing?
Is there a website where I can put piercings into my pictures?
Do I look like I'm 14 in this photo...?
I have a tanning booth question....?
Which of these girls are the prettiest?
I need makeup and hair advice!!?
What should my UK shoes size be?
How to clean my nail art brushes?
Are my lips "full" or "fat"?
do you know who makes the cologne called ships and where to buy it?
What should I wear to...?
What colour are your eyes?
WHO'S PRETTIER?!?? A-or-B! [[PICS]]?
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Who is ugly or handsome??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
Which girl is the prettiest?
Where can I find One Soles in St Louis MO?
I hate my tan and I an half-mexican?
Are contact solution when on eye always cold?
besides her personality, do u find sarah silverman hot?
how can u make not hurt as much wen u pluck your eyebrows?
What's your favorite bath and body works scent?
if i wanted to be a nail tech .. how much schooling and can you do it by apprenticeship?
Which one is best for a profile picture?
What Ethnicity Do I Look To You?
whats better in a girl looks or personality?
Didn't like my hair at my wedding?
Any cosmetologist grads? I'm looking for beauty schools in NY?
character designs?
Starting a Beauty Therapy Course Help!!!!! (Ladies Answers Only!)?
What would you suggest I wear for my Wet Seal model search photos?
do anyone know a modeling agencie for tomboys?
do my thighs look bad in shorts? (pic)?
Which perfume smells best?
im 6'1, am i too tall?
Lip piercing, how much dos it hurt? + Risks?
who is hotter? Beyonce or Nicole Scherzinger of Pussycat dolls? I preffer this question to be answered by men
what picture is your favorite?
please answer this..... it will help so much!?
How old do you think I look??? ?
Do you think that I look weird/ugly?
I hate my body?
how can you get a celebrity to come to your sweet sixteen?
Going to the mall? What to buy?
is she ugly to you??????
buying dangly navel jewelry ?
Is this post too sexist?
Would you let your 12yr old daughter....?
are you jealous of your avatars looks? be honest?
Do I Look Fat?
Which hairstyle is better on me AND WHY?
Clothes for my body shape and skin tone ect.?
i used to like a guy and he liked me back but after we kissed....?
Does it look fake to you?
How to get rid of my farmer's tan?
Are green eyes ugly. . .?
What exactly is indie? can you give me examples of bands, clothing companies?
what do you think i am? (pic) 10 easy pts.?
What can I put in my bathtub?
Nail problem i need help!!!!?
Bed time for a 13 yr. old ...?
What color are my eyes ????? (Pic included)?
what`s better?A very good looking face or a sexy body?
what is the trend of ladies suits now a days in punjabi weddings,salwar or payjami?
Could i be a model for teens?
what are some good face mask to use like normal stuff like avocado and things like that?
Skirts and long hair?
Girls: Who is hotter????
How to look 17 when your 13?
Waxing down below - Girls only please.?
How DO WE KNOW that someone is old JUST BY LOOKING (pics)?
What do you think of how I look? Pretty or Ugly?
should i go blonde?
I wanna get some guys to notice me what do I do?
Girls, Should i cut my hair? (pic)?
Does my smile look okay?
Can anyone please tell me what this haircut is?
Curious...Am I Decent Looking?
i need a really sweet dolce and gabbana layout for myspace page can ne1 help help me???? thanks?
SUBSCRIBE? its quick?
Pretty for a Black Girl?
am i ugly rate me heeeheee?
how old do you think i am(i know you hate these haha)?
A question for the men.........?
Do you think im pretty.. .. ..?
Fun Games that you can play with ur crush & friends?
Should a 15 year old boy wear thongs if he really likes them?
Do i have a weird nose?
which outfit do you like more?
I am thinking of doing an internship for a fashion magazine, what subjects would I need for this? Thanks!?
What size in victoria secret PINK under wear would I be?
Whats the best razor to use to shave?
trying to find a website of sexy woman & men?
!10 point..which boy name is better?
What to do with a blotchy face?
which Axe styling product is best for a faux hawk?
Do I Look Like Any Celebrity??? (pics included)?
where do i get these wonderful glasses?
How to style my hair diferently??? an change my look :)?
cheap haircuts for women?
do they make a cute couple? (pics)?
Do you think my little sister is cute?
Website to see what you will look like when you get older? *25 Points available!!!!!!!?
requirements for being model??
Do nivea good bye cellulite patches work??????experiances please?
I have a crop haircut that is growing into a bob!:D what kind of bangs should I have for now? Thank you?
Health question, what could this be please read need good answers thank you?
How to make yourself look a bit prettier? easy 10 points!?
why do i have a discoloration on my arm?
Do Lush sell scented candles?
How tall are you?
Is 'smallpox' the same as 'The black death'?
What sneakers would you rather get?
Honestly, how bad...?
Has anyone had microdermabrasion?
Any ideas for yellow costumes?
38D bra size & bathing suit tops don't fit right from the department store...?
Dose anyoneknow how to slick your hair back like the preps?
in which american city its not rare to see black and mixed girls date white american guys?
does he like me???????
I'm ugly what can i do to look better (here's my pic)?
Do you like Starbucks?
should i/ can i be a male model?
Which country would you find its people's eyes most attractive?
ok do you like I should change my name to London or Tatiyana?
What to wear?!? Please Help!?
rate this person 1-10
Do I have potential to be a model?
Highschool social/friends question?
how come women dont wear dresses and skirts anymore?
wat is a good way to help zits go away?
Girls Only!!!?
Halloween ideas for a teenage girl?!?
do you think she is pretty ?
Is black an acceptable color for bridesmaids dresses?
Dating question......?
Should I Get A Nose Job? (pix)?
Whats wrong with me?
Kids modeling?
Do you wear a bra to bed? Why/Why not?
how can i wear whatever as in flip-flops and pants without being called gay?
should i go brown, or stay blonde?
Do YOU regret losing your VIRGINITY to the person YOU lost it to?
Just wondering what my rating out of 10 would be?
Is this the scariest picture or what?
GIRLS: who has a better body!? (pics)?
Would you recommend OLAY Replenishing Night Creme?
how old do i look???
know some good recepies to make ur hair looks prettier?
what do you find physically attractive about me?
Where can I get a manicure table from?
Lil kim has been release from prison June 3, 2006. When and where did she get her hair done,makeup,and outfit?
What say about my looks....??? :):P?
If you could pick a flavor to describe yourself?
Best Main MySpace Pic?
How would i look with dreads?
Would this look good?
Tounge ring question?
Tall or Short (For girls)?
My nails loose their shine due to nail polish and remover, what do I do to protect them?
do i look like a girl?
When you hear these names what do you think of?
I'm a guy. Do my thighs look too big?
Will i suit dark blonde hair?
who is concieated?
I know everyone asks these, but am I ok looking?
is this weird, preps and emos?
what would you think if u saw a guy wearing this jacket?
Can I drive with 4 to 4.5 inch sexy pumps on?
Gift for a 13 year old girl?
What "color" looks best on a girl w. green eyes?
which girl is prettier *pics*?
How can I keep my nails strong ?
Why would she say this?
how do you think i could improve myself? (pic)?
Girls, do these pictures make me look douchy?
What's the ration of Good Looking?
How old does he look? and does he look ok?
why do i sneeze when i pluck my eyebrows?!!?
What Colour Are Her Eyes?
Am i pretty? honest answers please!! rate?
who's prettier???????????????????????????
How do I get my eyebrows to hold a shape?
What body spray does Gillette Body wash smell like?
What do they call the caps (?) that some "Muslems" (?) wear, without a brim?
Your preferences on facial hair?
can you use profile uv soak off remover to take off acrilic tip nails?
where can i buy these from, they dont look like shaving razors.?
How old do i have to be to get a nose ring with a parents permission?
The lamest question.. butt it must be done..? am i pretty? could i model? how? (pic inside)?
Why do tans make someone look more attractive?
Good pictuure or naat.?
Does getting you're nipple pierced really stop you from breastfeeding?
What would you think of me if you saw me in the street?(pics included)?
Who is the best looking??
Blood Text Generator?
Gothic or Beach looks?
Does perry ellis 360 black cologne smell bad? and what would you compare this cologne to?
Should we trust the mirror or photos?
how to perserve colors on new Jordan Shoes?
buff handsome dong is my secret admirer?
what type of Asian do I look?
are there any other products like the trojan vibrating ring that can be used for sex?
wat if i was a kid who has 9 years old and im gay wat wil you think?
Sick of looking as if I am 10.?
rate her please 1-10? pix.?
If im so pretty like people say i am then why wont anyone that i like ask me out ?!?
What is a good eye cream?
poll: am i pretty enough to be a model :P could i be a model?
Girls,do u think highlights look good on guys?
whats a good hair do?
Is being called a pig a compliment?
should i wear these or noo??? am i too big?
what does "kinky" mean?
Should I get my hair cut short? (PIC)?
What hair style would suit him most?
homemade weekly facial and beauty tips ?
Do I look gangster?
how often to bleach mustache and arm hair?
Which picture do i look best in? :) :) :)?
A birthday question...please help..dident no what catogory to choose sorry for the inconvenience?
Which celebrity perfume smells the best?
Why do alot of guys like trashy beauty over classy beauty? *pics*?
Miss sexy school trousers?
where can i get nice fancy but cheap clothes in Toronto,Canada?
Can You Wear ANYTHING To The Westend Show, 'Into The Hoodz' ?
What is my seasonal color?
how to have a korean like beauty ... ?
Do you think i am pretty? *PICS*?
what kind of box does aerie ship in?
Can anyone give me a fashion and beauty YouTube guru?
Am I somewhat pretty? (pics included)?
What should I be for Halloween?
What Nationality do i look?(Pics!)?
do you think i'm pretty? any beauty tips?
I look like an old prune - should I have a face lift?
GIRLS: should guys wear their jeans low or at the waist?
soooo.... how come YOUR on answers at this time????
if boys vs girls in a game of soccer who would win and score?
What is their best feature?
Is it okay to shower each night?
What color are your eyes?
wat colour shall i dye my hair?
I'm bored. rate me 1-10?
Does Green Look Good With Hot Pink?
Will you help me decide which dress to wear?
How pretty is the girl???? 1-10?????
Which Bath And Body works fall scent is the best?
People Call Me A SNOB?
Why am I so ugly compared to my sister!?!? I'm so jealous of her!! I actually hate her, what should I do!?
I have BRIGHT red hair ( 'rihanna red') what colour should my prom dress be?
Sometimes the pretty girls are lonely why is that so/ is it because they are stuck on them self?
Is this true please help??!?
Why is Macy's "Black Friday" coupon so lame this year?
Do i sound okay to you or do i need to lose weight?
What should I be for Halloween with my friend?
Would I look good with this haircut?[picture included]?
What haircut should I get?
wuts ur fave song?
A boy alway's makes fun of my braces, any good comebacks?
i have this crush on a boy at school and i am not sure if he likes me how should i ask him if he likes me???
what is ur favorite cologne, do u like calvin klein euphoria cologne?
How can you tell if a girl finds u attractive?
How should I wear my make up next saturday?
People have said i look like a guy, do i?
Which female is better looking?? Pictures included!!?
Need help with guy's clothes. Help me out girls!?
How can I improve my image? I need a makeover. (Picture included)?
After 6 weeks can u tske your tounge ring iut and for how long?
How do i get a water droplet effect on my nails?
boys do u like light skin girls or dark skin?why?
What am on a scale from 1-10?
Is there an American Apparel at the Westroads Mall in Omaha, NE?
is my hair long? *pic*?
DIY air hostess costume ?
shrinking shoe size is it possible ?
Girls, would you wear this?
What color are your eyes and hair?
Moles or Freckles?
I am two-faced!!! Omg!?
Where can find a ugly girl with an awsome body?
Acne Medicines?
What are the things called that...? 10 points best ANSWER!!!?
do you think this is weird to wear?
Which picture do you like better?
I am looking for someone to make my dress from a drawing. I need a fashion designer located in Columbus,Ohio?
Before and After Picture....ladies please rate..?
Which picture do you like better?
Who do you think is prettier?
Where can you get gel strapless bras?
Whats with all the crosses on clothing?
Do ladies get turned on by superman's red tight briefs?
Girls only! i need help!?
Am I pretty???????????????????????????
Am I chubby? (picture included)?
can you guess the age of this girl in this pic? what hair color wll suit her?
Does she look fat to you?
the skin on my legs look i have hairs?
Please! read my question and answer!?
What color eyes do you have?
i have to attend a sleepoover what do i wear????
Wolf Contact Lenses?? WHERE?
Help me figure out what size pants I fit in juniors?
I am a girl with a small butt. I tried padded panties but they dont fit under low rise jeans. What can I do?
Am I at all attractive or pretty?
Why do I worry what guys think about when it comes to my style?
Do I look emo....................?
hoodie clothing help?
where could I get circle lenses in San Diego?
how do i take off opi acryllic nails?
Which girl is prettier? answer honestly?
I have very low self esteem...?
Girls, Im 22 years old Mexican guy and Im 5'4" that a good height?
Would you prefer to be cute or beautiful?
How far is this TRUE?Your opinion.?
what store sells thongs for men?
I have two different color eyes!? (pic)?
Is it okay to wear linen after labor day?
How can I dress thinner or trendier?
Do i look like a celebrity?
What is the prom theme at your school?
Can anyone tell me what these clips are called and show me some pictures for style ideas on how to wear them?
I "look like a dancer"?
What is the best color dress for my skin tone?
Is fair skin or tan skin better on a redhead?
Is this girl pretty or not?
Getting a brazilian wax?
What is your favorite perfume?
How should I get rid of my pubic hair?
With fake nails: is it the Acrylic or the fake tips that weakens your real nails?
i had the most embarrising day of my life!?
How to fake a shaven part/ undercut ?
How old does my girlfriend look?
ONLY GUYS 17-19 <<<<OKK?
Colored contacts (pictures)?
Question on beauty???? please?
What to wear to a hot topic interview?
short nail acrylics&french tip?
how can i whiten my nails?
How do I get less shy/?
Which male actor is more attractive?
What skin tone am I? I'm black & I KNOW I'M UGLY so please dont comment on that.. See link in details?
What's the name of this perfume?
Where to get eyebrows done in Bay Area, California?
Do you really think that I am fat(pic)?
which one of us is hotter or prettier?
WHich girl is the prettiest which girl is the ugliest?
girls what are you having for supper tonight?
I feel like a fat@ss? How can I lose some weight?
Should I or Should I Not????
Can anyone help me guys and girls, pics included?
Freckles GUYS sexy or a huge turn off?
Should i get an iphone5 or a motorcycle ktm duke200 for my birthday?
How do light purple eyes look on me? (pics)?
When can I gauge up from a 14?
Do you think im pretty?
belly button piercings.. again?
tongue web piercing vs dentist?
Give your first impressions of each of us? PIC included?
Who do I contact to get a copy of my W2 form from Omnicare Pharmacy?
Boyfriends parents dont trust us?
how old do i look with my glasses on?
Would I look good in this jacket and these pants?
what would be a cute outfit to wear to the moives on a first date?
where can i find a site for ..?
Bratz barbie doll look?
help finger nails turning yellow from nail polish
Is there a bra that would make a person look like they have bigger breasts?
Straight or curly?
" Fruit Basket"?
what do i look like?
oh my god, my nose is huge, what can i do?
What's the name of this Armani Exchange model?
What is the difference between a spa manicure and a regular manicure?
honest opinions about my appearance?
How much do you think i weigh?
What cup size is this?
What time do nail salons usually open?
i'm going to buy a present for my dad but i cant choose between these 3?
I wanna know what yu guys think of italians??
Who thinks I'm ugly?
what do girls think of guys painting finger nails? (girls only -.-)?
What does everyone think? Hot or Not?
on a scale from 1 to 10, raate her?
How can i get a figure 8?
is pale skin attractive?
size 1 models vs size 20.?
am i considered fat by society?
All my boyfriend's friends are calling me ugly (pics)?
What do you think makes people look pretty?
wear can i get a leather skirt at?
What is sexier? A jeans mini skirt? or Sexy black heels?
Can someone tell me anything about the history of EOS beauty products?
triangular piece of inner clothing olden chinese women wore?
Elie Saab Parfume Opinion?
Brown Sugar & Fig OR Malibu Heat from Bath & Body Works?
Am I pretty? Why/why not?
How to be pretty and lovely?
why do people have straight upper lips?
Is this ugly? (link) easy 10 points?
is it better to be short or tall?
Do you think I am pretty?
french manicure?
Why do most girls now look like clones?
Do you think i am pretty?
Taylor Reppond?
Who's prettier, me or my friend?
Sexy homecoming dress Vs. Classic homecoming dress? Which one do you like better?(Pictures)?
Cuter? Curly or straight hair.?
What is the perfect man?
Do you think most middle-end dept store dressing room mirrors are unflattering compared to the ones at home?
Help with going somewhere to get a last name on the back of Purdue sweatshirts?
Anyone ever had veneers? Are they expensive? How Much? Does most insurances cover?
Should i stay blonde?
Girls - Do you like this body ? ?
I want to get acrylic nails?
What nationality do you think I am?
On a scale of 1-10?
Why do people always think I'm soo I look THAT young?
What are some REAL websites that reward you for surveyss?
victoria beckham's fragrance? is there a site and whats its name thanks!?
Is my friend (a guy)attractive? Pics? Help?
Free Samples Sites?????
help?(totally wrong category, but people actually answer here)?
Whos more attractive??? ?
Do you think im pretty? Do i look like her? pic included?
boys love voluptuous or slim girls? white girl ot bronzed?
am i pretty? (piccccsss)?
i heard that french people do not take showers.(and that they stink) i was wondering if that is true?
Are there ways to lower body heat.Also, let me know of foods that causes body heat to be raised.?
I don't have many friends. Am I ugly/look like a weirdo (pic)?
ok yall dont take it presonal but the wrold revole aroud me?
Do I look better with or without a smile?
Who might win a contest to decide who's the cutest? Elvis Presley, James Dean, Guy Williams or Ricky Martin?
Girls, if a good looking guy came up and.offered you to go to lunch with him. Would u give him a shot?
Why is it that LookBook...?
What's my bra size?
What is the best self taning lotion and/or spray? I don't want to look orange!!?
rate me one to ten please?
Which would be best for a profile picture?
Can you use a NON USED septum horseshoe for an earring?
Girls, do you prefer a man who has a hairy armpit or do you prefer it shaved?
if you had to decide in a color for ur toe nails which color would you choose?
Girls, Which guy, a football player or a baseball player?
what does thick mean?
Is this beard a good look, what face shapes does it go with, how do I describe it, and would itlook good on me?
13 year old bra question?
Whats a good top coat for your nails?
Is it okay for a 13 year old to wear a push up bra?
How to make my feet model like!!?
which hair looks best on me? (pics)?
I HATE my nose!!! Why Does it look so bad/!?
Girls, what do you think if a guy...?
Do you think i can be a model? (pic)?
How do I get gwen stefanis eyebrows. I know I'm not gwen stefani?
Do I remind you of any victoria secret model?
Any ideas what ring I should get?
Hello Any ideas on Naming a Beauty Salon?
How long does one polish bottle (10ml) last? How many uses per 10ml bottle?
do you ladies like a lean body? pics?
So am I ugly........?
Do I look ugly?
Indie boys. Why are they so attractive?
Where can i buy beauty and heal supplement online?
what's your favourite tv show???????????
Your're too sexy for your ..................................... ♥?
Am I the only girl that feels sort of uncomfortable in a bikini?
I hate that my arms look so gross and ugly?
Should I get a nose job ? Or should I leave it alone , be honest I can take it :) pic added?
im getting my tounge peirced but im so scared ill get paralyced is it worth it im only 14?
tomorrow is costume day at school...?
wats a good way toget my bf to get out my face all the time?
What color should I get .? Help?
Does a boy look better with a 6 pac?
does men love Daisy Duke because she has short shorts on?
Do you think my cousin, Annie is pretty?
rate each picture?? ?
hahahahaha funniest FIRST names u hav everr heard???
could i be a scene/emo model (pics)?
Taking fake nails off?
what do you think of me ?
Can Nail Salons Do anything?
What weight would be perfect for a model?
who do you think is prettier?
what to do.... hmmmm :P?
AM I GORJUS? (pics) i think i am?
Who are some blonde site models?
guys voice?
Where can I find a Celtic Pendant that means Eternal Love?
Do I need a tan? (pic)?
am i ugly & do i have big nose?
how can u get a boy to like u?
Are manicures and pedicures are a waste of money?
Fashion Guru's...What colors work best with my look?
I NEED OPINIONS!?! please!!! picture included! :)?
thinking about shaving my whole face off?
Want a french manicure or american but need help with something?
What name do you like better, Emily or Lauren?
What does authenic Tiffany necklace says?
What can a woman wear with braces?
Do you think this actress is beautiful?
HomeMade beauty recipes?
Does Walmart sell contacts?
What kind of new piercing should I get?
What body type has the measurements 34-26-36?
Narrow Ankles.. problem with high heel shoes?
Where to get classic fishnets(lingerie)?
EASY POINTSWhat types of bangs and face shape does this girl have?
Is this cute or tacky? I want to wear it to a New Years cocktail party.?
Will this haircut look alright in me ?
When you come out the shower?
was high school really hard for you?
What is the difference between a jacket and a blazer?
Is my nose too big??? I want your honest opinion....?
Ladies, which color should I get this in?
how do i get a "Newlook Fashion reward card" ?
How to get a waxing certificate?
Do those human pheromone products really work?
tongue web piercing pain?
Links to a cute short pink dress under $40?
where can i get cute v neck t shirts?
HEY! do you think he's UGLY?
Is this picture cute?
do you think egyptian girls are pretty?
Guys...whats more comfortable,boxers,briefs or boxer-briefs?
Do I have the potential to be a model?
What can I do to improve my looks? (PIC)?
Whose prettier? *PICS INCLUDED*?
What should I do about make up?
Am I considered good looking?
Where can I get the Twist sweatshirt or hoodie from The Fresh Beat Band?
Lip rings or lip studs?
What color contacts should I get?
Is she chubby?
I am ugly on one side?
Comment Photos! (4 A Project)?
Is Nair ok enough to use in Bikini area??
how many pores are on your face?
how dark do you get & how long does the tan last w/ a mystic tan?
How to comment on this on Facebook ( super easy)?
Whats the sexiest perfume on the market?
Victoria's Secret PINK With a Splash Body Mist?
Why do Black People dye their hair blond...that is so damn ugly?
how do i dress like the popular girl on teen wolf?
Is this a cute dress?
Horseback riding? Help, please!?
Should I start dressing my age?
Girls (16-20) here is a question for you..?
What is your name and best quality?
doo wee loook alikee ?
back to school clothes?
Where are some real modeling agency's? And how do you put together a portfolio?
Do I look better with or without makeup?
I'd like to try a different eye color with contact lens but don't have vision problems, how do I get contacts?
Are my legs good enough to 'bare' with this skirt?
Which of these outfits are not good?
Which one should be my profile picture?
your opinion on piercings at 14?
need suggestions for which homecoming pictures.?
Everyone tells me i have pretty eyes? what do u think? (pic)?
How should I update my look? (pics of me)?
Can you see my pic? or is it too small?
I'm sorry for bugging, but could you give me your opinion about this self-portrait?
What celebrity do I resemble?
Could I be a model? everyone around me says I should be?
Is my septum piercing infected?
Guys, who do u think is one of the hottest chicks u've seen on the big screen?
Boys, What would you want a girl to wear on a date with you? ( anywhere but your home )?
What do you think of me, all my friends are pretty so i'm insecure?
do ugly people look in the mirror && think they look good??
Do guys hate a lot of makeup on a girl?
Which wallet would you prefer?
Myspace? Pictures? Which are the best?
What is the difference betwen cute and hot?
Is she beautiful or no? ?
Are you ever distracted by great beauty?
Do eyebrows grow back after waxing them for a while?
what do you think of this guy?
I think this is so wrong and unfair.. what do you think?
Why do some people have high cheek bones and others that have normal cheekbones?
Can you be pretty in photos, but not in real-life?
black jeans??
POLL: Do I look like a ?
are there anysts?
what is an overlay with tips on nails? does it damage your nails?
What would be your first impression of me?
Do you think i could model?
wich looks better , ripped jeans or just plain jeans ?
I am down about my appearance...& PHOTOSHOPPED myself to make myself look better. How can I achieve that look?
hairstylistresume sample?
who else thinks Chester Bennington from linkin park is hot?
guys and girls need you help am i pretty?
Facial piercings: classy or trashy?
I Want To Be A MODEL, But I Need HELP.?
How old do I look?
Is there a website where I can put piercings into my pictures?
Research on Coloured Contact Lenses?
thick models?
Need help with Business Attire?
Sick of brazilians?
I'm having a lot of trouble finding belly button rings I like?
I'm 13 and i want my cartilage pierced?
Is there an aftershave called Duke or similar name?
kiderian record sampler? anyone got one?
How dose it feel to be happy?
How old do i look? theres a picture included?
Does Proactive work?
Any ideas for shaven designs in women's pubic hair?
What do guys really think about the physical apperance of girls?
What makes someone the PERFECT MODEL???
Who do you think is prettier?
Is this dress cute?
What's YOUR definition of beautiful?
Michelle Phan's Nose Enhancer?
A woman's beauty increases many times if she wears Nose Pin?
if you walk by a mirror do you always look?
Best and worst features?
Do I have the potential to look pretty?
What is their best feature?
Whats The Most Expensive Thing You Own?
Where can I find the hottest modeling agencies in the Minneapolis/St.Paul, Minnesota area?
who is the most beautiful women in america?
Well ivee been told i shoud be a model. but i dont know if im a good height or anything. im around 5'1"?
Do you find flaws attractive?
One side of my face is ugly?
should i go blonde or keep my hair dark?
is it okay to use nivea body whitening treatment cream on my FACE ?
if your a size 13 in jeans and a d boob are you fat?
What is Beauty base zero?
do you think i could pull of a nose ring?
Beauty Industry Knowledge ?
Is she look awful, with all this make up?
would a boy be interested in ugly girl?(pics)?
Will my nail grow back ???
How old do I look (pics)?
Are there any Native American Supermodels?
how to contact with a pornstar??!!!?
does anyone have a good ballet movie for beginners that they could let me no of?
Need help with my Best Friends christmas Gift!....?
Does body shop have good christmas sales?
Glasses or no Glasses?
Where can I find totally free samples over the internet?
Skinny petite girls are the best?
How to look pretty without makeup?
Do I Look Werid To You?
girls rate please thanks :D?
what makes a woman so beautiful?
Why does my ear ring smell?
hey guys..............?
Give me your opinion?
How can I improve my appearence?
What race of guys/girls are you most attracted to?
Help me with my haircut tomorrow? :)?
Team Edward Or Team Jacob?
leave in conditioner?
I want to go and sell my dress but I dont want to do it online is there a store in chicago I can go to.?
why don't I see it?
Teen Modeling ??????????????????????????
tips to look pretty?? :)?
How do I change the way I look?
My hair long enough to get this?
rate me pleaseeeeeeeeeee?
Tell Me If You Like This Prom Dress?
do you like this picture ot no? HELP.?
How do I look? (pics included)?
so what do u think of me - pics included?
can anyoone give me mellow songs.....?
Is having someone like Nicole Richie or Paris Hilton be your role model bad?
Warm vanilla sugar?????(:?
Is my nose ugly? I want a nose job.?
what is the best perfume for dinning out?
Would I look good with brown hair even though I am pale skinned? Pictures?
where can i get a wig similar to bella's?
How do i look????????
Is it better to pluck your eyebrows before or after a shower?
Should i cut my nails short?
Do clothes really matter?
Gender bender day at school?
Is she pretty...??
which of these do I look like?
wat do u do when one of ur friends chooses one of ur other friends over u?
PLZ HELP ME! my 14th birthday?
How do you know if you look manly or not?
Girls *?
HELP?? stores to buy a homecoming dress??? 10 points!!?
Honestly, what would you rate?
Any recommendations on non-chip nails?
What do you think of me? Bad, average, good? Rate from 1-10?
I am 21 years old, my three sisters are more beautiful than me.?
Are Red Tips Still In Style?
Do I look like Anne Hathaway?
I'm in a slight dilemma. Can yous help me, pretty please?
Is this girl hot????
Do I look better with blonde hair or dark brown? (pics included)?
How does it feel to be skinny and beautiful?
What's it like to be beautiful and admired?
Can a TAILOR make a SKIRT longer?
How can you talk to a boy swiftly :D?
Is anywhere over 120 fat!!?!?
Modeling agencies that take short models/petite models in bay area, CA?
What are some good nail spas in Toronto?
guys why would you like her?
is my nose big????? i really need to know!?
So................................... :D?
Would you follow me on twitter?!?
Modeling in Indiana for teen?
Is she pretty; rating?! :]?
does anyone know anywhere to purchase BVD sweatshirts?
wats ur purpose in life?
What kind of haircut should I get?
best brand in jeans and t shirts?
Do you see a resemblance?
Please dont report! Ladies should i get bigger or not?
i`m going to the beach...and i wanna know if...PLEASE HELP!!!?
What do you think of this tattoo idea:)?
I Hate My Smile....?
Please describe me in one word?
Rate me! 1/10 please?
What stereotype am i? Please click on! 10 points!?
Should I Wear High Heels Or No?
Perfume scents for each season?
Do you think i could do anything to improve the way I look? (pic)?
help IM CRYIN plzzz. help?
Does she needs to get a nosejob? -Pic- PLEASE ANSWER?
is my hair long? *pic*?
Do I have pretty eyes, eyelashes and smile?
Whats the difference between exfoliating and detoxifying skin?
PLZ HELP ME!!! :) 10 points?
Would I look good in this?! Pixx Included!!?
how should i dress for?
why did frida never pluck her face?
How old do you think this girl is ( PHOTOS)?
HELP!!! I need some advice on what to get my daughter for X-mas.?
Do you only feel beautiful...?
does anyone have any tips on putting in contacts???need help can't seem to manage it very well.?
Pretty or not? give your opinions please?
who do you think is prettier?
Is she ugly, average, or pretty?
Which dress is better for a semi formal (winter) dance?
Rate me 1 - 10 please?
do you think im pretty????????????
What would you rate this HOT chick?
how pretty am i on a scale of 1-10? I'm on the right:)?
do I look like a model?
Do you think i have a warm or cool skin tone?
Should get my bellybutton pierced?
Do you what Keeping up with the Kardashians?
Is it wrong that I think slimmer is more attractive than curvy and fat?
Curious on looks girls :P Rating outta ten please :D?
wearing the right size bra?
Girls, are full lips on a guy a turn off......?
how do i find beauty salon on the web site?
How old do i look??
is it right or wrong!!?
Does anyone know where to find vintage Arielle perfume by Fragonard?
do you think i have what it takes to become a model?
Do chunkier girls look okay in shorts?
How do i get pen marks out of a red shirt?
Am i pretty.? Just having fun?
need to find site for a facial cream to remove facal hair seen on a tv comercial I think the name is anania?
ok is my friend like "pretty" enough to model?
Can I know that weather beauty is important or brain ?
Is it safe to post pictures of yourself online?
Tips for dressing a small waist?
what do you think of my myspace?
Does skin lightening cream really work?
How to make a website like Sugarscape?
Hottest? Uglest? (Pics in description)?
Race For Life T-Shirts?
Do they still sell the STYLING CREAM from garnier fructis?
Do you think Leah is a pretty name?
what do you think of this girl?
What color should I do my nails?
What should I paint on my toenails???:)?
Why does everyone think she looks so special?
Ideal height in a man?
!10points which boy name sounds rich, posh?
any ideas?hate how i look?
Who looks prettier (pix included) of the two?
Do you think I am good looking? what are my good and bad features?
Permanent Eyeliner?
Which one is PRETTIER???
Girls, how much do you notice when guys have acne?
Are my modeling pictures any good?
getting my eyebrows done?
How tall do you have to be to be a Model ?
define ugly...?
im an 18 yr old girl. can someone pllz tell me how i can increase my boob size. i have the least size.?
What do you girls think of me?
What party, prom, cocktail dress styles do you like the best?
How should I do my nails for prom?
does anyone know of a reliable online perfume store, that would ship to the uk?
What are some unique piercings, I have some ideas but I need opinions?
am i gorgeous? could i be a model?
Where can I buy strong durable school shoes with a good sole?
who looks the prettiest? (pic :)?
how do i dress like the popular girl on teen wolf?
Do British girls really have big, ugly teeth?
How do I select a good razor?
Cologne similar to acqua di gio?
Okay I'm a african american and why do I have a very reddish brown skin tone?
Why do guys like girls with childish face but girls like guys with manly face?
its been 3 years and my belly piercing still hasn't healed ? why?
do long skirts look nerdy on super skinny girls?
What do I beileve? Pictures or Mirrors?
wat r names of in style shoes from a-z?
How do you get hair dye out of carpet?
okay am a cosmetologist and am wanting to start my own nail tech class?
where can you buy Garnier body and face product in the US?
cood i b a model?
blue top ponds face cream?
Should I wear this onn the boardwalk? Picturee ;)?
do you have review questions for the cosmetology state board exam in massachusetts?
What would you wear with this?
What do girls usually wear to bed?
Your honest opinion of how I look, please? (pics)?
Viking costume ideas?
Why is it unsafe to post pistures of ourself(esp. girls) here?
Should guys EVER wear women's underwear?
Plum/ purple lipsticks for my undertone?
What nationality would you guess I am?